meoblast001launchpad used to show my display name and now it shows my real name... why?02:14
meoblast001my old commits still show meoblast001 but my new ones show my real name02:14
DBOlaunchpads openid stuff no working... help?06:31
DBOoh there we go06:31
DBOit went through now06:31
DBOtook 5 tries =)06:32
DBOi have a feature request also06:58
DBOcan launchpad keep track of lifetime karma?06:58
DBOit would be a really fun way to watch your points grow06:58
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savvaswhere can I get an svg and a license of the mugshot image? https://launchpad.net/@@/team-mugshot17:47
hyperairhi. when adding an archive mirror for ubuntu, and applying to be an official mirror, how long do i have to wait before it appears on the list?18:14
hyperairalso do i have to announce it anywhere?18:14
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jpdshyperair: It's human-driven.19:07
hyperairjpds: ah. so should i announce on some list or somewhere else?19:07
jpdshyperair: No need, I think they have a list of pending mirrors to check or something.19:08
hyperairi see19:10
hyperairokay then19:10
hyperairare all mirrors on the list added to python-apt's list?19:10
trmancoPlease try again19:12
trmancoSorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.19:12
trmancoTry reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.19:12
trmancoThanks for your patience.19:12
jpdshyperair: Not sure.19:15
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Ursinhatrmanco, is that staging?20:09
trmancoUrsinha, what do you mean by "staging"?20:23
Ursinhatrmanco, staging.launchpad.net20:24
Ursinhatrmanco, where are you getting that?20:24
trmancoUrsinha, from loggerhead20:24
Ursinhatrmanco, oh20:24
trmancoon a stable version of Launchpad20:24
Ursinhatrmanco, are you getting that consistently?20:30
trmancoUrsinha, I got this same message last week, when I was also browsing source with loggerhead20:31
Ursinhatrmanco, right20:31
rockstartrmanco, last week, like when Lauchpad was down for upgrades?20:34
kiko__loggerhead is a bit temperamental20:35
trmancorockstar, I have no idea, it was at ~23 GMT20:35
rockstartrmanco, yea, that could be right.20:36
trmancolast Saturday to be more specific20:36
rockstarkiko__, but when loggerhead falls over, it doesn't give a Launchpad errors.20:36
rockstartrmanco, hm, there was no rollout on Saturday.20:36
kiko__probably just loggerhead going legs up?20:37
kiko__ 2009-02-01 21:44 UTC20:37
kiko__restarted codebrowse - not responding - 3.6GB RSS20:37
trmancokiko__, maybe, I then tried a couple of hours later and everything was fine20:37
savvaswhich characters are allowed for a bug nickname? alphanumeric, - and _ ?20:47
kiko__savvas, pretty much21:18

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