jcastroHowdy folks!00:00
robbmunsonhowdy jcastro :)00:00
j1mcHi jcastro :)00:00
nhandlerHey jcastro00:00
jcastrook, we're going to get started, please shout out what LoCo you're from (or if you're not) and if you plan on running a bug jam!00:00
txwikingerhi jcastro00:00
jcastroie. introduce yourselves!00:00
rick_h_Ubuntu MI baby!00:00
robbmunsonUbuntu LA all the way!00:01
j1mcI'm from the ubuntu-chicago team.00:01
nhandlerI'm with ubuntu-chicago too00:01
txwikingerKitchener/Waterloo LUG .. and formerly SBLUG, Birmingham, UK00:01
nhainesUbuntu California!  We're doing one at SCaLE next month!00:01
_patrickdI'm sorta with ubuntu-ie00:01
j1mcnhaines: sounds great!00:01
robbmunsonand no, i just came to see "how to do one" if i ever wanted to :)00:01
jcastroWell, in this session we're going to be going over how to plan and successfully run a good jam00:02
jcastroand share tips and tricks on how to make that easier.00:02
jcastroFirst of all00:02
jcastroif you're going to run a jam, you should put it on this list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam00:02
jcastrothis lets users know that there is a jam in the area and helps us keep track of who is doing what00:03
jcastrothe second most important thing is this document: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam00:03
jcastrowhich is basically things we gleaned from the last GBJ and other independant jams from around the world00:03
jcastroyou are of course encouraged to add your experiences on that document.00:03
jcastroOne thing that should be clear to everyone though, especially those of you having your first jams ...00:04
jcastrothe main goal of the GBJ is for local teams to get together00:04
jcastroto meet each other, help each other out, and basically help each other improve00:04
jcastroso don't get sidetracked by the # of bugs you triage00:05
jcastroor if one person is slower than someone else or whatever00:05
jcastroLast jam I did ~30 some bugs in a session and my friend did like 5 so he was kind of upset.00:05
jcastrothe idea is he learned something00:05
jcastroso even do we tracks stats and have bug bingo and all that, as long as it's a successful gathering of people at the LoCo then it's all good.00:06
jcastroany questions so gar?00:06
jcastroer, far?00:06
j1mcdoing ok here.  :)00:06
jcastroalso, feel free to jump in and throw out tips00:06
robbmunsonnone from me :)00:06
jcastroOk, if you look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam00:07
jcastrothe toughest part is probably finding a venue00:07
jcastro(That 5-a-day PDF is great to print up and hand out as well)00:07
jcastrolots of LoCo's shoot for something cheap or free00:08
jcastrolike a library or university00:08
jcastrothough really that depends up to your group00:08
jcastrosome go to pubs, etc. so whatever works for you00:08
jcastroThe "tutor" person listed there is also important.00:08
jcastrothere should be someone in the group who has done this before or is willing to learn before the event00:09
jcastroSo you should encourage your members to maybe hang out in #ubuntu-bugs or participate in a hug day so they can follow along with more experienced people00:09
jcastroor they can follow their favorite bugs or whatever to see how other people triage bugs00:10
jcastrothat set of pages is the primary set of docs we use to triage bugs.00:10
jcastroPedro has put a bunch of time trying to make it as simple as possible00:10
jcastromost people will do "Report" or "Triage"00:11
jcastroand the more advanced people can do "Fix a Bug"00:11
j1mcis the bug jam more about triaging and fixing?00:11
jcastroso you can divide people into groups by skill, or you can do mentoring in pairs, whatever matches your group's skill level00:11
jcastroI mostly triage, but not really, any kind of bug work is fine00:11
jcastroif you spend all weekend hacking to just fix one really complicated bug then that's great too00:12
jcastroat the bottom here00:12
nhainesBug jams are good ways for people to get together and learn how to contribute back from friendly people.00:12
jcastrowe've put lists of bugs sorted by how difficult they are00:13
jcastroso, the first one, new bugs with no packages assigned00:13
jcastrobasically, that's when someone reports "by browser doesn't work" but doesn't assign it to "Firefox"00:13
jcastrothose are relatively easy00:13
jcastrothere are also lists for "Bugs marked for expiration"00:13
jcastroOne can probably spend the whole time going through older bugs asking the original reporter if they still have the same problem00:14
jcastroalso, along with these lists00:14
jcastrogroups can sometimes work on something they all have in common00:14
jcastrolike say "hey, me and my friends all like amarok, let's do our bug jam day on amarok bugs"00:15
jcastroso while we do provide these lists of bugs, whatever you're comforable with works best00:15
jcastroonce the venue is set00:15
jcastropromoting the jams is a large key to participation00:16
jcastroso on the RunningBugJam page we have some tips and tricks00:16
jcastrocan anyone think of any more?00:16
nhandlerYou can also keep track of your progress using 5-a-day (which I bet Daniel will talk about)00:17
jcastroI have noticed this time around that some Local Teams are asking other teams in their regional areas00:17
j1mcprerequisites... getting ssh keys for participants00:17
jcastroso you can check out what your local friendly chicago team is up to, etc.00:17
jcastroj1mc: where do you see that?00:18
jcastrooh, for the 5-a-day thing00:18
jcastroright now people are working on making the applet and all that set up unneccesarry00:18
j1mcjcastro: it should be there, yeah...00:18
jcastrois anyone here not familiar with the 5-a-day program?00:20
jcastrook so if people want to track each bug they work on they can sign up for 5-a-day00:20
txwikingerWill there also be a KDE4 plasmoid?00:20
jcastrotxwikinger: I believe the plan will be just having people join the 5-a-day group00:20
jcastroand having something check lp and their group to spit out stats00:20
jcastrobasically, the user doesn't need an applet or anything anymore00:21
nhandlerjcastro: So the group will be revived? I thought it was only for development now00:21
jcastronhandler: yes, but it's not finished and bdmurray and dholbach are working on it00:21
jcastroit should be ready in time for the GBJ00:21
cfochaqui sera la charla???00:22
nhandlerjcastro: Awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product00:22
jcastroalso, though we are talking about the Global Bug Jam right now, locos can have jams anytime they want00:22
jcastrofor example the Berlin LoCo runs bug jams on a regular basis00:22
jcastrothe global bug jam is just when we all do it together, for great justice.00:23
jcastroalso, another key component is post-jam things00:23
jcastroso you'll want to blog about00:23
jcastrotake pictures, put and tag them online, etc.00:23
jcastroof course. :D00:23
j1mctxwikinger: unless you have ppl under 21 there... then may need to reconsider beer.00:24
jcastrothat way you can capture the fun so that next time around you can use the pictures in your marketing materials to show people how much fun it is00:24
txwikingerj1mc: that depends on the country ;)00:25
j1mctxwikinger: right.  :)00:25
jcastroalso you should be prepared for the random person who saw there are ubuntu people gathering and just randomly shows up00:25
jcastroso you can also use it as a means to attract new people00:25
jcastroremember the key goal is loco participation and growth00:26
* robbmunson loves the help so new people are a definate +1 :)00:26
jcastroso if you're flooded with a bunch of new users and you spend time helping them instead of fixing bugs then no one will complain. :D00:26
cfochOne moment00:26
cfochcan somebody speak me in spanish??00:27
jcastroI unfortunately do not remember any of my spanish00:27
txwikingerun poquito00:27
erichammondIs there any sort of graph on launchpad which shows the total number of bug changes per hour/day?  It would be nice to see the activity reflected during a GBJ.00:27
jcastroother resources we have00:27
nhandlererichammond: I think bdmurray has some graphs on his people.ubuntu.com page, but I'm not sure00:28
jcastroerichammond: not current, but we do have this: http://daniel.holba.ch/5-a-day-stats/00:28
jcastroduring the jam you'll notice all the new tags and teams moving up the lists00:28
jcastroas well as groups00:28
jcastroI suspect Club Ubuntu will have a strong showing once again00:29
j1mcare those stats in real time?00:29
nhandlerj1mc: It is a cronjob00:29
jcastro10 minutes I believe?00:30
robbmunsonjcastro, i think so00:30
jcastronote that club ubuntu is usually a bunch of people who aren't near LoCos00:30
cfochi have created a new comunity the 25/01/0900:30
jcastroso even if you're not meeting up with someone you can still participate00:30
jcastroon the main GBJ page we also have a GlobalBugJam.pdf00:31
jcastroyou can print that out and give it to people who participate00:31
jcastroalso, new this year are a bunch of instructional videos00:31
jcastroyou might want to ask participants to watch the video before the event00:31
jcastroor you could show it at the event00:31
jcastroyou should also tell people that they should get a launchpad account before the event00:32
jcastrothat will save you some time in the long run00:32
jcastroalso, as you can see ... the california people are having an event during SCaLE00:32
jcastrowe encourage local teams to use events as an opportunity to run a jam00:33
jcastroany more questions?00:33
jcastroyou guys are too easy. :D00:33
jcastroOne of my favorite pages is this one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage00:34
j1mci feel like ubuntu-chicago has a good start... we just need to make things come together.  this will be our first one.00:34
jcastrotriaging bugs is a skill that can get rusty00:34
jcastroI myself constantly need to refer to the documentation or people00:35
jcastroThat's what makes 5-a-day great, it keeps you sharp for things like this00:35
jcastroso you might use the GBJ to learn how to do a good job00:35
cfochcan somebody give me a link about how to organize a Ubuntu global Bug Jam in IRC, in spanish???00:35
jcastroand then do a few a day00:35
jcastroI will find someone to do a translation of this page00:36
jcastrowe should get something up in multiple languages00:36
jcastroany other recommendation for these pages?00:37
jcastrowe've tried to make them as simple as we can00:37
jcastrook, I will send a mail to see if we can get the page translated into major languages.00:38
j1mcjcastro: the material sections look helpful.  thanks.00:38
jcastroj1mc: if a LoCo makes something we encourage them to just throw it on there00:39
jcastroone thing that might be fun would be a big bug bingo board00:39
cfochmy email is: cfoch@live.com, if you get a translation, send me a email00:39
jcastrolike on a whiteboard or projector00:39
nhandlerj1mc: Adding a section to the wiki that outlines some of the things that you should do as an individual before the jam might be a good idea00:39
nhandler* jcastro00:39
jcastrothings like "get your lp account", etc.00:40
jcastroany other tips or tricks you guys would like to share?00:40
nhandlerjcastro: We have the greasemonkey scripts for Firefox that make Launchpad more usable00:41
jcastroah right00:41
jcastronhandler: it might be a good idea to link those up at the bottom of the GBJ page, after the 5-a-day00:42
rick_h_jcastro: sorry, I've actually not done a bug jam with you guys.00:42
jcastroone thing we found useful00:42
jcastrois someone sets up a laptop on the projector with a browser open00:42
jcastroand when someone gets "stuck" or doesn't know what to do00:43
jcastrothey yell out the number, and someone loads it up00:43
jcastroand then they discuss the bug and what possible ways to proceed00:43
jcastrothe nice thing is, if the group still can't figure it out, one person can ask on #ubuntu-bugs during the jam00:43
jcastroand then when they get the answer they can share it with the group00:43
jcastroI found this really useful because it makes it an open discussion00:44
jcastroso one person will say "someone should tell the reporter to add this log" or whatever00:44
jcastrothen that way everyone knows the information00:44
jcastroalso, there are certain bugs that have a certain workflow00:45
jcastro(one sec, searching for it)00:45
nhandlerAnother thing that might be useful to LOCOs that decide to try and patch bugs (or are doing other work in a terminal) is http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/shared-terminal-sessions-over-ssh/. That blog post by bodhizazen explains how to set up a computer so that people can connect via ssh to a read-only shell00:45
jcastroso for example for X bugs there's a certain way to do them00:46
jcastrothat would save you some time00:47
jcastroalso ...00:47
nhandlerhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses also saves time for some bugs00:47
jcastrothis will basically give you so much information you won't know what to do with. :D00:47
jcastrobut generally speaking if you just follow the triage guide and have people follow along then that will be fine00:47
jcastroany other questions?00:49
jcastrowell, you can ask questions on the loco-contacts mailing list00:49
jcastroyou can also mail me directly at jorge@ubuntu.com00:50
jcastroI encourage you to hang out in #ubuntu-bugs00:50
jcastroand reach out to other groups doing the Jam to share ideas and best practices!00:50
nhandlerI would also recommend looking at some triaged bugs on Launchpad. You can learn a lot from them00:50
jcastroas you can see we don't have as many sign ups for the GBJ as we do locos - so get the word out!00:50
nhandlerThanks a lot for giving this session Jorge00:50
jcastroget other groups to sign up!00:50
jcastrosomething a little competition helps00:50
jcastrofor example I am confident that the michigan team will demolish chicago. :p00:51
* nhandler refrains from commenting00:51
jcastrook thanks everyone for coming!00:51
jcastroI appreciate you taking the time!00:51
* jcastro runs out for some brazilian food00:51
rhdunooh, where?00:52
nhandlerIs someone adding these logs to the wiki?00:52
jcastronhandler: might be a good idea00:52
jcastronhandler: or mail them to me, I need to consolidate with daniel's logs anyway00:52
txwikingerbon appetite, jcastro00:53
nhandlerjcastro: Sure thing. I'll send you a copy00:53
jcastrorhdun: this place called Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse00:53
jcastrosounds yummu00:53
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Dykamreboot gedit... how is it possible for a static program to... become heavy13:07
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