Flannelubottu: Tell Bsims-Smoking about away02:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:07
Flannelubottu: tell Bsims-Smoking about away02:08
* Flannel wonders why no one listens to the guy saying "its doable, you just have to do some other stuff"02:38
nickrudtoo many cooks, sometimes it's hard to figure out who's the chef02:38
FlannelI tend to just wait for someone to give me the floor, heh.02:38
nickrudsometimes it's worth offering a pm02:42
FlannelWith the level of incompetency being slung around, It'd almost justify a cinnamon roll (and if this were a fantasy, +m)02:42
nickrudheh. Well, it is #ubuntu, and it's still good all in all02:43
Flannelnickrud: I never had a facotid02:46
nickrudno? I though there was something about warm and fuzzy at one point02:46
nickrudmay have been transient :)02:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about flannel02:46
Flannelnot even forgotten02:46
FlannelJack_Sparrow: That;s not offtopic in the support channel at all.02:56
Jack_SparrowFlannel  and theres lots of people saying that there's other alternatives. So, why ubuntu and not other distributions?      is clearly discussion02:57
FlannelJack_Sparrow: No, he asked which Ubuntu flavor.  Anyone else giving him "Fedora" or whatnot answers would be answering the wrong question/whatever.  His question is entirely valid.  Also, no one else answered anything remotely like that.02:58
Flannelubottu: tell racecar-56 about away02:59
FlannelJust because something doesn't have a purely technical answer doesn't mean its not support.03:00
FlannelI fully agree that discussions are offtopic, but this wasn't a discussion type question.03:00
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:56
tritiumGood evening.04:55
nickruddang tritium, you made me miss the climax of the show :(05:56
tritiumnickrud: me?05:56
tritiumOr those trolls?05:56
nickrudyeah, I'm always attracted to the off topic stuff ;()05:56
tritiumIt seems we always have trouble from the arch crowd05:57
nickrudbet they're comparing debian stable to ubuntu, which I think everyone can agree is the wrong comparison when it comes to stability05:57
tritiumnickrud: cool tradmark logo.06:30
tritiumHow'd you do that?06:30
nickrudI've got that aliased as wfm, and I used the char picker to create it06:30
nickrudit's a unicode char06:30
tritiumAh, ok.06:31
nickrudomg. the iphone has a level app06:35
nickrudif I could only justify $100/mo for a phone ...06:36
tritiumNot me.06:36
nickrudI think we're getting  ready for a bot attack in #ubuntu; cahaya*06:58
tritiumHello, Flannel.07:01
FlannelIts all the same IP though, that seems odd.07:01
nickrudsaid hi to the -opr, he said hi, then quit07:02
FlannelInviting him here07:12
FlannelHe's regularly abusive in #electronics, I figure we ought to nip it in the bud07:12
Flannelhis quiet is for 10 minutes, in case anyone was wondering.07:12
tritiumhe's PMing me07:12
FlannelMe too "eat me"07:13
FlannelRight.  Looks like this isn't going anywhere.07:13
nickrudFlannel, how do you know him in electronics? You hang out there also?07:13
FlannelWell, I don't know him, but I've seen him/etc07:13
nickrudI knew what you meant 07:13
FlannelI was surprised he only said "Stupid canuck" once.  Usually its like eight in a row.07:13
Flanneltritium: What's he PMing you regarding?07:14
nickrudgah. Probably from minnestoa07:14
tritiumWas he calling me that?07:14
FlannelNah, thats... just... his alternative to swearing, ro something.07:14
FlannelExcept, he then swears anyway.07:14
tritiumFlannel: believe it or not, he's still asking me for help07:14
FlannelHe's from PA07:14
tritiumFlannel: he's not coming, I guess07:15
FlannelI doubt it, yes.07:16
FlannelThink it'd help if I just forwarded here?  Or would that be far too optimistic07:18
tritiumGo for it.07:18
tritiumLooks like he got it figured out.07:20
tritiumHe just PMed me:  That worked.  tnx.07:20
FlannelI'm just going to ignore it.  the mute times out in a minute, he's not in #u anymore07:20
Flannelushdf.... that's...  a familiar host07:23
Flannelpossible ban evasions at that07:24
tritiumI remember syr.edu07:24
tritiumI think the former nick started with the letter "o"07:25
FlannelHe's... definately trolling now.07:25
FlannelPresidentRaffi, it looks like?07:25
nickrudoh yeah07:25
tritiumDefinitely a formerly banned person.07:25
nickruddefinitely bannable now07:25
ubottuThe operation succeeded.07:26
tritiumYeah, good memory, Flannel, unless you had already looked at bantracker07:28
FlannelNah, I just remembered the syr.edu07:29
tritiumSyracuse University.07:30
FlannelIs that what it is?07:30
tritiumI'm craving an In-N-Out Burger.  Wish we had one here...07:31
* Flannel won't mention what he had for lunch.07:32
nickrudhm. I haven't had one recently, there's one 5 min away ...07:32
tritiummake that plural!07:32
Flannelbuntulover trolling?07:35
ushdf_how am i to become unbanned from the ubuntu channel07:36
ushdf_i'm too cool for you guys07:37
nickrudstop trolling07:37
nickrudthat's all it takes, really07:37
ushdf_what slander that is07:38
ushdf_trolling is the modern satire baby07:38
tritiumNonesense.  You know exactly what you've done.07:38
ushdf_i'm well aware of what i've done07:38
nickrudchoose a better venue for satire. 07:38
ushdf_that doesn't entail that i should be ashamed of it07:38
nickrudwe don't want you to be wasting your time where no one understands it07:38
ushdf_how altruistic your intentions are07:39
tritiumushdf_: yes it does.  Not only tonight, but in the past as PresidentRaffi.07:39
ushdf_i liked it better when i was PresidentFaggot07:39
ushdf_but you guys didn't like that as much07:39
tritiumI'm hungry.07:40
tritiumI think I'll go grab a snack, and then get to bed.07:40
tritiumHave a good night, gentlemen.07:40
nickrudyou also07:41
* nickrud goes to drive in07:41
tritiumRub it in, why don't you.  ;)07:41
FlannelOh blah07:43
nickrudyep, a troll07:43
* Flannel notes that someone thought mibbit would save them.07:45
nickrudI'm out flannel, have a productive night07:45
* Flannel won't be up for much longer. But, I will!07:46
FlannelMy weekend is already packed.  8 to late both days!07:46
* nickrud tries to parse that07:46
Flannelnickrud: Its second person, but only because (1+3)/2 == 207:46
nickrudis true07:47
FlannelHi Mamarok, How can we help you?07:47
Mamarokhi, could someone go to #edubuntu please? it's getting really annoying07:47
Mamarokthere's a guy called sumone making fun of a typo in the webpage, unfortunately thetre's nobody awake to change it right now as it seams so he is trolling around07:48
FlannelMamarok: Who is it?07:48
FlannelAlright, I'll keep an eye.07:49
FlannelMamarok: what exactly is he making fun of?07:50
Mamarokthere's a typo in one of the Edubuntu pages07:51
Mamarokand he is trolling around about that07:51
Mamarokwait, give you a pastebin07:51
Flannelnickrud, bazhang: Our last troll (from mibbit) was SquareHimself, and was actually still in the channel on his other account (and historically was semi-trolling on that one too)07:51
FlannelMamarok: Much appreciated07:51
FlannelMamarok: actually, Hobbsee has woken up, she's been in there the whole time?07:52
MamarokFlannel: http://pastebin.ca/132348407:53
Mamarokno, she just arrived now07:53
bazhanghe was briefly trolling (sumone) in #ubuntu07:54
bazhangthe arch fellow are organizing raids against many channels it seems (unrelated to sumone afaik)07:54
Flannelbazhang: joy.  Why don't they do one at a time I can participate?07:55
bazhangFlannel, they are getting totally out of control; not going to waste time with them any longer07:56
Mamarokthanks for reacting folks, still have to learn a few irc commands :)08:01
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.08:14
Flannel!idle =~ s/here, /here /08:14
ubottuI know nothing about idle yet, Flannel08:14
Flannel!idle-#ubuntu-ops =~ s/here, /here /08:14
ubottuI'll remember that Flannel08:14
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.08:14
Flannel!idle-#ubuntu-ops =~ s/only, and we/only; we/08:15
ubottuI'll remember that Flannel08:15
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.08:15
FlannelMuch better.08:15
=== Gary_ is now known as Gary
jussi01morning all08:51
ubottuIn ubottu, sanny said: u bladdy what is bot09:45
ubottuIn #ubuntu, _2 said: ubottu ext4 is information about the ext4 file system can be found at http://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/09:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext411:52
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about btlogin14:37
ubottugoogle is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux15:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about googlebroken15:14
Seeker`!googlebroken is <reply> Yes, we know google is broken, you don't need to tell us. And no, we dont know what has happened, and wild speculation doesn't help.15:15
ubottuI'll remember that, Seeker`15:15
Seeker`is it possible to get edit privileges for factoids on ubot4 at all, or is it just a case of waiting for it to listen to ubottu?15:17
PriceyWe're not google! :)15:17
Seeker`seeing as thats the bot in -uk15:17
topyliwas broken here in finland too, now fixed15:22
topyliarrrrr you weren't talking about google and .uk there. nevermind15:24
Seeker`ubottu: forget googlebroken15:24
ubottuI'll forget that, Seeker`15:24
The-CompilerHi there15:39
Seeker`how can we help you?15:39
The-CompilerIs ubottu an infobot (I mean that infobot by Tim Riker based on perl, not the word infobot) or something self-written?15:39
Seeker`it is based on supybot15:40
ubottuUbottu uses supybot, which is available in the main !repositories, with additional plugins that are available at http://ubottu.com/clone.html15:40
The-CompilerAny chance to get the database as an ASCII file so I can write a small converter to import the factoids into my infobot?15:40
Seeker`bot stuff is handled in #ubuntu-ircbots-team I believe15:41
The-CompilerOkay will try that15:42
The-CompilerSeeker`: wait... you are the Seeker from Germany near of the Netherlands I know through Skype? =D15:43
The-Compilerokay, thanks :)15:44
bazhang@bansearch helpdesk|vb16:42
ubottuNo matches found for helpdesk|vb!*@* in any channel16:42
stdinif the nick isn't online you need to give a hostmask16:44
bazhangseems to me this helpdesk in #kubuntu was the same helpdesk who briefly changed to helpdesk|vb for blatant trolling in #ubuntu the other day before being removed16:46
bazhangerr terrible grammar and syntax there16:46
bazhangthings like 'do a double clean fresh install' to everyone no matter their issue16:47
jussi01@bansearch helpdesk16:47
ubottuNo matches found for helpdesk!i=helpdesk@hoasnet-fe1bdd00-14.dhcp.inet.fi in any channel16:47
stdinbut helpdesk|vb was from xs4all.nl, helpdesk is from inet.fi16:47
bazhangperhaps !fi ?16:47
bazhanghe seems not to understand anything, yet wishes to compile a kernel, has changing stories about whether he is using kubuntu in a vm or ubuntu installed 16:48
stdinmaybe better to say "if you'd prefer help in Finnish ..."16:48
topylior "Apua suomeksi saa kanavalta #ubuntu-fi"16:50
stdinthen you run the risk of them thinking you know the language and talking to you in it ;)16:50
stdinrunning back and forth from bablefish16:50
topyli-fi is pretty good, there is help there16:51
topylistdin: fyi, i'm a finn myself :)16:51
bazhangwell considering linux and irc were invented there, not surprising16:51
stdintopyli: I guessed that16:51
bazhangdont know how he can possibly compile a kernel though16:52
stdinbut do you want a person that doesn't know how to copy/paste in -fi? :p16:53
topylithere is <mib_dnvab9l4> do you people talk there now16:53
topyliwonder if that's the same person16:53
topylistdin: not really :)16:54
topyliah looks like the mibbit person was there accidentally16:54
topylianyway, my sauna is hot now! i'll be back in an hour if concsious16:56
stdinsteam away :)16:57
stdinbazhang: you forgot to tell him to go to the source dir of the kernel, how could you make such a mistake </sarcasm>17:03
bazhangstdin, oh srry17:03
stdinbazhang: if they try asking for more specific help, then I think it's time to point them to ##linux ;)17:04
bazhangstdin, he is all over the place with just the basic stuff, dont see how he can possibly compile a kernel (will do on re-directing)17:05
bazhang* [lkgfjsa] (n=owwmmw@c-24-91-146-75.hsd1.ct.comcast.net): wmdm  trolling?18:18
bazhanglkgfjsa, how may we help you18:18
lkgfjsaI have a complaint18:18
lkgfjsaI messaged something to Jack_Sparrow in private and he brought the conversation out into the main window18:19
Jack_SparrowWhen was this and what was the message18:20
bazhanglkgfjsa, did you ask to PM?18:20
lkgfjsai asked if i could ask him something then /noticed him18:20
Jack_Sparrowand when.. I dont remember any PM from you18:20
bazhanglkgfjsa, and the specific complaint is?18:20
lkgfjsaI messaged something to Jack_Sparrow in private and he brought the conversation out into the main window18:21
bazhanglkgfjsa, okay, and what is the substance of the complaint?18:21
lkgfjsaI messaged something to Jack_Sparrow in private and he brought the conversation out into the main window18:21
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:21
* Nafallo waits for the repeat kicks to come alive :-)18:21
lkgfjsai didnt pm him18:21
Jack_SparrowYou asked to ask me a question I didnt notice the -in front of your nick.. I responded in channel for you to ask, as long as it was support related18:22
bazhanglkgfjsa, so all users could see it?18:22
bazhangseems like a notice qualifies as private imo18:22
lkgfjsai asked if i could ask him something then /noticed him18:22
Jack_Sparrow-lkgfjsa- I encrypted an entire drive with truecrypt, but now I cant find it. It's disappeared. Where did it go?18:23
bazhanglkgfjsa, so that is the entirety of your complaint?18:23
lkgfjsaI messaged something to Jack_Sparrow in private and he brought the conversation out into the main window18:23
bazhangthat you PM'd someone and then he answered in the main channel?18:23
lkgfjsai asked if i could ask him something then /noticed him18:24
lkgfjsathis is growing tiresome18:24
bazhanghardly qualifies as complaint material18:24
lkgfjsai see. please make a note in your channel heading that no pms can be promised to be kept confidential18:25
bazhangmore eyeballs on a question means more people can chip in and make corrections, thus PM's are discouraged18:25
lkgfjsanor /notices18:26
bazhangno need18:26
bazhangthere is the !pm factoid18:26
bazhangplus channel operators need to keep an eye peeled for in-channel issues as #ubuntu is a shared resource, and not just about a single person's needs18:27
lkgfjsathen make a note of that in the channel header18:27
=== SWAT_ is now known as SWAT
bazhangand as #ubuntu is the largest channel on freenode, a very large user base requires vigilant attention18:27
bazhanglkgfjsa, no need.18:28
lkgfjsapeople dont automatically know to message ubottu when they come in with !pm18:28
bazhangthen they are told once they do.18:29
lkgfjsathus there is a need for advanced warning18:29
bazhanglkgfjsa, thanks for the suggestion.18:29
bazhanglkgfjsa, if there is nothing else, then please dont idle here18:29
bazhangI would guess he doesnt usually use that nick18:30
bazhangsome slight from the past I would imagine and the whole /notice issue was a pretext to complain18:31
bazhangor rather imagined slight18:31
Jack_SparrowI guess..  seems silly18:31
bazhangI should complain about indygunfreak /notice'ing me :)18:32
Jack_SparrowThanks.. I needed a laugh18:32
bazhangmountain meet molehill18:32
Jack_SparrowI just put /boot onto a cd .. has potential and works18:33
Jack_SparrowIm thinking dd of mbr and a few goodies on there, and it might be even better.18:35
Jack_SparrowI am looking to automate recovering mbr after installing windows type of disk18:35
bazhangsomeone should watch -ot for the mib character18:38
bazhangah he quit18:39
bazhang* [frokensen] (i=frokense@ Frickentausen new name same talk18:41
bazhanghe was trolling for a good long while there, plenty of warnings to take it offtopic19:00
bazhangboth as frokenson and the mibbit user he was before19:01
ikoniawaste of time19:01
tritiumikonia: you kicked the wrong nick, I believe19:11
ikoniadone it and pm'd him19:11
ikoniawith apologies19:11
tritiumAh, ok19:11
tritiumSorry, we were both after the same dude, probably.19:11
ikoniayou got just before me19:12
ikoniacan someone please remove frokensen from #ubuntu-offtopic pleases19:17
tritiumikonia: I just joined.  I'll watch him.19:24
tritiumOr shall I just remove him straight away?19:25
ikoniafirst sign of anything - just remove, he's removed from #ubuntu and been a pain in ##windows and #ubuntu-offtopic19:25
ikoniahe's had enough warnings19:25
tritiumHe's gone quiet on you, ikonia.19:28
tritiumikonia: if I miss something, ping me.  I'm not able to fully monitor it.19:29
ikoniano sweat19:32
ikoniaall good19:32
Seeker`hi Myrtti 19:38
Seeker`still in the UK, or have you run away19:38
tritiumHello, gnomefreak.19:44
tritiumHi Myrtti.19:44
tritiumikonia: he just left19:46
MyrttiSeeker`: leaving tomorrow, trying to hold my tears in19:49
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
Seeker`Myrtti: :(19:52
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:21
tritiumubottu: belay that order!20:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:25
tritiumJack_Sparrow: just a little pirate humor ;)20:26
tritiumikonia: I left -offtopic (had enough)20:51
Myrttioh good god I have to name this pictures as well...21:40
MyrttiI just uploaded 50M worth of pictures and video to flickr21:52
Seeker`Myrtti: very nice22:05
Myrttioh, have to take one more picture22:07
Seeker`Myrtti: lots of car travel pics22:08
Seeker`I'm heading past cambridge tomorrow22:11
Myrttiand I'm leaving tomorrow... *sigh*22:13
Seeker`well, I'm heading to my girlfriends parents for the day22:14
Seeker`its a bit further east than cambridge22:14
MyrttiI'm staying in snuggling and crying and staying in bed with bucket of ice cream22:15
Seeker`sounds fun22:33
Seeker`apart from the crying22:33
Myrttiand then I'll pack my bag and be driven to Stansted.22:33
Myrttiand then I'll go home.22:33
Garycolchester is just east of stansted23:25
Seeker`Gary: well done23:31
Seeker`did you have to look at a map? :P23:31
GarySeeker`: woot, my geography!!!23:31
GarySeeker`: yes!23:31
Gary(I meant Myrtti could come visit)23:32
jussi01Seeker`:  uno?23:39
Seeker`jussi01: in a min23:39
jussi01anyone else want to play?23:39
MyrttiMez: btw - just listening to Pipettes and had KFC. :-P ps. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=BIrVIzRNeF023:46
Seeker`jussi01: lo23:50
* jussi01 waves23:50

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