BsimsRan into an error upgrading I am not sure what package caused it but I got a segfault and then this upon recomended fix"dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed."01:00
Devin_Mcan someone here help me?01:04
BsimsAnyone have any clue01:04
Bsimswhats up Devin_M01:04
Devin_Mdo you know of a good programming language easy to learn and good support in ubuntu?01:04
BsimsDevin_M: perl or python01:05
Devin_Mdo you know of any good tools for ubuntu? compilers and such01:05
BsimsDevin_M: apt-get install build essential01:05
Bsimsand get used to installing package-devel01:06
Bsimser -dev01:06
Devin_Mokay, so just install build-essential, but wht do you mean by "get used to installing package-devel"01:07
BsimsWell the headers used to build a package from source are packaged seperate from the deb01:08
Bsimsfor example gnomelibs don't contain the headers needed to complile a gnome program01:08
Devin_Mstill not following, sorry, new to linux01:08
directhexDevin_M, what do you use to program currently?01:10
Devin_Muh, I just want to learn, my only realy experience is with vb in windows01:11
Devin_Mand a little c/c++01:11
directhexvb6 or vb.net?01:11
Devin_MI think01:11
Devin_MI'm pretty sure01:12
Devin_Mbut just school stuff01:12
Devin_Mnothing big01:12
BsimsDevin_M: try bash to start out with, then perl01:13
directhexthis isn't really the place for the question01:13
Devin_MI thought that stood for born again shell?01:14
directhexand it's a "which is better, cat or dog" question too01:14
Devin_Myeah, I know, but I just wanted to start somewhere01:14
directhexubuntu has environments for loads of programming languages. easily tens, if not a hundred. what you want to use depends on the task at hand, and personal preference01:14
Devin_MI thought here was convenient01:14
directhexi'd advocate c#. people might disagree01:14
savvasDevin_M: here's a forum post with various tutorials: http://www.ubuntucy.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=708#p356901:15
savvassee which one seems better/easier for you01:15
Devin_Mokay, thanks a lot, I really appreciate it01:15
savvasand since you're new, don't forget the ubuntu guide book: http://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/01:17
savvasthankfully the author provides a free pdf :)01:17
Devin_Myeah, I was just about to look at it, but I don't think I have and pdf viewers installed other that ooo01:18
savvasin ubuntu?01:18
savvasyou have pre-installed pdf viewers01:18
Devin_Moh, oka01:18
Devin_Mgood to know01:19
Devin_Mis bash the same as the terms and commands used in the terminal?01:39
kolbyis there a REVU channel?01:42
kolby#revu didn't work01:43
mrooneykolby: I think you want #ubuntu-motu01:43
* lamont pounds his head on the desk01:46
lamontso... how do I convince d-i that the install of the base system succeeded, now that I've finished doing its job for it?01:46
* lamont pokes slangasek 01:47
lamontseems that 8.04.2 lacks linux-restricted-modules$mumble-hppa32, so the install FAILS01:47
slangasekhotwiring the postinst of whatever script was supposed to do it?01:47
lamontyeah. it's the "whatever script" that's the question01:48
slangasekbase-setup, maybe?01:48
lamontoutside the /target, yes?01:48
lamontrun_waypoints base-installer/progress/installing-base01:53
lamont^^ now how do I get it to forget that a step failed, I wonder01:53
lamontInstallation complete02:03
* lamont checks for LYING02:03
lamont[17179577.264000] VFS: Cannot open root device "md0" or unknown-block(2,0)02:06
lamontclearly I'll need to get my duct tape out in a bit02:07
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tagI don't know what fix exactly it was that you pushed out in the last 48 hours, but it stopped this constant problem I've been having for the last year with my system running incredibly hot.  So, thanks!06:52
Hobbsee(you're welcome)06:57
Mithrandirhi Hobbsee07:01
Hobbseehey there Mithrandir!07:01
cjwatsonLaney: I believe that the conflicts were superseded by a different solution (maintainer script hacking)09:06
cjwatsonLaney: but if you notice that the conflicts are present in the *current* Debian package but not in Ubuntu, by all means file a bug ...09:07
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ebroderHmm...so hardy-backports has Xen 3.3, but ubuntu-xen-server in hardy explicitly depends on Xen 3.2 components. Who gets the bug? Backports? The xvm-meta package?11:03
Hobbseeebroder: backports11:04
* Hobbsee mumbles about crackports, and how stuff's obviously not getting tested properly before going through?11:04
Hobbseeebroder: basically, if it's not a problem with the latest release (usually the release it was backported from), it's a bug for backports.11:07
ebroderOk. And...if I'm going to propose a fix, what should I use for a version number? Hardy has 0.0.1-2ubuntu8, and Intrepid has 0.0.1-2ubuntu9, so 0.0.1-2ubuntu8hardy1 or something?11:08
ebroder(Also, why on earth isn't this a Debian-native package?)11:09
Hobbseeebroder: 0.0.1-2ubuntu9~hardy1 is the usual convention, as far as i know11:24
Hobbsee(no idea on why it isn't native, i don't deal in xen)11:24
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mnabil_workguys , is there an application or a framework for building ubuntu from source ?13:57
ion_For what purpose?13:57
mnabil_workas i wanna to trim down package dependencies13:57
mnabil_workion_, development and customization purposes13:58
mnabil_workion_, any idea ?14:03
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daanhey, i need some help14:13
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jelmerare bzr looms a valid patching system ?15:53
emgentsomeone saw google ?16:05
G__81i installed Ubuntu 8.10 for the first time and i am really impressed. Great Work Guys. I see a big difference between this and Fedora as i ve been a long time fedora user16:19
G__81Keep up the Great work16:19
zirodayHi, does anyone know what might have happened to the welcome slideshow that was supposadly targeted for jaunty according to http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/136/ or who I might want to talk to?16:28
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superm1ziroday, as far as i'm aware, it's still targeted for jaunty.  you'll want to check with evand sometime during the week (UK work hours)16:42
zirodaysuperm1: awesome, thanks!16:42
DktrKranzcjwatson, re bug 323413, it seems it hasn't been synced correctly, I still see old version in LP.17:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323413 in missingpy "Please sync missingpy (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32341317:09
ScottKjelmer: I wouldn't think so.17:24
ScottKjelmer: Although if you wrote sufficient documentation in README.Source, it might.17:25
jelmerScottK: Ok, so no particular reason other than the fact that it's not listed atm?17:26
ScottKjelmer: It's not really a patch system.17:26
sharperguyanyone here know if/when we might see python3-tk in jaunty? (sorry if this is the wrong place to ask)17:26
jelmerScottK: Looms? They're pretty similar to quilt, just more integrated with the VCS17:27
ScottKI don't really know about them as I'm a pretty basic bzr user.17:28
ScottKOne can use a lot of different tools, but using relatively obscure ways to solve common problems is not, IMO, generally good.17:28
ScottKIt makes it harder for whoever comes along next to touch the package.17:28
jelmerScottK: Well, Ubuntu seems to be moving in this particular direction17:29
ScottKWe have future plans, but I don't recall looms being mentioned in the specs.17:30
jelmerNoMoreSourcePackages mentions  it17:31
ScottKOK.   I missed that then.17:32
ScottKToday, stuff like that will narrow the range of people who will/can work on the package.17:32
ScottKThe future is likely to be different.17:33
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cjwatsonDktrKranz: I forgot to flush that batch into the queue. In progress now.18:25
* DktrKranz hugs cjwatson, sorry for bothering you during weekend18:26
cjwatsonjelmer,ScottK: I would say that since it's perfectly valid to use no patch system at all, it's also valid to use looms, *provided* that you take responsibility for merging in changes made by people who don't know how to drive it.18:26
cjwatson(i.e. people might upload changes not represented in the loom)18:26
ScottKcjwatson: Sounds reasonable to me.18:26
cjwatsonthere are probably people today who have packages in a revision control system which isn't publicly usable, which is sort of equivalent (I certainly do for some of my Debian packages, although I'm trying to move them all to bzr)18:27
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ScottKCertainly, but I think the Debian situation is a bit different because there uploads by someone other than a dedicated maintainer are an exception and when there is a team, the team has generally agreed on a common toolset.18:32
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loolI'm about to push ubuntu-meta to update the dep on hwtest-gtk to checkbox-gtk; hope that's ok20:27
lool(WRT A4)20:27
pochuhi lool :)20:27
loolpochu: how is it going?20:27
pochulool: quite good. almost finished my exams20:28
loolOh nice20:28
pochuand I'm starting to learn C :)20:28
loolEh, is certainly useful around what you package :)20:28
pochuyeah :)20:28
pochuthe bad news are that my AM seems to have gone MIA ;)20:29
loolAh; hopefully not for too long or you'll get a new one20:29
loolHmm how useful20:29
lool    raise RuntimeError('Unable to retrieve package list from debootstrap: %s' % debootstrap_stdout)20:29
loolRuntimeError: Unable to retrieve package list from debootstrap:20:29
loolBut then I'm not up-to-date due to checkbox/hwcheck; vicious circle20:31
ogralool, did you deliberately wait until slangasek stepped on the train to do that meta update ? :)20:38
ograplane indeed20:39
sharperguyRight I'm trying to add the "Replaces:" line to the package python3.0 (which I think might be why idle-python3 isn't installable) but everytime I run "debuild -S" it undoes the changes...20:42
loologra: I think it breaks upgrades; didn't you get that issue when upgrading to checkbox?20:42
loolI'd rather unbreak them before A420:43
ogralool, i shamefully admit that my lappie still runs intrepid20:43
sistpotysharperguy: maybe control is generated from e.g. control.in?20:44
sharperguysistpoty, yeah that might make sense (I'm new to packaging)20:45
ogralool, i'll do my upgrade from the local mirror in berlin20:45
sistpotysharperguy: maybe #ubuntu-motu might be a better place to ask that questions ;)20:45
sharperguyah ok ty20:46
sistpotyyou're welcome, sharperguy:20:46
bluefoxicyso when this thing says "restart session"20:51
bluefoxicyas in, you go to share a folder, it installs samba, and says "You need to restart your session in order to enable sharing"20:51
bluefoxicywhat does it mean, "Session"?20:51
bluefoxicy... log-in session?20:52
loolHmm even after upgrading, ./update files20:52
* lool runs germinate manually20:52
loolHmm worked; weird20:57
loolNo special changes in debootstrap and germinate20:57
loolUhoh, my install is seriously hosed21:09
pochulool: that's why ogra still runs Intrepid :)21:16
ogralool, perfect for a day before the sprint :P21:16
loolI was fearing all my python modules were broken, but actually I just hit two bugs21:17
loolIt seems I can't ./update because debootstrap returns an error code, but doesn't output anything21:18
loolWeird, it runs: ['debootstrap', '--arch', 'amd64', '--print-debs', 'jaunty', 'debootstrap-dir', 'http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/']21:20
loolAnd that works fine here21:20
* lool tries agian withing python21:23
loolPrinting stderr this time21:23
loolOh I wonder whether it's just archive.u.c failing from time to time21:23
loolI get many errors recently21:23
loolYeah, it passed amd64 fine; so it must be transient issues with archive.u.c  :-/21:26
ograi noticed that too21:26
ograapparently loaded ... though i wonder what causes the load21:26
elmoogra: the kernel security updates21:26
ograprobably 8.04.221:26
slangasekogra, lool: heh22:06
slangasekwhat broke, exactly?  Anything I can help with?22:06
slangasek(The Portland Mafia have a 5-hour layover here in JFK)22:06
ograsomething about the change from hwtest-gtk to checkbox-gtk22:07
loolslangasek: Mailed you22:07
slangasekok - wasn't sure if that mail was from before or after something being broken :)22:08
loolslangasek: The actual problem I had on IRC earlier seemed to be due to archive.u.c slowness22:08
loolslangasek: hwcheck was fragile and hwcheck -> checkbox made this obvious; I'm hoping that making the move to checkbox easier will help22:08
loolWhich is why I was trying to push an ubuntu-meta if it's still not too late22:08
slangasekyeah, not too late at all; merging ubuntu-meta is a normal part of the milestone process anyway :)22:09
slangaseklool: was the libwmf addition yours, or just something pulled in when you ./update-d?22:10
sistpotytjaalton: libdrm, I just saw http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21861310/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-powerpc.mesa_7.3-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz... will the new version fix that and I only need to click on rebuild for mesa?22:10
slangasekah, Riddell's addition22:11
slangasekRiddell: why did you add libwmf0.2-7-gtk to the desktop seed, exactly?  Your bzr changelog includes no rationale22:12
slangasekRiddell: libraries should normally be pulled in by the packages that need them instead of being directly seeded, surely?22:13
sistpotytjaalton: ah, obviously not... I'll add the depends back on any for linux-libc-dev... ok? (or bryce)?22:13
loolslangasek: No, Riddell split libwmf because of the gtk dep it has, but I mailed him that it should probably be seeded if we want to keep the same functionality22:14
loolslangasek: libwmf0.2-7-gtk is a gtk module to load wmf files22:15
slangasekok, all makes sense now :)22:15
loollibwmf0.2-7 is pulled anyway, so for a marginal size we get support in gtk for them in gtk seeds22:15
loolSuch as thumbnails etc22:15
loolOr eog22:15
sistpotycrap, I'm still at -0ubuntu2... damn mirror lag *g*22:16
loolslangasek: (pushed ubuntu-meta)22:17
loolmailed cjwatson22:17
sistpotyScottK (or bryce): second opinion about libdrm... I dropped the arch specific linux-libc-dev and have it require on all arches, so that mesa should build... however I can't say I know what I'm doing right now definitely, so I'd like to hear a second opinion22:22
ScottKsistpoty: It was versioned before it was dropped.22:22
loolsistpoty: We need the versionned dep where possible22:22
sistpotyScottK, lool: good point, thanks!22:23
loolsistpoty: I'm not sure what you mean, did you see libdrm 2.4.4-0ubuntu3?22:23
sistpotylool: yep22:23
loolIs there anything to fix after it?22:23
slangasekwho here has a panasonic, sony, toshiba, asus, or IBM (not Lenovo) laptop running jaunty?22:23
ScottKlool: But then when I rebuilt mesa on the ports archs it couldn't find drm.h22:23
slangasek(with hotkeys)22:23
loolScottK: Right, the problem is that it's in the kernel22:24
sistpotylool: but the dependency on linux-libc-dev was dropped for anything not amd64 armel i38622:24
loolSo we would have to install drm.h from libdrm on the other arches22:24
sistpotylool: which I guess is what makes mesa FTBFS on other arches22:24
ScottKSo how does dropping the build-dep help us then.22:24
loolBut the best fix is really to uploda linux-libc-dev on these arches instead22:24
loolThe problem is that linux-libc-dev is lagging on all other arches22:24
slangaseklagging, or stuck in NEW?22:25
slangasekoh, you're talking -ports22:25
sistpotylool: ah, so if it were built, it could make libdrm built on the other arches and then mesa would build fine?22:25
sistpotyslangasek: yep22:25
loolsistpoty: yes22:26
loolslangasek: Right ports kernel lagging22:27
sistpotylool: do you see any problem with requiring linux-libc-dev now? (as libdrm-dev  3 is already built?)22:27
sistpoty-3 even22:27
slangasekno panasonic toshiba sony asus IBM? :)22:27
loolsistpoty: ?22:27
ScottKI see an lpia kernel in New but that's it.22:28
slangasekeveryone here is Dell and Lenovo then? :)22:28
loolsistpoty: I think linux-libc-dev is still too old on the other arches22:28
slangasekc'mon, people, help me kill off acpi-support22:28
sistpotylool: well, libdrm would sort this via its version...22:28
sistpotylool: (>= 2.6.28-5.15)22:28
loolsistpoty: It's going to cause other problems downstream22:28
sistpotylool: as in?22:29
loolsistpoty: Let's not spend any effort in a hackish solution; the solution is clear22:29
sistpotylool: but what is the solution?22:29
loolsistpoty: Solution is to update the ports kernel22:29
loolwhich will update the headers and you can restore the drm bdep22:29
sistpotylool: oh, and that didn't happen yet?22:29
loolerr dep22:29
loolsistpoty: I don't see it22:29
sistpotylool: ah, thanks for your insight!22:30
ScottKlool: Who's updating the ports kernels?22:30
sistpotyScottK: so: you know what to do, but I don't touch a kernel, sorry :P22:30
* ScottK doesn't get how the 'solution' of dropping the build-dep was any kind of solution at all.22:30
loolScottK: I have no idea; I think I saw a mention recently22:30
loolIt seems smb might do it22:31
loolsee thread alpine.OSF.1.99.0901292328210.384018@replicant.hut.fi22:31
ScottKlool: On what list?22:31
sistpotylool: but out of interest, would it break anything if the arch dependency was dropped from libdrm? Imo it just wouldn't build due to the versioned build-dep... right?22:31
loolsistpoty: What do you propose exactly, sorry I'm not sure I understand22:32
loolsistpoty: We need the dependency, it was removed for some arches to make libdrm-dev installable22:32
sistpotylool: currently there's:  linux-libc-dev (>= 2.6.28-5.15) [i386 amd64 (maybe others)]22:32
sistpotylool: so I propose to get rid of the arch requirement22:32
sistpoty(in build-deps)22:33
loolYes, it should be linux-libc-dev (>= 2.6.28-5.15) in an ideal world, but until linux-ports is uploaded it's best to keep it like that22:33
loolsistpoty: It was without the arch specification22:33
loolThese were addedd22:33
sistpotylool: yes... but still, I don't see where it would break anything... it just would be in dep-wait for other arches, right?22:33
ScottKIt seems like adding the arch specification just traded not installable for not actually useful.22:34
loolAnyway current situation is broken, what you propose was the previous situation which was also broken without linux-libc-dev on the other arches22:34
loolScottK: Exactly22:34
loolSo let's not trade back and forth, just need a linux-ports upload22:34
ScottKSo color me a little frustrated at this response to the discussion at the release team meeting.22:34
ScottKIt may be coindence, but we discussed this problem at the release team meeting yesterday.22:35
loolI didn't pay attention to that part I'm afraid22:35
ScottKI assume that upload less than a day later is related.22:35
* sistpoty won't do kernel ports, for sure :P22:35
ScottKI could be wrong.22:35
* ScottK neither.22:35
loolScottK: You mean the libdrm upload?22:36
ScottKThat added the per-arch specification on the build-dep22:36
looltjaalton wasn't in that meeeting22:36
ScottKMaybe coincidence then.22:37
ScottKDoes the lpia kernel in New solve it for LPIA?22:37
loolAlso, I'm not sure why "bdep" gets mentionned, as far as I know it's a dep22:37
loolScottK: Quite certainly22:37
loolHmm actually it depends whether the packaging was really merged22:38
ScottKRight,  Dep, not build-dep.22:38
* lool checks22:38
ScottKslangasek: Any chance you could use some of your layover to get the lpia kernel out of New.  That'd give us at least one more arch to try and get working.22:38
* ScottK waits.22:39
loolScottK: What was uploaded is a linux-lpia-meta right?  It wont help the linux-libc-headers22:39
ScottKYes.  That's what is it.22:40
ScottKslangasek: Never mind ...22:40
ScottKis it/it is22:40
* lool grabs linux-libc-dev_2.6.28-1.2_lpia.deb22:41
loolIt has drm22:41
loolSo it should be fine to also let libdrm-dev dep on linux-libc-dev (>= foo) on lpia22:41
loolProbably tjaalton didn't know about the special lpia tree22:42
sistpotylool: sorry to bother you again, but what would be wrong with uploading a librm, which drops the arch-specific b-d on linux-libc-dev? wouldn't it just wait in dep-wait for the arches that don't have a fitting kernel yet? (as the version on the b-d would still be there)?22:46
loolsistpoty: Build-depends?22:46
sistpotylool: yep22:46
loolI see no such build-depend22:46
loolBuild-Depends: debhelper (>= 5.0.0), libx11-dev, dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.19), quilt (>= 0.40), automake, libtool, pkg-config, libpthread-stubs0-dev22:46
ScottKI think going back to that would be better as the arch specific change didn't actually help.22:46
sistpotylool: erm, sorry, depends22:47
ScottKMy fault.22:47
loolScottK: They help installability22:47
sistpotylool: but that wouldn't help ports, would it?22:48
ScottKIn that case we'll need to upload and change the archs as they are done.22:48
loolsistpoty: it might for builds which pull libdrm-dev and don't use it22:48
ScottKAnything the does that is buggy anyway.22:48
sistpotylool: ah, good pointer... though I think that would be a bug in itself?22:49
loolI'm sorry but what are you trying to solve?  The only proposal which makes all packages build again is to upload linux-ports22:49
loolScottK: It's not, libdrm-dev might be pulled but might not be required in all cases22:49
ScottKI guess.22:49
loolWhen I say pull, it might be directly or indirectly22:49
sistpotylool: that's for sure... I'm trying more or less to find out why that change was done22:49
ScottKRight.   Forgot about indirect.22:49
loolhaving libdrm-dev might impact a lot of other packages22:49
loolActually probably not22:50
loolIt has no rdep22:50
loolSo nevermind22:50
sistpotylool: and I certainly appreciate your insight :)22:50
loolOk, I'm just going to push libdrm-dev with the same change for lpia22:51
ScottKThat'll be progess.22:54
ScottKI guess I do want slangasek to get lpia out of New then ...22:54
loolsistpoty, ScottK: documented in the new libdrm upload I just pushed22:54
sistpotylool: thanks a lot!23:00
loolWell that wont help you much I'm afraid :)23:00
* lool &23:02
sistpotylool: but I still fail to understand, why you didn't remove all of the architectures in depends? wouldn't that help r-build-depends to fail unless a new ports-kernel was uploaded? (so that these builds could simply be clicked on retry?)? am I missing s.th.?23:05
* sistpoty is pretty confused right now, admitted23:05
loolsistpoty: We really need the version; the package is always installed anyway23:16
sistpotylool: yes, but the version is either satisfied, or would cause the package to dep-wait?23:16
loolsistpoty: it's a dep of libc6-dev23:16
loolsistpoty: No idea what's best here except pushing a new linux-ports :)23:17
loolI don't think we should waste too much thinking in this situation23:18
sistpotylool: ok, just wanted to figure out lp myself ;)23:18
sistpotylool: so let's not waste any more time to it ;)23:18
DBObryce, are you here?23:32
DBOI am playing 7 degrees of ubuntu developers and you ended up being my next stop =)  I am looking for someone knowledgeable in the x dnd protocol so that I might make a window that is transparent to it23:33
sladenDBO: IIRC, just don't listen for DnD messages23:36
DBOdoes that work...23:36
DBOi can try23:37
sladento make DnD work, you have to actively do something23:37
DBOno i want DND to go to something behind it23:37
DBOmy window is transparent23:37
sladen(again, IIRC, E&OE, I haven't written an DnD app for a while)23:37
DBOyeah i just confirmed, it still "eats" the drag and drop event23:38
DBOso the window below does not get the event23:38
DBOit just goes into oblivion23:38
sladenDBO: so, if you're not transparent, but you are preventing to be, you need to proxy and pass through all the events that you're [pretending] to be transparent to (DnDrops too)23:43
sladenDBO: what is the application that you're trying to write?23:44
sladenDBO: XdndProxy  may, or may not be helpful23:45
slangasekScottK: we seem to only have linux-lpia-meta in NEW currently?23:45
DBOsladen, Docky23:47
DBOsladen, I am the primary author of Docky if you have any idea what that is23:47
sladenDBO: I'm clearly behind the times.  From Googling it appears to be a Mac OS X work-alike.  Is that correct?23:54
DBOsladen, i prefer not to think of it like that23:54
DBObut yeah, its like that23:54
DBObut its also part of GNOME Do and a full out frontend for it23:55
DBObut you can see where the problem comes in23:55
sladenDBO: so, (guessing again and pulling straws from the sky), all the crap stuck to the edges of the desktop is preventing the users getting at their real work underneath?23:56
DBOno, really its just dnd thats failing23:56
DBOinput masking is working fine23:56
DBOif you drag something around on your desktop23:56
DBOand you try to drop it onto your desktop under an invisible part of the window23:57
DBOdocky eats the event (bad)23:57
sladenDBO: http://standards.freedesktop.org/xembed-spec/xembed-spec-latest.html#id244727823:58

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