dashua_MMA_: Yummy.  Just got home. Pulling now. :)06:16
_MMA_dashua: rev.32 adds more links. Fixes where some folders are shown. The Breathe folder is now shown in the theme chooser as well.14:49
dashuaI'm getting a lot of messaged on Ubuntu Art requesting the icon-theme.14:50
_MMA_Say it's top-secret. :P14:51
* dashua thinks a package should be added soon ;]14:51
dashuaI haven't replied yet14:51
dashuaI'm almost done my Dust revision, few more tweaks14:52
_MMA_dashua: I wanna work out a couple of more things over the next week. I also wanna have Sebastians blessing for a 0.1 release.14:52
dashuaBreathe goes really well with it14:52
dashuaHe is a talented artist14:52
_MMA_I'm using Breathe with Dust also.14:53
_MMA_The "power" and "start-here" icons I'd /really/ like to have worked out before release.14:53
dashuaVery important icons, at least on an Ubuntu default install.  Main icons at far left and right of the panel.14:55
dashuaI like the style of the Oxygen ones.  With the highlights.14:55
dashuaThey would look great over a dark panel.14:55
_MMA_I was thinking about taking the Oxygen ones and takin' off the gloss but I wanted to give a chance to someone on the list 1st.15:00
_MMA_(the power icons that is)15:00
_MMA_I think I'll put out a wider call on the forums today.15:01
dashuaYeah, that would look nice.15:29
dashuaNot a lot of gloss, like an eggshell finish, if that's even possible.15:29
_MMA_Just takin' off the gloss parts makes look that way.15:30
_MMA_I'll tinker with 'em for a day or so and see how it goes.15:30
_MMA_(writing forum post now)15:30
dashuaOk.  Theme is update on the wiki.  Still need to figure out an Evolution workaround for the New button.15:34
dashuaOld hacks aren't working.15:34
dashuaNice. Breathe folders now in Places on the menu.15:36
_MMA_The outlines still aren't right. Hpefully Seb can shape that up.15:39
dashuaFolders look rounder now.15:41
dashuaI like that.15:41
dashuaOr maybe the shadow is doing that.15:41
dashuaReally goes nice with this nice.15:55
_MMA_dashua: So we'll see what happens. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=669352816:38
_MMA_gah. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=106291516:39
dashuaThat should stimulate an interest.16:39
dashuaThis set will be very popular.  I've heard nothing but compliments.16:40
_MMA_Hopefully it gets volunteers with some talent. :P16:40
dashuaBah. Jaunty's xserver is borked.16:40
dashuaAt least with Nvidia here.16:40
dashuaYeah, that'll be nice.16:40
zniavredashua:  you should try to desactivate compiz16:41
* _MMA_ runs Intel on his Jaunty lappy. (hasn't updated today)16:41
zniavreand start it with indirect rendering instead of loose binding16:41
dashuaI have it working again, but it requires deleting an nvidia control file.16:41
zniavreoops im not on ubuntu+1 room sorry16:41
thorwildoes the new alpha come with another wallpaper?16:42
zniavreno it does not16:42
_MMA_thorwil: I don't think so. If you wanna see things change like that, you need to use Studio. ;)16:42
dashuaThat light honeycomb wallpaper new?16:45
dashuaI just noticed it.16:46
_MMA_I've actually had it for a while, but didn't want to use it on the las release. So it's in now. I have to work on the new GDM a bit. Doesn't feel right yet.16:47
dashuaI'm not running Studio, just the artwork.  Looks nice.16:47
_MMA_Sure. Like most people. :)16:48
dashuaHrm.  If I new how to package it I'd include it with my theme for wider testing.16:58
dashuaI have it listed in the index, but will appear as error for most.16:59
_MMA_(will it error)17:00
* _MMA_ points to the ML. Maybe Ill get some pissy comments. :P17:01
dashuaMost people will not have the icon-theme.17:01
dashuaHopefully, they grab it.17:01
_MMA_dashua: Well, you could just set it to Human for now.17:02
* _MMA_ shrugs.17:02
dashuaI'm trying to promote interest.17:03
_MMA_Sure, sure.17:03
dashuaThe Human theme is too "bling" for my tastes.  Breathe is just right.17:03
_MMA_dashua: One thing I do like from the set are it's flash media icons. I'm going to look at what Oxygen does there. See which is better.17:04
dashuaOh yeah.  Like the SD cards?17:05
dashuaThat is nice.17:05
_MMA_dashua: Yeah. Those.17:14
dashuaI'm off, ttyl.17:15
_MMA_thorwil: Nice17:45
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