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bazhangEscsun, ping12:50
A4Techbazhang hello12:50
bazhangA4Tech, hi12:50
A4Techbazhang pm please12:50
Nafallojpds: what happened to !info in -se ?13:03
jpdsNafallo: Looking into it now.13:35
Nafallojpds: ta13:38
jpds+info ubuntu-desktop13:44
jpdsubot2: info ubuntu-desktop13:44
ubot2jpds: ubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.124 (intrepid), package size 26 kB, installed size 52 kB13:44
jpdsNafallo: Appears to be back again.13:44
Nafallojpds: what am I doing wrong then?13:45
jpdsNafallo: That package is arch all, not i386. I'll try and fix it.13:47
Nafallojpds: AHA. was just about to ask why it hates freedom :-)13:47
jpds(Debug is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/115174/ if wondering).13:48
Nafallokewl :-)13:49
* jpds wonders how to kill the en_GB downloads: http://paste.ubuntu.com/115186/13:55
jpdsubot2: info grokking-the-gimp14:01
ubot2jpds: grokking-the-gimp (source: grokking-the-gimp): GIMP tutorial book by Carey Bunks (HTML). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.0-2 (intrepid), package size 21335 kB, installed size 24284 kB14:01
jpdsNafallo: Woo.14:01
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