Bryan_Sierraso I accidently removed a program in /usr/bin and now I can't remove it from apt-get because it's saying that the dependencies aren' tmet :o is there a way to just remove it manually? (Other than going directory by directory)00:44
Bryan_Sierrausing apt-get*00:45
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Bryan_SierraAnyone know?00:48
mdeslaurBryan_Sierra: try "apt-get --reinstall install PACKAGE"00:58
kansanhow do i make this command happen if my ssh connection ever goes down?  ssh chef-client@chef-server00:58
mdeslaurkansan: you could use the "autossh" program01:02
kansanhwo do i set an enviormental variable01:02
kansananyone familair with autossh program?  why doesnt it work when i do :  autossh -M 20000 ?01:08
uvirtbot`New bug: #323409 in cyrus-sasl2 (main) "sasl2-bin broken, segfaulting during install" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32340901:34
kansanhow do i make:  autossh chef-client@chef-server ... run as a background process?  (i'm invoking it from /etc/rc.local)01:48
andolkansan: autossh -f will put it in the background02:12
kansanandol, whne i do that it eemse to 2009/01/31 02:10:06 autossh[2639]: ssh exited with status 0; autossh exiting02:13
kansanits like it doesnt create a persistent background ssh connection02:13
kansanlike i asked it to02:13
kansanhowever when i do :  audossh -M 20000 foo@server02:13
kansanit works fine02:13
kansanbut i dont want to actually go there02:13
kansanit doesnt work either when i do autossh -M 20000 foo@server &02:14
andolkansan: when you do it manually, do you do it as the root user?02:14
kansani'm root when i invoke autossh02:14
andolkansan: Well, then I don't know02:14
andolkansan: This is the solution I used when I had to run autossh at system startup: http://www.andreasolsson.se/2008/08/27/etcinitdautossh_tunnelfoo/02:15
andolHmm, must be second of third time I mention it in this channel :)02:15
kansanwhere do i put it02:16
kansanand to invoke it?02:19
andolkansan: To invoke it manualy: /etc/init.d/autossh.thename start02:22
kansanwhy do you need autossh.thename02:22
kansanwhy not just /etc/init.d/autossh02:22
andolkansan: Because then you would only be able to have one autossh run from /etc/init.d02:22
kansanisnt that what i awnt?02:23
andolkansan: In your case /etc/init.d/autossh would probably do fine. I was thinking more on a general level.02:24
kansandoes all stuff in /etc/init.d get auto booted at startup?02:24
andolkansan: No, you have active it first02:25
kansanandol, how do i do that02:25
andolkansan: An easy way to manage those scripts on a server is to install the package sysvconfig02:26
kansanthis doesnt work02:27
kansani cant enable/disable anything in this way :(02:27
kansanhitting ok doesnt do anything02:27
andolkansan: 1) start sysvconfig, 2) Move to Enable/Disable, presss enter, 3) Move to the services you want to change, toggle using <space>, 4) When you done, tab to <OK> and press enter, 5)Select Finnished <enter>, 6) Quit <enter>02:29
kansanyes space works02:30
kansani thought i should hit ok02:30
kansani'm getting sleepy02:30
kansanand making mistakes ;p02:30
andolkansan: Go to bed then :) Actually that's direction I'm head towards. Feel free to ask follow-up questins tomorrow.02:33
arrrghhhhow can i ensure my ubuntu server isn't trying to steal my printer from my virtual machine?  suddenly the printer isn't available in the VM... i stopped the cupsd service but that didn't help.  should i stop samba too?03:22
arrrghhhi can't umount a printer...03:25
kansanwhen i try:   autossh -i /root/.ssh/chef_tunnel -p 24000 -nNT -R 6400:localhost:4000 chef-client@foo.dyndns.org ... then: telnet localhost 6400; i get Connection Refused04:10
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cowmixinstalling server off a USB key.. and its complaining about CDROM drivers after the keyboard setup.. is there a way around this?05:12
rdw200169cowmix, you can try setting the debconf level higher and skipping the detect cd rom step06:54
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guybrushGreetings! I've compiled a custom kernel ( on U8.10, applied the apparmor patches in order, but Apparmor is not loading. Can anybody give me some advice?09:23
orogorhi , i did just enabled ipv6, but it seems that any site which allow to test if i am in ipv6 dont reconise me as connected via ipv6, could this be dues to the fact that ia m running iptables?10:27
Nafalloorogor: no. ipv6 uses ip6tables10:29
orogorNafallo, i can t fiond such package10:30
Nafalloorogor: it's not a package. it's a binary.10:31
orogorhuh ?10:31
Nafallowhich ip6tables10:31
orogorreturns nothing10:31
Nafallonot all binaries have their own packages.10:31
Nafallohave you got the package iptables installed?10:32
Nafallothen you should have /sbin/ip6tables10:33
orogorhaa, sorry10:34
orogori typed which ip6table10:34
orogorforgot thes10:34
orogorforgot the s10:34
orogorinet6 addr: fe80::20c:76ff:fe4f:13e6/6410:35
orogorgot an ipv6 adress with an fai with ipv6 support and no test site see me as a v6 host10:36
orogorhoo, the ruleset for ip6table is different than iptables10:37
TumieHi guys, i've got an problemm with my SSH connection with my server, i connect with the command "ssh <ip>" is this right ?11:02
andolTumie: That sounds about right. You might also have to specify username if that differs from the host your connection from.11:09
Tumieandol: it is the same11:18
Tumiei'm not logged in on the server, is that a problem maybe ?11:18
andolTumie: What is happening, and what do you expect to happen?11:24
TumieI want to connect with my Server (that has Ubuntu Server 8.10 on  it),, from my desktop (Ubuntu Desktop 8.10) in the terminal..11:25
Tumiei only started the server up,, so i'm not logged in at the server itself..11:25
andolYes, but what is the respons you get when you run the command: "ssh ip-number" from your desktop computer?11:27
Tumieand some other text11:30
andolTumie: Reinstalled it rescently? Have you using ssh to connect to it before the reinstall?11:32
TumieI reinstalled the whole server yesterday11:33
andolTumie: That explains it :)11:33
Tumiewhat to do about it ? (and reinstalling doesn't get rid of all the old files :O )11:33
andolTumie: When the server got reinstalled it also got new sshd-crypto-keys. That is why your desktop computer warns you, since it's a "new" computer on the old ip adress.11:34
andolTumie: It should be ok to remove the offending line from your ~/.ssh/known_hosts11:34
Tumietheir are 3 lines at that file..11:35
Tumieall highly coded11:35
Tumiei deleted all lines11:36
Tumieit is working now :D11:36
Tumiethanks :D11:36
andolyou'r welcome11:37
Tumiehmmm.. webmin doesn't work,, yesterday it worked..11:37
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.11:37
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox11:38
Tumieso, how do i delete webmin ?11:38
TumieHow do i Fully delete Webmin ?12:32
NafalloTumie: by not installing it in the first place.12:32
TumieI already installed it.... :|12:32
Nafallosorry if that's a bit unhelpful, but that's probably the best way of doing it...12:32
Tumieand it is very annoying12:33
Nafalloyes. webmin have a tendancy to be just that...12:34
Tumieyou are annoying..12:36
jpds!webmin | Tumie12:42
ubottuTumie: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.12:42
Tumiejpds, i already know, that is the reason i want to delete it :)12:42
Nafalloehrm. I'm annoying cause I'm saying that I'm not aware of a way to completely revert what failmin have done... oh well. sometimes the truth can be annoying, that shouldn't kill the messenger.12:44
m4dm4nNafallo, your answer was anything but helpful.12:49
m4dm4nif we go back in time, it would've been a great suggestion, but unfortunately.. we can't12:50
Nafallooh well. I'm stepping down from this discussion. I've already made my opinion clear, and that is that you can't revert webmin in any sane way.12:51
Nafallosorry if that isn't considered helpful enough.12:52
m4dm4n"by not installing it in the first place" is what i can see... nothing about simply saying it cannot be done in a sane way.12:53
m4dm4nbut.. your welcome.12:53
Nafallologically that relates to the point I was trying to make :-)12:53
m4dm4nyes, in a sarcastic way.. it wasn't really needed.12:54
Nafallowasn't mean in such a way, but text on IRC gets easily missinterpreted.12:55
m4dm4nnevermind now though.12:55
Nafalloagreed :-)12:55
mc68040hi all, i need to setup a 8.04 lts server. how can i ensure to install/use only packages with support until 2013?12:57
ivoksuse only main repository12:57
mc68040ivoks: i think in main are the desktop packages too. they are only supported until 201112:58
ivoksmc68040: don't use X librariers and you are fine12:58
ivoksmc68040: basicaly, packages in main which don't require desktop, are supported for 5 years12:59
ivoksdoes anyone know is it possible to mirror ports.ubuntu.com over rsync?13:00
mc68040ivoks: ok, i assume thats true for hardy-security and hardy-updates too?13:01
ivoksmc68040: well, only hardy-security and hardy-updates get changes13:02
ivoksmc68040: no new packages are released in 'default' repository13:02
mc68040ivoks: ups, you are right, i should think a bit before13:03
Nafalloivoks: tried rsync ports.ubuntu.com:: ?13:06
ivoksNafallo: i figured it out :)13:06
ivoks14:04 < ivoks> bah, just ignore me :)13:06
ivokson #ubuntu-mirrors13:06
Nafallodamn cross-talker :-P13:06
mc68040ivoks: i would prefer a better way to ensure to use only packages with support until 2013, but thx for your help13:09
ivoksmc68040: afaik, there's no better way13:09
ivoksi guess adding aditional filed to debian/control could help13:09
mc68040lol, had just the same idea :-)13:10
mc68040or to split hardy into hardy-server and hardy-desktop...13:11
ivoksand where would you put bash?13:11
ivoksor udev, upstart, or... :)13:11
mc68040in both of course13:12
ivoksso, bash, supported for 5 years would be in hardy-desktop13:13
ivoksbut hardy-desktop is supported for 3 years13:13
ivokser...? :)13:13
mc68040why not, nobody says that support on desktop must end 201113:14
ivokswell, it won't be that bad..13:14
ivoksit ends in 201113:14
ivoksbut in 2011 hardy-desktop could be removed13:14
ivoksand that's it13:14
ivoksbut hardy-desktop-updates doesn't sound quite good13:15
mc68040hmmm, so dont split but setup an additional hardy-server, hardy-server-updates and hardy-server-security?13:16
ivoksthat's not that easy as it sounds13:18
orogorNafallo, got ipv6 fully working , only issue seems to be that ip6tables on ubuntu doesn t like ulog13:19
mc68040ivoks: why not? building Pacckage files from special package lists shouldnt be so difficult13:20
ivoksmc68040: you are talking with a wrong person13:20
ivoksmc68040: you should raise this quetions on ubuntu-server mailing list13:21
ivoksi don't decide how archives are going to be organized; i just mirror them :D13:21
mc68040i think ill do :-)13:21
ivoksmc68040: for political point of view13:21
ivokscanonical isn't the only company providing support for ubuntu13:22
ivoksso, enforcing one companys 'rules' on ubuntu's archives doesn't sound quite fair13:22
ivokshaving additional filed in debian/control sounds much better13:22
ivoksX-Supported by: Canonical 5 years, XYZ 10 years13:23
ivoksor something like that13:23
ivoksnot that i have something against canonical :D13:23
Nafalloorogor: kewl13:24
mc68040hmmm, i think we want the same - even other companys will have an advantage if they could distinct the packages13:24
ivoksfor example, i watch over hylafax, since lots of my clients use it13:25
ivoksit isn't supported by canonical13:25
ivoksbut my clients get regullar fixes, since that's software they really care about13:25
mc68040you are right, there will always be packages that wont be supported by canonical13:27
ivoksif we could achive that interested groups maintain package, a not core-dev and motus, then, i think, we could achive better quality of packages and even could set up 'supported' queues13:27
ivokss/ a / and /13:27
ivokswhith core-dev having fully access to everything13:28
mc68040i just dont want to minimize work, why should i watch a package if its still supported by someone else?13:28
ivoksand motu to all stuf universe13:28
mc68040lol -"dont"13:29
ivoksyou may have interest in pushing some changes13:29
mc68040yes, thats what i want13:30
ivokscommon good is mixed of all individual interest13:30
ivoksif that's correct word in english :)13:30
mc68040but i need a solid, well supported base which i dont want to take care of13:30
ivoksmc68040: 14:28 < ivoks> whith core-dev having fully access to everything13:31
ivokslaunch time... take care13:31
mc68040ok, bye13:31
nomingzii have install a software (.pl) from terminal, and this software has it own services running. I would like to know how to check if the services are running fine.14:02
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shally87I need help on how to make my LAMP server run a live website14:19
shally87I´m noob here.. I just installed LAMP server with Samba and webmin to run on my pc14:21
Deeeps!webmin | shally8714:21
ubottushally87: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.14:21
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox14:21
shally87then i have to uninstalled webmin right..14:22
shally87I look around for the ebox..14:22
Deeepsuh huh14:22
shally87thanks deeps14:22
shally87i met with this14:23
shally87WARNING: the eBox package released with Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is broken and cannot be installed. See bug #255368 for information and unsupported workarounds.14:23
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 255368 in ebox "ebox: Depends: libapache-authcookie-perl but it is not installable " [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25536814:23
shally87so what am i going to do?14:24
shally87do i need to install the 8.04 hardy?14:24
Deeepseither use one of the unsupported workarounds as described in the bug report, or switch to hardy, or wait for jaunty, or use webmin14:24
shally87i guess i use webmin for now..14:25
shally87any manual for webmin on how to get started?14:25
Deeepsno idea i'm afraid14:25
Nafalloshally87: webmin is not really supported in this channel no. rather strongly discouraged.14:25
shally87like that, then I have to change to hardy14:26
shally87thanks for the help deeeps, nafallo14:27
barishai need help with exim4!15:09
dayo__barisha: if they can't help u here, also check #exim15:13
uvirtbot`New bug: #323601 in likewise-open (main) "Upgrade to likewise-open 5 for Jaunty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32360115:36
axisysanyone here installed ubuntu on niagra chip ?15:39
axisysfor me it bombs out during disk detect phase http://pastebin.com/d2f76a5fd15:40
orudiehi! how can install this ? lenny version of libc6 (2.7.18)16:05
orudiehi, really need help on this, I need to make sure that i have lenny version of libc6 (2.7.18)16:29
uvirtbot`New bug: #323627 in apache2 (main) "apache2 has ugly icons" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32362716:31
orudieanyone ?16:31
orudiehi, really need help on this, I need to make sure that i have lenny version of libc6 (2.7.18)16:51
orudiehi, really need help on this, I need to make sure that i have lenny version of libc6 (2.7.18)17:49
syncrondisry, I'm not sure how17:49
ScottKorudie: If you want the lenny version of libc6, you pretty well need to run lenny.18:01
ScottKSwapping arbitrary versions of libc6 out from under the rest of the system is not a recipe for happiness.18:01
uvirtbot`New bug: #323681 in openldap (main) "package libldap-2.4-2 2.4.11-0ubuntu6.1 failed to install/upgrade: package libldap-2.4-2 is already installed and configured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32368119:26
shadowhywindhay all I am running an ubuntu server, and trying to connect a 1.3TB ext3 partition (USB) everytime i try to mount, It freezes the console. is there any issues with the size of the partition?21:14
oomkilleranyone familiar with the ufw syntax in before.rules to tell me how to forward a port?22:44
oomkilleri have masquerading setup, but i can't figure out how to forward a port22:44
rdw200169oomkiller, using ufw, right?22:48
rdw200169hmm... i know how to do it with iptables22:49
oomkillerwell its essentially the same thing22:49
rdw200169ufw is an abstraction layer on top of iptables22:49
rdw200169ah, so you know22:49
oomkilleryeah, i've read the wiki pages, just can't get a straightforward example for a port forward22:50
oomkillerbasically i think i need to -A ufw-before-forward ...22:50
oomkillerbut i don't know what goes after that22:50
rdw200169well, good luck; i'm not gonna learn ufw b/c i already know iptables ;)22:50
oomkillerrdw200169: can you tell me how to forward it in iptables?  i can translate it easily22:51
oomkillerthe real difference is a terser syntax, 99% of the rules are the same22:51
rdw200169-A PREROUTING -i wlan0 -p udp -m udp --dport 20:21 -j DNAT --to-destination
rdw200169there's an example of how i forward udp ftp traffic through my desktop22:52
oomkillerhmm ok22:52
oomkillerwhat is -j DNAT?22:52
oomkilleror more exactly, what is DNAT22:52
oomkilleris that something built into netfilter/iptables, or is it something you have to write22:53
rdw200169it's a NAT related target22:53
Deeepsyou'd also need to specify '-t nat' if operating from the command line, rather than in the :nat context already from the iptables-save output22:53
rdw200169ah yes, right Deeeps i just used the iptables-save output22:53
DeeepsDNAT - Destination NAT, port forwarding essentially22:54
Deeepsredirects packets that match the previously given rules to the new target22:54
oomkillerDeeeps: but thats not a another chain, its builtin, right?22:54
rdw200169PREROUTING? yes22:54
oomkillerok lets see22:54
Deeeps(DNAT too)22:54
oomkillerthe wiki page says that i should add the rules for forwarding to ufw-before-forward22:55
oomkilleri guess thats it's version of PREROUTING22:55
rdw200169ah, you need an explaination of how this whole mess works22:55
rdw200169gimme a sec.22:55
oomkillerbtw, anyone know how to scroll up with irssi, without a mouse?22:56
Deeepspage up key22:56
Deeepsalt+p and alt+n also if you haven't changed the default keybinds iirc22:56
oomkillerDeeeps: do you know of a way to "check" the rules before loading them with ufw?22:57
Deeepsno idea i'm afraid22:58
hadsSomething like firehol's try would be cool though22:58
oomkillerwell i'm about to try it23:00
oomkillerlets see if my rule works23:00
oomkillerhmm, says problem with init script, how descriptive23:01
arooni-mobilehow do i make:  wget -r ..... safe to ./user-data instead of ./ ?23:02
hads-O or something, check the man page.23:02
arooni-mobile-O is what i  used23:03
arooni-mobileit seems to just write the log23:03
oomkillerahh, i think i see my error23:04
dou213hey guys, although k1 is on tv, i'm sitting in front of my ubuntu-box :( ... trying to configure lamp to work properly, installed php -> now when i http://localhost/info.php it says to download the file ... i googled it, common error: the php-module isn't corresponding with apache, did do: 'sudo a2enmod php5'23:12
dou213and nothing changed, still only option is to d/w the file23:12
dou213any suggestions?23:13
hadsRestart apache23:16
dou213hads, still only dw23:18
rdw200169dou213, well, i have a LAMP server, but no info.php23:29
rdw200169dou213, and it works fine w/PHP23:29
Deeepsdo you have libapache2-mod-php5 installed?23:29
Deeepswhoever's having the problem23:29
rdw200169ah, that's dou21323:29
rdw200169dou213, did you use tasksel to install the lamp server?23:30
dou213rdw200169, y23:31
dou213rdw200169, initially, but because of problems i have encountered, i installed some additional packages on the way, couldn't say now which one23:32
dou213Deeeps, dunno, w8 i check pls23:32
dou213Deeeps, libapache2-mod-php5 already installed23:33
rdw200169i dunno then; for me it has always 'just worked'....23:36
dou213tryind to reinstall php, maybe prob will solve itself this way23:36
P4C0hello, when someone logs in via ssh where can I see the ip? I mean in which log file?23:40
P4C0thanks rdw20016923:42
rdw200169no prob23:43
dou213rdw200169, you can see the ip there? r u sure?23:48
rdw200169dou213, i can on my computer23:48
rdw200169dou213, to make it easier to read, do 'cat /var/log/auth.log | grep ssh'23:49
dou213rdw200169, yes you're right :)23:49
dou213cool, didn't know that23:49
hadsgrep ssh /var/log/auth.log23:49
rdw200169hads, yeah, that'll do it too... i'm used to the old reliable cat | grep combo ;)23:50
hadsYeah, when there's only one file involved cat isn't needed :)23:51
rdw200169i may have to break out of my stubborn ways and use that...23:52

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