bdelin88exodus_ms: what do u mean by your question?00:00
fruit-dudeZenitur what are the permissions for that folder?00:00
racecar-56i dont like 9.04a300:00
gAri-anybody got problems with sockets in php5?00:00
bdelin88so no one knows00:00
racecar-56its too glitchy for me00:00
racecar-56its ok exept for the trouble with nvidia driver00:00
bdelin88bc in...yes... in windows, i could have done this in 30 seconds tops00:00
bdelin88why is this so difficult00:00
pike_sweetgum: sorry i wont be of much help00:01
Zeniturfruit, for home - 755, root, root. For all other dirs and cmake - 755, kdefour, users, -x00:01
sd32works your brain00:01
phoenixzCould anybody post an example here of a nautilus useragent string? Google messes up on this one00:01
fruit-dudeZenitur yes it looks like it's  a bug00:02
cadman21Rhosre: yeah I have the latest.. ok well thanks for the help.00:02
vigoI helped a friend install 8,04 on his laptop, he wants to use it as a sound mixer, is a musician, what program do you suggest?00:02
joshmonarckI'm a translator and need to convert an .ftm file to .tmx.  Any ideas?00:02
joshmonarckConvert .ftm to .tmx?00:03
phoenixzmicah: hello too00:03
CyberGabbervigo: RoseGarden ?00:03
Lucifer_CatQuestion: How well would xubuntu run on a 550Mhz P3 machine with 256 megs of ram?00:03
vigoThank you00:03
Zeniturfruit-dude, Ubuntu 8.10, myself compiled kernel. Thank you00:03
micahwasap i just started ubuntu!!00:03
pike_Lucifer_Cat: adequate00:03
rdw200169vigo, look into ubuntu studio00:03
CyberGabbervigo: http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/00:03
Lucifer_Catpike_, thanks!00:03
[TK]D-FenderHello, not entirely an OS question but somethin new nagging me.  Firefox seems to open all windows in a 1/2 full-screen mode.  The menu bar & address bar remains, but it takes over my Gnome panels, etc00:03
pike_Lucifer_Cat: ive setup alot of p3 xubuntu machines for media boxes00:03
phoenixzmicah: congratulations..00:03
[TK]D-FenderCan't quite seem to find what I did to case this...00:04
rdw200169vigo, just about 99% of the help he will need can be found through those guys work: http://ubuntustudio.org/00:04
etronikhey all00:04
sd324 gigs of disk space00:04
fruit-dudeLucifer_Cat it will run, not much you can expect from that but it will work00:04
bobbob1016I'm not getting sound "aplay -l" lists my hardware, but no sound, any ideas?00:04
fruit-dudeLucifer_Cat clearly that's a low performance device00:04
etronikDoes 8.04 server come with a default remote desktop server ? is there a guide for choosing setting up a remote desktop server under ubuntu ?00:04
Lucifer_Catfruit-dude, i mostly want to do kernel stuff and web programming stuff on it00:04
micahso im have problems with installing programs for linux and i dont no much00:05
Lucifer_Catwell, not web programming specifically...00:05
cadman21has anyone worked with watching tv shows on ABC?00:05
fruit-dudewaht tupe of programing?00:05
Lucifer_Cati'd basically like the graphics mode to be adequate enough so that i can do irc and youtube on the side00:05
micahi need to put a driver for my wacom intous 3 and i found one and i dont no how to put it on00:06
vigoThats the ticket rdw200169, and thank you also CyberGabber,,will install that to play with tonight.00:06
Lucifer_Catfruit-dude, python, C/C++ and like00:06
fruit-dudeLucifer_Cat, you can try running a live cd that will give you a glimpse if it00:06
Lucifer_Cati figured. but the stupid pc has a broken drive :P so im trying it on my laptop and liking it.00:06
fruit-dudeyou'll have a better performance after the installation, better than live cd00:07
Lucifer_Cati couldnt wait till i got the drive and found out for myself, so i just asked00:07
fruit-dudeoh Lucifer_Cat00:07
micahanyone dual booting?? i am just for photoshop cs300:07
fruit-dudeme micah00:07
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lifenovaI do, micah00:07
fruit-dudewhat the problem micah00:08
micahxp seems so stupid to me know00:08
Lucifer_Catthanks, fruit-dude00:08
fruit-dudeno problem Lucifer_Cat00:08
rdw200169vigo you don't have to install ubuntu-studio separately, you just need their metapackage (i think) it's like ubuntu-studio*00:08
micahi dont no how to install my driver for my wacom tablet and i found one for linux00:08
[TK]D-FenderAny thoughts for my Firefox sem-FS problem?00:09
twiadpawslo guys00:09
fruit-dudemicah what type of file did you download00:10
twiadpawsi got ubuntu on eee pc here, everything works fine but wlan00:10
lifenova[TK]D-Fender: I'm not really too sure about this, but just a thought; if you press F11, does Firefox go to the true full screen mode?00:10
micahi forgot i dont have it right now00:10
fruit-dudemicah, heh :p00:10
micahi re installed xubuntu over it00:10
pike_twiadpaws: isnt wireless kinda essential for a netbook? :)00:10
[TK]D-Fenderlifenova: as I mentioned, first F1 goes to "full" sull-screen, #2 goes to "normal"00:11
basti_Zack zack deutsch :D00:11
[TK]D-Fenderlifenova: Like its an intermediate mode.00:11
KDeskSomeone knows if something similar to opensuse's packman repository for ubuntu exists?00:11
[TK]D-Fenderlifenova: But there is no check on the FS under "View"00:11
basti_Hmm jemand deutsch hier?00:11
lifenova[TK]D-Fender: Oh, I see what you mean.... I really don't know, sorry :(00:11
micahalso can u re-partition my drives i want more room for xubuntu00:12
redvamp128!de | basti:00:12
ubottubasti:: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:12
Stormx2Can anyone recommend a CD burner that supports playlists?00:12
Lenin_Catmy sound is repeating a nose00:12
Lenin_CatI tryed restarting alsa00:12
Guest5941how do i add my newly created unallocated partition to my ext 3 when i boot thru livecd it still won't let me add or merge it00:14
elementzi just installed  the newest nvidia driver from intrepid proposed repo: now x seems to not properly start anymore. wasn't there a way to automatically reonfigure the x-config?00:14
gezI'm having some troubles with gstreamer and ffmpeg. I get this when I launch Totem00:14
gezFailed to load plugin '/usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstffmpeg.so': /usr/lib/libavcodec.so.51: undefined symbol: ff_gcd00:14
fruit-dudeGuest5941 sudo fdisk -l00:14
Stormx2uhg. gnomebaker's playlist import always imports into a new session with a 20 minute CD selected by default.brasero outright segfaults or says that the files aren't supported00:15
koshariStormx2 playlists are done in software00:15
Stormx2This is a pretty poor showing00:15
Stormx2koshari, orly?00:15
Guest5941 fruit-dude what do you want to see00:16
fruit-dudeguest find the name of the new partition00:16
nomingziwhere to get a flash player running under ubuntu 8.10 desktop on x64 system ? Adobe website has flash player for x86 system and not x64, please advise.00:16
Guest5941fruit-dude, Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160041885696 bytes00:17
Guest5941255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19457 cylinders00:17
Guest5941Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes00:17
Guest5941Disk identifier: 0x144d144d00:17
Guest5941   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System00:17
FloodBot1Guest5941: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:17
Guest5941/dev/sda1   *           1        9657    77569821    7  HPFS/NTFS00:17
cvxwhats the hotkey to start a program?00:17
fruit-dudeGuest5941 then you can use this to mount it sudo mkdir /media/new_p00:17
fruit-dude sudo echo /dev/<new_partition>    /media/new_p     ext3    defaults,umask=0 0 000:17
lifenovacvx: alt+f200:17
steph291hi everyone !00:17
geznomingzi: You just want to have flash or you need a native 64bit flash player?00:17
fruit-dudeGuest5941 http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-newbie/78894-mounting-new-ext3-partition.html00:17
steph291I have a problem with virus in winxp, I reboot in livecd ubuntu desktop...00:18
pike_steph291: problem solved?00:18
steph291I'm wondering if I install avast for ubuntu I could get rid of it ?00:18
Guest5941fruit-dude, i originally instealled thru windows(linux)00:18
steph291in a livecd session00:18
Guest5941fruit-dude, will this be a prolem00:19
Stormx2meh, gonna try this command-line burner00:19
FlareDS!antivirus | steph29100:19
ubottusteph291: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus00:19
lifenovasteph291: Avast won't install onto Ubuntu, as it's a sindows program00:19
lifenovasteph291: so you have to deal with virus problems in windows through windows :/00:20
steph291nonono, there's a deb package for ubuntu00:20
fruit-dudeGuest5941 you should be able to mount it automatically on places just a click00:20
fruit-dudeGuest5941 what's on that partition??00:20
pike_steph291: what about clamav??00:20
nomingzigez: i am not sure, just that I try to install the flash player from adobe website, but it prompted me that their player cannot under for x64. I do not care whether to use native player or not, but I just need to be able to view flash video when i browse internet. please advise. thanks00:20
Guest5941fruit-dude, yes but like i said earlier when i boot in livecd the ext3 file has a key on it and i can't merge the unallocated aprt to it00:20
lifenovasteph291: But that's probably designed to look for Linux viruses, not windows00:20
pike_steph291: thats in the repos though ive never used it00:20
fruit-dudeGuest5941 not sure what's your problem? if you have a data partition then you should mount it as it says on the mentioned link00:21
etronikAnybody recommend a good admin front-end for bacula, used from windows GUI or Web interface ??00:21
pike_steph291: nope most linux antivirus apps are designed to clean windows machines.00:21
geznomingzi: Ubuntu should install the flash player for you automatically when you go to a website with flash movies00:21
fruit-dudesteph291 you can try clamav00:21
Guest5941fruit-dude, i used the remaining harddrive space from windows00:21
gezJust make sure you have Synaptic or the Update manager closed.00:22
rdw200169gez, that's related to firefox, not linux00:22
lifenovasteph291: disregard what I said :/00:22
rdw200169gez, or ubuntu for that matter00:22
DiDiVpthe most anti-virus for linux that I knew search vírus of windows00:22
gezrdw200169: Isn't this an Ubuntu channel?00:22
dsch04<sigh> well, after getting the 64-bit java plugin from Sun working on my workstation at work, I can't repeat the feat at home00:23
racecar-56i got to help bdelin88 with his problem00:23
rdw200169gez, yes, but the feature you're reffering to is something that the mozilla guys would add, not ubuntu; regardless, install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras and some of your problems should be solved00:23
fruit-dudeGuest5941 don't know00:23
dsch04It *seems* to be installed and working, but crashes when I access the java test page00:23
racecar-56its all solved00:23
Guest5941fruit-dude, thanks00:23
DiDiVpdsch04, did you manual install?00:24
rdw200169gez, that takes care of a lot of stuff, everything else can be easily found at ubuntuguide.org00:24
filsufObama at his orgamic time:00:24
Guest5941fruit-dude, i didn't create a new ext3 that is my linux00:24
jp_sfgez: looking for Flash for ubuntu 8.10 on a x64 machine ? http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-10.0.d21.1.linux-x86_64.so.tar.gz00:24
whisperkillerhow do i rename a file in commandline?00:24
Guest5941fruit-dude, i created a unallocated parttion00:24
gezrdw200169: I'm just trying to help nomingzi. I already have my native 64 bit plugin from adobe labs running00:24
pike_whisperkiller: mv file newfilename00:24
dsch04whisperkiller: mv00:24
Guest5941fruit now i'm trying to merge it00:24
filsufObama uses WinFuck .... Bush uses MacOS ... wait until I'm president ... the first one to use linux00:24
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:25
rdw200169gez, ah, i haven't been paying *too* much attention ;)00:25
jp_sfgez: ah sorry00:25
fruit-dudefilsuf lol00:25
micahhow do u install a theme manualy00:25
gezMy problem is other... And it's a hard one :)00:25
gezMy gstreamer got broken.00:25
fruit-dudemicah gnome?00:25
jp_sfgez: what do you mean by broken ?00:26
kerncoI just tried upgrading from the nvidia 177 to 180 driver, and now X won't start unless I switch to the vesa driver.  I can't even go back to the 177 driver.00:26
gezApparently the gstreamer-ffmpeg plugin can't be loadad00:26
filsufObama server runs Linux though!00:26
filsufyou know that?00:26
fruit-dudegez issue a reinstall00:26
gezSo I can't view xvid, mov, flv00:26
fruit-dudesudo apt-get autoremove then re install it it should go okay00:26
Guest5941fruit-dude, the link you sent me is for a new ext3 not an existing one00:26
nomingzigez  jp_sf, I think i know the problem - may be the website video require different kind of player, bcos I can play flash for other website, anyway many many for your help and guidance.00:26
micahdo i drop the files in a folder and if so what file for the themes00:26
geznomingzi: I think you already installed another player. probably swfdec or gnash.00:27
sahakHow can I boot into Ubuntu netbook remix .img file stored on my HDD? I don't have a USB flash key.00:27
fruit-dudeGuest5941 that's why I asked you to get the partition name from fdisk00:27
jp_sfgez: you have a error message something ?00:27
gezFailed to load plugin '/usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstffmpeg.so': /usr/lib/libavcodec.so.51: undefined symbol: ff_gcd00:27
lifenovamicah: System -> Prefs -> Appearance, go to the Themes Tab, press Install and select the .tar.gz file you downloaded00:28
Guest5941fruit-dude, i thought you read it when i posted it before00:28
rdw200169sahak, in short, you can't; that, or i've never heard of it; regardless, i doubt it.00:28
micahthank you!!!00:28
gezI already tried the obvious. Make sure that the gstreamer plugins, the livavcodec and other files are the right and remove any file from external repositories.00:28
Guest5941fruit-dude, it's not showing on fdisk ut i see it in gparted00:28
gezI have the same files installled than the other machine that works fine, but I can't play those files00:29
jp_sfgez: did you checked that : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77594300:29
sahakrdw200169: thanks00:29
fruit-dudeok then do the fstab line00:29
nomingzigez: yes, my PC is installed with swfdec, so what are you trying to tell me. pls advise thanks00:29
fruit-dudeok then do the fstab line  Guest594100:29
geznomingzi: THat's a free flash player. It hasn't the same support than the official, closed source flash player.00:30
Guest5941fruit-dude which one is the fsta line00:30
Guest5941fruit-dude,  my bbb key is going00:30
gezYou should remove it, activate the partner repo from the "software origins" option and install the adobe-flashplayer package00:30
Cpplusgez, have you searched your driver for different versions of the library libavcodec00:30
Cpplusdriver = mounts00:31
sahakI have a simple script that rsyncs daily jaunty .iso image, and then boots into it from my HDD, so that I can check out the latest features.00:31
fruit-dudenew_partition>    /media/new_p     ext3    defaults,umask=0 0 000:31
gezjp_sf: That's not my problem. Already checked00:31
fruit-dude Guest5941 replace new_partition with path to the drive00:31
Guest5941fruit-dude, with gparted once you shrink the harddrive space itr creates a unallocated part that's what i'm trying to use00:31
gezCpplus: I have. I tried the different versions available without luck00:32
jp_sfgez: so what libx do you have now ?00:32
fruit-dudeGuest5941, never used gparted just manual mounting00:32
Guest5941fruit-dude, kind of to late for that00:32
gezjp_sf: _5900:32
kerric_are there anyone running ubuntu on a acer aspire one i have a question about the web cam.00:32
Guest5941fruit-dude, what are my options now00:33
gezI had another from a third party repo but I removed it.00:33
fruit-dudeGuest5941 sorry I was always talking about manual mount00:33
nomingzigez: is it due to swfdec (open source software) may not able to play some video and i should uninstall it and install the one suggested by jp_sf ?00:33
fruit-dudeguest df -h?00:33
fruit-dudeGuest5941 paste bin please00:33
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:33
CaneToadWhat does this no buffer space available business mean?00:33
fruit-dudeGuest5941 you can always umount -l00:33
CaneToadroot@vostro:~# ifconfig eth1 netmask
CaneToadSIOCSIFADDR: No buffer space available00:33
CaneToadSIOCSIFNETMASK: Cannot assign requested address00:33
kosharisahak thats a good idea00:33
FloodBot1CaneToad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:33
jp_sfnomingzi: I didn't have a single problem running the proprietary software on x6400:34
geznomingzi: You can install easily from synaptic (remember to activate the partner repo before) the adobe-flashplugin. It's the 32-bit version of the plugin but it works in 64-bit00:34
gezThe x64 version is, afaik, a beta version00:34
sahakkoshari: yes, it is better than booting into KVM, because I can make sure that all my hardware is working properly.00:34
gezIt works much better than the 32 bit version, but it has to be installed manually.00:35
kosharisahak are the diffs big?00:35
sahakkoshari: No, it only takes a couple of minutes to update daily .iso image.00:35
gezIf "install it manually" sounds scary for you, probably you should stick to the 32-bit version that is available in the repos.00:35
sahakkoshari: diffs are between 0 and 100MB in size00:35
Cpplusgez, have you  tried this? http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.bugs.dist/browse_thread/thread/7d2e49127a35f92e/386d17df772b0a21?lnk=raot00:36
Guest5941fruit-dude, http://paste.ubuntu.com/111916/00:36
nomingzigez: how do i "activate the partner repo" ?00:36
jp_sfgez could you pastebin: ldd /usr/lib/gstreamer-X.X/libgstffmpeg.so00:36
=== StorageGuest3675 is now known as Brucee
jp_sfgez: XX are for the version you have00:37
Freshyi need some help with cups in ubuntu 8.04, the driver is installed.. I used dpkg -l | grep Brother00:38
Freshy to confirm00:38
Guest5941fruit-dude, it doesn't look like it's mounted on anything it shows /00:38
bombshel2er13I have a module I'm writing with a large collection of functions like verbNown (makeCat,deleteCat,etc, hypothetically) and need to quickly and reliably add a bunchion of equivelant verbNounse methods (makeCats,deleteCats, etc) that basically just map the same function onto a list of arguments, instead of just one. Is there a `Proper'/'Pythonic' way to do this? Perhaps some sort of pluralizing function can be imported from something that already ex00:38
fruit-dudeGuest5941 it's not mounted00:38
fruit-dudeGuest5941 sudo fdisk -l; sudo mount00:39
=== tweak is now known as tweak66
Guest5941fruit-dude, which one00:39
tweak66does anyone know a program gui to patch and compile a kernel?00:40
jp_sfbombshel1er13: a module ? in what language ?00:40
fruit-dudeGuest5941 please issue those commands00:40
fruit-dudeand paste bin them00:40
fruit-dudeI'll write an script for you to mount that00:40
Freshywhat is the user/pass for cups http://localhost:631/printers00:40
zleapnot sure about compile, i know make xconfig (if its set up) wil help confgure it00:40
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages00:40
zleapor used to00:40
steph291calmav, good idea00:40
Guest5941fruit-dude, i just did now what00:40
jp_sfgez: did you ldd ?00:41
fruit-dudeGuest5941 paste bin it to me00:41
Guest5941fruit-dude, http://paste.ubuntu.com/111917/00:42
fruit-dudeGuest5941 you missed the fdisk00:42
mib_n52x55Hello. I have a simple question. I'm looking for the newest build / update of Intrepid Ibex. It seems that the version for obvious download is months old, and would take tons of updates AFTER I install it. Is there a more recent build somewhere I'm missing?00:42
sidewalkis there any way to keep the desktop and still have different wallpapers for different workspaces?00:43
Guest5941fruit-dude, that was the first command i ussed then sudo mount00:43
jp_sfmib_n52x55: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:43
fruit-dudeGuest5941 it's not listed at the pastebin00:43
leeping2007Hi there, I have IP masquerading and NAT enabled on my server, allowing my LAN computers to access the network.  However, I just connected a new one, and it's unable to see the outside world.  What do I have to restart?00:44
Guest5941fruit-dude, that was the first one i sent you00:44
_DELI have a question about vbox, After i made it full size, what are the keys to make it a smaller window again?00:44
Guest5941fruit-dude, http://paste.ubuntu.com/111917/00:44
Scunizi_DEL: same.. ctrl f00:44
_DELScunizi, ty00:44
Guest5941fruit-dude, try this one  http://paste.ubuntu.com/111916/00:45
fruit-dudeGuest5941 nope that's df -h00:45
GuaranaBOMBhello all00:45
jp_sfleeping2007: could describe it a little bit more you just connected a machine to what how is it related to your server ?00:45
fruit-dudeGuaranaBOMB nice nick hello00:45
aaroninfidelanyone know anything about wine?00:45
GuaranaBOMBheh, uruguay dialup00:45
GuaranaBOMBmust be bad bandwidth ;/00:45
ert3does anyone know what it means when you get the message "This apt has supper cow powers"00:46
fruit-dudeGuaranaBOMB indeed00:46
jp_sfaaroncampbell: yes a lot red white and so otherwise you could check http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ and also what is your problem ?00:46
GuaranaBOMBdoes oracle have a native linux installer for oracle 11G that will work flawlessly in Ubuntu 8.1000:46
jp_sfaaroncampbell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine I mean00:46
GuaranaBOMBor do i have to do all the sub-dependencies etc manually?00:46
Guest5941fruit-dude, http://paste.ubuntu.com/111919/00:46
* steph291 is scanning for virus from Ubuntu LiveCD with avast ... on windows ntfs partitons, will see ...00:46
GuaranaBOMBthe best URL i found that helps me w/ Oracle 11G on 8.1000:47
GuaranaBOMBis this:00:47
FloodBot1GuaranaBOMB: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:47
leeping2007My client machine is connected to my server computer through a switch00:47
GuaranaBOMBanything more timely/efficient then that url? heh00:47
aaroninfideljp_sf, I'm not aaroncampbell.00:47
Cpplusert3, apt-get moo00:47
jp_sfaaroninfidel: my bad00:47
Guest5941fruit-dude, http://paste.ubuntu.com/111919/  try this00:47
fruit-dudeGuest5941 yeah100:48
Guest5941fruit-dude, it looks like my linux is on /dev/sda500:48
jp_sfaaroninfidel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine I mean00:48
=== Guest5941 is now known as rob
GuaranaBOMBmy lord00:48
GuaranaBOMBlook at all the crap on that url00:48
aaroninfideljp_sf, anyway, the question I had was when I installed wine and installed programs using wine, it created a submenu in my menu called "Other" how can I remove the "other" menu?00:48
GuaranaBOMBto get oracle 11G running on 8.1000:48
Bryan_Sierraso I accidently removed a program in /usr/bin and now I can't remove it from apt-get because it's saying that the dependencies aren' tmet :o is there a way to just remove it manually? (Other than going directory by directory)00:49
=== rob is now known as Guest68366
fruit-dudeGuest5941 in that case / is your partition00:49
=== Guest68366 is now known as guest5941
jp_sfGuaranaBOMB: /join #oracle00:49
guest5941fruit-dude, so what do i do now00:49
fruit-dudeguest5941 please pm me00:50
StargazerI'm testing jaunty under VBox... where are shared folders located ?00:50
jp_sfaaroninfidel: Not sure did you try to navigate in /home/<username>/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs00:50
aaroninfideljp_sf, I'll check, thanks!00:51
surialI follow all instructions at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17272 to get a sox that can read and write mp3s, but no luck.00:51
aaroninfideljp_sf, thank you that worked your awesome!00:52
jp_sfaaroninfidel: cool00:52
steph291avast for linux found virus on my ntfs partition :P00:53
gezI'm back00:54
jp_sfgez: cool00:54
gezIt's long00:54
gezAnd it has no errors00:54
jp_sfgez : libx something no ?00:54
jp_sfgez: could you pastebin it ?00:54
jp_sfgez: I'm like saint thomas want to check that it is not looking for something -56 or -5700:54
koshariStargazer you need to allocate shared folders in vbox00:55
koshariStargazer on your hist machine00:55
gezIt's looking for the right: -5900:55
aaroninfideljp_sf do you know anything about Cedega?00:56
emmahas anyone else seen this Netx open source JNLP client pop up when browsing with firefox in intrepid?00:56
jp_sfaaroninfidel: nope sorry00:56
emmaIt asks to choose a Cache directory.00:56
aaroninfideljp_sf, thanks anyway. :)00:56
StargazerKoshari: i've designated the folder path for which i wish to share with my guest OS.00:56
Alex_21Does anyone know about PPC Sound Drivers. I get no sound from my Powermac's speaker00:56
emmaA popup while browsing is not a good thing. It's very suspicious and it encourages foolish behavior.00:57
Alex_21Ensure that pop00:57
Alex_21Pop-up blocker is on00:57
unkmarfirestarter did not work for me.00:57
Gerinychhow do i repair a ntfs partition from ubuntu?00:57
gezjp_sf: http://pastebin.com/m6d4312d700:57
jp_sfgez: hum yes, you don't have a more explicit long error00:57
unkmarGerinych: you don't.00:57
adam__do I need to be using a firewall (firestarter) when using ubuntu?00:58
Gerinychunkmar: so... what do i do then?00:58
tagdid an ACPI patch come out recently?00:58
Alex_21Hi, Any help with PPC issues. I Googled, but didn't find anything00:58
unkmarGerinych: you repair NTFS from a functional windows.  Barts PE is one option.00:58
Alex_21Anything at all?00:58
savvasadam__: it depends on how you use ubuntu00:58
adam__general computer use via a secure wireless network00:58
koshariStargazer you should be able to see tha share as a network location00:58
kosharion the guest00:58
jp_sfgez: on synaptic x264 is selected ?00:59
BsimsOK this is bad I tried to upgrade and got a segfault... and now I get this error dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.00:59
unkmarGerinych: it also advised not to mount NTFS in ubuntu as writable.  Use it read-only00:59
Cloakeri have a problem with rsync and truecrypt here on ubuntu 8.0400:59
gezx264 alone or libx264?00:59
WaldoHello all. I have some folders on another computer on my network that are set to be inaccessible without the user password. But Nautilus doesn't give me the option of entering the password, just an error message saying I don't have permission. Any way to change that?00:59
savvasadam__: any kind of server is good and recommended to have as much protection as possible, a desktop user doesn't need it so much, especially with quick patches provided nowadays00:59
gezAnyway, I've tried with both, with and without it00:59
jp_sfgez: I mean on synaptic if you search x264 what is mark installed ?00:59
gezAnd nothing hapeans00:59
adam__savvas: okay, thanks savvas00:59
gezYes, yes. It's installed, of course.00:59
koshariWaldo mount through fstab00:59
savvasadam__: if you don't have any shared folders, I think you 're more than enough secure :)01:00
Alex_21I have no sound. That isn't good since I am blind and depend on speech01:00
gezI made sure that every related packages are installed (i've checked one by one in another computer)01:00
Waldokoshari: fstab?01:00
Alex_21PPC Powermac G4 Digital Audio01:00
CloakerWhen i mount a truecrypt volume and use rsync on it 2 times, it copies all the files 2 times. But it should only copy the files in the first run and not in the second, because the files should allready be in sync. Can anyone help me with this problem?01:00
koshariWaldo fstab is where all your mount points are located01:00
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:00
adam__savvas: no I'm not sharing, but I am curious. Is it possible to terminal to my linux box from my windows machine? I want to treat it like I'm logging into a remote unix box for learning01:01
BsimsCritcial help needed : I tried to upgrade and got a segfault... and now I get this error dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.01:01
lukeneeding some help with an acer tablet pc. My xorg seems incomplete and my keyboard is not right... Help plz01:01
Alex_21Use Sigwin to access Windows via Terminal01:01
unkmaradam__: you can ssh from a windows machine via putty.01:01
Alex_21Sigwin isn't the correct spelling01:01
koshariadam__ i suspect using putty you could ssl into linux and issue a runtime change01:01
savvasadam__: sure, you can use a program named putty - if you have installed ssh server on linux that is01:01
unkmarAlex_21: Cygwin is the correct spelling.01:02
adam__savvas: perfect, i can handle that. thanks guys01:02
jonathan_When I attempt to update my update manager, I get an error of "No public key" for my itrepid Ibex. How to solve?01:02
Alex_21He wants it the other way around I think01:02
Alex_21Is that right?01:02
gezAlex_21: did you check this? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-302476.html01:02
TuxSympathiserwhat does CPU1 attaching sched-domain: mean?01:02
savvasadam__: on the other hand, if you need a "linux" inside windows, you can install cygwin which provides a package for ssh client :)01:03
jp_sfgez: and even vlc is having a problem right ?01:03
lukeneeding some help with an acer tablet pc. My xorg seems incomplete and my keyboard is not right... Help plz01:03
lukeubuntu 8.1001:03
unkmarAlex_21: to go the other way.  I use VNC. but that isn't a terminal.01:03
gezjp_sf: VLC has the same problem. Complains about missing codecs01:03
jp_sfadam_ savvas: try AndLinux01:04
jp_sfgez: could you start vlc from the command line to paste all the error message ?01:04
adam__savvas: well im trying to teach myself to work from the shell via a great book, Ive just been working in the terminal on ubuntu, but I thought I could make it more 'real world' by trying to log in to real terminal01:04
tweak66Hi. I'm trying to compile/patch a kernel. i'm using kernelcheck. when my compilation stops and it asks me for a patch in the cli how do i apply it?01:04
jp_sfadam_ savvas: http://www.andlinux.org/01:05
unkmargez: vlc > error.log01:05
savvasjp_sf: that's too much for what adam__ asked for :) he just wanted a terminal/ssh client01:05
Waldokoshari: I don't see the other computer in the fstab file. I assume I'd add it and set permissions there?01:05
unkmarthough I doubt that will work. :(01:05
adam__that is, if im making any sense01:05
gezjp_sf:  and unkmar: ok :)01:05
jp_sfsavvas: yeah but it is a good introduction to Linux01:05
savvasadam__: you have a dozen of free shell account services floating around the internet01:05
jonathan_Here's the error message: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60D11217247D1CFF01:05
BsimsEMERGENCY Help needed : I tried to upgrade and got a segfault... and now I get this error dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.01:05
adam__savvas: really? wow can you recommend a good one?01:05
savvasadam__: er.. hold a sec01:06
Alex_21Ok, I looked, and I'll try external speakers now01:06
jp_sfgez unkmar : yeah gez you tease us but we don't have much information right01:06
koshariWaldo correct you need to make a line up to mount the remote to a local placeholder01:06
gezjp_sf: I'm reinstalling VLC01:06
leeping2007I'm getting a strange error when my client tries to connect to the network.  It says: "dh-client-script permission denied"01:07
gezPlease wait a minute.01:07
koshariWaldo you nay need a credentuals file to store pw and username in01:07
leeping2007Anyone seen this error before?01:07
gezI uninstalled every possible problematic package to start over01:07
unkmarleeping2007: running as root?01:07
leeping2007rather "dhcp-client-script permission denied" ... I am running as root.  My other client machines do not have this problem01:07
misieq!seen abcd01:08
ubottuI have no seen command01:08
leeping2007Tried rebooting, restarting network services on the server ..01:08
Waldokoshari: Thanks, I'll give it a shot later. Kind of disappointing; Dolphin asks for the password just fine.01:08
savvasadam__: try from these lists: http://www.red-pill.eu/freeunix.shtml http://www.bylur.net/free/01:08
=== Guest63999 is now known as aiuw
adam__savvas: perfect, a million thanks savvas01:08
savvasadam__: they may not be debian or ubuntu, but the shell is really similar :)01:09
austin_hey guys could someone help me out just installed ubuntu and im trying to install a theme01:09
unkmarleeping2007: my other thought is a script that isn't set to executable. :/01:09
lukeneeding some help with an acer tablet pc. My xorg seems incomplete and my keyboard is not right... Help plz01:09
austin_i downloaded the max osx theme01:09
austin_how to i install it?01:09
lifenovaaustin_: you're using gnome, correct?01:09
austin_i think01:09
austin_and i just installed compiz also01:10
lukespecifically, the shift key wont work and some other combinations wont?01:10
BsimsI need a guru's help please...01:10
BsimsEMERGENCY Help needed : I tried to upgrade and got a segfault... and now I get this error dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed. I am on ubuntu01:10
savvasadam__: in case you end up looking how to install and use SSH: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto01:10
unkmarBsims: did the upgrade include a new kernel?  You might be able to reboot using the old kernel listed in grub.01:11
leeping2007unkmar, if I "ls -ltr" the file, it shows up as red .. this mean anything to you?01:11
austin_whyen i drag and drop i get this01:11
austin_"OSX Leopard" does not appear to be a valid theme.01:11
exodus_msBsims: I did a quick search for the error you have posted --> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=48684301:11
leeping2007It's set to executable for owner and group01:11
lifenovaaustin_: what type of file is it01:11
unkmarleeping2007: yeah, background read means executes as root from any user.01:11
unkmar*background red.01:11
Bsimsunkmar: not rebooted yet, I can't get apt to finish installing it01:11
leeping2007unkmar, when I chgrp'ed it, the red went away :P I don't know how to set it back, heh01:12
Bsimsexodus_ms: I am not knowing using xemacs01:12
unkmarleeping2007: chmod 7777 filename01:12
gezjp_sf: [00000420] main decoder error: no suitable decoder module for fourcc `avc1'.01:13
gezVLC probably does not support this sound or video format.01:13
Bsimsexodus_ms: and I can't remove anything as apt is broken... though i suppose I could try dpkg01:13
leeping2007unkmar, thanks :)01:13
gezThe error log was empty01:13
gezwhen I did vlc > error.log01:13
exodus_msBsims: have you tried   dpkg --configure -a01:13
Alex_21Thanks for your help01:14
Alex_21Good night01:14
unkmargez: I don't remember the magic trick...  Might be vlc &2 > error.log01:14
Alex_21Good day01:14
FloodBot1Alex_21: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:14
jp_sfgez: hum ... no not from vlc...01:14
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
unkmargez: what you are looking to do is redirect the error output to stdin for redirection to file.01:15
jp_sfgez: can I be annoying ? could you rm -rf ~/.vlc (if it is safe for you) desinstall vlc re rm -rf ~/.vlc then reinstall vlc01:15
unkmarluke: I wish I could help.01:15
X1karr0usXif anyone has any outstanding issue that hasn't been dealt with, send me a private message01:15
TheMusicGuyWhat is this: ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.01:15
=== guest5941 is now known as rob
gezjp_sf: It's the first I did.01:15
unkmargez:  or mv ~/.vlc ~/.vlc.bak01:16
=== rob is now known as Guest50546
gezRemove totem and VLC, their config directories and reinstalled them01:16
jp_sfgez: all video or just one specific ?01:16
gezAny xvid, mov, flv video.01:16
leeping2007heh, I found out what the problem was.  That was weird01:17
gezNo problems with oggs, for instance.01:17
unkmarleeping2007: do tell.01:17
leeping2007The "group" for call-dhclient-script is supposed to be "dhcp"01:17
leeping2007When I looked at the file properties it had changed to "syslog"01:17
Bsimsexodus_ms: not yet I got it semi stable now its screaming it can't dpkg: error processing libxine1-bin (--configure): package libxine1-bin is not ready for configuration cannot configure (current status `triggers-awaited')01:17
Bsimsdpkg: error processing hal-info (--configure): package hal-info is not ready for configuration cannot configure (current status `triggers-awaited')01:17
Bsimsdpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed01:17
leeping2007the reason being: In an attempt to clone the system I had scp'd the "hosts, group, shadow, passwd" files over from the master01:17
leeping2007and so the group definitions were changed01:18
leeping2007I have no idea what else got F-ed up :P heh01:18
exodus_msBsims: what version of Ubuntu01:18
unkmarleeping2007: oh,  user numbers shifted.01:18
gezjp_sp: mpgs work01:18
=== Jinzo|Laptop is now known as Orbjinzo|laptop
Bsimsexodus_ms: intrepid01:18
unkmarleeping2007: you would have been better off to change the user numbers to match the appropriate file.  group?01:19
Bsimsexodus_ms: and I just tried apt-get install --reinstall01:19
TheMusicGuyApparently a certain v4l-related .so file is supposed to exist on my system, but it doesn't. Any ideas?01:19
exodus_msBsims: what version of dpkg01:19
leeping2007unkmar, the problem is I forgot to back up my "group" file.  I'm predicting that I have to reinstall to get the old file back01:19
BsimsI dunno what ever is current on Intrepid let me look01:19
unkmarleeping2007: not my point.01:19
leeping2007unless of course there's a table of what the new numbers are supposed to be01:19
X1karr0usX if anyone has any outstanding issues that hasn't been dealt with, send me a private message.01:20
Bsimsexodus_ms: 1.14.20ubuntu601:20
unkmarX1karr0usX: luke has a problem.01:20
leeping2007unkmar, here's my interpretation.  My master computer has an old operating system (Gutsy) while the client machine has Hardy01:21
jp_sfgez: Ok I don't know01:21
Bsimsexodus_ms: sudo dpkg --configure -a01:21
Bsimsdpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.01:21
X1karr0usXluke: check your private chat if you are not AFK01:22
exodus_msBsims: did you try that01:22
leeping2007because the new OS has different user numbers as defined in "group", when I copied the file over the usernames all got shuffled around01:22
BsimsYeah and it errors out on me with dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed01:22
gezjp_sf: I wanted to avoid re-installing. But It seems it will be my first time.01:22
leeping2007unkmar, is that closer to the truth?01:22
* Bsims is tempted to dump a list of packages installed and say hell with it and install Momma Debian01:22
unkmarleeping2007: exactly.  I don't know an easy solution.  My concern is that many other files may suffer the same fate.01:22
gezI won't let my Windows friends know it :p01:23
jp_sfgez: I know that I tried the kde-nightly build a week ago I run into similar problem I desinstall all kde related stuff and my vlc played videos again01:23
kozhyhi, somebody with a ".config" of a macbook v3.1 (Santa rosa) ??? thks01:23
jp_sfgez: honnestly you have to find what is causing this, it is just a matter to find the right library or pkg no need to reinstall01:23
* Bsims curses under my breath... sad part is I don't even know what broke it01:23
gezjp_sf: My problems started with KDEnlive, I think01:23
leeping2007unkmar, that's exactly what I'm worried about.  I may have to reinstall because I don't know how the numbers got changed ...01:24
gezBut I removed everything from it01:24
BsimsSurely I can't be the only one in this boat01:24
leeping2007it's not a big deal.  I barely installed it and started changing stuff :P01:24
O__ohello, how to set ubuntu so that user login is automatic??01:24
gezI deactivated the third party repos01:24
CpplusBsims, have you tried --force-depends01:24
DrMitchso ubuntu keeps freezing my computer, to the point of numlocks not working, mouse not working. NOTHING working, display even freezes if something is happening. I've search multiple forums but no one has seemed to pin it down. Is there a log file that should tell me what is cauing the problem? I've already searched syslog and message and dmesg :-(01:24
jp_sfgez: while having desinstall all kde components I still had problems until I depkg all pkg related to it and then it was working again01:24
alchemist1I think aoutomatic user login is under preferences, let me check.01:24
unkmarO__o: alchemist1: under Administrtion, Login01:25
BsimsCpplus: as an option to dpkg or to apt01:25
gezYou just removed the packages from apt and it worked again?01:25
alchemist1never mind, it is under administration in user and groups, I think.01:25
=== gotcha_ is now known as xgotchax
exodus_msBsims: I have looked and there seems to be a fair amount of people suggesting this: removing gxine allowed me to run "dpkg --configure -a" without this assertion. Then I reinstalled gxine. Take a look at the bottom of this link --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/dpkg/+bug/26245101:26
unkmarO__o: alchemist1: System, Administration, Login Window, Security tab.01:26
* unkmar runs away now. Bye folks01:27
jp_sfgez: yes but I didn't troobleshhot too much when I saw my vlc wasn't working on a live streaming I was pretty upset I removed my .vlc nothing then without much troubleshooting (didn't had time for that it was a live video) I depkg all the kde related stuff as I run gnome anyway ... and It worked again after reinstalling vlc01:27
alchemist1oh, sorry, I had it enabled by default is is under login window...01:27
Bsimsexodus_ms: I appriciate your help but still get this : dpkg: error processing hal-info (--configure): package hal-info is not ready for configuration cannot configure (current status `triggers-awaited')01:28
leeping2007In the /etc directory, there's a passwd file and a group file.  Does the passwd file contain all of the information that's in the group file?01:28
gezBut you had problems only with vlc or with totem as well? (VLC is QT4 based now)01:29
jp_sfgez: http://kdenlive.org/forum/warning-regarding-ubuntu-ffmpeg-packages01:29
exodus_msBsims: did you try  sudo dpkg --remove gxine    sudo dpkg --configure -a    sudo apt-get install gxine01:30
leeping2007If I change the user numbers as defined in "group" and "passwd", will it mess up the passwords in "shadow"?01:30
Type3Singularityleeping2007: No passwd doesn't store group information atall afaik, also its possible to have groups belonging to groups01:30
leeping2007Type3Singularity, wow, mindboggling. :)  Thanks01:30
kristian1i have ubuntu 8.10 installed on a computer on my wlan. i have installed openssh-server, and im able to connect to the machine via ssh/sftp with my main username/password with as ip. however i want to create a new login for sftp, with username/password, that can only access ~/shared/ and directories within that directory. people using the login should only be able to download. not upload/delete/rename, etc. can anyone help me 01:30
jp_sfgez: looks like awfully like your problem it upgrades ffmpeg ? that might be why you are stuck in this problem01:30
Type3Singularityleeping2007: Its fine to modify it by hand01:30
nickrudleeping2007, what's your purpose, you might get better advice01:31
Bsimsexodus_ms: trying it now01:31
exodus_msBsims: ok01:31
=== Kyna is now known as Dexi
leeping2007nickrud, I'm administering a Beowulf cluster and I'm adding some new computers to it.  They are to have a newer OS than the existing computers.  Now, to get the user info over to the new computers, I usually copy over the four files: hosts, group, passwd, shadow.01:31
leeping2007Type3Singularity, thanks :))01:32
Bsimsexodus_ms: its whining about hal-info01:32
Bsimsand removing that means removing most of my system01:32
loa_dudeyo. what program/package controls volume automounting when in gnome? (plug in a usb key and something opens)01:32
* Bsims is gonna try intalling hal-info with dpkg01:32
gezjp_sf: It seems related with ffmpeg01:32
nickrudleeping2007, just use caution :)01:32
leeping2007nickrud, about 30 minutes ago when I attempted to copy these files over, my DHCP instantly stopped working, and I figured that it was because the "group" attribute of the "call-dhclient-script"  got changed01:33
exodus_msBsims:   sudo dpkg -r hal hal-info01:33
gezBut I already reinstalled every package related to ffmpeg and it still doesn't work.01:33
exodus_msBsims: sudo aptitude reinstall01:33
Bsimsexodus_ms: that did it01:33
Bsimsexodus_ms: dpkg install and I had already tried apt-get install --reinstall01:33
leeping2007nickrud, you're right.  I should have backed up the "group" file01:33
exodus_msBsims: so what is the status01:34
leeping2007Now I have to reinstall my system because I think I snafu'd it01:34
Type3Singularityleeping2007: Its important that the gid and uid numbers are the same since those are what is stored on the filesystem01:34
laughyn1nj4can intrepid be installed as dual boot side by side w/ windows?01:34
loa_dudehello...  what program/package controls volume automounting when in gnome? (plug in a usb key and something opens)01:34
lifenovalaughyn1nj4: yes01:34
DexiHey guys can anyone help me out, i cant find a single skype setting that works for my headset...01:34
Bsimsexodus_ms: currently after an apt-get update and upgrade 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. no errors01:34
t_Anyone here?01:34
laughyn1nj4intrepid hates me01:34
nickrudleeping2007, if it's just gid's, you can restore by editing those files by hand.01:34
exodus_msBsims: so everything is cool?01:34
leeping2007nickrud, I don't know what the old gid's are01:34
Bsimsexodus_ms: so its definately hal-info... but how to I write the bug report01:35
weatherkid_leeping2007: And if you did kill your system always you a alt. cd's recovery mode first01:35
Bsimsexodus_ms: I'd say critical... breaks apt unless manualy installed01:35
exodus_msBsims: there is already one here --> https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/5372701:35
nickrudleeping2007, the ls -l call-dhclient-script should show a number if there's no associated group. the gid is what is physically associated with the file01:35
leeping2007Type3Singularity, right .. I don't want to change the numbers.  However, to add new users I should just modify the "group" and "passwd" files carefully01:35
mitchelochello, i'm having an issue with ubuntu, X isn't starting and i'm being told "Fatal error: no screens found"01:35
weatherkid_t_: what is the problem01:35
nickrudleeping2007, then you'd edit group to match01:35
Bsimsexodus_ms: Heh never thought I'd need to install apt-bugreports on ubuntu01:36
Type3Singularityleeping2007: You could try and track down a file owned by the group, DHCP might have a leases directory or some such01:36
dsch04Can I remove a package but not remove any dependencies ?01:36
leeping2007Ah I see.  I'm already reinstalling, but I'll remember the advice for later :))01:36
leeping2007Type3Singularity, at this point it's actually easier for me to reinstall.  I've installed pretty much nothing on that computer so far01:36
* Bsims knows its a lifesaver on Debian Sid but Satan's blue testes I thought it was a bit more tested than that01:36
leeping2007I have the network boot set up so it works out well01:36
exodus_msBsims: there might be more info elsewhere, that bug I just linked you was posted 12-07-200801:37
* Bsims bows to your superior google foo exodus_ms 01:37
nickrudleeping2007, you might find it worth your while learning the adduser deluser usermod useradd commands for next time :)01:37
Type3Singularityleeping2007: If your doing a cluster it might be worth looking at setting up a proper central login system with LDAP or whatever01:37
Bsimsexodus_ms: Heh reminds me... need to rsync my box again01:37
gezjp_sf: Well, thank you very much for your time. I guess I'll keep trying for a couple of hours and I'll reinstall if I can't get it to work. I'd like to solve it in the right way and avoid reinstalling, but it already took too much time and I have work to do.01:38
leeping2007nickrud, I've used the "adduser" command before, but that requires the user to actually be present to type in their info01:38
* Bsims used to do weekly rdiff-backups but ye gods and little fishes is rdiff slow01:38
exodus_msBsims: I got a couple of links on that as well, just kidding :P01:38
gezCU, bye!01:38
nickrudleeping2007, ? You can fake it, put an expiry on the password and force them to re enter a new one?01:38
* Bsims grins at exodus_ms so once a week I do a sync and montly to a delete on the mirror side01:39
leeping2007True :P I can certainly do that01:39
weatherkid_Does anyone need any help?01:39
Bsimsexodus_ms: Heh I got started with Linux back in 199901:39
leeping2007Type3Singularity, I usually just serve the home directory over NFS and put each computer's public key into the $HOME/.ssh directory01:39
Type3Singularityleeping2007: Try the useradd command instead, it doesn't ask for details01:39
laughyn1nj4can anyone hlep me with the manual partitioner in the intrepid install?01:39
nickrudleeping2007, but for long term stability and maintainability Type3Singularity's advice about ldap is better01:39
jp_sfgez: still here ?01:40
BsimsRan sid till 2001ish and at the time stable was Potato and well my frankenbox was newer than testing and Sid was uninstallable so I kinda drifted to Ubuntu01:40
jp_sfgez: have a look into clonezilla to barebone your system01:40
leeping2007hm .. I should look it over. Thanks. :)01:40
nickrudbut we're a bit off topic now ....01:40
Type3Singularityalthough im not sure how much use an account with a null password is01:40
gezjp_sf: Good idea. Thank you.01:40
leeping2007Type3Singularity, the useradd command looks like what I want.  I'm guessing I could type in the encrypted password as-is, without knowing the actual password01:40
* Bsims winks at exodus_ms I am debating going back to Momma Debian but I have grown to like the polish this latest fiasco not withstanding01:40
laughyn1nj4what should i put as the mount point of my Ubuntu partition?01:41
gezlaughyn1nj4: /01:41
* Bsims looks all tough maybe once I order a second 1tb drive01:41
laughyn1nj4ok...thanks.  any idea why there are so many choices?   seems like / is the one and only right answer.01:41
* Bsims says one for porn/music, one for /home01:42
Bsimsexodus_ms: Heh I just don't want to build/reinstall things I am missing01:43
Type3SingularityBsims: porn/music get a dedicated server which exports over the network in my house, also the porn is and encrypted loopback partition ;)01:43
kristian1i have ubuntu 8.10 installed on a computer on my wlan. i have installed openssh-server, and im able to connect to the machine via ssh/sftp with my main username/password with as ip. however i want to create a new login for sftp, with username/password, that can only access ~/shared/ and directories within that directory. people using the login should only be able to download. not upload/delete/rename, etc. can anyone help me 01:43
nickrudlaughyn1nj4, for other partition mount points; using a separate partition on /home can be very useful01:43
ianm_is some other action needed after adding a line to /etc/hosts like " domain.com" ?  it doesn't work in firefox01:43
Fertechi have a second hard drive of 320gb as a slave but only see 318.7 with it's own ubuntu partition. why do i see only 218.7GB?01:43
BsimsType3Singularity: a man after my own heart01:43
laughyn1nj4i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the concept that / is where a partition should be mounted   .... doesnt / exist on a partition?  why then is a partition mounted to /   ?01:44
munkhi all, anyone know where to ask about bridging wlan0 to a tap?01:44
nickrudlaughyn1nj4, just a difference in perspective, both mean the same thing01:44
* Bsims grins most porn is on disk some is external and ecrypted via truecrypt via hidden container01:44
Fertechi have a second hard drive of 320gb as a slave but only see 318.7 with it's own ubuntu partition. why do i see only 218.7GB?01:44
Bsimslaughyn1nj4: / is the top most directory think / as /C on windows01:45
rootforcewhat you perceive as a directory structure is more like a tree with storage hanging off of it01:45
Pyles17what do i have to do to install ubuntu on a powerpc mac?01:45
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ01:45
mercutio22hi, how can I check a disk for defects?01:45
munkFertech: I think the 2GB is for your partition table01:45
Bsimslaughyn1nj4: most drives are shoved under /media/disk-whatever01:45
WebcamWonderFertech: I assume you mean 318,7GB. 320 GB specification by HDD manufacturers is based on 1000 KB = B, not 102401:45
Pyles17nickrud: thanks01:46
Bsimsmercutio22: fdisk01:46
Bsimser fsck01:46
BsimsSorry you want fsck01:46
inflexwhy does Ubuntu have an obsession with changing my Firefox paper type back to US-letter all the time?  The printer is configured as A4, everything I can see is A4... but Ubuntu keeps on changing Firefox back to US-Letter!01:46
laughyn1nj4m'kay :)01:46
timecistthat's what she said01:46
mercutio22Bsims> thanks01:46
Bsimsmercutio22: do you know what the partiion type is?01:46
O__o"ssh -t -L 5900:localhost:5900 far-host 'x11vnc -localhost -display :0' <----- what does the -t does here ??01:46
Bsimsmercutio22: I'd run man fdisk before I did anything01:47
* inflex thinks it's sad that an African-orientated distribution of linux has the compulsion to set paper types to one that only a tiny fraction of the world uses :(01:47
WebcamWonderinflex: I think that is more of an obsession with Firefox rather than Ubuntu. Do you have any reason to assume it is Ubuntu doing it?01:47
weatherkid_inflex: did you setup CUPS01:47
Bsimsmercutio22: always good to read the manual01:47
inflexWebcamWonder: it only happens on my ubuntu machines01:47
munkwhats a good channel to ask about networking in linux?01:47
inflexSlackware box is fine, likewise Mandrake and SuSE01:47
Fertechoh ok01:47
O__ossh -t -L 5900:localhost:5900 far-host 'x11vnc -localhost -display :0' <---- and what -localhost and -display :0 do here?01:47
WebcamWonderinflex: Ahh. I take what I said back, it is Ubuntu's fault then :p01:47
mercutio22Bsims> NTFS01:47
Bsimsmunk: here as as good as anywhere though #linuxhelp is usefull01:47
inflexOf course, maybe WebcamWonder it's the "mix" of the two?01:47
inflexweatherkid_: yes, CUPS is setup01:48
weatherkid_munk: i may try #linuxforums01:48
laughyn1nj4i've installed and re-installed ibex on this thing so many times i'm msure the hd will fail01:48
Bsimsmercutio22: Hrm try booting of your install cd for windows and running chdisk01:48
Bsimser scandisk or whatever the name is these days01:48
BsimsNot really done much with ntfs on linux01:48
munkI am trying to bridge my wlan0 to tap0 using brctl but I cant access the internet through either interface after, anyone know why?01:49
esworphello from a  freshly instlled01:49
WebcamWonderinflex: I have noticed the same bug, but don't print as often to actually get bothered by it. You should file a bug with launchpad01:49
mercutio22Bsims> its an external HD. Do you still think its necessary?01:49
inflexWebcamWonder: good idea.01:49
esworpthat was going to say : hello from a freshly install ubuntu-running OLPC... :/01:49
loa_dude what program/package controls volume automounting when in gnome? (plug in a usb key and something opens)01:50
WebcamWonderloa_dude: gnome-volume-manager01:51
step21_esworp: hello back  ...01:51
wersi can hear myself on the speaker whenever i speak on the mic but the sound isn't detected on skype. any idea?:)01:51
Bsimsmercutio22: well ntfs is still kinda flaky01:51
Bsimsmercutio22: do you dual boot?01:51
step21_wers: change audio device in skype?01:51
mercutio22Bsims> yes I do01:51
kristian1i have ubuntu 8.10 installed on a computer on my wlan. i have installed openssh-server, and im able to connect to the machine via ssh/sftp with my main username/password with as ip. however i want to create a new login for sftp, with username/password, that can only access ~/shared/ and directories within that directory. people using the login should only be able to download. not upload/delete/rename, etc. can anyone help me 01:52
* Bsims smiles I prefer fat32 or ext3 for external drives to ntfs01:52
loa_dudethx WebcamWonder. is there a config file that controls the umask of files when mounted?01:52
mercutio22Bsims> I will do that then.01:52
WebcamWondermercutio22: NTFS scanning tools are much better on Windows because NTFS is essentially implemented by Microsoft first. You should be able to acheive a better filesystem consistency01:52
WebcamWonderloa_dude: It respects fstab01:52
srx2002is there a GUI program for ubuntu simular to TSmuxer  that can split/edit/demux  mkv files?01:52
mercutio22WebcamWonder> I see...01:52
loa_dudeWebcamWonder, sweet. thx01:52
Bsimsmercutio22: may I suggest if you are gonna use it only with linux formating it ext3 as it respects permissons better01:52
BluesKajHow does one minimize an app to the taskbar? ...it just disappears down to left hand side of the panel withou any indication or icon01:52
* esworp ducks in anticipation of backlash from a newb question.. 01:52
laughyn1nj4cool.  how do i learn more about the linux file system?  google i supose01:52
WebcamWonderesworp: No need to. We are all here to help01:53
esworpcan i add swap to a disk without having to repartition?01:53
Bsimsmercutio22: for external drives fat32 is read by linux, windows, and mac its the lowest common demomiator01:53
Flannel!filesystem | laughyn1nj401:53
ubottulaughyn1nj4: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview01:53
Flannelesworp: You can add a swap file, yeah.01:53
Flannel!swap | esworp01:53
ubottuesworp: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info01:53
mercutio22Bsims> unfortunately, its my sister's drive and she uses windows. Next time I will format it to fat3201:53
redstoneHey all01:53
Bsimsmercutio22: bacialy if you format it as fat32, everything can read it01:53
laughyn1nj4well i'd thank the bot , but...01:53
wersstep21_, thank you very much! :)01:54
Bsimsmercutio22: how big is the data on it?01:54
WebcamWondermercutio22: Don't use FAT. For the love of... anyone01:54
esworpeven if i /am/ running from an SD card, I think swap wouold speed things up01:54
step21_wers: np ...01:54
mercutio22WebcamWonder> why so?01:54
BsimsWebcamWonder: beats the crap out of ntfs if you want to use it painfree on Linux01:54
WebcamWondermercutio22: Bsims: 1 reason should suffice, Journaling01:54
step21_mercutio22: fat is outdated, unreilable... painful ...01:54
* Bsims winks at WebcamWonder that said my external drive is ext301:55
step21_yeah and journaling01:55
WebcamWonderIf you want a killer fs, I suggest razor :P01:55
weatherkid_!kde | weatherkid_01:55
ubottuweatherkid_, please see my private message01:55
inflexWebcamWonder: seems it's already there - been going since 2002  !!!   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/1091001:55
mercutio22ok, I will just stick with ntfs for windows stuff then01:55
* Bsims nods good help but as fdisking ntfs is kinda flaky fat32 really really does suck less01:55
step21_and fat files can't be bigger then 4 GB it think01:55
WebcamWonderinflex: Wow. I guess it is a really low priority bug01:56
Bsimser fscking01:56
mercutio22Bsims> I will use your first advice and boot into windows to check the windows disk01:56
inflexWebcamWonder: perhaps to ppl in the US :(01:56
srx2002anyone here using tsmuxer or simular to convert bluray's etc...01:56
* Bsims smiles its my recomendation, and I've been linux full time from 2001 roughly01:56
mercutio22Thanks everyone for the advice01:57
* Bsims grins dual boot from 1999 to today01:57
inflexWebcamWonder: wastes trees through the fact that you end up having to print out twice (once to realise the stuffup, second when fixed)01:57
Bsimsinflex: Heh get a duplexing printer and save paper01:57
inflexWebcamWonder: about the only 'fix' I have is to chattr +i the configuration file for FF01:57
WebcamWonderinflex: Did this work for you, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/10910/comments/11 ?01:57
inflexBsims: had one :(01:57
inflexmmm... i'll try that WebcamWonder01:58
Bsimsinflex: on my second one was an ancient ibm laserjet 4+p I sold for a song and the second was a samsung that speaks postscript01:58
WebcamWonderinflex: Remember to backup the relevant settings/profiles01:58
inflexBsims: mine was a HP2200D01:59
* Bsims grins sold a laserjet 4+ with max ram, real postscript card and duplexer for 50 bucks01:59
=== lance_ is now known as Guest28159
Until_It_SleepsUbuntu is not recognizing my wireless USB adapter. It used to before just fine, but now it won't detect it.01:59
* Bsims laughs damn thing weighted better part of a 8 yearold... I think total weight was about 75lbs01:59
Bsimsit had 64megs of ram ya could remove the postscript card and boost that to 90 something02:00
Bsimsand a jetdirect card too02:00
Until_It_SleepsNeither the installation in my laptop nor the one in my tower is not recognizing it.02:00
bobbob1016I'm not getting sound "aplay -l" lists my hardware, but no sound, any ideas?02:01
srx2002anyone here using tsmuxer?02:01
Bsimsreplaced it with a ML-285002:01
Bsimsdid use the linux provided drivers02:02
WebcamWonderbobbob1016: Are you using aplay -D <your device name> ?02:02
inflexso long as the printers talk Postscript, i'm happy.  I find anything that doesn't talk PS ends up being a pain.02:02
* Bsims pimps the ML-2850 28 A4 or 30PPM letter, built in postscript3, speaks USB, pcl6 and pcl5e and 10/100 networking with its own server02:03
Bsimsbest part its not that expensive02:04
bobbob1016WebcamWonder, Yes02:04
Bsimsand it has a duplexer built in02:04
WebcamWonderbobbob1016: hmm, did you check the volume? :)02:04
bobbob1016WebcamWonder, Yes, checked that first02:05
WebcamWonderbobbob1016: Then I am out of ideas. Try googling your sound card model number02:05
bobbob1016WebcamWonder, And speaker-test -c 6 -D output thinks it's working02:05
Bsimsinflex: did have to monkey with it to get it to speak the same subnet as the rest of my lan02:06
Until_It_SleepsUm, can somebody plz help me? Problems stated above.02:06
bobbob1016WebcamWonder, I was asking since it was working, and I updated alsa so I could get 5.1 from my spdif cable02:06
* Bsims grins and debates a smoke vs cancer risk and pours myself another shot to chill while I smoke02:06
bobbob1016!patience | Until_It_Sleeps02:07
ubottuUntil_It_Sleeps: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:07
=== Bsims is now known as Bsims-Out-For-a-
WebcamWonderbobbob1016: Wait, so it was working, you updated, and it broke?02:07
=== Bsims-Out-For-a- is now known as Bsims-Smoking
bobbob1016WebcamWonder, Well as 2.1 it was working02:07
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:08
WebcamWonderbobbob1016: Ahh. I have no clue, worked with Alsa very little02:08
WebcamWonderUntil_It_Sleeps: Did you upgrade/reinstall any of the versions of Ubuntu?02:08
criloalhi, I have  problems whit my nvidia. I am using Ubuntu 8.1. Some body  come help me ?02:08
Until_It_SleepsWebcamWonder: Not recently. I'm using the same version (8.10) that I used when the adapter was working02:09
WebcamWonderUntil_It_Sleeps: Can you test the adaptor with any other OS/PC to see if it is working? The adaptor might be dead itself02:09
Until_It_SleepsI do have a multiboot going on my laptop. Both versions of Windows XP see the adapter just fine.02:10
criloalsome one have problems with nvidia and ubuntu 8.1 ??02:11
w33d5what's the command for the ncurses sysV?02:12
jordsHmm... just did a adept update and it broke my sound. I've traced the problem to an error when trying to load the module snd-hda-intel (I have intel sound): [  189.459653] snd_hda_intel: disagrees about version of symbol snd_ctl_add_slave   [  189.459675] snd_hda_intel: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_add_slave (in dmesg).  How can I get the drver working again?02:12
codenameIs the Nvidia 180 driver in the repos?02:13
Until_It_SleepsI do notice that it stopped recognizing it after I tried out a second USB adapter(Which I have no idea about it's location atm.).02:13
* racecar-56 is away: brb02:13
redvamp128codename:  you could possibly try the Nvidia site they probably have the .run for it.02:14
talonstrikerneed kde4.2 help:  how do you disable the system bell...I don't see an option under Setting Settings-> Notifications02:14
nickrudcodename, yes, nvidia-glx-18002:14
Until_It_SleepsIf that causes previous adapters not to be recognized, that might explain why my tower is not recognizing it as well, as I have a Wireless PCI adapter in my tower.02:14
criloalyes, I have 180 driver in the repost,  I tray to install it , and02:15
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:15
codenameSo basically in Synaptic02:15
codenameUninstall the 177 stuff, then isntall the 180 stuff02:15
X1karr0usXUntil_It_Sleeps: check your private chat unless you are being helped02:15
nickrudtalonstriker, codename yes02:16
criloalok thank's I will it now02:16
XunieI tried updating ubuntu (got a list of 150 MB, But with my current connection, No problemo!)...02:16
nickrudtalonstriker, sorry, no kde help from me, I was about to suggest #kubuntu02:16
XunieBut I got an error at apt and it said to 'dpkg --configure -a', So I did, But there too I get that same dpkg error stating the following: dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.02:16
MatBoyI can't figure out what I miss when I get this sudo: export: command not found02:17
ari_stresshi guys, how do we know the UUID of a filesystem? mount: special device /dev/disk/by-uuid/e883fe7b-5880-470a-8437-49addc9afe13 does not exist02:17
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)02:17
Xunieari_stress, Normally its in /etc/fstab (appears to me)02:17
srx2002anyone here using tsMuxer for Ubuntu?02:18
Xunie(if its your root ofcourse or another system FS :P)02:18
ari_stressXunie: i've just reformat a partition, i guess the uuid is changed?02:18
MatBoyah ok, found it :)02:18
X1karr0usXim helping my last dude, then going to bed... later guys02:18
Xunieari_stress, I dunno about that, I prefer the 'old skool' approach :P02:18
nickrudari_stress, yes, the uuid will change when you reformat;   sudo blkid will give you the new uuid02:19
ari_stressnickrud: i've got the new uuid, but strange, mount says it's not recognizable02:20
ari_stressUUID=e883fe7b-5880-470a-8437-49addc9afe13 /data           ext3    relatime        0       202:20
ari_stressi copy paste02:20
_DELi have a question about binaries, does anyone kknow of a good tutorial to compile them? I cant find the one i always use02:21
mfroodCan anyone recommend an app for remastering an ubuntu live CD? Something easy to use but effective and supports Hardy? Thanks!02:21
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility02:21
nickrudari_stress, and what's the exact output from  sudo mount /data02:21
hvgotcodeshow can i get a jaunty package installed on intrepid?  I need the latest nvidia driver02:21
nickrudah, remaster. Been trying to remember that one02:21
whisperkillerwhats the comand to view processes running in CL?02:22
ari_stressnickrud: mount: special device /dev/disk/by-uuid/e883fe7b-5880-470a-8437-49addc9afe13 does not exist02:22
ari_stresswhisperkiller: ps -aux | less02:22
nickrudari_stress, compare  ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/* against sudo blkid02:22
nickrudari_stress, hm. I remember that now. I can't remember how to force the kernel to update it's list of uuid's.02:23
ari_stressnickrud: sda4 is not there02:23
Freshyi have installed both the LPR and CUPS driver but i think my device uri is wrong...02:23
nickrudari_stress, I hate giving this advice, but if you reboot it'll be there ;(02:23
ari_stressnickrud: ahh.. hmm.. maybe i need to reboot? it's just been reformated02:23
bnovci'm trying to do a distribution update, but the urls it is trying to download the files from don't exist...02:23
bnovcits trying to use us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty/multiverse/binary-i38602:24
yoyonedbnovc: apt-get update02:24
_DELi have a question about binaries, does anyone kknow of a good tutorial to compile them? I cant find the one i always use02:24
bnovcwhat/where should i change this to02:24
bnovcyoyoned: k02:24
zanberdo_is there a way that I can determine what group is required to execute a particular app?  specifically nm-applet.02:24
bnovcyoyoned: why isn't that run automatically on updates?02:25
yoyonedzanberdo_ ls -l02:25
hvgotcodeszanberdo_: i run nm-applet from the cl all the time with no group stuff02:25
usserzanberdo_, im not sure what you mean nm-applet is executable by your regular user02:25
bnovcapt-get update dies on the same thing02:25
hvgotcodeshow can i get a jaunty package installed on intrepid?  I need the latest nvidia driver02:25
nickrudhvgotcodes, 180?02:25
hvgotcodesnickrud: 180.2202:25
ari_stresszanberdo_: anything that affects outside your /home directory means require root rights02:26
atari2600ahey, you guys know how in metacity you can drag windows inbetween workspaces in the little workspaces applet, but in compiz you can't?02:26
hvgotcodesnickrud: the latest 180.xx in intrepid is 1102:26
atari2600ais there a compiz plugin that adds that functionality?02:26
nickrud!prevu | hvgotcodes02:26
ubottuhvgotcodes: prevu is an automated, personal backporting utility. Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu for more details02:26
bnovcapparently this is because fiesty now longer is update02:26
ari_stressatari2600a: you still use atari? :) compiz replace that with "xinerama" effect02:27
atari2600ayeah, it's very useful!02:27
bnovcwhy do repositories for older versions of ubuntu just get deleted with no way to update anymore?02:27
=== bamhm182 is now known as ba1
xSlackHow do i see if php5 and mySQL are running on my system02:27
=== ba1 is now known as Dyla1
Dyla1what's up with this thing?02:27
nickrudhvgotcodes, you'll need nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 and nvidia-180-kernel-source at the least, I think02:27
badcathello everyone, can someone please tell me how to partition my main hard drive? i'vetried with gparted but it won't allow me the option.02:27
hvgotcodesnickrud: i dont want to backport02:27
hvgotcodesi want to forwardport ;)02:28
nickrudhvgotcodes, you'll have to, since the video driver is intimately tied to the kernel. You need to recompile the driver against the intrepid kernel02:28
ari_stressbadcat: you want to add more? max partition is 4 primary, if you want more, change the 4th to extended one02:28
usserbnovc, its kind of expensive maintaining repositories, and ubuntu's philosophy is new release every six months, there are long term support releases that are supported for 3 years, hardy is lts02:28
hvgotcodesnickrud: yeah i got those thru synaptic but the latest version is 180.11.  I need 180.12, which is the default for jaunty02:28
hvgotcodesnickrud: ah i see what you mean02:29
bamhm182alright I think I got it now02:29
yoyonedbadcat: you can't partion a drive that is mounted.  get the gparted live cd02:29
bnovcusser: i should at least be given the option to update to a newer version though....02:29
bnovcthis is absurd that it just dies and i can't update02:29
nickrudhvgotcodes, and prevu will automate nearly everything02:29
usserbnovc, you do have that option02:29
nownothow do i update to the latest version of ubuntu?02:29
yoyonedbnovc: upgrade to hardy02:29
usser!upgrade | bnovc02:29
bnovcusser: how? it won't let me because these repos were removed02:29
ubottubnovc: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:29
hvgotcodeskde4.2 is practically unusuable for me L(02:29
usserbnovc, what do u want to upgrade to?02:30
bnovcthe newest would be great02:30
bobbob1016I'm only getting stereo over spdif with "speaker-test -c 6", can anyone help me get 5.1?  Here's my .asound.rc02:30
bamhm182anyways, I decided to say screw Vista, and it wasn't going online, so I looked around for a copy of anything but Vista that I could install, Ubuntu 7.04 was the only one that I could find, but it's not letting me upgrade, any idea why not?02:30
zanberdo_ok, to all that have offered suggestions: more information.  Without getting into too much detail I have switch from gdm to qingy.  As a result I have discovered that there are a few apps such as pulse/alsa and now evidently nm-applet that do not load.  I resolved the audio issue by adding my user to the audio group.  I'm assuming I can do the same for nm-applets.  I just need to figure out what group is required.  It's not dialout, b02:30
zanberdo_tw.  And yes, I can run it using sudo from cli, it just won't run as me02:30
usserbnovc, oh you are trying to upgrade from old version to slightly newer but still old :)02:30
bamhm182Is it just that it's not supported any more?02:30
usserbnovc, yea that kinda sucks02:30
bnovcusser: i'm trying to upgrade to whatever i can upgrade to02:30
bnovci thought i would be able to upgrade without wiping and reinstalling?02:30
Cpudan80bamhm182: THat's far too old - just dl a new ISO02:30
bnovcapparently not :(02:30
=== daaaa is now known as vlada
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Cpudan80bamhm182: In order to get up to date, you'd have to go from 7.04 --> 7.10 --> 8.04 --> 8.1002:31
nownotsame here i have 8.04.2 and i want to upgreade to the latest one02:31
xSlackHow do i see if I have mySQL and PHP5 running on my system02:31
Cpudan80nownot: so do it - run the upgrader02:31
yoyonedbnovc: update-manager -c02:31
FlannelCpudan80, bamhm182: Or you can just stop at 8.04, which is an LTS.02:31
vlada_nshello dale02:31
Cpudan80!upgrade | nownot02:31
usserbnovc, what version do u have?02:31
ubottunownot: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:31
bamhm182alright, thank you Cpudan80, that's what I was thinking was going on, I've already got it working on downloading 8.1002:32
bnovcusser: 7.0402:32
=== DaLe_oFF is now known as DaLe89
DaLe89vlada_ns hellp02:32
DaLe89Laughing Out Loud02:32
bnovcyoyoned: that is what i tried to using originally02:32
bnovcit says "New distribution release '7.10' is available"02:32
bamhm182Man, Vista wasn't going online for like an hour, so I said screw it and put in the CD, booted to the live CD and INSTANTLY the internet was working again02:32
bnovci click it, it dies02:32
vlada_nso chemu ovi razglabavaju?02:32
bamhm182that's what I get bnovc02:32
hvgotcodesnickrud: ive read the prevu documentation more closely, seems to be exactly what i want thanx02:33
miikwow, people still use 7.04 wow02:33
Cpudan80bamhm182: In fairness, the Vista TCP/IP stack was probably broken - and could have been fixed with one command02:33
usserhas 7.10 reached end of life?02:33
bnovci don't use 7.04... i have it installed and i want to upgrade it02:33
Cpudan80But .... water under the bridge now I guess02:33
Cpudan80or over it02:33
w33d5what's the command for the ncurses sysV?02:33
bamhm182lol, only reason I'm on 7.04 is because I just needed to get off Vista, and I didn't have anything newer02:33
bnovcits pretty bad if it just dies updating02:33
badcatari_stress i only have the main partition and the swap. is there away at least to shrink the main partition? (the one that ubuntu is installed on, when i'm in ubuntu?)02:34
miikdl 8.10 and burn that :d02:34
bnovcso if you're on 7.04 you're just completely screwed?02:34
badcatyoyoned. hmmm, in other words if i'm in ubuntu i can't partition the drive ubuntu is installed on right?02:35
Flannelbnovc: No, you just need to do some extra steps to upgrade to 7.10 (and then you do it entirely normally)02:35
miik7.04 is unsupported, and outdated02:35
yoyonedbadcat: right02:35
bnovci don't want support beyond upgrading02:35
bnovcyou shouldn't lose support for upgrading02:35
miikdont know, never upgraded from 7.04, but why not just get 8.10? its awesome02:35
badcatyoyoned, thanks02:35
bnovcand if you do, it shouldn't just die trying to download repositories02:35
bnovcit should say "we dont have time to fix the updating procedures for old version. you must reformat"02:36
bnovcmiik: i was trying to ... via update02:36
Flannelbnovc: You just have to manually tweak some things.02:36
Flannelbnovc: It's entirely upgradable.  Whomever told you otherwise is mistaken.02:36
nickrudbnovc, listen to Flannel he seems to have specialized in this recently :)02:36
bobbob1016bnovc, http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/upgrade-ubuntu-from-feisty-to-gutsy/02:37
yoyonedbnovc: there is one other thing you could try, but it may not go smoothly02:37
=== Inc`` is now known as Inc`
bamhm182I'll give that a shot, thanks bobbob101602:37
bnovcbobbob1016: those are the steps i've tried that don't work02:37
miik11.7 mb/s, wow i update from 8.10 to 9.04alpha in 1 minute02:37
Flannelbobbob1016, bobbob1016: That article isn't relevant at all.  It was only relative during the middle part of 2007.02:37
Flanneler, bnovc02:37
bnovcFlannel: what can i edit to get that procedure to work again?02:38
bobbob1016Flannel, Yes, but he's going from feisty to gutsy, which was relevant back then...  Shouldn't have changed.  If someone was asking how to install software on a 15 year old machine, telling them to put the floppy in wouldn't be irrelevant to them, but would in modern day standards.02:38
bnovcand more important, has this been fixed in future versions so when they EOL they dont die with missing URL errors?02:39
nickrudbobbob1016, the repository has changed. Mainly02:39
TheOrzI've gotten 3 Linux Kernel 2.6.7-11 updates in the past 24 hours; anyone know what is going on?02:39
Flannelbobbob1016: No, that article is temporal, mentions things that were only necessary before Gutsy was officially released, etc.02:39
patmanpatohrm, whats the keyboard shortcut to jump to the "search" box in firefox on ubuntu? in windows it was ctrl+e02:39
miikTheOrz, yeah, i got that...02:39
bamhm182how do you kill a program that won't exit?02:39
bnovcpatmanpato: ctrl+l+tab :D02:39
bamhm182Sorry, I'm new02:39
yoyonedbnovc: last resort - chnage every instance of fiesty to hardy in /etc/apt/sources.list then   apt-get dist-upgrade02:39
miikTheOrz, you probably have the "Proposed" repository enabled02:40
Flannelyoyoned: No.02:40
Flannelbnovc: No.02:40
nickrudbnovc, don't do that02:40
bnovcyoyoned: that sounds like it will cause even more problems02:40
bobbob1016nickrud, Yes, but I thought update -c or whichever was repo independent, as in it got the next version's location from a generic repo, not a specific place.  My bad.02:40
TheOrzmiik: They are all listed under "Important Security Updates"02:40
redvamp128i think he means -d02:40
miikTheOrz, oh, then they are security updates... i got them too02:40
erUSULpatmanpato: Crtl + k02:40
bnovci could just download another iso and install it, but i'm just shocked that the maintainers would delete a repository knowing that people using older versions would just die suddenly with vague errors02:40
nickrudbobbob1016, currently, the place for feisty is old-releases.ubuntu.com. Not automated at all :)02:40
Flannelbnovc: First, lets stick with the real pages: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes is for all releases, so once you're on Gutsy, you'll be able to get instructions on going to Hardy.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades  contains current information on upgrading to Hardy.02:40
bobbob1016Flannel, I get what you mean, I saw update -c and remember doing that all the time.02:40
Flannelbnovc: It's not deleted, it's moved.02:41
vigoThe0rz: Seems like the last kernel update was buggy, or so I have seen in this IRC, so I guess is 'fixed' now, I just updated and all seems to work fine.02:41
kansanis there something that is NOT autossh that will keep a persistent ssh tunnel open?02:41
TheOrzmiik: yeah but why are there 3 in one day to the same kernel? Just smelled like a fish.02:41
bnovcFlannel: either way, the error still says my network connection is broken and nothing about using too old of a version to upgrade02:41
patmanpatoerUSUL: thanks02:41
miikTheOrz, hehe... maybe 2 were oops02:41
Flannelbnovc: If you go to that wiki page, it explains how to get access to those repositories.  I apologise for all of the blind-leading-the-blind going on here.02:41
redvamp128 update-manager -d02:41
jordsHmm... just did a adept update and it broke my sound. I've traced the problem to an error when trying to load the module snd-hda-intel (I have intel sound): [  189.459653] snd_hda_intel: disagrees about version of symbol snd_ctl_add_slave   [  189.459675] snd_hda_intel: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_add_slave (in dmesg).  How can I get the drver working again?02:41
syzygywhat is the command to extract tar.bz files?02:41
bnovcbunzip and tar02:42
syzygytar -xf?02:42
yoyonedsyzygy: tar jxvf02:42
miikjords, dont know, try google "snd_hda_intel: disagrees about version of symbol snd_ctl_add_slave" and "snd_hda_intel: Unknown symbol snd_ctl_add_slave"02:42
AMDfanboyhi, my transmission port stays open for a while then closes, what do i do?  thanks!02:42
bnovcFlannel: well probably easier if i just grab a new ISO at this point... im just really disappointed in this .... have the newer versions been corrected so when they end of life this doesn't happen?02:42
Flannelbnovc: The network upgrade isn't broken.  It's possible to upgrade, and many people have.02:43
ryanpriorWhen I click my left and right mouse buttons at the same time, it registers as a middle-click. This is causing problems in some of the action games I play, which expect a right-then-left click in very quick succession. How can I disable the middle-click emulation feature?02:43
bnovcFlannel: it gives me an error, so it is broken... it may be fixable but that doesn't mean it is done correctly right now02:43
leeping_Hey all, I am having trouble forwarding X with my new computer.  I already enabled the relevant line in /etc/sshd_config.  Is there anything else I should do?  Thanks.02:43
jordsmiik: I have googled, i it seems to be related to the kernel and module versions being mismatched but that doesnt really help me to get the new version of the module02:44
bnovcleeping_: what command are you using to ssh02:44
yoyonedleeping are you using ssh -X02:44
leeping_bnovc, I'm using ssh -Y02:44
Flannelbnovc: Um.  Right.  Just because people were giving you poor information here has nothing to do with broken.  Also, you were given at least two months from the *end* of Feistys support where it "wasn't broken" (didn't require extra steps).02:44
bnovcneed -X02:44
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases02:44
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.02:45
bnovcFlannel: but i'm saying that it should bring up a dialog and say "You need to go to <url> and follow steps" or something instead of just saying the url is missing02:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jack_sparrow02:45
Jack_SparrowHey Nick02:45
nickrudHi jack02:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about flannel02:45
nickrudall gone :(02:45
Cocoabeanhello, does anyone know how to enable /dev/tcp in bash on debian/ubuntu systems02:46
leeping_Furthermore, when I log into the new machine I don't get a $DISPLAY environment variable.02:46
_VIM_lol the ops are !fishing02:46
vigoThat was funny02:46
Flannelbnovc: That's somewhat non-sensical, since in order for you to get the "the repos have moved" update, you'd have to have the repos available to update.02:46
bnovcFlannel: no... if(repos don't exist) { print "could be network trouble OR youre too old and need to visit X" }02:47
bnovcusers with old versions shouldn't be expected to saerch for error messages and ask on irc to find out why they can't update02:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dev/tcp02:47
Flannelbnovc: That'd give way too many false positives when it is network trouble, and would cause more panic than it saves.  The majority of people upgrade in a timely manner.02:47
Jordan_UFlannel: Are there any plans that you know of to at least warn people that EOL is near / has come so we don't get as many questions about the repos being "broken" ?02:48
bnovcFlannel: the majority of people that you know, perhaps?02:48
Flannelbnovc: This is getting offtopic, if you'd like to continue this conversation, I'd be happy to continue it, but in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here.02:48
ShwaiilHi ppl02:51
bamhm182hey Shwail02:53
ShwaiilQ: I want to start using linux, I heard a few years ago about ubuntu, meanwhile I asked about this around, and theres lots of people saying that there's other alternatives. So, why ubuntu and not other distributions? I'm a student, work a lot on audio, graphics, internet, etc, wish ubuntu has a version with that included. Any sugestion is appreciated. Tks!02:53
Shwaiilbamhm182, hi ;D02:53
bamhm182sorry if someone answered my question, but I didn't see it. How do you kill a program that won't close?02:53
FlannelShwaiil: Ubuntu Studio would have all that stuff installed by default, however you can always install the "regular" Ubuntu, and then add the various programs (and thats probably a better bet)02:54
Jack_SparrowShwaiil That is offtopic for the support channel.. But we are a bit slow so.. Ubuntu Studio is what you want02:54
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org02:54
bamhm182thank you, I was just about to ask02:55
bobbob1016I'm only getting stereo over spdif with "speaker-test -c 6", can anyone help me get 5.1?  Here's my .asound.rc http://pastebin.ca/132332702:56
bamhm182if I was looking for a photoshop-like application for Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio would work right?02:56
ShwaiilI'm sorry I didnt knew this was the support channel and that my question was offtopic :D but thansk for your sugeston02:56
Shwaiilbamhm182, I use Gimp...02:56
lifenovabamhm182: GIMP is very near to photoshop and comes with Ubuntu by default ;)02:56
Jack_Sparrowbamhm182 Just gimp or gimpshop02:56
Shwaiilbut.. didnt experienced ubuntu yet02:56
vigobahm182: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1048693&highlight=force+quit That might be the solution02:56
bamhm182it's worth a shot02:56
ShwaiilGimp is really good bamhm182!02:56
vigoor a solution02:57
* racecar-56 is back (gone 00:43:31)02:57
bamhm182something I recommend trying is the 3D cube effect once, and if, you get on Ubuntu, it's cool02:57
leeping_Hey there, anyone here know why I'm not getting a $DISPLAY environment variable when I ssh into my new computer?02:57
racecar-56im back02:57
leeping_(supporting info: I installed the Server Edition of Ubuntu .. maybe I need to install some missing packages?)02:57
bamhm182I had that installed last time I was on Ubuntu and it's neat, haven't got it installed this time yet02:58
bamhm182thanks for the force quit help vigo02:59
vigoIf it worked, then I am happy03:00
ineedubuntuhelphello all03:00
G__81i am downloading Ubuntu 8.10 just want to know that now all ubuntu releases are supported for 18 mths ?03:00
G__81i mean apart from the LTS release03:01
maxxisthello ineedubuntuhelp03:01
bamhm182crap, I hit ctrl+alt+backspace thinking before I finished reading the sentence :P03:01
FlannelG__81: That's how its always been yes.03:01
bamhm182Now I get to restart my download! :D03:01
bamhm182oh well, at least it killed the update manager03:01
maximumbobdoes anyone know how to make the Screen license page not appear every time you start it? I've looked around in .screenrc but wasn't sure what to look for.03:02
marcelhow can i install gas ?03:03
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:03
jtajimaximumbob: startup_message off03:03
AETE_KRAOUDhi guys!03:03
AETE_KRAOUDnobody is writing e?03:05
AETE_KRAOUDi am so sad03:05
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:05
AETE_KRAOUDracecar-56, : hi03:05
Xintruderdoes ubuntu use a special encryption method?03:05
Xintruderlike xp uses efs03:05
AETE_KRAOUDXintruder, : no03:05
FlannelAETE_KRAOUD: This is a support channel, if you're looking for conversation, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, not here, thanks.03:05
maxxistanyone else get a weird white line under your gnome panel when using cube rotate effect in compiz?  its sort of like a tearing line right across the underside of the panel.  its works fine,  just a visual glitch i was curious about.03:06
AETE_KRAOUDFlannel, : thanks ok03:06
Xintruderhow can i encrypt my ubuntu, to keep it safe from attacks?03:06
bamhm182I've just got 1 more complaint about Ubuntu, I've got a USB bluetooth keyboard, and every time that I turn on my computer, I have to unplug the dongle, wait a few seconds, than plug it back in03:06
b_e_n_zwant to know if anyone has setup a db2 express-c v9.5 instance on ubuntu and can use SQL Squirrel client to remotely connect to it03:06
ineedubuntuhelpi am having a little trouble loading a driver. i wonder if anyone in here has any experience with that. i am trying to load a driver for an intel 5100 wifi card using the ndiswrapper tool for windows wireless drivers. the output of my "ndiswrapper -l" shows my driver installed, yet my "iwconfig" shows "no wireless extensions". i am told (on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper) to then use the com03:06
bamhm182does anyone have any tips to fix that?03:06
AETE_KRAOUDXintruder, : there is  an option in ubuntu 8.1003:07
Xintruderwhat option03:07
ineedubuntuhelpi am told i have a driver "installed", but not "loaded"...not sure if this is the case (or even possible)03:07
b_e_n_zi am using the IBM Net Driver (jdbc Type 4)03:07
AETE_KRAOUDXintruder, : the option to encrypt a filesystem03:08
XintruderAETE_KRAOUD: where is it?03:09
maxxistXintruder what part of ubuntu do you want to encrypt?  web access? disk access?03:09
AETE_KRAOUDXintruder, : ask maxxist  :-) better :-)03:10
elysium444can i install ubuntu into a usb and make changes there. not a live usb i mean03:11
Xintrudermaxxist: AETE_KRAOUD told me to ask u03:11
Dr_williselysium444,  yes. to some degree.. Theres that usb-disk creater tool that lets you have some persistant changes.. it works decently well.03:12
ineedubuntuhelpanybody in here know anything about loading a driver? i am new to ubuntu and cannot seem to get it to work03:12
Dr_williselysium444,  then theres doint an actual 'install' to a external usb drive.. but that can be more problemnatic03:12
Dr_willisineedubuntuhelp,  tell the channel more details as to what 'driver' you are refering to.03:12
AETE_KRAOUDXintruder,  : I have work bye :-)03:12
XintruderAETE_KRAOUD: ma 3indik ma 3nd jadity03:13
maxxistelysium444 if you are trying to install ubuntu to a usb drive and use it as an bootable Operating System yes you can. follow up on Dr_willis comment03:13
ineedubuntuhelpthe driver i am using is the windows wireless driver, available on intellinuxwireless.org for the intel 5100...i have it on my desktop03:13
AETE_KRAOUDXintruder, : what ?03:13
Xintruderma 3indik ma 3nd jadity03:13
elysium444thanks guys03:14
AETE_KRAOUDXintruder, : in english ?03:14
Xintruderthat is03:14
ineedubuntuhelpit reads as "netw5v32"03:14
ineedubuntuhelpand informs me that it is installed, with hardware present03:14
maxxisti smell a troll.03:14
Dr_willisineedubuntuhelp,  its possible that driver is allready installed in ubuntu,. then again its possible its not. You may want to check the ubuntu forums for that exact chipset -  you may have to resorte to compiling it from source.. which can be a daunting task for a new user of linux.03:14
AETE_KRAOUDXintruder, : but what does it means?03:15
XintruderAEi have work too, bye.03:15
ineedubuntuhelpthat sounds daunting...i upgraded to ibex, and was told ibex had native support for the intel 510003:15
Dr_willisineedubuntuhelp,  if  you compiled/ and installed it - and knew the module name, you could manually load the module.03:15
Dr_willisineedubuntuhelp,  then it proberly does.. and its just a configuration issue you need to be working on.. not the driver issue.03:15
AETE_KRAOUDXintruder,  : whatever whatever ....................................................................................................................03:15
maximumbobjtaji: thanks.03:16
ineedubuntuhelpeven if i am getting a "no wireless extensions" readout from iwconfig?03:16
maximumbobAlso, when I use gnome's terminal's transparent background feature... it always just shows through to the desktop image. And not very well at that.03:16
maximumbobIs there a way to use true transparency here or would I need compositing?03:17
Dr_willismaximumbob,   You would have to use the compiz features for 'true' transparency03:17
Xintruderhow can i assign file permissions using the gui, rather than terminal03:17
Dr_willisXintruder,  right click on the file -> properties - i think. :)03:18
maximumbobDr_willis: darn. On my thinkpad, compiz breaks something. When I go to suspend with compiz enabled, my screen doesn't come back on when I come back.03:18
lifenovaXintruder: right click and then it's an option in the properties window03:18
ineedubuntuhelpalso, dr willis: when you say configuration, do you just mean network configuration?03:18
esworpso..  i'm using Xfce, and need a calendar/PIM that can sync with google calendar..  any hints?03:18
Dr_willisineedubuntuhelp,  yep. You may want to check out the wireless forums/threads on the ubuntu sites. - For my 2 wireless cards.. they just 'work' so i have no experience with troubleshooting the things.  THey either worked for me.. or they were totally unsupported.03:19
esworpi've use gpecal a lot on my n800..  but was wondering if there's a beter option03:19
ineedubuntuhelpim going to check some of the network setup issues03:19
ubottucalendar is at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event03:19
maximumbobAlso, do you know how to fix the problem with compiz where it breaks the 'desktop array' thing at the bottom: The bottom half is always black03:19
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gpe03:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ical03:21
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".03:21
* nickrud is slooww tonight03:21
esworpsorry .. that /was/ rude. my bad03:21
Dr_willisI always got an Chat window to Ubottu :)03:22
* nickrud boggles at someone actually apologizing. His faith is renewed :)03:22
george_st-pierreHello all, I have a quick question.  Is it possible to run multiple tunnels on a single box?  like one tunnel to HE, one to another provider, etc.03:23
laughyn1nj4i can't find /boot/grub/stage1   and i can't find /grub/stage1 ; why this is?03:23
Joesephhi. I was wondering how to switch the default port for the http interface on vlc to something other than 8080.       any ideas?03:23
Dr_willisJoeseph,  check the vlc homepage. and docs.. it has a HUGE  section of well done docs.. its a command line artument/config file setting i imagine03:24
laughyn1nj4the ubuntu install crapped out right at the end with some sort of grub error .. i want to install grub myself but can't find stage1   what gives?03:25
malibuWhen I ssh into my machine or do an su - I get about a 20 second lag... Does anyone know how to start troubleshooting something like that?03:26
Dr_willislaughyn1nj4,  possible the package failed to install.  You could boot a live cd. chroot to the installed system and reinstall the grub packages03:29
nkei0Hey everyone, have any of you installed the new ati graphics driver?03:29
n8tuserfmalibu -> look at the sshd_config file for resolving your host where you are logging on from03:30
laughyn1nj4chroot to installed sys ... tell me more...what's the cmd line?03:30
malibun8tuserf: Is that a yes/no kind of option?03:30
Dr_willis!grub | laughyn1nj403:31
ubottulaughyn1nj4: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:31
Dr_willislaughyn1nj4,  'chroot /media/mountpoint'  and then  there may be more to it then that.03:31
laughyn1nj4i've done all that03:31
nkei0Anyone want to help me out, I'm trying to install the new ati graphics driver but it won't let me sh it03:31
n8tuserfmalibu -> or maybe you can disable the GSSAPI authentications03:31
Dr_willislaughyn1nj4,  some times it just pays big time to learn  the down and dirty detail of grub.03:31
malibun8tuserf: That sounds more along the lines of what I need to do03:32
elysium444does the usb-creator install ubuntu into a usb in a way that can save software changes and other system changes after reboot?03:32
laughyn1nj4ok ... i'm trying.  i know my ubuntu system is inttalled on sda2 ... so i must mount that somewhere then chroot to that mount point?  is tthat correct?03:32
nkei0Oh haha, nevermind i got it to work03:32
Rambozois there a virtual package to get the proper packages for a basic dev environment set up?03:33
Dr_willislaughyn1nj4,  yes. b03:33
Dr_willislaughyn1nj4,  then one or more sections of the 'fix grub' docs - detils the commands needed to properly reinstall grub03:34
=== __Grim76__ is now known as Grim76__
bizkit_im trying to see what i have on secondary drive, but my linux box is only seeing the /boot on the secondary drive03:35
kizerwould anyone know if the eeepc 900A has multitouch capabilities03:35
laughyn1nj4ok thanks.  i'm off to hack away03:36
kizerI'm hunting for a netbook03:36
vigoYipeeee! default is SeaMonkey03:36
elysium444does the usb-creator install ubuntu into a usb in a way that can save software changes and other system changes after reboot?03:36
kizerelysium444: yes it can03:36
kizerit make a persistant install03:36
elysium444kizer: thanks03:37
malibun8tuserf: how do I disable GSSAPI auths?03:37
kizerI suggest doing a normal install onto an hd and then just select where you want the boot loader installed03:37
kizerOh and by the way. Kudos to Crunchbang linux!!!03:38
kizera new offspring of ubuntu03:38
bobbob1016I'm only getting stereo over spdif with "speaker-test -c 6", can anyone help me get 5.1?  Here's my .asound.rc http://pastebin.ca/132332703:38
n8tuserfmalibu -> comment them03:39
laughyn1nj4ok this is crazy.   my sda2 partition says it's FAT16 ... i KNOW i told the partitioner to make it ext303:39
malibun8tuserf: Yeah found it.. sshd_config03:39
malibun8tuserf: Turning off GSSAPI didn't work03:40
n8tuserfmalibu -> did you restart sshd ?03:41
Dr_willislaughyn1nj4,  'sudo fdisk -l' and look. It may be you are looking at  a usb drive.. or somthng03:41
malibun8tuserf: yup03:42
n8tuserfmalibu -> try to google for info on such03:42
laughyn1nj4sudo fdisk -l is what i did to discover the FAT16 .... i just rebooted back to the live cd ... there are no usb drives connected ...03:42
hvgotcodesi tried to use prevu to build the jaunty version of nvidia drivers but got the following error: dpkg-source: failure: cannot open *.dsc: No such file or directory03:43
malibun8tuserf: Yeah.. I will keep trying03:44
n8tuserflaughyn1nj4 -> you may have told the partitioner, but did you tell the partitioner to write your selection?03:44
malibuRunning out of search terms03:44
hvgotcodescan someone assist me on that prevu error?03:44
laughyn1nj4i hit [next] or whatever ... thought the partitioner would write upoon next ... going on about the 15th attempt at this.03:45
malibun8tuserf: This might be something... I just noticed console-kit-daemon using 99% CPU03:45
Dr_willislaughyn1nj4,  i tend to partition the disks first.. then tell the installer where to go to03:45
laughyn1nj4how does one do that?03:45
laughyn1nj4what other partitioner is there?03:46
hvgotcodesnickrud: are you familiar with prevu errors?03:46
Dr_willislaughyn1nj4,  fdisk, cfdisk, gparted,03:46
nickrudhvgotcodes, no ... the one time I used it it worked flawlessly03:46
nickrudhvgotcodes, and for me, that's necessary :)03:47
malibun8tuserf: Awesome I think that was it03:47
hvgotcodesnickrud: what do you mean necessary?03:47
laughyn1nj4try and try again as they say03:47
nickrudhvgotcodes, because I don't understand the errors?03:47
albuntuhello to all03:48
=== mini-man_ is now known as mini-man
hvgotcodesnickrud: oh, lol03:48
n8tuserfmalibu -> what was it?03:48
hvgotcodesi wonder if it failed because the package is in the restricted repo for jaunty03:48
albuntui removed iscponfig and i am getting this error with apache now : http://paste.ubuntu.com/111942/. anyone that can help ?03:49
laughyn1nj4now the installer's partitioner reads it as ext3 ... i thought i told it ext3 ... wonder why fdisk says fat32?   unexpeccted.03:50
albuntunow apache always fails with that error if i try to start it03:50
Dr_willislaughyn1nj4,  some partitioner tools require you to 'apply/write' changes to disk.03:51
ari_stressalbuntu: better uninstall apache, and delete all it's config files in /etc/apache203:51
hvgotcodesnickrud: does prevu only work on source packages?03:51
nickrudhvgotcodes, that's it's purpose, yes03:51
hvgotcodesnickrud: so i cant use it to get a binary package03:51
laughyn1nj4ok.  this is the partitioner that comes up when you install ibex ... there is no apply/write ... only -->forward03:51
nickrudhvgotcodes, no03:52
Xintruderis there a guest account enabled by default??03:52
n8tuserfnot that i knew of03:52
albuntuari_stress: why is that ? isnt any simple solution because i have made many changes to the config files in apache and i dont remember all of them. i tried uninstalling apache and reinstalling it but that didnt help03:52
malibun8tuserf: I'm reading a long big report right now on consolekit03:52
laughyn1nj4fat16 ...that's ancient ... windows 98 used fat16 !03:52
ari_stressalbuntu: because uninstalling doesn't remove the config files03:53
malibuApparently it was just fixed the other day03:53
hvgotcodesnickrud: i keep forgetting that any binary for jaunty wont work on intrepid03:53
hvgotcodesnvidia-180-glx should be valid right?03:53
malibun8tuserf: It seems I got bit by this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/consolekit/+bug/28422903:53
albuntuari_stress: you mean removing all the apache2 folder in etc ?03:53
Xintruderis there a guest account enabled by default?? in ubuntu 8.1003:53
malibun8tuserf: I need to run an update03:53
ari_stressalbuntu: correct03:53
albuntuari_stress: ok let me try03:53
nickrudhvgotcodes, no, it's nvidia-graphics-driver-180 (at least in intrepid)03:53
codenamejoin /#ubuntuforums03:53
laughyn1nj4when i mount sda2 i can see all the dirs one would expect in / on a linx sys03:53
nickrudhvgotcodes, the source file that is03:54
laughyn1nj4it's there ...03:54
nickrudXintruder, no03:54
adredhi..why do it get this error each time i update my system: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5DC4E17435661D98. anyone know what it means?03:54
hvgotcodesnickrud: thanx, i tried that same error03:54
Dr_willisXintruder,  they have a 'guest' feature where you Login in as normal account and then  if someome wants to borrow the pc.. you 'switch' to guest. account03:54
nickrudhvgotcodes, try looking on packages.ubuntu.com for the name; I wouldn't be terribly suprised if it changed across releases03:55
XintruderDr_willis: so the guest account is enabled by default in ubuntu?03:55
nickrudDr_willis, there is? What's it's home?03:55
hvgotcodesnickrud: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/nvidia-glx-18003:55
hvgotcodesthe source package is what you said -- didn't work03:55
hvgotcodeswhat is the launchpad url i can try pinging it03:56
nickrudhvgotcodes, if you look on the column on right, it lists the source package name03:56
albuntuari_stress: did everything that you said. now i get this trying to start apache : /etc/init.d/apache2: line 44: /etc/apache2/envvars: No such file or directory03:56
hvgotcodesnickrud: yes it is what you said03:56
Dr_willisnickrud,  it dosent have a 'home' its a special semi-account03:56
nickrudhvgotcodes, nope, I had a typo: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180  (drivers, not driver)03:56
ari_stressalbuntu: i mean uninstall, remove the dirs, then install apache again, it will give you clean config03:56
Dr_willisXintruder,  its not quite the same as  a 'account called guest' its just a 'guest' feature03:56
ari_stressalbuntu: use synaptic, re-install apache03:57
hvgotcodesnickrud: ah lets try that03:57
nickrudDr_willis, ah, thanks.03:57
arrrghhhso ubuntu seems to be stealing my printer from my virtual machine.  how do i "umount" a printer from ubuntu using the cli?03:57
XintruderDr_willis: windows has guest disabled by default. does that make ubuntu less secure?03:57
hvgotcodesnickrud: Success03:57
albuntuari_stress: thats what i did. --purged , removed the /etc/apache2 folder and reinstalled03:57
Dr_willisXintruder,  its not the same sort of thing..  comparing apples and oranges.03:57
ari_stressalbuntu: is there any /etc/apache2 dir now?03:57
Dr_willisXintruder,  Linux is more secure from the ground up due to how the filesystem/permissions work. for one thing03:58
nickrudplus the radically reduced number of targets, making it a much less productive hack03:58
XintruderDr_willis: i logged out ubuntu mate, i cant find guest. where is it located?03:58
ari_stressalbuntu: what :)03:58
Zard0zAnyone know how I can make "cpio -i" output to a folder other than the one it is in?03:59
hvgotcodesnickrud: did i need to run prevu package in a sudo?03:59
Citizen_ZGreetings, quick question. Is printing to Novell NetWare printers still not supported by any package in Ubuntu?03:59
grendal_primei have  a web cam on a machine that is behind a firewall,  what is the best way to stream webcam stuff through the firewall?03:59
grendal_primesomething simple...04:00
Zard0zIs there a general way to do this inLinux maybe?04:00
pkunduhi anybody here running utorrent in ubutu with wine04:00
ari_stressalbuntu: Zard0z, find /blabla | cpio -i > /path/to/bla204:00
nickrudhvgotcodes, only for the init; for the build you don't04:00
hvgotcodesnickrud: thats what i thought thanx04:00
Zard0z@ari_stress - rly? - thought I'd tried that! - Will try again - thx! :-)04:00
arrrghhhXintruder, guest is disabled... but by default the "normal" user has "root" priveleges in the system.04:00
Xintruderok thank you04:01
=== Daisuke_Ido is now known as Dr_Worm
kbreitI am trying to get Ubuntu working on my laptop with an Atheros (I think) wireless card internally.  My AP is using AES and WPA2 personal.  Ubuntu isn't installed as I want to prove I can have it working before writing to the disk.  Can someone help me get wireless working?04:03
Zard0zari_stress, no joy, I'm trying to decompress a CPIO filesystem withing a GZ to an absolute path...04:04
keithclarkAnyone know how to get sound working in 8.10/04:04
=== nn_ is now known as Guest20835
grendal_primekeithclark: what card?04:05
keithclarkgrendal_prime, not sure04:05
Zard0zTried zcat /var/shit/initrd.gz | cpio -i >/var/shit/decompressed but that just gives me "/var/shit/decompressed/: Is a directory" :-/04:05
n8tuserf!ohmy | Zard0z04:06
ubottuZard0z: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!04:06
Fezzlerwould "locate ~/.pilotmailrc" find this file if it resides anywhere on my computer?04:06
Zard0zWhoops - sorry!04:06
=== herb__ is now known as herb
keithclarkgrendal_prime, how to tell?04:07
Zard0zMy systemis full of mucky paths *blush*04:07
Dr_willisXintruder,  you DONT log out.. You login as a normal user and then that user switching applet has the 'guest' thing...  its not a 'normal account'04:07
clrtxtWhat's required to get plug and play working with usb keys and usb mice?04:07
=== redstone is now known as oneunderthesun
_VIM_Fezzler: you might have to run 'sudo updatedb' first then type 'locate filenameGOESHERE |less'04:08
keithclarkOk, anyone else help with no sound?04:08
Pyles17is there a way to get a live cd for powerpc macs? because as i understand, the alternate installer doesn't have live cd capability04:08
hvgotcodesnickrud: so prevu finished, now i don't see the new packages in synaptic.  if they have the same name as the intrepid package, will it just be a straight update?  Or should it still show up?04:08
Pyles17keithclark: alsamixer?04:08
keithclarkPyles17, yes04:09
nickrudhvgotcodes, when you did the prevu-init, did you tell it to use apt ?04:09
Pyles17keithclark: so you tried that. that's all i know04:09
hvgotcodesnickrud: yes04:09
nickrudhvgotcodes, it should be there. Try updating synaptic04:10
hvgotcodesapt-get says the following packages will be kept back and then nvidia-glx-18004:10
hvgotcodesThe following packages will be upgraded: nvidia-180-kernel-source nvidia-180-modaliases04:10
=== Guest20835 is now known as nn_main_2
n8tuserfDr_willis -> does it have an entry in /etc/passwd ?04:10
carpediemkeithclark: Try "sudo killall pulseaudio"04:10
nickrudhvgotcodes, run apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-180 , and put the output on http://paste.ubuntu.com04:10
hvgotcodesnickrud: ok04:11
Dr_willisn838901,  it doent have a pasword.. so i would guess no.04:11
=== bizkit_ is now known as bizkit
nickrudhvgotcodes, you've never said why you need the latest jaunty by the way04:11
ddelong4Anyone here want to help me out with a question?04:11
clrtxtis plug and play supposed to work out of the box?04:11
keithclarkcarpediem, thats the one!04:12
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:12
carpediemddelong4: please, just ask04:12
hvgotcodesnickrud: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/111945/04:12
carpediemkeithclark: cool04:12
hvgotcodesnickrud: want to see if latest nvidia drivers makes kde go better04:12
Zard0zOK, in less smutty language! "zcat initrd.gz | cpio -i"  works fine if my current dir is the one I want to unzip it into, is there any way to make this output to an arbitrary folder other than cd'ing into it first?04:12
keithclarkcarpediem, is that permanent?04:12
nickrudhvgotcodes, ok, the same for the kernel module source04:12
wolterhi, i get this error when trying to run etracer " X11 driver not configured with OpenGL"04:12
ddelong4Lol, okay. After installing Ubuntu, I just realized that I cannot burn or read any type of disk. I cannot mount nor open them.04:13
bruenigwolter: pretty straight forward what the problem is there04:13
hvgotcodesnickrud: whats the package?04:13
wolterbruenig, what do you mean?04:13
bruenigddelong4: what happens when you try?04:13
carpediemkeithclark: pulseaudio is alpha at best, they never should've included it as the default in Ubuntu.  It needs the occasional kick in the butt....especially after things like hibernate, hung flash player, etc.04:13
ddelong4One moment.04:13
bruenigwolter: the error message is quite explicit04:13
keithclarkcarpediem, cool!  Again, is this fix permanent?04:14
wolterbruenig, well, it may be for you, but do you have any idea of how could I fix it? my xorg.conf has nvidia as driver.04:14
hvgotcodesnickrud: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/111946/04:14
wolterbruenig, I use compiz...04:14
carpediemkeithclark: I have to run that command every so often....so if you lose sound again, run it.04:14
ddelong4This is what I get when I try to mount. Cannot invoke CheckForMedia on HAL: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.04:14
keithclarkcarpediem, excellent now that I know that!04:14
incadudeFhello everyone im getting this when trying to update: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60D11217247D1CFF04:15
jeancalvinwhat's the different between a PATCH cable and an ETHERNET cable?04:15
nickrudhvgotcodes, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180 . That should install the new one, and build the kernel module from that last package04:15
Dr_willisjeancalvin,  2 wires are crossed over.04:15
jeancalvinI need to buy a cable that connects from router to back of my computer04:15
carpediemkeithclark: you can always remove pulseaudio from your system, but then you are no longer running "ubuntu-desktop" which I definitely don't recommend.04:15
hvgotcodesnickrud: roger roger04:15
jeancalvinDr_willis: which do i need?04:15
Dr_willisjeancalvin,  normal cable woll work04:15
bruenigwolter: program must be wrong then, edit the source code of it so it doesn't trip that error04:15
jeancalvinDr_willis: which is normal?04:15
wolterbruenig, yeah sure, like04:16
bruenig!info etracer04:16
wolter..i am an expirienced coder..04:16
ubottuPackage etracer does not exist in intrepid04:16
Dr_willisjeancalvin,    normal ethernet cable.. the ones you will find 99.99999999999999999999999999% of the time04:16
bruenigwhat is etracer04:16
keithclarkcarpediem, I will deal with the problem with the cl you gave me for the time being04:16
jeancalvinDr_willis:  so i do NOT need patch?04:16
wolterbruenig, i got it from the add/remove04:16
wolterbruenig, extreme tux racer04:16
hvgotcodesnickrud: now if the kernel gets upgraded am i going to have issues?04:16
jeancalvinAre you saying, Dr_willis, that I need ETHERNET cable?04:16
Dr_willisjeancalvin,  unless ya got some old hardwqare/special needs. Not likely04:16
herbDr_willis: I'm not sure the ratio is quite *that* high.04:16
nickrudhvgotcodes, the new kernel system should autobuild this stuff for you now. But it's good to keep in mind04:17
herbthat's a lotta 9s04:17
jeancalvinpls confirm, coz i'm buying online.04:17
Dr_willisjeancalvin,  for a PC to PC network  WithOUT gigiabit cards.. you need a patch cable04:17
bruenigwolter: yeah well if you are using compiz it must be that you have opengl, so if that program is throwing that error, you need to patch it04:17
jeancalvinDr_willis: RE: gigabit cards--- do I have those?04:17
bruenigwolter: there may be a force option to it also, you might see04:17
kansanwhen i try:   autossh -i /root/.ssh/chef_tunnel -p 24000 -nNT -R 6400:localhost:4000 chef-client@foo.dyndns.org ... then: telnet localhost 6400; i get Connection Refused04:17
rory096if i reinstall firefox, will all my addons be deleted?04:17
jeancalvinDr_willis: in my computer, i have a NIC card04:17
hvgotcodesnickrud: only one more -- and if it does break stuff and i am stuck in CL, how can i go back to the default intrepid driver?04:17
carpediemrory096: no, they are stored in your profile in your home directory04:18
rory096carpediem: thanks. does that also go for files the addons use (like sessions for sessionmanager, etc)?04:18
wolterbruenig, ok04:18
carpediemrory096: yes04:18
ddelong4So, anyone know why I can't mount either of my 2 cd/dvd rw drives?04:18
rory096carpediem: thanks04:18
nickrudhvgotcodes, does this card work with the normal nv (free) video driver?04:18
jeancalvinDr_willis: i'm buying online, so i can't get customer service as well as in a store. thanks.04:18
hvgotcodesnickrud: nooooooooo04:18
albuntuari_stress: ok i solved this problem. now the strange thing is that the browser gives me a php file output instead of executing the php file04:18
nickrudhvgotcodes, ah, glad I asked :) .04:19
hvgotcodesnickrud: i understand04:19
herbjeancalvin: post the link to the cable you're trying to buy?04:19
carpediemrory096: if you look at .mozilla/firefox you'll see all your stuff in some form or another.  You can even back that folder up if you are concerned.04:19
Pyles17is there a liveCD for powerpc macs? or is the alternate installer a liveCD as well?04:20
jeancalvinherb: http://tinyurl.com/bffcc304:20
nickrudhvgotcodes, I would expect that sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180=180.11-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 to do the trick. You probably won't have 3d accell without more work though.04:20
rory096carpediem: perfect. you, sir, are a god04:20
wolterbruenig, well, i think i will wine the windows version.. should work flawless, right?04:20
carpediemrory096: back up the whole .mozilla folder if you do04:21
jeancalvinherb, that links says "patch" but it does say it will conect computer to cable modem/router. Dr_willis says i most likely don't need patch. i'm confused04:21
rory096carpediem: ok04:21
hvgotcodesnickrud: but i should be able to recover right?04:21
herbjeancalvin: that will be fine for what you're trying to do.04:21
jeancalvini see04:21
carpediemrory096: you can even copy that .mozilla folder to other computers, even Windows, and your settings/themes/extensions/bookmarks will go with it.04:21
nickrudhvgotcodes, what that does is force apt to install that exact version number: refer to the apt-get policy that I had you pastebin, that's where the number comes from.04:21
kansanhow do i make 'while true ; do  ssh HOST ; done'   ... occur on every system startup (ubuntu hardy)04:22
hvgotcodesnickrud: i get it.  you have been awesome and i really appreciate all the help.04:22
albuntui have an apache problem. i get apache to give me the output of a php file instead of executing the file. anyone that can help ?04:22
bruenigwolter: don't use wine when there is a native version04:22
Zard0zjeancalvin, you almost never need a patch cable for domestic networking stuff - the devices tend to be able to autodetect and use either - it would be very odd if you needed a patch cable to connect a domestic router to a domestic modem.04:22
wolterbruenig, well, it doesn't work...04:22
nickrudhvgotcodes, if there's a kernel mismatch, the driver should still work, just not have 3d acceleration. At that point, you'd still need to do kernel surgery, and I'm not positive without actually doing it myself or seeing a system in that condition what steps would be needed04:22
bruenigwolter: fix it04:22
herbPyles17: there is a livecd for powerpc. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/intrepid/release/04:23
wolterbruenig, help me to04:23
carpediemkansan: look at /etc/rcX.d where X is the runlevel you want it to run at04:23
Pyles17herb, thanks04:23
j-b-rwhat is the xf86-video-savage package for? Will it help fix my nVidia kernel modules (as I was told by someone)?04:23
incadudeFhello everyone im getting this when trying to update: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 60D11217247D1CFF04:23
herbPyles17: sorry, not live CD, install CD.04:23
bruenigwolter: just crack open vim on the source, you should be able to search for that error message and then remove the conditional statement that leads to it04:23
carpediemkansan: if you put it in there and chmod +x it will run at that runlevel on startup04:23
hvgotcodesnickrud: when i tried to do a CL install of the nvidia driver from the nvidia package i encountered a api mismatch -- the x server wouldn't start so i  had to remove the new driver, and everything worked04:23
Pyles17herb: that's what i thought, thanks anyway04:24
wolterbruenig, its not a warning, its an error.04:24
nickrudhvgotcodes, from the nividia site?04:24
hvgotcodesnickrud: would not forcing an install of the default (proprietary) driver for intrepid restore everything to  normal?04:24
rory096oh wait, nevermind04:24
hvgotcodesnickrud: yes from teh nvidia site04:24
Pyles17i don't think they make liveCDs for powerpc. it's not even officially supported04:24
herbPyles17: if you want a live CD there is one for hardy which is the latest LTS. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/hardy/release/04:24
rory096i think i just found out why firefox isn't working: i have 0 bytes of free space on my hard drive04:24
herbPyles17: the desktop CD is a livecd.04:24
nickrudhvgotcodes, all things being equal, yes. But the equal is the question:)04:24
Pyles17herb: thank you04:25
rory096in related news, i'm an idiot04:25
bruenigwolter: like I said, search for the error message in the source and remove the conditional statement that triggers it04:25
hvgotcodesnickrud: well i have another machine with irc ;)  thanx again for all the help -- normal guys like me wouldn't be able to tinker like this easily without help from people like you04:25
herbPyles17: it's not officially supported, but I'm running it on an old G4, though as a server, not a desktop.04:25
Zard0z@rory096 - LOL04:25
nickrudrory096, if you were an idiot, you'd still be angry at us cuz we couldn't fix your firefox :)04:25
raz0o0xwondering is someone could help: I have ubuntu 8.04.. sometime within the past two weeks my system started stopping while doing any of the following: logging out, restarting, shutting down... each time I have to press CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to complete the action04:25
herbPyles17: I know the intrepid CDs had some issues.  so installing/testing from hardy is probably the best plan anyway.04:25
Pyles17herb: cool cool. thanks. issues aren't good when trying to get people to switch04:26
kindofabuzzraz0o0x, sounds like something isn't terminating, don't know what butthat's what it sounds like04:26
herbPyles17: really not04:26
herbPyles17: good luck04:26
rory096nickrud: heh. thanks for your help.04:26
Pyles17herb: thanks04:26
racecar-56hi people04:27
herbPyles17: welcome04:27
raz0o0xkindofabuzz: how can i find out what might not be terminating?04:27
kindofabuzzraz0o0x, no clue. sorry04:27
AHaynesHi I M new iz u guz04:27
kindofabuzzand you're new at typing too looks like04:28
Pyles17AHaynes: what?04:28
pepperjackAHaynes hi welcome to ubuntu04:28
Matr|Xi want to install winxp with my ybntu04:28
=== kylea__ is now known as defau1t
AHaynesbicth plz look at yo name!!04:28
Pyles17I second pepperjack04:28
phorensicMatr|X: dont do it04:28
bobbob1016AHaynes, This channel is for english support....04:28
adredhi..why do it get this error each time i update my system: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5DC4E17435661D98. anyone know what it means?04:28
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:28
phorensicMatr|X: jk... did you already install ubuntu?04:28
phorensicMatr|X: well its better if you do windows first04:29
nickrud!u | AHaynes04:29
phorensicMatr|X: do you have partitions installed?04:29
ubottuAHaynes: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..04:29
wolterbruenig, windows version works like charm04:29
AHayneshell naw come too Kalamazoo and sat diz syit HOE04:29
WebcamWonderadred: You need keys for the external repositories that you have added04:29
Matr|Xi have hard disk 40 i use all hard disk for ubntu04:29
* phorensic hifives nuckrud04:29
wolterbut i will try to find a fix on some forum bruenig04:29
AHaynesAll yall MOMAZ if yall got 104:29
phorensicMatr|X: is this a fresh install?04:30
kindofabuzzi think i'm moving to Mint, it's what ubuntu should be04:30
j-b-rYou guys seriously have a "!u" message?04:30
Matr|Xi install from live cd04:30
nickrudAHaynes, please abide by the channel rules; this is a support channel04:30
Matr|Xhardy ver04:30
j-b-rDo you have a message command for every possible issue?04:30
bruenigwolter: you shouldn't use nonfree stuff04:30
adredWebcamWonder: Would you mind telling me how do i know which repo? and how do i get it?04:30
Pyles17j-b-r. quite a few04:30
wolterbruenig, its free... what are you talking about?04:30
nickrudj-b-r, we're lazy04:30
bobbob1016What's the command to mute (as in not see their messages) someone in xchat?04:30
kindofabuzzkalamazoo, ms? that explains why you can't type04:31
phorensicMatr|X: is this a new install though?04:31
Matr|Xi have problem too with my x server when i restart my computer its give me black screen befor the logins winds04:31
adredWebcamWonder: the key04:31
WebcamWonderadred: Could you pastebin your sources?04:31
Cpudan80 /ignore bobbob101604:31
Cpudan80That would ignore your own message ;-)04:31
adredWebcamWonder: right away sir..04:31
prmdk_any girl here?04:31
wolterhi, can anybody run extreme tux racer game?04:31
wolterprmdk_, why would you want to know?04:31
* nickrud doesn't need that to ignore Cpudan80 , it comes naturally :)04:31
Matr|Xi dont know bro im new i download cd from the home page and i install04:31
prmdk_i just want to have a chat with a girl04:32
Cpudan80lol nickrud04:32
Cpudan80prmdk_: This is a support channel, try #defocus04:32
ddelong4Can someone give me a hand? I need to mount my cd/dvd rw drives and get this error message "Cannot invoke CheckForMedia on HAL: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."04:32
j-b-rprmdk: So you game to a linux channeL?04:32
Pyles17j-b-r: well said04:32
wolterj-b-r, not a very good place to talk with girls, is it?04:32
j-b-rI know, right?04:33
j-b-rI mean, it would be awesome if there were more girls that liked this stuff...04:33
bkapscan someone help me with configuring sound on an old compag presario?04:33
phorensicMatr|X: I see.. thats fine.. the new version is intrepid ibex. If you just installed, in my opinion the easiest way to have both is to run your windows installer, set your partitions beforehand(you will have to delete your current install of ubuntu), install windows onto one of the 3 partitions and then run the ubuntu installer to install your system on the other 2 partitions04:33
adredWebcamWonder: here... http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m14aca9c204:33
=== Charitwo is now known as clock
phorensicbkaps: the only type of configuring i would do with a presario is to configure it straight off a 100 foot cliff04:34
WebcamWonderadred: Gimme a minute04:34
Pyles17second to that motion04:34
adredWebcamWonder: it's okay,,take you time..04:34
=== clock is now known as Charitwo
linux_guyis it sometimes NOT appropriate to convert rpm to deb with progs like alien?04:35
bkapswell the laptop is for a friend.  He doesnt have anything else04:35
Flannellinux_guy: It certainly doesn't always work out nicely, yes.04:35
slashzulI updated from gcc-4.2.3 to gcc-4.2.4, vmware broke , how can revert to old gcc version04:35
phorensicMatr|X: there are other ways, but to have the easiest setup that is what I would do04:36
FezzlerI need to create a configuration file for a program called pilot-mailsync  I need to name the file ".pilotmailrc"  Can I use any text editor to make it?04:36
Pyles17bkaps: understandable. let me do some google-fu04:36
nickrudlinux_guy, it's almost never appropriate04:36
linux_guyFlannel, I'd like to get a prog called KGuitar for guitar tablature.  its an rpm file though.  HOW can I tell if I should convert it or not?04:36
bkapsok thanks that would really be helpful04:36
phorensicFezzler: yes04:37
nickrudlinux_guy, why not just do sudo apt-get install kguitar ? It's in the repos04:37
linux_guycan ubuntu ONLY use deb? for packages?04:37
Fezzlerphorensic: And I do include the "." in the file name?04:37
nickrudlinux_guy, for packages, yes.04:37
slashzulI updated from gcc-4.2.3 to gcc-4.2.4, how can revert to old gcc version04:37
phorensiclinux_guy: Yes, however some rpms can be converted with alien04:37
linux_guyso there is no rpm manager for ubuntu?04:38
WebcamWonderadred: Try commenting the OOO repository, and then run a sudo aptitude update, see if it complains04:38
phorensiclinux_guy: no rpm is a different package management system04:38
linux_guybecause ubuntu is debian based, not some stinky hat right?04:38
nickrudlinux_guy, there are other ways to install stuff: prebuilt binaries (usually a .bin) and compiling among others04:38
phorensicFezzler: yes04:38
root_____wow lots of people in here04:38
grenadeanybody have any idea how to get directx running in wine in ubuntu?04:38
Shiiis anyone here familiar with 64bit flash?04:38
phorensicsup root_____04:38
Fezzlerphorensic: txs04:38
bkapsanybody have an opinion on what the best small distro would be for old hardware04:38
adredWebcamWonder: okay04:38
Shiiflash is making my firefox segfault, it makes me very sad04:39
WebcamWonderShii: technically, nspluginwrapper segfaults :)04:39
nickrudbkaps, puppy or dsl are popular; you should investigate distrowatch.org for various options04:39
ShiiWebcamWonder: nah i am using the Adobe alpha04:39
Shiiit was working perfectly before04:39
linux_guyi wonder why kguitars page only shows rpms04:39
Shiii updated some packages, now, segfault04:39
WebcamWonderShii: Weird, I haven't had any problem what that04:39
WebcamWonderShii: with*04:39
bkapsi have tried puppy nickrud but i cant get the integrated speakers in the laptop to work04:39
root_____Anyone in here switch from gentoo to ubuntu04:39
ZopiacI had only Ubuntu installed onto the computer. i then repartitioned the hard drive to add an NTFS Windows part., and installed XP. however, the closest thing to a04:40
nickrudlinux_guy, try  apt-cache search kguitar , it will tell you it's already a deb available from the repos04:40
Shiiroot_____: i did, but ages ago04:40
slashzulanyone know how to rebuild my kernel with new gcc compiler?04:40
slashzulI updated from gcc-4.2.3 to gcc-4.2.4, how can revert to old gcc version04:40
Zopiacoops; closest thing to a GRUB only allows me to select between WINXP and WINXP :P04:40
root_____im having trouble deciding which way to go for my home system04:40
root_____i like both04:40
linux_guyso when i want software, i should look in repo first, THEN, home page, then google etc?04:40
mgwhat are some good CLI apps?04:40
nickrudbkaps, I've not used either, just know they're popular04:40
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Yes. Add getdeb in between there as well04:40
phorensicbkaps: best is a matter of opinion.. obviously you should look at systems that dont use a ton of addons and intense code.. ie a light window manager/desktop manager etc04:41
bkapsnickrud, oh ok sorrycompaq presario 127504:41
nickrudlinux_guy, yeah. If you see something on the net that looks interesting, check the repos. 98% of the time it'll be there04:41
n8tuserfmg vim04:41
linux_guyand i check the repository how, exactly?  i usually look in add/remove04:41
mgn8tuserf: love VIM!04:41
_VIM_someone say VIM? :)04:41
mgneed more CLI apps04:41
bkapsphorensic, yeah that makes since04:41
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Synaptic04:41
nickrudlinux_guy, ah. that's a limited list. system->admin->synaptic package manager, that's your friend04:41
linux_guyyou guys are the best04:42
WebcamWonderlinux_guy: Or if you are a CLI kinda guy, aptitude is your friend :)04:42
tuxxy__anyone know what this bootup error means? http://paste.ubuntu.com/111949/04:42
phorensicbkaps: sometimes going onto distrowatch.com (maybe .org??) is a good reference04:42
* linux_guy is down for a challenge sometimes04:42
nickrudWebcamWonder, you an aptitude full screen dude?04:42
bkapsphorensic, yeah i looked at dsl on distrowatch but there were problems with xvesa on my computer04:43
tuxxy__anyone know what this bootup error means? http://paste.ubuntu.com/111949/04:43
WebcamWondernickrud: I prefer doing things with aptitude, yes. Much more flexible and faster04:43
nickrudlinux_guy, stick with synaptic for a bit, till you get a better feel for packaging. Then aptitude can be really powerful.04:43
RoyallWhat is a good RSS program that notifies by either a balloon or a libnotify box of new items in the feed?04:43
bkapsphorensic, its old hardware but forced to run a slower xorg04:43
n838901Royall: how did the firmware update go?04:43
linux_guynice, NOW, I use gnome, but KDE software 'works' .... Is that supposed to be like that?04:43
=== obake-kun is now known as obake-san
JoesephIn vlc, I can open a stream over the internet... but whenever the web interface changes files, it plays locally instead of over the network.....  any idea how to fix this?04:43
nickrudlinux_guy, yep04:44
k0tar3llinux_guy L yes04:44
Royalln838901: For the drive? I think I told you, I had the module bay disabled in the BIOS, it wasn't the firmware04:44
linux_guythen WHY say its for kDE04:44
phorensicbkaps: if u want a challenge there is LFS04:44
linux_guywhy not just say its for *nix04:44
throwtbecaused it's made using kde libraries... hence it's made for kde04:44
bkapspyles17, did you ever find any thing on google04:44
k0tar3llinux_guy : you have the kde libs installed04:44
n838901Royall: oh yeah haha. lot has happened since then04:44
throwtbut there's a level of interopability04:44
tuxxy__anyone know what this bootup error means please? http://paste.ubuntu.com/111949/04:44
bkapsphorensic, LFS?04:44
nickrudlinux_guy, it's just a different set of software that writes to the screen; but it's still the same screen04:44
phorensicbkaps: linux from scratch04:44
* linux_guy is glad you guys are so damn smart04:45
wolterwhere can i find like a place with linux game developers, i mean, channel..04:45
bkapsphorensic, i dont have the techinical know how04:45
j-b-rI tired LFS once04:45
linux_guygotta run, battery's dying04:45
j-b-rThe computer was sooo slow04:45
linux_guythanks again04:45
j-b-rIt literally took 6 days to compile GCC04:45
Shiiyoutube works but google video segfaults04:45
phorensicbkaps: i see .. they have a guide you pretty much follow along04:45
nickrudLFS teaches a lot. I spend nearly a year messing with that before I was satisfied04:45
j-b-rAfter that I was like, "forget this"04:45
Shiiwhat's the difference between youtube and google video?04:45
racecar-56wow gcc took 6 days?04:45
bkapsphorensic, where?04:45
tuxxy__anyone know what this bootup error means please? http://paste.ubuntu.com/111949/04:46
phorensicj-b-r: ouch04:46
Shiiwhy are random other things segfaulting?04:46
racecar-56for me it took 6 hours04:46
j-b-rIt was a 486, I think04:46
bkapsphorensic, just google LFS i guess?04:46
racecar-56i have a 68604:46
WebcamWonderShii: memtest perhaps?04:46
nickrudj-b-r, that's hard to believe; I never --- a, mine was a celeron04:46
mgIs there such a think as a console jukebox app?04:46
phorensicbkaps: linuxfromscratch.org04:46
bkapsphorensic, that would make since04:46
ShiiWebcamWonder: how do i memtest?04:46
j-b-rI dunno, I think it probably just died after the first day and I never noticed04:46
WebcamWonderShii: LiveCD has an option for it04:47
nickrudbkaps, that's excellent for learning, but not for your main system unless you're a masochist :)04:47
Shiiman i don't want to livecd, i just want to watch this video :(04:47
bkapsnickrud, i could always use the know how04:47
phorensicbkaps: Yah i think i remember gcc being 24x the base standard unit04:47
WebcamWonderShii: Just to make things clear, memtest checks your RAM for instability, etc.04:47
Shiiyeah i know... i'm kind of worried about that04:48
Shiii built this box myself and the hardware has always been awful04:48
Shiii'm attempting "memtest 12MB" to start with04:48
bkapsphorensic, i think im going to try this LFS thing04:48
WebcamWonderShii: Have you considered switching to nspluginwrapper?04:48
nickrudbkaps, find something that you can use, and then build lfs from that. You need a working linux install to work with lfs in the beginning, anyway04:48
ShiiWebcamWonder: i'd love to but the instructions are kind of confusing04:48
phorensicbkaps: if you dont have a lot of time id suggest something else04:48
WebcamWonderShii: Google for scripts. They take care of everything04:49
bkapsnickrud, would old hardware work for that04:49
nickrudbkaps, think of it as your custom car you're building in your garage: You still need a car to get to and from work.04:49
phorensicbkaps: you could try xubuntu04:49
Matr|Xi have ubntu on hard disk 40 i use full hard disk to install ubntu , if i want to install windows , qtparted and rsize the 40 giga and make 10 giga for windows and then install windows is this good /04:49
bkapsphorensic, i just wont sleep and i had lots of problems with xubuntu04:49
phorensicMatr|X: depends what you have for windows, remember windows is a memory hog you may want more04:49
Matr|Xno 10 giga is enogh04:50
phorensicMatr|X: you probably want 1-2GB for swap space too04:50
Matr|Xits done04:50
bkapsnickrud, so if i have a main laptop and then this old computer than that should work right04:50
phorensicbkaps: oh really.. bummer,04:50
=== root_____ is now known as holidaystyles
pkunduin ubuntu when i click the windows partition it gets mounted autometically , but how can i mount it in the startup04:50
racecar-56gotta restart04:50
=== holidaystyles is now known as supersix4our
nickrudbkaps, yes. Actually,04:50
Matr|Xso if i resize my hard agine on ubntu this will do eny thing with my ubntu ? crash or some thing04:50
nickrudbkaps, use the old one as a server.04:50
Matr|Xi should install ubntu agine ?04:50
bkapsphorensic, i acctually got fluxbuntu to work for a while but got fed up with fluxbox04:51
pkunduafter mount , the mount command show "/dev/sda5 on /media/Data type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,allow_other,blksize=4096)"04:51
phorensicMatr|X: remember you are going to have to reinstall or update grub to be able to boot to either OS, windows will over write the mbr and hide ubuntu04:51
pkunduwhat shld be the fstab entry if required04:51
bkapsnickrud, its really old im not sure if that will make a difference04:51
Matr|Xso how to update grup ?04:51
phorensicbkaps: Ive pretty much stuck with gnome since Ive used ubuntu, I want to try enlightenment one of these days04:51
ikononeI have a program that I just installed into wine.  every file is write protected and I need to install an update04:51
adredWebcamWonder: it's okay now.. looks like both the AWN and OOo 3 repos can't go along. If I uncomment either of them, I get the error. While if I comment both of them, I don't get the error. But I suspect the OOo 3 repo is causing the problem since AWN repo was doing fine before I adde the OOo 3 repo. Anyway thanks so much!04:51
phorensic!grub | Matr|X04:52
ubottuMatr|X: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:52
ikononeis there a way to change permissions on all of the files at once?04:52
ShiiWebcamWonder: i ran the nspluginwrapper GetFlash script and now it shows no plugins at all!04:52
bkapsphorensic, enlightenment looks nice have you tried beryl04:52
phorensicbkaps: beryl is now compiz and comes with ubutnu, so yes I have.. i also used beryl ack in edgy when it still had issues04:52
WebcamWonderadred: Both of the repositories could be signed actually. I am not sure, since google didn't turn up a lot regarding those keys04:52
ryanpriorbkaps: Beryl is dead, has been for a long time. It's merged with Compiz now.04:52
WebcamWonderShii: That was fast, what script did you run?04:52
phorensictoo slow ryanprior i win04:53
bkapsphorensic, well i haven't been using it and was just curious04:53
wolterah... having problems with supertuxkart as well04:53
bkapsphorensic, what is compiz?04:53
WebcamWonderShii: What?04:53
ryanprior!compiz | bkaps04:53
Matr|Xplz tell me the size shouldi do for ubntu system04:53
ubottubkaps: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion04:53
Shiinspluginwrapper 1.8.604:53
phorensicbkaps: I currently use it on both of my computers.. compiz is beryl under a new name.. to simplify  things04:53
ikononeHELP: how do I change the the file permissions of an entire directory with directories under it?04:54
bruenigikonone: -R04:54
SquareHimselfikonone: man chmod04:54
phorensicbkaps: I think technically compiz was around first, then forked and then beryl wasborn, and they re-merged??04:54
ryanpriorMatr|X: What do you mean the size you should do?04:54
bruenigSquareHimself: stop trolling04:54
bkapsphorensic, i see04:54
Matr|Xi mean i will partion my hard disk again04:54
SquareHimselfbruenig: I think rtfm is good advice, thank you very much.04:54
phorensicbkaps: Which ubuntu are you running right now?04:54
bruenig!rtfm | SquareHimself04:55
ubottuSquareHimself: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.04:55
linux_guyreal quick, what is 'sudo -s'04:55
RealKillazHi I really need some help to prevent my system from being instable. I just upgraded to 8.10, but during the upgrade it asked for a password, which I didnt enter correct.. now I have received a message saying that there was an error during the upgrade and that I need to run a command to continue the upgrade. The problem is stupid me didnt write the command down. What's the command to continue/restart the the upgrade?04:55
ryanpriorphorensic, bkaps: Beryl was created when the community felt that the Red Hat-controlled Compiz project wasn't responding to outside developers, and once the Red Hat guys got on the ball, the Beryl developers helped to merge their changes back into Compiz.04:55
adredWebcamWonder: I see. As far as I can remember, both AWN and OOo3 how-to did not have any instruction about getting keys whatsoever. Now I know what causing the problem. Maybe I will contact the maintainer for a heads up.. thank you!04:55
SquareHimselfbruenig: i'm new here.04:55
Bryan_Sierralinux_guy, signs you in using root.04:55
SquareHimselfbruenig: I'll keep it in mind ;)04:55
Matr|Xso the ext3 for ubntu partation 2 giga , 4 giga or wht i dont know04:55
bkapsphorensic, hardy04:55
WebcamWonderadred: No problems04:55
bruenigSquareHimself: it's ok, just be aware, we hope to keep our users ignorant04:55
phorensicMatr|X: do you want to just resize or are you going to reinstall both over?04:55
linux_guythought so, so that's kinda dangerous04:55
ryanpriorMatr|X: You probably want between 10G and 20G for /, then the rest for /home.04:55
tritiumlinux_guy: it's the same as "sudo so".  What you really want is "sudo -i".  <-- Bryan_Sierra04:55
ikononebeautiful it worked04:55
bkapsryanprior, that makes since04:55
Matr|Xnow great04:55
linux_guysudo -i04:56
Matr|X21 giga like the cd  asking me04:56
nickrudbruenig, now now :) SquareHimself man something is good, with a pointer to what to look for ;)04:56
Shiiugh.... firefox-plugin-gnash is really bad04:56
tritiumlinux_guy: yes04:56
Matr|X11 giga i think04:56
tritiumbkaps: makes sense, even04:56
phorensicbkaps: yes hardy should have compiz installed, you just have to enable the features.. have you tried installing ccsm?04:56
linux_guywhat's -i?04:56
Matr|X11 giga ext3 + 2 giga swap ,, am i right ?04:56
tritiumlinux_guy: a switch, just like -s.04:56
bkapsphorensic, on synaptic04:56
Bryan_Sierratritium, thats being really technical. They're more or less the same.04:56
phorensicbkaps: sure!04:56
duryodhanHi .. I am running a linux system and I want to install ubuntu 8.10 - I don't have the alternate CD -- Is there any way I can install ubuntu without having to burn the CD / usb disk ?04:56
tritiumBryan_Sierra: slight differences.04:56
duryodhanI have lilo etc. ready04:56
WebcamWonder!info ccsm | bkaps04:57
ubottuPackage ccsm does not exist in intrepid04:57
vegombreiive loaded all my pictures on f-spot photo manager .. they are all jpeg .. but when i double click to open it doesnt open the file to view .. is there some sort of plug in i need ??04:57
phorensicMatr|X: I would probably to 15 for windows 2 for swap and the rest for ubuntu, and install windows first04:57
linux_guyprobably stuff i shouldn't mess with.... just yet04:57
phorensicbkaps: it will be under compiz config settings manager04:57
ryanpriorduryodhan: You can use Lubi, or you can netboot, or you can use a VM, or you can ask Launchpad for a CD through the mail.04:57
Matr|Xwht is windows file system i will make ,, ntfs , fat32 , or wht04:57
bkapsphorensic, ok i will search for that04:57
linux_guy'sudo rm all the work i've done'04:57
phorensicryanprior: ahhh i see thank you for the info04:57
Matr|X15 for windows , 2 for swab rest for ubntu is cool for me :D04:58
bkapsphorensic, yeah i guess it is installed already04:58
bkapsphorensic, how to configure04:58
phorensicbkaps: oh if you type in ccsm at a command prompt or alt-f2 it will load the compiz manager and you can configure there04:58
Matr|Xso wht is the best file system for c/windows partion is fat32 or ntfs  caz i want ubntu read the c:/windows partion04:58
phorensicbkaps: some of the settings require that you have 3d rendering enabled04:59
erossdoes a 64-bit game server offer any advantage over 32-bit server on either 32bit or 64bit machine?04:59
phorensicMatr|X: ntfs04:59
ryanpriorMatr|X: NTFS is far better than fat32, but you can install EXT3 support for Windows.04:59
miikMatBoy, ntfs is less open than fat32 but its the technically superior file system. ntfs works good in linux, so its best for you to use ntfs.04:59
phorensicMatr|X: ubuntu is cool and can read all those file systems, windows is not coo and cant read linux filesystems without help04:59
duryodhanhi.. got dced -- anyone have any solutions ?05:00
RealKillazNo one knows?05:00
ryanprioreross: If the server has >3GB of RAM, it won't be able to use (address) it all on a 32-bit system. Also, 64-bit systems are inherently faster on a 64-bit capable processor.05:00
Matr|Xbut i make install the last time windows ntfs file system ubntu not read drive c :/windows05:00
RealKillazhow do I restart an interrupted upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10?05:01
Dr_willisMatr|X,  you just need to have the proper entry in /etc/fstab to mount the windows drives.. People often overlook that step in the installer.05:01
* ame_ looks around05:01
bamhm182I just thought of something, I've got a Zune, I'm 150% sure that Microsoft hasn't and probably won't port the Zune software to Ubuntu, does anyone know of another method to connect my Zune to my Ubuntu PC?05:01
erossok, it has 4Gb of ram.. so I could host two game servers and still be able to play my own fps noob shooters, or use applications on it with little problem?05:01
ryanpriorRealKillaz: Uh oh. What happens when you start update-manager?05:01
=== ame_ is now known as unixbomber
Dr_willisbamhm182,  if you are lucky  - it can be seen as a normal usb thumbdrive.05:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about zune05:02
bamhm182I seriously doubt that'd work Dr_willis, but it's worth a shot05:02
Dr_willisbamhm182,  No idea. I dont plan on ever owning a zune :) or ipod05:02
Dr_willisbamhm182,  im sure goggle knows! :) google knows all05:02
miikbamhm182, Zune might work in Songbird, not sure05:02
RealKillazIt said system is up to date and the 8.10 option is gone.05:02
miikDr_willis, word :D05:02
phpstaris it possible to autostart virtualbox image as soon as i logon in ubuntu ??05:03
bamhm182I tried google05:03
RealKillazryanprior: It said system is up to date and the 8.10 option is gone.05:03
bamhm182I will try songbird05:03
ryanpriorRealKillaz: I read that. In that case, I don't know what you should do. Keep asking, though.05:03
vegombreiive loaded all my pictures on f-spot photo manager .. they are all jpeg .. but when i double click to open it doesnt open the file to view .. is there some sort of plug in i need ??05:03
bamhm182does anyone know if the iPod has Drag 'n Drop capabilities?05:03
johnnyredlhi. i need a PHP/MySQL developer. PM me.05:03
miikbamhm182, Zune uses MTP protocol, Songbird has support for it http://getsongbird.com/05:04
johnnyredlbamhm182: it does. enable disk usage.05:04
johnnyredlbamhm182: "manually manage my music"05:04
bamhm182very nice, thanks miik05:04
miik"Songbird's device support is limited. The Device Support wiki has additional details about what's supported. Apple iPhones, iPod Touch and Microsoft Zune devices are not yet supported."05:04
miikhmm wait mayeb it doesnt05:04
bamhm182ah, damn05:04
bamhm182what were you saying johnnyredl?05:04
miikMedia Player 0.7.0 Final 1.0.8 Mount, Library, Play, Eject Community No known major issues"05:04
miikwait, maybe it actually does05:04
FloodBot1miik: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:04
RealKillazdamn.. and the upgrade was almost ready.05:04
DelvienAnyone know off the top of their head how we can disable the loud Beep when you backspace too far ( I already have it disabled in System>prefs>sounds) still beeps05:05
miikbamhm182, well try songbird, it *might* work05:05
SquareHimselfDelvien: Unload the module.05:05
bamhm182alright, I'll give it a shot05:05
SquareHimselfDelvien: Or unplug the internal speaker from the mobo.05:05
rikkimaruI installed openssh-server, but when I attempt to ssh to my IP the password doesn't work.  Do I have something configured incorrectly?05:06
ryanpriorDelvien: echo 1 > /proc/sys/stfuplz05:06
miikbamhm182, i also found 'qlix' in the repository, that can do Zune05:06
nathanhelpwhat version of Grub is included in Ubuntu 8.10?05:06
Dr_willis!info grub05:06
ubottugrub (source: grub): GRand Unified Bootloader. In component main, is optional. Version 0.97-29ubuntu45 (intrepid), package size 392 kB, installed size 916 kB05:06
Dr_willisVersion 0.97-29 Look like05:06
ryanpriornathanhelp: see also: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=grub05:06
jraheavily patched grub 0.9x, as usual05:06
nathanhelplegacy in other words?05:07
bamhm182where's the repository? I used to know, but I forgot05:07
ShiiWebcamWonder: "http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz" is 40405:07
Dr_willismakes me wonder what they needed to patch05:07
Shiii'm betting that's why nspluginwrapper doesn't work05:07
SquareHimselfjra: Yeah, grub works fine for me without Ubuntu patches.05:07
WebcamWonderShii: Get flash player 10 please. 9 is horrible at its best05:07
jraSquareHimself: one does wonder why...05:07
Shiii did... that's the one that segfaults on google video05:07
SquareHimselfjra: Indeed.05:08
Shiiyou told me to try nspluginwrapper to resolve the segfault :v05:08
bamhm182I downloaded the Ubuntu 8.10 iso, shouldn't it be on my desktop?05:08
WebcamWonderShii: Flash player 10 for 32 bit which you can run from nspluginwrapper :)05:08
Shiiohhh, i see05:08
bamhm182or does Ubuntu move it somewhere when it's done downloading?05:08
johnnyredli need a PHP/MySQL developer available for new work. pm me.05:08
Jim_Raynoranyone has experience with kmobiletools? I'm trying to download the address book from my mobile phone (Moto L6) but no luck05:09
WebcamWonder!offtopic | johnnyredl05:09
ubottujohnnyredl: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:09
Shiisudo nspluginwrapper -i ./libflashplayer.so05:09
Shii*** NSPlugin Viewer  *** ERROR: libnss3.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:09
Shiiwell that's no good05:09
nathanhelpHow do I see/access my HD GRUB, from a Live CD boot?05:10
bamhm182where's the trash?05:10
WebcamWonder!trash | bamhm18205:10
ubottubamhm182: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash05:10
nathanhelpI'm at the Gnoem desktop05:10
bamhm182nevermind, found it05:10
Delvienryanprior Was that necessary?05:10
DelvienSquareHimself: It's coming from the speakers, not the speaker on the mobo05:11
bamhm182ugh... This computer hates me05:11
bamhm182now to go download Ubuntu 8.10 for the 3rd time :D05:11
miikDelvien, try disable all system sounds, thats what i do05:11
Delvienmiik that isnt really a solution05:11
WebcamWonderbamhm182: Torrent :) :P05:11
supersix4ouranyone know how well netbeans runson ubuntu vs. gentoo?05:11
phorensicbamhm182: hmm maybe saving the iso or burning it to a disk is a good choice?05:11
ryanpriorDelvien: There actually is a file somewhere that you can touch or echo 1 to or something that disables the system beep on a kernel level. I forgot what it was though, and hated myself a little, so I lashed out at you. =P05:11
WebcamWonderryanprior: rmmod pc-speaker (I think, not sure)05:12
Jim_Raynoris there another program to get access to the phonebook?05:12
nickrudWebcamWonder, pcspkr05:13
Jim_Raynortried it with moto4lin, but i just got access to the filesystem05:13
ryanpriorsupersix4our: Most Java benchmarks I've seen run about as well on Ubuntu as they do on Gentoo, so I doubt you'd see a big performance delta.05:13
WebcamWondernickrud: Ahh. Thanks. One of the first things I do :)05:13
bamhm182phorensic, I downloaded it, forgot about it, than just went to go burn it and it was gone05:13
bamhm182I downloaded it about 3 hours ago05:13
DelvienAh, it was terminal, there was an option in there to turn it off.05:13
phorensicbamhm182: thats not cool.. you did that twice?05:14
dementia_pike_: dang pike you're still on05:14
bamhm182the first time I accidentally hit ctrl+alt+backspace when it was most the way through it05:15
supersix4ourryanprior: sounds good. Any experience runnign eclipse?05:15
ryanpriorsupersix4our: I run Eclipse on Ubuntu regularly. Beware: the version in the repository is hella outdated, so grab the package from Eclipse's website.05:16
slashzulhow can I force a  reinstall of linux-image-XX if I keep getting already newest version ?05:16
vegombreiive loaded all my pictures on f-spot photo manager .. they are all jpeg .. but when i double click to open it doesnt open the file to view .. is there some sort of plug in i need ??05:16
Jim_Raynorbamhm182: that's why you use torrent files for ISO images05:16
supersix4ourryanprior: Thanks!05:16
WebcamWondervegombrei: right click on the picture and select to open in whatever program you wish05:16
rikkimaruI installed openssh-server, but when I attempt to ssh to my IP the password doesn't work.  Do I have something configured incorrectly?05:16
slashzulis there a way to force to reinstall a kernel image?05:16
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware05:16
bamhm182I hate torrents, they're so insanely slow most the time05:17
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap05:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mnt05:17
bamhm182you can find the occasional odd torrent that's quick, but overall they're slow05:17
phorensicbamhm182: nah you gotta port forward properly and they are coo05:17
albuntui am trying to load php5 module for apache with a2enmod php5 but it isnt available. can anyone help ?05:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hardrive05:17
Jim_Raynoryep... proper port handling and welcome speed05:17
Jim_Raynoralso, a nice tracker... but the Ubuntu ones should be seeded everywhere05:18
munkanyone know how to get the version number of virtualbox? I can find the GUI version no prob but I need the core version05:19
Jim_Raynoranyway.... anyone syncs phone's addressbook with Ubuntu?05:19
phorensicJim_Raynor: nah just google contacts05:19
=== papito is now known as llanto_subterran
Jim_Raynortrying it with kmobiletools and failing... over and over...05:19
phorensicJim_Raynor: my phone sux05:19
slashzulvmware 2.0 is breaking under ubuntu 8.04 http://tinyurl.com/vmware-problem05:19
Jim_Raynormine too... taht's why i need to get out those contacts05:19
Jim_Raynorbefore it dies05:20
phorensici c05:20
slashzulvmware 2.0 is breaking under ubuntu 8.04 http://tinyurl.com/vmware-problem due to gcc mismatched kernel crap05:21
phorensicnathanhelp: you heed help bro?05:21
* Until_It_Sleeps is happy! He made Ubuntu look like Windows XP MCE 2005! Now if only he could get his sound card to work...05:21
SquareHimselfUntil_It_Sleeps: You should be ashamed.05:21
Until_It_SleepsI think when I took apart my computer to repair the power jack I forgot to reconnect the sound card...05:22
Until_It_SleepsSquareHimself: :P05:22
SquareHimselfUntil_It_Sleeps: You don't deserve sound.05:22
SquareHimselfThat's why it won't work!05:22
Jim_RaynorUntil_It_Sleeps: crappy song, kickass video05:22
Until_It_SleepsYeah, because I don't deserve sound, it won't work under all three of my operating systems 9_905:23
llanto_subterranHelp? I'm trying to compile some of the WMdockApps but i'm missing some libraries does anyone know which ones they might be ?05:23
nathanhelpphorensic: I bit05:23
leviatanhelp ubuntu.es05:23
leviatandonde lo veo05:23
leviatancomo me cambio05:24
SquareHimselfUntil_It_Sleeps: Besides... when you try to make things like Windows (like super patching and stuff)... you MUST have things break... all the time.05:24
WebcamWonder!es | leviatan05:24
ubottuleviatan: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:24
Until_It_SleepsBut I want the look of Windows, without the possible breakage. And now I have it :P :D05:24
SquareHimselfUntil_It_Sleeps: Umm.... wrong. You're using Ubuntu05:25
leviatancomo entro en el de spanish05:25
leviatanu buntu05:25
* MonicaSystem use ubuntu 8.1005:25
Until_It_SleepsExactly :P05:25
phorensicUntil_It_Sleeps: why would you want the look of windows? ick05:25
MonicaSystemthe code name Intrepid^Ibex05:25
slashzulleviatan: que necessitas?05:25
Jim_Raynorclick en el link, leviatan05:25
Until_It_SleepsBecause Windows MCE 2005 looks cool.05:26
leviatanayuda con ubuntu05:26
nathanhelpphorensic: Yeah i would like help if you can manage it. I have a WinXP box that has Grub. I had two HD's in it, then removed one. Now Grub isn't loading and is giving me error 21, and stops. the WinXP box only has Network. Anything I can do? Any tips you can give me?05:26
Until_It_SleepsAccess denied :P05:26
bamhm182I have an idea05:26
SquareHimselfnathanhelp: Should have setup grub with UUIDs for persistant block naming05:26
phorensicnathanhelp: pm me plz05:26
SquareHimselfnathanhelp: tsk tsk05:26
leviatannecesito instalar librerias de c05:26
leviatanen ubuntu05:26
llanto_subterranHelp? I'm trying to compile some of the WMdockApps to use on fluxbox but i think i'm missing some libraries does anyone know which ones they might be ?05:26
nathanhelpSquareHimself: No idea what your talking about.05:26
leviatanpero aqui todos hablan ingles05:26
SquareHimselfnathanhelp: That's your problem then05:26
SquareHimselfnathanhelp: As in, fix that.05:27
Dr_willisnathanhelp,  you do get the grub menu?05:27
bamhm182is there a temporary file location on Ubuntu05:27
WebcamWonderbamhm182: /tmp05:27
nathanhelpSquareHimself: Dont talk to me like Im dumb. Guidance is appreciated, patronising is not. :)05:27
nathanhelpDr_willis: I do not.05:27
Until_It_SleepsCould somebody who knows... whatever language this is... help leviatan here?05:27
SquareHimselfnathanhelp: I'm saying, use UUIDs for grub05:27
leviatancomo me cambio a ubuntu in spanish05:28
Jim_Raynorleviatan, escribe /j #ubuntu-es05:28
WebcamWonder!es | leviatan05:28
Dr_willisWith GRUB - some times you just have to break down and go to the grub homepage and learn how grub works. Sound like grub was installed on the OTHER hard drive.. you need to boot to live cd. and reinstall grub perhaps.  following one of the methoods in the !grub ting05:28
nathanhelpSquareHimself: I still have no Idea what your talking about. I could google, but that wont fix my current problem will it?05:28
snakeyes_que necesistas leviatan, exactamente?05:28
On0biis there anyway to turn compiz on and off?05:28
[tggrbot]anyone know how to compile c code with gcc?05:28
SquareHimselfnathanhelp: Umm... yes, it will actually.05:28
leviatanes que no se como hacer para que en un codigo en c sirva /a05:29
WebcamWonderOn0bi: System -> Preferences -> Apperence -> Visual Effects05:29
SquareHimselfnathanhelp: A quick google for the error, then setting up grub properly with persistance device naming... and you're fixed.05:29
bamhm182dang, I thought that perhaps that's where the copy of 8.10 that I had went05:29
WebcamWonder[tggrbot]: gcc <file_name>05:29
bamhm182also, wiik, songbird doesn't seem to support the Zune05:29
bamhm182either that or I'm too tired to figure it out...05:30
snakeyes_leviatan: cuenta me mas acerca de que queieres alcanzar  con tu codigo?05:30
[tggrbot]bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'05:30
WebcamWonderbamhm182: libmtp apparently does. It has an entry in brainstorm05:30
bamhm182alright, thanks05:30
bamhm182I will check it out05:30
leviatanun sonido05:30
bamhm182do you know if it syncs?05:30
kansanwhat port(s) does vncviewer operate over?  vncviewer  ?05:31
tommy_armourquestion about dual monitor and cube rotate.  The displays are separate as It rotates,  how do I make it look like one big cube?05:31
WebcamWonderbamhm182: Hardly. It came up with the google search "zune ubuntu" :)05:31
tommy_armour5800 for http:05:31
tommy_armour5900 is default port05:31
leviatanes que apenas comienzo a programar y quiero que tenga la mayor librerias posibles05:31
bamhm182that was the problem I had with songbird, apparently you could access it, but it didn't have anything past that05:31
snakeyes_me voy a buscar al ratito por un libereria que se sierve. espera....05:32
BerserkurDoes anyone know why my Ubuntu keep kernel-panic'ing randomnly? This has been going on for a long time and now I can't even make an argument to my MCSA friends anymore. Everytime I coma back to my computer now. There is a panic05:32
leviatanok grax05:32
bamhm182ah, alright, weird, I could have sworn I googled Zune ubuntu, I must have worded it differently...05:32
BerserkurAnd I don't have the known wireless chipset problem05:33
WebcamWonderbamhm182: Google is nicer with me :P05:33
tamerhi all05:33
Jim_Raynoris there any mobile phone version of Ubuntu?05:33
Jim_RaynorI want to install it on a Samsung Omnia...05:33
SquareHimselfJim_Raynor: Too bad.05:33
bamhm182"Authentication required for file transfer which does not yet work"05:34
gerber_I have 2 computer both with ubuntu, how i network this 2 together help please ?05:34
SquareHimselfJim_Raynor: Your phone couldn't handle the mass of Ubuntu05:34
BerserkurAnd i've checked my memory. That is not the problem!!05:34
bamhm182oh well05:34
bamhm182I've got more than enough music for now...05:34
Jim_Raynorok... which phone does?05:34
SquareHimselfJim_Raynor: None as far as I know05:34
bamhm182if I absolutely NEED something, I'll just use my mom's computer05:34
SquareHimselfJim_Raynor: Google for embedded linux for your phone model.05:34
gerber_I have 2 computer both with ubuntu, how i network this 2 together help please ?05:35
Jim_RaynorEMBEDDED ... that was the word that I couldn't recall05:35
bamhm182Microsoft should really allow the Zune to be a DnD device05:35
Fertechi have a second hard drive of 320gb as a slave but only see 318.7 with it's own ubuntu partition. why do i see only 218.7GB?05:36
bamhm182I mean, really, what's the worst that could happen?05:36
bamhm182sorry, going off topic05:36
gerber_I have 2 computer both with ubuntu, how i network this 2 together help please ?05:36
Berserkurgerber: How do you want to network them together? Do you want to access files?05:36
nathanhelpSorry SquareHimself. your tsk tsk sounded like ..well..patronising, when I didnt even know about UUID.05:36
gerber_yes sir05:36
SquareHimselfnathanhelp: Now you know.05:36
nathanhelpI've read up on them but dont understand much.05:36
SquareHimselfnathanhelp: It should happen by default... doesn't make sense why it isn't05:37
Fertechi have a second hard drive of 320gb as a slave but only see 318.7 with it's own ubuntu partition. why do i see only 218.7GB?05:37
gerber_so any ideas Berserkur /05:37
Fertechdoes any one know05:37
therootesthello. I have a problem with compiz fusion. I installed it and now it doesnt work! And, except for that, my windows lost their icons (minimize-maximize-exit). can someone help me, please?05:37
SquareHimselfFertech: Your question makes no sense05:37
WebcamWonderFertech: I gave you the answer about 5 hours ago, and you said you understood it and were ok with it05:38
izinucsFertech, 218 or 318?05:38
gerber_I have 2 computer both with ubuntu, how i network this 2 together help please ?05:38
SquareHimselfgerber_: samba05:38
SquareHimselfgerber_: Google is your friend.05:38
Fertechyea but 2gb is alot web05:38
gerber_saba what05:38
Berserkurgerber: Go to the folder that you want to share, right click on it and choose share. If you don't have the sharing facilities... Then follow the instructions05:38
SquareHimselfgerber_: No command for you. Google the term 'samba'05:38
Berserkurgerber: Read carfully05:38
rikkimarugerber_: samba is a file sharing program05:38
WebcamWonderFertech: Do the math yourself. 1000 B = 1 KB. And 1000 MB = GB05:39
SquareHimselfgerber_:  duryodhan  : Hi .. I am running a linux system and I want to install ubuntu 8.10 - I don't05:39
SquareHimself                        have the alternate CD -- Is there any way I can install ubuntu without having to05:39
SquareHimself                        burn the CD / usb disk ?05:39
gerber_do i has to put command ?05:39
Fertechwebcamwonder can i add this slave drive to the master05:39
gerber_I'm so new a emigrate from windows05:39
SquareHimselfgerber_:  duryodhan  : Hi .. I am running a linux system and I want to install ubuntu 8.10 - I don't05:39
rikkimarugerber_: you'll have to type several commands05:39
SquareHimself                        have the alternate CD -- Is there any way I can install ubuntu without having to05:39
SquareHimself                        burn the CD / usb disk ?05:39
FloodBot1SquareHimself: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:39
SquareHimselfgerber_: http://www.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-1841856653263547%3Aeizsrb-eis2&ie=UTF-8&sa=Search&q=samba05:39
Fertechi have two ubuntu05:39
tommy_armourI figured out my cube rotate issue, there is a setting in compizconfig-settings-manager for 'one big cube'05:40
WebcamWonderFertech: You can surely mount the drive to any arbitary path05:40
Shiiwhich version of ubuntu has the least glitchy version of pulseaudio? i'm hoping i can upgrade my way out of this Flash mess05:40
Fertechwebcamwonder how do i do that05:40
WebcamWonder!mount | Fertech05:40
ubottuFertech: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap05:40
WebcamWonder!fstab | Fertech05:41
ubottuFertech: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:41
miikshii, jaunty will have glitch-free audio... when its released in april05:41
gerber_remote desktop is easy or hard  ?05:41
Fertechok ubottu thanks05:41
miikgerber, i think easy05:41
O__ohi, when i add user using the gui, what is diff between desktop user and unprivileged ?05:41
Shiithanks miik! i guess i'll wait for that05:41
miikO__o, i think they have different permissions05:41
Shiicurrently i'm on gutsy, i know it will be discontinued soon but pulseaudio is broken for my card05:42
miikO__o, i think maybe unprevilegied cant sudo, and cant mount... not sure :S05:42
therootesthello. I have a problem with compiz fusion. I installed it and now it doesnt work! And, except for that, my windows lost their icons (minimize-maximize-exit). can someone help me, please?05:42
gerber_miik see private05:42
Shiitherootest: try running nautilus manually?05:42
izinucsShii, Ibex has better pulseaudio support05:42
therootestshii, what is nautilus and how i run it? (i am on kubuntu 8.0.4)05:42
O__oso if i want to make a guest account for other to ssh into the server i better make unprivileged profile?05:42
Shiioops! sorry05:42
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:43
therootestshii, the KWin works properly, though :)05:43
BerserkurThis is the first time I come to this channel and I can see that it is completely Useless. I'm and advanced Linux user and I can solve most of my problems myself but this is just another RTFM channel...              RTFM is not Ubuntu!!!!!05:43
tommy_armourcrossing fingers, my upgrade from hardy to ibex is about to complete05:43
tommy_armourwhat is your question Beserkur?05:43
Shiitherootest: kubuntu is different... i'm not sure what their window manager is, is anyone familiar?05:43
=== bouncing is now known as panteersman
Shiiwell, yeah... but the WM broke separately05:44
therootestshii, i have to choices for window managers: compiz or Kwin :) the first doesnt work.05:44
=== panteersman is now known as pants
Shiitry opening up a terminal and running Kwin05:44
BerserkurUbuntu is the most useful linux around, with the support of MINT but this channel is a disgrace05:44
kindofabuzzoh i see what you're saying05:44
=== pants is now known as plunked
ShiiBerserkur: your question?05:44
=== plunked is now known as cheesepeel
kindofabuzzMint ftw05:44
tommy_armourtry asking  now that you have some different peoples attention..05:44
Jim_Raynorhmmm... I just realized that I have never seen compiz tunning on KDE05:44
Jim_Raynoror better yet, running05:45
gregcha117pulseaudio is not picking up my sound device anymore but when i run alsamixer in terminal it comes up fine any ideas?05:45
therootestShii: kwin --replace worked :) now im on kwin.05:45
O__oBerserkur, #linux is better channel05:45
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes,   please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in   #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate05:45
SquareHimselfBerserkur: And Arch is a better distro, that is if you really are a more 'advanced' user.05:45
BerserkurShii: No question. I've stopped asking. I wanted to ask about the constant kernel panic but now I can see that I have more chance of solving that problem by asking Linus Torvalds while I'm drun05:45
Shiiyeah, that's kind of tough for this channel05:46
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org05:46
Shiican't exactly have kernel hackers hanging out here 24/705:46
vegombreiWebcamWonder: dude there's no application in that menu .. thats why i asked if there was a plug in05:46
Jim_Raynorplease, we all know that the superir distro is Slackware05:46
WebcamWondervegombrei: Excuse me?05:46
miikShii, yeah that would be unproductive :)05:46
tommy_armourthe superior distro is *windows 7*05:46
miiklets not bother the kernel overlords :D05:47
tritiumBerserkur: what seems to be the problem you're having with this channel?05:47
O__oslackware is hard to install back in 2002 i think05:47
Shiinot high enough support...05:47
wolterhelp, extreme tux racer giving me "X11 driver not configured with OpenGL"05:47
tritiumSquareHimself: nonsense.  Ubuntu is based on debian, and doesn't take a backseat to arch in terms of being just as useful for "advanced" users.05:47
vegombrei10:46 < WebcamWonder> vegombrei: right click on the picture and select to open in whatever program you wish05:47
izinucstritium, Berserkur gets a kernel panic but nobody's been able to help05:48
vegombreiWebcamWonder: in regard to f-spot05:48
Thurin1tritium, BLASPHEMY05:48
Thurin1tritium, Repent05:48
SquareHimselftritium: But Arch is better because of control over the system.05:48
SquareHimselftritium: And many other things05:48
Shiianyway, I want hulu.com to work quite badly, so I guess I will install 32-bit arch over this old thing, hohoho05:48
WebcamWondervegombrei: Right click on the picture itself, after you have it in the expanded window after single click05:48
tritiumSquareHimself: nonsense05:48
SquareHimselftritium: Not at all :D05:48
Thurin1SquareHimself, Speed don't forget the speed05:48
Jim_Raynormeh, why don't we all just erae the partitions and install FreeBSD?05:48
* Jim_Raynor ducks05:48
BerserkurSquareHimself: I've done all that shit. I've used slack, gentoo and the rest of them. Now I want to relax. That means... I wan't a new device to work when I bring it. Or a device to work without 10 minutes of work to get it to work... I bet you know what I mean05:48
Thurin1tritium, What are the packages for Ubuntu -i386?05:48
tritiumBerserkur: language, please05:48
Thurin1fuck i38605:48
FloodBot1Thurin1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:48
tritiumThurin1: you too, language05:49
vegombreiWebcamWonder: im doing that ... it has an option in its right click menu that says open with .. and there's nothing there .. so i figured i dont have the application05:49
Thurin1tritium, So how you lubbin i386?05:49
SquareHimselfBerserkur: Then you've never used Arch.05:49
Thurin1Been able to turn your Ubuntu's into semi Apple clones?05:49
Jim_RaynorBerserkur: buy a mac and stop whining05:49
tritiumThurin1: "lubbin"?05:49
Thurin1Have you been discussing ways to window up Ubuntuz?05:49
WebcamWondervegombrei: That is weird. I think it should pick that up by default. Although it has been some time since I used that app05:50
rahulubuntu rox...05:50
Berserkurtritium: I'm sorry if I spoke ill but the problem I have is that the people that speak in this channel are not representing the Distro in a good manner05:50
SquareHimselfBerserkur: that's because more people are here for help than to help05:50
tritiumSquareHimself: you've evidently not learned how to "control" the system via debian/ubuntu methods.05:50
SquareHimselftritium: I have, I don't like it.05:50
SquareHimselftritium: Nuff said.05:50
Thurin1tritium, God sakes .. don't compare Debian to Ubuntu05:50
tritiumSquareHimself: not liking it doesn't mean it doesn't exist05:50
Thurin1tritium, Ubuntu can run maybe a week without issue - Debian perhaps years05:50
Thurin1please spare me05:51
tritiumThurin1: they're quite related05:51
vegombreiWebcamWonder: yeah ... i loaded close to 50k pictures ... took all day for the damn thing to import .. and now all i can do is view them as thumbnails05:51
BerserkurSquareHimself: To be honest, I have not. I figured it would be kind of the same as early slackware05:51
SquareHimselfBerserkur: Not even close05:51
Thurin1tritium, Well duh - but they are not identical - go look in the Debian channel05:51
Thurin1Do you see a mountain of problems?05:51
SquareHimselfBerserkur: Better package management than ubuntu imho05:51
Thurin1why ?05:51
BerserkurSquareHimself: But ofcourse when it comes to the Kernel. It's not the same05:51
SquareHimselfBerserkur: It's easy05:51
WebcamWondervegombrei: Even though I am on gnome, I switched to kde's photo manager. It isn't horribly broken like f-spot05:51
tritiumThurin1: you exaggerate.05:51
izinucs!ot | Thurin1 tritium05:51
ubottuThurin1 tritium: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:51
nickrudThurin1, we're not here to argue. If you don't like ubuntu, don't use it.05:51
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=== lzy- is now known as lzy--
bamhm182how can I find the MAC address of my bluetooth keyboard and mouse?05:52
rootrotCan open office create a power point presentation that will open in windows? what format should it be saved under if this will work?05:52
nickrudlol tritium is off topic?!!05:52
SquareHimselfBerserkur: Always up to date with rolling release... and an up-to-date system is as simply as pacman -Syu05:52
izinucsrootrot, ys05:52
tritiumnickrud: ;)05:52
mattgyver83wastarootrot yes, save as ppt05:52
Thurin1nickrud, I don't use it - but when someone has cancer it's my duty to warn them05:52
Thurin1SquareHimself, High five?05:52
bamhm182It's on the bottom of each of them, but they're worn off, so I'm trying to find them using Ubunutu05:52
BerserkurSquareHimself: Package management is not my problem. It's the functionality. Which is really good in ubunty but!... The stability is getting me down05:52
Thurin1Berserkur, Thank you for being honest.05:52
=== redstone is now known as oneunder
SquareHimselfBerserkur: functionality is a choice of the user.05:52
BerserkurSquareHimself: I am a long time user of FreeBSD is that helps at all05:52
SquareHimselfBerserkur: Then you'd love Arch05:53
vegombreihow do i search for specific help on ubuntu  ???????? after having tried google and #ubuntu ofcourse05:53
SquareHimselfBerserkur: Give it a shot.05:53
Thurin1Berserkur, Virtual machine ;)05:53
tritiumSquareHimself: please stay on topic, or leave05:53
SquareHimselfBerserkur: Arch is what you make it, not made out of the box05:53
nickrudThurin1, I reboot for kernel upgrades. No other issues. Ran unstable/experimental for years, this is far more stable. So. Anyway, this is not a question for here05:53
SquareHimselftritium: right right, my apologies.05:53
Thurin1nickrud, My kernel is panicking in Ubuntu what do I dooz?05:53
nickrudThurin1, what did you do to it? Got any diagnostics?05:54
SquareHimselfThurin1: You're a terrible troll.05:54
Thurin1That actually did happen btw05:54
Thurin1SquareHimself, LOL05:54
tritiumThurin1: please stay on topic, or leave05:54
Thurin1nickrud, I installed Apache - and boom kernel panic upon reboot05:54
nathanhelpvegombrei: Just ask :)05:54
sandGorgonis there someway i can get 2.6.28 kernel on 8.10 - maybe some experimental repository ?05:55
miikby compiling it yourself ;)05:56
sandGorgonahh... i mean other than that...05:56
miikthink no, if nobody made a ppa05:56
sloopysandGorgon, there is an 'experimental' repo at kernel.org with all versions05:56
vegombreinathanhelp: i imported about 50000 pictures in fspot .. took all day ... i can only view them in thumbnail .. if i double click it does nothing and when i right click and goto the open-with option theres no application to open it with05:56
[OBACRON]can someone help me I am having a problem uninstalling  bacula-director-mysql I have tried apt-get remove --purge  bacula-director-mysql but it is not working is there a way to manually remove a program05:56
sandGorgonsloopy: oh... you mean i can use dpkg with that ?05:57
BerserkurSquareHimself: To be honest. I've tried so many linux distros and unices that I've seen that id doesn't really matter what you do it's all fundamentally the same unless there are some major phlilosophycal or legal differeces between the two os'es05:57
sloopysandGorgon, no, would have to roll your own05:57
izinucsvegombrei, it could be that fspot is still generating thumbs.. often they are placed in ~/.thumbnails.. if Fspot is busy it may not be able to open the full rez of the pic.05:58
SquareHimselfBerserkur: Just try Arch and thank me later. Plus, stay on topic so I don't get kicked out of here05:58
n8tuserf[OBACRON] -> how did you install it?05:58
grinnhey can anyone tell me what "[   57.715066] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task!" mean?05:59
oneunder[OBACRON]: i wish i could help you, but i cannot.   But i think the people who can are too busy arguing about inane matters of who distro is bigger.  Sorry....05:59
BerserkurArch is not my answer becouse I'm fed up with having to make everyting work by myself.05:59
tritiumSquareHimself: that's not helping06:00
tritiumHe didn't ask for arch linux help.06:00
[OBACRON]is there a way to manually remove a apt from the apt installed list06:00
SquareHimselftritium: I don't think this guy can be helped anyways, so I might as well propagate.06:00
kindofabuzztry Mint, it's what Ubuntu should be06:00
oneunderkindofabuzz: then why are you in the Ubuntu channel?06:00
phorensickindofabuzz: mint is weak06:00
tritiumSquareHimself: this is not the forum for that06:00
=== Guest28159 is now known as lance`
kindofabuzzbecause i use both06:01
nickrud!ot | all of you, please use #ubuntu-offtopic for distro comparisons06:01
ubottuall of you, please use #ubuntu-offtopic for distro comparisons: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:01
kindofabuzzand pretty much this isn't a channel about ubuntu, it's a channel for novice linux questions06:01
[OBACRON]can someone help me please06:01
WebcamWonder!anyone | [OBACRON]06:01
ubottu[OBACRON]: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:01
grinnwhat does "[   57.715066] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task!" mean?06:02
[OBACRON] I am having a problem uninstalling  bacula-director-mysql I have tried apt-get remove --purge  bacula-director-mysql but it is not working is there a way to manually remove a program06:02
nickrud[OBACRON], try running sudo apt-get -f install ; put the output on http://paste.ubuntu.com06:02
izinucs[OBACRON], did you preface your apt-get remove --purge line with sudo?06:02
tuxflavoredwafflis this the tech support channel?06:02
nickrud[OBACRON], we'll move on to backula afterwards06:02
BerserkurSquareHimself: Sorry. I'm very drunk and stoned. However... I think I'm making a valid point. I've used linux for a long time. I like all the scripts and code that Ubuntu makes to make things automated and that's why I don't thing why arch will get me going. I used to love the reading and figuring out but now I just want to relax :D06:02
[OBACRON]im running as root06:02
WebcamWondertuxflavoredwaffl: subset of tech, Ubuntu06:03
phorensic[OBACRON]: any more information, how is it not working?? error messages? etc06:03
sandGorgoni wish ubuntu would release a lightweight distro - with just office, browser and rhythmbox06:03
sloopygrinn, it is the linux equivelent of a blue screen06:03
BerserkurSquareHimself: That's why I'm so annoyed by the constant kernel panics06:03
BerserkurWhich happen while my system is idle06:03
grinnsloopy my old friend and mentor, what can i do to fix this?06:03
BerserkurAnd that's now linux!!!!06:03
[OBACRON]this is the error06:03
tuxflavoredwafflwhat torrent client is fastest in 8.04?06:04
miikidk, i use Transmission06:04
WebcamWondermy preference06:04
nickrud[OBACRON], you deleted /etc/init.d/bacula-director by hand?06:04
grinnsloopy: i've been trying to boot from disc, but for some reason i'm not getting the option to load ubuntu from the disc06:04
[OBACRON]i used06:04
[OBACRON]apt-get remove06:04
werswhat app tells me about hardware info?06:04
[OBACRON]should i do a touch and recreate it?06:05
wersi want to know the model of my webcam06:05
histo!best | tuxflavoredwaffl06:05
ubottutuxflavoredwaffl: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:05
Jim_RaynorBerserkur: what's your suggested solution to that issue?06:05
nickrud[OBACRON], that would be my first step; don't forget to make it executable.06:05
izinucswers, is it usb?06:05
wersizinucs, internal06:05
izinucswers, might be on the usb circuit.. in a terminal you could lsusb or sudo lshw06:06
histowers, lspci or lsusb06:06
tuxflavoredwafflwhat is a good p2p app?06:06
[OBACRON]i love ya man06:06
grinnsloopy: @ work?06:06
kindofabuzztuxflavoredwaffl, torrents06:06
[OBACRON]thank you06:06
nickrud[OBACRON], cool, it was simple this time :)06:07
sandGorgoni'm building something and i get "X11 headers/libs are not available". what should i install ?06:07
sloopygrinn, yeah06:07
[OBACRON]fuck man06:07
[OBACRON]im using 9.0406:07
tritium[OBACRON]: watch the language06:07
[OBACRON]EXt4 rocks06:07
FloodBot1[OBACRON]: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:07
[OBACRON]im soory06:07
kindofabuzzi heard it does06:07
wersthanks izinucs and histo :)06:07
nickrud!jaunty | [OBACRON]06:07
[OBACRON]excuse me06:07
ubottu[OBACRON]: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.06:07
izinucswers, np06:07
grinnsloopy: should i just reinstall from disc, then?06:07
gbear14275I'm having some problems getting my speakers to play at full volume06:07
[OBACRON]sorry about the cussing guys06:07
nickrud[OBACRON], don't sweat it, just don't do it ;)06:08
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware06:08
sloopygrinn, is it doing this while booting from the CD or from a previously installed and working system?\06:08
gbear14275I seem to remember when I went through a pulse audio install guide that there was a bug about PA halving the volume sometimes and some script I had to run to ensure it was configured right... anyone know about this at all?06:08
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox06:08
BerserkurJim_raynor: Well, I meant to say. "And that not Linux!!" But that's another issue. My suggestion is try and get a single bug report about the issue. Right now I feel like there are so many bug reports that the developers can't work them out06:08
wersizinucs, what does lshw mean? :)06:08
grinnsloopy, it was coming up every time i booted from a previously installed and working system06:09
izinucswers, list all hardware06:09
WebcamWonderBerserkur: Have you tried asking in ##linux, perhaps they are a bit more greared to kernel panics?06:09
sloopygrinn, i would venture to guess a corrupted kernel as most likly, but bad HD, or RAM also secondary possibilities06:09
sandGorgoni think we need a bug consolidation drive.... get everyone to take a bug, search for it on the database and merge it with another06:10
nimblerabitooh irssi is neat06:10
tritiumThurin1: there were i686 kernels in the past, but the performance gains were so minimal, that the diminishing returns for maintaining a separate variant were simply not worth the effort.06:10
grinnsloopy: i'm being led to believe it's the kernel, because i've also gotten "tried to kill init!"06:10
tritiumi386 performs so closely on modern hardware anyway, that i386 and amd64 are adequate choices06:10
BerserkurJim_ranour: And whe problem is that when intrepid was released, they thought that it was only a single wireless chipset to blame but I actually thank it's the WPA code to bame. However, I am not a coder so I can't make a significant argument in that matter but that's what I think06:10
sloopysandGorgon, and then keep mergeing them until there is only one bug left, fix that bug and bam! ubuntu is perfeckt! :')06:11
AussieGuyive found a good solution to my isp's dns problems, ive set up an ssh tunnel to my dedicated server and browsing through it, getting msn, everything else to connect to the local socks proxy which forwards everything to the dedicated server over ssh06:11
bamhm182does anyone know how to find the MAC ID of a bluetooth mouse via Ubuntu? On the internet it say type hcitool scan into the terminal, but it says "Device is not available: No such device"06:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bug106:11
[OBACRON]bacula is so broken in 9.0406:11
[OBACRON]its not funny06:11
tritiumohness: #ubuntu+1 for 9.04 discussion, please06:11
tritium[OBACRON]: ^^06:11
nickrudsloopy, there is one already: bug #106:11
sloopygrinn, hmmm if the problem manifests itself different each time then ram is a more likely the culprit...06:12
SquareHimselfwrong channel06:12
FloodBot1SquareHimself: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:12
BerserkurWebcamWonder: No I haven't. Maybe that's something I should have done... rather that being pissed at ubuntu. The thing is that ever since I started to use ubuntu I got more ignorant and more focused on the actual work I was doing on the computer06:12
WebcamWonderBerserkur: Yes, that tends to happen. The only reason why I don't go chasing after <insert any distribution here>. I spend a lot of time programming, I don't want to spend the rest of my free time tinkering with my OS all the time06:13
sloopynickrud, that is a bug... but its too complicated to be fixed yet... other things need to be fixed in ubuntu berfore that one can be closed06:13
* nickrud swears he was saying the same thing about brain bit rot and linux06:14
Alex_21Hi, my screen resolution is messed up. I can't see the screen that lets me change the resolution it is so big. I can however ssh into it from another machine06:14
Alex_21What should I do06:14
slashzulAlex_21: kill it06:15
Alex_21I have no problem editing config manually06:15
Alex_21Just tell me how06:15
gbear14275could someone help me perhaps execute the steps on this page? (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/274884) I'm not familiar with how to do this...06:15
EMPulsehey guyes06:15
BerserkurWebcamWonder: So maybe it's more upstream that I thought? But, I would think that this issue would be solved much earlier becouse of all the servers that are Linux driven06:15
EMPulsedoes anyone have any experience using TorK?06:15
sloopyAlex_21, your res is fine, its your monitor is too small (or reconfig X)06:15
BerserkurWebcamWonder: Which leads me again to the WPA to be the blame06:16
SusanIsMyNameare drivers stored on the card, like the graphics card or somewhere on the HD?06:16
BerserkurWebcamWonder: But I haven't found any bug-reports on that issue06:16
WebcamWonderBerserkur: It just might be some application creating this havoc. Again, most people here aren't kernel hackers to begin with, or even server admins06:16
tritiumSusanIsMyName: files on the hard drive06:16
grinnsloopy: i ran a memcheck earlier and nothing came up06:17
Alex_21I had it fine and then changed the resolution06:17
Alex_21Then now I can't change it back06:17
grinndamn thing ran more than 11 hours06:17
thecookieHey. I just created a netinstall ubuntu boot usb drive. When I reboot something is weird. My screen is filled with "GRUB", keeps spamming.. doesn't seem grub is loaded correctly?06:18
izinucsAlex_21, nvidia?06:18
sloopygrinn, yeah my laptop will run the memcheck for hours on end, but the ram in the machine is still bad...06:18
BerserkurWebcamWonder: Ohh, that I know for a fact. The fact that I got irriated was becouse when I came in here I saw some RTFM comments and that does not fit Ubuntu06:18
SusanIsMyNameok so if i was installing solaris and my card needs to have xorg driver then i will have to save the driver to a usb and then text install solaris and transfer the driver over and boom i have gui06:18
tritiumSusanIsMyName: no06:18
BerserkurWebcamWonder: Even the "ubuntu" (word) does not fit that06:19
QCJNhi, Launchy is the alt+f2 in linux ubuntu ? right ? http://www.launchy.net/index.html#introduction06:19
tritiumBerserkur: when did you first start having kernel panics?06:19
Alex_21Help. I am having a panic06:19
WebcamWonderBerserkur: Well, some people to get fed up after being asked questions like how to perform a recursive copy. So they reply with man cp06:19
Berserkurtritium: A few months ago06:19
thomas1978chi there, im having issues with video playback. its stutters and wants to leave the window when it gets dragged by the mouse cursor.  I have loaded: amarok, codeine, elisa media center, kmplayer and totem. the audio players work fine. but I think I am missing something somewhere. files I have played in the player/s: .avi .divx, .mp4, all get funky during playback.....helpers???06:19
Alex_21My screen res is too big06:19
grinnsloopy, without anything coming up? i've had this machine for a little over a month06:20
izinucsAlex_21, I asked if you had an nvidia card06:20
UpChuck_NorrisQCJN, alt+F2 does the same thing launchy does in most window managers/desktop environments06:20
silv3r_m00ni am looking for a clean compact professional gnome theme06:20
silv3r_m00nplese suggest a few06:20
tritiumBerserkur: which release?  Do you recall a specific event, upgrade, piece of hardware you installed that triggered it?06:20
QCJNUpChuck_Norris: thanks06:20
Berserkurtritium: At first I just thought it was the open-source ATI (radeon) xorg driver begin unstable but at the same time i Upgraded to Intrepid06:20
Alex_21No, I don't think so06:20
sloopygrinn, does it boot at all? if so try reinstalling kernel first06:20
UpChuck_NorrisNo problem06:20
SusanIsMyNametritium: why would not that work06:21
Alex_21It is a Powermac G406:21
Berserkurtritium: I've learned that fglrx has nothing to do with it. It panic's anyway06:21
tritiumSusanIsMyName: different systems altogether.06:21
doseryderNot so much of a ubuntu question but does anyone know of a pdf creator/converter program available for linux?06:21
Alex_21Yes, an online service exists06:21
grinnsloopy, i just reinstalled from liveCD ... it's currently resizing the partition ... that doesn't reformat my drive, does it?06:21
WebcamWonderdoseryder: File -> Print -> PDF Writer. Done :)06:21
izinucsAlex_21, ah... don't know much about them.. but you can sudo lshw in terminal and your vid card will be listed there.. perhaps you don't have the correct driver installed yet.06:21
grinndoseryder i think firefox has an addon for that06:21
sloopygrinn, it could...06:22
Alex_21Help, I can't see the buttons on the screen to readjust it06:22
tritiumBerserkur: So, when it first started, what had just changed?  A new kernel update?  New hardware installed?  Anything you recall?06:22
newb12345how do I create an amazon ec2 ubuntu-server image?06:22
EMPulsedoes anyone have any experience using TorK?06:22
thomas1978ctritum: get envy.06:22
doseryderWebcamWonder: you mean within Open Office(writer I should say)06:22
newb12345how do I create an amazon ec2 ubuntu-server ami image? I don't want to use an existing one. I want to create my own.06:22
UpChuck_NorrisAlex_21, you can see the window, but part of it is of the screen?06:22
Alex_21It was working fine until I messed with the res settings06:22
BerserkurWebcamWonder: That's is very true. But if the get fed up with those questions they should part the #ubuntu channel because they don't belong here anymore06:22
tritiumthomas1978c: was that for me?06:22
* izinucs talks to himself sometimes06:23
thomas1978ctritum: envy at albertmillone06:23
_2thomas1978c tisk tisk06:23
WebcamWonderdoseryder: OpenOffice as a built in PDF exporter. But there is a virtual printer installed to convert to PDF as well, hence can be used from any application06:23
sloopyizinucs, do you reply back when you do?06:23
tritiumthomas1978c: again, are you trying to tell me?  (That's not my nick)06:23
WebcamWonderBerserkur: Very true. But if that happens the signal to noise ratio here might go up exponentially :D06:23
izinucssloopy, of course :)06:23
thomas1978cenvy is a program that installs ati/nvidia drivers automatically06:23
Alex_21It is cut off partially06:24
_2!envy > thomas1978c06:24
ubottuthomas1978c, please see my private message06:24
thomas1978ctritium* sorry06:24
izinucs!envy | thomas1978c06:24
ubottuthomas1978c: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk06:24
raxialhi every106:24
sloopyizinucs, good, wouldnt want you to be lonely06:24
Berserkurtritium: Same hardware. Just a new update from hardy to intrepid. I've been a laptop user for some time now and nothing has changed. I can give you the product number if you like :D06:24
UpChuck_NorrisJust hold ALT and click the window to move it06:24
UpChuck_NorrisYou can click anywhere on the window06:24
izinucssloopy, sometimes I have my most entertaining conversations that way06:24
tritiumthomas1978c: I don't need it.  You shoudl also know that we don't recommend using envy.06:24
sloopyizinucs, yeah i know how you feel... give me a peer to conversate with...06:25
doseryderWebcamWonder, ty sir :)06:25
WebcamWonderdoseryder: No problems06:25
bamhm182does Ubuntu need a separate program to burn ISOs, or does it come with one?06:25
tritiumBerserkur: ok, so upgrade from hardy to intrepid.  Have you inspected any logs under the /var/log/ directory for clues?06:25
tritiumbamhm182: nautilus (installed by default) can burn isos.06:25
BerserkurWebcamWonder: And you're very correct aswell. However... If you are a true Linux/unix user and you want to spread the word... You have to think about what you are saying/doing!06:25
nickrudbamhm182, right click an iso, select burn06:25
izinucsbamhm182, the defacto standard is k3b.. it's in the repo's06:26
bamhm182alright, thanks06:26
WebcamWonderBerserkur: Exactly. That is why I tend to hit the close button on my IRC when I am fed up as well :)06:26
bamhm182I just need something that can burn the Ubuntu 8.10 ISO06:26
bamhm182so I think the built in one will work fine06:26
UpChuck_NorrisAlex_21, does alt+click to move the window work for you?06:26
nickrudBerserkur, WebcamWonder it's been interesting, but it's getting repetitive. Chat on -offtopic, please06:26
tritiumizinucs: that might be a true statement for kubuntu.  On ubuntu, standard is nautilus.06:26
thomas1978cthis will get your video card working.06:26
thecookieHey. I just created a netinstall ubuntu boot usb drive. When I reboot something is weird. Instead of booting up the installer, the screen screen is filled with GRUB..and keeps getting spammed with it. What does it mean?06:27
Alex_21My card was working but the stupid res I messed up06:27
tritium!envy | thomas1978c06:27
ubottuthomas1978c: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk06:27
thomas1978canyhow, can anyone help me find out what's wrong with my video playback?06:27
izinucstritium, true but I haven't had much luck with it.. I tend to throw more disk away06:27
Berserkurtritium: Yes, kern.log doesn't say anything. Dmesg is the usual and messages is normal. It's panicing to hard to write to disk I think06:27
nickrudthecookie, a mistake somewhere during the creation?06:27
WebcamWondernickrud: I would gladly wrap up the topic. I am sorry, never realized we drifted off-topic here06:27
_2tritium i think he meant that k3b is "top of the line"   and i kind of agree,  even if it's not a gtk app06:27
thomas1978cENVY WORKS06:27
tritiumizinucs: perhaps something peculiar to your hardware06:27
UpChuck_NorrisYou said you couldn't click the button to apply the resolution because it is off the screen06:27
nickrudWebcamWonder, everyone does, I get hit with the offtopic factoid  too06:28
tritiumthomas1978c: please don't recommend it here06:28
UpChuck_NorrisCan you hold ALT and click and drag the window so you can see the button?06:28
thomas1978coh, ok, I didn't know06:28
izinucstritium, maybe but it followed me even after I rebuilt the machine06:28
Berserkurtritium: The only thing I haven't tried is to make a serial connection to another computer to record messages... My IBM Thinkpad T60 doesn't have a serial connection06:28
Alex_21I can't see the button06:28
tritiumBerserkur: have you searched launchpad for bug reports for the issue you're havign?06:28
thomas1978cI thought this was ubuntu help?06:28
thecookienickrud: Maybe. I'm using an automatic tool for it06:28
tritiumizinucs: strange.06:28
Berserkurtritium: Yes06:28
UpChuck_NorrisI know you can't see it, can you move the window so you can see it?06:29
tritium_2: more featurefull, yes.  That does not mean "de facto standard", however.06:29
UpChuck_NorrisHolding the ALT key and dragging the window should move it06:29
izinucstritium, I know.. so I live with it.. I also like the looks of k3b :)06:29
tritiumizinucs: cool :)06:29
Berserkurtritium: I haven't found a solution. However... Many peoble seem to have the same problem and that's what worries me06:29
thomas1978ccan anyone help me with my video problem in here?06:29
tritiumBerserkur: what kernel are you running now?  There have been 3 updates in the past 2 days, or so.06:29
nickrudthomas1978c, it is' that's why we don't recommend envy, we've seen many issues because of it. there's a thing called Works for Me™  :)06:29
thomas1978cnickrud, I see. ty06:30
nickrudthomas1978c, what problem, what video card, etc?06:30
Alex_21It is too big. It won't move06:30
thomas1978cno, it's a codec/playback issue06:30
izinucsthomas1978c, what's up. what's happening?06:30
_2tritium true dat,   poor choice of words maybe...    i'm reminded to "never assume malus for something ignorance can explain."06:30
gwarkhi, i need to install drivers for my webcam ... how do I go about finding the "device managaer" for starters please ??06:30
UpChuck_NorrisDang, I hoped that would work06:30
thomas1978cvideo files of all types stutter06:30
Alex_21Any other ideas06:30
izinucsthomas1978c, not flash specifically?06:30
WebcamWonder!webcam | gwark06:30
ubottugwark: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:30
Berserkurtritium: I'm up to date. I aslways update straight away... Because of this problem: 2.6.27-11-generic06:31
thomas1978cizinucs, yes they flash at about half second intervals06:31
bamhm182wow... this is taking FOREVER to download06:31
UpChuck_NorrisCan you post your xorg.conf (It's located in /etc/X11/xorg.conf)?06:31
gwarkWebcamWonder, thankyou :)06:31
UpChuck_NorrisAn easy site is http://pastebin.com06:31
bamhm182last couple times it downloaded much quicker, must have chosen the wrong server this time06:31
izinucsthomas1978c, no.. I mean flash based videos.. only those or other videos too based in h.264 or avi or mpeg4 etc.. ALL of them or just flash?06:32
bamhm182could be going slower I suppose, so I should quit complaining06:32
tritiumBerserkur: no matches on launchpad at all?  Have you considered filing your own bug report?06:32
SusanIsMyNameif solaris uses xorg for gui stuff wat deos ubuntu use?06:32
Berserkurtritium: You see, I am not used to be a bleading edge user. Used to use freebsd before Ubunty came to play06:32
tritiumSusanIsMyName: Xorg as well06:32
thomas1978cizinucs: hi there, im having issues with video playback. its stutters and wants to leave the window when it gets dragged by the mouse cursor.  I have loaded: amarok, codeine, elisa media center, kmplayer and totem. the audio players work fine. but I think I am missing something somewhere. files I have played in the player/s: .avi .divx, .mp4, all get funky during playback.....helpers???06:33
_2!bug > Berserkur06:33
ubottuBerserkur, please see my private message06:33
tritiumSusanIsMyName: the word is "what", not "wat".  Try it, you'll like it.  Typing one extra character isn't that hard...06:33
tritiumBerserkur: I understand.06:33
Berserkurtritium: To be honest. I didn't even thing of filing my own bug report because I found a few that matched my exact problem but were never solved. I though I would only be adding one more drop to the sea06:34
izinucsthomas1978c, do you have any restricted video drivers installed? like nvidia or ati?06:34
tritiumBerserkur: yes, you'd not want to create a duplicate bug.  You should suscribe to the ones you found, and follow their progress.06:34
thomas1978cizinucs: ati, using ****ng06:34
tritiumthomas1978c: we don't support envyng06:35
Berserkurubottu: Sorry... reading06:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:35
Berserkurtritium: You're right. That's my bad06:35
thomas1978ctritium< I got that already06:35
tritiumBerserkur: that's ok.  What laptop do you have?06:36
izinucsthomas1978c, not saying it is and not saying it isn't but .. maybe it the latest greatest driver the ****ng installed.. or something that ****ng didn't configure correctly06:36
Berserkurtritium: IBM Thinkpad T6006:36
tritiumBerserkur: hmm, surprising.06:36
thomas1978cizinucs: it's the only thing that has worked for my ati integrated 3200hd card06:36
Berserkurtritium: Exactly06:36
thomas1978cati drivers won't do it06:36
tritiumBerserkur: have you perused http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ThinkWiki ?  This is the best resource for Thinkpad owners running linux that I can think of.06:37
izinucsthomas1978c, sort of.. might be the next release will give you better support.. I have issues with my motherboard.. I have to have pci=nomsi in the kernel line even to boot.06:37
tritiumBerserkur: and, is your firmware updated to the latest?06:38
_2thomas1978c and maybe it's a conflict between the special ubuntu tweeks and the fact that ****ng expects un-tweeked un-distroilizationed xorg/kernel/blah blah blah ....   but that's the reason that ubuntu doesn't support that script.  because it's not made specificly for ubuntu06:38
Berserkurtritium: It's not old but I'm not sure if it's the newest. Let's just say it's not factory firmware :)06:39
thomas1978cthat's lame06:39
thomas1978cI feel like a three legged dog06:39
tritiumBerserkur: I'd start by making sure it's the latest.06:39
_2thomas1978c country dog in the city ?06:39
thomas1978cI have a brand new 100 dollar rig and I can't load linux on it and have my hardware working. I don't think im asking too much.06:39
thomas1978cyeah you got it @\06:40
batcoder-7whats your guys favorite editor?06:40
simon_rhi. i had a login issue, think its a bug.  but b4 i research and report, i have two tty processes running (one console, one gui), and from the gui i cant shut down.  how can i tell which tty to kill?06:40
raxialbatcoder:  nano06:40
Alex_21I'm back and the xorg is still messed06:40
Alex_21Here is the file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111959/06:40
thomas1978cthis is a bummer06:40
thomas1978cI dumped vista completely. not like I was gonna kep it anyhow06:40
_2thomas1978c i agree,  now if your hardware maker will just listen to you, and release the code for their "propriatary" junk....06:41
thomas1978cbut it would be nice to watch a farking movie06:41
batcoder-7raxial, even for programming ?06:41
thomas1978cI know, ****suckers06:41
Berserkurtritium: Thanks, I'll try that. Maybe that's even the problem. Not company firmware and not the newest. I'll try that Idea06:41
Berserkurtritium: Thanks06:41
raxialbatcoder:  that'll teach me for just jumping in :)....no I wouldn't use nano for coding06:41
raxialjust general text editing06:42
Alex_21Hi, well, I still have a screen res that is too big06:42
_2raxial vi ?06:42
Alex_21And I can't graphically change it06:42
batcoder-7what do you guys use for programming ?06:42
thomas1978c_2 ati's website has linux support for my card supposedly. it doesn't work at all06:42
UpChuck_NorrisHave you tried running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg?"06:42
edgex-Hello- Do any of you have any suggestions as far as video editing software goes06:42
thomas1978cman I wish I knew java well enough to just write my own06:43
gwarkWebcamWonder, how do I go about finding out what kind of camera my webcam is?   its a VP_EYE brand (in windows) off ebay06:43
raxialbatcoder:  I've used Bluefish a few times...it did the job06:43
tritiumBerserkur: sure, and don't forget that thinkwiki.org resource06:43
_2thomas1978c your card is too new ?   mine is too old.  i know the plite06:43
batcoder-7you guys like Scite Or  Gedit?06:43
WebcamWondergwark: Not sure. I have 0 experience with webcams06:44
gwarkok thanks :)06:44
newb12345how can i build an amazon ami image for ubuntu 8.10 server?06:44
gwarkis there a device manager for ubuntu like as in XP  ?06:44
surjeethello  canwe  install dot net or not06:44
nickrudgwark, you could try lsusb, and google the xxxx:xxxx code06:44
thomas1978c_2 yeah its their latest and greatest creation, the integreatd card. it pulls from my system memory up to 3gb06:44
gwarkawesome Nickrud thankyou06:44
simon_rI've posted the 'w' output, if that helps http://paste.ubuntu.com/111961/06:45
thomas1978c_2 as soon as I can watch a movie, ill attack trying to load games06:45
thomas1978cis wine best for that?06:45
nickrudthomas1978c, xp is best for that06:46
thomas1978coh, btw, nexuiz and other linux fps load fine06:46
Berserkurtritium: Don't worry. I've used it many times. :) The problem is though that the "advanced windows user" is filing bug report's on "Linux" aka ubuntu these days so I find it harder to solve problems when I get stuck06:46
thomas1978cnickrud: I have an sli system for that06:46
Berserkurtritium: but thinkwiki.org it is! :)06:46
_2gwark the device manager would be the tools that list insert and remove kernel modules, namely: modprobe lsmod rmmod and insmod, that working via udev pretty much makes up the linux device management.    there may be gui tools that will call those same tools for you... idk.06:47
thomas1978cnickrud: I just wanna play with this card some06:47
tritiumBerserkur: good luck :)06:47
thomas1978cnickrud; it's a nice card. I wanna see wether linux can use it06:47
nickrudthomas1978c, I follow you: but I stopped being a gushing first adopter a long time ago. I hate anemia06:47
_2gwark also if you need information about your hardware, lshw is quite good.06:48
nickrudthomas1978c, I only got an 8800gt 6 months ago, wanted to be sure it had decent support, first06:48
Alex_21It worked, thanks06:48
tritiumthomas1978c: which card?06:48
gwark_2 thanks man   ...... 0c45:613c Microdia     was what I was searching for06:48
Alex_21Hmm, now the second issue. I just installed yesterday and can't figure out why the sound isn't working. Any ideas?06:49
thomas1978ctritium, its an ati radeon integrated 3200hd06:49
Berserkurtritium: I think you very much for actually helping me because I am really drunk. You are one of the guys that help the FSF, OSS, Ubuntu and Linux06:49
tritiumBerserkur: no problem06:50
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
_2!sound > Alex_2106:50
ubottuAlex_21, please see my private message06:50
_2Alex_21 you can start there  ^06:50
UpChuck_NorrisCool, on the sound, I don't have much experience in that area06:50
tritiumthomas1978c: that'd definitely supported already on linux06:50
thomas1978cthat's what they say06:50
UpChuck_NorrisSomeone else would probably be better help than me06:50
thomas1978cbut ****ng is all that will work for some reason06:50
thomas1978ctritium, do you know why?06:51
simon_rcould someone tell me what the cmd at the login of a 2nd terminal is to kill that terminal/session?06:51
Alex_21Thanks though for your previous assistance Chuck_Noris06:51
tritiumthomas1978c: are your desktop effects disabled?06:51
Alex_21Thanks though for your previous assistance Chuck_Norus06:51
Alex_21Thanks though for your previous assistance Chuck_Nores06:51
_2simon_r exit06:51
Berserkurtritium: Where are you from anyway? Why are you still up? :D06:52
thomas1978ctritium, no my windows are juicy06:52
thomas1978cfloppy and cool06:52
tritiumthomas1978c: that may be the problem.  Try disabling desktop effects, and see if that helps.06:52
tritiumBerserkur: I'm always up late.06:53
FloodBot1cahaya-05: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:53
simon_r2: it asks for p/wrd then says incrrt login.  I'm ctrl-alt-f1 to the terminal that I'm trying to end06:53
thomas1978ctritium, ok06:53
EMPulsehey guys06:54
EMPulsedoes anyone here use privoxy06:54
_2simon_r you can't kill a login tty.   what is the intent ?06:54
Berserkurtritium: Well, I'm always up. Even though I have to get up in the morning. Most of the time I only sleep 3-4 hours a night when I'm working06:54
Alex_21What is the command to shutdown via commandline?06:54
rdw200169Alex_21, shutdown, or init 006:54
simon_ri had a login issue, now have two ttys going. cant shutdown from gui tty (dont know which is which), so think i need to kill one of the ttys06:55
tritiumAlex_21: you need to use sudo with that.06:55
werdnumAlex_21: shutdown -h now06:55
Berserkurtritium: Kind of my biggest problem. I alwayis find something good to do when I'm going to sleep06:55
tritiumBerserkur: yep06:55
adam__whats the shell command that displays hardware again06:55
Berserkurtritium: which is probably why I'm here right now. Hahahahaha06:55
Alex_21Ok, so why won't my sound work?06:55
roy_hobbsanyone using the launchpad ppa for OOo 3?06:56
neecoalex_21: halt06:56
WebcamWonderadam__: lshw, lspci (for PCI), lsusb (for USB)06:56
_2simon_r console tty login is spawn by "init" if you kill it it respawns instantly.   tty7 is normally reserved for the gui   if you are lost in a lower tty try switching to tty7   alt+f706:56
Alex_21It is a Powermac G4 and I can't figure out why alsa says there is no sound device detected06:56
thomas1978ctritium: even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!!!!! tyvm. I feel numb for all the crap I've gone through.06:56
adam__WebcamWonder: thanks06:56
neecoroy_hobbs: yeah06:56
_2simon_r also if you need to reset the computer from a tty  try the old three fingured salute   ctrl+alt+del06:57
roy_hobbsneeco: Do you know what this partial upgrade is all about?06:57
aaroninfidelhi, can someone help me learn about "themes" in general?06:57
thomas1978cand here I was installing, uninstalling, drivers, sware06:57
Alex_21Blind squirl and blind people, ... Smiley, ... Blind_Techie munches on cashoes06:57
c0l2ehow can I add scripts for logout/shutdown ??06:57
tritiumthomas1978c: that worked?06:58
tritiumI'm glad.06:58
neecohow do I run a gnome command (one that needs a session) without running a real session?06:58
gizmo_i want to ask i cant open my subtitle in dvd player?06:58
nickrudcahaya-opr, hi06:58
simon_r2: i can switch btw. tty2 and tty7. i restarted gdb, but couldnt work in channel 0 as x was already running, so it opened in ch 1. I just want to basically retart the computer06:58
gizmo_how to handel it06:58
thomas1978calex_21: what are cashoes? walking money?06:58
gizmo_im using ubuntu06:58
rdw200169c0l2e, add script-links to the init related directories; i.e. /etc/rc*.d/06:58
aaroninfidelis anyone good with themes?06:58
cahaya-oprhai halo06:58
tritiumthomas1978c: I think he means "cashews"  ;)06:59
Alex_21hey all, I want to install a Sound Blaster card in Ubuntu Hardy. I had this working, but I am moving it from my old PC to my PPC machine. How do I install the drivers via CLI06:59
rdw200169c0l2e, for example, rc0.d is shutdown; rc6.d is reboot06:59
thomas1978cso now that I have that solved. who knows about webcams in here?06:59
NimbleRabitDoes anyone here convert videos for the iPhone in Ubuntu?  I've been trying every method on the help page and coming up with pretty substandard results.06:59
thomas1978ctritium, I got that, but I liked the spelling06:59
_2c0l2e for shutdown scripts are called from  /etc/rc0.d/  and for reboot they are called from /etc/rc6.d/06:59
tritiumthomas1978c: indeed06:59
c0l2erdw200169: hmm ok06:59
_2simon_r also if you need to reset the computer from a tty  try the old three fingured salute   ctrl+alt+del06:59
gizmo_how to find utf-8 code?06:59
gizmo_how to install it?07:00
neecoroy_hobbs: to upgrade or to not upgrade? this is the question...07:00
rdw200169c0l2e, i'm looking for a good link on this that explains it... gimme a sec.07:00
_2simon_r or: sudo init 607:00
gizmo_how to find utf-8 code?07:00
nickrudcahaya-06, hi07:00
thomas1978ctritium, for helping me out, I would be honored if you would let me add you to my contact list?07:00
Alex_21Cashoes, ... Lol, ... Walking money, ... no, ... sadly, ... Cashews07:00
simon_r2: yeah, does nothing, nor does the system>shut down icon...07:00
Berserkursimon_r: I think the simplest solution to your problem would be to type alt+F8 first but if that doesn't show anything then do a alt+F7 and then type ctrl+alt+backspace07:00
Alex_21hey all, I want to install a Sound Blaster card in Ubuntu Hardy. I had this working, but I am moving it from my old PC to my PPC machine. How do I install the drivers via CLI07:01
roy_hobbsneeco: I've got intrepid-proposed enabled.  My update manager finds a bunch of updates but says it can only do 6 of them...  I'm wondering if anyone has seen something like this and if they went ahead with the partial upgrade, or waited07:01
tritiumthomas1978c: sure, be my guest07:01
c0l2erdw200169: so I just need to rename it S01halt... to S02halt and add my script as S01myscript to let my script run first??07:01
_2simon_r there are no icons in console ttys07:01
steve_hi everybody07:01
sloopyAlex_21, probly should just work07:02
EMPulsedoes anyone know how to delete a folder07:02
EMPulsethat ubuntu won't let you deelte07:02
tritiumEMPulse: rmdir07:02
simon_rBerserker: alt-f8 tries to grab screen07:02
histoEMPulse, what folder are you trying to delete?07:02
sloopyEMPulse, rmdir , or rm -F if not empty07:02
histoEMPulse, right click on it and check the permissions07:02
simon_r2: soory, not sure what a console ttys07:02
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Alex_21Ok, I'll try it07:02
EMPulsehisto, the privoxy folder that I think is causing problems07:02
steve_someone know if it's possible to install ubuntu in the Amiga 4000?07:02
Alex_21Be back in a minute07:02
histoEMPulse, did you remove privoxy?07:02
EMPulsesloopy, cool thanks07:02
EMPulsehisto, yeah07:02
=== carmen is now known as rebel_kud
sloopysteve_, only debian supports such hardware07:03
=== rebel_kud is now known as rebel_kid
_2simon_r ctrl+alt+f1 takes you to the first console tty07:03
roy_hobbsEMPulse: fyi, it's directory... folder is a windows term07:03
EMPulseroy_hobbs, lol sorry07:03
histoEMPulse, well if its not in your home you have to use sudo most likely07:03
simon_r2: yep, and its asking for login and pwd07:03
tritiumEMPulse: don't delete files or folders that belong to packages, or you'll break those packages.  Which directory is it?07:03
simon_r2: then alt-f7 takes me to gui07:03
vertxHi all, I got this new server that has Windows 2003 Server on it. I like to resize the partition. Is there any utilities to do that through ubuntu/kubuntu?07:03
EMPulsetritium, etc/privoxy07:04
_2simon_r and you ctrl+alt+del in tty1  "first console tty" ?07:04
roy_hobbsEMPulse: don't delete that manually07:04
vertxUbuntu/Kubuntu live-cd, that is :)07:04
tritiumEMPulse: dont' delete that07:04
roy_hobbsEMPulse: did you uninstall that software through synaptec?07:04
EMPulsetritium, privoxy is causing problems and when I try reinstalling it I get "subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 privoxy". I'm hoping that clearing the directory might fix the problem07:05
rdw200169c0l2e, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto, and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InitScriptList07:05
Berserkursimon_r: Sorry, i should have said: Alt+ctrl+f8, but I think the other guys more up to the task to helping you than me.07:05
neecoroy_hobbs: Menu > System > Administration > Software Sources >> Updates >>> uncheck "Pre-released updates (intrepid-proposed)"07:05
tritiumEMPulse: what problems is it causing?07:05
thomas1978cty tritium07:05
tritiumthomas1978c: sure07:05
EMPulseroy_hobbs, yeah, I removed it with synaptic and the folder's still there07:05
roy_hobbsEMPulse: Go into Synaptic, find Privoxy, right click in and go to COMPLETE removal07:05
EMPulsetritium, privoxy(and tor) aren't working problem with TorK07:05
KemrinHI am wanting to know a command line entry to play a sound one time07:06
thomas1978ccool. im logging off and watching a movie!!!! tyvm!07:06
rdw200169c0l2e, these both have a good bit of the info you need; ask if you have any questions after referring to those; btw, it isn't mentioned, but /etc/init.d is the best place to store the *actual* scripts; you will want to read some of the simpler scripts in there to see how it works07:06
flybackdid some genius remove the floppy driver in ubuntu 8.1007:06
_2KemrinH what sound ?07:06
tritiumflyback: no07:06
roy_hobbsEMPulse: alternatively, you can do "sudo apt-get remove --purge privoxy"07:06
flybackcause I am seriously going to have a long talk with this person07:06
_2KemrinH echo -e '\a'07:06
Limitthey what up ubuntuians07:06
tritiumEMPulse: see roy_hobbs's comment above07:06
EMPulseroy_hobbs, cool thanks07:06
roy_hobbsEMPulse: you can also do "sudo apt-get autoremove --purge" to make sure there isn't anything else07:07
KemrinH_2 It's a you have mail sound, but it must be entered as a command. Will that work? echo -e /a?07:07
flybackit's telling me /dev/fd0 no suck file07:07
EMPulseroy_hobbs, ah thanks the folder is gone now\07:07
_2KemrinH that's just the normal system bell07:07
simon_r2 and berserker: thanks both.  that did it!!.07:07
tritiumflyback: is the "floppy" module loaded?07:07
roy_hobbsdirectory =P07:07
LimittSimple questions here ive already explored everything in ubuntu and it is amazingly simple07:07
tritiumEMPulse: that's because the whole package is uninstalled07:07
simon_rconstant learnin'07:07
_2KemrinH if you have a sound file you want to play,  aplay /path/to/file07:07
flybackI didn't know I had to load it manually07:08
Limittthe layout and everything is so straight forward never experienced an os like it07:08
tritiumflyback: you typically don't.  I'm asking if it is already.07:08
KemrinH_2 echo -e /a is the normal system bell. aplay /*/*/* will play a sound?07:08
roy_hobbsAre you sure you've explored everything?07:08
_2KemrinH yes07:08
rdw200169c0l2e, woot, check /etc/init.d/README. it gets you started; as does: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/#contents , in this check "System run levels and init.d scripts"07:08
_2KemrinH depending on the format of the sound file07:08
EMPulsetritium, gah this sucks, I still get the "subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 privoxy" during reinstallation. Can't believe Tor is easier to install under windows than in Linux07:08
BlackDalekanyone know how to make the firewire port work on a Dell Latitude d800 laptop?07:08
Limittwhat im worried about is I just changed to allow third party software in the software sources menu07:09
KemrinH_2 Thank you very much07:09
Limittnow i think it would be pretty crazy if it was not the way im thinking07:09
_2KemrinH welcome07:09
roy_hobbsBlackDalek: I have a D800 - i've never tried the firewire though - lemme see if it's detected for you07:09
tritiumEMPulse: it's trivial.  I suspect that other TorK, or whatever, may have installed something the tor package would overwrite, hence the error.07:09
Limittbut when it comes up with system updates in the top right menu the orange flare looking thing will that install updates from the third party section?07:09
c0l2erdw200169:  so the /etc/gdm/PostSession is only if users logout.. not shutdown or reboot right?07:09
flybackjust rebooted and confirmed the floppy is working properly07:09
=== whiterussian is now known as ozzloy
flybackso ubuntu either removed it07:10
flybackor something else is up07:10
Limittbecause it seemed i got 152 updates availible shortly after i enabled third party sources in the software sources menu07:10
tritiumflyback: I've told you it's not removed, and I asked you about the module status, and you never replied.07:10
_2flyback trouble with a floppy drive ?07:10
Limittit could have just been weird timing but im not sure07:10
tritiumEMPulse: what was the other software you mentioned, and how did you install it?07:10
EMPulsetritium, Tork is a package that installs Tor and Privoxy with a GUI. Might as well reformatt the box since everything works better under windows anyway...07:10
roy_hobbsBlackDalek: my firewire seems to be working fine... what are you trying to use with it?07:10
flybacktritium, it's rebooting so hang on07:10
flybackSTUPID CANUCK07:10
MarupaHi all...quick question.  What's the easiest way to locate a file on a drive that was very recently mounted and locate won't find it?07:10
surjeethello  can we  install dot net or not07:11
flybacksheesh you are more impatient than I am07:11
roy_hobbsEMPulse: NOOOO07:11
BlackDalekroy_hobbs, a digital video camera to capture in Kino07:11
Flannelflyback: Please follow our channel guidelines.07:11
rdw200169c0l2e, http://library.gnome.org/admin/gdm/2.24/configuration.html.en#scripting07:11
flybackthis isn't reallife either or i'd beat the hell out of you07:11
flybackbut ok07:11
_2Marupa find07:11
EMPulseroy_hobbs, lol, getting tired of having my phone not sync properly and a bunch of programs that either has craptastic alternatives in ubuntu or no alternative07:11
LimittQuick question--- does the software updates flare ... orange flare looking thing in the top right download stuff from the third party sources you can enable in th 'software sources' menu07:12
roy_hobbsBlackDalek: hmmm... you might want to google for the specific camera model and linux07:12
Marupais find case-insensitive?07:12
neecodo you know how to run a gnome command (one that needs a session) without running a real session?07:12
Limittplease help?07:13
raxialLimitt:  it should07:13
roy_hobbsMarupa: find /dir -iname "name"07:13
Limittis that a bad thing?07:13
Limitti want to be secure07:13
surjeetplease help me07:13
neecoMarupa: find /directory -name '*filename*'07:13
Maruparoy_hobbs, Thanks07:13
BlackDalekroy_hobbs, not necessary - I use the same camera with ubuntu on my desktop PC - no problems there. It is only the d800 laptop which refuses to work07:13
_2Limitt it will fetch from all sources listed in your /etc/apt/sources.list   the latest version from where ever it finds it.   there are controls that can change that07:13
raxialLimitt:  good thing....good idea to keep updated07:13
arooni_____what are those 'magic keys', and how do i use them, (the ones that let me stop everything kill problem processes)?  running ubuntu hardy?07:13
Limittand all the updates seemed to pop up shortly after I selected to enable third party sources07:13
rdw200169!ask | neeco07:13
ubottuneeco: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:13
surjeethello  can we  install dot net or not07:14
Limittwell security wise is it safe to enable the third party sources that ubuntu lists07:14
Limittthat are not enabled by default07:14
roy_hobbsBlackDalek: Silly question, but are you sure it's enabled in the BIOS?  "sudo lshw" should list your firewire device... you should check that first07:14
Limittcould there possibly be malicious third party software?07:14
arooni_____what is trackered   4603 chasetoy  39  19 30964 9.9m 2284 S   98  0.3   0:31.06 trackerd07:14
neecordw20016 / ubottu: fine, my 3rd time on irc...07:14
LimittDo I have to reinstall ubuntu now?07:15
_2Limitt yes and no.   no computer connected to any network is safe and much less the ones that can be publicly accessed.   but relatively safe   yes.07:15
LimittI mean i ticked the third party sources and just did an update all07:15
tritiumLimitt: no07:15
jtajiLimitt: the only one in there not enabled by default is the partner repo, and yes it's safe07:15
jtajiLimitt: if anything other repo is listed there, you have added it07:15
surjeethow to give permisen read and write folder07:16
BlackDalekroy_hobbs, it seems to list it in lshw.. I think07:16
_2surjeet chmod07:16
Limittright but the third party wasnt enabled by default .. couldnt anyone write apps and put it in third party07:16
raxialsurjeet:   terminal....sudo.....chmod 777 /folder07:16
Limittthanks for the help so far07:16
Limittgreat community here07:16
_2surjeet both mine and raxial's answer assume that it's a linux file system07:16
Alex_21Ok, sound now works with a new soundcard07:17
Alex_21Soundblaster Live07:17
Limittsooo if im worried about security and I just updated everything without checking what I updated should I worry that I recently enabled third party software?07:17
hednodany problems with the wireless stack in intrepid that are not in the latest intrepid repos? have a friend who is getting "packet too big" errors trying to associate with any access point using encryption.07:17
roy_hobbsLimitt: you just need to decide if you trust that particular third party07:17
Alex_21Installed in a G4 Powermac07:17
raheemAlex_21: good to hear that :)07:18
hednodfound scattered bug reports but nothing that nails it down07:18
_2Limitt that's part of the beauty of "FOSS" it's open to the whole world to critique07:18
Limittwell i just ran all the updates from the dialog that popped up in the top right corner/07:18
roy_hobbsLimitt: you're not enabling ALL third parties, just whichever repos you enable specifically07:18
Alex_21I need to stop that software update stuff on the top. I already ran Sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade07:18
Limittok so are the updates that pop in the orange box anything and everything or just ubuntu approved canotical updates07:19
_2Limitt no and no.07:19
FlannelLimitt: Its all updates for the things you have in the repositories.  If you add no third party updates, then it's all 'official' updates, but they don't all come from canonical.07:20
ushdf_hello! i am looking for help with sudo!!07:20
_2Limitt again.   have a look in /etc/apt/sources.list   you can learn alot from there.07:20
tritiumushdf_: what about it?07:20
ushdf_i am wondering how there are privileges!@!!07:20
raxialushdf:  ummm what?07:21
ushdf_how do i use sudo as root user!!07:21
tritiumushdf_: users are added to the "admin" group, which have sudo priveleges07:21
ushdf_what does that mean!07:21
tritiumushdf_: you don't.07:21
raxialushdf:  no need....you are root user07:21
ushdf_not yet!!07:21
bruenigraxial: he isn't the root user, don't lie07:21
tritiumushdf_: sudo -i07:21
neecohow do I keep the network not disconnecting at logout?07:21
ushdf_what does this have to do with awk!!!07:21
Limittok so.. http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu intrepid partner is all safe?07:21
Berserkursurjeet: Just doing chmod 777 <folder> is very wrong in many cases. Think about who you want to give access07:22
tritiumushdf_: you asked about sudo, not awk07:22
Limittit was under the third party software07:22
_2ushdf_ super user doesn't need sudo.     sudo == superuser do07:22
ushdf_i am looking to install unbutu for something enterprise privileges!!!07:22
SquareHimselfushdf_: Calm down07:22
roy_hobbsLimitt: I would consider all of the sources in the "Software Sources" GUI reasonably safe.  You just need to use your good judgment when choosing to add your own source.  I personally have added medibuntu and a ppa for openoffice.org 307:22
ushdf_please explain how this functions!!!07:22
SquareHimselfushdf_: What are you trying to do?07:22
tritiumushdf_: we just did07:22
ushdf_i am trying to user sudo to open mysql shell through a series of unix pipes!!!07:22
bruenig_2: root is the super user07:22
SquareHimselfushdf_: man chmod may contain the information you're wanting.07:22
ushdf_what is super user??07:23
Berserkursurjeet: If you don't want someone to read you files then read both chmod and chown man pages. "man chmod" and man chown" without the quotes in a terminal07:23
SquareHimselfushdf_: superman for your computer07:23
ushdf_is that when you get really good??07:23
SquareHimselfushdf_: It can do anything07:23
_2bruenig no.   superuser is uid=0 reguardless of name.07:23
tritiumushdf_: when using pipes with sudo, you often need to use the "tee" command as well.07:23
tritium!sudo | ushdf_07:23
ubottuushdf_: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)07:23
ushdf_i am looking to install interactive intercal shell!!07:23
SquareHimselfushdf_: Huh?07:23
bazhow can i know what version of a software apt-get is going to install?07:23
Berserkursurjeet: If there is something you don't understand then please ask07:23
bruenig_2: I misread your statement07:23
Limitttechnically what is the http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu intrepid partner repo listed under 'third-party software'07:23
ushdf_i cannot believe how rudely i am treated!!!07:23
SquareHimselfushdf_: http://www.google.com might be helpful07:23
nickrudbaz apt-cache policy <package>07:24
roy_hobbstritium: great tip!07:24
tritiumushdf_: you are being helped07:24
nickrudushdf_, your questions aren't very clear ....07:24
ushdf_god helps those who help themselevs!!!!!!07:24
tritiumroy_hobbs: :)07:24
roccity_wow what did i miss?07:24
SquareHimselfushdf_: Now follow that statement.07:24
LimittI mean is it software that canonical looks through first for safety then adds07:24
Alex_21Is GNash the same as Flash?07:24
ushdf_i did 'man touch!" and was vastly uncomfortable with results!!!07:24
Limittor is it software that anyone can add to and post07:24
_2bruenig one could say "the default superuser is root"   but to arbitrarily  call root superuser  would be a grave error, especially on my ssystem.07:24
baznickrud, that worked nicely, thanks07:24
Limittbe it malicious or what/07:24
ushdf_i opened the interactive intercal sudo shell and my partitioning scheme was erasive!07:25
bruenigSo I am trying to create a deb package, but I want it to be part of a group of packages, how do I do this07:25
tritiumushdf_: stay on topic07:25
SquareHimselfushdf_: What did you do?07:25
roccity_ushdf_, whats going on?07:25
Limittcome on.. security is real important to me07:25
roy_hobbsLimitt: No, they aren't open sources.07:26
ushdf_i lost all the photos of my mammogram!!07:26
_2ushdf_ you sound for ever more like an advanced uperlevel troll07:26
nickrudLimitt, if it's in an official ubuntu repo, or uses canonical as the repo (like the partner ones) they're as safe as you're gonna get07:26
UpChuck_NorrisGnash is the open source version of Adobe flash player, It works in most cases but it does not alway display flash applets 100% correctly07:26
Alex_21Ok, good07:26
Limittroy_hobbs could you be a littl more specific in what you were saying? im still a lil confused07:26
FlannelLimitt: "main" is the only component canonical personally touches the code on.07:26
UpChuck_NorrisFor general use it should work fine07:26
Alex_21Because that is all that is available for PPC07:26
roccity_ushdf you deleted them or are they in the trash07:27
SquareHimselfroccity_: I think he got the boot.07:27
LimittFlannel: could I pm you?07:27
Alex_21Thanks so much. I now have a new fully working system07:27
_2roccity_ we're late. tritium took care of him07:27
FlannelLimitt: The channel is generally a better place to ask questions.07:27
roccity_SquareHimself, so he deleted photos and wanted them back?07:27
Alex_21Also, what do I need to compile packages from source?07:27
FlannelLimitt: but, if you think its necessary, sure.07:27
Limittthis chat moves so fast and I have a couple very simple questions07:27
ammage_hi there07:28
Berserkur"What is superuser - 07:23-19 < _2> bruenig no.   superuser is uid=0 reguardless of name. _____---_____ Really bad advise/explaining if my may be critical :S07:28
roccity_SquareHimself, I also miss the good stuff :)07:28
tritium_2: He's a frequent troll.07:28
ammage_what is the command name for screenlet?07:28
_2tritium and quite proficent at times07:28
ammage_i want to install using terminal07:28
roccity_ammage_, you can try giving the full path /usr/bin/sceenlet07:28
Alex_21I need to compile gnome-globalmenu07:29
_2Berserkur why so ?07:29
Alex_21And I need a compiler and a SVN CLI program. Any suggestions?07:29
ammage_do u meat sudo apt-get install screenlet?07:29
roccity_ammage_, try aptitude search screenlets07:29
FlannelAlex_21: `sudo apt-get install subversion` will give you svn07:29
Alex_21Because I am trying to make it look like OS X07:29
roccity_and then aptitude or apt-get install07:29
Berserkur_2: Becouse to most users that doesn't mean anything. uid=0 is like uid=100007:30
rccuhey i need some help destroying my friends ubuntu system completely what is the best way to do this?07:30
nickrudAlex_21, oh, you almost got kicked :) sudo apt-get install build-essential for the compiler07:30
Berserkur_2: Completely different for the system but the same to the user07:30
Gnearccu: you're some friend...07:30
roccity_ammage_, may I ask why you want to install to from the cli07:30
roy_hobbsrccu: fire07:30
ammage_ok i get it.. its screenlets, not screenlet07:30
_2Berserkur well the fellow seemed to understand.07:30
buntulover64omg i m lik just now usin a nu bunut install an i am in luv!!11! <307:30
Berserkur_2: Well, My bad then :D07:30
ammage_roccity_: i like to use terminal07:30
Alex_21Why did I just about get kicked?07:31
buntulover64my wierless duznt wrk tho07:31
nickrudAlex_21, a joke, about looking like osx :)07:31
Alex_21And I am installing from CLI because I am blind, so Visual interfaces mean very little07:31
Alex_21And what is wrong with making it look like OS X07:32
roccity_ammage_, that's cool just asking07:32
buntulover64umm wirleess halp plz!07:32
Alex_21It can't be wrong?07:32
simulationhello memory_get_peak_usage() reachs to 9 MB while resamling 1024*768 px and 300 KB image on my shared hosting. When processing bigger images peak value reachs 100MB 200MBs is that normal do u think ?07:32
ammage_roccity_: can i set my connection auto connect to DSL?07:32
_2Alex_21 being wrong is not allowed in this channel.07:32
buntulover64i need wirelesss halp!07:32
simulationnormal memory usage is 370 KB peak is 8MB07:32
Losowskigood morning friends07:32
Gneabuntulover64: please spell correctly, this isn't #lolcats. and explain your problem if you would like help.07:32
buntulover64my wireless don work!!!11107:32
nickrudAlex_21, :)07:32
ammage_becoz when my ubuntu start, its keeping create a new connection (auth0)07:32
Gnea!ask | buntulover6407:33
ubottubuntulover64: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:33
neecohow to prevent lock-ups switching to Guest user on a Radeon based laptop? (other than using unaccellerated graphic drivers)07:33
buntulover64i thot ubuntu was supossed 2 be good 2 go form teh start? liek no problms with wierless and sutff!!07:33
Dr_willisbuntulover64,  wireless wouldbe less of a problem is the driver makers worked with linux07:34
_2i thot i saw a putty tat07:34
buntulover64Dr_willis - how duz taht halp me?07:34
edward_hey dudes lil help?07:34
rdw200169buntulover64, *most of the time* wireless works; problems come up when a wireless card's drivers are un-available or require proprietary means07:35
buntulover64Dr_willis i dont need taht crap i jus need my wierless to work!!!07:35
_2buntulover64 it would help us help you if you wrote something we could read.07:35
Gneaedward_: with?07:35
buntulover64im sorry im not good typing.07:35
Gneawell, please learn good typing.07:35
Tekumel!ask | edward_07:35
ubottuedward_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:35
buntulover64and i dont speek good englsh07:35
tritiumbuntulover64: please don't be rude, either.07:35
Gneayou look like someone who should be using windows and aol when you type that way07:35
edward_just installed intrepid 8.10 on my dell x1300/x1500 ati pc07:35
edward_cant get the special effects07:35
Dr_willisbuntulover64,  we dont need the ranting either...  you havent really said much in the way of 'facts' to help us trouble shoot the problem - that ive seen07:35
Gnea!effects | edward_07:36
ubottuedward_: Desktop Effects are supported on graphics cards that use the default Intel and ATI drivers and the restricted !NVIDIA drivers, except for the following, which are blacklisted due to stability/compatibility issues: Intel 965, ATI Rs480 and Rv350, ATI Mobility x300, x600 and x700 - Join #compiz-fusion for anything not officially supported by Ubuntu07:36
buntulover64DR_willis it just dont work!07:36
rdw200169edward_, do you have a taskbar icon telling you that restricted drivers are available?07:36
Dr_willisbuntulover64,  guess it dosent work then... sorry to hear that..07:36
buntulover64but i need halp!07:36
bruenigbuntulover64: there are channels for people who can't speak english07:36
edward_no, i believe i installed all that07:36
Gneaedward_: errr, that wasn't the right one, sorry - try System->Preferences->Appearances, then the tab on the far-right07:36
buntulover64bruenig but i can speek okay07:36
Dr_willisbuntulover64,  tell the channel the chipset, the machine, what you have tried...  and so forth07:37
buntulover64bruenig just not real good is all07:37
bruenigbuntulover64: did you instal the sudo grep yet?07:37
buntulover64dr_willis how do i do that?07:37
Dr_willisbuntulover64,   tere are other channels with different languages also.07:37
buntulover64bruenig wat is sudo greb07:37
roccity_is there a way to get a minimal install using hte server cd?07:37
Dr_willisbuntulover64,  for starters i would say read up at the !wireless factoid docs07:37
bruenigbuntulover64: it is like grep but with sudo07:37
Dr_willis!wireless | buntulover6407:37
ubottubuntulover64: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:37
aaroninfidelis it a bad idea to delete qt 4?07:37
buntulover64bruenig wat is taht?07:37
roccity_like if I do apt-get gnome will it just pull the main apps?07:37
edward_'Desktop Effects could not be enabled' when i choose 'Extra' option07:38
rdw200169roccity_, the base server install; i.e. no selected tasksel packages (like LAMP etc...) is pretty much about as 'minimal' as you can get07:38
buntulover64dr_willis i dont wannna read crap now i jus want my wierless working07:38
bruenigbuntulover64: lolwut07:38
buntulover64bruenig lolwut wat?07:38
rdw200169edward_, chances are you're not running using the ati drivers; probably vesa driver07:38
Gneaedward_: could you please pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log files?07:38
Dr_willisbuntulover64,  good luck then.. you dont know what wireless chipset you have.. that page i belive tells you how to get the information. Im not going to read it to you. Have a nice day.07:38
lstarnesaaroninfidel: many programs require it, especially ones that are part of KDE 407:38
rdw200169Gnea, thanks, i was just typing that too ;)07:39
edward_ok want me to paste here or pm?07:39
roccity_rdw200169, but what about gnome cause if I install ubuntu-desktop its gonna pull heaps down07:39
rdw200169!paste | edward_07:39
bruenigbuntulover64: I apologize for Dr_willis, he is usually helpful07:39
ubottuedward_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:39
aaroninfidellstarnes, I'm running xubuntu... so would you recommend I leave it?07:39
CrownAmbassadorMorning guys! Where can I download the Jaunty torrent? Want to use Transmission to download it. Preferably from a mirror in South Africa.07:39
jtajiroccity_: just grab the minimal cd07:39
buntulover64dr_willis i have to use consule?07:39
Dr_willisbruenig,  Yep.  when i ant get any relal info to get to the problem and have to play 20 questions.. i get grumpy07:39
buntulover64bruenig thx07:39
lstarnesaaroninfidel: you might not need it with xubuntu since xfce uses gtk, but you might have a couple programs installed that require it07:40
buntulover64bruenig can you halp em?07:40
surjeetwhat is GNOME07:40
bruenigbuntulover64: we try to create a helpful community here, but you can't keep all of the scrooges out07:40
Dr_willisbuntulover64,  yes console/text based commands will proberly be needed to trouble shoot the problem.07:40
buntulover64how do i use consule?07:40
edward_heres the first paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/111965/07:40
buntulover64i dont know about it07:40
buntulover64dir does not wrok07:40
Gneabruenig: that's really not necessary.07:40
nathanhelp(20:35:40) nathanhelp: Ok I've successfully got my Ubuntu Grub repaired. Now how do I bring it back to single boot (i.e. no menu)07:41
aaroninfidellstarnes, any idea on how I can tell what uses it?07:41
lstarnesbuntulover64: it doesn't use the same commands as windows's command prompt.  Try ls07:41
bruenigGnea: nou07:41
_2!cli > buntulover6407:41
ubottubuntulover64, please see my private message07:41
GuaranaBOMBlook at all these internet addicts up at 1:40am, and 2:40am07:41
edward_heres the 2nd07:41
_2buntulover64 an over view of commands07:41
Dr_willisGuaranaBOMB,  i work 3rd shift. its my Lunch time.07:41
buntulover64how to see private message?07:41
nathanhelpbuntulover64: It should have come up as a separate window07:42
jtajibuntulover64: really?, because dir works fine on my ubuntu install07:42
GuaranaBOMBhow can you suffice?07:42
GuaranaBOMBdialup in 2009??07:42
tritiumGuaranaBOMB: it's a world-wide channel.  It's midday in parts of the world.07:42
FloodBot1GuaranaBOMB: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:42
buntulover64ok, sum 1 told me rm -rf / --no-preserve-root and i run07:42
roccity_jtaji, the alternate doesn't have commad line system anymore07:42
buntulover64but its jus crap07:42
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!07:42
roccity_I don't think07:42
roccity_jtaji, unless there is another cd07:43
jtaji!minimal | roccity_07:43
ubotturoccity_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:43
GuaranaBOMB_2, you must get broadband07:43
GuaranaBOMBlife = better07:43
nathanhelpOk I've successfully got my Ubuntu Grub repaired. Now how do I bring it back to single boot (i.e. no menu)07:43
lstarnesaaroninfidel: for currently installed packages, try apt-cache rdepends --installed libqt4-core07:43
GuaranaBOMBgears of war 2 time now07:43
_2GuaranaBOMB nah,  i'm imune to DoS attacks.... :)07:43
rdw200169edward_, ah, lines 579-587 are your problem :(07:44
roccity_jtaji, ok didn't know bout that one sorry getting it now07:44
roccity_jtaji, ty07:44
jtajiroccity_: no prob, no reason to be sorry ;)07:44
roccity_is there a portage like system for debian?07:45
edward_fill me in07:45
roccity_I know that slack has emerde07:45
Gnearoccity_: to use bsd packages?07:45
roccity_Gnea, any07:45
_2GuaranaBOMB so how are things in ga ?07:45
Gnearoccity_: nafaik... the only portage i know is in bsd that helps linux programs work on it07:45
Dr_willisnathanhelp,  theres a menu.lst option to hide the grub menu.. but i never hide the thing07:46
Gnearoccity_: there are, however, repositories that exist that you can manually add that will provide more programs07:46
edward_rdw wtf did i do07:46
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:46
nathanhelpI dont want to hide it, I want to delete my XP entry (which was on a separate HD but no longer exists in my case).07:46
aaroninfidellstarnes, ah, its because I have skype! :P thanks a bunch!07:46
rdw200169edward_, i dunno, i'm doing a little googling07:47
raxialit's 4:20 somewhere on this planet....07:47
bazi want to give myself permission to a folder... this command doesn't seem to work: sudo chmod -rw /var/www07:47
edward_no 3d accleration available07:47
roccity_Gnea, nah I ment that compile and checked deps07:47
c0l2ein /etc/init.d/rc6.d and rc0.d ... which will run first the S01halt or my script link call S20myscript ??07:47
roccity_Gnea, it;s ok I can compile from source07:47
rwwc0l2e: S0107:47
Gneabaz: try this:  sudo chmod 775 /var/www07:47
Limittwhat repos are trustable to download from07:47
Gnearoccity_: o!07:48
aaroninfidellstarnes, just 1 more question... you seem to know a lot about linux, I'm just a basic user... what would you recommend on how to learn more about linux to become an advanced user?07:48
nathanhelpDr_willis: Sorry I dont know if you read that so I'll address it to you. I dont want to hide the menu (sorry it was by bad wording), I want to delete my XP entry (which was on a separate HD but no longer exists in my case).07:48
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)07:48
edward_my bro has an extra one07:48
surjeethi , can we install .net or not07:48
edward_cept i think it might b nvidia07:48
edward_lots of problems with nvidia cards right?07:48
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:48
Gnearoccity_: just install a few packages shown at that URL and you're set for tgz/cvs/svn/etc07:48
lstarnesaaroninfidel: I can't recall anything in particular07:48
c0l2erww: are you sure?07:49
lstarnessurjeet: you could try using mono07:49
aaroninfidellstarnes, ok, thanks again!07:49
roccity_is there a way to change deb cflags?07:49
roccity_Gnea, how do you mean?07:49
rwwc0l2e: scripts in /etc/rc#.d/ are run in increasing order, beginning with 01.07:49
bazGnea, that seemed to improve things but I still cant drag a file into the sftp session07:49
c0l2eI tried to create a S01myscript... which unmount things in my Samba server before the networkmanager stops... but the things is the S02halt i think runs first before my S01myscript07:50
Dr_willisnathanhelp,  thats even easier.. in the menu.lst file towards the end.. should be an 'entry' for it..  delete those 3 lines or so.. and it will be gone07:50
Dr_willisnathanhelp,  backyp your menu.lst of course first :) just in case07:50
nathanhelpGeneral question: package != binary?07:50
rwwnathanhelp: not necessarily, no07:50
raxialcan anyone recommend a good pen test package?07:50
rdw200169edward_, any chance you nkow what chipsets you have in your laptop?  do 8285P or E7205 Intel ring any bells?  your error is referred to in this page: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Intrepid_Installation_Guide07:50
surjeetlstarnes acctuly i wanna install .net if any case this is possible then tell me what is proccess07:50
sumonewhy ubuntu hires illiterate persons?07:51
lstarnessurjeet: sudo apt-get install mono07:51
edward_im running on desktop07:51
Gneabaz: try this then:  find /var/www -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;07:51
edward_and how would i find that out rdw07:51
_2sumone who is hired ?07:51
nathanhelpDr_willis: Thanks. :) where would i find menu.lst? (what tool would i use to find this *any* specific file?)07:51
raxialwho's hiring?07:51
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:51
Dr_willisnathanhelp,  'locate filemane'  => its in /boot/grub/  :)07:51
bazGnea, if I don't sudo I get the error: find /var/www -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;07:51
rdw200169edward_, alright, then do you know if your motherboards have either of those?  and yes, if you see that link, they refer to those chipsets causing *that particular problem* and provide the fix; i want to make sure, first, that you have one of those.  we may be able to solve this really quickly07:52
bazGnea, oops I mean: chmod: changing permissions of `/var/www': Operation not permitted07:52
nathanhelpDr_willis: Locate is a terminal command or GUI program?07:52
Dr_willisnathanhelp,  terminal command. :)07:52
Gnearoccity_: ubuntu as this nifty feature that allows you to install just a few meta-packages that will install a bunch of packages that will setup the basics for compiling things07:52
edward_let me see07:52
_2baz you'll have to sudo chmod or sudo chown   if you don't own it07:52
Gneabaz: sorry, use sudo with that07:53
Flannel!mirrors | Limitt07:53
ubottuLimitt: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Intrepid, and help keeping the servers' load low!07:53
nathanhelpDr_willis: Thanks :)07:53
Derf_theOn which channel should I ask for help with a locked-up Ubuntu desktop?07:53
sumoneso why an illiterate person is in charge of text for an official ubuntu page?07:53
surjeet answer is this in terminal Package mono has no installation candidate07:53
GneaDerf_the: here.07:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mono07:53
Dr_willisI thought Mono was installed by default as part of gnome.07:53
_2sumone what official page ?07:53
raxialDerf_the:  have you tried  ctrl-alt-backspace to reload your desktop?07:54
surjeethi friend r there07:54
_2bazhang good call.  but i think he was trying to bring attention to a mistake on the wiki maybe...   "admittedly the wrong approach"07:54
edward_having a tough time trying to figure how i find out the chipset07:55
surjeeti have used ur seggetion after then answer is this Package mono has no installation candidate07:55
rdw200169edward_, what computer/motherboard (for a homebuild computer) i can try to find it07:55
lstarnessurjeet: I saw07:55
aaroninfidelanyone use xmms2?07:55
_2edward_   chipset on what ?07:55
Dr_willis!info monodevelop07:55
ubottumonodevelop (source: monodevelop): C/C++/C#/Boo/Java/Nemerle/ILasm/ASP.NET Development Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0+dfsg-3 (intrepid), package size 3261 kB, installed size 10264 kB07:55
surjeethave any another way??????07:56
_2edward_  which lshw || sudo apt-get install lshw ;lshw | less07:57
_2edward_ generic answer to "how to find out the chip set"07:58
edward_ok put that in the terminal?07:58
lstarnessurjeet: try sudo apt-get install mono-common mono-runtime07:58
_2edward_  which lshw || sudo apt-get install lshw ;lshw | less # <<< that whole line07:58
lstarnessurjeet: you might also want to include monodevelop with that07:58
_2minus your name07:58
kriyasany one know how to transfer a file from one system to another using terminal07:58
nathanhelpWhere can i find commands for Ubuntu?07:58
prince_jammys!ssh > kriyas07:58
ubottukriyas, please see my private message07:58
_2!cli | nathanhelp07:59
ubottunathanhelp: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:59
nathanhelpthanks _207:59
edward_'should not run this program as a super user'07:59
kriyashow to learn linux commands07:59
bazhangalso !rute07:59
_2edward_ that's ok.07:59
nathanhelp_2: lol "sudo gobbledegook blah_blah -w -t -f aWkward/ComBinationOf/mixedCase/underscores_strokes/and.dots" Thats about how im feeling atm :D08:00
edward_ product: 82P965/G965 Memory Controller Hub08:00
_2bazhang rute-book is quite good,   but heavy for a beginner08:00
bazGnea, chown'ing worked... I wonder why chmod'ing didn't... linux user management is always very strange08:00
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com08:00
ackbahrHi! Is there a way to copy printer settings from one computer to another?08:01
Derf_thehanks Gnea, I have a 'desktop' that is locked -ignores mouse clicks- and will only show the wallpaper, no files are displayed. When I look at the file "desktop" using a file manager everything is still there.  The permissions are the standard 755's and this behaviour was unchanged by the upgradeing from U8.04 to U8.10.  Any hints as to how to get back to normal? [on a HP8510w]08:01
itachimy name is itachi08:02
Diehardyi see08:02
nathanhelpHello, My alias is nathanhelp.08:02
Diehardyim taking a shit as i chat with u all08:03
edward_82P965 rdw08:03
edward_thats the one i got08:03
itachinathanhelp: do you have ym ?08:03
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/download.html _2 this is one is geared more towards newer users, nathanhelp and kriyas might appreciate08:03
_2nathanhelp i know the feeling.    nathanhelp any command you see posted and don't know what it does try looking at the man page for it, to get a general idea.    example: someone says to you run   sudo chown -R $USER $HOME   # you can use thses unquoted commands to see what it would do... "man sudo"  "man chown"  "echo $USER $HOME"  the last one will simply expand the raciables so you can see what they contain.08:03
nathanhelpthanks bazhang.08:03
surjeet hi friend  answer is this Reading package lists... Done08:03
surjeetBuilding dependency tree08:03
surjeetReading state information... Done08:03
surjeetmono-common is already the newest version.08:03
surjeetmono-runtime is already the newest version.08:03
FloodBot1surjeet: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:03
surjeet0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 241 not upgraded.08:03
kj4enough of this shit-chat08:03
_2s=raciables=variables=   even08:04
nathanhelpUp until a week ago i didnt know what man was :)08:04
lstarnessurjeet: in that case, you should be able to use mono already08:04
_2got off home key there....08:04
DigitalKiwis/man was/men were08:04
itachiraxial: what ?08:04
surjeetthan how can we check ???????? please08:05
bazI am being given the following instruction "make sure that the following directories (and the files within) are writable for the webserver"... How can I determine this (thru command-line)?08:05
lstarnessurjeet: mono --version08:05
raxials'all good....reacted typed thought.....thanks :)08:05
itachiedward_: do you have ym ?08:05
_2nathanhelp yes,  i just trying to make your linux experance a little more "sensable"08:05
edward_whats ym?08:05
surjeetwhare we run mono --version08:05
lstarnessurjeet: in a terminal08:06
DigitalKiwibaz: ls -ahl lists permissions08:06
lstarnessurjeet: if that returns anything besides "command not found", then you have mono08:06
nathanhelp_2: thanks. it does help. :)08:06
itachiedward_: yahoo messenger08:06
ackbahrBy the way, I remember using something like "chmod s+u" to allow unprivileged users (i.e. my wife) to unmount for example a CDrom.... Does that ringa bell with anyone?08:06
edward_i dont08:06
edward_i have aim?08:06
raxialI'm adding all kinds of cool commands to my note file....ls -ahl....thanks DigitalKiwi08:06
itachihello, i have a problem with my Ubuntu yet08:07
aaroninfidelwhat would you rather use? rhythmbox or gxmms2?08:07
_2nathanhelp you've heard the saying "give a man a fish..."  well i'm "teaching you to fish"08:07
DigitalKiwidon't forget --color=auto -F08:07
bazDigitalKiwi, so now how can I know what *user* the webservers uses08:07
nathanhelp_2 yeah. I regularly use that phrase. I've been on and off Ubuntu for the past year. I'm starting to get the hang of simple things, but Windows is still very much a part of how i do things...08:08
itachimy ubuntu cannot sharing08:08
DigitalKiwiwhat webserver? :)08:08
_2nathanhelp understood.   rome wasn't built in a day,  it only burned in one.08:08
surjeet hi friend here i got thisMono JIT compiler version 1.9.1 (tarball)08:09
surjeetCopyright (C) 2002-2007 Novell, Inc and Contributors. www.mono-project.com08:09
surjeetTLS:           __thread08:09
surjeetGC:            Included Boehm (with typed GC)08:09
surjeetSIGSEGV:       altstack08:09
FloodBot1surjeet: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:09
lstarnessurjeet: you have mono installed08:10
surjeetok dear u r right but how can i check  my dotnet is install and where option08:11
DigitalKiwieach time someone pastes four lines it becomes six lines? =D08:11
i3danyone knows how to verify signature using M2Crypto?08:12
ubottuUnless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..08:12
Derf_theGnea Hi again , This is my first time here. Will anyone be likly to answer that question of mine now that it has disappeared off the top of the screen some minutes ago?08:12
GauntletMy ubuntu is booting in a resolution higher than my screen can have and its out of range. How can I change the default boot resolution in windows?08:12
nathanhelpI just downloaded and opened the Ubuntu pocket book. It was a Zip and it opened automatically with the archive manager. I extracted the PDF file inside to my Documents folder, where has it put the original and will it remove the original zip from my computer (i.e. temporary internet files - regular cleanup)?08:13
lstarnessurjeet: mono works differently than microsoft's implementation of .net, but mono is mostly compatible with it08:13
DigitalKiwiwhere is the factoid that makes fun of people for using factoids and thinking they are clever as a result of?08:13
_2Gauntlet you can't in windows.  boot to recovery mode and fix it08:13
edward_where do i get the latest catalyst package the link on the page is dead08:14
nathanhelpGauntlet: set it to the lowest you can then work up from there to find one that is acceptable.08:14
Gauntlet_2 I tried booting in recovery mode and it gave me a list of options, one to edit xorg as well but it didnt get to the actual desktop08:14
surjeethi friend i know but how can  i check where is option just i wann work on .net then what should i do??????????????????? please08:14
lstarnessurjeet: what option?08:15
_2Gauntlet then use a live cd,   but i doubt that you will fix it from windows,  unless you know a lot about both systems.08:15
surjeetaccuttly i wanna use this how can i run??????????????? please08:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about net08:17
lstarnessurjeet: I would suggest looking at mono's documentation08:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dotnet08:18
DigitalKiwiand chapter 42 of the st martins guide to writing, it is all about commas08:18
* _2 either ubottu08:18
Limitti want to install gtk-gnutella and it shows up in 'add/remove' but not 'symantic08:18
bazhow do i give the user *www-data* access/permission to folder */tmp*08:18
edward_what are the apps that run the best in wine?08:18
surjeetwhare is this mono'documenation08:18
lstarnessurjeet: you can access the manual page for mono's interpreter/compiler using the command man mono08:18
Limittis there a reason for that or am i doing something wrong in synaptic08:18
_2baz everyone has access to /tmp08:19
phorensicwhats up f000000s!08:19
neecohow to change desktop background?08:19
Limittcould someone help me with 1 package on what would you do so I can know what to do for future packages08:19
surjeetwhare we i will run this cammand08:19
DigitalKiwiis it still right click > change background?08:19
lstarnessurjeet: like all other commands, you run it in the terminal08:19
_2baz make sure that /tmp is mode 1777 == rwxrwxrwt08:19
LimittI want to install GTK-Gnutella .. It shows up in 'add/remove' but not synaptic... Why is this?08:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smile08:20
phorensicneeco: you could do preferences-appearance .. add image that way08:20
baz_2, how can i specify that its for www-data08:20
neecoI mean dynamically, as in running an animation as a wallpaper?08:20
DigitalKiwimplayer has a -root something08:21
LimittI read all the documentation on packages08:21
prince_jammysLimitt: i don't see why it wouldn't show up in synaptic08:22
Limitttry it08:22
Limittit will show up in add/remove08:22
_2baz ok.  maybe we are not communicating here.   permission "drwxrwxrwt" is a sticky dir.  everyone can created dirs/files in it and the person that creates them will own them,  that's how it works.     you don't want the permissions on /tmp to be anything other than   rwxrwxrwt08:22
prince_jammysLimitt: i don't have synaptic08:22
Limittand not synaptic08:22
prince_jammysLimitt: so why not use add/remove then?08:22
neecoDigitalKiwi: thx08:23
Limittjust want to know why08:23
phorensicprince_jammys: add/remove vs. synaptic? aren't they the same?08:23
prince_jammysphorensic: no08:23
_2baz if you have an error message that is puzzeling you.  post it here.08:23
Limittsynaptic is the advanced package manager08:23
Dr_willisOne is streamlined.08:23
Limittyou can pick which version to install .. and have more options08:23
phorensicwhere would you find add/remove then?08:23
Limitti just read all that mumbo jumbo in the documentation08:23
e-frameyea where?08:23
DigitalKiwineeco: yw08:23
Dr_willisadd/remove is in the main program/menu. its a  'package-manager-light;' tool :) i perfer the real synaptic.. or the termianl08:24
Limittyou go to the ubuntu start menu08:24
Limittand its add remove08:24
e-framein m*****t w*****s :D08:24
Limittwhy would an app be in add remove and not synaptic08:24
Limitti have not added any repos at all that were not built in and tickable08:24
baz_2, your explanation made sense, I didn't know how that works... so what does the owner matter in a case like that08:24
Dr_willisI would guess. that the user has some fliters set up in synaptic..or is using it wrong08:24
prince_jammysthat would be my guess too08:24
phorensici still dont see add/remove08:25
edward_why cant i edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf via terminal?08:25
e-framei thought add/remove is just a categorized version of synaptic :D08:25
prince_jammysedward_: probably because you're not editing as admin user08:25
Dr_willisedward_,  you need to edit it as the root user. with  the proper 'sudo' type command08:25
_2baz the owner of /tmp should be root (superuser) only because you don't want someone changing /tmp itself.08:25
surjeethi friend i got a long meter but am  unable to understend this08:26
edward_i thought my 1st and only account was admin user?08:26
Limittheh you were right willis08:26
Limitti used quick search which didnt work08:26
Limittthe search beside it worked08:26
Limittand took slightly longer08:26
Limittkinna weird but ok08:26
edward_ok nvm08:26
edward_i get it08:26
edward_just typed in pw08:26
phorensicDr_willis: I still dont see the add/remove program?08:26
Limitthit the start menu08:26
baz_2, is it possible in linux to define access on a per user basis? For example if only a specific 5 people were allowed to write to a certain folder...08:26
neecoDigitalKiwi: tried with -root but it doesn't work (as on other wm), no compositing used here, metacity issue?08:26
Limittthen scroll all the way to the bottom08:27
Dr_willisphorensic,  i just use the command line and be done with it..08:27
Limittthe add/remove is right there08:27
Limittor at least on miine08:27
nathanhelpcan someone please test my settings by using my name?08:27
DigitalKiwiroot as in -rootwin ?08:27
Limittfrom what i read i would use snaptic though08:27
Limittits more advanced08:27
neecobaz: acl, as in getfacl/setfacl08:27
Limittubuntu documentation says so..08:28
Spark_rd2please how can I perform sniffing with ethercap-ng?08:28
Limittheck if i were you id read it.. it only took me 3-4 minutes to glance though it08:28
Dr_willis'add/remove' was put in - to apease the 'ex-windows crowd' :) heh..08:28
neecoDigitalKiwi: xscreensaver(s) only accept -root08:28
Limittthe installing packages section08:28
_2baz yes. using group permissions   if a group has write permission anyone in that group can write there.08:28
prince_jammysSpark_rd2: read the manual or find a tutorial on the web08:28
* DigitalKiwi was talking about mplayer08:28
phorensicDr_willis: I usually do to thats why i was wondering. Also it appears as if my add/remove list does not recognize some of the programs that I have installed as being installed08:28
Dr_willisLearn to use SYnaptic - is alli can say.. and read up on how to instasll packaes in the terminal08:28
abmodiHi .. need some help regarding a corrupted ubuntu fs ..08:28
DigitalKiwiI didn't know we were talking about xscreensaver08:29
Dr_willisphorensic,  add/remove only shows a select set of apps I recall..08:29
Limittit used the adding the official debian etchy repo as an example08:29
Limittis that a good idea to add that08:29
surjeethi friend i got a long meter but am  unable to understend this08:29
Limitti know its not supported and all but for the most part does it work?08:29
Dr_willisLimitt,  using debian stuff in ubuntu - can break things badly08:29
phorensicDr_willis: True, but I have for example enigmail installed and it doesn't show that according to add/remove... I would say dont use add/remove.. is for the gays08:29
Limittwhat i meant to say was *officially supported08:29
abmodibasically ran fsck using gparted usb disk .. lot of issues which I asked fsck to fix ... but there is a kernel panic - trying to kill init08:29
nathanhelpprince_jammys: And once more please08:30
neecoDigitalKiwi: misundestanding, thx anyway, didn't know that! ;)08:30
Limittisnt ubuntu based on debian for the most part though?08:30
abmodialso .. /etc is hosed08:30
_2baz i default all new users to be part of the "users" group  that lets me control access to documents via that group   anyone that behaves badly gets pulled from the "users" group08:30
baz_2, but how would u allow everyone to read but only 5 people to write if you can only associate 1 group08:30
abmodiit completely disappeared, and is replaced by a different *file* :(08:30
Dr_willisLimitt,   based on.. :) in much the same way that...er....   a   Race car  is based on a Model T . ;)08:30
Limittjust strange that thats the third party repository it used as an example kinna like it was a suggestion but they also had a 'dont use it if you want support from us kinna thing too so yeh i dunno08:30
Limittnice way to look at it08:31
=== vizpal is now known as BarBoZ
Limittor a use at your own risk... linux is so nice once you get used to it08:31
neecoDigitalKiwi: tried, it doesn't work either, same problem here?08:31
abmodiany help please ?08:32
DigitalKiwiit strikes me that if the person used the cli package manager they would have stuff installed by now (it's a lot easier to explain text than actions...)08:32
edward_dr_willis, how do i log in to edit this file08:32
_2baz   sudo mkdir -pm 775 /blah/example ;chown :users /blah/example  # anyone in "users" can read and write to /blah/example/  while anyone not in "users" other than superuser (root)  can only read there.08:32
DigitalKiwineeco: no clue :)08:32
abmodihow do I recreate a bare-minimum /etc ?08:33
edward_how can i edit my xorg.conf guys?08:33
edward_how do i log onto admin.08:33
prince_jammysedward_: gksudo /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:33
prince_jammysedward_: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:33
neecoDigitalKiwi: does it work on your? what wm? ubuntu version?08:33
DigitalKiwiabmodi: man rm08:33
phorensicedward_: gksudo gedit /etc/Xqq/xorg.conf08:33
_2baz what we are discussing is the basic foundation of linux security08:33
prince_jammysedward_: the second one i typed08:34
phorensicedward_: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:34
phorensicprince_jammys: bah yw08:34
abmodirm ?08:34
Limitthow nervous should i be about installing something from universe?08:35
prince_jammysLimitt: not very08:35
DigitalKiwiyou wanted a minimal /etc...08:35
_2baz if you would like to learn far more than i can possably mention here   sudo apt-get install rute-book  # and start reading.08:35
phorensicedward_: If you are in a terminal or console you want to use a console type editor so say sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:35
Limittok so universe is premoderated or just put on and reported if its bad08:35
abmodiyeah..one that can be used to boot ubuntu again :)08:36
DigitalKiwineeco: awesome wm, and I don't know if it works for me or not >.>08:36
baz_2, yeah you're right. will the install pop up as an app in my menu08:36
DigitalKiwigrr, bruenig left08:36
Limittwhat i meant was are universe files prescreened or are they active from the moment the developer adds them08:36
DigitalKiwihe has experience with restoring etc folders08:36
_2baz ummm not sure.   but  dpkg -L rute-book    will list all it installs.08:37
DigitalKiwihe kind of rm... /* it once08:37
Limittand how thorough are they screened for malicious intent08:37
Limitti mean i never hear about malware much on linux so im guessing im fine08:37
* MoLE_ is away: I'm busy08:37
prince_jammysLimitt: don't worry about it. gtk-gnutella has been around for a long time08:37
_2/usr/share/doc/   is a good place to find gobs of information on your software08:37
syntax\i just got a new gfx card, inno3d fx5500. currently i have mx4000 installed. would it work right away if i plugged the fx5500? im running on ubuntu 8.1008:37
* DigitalKiwi off to run viruses in wine08:37
Limittbut for other things in universe08:37
prince_jammysLimitt: the worst you'll stumble into is a bug08:38
Limitti want to be taught to fish : )08:38
Limittthanks everyone08:38
Limittthis beats the crap out of opensuse08:38
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines08:39
prison_breaki wanna play this game but i can't any clue?http://games.tagged.com/multi.htm?refid=08:39
_2Limitt heh.08:39
* nathanhelp throws a net at Limitt: Here yah go son.08:39
abmodi is there any way to reinstall /etc directory if it gor deleted ?08:41
prison_breaki mean the 9 pool ball08:41
DigitalKiwiabmodi: hold08:41
prince_jammysabmodi: you deleted the whole /etc dir?08:41
Limittwould you guys recommend compiz or am i already using it if I can do the windows key E thing08:42
abmodiI didn't .. the filesystem got screwed .. and then after fsck ..it has disappeared08:42
DigitalKiwihttp://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=60984 abmodi08:42
prison_breakcryft remover it's a piece of c......08:42
_2abmodi lol,   not really.    get ready for a reload.08:42
abmodicoulnd  not find it in lost and found ..it has been replaced by a file08:42
DigitalKiwi_2 fails08:42
phorensicLimitt: compiz comes with ubuntu but not all modules are selected08:42
Limitti mean I want stable and all but im not sure if its compiz giving me these 3d effects when I hit  'Shift + Alt + Up"08:43
abmodithanks DigitalKiwi .. will go through the link ..08:43
DigitalKiwihope it works >.>08:43
DigitalKiwithough you'll need to do some bash foo...ubuntu doesn't have pacman08:43
phorensicLimitt: you have 3d accelerating turned on??? you also should look into installing  ccsm (compiz config settings manager)08:43
Limittso " shift + alt + up ' and ' windows key + e'  are compiz features?08:43
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Quack[stinkpad]compiz is pretty cool08:44
nathanhelpWhat would be a good test in ubuntu for my graphics card?08:44
Quack[stinkpad]just try it08:44
Limittyeh the commands work that i just typed in08:44
Quack[stinkpad]if you don't like it, uninstall it08:44
HardeWhat do I need to write on fstab to automount this? /dev/sdb on /media/disk type ext3 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal)08:44
nathanhelpI want to push it to see how much it can cope with.08:44
DigitalKiwiglxgears nathanhelp ?08:44
prison_breakdoes anybody know why i cannot play 9 p00l ball here? http://games.tagged.com/multi.htm?refid=08:44
DigitalKiwicompiz is meh08:44
ubottuTo display the FPS in glxgears, run 'glxgears' in a terminal.08:44
_2DigitalKiwi you advising him to try to undelete the dir ?     that's not reinstalling /etc      but he might "recover" it  yeah.08:44
Quack[stinkpad]it's cool looking, but the cube thing loses its novelty eventually08:45
phorensicQuack[stinkpad]: yes it sure does08:45
amischiknow what doing08:45
amischichecking MathFonts_TrueType_41.exe08:45
amischiDownloaded file looks corrupted!08:45
amischidpkg: errore processando ttf-mathematica4.1 (--configure):08:45
amischi il sottoprocesso post-installation script ha restituito un codice di errore 108:45
amischidpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Asserzione 'dependtry <= 4' fallita.08:45
FloodBot1amischi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:45
Limittis there a way to get it to just snap and not animate out when you do the shift alt up thing08:45
DigitalKiwithe link I sent was of someone who deleted /etc so yeah >.>08:45
aaroninfidelhow can I check which sound daemon I'm using?08:45
Quack[stinkpad]you can always shift+alt side for extra desktop08:45
Limittdoesnt work for me08:46
prince_jammysLimitt: run ccsm and you can configure everything08:46
=== Gary_ is now known as Gary
DigitalKiwiyou kids and your spinning cubes08:46
_2DigitalKiwi yes  but his question was "<abmodi>  is there any way to reinstall /etc directory..."    so my answer was not about unteleting it.  he didn't ask that.08:46
prince_jammysyou can't "reinstall" /etc08:46
prison_breakdoes anybody know why i cannot play 9 p00l ball here? http://games.tagged.com/multi.htm?refid=08:46
Limitteh dont have ccsm yet08:46
amischican i try again08:46
Limitti guess ill install it08:46
abmodiI did not delete .. so I cannot undelete ..08:46
Limittso it cant hurt to install it since im already using it eh?08:47
Quack[stinkpad]just install it!08:47
Quack[stinkpad]it'll be cool08:47
abmodireinstall .. prince_jammy says it not an option ..08:47
Algorithm_42hello all08:47
Quack[stinkpad]make sure that you turn on the rotating cube. cause i enabled cube and didn't know why it wouldn't work08:47
Quack[stinkpad]i had to enable the rotating08:47
abmodiwould copying  a subset of files from the install cd help ? just enough to hace the kernel boot up ?08:48
nathanhelpis 1814.804 FPS good?08:48
DigitalKiwiguys, as non-trollishly is as possible I ask, what is better about ubuntu than say fedora or another distro? :/08:48
nonix4How do I defend against an ongoing MITM? So far dns spoof detected, arp spoofing & port-stealing suspected.08:48
DigitalKiwior is this not the place for my inquiry :(08:48
prince_jammysDigitalKiwi: #ubuntu-offtopic probably, or the web08:48
Limittis it simple-ccsm?08:49
_2DigitalKiwi probably #ubuntu-offtopic would be better.08:49
neecoquestion for the Ops: can't a script on @ubuntu08:49
Limittor is that somethin diff08:49
Quack[stinkpad]i think it's just ccsm08:49
Quack[stinkpad]it's the compiz config settings manager or something08:49
_2DigitalKiwi but in short, the support is one thing.08:49
syntax\i just got a new gfx card, inno3d fx5500. currently i have mx4000 installed. would it work right away if i plugged the fx5500? im running on ubuntu 8.1008:49
Quack[stinkpad]are you checking in synaptic or wut08:49
DigitalKiwisupport from irc/forums or something i am not aware of?08:49
prison_breakdoes anybody know why i cannot play 9 p00l ball here? http://games.tagged.com/multi.htm?refid=08:50
neecoquestion for the Ops: can't a script on #ubuntu change 's\/*rm/RM/g' before kicking/banning som1 when posting about removing roots?08:50
_2DigitalKiwi all of the above, total user base08:50
prison_breakany ewuivalent program like shockwave?08:50
amischichecking MathFonts_TrueType_41.exe08:50
amischiDownloaded file looks corrupted!08:50
amischidpkg: errore processando ttf-mathematica4.1 (--configure):08:50
amischi il sottoprocesso post-installation script ha restituito un codice di errore 108:50
amischidpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Asserzione 'dependtry <= 4' fallita.08:50
FloodBot1amischi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:50
prince_jammysamischi: stop that08:50
lstarnesneeco: ops cannot edit what other users have already said08:50
Limittjust got it thanks08:51
Limittwhat are some of your favorite effects?08:51
amischii must just write?08:51
prince_jammys!paste > amischi08:51
ubottuamischi, please see my private message08:51
prince_jammys!it > amischi08:51
=== sauvin is now known as changez
=== changez is now known as Sauvin
neecowhat about saying that in order to write about the del command 1 _has_ to use all capitals?08:52
lstarnesneeco: that would likely confuse users08:52
prince_jammysneeco: what?08:52
_2neeco i'm not an op but i will venture to explain that the best that could be achieved there would be to have a bot repost what was said with a correction and maybe an explaination appended.08:53
server_Alloha people08:53
server_how can i install the good old xmms?08:53
prince_jammysserver_: use audacious. xmms is history08:53
server_because it looks like the xmms is gone...08:53
edwardhow can i access restricted drivers manager08:54
Dr_willisserver_,  use the source.. if you MUST...08:54
server_ok cool tnx08:54
phorensicserver_: but08:54
edwardguess i didnt install properly08:54
neecolstarnes: yes but newbies would avoid trashing disks and know the terrible powers of root (the user)08:54
prince_jammysserver_: audacious is pretty much xmms08:54
phorensicserver_: look at audacious08:54
DigitalKiwiso wait, saying rm -rf (something) can get me auto banned?08:54
server_tnx phorensic08:54
phorensicserver_: agree with prince_jammys08:54
DigitalKiwiwhen something is like / ?08:54
prince_jammysDigitalKiwi: if something happens to be '/'08:54
_2neeco so their policy of non-tolerance of malicous code is a decision that they have the right to enforce.  if you want to discuss it with them you should peobably /join #ubuntu-ops08:54
prince_jammysDigitalKiwi: does that come as a shock?08:54
Dr_willisHeh - i got auto-kicked once because i told someone my  D C C Send Was Not working. :)08:54
neeco_2: would such a bot be expensive (as in resource needed) to run?08:54
bullgard4Why do I have 2 almost identical directories with contents on my Ubuntu 8.04.2 computers: /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.24/Documentation/ and /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.24/Documentation/ ?08:55
DigitalKiwiprince_jammys: a bit08:55
neeco_2: fine (#ubuntu-ops)08:55
_2neeco ask them.    personally i think FloodBot# could be used.08:55
prince_jammysDigitalKiwi: it's a help channel. that command is usually not too helpful08:55
Dr_willisbullgard4,  you sure they are not the same? could be one is a link to the other.08:55
DigitalKiwibut just cause it gets said doesn't mean it was telling someone to do it :/08:55
prison_breakshocwave for ubuntu>?08:56
_2neeco or even ubottu08:56
DigitalKiwiin fact it could be someone saying "make sure not to rm -..."08:56
prince_jammysDigitalKiwi: yeah, yeah. you get the idea though.08:56
prince_jammysDigitalKiwi: ha08:56
prince_jammysDigitalKiwi: and by the way, make sure not to shoot yourself in the head like this: .... ?08:56
DigitalKiwidude I can totally think of instances i would say that to someone08:56
prince_jammysDigitalKiwi: yeah, but they have no tolerance for that here08:56
_2DigitalKiwi indeed.  but again that's a discussion for #ubuntu-ops08:56
bullgard4Dr_willis: I am sure. They are not identical. And now please answer the question that I have put.08:56
server_yes audacious is the bomb08:57
server_this is what i was looking for :)08:57
server_tnx all08:57
DigitalKiwimpd + ncmpcpp > audacious08:57
Dr_willisbullgard4,  no idea then..08:57
prison_breakwhy there isn't shockwave for linux08:57
Dr_willisBecause the shockwave maker wont port it?08:58
prince_jammysbullgard4: probably because whoever wrote that package wanted to make sure the docs are available in different places, for different distros08:58
_2blame linux that there is no .* for linux ....    like saying blame the starving child for not having enough food to survive.08:58
DigitalKiwithe starving child should get a job08:59
_2DigitalKiwi exactly  and when he turns three if he survives until then i'm make sure he does.09:00
phorensicEspecially when you consider linux is a kernel, not the applications that sit on top of it..09:00
nathanhelpprison_break: There is sort of...but you need to enable things that are not out-of-the-box from an Ubuntu install.09:01
DigitalKiwiwhen I was his age I worked 16 hour days and made .10 an hour!09:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about medubuntu09:01
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org09:01
prison_breaknathanhelp so what can i do?09:01
prison_breakis this safe?09:01
nathanhelpprison_break: Go there and do a search up on what to do for flash stuff. Yes it is safe.09:01
nathanhelpas far as I know (im a fair recent convert)09:02
_2DigitalKiwi and had to walk 8 miles up hill both ways   i guess.....09:02
DigitalKiwiwith no shoes09:03
nathanhelpprison_break:   Just read up on it and install what you are comfortable with / allowed to / want to/ etc.09:03
DigitalKiwibut it was level surface, I won't exaggerate that much09:03
prison_breakis there any problem if i install adobe flash player for ubuntu 8.04 because i have 8.1009:04
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash09:04
kane77sometimes my hdd drives don't get mounted when I boot.. I found this in dmesg: "FAT: bogus number of reserved sectors" and this: "VFS: Can't find a valid FAT filesystem on dev sda1" What is happening?09:04
DigitalKiwi!google forums09:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about google forums09:05
DigitalKiwidid you know that the first google result for "forums" is ubuntuforums? feel proud09:05
toehioWhen I boot the ubuntu (I tried 7.04 and 8.1) live CD, it hangs when it gets to "starting hald". I used to boot it on my computer but that was before upgrading my graphics to a GeForce 9600 GT. How do I get it too boot and install it?09:05
DigitalKiwior ashamed09:06
DigitalKiwiI'm not sure which :(09:06
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=== bocaneri is now known as Sauvin
bullgard4prince_jammys: hm. Waste of ressources.09:07
prison_breakhow can i add the firefox plugin directory to the search line in opera preferences?09:07
prince_jammysbullgard4: i'm sure they're very small text files, or zipped archives09:07
=== Sauvin is now known as bocaneri
=== bocaneri is now known as Sauvin
bullgard4prince_jammys: du tells me that they comprise 11.4 MB. I do not call this "small".09:09
toehioHow do I boot the live cd in alternate install mode (no GUI)?09:10
prince_jammysbullgard4: i don't believe that09:10
nathanhelpprison_break: Sorry i was on a different desktop09:10
prince_jammysbullgard4: what's the name of the directory?09:10
prison_breakok tell me nathanhelp09:10
jtajibullgard4: if you install linux-source then you do not need linux-doc... linux-source has the documentation in it's normal place, and linux-doc has it in /usr/doc for people who don't need the source09:10
_2toehio the live CD you can't  the live DVD you can.09:11
jtajibullgard4: so the solutio is aptitude remove linux-doc ;)09:11
prison_breaki installed flash player but it's not for games i forgot that09:11
Dr_willisI lay flash games all the time09:11
Dr_willisplay :)09:11
nathanhelpSo what are yo uactually trying to solve prison_break?09:12
toehio_2: oh, thank you09:12
_2Dr_willis i hope the wife didn't see that typo09:12
prison_breakto play games with any plugin like shockwave09:12
toehio_2: Where can I get help with installing ubuntu on my computer?09:12
Dr_willis_2,  i keep 'those' flash games on the thumbdrive :)09:12
_2toehio here09:12
bullgard4jtaji: I did not understand your sentence: "for people who don't need the source." Please elaborate.09:13
jtajibullgard4: if you don't need the kernel source, and just want to read the docs09:13
kj4toehio, have you started the install yet?09:13
toehio_2: I have it installed on one partition but when it boots it hangs on "starting hald"09:13
nathanhelpprison_break: If you install the latest flash drivers as per !flash and !medibuntu You'll be able to play flash games. "Any plugin" might be a little more difficult as some things differ from Windows to Linux.09:13
toehiokj4: The only way I can use it is in recovery mode09:14
nathanhelp!flash > prison_break09:14
ubottuprison_break, please see my private message09:14
Gautamplease tell me what is the command to remove all the previous command from terminal ?09:14
nathanhelp!medibuntu > prison_break09:14
guybrushHello everybody. I need some help compiling a custom kernel with apparmor patches applied09:14
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org09:14
lstarnesGautam: maybe history -c09:15
kj4toehio, does the machine boot the liveCD to a desktop OK?09:15
Dr_willisGautam,  if you mean the bash history  - its the bash built in histroy command with the -c option09:15
prison_breaknathanhelp i have installed medibuntu dependency09:15
prison_breakso what can i do09:15
edgyHi, I used usb-creator to create a live usb disk but it doesn't boot?!09:15
nathanhelpprison_break: Are yo ustill unable to play flash games?09:15
toehiokj4: I can boot the liveCD on my laptop and used to boot it on this desktop until i got a GeForce 9600GT09:15
Dr_willisedgy,  once on my thumbdrive i had to rerun syslinux  and tellit to make the thumbdrive bootable.09:15
nathanhelpprison_break: Have you restarted since installing the flash?09:16
toehiokj4: I installed it with the alternate cd09:16
bullgard4jtaji: Ok. --  You say: "linux-source has the documentation in it's normal place." What is its normal place?09:16
prison_breaki just installed a flash player with wine how can i delete it?09:16
kj4you installed with alternate, because the live wouldn't boot?09:16
toehiokj4: yes09:16
_2app iftop lies09:16
Gautamyes it is history -c...thank you09:16
edgyDr_willis: can you point me to docs regarding this? I thought usb-creator would make it bootable09:16
edwardhey can i have some1's sources list?09:16
GauntletI just changed the resolution in ubuntu and it went out of range and I cant see anything. I'm running on windows atm. How can I revert ubuntu to its default resolution?09:16
nathanhelpprison_break: ok lets back track a little. Are you trying to install flash into windows or ubuntu?09:16
toehiokj4: But I can't get the graphics to work properly once i have booted in recovery and started the hald daemon manually09:16
prison_breakubuntu dude09:17
Dr_willisedgy,  its supposed to - but sme times has issues..  check the syslinux homepage/docs/ manpages.. its not too hard to figure out. and yes..its a cli command09:17
GautamWhat is bash09:17
toehiokj4: once I start GDM the whole screen is white and i can barely see the mouse09:17
nathanhelpprison_break: So why did you mention wine?09:17
lstarnesGautam: it is the default shell used in the terminal09:17
Quack[stinkpad]hey is it possible to wget a web directory of pdf files?09:17
prince_jammysGautam: your shell is bash. it interprets the stuff you type in the command line09:17
jtajibullgard4: I should have said it's in the kernel tarball along with the source09:17
_2borne again shell09:17
prison_breaklol eleos asto gamato09:18
bullgard4jtaji: Ok. Thank you very much for your help.09:18
prison_breaki told you if is any way of installing shockwave no ok byeeeeeeee09:18
GauntletI just changed the resolution in ubuntu and it went out of range and I cant see anything. I'm running on windows atm. How can I revert ubuntu to its default resolution?09:18
DaemonikHow does one scroll horizontally with a trackpad?09:18
guybrushI compiled a custom kernel ( and applied the apparmor patches in order, but apparmor is not loading. Can anybody give me some advice?09:18
kj4toehio: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=863205   check that out09:19
nathanhelpprison_break: There is no need to install Ubuntu Flash player in Wine. Install ubuntu flash player into your Ubuntu as per (you type out !Flash then follow the instructions). Yes. when you install flash it should install shockwave.09:19
prison_breakso tell me the steps09:19
toehiokj4: thanks, i will see if i can find a solution there09:20
nathanhelpprison_break: type !flash.09:20
prison_breakhow can i delete the flash player i installed with wine?09:20
jtajiflash does NOT include shockwave09:20
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash09:20
jtajithere is no shockwave for linux09:20
SanketMedhiany Scite users here?09:20
Dr_williswine apps/insalls normally have an Unintall icon in the menus.. or remove them from the .wine/whatever dir manually.09:21
nathanhelpprison_break: Please give me a site of what you want to play on.09:21
Quack[stinkpad]there is no shockwave for linux because not being able to play games is one of linux's founding principles09:21
Quack[stinkpad]that's one way to ensure productivity :D09:22
DigitalKiwiexplain IRC09:22
prison_breakhttp://games.tagged.com/multi.htm?refid= 9 pool ball09:22
phorensicQuack[stinkpad]: haahah09:22
edgyDr_willis: thanks I will read about it and try that ...09:22
Quack[stinkpad]irc was invented BECAUSE linux doesn't have games09:22
Quack[stinkpad]you have command line multiplayer09:22
Quack[stinkpad]type type type type type, that's the name of the game!09:23
DigitalKiwiI have 42 windows open for irc ;_;09:23
* foxwoods hacks Quack with his glowing laser sword of justice for 50 hp09:23
foxwoodssee, we can have fun09:23
Dr_willisIRC is the ultimate MMORPG09:23
nathanhelpprison_break: is it ok if i PM you?09:23
_2Quack[stinkpad] <georga>   is you all for real   </georga>09:23
MoodDr_willis: idlerpg09:23
neecohow do I keep the network running after logout (no disconnection wished)09:23
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE09:24
DigitalKiwiuse a better network manager?09:24
zirodayneeco: why do you want to do that?09:24
GauntletI just changed the resolution in ubuntu and it went out of range and I cant see anything. I'm running on windows atm. How can I revert ubuntu to its default resolution?09:24
neecouse the provided one09:24
phorensicGauntlet: Did you try logging out of that session and logging back in?09:24
neecoziroday: p2p running on a multiuser system09:24
DigitalKiwiGauntlet: start it with a livecd and change the config file09:25
zirodayneeco: well why don't you switch user instead of logout?09:25
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:25
neecoATI card09:25
zirodayneeco: ati card?09:25
Gauntletphorensic yes I did, I restarted and thats when I realised the resolution was higher than my screen allowed when it got to login09:25
SanketMedhiubottu: scite09:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about scite09:25
Veratyr9neeco: are you getting a setsuspendresume error when you boot?09:25
phorensicGauntlet: so its all black?09:25
GauntletDigitalKiwi I dont have a live cd, digitally downloaded09:25
neecoziroday: ATI cards lock-up system when switching user (known bug)09:25
Gauntletphorensic it just says out of range. Its what it says when a res is too high09:26
DigitalKiwineeco: if ubuntu has wicd I've found it to be a lot more satisfactroy than networkmanager09:26
zirodayneeco: really? which card do you have and link to bug report?09:26
foxwoodsGauntlet: in your xorg.conf you should be able to find a section detaliing the resolutions09:26
Gauntletfoxwoods 8.10 doesnt list the resolutions like it used to09:26
DigitalKiwiyou don't even have to login to a GUI with it and you can autoconnect to wireless etc, for one09:26
phorensicgauntlet try hitting alt-f4 to open a console edit etc/X11/xorg.conf and input the correct resoulution and restart09:27
zirodayGauntlet: how did you change your resolution?09:27
neecoziroday: radeon hd3470 http://ati.cchtml.com/show_bug.cgi?id=239#c4809:27
foxwoodsGauntlet: then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg09:27
phorensicGauntlet: That is another way.. you have to get to the terminal first obviously09:27
neecoDigitalKiwi: do you _strongly_ suggest to switch?09:27
Gauntletziroday I installed nvidia drivers and then changed it with the nvidea settings panel09:27
foxwoodsphorensic: Gauntlet: which is done by CTRL-ALT-F[1,2,3....] not alt-F4...........09:28
kane77can disks /dev names change by themselves? how do I find out which is which disk?09:28
econnrefusedtrying to setup my ubuntu laptop with a second monitor09:28
zirodayGauntlet: right, then do nvidia-xconfig at the command line to have go back09:28
prince_jammyskane77: type : 'mount'09:28
phorensicctrl-alt f1 or f4 is what i meant09:28
foxwoodskane77: that, our type sudo fdisk -l09:28
Gauntletphorensic thanks you09:28
prince_jammyskane77: or 'sudo fdisk -l'09:28
zirodayneeco: ubuntu bug?09:28
DigitalKiwiunless there is some pressing need that I don't know about to use networkmanager then, yeah, I'd go with wicd09:28
phorensicGauntlet: you can do sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg too, that might be a better first attempt09:29
Gauntletfoxwoods thanks, I will try and edit the xorg file09:29
econnrefusedits recognised it and everything seems to have setup well, except the resolution on the second monitor is fine, but on the laptop its stretched blurry09:29
_2kane77 cat /proc/partitions      or    blkid09:29
neecoziroday: wait...09:29
kane77prince_jammys thank you09:29
DigitalKiwiassuming ubuntu has it >.>09:29
foxwoodsGauntlet: np09:29
Gauntletphorensic okay, I just have to get to console, assuming I can with recovery mode?09:29
kane77and is there any script that can generate fdisk config for my disks?09:29
foxwoodsGauntlet: you don't even need to09:30
Veratyr9Looking for help with ATI driver problems, fglrx making errors on bootup.  thread with more info at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105576709:30
phorensicGauntlet: i thin you can try hitting ctrl-alt f1 while it is black and that should drop to a console and your screen should be cool09:30
Dr_willisfdisk config ?09:30
_2kane77 you probably want   blkid09:30
* DigitalKiwi is stymied09:30
_2kane77 using   uuid=  for the fstab09:30
Gauntletthanks guys, might talk to you later. If not you know its worked :P09:30
zirodayneeco: also are you using the open source or closed source drivers?09:31
DigitalKiwihar, aren't they both open?09:31
econnrefusedI would take a screenshot but it looks fine in the screenshot09:31
kane77_2, yes, that too, because now I see that for some reason what used to be /dev/sdc1 changed to /dev/sda1 and it won't mount it automatically09:31
foxwoodsDoes anyone know how to get rid of the grey outlines in firefox?09:31
_2kane77 use the uuid and it will09:31
phorensicuuid = good09:32
craigaaHi All, I am looking to synchronise data on my Ubuntu notebook with that on  my Windows XP. Essentially, I would like my notebook to automatically check to if the Windows PC is available on login and at shutdown. A problem I see is that it takes a while (~20s) for the wireless network to connect. Any ideas?09:32
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)09:32
toddoonSalut quelqu'un peut il m'aider à configurer mon wifi en ligne de commande?09:33
zirodayVeratyr9: you don't have a xorg.conf anymore, try asking in #ubuntu-x09:33
prince_jammys!fr | toddoon09:33
ubottutoddoon: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr09:33
ziroday!fr | toddoon09:33
sannyhow to install lamp09:33
prince_jammys!lamp > sanny09:33
ubottusanny, please see my private message09:33
ziroday!lamp | sanjeevan09:33
ubottusanjeevan: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)09:33
jtajisanny: sudo tasksel install lamp09:33
Quack[stinkpad]hey how come it doesn't work if i wget -r -l1 a web directory?09:33
phorensicjtaji: eww you use tasksel for that?09:34
Quack[stinkpad]i want to download a bunch of pdfs in a directory but wget only finds a couple of text files09:34
Veratyr9bziroday: how do i not have one anymore? is it depreciated? delete itself? forgive me, ubuntu has always worked perfect til now, not too familiar with the behind the scenes stuff09:34
jtajisanny: sorry, sudo tasksel install lamp-server09:34
zirodayVeratyr9: its depreciated09:34
jtajiphorensic: so does the server installer, why not?09:34
kane77_2, blkid is great, thank you! i fixed my fstab :)09:35
Veratyr9bziroday: thank you thank you thank you, i've been in here for a while, you're the first person to tell me that09:35
Veratyr9bziroday: explains everything09:35
phorensicjtaji: every time i use it from the desktop environment it screws up my config and x09:35
prince_jammysQuack[stinkpad]: try #wget09:35
zirodayVeratyr9: you can create a xorg.conf if you want and X will look there09:36
phorensicjtaji: If he wants gui+server he should install w/ server install then add desktop packages, or install the packages in the desktop via their package name09:36
Veratyr9bziroday: oh? where does it go, and is there a template of some sort... better yet is there a tutorial you know of off hand that explains what replaces it?09:36
jtajiphorensic: I don't agree with that and all and have never had that experience... also btw apparently you can do sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ also09:37
zirodayVeratyr9: you take a look through here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config09:37
Veratyr9bziroday: alright, thanks09:37
jtajiphorensic: at the same time I usually do this on headless servers ;)09:37
neecoziroday: sorry still searching, I'm using the proprietary driver09:37
zirodayneeco: try the open source ones, they should solve that issue.09:37
sannythis is not insatll proparly09:38
edward_hey does the fact that my hardware driver manager is saying my driver isn't activated having anything to do with me not being able to get special effects?09:38
phorensicjtaji: aahh maybe thats why.. i mean tasksel works groovy w/o gui, i just never had luck with the desktop installed. i didn't know about lamp-server.. i'm hesitant to install it any other way in the gui but that would be so much easier09:38
tomekWhere ubunte store file with paths to programs( something like PATH var in windows))09:38
prince_jammystomek: the PATH environment variable09:39
quibbleredward: e09:39
tomekcan you show example?09:39
quibbleredward: yes09:39
prince_jammystomek: echo "$PATH" to see the dirs09:39
tomekhow can i write to PATH?09:39
edward_how can i activate09:39
jtajiphorensic: there is certainly nothing wrong with installing the packages separately09:39
prince_jammystomek: why?09:39
edward_i have not restricted drivers manager :(09:39
_2tomek echo $PATH09:39
sannythis is not insatll proparly09:39
edward_and im having so much trouble installing09:39
perlmonke1can anyone recommended a backup solution for this type of situation... I have a server with a single 320GB drive containing root+home and I'd like it backed up so if the drive fails I can get the system back up with minimum of fuss.. it would also be good to have 24 hr backups so if any files get overwritten etc, I can always retrieve them from yesterdays backup.. I have 2 spare 320GB drives in the system... what are my best09:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about export09:40
perlmonke1incidently the server is running mail, apache, and nfs09:40
trimetaIs there a good way to allow my Ibex system to read ext4, other than manually configuring a new kernel?09:40