LaneyI think "V7  This is the recommended mode of operation." confuses it a bit00:00
nhandlerLaney: It also doesn't help that dh_make defaults to 7 iirc00:04
nhandlercody-somerville: What about for a package that uses debhelper v7 features in debian/rules but doesn't need to?00:05
LaneyI'm not sure I see the problem any more00:05
Laneyhardy-backports has dh7, and backporting to anything beyond that is probably pretty rare00:05
cody-somervillenhandler, You're welcome to upload and change it after it gets accepted but I wouldn't comment on it for packages in revu00:06
Laney       Unless otherwise indicated, all debhelper documentation assumes that you are using the most recent00:06
Laney       compatibility level, and in most cases does not indicate if the behavior is different in an earlier00:06
Laney       compatibility level00:06
nhandlerLaney: I know. I'm still not particularly clear on the reason behind requesting users use a lower compat level, but many developers insist on this00:07
nhandlerOne last question, does the perl artistic license require a copy to be distributed in the source?00:08
LaneyDon't all licenses?00:09
Laneylinking to it is pretty dubious IMO00:09
ZettoHi all, i really wanna update Netbeans 6.1 to 6.5, but the Feature Freeze already passed, some can tell me what i can do ? Still have another way to solve it without a backport ?00:14
Zetto(update it in Ubuntu+1 )00:14
cody-somervilleZetto, ugh... Feature Freeze has *not* passed.00:15
cody-somervilleSo lets get Netbeans uploaded!! woot!00:15
ZettoFebruary 19th didn't passed :P00:16
Zettocody-somerville, how we can doo it ?00:16
ScottKnhandler: Specifying a higher version dependency than is required is a poor packaging practice.00:16
ScottKIt complicates backports substantially.00:16
ScottKAnd it's just not correct.00:16
cody-somervilleZetto, you prepare an upload of the new version and then you upload it00:16
nhandlerscottk: Just out of curiosity, how does it complicate the backport process since debhelper has been backported?00:17
ScottKGenerally speaking with debhelper it's pretty clear in debiah/changelog when stuff appeared.00:17
ScottKTo hardy yes, but we still support dapper and gutsy.00:17
Zettocody-somerville, on the Bug report, Yulia already make packages on yours PPA00:18
cody-somervilleScottK, In the case nhandler is asking about, the individual uses a new feature available in v7 but they could have done it the "old" way.00:18
cody-somervilleZetto, Then I recommend you ask someone to sponsor the upload00:18
ScottKIn that case the dependency is fine.00:18
Zettocody-somerville, thanks00:18
ScottKIf they actually use dh 7 features, the dependency is correct.00:18
nhandlerscottk: Even though there is no reason for the package to use the debhelper v7 features?00:19
cody-somervillenhandler, maybe more context would be useful00:19
ScottKnhandler: Packages don't need to use debhelper at all.00:19
ScottKThe point of debhelper is to make life easier.00:19
ScottKIf the packager likes using a particular feature, then that's fine.00:19
nhandlerscottk: Ok. And do you know whether the perl artistic license requires a full copy to be distributed in the source?00:20
ScottKI was arguing (apparently on a one sided basis) against arbitrarily selecting the current version as the required version.00:20
ScottKnhandler: Ubuntu requires a full copy of the license in the source.00:21
ScottKnhandler: Also Perl is GPL v1 and follow, so if something is licensed 'on the same terms as Perl' it includes GPL v1.00:21
nhandlerI didn't know that. Thanks scottk00:22
ScottKMithrandir rejected my very first package due to that.00:22
ZettoTo upload Netbeans 6.1 to 6.5 I need a sponsor to upload 4 diff files did by a Sun employee, someone can help ?00:37
Zetto*to update00:37
ScottKZetto: File a bug with the diffs and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors.  Who your employer is isn't really a consideration.00:41
ZettoScottK, thanks, a will subscribe00:41
ZettoScottK, like we already have the diffs, and the UUSponsors are already subscribed, what should be the status of the bug ? In Progress ?00:44
ScottKTriaged or confirmed.00:47
ScottKIn progress is when a sponsor is looking at it.00:47
ZettoScottK, thanks, i will change all they to Triaged00:52
ScottKYou're welcome.00:53
ZettoScottK, Triaged isn't in the list ^^00:53
ScottKThen confirmed00:53
ZettoScottK, do you know why ?00:53
ZettoScottK, ok00:53
ScottKYes, it's a restricted status.  Not everyone can set it.00:53
ScottKThat's why I said confirmed or triaged.00:53
ScottKTriaged is an interesting theory, but the restriction on it's use makes it pretty useless for workflow bugs.00:54
ZettoScottK, can you change to Triaged or Upload the files ?00:54
ScottKI could, but I'm busy with other things currently00:54
ZettoScottK, ok, can i ask you again in one hour ?00:55
ScottKYou can ask, but I find repeated requests demotivating.00:55
ScottKI recommend against it.00:56
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ZettoScottK, are you busy ?02:48
Zettogood work, i will Sleep now02:49
Zettobye all02:49
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quadrisprohi pochu13:21
savvaswould a correct conf be at /etc/udev/libmtp8.rules or /etc/udev/rules.d/45-libmtp8.rules ?13:30
quadrisprocould anyone review this? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gnome-format13:44
pochuhi quadrispro14:20
pochuI'm reviewing gnome-format14:20
pochuquadrispro: so we are finally using the orig tarball, aren't we?14:21
quadrisprothank you pochu14:21
pochuin the get-orig-source, there's no need to untar the tarball14:21
pochuit should be enough to just `bunzip && gzip -9`14:22
pochu(and that's better, since the .tar checksum won't change)14:22
quadrispropochu: yes, you're right, I'm workin on it14:23
pochuquadrispro: and a couple more comments14:23
pochuin the manpage, remove [OPTIONS...], since there is no [OPTIONS] section14:23
pochuand in the long description, this looks a bit weird:14:24
pochuIt is designed for Linux based operating systems, like Ubuntu, and for the GNOME desktop.14:24
pochuI'd remove Linux and Ubuntu from there14:24
pochuit's ok if you want to mention that it integrates well with GNOME though14:25
pochuLinux is pointless because Ubuntu only runs on Linux, and Ubuntu is pointless because if the package is in Ubuntu, is because it runs there14:25
quadrispropochu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/115218/14:27
Laneygzip -9nf, rather14:28
pochuquadrispro: looks fine14:29
pochuquadrispro: you can view it using `man ./gnome-format.1`14:29
quadrisproI know :)14:30
pochuok :)14:30
quadrisproman -l filename.1, precisely14:31
pochuLaney: -f looks useless for a .tar14:31
Laneyyeah, n is more important14:32
pochuquadrispro: did you use two spaces in the list of actions in the long description on purpose?14:36
pochuquadrispro: if so, good :)14:36
DktrKranzis svn.debian.org working for you? I can't checkout branches with my ssh key :(14:36
quadrispropochu: 2 spaces?? where?14:38
pochuDktrKranz: I can update my checkouts fine14:38
pochu Features:14:39
pochu  - Easy to use.14:39
pochu  - Autodetects available media through HAL.14:39
pochuthere are two spaces before the dashes14:39
DktrKranzpochu, which string do you use? Probably it's a failure by my side14:39
pochusvn co :)14:39
quadrisproyes, there are 2 spaces, is it right?14:39
pochuquadrispro: yeah, it's perfect14:39
pochuquadrispro: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=48032214:39
ubottuDebian bug 480322 in gnome-terminal "Description could be better formatted" [Minor,Closed]14:39
pochuDktrKranz: IIRC my initial checkout was like "svn co svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/foo"14:40
pochuDktrKranz: with this in my .ssh/config:14:40
pochuHost svn.debian.org User pochu-guest14:40
pochuin two lines14:41
pochuHost svn.debian.org14:41
DktrKranzsame here14:41
pochu    User pochu-guest14:41
pochuDktrKranz: give me an URI and I'll try14:41
DktrKranzwith s/pochu/dktrkranz/, of course :)14:41
pochuI hope :)14:41
quadrispropochu: uploaded to REVU14:41
pochuDktrKranz: works fine14:42
pochuquadrispro: ok, I'm going to upload it to the archive if your changes look fine14:42
DktrKranzno way here...14:43
quadrispropochu: REVU doesn't want to work14:45
pochuDktrKranz: can you checkout without ssh?14:46
pochuDktrKranz: there's #alioth on OFTC, btw14:46
DktrKranzbut no write access14:46
quadrisprobah, anyway I've uploaded gnome-format to my server -> http://home.alessiotreglia.com/jaunty/result/gnome-format_0.1.1-0ubuntu1/14:46
pochuDktrKranz: is your key in alioth.debian.org? :)14:46
DktrKranzI did some commits already, but today it doesn't work at all14:46
pochuno idea then14:47
DktrKranzmmmh... let's try to connect to our build server14:47
DktrKranzit uses ssh as login method14:47
DktrKranzmmmh... no access!14:47
DktrKranzso, it's seahorse!14:47
pochuDktrKranz: how long have you been without using it?14:47
surfazScottK, any news about this?14:48
pochuthe keys were removed due to the ssh disaster ;)14:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 244670 in amule "[hardy] Request of update of aMule to 2.2.2 final release" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:48
DktrKranzpochu, my key is old enought to be immune of SSH crisis ;)14:48
DktrKranzenywat, latest commit is about two weeks ago14:48
pochuDktrKranz: maybe ask in #alioth14:50
DktrKranz\o/ I GOT IT! seahorse crashed and no longer managed my keys!14:51
DktrKranznow, let's see if commit was successful14:51
quadrisproI'm experiencing issues with REVU... mmm14:51
pochuquadrispro: get-orig-source fails here14:51
pochuwith the package from your server14:51
pochubunzip2 ../gnome-format-.tar.bz214:52
pochubunzip2: ../gnome-format-.tar.bz2 is not a bzip2 file.14:52
pochumake: *** [get-orig-source] Error 214:52
DktrKranzit works, pochu sorry for the noise, it was my seahorse which crashed14:52
quadrispropochu: type uscan --dehs14:52
pochuDktrKranz: np14:52
pochuemilio@saturno:~/tmp/gnome-format-0.1.1$ uscan --dehs14:52
pochu<errors>uscan: Can't use --verbose if you're using --dehs!</errors>14:52
pochuquadrispro: I'm on Debian btw14:53
pochuthat's on my .devscripts :)14:53
pochuquadrispro: why do you need --dehs, btw?14:54
quadrispropochu: it's necessary to retrieve the last available version from upstream14:55
maxb--dehs just changes the output format, I thought?14:55
pochumaxb: yes, but then it's easier to parse it I guess14:56
pochuquadrispro: ok, works now without --verbose14:56
maxbIs get-orig-source really allowed to cd ?14:59
pochuquadrispro: if you run get-orig-source, do you get this md5sum?14:59
pochuf6cf5689480fc9cbe6da344175083b08  gnome-format_0.1.1.orig.tar.gz14:59
pochumaxb: why not?15:00
quadrispropochu: one moment15:01
quadrispropochu: yes15:02
pochuok, I'm uploading with that tarball then15:03
quadrisproalessio@quadrispro-desktop:~/Desktop/devel/REVU/gnome-format$ md5sum gnome-format_0.1.1.orig.tar.gz15:03
quadrisprof6cf5689480fc9cbe6da344175083b08  gnome-format_0.1.1.orig.tar.gz15:03
quadrispropochu: thank you very much :)15:04
pochuquadrispro: thanks for packaging it :)15:04
POXDktrKranz: FYI: sed accepts multiple "-e"'s15:04
quadrispropochu: do you have some minutes for this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/32588215:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 325882 in installation-report-generator "Please update installation-report-generator to 0.2.1" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:09
pochuquadrispro: Successfully uploaded packages.15:10
pochuquadrispro: uploaded ;)15:10
DktrKranzPOX, yes, I used multiple instances just for "cosmetic" purposes15:10
POXok then15:11
quadrisprothank you pochu15:11
pochuRainCT: hey, there seems to be some problems with REVU15:11
pochuRainCT: quadrispro can't upload his package, and I can't login...15:12
pochuRainCT: El servidor «revu.ubuntuwire.com» está redireccionando de una manera que nunca terminará.15:12
pochuRainCT: I can access REVU, but when trying to login and clicking on "sign in" in Launchpad, I get that15:12
quadrispropochu: ehm.. did you upload installation-report-generator too?15:12
DktrKranzPOX, new upstream is available, but older one is still in NEW. Is it worth waiting for the older to be accepted right now?15:12
pochuquadrispro: nope15:12
quadrisproah ok ok :)15:12
POXDktrKranz: well, I'd recommed to wait with an upload and ping me right after old one will be accepted15:13
DktrKranzI'll do that, thanks :)15:13
pochuDktrKranz: otherwise your package will fall to the bottom of the queue again ;)15:14
* pochu is already 5th15:14
pochupity that they don't process it top-bottom ;)15:14
DktrKranz> 200 packages \o/15:14
* DktrKranz can't wait for valentine's day!15:15
pochuquadrispro: let me know when REVU works again and I'll add a comment and archive the package ;)15:16
LaneyWhat version number is best to use for something that doesn't (hasn't yet) do releases? 0.darcsDDMMYYYY?15:18
pochuLaney: 0~foo, I'd say15:20
LaneyAlso is it required that source files include license headers and copyright information, or is having this in the top-level file enough?15:20
LaneyLICENSE file, that is15:20
pochuLaney: otherwise, if the first public release is 0.X you will be in trouble ;)15:21
pochudpkg --compare-versions "0.darcs" gt "0.0.1" && echo true15:21
pochuLaney: I think LICENSE is fine, but header in source files is encouraged15:22
Laneyfair, I got the idea from ffmpeg-debian15:22
pochunot sure if you will get a reject for that15:22
pochuLaney: they probably use 0.svn before ~ was created15:23
LaneyI'm never going to convince upstream to go back and add headers to all of their files15:23
Laneyso hmm15:23
pochuhmm, they don't :)15:24
pochuffmpeg (0.cvs20040716-1) unstable; urgency=low15:24
pochu  * Initial release (Closes: #199266).15:24
pochu -- Sam Hocevar (Debian packages) <sam+deb@zoy.org>  Fri, 16 Jul 2004 12:47:27 +020015:24
pochubut dpkg supports ~ since 200315:24
pochuanyway, ~ is better, otherwise you're screwed15:24
pochuLaney: what package is it, btw?15:24
pochuAgda is a dependently typed functional programming language.15:25
pochuthat one?15:25
toborHello. I just installed Hardy (kubuntu flavor) and I am looking at using the gdata-python library to write some software to access google calendars.  The hardy repo's are supplying version 1.0.9-1ubuntu1 of the gdata-python library but the current version is 1.2.4. The latter version includes examples but I don't know what other changes are included.   version 1.0.9 was completed in OCT of 2007. The current version was just done in Jan 22 2008.  Is 15:35
ScottKsurfaz: I have no idea.  I'm not in motu-sru, so it's totally  not up to me.15:37
toborRegarding the issue of updating packages to more current versions, is there a process I can read about somewhere?15:38
surfazopps, sorry. I ask you because I saw your post in that bug15:39
* tobor taps side of th keyboard "hello? Is this thing on? ... " 15:40
savvashm... weird, bug #145572 says unmet dependencies for amd64, but I tried 1.4-12build1 and it builds fine on amd64: https://launchpad.net/~medigeek/+archive/ppa/+build/86060115:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 145572 in imaze "[UNMETDEPS] imaze has unmet dependencies" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14557215:44
ScottKsurfaz: I was involved in getting the initial updates in, but for the previous releases, no idea.15:46
misblayi'd like to contribute motu as much as i can, but im not sure if i could :) do i need any programming skills etc.?15:48
ScottKKnowing shell scripting (at least a little) is good.15:49
ScottKIf you have programming skills they can be helpful, but they are not required.15:49
misblayi have stuided PHP for couple of months15:50
misblaybut i dont think15:50
misblaythat will help :D15:50
misblaythanks anyway, i'll check the documentation15:53
ubottuA great place to start your MOTU adventure is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted15:59
skorasaurusScottK, that getting started doc is being revised.16:00
hefe_biaHm... I get a "dh_clideps: Warning! No Build-Depends(-Indep) on cli-common-dev (>= 0.4.4)!" while having "Build-Depends-Indep: ... cli-common-dev (>= 0.6),..." in control. Any ideas? Does it have to be the exact version?16:01
hefe_biadpaleino pointed me to http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat on REVU. Should this really be used? There seems to be still a lot of discussion on this proposal.16:16
RainCTpochu: Hey. With which pages do you have that error?16:19
pochuRainCT: with http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details?package=gnome-format16:19
pochuit still happens16:19
pochuRainCT: the url redirected from Launchpad is this:16:20
pochusorry! :(16:20
RainCTpochu: ah, but only login fails?16:20
pochuRainCT: yeah16:20
pochuI can view the page fine16:20
RainCTerr right, now I know why I had some mod_rewrite lines commented out :P16:20
RainCT 16:22
pochuRainCT: ty16:23
RainCTerr. or not16:23
RainCTpochu: well, commented that out again :P. Should work now16:25
pochuRainCT: right, worked now, thanks!16:26
sven777would a MOTU be so kind as to review my package?  Thanks in advance!  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=lmalinux16:44
hefe_biasven777: I'm not a MOTU, but I just noticed: changelog should just contain one entry with "Initial release...". Changes made during the REVU process should not be reflected in the changelog.16:55
sven777hefe - oh ok thanks v. much - I shall change that right now :)16:56
sven777even if there is a new upstream release?16:59
hefe_biasven777: AFAIK yes. I had a similar case with one of my packages.16:59
sven777hefe_bia: ok thanks again - you wouldn't happen to know of any other "gotchas" like that would you?17:00
hefe_biasven777: Might also be better to remove the debian/ dir from the .orig,tar.gz, so you keep packaging separate.17:01
hefe_biaBecause now your .diff.gz is empty.17:01
hefe_biaFor example the debian/ dir would be different if the package was adopted for Debian.17:03
savvashrm.. what happened with firefox 3.0.6?17:04
sven777hefe_bia: is that a problem though?17:05
sven777it's just going to result in a diff.gz anyway17:05
stdinsven777: you should avoid modifying the orig.tar.gz at all, that's why we have the .diff17:06
hefe_biastdin: He's also upstream17:06
sven777ya :)17:06
stdinand what if debian want it?17:06
stdinjust keep the orig.tar.gz for the raw package17:06
sven777wouldn't they just change some things in the debian dir and that results in a diff anyway?17:07
stdinno, they's need to modify the orig.tar.gz17:07
pochusven777: the debian/ should be in a diff.gz17:07
sven777ok, I shall remove it17:07
pochustdin: not really, but it's still weird17:07
sven777it's obviously a point of contention, whatever the case - so I'll stick to something more normal17:08
sven777thx for the help17:08
stdinsven777: you don't need to put your name in the changelog if you're the only one changing anything17:08
* RainCT upgrades lintian on revu17:08
stdinie: "[ Sven Carlberg ]" is not needed17:08
sven777stdin - I just noticed some other changelogs and thought it was a more "proper" format17:09
hefe_biaIt's not mandatory, since there are also "native packages", but it is a cleaner approach to separate packaging and the source itself. Not sure about the versioning scheme for Ubuntu native packages also...17:09
RainCTsven777:   [ .. ]  is only for when several people do something to that revision17:09
stdinsven777: it's used when more than one person commits changes, to attribute credit17:09
sven777ok got it, thx17:09
stdindo you really need debhelper (>= 7) ?17:11
sven777I was just following a template17:11
stdinalso, you have a debian/dirs, but don't call dh_installdirs17:13
stdinor dh_installmenu17:13
sven777dh_installdirs is called in the install rule17:14
stdinah, yes it is17:14
sven777dh_installmenu - didn't know about that one - it didn't show up when I ran dh_make17:15
sven777should that be in build rule or install?17:15
sven777I'm guessing install since it sounds like it installs the menu items17:16
stdinprobably under binary-arch, with the bulk of the dh_ rules17:16
mok0There are 7 packages I have advocated on REVU, any MOTUs looking for low-hanging fruit with a dream of hitting Ubuntu HOF here's your chance!!17:17
RainCTmok0: Hey. Next time you merge your branch with trunk note that you'll have to update the .htaccess file.17:19
mok0RainCT: OK17:19
stdinsven777: shouldn't "$(CURDIR)/src/85-logitech_music_anywhere.rules" be "$(CURDIR)/extras/85-logitech_music_anywhere.rules"17:19
stdinsven777: and it that file useful without the package installed?17:19
mok0RainCT: what was up with REVU about an hour ago it was all screwed up17:19
sven777stdin: no, the rules gets rewritten into the src dir17:20
RainCTmok0: "all" or just the login?17:20
sven777stdin: no it's not, and it gets removed upon uninstallation17:20
mok0I couldn't log in, but I had a browser where I was logged in first, and it wouldn't let me post a comment17:20
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mok0Now it works fine17:21
stdinsven777: doesn't the Makefile install that? (or should it?)17:21
sven777it does but it wasn't being picked up by pbuilder17:22
sven777rather, it was causing a problem because it required root permission17:22
RainCTmok0: I got ride of the ".py" extensions but OpenID could not handle that. About posting a comment, idk, it worked when I tried it.17:23
stdinso it wasn't being installed in $(DESTDIR)17:23
sven777stdin: yes you're right - I just put the /etc in there because it doesn't so any good to install it anywhere else17:24
sven777should I do a dput --force to the same package?17:36
mok0RainCT: It works now17:36
mok0sven777: yes, or delete the .upload file17:36
sven777mok0: last time I did a dput it registered in about a minute - it's taking much longer this time - still not seeing update - is that normal?17:38
mok0sven777: It depends on what time you upload, I think it runs every ten minutes17:38
sven777ahh ok thx17:38
mok0sven777: lmalinux?17:39
mok0Did you see the comments I submitted ~20 minutes ago?17:39
sven777oop - no I didn't :)17:40
sven777reading now17:40
hefe_biamok0: I am also waiting for an upload to appear which I did about half an hour ago...17:40
mok0hefe_bia: what upload is that?17:40
RainCTmok0: new uploads are processed every  3 minutes iirc17:41
mok0RainCT: aha!17:41
hefe_biamok0: tomboy-blogposter17:42
RainCTuhm.. uploads/ is clean17:42
hefe_biaBut I just did a new one anyways since I read in your comment to sven777 that it is indeed preferred to use the new copyright format17:42
jpdsRainCT: Not quite.17:43
mok0hefe_bia: there's a new upload just now17:43
RainCTjpds: 10 seconds ago it was ;)17:43
mok0spooky's clock is ahead of time ~3 minutes17:44
jpdsRainCT: apt-get install ntpd pls.17:45
surfazmok0, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/audacious-skins17:45
* hefe_bia notices the URL format for REVU packages has changed - nice ;)17:45
sven777still no update for the first upload I did about 10 mins ago - just did another a couple mins ago17:46
RainCToh I see.. some scripts are br0ken17:46
sven777would it be better to remove the upload file and try again instead of doing --force ?17:46
RainCTjpds: doesn't exist17:47
mok0sven777: it amounts to the same thing17:47
RainCTjpds: aptitude suggests  cyrus-nntpd-2.2 cyrus22-nntpd cyrus21-nntpd ntpdate openntpd17:47
jpdsRainCT: Just ntp then.17:47
RainCTjpds: OK, done17:47
RainCTUhm.. How can I change the python path for all files in a directory?17:47
hefe_biaIf memory serves me well in __init__.py17:48
mok0RainCT: python path... explain a bit more17:49
mok0the scripts need to search somewhere special for modules?17:49
mok0surfaz: well, if you have all the urls of where to get the various tarballs, it should be possible to make the watch file17:51
hefe_biaAh no, __init__.py is only for modules. So if the files are just a collection of scripts that won't work17:51
sven777RainCT: did I read you correctly earlier?  do you have a real-time view of the revu uploads directory?17:52
RainCTsven777: Yes. Wait a moment until uploading again, I've just seen some scripts are broken - sorry17:52
mok0RainCT:  sys.path.insert(1, '/whererever/it/is')17:53
surfazmok0, all?? :(17:53
RainCTmok0: but then I have to touch all files17:53
mok0surfaz: if you have them, yes17:53
sven777rainct: oh ok didn't realize your comment about broken scripts was about revu.  thx :)17:53
mok0RainCT: you can also set the PYTHONPATH17:53
RainCTmok0: Is it possible to set it only for a certain dir?17:54
mok0you mean something like a .htaccess file?17:54
RainCTmok0: yes, but for those scripts which aren't run through mod_python17:54
surfazmok0, I don't have all17:54
mok0surfaz: ok n/m then17:55
surfazmok0, original xmms-skins package hasn’t a watch file.17:55
hefe_biaRainCT: How are they run? Maybe you can set the environment variable via apache?17:55
mok0RainCT: write a shell script that inserts something like this in each of the files:17:55
mok0import sys17:56
mok0pydir = "/usr/directory/foo"17:56
mok0if not pydir in sys.path:17:56
mok0    sys.path.insert(1,pydir)17:56
mok0RainCT: which files are they? I can do some of them17:56
mok0RainCT: even better, write the above in a module and import it17:57
RainCTnvm, done. I've added   sys.path.append('../includes')   to all relevant files17:57
mok0RainCT: It's the prettiest way IMO17:57
hefe_biaRainCT: .pth files can also be used for such things.17:58
RainCTsome of the files in scripts/ need other files which I moved into includes/.. and this didn't fail before because there were still some .pyc files lying around in scripts/17:58
mok0hefe_bia: yes!17:58
mok0RainCT: ah, yes a classic17:58
RainCTsven777: please try uploading it again now17:59
mok0RainCT: ... and you wonder wft your changes aren't taking effect :-)17:59
sven777mod_python error on lmalinux package page now17:59
sven777  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/mod_python/importer.py", line 1537, in HandlerDispatch18:00
sven777    default=default_handler, arg=req, silent=hlist.silent18:00
mok0RainCT: it can't find the config file18:00
RainCTright, some files were missing  "import sys"..18:01
* RainCT hides :$18:01
* mok0 admires RainCT for his bravery18:01
RainCTerr no, but that's just 1 file18:02
mok0surfaz: but plz document everything in copyright18:02
mok0surfaz: we need to know where the tarballs come from18:03
* RainCT doesn't understand anything now XD18:03
surfazRainCT, revu crashed!!18:03
mok0RainCT: shut down revu's apache18:04
surfazRainCT, http://pastebin.com/m5c3b8d1e18:04
RainCTmok0: why?18:04
mok0surfaz: yeah, we know18:04
mok0RainCT: oh, just so people don't get this python errors... until its fixed18:05
RainCTbut I need it to debug :P18:05
mok0ah... yes ;-)18:05
surfazmok0, I moved all *.README files to Credits folder.18:05
RainCTon localhost everything works, that's the weirdest of all18:05
mok0surfaz: ok, I'll take a look later18:06
hefe_biamok0: Btw, I like your proposal for an updated REVU workflow. One of the most frustrating things with the current workflow is getting a "needs work" on a previously advocated package.18:09
RainCTmeh.. it's the "wth am I?" detection that is failing again.. why can't there be a decent way to find out the location of the file being run? -.-18:14
RainCT(REVU is up again)18:14
sven777rainct: I uploaded18:15
sven777rainct: crash again18:19
sven777ImportError: No module named config18:19
sven777File "/srv/revu-production/details.py", line 36, in <module>18:19
sven777    from config import config, connection18:19
mok0hefe_bia: the new workflow should solve that problem18:29
RainCTadding '../includes' doesn't work as it is relative to the current working directory18:30
hefe_biaRainCT: revu pages work again now. Not sure whether it does collect new uploads.18:30
mrooneyanyone know a package that uses dh_installman? I have a cdbs package and I am trying to figure out how to install my manpage18:33
RainCTsven777:  your upload is up now18:33
RainCTI've added some symlinks so that the scripts work until I can figure out a proper solution18:34
sven777rainct: thx much18:37
hefe_biaRainCT: Maybe sys.path.append(path.join(path.dirname(__FILE__), '../includes')) ?18:37
RainCTuhm yes, that should work18:37
* RainCT tries18:37
hefe_biaI think its __file__, not __FILE__ (sorry)18:39
* RainCT thinks __FILE__ is right :P18:39
hefe_biaok ;)18:40
surfazSomebody could look this?18:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 305280 in gparted "[need-update] Gparted to latest stable 0.4.2 in Ubuntu Jaunty" [Wishlist,In progress]18:41
sven777"This package could not be extracted; there's no browseable directory for it on REVU. "18:41
sven777there it goes18:42
RainCTsven777: how long did it take to uncompress the tarball?18:43
sven777it gave me an error on the package page at first - I refreshed a couple mins later and it had done it18:44
sven777the "legal" link on the revu page - those are all the licensing issues that need to be fixed?18:45
surfazI think they should upgrade the GParted to version 0.4.2 because this version incorporate support for ext4. Which brings Ubuntu 9.04. I think this error should not qualify as Wishlist18:45
RainCTsven777: That just tries to find out the license of all files. But yeas, in thise case what it lists should be fixed if you can18:46
RainCT(ie, changing the FSF address to the new one and adding copyright to the files where it is missing)18:46
sven777gettext.h is not my file and it is LGPL - is there something I should do about that?18:47
RainCThefe_bia: but of course that doesn't work, as __FILE__ is not defined for imported files18:48
RainCTsven777: that one is fine18:49
sven777rainct: ok thx18:49
sven77751 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301, USA is the correct address?18:50
RainCTsven777: I think so. Check /usr/share/licenses/GPL to be sure18:50
RainCT* common-licenses18:50
nhandlerThat looks correct18:52
nhandlerI remember it because the first letters of Franklin Street, Fifth spell FSF (unlike the old address)18:53
sven777ok thx18:53
sven777getting that "Warning! This package could not be extracted; there's no browseable directory for it on REVU. " again18:56
sven777went away right away that time18:56
RainCTperhaps I should change the script to uncompress the directory first and then show it on the page?18:57
sven777the legal link - that just lists the legal info for all relevant files?  it doesn't necessarily mean they're incorrect in some way?18:57
RainCTsven777: right18:58
sven777ok thanks18:58
RainCThefe_bia: err. it is __file__ indeed :P18:59
sven777ok all those changes everyone ( mok0 hefe_bia stdin rainct pochu ) helped me with are applied - thanks much for all your help!19:01
mrooneyis there another way I should installed manpages with cdbs other than dh_installman?19:15
RainCTmrooney: debian/<package>.manpages19:15
mrooneyRainCT: does that just automagically install them?19:15
mrooneyI've seen that before but wasn't sure how it worked19:16
RainCTmrooney: yep19:16
mrooneyRainCT: excellent, thanks!19:16
RainCTmrooney: CDBS calls dh_installman, and dh_installman looks for debian/*.manpages files to install whatever is listed there19:16
RainCTDoes anyone have something to upload? I want to try removing the symlinks19:20
surfazsomething to upload? where?19:24
RainCTto revu19:24
RainCTlet me reformulate, *If someone is about to upload something to REVU, please tell me before so that I can check something.19:25
hyperairRainCT: what symlinks19:26
RainCThyperair: a workaround I did before figuring out why something was failing :)19:27
hefe_biaRainCT: yes, my package for tomboy-blogposter still did not get recognized19:33
hefe_biaShould I upload again?19:33
RainCThefe_bia: no, I think I can recover it19:33
RainCThefe_bia: Still needs the symlink :/. Anyway, your upload is up now19:40
hefe_biaRainCT: Thanks. Just got the mail notification19:41
RainCTUhm.. The activity graphic (that's new! :)) for tomboy-blogposter is nice :)19:43
henrik-hw0rainct: the vertical lines are those for decoration? could be nice to put them at release or featurefreeze dates.19:50
RainCThenrik-hw0: they are automatically placed there were there's a month written19:51
RainCTFF could be added, but it would only be visible once it has already started (as only the active period of time is displayed in the chart)19:52
RainCT(advocations are also displayed now)19:57
henrik-hw0rainct: ps. it renders wrong on package libmirage.20:11
surfazSomebody could look this?20:24
surfazI think they should upgrade the GParted to version 0.4.2 because this version incorporate support for ext4. Which brings Ubuntu 9.04. I think this error should not qualify as Wishlist20:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 305280 in gparted "[need-update] Gparted to latest stable 0.4.2 in Ubuntu Jaunty" [Wishlist,In progress]20:24
loic-msurfaz: if your diff.gz is good, you just need to put the Status to confirmed and unassign yourself (leave it empty) and a developer from u-s-m should pick it up and upload it (takes a few days to 2 weeks afaik)20:30
surfazok, thanks20:31
loic-msurfaz: check the Assigned to field, and if no developer has noticed it in one week, try remind people again. However since it's gparted it should be taken care off easily (since it's important)20:35
surfazNo is there less than a week to freeze new versions?20:37
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases20:39
loic-mhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule thankfully there's firefox Aaawesoome bar20:40
loic-mFebruary 19th for FF, so still 12 days to go20:40
loic-mhope I put enough a in Aaawesoome, I can never remember how they spell it20:41
surfazloic-m, thanks, but I don't know why we wait to the last minute...20:45
loic-msurfaz: we don't wait to the last minute, it's just that there's a lot of updates to process each day, so it can take time20:46
loic-m(as far as I understand)20:50
surfazNot enough MOTUs?20:51
loic-msurfaz: gparted is in main, so MOTU don't have the upload rights for it anyway20:52
surfazahh, ok20:52
savvasloic-m: do you happen to know what's stalling 3.0.6? I heard about some vulnerabilities fixed that affect 3.0.5 and older versions20:53
loic-msavvas: I can't even start to figure what you're talking about ;)20:55
savvaswoops, I meant firefox :P20:55
loic-mI'm not a motu, and firefox is in main. Somebody here might now the answer, but else you should ask in #ubuntu+120:56
loic-mI must say Jaunty's Firefox is 3.0.6 though20:57
savvasI know: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.020:57
savvasI guess it's going to arrive sooner or later20:58
sven777would a MOTU be so kind as to review my package? Thanks in advance! http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=lmalinux21:58
RainCTFrom Time Based Releases:  «Present: new features should, in general, be uploaded to the development branch well in advance of FeatureFreeze. It is important for Ubuntu features to be developed openly and visibly.»22:03
RainCT*cough*like that junk cleaner thing*cough*22:03
Laneyhar har22:04
ScottKRainCT: I gave that one an FFe and I figure not to do that one again.22:08
* calc is bored in his hotel room, beating on OOo split build22:18
calcapparently i'm the last person leaving, heh22:19
kolbyIn a control file, how do I indicate the program will work for any archetecture?22:42
kolbyI tried Architecture: any22:43
RainCTkolby: Architecture: all22:43
RainCTkolby: "any" builds the package for all architectures22:43
RainCTkolby: "all" builds it once and uses the same .deb for all22:43
kolbyRainCT: thank you.22:43
kolbyRainCT: When should I use "any"22:44
kolbyI have the uninitialized $binaries being used in debconf file of lintian.22:47
kolbyI wouldn't think that's my failt.22:47
kolbyI got this error: binary-arch-rules-but-pkg-is-arch-indep22:58
kolbywhat should I do?22:59
RainCTkolby: are you packaging something written in python/ruby/perl/bash/etc. or something that must be compiled22:59
kolbysomething that must be compiled23:00
RainCTkolby: ah, then "any" was right23:00
kolbyI'll use that and see what happens.  thanks23:00
RainCTthat warning will go away then23:00
kolbywhat do I do if debuild tells me it cannot find my secret key?23:02
RainCTkolby: do you have a GPG key?23:02
kolbyit attempts to sign my changes, then it tells me it can't find the secret key.23:02
kolbyYes.  I gave it my GPG key with the -k command23:02
kolbyit worked that time for some reason.23:03
RainCTkolby: Ensure that the string in debian/changelog (after " --") matches that one of your secret key, then you won't need to specify it with -k23:04
kolbyhow do I know which key it is, if it perfectly matches the names and email of two keys?23:06
kolbyis there a gpg config file to edit or something?23:06
* RainCT doesn't know, sorry23:10
kolbyI think I found it23:11
Laneyput DEBSIGN_KEYID in ~/.devscripts23:12
kolbyLaney: okay23:13
kolbyLaney: that file didn't exist before23:14
RainCTHi _16aR_23:15
kolbyI found a guide23:16
kolbyit told me to add "export GPGKEY=YOUR-KEY-ID" to ~/.bashrc23:16
_16aR_The package fsniper needs 1 more advocate :) : http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fsniper (daemon which launch a script on each file newly created or modified in a directory )23:21
kolbyLaney: when I ran debuild, it gave me the following error/warning:23:21
kolby/home/et3/.devscripts: line 1: DEBSIGN_KEYID: command not found23:21
kolbyLaney: I'll be deleting it now23:21
Laneylaney@chicken:~$ cat /home/laney/.devscripts23:21
hanskakolby: be sure not to have spaces23:22
hanskai.e. DEBSIGN_KEYID = "foo" throws that error23:22
hanskawhile it *must* be DEBSIGN_KEYD="foo"23:22
kolbyhanska: thank you23:22
* kolby fixed devscript23:23
kolbyI'm still getting the same error23:24
hanskakolby: grep DEBSIGN_KEYD ~/.devscripts  ?23:24
kolbyif lintian returns nothing, does this mean no errors/warnings?23:26
directhexno news is good news23:27
kolbyamazing.  I'm done.23:27
kolby^^  I was working on the md4sum package23:27
directhexmd4sum? o_o23:29
* Laney wonders how broken that is23:29
* directhex hands Laney a 300mhz ARM23:30
* Laney collides with directhex 23:30
kolbythank you all.23:31
kolbywhat does this mean:23:32
kolbyNo host tea found in config23:32

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