Mamarokhighvoltage: ping07:38
Mamarokor whoever else is here right now :)07:38
Mamarokthere is a typo in the webpage:07:38
Mamarokthird bullet says "Managable" instead of "Manageable"07:39
Mamaroksumone: I already talked to them, not necessary to flame her, behave07:42
sumoneubuntu has just become the laughingstock of all linux distros!!!07:42
sumonejust making a point07:42
sumoneI just refreshed the page and still there07:43
Mamaroksumone: you are definitely *not*, so behave!07:43
sumoneI mean how lang is gonna take to fix??07:43
Mamaroksumone: it's Saturday morning in Europe and in the middle of the night in the US where most of the people here live, so it's not a matter of seconds07:44
sumoneshould I submit a bugfix??07:44
Mamaroksumone: just behave or you will be asked to leave!07:44
sumoneit hasn't been seconds07:44
sumoneManagable has been there long before I notice it07:45
Mamaroksumone: nobody is here ATM, so just kepp calm and behave, else I call an Op to get you kicked07:46
sumone <!-- <span class="submitted">Tue, 2006-05-23 21:50 — silentkeystroke</span> -->07:46
sumoneso edubuntu hires an illiterate person to market edubuntu?07:47
Mamarokthanks folks for joining in :)07:48
sumoneI want to learn how to managable edubuntu07:49
Mamaroksumone: I already told you to behave, it's not nice to make fun of other people's mistakes07:50
sumonewhy ubuntu hires illiterate persons?07:50
* Hobbsee waves07:50
sumonewrong chan, I meant to ask in ubuntu07:51
Hobbseeubuntu doesn't hire illiterate people, from what i've seen.07:51
ograubuntu doesnt hire *any* people :)07:52
Hobbseethat too07:52
sumonewow still there07:54
Mamarokogra: hi07:54
sumonemm... who's the illiterate dev ?07:55
Mamaroksumone: behave!07:55
Mamarokogra: read back, I posted the problem at 8:38 here07:55
ograsumone, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+filebug feel free to file a bug07:55
sumonewow another error!!07:56
ografeel free to file another bug then07:56
sumonein the same line!!07:56
sumoneManagable - With teachers and school IT departments deploying and administering an increasingly large number of07:56
sumoneno, I am gentoo user07:57
ograso gentoo users dont file bugs ?07:57
* Hobbsee starts to wonder if sumone is actually here for anything productive07:57
ograthats putting gentoo in a pretty poor light07:57
* ogra wonders if such gentoo users that dont file bugs are to illiterate to handle bugtrackers or why they dont file bugs to improve errors some overworked volunteer made08:00
Hobbseeogra: because it's far more fun just to whine about it, apparently?08:01
Mamarokogra: just a question: you are working on touchscreen drivers?08:02
ograMamarok, yup, though due to upstream not having done the right thing yet jaunty might stay as intrepisd was, with only some improvements08:03
MamarokI've got calibrating problems with a General Touch08:03
ogrado you know which driver that would usually use ?08:03
Mamarokand unfortunately there is no free driver, I have one made from scratch by OpenSuSE08:04
Mamarokcalibrates better on OpenSuSE but not on Kubuntu08:04
ograoh, and we dont have it in ubuntu ?08:04
Mamarokstill very imprecise unfortunately08:04
ograinprecise > not working at all08:05
Mamarokwell, I didn't find time to try all drivers yet, the ELO ones are no use08:05
ograevtouch might work but the jaunty version is broken atm08:05
Mamarokthe customer will ask General Touch for a driver, but theyy have New Year in China so it will take another two months before they can react08:06
Mamarokwell, I use Intrepid so far08:06
ograthe big overall target is to make evdev handle all input devices, at some point, including touchscreens08:06
Mamarokwould be very nice, indeed08:06
Mamarokit's a basic requirement for our project to work08:06
ograright, but evdev isnt there yet sadly ...08:06
Mamarokyeah, I tried that first and it didn't work08:07
ograas a start you could attach the output of lshal to bug 31709408:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317094 in xf86-input-evtouch "evtouch meta bug to collect lshal info" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31709408:07
Mamarokso there's no other choice than wait for the GT people to come back to us in March08:08
ograso we have the HW info08:08
Mamarokthanks, will do ASAP08:08
Mamarokmight be Monday only, as I don't have the screen here08:09
Mamarokbut will definitely add it to the bug08:09
ograif the device registers as some /dev/input/eventX device it might be possible to solve08:09
Mamarokwell, we can calibrate the upper part of the screen, then it gets fuzzy08:09
ograoh, so you already have input events, thats a good sign08:10
Mamarokyeah, but I'm pretty much stuck now :(08:10
ografor the rest of the issue its probably best to file a fresh bug, tell what the dirver is you use and what exactly the device is08:10
ografeel free to subscribe me08:11
Mamarokthanks a lot, will do :)08:11
ogragreat, thanks as well :)08:11
Mamarokogra: thanks, cu another time !08:15
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
guntur_roxxhi all17:26
guntur_roxxcan anyone help me?17:26
Ahmuckguntur_roxx: have you completed the install?17:36
Ahmuckguntur_roxx: are you using the ubuntu alternate cdrom?  if not, that is the cd you need to install from17:37
Ahmuckguntur_roxx: http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent17:39
Ahmuckguntur_roxx: what langauge?17:41
guntur_roxxwhat do u mean alternate cdrom? what's the difference?17:42
guntur_roxxi use this17:44
Ahmuckthe alternate is a text based installer.  it's usefull if your having problems installing with the desktop iso17:45
Ahmuckhave you installed ubuntu already and upon reboot, you get a blank screen?17:45
guntur_roxxi haven't installed ubuntu17:49
guntur_roxxbecause it always appear a blank white screen after ubuntu loaded 100%17:49
guntur_roxxthe things i've done.. 1. I boot from the ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386 CD17:50
ogradoesnt matter with the desktop CD :)17:58
ograyou can install from the live mode17:58
ogra(there is an "install to disk" item on the desktop17:59
guntur_roxxowh okay18:00
guntur_roxxbut somehow.. i've installed linux mint from the wubi, linux mint appears on the boot menu18:00
guntur_roxxbut after i choose it, after the "linux mint" loaded, it comes the blank screen again18:01
=== lol is now known as Guest35105
Ahmuckguntur_roxx: u still there?19:28
at0m|cmy friend just comes to tell me his school's convrting to edubuntu by 201021:10
at0m|cand just now that our nat. education policy signed exclusivity cotract w MS eh21:11
alkisg"exclusivity cotract w MS"? Is that legal?21:17
Nubae-laptophi LaserJock23:59
LaserJockhi Nubae-laptop23:59

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