Chris_Fhey can someone here give me some help with ntfsfix?00:35
Chris_Fnevermind i figured it out00:56
TorgotonHey all. How can I tell which video driver xubuntu is using at the moment? (My video performance seems slow and I suspect it is using VESA.)01:03
aaroninfidelhow can I use xcalib with xfce?01:23
penguincentralhow do i change the keyboard layout in xubuntu?01:25
charlie-tcapenguincentral: applications -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard01:26
charlie-tcaaaroninfidel: Install it using Applications -> System -> Synaptic Package Manager01:28
aaroninfidelcharlie-tca, I am using a macbook pro 3,1 and I have to configure it manually, I don't know how to use the custom profile...01:31
charlie-tcaI don't know enough about Macs to help with that.01:31
charlie-tcaTorgoton: It is given in /var/log/xorg.0.log ; I am looking for something easier01:33
aaroninfidelis anyone here using a mac with xubuntu?01:41
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Torgotonthanks, charlie-tca\02:22
Torgotoncharlie-tca: Seems I was wrong. It at least identifies the correct video chip... it's probably just me, and this old PIII laptop has always been this slow.02:25
charlie-tcano problem. Just gotta keep trying.02:26
TorgotonWell, with that sorted out, I'd like to use acpi, but the BIOS is dated 1999. If I add acpi=force to the kernel params, the machine locks up during boot.02:26
TorgotonShould I try again, then capture /var/log/messages? (messages.0 after a reboot, right?)02:26
charlie-tcaCan't do anything with it, most likely.02:27
charlie-tcaI got two of them, both pre-199802:28
TorgotonI know ACPI works with the machine on Fedora... but I'm trying to switch. I'd like ACPI for suspend/resume and battery functions.02:28
Torgotonoooh. Just got a new kernel for jaunty. Trying acpi=force on that.02:29
Torgotonanother problem fixed: The new kernel boots with acpi=force. Two for two.02:31
Torgoton...but suspend doesn't work. bah.02:32
charlie-tcaBut it could by the time Jaunty goes final02:37
TorgotonI suppose... Something's not right: it won't power off after a shutdown either. hm.02:40
sml1226anybody know where I can talk specifically about ps3 xubuntu?03:25
sml1226if not can anybody tell me a dock that is compatible with 9.04 and a ppc processor?03:26
sml1226what ver you using?03:36
sml1226helloooooooooooo! :)03:40
ubottuIt's the middle of the night in the US and Europe, and surrounds.  This means that a lot of people are likely asleep, therefore there are less potential people who can answer your question.  Please be patient, and consider asking at a time when more people will be awake.  This is particularly true in the quieter channels.03:41
sml1226what r u in eur?03:41
sml1226i live in IL and its only about 9:4503:42
zoredachedoesn't really matter, the point is that sometimes you need to be patient03:42
zoredacheparticularly when you are asking about an obscure issue03:43
sml1226well i am just wondering? since u r here now can u help me or r u wasting time talking about it being late???03:44
Torgotonwho's wasting time, sml122603:44
sml1226anybody that is just coming here to say be patient its late not to help and talk03:45
Torgotonfrom what I read, they are trying to help.03:45
zoredacheI am trying to encourage you to be less annoying about waiting for an answer...  If you just state your question and wait, perhaps someone might actually read your question instead if you saying hellloooo... and so on03:46
sml1226well that was just to see if somebody would respond to that instead of my question03:47
sml1226not to sound impatient03:47
zoredachesml1226: so you are the one that is wasting our time then?03:47
sml1226i guess u could take it that way but since i have ppl talking now maybe those ppl could answer my question?03:48
sml1226my first one that is03:48
Torgotonwhy don't you ask the real question instead?03:50
sml1226do you know where i can talk specifically about ps3 linux or 9.04?03:50
zoredachetry #ubuntu+1 for questions related to jaunty perhaps03:51
Torgotonor ask something about them here03:51
sml1226i want to use awn and apt-get (what i used in 8.04 and 8.10) won't work now and there is no new one for 9.04 yet that i know of. is there a dock for 9.04?03:53
sml1226remember that the ps3 is ppc though.03:53
sml1226if nothing i will try #ubuntu+103:54
sml1226also is it just #ubuntu+1 or is there a #xubuntu+1???03:54
zoredachefrom what I have seen ppc really isn't supported well for ubuntu.  I know it is not officially supported03:55
zoredachesml1226: why xubuntu?  awm isn't xfce?03:55
sml1226i used awn in 8.10 ppc03:56
sml1226but my copy of 8.10 was buggy so i upgraded03:56
sml12269.04 is missing compatibility as far as i know with most things but ill look in the other room to be sure03:59
zoredachesml1226: you could always look on http://packages.ubuntu.com/ or launchpad and see if you can find the maintainer, and try and contact them directly...04:03
sml1226Thank you! I got somebody telling me that its in repositories for 9.04 on #ubuntu+1 so ill find out more there.04:06
kidsI'm having trouble. All of a sudden my display changed to 800X600 and when I go into the display settings, it only lists 800X600 as the max size, but I was running 1024X768. Any ideas?05:54
kidsOdd-rationale: I'm having trouble. All of a sudden my display changed to 800X600 and when I go into the display settings, it only lists 800X600 as the max size, but I was running 1024X768. Any ideas?05:55
azizahhi, i'm currently looking for answers to this08:44
azizah1. how do i remove abiword, gnumeric and thunderbird08:44
Moodhow does one set up a printer in xubuntu?09:02
Moodit's a network printer and has an IP like 192.168.x.x09:02
dmseghi guys how do we upgarde to xfce 4.4 in xubuntu09:03
Mooddmseg: there's no package for it under package manager?09:04
dmsegmood: xfce is a compplete desktop not one pakage09:11
Mooddmseg: i saw this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=251350&highlight=b-focus+xubuntu09:15
Moodout of curiosity, is there a new feature you want in 4.4?09:16
dmsegmood: xfce 4.4 is far better than 4.2 and has good support for xgl or beryl09:19
Mooddmseg: gotcha09:20
aaroninfidelwhat is the login manager used at startup in xubuntu?09:33
azizahhi Mood, I connected to my office printer using applications > settings > printing09:34
zoredacheaaroninfidel: gdm09:37
aaroninfidelzoredache, do you know how to get the sound daemon to work? I think I broke it using esd and alsa together?09:44
zoredacheno idea09:45
spzwhy does the gnome-desktop pop up at my xfce-desktop which I installed over the actual ubuntu-desktop every time after booting?10:24
spzAnd btw.. does Thunar support favourite folders?10:30
spzah sorry.. of course it does10:30
spzbut does it support networking?10:30
spzonly after mounting the folder.. ok10:35
spz1listen starts anymore :(10:54
spz1ImportError: cannot import name Dispatcher11:10
atgarsishello. got one quick question: how to turn-on/off the video-out thing/external monitor?12:54
TheSheepatgarsis: with xrand12:56
TheSheeptry xrand --help, it will show you how to use it12:57
atgarsisdoes work somehow...12:58
atgarsissays 'command not found'12:59
TheSheepwhat version of xuuntu do you have?13:00
atgarsisit's xrandr not xrand. 8.10 is my ver13:06
TheSheepah, sorry, you are right13:06
* TheSheep always uses tab-completion13:06
atgarsisthanks anyway!13:11
atgarsisgot a problem with xrandr. monitor doesn't respond to any commands. any idea why is that?14:27
nikolamwhere do you find information about supoprted driver under linux/ubuntu?14:45
nikolamlike hcl list etc14:45
nikolamor just place where all hardware supported is listed etc14:45
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:46
nikolamknome, great. Only thing some pages are empty etc. Maybe some more linux-general one? Where you go when you want to buy new scanner or modem ot printer or.. whatever for your linux box?14:58
knomei ask my friend or check devices one by one if they are linux compatible14:59
knomean item in HCL is way less than reading forums and seeing which problems people have had with that device in linux, if any15:00
nikolamYes thanks for the answer.15:05
nikolamI was just hoping we had some huge database etc.15:05
knomei think the problem with HCL's are that if a device works, nobody "normal" won't add the device into a hcl15:06
nikolamI don`t think I understood. if device works it is great to be added to some hcl. Why is that a problem.15:08
atgarsissorry, a bit off-topic, BUT does anyone have troubles with google.com at the moment?15:09
nikolamatgarsis, I have15:09
nikolamrefuses to give me pages.15:09
atgarsisme too15:09
nikolamTelling like all sites are bad to my computer15:10
nikolamI was always saying that depending on only one search engine is a bad thing15:10
atgarsisit's probably google messing around not our computers, innit?15:10
knomeatgarsis, nikolam: ^15:11
nikolamatgarsis, google is a company for profit15:11
nikolamit was question of time for something like this to happen15:11
nikolamknome, thanks15:11
nikolamknome, I use seamonkey..15:11
nikolammaybe some petition to include that removal in google itself..15:12
nikolamOne day I wake upa nd world is changed to bad. Again..15:12
atgarsisany good alternative websearches?15:13
nikolamcuil? atgarsis15:21
nikolamthey changed it back to normal..15:24
nikolamseconds ago15:24
nikolambut now we got Forbidden message in every google search15:25
atgarsisi don't see any "forbidden message" thing. where is it?15:28
atgarsisdoes anybody know how can one configure tv-out adapter?15:28
nikolamatgarsis, they removed it again :)15:30
nikolamatgarsis, they seem so play hide and seek with us at google15:30
SiDigoogle's gone crazy, don't worry about the messages saying sites ain't safe15:32
nikolamSiDi, it is maybe great to have that feature. Maybe they can make it like users can turn it on and off etc.  Also one part of me was hoping google changed some of its policy15:41
nikolamAnd gave me excuse to fine alternatives15:41
SiDiwell it most of the time works well and actually saved me once or two15:42
ubottupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/okular/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)16:08
tingleis there a pdf reader by default for xubuntu?16:08
charlie-tcaYes, tingle. It is evince16:09
euti'm having trouble trying to change the brightness level on my laptops monitor. in the past whenever the fn keys werent supported i'd just echo 100 > /proc/acpi/video/VID/LCD0/brightness and it would go to the maximum level. but thats not working for me now. any ideas?16:14
euti'm only experiencing this problem after upgrading from 8.04 to 8.10 (fresh install)16:14
j1mceut: that command works for me, but i must execute the command as root.16:18
j1mcnot even sudo will do it16:18
eutthats what i'm doing16:18
j1mchm... not sure what the issue may be, unfortunately16:19
eutmy laptop is a lenovo x61 if that helps any.16:19
j1mcinteresting... i'm on a t6016:19
eutwhat is the output of your cat brightness?16:20
eut(the levels)16:20
j1mclevels:  100 30 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 10016:20
j1mccurrent: 10016:20
eutmine looks like: levels: 100 100 20 25 30 25 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 10016:20
j1mcas we can see, my cat is very bright, but my cat does not have as many levels of brightness as your cat.16:24
j1mc... sorry i can't be of much more help16:24
eutthats ok.16:24
euti find the first 2 100's odd16:24
eutcd /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video016:31
eutmax_brightness: 1516:31
eutwhat is your max_brightness?16:34
j1mceut: glad you found it.  :)16:35
eutbut thats not a solution :/16:36
euteven if i modify brightness and actual_brightness changes it still doesnt change brightness of the screen16:36
euti think that max_brightness should be 100, not 1516:36
j1mcroot@lighbulb:/sys/devices/virtual/backlight/acpi_video0# echo 6 > brightness16:38
j1mcroot@lighbulb:/sys/devices/virtual/backlight/acpi_video0# echo 6 > brightness16:38
j1mcmy max brightness is 716:38
j1mcand entering the above command does work to change my brightness16:38
j1mcroot@lighbulb:/sys/devices/virtual/backlight/acpi_video0# echo 5 > brightness16:38
j1mcbrings it even lower16:38
j1mceut: why don't you just use the function keys, though?16:39
eutthey have no effect16:39
j1mcthey do work for me16:39
eutby any chance did you do a fresh install of 8.10 or did you upgrade from 8.04?16:40
charlie-tcaeut: I thought they fixed that with an update to 8.10. Did you apply the updates already?16:40
eutcharlie-tca, yes16:40
SiDieut: in /proc/acpi/video/blabla did you try to cat brightness ?16:43
SiDithe max value is usually 70 not 10016:43
eutit reflects the value that i set it to16:43
eutbut the screen's brightness doesnt change16:44
SiDidon't know then :/16:45
eutvery weird16:45
eutwell i have to go now, but thanks for your time16:45
eutif you do discover something please pm me :]16:45
SiDii'm off, gonna try to make a firefox theme for elegant brit :P16:45
euthave fun :P16:45
SiDiDid you try VGA/CRT btw ? :p16:46
SiDisee you later peeps16:46
j1mcwhat is the preferred application for remote-desktop connections in xubuntu?16:46
j1mcis it vinagre?16:46
gabkdllyj1mc: seems to be, as it is "recommended" by the package xubuntu-desktop16:51
gabkdllyj1mc: such information can be found at packages.ubuntu.com16:51
j1mcthx, gabkdlly16:52
guntur_roxxhi all17:25
guntur_roxxcan anyone help me?17:26
forcesguntur_roxx, try with safe graphics mode17:27
guntur_roxxforces : safe graphics mode? what do u mean?17:31
forceswhen you boot ubuntu for install it, use that mode17:32
forcesor you can use the alternative cd17:32
guntur_roxxis there an option like that?17:33
guntur_roxxmaybe i'l try first17:33
guntur_roxxbut i saw in the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsAti .. it said that my video card is not supported17:34
guntur_roxxhow can i solve this?17:34
forcesfirst install ubuntu, then find your driver17:36
guntur_roxxwhere can i find mine?17:36
guntur_roxxmy computer specs is listed in the http://paste.ubuntu.com/11215317:36
forceshave you already installed ubuntu?17:40
guntur_roxxubuntu 8.10 .. i clicked the install ubuntu, but after it finished load, then the screen becomes a blank white screen17:41
guntur_roxxi've installed linux mint with the inside windows installer, n it comes out successfully, it appears in the boot menu, but the same thing happens again, when the linux mint finished loaded, then the screen becomes blank white screen17:42
mib_detmsxhi .. I am installing xubuntu right now - I have /dev/sdb4 as a partition I want to use - it is reiserfs already ... so I selected manual in the partitioning step and mounted /dev/sdb4 at / and asked it to format it ...17:43
mib_detmsxis this alright ?17:43
mib_detmsxcos it is saying it as "used : unknown "17:43
forcesmib_detmsx, format the partition like reiserfs17:48
mib_detmsxforces: I did ...17:49
mib_detmsxit shows a tick at format17:49
mib_detmsxaargh - stupid thing got stuck at "configuring hardware" .. this is the second time17:57
* mib_detmsx is wondering if he is being ignored as he is using mibbit 17:58
mib_detmsxwats the command for changing nick ?17:58
Odd-rationalemib_detmsx: /nick newnick17:59
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jxanderwhy can't i see a progress bar or any type of dialog when copying files from one location to another?18:33
interflopi'm new to xfce and i'd like to know how i can disable the panel transparency when i have display compositing turned on18:34
interflopi would like it to be opaque all the time18:34
j1mcvinnl: howdy18:38
vinnlHey j1mc18:38
vinnlAargh... I hate kernel panics19:47
duryodhanhi .. my drives don't show up in xubuntu .. I thought they are supposed to show up on the desktop19:47
duryodhanbut I can't see them19:48
duryodhanI have to mount them individually19:48
vinnlduryodhan, are they in the Places menu?19:48
duryodhannot even the linux ones. .. (reiserfs etc.19:48
duryodhanvinnl: no19:48
vinnlHave you enabled volume management? (In Thunar, Edit->Preferences, Advanced)19:48
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duryodhansomeone told me that I will have to install ntfs-3g etc. .. but I can't see the linux partitions either19:51
duryodhan8.04 btw19:51
vinnlntfs-3g should only be needed to read ntfs partitions19:51
duryodhans/read/write ?19:52
duryodhanread I can do without19:52
duryodhanthe kernel does that for me19:52
vinnlYeah write19:53
duryodhaneven if you don't have ntfs-3g .. you should atleast be able to see the drives19:53
duryodhanhal might bitch when you double click19:53
duryodhanfor e.g when i connect an external USB drive , I can see it on  desktop19:54
DeltaZuluQuiet bunch20:32
SiDiHey, did anyone try xfce 4.6 yet ?20:32
DeltaZuluI downloaded Xubuntu 8.10, burned the ISO to disk, did an install and rebooted.  All I get after boot is the ASH command line.  Anyone else having this problem?20:34
DeltaZuluBTW, startx  yields nothing also.20:35
SiDiWell, not me, but there are a lot of people in #ubuntu, they might be helpful20:36
SiDiYou're more likely to have an answer there ;)20:36
DeltaZuluI'll give it a shot - thanks20:36
SiDino prob20:36
sml1226does anybody know how to bypass the kboot screen in ps3 version? Is there a way to go straight to the xubuntu login screen?20:48
sml1226nm my first question if anybody is reading it20:57
sml1226how do you change the panel color and make the border around icons transparent? xubuntublog has something but it didnt work20:59
SiDihehe gz :P20:59
SiDifor border i'm unsure but for the panel you gotta go in .config/xfce4/panel and then... (forgot the next step tho .. xD)21:00
sml1226well i didnt even know that they said make a gtkrc-2.0 that says something about each21:01
sml1226it didnt work for me21:01
SiDiyeh exactly21:02
SiDicreate the .gtkrc-2.0 file21:02
SiDisee here there's an exemple of gtkrc file in the bottom21:02
SiDibtw it usually doesn't render well :(21:03
sml1226ok i did it in 8.04 and had a mac and vista theme that turned out great but it wont work in my 9.0421:04
sml1226can i get a link that is to an english page???21:04
SiDiWell sorry that's all i found21:05
SiDibut the gtkrc will work ;P21:05
SiDihttp://img156.imageshack.us/my.php?image=xubuntuqm2.png see my smexy xubuntu :O21:05
sml1226can you just edit the panels.xml to have a color?21:06
SiDiyou need to change the gtk class panel21:06
SiDii don't know about xfce 4.6 though, didn't test it yet21:06
sml1226ok then im not sure what is default in 9.04 so that could be my prob21:07
sml1226yours looks great is that a second panel or a dock on the side21:07
SiDisecond panel :)21:08
SiDinon-extended panel with a lot of launchers, and a few spacers21:08
SiDithe clock is a clock screenlet though21:08
SiDithe name of the theme is elegant brit. i can send you a .tar.gz with everything inside if you want to ;)21:08
sml1226i wanted to use a mac theme but there is no awn for 9.04 ppc yet21:08
sml1226that be great love the theme21:09
SiDiah well it's a bit early for 9.04 :)21:10
sml1226yap but my 8.10 had a major bug with thunar and it wouldnt work at all. there's no 8.04 for ppc+ps3 so i am stuck with 9.0421:11
sml1226is the elegant brit an xfce theme?21:12
SiDiits a gtk + xfce + a lot of mods21:12
SiDiwallpapers, gdm, grub, usplash, pidgin, screenlet21:12
SiDiawn icons21:12
SiDii'm uploading you a full tar.gz, give me a sec, my internet is slowz !21:13
sml1226my internet isnt bad but only 192MB or ram in the ps3 sux21:13
SiDiit's enough for ubuntu tho21:13
sml1226well xubuntu at least!21:14
SiDiput the folder in your .themes/ hidden folder21:14
SiDiand look inside i put a lot of stuff ;) it comes from a very big amount of ppl tho21:15
SiDii made symbolic links to the xfwm called "black borders" inside, and the gtk is modded for bottom located panels21:15
SiDii'm currently trying to make a firefox theme tho21:15
SiDithats just a sample made in 10 mins, it'll be sexier :O21:16
sml1226looks good so far21:17
SiDia shame my laptop's bluetooth mouse is out of battery :( i need to go back home for photoshopping, and i dont have the internet there21:18
sml1226just applied the theme!21:20
sml1226Looks great21:20
sml1226yeah cant photoshop without at least a mouse21:20
sml1226ever use a tablet?21:21
owen1can i install only excel and word from openoffice?21:21
SiDinope unfortunately21:21
SiDii'd love to have one tho21:21
sml1226i want to get a little usb tablet for my desktop21:22
SiDiinstall openoffice.org-writer owen121:22
sml1226what is the excel equivalent? dont remember21:23
SiDiits calc21:23
owen1SiDi: ok. and openoffice.org-calc as well?21:23
SiDii don't really like ooo21:23
SiDiowen1: i suppose21:23
SiDiin fact i'm using latex for my docs now :)21:23
owen1SiDi: is there lightweight alternative to oo?21:23
SiDiowen1: yes. try gnumeric and abiword21:24
SiDiit's really uberlight and sufficient if you need only the very basic functions.21:24
sml1226just for word processing ill stay with abiword cuz im lazy and its installed21:24
owen1SiDi: but gnumeric requires gnome, no?21:24
SiDiowen1: i don't think so21:24
SiDignu refers to gnu, not gnome21:24
SiDiyou're under GNU/Linux ;)21:24
sml1226gnumeric is already installed in xubu isnt it?21:25
SiDii think it is21:25
SiDii use it when i want to check an .ods. it's cool to have it opening instantly on a 800mhz cpu :)21:25
sml1226i have it and havent manually added it but im in 9.0421:25
sml1226it still opens instantly on a 600mhz cpu21:26
sml1226(my old celeron)21:26
owen1SiDi: it's say on the website that it's part of the gnome desktop. not sure what it means.21:26
owen1SiDi: i'll give it a shot. let's hope it's not going to install all the gnome libraries.21:26
SiDiowen1: sorry then ive said something wrong :)21:27
SiDiit opens instantly tho, don't worry owen121:27
owen1SiDi: no worries..21:27
SiDicorrect me if i'm wrong ... alt+F3 is not used under xubuntu ?21:28
sml1226owen1: well gnumeric"s already in xubuntu 9.04 and as far as i know all the way back to 8.0421:28
sml1226never needed to try so not sure21:28
owen1sml1226: i don't have xfce. i am using bare-bone ubuntu (command line install) with dwm as my window manager.21:28
owen1SiDi: it will add 34.5MB, not bad.21:29
SiDicompared to ooo its correct :)21:29
sml1226owen1: sorry bout that then thout u were on xubuntu21:30
owen1sml1226: hey, it's not your fault that i am on #xubuntu..21:31
owen1sml1226: i find it more friendly than #debian (-:21:31
SiDiyes it is !: he should be punished for that offense !21:31
owen1the debian guys are awesome as long as they don't know u'r using ubuntu.21:31
SiDiowen1: lol that's so true :x21:32
SiDidebian users and ubuntu users seem to be at war ... each time they meet there's flame21:32
owen1SiDi: i usually say i am on leny or something like this, they seems to buy it..21:32
SiDijust say you're under windoz to avoid getting flamed ;d21:33
owen1ubuntu has bigger community and it's easier to get answers.21:33
sml1226ive only ever been on ubuntu so no clue how others are towards us21:35
SiDiwell i tried mandriva and arch21:36
SiDii've to say that as a front-end user i love ubuntu21:37
SiDiit's so perfect, everything you need, a lot of gui's, big repository, big community21:37
sml1226yaeh only other i almost used was fedora21:41
sml1226you guys know any channel specifically for the ps3 linux?21:42
sml1226or where i can get a channel list?21:44
jarnossml1226: in xchat you can view it.21:44
sml1226ok ill check it out. im in pidgin now21:45
Moodanyone use x11vnc on xubuntu? does the server + client machines need to have the same X server?21:46
SiDiMood: i think you can use vnc for windoz too, so i guess its not needed to have the same X serv21:47
MoodSiDi: so i can use vnc to connect, let's say, a winXP machine to view the desktop of a xubuntu desktop?21:47
Moodor any mix of win/osx/*nix for that matter21:48
kahrnyou can also use XDCMP21:49
SiDiMood: you can as long as you have a VNC client/server for this OS21:49
sml1226found a ps3 room but there is 4 ppl there21:59
sml1226counting me21:59
SiDii'm leaving22:05
SiDibye bye22:06
Jessica123Hi Folks: can anyone lend a hand?  I have live cd 8.1.  a friend has a dead windows machine that got wiped by a trojan.  can I virus scan it from this live cd?  I'm not a strong ubuntu user.  any help would be greatly appreciated!22:19
caspix1u want to scan trojan horse with linux?22:20
caspix1i'm not sure is it possible...22:20
caspix1i think it's not...22:20
Jessica123i think it is.  there are various web references to doing exactly this.  unfortunately, there are little or no details22:21
Jessica123anyone in here who can help?22:21
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2122:25
caspix1why don't u just install linux to your friend?22:26
Jessica123TheSheep:  thx for the info.  It was a friend who got bit.  they don't know safe computing for shit.  I realize that linux is safer, but I'm trying to dig them out of this hole22:26
TheSheepI was hoping that would link to some virus scanner22:26
TheSheepfrom what I know, most linux virus scanners are for mail22:27
kahrnyou can use clam-av22:27
Jessica123clam is for email, isn't it?22:27
Jessica123not a file scanner?22:27
kahrnI'm 99% sure it can scan whatever you tell it to scan22:28
caspix1but that's linux virus scanner....don't u need scanner for windows viruses?22:28
TheSheepthere are no linux viruses :)22:28
TheSheepat least not outside laboratory22:29
Jessica123i'll give it a go22:29
caspix1there is about 500 of them.....22:29
Jessica123i may be back in a bit22:29
caspix1but they r not so destructive22:29
TheSheepcaspix1: anyone can write one, it's easy, it's just hard to get them spread :)22:29
caspix1and can't make some damage to computer....but there r viruses for linux too22:29
caspix1thesheep: i know22:30
kahrnyou just need a clamav gui interface22:30
caspix1from where r u guys? i'd like to know :)22:30
* TheSheep looks at #xubuntu-offtopic22:31
kahrnwe're all from richard stallmans basement :)22:31
caspix1see ya22:38
Moodanyone ever use x11vnc?22:59
Moodit's a vnc server recommended for xubuntu due to it's lightweight footprint22:59
Moodi'd like to know if anyone ever was successful in connecting to a xubuntu box running x11vnc from a MacOSX machine or windozXP machine23:00
MoodOSX+some_vnc_client :: connected to :: xubuntu+x11vnc23:01
blankthemuffinI'm having serious trouble with my system clock here, it doesn't seem to sync with internet time servers, and it won't set to the proper time.23:27
blankthemuffinIs there a terminal app which will let me sync with time servers?23:28
Moodblankthemuffin: sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com23:31
blankthemuffin31 Jan 22:32:09 ntpdate[1198]: the NTP socket is in use, exiting23:32
blankthemuffinNow it's just complaining about: 31 Jan 22:34:30 ntpdate[1513]: no server suitable for synchronization found23:35
Moodblankthemuffin: can you try a different server?23:36
Moodwhere are you located? (what continent)23:36
blankthemuffinAustralia, hang on, it might be my firewall.23:36
blankthemuffinlooks to be fine through the firewall23:41
Moodtry oceania server23:43
Moodsudo ntpdate oceania.pool.ntp.org23:44
Moodor, sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org23:44
blankthemuffinyeah I've tried a few now, none of them are working.23:45
Moodall say "no server suitable for synch found"?23:47
Mooddid you blacklist something in iptable?23:49
Moodcould be servers/daemons are down temporarily23:52
Moodnope. it worked for me23:53
whatevhow do you pronounce xubuntu23:56
blankthemuffinit must be the firewall23:56
whatevx-ubuntu or zoobuntu?23:56
Moodzoo boon too23:57
Moodblankthemuffin: shut down firewall temporarily to see if it works23:57
whatevand gnome is genome, gun-ohm, or nome?23:58
Moodgnome = small, hobbit-like creature, usually with large facial features, said to lurk under bridges and irc channels23:59

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