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sistpoty|workhi folks14:00
sistpoty|worklet's start with motu-release organisational meeting? DktrKranz, ScottK?14:01
jpdsHey sistpoty|work.14:01
sistpoty|workhi jpds14:01
sistpoty|workhi iulian14:01
DktrKranzhi *, I'm here in about five minutes14:01
sistpoty|workDktrKranz: ok, then just say once you're ready ;)14:01
DktrKranzback to business! :)14:05
sistpoty|workok, let's get started... :)14:06
ScottKWelcome iulian.14:06
ScottKSo we are 4 for this release it seems.14:06
DktrKranzunless no-one volunteers (or get drunk) in time14:07
iulianThanks ScottK.14:07
sistpoty|workoh, did the key team member process result in iulian being a member in motu-release so far?14:07
sistpoty|work<- lost track (shame on /me)14:07
ScottKI don't recall the details of the process, but no one complained yet.14:07
ScottKI think for today's purposes we can assume it is/will be.14:07
iulianI thought we are going to discuss my application at this meeting as no one replied to that mail I sent.14:08
DktrKranzsistpoty|work, it requires two advocations, but I think they'll follow soon14:08
ScottKWell let's grill iulian first then.14:08
sistpoty|workgo ahead ScottK ;)14:08
ScottKiulian: Why did you volunteer to be in motu-release?14:09
iulianWell, I've spoken with Luca some days ago about some things that are going on within this team.  There are great responsibilities of being a member of the release team and I would like to assume those.14:10
iulianI totally agree that this is not an easy job to do.14:10
iulianI have a lot of spare time and I would like to dedicate it to Ubuntu as mch as I can.14:10
ScottKiulian: Are you going to be OK with telling people "No" and maybe they aren't happy?14:11
iulianScottK: Of course.  I will try to answer their questions and explain them why I said "No".14:12
ScottKiulian: What's your background in Ubuntu (e.g. I do mostly KDE and mail server stuff, use Kubuntu and Ubuntu Server and have never run Gnome in my life)14:12
iulianScottK: I focus mostly on Gnome package and some of the packages I use daily.  Now that I'm an official developer, I can easily upload patches, versions and so forth.14:13
iulianI'd also like to get involved with the Kernel team.14:14
DktrKranzhaving a second GNOME user is cool14:14
DktrKranzlast cycle it was just me :(14:15
iulianHonestly, I have never used KDE or any other desktop managers.14:15
ScottKThis is fine.14:15
iulianThat doesn't mean that I won't take a look at packages from KDE or XFCE.14:15
sistpoty|workiulian: some parts of motu-release work also consist of repetitive work, like pinging people to fill in required stuff for FFe's, seeing that nothing falls in between the cracks... are you fine with that as well?14:16
iuliansistpoty|work: Yup, I'm fine with that.14:16
sistpoty|workany further questions?14:18
ScottKiulian: Most of these decisions are based on judgement and not black and white.  Are you comfortable with subjective decision making and how would you go about considering to accept something?14:18
iulianScottK: Yes, well, frankly I can be very picky when it comes to review patches and I think this is good, especially when someone depends on what you're doing, in this case being a release member.14:20
ScottKOne last question ...14:20
iulianOK, go ahead.14:21
ScottKSometimes as a member of motu-release you have to deal directly with very senior people in Ubuntu (i.e. Ubuntu Release team).  Are you up for that and are you worried about being intimidated?14:21
iulianScottK: Actually I'm not intimidated when I'm talking with someone that has more responsibilities and so on.  If I'm sure about what I'm doing, I believe it won't be a problem.14:23
DktrKranziulian, sometimes you'll be tempted to accept a package which brings in a transition or something bigger than a single upload. You have to be prepared to follow the whole chain, just to make sure nothing is missed.14:23
DktrKranzjust for the records :)14:23
iulianDktrKranz: OK, thanks for telling.  If I'm not sure about something, I will ask first.14:23
sistpoty|workfurther questions?14:25
iulianIf there are no further questions I'd like to know if you guys agreed that we should get rid of diffstat.  If I recall correctly, that was agreed.  On the wiki page it still mentions about it, can we remove that part?14:26
ScottKI agree it goes14:26
* sistpoty|work has no problem with seeing diffstat gone14:26
iulianI was talking about this wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#Exceptions%20for%20Universe/Multiverse14:26
* DktrKranz too14:26
ScottKiulian: Feel free to fix it after the meeting.14:26
DktrKranzdiffstat is quite simple to generate anyway14:27
iulianOK then, may someone remove that from the process or should I do it?14:27
iulianScottK: OK, excellent.14:27
sistpoty|workok, what else needs clearing... once again 2 acks for a FFe?14:28
ScottKYes and we want to do delegations again I think.14:28
* DktrKranz agrees14:28
ScottKI'd also like to discuss the bi-weekly Ubuntu Release team meetings.14:28
ScottKI've been going as the MOTU Release rep and will continue, but all are welcome.14:29
sistpoty|worksounds like a good idea14:29
ScottKIf you're aware of any big issues that would be of interest, please make sure you show up/I know about it.14:29
ScottKThey are every other Friday @1500UTC here.14:29
ScottKNot this week, but next.14:30
sistpoty|workdo we want a gradual freeze again? If so, maybe do we want to also show this via requirements for a FFe?14:31
sistpoty|work(e.g. we could start with one ack from another developer, to one ack from motu-release to two acks or s.th.)14:31
sistpoty|workbut that's just a weird idea I got right now ;)14:31
ScottKI think for new packages we need to take a hard line.14:31
sistpoty|workScottK: yep, agreed14:31
sistpoty|workScottK: but apart from new?14:31
DktrKranzlatest cycle we allowed some NEW to come in quite easily14:32
ScottKThe one thing I feel I got burned on last release was approving cruft cleaner.14:32
ScottKDktrKranz: We did check with the archive admins first.14:32
ScottKI think we were too loose about it last time.14:32
DktrKranzI think so14:32
DktrKranzbut this time we had a in-shape REVU14:32
ScottKI assume we're good with repeating the bugfix releases are OK rule?14:33
sistpoty|workhm... maybe we could have motu-sru call in for more opinions on new after freeze (or give them a right to veto)?14:33
DktrKranzso, I'd inclined to improve REVUing those days to relax after FF14:33
iulianThere are still a lot of packages waiting for review though.14:34
ScottKiulian: Always the case.  The problem is that New packages take a LOT of time to review and the archive admins have other work.14:34
DktrKranzsistpoty|work, we used that for firefox-3.1 in intrepid14:34
* iulian agreed14:34
sistpoty|workDktrKranz: yes... I'm just thinking to generally raise the barrier for NEW after FFe (finally people shall fix bugs, not introduce new ones after FF *g*)14:35
iulianScottK: It's always better to fix the existing bugs rather than getting new ones, especially at this stage.14:36
ScottKBTW, on that front, I am an archive-admin now.  I don't know how much New I will do since I'm new, but it may be we are able to deal with some new packages self contained.14:36
sistpoty|workhey, congrats ScottK14:36
iulianOh, congratulations then.14:36
ScottKI'd also rather MOTU were fixing bugs than reviewing on REVU.14:36
DktrKranzI think we should allow NEW only to provide features discussed at UDS or which have a great impact on another part of the archive, no more.14:36
iulianI was going to say that, ScottK.  I've noticed that the u-u-s is getting bigger and bigger.14:37
DktrKranzScottK, WOW! congrats14:37
ScottKThanks all.14:37
ScottKDktrKranz: I'd generally agree with that.14:37
sistpoty|workso I guess we agree to pretty much lock down NEW as good as possible?14:38
DktrKranziulian, indeed. I have a plan for it I'd expose later14:38
ScottKHow about three votes for a New package needed?14:38
iulianScottK: Starting from now?14:38
ScottKStarting from Feature Freeze14:38
iulian+1 then.14:39
sistpoty|workok, what else did we have? gradual freeze?14:40
ScottKI think gradual freeze is a matter of judgement.14:40
ScottKI don't think we can write a rule for it.14:40
sistpoty|workhm... actually that problem that I'd like to solve is the rush before FF, but I wouldn't really know a good way how... any ideas?14:42
DktrKranzthere is no remedy against the rush, everybody wants to have things in, it's life! ;)14:42
iulianYeah, I agree with DktrKranz.  I think we can't do much about it.14:43
DktrKranzI'd like to sort things in the u-u-s queue by tagging them14:43
DktrKranzI did it latest cycle and things were smoother14:44
DktrKranzbut people like to cheat :)14:44
sistpoty|workOOI: how's the u-u-s queue doing right now?14:44
iulianWe currently have 143 bugs opened.14:44
DktrKranzgrowing... I count at least 99 packages14:45
ScottKWe still owe a motu-release charter to MC.14:45
sistpoty|workany volunteers?14:46
ScottKThere was a session at UDS asking if the Ruby Gems thing led people to believe we needed Ubuntu level policy changes.14:46
ScottKThe conclusion was we did not.  Any developer has the right to revert and you don't revert a reversion, you take it to TB.14:47
ScottKSo we were on firm ground as individuals.14:47
ScottKThe question is what additional collective authority do we have (if any)14:47
DktrKranzwe can't control the upload queues, so we can't have many to block an upload14:49
ScottKBut we can do as we did last time.14:49
* DktrKranz hopes not to see that again14:50
DktrKranzmotu-release should have some vetos, at least we should be pinged before a intrusive change14:50
DktrKranzthat's the "power" I need, just to figure out which packages to follow after a potentially harmful upload14:51
ScottKDktrKranz: Would you take a stab at an initial draft?14:51
DktrKranzI could14:52
DktrKranzI'd gather some ideas and write down something, suggestions are welcome14:53
ScottKAny other issues?14:53
DktrKranzScottK, I owe you haskell transition status14:53
ScottKI thought status was "Done"?14:53
DktrKranzeverything is done, I'll have a round at some packages to see if they require a rebuild or not, but it's just a matter of no-changes right now14:53
DktrKranzit had *two* transitions14:54
DktrKranzone we were not aware of14:55
sistpoty|workDktrKranz: hm?14:55
ScottKDktrKranz: I need to know before a week from Friday for the next Ubuntu Release meeting.14:56
DktrKranzsistpoty|work, several packages need to be rebuilt against hslogger14:56
sistpoty|workDktrKranz: ah, I see14:56
DktrKranzAFAIK, only two are left, I'm testbuilding them in my PPA first14:57
DktrKranzso I can have this stuff done in some hours14:57
sistpoty|workok, what else for motu-release should we discuss right now? delegations? or do we want to defer that for a later time?14:59
DktrKranzI identified three packages which we probably want in before FF15:00
ScottKsistpoty|work: Would you review the delegations and recommend to the team if they need changes?15:00
DktrKranzsee bug #324635 and bug #32463615:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 324635 in sunbird-locales "lightning-extension-locales needs update" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32463515:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 324636 in gnat-4.3 "gnat-4.3 needs update" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32463615:01
* iulian is looking.15:01
sistpoty|workScottK: sure thing15:02
ScottKGreat.  I think we're done then.15:02
sistpoty|workdo we want to schedule another meeting before FF?15:03
iulianYes, please.15:03
sistpoty|workhow about somewhen in week 15 (feb 12 - feb 19)?15:04
DktrKranzno problem for me15:05
DktrKranzfirst part of the week, so we can share things with fellow MOTUs15:05
sistpoty|work17th? (Tuesday), same time? or different time?15:06
iulianI think I can't make it if is the same date.15:06
iulian14:00 UTC I mean.15:07
sistpoty|workiulian: other suggestoins?15:07
ScottKThis is fine.15:07
iulian17:00 UTC?15:07
iulianIf that's OK with you.15:07
ScottKNot next Tuesday.15:07
ScottKI need to be finished by then.15:08
ScottKErr two Tuesdays15:08
sistpoty|workhm... 17:00 UTC is bad for me as well... :/15:08
iulianThen, other suggestions?15:08
sistpoty|workeither sooner or later would work for me15:08
DktrKranz20 UTC?15:08
iulianThat works for me.15:09
sistpoty|workfor me as well15:09
ScottKI'm tied up the rest of the day.15:09
sistpoty|workhm... how about monday 16th?15:09
sistpoty|work20:00 UTC?15:09
DktrKranzfine for me15:10
iulianI'm OK with that.15:10
ScottKI need the meeting to be over by 203015:10
sistpoty|workthen maybe 19 UTC?15:10
DktrKranzfine too15:11
ScottKI'm fine with that.15:11
DktrKranzgot it!15:11
iulianOK then.  Monday 16th - 19:00 UTC.15:11
iulianBRB - phone.15:11
sistpoty|workbtw.: can someone book ubuntu-meeting (in the hope there isn't a meeting there yet)? I've heard that it works with a google account nowadays, which I sadly don't have :/15:12
* ScottK doesn't have one either.15:12
* DktrKranz has15:12
DktrKranzare there instructions?15:13
sistpoty|workDktrKranz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar15:13
* iulian is back.15:15
sistpoty|workok, I guess then the meeting is finished :) thanks everyone for coming15:15
iulianThank you.15:16
* mathiaz waves15:59
Koon /o\16:00
mathiazkids - let's get started16:00
MootBotMeeting started at 10:00. The chair is mathiaz.16:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:00
mathiazToday's agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting16:01
mathiazlast week minutes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/2009012716:01
mathiaz[TOPIC] SRU for ebox16:01
MootBotNew Topic:  SRU for ebox16:01
mathiazsommer: what's the state of this?16:01
sommermathiaz: I guess updated intrepid packages still need to be uploaded?16:02
sommermathiaz: should be able to do that this evening16:02
mathiazsommer: IIUC new debdiff should be prepared16:03
mathiazsommer: and the relevant bugs updated16:03
mathiazsommer: once that has been done, the pkg can be sponsored.16:03
sommermathiaz: roger that16:04
mathiaz[ACTION] sommer to prepare new ebox debdiffs16:04
MootBotACTION received:  sommer to prepare new ebox debdiffs16:04
mathiaz[TOPIC] ACL by default16:04
MootBotNew Topic:  ACL by default16:04
ivoksthat's me16:05
mathiazivoks: ^^ - did you create a wiki page to track of the work required to move things forward?16:05
ivoksso, i've found an old wiki page that has this topic covered16:05
ivoksit's from the desktop point of view, but i added not-only-desktop packages (zip, tar, cpio)16:06
ivoksso, once acl is implemented in package, i'll remove it from the list16:06
mathiazivoks: great. Thanks for tracking the state of ACL in packages.16:07
mathiaz[TOPIC] DRBD in jaunty16:07
MootBotNew Topic:  DRBD in jaunty16:07
mathiazI've published a call for testing on the server blog16:07
ivoksoh, nice16:07
ivokswiki is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/UbuntuServer-drbd16:08
MootBotLINK received:  http://ubuntuserver.wordpress.com/2009/01/29/call-for-testing-drbd-83-in-jaunty/16:08
ivoksi've tried creating howto to be as easier as possible to follow16:08
mathiazThis has been picked up by one of the upstream dev:16:08
MootBotLINK received:  http://fghaas.wordpress.com/2009/02/02/ubuntu-users-please-test-drbd-83-for-jaunty/16:08
mathiazso I'll relay the call for testing in the upstream community16:09
mathiazivoks: thanks - the wiki page is rather extensive16:09
ivoksi could post a message to their users mailing list16:09
mathiazivoks: thanks for taking the time to write this up16:10
mathiazivoks: do you know if there is a drbd page on help.ubuntu.com/community/16:10
mathiazivoks: ?16:10
ivoksi don't think so16:10
mathiazivoks: ok16:10
mathiazlet's move if there isn't anything else to report on drbd16:11
ivoksthis howto could be used for that16:11
ivoksnope, that's all16:11
mathiaz[TOPIC] Screen profiles16:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Screen profiles16:11
mathiazkirkland: what's new on this front?16:11
nealmcbHOw about this: Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also good for use over ssh etc.  See https://launchpad.net/screen-profiles for status bars, clocks, notifiers (reboot-required, updates-Havailable) etc.16:11
kirklandnealmcb: +116:12
nealmcb(drop that "H"...)16:12
kirklandnealmcb: sounds find for a 2 liner16:12
kirklandmathiaz: a few things ...16:12
kirklandmathiaz: a couple of uploads16:12
mathiaznealmcb: works for me.16:12
nealmcbit's tough given how cool it is to use just two lines16:12
kirklandmathiaz: in main, now brought in by screen itself16:12
mathiaznealmcb: could you take care of updating the factoids?16:12
kirklandmathiaz: it provides a new "screen" wrapper script which divert's screen's itself16:12
kirklandmathiaz: which will ask you to select your profile of choice16:13
mathiaz[ACTION] nealmcb to update the screen factoids16:13
MootBotACTION received:  nealmcb to update the screen factoids16:13
kirklandmathiaz: and then launches with the same args16:13
kirklandmathiaz: this was per ivoks' suggestion?16:13
kirklandmathiaz: easy to implement16:13
kirklandmathiaz: haven't gotten much feedback yet on the divert (yet)16:13
kirklandmathiaz: i expect more people will rejoice/complain very soon :-)16:13
kirklandmathiaz: there have been a few bugs16:14
ivokskirkland: it's crucial that 'default' should be 'preselected', so that users don't just hit enter and find them selvs in something that's not what they expected :)16:14
kirklandmathiaz: closing those out as quickly as possible16:14
kirklandivoks: default is "plain"16:14
kirklandivoks: if they just hit enter, they end up with screen's shipped default16:14
kirklandivoks: and should never be bothered about it again16:14
ivoksthat's great16:14
kirklandivoks: changable later by select-screen-profile16:14
ivoksof course16:14
kirklandmathiaz: i think that's it for now?16:14
kirklandmathiaz: i'm working on an ec2 bill-meter for it :-)16:15
nijabawhat about upgrades?16:15
kirklandmathiaz: nearly done16:15
kirklandnijaba: upgrades?16:15
nijaba8.10 with screen update to jaunty?16:15
ivoksnijaba: don't change what people expect... rule #1 :)16:15
ivoksif they used plain screen untill now, let them use it in new version16:16
kirklandnijaba: well, the new screen package will recommend and install screen-profiles16:16
nijabaivoks: I just want to make sure the case is correctly handled16:16
ivoks... or that - even better16:16
kirklandnijaba: the first time they call screen there after, they will see:16:16
kirklandSelect a screen profile:16:16
kirkland 1. plain16:16
kirkland 2. ubuntu-dark16:16
kirkland 3. ubuntu-light16:16
kirklandChoose:  1-3 [1]:16:16
ivokskirkland: imho, that's superb!16:16
kirklandnijaba: we should verify that, i think16:16
nijabakirkland: ok, same behaviour then16:16
* kirkland high-fives ivoks o/*\o16:17
kirklandnijaba: oui16:17
kirklandoh, there's also new support for disabling our keybindings16:17
mathiazok - seems that we're well done on the screen-profiles front16:17
nxvland what about the customed screen profiles16:17
kirklandor choosing another set, should we provide one16:17
nxvli mean if someone already modified his profile with his own changes16:17
kirkland.screenrc no longer contains a line that says "source ..."16:17
kirklandthat broke people who's home or .screenrc was sync'd to other machines, perhaps without screen-profiles16:18
kirklandso now .screenrc is empty16:18
kirklandand the screen wrapper calls the real screen with the -c option, which identifies the the .screenrc-profile file (if it exists)16:18
kirklandthe last thing that file does is sources your ~/.screenrc16:19
kirklandso anything you put in there will override anything above it16:19
kirklandthat should be the expected/desired behavior, i believe16:19
kirklandbtw, i've gotten good feedback on the dark theme16:19
kirklandseems most people prefer that16:19
nijabalool will be happy :)16:19
kirklandthat have spoken up :-)16:19
kirklandlool and i have reviewed a good bit of this16:20
kirklandhe has one more important recommendation about the dpkg-divert16:20
nealmcbkirkland: but dark screens make reflections more visible....16:20
kirklandi'm still working that out16:20
mathiazok  let's move on16:20
kirklandcool, thanks16:20
mathiaz[TOPIC] EtcUnderRevisionControl status16:21
MootBotNew Topic:  EtcUnderRevisionControl status16:21
mathiazKoon: ^^16:21
KoonSo I've converted the spec info a set of bugs. Some of them are in good shape (see my branch), some of them aren't... and I might not have enough time for this to land in Jaunty before FF16:21
Kooninto, even16:21
mathiazKoon: are bugs files against the etckeeper package?16:21
Koonanyone that wants to help is welcome to look at those bugs16:21
Koonnot only. There is one bzr bug, but it's almost done16:21
mathiazKoon: did you use the mentoring option?16:21
Koonthey are all linked on the blueprint page16:22
Koonno, but I should16:22
ScottKDid anyone get an opinion from upstream on this?16:22
KoonScottK: yes.16:22
ScottKLast I read they thougth bzr support was not ready.16:22
KoonScottK: you read a long time ago then16:22
nxvlScottK: we had some bzr developers in the session at UDS16:22
KoonJelmer has been integrating bzr support into etckeeper, and Joey is verfy much happy with it16:23
ScottKIt seems an odd divergence to make a vcs used almost nowhere outside of Ubuntu development the default, but whatever.16:23
KoonHe just prefers git because he is a git user, but he is very happy with us doing advanced bzr-based features16:23
KoonScottK: it will make sense when we deliver features that will only be available for bzr16:24
Koon(integrating permissions/ownership differences directly into the diff output, for example)16:24
mathiazScottK: there is support for other vcs - so users can switch to their preferred vcs system easily16:24
KoonI agree that at this point it doesn't make alot of sense to change default VCS16:24
ScottKI think default should be based on what users use, not developers.16:25
ScottKBut we can move on.16:25
mathiaz[TOPIC] Encrypted private/home with filename encryption available16:26
MootBotNew Topic:  Encrypted private/home with filename encryption available16:26
mathiazkirkland: ^^?16:26
kirklandmathiaz: worked with evand on it yesterday16:26
kirklandmathiaz: had to work through a number of kinks16:26
mathiazI think you made a call for testing on your blog?16:26
sorenScottK: Very few users use VCS, fwiw.16:26
ScottKsoren: True and most of the that do use svn.16:26
kirklandmathiaz: what he uploaded yesterday should be in the next round of iso's16:26
sorenScottK: And windows.16:26
kirklandmathiaz: i haven't blogged about it yet16:26
kirklandmathiaz: i need to test the iso myself first16:27
kirklandmathiaz: i expect a call for testing to cooincide with the alpha4 release16:27
mathiazkirkland: ok - great.16:27
mathiaz[ACTION] kirkland to make a call for testing filename encryption via a blog post.16:27
MootBotACTION received:  kirkland to make a call for testing filename encryption via a blog post.16:27
ScottKYou might even get slangasek to include it in the release notes for Alpha 4.16:28
kirklandScottK: cool, will do, thanks16:28
=== MTecknology is now known as mtbot
mathiazok. anything else to report on private encrypted directories?16:28
kirklandmathiaz: don't thinks so16:29
=== mtbot is now known as MTecknology
mathiazok. That's all I had from last week minutes16:29
mathiaz[TOPIC] Update ServerGuide for Jaunty16:30
MootBotNew Topic:  Update ServerGuide for Jaunty16:30
mathiazsommer: how is this progressing?16:30
sommermathiaz: coming along, I think most of the major new additions are done16:30
ScottKsommer: Did you catch the scrollback on the TLS cert issue we've been discussing?16:31
sommerScottK: not all of it, but it's on my list16:31
ScottKI can confirm that the current docs don't work.16:31
mathiazsommer: do the sections marked as Done need to be review?16:31
sommermathiaz: ya a reviews would be great16:32
slangasekkirkland, ScottK: yes, please write it and I will happily not revert it ;)16:32
kirklandslangasek: ;-)16:32
ScottKslangasek: Do you have a link for the draft?16:33
* ScottK does some unrelated editing ...16:33
mathiazsommer: looks good to me.16:34
mathiazanything else to add on the documentation front?16:34
sommermathiaz: don't think so at this point16:34
mathiazsommer: great. Thanks for working on this!16:35
sommernp :)16:35
mathiaz[TOPIC] Open Discussion16:36
MootBotNew Topic:  Open Discussion16:36
mathiazanything else to add?16:36
ScottKmathiaz: Did you see my blog on DNSSEC, dkim-mitler, and unbound?16:36
nijabaUbuntu Server Survey results have been sent to the participants16:36
nijabaa press release about it should be out this week16:36
nealmcbScottK link?16:36
ScottKmathiaz: I'm not sure if it's worth republishing in the Server Team blog or not. http://www.kitterman.org/ScottK/2009/01/getting_ready_for_dnssec_one_s.html16:36
mathiazScottK: I saw it.16:37
ScottKI'm not sure how much readership outside planet.ubuntu.com the Server Team blog has.16:37
mathiazScottK: I don't know either.16:38
nealmcbScottK way cool - thanks!   yeah - big headaches there16:38
ScottKWe did manage to kill off  a libdb version recently.16:38
mathiazAny ideas to increase that is welcomed!16:38
ScottKIf someone would merge openldap from Experimental, then maybe 4.2 coud die too.16:39
* ScottK isn't going to touch it.16:39
ScottKIf that got done we'd have a shot at shipping Jaunty with just 4.6 and 4.7.16:39
mathiazScottK: from experimental?16:40
nealmcbI think republishing that blog on the server blog is a good idea.  quality content drives interest....16:40
ScottKmathiaz: Yeah.  Because of the Lenny freeze the latest is in Debian experimental.16:40
ScottKAt least that's how I understand it.16:40
ScottKmathiaz: Just in case copyright weenies care to know, you have my permission to republish that article on the server team blog.16:42
mathiazScottK: hm - I don't see a new openldap package in experimental16:42
ScottKOdd.  Let me look into it.16:42
* ivoks needs to go... take care16:43
ScottKmathiaz: OK.  Sorry about that.  Merge from experimental/package new upstream release then.16:44
mathiaznealmcb: right - I'm not so interested to just cut-n-paste other  posts on the ubuntu server blog16:45
mathiazI'd rather have original content.16:45
mathiazwe've discussing that with Koon and kirkland16:45
* ScottK notes that if he had posting rights to said blog he'd have posted it there.16:45
nealmcbmathiaz: I'm saying that having something, even just a link to scott's post, would be good for interest level in server blog16:45
kirklandwe've also been talking about making it more of a "server planet"16:46
mathiaznealmcb: true - a feed could be easily added to the server blog16:46
kirklandaggregating interesting server-related material, from perhaps ScottK's blog, and others16:46
mathiazScottK: it would be easy to give you authoring access to the ubuntu server blog16:46
nijabamathiaz: what about a bi weekly list of interesting post about Ubuntu Server on your blog?16:46
ScottKmathiaz: OK.  I'm interested.16:46
ScottKLast time I asked I was told it was Canonical only.  I'm glad to hear this has changed.16:47
mathiaznijaba: another option.16:47
mathiazkirkland has been proposing to use a planet-like system instaed.16:48
Koongtg, sorry16:48
nijabaa dedicated to server aggregation?16:49
nijabasounds like a good idea16:49
mathiaznijaba: yes. So that anyone could publish on their own blog and we'd aggregate everything related to ubuntu-server to a blog16:50
mathiazok - anything else to add?16:52
ScottKmathiaz: Are you willing to look into openldap?  If so vorian and I can look at the other DB 4.2 users.16:53
mathiazScottK: yes - I'll look into updating to 2.4.13 which means we have to move to db 4.616:54
mathiaz[TOPIC] # Agree on next meeting date and time.16:54
MootBotNew Topic:  # Agree on next meeting date and time.16:54
mathiaznext week, same time, same place?16:54
nealmcbsommer: one person, one vote....16:57
mathiazok - see you all next week16:57
mathiazsame time same place16:58
mathiazhappy iso testing for Alpha4 due this week!16:58
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:58.16:58
sommerthanks mathiaz, later on all16:58
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jpdsEvening, doesn't look like there'll be a CC meeting tonight...21:18
makodid i miss a message?21:18
makoor is just that others have not showed up21:18
jpdsThe latte.21:18
makoa bunch of people replied to the message saying that they would be available21:18
Technovikinglooks like it did not get added to the fridge or ircbot21:19
makowell, sabdfl said he would make it. he and dholbach are at a sprint but said they could make it21:19
makocory said he could make it21:19
makoand mdke said he would try21:20
TechnovikingClaire just wrote and said Mark could not21:20
makooh, i hadn't seen that one21:20
makoso it's you and me :)21:20
makothere's only one thing on the agenda21:20
makofrom nathan handler21:21
jpdsnhandler is not around at the moment.21:21
makowhich is just asking for a status update that i don't think either of us can give21:21
mako"Several months ago, after an email from Emanuele Gentilli (emgent), Mark Shuttleworth, Matt Zimmerman, and James Troup decided that James would setup SFTP-based web page hosting for Ubuntu members. This discussion took place several months ago, and since then, there has been no visible progress. Is this still being worked on? If so, is there an estimated time that it will be implemented, or is there something holding it up?"21:21
makoi'm happy to poke james to find out21:22
makoi certainly don't know the status21:22
Technovikingok, I know there are plans for more online services, maybe that has been made part of that21:22
makoi guess we can just ask for an update on an appropriate list, spec, etc21:23
Technovikingsounds like a plan21:24
Technovikingwe can discuss this on the CC list also to move things along21:24
makocool :)21:26
makodoes anyone have any other business for the CC? :)21:26
makoor this small sample of it21:26
Technovikingahh.. a happy community:)21:28
makothanks everyone (anyone?) for coming :)21:28
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