brycenight tjaalton00:00
pwnguinbryce: who is "we"?00:20
brycepwnguin: ubuntu-x team00:20
bryceif anyone is interested in taking charge of caring for -nouveau bugs, we can change that00:22
pwnguinim already subscribed to them, but im not sure what it'd take to "care for" them00:23
bryce'care for' == triage and forward upstream as appropriate00:23
pwnguintriage normally means designate an importance00:24
pwnguinif the x team isn't touching the package for jaunty I'm not sure why an imporatnce should be set00:25
pwnguinman. can you believe that was my second try at importance?00:26
pwnguinanyways, if there's going to be a time where nouveau DOES garner X Team attention, it might be helpful to have a bug corpus00:27
brycewell, in bug tracker context, triage generally is taken to mean "make sure the report has sufficient information included" as well00:28
pwnguinbut this really depends on nouveau upstream being ready to work on such stuff00:28
bryceperhaps, but presumably many of these bugs will be fixed upstream between now and whenever we switch it to supported, so having a bunch of old, likely-fixed bugs will detract from issues reported against the version uploaded00:29
brycecorrect; last I checked they still were not accepting bug reports00:29
brycepartly the reason to close bugs for now is to set expectations00:30
bryceI don't want users feeling they can file -nouveau bugs against LP and trust us to take care of them, when we won't.  Better to close them and get the users to go upstream with them.00:31
brycewe've got a somewhat similar problem with -radeonhd00:31
bryceguess I should close those out as well00:33
bryce(actually they may be xserver issues...)00:33
pwnguinnouveau seems to have a bug tracker00:35
pwnguinmainly for 2d00:35
superm1tjaalton, i thought it was decided at uds to switch gdm to vt1 already?00:51
superm1or am i just imagining things...00:51
bryce[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server
tjaaltonsuperm1: it wasn't that widely discussed, and it doesn't need changes in any X packages other than maybe xdm, so maybe the desktop team should make the decision, not us06:49
tjaaltonhmm, so the xserver did do something wrong when the xrandr sluggishness occurred06:49
tjaaltonrandr: Avoid re-querying the configuration on everything but06:50
bryceyeah saw that07:04
brycetjaalton, we should definitely pull that in for the xserver07:04
brycealso, I forgot to pull the client limit patch today07:05
tjaaltonthey need more work07:09
tjaaltonsince the ones were for 1024 clients, but we should probably settle for 51207:10
tjaaltonand they were for the server and proto07:10
tjaaltonI'll push server rc2 and mesa 7.3 shortly07:12
tjaaltonhmm the maxclients is defined only in the server nowadays07:28
tjaaltonso no need to touch coreproto07:28
tjaaltonsince XPoll.h is gone07:28
tjaaltonhmm not quite07:30
tjaaltonbryce: I was wrong, the patches are ok as-is, just s/1024/512/07:39
bryceok I'm heading to bed, and then up early for a 6am flight to berlin, so I probably won't be online 'til monday07:41
brycecya tjaalton07:41
tjaaltonok, bye07:41
superm1tjaalton, perhaps it's worthwhile to put a call for feedback to ubuntu-devel for getting more people to test it then and look for side effects?  I mean it's going to happen eventually anyway (when KMS hits), so the sooner you know about the side effects of say the other drivers (NV and AMD), the more time you'll have to get those things reported and fixed at least12:52
superm1maybe a few line description of how to change your server to run on VT112:53
tjaaltonsuperm1: it shouldn't matter what driver is used, but maybe it should be discussed openly right from the start :)12:54
tjaaltonand KMS doesn't dictate which VT to use, but it'll reduce flicker to run X on VT112:56
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tseliottjaalton, superm1: I sent this file with the new drivers to pitti (so that he can upload them ASAP). In the meantime, if you want to play with the new drivers: http://albertomilone.com/ubuntu/newlrm/pitti/jaunty/driver_jaunty.txt16:45

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