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huayragood evening19:55
shahriar86hello there...19:56
shahriar86Good Evening to you too19:56
huayrahow are things shahriar86 19:56
shahriar86trying to survive.... 19:56
shahriar86how about you?19:57
shahriar86I bet you have been busy :P19:57
huayrayes, I have19:58
huayraI was hoping to come up with a plan on how to get the spreadubuntu site up19:58
huayraand instead of focusing on bigi release rather have small milestones19:59
huayrain that way we can get wuick wins up ASAP19:59
huayraand get people motivated19:59
shahriar86can you look into making localization more user friendly?20:00
shahriar86I tried that without much success....20:00
huayrawe got a lot of feedback on localization20:04
huayraand tried 2 methods20:04
huayrabut they were incompatible20:04
huayrawe need to find a way to abstract the content we add and the content that is "vanilla drupal"20:04
shahriar86humm.. hope they are fixed soon...20:05
shahriar86any other aspects that need updates?20:05
shahriar86I have not been able to get in touch much20:05
shahriar86been busy with local projects20:05
huayrae have all been very busy20:07
huayraI am now stepping down from many of my roles both in the Ubuntu community and non-virtual communities in order to focus on SpreadUbuntu20:08
shahriar86humm that must be hard20:09
huayrayeah, it's taking more time than I wish it did20:10
huayrabut when I'm done I will be more productive all in all for the SU project20:10
huayraand thus hopefully take off and get even more people involved20:11
huayrawell, we have to make a reestructuration of the project and migrate top drupal620:12
huayrathat will helps us stay in touch with the general LoCo trend20:13
huayraand also we will very likely make Spread Ubuntu a module for drupal20:13
huayraso that we can work with our module and let drupal be20:13
huayrathat seems like a likely approach20:13
shahriar86that might work well .. :)20:14
shahriar86when the meeting officially starts?20:15
shahriar86do we have some time in hand?20:15
shahriar86(if we have time I may then go finish my dinner, yet to have my dinner...)20:15
huayraStarted at 20UTC20:16
huayrait seems there is just you and I20:16
shahriar86that tells me it should be started by me20:16
huayraany other people attending the SpreadUbuntu meeting?20:16
shahriar86ohh :|20:16
michelleribeirohuayra: I'm listening. :D20:16
huayrahi michelleribeiro 20:16
shahriar86welcome michelleribeiro20:16
michelleribeiroLet me introduce myself: I'm a brazilian girl, who used to help on Debian. I was one of the Debconf 4, where Ubuntu was announced. 20:17
shahriar86it might be good idea to change the channel status (welcome msg.... what it is called?) to let people know it's started?20:17
michelleribeiroI'm a marketing professional and economics student, at LSE. 20:17
michelleribeiroAnd would like to help on ubuntu-marketing from now.20:18
huayrayour skills are for sure needed !20:18
michelleribeirohuayra, shahriar86: Thanks. :D20:18
michelleribeirohuayra: I hope so. 20:18
huayrawell shahriar86 shall we introduce ourselves?20:18
trmancomichelleribeiro, isso quer dizer que sabes falar português :-P20:19
huayrahi trmanco 20:19
trmancohuayra, Hello20:19
huayrayo hablo español pero portugés no ;)20:19
huayrapero lo entiendo20:19
michelleribeirotrmanco: Absolutamente. 20:19
huayrahi trmanco 20:19
michelleribeiromichelleribeiro: brazilian?20:19
trmancohuayra, you are from spain?20:19
michelleribeiroops, I mean you, trmanco20:20
huayrano, I'm from Ecuador20:20
trmancoare you*20:20
trmancomichelleribeiro, no, I'm from Portugal20:20
trmancohuayra, cool :D20:20
huayranice country Portugal20:20
trmancohuayra, I woudn't say that if I were you20:20
michelleribeirotrmanco: Oh, family is from Portugual. :)20:20
michelleribeiroWell, meeting?20:21
shahriar86I'm Shahriar from Bangladesh, Marketing major student (still lot to learn) interested in localization, communication, FOSS & UBuntu Linux20:21
huayrayeah, the meeting is started by introducing ourselves20:21
michelleribeiroshahriar86: The world is really flat. Hi there, shahriar8620:21
shahriar86it sure is michelleribeiro20:22
huayraMy name is Rubén Romero. Have used FLOSS for over a decade and work as CIdO (sort of a VP) and as a Sales Advisor in a Norwegian free software company called FreeCode. I have been an ubuntu member since last year and have worked with LoCos and Marketing since 200520:22
huayrabasically the goal of this meeting is to discuss SpreadUbuntu, a project the Ubuntu Marketing team20:23
huayra*by theubuntu M...20:23
trmancook, so looks like I'm the youngest one here20:24
shahriar86by experience or age? trmanco?20:24
huayratrmanco, how old are you? I'm 2720:24
shahriar86I am inexperienced too....20:24
shahriar86I'm 2220:24
huayrawe are all inexperienced in some way ;)20:24
trmancoI'm only 18 and I'm a simple high school student20:24
trmancoalmost 19 though20:25
shahriar86same age group....20:25
huayrasomething like I was when I started with GNU/Linux20:25
huayrait's good to have young blood 20:25
huayrayoung blood = high energy20:25
trmancoI started two years ago with Feisty20:25
huayraand with the right motivation and canalization you can get very far20:25
michelleribeiroOk. 29 here, but it does not mean nothing. 20:26
shahriar86huayra:  are you old? (old blood??) in our country maturity starts at 25 so..... :|20:26
shahriar86age does not matter actually....20:26
shahriar86any way you can continue discussion20:26
huayraI propose we go through the following points:20:26
huayra* What do we want with the SpreadUbuntu project20:27
huayra* When do we want to achieve it20:27
huayra* How we can do it20:27
huayra* what can you cooperate with20:27
huayraso let me introduce to you SpreadUbuntu:20:27
huayraWhat is SpreadUbuntu?20:28
huayraThe Idea we are trying to make a reality has been taken up many times. Always in a slightly different way, with different goals, under different names. So what is this project exactly? I will now explain what SU will eventually be, and what it will eventually consist of, this is the long-term, global conception.20:28
huayraFirst: it is called SpreadUbuntu (SU for short). Don't mix it up with the former project, we just love the name, changing the concept a bit. It is a site aiming two audiences: the excited new user and anyone willing to solve Bug #1. Although the visitor will see it as a whole, we actually have two sub-projects, that we will from now on call Site and diy, SU being it all. (Again: forget about what used to be DIYWebsite, etc...) So20:28
huayra that's for the naming. The site part will be accessed via www.spreadubuntu.com (currently still pointing to ubuntu.com) and the diy part will be transparently integrated in the site part. However, if you're not interested in the site part, a subdomain, diy.spreadubuntu.com, will directly point to the diy part. All clear? Let's see what these parts consist of then... 20:28
huayraThe Site part is very much like the former SpreadUbuntu project. It aims to ease the excited new user from exploring the community straight to spreading Ubuntu in his locality. The Site has a community strengthening role, making it easier to understand what everything is about, providing a communication platform, possibly a user-map, etc... If you want to know more about this section, we work on the Site here.20:29
huayraThe diy part is actually a dynamic repository, for posters, artwork, presentations, flyers and general marketing and/or community resources. It is inspired by the former DIYWebsite project. The visitor can rapidly access all material through a classification/filtering system with several criteria, and furthermore, it enables anyone to easily contribute by uploading new documents or translating existent ones in their language. For20:29
huayra details, we work on diy here.20:29
huayraWe have created a working group inside the marketing team, of which we are still fully part of. The group has decided that for now, the priority is not the Site, but diy. This does not proscribe anyone from starting its development in parallel, but the team focus will stay diy for now. We work on launchpad. 20:29
huayrathis is taking from our wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Projects/SpreadUbuntu20:29
huayraso we have an alpha of the DIy up and running: http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/20:30
huayraor accesed by: http://spread.ubuntu.ec20:30
huayrathis is a site that actually works and have built in the most basic features for the Do-It-Yourself part of the site20:31
huayrawant we need to do next is to pimp that site up and basically make it easier to understand and use20:32
trmancothe website buttons are a good start, users can promote Ubuntu on there site, and depending on the number of clicks we can promote the users site on spreadubuntu also20:32
huayraand also integrate the site with launchpad for easy access to the whole Ubuntu community20:32
huayrayea trmanco 20:35
trmancoinstead of clicks, maybe downloads would be better20:36
huayraso I'll let you digest the idea, please see the site and surf it a bit. I'll be back in 15 minutes and will read your comments and continue this chat (I have to make my daughter sleep ;)20:36
michelleribeirohuayra: Since SpreadFirefox was the first inspiration, I'm taking a look at its website and looks amazing, but the content is a bit messy. 20:36
michelleribeirohuayra: What do you think about use it as inspiration again? 20:37
trmancomichelleribeiro, we should20:38
michelleribeirohuayra: What CMS is SU website using?20:38
shahriar86do you meen drupal>20:40
shahriar86am I alive? :|20:43
shahriar86what happened ?20:45
trmancodon't know20:45
michelleribeiroshahriar86: Nice to now. Drupal is very flexible. 20:46
shahriar86it's drupal 5 actually will move to drupal6 soon20:47
michelleribeirohuayra: since the focus is the diy area and its kind of content is made by community, how easy is now to have a material uploaded to SU?20:48
michelleribeiroAnswering myself: As we know SU has a page where we collect material from all places. Right now we are doing this process manually, but If we could somehow get this process "automatized" it would be great so we can continue our work.20:50
trmancoI can't find the flag icons20:53
shahriar86flag icons?20:54
trmancoif you go to SU uou can choose the language20:54
trmancosome languages have icons some don't20:54
trmancoflag icons20:54
shahriar86ohh okey20:55
trmancofound them20:55
shahriar86michelleribeiro:  yes that automated solution might help20:57
shahriar86huayra: are you there??20:57
shahriar86meeting is going nowhere :|20:57
michelleribeiroshahriar86: Its because our leader is gone. Lets wait. 20:59
michelleribeiroOr does someone else has the informations that is needed to keep the meeting?21:00
huayrasorry, it took more than I Expected21:00
shahriar86no problem21:00
michelleribeirohuayra: np21:00
huayraAnswering the question above21:01
huayrayes, SpreadUbuntu could be of some inspiration, with better material handling. In that aspect I believe we have don e abetter job to be honest21:01
huayraI ment SpreadFirefox21:02
huayraYes as shahriar86 pointed out we are moving towards Drupal6. because drupal is by far the best tool for the job, and also because it is what the ubuntu-website team uses and thus we cvan get ideas and help from them too21:02
huayraUploading material can be done very easily. I think that you can even do it without login in21:03
huayrawe used to have that feature21:03
huayralet me chek (I'm always logged in so I couldn't tell)21:03
huayrayes it is activated by default using the captcha as protection against spammers21:04
huayraAutomatizing the process of collecting material is by far the best achievement we can make21:04
huayraI have been thinking of that for a while and have an idea which is detailed in the ideapool21:05
huayrathe pull out has to be done from the Ubuntu Wiki 21:06
trmancoI think it is time for me to try and contribute21:06
huayraand it could be easily done21:06
huayraplease do trmanco 21:06
trmancoit is kind of scary, if I do contribute it will be my first time21:06
* michelleribeiro is away21:06
trmancoI'm reading the docs on how to get a branch and merge code21:06
huayramichelleribeiro, I hope that addressed your questions21:07
huayratrmanco, if you need help you cvan contact our list21:07
huayrathere are many people there that are more than helpful21:07
huayrayou can also ask a question in our answer tracking system or file a bug. We use Launchpad for all of that21:08
trmancohuayra, ok I'm am subscribed from the beginning21:08
huayratrmanco, I think you should just go ahead and contribute21:08
huayraFLOSS is about that. Make changes and contribute them back21:08
trmancoSU has missing flags on the language drop down21:09
huayrain SpreadUbuntu you do not even have to ask, just do the upload and we will merge the changes ;)21:09
trmancoand the flags don't look very good21:09
huayraI know, that gets pretty much fixed with Drupal621:09
huayralet's get on:  * When do we want to achieve it21:10
huayraI firmly believe that the move to drupal6 could be done by the time Jaunty comes along21:11
shahriar86I have few questions21:11
shahriar86first is what we need from Non-techy general contributors?21:12
shahriar86then how to contribute where to start21:12
huayrayes this brings us to the 3rd point: How do we want to achieve this21:12
shahriar86oh ok21:12
shahriar86continue then21:12
huayraI have realized that the SU project has a technical side and a marketing side, and those have to be separated21:13
huayrano, I just wanted to point that out, please continue and we can discuss it21:13
shahriar86no no.... 21:13
shahriar86its ok.... you can discuss21:13
shahriar86I will add when I think its important21:14
huayraok then21:14
huayrawe need to define the role of marketeers within this framework. The technical role is by now pretty obvious21:14
huayraso what I think is:21:15
huayraTechnical part of SU DIY works in Launchpad and concentrate on the platform21:15
huayraMarketing side works on development of the marketing platform, campaigns and content21:15
huayraand thus both cooperate, exchanging ideas, hopefgully implementing them together and we have a real marketing community based on a technical platform21:16
huayradoes that sound logic to you all?21:16
huayratrmanco, michelleribeiro ?21:18
trmancoyes I'm here21:18
trmancohuayra, yes it sounds logic21:18
huayraI just want to get all the feedback I can get21:19
huayra I just want to get all the feedback I can get21:19
shahriar86huayra: yes marketing team & development team works cooperating with each others.21:20
trmancoyes sounds good to me, but what about michelleribeiro 21:20
huayrashe seems to be away21:21
shahriar86currently the SU is a bit lost because I can't see where to go how to go as a general user.21:21
huayrayeah and it's becausewe are trying to adress everything as a development platform21:21
huayrabut we are not working on the marketing strategy21:21
huayraand thus non-tech marketeers don't know how to give to the project21:22
huayrasoi I think that we have to have a wiki section for marketing and one for general development and of course one for both to cooperate21:23
shahriar86that is good idea...21:23
huayraand the DIY site shoul also start adressing that21:23
huayrathat a campaign can link to one material, but needs its own part of the site21:24
michelleribeirohuayra: I agree, too, of course. 21:24
huayraso that's how we are fgoing to do it21:25
huayrawe have to make it clear that we need marketing people for campaign development, designers for material making, a community of volunteers for collecting online material that is already made21:26
huayraand a technical team that can give us the platform we need in order to get the job done21:26
trmancoyes 21:27
michelleribeirohuayra: I guess we have to work on a better division of the website content. I mean, do we want something like Events sections, etc?21:27
huayraindeed michelleribeiro 21:28
huayrawe need to start designing www.spreadubuntu.com21:28
huayranot just the DIY21:28
huayrabutin other words: the site part21:29
michelleribeirohuayra: is there a task list of projects? I'm not a huge Launchpad user (yet)21:29
huayraspreadfirefox have been revamped in such a way that it could be used as our base after ubutizing ;)21:30
huayraIs that what you where thinking of?21:30
huayraso let's talk about the last point: * what can you cooperate with21:32
huayrafirst we need to explain what we need:21:32
michelleribeirohuayra: yes. 21:32
shahriar86huayra: that is part of greater marketing projects21:32
shahriar86but we need something like that specifically for SU21:32
michelleribeiroshahriar86: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Projects/SpreadUbuntu/Site21:33
huayra* Restructure our project in order to ease the time used from hearing about it and getting excited to actually contributing21:33
shahriar86like short time goals...21:33
shahriar86michelleribeiro:  I am aware of that21:33
shahriar86but that also is technical part21:33
huayrano, I'm thinking more of restructuring our wiki21:33
huayramaking it our working base21:33
huayraand showing, for instance, wehat we just discussed21:34
trmancotranslations in all Ubuntu't languages21:34
shahriar86what I am thinking that we have few months before jaunty releases... so we have time to campaign to collect marketing materials specifically for Jaunty (available before jaunty released, not after)21:34
shahriar86we need a wiki page that outlines what we want to do to achieve this task and then how we can collect (market) materials for Ubuntu Jaunty21:35
huayraaddressing the fact that there's a difference between those that want to *use* SpreadUbuntu and thos that want to *contribute*, either as a developer or a marketing resource, to the project21:35
huayrawe need a one stop  shop for users: the Site and DIY parts combined under www.spreadubuntu.com21:36
huayraand a one strop shop for those that want to contribute with material or get material: diy.spreadubuntu.com21:36
huayraand a one stop shop for those interested in helping shape the project: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpreadUbuntu21:37
shahriar86right on21:38
huayraso we have different ways of contributing to the project and they are clear for anyone wanting to contribute or use SpreadUbuntu in anyway21:38
huayrathat is not the case today21:38
huayraSo what can you contribute with?21:38
huayraand you don't have to answer it right now21:39
shahriar86well huayra we need to clear what we need to acheive21:39
huayrajust think about it and send an email to the list21:39
shahriar86I am still not clear from marketing side21:39
huayrawe need to achieve a working beta for DIY within Jaunty in the technical site21:39
huayrawe must have a draft for the Sitre part, also in the technical site21:40
shahriar86technically we know we have few things to achieve...  like working site , moving to drupal 621:40
shahriar86having bug fixed...21:40
shahriar86etc etc21:40
huayrawe need to change the way we use the ubuntu wiki21:40
shahriar86so we will have more info on spreadUbuntu Wiki21:41
shahriar86stating specific projects?21:41
huayraand we need to invite people to cooperate, but give them specific choices and not just invite them to participate in this cool project and find out for yourself what to do21:41
trmancothere are lots of choices21:41
huayrayes, we need to restruicture the way we work21:41
shahriar86currently its what happening21:41
huayraand the activities we have21:41
huayrayes, we are just doing it right now :)21:41
huayrabecause it has pushed itself to a point where it needs to be adressed21:42
huayrabut we need hands to fix this21:42
huayrathe more hands the more we can get done21:42
michelleribeirohuayra: I'm making a to do list to put on the wiki. 21:42
huayrafantastic michelleribeiro :)21:42
shahriar86that is nice michelleribeiro21:42
michelleribeirohuayra: I guess the wiki's remodel should be a task. We can work on it later. 21:43
shahriar86michelleribeiro:  I hope from marketing point of view :?21:43
huayraI am going to send an email to the list explaining what we just talked about and try to gather feedback21:43
shahriar86ok huayra21:43
huayrayes michelleribeiro, that task needs adressing ASAP. You can put my name on it21:43
huayraI will have done at least a reordering of the top menu by next weekend21:44
michelleribeirohuayra: Can we share it? :D21:44
huayraof course21:44
michelleribeiroshahriar86: Absolutelly. 21:44
huayraAnyone can work on it, the more the merrier!21:44
huayratrmanco, named this thing about translations21:45
huayracan you please specify what part of SU you are thinking of?21:45
michelleribeiroCan someone start to look at Flickr, Picasaweb for Ubuntu materials and events pictures?21:46
michelleribeiroIts a easy task and will help a lot. 21:46
trmancohuayra, I was talking about DIY21:46
michelleribeiroan easy (sorry for the typo)21:46
huayraI have worked on collecting material.let me find the URL21:46
shahriar86michelleribeiro: I will look into the matter as much as I can (but could be trickier with slow internet line)21:47
michelleribeiroshahriar86: Nice. Maybe huayra can tell you where storage it. A list of URLs? Lets think. 21:48
michelleribeiroHey, thats nice: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ottodv/2942074627/21:49
huayrahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Projects/SpreadUbuntu/diy#Recollecting Currently Existing Material21:51
huayraI have already done the compilation for Argentina through indonesia21:52
huayrai'm going to upiload oit in my share @ ubuntu.ec21:53
michelleribeiroBoys, I have to go out to a party. How can I access the meeting's log?21:56
huayraparty sounds good21:56
huayraadd yourself to our maillist please21:56
huayraI will send an email about the meeting and a link to the log21:57
huayramichelleribeiro, is nice ti have you in our team21:57
shahriar86michelleribeiro:  http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/01/31/%23ubuntu-marketing.html21:58
michelleribeirohuayra: Done. 21:58
huayraI'm uploading the compilated material right now to this URL: http://ubuntu.ec/ruben/su/21:58
huayragood :)21:58
michelleribeiroThanks a lot! Have a nice night (?!) everyone...21:58
huayrathx shahriar86 21:58
huayraenjoy yourself too :)21:59
shahriar86I also need to go....21:59
shahriar86so its over?21:59
shahriar86it's late night here.. 4am21:59
shahriar86have class in 8am :(21:59
shahriar86ok every one take care....21:59
shahriar86huayra:  trmanco take care of yourself22:00
huayratake care 22:00
trmancoshahriar86, bye, have a good night22:00
huayrabye to everyone22:00
shahriar86finally off22:00
huayraI will be hanging here if someone want to chat22:00
trmancome too, it is still early here22:01
trmancohuayra, the portuguese LoCo team isn't listed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Projects/SpreadUbuntu/diy/Materials22:01
huayrait's not that we have obviated it, I just made a list based on the information on marketing material I could find22:07
huayraBut if you could add that information it would be awesome22:07
huayrado you know how trmanco ?22:12
trmancohuayra, The wiki is slow, I just logged in22:12
huayraYeah i noticed... The top menu took time to show the images22:13
huayratoo many users, which is a good sign22:13
huayrawe are becoming a bigger and more proffesional community22:13
huayrathese are exciting times22:14
trmancoyes it is a very good sign22:17
trmancoI just added a new loco team22:17
trmancohuayra, are you still here?23:09
trmancoI just committed a simple fix to the website23:10
trmancojust to try it out23:10
trmancobut it didn't appear on launchpad23:11
huayralet me see23:16
huayrawe had a great deal of work to get that working23:18
huayrabut when it first works it's easy23:18
huayracontact evan23:18
huayraI'll give you his address23:18
huayrasend him a mesage through launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~edb8218923:19
trmancomaybe I forgot to do something23:20
trmancoI have to do a merge right?23:21
huayraa commit, yes23:47
trmancoI don't know how to push it mainstream for merge proposal23:49
trmancothat is my problem23:49

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