tretlethe css would be great00:01
tretledoes the maintainer of planet.ubuntu.com hang around here?02:03
_MMA_tretle: At a better time for the EU, find the guy named "Ng" and ask him who's the maintainer.02:23
_MMA_NG is a Ubuntu sysadnim and dev or Terminator.02:24
tretlelol, yeah its 2.35am here in ireland :D02:25
_MMA_tretle: Though, he's a bit of a night owl so you might get lucky. PM him.02:26
dilomohi guys. how are you?11:16
dilomothorwil: any news11:18
dilomoI've been in a session and I had to study a lot so have I missed something interesting?11:19
thorwildilomo: hi. not really. i'm working on the submission for the free culture showcase this weekend11:19
thorwildilomo: soon we will have 2 mailing lists if you havn't read that, yet11:20
dilomoI read that but could not quite undertend who will be able to post to the one with the current name11:20
thorwildilomo: everyone on the whitelist will be able to post directly, others will be moderated11:21
thorwildilomo: i think you have a ticket to the whitelist ;)11:21
dilomo:) thanks11:22
dilomothorwil: do you know css?11:22
thorwildilomo: i used to know it very well. not in training anymore11:22
dilomois it easy to learn?11:23
dilomocan you reccomend me abook or smth?11:23
dilomobecause I want to make a firefox theme but it is mostly css11:23
thorwilsadly the reference i used is only available in german and french11:25
dilomook I will find something on ggl11:26
thorwildilomo: found a recommendation for http://htmldog.com/guides/cssbeginner/11:26
savvasdilomo: I'd recommend html dog too11:26
dilomothorwil: thanks for the link11:27
savvasthe best practice guide xhtml & css book11:27
savvasat least that's how it's titled :P11:27
dilomopcidropp is super slow11:32
dilomoI wanted to show you smth but still uploading11:32
thorwilit's too popular, it seems :)11:35
dilomohere's another likn11:35
dilomothorwil: what do you think of the trash popup?11:36
thorwildilomo: looks alright to me11:37
thorwilthe color makes for a good balance with the bars above it11:37
thorwildilomo: though i'd wish for a bit of an edge, a line between sidebar and ain area11:37
thorwilmain area, even11:38
dilomoI wish too but it seems imposible to theme in anutilus11:38
thorwilthe 3 dots for the resize handle are not quite fortunate11:38
dilomoI agree11:40
dilomothow just have been told that it is not possible:11:41
dilomo(13,39,19) benzea: well, the question is whether nautilus calls into the theme to draw the background (if nothing has been specified by the user)11:41
dilomo(13,39,30) benzea: I am not sure if it does, but think that it is likely it does not11:41
dilomo(13,39,54) benzea: and should my feeling be right here, you cannot do anything11:41
dilomohowever what's up with the background11:44
dilomofor jaunty?11:44
thorwildilomo: there's a chance we will see a briefing for the final wallpaper11:46
thorwilmeanwhile lets wait what is chosen for the next alpha, i'd say11:46
thorwilfood, bbl11:46
dilomook :)11:47
tretleNg you there?18:42
_MMA_tretle: U gave you the channels to look in yesterday. He's never in here.19:18
tretle_MMA_ just looked over the logs and you never gave me the channels he could be in19:25
_MMA_tretle:  /whois Ng19:26
_MMA_Come on man. ;)19:26
tretleits not listing any channels19:27
_MMA_Yes it does.19:27
SiDiAnyone using elegant brit theme here ?20:49

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