savvasAnyone that knows how to change tags in debian bug reports? I can't add the "patch" tag to http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=47378100:01
ubottuDebian bug 473781 in flumotion "flumotion: new upstream release" [Wishlist,Open]00:01
savvasScottK: I tried setting the patch tag with bts, I know the email was sent (cc'ed myself), but didn't get any reply from debian bugs00:02
Laneysavvas: mail control@b.d.o00:07
Laneytags xxx + patch00:07
savvasok, thanks Laney, I'll try once more00:09
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mib_va78gba9anyone willing to give a little help rebuilding squid3?01:28
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kolbyI upload md4sum to revu but I don't wee the package at the website01:44
kolbymy package had 5 lintain warnings.  I looked at them and didn't know how to solve them.  They looked simple, but I'm new to packaging.01:46
keefe007why does debuild unapply patches?02:01
nhandlerkolby: You can pass the -i option to lintian to get more information about the warnings02:03
Hobbseekeefe007: at the end?  To give you a cleaned source for next time (so things build the same way each time)02:07
kolbynhandler: thank you02:07
keefe007I'm trying to rebuild squid3 and it fails during debuild.  Looks like the Makefiles don't get recreated for some reason.02:08
Hobbseethe makefiles probably get removed in the clean rule.02:09
Hobbseepresumably they should be getting created in the configure rule, when you build it?  (which is before it tries bulding the package?)02:10
jmarsdenAny MOTUs who can review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webgui for me please?  It's a GPLed Perl-based CMS.02:11
keefe007Hobbsee: This is what I end up with when running debuild: http://pastebin.com/m15b54def02:11
ryanakcaWhy should I install my .desktop file in /usr/share/applications instead of /usr/share/games/applications/ ?02:15
chillywillykeefe007: I got it to build :)02:42
chillywillykeefe007: you are epic fail ;)02:42
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pwnguinjdong: http://people.cis.ksu.edu/~jld5445/jaunty-20090130-4.png06:43
Limittsomeone referred me here just wondering if it would be the right place to ask something07:46
slytherinLimitt: it depends on what you are going to ask. :-)07:47
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itachimy name is itachi08:09
nellery_/msg nellery test08:42
AndrewGeeAny MOTUs available to review my package, with the issues fixed that were pointed out by mok01 in my package? Thanks :) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map10:05
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PiratenaapjeAm I supposed to provide a watch file if I get the source from svn?10:45
PiratenaapjeI don't think the source is available anywhere else10:46
geserno, but do you have a get-orig-source rule in your debian/rules to generate the .orig.tar.gz?10:48
slytherinPiratenaapje: no, but a get-orig-source target is a must in that case10:48
PiratenaapjeOk I'll provide that then, thanks10:49
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slytherinwhat is preferred way to handle upstream tarball containing debian/ directory?11:01
DktrKranzslytherin, try to ask upstream to remove it, if they do not agree, repack upstream tarball without it11:02
HobbseeWhat do I do with an .orig.tar.gz that already includes a debian/ dir?11:02
HobbseeDo not repackage it. You can ask the author(s) to delete the debian/ dir and provide a diff.gz instead. This makes it easier to review their work, and it separates packaging from program source.11:02
Hobbseehttps://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/basic-mistakes.html apparently11:02
Hobbseei'm not sure if that's up to date, though11:03
directhexpatch it and put a patch in debia... oh, wait11:04
* Hobbsee giggles11:05
Hobbseeyeah, that ;)11:05
* directhex has filed his first bug for the day11:05
directhexHobbsee, someone's got to keep the 5-a-day people in business!11:06
slytherinI don't understand. If I do not repackage it then the diff between upstream debian/ dir and Ubuntu's debian/ dir will wne up in .diff.gz. Is that acceptable?11:06
Hobbseethis is true, but i don't think they'll be out of business in a while!11:06
directhexHobbsee, it's just an ickle merge bug for a mono 2.0 transitioned package... but it's one in main11:07
Hobbseean ickle merge bug, hey...11:07
directhexthees bug ees only waffer-theen!11:08
geserslytherin: I'd say that's acceptable as it makes it easier to verify the .orig.tar.gz11:12
geserslytherin: how good or bad is the packaging done by upstream?11:12
slytherinhaven't yet reviewed fully but there are quite a few unneeded files11:13
slytherinthere are many example files (.ex) and even some emacsen related files when the package has nothing to do with emacs11:13
slytherinone major difference is that Debian packaging uses cdbs whereas upstream packaging uses debhelper11:19
directhexcool kids use dh7!11:21
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maxbI think it says somewhere on wiki.ubuntu.com to repackage if you need to delete files in debian/, but not otherwise?12:34
* maxb fails at finding the referenccce12:36
hyperairmaxb: delete files in debian/?12:49
hyperairmaxb: meaning that upstream has added a debian/ directory?12:50
hyperairmaxb: you only need to delete it if it makes your diff.gz too large12:50
maxbYup, that's what I was saying12:51
LaneyI thought deleted files didn't show up in the diff12:52
geserno, they don't12:53
=== maxb changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Grab a merge: http://dad.dunnewind.net http://merges.ubuntu.com | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs | http://revu.ubuntuwire.com - Go review! :) | next MOTU Meeting: Fri, Jan 30 12.00 UTC
maxb(The double space in "Grab a  merge" was annoying me)12:54
jpdsNext meeting is... yesterday?12:56
pochujpds: there was one, yes12:58
pochumeetings have been sent to the ml12:58
pochuerr, minutes12:58
jpdspochu: Yeah, but the /topic is wrong thne.12:58
maxbso is wiki.u.c/MOTU12:59
=== pochu changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Grab a merge: http://dad.dunnewind.net http://merges.ubuntu.com | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs | http://revu.ubuntuwire.com - Go review! :) | next MOTU Meeting: void
=== pochu changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Grab a merge: http://dad.dunnewind.net http://merges.ubuntu.com | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs | http://revu.ubuntuwire.com - Go review! :) | next MOTU Meeting: TBD
pochuthat looks better :)13:04
iulianYay, do we really need to mention about the next meeting?13:04
RainCTplease do, I usually forget them :P13:05
RainCT(about the last one, I remembered it but couldn't be at home at that time :P)13:05
Laneyafternoon chaps13:06
LaneyWho knows libraries, and wants to help me? http://paste.ubuntu.com/109083/ <- is this serious? How would I go about fixing?13:06
maxbLaney: IIUC, it's architecture-dependent how severe it is. I suppose the non-PIC code must be coming in from libac, since all the directly used .o files are apparently compiled with -fPIC? But that confuses me too, since its .libs/libac.a, with the .libs hinting that libtool magic is in force, which I *though* was supposed to arrange for compiling PIC and non-PIC versions and using the correct one as necessary13:46
hefe_biapersia: Hi! I don't know if this is sufficient, but I have tested gebabbel (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gebabbel) on a clean VMWare install of Jaunty. (You were 2nd advocate)13:46
persiahefe_bia, Completely.  I'll upload now.  Thanks.13:48
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hefe_biapersia: Great! Thank you! My first package making it into Ubuntu ... :)) (And thanks of course to all the other reviewers!)14:21
persiahefe_bia, No, thanks to you.  I'm guessing this sigificantly improves GPS support for Kubuntu.14:24
piratenaapjefta: ping15:05
postalchrisAny MOTU available to look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=cvc3 ?15:18
hyperairDktrKranz: thanks for the advocate, though it's in debian already. i knew i should have archived it or something15:20
hyperairDktrKranz: it hasn't gotten out of the queue or something yet though15:21
DktrKranzhyperair, oh... I've just uploaded it to NEW15:21
Laneythat's ok15:21
LaneyDebian NEW is really slow atm15:21
DktrKranzah, still in Debian NEW?15:21
hyperairLaney: so i heard. meebey said it was what, 3 weeks?15:21
Laney(it is the same package, right?)15:21
hyperairDktrKranz: yeah15:21
hyperairLaney: yes15:21
hyperairLaney: bansheelyricsplugin15:22
DktrKranzwell, it's not that bad then15:22
Laneyhyperair: I mean the same thing that got uploaded to debian15:22
hyperairwell i'll just file a sync request afterwards15:22
Laneyas in, all your new changes15:22
* DktrKranz has two packages in Debian NEW15:22
LaneyDktrKranz: Hope your debian/copyright is spotless!15:22
Laneynone of that pesky extra whitespace15:22
hyperairLaney: extra whitespace?15:22
DktrKranzLaney, already had a reject ;)15:22
Laneysome package apparently got rejected for having unnecessary whitespace15:23
DktrKranzwe reuploaded it shortafter, but I've lost priority :P15:23
hyperairwhat extra whitespace, though?15:26
hyperairas in extra lines or what?15:26
__Ali__i'm trying to package a library, but the output debian only contains /usr/share, /usr/share/doc, ... there is no /usr/lib and the shared objects15:27
__Ali__i use the default debhelper generated template for rules15:27
hyperair__Ali__: do you have .install files?15:28
__Ali__hyperair, it uses cmake, i guess .install files are generaed by cmake? i can see a long log of: -- Installing foo to /usr/lib/foo ...15:30
__Ali__but the actual deb file does not include them15:30
hyperair__Ali__: no, you as the packager have to use a whole bunch of debian/*.install files15:31
hyperair__Ali__:have you read debian's library packaging guide?15:31
__Ali__hyperair, seems I missed that .install part15:31
__Ali__hyperair, they are not generated by debhelper?15:32
hyperair__Ali__: no, debhelper parses them. what dyou mean generated by debhelper anyway?15:32
hyperairyou mean dh_make?15:32
hyperairdh_make only gives you a very very general template15:32
__Ali__yes dh_make :)15:32
hyperairand i generally use cdbs15:32
hyperairmy suggestion is to go dig up some library sources15:33
hyperairand look at how they're packaged15:33
hyperairpick one that's most similar to the one you're packaging15:33
hyperairand make sure you read through the debian library packaging guide, carefully15:33
__Ali__hyperair, I use opensuse build system, the guide says it only needs these 4 files for building debians on their server: changelog, control, rules and dsc15:34
__Ali__(of course orig and diff are also required)15:35
__Ali__so, people make full debs on their server without .install?15:35
* hyperair can't figure out how to use OBS15:36
__Ali__hyperair, here it is: http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service/Deb_builds15:36
hyperair__Ali__: my suggestion: learn how to package properly before using OBS15:36
hyperairthe list only contains very general-purpose files15:37
hyperairyou'll definitely need more than that for packaging a library15:37
__Ali__hyperair, the other people use the same list to make debs? without the use of .install?15:37
hyperair__Ali__: they're not packaging libraries are they15:39
hyperair__Ali__: when you package libraries, you often need several pacakges15:40
hyperair-dev, binary package, -doc15:40
__Ali__hyperair, they package eveything15:40
hyperair.install is to make sure the files go into the appropriate packages15:40
Laneyyou can do it all in rules15:40
hyperairah yes that too15:40
hyperairbut it's a pita15:40
__Ali__Laney, where in rules?15:40
Laneydh_install takes arguments15:40
Laneybut why would you do it like that?15:40
Laneyuse a .install file, much easier!15:41
__Ali__ok, I try uploading a .install file15:41
hyperairLaney: he wants to use OBS, and he refuses to use a .install file because OBS doesn't explicitly say it's required, that's why15:41
__Ali__just to see if it works15:41
hyperairfor the love of god go read the damn library packaging guide15:41
Laneybut seriously __Ali__, you should understand what you're doing15:41
Laneygo read read read15:41
* hyperair walks away before he loses his temper 15:41
__Ali__Laney, seriously i missed that part15:42
__Ali__look at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete15:42
__Ali__.install files are only introduced for 'packaging with cdbs'15:43
__Ali__it implies that it's cdbs specific15:43
hyperair__Ali__: http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html15:43
hyperairthis is the bible of packaging libraries15:43
__Ali__ok thanks15:43
__Ali__hyperair, not everything applied to debian is applied to ubuntu?15:44
hyperairwhen packaging is concerned, almost everything applies15:44
__Ali__like that _ in foo_1.0.0 instead of foo-1.0.0, am i right?15:44
hyperair__Ali__: the only thing that doesn't apply is one lintian warning: debian-changelog-is-a-symlink, and that your Maintainer field in Ubuntu should not be you, but ubuntu motu developers. you may leave your name in XSBC-Original-Maintainer15:45
LaneyI don't think we stress hard enough that creating new packages is a fairly advanced thing to do15:45
hyperairLaney: agreed15:46
__Ali__i followed the instructions for debian to make a .dsc file by dpkg-souce, it didnt do it and i had to use debuild15:46
hyperairLaney: well sudo checkinstall does a basic job =p15:46
Laneydepending on what you want ;(15:46
hyperair__Ali__: nope the instructions in debian are to use debuild -S as well15:46
Laneydoes that do much over the basic cdbs/dh7 rules style?15:46
hyperairLaney: eh waht?15:47
LaneyDoes it do more than ./configure; make; make instakk?15:47
__Ali__hyperair, i cannot find '.install' string in that bible15:47
Laney__Ali__: Look at the manual page for dh_install15:48
hyperair__Ali__: ah that's because that bible doesn't teach you about debhelper.15:48
hyperair__Ali__: that bible assumes you already know how to package OTHER stuff15:48
hyperairif you don't know how to package other stuff then go back to ubuntu's packaging guide15:48
hyperairoh and open the debian policy manual15:49
__Ali__i dont really think the confusing thing about packaging is its complexity, if you're a programmer, it should be straightforward for you, the confusing thing is that there are 1 million tools that do more or less the same thing, and there is no good start point15:49
hyperair__Ali__: eh no, programming has nothing to do with packaging. well not as much as you would think15:50
Laneythe Debian new maintainer's guide is good15:50
hyperairyeah i personally think debian's guides are better than ubuntu's when it comes to packaging15:51
Laneywell ours are more tutorials15:51
hyperairtiny tutorials that don't show much15:51
hyperair__Ali__: and trust me it's not "more or less the same thing"15:51
hyperair__Ali__: debhelper has it's place, and cdbs is just a layer on top of debhelper15:52
hyperair__Ali__: although it can function without debhelper15:52
__Ali__well it shouldnt be more difficult than understanding quantum physics, it's just a bunch of binaries and scripts, the problem is that it's a spaghetti15:52
hyperair__Ali__: it's spaghetti because you don't know where to start learning15:53
oojahThe "problem", imo, is that you have to learn an awful amount of stuff all at once.15:53
hyperairoojah: yeah that too15:53
hyperairi mostly learnt from dh_make's documentation in the .ex files15:53
__Ali__bumpy learning curve15:53
hyperairnobody said packaging was easy15:53
hyperairif you want easy packaging shoo go to archlinux15:53
__Ali__so, is cdbs an alternative for dh_make or what?15:54
__Ali__even dh_make is not that functional, run dh_make -e twice and u'r screwed :)15:55
hyperairdh_make asks you if you want to create a single binary, multiple binary, library, or cdbs package15:55
hyperairchoose cdbs15:55
__Ali__i see15:55
hyperair__Ali__: dh_make is supposed to only be called once, because it creates a template for you to do packaging15:55
hyperairif you want to run dh_make the second time, then delete debian/15:55
__Ali__i guess i have to start over, since i choosed single binary15:55
__Ali__hyperair, single binary, multiple binary and libraries, how can they be compared to cdbs?15:57
__Ali__cdbs can also create a single binary?15:57
hyperair__Ali__: oh you'll need cdbs installed in your system first15:58
hyperair__Ali__: and cdbs is multipurpose so yeah it can create single binary15:58
postalchrisThe upstream build in my package creates libfoo.so. Is there a way to make dh_install or dh_link rename it to libfoo.so.VERSION?16:07
hyperairpostalchris: you should get upstream to give you a SOVERSION16:11
hyperairi'm not sure how to handle it downstream16:11
stdinyou can rename files in the .install I believe16:12
stdinusr/lib/name.so usr/lib/name.so.X16:12
hyperairyeah of course, but you'll have to come up with a debian specific soname16:12
LaneyScottK: Transition is done (re: your m-c mail)16:13
stdinsure, it needs fixing upstream. but that's a workaround16:13
Laneyas far as I'm aware, at least16:13
Laneyit just required some no-change rebuilds and a few rounds of syncs16:19
LaneyI didn't mean to steal it from quadrispro, but it seems to have turned out that way16:22
Laney(sorry :()16:22
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postalchrisstdin: Is there an environment variable I can use in .install to get the right version?16:33
gaspaa|wen: Hi, I looked at zapping, seems it exit normally if /dev/video* doesn't exist (i.e: it show an error box and exits) ... so, postinst could be dropped, IMHO16:48
gaspahowever, I saw another thing: the error box is displayed bad and show no text. Has something to do with your pending diff?16:48
a|wengaspa: okay, that is worth considering then ... my debdiff is only about removing arts-support (arts is being removed completely from the archive)16:50
gaspai see.16:50
a|wengaspa: my debdiff is attached to bug 320915 if you want to update it with a removed postinst16:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320915 in libsdl "Remove aRts from the archive - rebuild all dependencies" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32091516:52
gaspaa|wen: ok, not right now.... if you are in a hurry, please upload your diff.16:54
a|wengaspa: it's sitting there waiting for a sponsor (together with ~10 other debdiff's) so no hurry at all :)16:56
* gaspa thinks that is worth taking a look to the message box too...16:56
a|wengaspa: sounds like it ... is there a bug about that it btw?16:58
gaspaI don't really know,16:59
gaspaseems not17:01
a|wenokay ... i'll take a look at it tomorrow probably17:02
rockstarHey folks.  I seem to be stumped backporting some jaunty packages to intrepid.  Are there any python c-binding gurus around that could help?17:02
a|wenthx, for having a look at it :)17:02
pochurockstar: dunno if there are, but if you ask your question directly, maybe somebody can help17:05
rockstarpochu, well, I'm not exactly sure what question to ask.17:05
pochuthen I don't think I can help you :)17:05
rockstarpochu, so, I've backported the C libs and the python C-bindings for clutter.17:05
slytherinCan I use pkg-config directly in a makefile to retrieve cflags for a particular library? If yes, what would be suntax?17:06
rockstarpochu, the libs built fine and are working (as far as I can tell), but the python bindings don't seem to be able to import the _clutter bindings.17:07
hyperair$(shell pkg-config --cflags bla)17:07
rockstarpochu, I bet it's something in the python-support stuff that's a little over my head.17:07
hyperairslytherin: ^17:07
pochurockstar: backported from Jaunty to what release?17:07
rockstarpochu, intrepid.17:07
slytherinhyperair: ok. wasn't sure about shell part17:08
pochurockstar: does it give an ImportError when importing them in a python shell? If so, can you pastebin it?17:08
hyperairslytherin: np17:08
rockstarI can go into the dir with the _clutter.so file and import _clutter from the python terminal (with '.' in the PYTHONPATH)17:08
rockstarpochu, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/112155/  The ImportError isn't very helpful.17:09
pochurockstar: where is _clutter.so? Does `python -c "import _clutter"` work?17:10
rockstarpochu, only when I'm in the dir for with _clutter.so (which is /usr/lib/python-support/python-clutter/python2.5/clutter/)17:11
pochurockstar: does this work? python -c "from clutter import _clutter"17:13
rockstarpochu, nope.17:13
rockstarpochu, I wonder if there's a pth file missing somewhere.17:14
pochurockstar: does this dir exist, and what does it contain? /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/clutter/17:16
__Ali__why libfoo0 and not libfoo?17:17
pochu__Ali__: context?17:17
piratenaapjefta: ping17:17
ftapiratenaapje, ?17:18
pochu__Ali__: /usr/lib/libfoo0.so instead of /usr/lib/libfoo.so, you mean?17:18
piratenaapjefta: I'm trying to package openkomodo based on the part you have already done17:18
slytherinnhandler: what is appropriate location for dh_desktop call? is it install target in rules file?17:18
__Ali__pochu, what's the point of that zero for some library package naming?17:18
rockstarpochu, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/112159/17:18
piratenaapjefta: But it doesn't seem to get the xulrunner source anywhere in your rule file?17:18
__Ali__pochu, example: http://www.google.com/codesearch/p?hl=en#jN7x4wWAGeU/debian/liblasi0.install&q=include%20/usr/share/cdbs/1/class/cmake.mk17:19
ftapiratenaapje, it does, debian/rules get-current-source (you need to have mozilla-devscripts installed 1st)17:19
__Ali__is that simply a version number?17:19
piratenaapjefta: Ah thanks, didn't have that installed17:20
ftapiratenaapje, are you affiliated to o-m in any way? (just curious)17:20
ftao-k i meant17:20
piratenaapjefta: So basicly all that needs to be done is remove the pre-compiled python packages and some minor fixes?17:20
piratenaapjefta: No, I just use it as my ide17:20
ftapiratenaapje, ok17:21
pochurockstar: looks fine... I'm not sure, but you could try this: `update-python-modules python-clutter`, then try to import _clutter or from clutter import _clutter again17:21
ftapiratenaapje, i want to make it work with our system python, without siloing it (it's silly for us)17:21
rockstarpochu, no joy17:21
piratenaapjefta: I've looked at the build.py script, doesn't look too hard to do17:22
pochu__Ali__: yes, so that you can have multiple development versions co-installed17:22
ScottKLaney: Thanks.17:22
pochurockstar: no idea then17:22
Laneyno problem17:22
piratenaapjefta: But I'm a newbie, so don't know if I will succeed :p17:22
ftapiratenaapje, so the next step is to make "bk confirgure" work with that17:22
rockstarpochu, :(17:23
pochurockstar: did you check if it works in jaunty? ;)17:24
ftapiratenaapje, just try to go to the failure in the openkomodo-configure rule, you have to get xul right first, the package should already be fine for that.17:24
rockstarpochu, no Jaunty system here.17:25
piratenaapjefta: Alright, I'll try17:25
piratenaapjefta: It's building now, so have to wait a bit17:25
ftapiratenaapje, but i have to warn you this is tough package for newbies, so don't worry if you don't understand everything, just ask, i'll help17:25
piratenaapjefta: Yeah, the debian/rules file is pretty complicated, and there's a ton of patches :S17:26
ftapiratenaapje, most mozilla based packages are like that. you can move the discussion to #ubuntu-mozillateam, that where we work on all mozilla stuff.17:29
__Ali__why do i get this error with cdbs: couldn't find library libxxx.so.3.11 needed by debian/libfoo/usr/lib/MyLib/libYYY.so.3.11.0 (its RPATH is '')17:29
DktrKranzScottK, Laney: re ghc6 transition, we missed some bits but I just uploaded three packages and confirmed bug 323413 back (which doesn't seem to be processed correctly). Once built, we've finished.17:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 323413 in missingpy "Please sync missingpy (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32341317:29
ScottKDktrKranz: Thanks.17:29
Laneymy apologies for missing things17:30
DktrKranzLaney, not your fault, I spotted things with uncommon methods17:31
ScottKDktrKranz, Laney, or whoever notices, please give me a ping when it's done.17:31
DktrKranzScottK, are there minutes about release meeting you attended?17:31
LaneyDktrKranz: What were they? And have you told Debian?17:31
ScottKDktrKranz: Not that I know of (yet), but it was in #ubuntu-meeting, so there arelogs.17:32
* DktrKranz would like to partecipate sometimes17:32
DktrKranzLaney, Debian is safe, they've binNMUed everything17:32
J-_I have a software suggestion for the repos.17:32
Laneyokey dokes17:32
slytherinJ-_: which software?17:33
J-_Used it once very vaguely, seemed to work awesome.17:33
J-_That is all :)17:34
pochu__Ali__: I think it means libYYY.so links to libxxx.so, but it can't find libxxx.so in /usr/lib/ or in ld.conf paths or LD_LIBRARY_PATH17:34
J-_Oh yes, if someone does package it into the repos, could you include a Hardy version, too? :>17:35
pochu__Ali__: you can check if it links to it with `ldd /path/to/libary.so`, and then try to see where that library is installed17:35
__Ali__pochu, it's because libxxx.so is in debian/libfoo/usr/lib/MyLib and not in /debian/libfoo/usr/lib?17:35
DktrKranzLaney, anyway, packages affected are listed here: http://hattory.no-ip.info/issues/edos/jaunty/universe/amd64/edos.results.raw (just search ghc6)17:36
pochu__Ali__: I think it's the other way round17:36
__Ali__pochoall of the libs are in usr/lib/MyLib both libxxx.so and libYYY.so17:36
pochuah, that explains it17:36
LaneyDktrKranz: that's exciting!17:36
LaneyI just tried some grep-available magic17:36
Laneyevidently didn't work :(17:37
DktrKranzedos rox17:37
__Ali__pochu, how can i set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in cdbs to usr/lib/MyLib?17:37
pochu__Ali__: so either libYYY.so needs an RPATH to /usr/lib/MyLib/libxxx.so, or you need to put /usr/lib/MyLib in a file in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/17:37
pochu__Ali__: LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a runtime hack, you probably don't want that approach17:37
__Ali__pochu, dh_shlibdeps gives me this: Note: libraries are not searched in other binary packages that do not have any shlibs or symbols file.17:38
__Ali__To help dpkg-shlibdeps find private libraries, you might need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH.17:38
pochu__Ali__: maybe if you set it, it will put the right RPATH in the library... otherwise you're screwed I think17:39
pochu__Ali__: so maybe do this in debian/rules: "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:debian/usr/lib/MyLib"17:39
pochuor something like that17:39
__Ali__pochu, i wasnt screwed when i didnt use cdbs, it was fine before that17:39
pochu__Ali__: I don't what you were doing :)17:40
pochu__Ali__: the question is if you want them in /usr/lib/MyLib... are they private libraries?17:40
__Ali__pochu, the upstream installation is this way, i dont want to change it17:41
__Ali__they'r not private, they'r just too many :)17:41
pochu__Ali__: are they meant to be used by everybody?17:42
__Ali__pochu, sure, i'm trying to pack itk (www.itk.org)17:42
pochu__Ali__: then you need to add the path to a file in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/, so that the linker can find them17:42
pochu(if you're not doing it yet)17:43
__Ali__and based on that wrapitk (http://wrapitk.googlecode.com) which will have a few hundered so's17:43
__Ali__pochu, yes, thanks for the tip17:43
__Ali__pochu, but i didnt have this problem with dh_make generated template when i selected single binary17:44
__Ali__i dont know what's different in cdbs17:44
pochu__Ali__: this is a good read btw: http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html17:45
__Ali__pochu, is it enough to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to debian/usr/lib/InsightToolkit, or should it be $(CURDIR)/debian/usr/lib/InsightToolkit?17:50
pochuslytherin: no, they will do that when reviewing the package and the license17:58
pochu__Ali__: not that I know of17:58
pochu__Ali__: just install the file into /etc (you can use debian/libfoo.install)17:58
slytherinpochu: Ok. It is actually dependency on msttcore-fonts that will put the package in multiverse.17:59
__Ali__pochu,  thanks!17:59
pochuslytherin: then it will be there when they accept it (or they will put it there), so don't worry18:00
pochuRainCT___: ouch at your english book!18:24
=== RainCT___ is now known as RainCT
* RainCT seems to be an expert in leaving multiple irssi instances running :P18:26
RainCTpochu: btw, we have no pending work right now, or? (just to be sure that I didn't oversee some mail)18:26
pochuRainCT: no, nothing right now18:31
postalchrisAnybody free to look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=cvc3 ?18:32
pochupostalchris: what is it?18:33
=== spitfire__ is now known as spitfire_
=== spitfire_ is now known as spitfire
postalchrispochu: CVC3 theorem prover18:34
postalchrispochu: http://www.cs.nyu.edu/acsys/cvc3/18:35
pochupostalchris: I'm busy now, but I may have a look at it later18:37
pochuI guess it's lintian clean ;)18:37
postalchrispochu: Thanks18:38
* slytherin is glad libjdic-java merge is ready finally. :-)18:38
sistpotyhi folks18:41
RainCThey sistpoty :)18:42
sistpotyhi RainCT18:42
Laneyahoy hoy18:43
sistpotyhi Laney18:43
* sistpoty is open for reviews... anyone?18:44
RainCTsistpoty:  < postalchris> Anybody free to look at18:44
RainCT                     http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=cvc3 ?18:44
* sistpoty looks18:44
sistpotythanks RainCT18:44
nhandlerslytherin: Did you figure it out?18:44
* Laney trolls for sponsors18:46
slytherinnhandler: not yet. I am working on the package but doing some additional changes18:46
nhandlerThe java changes you mentioned?18:46
slytherinnhandler: it seems the guy was changing .desktop file in .orig.tar.gz as well. So it differs from upstream tarball18:46
nhandlerLaney: What do you need sponsored18:46
Laneynhandler: MOTU application :P, I wasn't being serious18:47
nhandlerslytherin: IIRC, he is upstream, so that won't be difficult to get fixed18:47
slytherinnhandler: Right. Also I am trying if the package works without msttcore-fonts. I had suggested him to patch the source to use font family names instead of a font face "Arial".18:48
nhandlerWhat things are we currently documenting in the changelog entry for new packages? I thought we were only mentioning that it was an initial release (close needs-packaging bug) and any changes to the upstream source such as repackaging or patching it18:49
LaneyThat's the minimum, but there's no harm in mentioning anything else of note18:50
nhandlerLaney: I realize that there is no harm in including other stuff in the changelog entry, but I'm just trying to see if there is anything else that is "required"18:51
sistpotynhandler: as a rule of thumb, anything that's unexpect should be mentioned there (e.g. repacking the upstream tarball)18:54
sistpotyunexpected even18:54
slytherinnhandler: The package works without msttcorefonts18:54
nhandlerslytherin: Glad to hear that.18:54
piratenaapje1If any MOTU is available: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grnotify needs 1 more advocate. It's a google reader notifier.18:54
nhandlerpiratenaapje1: I'll take a look18:55
piratenaapje1nhandler: thanks :)18:55
ScottKnhandler: I think it's good practice to document any patches or other divergence from upstream.18:55
nhandlerScottK: That is the main thing I thought18:56
mehdidhi motus18:57
slytherinnhandler: so where do I put dh_desktop call?18:57
mehdidconcerning the last sync of the package scala...18:57
mehdidit fails to build on lpia just because lpia is not listed18:58
mehdidactually it builds fine but dpkg-gencontrol fails18:58
mehdidas you can see here http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21853748/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-lpia.scala_2.7.3-2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:58
mehdidis there a way to fix that? Should I fill a bug against that?18:58
nhandlerslytherin: For monajat?18:59
slytherinmehdid: change the value of architecture field (debian/control.in) to any, if that is the only thing required18:59
slytherinnhandler: yes18:59
nhandlerslytherin: I put it in the binary-indep section19:00
mehdidI'm not motu (i'd love to ... but not yet)19:00
mehdidslytherin: so what can I do ?19:01
slytherinnhandler: but where exactly? I mean before dh_install or after?19:01
ScottKmehdid: We don't need a bug to know about FTBFS.  If you up with a fix, a bug with a patch would be much apreciated.19:01
slytherinmehdid: create a patch try to build it. if successful then file a bug and attach the patch19:01
nhandlerslytherin: I put mine around the dh_installdocs and dh_installchangelog stuff. But I don't think it is a huge deal19:02
mehdidScottK: slytherin: I'll file a bug and attach a patch19:03
mehdidScottK: slytherin: thanks19:03
ScottKmehdid: Subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug after you attach the patch.19:03
slytherinwhy the heck scala is arch dependent package? Shouldn't it be arch:all package. It includes no native binaries/libraries19:05
* slytherin takes a closer look19:05
mehdidslytherin: yes it should be but it fails to build on arm hppa and alpha because of some missing dependencies19:07
slytherinmehdid: what dependencies?19:08
mehdidin older versions, we used to build scala with gcj which is missing on those archs19:08
mehdidso now we changed to that to openjdk and it was an upload to test the package and see how it builds19:09
slytherinmehdid: AFAIK, gcj is present on all arch. In any case arch:all packages are built only in i38619:09
mehdidgcj is not present on arm hppa alpha19:09
slytherinmehdid: while you are at it, can you please change 'Architecture' of scala and scala-library to 'all' ?19:10
mehdidand even if it's arch:all it should build on all arches (even if it's not necessary) and it fails on the three mentioned19:11
mehdidyes ... I'll just wait for the buildd to see how it builds19:11
slytherinmehdid: This is a java app we are talking about. It does not need to be built on all architectures.19:11
mehdidand then I'll make a trivial patch19:11
mehdidfrom an application point of view, yes19:12
mehdidfrom a packaging point of view, anyone should be able to re-build the package on any arch specified by debian/control19:12
slytherinmehdid: how is that going to be affected by making architecture 'all'?19:15
* RainCT gets mad and deletes lots of source files from REVU *g*19:15
mehdidslytherin: because it fails to build on arm alpha and hppa where gcj wasn't present19:16
slytherinmehdid: I am not asking you to change build dependencies am I?19:17
nhandlerRainCT: Why are you deleting them?19:18
RainCTnhandler: there were 4 old files which weren't used for anything, and I could get ride of 2 more by changing some code to use python-debian :)19:18
mehdidslytherin: oh I misunderstood ... yes, it should be fine with openjdk. 2.7.3-3 was only a testing upload19:19
slytherinmehdid: by the way, the current build dependencies are wrong. you don't need 2 java compilers. You either need java-gcj-compat-dev or openjdk-6-jdk. Same goes with runtime dependencies.19:19
mehdidslytherin: the next upload should fix this issue19:19
nhandlerRainCT: Ok, I thought you were talking about source *packages* on REVU ;)19:20
slytherinmehdid: cool, thanks. And make sure you change architecture to all. :-)19:20
RainCTnhandler: nah, although that would be funny :P19:20
nhandlerRainCT: if(package.language != perl) package.removeSelfFromREVU();19:21
RainCTnhandler: change that != to and == and I'm happy with running it :D19:21
slytherinmehdid: by the way, ideally you should be using default-jdk as build dependency. And also modify JAVA_HOME in debian/rules accordingly.19:23
mehdidslytherin: the only reason that lets me choose openjdk over other solutions is that it builds much more faster with openjdk :)19:27
slytherinmehdid: right, I forgot debian still had gcj as default-jdk19:27
RainCTand another file removed (and details.py needs 2 SQL queries less now :D)19:30
piratenaapje1fakeroot keeps giving me '/usr/bin/fakeroot: line 164: debian/rules: Permission denied' and I can't figure out why. debian/rules has 644 permissions and I'm the owner19:31
geserchmod +x debian/rules19:32
piratenaapje1I'm an idiot19:32
geserdebian/rules has to be executable19:32
loic-mI'm creating a .desktop file for a package who's missing one. At the same time, I'd like to fix the folder where the icon is put19:38
loic-mAtm, it goes to /usr/share/package/ , shouldn't it be /usr/share/pixmaps (btw it's a game, tuxtype)19:38
RainCTloic-m: yep19:39
RainCTloic-m: and it should be 48x48 if it's a PNG or 32x32 if it's an XPm19:39
loic-mSo i can just fix the cp in the rules section, or use dh_install ?19:39
loic-mRainCT: so PNG would look better...19:39
RainCTloic-m: Indeed it does. Is everything working fine if you remove it from /usr/share?19:40
RainCTloic-m: if not, then just create a symlink instead of moving the file19:40
RainCTloic-m: also note (in case you didn't know) that Exec= and Icon= should just be the filename (without a path, the menu is wise enough to figure it out by itself)19:41
loic-mRainCT: I'll test it, but since it's in debian/ it should be only used for that, not by the program, no?19:41
loic-mRainCT: indeed; that's what made me notice it when I was doing the .desktop file19:41
RainCTloic-m: ah, then probably you're save19:42
loic-mRainCT: The icon is actually a 32x32 xpm19:42
loic-mRainCT: thanks RainCT19:42
RainCTloic-m: if you replace it with a PNG, note that you'll have to uuencode it (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/BinaryFilesInDiff)19:42
loic-mRainCT: I'll probably keep it as an .xpm (simpler than tracking the license of a new icon, since there's not much point converting the xpm to PNG...19:43
loic-mRainCT: just to make sure, is dh_install the recommended method for icons?19:44
RainCTloic-m: yes, afaik19:45
sistpotypostalchris: cvc3 reviewed, please see the comments19:45
* iulian prefers debian/install.19:45
loic-mRainCT thx a lot19:45
RainCTiulian: that is dh_install :P19:45
loic-miulian: is that possible when not using CDBS?19:46
RainCTloic-m: sure19:46
loic-mI've got to learn how to do that (even though I'll make as less changes as possible for this pkg) for future use19:47
iulianRainCT: Yes but I usually just call dh_install and have an install file in debian dir.19:47
RainCTloic-m: just call dh_install without arguments in debian/rules and write the stuff in debian/install19:47
loic-mI just create an install file like for CDBS, then it's automatic?19:47
loic-mRainCT: thx19:47
RainCTloic-m: if you're calling dh_install, yes19:47
RainCTiulian: yep, me too19:48
loic-mI'll remember that way to do it...19:48
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
dooooomiif there's a MOTU around looking for something to review: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyliblo19:53
postalchris sistpoty: Thanks for the review. Working on it.19:57
sistpotypostalchris: you're welcome ;)19:58
loic-min rules, what's the best target to run dh_desktop, and what's the best target to install the icon and the .desktop file?19:58
postalchrisA stupid small thing: lintian complains about non-ubuntu Maintainer. Is there a way to avoid that, or should I just ignore for now?19:58
nhandlerMaintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>19:59
nhandlerYou can set yourself as the XSBC-Original-Maintainer19:59
nhandlerpostalchris: ^^^19:59
postalchrisnhandler: Thanks20:00
nhandlerpostalchris: You're welcome20:00
loic-mAnybody knows if it's ok to put dh_desktop & install icon+desktop file in the install target?20:01
piratenaapje1nhandler: Everything should be fixed now20:02
sistpotyloic-m: that would be the place, yes20:04
nhandlerpiratenaapje1: I'm looking at it now20:04
jacobwhat day is feature freeze? for whatever reason i can't get the wiki to load20:05
piratenaapje1jacob: 19th feb20:05
jacobpiratenaapje1: thanks20:06
loic-msistpoty: thanks. On another package i worked on (e-uae) it's in binary-arch, is there a policy against that?20:06
sistpotyloic-m: none that I know of (assuming that the package is not arch:all)20:06
loic-msistpoty: thanks. I couldn't find anything in the Debian policy manual (and arch=any)20:08
sistpotyloic-m: actually, where you put it is just convenience, as long as it ends up in the package... e.g. it makes sense to have an install target besides a build target, so that you can reuse the prebuilt sources if only install gets wrong20:09
sistpoty(ok, of course binary-indep and binary-arch are to be considered, since these are called for arch:all and arch:any packages respectively)20:10
loic-msistpoty: thanks. btw, tuxtype is Maintainer: Ubuntu Core Developers, is there a reason for that?20:10
jacobif anyone here has free time, could you take a look at gens on revu? i still can't quite figure out what to do with the wave.c source copyrighted by microsoft but without a license. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=468320:11
sistpotyloic-m: yes, it's in main20:11
sistpotyloic-m: apt-cache show tuxtype | grep Directory20:12
loic-msistpoty: ok20:12
sistpotyloic-m: I assume it's in main for edubuntu, but no guarantees on that ;)20:12
loic-msistpoty: that's a good explanation. Gotta teach teh kids to p0wn at mario kart20:13
* sebner winks sistpoty =)20:17
sistpotyhey sebner20:18
sistpotysebner: how's the army?20:18
sebnersistpoty: horrible :\20:19
jpdsHey sebner.20:19
pochuhi folks!20:19
pochusebner: are you in the army?20:19
sebnerpochu: for the next 5 months, unfortunately yes20:19
nhandlersebner: What army?20:19
sebnerhiya jpds20:19
sebnernhandler: Austrian army  ^ ^20:19
jpdspochu: Austrian constitution military service.20:20
gesersebner: even if it's horrible it's an experience for life :)20:29
gesersebner: use the next 5 months well so we get you back fresh and full of energy for Ubuntu development20:31
sistpotysebner: if you ever feel that army is bad, take my experience... I had to deal with a lot of shit, literally, as I served civil service instead in an home for the aged20:34
sistpoty(otoh my gf is proud that I can change diapers *g*)20:35
sistpotydooooomi: /me reviews pyliblo20:38
piratenaapje1nhandler: Did you got a notice I uploaded a new version?20:40
* Laney paws at sebner20:40
slytherinnhandler: just realised. monajat upstream tarball does not have a LICENSE or COPYING file20:51
nhandlerslytherin: Really? I could have sworn that it had one20:52
slytherinnhandler: it does not even have license headers in the source files.20:53
sebnergeser: heh well, I'm not sure if I want this experience :P Ah yes, After that I'll concentrate on ubuntu dev but for now I'm only at home on weekends with not really time for anything :(20:57
nhandlerpiratenaapje1: What license are you trying to distribute grnotify under?20:57
sebnersistpoty: ehehe, well, If I could choose I'd take civil service now. Maybe not in a home for aged but something else ...20:57
sebnerLaney: hmm?20:58
piratenaapje1it's supposed to be gpl-220:58
LaneyI need your kind words sebner20:58
nhandlerpiratenaapje1: Take a look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/report.py/legal?upid=4825. You are missing copyright/license headers in 2 files, and GoogleReader.py has a header saying GPL-320:59
sebnerLaney: finally wrote something about yourself? :P20:59
Laneysure did20:59
Laneyit was most painful20:59
sebnerLaney: sure, I'll write something within the next hour20:59
piratenaapje1nhandler: Do those files really need a copyright header? They're just small installers20:59
Laneyyou star20:59
* Laney emails sebner some baileys21:00
nhandlerpiratenaapje1: It isn't 100% necessary, but it is nice to have21:00
nhandlerAnd since you need to fix GoogleReader.py anyway, you might as well do it21:00
sistpotydooooomi: found only one thing: python-liblo should not have a hard-coded depends on "liblo0dlbl" but deterimine that via shlibs:Depends21:01
sebnerLaney: sebner is more up to ice tee :P21:01
piratenaapje1nhandler: Ok, sure21:01
sistpotydooooomi: others than that it looks fine for me (though I'm by far no python packaging expert)21:01
sebnerLaney: ahaha! finally I can copy the structure from daniels comment \o/21:03
LaneyI want to be the first person through the new process21:03
sebnerLaney: so keep pushing your sponsors to write comments ^^21:03
Laneyfirst I have to find some.....21:04
nhandlerLaney: Hopefully, you will not have to wait a month to get through the process21:04
Laneynhandler: That's the good thing about this new procedure, there's a set time for voting21:04
Laney(in an IRC meeting)21:04
AndrewGeeHi all. Any MOTUs available to review osm-gps-map - the GTK widget to embed openstreetmap? Fixed the issues that mok0 flagged up to me. Thanks :) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map21:05
nhandlerLaney: I know. I like that. I just hope that MOTUs not listed as sponsors provide feedback still21:05
dooooomisistpoty: thanks, i'll remove the dependency21:05
sistpotydooooomi: please make sure that it indeed is still there in the resulting .deb's ;)21:06
sistpoty(via the shlibs mechanism)21:06
sebnerLaney: done21:06
Laneysebner: heh erm21:07
Laneyyou should have put your thing above dholbachs - as it is you chopped his stuff in half21:07
Laneybut thanks \o/21:07
sistpotyAndrewGee: if you give me a few minutes to reboot (new kernel, new kde, new everything... so I guess I'll have to fiddle a bit) then I'm up for your review ;)21:07
* sistpoty reboots... cya hopefully later21:08
AndrewGeesistpoty: Thanks.21:08
nhandlerLaney: Do you have a link to the page where you are collecting feedback?21:08
Laneynhandler: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IainLane/MOTUApplication21:08
sebnerLaney: bah :P your work21:10
LaneyI should probably update my main wiki page too21:10
Laneyisn't it just amazing sebner?21:10
sebnerLaney: hmm?21:11
Laneymy work!21:11
LaneyBug #1 - Closed by Laney21:11
=== ZehRique[Sleepin is now known as ZehRique
__Ali__i used: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:debian/usr/lib/MyLib in rules, and now at the end of the build i get this:21:12
__Ali__test -x debian/rules21:12
__Ali__ERROR: ld.so: object 'libfakeroot-tcp.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored., dh_testroot21:12
__Ali__ERROR: ld.so: object 'libfakeroot-tcp.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.21:12
__Ali__dh_testroot: You must run this as root (or use fakeroot).21:12
__Ali__i did _append_  LD_LIBRARY_PATH, what could be wrong?21:13
LaneyOff to the pub, have a good evening all21:14
sebnerLaney: hf21:15
pochusebner: I think you screwed up dholbach's comment to Laney's application ;)21:15
sebnerpochu: gnah :P I don't see anything =)21:16
__Ali__pochu, following your advice,  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:debian/usr/lib/MyLib, didnt help21:17
pochusebner: "Specific Experiences of working together" and "Areas of Improvement" are part of Daniel's comment ;)21:17
pochu__Ali__: I have no clue then, sorry21:17
pochu__Ali__: maybe turn back to debhelper ;)21:18
sebnerpochu: ahaha! fixed. at least I could say they belonged to my comment :P21:19
postalchrisI'm really not understanding how to get CDBS to go from libfoo.so with SONAME=X, in the upstream build, to libfoo.so.X and libfoo.so -> libfoo.so.X, after install.21:31
postalchrisI'm getting LD_LIBRARY_PATH errors from dpkg-shlibdeps, I think because of the renaming21:31
pochuwhat are you renaming?21:31
sistpotywho is roderick greening? how do I fix kvirc? :P21:32
JontheEchidnasistpoty: rgreening in #kubuntu-devel21:33
sistpotythanks, JontheEchidna21:33
jpdsOr in here.21:34
JontheEchidnaoh, he is21:34
postalchrispochu: I mean libfoo.so to libfoo.so.X21:34
ScottKsistpoty: He's rgreening.  What's up?21:34
sistpotyrgreening: how do I fix kvirc? :P (just upgraded to the kde4 version, and all things are changed *g*)21:34
sebnersistpoty: howto fix kde :P21:34
ScottKsistpoty: It's KDE4, of course it's changed.21:35
sistpotyScottK: all my settings are lost... and I don't recall what I did in the first place (e.g. I've got channels on the left side now in contrast to tabs with channels)21:35
sistpotyScottK: and I recall that it was a pain to find out in the first place how to change it *g*21:35
sistpotyScottK: but the good news is, that its still working :)21:36
ScottKNot sure what to tell you.  Both of us tested the package before upload, but aren't either of us regular kvirc users.21:36
postalchrisError is "couldn't find library libfoo.so.X" when I've built debian/usr/lib/libfoo.so with SONAME=X and then used ${shlibs:Depends} on an executable21:36
ScottKsistpoty: If you were interested in looking after it, that would be highly useful.21:36
ScottKsistpoty: Also since they are pre- their 4.0 release, this'd be a great time to wring it out and file bugs ...21:37
sistpotyScottK: I think it's due to the config being changed in quite some ways... not too sure if I actually do manage to track it down (kvirc's config is pretty complex)21:37
dooooomisistpoty: the pyliblo package works fine with just the shlibs:Depends, i did a new upload21:37
sistpotyScottK: got an (upstream) url=21:37
ScottKsistpoty: Yeah, that's why we didn't seriously pursue it as a default IRC client for Kubuntu.  Far too much complexit.21:38
sistpotydooooomi: does the .deb have a dependency on liblio0dbl?21:38
sistpotydooooomi: because the .so in there needs it?21:38
dooooomisistpoty: yup, works perfectly21:39
* ScottK tosses http://www.kvirc.net/ to sistpoty.21:39
sistpotyScottK: thanks!21:39
sistpotydooooomi: but does it have the dependency?21:39
dooooomisistpoty: that's what i meant :) the dependency is there21:40
sistpotydooooomi: ah... excellent!21:40
ScottKsistpoty: Feel like looking into some FTBFS?21:43
sistpotyScottK: maybe.. but I promised a review beforehand, and am asking on #kvirc for bug-reports ;)21:44
pochupostalchris: you don't rename things, upstream build system should create the library and the symlinks21:44
ScottKsistpoty: OK.  Well I see an identical failure on PPC and lpia.  If you get a chance ... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/7.3-1ubuntu1/+build/854236/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-powerpc.mesa_7.3-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz21:46
postalchrispochu: Oh, I see. Well, it doesn't.21:46
ScottKsistpoty: I'm hoping to get KDE to build on ports and that's the current blocker.21:46
sharperguyHi, I'm trying to build a package (python3.0) but pbuilder (aptitude) complains that it can't download libgpm2_1.20.4-3ubuntu1_i386.deb. I have tried updating my repos and even changing server. It seems to still use the old server, but when I aptitude install something else, it uses the new one...21:48
sistpoty../../../include/GL/internal/dri_interface.h:45:17: error: drm.h: No such file or directory21:48
sharperguyThe file it should be going for is libgpm2_1.20.4-3.1ubuntu1_i386.deb:21:48
sistpotyScottK: that looks like the cause ^^21:48
ScottKsistpoty: OK.  Thanks.21:49
sistpotyScottK: np21:49
ScottKsistpoty: If you were to get motivated to use your core-dev powers to fix that up, I'd owe you a beer ...21:50
sistpotyScottK: not too sure If I can fix that... on what arches does it cause problems?21:55
ScottKsistpoty: I can explain the problem, but not how to fix it...21:56
ScottKThe issue is that the libdrm headers moved into the kernel starting with (someversion).21:56
sistpotyScottK: go ahead... I'd need every info that I can get ;)21:56
ScottKOnly i386, amd64, and armel have a sufficient version.21:57
ScottKSo a new libdrm just got uploaded that dropped a (I can't remember which, check debian/changelog) depends so libdrm-dev would be installable on these other archs.21:58
ScottKSo the next step is to get mesa to build.21:58
loic-mWhen refering to the icon in debian/menu, can I just use the app name (and no path) as in the app.desktop file (since the icon is installed in /usr/share/pixmaps) ?21:58
ScottKThe problem (I'm guessing) is that mesa needs either a new build-dep for these archs or to look somewhere else for the drm.h21:59
ScottKsistpoty: ^^ So that's my rough understanding of it.21:59
* sistpoty tries to find more clues... after a smoke *g*22:00
pochuloic-m: don't think so22:00
pochuloic-m: grep icon /usr/share/menu/*22:00
ScottKSo the answer to your specific question is it has or will FTBFS on anything that's not armel, amd64, or i386.22:00
ScottKsistpoty: Thanks.22:00
loic-mpochu: I don't understand the grep line purpose22:00
loic-mpochu: ok22:01
pochudo you now? :)22:01
loic-mthey all have hardcoded path22:01
loic-mso i should do the same22:01
pochuthere's a menu policy, you can check that too22:02
loic-mactually one doesn't : /usr/share/menu/qemulator:icon="qemulator.xpm"22:02
loic-mI'll have a look22:02
loic-min debian policy manual?22:02
RainCToh, nice. OO.o has presentation templates with the ubuntu logo22:03
loic-mpochu: or is that a freedesktop thing?22:03
pochuloic-m: no, debian specific22:04
pochuloic-m: file:///usr/share/doc/menu/html/ch3.html#s3.722:04
loic-mRainCT: and maybe someday the word "Ubuntu" will be added to the default dictionnaries...22:04
nhandlerRainCT: You just gave me a great idea22:05
RainCTnhandler: and that is?22:05
loic-mpochu: they don't say we need to use a path in the link you gave me, just where icons are usually stored22:06
mok0RainCT, nhandler, did you guys come up with something?22:06
nhandlerRainCT: I should create a presentation for the GBJ22:06
pochuloic-m: right, but every other package has the path...22:06
RainCTnhandler: what's that? :P22:06
pochuloic-m: so the safest would be to have the full path ;)22:06
nhandlerRainCT: What is the GBJ?22:06
loic-mpochu: indeed22:06
RainCTnhandler: yep22:06
nhandlerRainCT: Global Bug Jam22:07
loic-mpochu: are we using the menu file in Ubuntu, or is it just in Debian?22:07
jpdsnhandler: There is one on the GBJ page if you want a base.22:08
pochuloic-m: there's something in Ubuntu that uses it, can't remember what it is though22:10
nhandlerjpds: I'll take a look at it. The presentation there is about triaging. I still need to decide what I want to create my presentation about22:11
jpdsnhandler: I might make one too for the uk one, at some point.22:11
loic-mpochu: is it like exotic desktop manager, like wmaker and others?22:12
nhandlerjpds: Since I haven't been to a loco event yet, I need to talk with the team to see what they would like it to cover22:13
pochuloic-m: yeah I think that was it22:13
jpdsnhandler: Which LoCo are you in?22:13
loic-mI really liked wmaker back when I wasn't using Ubuntu, then when I switched nothing in Ubuntu was integrated in it (no apps available by right clicking on the desktop)...22:14
nhandlerjpds: ubuntu-chicago. I've spent time in the IRC channel, I just haven't been to a meeting22:14
RainCTuhm.. stupid question, but how can I create a sublist in OO.o? (as clicking the list button disables the already present one)22:33
jpdsRainCT: Tab?22:33
bdrungvorian: the manpage of esperanza looks wrong formated22:36
jpdsRainCT: Oh, use LaTeX.22:37
* jpds ducks.22:37
RainCTjpds: heh yes, perhaps at the end it will come out that LaTeX is easier to use than OOo :P22:43
__Ali__pochu, isn't it enough to just have .install files for cdbs to actually include the binaries in the deb?22:56
pochu__Ali__: as long as you include something that calls dh_install, yes22:57
sistpotyok, sorry for the delay... who wanted a review back then?22:57
__Ali__pochu, the log says: dh_install -plibfoo, isnt that enough? the deb is still empty22:58
sistpotyrgreening: I'm not fond of your kvirc upload btw. :P22:59
sistpoty(due to personal inconveniences rather *g*)22:59
pochuthat should be ok if you didn't make mistakes :)22:59
__Ali__pochu, libfoo.instal has this line: usr/lib/MyLib/lib*.so.*22:59
pochu__Ali__: try with debian/tmp/usr/lib/MyLib/...22:59
pochu(append debian/tmp)22:59
AndrewGeeHi. Anyone available to look at giving the second advocation to osm-gps-map - A GTK widget to embed openstreetmap? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map23:19

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