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asacfta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/112041/ <- upgraded to latest from your archive on intrepid12:14
asacfta: and here a prb with miro: http://paste.ubuntu.com/112042/ seems to lack a conflicts12:14
asaci think we should really prevent xul 1.9.1 to touch any xul 1.9 gre.d files12:15
asacThe following packages have unmet dependencies: miro: Depends: miro-data (>= 2.0~) but 1.2.6-0ubuntu1 is installed12:16
ftaasac, why do you think 1.9.1 even touches 1.9 files?15:43
asacfta: not sure. thought you added the conffile cleanup stuff on 1.9.1 and later15:52
asacfta: what happened on this upgrade is that my fresh gre for was moved to a backup file15:53
asacfta: if you explicitly only look for 1.9.1 then i have to check where this might have come from15:53
ftai think you probably have two gre files for 1.9.015:54
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/112118/15:55
ftamake it -1f15:56
asacfta: no. thats not the issue15:57
asacfta: the issue was really that there was no 1.9.0*.conf anymore15:57
asaconly .backup (or whatever extension we use)15:57
asacwell ... no anymore ... i had to rename it ;)15:57
ftathis is fixed in 1.9.1 / 1.9.2, no in 1.915:58
asacfta: yeah cool. can you commit the same fix to 1.9.head or give me a diff you used so i can backport?15:58
ftaasac, head still starts with "xulrunner-1.9 ( jaunty; urgency=low" is that correct?16:02
asacfta: hmm16:02
asacshould be pushed from what i can tell16:03
asaclet me double check16:03
asacfta: now pushed. sorry.16:04
asacnot sure what i did ... but i think i unbound it16:04
asacso i coudl do a topic branch for the major change request for libnotify16:04
asacanyway rev375 is now there16:05
asacok out for barber16:05
ftaasac, done, rev #37616:13
ftaif you can also take the build-system stuff, it's #323..32616:15
ftaplease also consider #37716:23
piratenaapjefta: Here now ;)17:30
ftaalways nice to have fresh blood here :)17:30
piratenaapjefta: mv -v openkomodo-8991/*-source.tar.bz2 `echo openkomodo-8991/*-source.tar.bz2 | sed -e 's/-1.9.1-1.9.1/-1.9.1/'`17:30
piratenaapjemv: `openkomodo-8991/mozilla-central-1.9.2~a1~hg20090131r24485-source.tar.bz2' and `openkomodo-8991/mozilla-central-1.9.2~a1~hg20090131r24485-source.tar.bz2' are the same file17:30
piratenaapjeI could force move it I guess :S17:31
fta?? hmm, not good, let me check17:31
piratenaapjefta: It's rule 113 of debian/rules17:32
ftathat's old stuff, my branch is not up-to-date, sorry, let me fix that17:33
ftai can hand you my tarball for now, it's not the part that needs work17:35
piratenaapjefta: sure17:35
ftahold on, uploading it somewhere17:36
fta25%.. so slow17:39
piratenaapjefta: Well, it's a pretty big tarball I assume, I think the svn directory was 150 meg with python tarballs included17:40
ftai dropped all binaries from the tarball, we can't take them, forbidden17:40
piratenaapjefta: I know, but it would still be pretty large, even without those tarballs17:41
ftabtw, where did you learn that i was working on that?17:41
piratenaapjefta: I wanted to package it myself, since I use it and it's not in the repos yet. Then I found the needs-packaging bug on launchpad and saw you had worked on it17:42
ftaok, good i added a comment there then :)17:43
piratenaapjefta: Well seeing how much you have done, I don't think I would've succeeded :p17:43
piratenaapjefta: Only packaged a couple smaller programs so far17:44
ftathe thing is i don't know much about python17:44
asacfta: is mini 10 not yet avail with ubuntu preinstalled?17:44
piratenaapjefta: It's my programming language of choice ;)17:45
ftaasac, it's not on sale at all here, afaik17:45
piratenaapjefta: Going to eat now, I'll take a look at the tarball in 15 mins or so17:45
asacits nice for sure ;)17:45
asacif its really the thing i had in my hands during UDS from some oem folks ;)17:45
ftapiratenaapje, ok, 80% now17:45
asacbut i will check on that and let you know17:46
ftaasac, take pictures if you can. i'm worried about the weight, and the battery. the keyboard looks better than the 917:47
asacyes. keyboard was the most annoying part of 917:48
ftapiratenaapje, http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tarballs/openkomodo_5.1.0~a1~svn20090124r2851.orig.tar.gz17:48
asacfta: the mini 9 isnt really heavy ... what weight do you expect?17:48
ftaless than 1kg17:49
asacwith battery?17:49
ftayes, ideally with a small/light ac charger17:49
fta1.2kg top for everything17:49
asacthe ac charger is definitly light17:50
asacat least for the mini 917:50
ftabut i update .head. if i bump versions in .ppa, i would have to work on more conflicts17:57
piratenaapjefta: aptitude show mozilla-devscripts | grep -i version17:58
piratenaapjeVersion: 0.1017:58
piratenaapjePerhaps the version in jaunty is higher? I'm running intrepid17:59
ftai have 0.12~fta3.17:59
ftaasac, i should close m-d 0.12 now, it's mature enough, would you sponsor it?17:59
piratenaapjefta: Jaunty has 0.11, should be high enough?17:59
ftapiratenaapje, i used new stuff in o-m. you need 0.12. I'm upstream for mozilla-devscripts btw ;)18:00
ftawhy should i insist on typing o-m for openkomodo.. grrr18:01
piratenaapjeAh alright18:01
asacfta: sure18:03
asacfta: just give me the sign for upload18:03
ftado you need a bug in #lp?18:04
asacfta: no.18:14
asacfta: unless there is abug fixed of course ;)18:14
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/112175/18:15
asacfta: i would suggest to not use [ mozclient  ] ... thats used for developers18:16
asaci would use:18:17
asac* poiint 118:17
asac* point 218:17
asacbut well ;)18:17
asacnot really a real issue ;)18:17
ftai don't think lp match "* [ foo ]" (with a star)18:18
asaclp doesnt match anything ;)18:18
asacexcept emails18:18
asacwhich they seem to parse everywhere18:18
asacat least on the view side18:18
asacin fact i think that for upstream development having a ChangeLog file in top level is better18:19
asacas you can just add more things by date there18:19
asacbut well. whatever you do i am fine with it ;) ...18:19
asacas long as it doesnt break backward compatibility18:19
asacthose changes dont look like they would. but you probably know better18:20
ftait never hurt before18:21
asacthe changelog format? yes. thats fine. was just a comment ;)18:22
* fta still fighting with the sasl2 crash18:23
ftaI want my SMTP AUTH fixed, i can't send emails!18:23
asacso where is sysrq key?18:24
ftagrrr, it's the berkeley db 3.5 -> 3.6 :(18:24
ftasysrq key? that's print screen for me18:25
asacfta: ^^18:25
asacyou probably already noticed that18:25
* asac tries that key now18:26
ftathat's bullshit18:26
ftactrl+alt+bs != magic keys18:26
ftathe 1st kills X, the latter talks to the kernel directly18:26
asacfta: yes. the idea is that alt+sysrq+k kills all processes assocaited with current VT18:27
ftai use both, since what.. forever? and i need both but for different purposes18:28
asacso the result is similar18:28
asacand even more reliable because kernel does it18:28
asacjust tried it ... the magic key properly did kill x and gdm came back18:28
ftait's a hammer to kill a fly18:28
piratenaapjefta: I feel rather silly, but I don't see what part in the rules file I should run next :S18:29
asacfta: yeah. but for some reason they want to eliminate the ctrl+alt+backspace thing18:29
asacprobably because it gets hit by accident18:29
ftapiratenaapje, build it normally, dpkg-buildpackage (or the command you prefer, debuild, ...)18:29
asacbzr bd ;)18:30
ftayeah, that too. that's my preferred choice18:30
piratenaapje1what the hell18:30
piratenaapje1pidgin acting funny, brb18:31
fta<fta> piratenaapje, build it normally, dpkg-buildpackage (or the command you prefer, debuild, ...)18:31
fta<asac> bzr bd ;)18:31
piratenaapje1Very odd..18:32
piratenaapje1pidgin acting weird18:32
piratenaapje1fta: How do I actually build it now?18:33
ftapiratenaapje1, from the branch dir, put the tarball into ../tarballs and use bzr bd --merge (you need bzr-builddeb)18:34
ftait will merge the sources with the debian dir from the branch, and work in ../build-area/18:35
ftaasac, don't we have a tutorial for that on the wiki?18:35
piratenaapje1fta: Alright18:38
asacfta: i think we have19:12
asacfta: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Build/Bzr19:14
asacnot sure how up to date that is19:14
asacprobably deserves some love19:14
Nafallohouse is love!19:14
asacthat would be a simplisitic view on love ... probably missing various corner cases and even main cases ;)19:16
Nafalloasac: http://home.nafallo.info/tmp/djrob+jan2609house192.mp3 <-- latest from my friendly djs :-)19:19
BUGabundodownloading now19:20
Nafallokewl :-)19:20
asacNafallo: nice nice19:29
marcos_astHi! Hi asac19:34
asacmarcos_ast: hi. you need revpath binary19:39
asacnot sure where thats in ;)19:39
asaclet me check19:39
asacdpkg -S revpath19:39
asacxutils-dev: /usr/share/man/man1/revpath.1.gz19:39
asacxutils-dev: /usr/bin/revpath19:39
asacso maybe add that to wiki too19:39
marcos_astdon't worry19:40
asacfor my defense: not my idea to use that ;)19:40
asacbut sometimes you are happy to get contributions and don't complain19:40
marcos_astdpkg: *revpath* not found19:42
asacmarcos_ast: showed you the package name above19:42
asacNafallo: http://identi.ca/nafallo ... thats weak ;)19:42
Nafalloasac: tss. what would I use that for? :-P19:43
asacNafallo: writing dents ;)19:43
gnomefreaksebner: are you using sunbird 0.9?19:43
gnomefreakin jaunty19:43
marcos_astI don't undertand you :$19:44
marcos_astrevpath don't exist19:44
asacmarcos_ast: sigh19:44
Nafalloasac: :-P19:44
asacpackage name!19:44
asacmarcos_ast: ^^19:44
marcos_astI installed xutils-dev19:46
marcos_astdpkg -S revpath works now19:46
marcos_astbut not xutils-dev: /usr/share/man/man1/revpath.1.gz19:47
marcos_astbash: xutils-dev:: command not found19:47
asacmarcos_ast: well. i used dpkg -S to find the package where its in19:47
asacso nothing you should bother about19:47
asacmarcos_ast: try again19:48
sebnergnomefreak: nope, why?19:48
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gnomefreakoutside of lightning/tb3 compatibility issues i cant find anything on .ical remote calendars19:51
gnomefreakwell here is a new way to ask for help:19:54
gnomefreakPS. Why doesn't Lightning have a more precise UA? (i.e., build date)19:54
gnomefreak--> FU to mozilla.dev.apps.thunderbird19:54
gnomefreakok its not just him it looks like alot of people are bitching at the devs for all kinds of reasons that really has nothing to do with them19:56
marcos_astmarquinos@marquinos-laptop:~/Desktop/po2xpi/src$ ./runpo2xpi firefox en-USfirefox.xpi _firefox-ast.po19:56
marcos_asttrying en-US.jar19:56
marcos_astentityname=brandDTD for line: <!ENTITY % brandDTD SYSTEM "chrome://branding/locale/brand.dtd">19:56
marcos_astCMD=/home/marquinos/Desktop/po2xpi/src/po2xpi firefox ../_firefox-ast.po19:56
marcos_astMAKING START DIR: /home/marquinos/Desktop/po2xpi/src/firefox19:57
marcos_astPWD: /tmp/po2xpi.JnPYJLqAjX/firefox19:57
marcos_astI think now works fine19:57
asacmarcos_ast: good ;)19:57
marcos_astI have a folder19:58
marcos_ast"firefox" with ast.po19:58
marcos_astwith ast.xpi19:58
marcos_astdrop & drag in firefox?19:58
marcos_astwhat must I do for check the translation? :P19:58
asacmarcos_ast: you can just install it as any extension20:02
asace.g. navigate to it on firefox and click20:02
asacor just firefox /path/to/ast.xpi20:02
piratenaapje1fta: ping20:02
gnomefreakhmmmmm tb+sdpamassignin is fixed?20:04
marcos_astfirefox appear in asturian language20:04
marcos_astis this the test?20:05
marcos_astfor the translation?20:05
asacmarcos_ast: you need the .xpi for xulrunner and the one for firefox20:05
asacmarcos_ast: then check every dialog and everything to see whether its translated ... or broken20:06
marcos_astI'm compiling xulrunner20:06
marcos_astworks the runpo2xpi20:06
asacmarcos_ast: compiling? you mean crating .xpi20:06
asacmarcos_ast: yes. just use the en-US.xpi for xulrunner (also in the translation tarball)20:06
marcos_astI'm testing...20:07
marcos_astAll appears is fine :D20:08
marcos_astthe search dialog appear in asturian20:08
marcos_astfirefox browse the web fine20:08
marcos_astand appear in asturian too20:08
marcos_astany test for you? :D20:08
asacmarcos_ast: preferences dialog20:10
asacall tabs20:10
asacall sub dialogs20:10
asacthere should be a bunch20:11
gnomefreakasac: did we reach EOL for tb-1.x20:16
asacgnomefreak: why?20:18
asacgnomefreak: its definitly EOL upstream20:18
gnomefreakim seeing bugs on it20:18
asacin ubuntu its still supported20:18
asacin dapper at least20:18
asaci think gutsy has tbird 220:18
gnomefreaktthis is post dapper as i recall but her eis report https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-thunderbird/+bug/25967820:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259678 in mozilla-thunderbird "Thunderbird (20080724) thinks @ in a FTP URL means it's an Email address" [Undecided,Invalid]20:19
gnomefreakim going through bugs i can always go back to it when im done20:19
gnomefreakcomment that bothered me was20:20
gnomefreakUnfortunately, I don't run thunderbird on any of my machines that have a20:20
gnomefreaknewer version of Ubuntu on them so I don't know if it's an issue on20:20
gnomefreakUbuntu > 7.0420:20
asacgnomefreak: what are you using now? evo?20:21
gnomefreakand sm if i ever get 2.0 built20:21
asacso you are still running tbird ;)20:21
asacgnomefreak: whats the prob with sm?20:21
marcos_astAll is fine :D20:22
marcos_astincluded "about:robots" xD20:22
marcos_astany test more? :)20:22
gnomefreakits fails to build using same source as fta repo had. spinning it on jaunty spit out a few rules file errors but didnt have a ton of time to look at it. Once i figure out the "hg" naming i will go for vewer upstream source20:23
ftagnomefreak, if it's green in my ppa, it should build fine for you too, untouched20:24
gnomefreakfta: i thought so too20:25
asacNafallo: finished listening :) ... #success20:25
ftato update the source, you don't have to fight with hg, just run debian/rules get-orig-source20:25
ftayou need mozilla-devscripts, and of course mercurial20:25
marcos_astasac updated wiki page :)20:26
asacmarcos_ast: 9. Copy here the firefox.po en-US_firefox.xpi.  ?20:27
asacisnt it firefox/en-US.xpi ?20:27
asacor reference that its the xpi from 6.20:27
marcos_astI will change it now20:28
marcos_astI like difference it :$20:28
gnomefreakfta: yeah i wish it was that easy. m-d kept spitting out errors with get-orig... and than i tried using debian_date and it fdailed as well and to use get-org you need a source name (DD or HG or what not) unless this is no longer needed. but as i recall changelog needs to have new source name for get-orig to get it20:29
gnomefreakok email is done ill run updates and attempt sm again20:33
gnomefreakfta: give me a minute its gonna fail most likely due to git not being installed but it is20:36
ftait's an old bug, which m-d do you have20:36
gnomefreakmozilla-devscripts: Installed: 0.12~fta3 Candidate: 0.12~fta320:37
ftashould be fine then20:37
gnomefreaklooks like its working now but a few minutes ill know20:37
sianis-develhi all20:37
sianis-develasac, are you here?20:38
* gnomefreak smoke20:38
asacsianis-devel: yeah20:41
sianis-develasac, could you review my patch for bug 30500420:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305004 in ubufox "Untranslated fallback string" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30500420:42
ftagnomefreak, all fine here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/112239/20:43
gnomefreakits running here now20:43
asacsianis-devel: yes. let me think for a moment ;)20:45
gnomefreakfta: looks like i was in wrong dir.20:46
Nafalloasac: :-)20:47
asacsianis-devel: problem is that when you dont add a new string in .properties all other locales will break20:48
asace.g. all that dont have a translation yet20:48
asactwo solutions: a) add the english string everywhere20:48
asacb) refactor and put plugin finder strings into a separate .properties20:52
asacalso add a prefix to the string name20:52
asace.g. ubufox.pluginWizard.description.notfound20:53
asaci would suggest that we do b)20:53
sianis-develasac, it sounds good20:53
asacsianis-devel: just create the prefix for now20:54
asacthats ok then20:54
asaci will do the refactoring when time comes20:54
asacsianis-devel: also copy the english string to all other ubufox.properties20:54
sianis-develgreat, thank you!20:55
asacsianis-devel: ok adde that to bug too20:56
asacnow off for a while20:56
piratenaapje1fta: are you here?20:57
asacpiratenaapje1: if his nick is here just ask. he will answer when he sees the question20:57
piratenaapje1he didn't respond last ping :p20:58
asac(or when tiem ;))20:58
piratenaapje1make: *** No rule to make target `debian/-configure.stamp', needed by `debian/-build.stamp'.  Stop.20:58
asacpiratenaapje1: because you didnt ask anything20:58
asacanswering on pings will train folks to send pings; and pings are bad as they require one more turnaround ;)20:59
piratenaapje1fta: ^^20:59
piratenaapje1ah :S20:59
asacone more cycle20:59
asacalso be patient20:59
asacok off for a while for real ;)20:59
ftapiratenaapje1, weird, did xul build?20:59
piratenaapje1fta: I guess not, what file should be created?21:01
ftado you have the logs? if so, could you pastebin them?21:01
marcos_astasac, can you update the bug for the asturian language? :)21:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309312 in langpack-o-matic "make po2xpi aware of per-release whitelists (Was: Please update asturian translation)" [Undecided,In progress]21:02
Nafalloasac: incoming dcc :-)21:04
piratenaapje1fta: I reverted output to an output file yes, but the warnings still displayed in the terminal21:07
piratenaapje1fta: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/112250/21:07
ftaso you have a fully built xul, fine21:09
fta<piratenaapje1> make: *** No rule to make target `debian/-configure.stamp', needed by `debian/-build.stamp'.  Stop. <= this means $(DEB_APPNAME) is empty21:10
ftalol, i dropped it somewhere21:11
gnomefreakim gone for a bit lets see if this works21:11
ftapiratenaapje1, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/112254/21:14
ftasorry about that21:14
piratenaapje1fta: That's ok, thanks21:14
ftai just updated the branch21:16
piratenaapje1fta: hmm ok, let me try that21:17
ftapiratenaapje1, ^^, with -nc, it should not rebuild everything, so it should fail during the next step, openkomodo-configure.  that's where i stopped21:17
piratenaapje1fta: Cause it still gives me same error21:17
ftashow me21:17
ftapiratenaapje1, oops, DEBIAN_NAME, not DEB_NAME21:18
ftai should take a break21:18
piratenaapje1ah ok21:20
piratenaapje1fta: Doesn't change anything : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/112263/21:24
ftapiratenaapje1, did you change *all* DEB_APPNAME into DEBIAN_NAME ?21:25
piratenaapje1 cat debian/rules | grep -i DEB_APPNAME gives no results, so I would say yes21:26
piratenaapje1fta: ^21:29
ftahm, i see21:31
ftaa last minute brain damage change when i 1st committed this.21:33
ftapiratenaapje1, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/112268/21:34
fta(fixed in the branch)21:35
piratenaapje1fta: Alright getting a different error now, taking a look ;)21:37
piratenaapje1fta: regmozbuild.Error: could not find a Mozilla build matching: mozApp=komodo, komodoVersion=5.1, mozObjDir=None, blessed=False, buildType=release21:40
piratenaapje1I guess that's what the problem is?21:40
ftayep, that's where i stopped21:40
ftaa part of the problem is python21:41
ftamaybe even all of it21:41
ftathere's a bunch of functions there, enjoy the debugging :)21:43
piratenaapje1fta: Pretty ugly, pointers in python :s21:47
ftait's not my own code ;)21:47
ftapiratenaapje1, i let you did into this, let me know if you find a way to complete the configure rule.21:48
ftaI really need a break. I'm going to watch a movie21:48
piratenaapje1fta: Might be too hard for me, but I'll try, have fun ;)21:50
piratenaapjefta: Succes! It configures23:00
piratenaapjefta: It's making now :)23:03
ftapiratenaapje, excellent! what did you change?23:08
piratenaapjecouple changes in python23:10
piratenaapjefta: It wrong checked for a mozilla build23:10
piratenaapjefta: And it still tried to use the siloed python version after I fixed that23:10
piratenaapjefta: I get this now when building: /home/kristof/Packaging/build-area/openkomodo-5.1.0~a1~svn20090124r2851/build-tree/openkomodo/mozilla/build/moz1.9.1/mozilla/ko-rel-gtk2-ns-tools/dist/include/xpcom/nsXPCOM.h:297: error: 'nsresult' does not name a type23:11
asacthats definitly major bustage. its one of the ns base types ;)23:16
asactypedef PRUint32 nsresult;23:17
ftapiratenaapje, patches appreciated. you can pull my branch, commit your changes (1 at a time) and push to your own location, i'll review and merge23:17
piratenaapjeasac: /home/kristof/Packaging/build-area/openkomodo-5.1.0~a1~svn20090124r2851/build-tree/openkomodo/mozilla/build/moz1.9.1/mozilla/ko-rel-gtk2-ns-tools/dist/include/xpcom/nscore.h:51:21: error: prtypes.h: No such file or directory23:17
piratenaapjethat's the problem ;)23:17
asacprobably due to system-snpr23:18
ftayou need nspr-dev23:18
asacwell ... could also be that its not supported23:18
asacbut should be fixed23:18
piratenaapjenot available in repo :(23:18
piratenaapjeWell, I guess I'll patch and call it a night, have to get up early tomorrow23:18
ftayou should already have that, otherwise, xul would have failed before. you need to tweak the build system, it's probably easy23:19
ftapiratenaapje, please commit your patches so i can have a look23:20
asacpiratenaapje: sudo apt-get install libnspr4-dev libnss3-dev23:21
piratenaapjefta: Hmm I'm doing something wrong, I just created a 200 meg patch :S23:27
piratenaapjefta: How do Include the files that aren't in the old dir?23:27
piratenaapjeexclude I mean23:27
ftadid you patch the files in place or did you use quilt ?23:28
piratenaapjediff -Nurf :p23:28
ftai mean, when you patched in the 1st place23:28
piratenaapjefta: ah yes, I patched them23:29
asacpiratenaapje: use quilt23:30
asacthats a decent tool for patch management and we have that for all mozillateam packages23:30
asacfta: the pic of the velib with pink seats is gone23:34
ftagot it through google image23:34
asacfta: hmm ... maybe a gwibber bug ;)23:34
asacfta: https://twitter.com/holychic/status/116424038823:35
asacthats the note i posted23:35
asacits really gone ;)23:36
asacpink t-shirt now23:36
asacthere it is23:36
ftaurl looks bogus23:36
asacfta: which one do you mean?23:38
asacone letter missing23:38
asacnew paste is http://is.gd/hsXo23:41
asacso seems that that was the one i created back then23:41
asacand this thing returns previously created tinyurls23:41
asaci doubt that new links would be that close ;)23:41
piratenaapjeAm I supposed to patch a tarball? :s23:43
piratenaapjesource.tar.bz2 contains 2 tarballs23:43
piratenaapjefta: Then what?23:44
ftayou are supposed to add patches in debian/patches, so you have to use quilt23:44
piratenaapjeI really don't have time anymore to figure out how to use quilt23:45
piratenaapjeCan't I just send you the modified files and tell you where they are located?23:45
ftaasac, http://www.journaldugeek.com/2009/01/30/test-sony-vaio-p/ (sorry, it's in french)23:47
asacfta: well. thats probably not even 9 inch ;)23:48
piratenaapjefta: rules - obvious23:50
asacwhats that?23:51
asacchanged files?23:51
asacah ... now read backlog23:51
asacnevermind ;)23:51
piratenaapjefta: regmozbuild.py : build-tree/openkomodo/mozilla/support23:51
asacenjoy your night piratenaapje23:51
ftapiratenaapje, ok, i'll figure out23:51
piratenaapjefta: Ah ok23:52
ftathe names are obvious :)23:52
piratenaapjefta: well there aren't any files named the same, so locate if you run into trouble :p23:52
piratenaapjegood night23:52

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