the_hammeri dont like the apt manager00:00
bryan_Dragnslcr: i just remember there being a commnad to make it easy to restart it00:00
the_hammeranyone able to tell me?00:01
bryan_the_hammer: have you tried the apt manager?00:02
the_hammeryeah and no luck00:02
the_hammerlast time i used linux there was  a manager could point/click and go called symatec or something00:03
ulysses__the_hammer, Adept Manager?00:03
the_hammerits like that but called sysmantec or something00:04
khalidmianif i were to update one item say gwenview do i use sudo apt-get update gwenview?00:04
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the_hammerhow come when i download and save stuff to Desktop i cant see it and how to change it so i can?00:14
the_hammerwish can have my plain desktop back00:15
komutathere seems to be a problem with kde-devel dependencie on the last package update (for 4.2 final I think)00:16
komutaE: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pcre3/libpcrecpp0_7.8-2ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa1_i386.deb: Size mismatch00:16
komutadoes anyone know how I can contact the package maintainer ?00:16
Dragnslcrthe_hammer- add a Folder View widget to your desktop, and point it to /home/yourusername/Desktop00:16
mefisto__the_hammer: if you have upgraded to kde 4.2 you could also change the desktop to folder view mode00:18
Dragnslcrthe_hammer- I created a second panel on the left side of the desktop, set it to auto-hide, and put a folder view there that points to ~/Desktop00:18
DragnslcrPersonally, I like that a lot better than needing to do something like minimize windows00:18
kerncoI had the nvidia 177 driver activated through the restricted drivers manager.  I wanted to upgrade to the 180 driver, so I downloaded it from nvidia and ran their install script.  That didn't work, and now I can't even get back to the 177 driver.  X will only start with vesa.  How can I fix this?00:28
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wolv3what is the windows manager for kde?00:32
mefisto__kernco: did you remove the 180 driver?00:32
kavurthow to install pidgin?00:32
kavurtnot in the adept00:33
kerncomefisto__: How do I remove it?00:33
kerncokavurt: Open konsole and type "sudo apt-get install pidgin"00:34
mefisto__kernco: there's probably instructions on the nvidia website you downloaded from00:34
mefisto__kernco: I don't use nvidia, sorry I can't help00:34
JontheEchidnawolv3: kwin00:35
kavurtkernco: it says E: Couldn't find package pidgin00:35
ryxxedmy usb mouse turns off after i restart from windows to kubuntu, i have to replug it, anything i can do it to fix it or?00:35
wolv3but to edit it00:35
wolv3i mean like emerald00:35
ryxxedkavurt: apt-get update00:35
astrommekernco: Have you checked "Hardware Drivers" in the menu?00:36
niteyehello there00:38
cbwcjwastromme: can you test something for me00:38
cbwcjw!hi | niteye00:38
ubottuniteye: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!00:38
kerncoastromme: Yes, it doesn't work if I enable the 177 driver again that way00:38
astrommecbwcjw: What's up?00:38
niteyei couldnt help but notice that since KDE4, the session is no longer locked when waking up from a suspend00:38
niteyehow do i resolve this00:38
astrommekernco: even if you uninstall the 177 driver, restart, enable via hardware drivers, restart?00:39
cbwcjwastromme: run "kdesudo dolphin"00:39
kerncoI'll try that00:39
astrommeworks for me, why?00:39
mefisto__astromme: I think the problem is there are 2 nvidia proprietary drivers installed at the same time00:39
astrommecbwcjw: what in specific am I looking for?00:39
niteyealso, the translucent effect is horribly slow even on my geforce 9600 GT, and the restricted nvidea driver is installed00:40
astrommemefisto__: That shouldn't be an issue though... one or the other would be used over vesa, no?00:40
Tom_Servokemco: I missed your question, but latest stable nvidia drivers are 180 now00:40
cbwcjwastromme: for some of us it doesnt work it gives a wierd error: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16526800:41
mefisto__astromme: I think installing 2 would make a mess of both drivers00:41
kerncoTom_Servo: My problem is I had the 177 drivers installed through the restricted drivers manager, then I tried to install the 180 driver using the installer from nvidia, and that messed everything up.  Now I can't get back to any working nvidia driver.00:41
niteyethe translucent window being slow isnt catastrphal , but what i'd like to fix first is that when i wake up my computer from suspend (either RAM or disk), the session isnt locked00:41
Tom_ServoI see. I haven't much luck with any version yet. I'm not trying again until I start using KDE 4.200:43
mefisto__kernco: find how the install script removes the downloaded driver, then remove the ubuntu-provided restricted one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=481887 then try the install script again00:44
Tom_ServoHave you tried going into recovery mode to and select repair broken xorg config file, then try again?00:45
sumoneso what's wrong with flash10?00:45
kerncoI've tried running nvidia-xconfig and dexconf to generate xorg.conf00:45
sumoneI can't watch redtube00:45
sumoneI MEANT youtube00:45
sumonemy bad00:45
cbwcjw!enter | sumone00:46
ubottusumone: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:46
niteyesumone: well when i lived with my parents i also had that problem00:46
* astromme will be back soon.00:46
niteyeactually i do still live with my parents, which is why i really need to find out why my session isnt locked after resuming from suspend to disk/ram00:47
sumoneniteye: with my all honesty I don't know what you are reffering to00:47
astrommeniteye: you should be able to adjust it in system settings... lets see, where00:47
niteyei've looked around but no luck yet00:47
sumoneso flash10 anybody? I am desperate00:47
sumoneI mean firefox needs it00:48
mefisto__sumone: how did you install it?00:48
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:48
astrommeniteye: System Settings -> Advanced -> Power Management. you need powerdevil. If you have guidance it might be in guidance in your systray00:49
niteyeoh, neat, i completely missed the "advanced" tab :s00:49
mefisto__sumone: in firefox, go to about:plugins and see if you have shockwave player listed. there should be only one listed also00:50
mefisto__*shockwave flash00:50
* astromme is leaving for a moment, this time for real00:52
kerncook, I fixed my nvidia problem!  Thanks all00:52
mefisto__kernco: what did you do?00:52
kerncoI did "sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-glx* && sudo apt-get autoremove", rebooted, then ran the nvidia installer for the 180 driver00:53
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sumoneneopmuk is killing my harddrive00:54
kerncoIt was that autoremove step that I had been missing.  The DKMS was still around and looking for the 177 driver00:54
sumonedoes noeopuke really need to update every nano-second?00:56
thotheolhIs it possible to have konquerer being ported to Windows or something ?00:57
sumonethotheolh:  is it possible you start using linux or something?00:58
kavurtwhen I install some packages, there appears some "suggested" and "recommended" packages. should I install them?00:58
thotheolhyes , I am a linux user and I am also a windows user00:58
thotheolhI like konquerer and hopefully it has a windows port too so that when i am using windows... i have something there00:59
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sumonethotheolh: port that 'something' to linux01:00
thotheolhI mean konquerer01:00
thotheolhI have used Firefox and it's a good disappointment on Windows especially FF301:01
thotheolhcrashes a lot01:01
thotheolhso I am finding something good and fast like Konquerer01:01
astrommeJust when browsing?01:01
thotheolhyes.... it's pretty surprising to know FF3 crashes all too often on my PC01:02
thotheolhyes, when browsing , astromme01:02
thotheolhAnd it just shuts the entire browser down01:02
thotheolhI am in the middle of doing some browsing or watching some videos while allowing some tabs to load by themselves and the next moment... no videos to watch , everything crashes01:03
khalidmianhi i am facing the following issue and am looking for help and assistance thanks - W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60D11217247D1CFF01:04
cbwcjwkhalidmian: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:05
sumonehow do I update the icons in the menu after installing programs? nothing shows up except when I reboot01:08
lovrewhen i remove an application, the hidden folder in ~/ folder still remains... Its not removed even if i use purge. Its bothering me since im trying out many applications and removeing them, they all leave junk behind...01:09
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francbonjour à tous01:12
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francproblème, j'ai effacé la partition de kubuntu sous vista pour me faire de la place, lors du demarrage il n'arrive plus à  booter01:14
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr01:16
khalidmiancbwcjw: thankyou for assistance01:17
khalidmiancbwcjw: is there a way for me to  erase this command i put some time ago01:19
khalidmiansudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:19
zicadaone day guys, everyone will fathom english01:19
zicadai will rejoice on that day01:19
khalidmiancbwcjw: is there a way for me to  erase this command i put some time ago: gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 493B3065 && gpg --export -a 493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -01:19
RobertMOk this is kinda crazzy.  I am using kde 4.x with nvidia drivers and it looks like the alpha channel isn't working right.  Any idea how to fix?01:19
spectralis it possible to open a kwallet that i have from a backup? kde4.201:24
spectralsorry, figured it out - merge wallet01:27
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mefisto__khalidmian: in adept > sources, authentication tab, find that key and remove it with the remove button01:31
khalidmianmefisto__: ty01:35
cbwcjwWell, its pretty slow tonight..01:36
mefisto__yes it is01:45
cbwcjwmefisto__: Well, I would update the wikipedia pictures for KDE and some applications, but I dont understand how wikipedia does images, ahaha.01:51
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Guest24082una pregunta gente como cambio el nick predeterminado como guest24082 por otro01:59
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alberto_listo no pregunte nada02:00
cbwcjw!es | Guest 2408202:02
ubottuGuest 24082: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:02
UberTacoHey, anybody else having trouble with the ppa.launchpad repo for the KDE4.2 neon build?02:04
UberTacoIt keeps yelling at me about the public key02:04
cbwcjwUberTaco: apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:05
UberTacolet's assume I'm trying to install it from a vanilla Ubuntu mainline install02:05
cbwcjwUberTaco: That will make the product key shutup.02:05
cbwcjwUberTaco: Same thing, that just overwrites the invalid product key. Its because its a PPA.02:05
UberTacopublic key, you mean?02:06
cbwcjwUberTaco: Haha, yea. I ment public key.02:06
UberTacosorry 'bout that02:07
cbwcjwTis fine02:07
UberTacobut yeah, so apt-get upgrade, update, and dist-upgrade will do it?02:08
UberTacoeven from a vanilla 8.10 install?02:08
cbwcjwWell, you dont actually NEED that.02:08
UberTacomainline GNOME, not Kubuntu02:08
cbwcjwbut there might be updates, so who knows.02:08
ncfi1013i want to do my taxes online. i am running linux. to do my taxes requires windows software/browsers. can someone tell me how to use my user agent switcher or install another browser that supports the online tax websites?02:08
talonstrikerhow do you disable the system bell?02:09
david__how do i get the proper graphics driver for kubuntu?02:09
talonstrikerfor the system bell, in the Notifications section under System Settings, I see nothing to disable the sysbell02:10
jordsHmm... just did a adept update and it broke my sound. I've traced the problem to an error when trying to load the module snd-hda-intel (I have intel sound): [  189.459653] snd_hda_intel: disagrees about version of symbol snd_ctl_add_slave   [  189.459675] snd_hda_intel: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_add_slave (in dmesg).  How can I get the drver working again?02:11
cbwcjwjords: try #ubuntu02:11
jordscbwcjw: Ok, I will, I am running kubuntu but i guess this isn't releated to the dm02:12
cbwcjwjords: thats what I figured. #ubuntu probably has more help at the moment, none of our big info people are active02:12
jordsncfi1013: You can run internet explorer on linux using wine, theres guides around on the net02:13
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Sp0tKubuntuHi! I have a problem in "KMail", when i fill out settings for connection and fecthing mails, then it tells me my ISP dosent support POP connection, and i know for a fact that it does, but anyways, when i clear settings to fill out a new, then i appears again, unchanged! Like there is a file somewhere there hold these settings! Please help me out here thansk! :-)02:20
franc_hi All02:20
Sp0tKubuntuWhat is plastmascreen used for?02:21
Sp0tKubuntuCTRL+F12, dosent see what that should be good for02:21
songwindSp0tKubuntu: It brings all your widgets to the foreground so you can refer to them without minimizing everything, or edit them, etc.02:22
franc_I have problem with packages KDE 4.202:22
franc_It was not possible to retrieve some of the archives, please try to run apt-get update or use - fix-missing02:22
franc_before work02:23
songwindI just came back to KDE, using 4.2.  Back when I was on 3.5, there was a context menu option to open/edit files as administrator.  Is this possible in Dolphin?02:23
franc_apachelogger help me02:28
cdaviscan someon tell me how to change the behavior of konqueror to single-click selects all in the url bar and search bar?02:28
Sp0tKubuntusongwind: Ahh, thanks :-)02:30
songwindSp0tKubuntu: No problem. :)02:31
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franc_packages for Kubuntu are damaged?02:35
songwindfranc_: I did not have any problems like you are describing02:36
songwindHave you tried switching to a different mirror?02:36
Sp0tKubuntuDepens on witch packets your fetching02:36
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Sp0tKubuntuDont get unsupportet packets02:36
Sp0tKubuntuThay fuck it all up! :-D02:36
cbwcjw!language | Sp0tKubuntu02:37
ubottuSp0tKubuntu: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:37
Sp0tKubuntuI have tryed, tree times today02:37
Sp0tKubuntuSorry sorry! :-D02:37
songwindfranc_: In "Software Sources" you can change the "Download From" drop down bar to show a different mirror.  It might be that the mirror you hit has a problem.02:37
Sp0tKubuntuIm used to talk dirty :-D Live in denmark :-D02:38
Sp0tKubuntuWell, off to bed!Nighty night02:38
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* Sp0tKubuntu-NA is away: Borte for øjeblikket02:38
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.02:39
Sp0tKubuntuJeg sover, smid en besked02:39
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.02:40
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.02:45
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.02:48
* Sp0tKubuntu is away: Borte for øjeblikket02:49
* Sp0tKubuntu is back.02:49
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.02:49
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.02:49
NomexousHow come I'm not able to select desktop cylinder or desktop sphere in KDE 4.2?02:52
rodrigo_necesito ayuda02:55
Nomexous!es | rodrigo02:56
ubotturodrigo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:56
khalidmianim looking for assistance on tryingto figure out if i can somehow recover rebuit my xapien inex for adept02:57
khalidmianinex= index02:57
marcelplease how can i install gas ??03:00
khalidmianwould the comand be sudo recover apt-xapian-index03:01
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wadiHi. Im having trouble with flllash on intrepid.03:06
wadikubuntu 8.180 kernel 27-11 x86_64 kde 4.02. Flash is messy. Any help?03:10
Dr_willis'flash is messy' is a very good way to describe flash03:11
khalidmiancan anyone help me with adept issue i cannotfind answer to03:11
Dr_willisstate the issue and see who knows what khalidmian03:13
wadiDr_willis: Funny thing , messy and creative...it's adding pixels to jpl feed ...03:14
syockitwadi: flash version?03:14
khalidmianDr_willis: whenever i try to search for anything in adept it comes out blank i think i may need to reset its indexing03:14
Dr_williskhalidmian,  perhaps. I never use adept - i cant stand its interface.  So im not even sure where it caches stuff at03:16
syockitkhalidmian: adept is somewhat weird. You may need to toggle the flags (the three icons on the first line) to see things03:16
syockitkhalidmian: toggle off the installed item flag03:16
syockitkhalidmian: otherwise just install synaptic03:17
khalidmiansyockit: i tried with with no avail some one gave to the command allowing me to fix the issue i cant for the live of me remember it03:17
syockitkhalidmian: or if you like console interface, use aptitude03:17
wadisyockit: 10.0r1503:18
syockitwadi: actually, the flash problem is too general, and there are many factors that might have caused it03:20
wadikhalidmian: use aptitude, there's an option "repair broken packages".03:20
gorgonizerkhalidmian: update-apt-xapian-index I think is what you are after..03:21
gorgonizershould have sudo at the start of that..03:21
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer03:23
wadisyockit: thanks03:25
syockitwadi: say that to mr.ogre03:25
syockitwadi: you can also wade through https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree and find similar bugs, and if there are any solutions03:26
Frederickfolks is openarena broken on kubuntu 64?03:27
khalidmiangorgonizer: thankyou for saving my life and fixing my xapien index03:30
gorgonizerkhalidmian: no problem, sorry it took me so long to find the answer, do you still require the Project Neon repository?03:30
khalidmiangorgonizer: i dont think ill experiment with that03:31
gorgonizerahh, okay,, used it to get the latest Amarok2, which looks pretty good..03:31
khalidmiani think one can do that by sudo apt-get amarok-kde403:32
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Im bored, so Im updating all the KDE wikipedia articles with newer pictures. ahaha.03:32
khalidmianor am i wrong03:32
Dr_willissudo apt-get install amarok-kde403:33
khalidmianlol yes03:33
gorgonizerkhalidmian: that gives you Amarok, I am on an SVN version..03:33
khalidmianwhats svn?03:33
gorgonizercbwcjw: sounds like a mission, I am currently trying remember how to fall asleep..03:33
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* Sp0tKubuntu-NA is away: Borte for øjeblikket03:34
Dr_willisE: Couldn't find package amarok-kde403:34
gorgonizerkhalidmian: SVN is a version control system used by software developers, it allows people (like me) to test software before it is released..03:34
gorgonizerand I can test the SVN version whilst keeping Amarok 1.4 installed, which is perfect :)03:35
cbwcjwgorgonizer: What is this "sleep"?03:35
gorgonizercbwcjw: somethign you humans apparently do, adn other mammals.. personally, I don't think it will catch on ;)03:36
cbwcjwgorgonizer: ahaha!03:36
khalidmianah i see sorry i dont think ill be needing that03:37
khalidmianwhat would be nice is to have the repos for open office 303:40
gorgonizerkhalidmian: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ubuntu intrepid main (I think)03:41
Dr_willisGiven the # of people ive seen in here - with OOo 3 issues.. I will wait. :)03:42
gorgonizerDr_willis: tend to use KDE Office myself, but might give it a go at soem point..03:43
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cbwcjwgorgonizer: Wow! Looking through these screenshots, it took KDE a LOT of tries to get the taskbar right (to its current state)03:48
Dr_willisI liked the old panel. :)03:49
Dr_willisthen again. I always remiove thigs to make it minimal03:49
cbwcjwI ment the betas.03:49
gorgonizercbwcjw: which screenshots are these?03:50
gorgonizerthere was a bit of tomfoolery going on the betas, but it was all good..03:51
cbwcjwgorgonizer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen_Project03:51
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Even 4.1 and 4.0's taskbar I disliked.. but now :)03:52
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Im going to replace the last one with the default, however, and make that one have a different caption like "With some customization"03:53
cbwcjwcbwcjw: Done.03:54
gorgonizerYeah, I am very happy with where the Panel/taskbar are now, they were very limited in previous KDE4 incarnations..03:54
NomexousIs anyone else not able to select desktop cylinder and desktop sphere for the switch effect?03:54
Frederickfolks I think my apt package is broken can I fix it? http://rafb.net/p/mKX5l533.html03:55
banditAnyone here willing to give some help?03:55
cbwcjwNomexous: I have been able to. Make sure in system settings -> desktop -> Desktop effects -> general that "Effect for desktop switching" is on Cube/cylinder03:55
=== bandit is now known as Bandit
Nomexouscbwcjw: Only desktop cube appears in the list. The other two don't.03:56
Banditanyone free?03:56
cbwcjwAre they enabled in system settings -> desktop -> Desktop effects -> All Effects?03:56
Nomexouscbwcjw: Yes.03:56
gorgonizercbwcjw: are the cylinder/sphere effects any good?03:56
cbwcjwgorgonizer: I like them, but I dont do big-time multitasking on my laptop, so I keep 2 desktops with the slide effect03:59
gorgonizerchanged to the cylinder, adn it killed my effects, the little varmint..03:59
cbwcjwNomexous: Im not sure then. Try #kde03:59
cbwcjwgorgonizer: Ouch :(04:00
Nomexouscbwcjw: Thanks.04:00
BanditAnyone free?04:00
gorgonizerand Ctrl+Shift+f12 isn't restarting them (I think that is the key combo to restart them)04:00
cbwcjwgorgonizer: The KDE articles are underkept on wikipedia04:00
cbwcjwBandit: Just ask a question :)04:00
Banditcan I talk to you in a PM?04:00
cbwcjw!ask | Bandit04:01
ubottuBandit: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:01
Banditkeep the conversation04:01
=== Daisuke_Ido is now known as Dr_Worm
cbwcjwJust ask away, see what happens :D04:01
Banditbasically... I'm trying to install Cube 2 (sauerbraten) and I have very little (if any) linuc experience04:01
BanditI've looked around and nothing on google akes sence about it?04:02
cbwcjwBandit: One second04:02
cbwcjwBandit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111943/ Thats copied from a forum post. See if that helps :)04:03
Banditok gimmie a second04:04
Banditone problem.04:04
BanditI've downloaded it through firefox, and I can't even get it to open the containing file let alone find which directory it;s in04:05
gorgonizercbwcjw: looks like I will have to reboot to get the effects back..04:05
cbwcjwGorgonizer: Go figure.04:05
gorgonizercbwcjw: I haven't done enough updates to warrant a restart :(04:06
cagdcorpalguien habla espanol04:06
cbwcjw!es | cagdcorp04:07
ubottucagdcorp: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:07
cagdcorpexcelente gracias..04:07
cbwcjwde nada04:07
cbwcjw(its funny, because not only do I not speak spanish but I sent him the thing saying we DONT speak spanish)04:08
Dr_willis'No Hoblo'04:08
gorgonizerI should speak more laguages, but don't..04:08
Dr_willisEveryone should learn to cuss in at least 5 languages04:13
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gorgonizerhmmm, now I have Amarok and Amarok2, I can play the albums I have which need to be played with each other :)04:16
Saint-Tropezis it possible to adept KDE 4.2?04:16
gaoCfollow these instructions04:17
Saint-Tropezty gaoC04:17
gaoCwhat's the console command to switch desktops04:22
beachsurfini need asian text rendering04:30
beachsurfinit only displays when i select it with the mouse by double clicking on it...04:31
beachsurfinthis is in firefox...04:31
beachsurfinit works in other in my kde apps04:31
astrommeworks fine for me in kde. oh, firefox?04:31
astrommedunno, probably some gnome thing. go ask on #ubuntu04:31
astrommeOr just use konqueror...04:32
khalidmiangorgonizer: whats the command that goes something like sudo apt-get upgarde && update && something04:33
gorgonizersudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:34
PSiL0gaoC: ctrl-f1, ctr-f2, etc?04:45
underdog_is there a 'kcontrol' for kde4?04:47
gaoCi meant console command04:47
gaoCwhat the fs type on the command line for "exfat"04:48
p_quarlesgaoC: systemsettings04:49
underdog_can someone tell me if there is a 'kcontrol' for kde4?04:50
p_quarlesgaoC: sorry, highlighted the wrong person :|04:52
p_quarlesunderdog_: systemsettings04:52
underdog_p_quarles: thanks.  much appreciated.04:53
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.04:56
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havane2037show me some respect i have got 112 of iq05:02
Dr_willis'we are not worthy!'05:03
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:05
eduardoSee you!05:05
* Dr_willis missed any actyual kubuntu related problem.05:05
LeeJunFanis that all?05:05
tbr281how can i restore the virtual desktop that opens when using kde 4 for the first time?05:08
LeeJunFanyou mean the window that has desktop icons?05:09
Dr_willisthats just one of the  Plasmid applets you can run.. i forget its name..  set to show the desktop directory05:09
cbwcjw!info nexuiz05:09
ubottunexuiz (source: nexuiz): A fast-paced 3D first-person shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.2-1 (intrepid), package size 727 kB, installed size 1804 kB05:09
LeeJunFanDesktop Foler or Folder View I think.05:09
cbwcjwBandit: There you go :)05:09
BanditTHANKS :005:10
Banditoops... caps05:10
tbr281i want to make kde4 look clean and neat since i updated to 4.205:10
Dr_willisI just reset all my kde settings to get the 'default' 4.2 look... then started removing things. :)05:11
tom__system control center appearance background05:11
tom__well for ubuntu 805:13
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).05:14
cjae_kubuntu have ufw enabled by default?05:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufw05:15
cbwcjw!info ufw05:15
ubottuufw (source: ufw): program for managing a netfilter firewall. In component main, is standard. Version 0.23.3 (intrepid), package size 42 kB, installed size 332 kB05:15
cbwcjwcjae: :)05:15
cjae_cbwcjw: on by default?05:16
cbwcjwcjae_: Im not sure. Google?05:18
cjae_there right now05:18
gigabytehas anyone tried kde 4.2?05:18
cbwcjwgigabyte: a lot of us have, including me.05:18
cjae_gigabyte: yes it is nice05:18
gigabyteis it stable?05:18
cbwcjwgigabyte: Yes, far less issues05:18
gigabytedoes anyone know how to download files without having to share them or seed them?05:18
cjae_worth installing fixes many bugs and lets move panels and such05:19
gigabytemine is still downloading05:19
cjae_release notes kde 4.2 kubuntu in google05:19
cbwcjwgigabyte: Im not sure what you mean, but wget in the console works: e.g. "wget http://mxclan.org/ss.png" downloads my screenshot page to the current directory05:20
cjae_torrents gigabyte05:20
gigabyteim installing by apt-install05:21
cbwcjwcjae_: torrents are definitley file sharing.05:21
cjae_right but didn't know you anything else that has seeds and such05:21
sandGorgonimho Adept is not very good compared to Synaptic... cant wait for PackageKit05:22
cjae_adept sucks05:22
cbwcjwcjae_: You can definitley get the IPs of the seeders and their clients.05:22
cbwcjwsandGorgon: I like adept though, at least its lightweight and nice. But yea, synaptic is superior05:22
sandGorgoncjae_: what do you use for package management?05:23
cjae_history in synaptic is nice05:23
cjae_sandGorgon: adept just because I want my install light as possible05:23
cjae_if adept doesn't have cli05:24
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cjae_that should say ...cli05:24
* cjae_ hates eating onions cause the after smell sucks05:25
cjae_cbwcjw: are you saying apt uses seeders?05:26
sandGorgonwasnt there apt-torrent or something?05:26
cjae_sounds dumb05:27
sandGorgoncjae_: imagine the number of people pulling in updates through apt... the bandwidth requirements can be halved and quartered if we can use apt on a bittorrent protocol05:28
cjae_but torrents sometimes go slow too like when ppl ask the above questions05:30
cjae_can I just leech all day everyday05:30
sandGorgonusually, if apt is used with torrent, there will be a couple of dedicated seeders - which are the same sites that you now directly download from05:31
cjae_unless you live in the USA I cannot see why you would want to do that, $200,000 dollar fine = not cool05:31
cjae_I mean with other torrents05:32
cjae_got side tracked05:32
sandGorgondamn, does anyone have OO 3.0 working in KDE 4.2 - I cant seem to get it through adept ?05:32
cjae_only 2.4 here05:33
gmathewsAter opening the hardware driver in Kubuntu after a fresh install and choosing to update the recommended driver (Nvidia) nothing happens after it finishes downloading it05:33
cjae_anything special about 3.005:33
gmathewssandGorgon: try www.mirror.ac.za to dowload OO05:34
gmathewsthe deb one - then install it05:34
sandGorgoncjae_: i had 3.0 on my other machine where I created a doc, and now it looks all funny05:34
sandGorgongmathews: any way to get it through adept - i dont want to miss out on updates05:35
gmathewssandGorgon: It is not on adept nor synaptic05:35
gmathewsthe latest version is on mirror.ac.za05:35
sandGorgongmathews: i could add the ppa repositories to synaptic and get them through that. i dont seem to be able to do that in KDE tho05:36
gmathewshmm that is weird. I am using Kubuntu for the first time myself05:37
gmathewsGoing to try the mirror.ac.za way05:38
gmathewsis it okay to cancel an update in adept (during its downloading phase)05:39
gmathewsor will that need purging etc05:39
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cjae_sandGorgon: http://osdir.com/ml/kubuntu-users/2009-01/msg00106.html05:40
=== bewofthe is now known as cuznt
gmathewswhats the command line to get the nvidia driver05:40
gmathewsfor kubuntu 8.10 - nvidia driver05:41
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest94652
cjae_apparently you can install the one from debian without issue05:41
sandGorgongmathews: i think it is "nvidia-glx-177"05:41
gmathewsthis thing is disappointing - It downloads the driver but nothing happens - nothing is activate wtf ;/05:41
sandGorgonwhy dont you do it thru the gui "hardware drivers" in settings05:42
gmathewssandGorgon: That is where I am doing it05:43
gmathewsIt gave me two drivers - after clicking on activate - it downloads the driver05:43
gmathewsthen it finishes but it is not activated wtf05:43
sandGorgonhmm... then it probably is not installing check your /var/logs05:44
gmathewsnothing in /var/logs05:45
gmathewsmaybe a restart is required05:45
gmathewswho knows05:46
cuzntthe shadow knows05:46
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:46
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!05:48
cbwcjwSo quiet :(05:55
sandGorgonhas anyone tried out the 2.6.28 kernel ?05:56
cbwcjwHas anybody tried out ext4?05:56
sandGorgonhmm... it was added to the 2.6.28 kernel , right?05:57
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* Sp0tKubuntu-NA is away: Borte for øjeblikket06:00
kidsI'm having trouble. All of a sudden my display changed to 800X600 and when I go into the display settings, it only lists 800X600 as the max size, but I was running 1024X768 in xubuntu. Any ideas?06:01
cbwcjwkids: Considiring its 1 AM, try asking in #kde or asking around a better time for everybody :) sorry :( I wish I could help06:04
kadinHey #kubuntu, I have a problem06:05
kadinKControl doesn't seem to work, any ideas06:05
cbwcjwnobodys really here :(06:09
sandGorgoni'm building something and i get "X11 headers/libs are not available". what should i install ?06:10
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etfbI notice the new Adept in KDE4 doesn't have a scrollable history, just a single label that gets updated as it installs each component.  Isn't that a bit, you know, retarded?  Who made that decision?06:34
etfbAnd where are the icons in the Adept browse list?  They don't even have one for Firefox!06:37
beachsurfinthe multiple Adepts confuse me06:38
stdinif you have a support question, ask it.06:38
beachsurfinokay, which adept do you use to search for new software?06:38
beachsurfinadept installer or manager?06:38
beachsurfinwhat's the diff between the two?06:39
etfbIt's a hell of a support question: has there been some kind of disaster among the KDE 4 developers that means there's no testing being done of the UI stuff before they release it?  I want to know if I should continue to use 8.10 or go back to 8.04 based on that.06:39
stdininstaller only shoes common application. manager lets you manage all software packages06:39
stdinetfb: adept is not KDE06:40
beachsurfinanother question high on importance: is there a way to recall or bookmark songs that have streamed in amarok? i've rated some of the songs playing from a radio station but i don't know how to recall them..06:40
etfbstdin: And yet, coincidentally, the Adept in KDE4 is not the Adept in KDE3.  The KDE3 one isn't broken, for a start.06:41
stdinetfb: actually, they are both broken06:41
stdinbut adept is not part of KDE06:41
etfbstdin: If the primary system for installing and updating all software in KDE isn't part of KDE, what is?06:41
etfbIs it the Kubuntu maintainers I should be bitching about then?06:42
stdinthe closest thing in KDE is KPackage manager. and you should be bitching to anyone as adept is being scrapped06:42
hendershotif your using a kde desktop the chances are that adept is a KDE program06:43
etfbbeachsurfin: When I stream songs from internet radio stations, Amarok considers the entire station to be one "song"... that conveniently changes its name every 3 minutes or so.06:43
hendershotif not then use synaptic06:43
beachsurfinetfb: argh, i really enjoyed those tracks06:43
etfbbeachsurfin: Now that you mention it, there must be some app that connects to streams and gives better than minimal functionality.06:44
beachsurfinamarok2 is supposed to have support for some music server sharing service (don't know the name right now).. you can stream songs and share playlists w/ others easily using the program.. anyway.. maybe that's something to check out when i figure out the name06:46
stdinbeachsurfin: try asking in #amarok06:46
etfbRight.  Installed KDE4.2.  Let's see if it's less stupid.  I had three days of 4.1 and I was ready to upgrade to AmigaOS.06:47
beachsurfinstdin: i have06:47
beachsurfinfor 2-3 days now06:47
beachsurfinnot even a response06:47
stdinbeachsurfin: try the forum then http://amarok.kde.org/forum/06:48
beachsurfini'll do that06:49
macoif i want to make my gtk apps look not-ugly in kde, how would i do that?06:58
macoright now, they look like gtk106:59
cbwcjwmaco: its pretty late, so most helpers arent active06:59
cbwcjwmaco: however, give me a moment07:00
macoeh was worth a shot. scottk mentioned at the kde 4.2 release party tonight that he knew of a theme that worked but couldn't remember it's name at the time07:01
stdinmaco: try installing gtk-qt-engine07:01
cbwcjwmaco: i had a good theme earlier let me find it07:01
macoi have it installed07:01
stdinmaco: you should be able to configure that from system settings -> appearance -> GTK Styles and Fonts07:02
cbwcjwsudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-qtcurve that theme integrates well07:02
macostdin: i looked in there, but no matter what i set, the gtk apps aren't changing07:03
macofor some reason, my apostrophe key keeps typing backticks unless i hit altgr with it as well...will have to figure out which kbd layout is right07:03
macodoes it make a difference if i have gtk-qt-engine or gtk-qt-engine-kde4?07:04
stdingtk-qt-engine-kde4 just installs gtk-qt-engine07:04
cbwcjwmaco: im not sure.07:04
macook, i figured it was a transitional package07:04
cbwcjwmaco: I personally use qtcurve07:08
macocbwcjw: thanks, that webpage helped. the qtcurve one works07:08
cbwcjwmaco: awesome.07:08
macoOH wait07:11
macoit only affects gtk apps that weren't opened yet when the gtk theme was set07:12
stdinyeah, you need to restart all GTK apps07:12
macoso what actually happened is that i started pidgin after setting a gtk theme, while my terminators were open before i set the gtk theme07:12
stdinand possibly logout/in07:12
macologout wasnt needed, just have to quit the apps and reopen them07:13
macothough you have to do that each time the theme is changed, which makes it a little annoying to test how it looks07:13
etfbJust upgraded to KDE4.2 and Oh. My. Gods.  It's so much better it's like a new OS.  Anyone discovering that Kubuntu 8.10 is unusable?  Upgrade to KDE4.2.  It's suddenly like a real computer again.07:13
macoyeah, im using 4.2 now and its much nicer than hardy's kde4 (sorta skipped intrepid)07:14
macoi might actually switch off of gnome...still a little rough around the edges (try removing the window list plasmoid and the system tray and clock get HUGE) but usable07:15
macoanyway, gotta restart the terminal im in in order to have scrollbars07:15
etfbWas kind of worried when it randomly shut down on me... turns out I'd run out of battery power.  Just need to configure the warnings...!07:17
etfbHey, that's odd.  I select "Restore" in the batter monitor icon and nothing happens, but the item in the menu changes to Minimize.  Oh, hang on, it worked that time.  I remember it never did in 4.1...07:18
etfbYep, 4.2: the first working version of KDE since 3.5.  At last!  I was dreading having to rebuild the whole thing and go back to Hardy...07:19
SilentDishow do i set the DNS servers for network manager, but still have it get a dynamic IP and other info?  Kubuntu 8.1007:23
ubottuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.07:24
SilentDisthat's no help ubottu, you have failed me :(07:25
sumoneI just spotted an outrageus spelling mistake on edubuntu's page07:28
sumonesomebody in ubuntu needs some education07:29
Mamaroksumone: English page?07:29
* etfb imagines SilentDis pressing a button on his desk and watching ubottu fall into a shark tank07:30
sumonethat's hell'uv hilarious07:30
etfbSilentDis: What are you trying to do with your DNS?07:30
Mamarokon the Webpage I Guess?07:30
etfbsumone: What's the error?07:30
sumoneand it's bulleted in bold letters!!!!07:30
SilentDisetfb: my ISPs DNS has been wonky for a few days now (alltel EVDO, they're migrating us into the verizon network due to buyout), and I'd like to switch over to the OpenDNS servers07:31
etfbSilentDis: Ah, but you still want everything else local to work.  Can't you change the settings in your router?07:31
Mamaroksumone: just tell me where please07:32
SilentDisetfb: no router.  computer - USB cable - EVDO cellphone (acts like a modem on ppp0)07:32
sumoneMamarok: ha ha ha, let's see if you can find it!!07:33
etfbSilentDis: Congratulations - you just exceeded my skill level.07:33
SilentDisetfb: i should say, on /dev/ttyACM007:33
sumoneuse spell * I guess07:33
etfbsumone: edubuntu.com?07:33
SilentDisetfb: basically, i just need to set static dns on ppp0 in network manager.07:34
sumoneok I'll tell you07:34
sumonethe third bullet says Managable07:34
etfbYep; saw it before you said it.07:35
sumonewhoever wrote that page should get his ass fired07:35
legate!language | sumone07:35
ubottusumone: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:35
stdin!ot | sumone07:35
ubottusumone: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:35
Mamaroksumone: you never make typos?07:35
sumonenot in english and less if it's supposed to be professional07:36
Mamarokthanks for telling, will talk to the Edubuntu folks right now.07:36
etfbsumone: Go to #edubuntu and see if a user named highvoltage is around.  Web stuff is apparently his baby.07:36
Mamarokoh, somebody perfect ;)07:36
Mamaroketfb: talking to him07:36
sumoneMamarok: let's see how fast they correct it :D07:36
etfbMamarok: Hey, I'm perfect to you no!07:36
Mamaroksumone: depends of the time of the day for the person who can actually change it, and now behave and be nice please07:37
etfbOn the one hand, it's a trivial thing scarcely worth the bytes already expended.  On the other hand, it comes just above the section talking about how Canonical can help you if you're not fluent in English...  Irony is a bitch.07:38
stdinplease keep this channel on-topic07:38
etfbsumone: And beware Muphry's Law: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muphry%27s_law07:39
* sumone tries hard not to rant07:39
sumonewhat, helping ubuntu is ot?07:39
stdinlast warning07:39
etfbsumone: It's OK, I understand.  I work with programmers who insist on defining "dependancies" in the common source code.  But ultimately, it's better to just take notes of this stuff, find out who to talk to (as you've done) and then be calm.07:40
Mamaroksumone: making fun of other peoples mistakes is not acceptable07:40
etfbMamarok: Unless they're Microsoft's mistakes.07:41
stdinsumone: actually, discussing the edubuntu website IS offtopic07:41
* etfb hurriedly thinks of someting ON-topic to say07:41
Mamaroketfb: nope, neither, we are educated and nice people here only07:41
etfbMamarok: That's not just nice; it's saintly.  I am in awe of your loveliness.07:42
SilentDisand the blade falls, there is a momentary intake of breath, a shocked expression, then peace and civility is restored to the land.07:42
stdinI'll ask again, keep this channel on-topic07:42
etfbKDE4.2 question: someone mentioned a while ago a way to get rid of that bloody "cashew" on the top left of the screen.  It annoys me; how do I kill it?07:42
Mamaroknice, now he is trolling in #edubuntu :(07:42
spawn57etfb: I wish I could get rid of that thing too ..07:43
SilentDisi ended up going to 4.2 out of experimental, the cashew is a lot lighter now... not sure if it's just me but it's a lot less visible, only there when you need it.07:44
etfbSilentDis: So humour a KDE4 newbie here: when DO you "need" it?07:44
SilentDisetfb: i run with my widgets locked.  while duplicate functionality from right-click, i do use it to unlock them and move them around from time to time.07:45
etfbWait, no, cancel that.  The ability to add new themes from Teh Intarwobs.  Worth the price of admission!  Cool!07:45
SilentDisetfb: rofl click and ye shall receive!07:46
* SilentDis continues to bang head against network manager07:46
=== awidegreen__ is now known as awidegreen
SilentDisStrog_: no i'm not.  oh, the greeting, not my state.  hello! :D07:50
Strog_i want to install kubuntu 8.04 on an elder laptop, and when i come to the main menu with all the GUI, the laptop's mouse and keyboard doesn't respond to it. and when i insert an elder version of kubuntu everything works fine07:51
SilentDisStrog_: 'elder'?  do you mean an older computer?07:52
Strog_older laptop07:52
SilentDisStrog_: could you give us a basic rundown of the system's configuration?  memory, processor, drive space, vid card type of thing?07:53
Strog_cpu is a p407:53
Strog_ram 256mb07:53
Strog_no interesting graphic card07:54
Strog_HD: 60GB07:54
SilentDisStrog_: ahhh, i believe you're a bit light on memory.  iirc, 8.10 needs 512mb to run off the CD, 256 when installed.  could someone correct me if i'm wrong on that?07:54
Strog_im using 8.0407:55
Strog_or does ubuntu use less ram?07:55
SilentDisStrog_: xubuntu is the 'light' version that uses very little ram... you can run off a hard drive with 256mb if i'm not mistaken, as well (use the alternate CD to install).  i'm checking right now...07:56
etfbStrog_: I installed xubuntu on a slow old PC for my 10-year-old daughter.  It was usable, but I gave her a bit more RAM and the latest Kubuntu and she was happier.07:57
Dr_willisBeen playing with that LXDE desktop also. lighter then xubuntu.. but i dont care much for it.07:57
Dr_willisxfce is nice in ways.. annoying in nothers07:57
Strog_etfb: what is the ram size that you had before and after?07:57
SilentDisStrog_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements07:58
SilentDisStrog_: basically, 700mhz processor, 384mb ram, and 8gb disk space will be your 'baseline'.  you should be able to get the machine working on less ram, but you'll need to use the alternate cd to do the install07:59
Strog_well the laptop meets all the requirements07:59
etfbetfb: No idea - too long ago.  Less than a gigabyte, certainly.  It was a Pentium II, I think07:59
SilentDisStrog_: you said before you have 256mb ram.  i'm betting the LiveCD needs to load too much into memory to get the whole thing going.08:00
etfbStrog_: That's a good point.  Live CDs use a gigabyte for a RAM disk if they can.08:00
SilentDisStrog_: the Alternate CD would probably suit you better on that, you'll be able to install and use it, albeit a touch slow at times.08:00
Strog_SilentDis: but how is it for me possible to install an older version of Kubuntu live version?08:01
SilentDisStrog_: i would recommend setting up at least a 2gb swap partition too.  I set mine to 5gb (enormous disk and i like to play with virtual box) :)08:01
SilentDisStrog_: the whole concept behind ubuntu in general is 'latest greatest all rolled together every 6 months'.  i'm assuming parts of said 'latest and greatest' are a bit large now heh08:02
SilentDisStrog_: there's the 'bulletproof x windows' and all the desktop effects stuff and network manager and so on and so on and so on... lol08:03
Dr_willis'bulletproof x windows' I thought got shot in the head? :) ya dont hear that mentioned much any more08:04
Strog_i'm downloading the alternate versions and get back to you later08:04
SilentDisDr_willis: did it?  i've not kept up on all the new pretty stuff as of late.  well, other than 4.2 from experimental that i'm really really liking :)08:05
Dr_willisYea. if X failed to start a few times - i recall  a release or 2 ago.. it would 'go into bullet proof x mode' but to be honest.. it dident ever work prperly for me08:05
SilentDisStrog_: another option is to install 7.10, upgrade to 8.04, then upgrade again to 8.10.  not exactly pretty, but it'll work.  you'll probably save yourself some time if you do just grab the alt cd lol08:06
SilentDisDr_willis: the most i've seen mine do is drop to the standard VESA driver when i was futzing with the nvidia driver :)08:07
SilentDisDr_willis: part of it made it in.  the xorg.conf is tiny now, i assume that was part of the push with that project.  it apparently gathers it all on the fly now.08:08
Dr_willisX auto-configures for hte most part.08:08
Dr_willisworks decently well.. for 90% of the people. :)08:08
Dr_willisbut that other 10%  thats  the problem08:09
Strog_SilentDis: i need to get the images anyway08:09
SilentDisDr_willis: same boat with network manager for me.  it works great... except when i go to customize something >.<08:09
Strog_btw what is the window manager called from xbuntu?08:10
Dr_willispeople expext too much automation with the network settings. :) and now they got it.08:10
Dr_willisxubuntu = xfwm08:10
Dr_willisi think08:10
SilentDisi thought the mouse was XFCE?08:10
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels08:12
SilentDisthere we go :)08:12
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
beachsurfindo i need to "source ~/.bashrc" each time i log in?08:22
stdinbash does that for you08:22
Dr_willisbeachsurfin,  no you should not.08:22
Dr_willis bash shell reads .bashrc / .bash_profile and /or .profile  depending  on how things are setup08:23
david__Hi, I am currently trying to install Kubuntu on my laptop, I have an Acer Aspire 3050, 3gb of RAM, fully updated BIOS and all the necessary things required to properly install and update a computer, however when I select either "Try Kubuntu live on your computer" or "Install Kubuntu" I end up getting a solid black screen with nothing, the same happens to me while running the install in Text Mode08:26
david__any ideas as to how I can make this work?08:27
SilentDisdavid__: had this with my GF's machine.... have you tried pressing and holding a key during the boot, such as the down arrow?  not sure why that works, but it did on her computer.08:27
david__during the boot of the BIOS?08:27
SilentDisdavid__: during the boot off the liveCD08:27
david__let me try that08:28
SilentDisdavid__: she also has an acer laptop, which is why i thought of it heh08:28
david__no, nothing appeared08:29
david__after i recieve the boot menu and select the Live Boot, i still have the solid black screen08:29
david__as opposed to the Kubuntu Loader08:30
SilentDisdavid__: i'm just not sure.  altCD mayhap?  just to see if it loads?08:32
david__I used the CD on this computer to test it08:32
david__works perfectly fine08:32
david__that was one of the first things i thought of08:32
SilentDisdavid__: i meant, use the Alternate CD instead to try?  (there's a Desktop CD and Alternate CD)08:33
david__I tried that as well08:33
SilentDisdavid__: wubi?08:34
david__once it is installed I still get the solid black screen when the OS is booting08:34
david__I tried wubi as well08:34
david__same result08:34
SilentDisdavid__: other than a missing /boot, and/or grub gone wonky, i'm not sure what else it could be.08:35
david__I know that is not the issue though since I used the same install disk on this computer08:36
xanax`do the gpg keys for the "http://ppa.launchpad.net IntrepId" reposItory work now ? I stIll get an error. How to fIx that ?08:36
xanax`I am tryIng to Install kde 4.208:37
beachsurfinthanks stdin, Dr_willis08:38
beachsurfinis http://www.mrbass.org/linux/ubuntu/scim/ still current?08:38
beachsurfini'm working on skim while kde-devel and kde-devel-extras is installing08:39
beachsurfini had used that site previously on 7.1008:39
beachsurfinit was the only way i had scim to work..08:39
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
=== Gary_ is now known as Gary
Dr_willisive never uses scim..08:49
Dr_willisonly time ive messed with it.. is when i twas running when i dident want it to.. so had to remove it08:49
palbuddynewbie question.  I installed firefox, but I can run it from the command line, but it's not in my nifty menu items08:59
palbuddyhow can I make it so it's there?09:00
Dr_willislogout/back in --perhaps09:00
Dr_willissome tmes the menus dont get updated properly  till a logouit09:01
Dr_willisor some other way 'refreshed'09:01
palbuddyoh okay!09:01
palbuddyalso how do I update the default amarok to the newist amarok 2.whatever09:02
xanax`palbuddy : isn't it listed in synaptic ?09:04
palbuddywell one sec here09:06
xanax`in synaptic, h09:06
xanax`there 's a column with versions09:07
palbuddyI just went to kde09:07
palbuddyI'm not a super linux user or something, but I'm kinda in dummy mode09:07
palbuddyas in I'm learning this stuff all over again09:08
Dr_willis'its deja vu all over again'09:10
kaI am trying to make a form via a wizard in open office base. But wizards don't seem work in my openoffice. The busy cursor just flashes for a second or two and then nothing happens. I have checked the tools/settings/java and it says sun microsystems 1.6.0_10. Any suggestions? Do I have to install something extra to make them work?09:19
jim_phi people09:24
jim_pi accidentaly removed the top bar of kopete, the one that says File Edit etc. can i  get it bask somehow?09:25
Dr_willishow did ya remove it? a menu item?09:26
kajim_p: ctrl+m maybe?09:26
Dr_williscouldbe some F key also.. :)09:26
jim_pka, wait wait wait to open kopete09:26
Dr_willishit f1 and see if ya can find its docs?09:26
Dr_willisis what it says in the menus here. :)09:27
jim_p:O thanks Dr_willis and ka09:28
Dr_willisF1 -  Keyboard shortcuts. :)09:28
Dr_willisprint that out.. paste to the moniotr.09:28
Dr_willisit only has like 4 'hotkeys/shortcuts' for things09:29
jim_pone more thing09:29
jim_pi am just a few days old in kde409:29
jim_pwhat shall i use as a file manager?09:29
jim_pi have heard complaints about dolphin09:29
Dr_willisTry it and see?09:30
Dr_willisIt what YOU like that matters09:30
jim_pwell dolphin is a bit slow09:30
kaI use dolphin but it really doesn't matter as konqueror and dolphin both use the same filemanagement backend...09:30
Dr_willisi use rox-filer   but im weird. :)09:31
Dr_willisor 'mc'09:31
kaI agree I think KDE4 in general is a little slow...09:31
kaespecially on 256 mb systems...09:31
jim_pi am on 76809:32
kaBut seriously I expect that it should work on low memory systems but maybe not for a while...09:32
kaI would turn off previewing...09:33
jim_pka, i have  it off09:33
ilhamHi. is database created by ooo base, can be accessed from html as front end09:36
Dr_williskde4 is slowly getting spead up...  as time goes by...09:38
Dr_willisbut still not as fast as some things09:38
kaOther that that I would try to avoid using kde3 and gtk apps as it will cause you to load too many libraries in ram...09:43
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aboSamoor1I have unmet dependencies in KDE 4.2 can you help me ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6650037#post665003710:04
Strog_i have just burned the kubuntu alternate CD and i was only able to choose what language i want. ater that i cannot choose which country, it simply freezes. any idea what went wrong?10:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cd10:05
JohnFluxStrog_: probably a misburn10:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about checkcd10:05
JohnFlux!check cd10:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about check cd10:05
JohnFluxStrog_: anyway, there's an option I think to check the cd10:05
Strog_JohnFlux: how do i check that?10:06
ryxxedtry burning it in a slower speed10:06
JohnFluxStrog_: yeah, you probably just have to reburn it, sorry10:06
aboSamoor1can anyone help me with installing KDE 4.2 ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6650037#post665003710:08
JohnFluxaboSamoor1: someone posted a reply10:08
Dr_willis a reply that wasent spam even? :)10:09
JohnFluxaboSamoor1: you might have to remove koffice first.  apt-get remove  koffice-data-kde410:10
JohnFluxaboSamoor1: if you don't want to do that, we can force the installation of package10:10
JohnFluxaboSamoor1: to force it to install,   dpkg --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-icons-oxygen_4%3a4.2.0-0ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa3_all.deb10:11
etfbI get errors and timeouts accessing au.archive.ubuntu.com.  Is there something I can do about that, or do I just need to retry over and over?10:23
Strog_there is a utility of on the kubuntu cd that checks whether the cd is ok or not10:27
Strog_the utility gave me an ok, but pressing the continue button doesn't work10:28
Strog_again it froze10:28
sven_can someone help me how to install opera?10:29
Strog_any idea where the problem is?10:29
knubbesven_: have you downloaded the deb?10:29
sven_knubbe: where?10:29
knubbesven_: www.opera.com :-)10:29
sven_knubbe: ubuntu?10:30
gertoftWhere can one find the plan for KDE 4.2 and Kubuntu 8.10? What I would like to find out is if KDE 4.2 is planned to be released in the backports? The experimental repository sound a bit to risky for me and I also have to await a fix for Digikam, since that is my preferred camera tool.10:30
Unksigertoft: backports do not accept major software updates, only minor ones like 4.1.x10:32
knubbesven_: yes10:32
Unksiso it 4.2 wont be added officially to intrepid10:32
knubbesven_: same installation procedure as for ubuntu10:32
gertoftOk, so I guess that I have to wait for 9.04 then.10:32
knubbesven_: when the .deb is downloaded, just click it and it will install itself10:33
sven_knubbe: indeed, fantastic, user friendly interface in kubuntu :)10:33
knubbesven_: yes, at least as long as the program is a deb-file :-)10:35
sven_knubbe: tx10:35
knubbesven_: np10:36
sven_knubbe: is opera the fastest web browser?10:37
roby70ciao a tutti10:41
roby70cerco un aiutino10:41
komutathere seems to be a problem with kde-devel dependencie on the last package update (for 4.2 final I think)10:48
komutafrom the kubuntu kde 4.2 experimental repository10:49
komutaE: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pcre3/libpcrecpp0_7.8-2ubuntu1~intrepid1~ppa1_i386.deb: Size mismatch10:49
komutathis prevent everyone who has migrated to 4.2 to build kde software, this this package is necessary for kde-devel10:50
komutaand I don't know how to contact the maintainer of this experimental repository10:50
komutacould someone help me ?10:50
komutajoin #kubuntu-devel10:51
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy10:51
eightieskhildshame they don't package kubuntu with all the wallpapers they used too.10:52
Dr_willisYea - i only got 8+gb of wallpapers.. i need more10:53
schmidtm_does anybody know a good sip softphone for kde10:56
TrijntjeHi, i have a problem on my acer aspire 5100 with kkubuntu 8.04 while playing movies/flash etc. After a few minutes the image starts to lag, sound is ok. When i pause the movie for 5 minutes or so I can watch it again for a few minutes before it lags11:00
dhazinHi all! could u please have me, I'm trying to resolve this issue several days but without any success so far :(11:02
dhazinhere is a topic on kubuntu forums http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3101259.011:02
Dr_willisplaying movies in all players Trijntje ? or just flash movies?11:02
dhazinshortly I can't login to kde4.2, it returns back to login screen11:03
dhazinhere is my .xsession-errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/112019/11:03
=== rjb_ is now known as rjb
TrijntjeDr_willis, yes, its not only flash. It also happens with for example .avi in kafeine11:05
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
beachsurfinhttp://bayimg.com/HANmPaabe :: me viewing /sbin/iptables11:17
beachsurfinit looks like that in cat and vim11:18
beachsurfinand i'm sure other terminal program that reads text11:18
helpdeskhello, i have a virtual machine installed on a windows platform and on this virtual machine i have ubuntu installed. pls how do i get internet connection?11:21
helpdeskto my ubuntu?11:21
Dr_willishelpdesk, what program are ya using ? vrtualbox? vmware?11:21
=== Nightwal1er is now known as Nightwalker_
helpdeskDr_willis: vmware11:22
Dr_willisMay need to set up a different network card in the vmware settings. or check the network card settings there.11:22
Dr_willisI use virtualbox . and it works by default.11:23
Dr_willissome disrtos may need you to run a network-config tool.  Buyt i dont think u/kubuntu does11:23
helpdeskDr_willis: so any idea on wht i could do? it used to work and then stopped suddenly11:24
Aisonhello, akonadi server is not working, right?  somehow a problem with dbus11:24
Dr_willishelpdesk,  not really - i gave up on vmware ages ago11:24
helpdeskDr_willis: and since then, has been hell to get coonection11:24
helpdeskDr_willis: ok11:24
Dr_willisi would check the vmware docs very closely.11:24
Dr_willisvirtualbox can  be setup in windows with a 'bridged' networking.. or sort of like a 'nat'11:24
helpdeskDr_willis: d same with vmware but mine just so stubborn11:25
Dr_willisI normally use vbox to  test out live-cd's and live cd images11:25
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=== andrej is now known as uni4dfx
zeltakanyone know how to make screen autostart when no gui is present (no gnome or kde..)?11:37
uni4dfxzeltak: i think you can try: sudo init 511:41
zeltakthx uni4dfx, what does init 5 do? start screen?11:42
uni4dfxinit 5 starts X11:42
Dr_willisscreen is a terminal based app..  it dosent need those interfaces11:42
Dr_williswhy do you need screen to run?11:42
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
Dr_willisand what do youneed it to do?11:42
zeltakhi Dr_willis11:43
zeltaki need it for rtorrent etc,,11:44
zeltaki have screenrc conigured well11:44
Dr_willisYou can launch screen  as the proper user with some proper commands from rc.local11:44
zeltakand when i issue screen manually it work slike a charm11:44
zeltakmm ok what is rc.local (sorry for the newbishness :))11:44
Dr_willis 'sudo -u username screen '11:45
* Dr_willis is guessing.. thats may not be the best way to do it..11:45
helpdeskDr_willis: please what cmd would i use to know who the user of a linux platform is ?11:45
Dr_willissee the file   /etc/rc.local11:45
Dr_willishelpdesk,  lsb_release -a  (in theory)11:45
Dr_willisoh the user?  thats a variable setting if you wna tht users name?11:46
Dr_willisor what exactly?11:46
helpdeskDr_willis: u knw to knw the host , you use: hostname11:46
zeltaki just need something like the austostart folder in kde and gnome that launches progs in three. i just want screen up and runing after a reboot11:46
helpdeskDr_willis: and inserting that cmd on the terminal gives u the hostname11:46
Dr_willisecho $USER11:46
helpdeskDr_willis: so to know the user, what comnd u put on the commer line11:46
helpdeskDr_willis: oh ok thanks11:46
Dr_willistheres lot of env variales set :)11:47
Dr_willisthe set command shows them all.. but often  that output is VERY cluttered. from the bash-completion scripts11:47
Dr_willissee.. 'set | less'11:47
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skoleHi! I'm going to africa to help install Kubuntu on school computers. They don't have internet connecton. How can I fetch updates, codecs and language packs, and burn them to a cd? Then I can install them fram cd- rom11:55
stdin!aptoncd | skole11:56
ubottuskole: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers11:56
skoleubottu: How does it work? Is it possible to enter the download cashe and copy it to a cd rom too?11:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:58
stdinskole: I think it is11:59
rcm20Hi Everyone! I need help with my Bluetooth device,,, Who can help me?12:00
skolestdin: I'm going to check out aptoncd first:-) txs!12:00
rcm20/ mówię także po polsku12:00
rcm20mówię także po polsku12:01
ubottuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl12:01
=== oleg is now known as saint-tropez
saint-tropezHey, can anyone give me a hing how to adept kde 4.2 if possible12:04
uni4dfxdon't use kde4.212:05
uni4dfxit's still crap12:05
stdinuni4dfx: thanks for your opinion, but this is not an opinion channel12:05
stdinsaint-tropez: see the link in the topic12:06
uni4dfxstdin: i would rather point out the problems kde4.2 has, but i don't think anyone would listen anyway12:07
saint-tropezstdin: ty12:07
Dr_willis4.2  has its own bug reporting site I thought12:07
uni4dfxnone of the kde bugs i reported ever got fixed, i don't see why bother12:08
Dr_willisthen dont bother..12:08
Dr_willisdemand a refund?12:08
uni4dfxi don't bother, that's why i switched to gnome12:08
olenzHi all! Since I installed KDE 4.2 (on Kubuntu Intrepid), the user icons on the login screen are not shown anymore. Has anyone observed this before?12:11
Dr_willissonds like a kdm setting got changed. or the theme.12:12
Dr_willisbut i dont use kdm , i use gdm. so not 100% sure on what settings KDM has now a days12:12
Strog_how do i get a version upgrade with kubuntu?12:13
Strog_apt-get dist-upgrade?12:13
olenzStrog_: yes, that should be it12:13
BluesKajStrog_, depends , are you on 8.04 ?12:14
olenzWell, I'm normally using Adept12:14
olenzor in fact, I'm usually doing a fresh installation12:14
helpdeskanybody got any idea how i could stepwise configure my and compile my kernel source?12:15
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages12:15
Dr_willisThats the extent of my knernel knowledge.12:15
BluesKajoooh... well as long as you upgrade to 7.10 , you'll be fine, Strog_12:16
Strog_so apt-get dist-upgrade is the right direction?12:18
BluesKajsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:18
stdinStrog_: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades12:20
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:20
olenzDr_willis: Indeed, it looks as though the login manager settings have changed upon installation of KDE 4.212:20
olenzDr_willis: thanks for your hint. I should have understood that myself.12:20
Dr_willisolenz,  it maybe thers some kdm.conf.custom - (gdm does it that way) where you are supposed to tweak. Not the original kdm config file12:20
olenzDr_willis: I just used the GUI..12:21
olenzand that seemed to help.12:21
Dr_willisImnot even in KDE right now. :)12:21
zer0ohi guys, is there a web-development-support channel?12:30
syockitthere's a #web channel12:32
=== ubuntu_ is now known as heinrich
etfbOne of my external backup drives is behaving oddly.  What's the command to check and possibly repair it?  It's an ext2-formatted USB drive..12:42
Dr_willissudo fsck /dev/sd##12:43
Dr_willisbe sure its unmounted first12:43
etfbDr_willis: How can any program find it if it's unmounted?  Or is there a difference between "unmounted" and "not plugged in" that I'm misunderstanding.12:44
etfbAlso: how do I know what sd device it is?  It's mounted as /media/disk...12:45
etfbNever mind; typed <mount> and got that detail.12:46
Dr_willisyou mount FILEsystems12:46
Dr_willisfilesystems exist on drives. :)12:46
Dr_willishow can you partition a disk when its unparttioned. :)12:46
Dr_willis   /media/disk is not the  device name.. thats the mount point.  '12:46
Dr_willis   ie:    /dev/sda3 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)12:47
Dr_willisi have sda3 mounted on / (the root) of the system12:47
etfbDr_willis: I see.  That makes sense.12:47
Dr_willis /dev/sda2 on /media/VistaStorage type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096)12:47
Dr_willissda2 is my  windows stuff :)12:47
etfbDang... now how the hell do I stop it copying, since it seems to have crashed...12:48
Dr_williswhat copying?12:49
etfbIt's copying a bunch of stuff off my backups, cos I'm setting up a new machine.  It first started saying it couldn't copy a bunch of the later files, then just decided to stop and wait while copying a random 3kb file.12:50
etfbSo I unplugged it.  It won't cause data loss, since it was all coming _off_ the drive, so there's no writing going on.12:50
etfbThe copying info-pane is still there tho...12:50
Dr_willisunplugging a drive without unmoutngint it - can cause confiusion.12:51
Dr_willismay be safest to reboot now.12:51
etfbI figure it was already about as confused as it was going to get.12:51
Dr_willisdont just 'unplug' drives. or thumdrives. :)12:52
etfbDidn't have much choice, since it crashed.12:52
etfbUsually I don't...12:53
Dr_willisYou proberly had a choice.. but it depends on what exactly crashed.12:53
Dr_willisalso check 'dmesg' output next time it acts funny12:54
etfbNothing there: it mounts, it complains bitterly (but briefly) when I unplug it, it mounts again...  oh, and lots of moaning about being unable to turn cooling devices off...12:55
Dr_willisplug it in.. unmout  it manually with 'sudo umount /dev/whatever '  then fsck it12:56
etfbHey, Dr_willis: how's your rsync trivia?  Can you recall the command to copy from x to y, overwriting only if filesizes or contents are wrong on the destination?  I can look it up, but I figure you probably know off the top of your head.12:57
Dr_willisI cant recall the last time i used rsync12:57
Dr_willishow do yoi know the filesizes are 'wrong' ?12:57
etfbNever mind then; I was just being lazy.12:58
etfbDr_willis: That's the weird thing: the copy (I just used Dolphin) seems to create a ghost image of the entire contents onto the destination, then kind of... fills the files in.  Brilliant idea, if it worked.12:58
etfbWrong = different between source and destination, btw.12:59
Dr_willisWHich one is wrong :) however... Heh..     going to assume the source is always right?13:00
etfbSo: sudo fsck /dev/sdb1 then?  It's not going to try to reformat my hard disk for a Commodore 64 1571 floppy disk or anything?13:00
Dr_willisfsck - filesystem ck13:01
Dr_willismkfs = make filesystem = format13:02
etfbDr_willis: Are you sure about that command line?  It doesn't look very unixy.13:03
Dr_willissudo fsck /dev/sdb1                   whats not unixy about it?13:04
etfbYou said fsck - filesystem ck, and I thought you meant it was the syntax of the command.  Sorry; braindead.  It's been 38 degrees (Celsius) all day...13:05
kavurtwhen Ekiga fails registration, is there any way to try to reconnect easily? Or shoud I turn it off and back on?13:06
estebanbuenos dias13:07
estebancual es el programa equibalente a acces en kubuntu?13:10
kaddi!es |esteban13:10
ubottuesteban: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.13:10
WishingMasteri need help about kernel installation13:12
WishingMasterhow to install the kernel?13:13
Dr_willisYou are compiling your own kernel ? or what exactly?13:14
WishingMasterDr_willis:  i have downloaded it from softpedia.com13:14
Dr_willisWishingMaster,  dare we ask WHY you are doing this?13:16
WishingMasterDr_willis: it says that this kernel has better memory management13:16
Dr_willisits possible they may update it in the repos...  then again.  You are looking at a rather LARGE task at intalling your own kernel.13:17
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages13:17
Dr_willisI doubt if its that much better. :) but thats for you to decide i guess13:17
Agent_bobdoes this seem odd to anyone else  "http://pastebin.com/f609590d2"  that there should be three copies of libc6 installed? or installed in three different places?13:24
=== Sp0tKubuntu-NA is now known as Sp0tKubuntu
* Sp0tKubuntu is back.13:24
syockitbtw, my kernel's 2.6.28-613:25
syockitrather than compiling yourself, you can get one from jaunty's repo if you want13:25
Dr_willisor 3 differnt subversions13:25
syockitan expect breakage13:25
etfbDr_willis: I ran the fsck, and then my backup script (plugged into the old machine), and sure enough it's now copying over exactly the files that were refusing to copy to the new machine.  So it looks like you saved the day!  Woot!13:27
* Dr_willis sends etfb a bill13:27
beachsurfinfrom the cli, how do you check to see if you have a package installed and what version it is...13:28
* etfb pays the bill: $1,000 in Zimbabwean dollars...13:28
etfb(That's about a poofteenth of a cent in USD, BTW)13:28
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)13:28
Dr_willischeck that apt-get  Howto. i nevre can rember the commands13:28
rjbdpkg -l package-name13:29
etfbHey, Dr_willis, I'm curious: you seem to be on here any time I pop in with a problem, and more often than not you can solve it.  What do you do in real life that lets you lurk on #kubuntu so much?13:29
Dr_willisI work 3rd shift.13:31
Dr_willisits my bed time now. :)13:31
syockitDr_willis: how long have you been living on ubuntu?13:31
Dr_willisUsing ubuntu since.. Hmm.. 5.xx days I think13:31
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etfbDr_willis: Well, I'm not the only one who's glad you're around.  Any time you're dying of hypothermia in the middle of one of those cold snaps that you get over there in the northern hemisphere, remember that we'll all attend your funeral... provided it's held on IRC...13:34
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=== Sp0tKubuntu is now known as Sp0tKubuntu-NA
* Sp0tKubuntu-NA is away: Borte for øjeblikket13:34
Dr_willisand all ive learned from linux. ive leared from reading the docs.. :)13:35
Dr_willisand rereading13:35
Dr_willisand exploring13:35
etfbThere's hope for me then...13:36
Agent_bobDr_willis but if you notice the command i ran on them "o" checks the origen of the file from the package database in /var/lib/dpkg/info/    it only reads installed packages.  so one of then "libc6" installed two copies one in /lib and one in /lib/tls13:37
Agent_bob  http://pastebin.com/f8cfde4313:37
Agent_bobanyway.  just seemed strange to find same file name three times in /lib/.*  and the file being system critical.13:39
etfbBTW Dr_willis: the command to recursively copy from your backup to your shiny new laptop is: rsync -av /media/disk/backup/ ~/frombackup/13:41
etfbDoes it all -- recursive copy, maintains symlinks, puts the cat out, makes the coffee...  rsync is an amazing piece of work.13:42
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jussi01!away > Sp0tKubuntu-NA13:59
ubottuSp0tKubuntu-NA, please see my private message13:59
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.14:10
cdaviscan someon tell me how to change the behavior of konqueror to single-click selects all in the url bar and search bar?14:11
cdavisand in firefox the tabs are sort of "messed up" in addition to the slider bar in thunderbird is ugly. Is this something I can fix or part of the border problem I have been reading about14:12
FelixGLhi all14:18
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.14:24
CyborgNRWHi @ all .... ich benutz seit neusten kubunut und wollt mal fragen ob ich WPA2 nachträglich installieren muss oder ob es schon drauf ist? (kubunut 8.10 interpid)14:25
BillyBopHi, I've juste installed kubuntu 9.04 alpha3, I've upgraded it to the latest packages (kde 4.2 release, etc.) and the kde menu does not work, anyone can help?14:25
FelixGLI need some help with my new kde4.2, it freezes when I type pass for my user, it just shows the desktop background.. i've tried log in in failsafe mode and doesn't work Any suggestion?14:26
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BillyBopFelixGL: which version of kubuntu?14:27
BillyBopFelixGL: sorry I'm trying to bring up 9.04, I can't help you14:27
FelixGLok thx anyway :)14:28
feizhoujust installed Intrepid and...no kde3...:(14:28
syockityes. embrace the future ;)14:29
feizhousyockit: no problem...once I get kiosktool on kde4.14:29
BillyBopwhat's the utility to choose between propriatery drivers (nvidia) and free driver?14:29
feizhoui have a hardy pilot box for the school i work for...but...hardy's libvirt is too old14:30
feizhouintrepid's newer libvirt will handle windows guests but now no kde3 and kiosktool...14:30
feizhoui'll never get Linux on the desktops liket his...14:30
syockitso what's kiosktool again?14:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kiosktool14:31
syockit!info kiosktool14:31
ubottukiosktool (source: kiosktool): tool to configure the KDE kiosk framework. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-2ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 256 kB, installed size 1732 kB14:31
feizhouthe best desktop control tool there is on Linux!14:31
syockitthat intrepid version also depends on kde3?14:32
feizhounothing equivalent in GNOME universe14:32
BillyBopI've a big issue with kde4.2, It does not show the main menu (to start applications), it only shows the black frame around, not what should be in the inside... Problem of video driver?14:32
feizhousyockit: intrepid has no kde3...kiosktool has not been ported to kde4.14:32
* feizhou wants to dig his grave and bury himself alive14:32
syockitwait, I'm sure you can use the old kdelibs to run it14:33
syockityou don't have other kde3 tools, like k3b or amarok 1.6?14:33
syockitor quanta, etc14:33
syockitas long as it's not jaunty, I think you can run kde3 apps14:34
feizhouthe kids don't need that stuff. I am trying to look down their desktops and not mine!14:34
feizhouhmm...no k3b on my intrepid...14:35
feizhoulet me check the repo14:35
feizhousyockit: i can install k3b...but i don't think that means I can get kiosktool to run manage kde4 desktops...at least that is what the KDE team says on the kiosktool page14:37
feizhousyockit: it looks as if anything KDE has recently run out of man power...maybe I should just give up on putting Linux on the desktops, keep the school happy with working systems and get some free time to pick up qt4/qt4.5...cheers14:41
syockitno equivalent in gnome?14:41
d_mitryin kubuntu 8.10, i can't keep another screen resolution. when i log in next time, it stays as the default 1024*768. when i go to system settings -> display, it changes to what i chose before straight away.14:42
syockitah, that kiosktool is that nifty app that allows you to manage/monitor many terminals at once, right?14:42
failersgod this sucks i cant use ubuntu since it got pulseaudio and i cant use kubuntu since nvidia drivers is shitty and if i dl and install newest from nvidia kde wont start :|14:44
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nadjahi, I just tried updating Intrepid to KDE 4.2 following the instructions on kubuntu.org, but two of the packages won't install: http://paste.ubuntu.com/112091/14:52
cuznt!nvidia | failers14:52
ubottufailers: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto14:52
failerscuznt alredy tryed it all :/14:52
failersor atleast think so14:52
cuznti had issues14:53
cuzntsometimes your pc takes extra effort to get it14:53
cuznttook me 4 times to get it right14:53
nadjais there anyone here who knows that problem and can shed a little light on the solution for me? ;-)14:53
cuzntthat was 2 mos ago14:53
Aisonakonadi server is not working, right?  somehow a problem with dbus: http://rafb.net/p/p9qxGe33.html14:54
gmathewsHey is sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180 safe to get the nvidia driver?14:54
AisonI guess some dependency is wrong, ABI conflict or whatever14:54
cuznti would use the restricyed hardware to get the nvidia driver14:55
cuznti did14:55
nadjait's  kde-window-manager and systemsettings14:55
cuzntnadja try sudo apt-get upgrade -f14:55
cuzntgwenview wont upgrade for me without un-installing some packages14:56
cuzntand i am not going to either14:56
nadjacuznt: doesn't make any difference - same error messages as before :-(14:56
d_mitryis it safe to move the source directory after compiling?14:57
cuzntwait and ask a professional14:57
* cuznt cues the proper waiting room songs and serves tea and crumpets14:57
gmathewsI get this -14:58
gmathewsA Fatal Error Occurred14:58
* nadja hopes cuznt won't play "Girl from Ipanima"14:58
gmathewsThe application KMix (kmix) crashed and caused the signal 6 (SIGABRT).14:58
cuzntmy wife hates that song14:58
ghostcubegmathews, after an update ?14:58
ghostcubethats normal seems to be a i must clodse iam to lazy to change bug heh14:58
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gmathewsghostcube: after sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18014:59
ghostcubeyeah that happens always if you do this14:59
ghostcubebut t doesnt hurt anything no idea whats causing this14:59
fabrihi, i have a problem. I have upgrade my linux kubuntu to kde 4.2 but after the upgrade the panel haven't "Add widget" "14:59
ghostcubefabri, try the settings area15:00
helpdeskhello room: please, i am trying to download the libqt3-mt-dev package which contains the Qt development files from the command line. any clue?15:00
gmathewsghostcube: whats the command to remove software15:00
gmathewssudo apt-get remove15:00
ghostcubesudo apt-get remove package15:00
ghostcubeand if u want to get rid of config too --purge after the package15:00
failerscuznt can you post your xorg.conf on www.pastebin.com or some other site?15:01
cuznti can but i dont know how15:01
kaddiwhich packets do i need to install, if i want to add the ntheorem and the SIunits package to latex? I can't seem to find it15:01
failerscuznt huh?15:01
ghostcubekate /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:01
cuznti have nvidia gforce550015:01
cuzntthanks ghost15:01
cuzntfailers | http://paste.ubuntu.com/112098/15:04
ubottutex is a language for describing a document, commonly used especially for scientific publishing. Information and instructions for installing TeX and other related packages can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LaTeX15:04
fabrithank ghost but there isn't any option for the widget15:04
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willypara efecto 3d que es lo mejor para kde 4??15:06
fabriafter upgrade to kde4.2 why i don't find "Add Widget"?15:07
gmathewswhere is the update manager in kubuntu again?15:09
syockitfabri: probably your desktop/panel's locked15:11
gmathewsi can only see adept - where do i update after adding another repo?15:11
fabrivery very thank  syockit15:11
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash15:11
fabrithe problem was the panel locked15:12
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failerswhen i use nvidia driver kde wont X wont start but if i use "nv" it does15:15
failersops some typo there ^^15:16
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.15:19
ksergiohelo everybody. Anyone knows what happened to kaudiocreator in 8.10 ?15:22
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Dr_willistheres still many kde 3.5 apps thta have not gotten ported to  kde415:25
ghostcubefailers, what card and what distro15:26
ghostcubenot distro lol driver this is already kubuntu lol15:27
Dr_willis8.10 kubuntu? 8.4?  5.5?15:27
ghostcubeDr_willis, in compiz its normal to ask distro to know if he need to get any ebuilds or so :)15:28
ghostcubebut here doesnt make sense :D15:28
Dr_williscompiz + kde4 = dont make much sence either. :P15:29
gmathewsHi in ubuntu (in synaptic) i could see tetex-base and tetex-bin - i cant see neither in adept15:29
ghostcubeDr_willis, sure it does :D15:29
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ghostcubei tested kde4 effects iam missing options in there thats all :)15:30
Dr_willisI saw  the latest koppix was using compiz + ldxe some how...15:30
ghostcubei never said they are bad the kde4 effects15:30
ghostcubeDr_willis, long time havent tried knoppix15:30
=== alberto_ is now known as alberto__
Dr_willisnew release just came out. :)15:30
=== alberto__ is now known as alberto_
ghostcubeoh ok maybe i get a copy to test :)15:31
Dr_willisI tend to disable a lot of the eyecandy.   i really dont see the benifit of 'organic effects' on my pc. :)15:31
ghostcubehmm i have enabled the group and tab and the sacle addon is nice to zoo, window inside scale effect15:32
ghostcubei havent enabled much eyecandy15:32
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.15:32
gmathewsHi is deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu intrepid main working?15:32
hermano_alguem fala portugues aqui?15:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ps15:37
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.15:37
gmathewsYou can now update any existing KDE 4 installation to the most recent version using the Adept Updater tool in your system tray. = I dont have this in my system tray - can someone pls help15:37
ghostcubedo we have portugues too ?15:38
Dr_willisI dont have one either.. but im running gnome. :)15:38
Leander256isn't it pt?15:38
syockitgmathews: it only appears when updates available15:38
hermano_eu falo portugues15:38
ghostcubeLeander256, i have forgot the shortening for it15:38
hermano_alguem aqui mais fala portugues?15:38
ghostcube!pt | hermano_15:39
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.15:39
ubottuhermano_: please see above15:39
ghostcubehermano_, /join #ubuntu-pt15:39
gmathewslol thanks syockit - getting used to kubuntu - first time on KDE15:39
gmathewslol 3 of my icons (volume, klipper and my network arent showing - they are just blocks) i my system tray15:40
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navarromorning all15:42
Briareos1does anyone know how to sync kontact -> funambol server?15:44
helpdeskhello house15:47
helpdeski am trying to configure my kernel source but dont know how to install the ccache package15:48
helpdeskany body got an idea?15:48
Dr_willis!find ccache15:48
ubottuFound: ccache15:48
Dr_willis!info ccache15:48
ubottuccache (source: ccache): Compiler results cacher, for fast recompiles. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4-15 (intrepid), package size 31 kB, installed size 124 kB15:48
Dr_willissudo apt-get install ccache    dident work?15:48
helpdeskDr_willis: so, if i put in the cmnd on the terminal, i should be able to install my cache?15:49
* navarro went for a puff: Gone away for now15:49
Dr_willishelpdesk,  thats one of the many ways to insall  a package from the repositories...15:49
Dr_willis If you are trying to compile the kernel - you MIGHT want to spend some time learning the package manager system first.15:50
helpdeskDr_willis: what about installing the liberary libqt3-mt-dev package?15:50
Dr_willis!info libqt3-mt-dev15:50
ubottulibqt3-mt-dev (source: qt-x11-free): Qt development files (Threaded). In component main, is optional. Version 3:3.3.8-b-5ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 49 kB, installed size 168 kB15:50
Dr_willissame command - with the proper package name15:50
Dr_willisor use adept, or aptitude, or synaptic15:50
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)15:51
helpdeskDr_willis: dat's the problem, how do i get the proper package name?15:51
helpdeskuse info?15:51
ghostcubeapt-cache search15:51
Dr_willisYou just had them for that example15:51
Dr_willis'apt-cache search  PATTERN'15:52
johnsenIs there a new guide to installing the Nvidia driver? If i try v180 it can't find nvidia.ko and v173 does't work on Xen kernels.15:52
ghostcubeor just search inside adept or synaptic15:52
helpdeskblueskaj: hi friend15:52
ghostcubejohnsen, on kubuntu the nvidia-180-glx should work15:52
ghostcubenvidia-glx-180 sorry15:53
BluesKajhi helpdesk15:53
helpdeskblueskaj: am good and u ?15:54
BluesKajjust fine thx15:55
johnsenghostcube: I get a Xorg fail with that. It can't find the kernel when that package is in...15:55
johnsenghostcube: s/kernel/module/15:55
helpdeskblueskaj: ever heard about the libqt3-mt-dev package?15:55
Dr_willislibqt3-mt-dev (source: qt-x11-free): Qt development files (Threaded). In component main, is optional. Version 3:3.3.8-b-5ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 49 kB, installed size 168 kB15:56
Dr_willisthe package name is           libqt3-mt-dev15:56
helpdeskDr?willis: but i tried this: sudo apt-get install libqt-3-mt-dev but gave an error15:56
ghostcubejohnsen, hmm what card is this15:56
Dr_willishelpdesk,  and the error is?15:57
helpdeskDr_willis: invalid operation libqt3-mt-dev15:57
Dr_willishelpdesk,  and whats the EXACT command you used?15:58
johnsenghostcube: 7000 someting, laptop card15:58
Dr_willissudo apt-get install PACKAGENAME15:58
BluesKajhelpdesk, it's available in synaptic pkge manager , which can gather the right dependencies better than apt in some cases15:58
ghostcubejohnsen, isnt the 177 package working ?15:58
helpdeskDr_willis: apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev15:58
johnsenghostcube: let me try15:58
helpdeskblueskaj: how do i get to the synaptic pkge manager?15:58
Dr_willishelpdesk,  try a 'sudo' at the front of the command?15:59
johnsenghostcube: (going offline a few)15:59
bazhanghelpdesk, you are compiling/patching a kernel?15:59
helpdeskDr_willis: i tried exactly dat15:59
bazhanghelpdesk, and you dont know about synaptic package manager?15:59
helpdeskbazhang: exactly, i am trying to config/compile a kernel15:59
Dr_williswhen in doubt. 'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade' then Try the install again15:59
helpdeskbazhang: blieve me, no15:59
Dr_willisIt just installed here fine16:00
bazhanghelpdesk, this is the kubuntu in the vm on a windows host? that kernel? or another one16:00
helpdeskbazhang: this time i took down the vmplayer and i am using the ubuntu on my machine now cuz i need to config/compile my kernel16:00
bazhanghelpdesk, paste.ubuntu.com the exact output of the command you gave and the error you received16:01
BluesKajsudo apt-get install synaptic16:01
bazhanghelpdesk, why are you compiling the kernel for ubuntu anyway?16:01
helpdeskbazhang: so i should go paste my error on the site: paste.ubuntu.com16:01
Dr_willisor install the 'pastebinit' command and use that to pipe it to a pastebin site automatically16:02
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)16:02
bazhanghelpdesk, yes, and please paste your sources.list as wel16:02
Dr_willissudo apt-get install pastebinit  &&  pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list                            is the easy way to do that.16:03
helpdeskbazhang: anytime i enter the command : sudo apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev, it says, invalid operation16:03
Dr_willistry     sudo apt-get install pastebinit     as a test?16:03
bazhanghelpdesk, then paste.ubuntu.com the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list and give us the url16:04
helpdeskbazhang: what url?16:04
helpdeski could just cd /etc/apt/sources.list and get that isn't it?16:04
bazhanghelpdesk, open a browser16:04
helpdeskok i am listening, i already opened a browser16:05
bazhangpaste.ubuntu.com in the address bar16:05
helpdeskok, then i paste what in there?16:05
bazhangcat /etc/apt/sources.list and then copy and paste to the open browser space (text insertion area) and click Paste! and it will save and give you a url16:06
bazhangyou then give us the url.16:06
helpdeskso i type in the url in the content page?16:07
helpdeskbazhang: but what url should i put in there? a bit confused16:07
bazhangstep 1: open a browser window   step2: paste.ubuntu.com in address bar (and hit return) step3: copy contents of /etc/apt/sources.list to paste.ubuntu.com step4: hit Paste on that website step5 it will then generate a unique address that you give to us.16:09
helpdeskbazhang: ok hold on16:09
johnsenghostcube: hi. I get "FATAL: Error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/2.6.27-11-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia.ko): No such device" - with both16:10
helpdeskbazhang: i can't copy the full contents of my /etc/apt/sources.lists:(16:12
bazhanghelpdesk, sure you can16:12
rawlerhi people.. just tried out KDE 4.2 after a long KDE-break..16:13
UnknownFearhello all. does anyone know a site with a full list of ubuntu servers?16:13
helpdeskbazhang: from /etc/apt# pico souces.list and then do i use ctrl p to copy all?16:13
rawlerone thing immediately annoying me is that I can't find a way to configure launching programs to a global keyboard shortcut?16:13
rawlerany pointers?16:13
UnksiUnknownFear: dont think theres one.. what are you looking for?16:13
UnknownFearjust the ubuntu channel16:14
UnknownFeari'm gonna guess it's #ubuntu16:14
Unksiyes it is16:14
UnknownFearis that the support channel as well/16:14
Unksiisnt it at freenode?16:14
UnknownFearlol, guess I answered my own question :) thanks16:14
Unksiyou're welcome :)16:15
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines16:15
UnknownFearoh, is it possible to change the colour for the name font? i am using Konversation16:15
rawlerno way to configure global shortcuts to launch common applications, such as Konsole or a calculator?16:16
BluesKajhelpdesk , in your sources.list click on edit in the toolbar/select all , then right click in the text , copy , then paste it into the content box on the pastebin web page.16:19
stdinrawler: right click the KMenu -> Menu Editor, then you can set the shortcut for any app from the Advanced tab16:19
helpdeskblueskaj: i am using pico to access my sources.list and there aint no eidt toolbar there16:20
helpdeskany other means to access the sources.list ?16:20
bazhangkdesu kate16:21
BluesKajhelpdesk , alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list16:21
helpdeskblueskaj: couldn't open the file16:23
BluesKajdid it ask for your password ?16:24
bazhanghelpdesk, are you using kubuntu?16:24
bazhanghelpdesk, paste.ubuntu.com the exact error message you receive16:24
helpdeskbazhang: nope i am using ubuntu16:24
bazhanggksudo gedit16:25
BluesKajhelpdesk , alt+f2 , gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list16:25
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.16:26
helpdeskblueskaj: i have pasted the full text from /etc/apt/sources.list to paste.ubuntu.com, what next?16:28
bazhanghelpdesk, hit paste and give us the resulting url16:28
helpdeskbazhang: it's : http://paste.ubuntu.com/112139/16:28
helpdeskbazhang: dat's the url pal16:28
BluesKajhelpdesk are you upgrading to intrepid ?16:31
bazhang!info libqt3-mt-dev hardy16:31
ubottulibqt3-mt-dev (source: qt-x11-free): Qt development files (Threaded). In component main, is optional. Version 3:3.3.8-b-0ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 49 kB, installed size 168 kB16:31
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.16:31
helpdeskblueskaj: i am not upgrading to intrepid16:32
BluesKajhelpdesk, I think I'd uncomment all of those repositories except for the cdrom one16:32
helpdeskbazhang: so i guess from the package it's a hardy. so how u install a QT package with this?16:32
BluesKajfree up those other repos to see if they contain the packages you need16:33
BluesKajanyway i have to do some errands ..BBL16:33
bazhanghelpdesk, paste.ubuntu.com with the exact output of sudo apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev16:34
BluesKajtake out the # in front of the deb urls16:34
bazhangthe sources.list is fine as is16:34
BluesKajbut not the cdrom one16:34
bazhangcdrom is commented out already16:35
Kevin100does anyone know of a good tutorial for konversation, I am trying to connect to a  chat room elsewhere?16:36
bazhangKevin100, different server or different channel on this server16:36
Kevin100oh dear, I am so new at this. a different server I think16:37
bazhangwhich server16:37
helpdeskbazhang: wen i paste the error from the libqt3-mt.. to paste.ubuntu.com, it gave the url: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11214716:37
Kevin100to get to www.chat room, or something like that, what do I do?16:37
bazhangKevin100, which channel did you particularly wish to join? it may be on freenode16:38
Kevin100ok, I will look16:38
bazhanghelpdesk, that is not the command I told you to run nor is there any output16:38
bazhangsudo apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev  <-------that command helpdesk16:39
bazhanghelpdesk, and if you are actually running that command, it will show up in the pastebin16:39
helpdeskbazhang: yeah i am running the command. how do i check it in the pastebin?16:41
bazhanghelpdesk, you copy and paste all that I have told you including the command I gave you.16:41
sigma_zadoes the acer aspire one work properly with kde4.2 on kubuntu?16:42
bazhanghelpdesk, that command and the resultant output16:42
helpdeskbazhang: how do i copy all that from my command line?16:42
mefisto__helpdesk: step 1: run this: sudo apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev      step 2: copy what's on the konsole screen after that command (the command and the output of the command)   Step 3: paste that at pastebin, then press the Paste! button.  Step 4: copy the url that pastebin comes back with so we can see it16:44
bazhanghelpdesk, highlight all then rightclick copy16:45
helpdeskbazhang : ok hold on16:45
* Dr_willis holds on!16:45
Dr_willisIts bed time for me.. im getting silly16:45
christopherhi can someone help me with my radeon graphics card?16:46
erpoCan I get a debuggable build of KDE4.2 for Ubuntu 8.10? The one from the kubuntu-experimental repos crashes constantly but doesn't generate useful backtraces.16:46
christophermy radeon graphics card keeps causing my kubuntu to hang. is there anything i can do?16:47
=== n is now known as Guest5976
mefisto__christopher: are you using the ati restricted driver?16:48
helpdeskbazhang: now the apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev workd but it wasn't working initially. so what did u do with the url i gave you? wanna learn16:48
christopherno, but when i do use it it hangs much more often16:49
Guest5976hello, im having problems to get "the network clipboard16:49
GlaiveDoes anyone have experience with a Theatron DD soundcard? Can't get it to work16:49
Guest5976working anyone experience with it?16:49
bazhanghelpdesk, which url are you referring to16:49
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.16:50
helpdeskbazhang: ok let's say i tried to enter the cmnd: sudo apt-get install updates16:50
bazhanghelpdesk, no s on update16:51
helpdeskbazhang: it says, E: coldn't find package updates. now, if i send that and paste it on the pastebin and give u the url, what u gonna do with it?16:51
jussi01and no install on the update command16:51
jussi01helpdesk: sudo apt-get update16:51
christophermefisto__: no, but when i do use it it hangs much more often16:52
bazhangsudo apt-get update  and sudo apt-get upgrade16:52
mefisto__helpdesk: that command means "install the package called updates" but there is no such package16:52
Dr_willissudo apt-get update         'update' is a 'command' for apt-get ....16:53
Dr_willissudo apt-get install pastebinit        --> 'install' is the command.. 'pastebinit' is the package name16:53
helpdeskbazhang: but when u requested for a url, what do u do with it?16:53
mefisto__christopher: in /etc/X11/xorg.conf do you see a line     Driver "ati"          or    Driver "fglrx"        ?16:54
helpdeskDr_willis: how do i add ccache prefix to the CC and HOSTCC definitions in Makefile?16:55
christophermefisto__: no i dont see that line16:56
bazhang!give me a test16:56
ubottuOh no, I won't, I'm not like some of those nasty scripts' users!16:56
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=== Sp0tKubuntu is now known as Sp0tKubuntu-NA
* Sp0tKubuntu-NA is away: Borte for øjeblikket16:58
Dr_willishelpdesk,  Not a clue.. I rarely have to mess with that tuff.16:58
helpdeskbazhang: pls could u check this url for me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/112154?16:58
stdin!away > Sp0tKubuntu-NA16:58
ubottuSp0tKubuntu-NA, please see my private message16:58
mefisto__christopher: is there any line beginning with   Driver  ? (in the "Device" section)16:58
fabiohi everyone. I have a problem with keyboard layouts in kde416:58
Dr_willishelpdesk,  i think one normally sets the enviroment variables for CC and HOSTCC as needed.16:59
christophermefisto__: no line beggining with driver as far as i can see16:59
stdinDr_willis: make should set them for you16:59
helpdeskDr_willis: how do u set it? tyring to configure my kernel but i need ccache for fast result16:59
stdinccache won't help the first time you compile it16:59
Dr_willishelpdesk,  one sets enviroment variables ith the export command normally. See the bash guides for details17:00
schreinerhi guys, got a problem. In my root-server there was a softwareraid1. well one of the diskss died and i built in a new one, but this one is 1gb to small. any suggestions? thanks in advance17:00
stdinmake sure you're in the kernel source dir before running "make xconfig"17:00
Dr_willisand ive NO idea why you need to compile a kernel so badly17:00
bazhanghomework iirc17:00
helpdeskstdin: u mean i have to go to the kernel source directory?17:00
stdin... yes17:00
stdinsee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile for instructions on compiling a kernel on Ubuntu17:01
helpdeskstdin: giving something like HOSTCC Scrpts/basic/fixdp..17:01
christophermefisto__: on ubuntu forums it says that switching to -rt kernel helps, but how do i do that, and do you rckon it would work?17:02
fabioI'm not able to show a custom layout variant in the Regional & Language dialog17:02
Guest5976ok i get netclipboard running, but i only can copy from linux to windows not the other way. any idears?17:02
GlaiveWhere can I find some ALSA help?17:02
mefisto__christopher: in the Device section, put in a line: Driver  "ati"17:02
hurraich habe gerade 8.10 installiert17:03
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.17:03
hurrajedoch speichert er meine einstellungen teilweise nicht.17:03
mefisto__christopher: then save, log out, restart X and log back in17:03
christophermefisto__: should that work?17:04
mefisto__christopher: that will ensure you are using the open source ati driver17:04
mefisto__christopher: yes it should work17:04
christophermefisto__: so will i be able to use ay better drivers?17:04
mefisto__christopher: using the closed source proprietary driver provided by ati/amd gives you better performance, but can be more unstable or harder to set up, depending on your particular graphics card17:06
christopherok cheers ill restart x and see if it works17:07
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)17:07
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:08
Glaivehow can i tell Alsa which device to use? sorry noob question no doubt17:10
mefisto__Glaive: you have 2 or more sound cards?17:11
=== Guest5976 is now known as `n
Glaiveyes, 1 on the motherboard, but not using it. want my theatron dd17:11
Glaivealsamixer shows it's using the onboard chipset though17:11
mefisto__Glaive: you can blacklist the on-board one completely so it won't be used at all, or you can set the default sound card17:12
bazhangalessandro_, /join #ubuntu-it17:12
Glaiveand where would I blacklist that? Rather new to Kubuntu17:13
=== alberto is now known as Guest79893
helpdeskstdin: after using the make xconfig in the shell directory, it popped up a qconf window17:13
mefisto__Glaive: cat /proc/asound/modules    to list the names of the modules for your soundcards first17:13
bazhangalessandro_, ciao. please use english here.17:13
stdinhelpdesk: as it should17:14
helpdeskstdin: i also wanted to install the c++ package, any idea17:14
`ni need help with "the network clipboard". has anyone an idear where i can find it at irc?17:14
stdinhelpdesk: what C++ package?17:14
Glaiveit shows me 3 cards, including a usb_audio which is new17:14
mefisto__Glaive: do you have 3?17:15
helpdeskstdin: well, the booklet says i will have to install the c++ compiler and the g++ package17:15
Glaiveofficially.. no. the usb_audio magically appeared. wasnt there an hour ago17:15
stdinhelpdesk: then install build-essential17:15
bazhang`n, paste.ubuntu.com17:15
helpdeskstdin: says build-essential is already the newest version17:16
stdinhelpdesk: then you already have it17:16
mefisto__Glaive: ok, can you tell which one you want to blacklist from those names?17:16
`nbazhang ?17:16
Bsimshey vlc is broken because it is looking for qt4 libs why did you make it a depend?17:16
quassel253vlc is based on qt417:17
GlaiveI'm assuming  0 snd_intel8x0 is an onboard chipset17:17
Glaivetherefore  2 snd_cmipci should be the one ?17:17
BsimsHrm it worked before the latest round of updates now I get this error Cannot mix incompatible Qt libraries17:17
mefisto__Glaive: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist17:17
helpdeskstdin: ok when i ran the command make xconfig from the source directory it pooped up the qconf window , how do i modify it to select only options i need in the window?17:18
BsimsI am running both 3.5 and nightly neon and it worked before17:18
stdinhelpdesk: doesn't the booklet tell you?17:18
mefisto__Glaive: and at the bottom of that file, put in this line: blacklist snd_intel8x017:18
helpdeskstdin: sorry i found it now. thanks i will get back to u again if need b17:18
mefisto__Glaive: when you've saved that change, reboot and see if your other card is default17:20
mefisto__Glaive: or if you don't want to reboot17:20
=== Guest79893 is now known as alberto
mefisto__Glaive: modprobe -r <modulename>     to unload those sound modules17:21
mefisto__Glaive: actually, better to reboot and do a real test17:21
=== alberto is now known as Guest43238
GlaiveThanks Mefisto. rebooting17:22
g_whoa kde 4.2 just crashed and it loaded kde 4.1 automatically17:22
g_my open office word processing is gone now from an update of lastnight what gives?17:23
GlaiveNo luck I'm affraid, still no sound17:25
Brad777Hello everyone... My DVD/CD burner is not being detected by K3B since I updated kubuntu last night does anyone have some ideas as to what I can do to fix it?17:25
guntur_roxxhi all17:25
guntur_roxxcan anybody help me?17:25
mefisto__Glaive: cat /proc/asound/modules    again?17:25
Glaivenow showing  0 snd_cmipci, 1 snd_usb_audio17:26
quassel253is it known that with amd rv770 you have to use xforcevesa cheatcode then instell and then install and use radeonhd?17:27
mefisto__Glaive: and you have no usb audio device?17:27
quassel253radeon doesnt work for some reason17:27
quassel253same with 8.10 i think17:27
Glaivenone whatsoever17:27
mefisto__Glaive: run alsamixer and see which card is being used now17:28
GlaiveCard: C-Media CMI876817:28
manumaralguien me puede ayudar con una cosilla?¿17:29
TrijntjeHi all. I have an Acer aspire 5100 laptop with kubuntu 8.04. When i play a movie (flas, .avi etc) after a few minutes the image lags. Sound is ok. Does anyone know what could cause this?17:29
manumarI think that here anyone answer17:29
mefisto__Glaive: are levels turned up, and not muted (if muted, channel will show MM instead of a number)17:30
kaddi!es |manumar17:30
ubottumanumar: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:30
Glaivethey seem fine17:31
Glaiveonly 3D is muted17:31
manumarI have so much problems with permisions17:31
mefisto__Glaive: do you want to add the usb one to the blacklist and try that?17:31
manumarAdept run now?17:32
manumarI cant donwload anything17:32
helpdeskstdin: u still around?17:32
manumari want to install17:33
manumarone sec17:33
stdinhelpdesk: yes17:33
manumaradept vsftpd17:33
manumarI want to install that17:33
manumarbut I cant17:33
manumarit dont download17:33
g_hey did anyone else's kde 4.2 get totally f'ed up from the updates lastnight?17:34
manumarAdept Run?17:34
manumarI cant download anything17:34
bazhangmanumar, what package17:34
helpdeskbazhang: i am in deep problem again17:35
syockitmanumar: use apt-get install <package name>17:35
kaddimanumar: how did you try to install  vsftp?17:35
bazhangmanumar, in channel please not via PM17:35
manumarwell, I want to install a FTP server17:35
bazhang!info vsftpd17:35
ubottuvsftpd (source: vsftpd): The Very Secure FTP Daemon. In component main, is extra. Version 2.0.7-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 96 kB, installed size 400 kB17:35
manumarso I read in some web I I see that I should download this vsftpd17:36
jernejovcHi, when can we expect KDE 4.2 kde-l10n-* packages? The version in repositories is still
bazhangsudo apt-get install vsftpd17:36
helpdeski want to configure my kernel for a minimalistic pc17:36
helpdeskbut i cna't find the parameters or i dont know how to find the parameters in the gconf window17:36
Glaivethanks Mefisto, have sound now. Though had a glitch at first17:36
manumarI try to install17:36
manumaron taht way17:36
g_Hey all My KDE is totally messed up17:37
g_from the updates form lastnight and this morning17:37
=== heinkel_111 is now known as heinkel_111|away
g_They trashed kde and now kde 4.2 and 4.1 are sort of loaded at the same time somehow17:38
manumar: No se pudo bloquear /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Recurso temporalmente no disponible)17:38
manumarE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?17:38
g_I can see parts of kde 4.1 and parts of 4.2 are still left17:38
manumarI do that I that say to me17:38
bazhangmanumar, are you using adept?17:38
manumarI have problems with permisions17:38
bazhangmanumar, or downloading something else?17:38
manumarI use now the konsole17:39
bazhangmanumar, then you have to wait until it is finished17:39
bazhangmanumar, only one instance of apt can run at a time.17:39
manumarI will try17:39
g_this is pathetic, whoever wrote that article saying that kde 4.2 might be the answer to linus is a fricking moron17:39
manumarLeyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho17:40
manumarCreando árbol de dependencias17:40
manumarLeyendo la información de estado... Hecho17:40
manumarE: No se pudo encontrar el paquete vsftpd17:40
g_atleast kubuntu messed it up17:40
syockitjernejovc: you have them l10n packages in jaunty repo17:40
manumarIt say to me that it cant found that package17:40
syockitit's not experimental for nothing, you know17:41
manumarbazhang?? =(17:42
bazhangmanumar, please paste.ubuntu.com the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list17:42
jernejovcsyockit:Yes, but when will they be in Intrepid repos?17:42
|newbie|<|newbie|> hello, I have this problem...  my machine can be restarted without a problem... but whenever I shutdown ( either system or button ) it won't start back... last time I got it started again magickally after one day or so after lots of tries... now it has been several weeks... what shall I do? there's allways some disk activity and the leds are on, but not even GRUB...17:42
manumarI dont understand you very good, sorry, I will think xD17:43
_gl_Hi, I am trying to do an update, but I get an error saying that there is no public key in the ppa.launchpad.net intrepid repository.17:43
manumarI ok17:43
manumarah okok17:43
bazhangmanumar, open a browser and type in the address paste.ubuntu.com17:43
syockitas the saying goes, "Get out of the kitchen! It'll be ready when it's ready"17:43
=== javi is now known as Gooler
bazhangmanumar, then in the konsole do the following command: cat /etc/apt/sources.list17:44
syockitOnce it's gone through the needed testing and fixing, it'll be there in the backports17:44
manumarbrowse =for example dolphin17:44
bazhangmanumar, copy and paste that to the paste.ubuntu.com website in your browser17:44
syockitand since you downloaded it, you are part of the testers now!! enjoy your breakage :)17:44
bazhangkonqueror/firefox etc manumar17:45
manumarone sec please17:45
bazhangthen in that website, after you have pasted, hit Paste, and it will save and give you a url (web address) that you tell us here manumar17:46
bazhangmanumar, yes17:46
manumarin content17:46
manumarwhat I write17:46
g_is there anyone here who is qualified to take bugs?17:46
manumarthe content of17:46
manumarthe file that you said me before?17:47
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots17:47
_gl_While trying to update , I get an error saying that there is no public key in the ppa.launchpad.net intrepid repository. Is this resolvable?17:47
bazhangat launchpad address g_17:47
bazhangmanumar, open the konsole17:47
g_I do not  believe anyone reads those bugs17:47
bazhangmanumar, and type the command: cat /etc/apt/sources.list17:48
bazhangg_, well you can file a bug, but complaining here wont get it fixed in either case, filing a bug may well help17:48
manumarI see lots of things hah17:49
g_the bug filiing process wants you to name a specific package, but if the window manager is messed up what would you call that?17:49
bazhangmanumar, copy all of that17:49
manumaryeah okok17:49
manumarand I paste it on17:49
bazhangmanumar, then paste into that browser17:49
bazhangand save via the Paste!17:49
bazhangthen give us the resulting url manumar17:50
=== alberto is now known as Guest90877
manumarwhat is that? Oo17:58
manumari need the dictionary17:58
g_the only repos that Ive added were the medibuntu and the kde 4.2 ones so that I can upgrade to kde 4.217:58
=== Sp0tKubuntu-NA is now known as Sp0tKubuntu
* Sp0tKubuntu is back.17:58
bazhangmanumar, can you update now?17:58
manumarit do nothing17:58
manumarupdate my kubuntu?17:59
bazhangsudo apt-get update17:59
matisseI was upgrading my system and also new linux-headers were downloaded, but the grub/menu.lst-config crashed and now I have a shell if I let me show the details of the upgraded...17:59
manumarI update kubuntu yesterday, because it say it to me, but afeter update, I need to format17:59
bazhangmanumar, so this is a fresh install?18:00
g_looks like I mmay need to format as well18:00
bazhangformatting is always a very last step18:00
=== blandon is now known as Jo-LUis
g_yea quite possibly18:00
UnknownFearhey, maybe someone can help me. i am trying to get my sound card to work, but i can't get it to work18:01
g_anywho, I'm going to be afk, if anyone has any bright ideas for me I will check in later for any messages18:01
manumarmy kubunutu have one or tow days :P18:02
bazhangmanumar, then you should first update it18:03
syockitg_: try downgrading packages18:03
bazhangmanumar, I would guess that you need to update all the sources.list and then upgrade the various packages then you can install that18:04
manumarok I will do it18:04
manumarthen i write18:04
bazhangas vsftpd is optional and not installed by default18:04
manumarin konsole, apt-get update18:04
manumarfor update all my kubunutu18:05
bazhangand your sources.list do not seem to have been updated18:05
bazhangfirst sudo apt-get update18:05
manumarok I undertand18:05
the_dark_warrioI installed Kubuntu from Ubuntu and everything went well until I tryed to update to KDE 4.2. I've followed the instructions from kubuntu website, but it can't find the packages for libical.. any tips?18:05
bazhangthen sudo apt-get upgrade manumar18:05
bazhangmanumar, that will be a long download18:05
bazhangmanumar, and when that is finished you can install vsftpd18:06
bazhangie sudo apt-get install vsftpd18:06
manumarok, I hope hat with the update my kubuntu dont crash xD18:06
manumarbecause 3 days ago that happen :S18:06
manumarI dont know what I did wrong18:06
bazhangmanumar, well you could get the 8.04.2 cd iso if you wish18:07
houmsickhow are you?18:08
syockitmatisse: hey, that's kinda kool. Is it stuck?18:08
manumarI had to do that 3 days ago xD18:09
bazhangmanumar, if you got the cd iso it would need far fewer updated packages on the fresh install18:10
manumarI know why18:10
manumarall thinkgs..18:10
manumarI write sudo apt-get update, and some files dont download18:11
bazhangthat would be a reason certainly manumar18:11
manumaronly files which come from ubuntu.es or something like that18:11
bazhangif the sources.list was not updated then it would not know about that package18:11
manumarso it can be taht the server is down18:12
bazhangmanumar, certainly possible18:12
manumaryou know how can I donwload that package from other web?18:12
bazhangthe newest release cd iso?18:13
quassel79hi, has anybody got the ati fglrx driver to work with jaunty?18:13
bazhangmanumar, direct download or the torrent?18:13
manumardirect download, but not the ISo18:13
manumaronly the program18:13
bazhangmanumar, better to do it within the package manager18:14
=== mac is now known as blknite
manumarI download the file18:14
bazhangsudo apt-get update18:14
matissesyockit: it is stuck,right18:14
matisseI can type commands there18:15
manumarand I think that i should...compile it18:15
bazhangmanumar, no need for that really18:15
manumarI dont know why18:16
lovrehi all18:16
blkniteHello Everyone!18:16
manumarponte nombre usuario18:16
manumaryo tb soy novato18:17
manumarpero un nombre me puse al menos18:17
lovrein kubuntu 7.x i could press PrintScreen, and it would run a screen capture utility. In kubuntu 8.10, when i press PrintScreen nothing hapens. How do i capture screen?18:17
syockitmatisse: try typing exit then18:17
manumarbazhang, i dont know why when I write update...it want to download from http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/18:17
matissewow, works!18:17
manumarthat web doesnt exist!18:18
syockitmatisse: it continued?18:18
syockitmatisse: I thought it would fail the installer18:18
syockitmatisse: lucky you!18:18
matissewell, still I have to rerun the config program, but that should be easy :)18:19
matissethx for help :D18:19
mefisto__manumar: have you tried different download servers?18:20
marcelplease how can i compile a pascal program: crt.pas - i try gpc crt.pas but error18:21
linuxtesthey guys, firefox does not recognize any file associations in kde4, how can i fix this?18:21
manumarmefisto: no18:21
lovreis there something like MS Paint but for Kubuntu? GIMP is too complicated for simple operations...18:21
manumari dont know how do that18:22
SouL-xque me  hable español18:22
manumarhablas españoles?18:22
manumaryo tb18:22
SouL-xde hecho18:22
manumartio, soy novato y noveas18:22
SouL-xtu fuiste18:22
mefisto__manumar: do you have adept or synaptic running?18:22
SouL-xme mando a cambiar18:22
manumarlo del nombre?18:22
lvellaI installed kde4 on my ubuntu. Now, when I log into gnome, all the contents of my menus are gone...18:22
manumarI have kubuntu18:23
mefisto__english in here please18:23
manumarmira hablemos18:23
r0uzicSouL-x: #kubuntu-es18:23
SouL-xque linux18:23
r0uzicSouL-x: este canal es de habla inglesa, ve a #kubuntu-es18:23
manumarSouL-x hablamos por la ventana privada?18:24
mefisto__oh come on! english only PLEASE18:24
=== Sp0tKubuntu is now known as Sp0tKubuntu-NA
* Sp0tKubuntu-NA is away: Borte for øjeblikket18:24
r0uzicmefisto__: already :-)18:25
p_quarles!away > Sp0tKubuntu-NA18:25
ubottuSp0tKubuntu-NA, please see my private message18:25
navarrog'day all18:29
manumarthanks for all18:30
mefisto__lovre: kolourpaint18:33
Gooleris kbluetooth 0.3 going to be packaged for intrepid?18:34
=== sean_ is now known as _seantater2
david_edmundsonGooler: you using the 4.2 PPA ?18:34
david_edmundsonit's packaged there18:35
david_edmundsonI'm using it now :-)18:35
Gooleryes, the kubuntu-experimental18:35
_seantater2I have a bcm4306 (which worked immediately), but I'm getting 70-100% signal with 40-70% packet loss18:35
sandGorgonguys... what do you think is the best virtualization software that i can run on Intrepid? i need to install linux distros using ISOs18:36
david_edmundsonsandGorgon: virtualbox18:36
Goolerthen is this correct?18:37
david_edmundsonGooler: kdebluetooth18:37
mefisto__sandGorgon: virtualbox works well. don't know if it's the best though18:37
Gooler$ kbluetooth4 --version18:37
GoolerQt: 4.4.318:37
GoolerKDE: 4.2.00 (KDE 4.2.0)18:37
GoolerKBluetooth4 - The KDE4 Bluetooth Framework: 0.118:37
lovremefisto__: thank you :D18:37
mefisto__lovre: that's what you want?18:37
divyeshmy ubuntu is slower18:38
divyeshi installed in windows18:38
lovremefisto__: yes, thats exactly what i want. a slimple application for simple tasks :d ty18:38
=== rafaelbreyer is now known as Lorps
moppedhey, how can I change my resolution in kubuntu? :P18:42
syockitsandGorgon: VirtualBox is simple and quite easy to set up18:42
Goolerwell i've the kubuntu-experimental ppa in my sources but the proposed updates are not enabled, can that be the problem? because currently I've version 0.2 of kdebluetooth18:42
syockitsandGorgon: download one from the website for usb support & stuff18:42
=== Lorps is now known as Lorps-RS
mefisto__sandGorgon: there's also a repo for virtualbox you can add to your sources.list18:43
sandGorgonsyockit: mefisto__: ever tried qemu ? how does it rate ?18:45
syockitsandGorgon: I tried, was slow like heck18:45
lovrewhen i press CTRL+ALT+T, my konsole doesnt open up....?18:45
mefisto__sandGorgon: only ever tried vbox and had an easy time, so never tried any others18:45
syockitsandGorgon: you need to install some modules to make it run fast18:45
Goolerok, that was it, you need to have the proposed updates enabled in order to get the new kdebluetooth18:47
syockitsandGorgon: so VirtualBox for you.18:47
fw1is kde 4.2 packed?18:48
=== claire is now known as Guest91113
sandGorgonhow do maximize the folder view widget?18:53
lovresandGorgon: how do you mean maximize? over entire desktop?18:57
moppedHow can I change my resolution? I cant find it :E18:58
lovremopped: do you have nvidia card?18:58
syockitsandGorgon: you can resize the widget. In 4.2, you can change your desktop to a folder view18:59
=== christ is now known as KDesk
lovremopped: System Settings -> Computer Administration -> Display18:59
lovresyockit: is 4.2 in beta? or out?18:59
macohow do i turn off message previews in kmail?19:01
fw1lovre, i am about to find out19:01
syockit4.2 is RC1. I don't recommend you install it though, might introduce hellotof problems19:01
macoer, i thought 4.2 was released?19:01
macowe had a 4.2 release party last night.19:01
fw1syockit, you mean packaged?19:01
sandGorgonsyockit: how do i resize the widget?19:02
macosandGorgon: see the square on the bar that shows next to the widget? grab that and pull.19:02
lovremaco: rofl19:03
macolovre: what?19:04
=== heinkel_111|away is now known as heinkel_111
lovremaco: release party :D19:04
mefisto__sandGorgon: do you have kde 4.2 installed?19:05
sandGorgonmefisto__: yup...the folder view thing is buggy.. it gets stuck and all.. i got it to size a little bigger19:06
macolovre: at least 2 people that work on making kde nice live near me, so the kubuntu community all got together19:06
macothough uh, im mostly a gnome user. just started trying kde last night19:07
mefisto__sandGorgon: you can set the entire desktop to be like folder view. right-click desktop, appearance settings, type: folder view19:08
sandGorgonmefisto__: i know... i was just playing with it... and found it not behaving very nicely19:08
=== r0uzic is now known as r0uzic_ausente
=== hector__ is now known as Kelden
syockitsandGorgon: maybe you didn't like how the widget resizes from the center?19:12
ActionParsni1hey guys, does firefox not look at ~/.mozilla/plugins any more?19:12
* navarro went for a puff: Gone away for now19:14
utdmri want to ask some questions with my bad Englisg, who can help me?19:15
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:16
mefisto__ActionParsni1: I think it still does19:17
jillsmitthey, im kde-freak-0.1.1)))) look http://itmages.ru/view.php?action=view&id=1847&key=2cdd2719:17
mefisto__ActionParsni1: flash problem?19:17
utdmrthanks. I add a new panel on the top of desktop and added a plasmoid "Digital Clock". I add some other things to its front and back but clock takes a huge area, how can i make digital clock tiny?19:18
ActionParsni1mefisto__: i'm putting the .so in the same folder and its not flying19:18
macoutdmr: right now, you can't19:18
ActionParsni1mefisto__: i've got it everywhere now to try get it to work19:19
macoutdmr: there's no spacer plasmoid and the clock and notification area both try to expand, unfortunately19:19
macoif you put more junk on your panel, it'll force the clock to squish smaller19:19
utdmrok thanks. i'll wait updates. And highly possible i'll ask more questions about kde4. thanks for your quick reply.19:20
mefisto__ActionParsni1: make sure you have only one flash plugin listed in about:plugins in firefox19:20
ActionParsni1mefisto__: i've none19:21
mefisto__ActionParsni1: how did you get the .so ?19:24
TrijntjeHi all. I have an Acer aspire 5100 laptop with kubuntu 8.04. When i play a movie (flas, .avi etc) on my laptop the image lags after a few minutes. Does anyone know what could cause this problem?19:24
ActionParsni1download from adobe.com, extract, copy19:25
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:25
ActionParsni1mefisto__: got it dude, just installed from repo after getting the archive extracted19:26
=== keres_ is now known as keres
loranano no no19:32
`nhi im looking for a program to share the clipboard betwean windows and linux19:34
=== syock_ is now known as syockit
=== mefisto_ is now known as mefisto__
rdevaHow do I find out if my wireless card (Broadcom 4311) is working?  It isn't scanning for any networks19:47
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:47
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:47
=== Sarge is now known as Guest65455
rdevaI don't see anything for intrepid19:48
rdevai have already downloaded b43-fwcutter19:48
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:49
marcelhow can i specify pascal units with gpc please ?19:49
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
=== Guest65455 is now known as cbwcjw
ljhow do i change my name on here?19:57
divyeshjoin: /ubuntu19:58
desulj: /nick19:58
divyeshjoin: /fedora19:59
divyeshdivyesh: /diablo19:59
mefisto__divyesh: /join #fedora19:59
heinkel_111does kubuntu modify the /etc/fstab automatically?19:59
=== lj is now known as L0Customs
macoheinkel_111: in what situations?20:00
L0Customsthanks desu20:00
heinkel_111maco, I don't know exactly when it might have happened20:00
macoheinkel_111: well i mean, it'll write a custom one during install of course...20:00
L0Customsits been like 10 yrs since iv been on irc20:00
heinkel_111maco, I have 3 disk partitions of type vfat and ntfs and they all suddenly seem to be mounted with umask = 00720:01
heinkel_111maco, that is opposite of james bond i think.. james bond can do anything, umask 007 can do nothing, right?20:01
=== toor_ is now known as toor_56
heinkel_111maco...I cant figure out why I should want untouchable disks???20:02
White_Pelicanin what channel can I get help with Kmail?20:02
heinkel_111maco. and also i get gid=46, i think that is plugdeb20:02
heinkel_111sry plugdev20:02
macoheinkel_111: mask 007  is the same as having 770 permissions20:03
macoi thnk20:03
macoWhite_Pelican: here20:03
=== Sp0tKubuntu-NA is now known as Sp0tKubuntu
* Sp0tKubuntu is back.20:03
ubaldohay hispanos aqui??20:03
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:03
White_Pelicanok, in the kmail for kde 4.2, is there any way to set up getting my mail from my yahoo account?20:03
macoWhite_Pelican: do you have a for-pay yahoo account?20:04
macoWhite_Pelican: yahoo only lets you use pop or imap if you pay them moneys20:04
macothey basically hold your emails under ransom...20:04
White_Pelicanoh never mind then20:04
White_PelicanI take freebies only :)20:05
macogmail has free pop & imap...20:05
|newbie|<|newbie|> hello, I have this problem...  my machine can be restarted without a problem... but whenever I shutdown ( either system or button ) it won't start back... last time I got it started again magickally after one day or so after lots of tries... now it has been several weeks... what shall I do? there's allways some disk activity and the leds are on, but not even GRUB...20:05
White_PelicanI have gmail too20:05
White_PelicanI use it exclusively in kde 3.520:06
White_Pelicanwas just testing kde 4.220:06
mefisto__White_Pelican: you could set up gmail to handle your yahoo mail and use kmail to access it all20:06
=== lj is now known as L0customs
mefisto__White_Pelican: at least I think you can do that with yahoo20:06
=== L0customs is now known as help
=== help is now known as Guest25701
=== Guest25701 is now known as L0customs
astrommeI think that would require forwarding all of your yahoo mail to google20:08
astrommes/to google/to your gmail/20:08
astrommewhich is fine20:08
astrommebut also means you can't send email from your yahoo unless you login to it20:08
astrommebecause no pop access.20:08
=== L0customs is now known as L0Customs
White_Pelicanthat's sad but predictable20:09
White_Pelicanit is after all Microsoft owned20:09
White_Pelicanfrom what I understand20:09
astrommeerr... because no smtp access. /shrug20:09
astrommeNope, yahoo is still yahoo20:09
astrommebut msn/hotmail does the same thing20:09
astrommeexcept (interstingly) they custom build in a solution to outlook so that you can use the free account with it iirc20:10
White_Pelicanat least gmail, if you'' pardon the pun, "got the message"20:10
astrommeyep =)20:10
White_Pelicanyou mean outlook depressed? hehe20:10
astrommeI use a couple of email accounts (uni, uni's computer department, gmail, gmail personal, personal server) and all of them are IMAP/SMTP20:10
astrommeSo wonderfull20:10
astrommeDIMAP on my laptop, so I always have my mail20:11
White_Pelicangreat aint it?20:11
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes20:11
* astromme would never go back to pop unless he was forced to20:11
macomefisto__: you cant setup autoforwarding in yahoo to get them all to gmail. and since free yahoo lacks pop, gmail cant automatically pull them all.20:11
=== qba_ is now known as Guest26469
macoWhite_Pelican: you too ^20:11
s0101whats the adress for ubuntu channel?20:11
mefisto__maco: ok20:12
macos0101: #ubuntu20:12
White_Pelicanty maco20:12
BluesKajheh, my ISP changed ti hotmail and msn ...the pop mail is pophm , instead od pop1,2 or 3 or whatever ,and the smtp1 has now become smtphm ...but i retained my right to a pop3 and smtp1  setup for my email20:12
White_Pelicangood to know20:12
White_Pelicanbtw, I'm running intrpid with 4.2 using vbox20:12
White_PelicanI can't switch yet20:12
fw1kde 4.2 isn't very fast20:13
fw1looks good20:13
White_Pelicanbut, I set up a shared folder and imported my address book20:13
White_Pelicanwent without a hitch20:13
White_PelicanI'm assuming I can import my filters as well?20:13
ugaBluesKaj: that's cheap20:13
ugaand you pay them?20:13
BluesKajwine is causing a few probs in kde4.2 ..and compiz as well ..had a bad freeze up yesterday20:14
syockitI wonder why some people got their kde4.2 slow20:14
White_Pelicanwhat kind of problems, BluesKaj ?20:14
syockitforgot to enable dri or something?20:14
macosyockit: mine feels slow20:14
ugaBluesKaj: I guess next time you'll be forwarded to the internet through an advertising based isp provider20:14
macosyockit: kde 4.2 is about as slow as gnome w/ compiz20:15
ugaBluesKaj: btw, compiz???20:15
ugakde 4 doesn't use compiz20:15
ugawell, you don't need to, and I think it's safer not to use it20:15
macouga: no, not kde using compiz20:15
BluesKajuga , I still have my orirginal mailsetup, it's just that any new customers are forced into the hotmail which is actually webmail..no I don't pay for hotmail20:15
macognome+compiz and kde4.2+kwin are the same speed20:15
astrommehonestly, there is still a painting issue when resizing windows. it only seems to happen with toplevel windows and it's quite annoying.20:15
ugaBluesKaj: phew, better =)20:15
syockityup, anyways if you don't do tunings for the compositing, chances are you'd get slower gui20:16
BluesKajI just pay for internet service20:16
macoastromme: its not just with resizing20:16
macochanging tabs in a preferences dialog or moving your mouse over checkboxes causes the text to jump around on top of itself and sometimes checkboxes' text is solidly blacked out20:17
astrommemaco: what else is slow repainting?20:17
ugauhmm... I haven't hit any issues on either nvidia or intel for a long while20:17
astrommemaco: I don't have any of those problems20:17
macoastromme: not "slow repainting" rather "not repainting correctly at all"20:17
ugabut that's with self built from source20:17
macoastromme: intrepid or jaunty?20:17
astrommeuga: Try this for me: Go to resize a window. Make it small, then make it large quickly. See the "blank space" before the window redraws itself?20:17
astrommemaco: Jaunty, but the issue has been with me since November of 07 with the alphas. It happens with Intel and NVidia drivers20:18
macoastromme: i'm on jaunty too, and kmail's preferences dialogs dont redraw right by a long stretch20:18
astrommemaco: Happens with Qt only apps like designer and assistant20:18
astrommemaco: and also with kde apps20:18
ugaastromme: not on the window. certain app like quassel  take some time relayouting, but I dont' think it's a repainting issue. It shows gray on the border if I do that20:19
astrommemaco: Give me a screenshot.20:19
ugaastromme: that also depends on the resizing mode you have though20:19
Trijntjedoes anyone know what can cause a movie to lag after a few minutes?20:19
astrommeuga: This is a definite slowness in resizing. It could be in painting or layouting or whatever, but it is not what should be happening20:19
fw1how can i make kde 4.2 faster?20:20
ugaastromme: could be. relayouting got nothing to do with gfx card though, I believe20:20
astrommeuga: sure, but who cares if it's with the graphics card or not, it's still a problem that doesn't exsist with other toolkits. (See osx and vista's toolkits for examples)20:21
astrommeand gtk doesn't usually have the problem either (although it can)20:21
syockitI'd rather the window do not dynamically redraw while resizing20:22
syockitI'd like it to redraw only after I let go of the mouse button20:22
astrommesyockit: Out of curiosity, why?20:23
ugaastromme: it does matter, if you want to report the issue to the correct place20:23
ugaastromme: and well... I wonder how you managed to run osx and vista under  Xorg, for being able to compare speeds of _toolkits_20:24
astrommeuga: you can run Qt on OSX and Vista you know20:24
syockitbecause I won't really care how it'd look like while resizing20:24
syockitbut people do have different thoughts20:24
ugaastromme: yes, but you don't run them under xwindows, and using compiz/kwin20:24
ugaso you really cannot tell where the slowness comes from20:25
astrommesyockit: It allows me to "preview" if the size I want is right for i.e. certain widths and text elements. And it lets me (as a developer) do resizes that are smooth if I want.20:25
ugaastromme: or do you  mean those kde apps are also slow under windows?20:25
syockitastromme: qt on vista/osx doesn't have the problem?20:25
mefisto__Trijntje: could be many things. badly encoded file maybe?20:26
macoastromme: http://student.seas.gwu.edu/~mac/files/kmail-redraw.png20:26
astrommeMeh, I don't remember offhand. I'm pretty sure it does have the problem20:26
astrommemaco: that' look like gtk-qt-engine problem20:26
astrommeWhy are you using a gnome style if I may ask?20:27
astrommeuga: do you have the same issues with Qt windows under X11?20:28
macoastromme: im using cleanlooks. trying to make the kde and gnome apps not look ridiculous together20:28
astrommemaco: I use the gtk oxygen style20:28
judazhow can I upgrade intrepid to jaunty in a fresh install kubuntu-intrepid?20:28
macojudaz: do-release-upgrade -d20:29
judazmaco: awesome.. thanx!20:29
macojudaz: as root20:29
judazmaco: done.. upgrading20:29
`nhi im looking for a program to share the clipboard betwean windows and linux20:29
astromme`n: Across 2 computers? Synergy2 (synergy2.sf.net)20:30
ugaastromme: not the ones you mentioned20:31
`n<astromme> ah ok i will test it thx20:32
ugaastromme: I said only few apps, with very loaded guis (like quassel) have relayouting issues20:32
aboSamoorHi, I just installed KDE 4.2. And I want to ask how can I make Firefox more integrated. The tabs are looking weird. any hints ?20:32
astrommeuga: What apps are you using now that don't have issues?20:32
macoaboSamoor: http://forum.kde.org/how-to-integrate-firefox-into-kde-t-17786.html20:33
astrommeEvery app I have open atm has issues. Quassel, Konqueror, qtcreator, kdevelop4, linuxdc++ (gnome), amarok, Kmail/Kontact,20:33
Trijntjemefisto__ I dont think so, it also lags on flash video's etc20:34
astromme(by issues I mean the resizing/redrawing/relayouting whatever it is issues)20:34
fw1i think i will try kde4.2.faster20:34
ugaastromme: konqueror? kword? kate? konsole?20:34
macoastromme: also, because i like cleanlooks/clearlooks.20:34
ugaastromme: it's easier to list those that have issues than those that don0t20:34
mefisto__Trijntje: graphics driver?20:34
Sp0tKubuntuIs KDE 4.2 out officiel?20:34
astrommeuga: I agree20:34
astrommeSp0tKubuntu: Yes. Is Kubuntu out with a 4.2 version official? No.20:35
ugaastromme: it's all down to how the app handles data for redrawing20:35
macojaunty has it....20:35
ugait's not the toolkit that is sloe20:35
Sp0tKubuntuastromme: Ok20:35
syockithere's hoping qt4.5 would clear the problem20:35
astrommemaco: but jaunty is not officially released at the moment.20:35
fw1kde 4.2 from the topic link is interesting20:35
macoastromme: true20:36
fw1but i am going back to gnome20:36
Sp0tKubuntuastromme: But there is a KDE 4.2 out? But not finished yet?20:36
macoSp0tKubuntu: kde 4.2 is officially released. no finished ubutnu releases have it yet.20:36
astrommeuga: Kate has issues for me. Konsole does, and KWord does. I'm trying on both my Nvidia desktop (6600GT) and Intel Laptop (X3100)20:36
astrommefw1: =/. What's up/wrong?20:36
Trijntjemefisto__ I don't know, how could i check that?20:36
fw1astromme: its so, very slow20:37
astrommefw1: what do you mean by slow? And are you on NVidia?20:37
fw1its also set my default dpi to 120 i think20:37
syockiti didn't know there was ui.allow_platform_file_picker option20:37
Sp0tKubuntumaco: I Dont understand? I have Kubuntu, not Ubuntu, but is Kubuntu Ubuntu, just with KDE?20:37
fw1astromme: yes i am20:37
macofw1: is that why the text looks huge?!20:37
astrommefw1: You can change that in appearance settings if you wish.20:37
fw1oh its nvidia's fault?20:37
macoSp0tKubuntu: yes, kubuntu just means ubuntu with kde20:37
syockitSp0tKubuntu: you kinda got that correct20:38
ugaastromme: have you tried the nvidia settings for glyph cache etc?20:38
ugaastromme: nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2 -a GlyphCache=120:38
macoSp0tKubuntu: and one more letter to type :P20:38
Sp0tKubuntumaco: I have KDE 4.1 i can see when i boot up, but witch software sources can i find KDE 4.2 then?20:38
fw1astromme: oh, hmmm sigh, so is there a fix?20:38
mefisto__Trijntje: what graphics card do you have? if it's ati or nvidia, kmenu > system > hardware drivers to enable20:38
astrommefw1: yes, older NVidia drivers are terrible in Qt with cards like 8xxx and 9xxx20:38
ghostcubethe 180.x drivers enable the glyphcache by default20:38
fw1I have a quatro 2 go20:39
astrommeI have 180 drivers (I'm on Jaunty)20:39
macoSp0tKubuntu: youd have to use the unstable development release20:39
Sp0tKubuntumaco: Ok, im a little confused, im new in linux :-)20:39
macoSp0tKubuntu: im guessing you dont want to do that20:39
ghostcubebut its still buggy espacially with compiz and loose-bindings :|20:39
macoSp0tKubuntu: then you DEFINITELY dont want to do that20:39
fw1not sure what model it is20:39
Sp0tKubuntumaco: Correct, but then what? Will there be a KDE 4.2 for me sometime soon then?20:39
ghostcubefw1, so do you use the 177 drivers ?20:39
macoSp0tKubuntu: in april when jaunty releases, itll include it20:39
fw1ghostcube: yep20:40
ghostcubeyou can just update them by installing nvidia-glx-18020:40
Sp0tKubuntumaco: That i have tried, to install unsupportet things, bad thing for a new linux user20:40
Trijntjemefisto__: It's ATI, its enabled20:40
macoSp0tKubuntu: just be patient20:40
Sp0tKubuntumaco: Ok, cool! Thanks alot! :-)20:40
Sp0tKubuntumaco: Im patient, just courious20:40
ghostcubefw1, and i can give u the repo of Scottk he has an new xorg-common without the patch in the officially released20:41
ghostcubeit fastens things up IMHO20:41
=== halfling is now known as halfling__
astrommeSp0tKubuntu: There's a bunch of hype surrounding 4.2, it's natural to be curious20:41
uga4.3 is cool too20:41
Desi_Munahow can i updates from terminal20:41
aboSamoorI used the published kde 4.2 repository in kubuntu website, but now I got amarok with KDE 3.5 ?!20:41
Sp0tKubuntumaco: Another thing about KDE, there is no "Magic Cube Desptop" in KDE 4.1? Only for 4.2?20:41
macoDesi_Muna: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade20:41
macoSp0tKubuntu: no idea. i never used 4.1. i started using kde yesterday20:42
maco<-- gnome-user, cheating on her usual desktop20:42
syockituga: what's new in kde trunk?20:42
Sp0tKubuntumaco: I know, just to say im not unpatient :D20:42
ugaWhite_Pelican: people was already working on 4.3 before 4.2 was released20:42
Sp0tKubuntumaco: Ahh ok, welcome to the jungle then :-D20:42
White_Pelicanoic :)20:42
ugasyockit: appart from brokenness you mean? ;)20:42
White_Pelicancan't wait till summer ot see it :)20:42
syockituga: me wants new features20:42
macoDesi_Muna: yes?20:43
Desi_Munai can't see its updating in terminal20:43
macoDesi_Muna: what?20:43
fw1that is cool 180 nvidia packaged! very nice!20:43
syockitSp0tKubuntu: cube's not on 4.1. I don't think it will backported20:43
White_Pelicanso far the only thing that kmail for 3.5.10 doesn't export i the distribution lists20:43
White_Pelicanoh well20:43
Desi_MunaReading package lists... Done20:43
Desi_Munai am going to pm u20:43
=== dimitri is now known as dimitri__
Sp0tKubuntumaco: Backported? My english is not that good20:43
ugasyockit: don't bother, unless you want to code. You'll only find new bugs20:43
=== dimitri__ is now known as PiglOo
=== mike is now known as mike__
Sp0tKubuntumaco: Sorry, not you20:44
macoSp0tKubuntu: i didnt say backported, but it means when they take something from a new release and patch it into an old release so you can play with it without installing a whole new release20:44
=== mike__ is now known as mike_
Sp0tKubuntusyockit: Backported?20:44
Sp0tKubuntumaco: My bad :-) Sorry20:44
=== mike_ is now known as Guest46147
ghostcubefw1, you can try the unpatched xorg server as well if it works better20:45
=== Guest46147 is now known as mike1312
Sp0tKubuntumaco: Thanks for explayning :-)20:46
syockitSp0tKubuntu: yeah, basically what marco said. when there's a thing in the newer version that seems important enough to be released to users of older version, they try to patch the older version to include it20:46
mike1312How to turn off session blocking when switching back20:46
Sp0tKubuntusyockit:  And thanks to you to :-)20:46
astrommemike1312: you mean where you have to enter your password to unlock the session?20:47
s0101does anybody know the link for the ubuntu channel?20:47
astrommemike1312: do you have 4.2 or 4.2?20:47
astrommes0101:  #ubuntu20:47
s0101cheers mate20:47
mike1312astromme: Yes20:47
astrommewhoops, 4.2 or 4.120:47
syockitmike1312: what's session blocking? Is it the password prompt after resuming from suspend?20:47
mike1312astromme  4.120:47
astrommemike1312: I'm not sure how to do it in 4.1. It's in the Power Management settings under Advanced in the settings manager but you need powerdevil, which isn't included by default in 4.120:48
mike1312syockit  When switching between two sessions20:48
ozymandias3can kde3.5 be installed on 8.10?20:50
syockitozymandias3: normally, no. There are unwarranted methods of installing though20:51
macoozymandias3: if you dont mind going all gentoo on it....20:51
ozymandias3*pulls hair out*20:51
syockitmike1312: not sure if there's an option specific for changing sessions20:51
mike1312astromme  thanks but I idnt find it hellow from Russia20:51
fw1_hi, ok 180 nvidia driver is much better20:52
linuxtesthello, my firefox does not recognize any file associations in kubuntu. How do i fix this? I need it to recognize that it can open pdfs with okular etc20:52
astrommefw1_: Good to hear20:52
mike1312syockit I didnt find configuring tool for this20:52
fw1_its still not as fluid as i would have hoped, but nevermind20:52
alarmhey there. i got two questions :) first one. how do i set the taskbar never to group similar windows and set this option as default (kde4.2)20:53
linuxtestalso how do i add a samba printer with kde4?20:53
kpblchello. is there a known issue with knetworkmanager in kubuntu 8.10? it doesn't allow me to set network configuration manually, but dhcp works fine. please, help me. and sorry for my english :)20:53
fw1_my mouse pad is very very slow, where can i increase the sensitivity?20:54
=== fw1_ is now known as incorrect
macolinuxtest: edit -> preferences20:54
macolinuxtest: applications20:55
macolinuxtest: then pick a file type and set the app to use on the right20:55
linuxtestmaco: thanks20:56
alarmwhen pluging my external ntfs drive (usb) on kubuntu 8.10 i get this error "kubuntu 8.10 an error occurred while accessing the system responded: org.freedesktop.HAL.device.volume.unknownfailure"....  and i cannot access its content20:57
kpblchelllllooooo... can anyone help?20:57
Trijntjefw1_ Kmenu ->systemsettings -> keybord and mouse20:58
incorrectTrijntje: slight problem there doesn't seem to be a sensitivity option20:58
macoincorrect: lemme fine it20:58
macoincorrect: http://jann.is/daily/archives/823-Kubuntu-8.10-beta-KDE-4.1-synaptics-TouchPad-problem.html21:00
incorrectlol my touch pad is like dragging my figure through mud21:00
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incorrectmy scrolling works, its just slow21:01
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* Sp0tKubuntu-NA is away: Borte for øjeblikket21:02
ubuntu_Hello, can someeone please link me somewhere to find out what manager for Linux would be best for me....Like a site that compares.....Im used to gnome, But I have heard that its not the best.21:04
incorrectits the sensitivity, i don't see any options just for a basic mouse21:04
alarmubuntu_,  gnome and kde is what is most popular21:04
Desi_Munahow can i orginize upgrade?21:04
alarmif u are used to gnome why changing ?21:04
Desi_Munaaptitude upgrade looks messy21:04
Trijntjeincorrect: there is an option 'acceleration', doesnt that work?21:04
Desi_Munacan't be new line after each update list?21:05
Desi_Munaits hard to read stuffs from list21:05
ubuntu_alarm: is there a big differnece in performace?21:05
alarmi have the sensetion that gnome is more lightweight21:06
alarmand "maybe" less buggy21:06
Desi_Munacan anyone help??21:07
incorrectsweet, found it!21:07
incorrectoh firefox looks ugly now21:07
malvkde 4.2 rocks my world. except dragon player can't seem to skip forward in a movie when i press either <-- or -->21:07
malvwhat's up with that?21:08
alarmmalv go for mplayer or vlc21:08
Trijntjeincorrect: is your mouse ok now?21:08
malvalso, it stammers when two videos are open21:08
Desi_Munawhy aptitude upgrade doesn't look good?21:08
incorrectTrijntje: just about21:08
ubuntu_alarm: so gnome is more lightwieght(So in theory should be faster)....And "less" buggy, (Which I'm sure is arguable lol)......So gnome would be a good choice? if im used to it?....I have heard KDE was alot more customiziable.21:08
malvgnome is less buggy than kde21:09
malvbut gnome doesn't move21:09
alarmmalv yeap, thats what i also think21:09
macodoes anyone know if it's possible to force aptitude's update list to have one package per line like how yum does? Desi_Muna likes yum's formatting better and i cant find help in aptitude's manpage21:09
alarmubuntu_,  kde is more 'eye candy'21:09
shadowhywind I am trying to mount a 1.3TB partition, everytime i try the console freezes aanyone have any ideas?21:09
malva major update for gnome is a new button21:09
incorrectmalv: gnome 2 has been at gnome 2 for like 6-7 years now21:09
alarmmore customizable i dont think so21:09
macoubuntu_: kde has many many more options, yes.21:09
malvgiven how little gnome changes I do get upset when I do find a bug21:10
ubuntu_Thank you both for answering my questions and your time :).21:10
alarmthe good thing with kde is you will find more K-apps without needing the gnome libraries21:10
donnyciao a tutti21:10
alarmgive it a try and if you dont like it you can still change it21:10
malvquite surprised as how well kde 4.2 works considering how much has changed21:10
alarmi just learned with kde and stayed with it21:10
incorrectis there a version of firefox using qt?21:10
gizbongiorno donny21:10
malvbut it's still considerably buggy, at least from my experience21:10
malvnot grandma-grade yet21:11
donnyciao giz.....  veramente qui sono le 22.10 :)21:11
Desi_Munahey how can i use yum to work in ubuntu?21:11
mefisto__incorrect: no21:12
donnyi want sleep21:12
Trijntjedoes anyone have any tips on debugging laggy video (flash, avi, etc)on kubuntu 8.04?21:12
incorrectis konq better than it used to be?21:12
mefisto__incorrect: as a browser, it's a little better, faster21:13
senorpedrohi folsk21:13
senorpedrohow can i make firefox not look like s***t in kubuntu 8.10?21:13
syockitbut it still won't render my pages correctly21:13
senorpedroi just installed it and it seems it has no gtk theme applied21:13
alarmsenorpedro,  install gtk-engine for kde421:13
syockitsenorpedro: http://forum.kde.org/how-to-integrate-firefox-into-kde-t-17786.html21:13
incorrectkopete is a bit better than it used to be21:14
mefisto__senorpedro: there's a firefox theme you could try21:14
alarmok syockit  gave the complete answer , follow the instructions !21:14
White_Pelicanwht improvements have been mae to kopete?21:14
alarmWhite_Pelican,  they made it worse21:14
alarmits just dissapointing !!!!!!!21:14
mefisto__senorpedro: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/757421:14
White_Pelicanoh dear21:14
White_Pelicandefine worse21:14
macosenorpedro: http://forum.kde.org/how-to-integrate-firefox-into-kde-t-17786.html21:15
alarmWhite_Pelican,  msn transfer wasnt fixed21:15
alarmirc protocol was removed21:15
syockitI wish someone taught me that earlier. now im all opera21:15
mefisto__no one has deliberately made anything worse. kde4 is still quite new21:15
White_Pelicanwhat about yahell transfer?21:15
White_PelicanI used to use opera but went back to firefox21:16
alarmthe files are being transfered with 1,2 kb /s21:16
alarmthats not transfering , thats wasting time21:16
White_Pelicanbut it works finally? that's my point21:16
alarm White_Pelican  if 1,2kb/s is working for you, the yes it works. i want to make use of my bandwidth21:17
White_Pelicanfile transfers on the old kopete for kde 3.5.10 doesn't even work on Yahoo21:17
alarmstill same21:17
senorpedrohow can i make kde4.2 stop flickering?21:17
alarmthey dont work even now i think21:18
senorpedroit flickers every 4 secs or so21:18
White_Pelicandang it21:18
senorpedroits annoying21:18
Desi_Munahow can i upgrade to KDE 4.2 ?21:18
incorrectcan konversation do spell checking on what i type?21:18
alarmWhite_Pelican,  best solution is amsn , i was using kopete for 2 years , no i just left it aside , dissapointing job21:18
White_Pelicanwhat about pidgin?21:18
astrommesenorpedro: System Settings -> Advanced -> Services -> Disabled "XRANDR monitor detection" or something like that21:18
astrommesenorpedro: you might have to relog/restart X21:18
alarmpidgin is a good multi protocol app. thats what i use under windows where i dont want to have 23123908 apps . no camera support21:19
alarminstall them and see what suits you well. i just use xchat and amsn on linux and get better support on my needs21:19
senorpedroastromme: thx buddy21:19
gizhi all someone know why a package would be kept back?21:20
macogiz: it has a dependency that hasnt hit the repo yet, most likely21:21
gizah ok thanks, I thought it was because of my recent repo switch to kubuntu from ubuntu main21:22
senorpedrook, flickering stopped :)21:22
mefisto__incorrect: konversation can do spell checking21:22
macothere's no repo switch involved...21:22
senorpedrowhy's resizing kde3 apps so slow?21:23
alarmhow can i make similar windows not to group on the taskbar (as default for all windows) on kde421:23
senorpedrohow can i make the panel auto-hide?21:23
senorpedrohow can i set konqueror as default file manager?21:23
|newbie|<|newbie|> hello, I have this problem...  my machine can be restarted without a problem... but whenever I shutdown ( either system or button ) it won't start back... last time I got it started again magickally after one day or so after lots of tries... now it has been several weeks... what shall I do? there's allways some disk activity and the leds are on, but not even GRUB...21:23
senorpedrois amarok2 not integrated in kubuntu 8.10?21:23
gizmaco: I Added deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu intrepid main to my sources.list21:24
macogiz: ah! ok21:24
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gizmaco: Is it possible to remove gnome without breaking packages?21:26
senorpedrooh man, the kde4 konqueror sucks as file manager21:26
senorpedrothe tree-view is buggy21:26
senorpedrowhere are the + icons?21:27
mefisto__alarm: right-click panel, task manager settings21:27
macogiz: sure, you can remove all the gnome apps you dont want...21:27
siegiesenorpedro: dolphin?21:27
senorpedrodolphin sucks even more21:27
senorpedroi refuse to use dolphin21:27
gizthnks maco21:27
astrommesenorpedro: =/.21:28
* astromme is a fan of dolphin. Simple, clean and "just works" in his opinion.21:28
alarmmefisto__,  i dont see something that has to do with grouping (kde4.2)21:28
s0101can i get adress to ubuntu channel if anybody knows21:28
senorpedrohonestly, konqueror in kde 3.5. was the best file manager in the world, i never understood the decision to implement dolphin21:28
mefisto__alarm: you don't see "grouping and sorting" in task manager settings?21:29
alarmfirst of all there is no option task manager settings21:30
alarmbut panel settings (if this is what you mean)21:30
alarmand there is nothing, no21:30
s0101ubuntu channel?21:30
mefisto__senorpedro: I guess some people don't agree21:31
macos0101: how hard is it to remember #ubuntu?21:31
senorpedrobecause they dont know konqueror21:31
s0101i didint know where to put it manual21:31
mefisto__alarm: you are running kde 4.2 ?21:31
senorpedrowhy's konquerors sidebar broken? it doesnt show the dir-hierarchy (is empty) and the icons are all questionmarks21:32
alarmmefisto__,  yes , i wrote it above21:32
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david_I am trying to run a Soundblaster Audigy 1 [SB0090] but I cannot get it to work, the driver is installed, but I still hear no sound21:32
jimmy51_homehello, i just installed several updates (from the past week or so) and now compiz doesn't work at all.  has that been happening?21:33
kasenorpedro: sidebar works fine for me21:33
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jimmy51_homeSegmentation fault, Segmentation fault, kwin(5959) KDecorationPlugins::loadPlugin: kwin : path  "/usr/lib/kde4/kwin3_ozone.so"  for  "kwin3_ozone"  Checking for Xgl: not present.21:34
jimmy51_homedoes that mean my 3d accelerated drivers aren't running anymore?21:35
david_how can i get my sound to start working?21:36
jimmy51_homedavid_: sometimes you need to set the levels in the mixer21:37
david_mixer levels are set and nothing is muted21:38
david_using the ALSA driver21:38
jimmy51_homei've had to open some old text based one to enable channels... but i don't know too much about it.21:39
mefisto__alarm: http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=taskmvq9.png and http://img150.imageshack.us/my.php?image=taskmsettingsab7.png21:39
jimmy51_homeooh, glxinfo shows problems21:39
jimmy51_homemaybe the new kernel isn't playing well with my video driver?21:40
BleSSI had to change to ubuntu when I updated kubuntu to 8.10 (this will not be anything new) ;)21:40
BleSSdoes kde 4.2 is on repositories to install from apt? and (the most important) is it *stable*?21:40
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* Sp0tKubuntu is back.21:40
jimmy51_homerebooting with old kernel...21:40
alarmnop dont have this option21:41
mefisto__david_: does " cat /proc/asound/modules " show more than one module?21:42
alarmi'll see what i'll do21:42
alarmthanks anyway21:42
n_astromme, synergy looks very nice thx. is it possible only to change keyboard and not the mouse?21:42
mefisto__alarm: are you absolutely sure you've got 4.2 running?21:42
alarmyeap :)21:42
astrommen_: Hmm, I don't think so21:43
alarmno worries i will figure out how :) thank you still21:43
david_how would i check that21:43
n_:( there has to be a way u can lock the mouse on the destination screen...21:43
mefisto__david_: open konsole and type: cat /proc/asound/modules21:45
White_Pelicanwhat's the repository that has amarok 2?21:45
david_i see the following:21:46
david_0 snd_emu10kl21:46
david_and 1 snd_hda_intel21:46
mefisto__david_: do you know which one you have speakers connected to?21:46
senorpedrohow can i disable sounds in kopete?21:46
senorpedroand that stupid pop-up21:47
senorpedrowhen someone writes something21:47
mefisto__senorpedro: I bet it's in kopete settings21:47
david_no, I am using a SoundBlaster Audigy 1 [SB0090]21:47
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=== KRom is now known as K_R_o_m
david_edmundsonsenorpedro: settings->configure notifications21:48
neothecatgood afternoon.  after my upgrade, it seems like my Amarok has gotten all screwy.  keyboard problems, slow, not stopping tracks... anybody else see this?21:48
senorpedrothats not there21:48
senorpedroi'm searching all the time21:48
mefisto__david_: you could try blacklisting the intel one so the module for it doesn't load21:49
senorpedrohonestly kde4 is the biggest crap ever, 3.5 was million times better21:49
david_how would that work21:50
david_edmundsonsenorpedro:  ok, I'll tell Aaron and we'll scrap it all and go back to how it was21:50
david_edmundsonsenorpedro: did you find 'configure notifications' ?21:51
mefisto__david_: if you blacklist the intel one (probably built in to your motherboard) it won't work in linux21:51
senorpedronope, because its not there21:51
CoggzGot problems with MSN protocol.. someone please help! Pidgin, aMSN, Kopete etc wont connect to msn using libpurple or msn-pecan21:51
gizdavid_edmundson: funny how people resist change.21:51
david_so that would hopefully result in my Audigy working then?21:51
beachsurfinwhat's with the chinese font in my save dialog? http://bayimg.com/upload21:51
beachsurfinhttp://bayimg.com/GanpLAaBE   **21:52
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.21:52
david_edmundsonsenorpedro: are you running KDE 4.1  or 4.2 ?21:52
david_edmundsonsenorpedro: ah, look in the settings menu on the main kopete window (buddy list one) not a chat window21:52
david_edmundsonthey have different settings21:52
senorpedrothats what im doing21:53
david_edmundsongiz: tell me about it - I'm trying to persuade my company to upgrade their KDE3.4 to 3.5 !21:53
mefisto__david_: they should be able to work together, but you could try blacklisting21:53
david_how would i do that21:53
mefisto__david_: if you're not using the other one at all21:53
senorpedrokopete 0.60.321:53
White_Pelicandid anyone see my last question? I got no response21:53
jimmy51_homewhat would cause glx to seg fault after rebooting when it had been working fine for months?21:53
david_edmundsonsenorpedro: you sure youre on 4.2? my kopete version is 0.721:54
senorpedroit seems kubuntu8.10 has kde4.1.3 installed....21:54
senorpedrono, i think its 4.1.21:54
jimmy51_homeXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig21:54
david_edmundsonyeah, you're on 4.1.3 I'm sure there used to be notifications there (btw, you can also reach it at systemsettings->notifications then selecting kopete from the drop down)21:54
senorpedrobut that sound and that popups are extreme annoying21:54
mefisto__david_: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist21:54
david_edmundsonyeah, I've disabled almost all sounds21:55
david_edmundsonI don't want my computer beeping at me.21:55
senorpedrothats a good idea21:55
etfbWhat can I do in Kubuntu 8.10 to reduce battery usage?  My brand new laptop seems to have a life of 40 minutes on a full charge...21:55
david_okay, did that21:55
senorpedroi disable all sounds21:55
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senorpedrohow can i disable all sounds with one click? in 3.5 that was possible21:56
mefisto__david_: ok, at the end of that file (on a new line on it's own) put this in: blacklist snd_hda_intel21:56
White_PelicanNM I figured it out myself21:56
david_edmundsonanyhoo, if you know what you're doing - you might want to try KDE4.2 http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2 see here21:56
macosenorpedro: you could map a shortcut in khotkeys to mute all...21:57
mefisto__david_: then ctrl-X to quit. it will ask if you want to save the changes21:57
david_edmundsonor under system settings -> notifications-> player 'no sounds' that way your other audio stuff'll work still21:57
senorpedromaco: i dont want no shortcut, i want them muted forever21:57
senorpedrook thx david_edmundson21:58
mefisto__david_: once you've made that change and saved it, the next reboot will ignore that card and not load the module21:58
david_okay, thank you, i'm going to reboot now21:58
* maco smacks kmail21:59
macostupid thing keeps scrolling down to the bottom of the message list *all by itself*21:59
macoi want to see the top of the list22:00
gizHow do you use nepomuk?22:01
etfbWow!  Adept in KDE4.2 is even stupider and less usable than it was in KDE4.1!  I never would have thought it possible!22:02
macohow do i tell kde to pick a browser and stick with it?22:03
etfbmaco: Which version?22:03
etfbmaco: System Settings | Default Applications22:03
macolinks from pidgin open in epiphany (???), links from kmail open in konq, and other links open in firefox22:03
beachsurfinas mentioned previously, this is what my /sbin/iptables looks like in vim and cat22:04
beachsurfinanyone know what the problem may be?22:04
etfbmaco: In the Web Browser section (choose that from the list on the side) tell it to open links in firefox (or whatever) instead of konq.22:04
gizbye ya'll22:05
macoetfb: will that make pidgin stop using epiphany too?22:05
macoetfb: nevermind22:05
macopidgin apparently has a browser setting of its own. in gnome it opens in firefox. in kde, pidgin decided to use "sensible-browser" (which i guess means epiphany)22:06
mefisto__try symlinking "sensible-browser" to firefox. that might be a simple fix22:07
macoi just changed it to say firefox, but i dont know why pidgin does different things based on if im using kde or gnome22:08
neothecatcan anyone recommend any good podcatching software that works well with OPML (and NOT amarok)?22:08
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Szadekhello , is there bespin style debs updated for kubuntu ???22:09
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jcyvdicovering 8.1022:14
jcyvnetwork manager is 50 % of CPU22:15
fw1is there kdevelop for 4.2?22:15
ogreim trying to set colors on  <system settings <appearance and trying to match them up. there seems to be a fade in color from below window decoration how do i fix this? intrepid kde4 btw22:20
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david_edmundsonogre: uner window decorations select ozone22:22
david_edmundsonogre: there was a disagreement between the oxygen team and another guy about having a fade in, the compromise was to make another decoration set which allowed turning it off22:23
macooh is *that* what the difference is?22:24
astrommefw1: KDevelop4 (KDE4 kdevelop) is still under development22:24
macoi couldnt see any difference in the screenshots22:24
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ogredavid_edmundson:  beautiful, thank you. its my second day on kde4 and im trying to set my colors so far im looking pretty good. i think im going to submit to kde-look when im done22:27
david_edmundsonogre: awesome. I'll be sure to have a look :-)22:27
fw1oh java apps don't have qt bindings, just gnome?22:28
AlanasAnikonisi think i've seen java -qt libs22:29
david_edmundsonaye, apt-cache search java qt brings up results22:29
fw1netbeans looks very ugly22:29
david_edmundsonthough a lot have qt3 in the name22:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mp222:30
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:30
mefisto__libqt3-java ?22:32
david_edmundsonI imagine that's for developing QT apps in java, it won't magically transofrm everything22:34
senorpedrowhere can i get kubuntu 8.04?22:41
mefisto__kubuntu.org ?22:43
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tomdavidsonhello, having troubles with upgradeing 8.10 to kde 4.2. I followed the directions from the kubuntu.org news article and have posted here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6653398#post6653398 not meaning to cross post, but i should have been looking here first.22:47
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mefisto__tomdavidson: so the problem is packages are kept back?22:52
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Frederickfolks Ive installed a karamba applet but it does not inform my pc temperature do I need to install any package so it works??22:53
tomdavidsonmefisto__:  sorry, wasnt very clear, the problem is now window decorations and im wondering how to verify the upgrade?22:53
mefisto__tomdavidson: in konqueror, help > about KDE22:54
mefisto__tomdavidson: I had gwenview held back but not all those others. I removed gwenview, then installed it again. seemed to work22:55
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tomdavidsonmefisto__: ok, kde 4.2 thanks. ok, will try the gwenview22:56
tomdavidsonmefisto__: any ideas about the window decorations?22:58
kilanii need help with a distribution upgrade23:00
mefisto__tomdavidson: just guessing, but I would probably log out of kde, log in terminal, try removing those packages, then manually install them again. then log in to kde and see if it's any better. but again, that's just what my instinct tells me23:01
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tomdavidsonmefisto__: ok, will give it a go, thanks23:03
mefisto__tomdavidson: let me know if that works23:03
tomdavidsonmefisto__: will do, thanks for the suggestions23:05
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Frederickfolks Ive installed a karamba applet but it does not inform my pc temperature do I need to install any package so it works??23:11
dewmanlotta people here...but no ones talking... must be sleeping.... =)23:14
tomdavidsonI can try to help, what is up?23:15
tomdavidsonmefisto__: had to remove quanta.... loging in, and now i could visually see the differnce from 4.1, but still no window decorations23:21
Sp0tKubuntuWhere do i put my auth for "Konversation", F8? And then Auto ident?23:21
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Carefreewhat's a good tool for linux to defragment my NTFS vista partition?23:23
Carefreei'm using a live CD so that none of the windows files are in use for more effective defragmentation23:23
mefisto__Carefree: why not use windows to do it? I don't think linux tools are the way to go, if they exist at all23:25
Carefreeit move files out of the end of the drive23:25
Carefreeit won't move them23:25
tomdavidsonmefisto__: run upgrade again and it caught libkdecorations4 and system-config-printer-kde, not out have the window boarders and what not. im fixed up. thanks.23:26
mefisto__tomdavidson: good news. was that done when logged in to kde? just trying to work out whether it makes a difference if kde is running or not23:27
jirikHi, I would like to report bug. Maybe it is not bug, but it is very annoying. I have HP 6720s with Intel Dual core processor, 3 GB Ram and integrated Intel 965 graphic card. Alongside I expect perfect 3D effects. But there are two problems. The first:23:28
jirik1) When I maximalize the window via click in the system tray and the "maximalize" effect will open it, the window is maximalized, for a tiny part of second it is all white and after that is displayed its content. Disgusting ...23:30
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Sp0tKubuntuWhere do i put my auth for "Konversation", F8? And then Auto ident?23:30
tomdavidsonmefisto__: i stoped kdm will i was working on it and then restarted after the packages were reinstalled. when i still lacked the decorations, i upgraded via apt-get again and restarted kdm. does that answear your question?23:31
cbwcjwjirik: http://bugs.kde.org23:32
jirik2) By right-clicking on windows decoration, system tray etc. is displayed list of available actions as "Task manager options" or "Configure windows behaviour". This menu is displayed sometimes correctly, but sometimes after very tiny black-color-weird-something instead of menu.23:32
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots23:32
tomdavidsonSp0tKubuntu: i would like to try and help, but other than useing konversation myself, i do not have a clue what you are trying to accomplish. canyou give more info?23:33
jirikcbwcjw: I see, but I would like to know, whether it is general problem KDE 4.2, or I have only integrated graphic card and this is the problem.23:33
cbwcjwjirik: If it is an ubuntu-related bug, do the 2nd one. Your problem seems like it should be on kde.org23:33
cbwcjwjirik: Probably the drivers, but im not sure.23:33
jirikcbwcjw: Drivers for Intel graphic card are not installed by user, but are in linux-core (?)23:34
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: Do you know auth on quakenet?23:34
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware23:36
tomdavidsonSp0tKubuntu: i c now. no, i have never done anything with quakenet. sorry23:36
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson:  So you dont where to fill out the infos i have for using it?23:37
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: Maybe there is no "Auth" section in "Konversation"23:37
Sp0tKubuntuAnyone inhere knows if there is a "Auth" function like used on Quakenet in "Konversation"? Plz PM me23:38
adbenhi everyone... i wanna ask you ... how can i do a deep clean of the kde user , not just "rm -R ~/.kde" , 'cuz kbuildsycoca4 crashes and didn't let me in, but other user does..23:39
tomdavidsonSp0tKubuntu: i know there is auth for irc. what is quakenet?23:39
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: Quakenet is a server for IRC like "Ubuntu IRC"23:40
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: But do you know where i fill out the "Auth" part in konversation?23:41
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: I have the infos from quakenet, i just wonder where to put then, thet have to be loader every time i connect to give me the right ident23:42
tomdavidsonSp0tKubuntu: thats what i was thinking.... i was mistaken with my prev statment of auth in konversation. i am using kopete. auth settings of user/passwd are onthe basic tab of the account set up.23:42
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: Ahh, that ok! :-) I need to find it in Konversation23:43
tomdavidsonSp0tKubuntu: installin konversation right now...23:43
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: Cool, thanks alot, cant find it, or im not sure its the right thing i have found, F8 idendities, and then auto ident23:44
Sp0tKubuntuBut dosent seem to work23:44
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: BRB, have to test23:44
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: Dosent seems to work in there23:46
tomdavidsonSp0tKubuntu: what about the service and password fields in the identity set up dialog?23:47
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: I have tryed, but im not sure how to fill em ind23:47
tomdavidsonSp0tKubuntu: or when i go to add server, i am promted to enter a password (but no username, quakenet reserves nicknames right? so maybe that is the username)23:48
tomdavidsonSp0tKubuntu: with out an quakenet account im leaning on the password when the server is added23:49
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: BRB. trying again23:50
Sp0tKubuntutomdavidson: Trying again! BRB23:55
tbr281noticed something on 4.223:58
tbr281when installing a new app it doest show up in the K menu23:59

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