MaxHavocDoes xfce4 not allow for making selections with the mouse by drawing a box around items like on the desktop or within Thunar?02:01
TheSheepMaxHavoc: only in thunar02:09
TheSheepMaxHavoc: it will allow doing it on the desktop by the end of April hopefully02:10
MaxHavocWhat happens then? New version?02:10
TheSheepyes, Jaunty Jackalope02:10
MaxHavocI thought xfce was a separate development, the release of xfce might not necesarilly correlate to the release of Jaunty02:11
TheSheepthat's why "hopefully"02:12
TheSheepthe xubuntu developers are actually collaborating with xfce devs02:12
TheSheepwhich is very nice02:12
MaxHavocGood to hear02:13
MaxHavocHey, do you know where I can find a list of all the xfce4 applications? Like, where on the file system are they?02:13
TheSheepwell, apt-cache search xfce should give you the list of package names, and dpkg -L packagename will show you the list of files02:14
MaxHavocDoes the apt-cache search only show me what I have installed?02:15
TheSheepno, it shows the conatnets of all repositories you have enabled02:16
TheSheepyou could use something like dpkg -l | grep xfce | grep ii02:16
MaxHavocHaarrumph, I can't find the showdesktop command, I want to make a keyboard shortcut for it, but I don't know the command02:18
homebrewcideranybody got a canon printer/scanner working, as in scanning in Xubuntu?02:27
MaxHavocDoes anyone know how I can modify the Default keyboard shortcuts theme rather than having to add my own?03:09
rockoyou guys should use pcmanfm instead03:18
rockothunar blows03:19
rockoit freezes a lot on me03:19
rockoI have yet to have pcmanfm to freeze on me :D03:19
MaxHavocI just use the terminal03:20
rockowell you can not use the terminal for every thing MaxHavoc03:21
rockolike shorting out photos03:22
rockoMaxHavoc you can03:22
rockojust do custom03:22
rockothe custom will have the defaults03:23
rockountil you edit it03:23
MaxHavocRight, but then I have two keyboard shortcut themes, I only want one, I just want to edit the Default rather than adding my own03:23
rockoI see03:24
rockojust click on add right below the table that says default in it03:24
rockoand put custom03:24
MaxHavocYou're missing my point, that still creates a second theme03:24
rockothen edit the default options03:24
MaxHavocNotice how everything in Default is greyed out? I want to be able to edit it03:25
rockothere is no way to do it the other way through the gui03:25
rockoyou can not03:25
rockoonly through add03:25
MaxHavocWell then how can I do it through the CLI?03:26
rockonot sure03:28
MaxHavocIt's very annoying and anti-linuxy of them to prevent me from editing the default03:29
TheSheepMaxHavoc: you can edit them. download the sources, change the defaults in them and compile03:31
TheSheepMaxHavoc: is that linuxy enough?03:31
MaxHavocWell sure there's always that option, but that's an awful lot of work for very little gain03:31
TheSheepMaxHavoc: what do you expect to gain exactly?03:32
MaxHavocPlacating my OCD desire to not have unnecessary and redundant themes03:32
TheSheepwhere is it supposed to store the settings then?03:34
MaxHavocStoring the settings in default is fine, but let me edit them03:34
MaxHavocThe whole idea of having defaults is something to fall back to, but why must they remain inviolate?03:34
TheSheepit can't store them in the default, they are compiled in03:35
TheSheepit can't recompile itself03:35
MaxHavocThat's silly, they should be stored in a conf file like everything else in Linux03:35
TheSheepwhat if the conf file is missing?03:35
MaxHavocThen no shortcuts for you03:35
TheSheepthe non-fallback ones are stored in a conf file03:35
MaxHavocThat's what backups are for03:35
TheSheepthe fallback ones are compiled in03:36
TheSheepI find it sane03:36
TheSheepand sturdy03:36
MaxHavocI suppose, I still find it annoying03:37
TheSheepit's for the Greater Good of Mankind ;)03:39
MaxHavocWell I guess I'll let myself be mollified by that03:40
MaxHavocAnd I was able to accomplish my goal even if I had to create a non default theme to do it03:40
MaxHavocI really wish xfce4 had a keyboard shortcuts template to emulate Windows03:41
TheSheepit's enough that they've broken ctrl+w03:43
MaxHavocOf course like an idiot I try ctrl-W and it closes the channel03:44
TheSheepyou just *had* to test it03:44
TheSheepin sane programs it deletes the last word you typed03:44
MaxHavocThat would be convinient03:45
TheSheepvery convenient03:45
MaxHavocThat has nothing to do with emulating Windows though, ctrl-w doesn't do anything in Windows03:45
TheSheepwanna bet? :)03:45
MaxHavocWell I'll be damned...only seems to work for certain things though, built-in Windows apps only03:46
MaxHavocOr maybe just explorer windows03:46
TheSheepall windows that have 'close'03:47
TheSheepsome have only 'quit'03:47
TheSheepthere are worse things03:48
TheSheepctrl+a space swithces windows in screen03:48
TheSheepguess what it does on windows and windows-clones03:48
MaxHavocRegardless, what I really miss is ctrl-tab and ctrl-f403:48
TheSheepthey work03:49
TheSheepctrl+tab switches internal windows, ctrl+f4 closes them03:49
TheSheepor tabs03:49
MaxHavocThat's what they should do03:49
MaxHavocctrl-f4 doesn't work for me in Firefox03:49
MaxHavocNeither work in the terminal03:49
TheSheepworks for me03:50
MaxHavocDid you change something to get them to work?03:50
MaxHavocIs there a way to access the menu with the keyboard? Like in Windows you could press alt to get to the menu then use the keyboard navigation keys03:53
MaxHavocThat only seems to access the icon menu, not the application menu03:55
TheSheepalt+first letter of the menu item03:55
MaxHavocAh, ok03:56
MaxHavocSo, no generic alt to get to the first menu, you have to explicitly use the letter03:56
MaxHavocGood to know, thanks03:56
TheSheepno idea, maybe there is some03:56
TheSheepshortcuts should be described in the help03:56
TheSheepit's actually useful03:57
TheSheepnot like on windows03:57
MaxHavocWhat a novel idea03:58
lazzHey I'm having a little bit of trouble with my xfce panel.  For some reason my action button is only giving me the option of closing the xfce panel instead of the usual options of shutting down the computer and other such options.  Is there any way to get it back to normal?05:47
lazzIs anyone there?05:49
atgarsisdoes anyone know how to 'get back' the squares at the bottom right (like in here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f1/Xubuntu-6.06-pl.png) which one can click to switch between programs? they somehow disappeared from my desktop.05:59
j1mcatgarsis: are you running compiz?06:07
atgarsiswhat's compiz?06:08
j1mcif you have to ask, then you probably aren't using it.  :)06:08
atgarsisprobably not :)06:08
j1mci think i can help, just right-click down in the portion of the panel where you want to add the items back...06:08
j1mc... and select "add new item"06:09
j1mcthen select "pager" from that menu06:09
j1mcoh, wait...06:09
j1mcsorry, wrong one06:09
j1mcyou want to select "task list"06:10
j1mcso, right click on panel, add new item, "task list"06:10
j1mcthat should do it06:10
j1mcthat work?06:10
atgarsisno, it's different06:12
atgarsisit doesn't look like the previous one06:13
atgarsisany other ideas?06:15
atgarsisbut 'pager' did it!06:17
atgarsisanother quick question: how to change the number of workspaces? i have 3, but i want 2 left.06:28
j1mcatgarsis: go to applications > settings > settings manager > workspaces and margins06:30
j1mcyou can change the number there06:30
atgarsisthank you!06:30
mchelenwhere would a digital camera be mounted after plugging in?08:24
durtmchelen: probably /media08:42
charles!auto mount08:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about auto mount08:53
knome/media yes.10:02
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juveHi, is anybody here using gome-commender under xubuntu?12:46
jarnosupdate-apt-xapi just does not finnish. What it is for anyway?13:20
alienkidguys my bros computer(the one that boots text based) just booted into a "maintenance shell" after [fail]ing to force run fsck on /lib/init/rw/rootdev.13:27
atgarsisis there an ability to run soulseek on xubuntu?13:31
alienkidWhat's that?13:32
alienkidHe just rebooted into Windows.13:32
alienkidmy bro is taking over talking I have to shower13:32
alienkidIt just booted Windows fine.13:33
alienkidSo what's "soulseek"?13:35
alienkidShould I just reinstall? 'cause I kinda' wanted to reinstall anyway. My brother says after every 23 boots it would now do that though. Would it?13:37
alienkidok heres what it siad when it booted "/lib/init/rw/rootdev/ has been mounted 23 times and not cheeked forcing fsck. /n [FAIL] /n booting into maintenance shell filesystem is running in readonly mode run fsck on /lib/init/rw/rootdev/ then press CONTROL-D" it was then logged into root@ubuntu we installed using WUBI13:52
alienkidthe above was not read from screen.13:55
alienkidcan I just use WUBI to reinstall?(it was installed with it)13:59
Imocan i start xubuntu only with black screen :) ?14:03
alienkidblack screen?14:03
Imowithout desktop14:04
Imoonly terminal14:04
alienkidI belive so, but can't help much right noe for I am having my own problems14:06
knomeImo, at least you can do that continuosly, if you remove gdm14:06
knomeImo, if you want it only one time, i suggest just killing gdm/X14:06
Imowhat is gdm ?14:07
knomeImo, or you can get a CLI by pressing ctrl+alt+f1 (back to graphical: ctrl+alt+f7)14:07
knome!gdm | io14:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm14:07
Imoahh ok14:07
Imothis i want14:07
knomeit's the graphical login screen14:07
Imoi want to use xubuntu as server14:07
knomethen you'll maybe want to remove all x packages, if you won't run them.14:08
ImoI would like only that my CCU extent of utilization on zero is if I does not operate14:09
ImoCCU =CPU14:09
alienkidknome/ubottu any ideas what I should do?14:10
knomeImo, having the x packages installed doesn't use your cpu if you are not running them.14:12
knomealienkid, can you pastebin the output?14:12
knomei'm not sure if i will be very helpful, but...14:12
alienkidI found a simaler message14:13
alienkidthat with some tweeking I can paste bin14:13
Imoknome: what is the x pchages ??? sorry i installes xubuntu at the first time14:16
alienkidhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/115200/ here you go BTW it's installed by wubi(just iin case that helps)14:17
knome!x | Imo14:18
ubottuImo: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution14:18
knomeImo, you maybe want ubuntu server.14:18
knomeImo, or alternate install14:18
knomeImo, if you're going to rip off anything graphical anyway14:19
Imo hmm14:19
knomealienkid, what happens if you run 'fsck /lib/init/rw/rootdev' ?14:19
Imoyes mybe ubuntu server its better :D14:19
alienkidhaven't tryed. Would it mess up windows if I am using wubi?14:20
alienkidBecuase I REALLY don't want to mess up windows(mom would kill me)14:21
knomealienkid, just try that command from the terminal.14:25
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alienkidknome as you might be able to tell I am afraid to run it because I fear that 1. I'll mess with Windows and 2. I am new to Linux and don't what to type14:28
knomealienkid, it checks the hard drive. nothing to fear.14:29
alienkidwhat I've seen on other forums says that it also made a few poeple unable to boot windows(they were running from a real partition)14:30
alienkidbut what IS "/lib/init/rootdev"?14:30
knomei'm not actually sure, i think it has something to do with wubi, whcih i have no experience with. but it's not going to break your windows anyway.14:32
alienkidthats odd then becuase as far as I can see rootdev isn't on my system(running wubi)14:33
alienkidwhy woundn't it?14:36
alienkid(harm windows)14:36
knomealienkid, it just checks the filesystem for errors.14:41
alienkidok I'll boot into wubi later today/tomorrow14:42
alienkidand see what happens(according to the man pages for fsck exit status 2 is system needs to reboot)14:43
jarnosDoes automatic installation of security updates work without update-notifier?14:52
Ben_Csanyone knows what file i should edit instead of xorg.conf for screen resolution? cause in 8.10 dependencies of xorg.conf were reduced16:35
charlie-tcaIf you add to xorg.conf, the system will use it. With the automatic configuration, entries in xorg.conf are not needed for most hardware.16:38
Ben_Cscharlie-tca: tried that before without success16:38
charlie-tcahave you seen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution ?16:39
Ben_Csbefore i could use: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg   ,but now it doesn't ask questions about resolution16:39
charlie-tcaIt does tell you how to set resolution in xorg.conf16:39
charlie-tcaYou are correct. It no longer sets resolution, but you can set it in xorg.conf manually16:40
Ben_Cscharlie-tca: ok but if i don't know all the details about my nvidia card16:40
charlie-tca"xrandr --verbose"  and  "get-edid | parse-edid" should help with that.16:43
charlie-tcaAlso, if you file a bug against your video card and monitor specifically, it may get added in.16:44
Pharoah001Hi.. Can I ask questions here about eeexubuntu?16:52
charlie-tcaYes, if anyone knows the answer, they will help you.16:53
Pharoah001Ok. So I installed eee xubuntu from a USB drive and then I upgraded to the newer distribution16:53
Pharoah001then my WIFI didn't work16:53
Pharoah001so I ran niceeepc16:54
Pharoah001and now not only is nothing fixed, but my windowing is screwed up16:54
Pharoah001anyone know how I can get my eeepc back to normal?16:54
Pharoah001OK well in case anyone does know I've posted the question here16:58
jf812Does anyone have problems with firefox slowing down?17:16
Ben_Csdoes ubuntu still have a major advantage over xubuntu concerning gui tools?17:47
chewitits easier to edit the menu in gnome17:47
Ben_Cschewit: but how about system configuration?17:48
chewitwhat type of config17:49
Ben_Cschewit: let me be more precise: what should i recommend to someone new to linux: ubuntu or xubuntu?17:49
chewiti would say Ubuntu easier to use for newbies17:49
chewitsince gnome focuses on user experience17:50
charlie-tcaI recommend Xubuntu to everyone17:50
charlie-tcaMeuns are more simple than Ubuntu or Kubuntu. Once it is setup, it works great. And I do NOT like the spilled paint desktop17:51
Ben_Cscharlie-tca: i recommend xubuntu to everyone who knows about linux. but to a newbie? i have doubts17:51
chewitthough, xfce 4.6 should be easier to use17:51
Ben_Cschewit: when it'll be released (soon hopefully)17:52
charlie-tcaWhy not? newbie is going to learn about linux, right? May as well start here.17:52
chewitthe final release should have been out yesturday17:52
charlie-tcaThey don't know anything anyway. Why not learn Xubuntu instead of Ubuntu, it is not any harder.17:53
charlie-tcachewit: I don't think it will release for a couple of weeks, will it?17:53
Ben_Cscharlie-tca: cause my parents aren't going to CLI17:54
Ben_Cs(maybe my father will a bit, but not my mom)17:54
chewitaccording to the xfce wiki it should be the 6th Feb17:55
charlie-tcaIt was delayed. It could be 2-3 weeks yet17:56
chewitwell, hopefully it will be out in time for the feature freeze of 9.0417:56
charlie-tcaWe already have 4.6RC in Jaunty17:56
chewityeh, well an RC will be fine for release. Though, I think Xubuntu team have been slow putting out updates17:57
chewitcause we havn't had 4.4.3 yet and AbiWord is still broken even though there is a fix out17:57
charlie-tcaActually, jaunty did have 4.4.317:58
chewityeh, but why is it not on the updates yet17:58
chewitits just backport isn't?17:58
charlie-tcafor intrepid, not for jaunty17:58
charlie-tcaJaunty is in development, so it gets it first17:59
chewitany ideas when intrepid will get xfce update and abiword17:59
chewithardy should get it as well since its an LTS17:59
charlie-tcaWe are working on getting it into intrepid.18:00
charlie-tcaWhat is wrong with AbiWord?18:00
chewitthe version which ships with Intrepid has a scrolling bug18:00
chewityou can not scroll fast, you have to do it slowly.18:01
chewiti think it was fixed in 2.6.518:01
charlie-tcaReally? Do you know the bug number?18:01
chewiterrm, i will look18:01
chewitsorry it was 2.6.6 it was fixed18:02
chewit"Fix a bug that caused scrolling in the opposite direction when scrolling quickly"18:02
chewiton the abiword changelog there is no bug number - http://www.abisource.com/changelogs/2.6.6.phtml18:02
charlie-tcaI don't remember seeing a bug on it.18:02
chewitah, it was fixed in 2.6.5, bug 1153918:03
chewit"Fast scroll wheel usage does not change document scroll position"18:03
chewitalot of bugs was fixed in 2.6.6, any chance this update can be pushed onto the repos?18:04
charlie-tcaI don't know. It should have a SRU for that18:05
charlie-tcaIt is how these things get put in current releases18:08
chewitI have always wanted to know why Ubuntu as a whole has not automatically pushed out updates for applications as soon as they are released. Wouldn't the developers done testing for those updates18:09
charlie-tcaNot necessarily on all the current versions. Right now, that includes 6.06, 7.10, 8.04, 8.1018:12
charlie-tcaAnd they are working to get 9.04 ready18:12
chewitah ok18:13
charlie-tcaAnd, almost everybody is a volunteer. Remarkable that a version gets out every 6 months...18:14
kora-chanhi, im trying to get amarok play lastfm streams. mp3 and other streams like di.fm work fine. when i load a last fm stream, right after logging in i recieve a error that says: no plugin found to play media, any ideas?18:15
knomekora-chan, amarok is not really a xubuntu issue, but just reload it again a few times. most possibly it will work then.18:16
knomekora-chan, there is #amarok if you need further support18:16
kora-chanknome: the users @ #amarok dont seem to be very talkative so i looked here for some support18:16
chewityou could always use Rhythmbox or Listen. Both of those have last fm streams18:16
kora-chanknome: thanks ill try the reinstalls18:17
Ben_Csi forgot to ask:18:21
Ben_Csdo you think there will be noticeable speed difference between xubuntu and ubuntu on a P4 2.4GHZ with 768MB RAM?18:22
knomeBen_Cs, noticeable.. well, depens on  what you think is faster and what apps are you running, but i'd say yes.18:23
Ben_Csok thanks18:24
e01is here somebody that uses xfce4.4.2 on ubuntu 8.1018:43
chewiteveryone here should be :P18:43
e01i need from someone volenteer to check one tool for me18:44
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=== boerni is now known as Boerni
TheSheepwhy can't you do it yourself?18:56
e01because i am not on ubuntu18:56
TheSheepand what stops you from being?18:56
TheSheepyou don't even have to install it18:57
e01i was informed that my plugin don`t work correctly on ubuntu 8.10 with xfce4.4.218:57
e01and i want to check it18:57
e01can You check18:57
* TheSheep tries18:58
e01thank you18:58
e01the problem have to be in getting focus of entry box, that apear in panel18:59
TheSheepfunny, I can't seem to find libxfce4panel in the repos...19:01
TheSheepah, got it19:02
TheSheepit's xfce4-panel-dev :)19:02
TheSheepe01: displays a white sauqre instead of the input widget19:05
e01can you show me a screenshot, if it possible19:06
TheSheepe01: the normal input popup menu appears on right-click, and I can paste some text into it19:06
TheSheepe01: http://sheep.art.pl/misc/shot.png19:07
e01but it can take focus, right?19:08
TheSheeplet me paste the warnings I get19:09
TheSheepe01: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/103089/19:10
e01many thanks for helping19:11
e01i will thinking about this bug19:11
TheSheepcool idea for a plugin19:11
e01it seems that working only for xfce4.6 :)19:11
e01not and with 4.4, as i thinked19:11
TheSheepwell, the problem will solve itself with time :)19:12
ballI feel a Xubuntu install coming on19:23
mchelenmy digital camera is not showing up in /media even though thunar automounting is enabled19:41
atgarsisi can't load one website on mozilla firefox, though it does load normally on windows (the same mozilla). any ideas why this happens?19:41
charlie-tcausually a poorly written html code... What is the website?19:42
charlie-tcaIt opened here19:43
charlie-tcaTELE2? I can't read the language19:44
atgarsisso maybe there's something wrong with my mozilla congif. any ideas what could be wrong?19:44
ballBah, my Xubuntu install USB flashdrive won't boot.19:44
charlie-tcaNot me. anybody?19:44
atgarsischarlie-tca: what version do you use?19:45
charlie-tcaGot any plugins or extensions loaded?19:45
charlie-tcaMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009020519 Ubuntu/9.04 (jaunty) Firefox/3.0.619:45
charlie-tcaI don't have any except downthemall19:45
atgarsishow to update mozilla using terminal?19:46
charlie-tcaIt came with my updates to jaunty19:47
atgarsishmm... still can't load the website...19:47
charlie-tcaTry turning javascript off?19:51
atgarsisstill doesn't work...19:53
atgarsisactually it does get through manotele2.lt, but when it redirects to kt.tele2.lt it shows it has 'connected to kt.tele2.lt', but it stops in the middle and doesn't show anything19:53
atgarsisand it's the only website which doesn't load19:54
charlie-tcaHey, you are right! it did do that. It apparently is a login screen.19:54
atgarsisi know, but it doesn't load for me19:55
atgarsisi guess it's some sort of encryption problem or something...19:55
atgarsisit does load on winxp though19:55
atgarsisi will try to update to 3.0.619:56
atgarsismines 3.0.5 now19:56
charlie-tcaWant me to try 3.0.5?19:57
atgarsishave you got it?19:57
charlie-tcaThink so. Is that 8.10?19:57
atgarsismy full is19:58
atgarsisMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008121622 Ubuntu/8.10 (intrepid) Firefox/3.0.519:58
geniiAny way to have items selected from Applications menu give the same sort of "Use Startup Notification" which items stared directly from the panel have?19:59
geniieg: Show activity cursor when they are loading so that users don't click on them over and over19:59
charlie-tcaatgarsis: are you on 64-bit?20:00
atgarsiswhat do you mean?20:00
charlie-tcanever mind, I see it.20:00
charlie-tcagive me a minute to start up20:00
charlie-tcaatgarsis: It loaded for me in that exact version20:05
atgarsiswhat config have you got in security section in preferences?20:05
chewitatgarsis, the site works fine for me20:06
chewitusing Firefox 3.0.520:06
atgarsishmm... no idea what's wrong for me...20:06
charlie-tcaFirefox version 3.0.5 Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv ) Gecko/200812162220:06
charlie-tcaHad to type it in20:07
atgarsismaybe we have different seettings in edit/preferences/advanced/encryption ?20:07
charlie-tcaFirst 3 checked; remember passwords checked20:07
charlie-tcaIt's an unmodified install of 8.1020:08
atgarsisand the 'advanced' 'encryption' fields/20:08
atgarsiswill try that on opera in a sec20:09
charlie-tcaUse SSL 3.0  Use TLS 1.0  Ask for Certificates20:10
atgarsison opera it says:20:12
atgarsisSecure connection: fatal error (552)20:12
atgarsisOpera was not able to connect to the server. The server may be using the unsupported SSL 2 protocol, which is not considered safe enough for secure communication. The site owner should upgrade to TLS 1.0 or newer.20:12
atgarsisMake sure your Internet connection is active and check whether other applications that rely on the same connection are working.20:12
charlie-tcaTry Epiphany20:13
charlie-tcaepiphany-gecko uses the same engine as firefox20:13
atgarsisinstalling, will try20:15
charlie-tcagood luck. It could be something in your firefox blocking it, or your router if using one could be.20:16
atgarsisbut it's clearly something with encryption20:16
charlie-tcaYeah, maybe your router is blocking SSL2?20:16
atgarsisbut when i plug the same internet wire to another laptop with winxp - it does load up!20:17
chewityou could try midori. Very light WebKit browser20:17
charlie-tcaThen it's firefox20:17
chewitsoon to be the default in xfce, but very buggy atm. i use it for web development, since webkit is best for that20:18
atgarsisfirefox and opera!20:18
charlie-tcachewit: any ideas when midori will work for the average user?20:18
chewithave not got a clue, there is a more stable version out. Crashes alot less, i think its version 0.1.1220:19
chewitthe one which is in ubuntu is 0.0.18, which is very unstable20:19
atgarsisit doesn't work on epiphany either!!!20:19
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atgarsisthen it's not the browser, but my connection.20:20
chewitthough, even if it becomes stable, its along way off challenging firefox for the default browser in Xubuntu in my opinion20:20
chewitatgarsis, use a different web browser which uses a different engine20:21
chewitmay help20:21
atgarsiswhich one you'd recommend?20:21
charlie-tcaWhy do think so, chewit? We considered it last release20:21
chewitit doesn't have the features. It meets the requirements to be a GTK light weight browser, but you use alot of functionality. I would only use it to test my web pages look ok20:22
chewitit maybe better to look at ways to make firefox lighter for xubuntu20:23
charlie-tcaI see. My needs of features seem to be getting to the website20:23
charlie-tcaWe aren't allowed to modify firefox.20:24
charlie-tcaCan't even fix things in firefox that are broken without Mozilla approving it20:24
atgarsisso which browser uses a different engine?20:24
chewitok. but when you choose a web browser for default you would need to consider the avg user. I think most people like all the extra things which come with firefox, like plugins20:24
charlie-tcaOh, bookmarks are a plus, too20:24
atgarsischewit, so which browser uses a different engine?20:25
chewithave u looked at the updated version of midori20:25
Odd-rationaleatgarsis: midori uses webkit20:25
charlie-tcaNo, I haven't had a chance20:25
chewitwell, there is a deb file available on getdeb20:25
Odd-rationaleopera has their own web engine, too20:25
atgarsisbut opera doesn't open that site either!20:26
charlie-tcachewit: tell me more. I'll try it20:26
atgarsismaybe it's wicd?20:26
chewitah, GetDeb now has the latest version of Midori, 0.1.2, havn;t tried that version yet20:26
charlie-tcaThanks. I'll get to it later.20:28
chewitwhat was the reason to replace risterro with gpicview for 8.1020:29
chewitcause xfce uses risterro20:29
charlie-tcaI think it worked better20:29
Odd-rationalei heard that gpicview is more lightweight...20:29
Odd-rationalethis might have been due to, iirc, some memory leak in ristretto... idk if it has been fixed yet or not...20:30
chewitcharlie-tca: full changelog here for all the midori versions. http://goodies.xfce.org/releases/midori/ChangeLog20:32
atgarsisdoesn't work either............20:32
chewitthe one ubuntu 8.10, is a very old release20:32
charlie-tcaThanks, chewit20:32
charlie-tcaYeah, that happens. Maybe we can get a newer one in Jaunty20:32
chewityeh, then it maybe much more stable to use as default20:34
atgarsisanyway, thanks charlie-tca, chewit et al for your help!20:35
chewitgoing back to gpicview, why didn't the team then decide to use PCManFM, since they are both very similar and made by the same dev team20:35
chewitand have more features than thunar20:35
charlie-tcaI don't knwo20:36
chewitcharlie, lots of improves in features on midori 0.1.220:42
chewitbookmarks, history, full screen, printing20:42
chewitthough, still the random crash20:43
charlie-tcaSee, there is hope20:43
chewityeh, you are right20:44
arpadany ideas why the nvidia drivers would all fail with two adapters on 8.04? using envyng the legacy and new-legacy drivers both give me rminitadapter failed and the latest driver segfaults xorg. the nvidia installer behaves like the latest envyng. i had this same setup working fine in 8.10 so i'm certain it isn't a hardware issue21:03
Dreami purchase new mouse. i got 2 new button on its wheel : left & right. Does anyone know how to configurer action on them please ?21:23
Dreamhey! it works on pidgin!21:24
Dreamdoes anyone could help me to configure action for previous and next page on firefox?21:25
Dreami got the solution :) http://imaginux.com/roadtolinux/dotclear/index.php?2007/04/24/196-logitech-lx3 [FR] thanks :)21:30
nikolamHi i have one question about memory consumption , if someone knows22:03
gamerchick02what's up, nikolam?22:05
nikolamI have like 2 gigs of ram22:05
gamerchick02you should have no problems running Xubuntu then22:05
nikolamAnd 256 dedicated of that to integrated graphics22:05
gamerchick02i'm on a gig, with no graphics card (integrated graphics)22:05
nikolammemory consumption is 1445MB of 1761MB22:05
gamerchick02what are you running?22:06
gamerchick02i'm assuming xchat or something... firefox?22:06
nikolamseamonkey takes 561.8MB with 2 dozen of tabs22:06
nikolamfirefox use 108MB with only one window22:06
gamerchick02again, wow22:07
nikolamxfce4-menu-plugin uses 85MB22:07
gamerchick02any screenlets or anything going on?22:07
gamerchick02is your computer hanging when you try to do stuff?22:07
nikolamvlc 31MB, transmission 29MB, Pidgin 25MB xchat 2322:07
Odd-rationalefirefox uses a lot with just one window, i know. but compared to other browser, the memory usage scales up quite a bit slower when you starting adding a bunch of tabs...22:08
nikolamMy question is: Is it truely sum to up to 17xx22:08
nikolamah, now i closed firefox and it dropped to 1341MB22:08
nikolamNo compiz22:09
nikolamscreenlets are off now. I have them installed but not on22:09
Odd-rationalei'm on gnome, and only using 200-450mb of ram...22:09
gamerchick02if you want lower mem consumption, try Opera...22:09
gamerchick02i'm on Xubuntu22:09
Odd-rationaleout of 1gb.22:09
nikolamMain question is.. used memory is always bigger then sum of programs used..22:10
nikolamI mainly use Seamonkey. etc.22:10
gamerchick02you probably have background stuff running22:10
Odd-rationalenikolam: what are you using to check mem usage?22:10
nikolamAnd I also don`t like when System is slow when some application uses disk. Like multitasking for Disk is not quite working well22:11
gamerchick02like, your package manager is looking for new updates. you can always tell it to look only once a week22:11
nikolamSystem monitor for applications22:11
nikolamsystem monitor uses 14MB :)22:11
nikolamgamerchick02, and system load monitor on xfce panel22:12
gamerchick02is it hanging your machine?22:13
nikolamxfce4-systemload-plugin uses 12Mb itself :)22:13
nikolamgamerchick02, no. But I have problem when using disk22:13
gamerchick02does your disk act up or something?22:13
nikolamI think that disk access is terrebly slow when I have concurrent disk access from more then one app22:13
gamerchick02i really don't know what to tell you, other than kill unneeded stuff22:14
nikolamI use 2 sata 7200rpm seagata 320gb and i have 2 partitions on each acting as raid1 software linux raid22:14
nikolamgamerchick02, its not actually big problem. but it is interesting..22:15
gamerchick02i've got screenlets, flock, firefox, xchat, pidgin, specto...22:15
nikolamAlso when Update is doing its job other apps stugle for access to disk22:15
nikolamgamerchick02, how much ram?22:15
gamerchick02had a couple Thunar windows open22:15
gamerchick02i have 1 gb22:15
nikolamand total usag when all is working?22:16
gamerchick02my CPU is at 10%22:16
gamerchick02if i'm transferring files, the load goes up22:16
nikolamnot cpu memory22:16
gamerchick02Xubuntu is pretty snappy anyway22:16
nikolamyes i use xubuntu for that, to be shure everything is as fast as possible22:17
gamerchick02if you want faster try crunchbang ;)22:17
nikolamwhat is specto? :)22:17
gamerchick02uses Openbox22:17
gamerchick02it's a notifier program22:17
nikolamahh i have seen some lxde ppa22:17
nikolamlooks nice :)22:17
gamerchick02for gmail. RSS, facebook, etc22:17
nikolamaha ok.22:18
gamerchick02i think22:18
gamerchick02i might have missed a letter in there22:18
gamerchick02no, i'm right ;)22:18
nikolamAlso i am thinking about something..22:19
nikolamI would be SO happy to continue using LTS indefinately :))22:19
nikolamwith New applications I want to use22:19
nikolamI am on Hardy 64-bit22:20
nikolamBut all newer apps are not available22:20
gamerchick02i just upgrade when the new one comes out22:20
nikolami used to use getdeb.net22:20
gamerchick02*shrug* i guess i'm not so worried about an LTS version.22:21
gamerchick02they have some good stuff on there22:21
nikolamAnd I learned to make newer packages if newer packages are available for jaunty22:21
gamerchick02i tend to use the repos more22:21
gamerchick02hey, if you want to use it, go ahead :)22:21
nikolamyes. I mostly use repos :)22:21
gamerchick02that's the great thing about Linux in general. you can use whatever you want, as long as it works for you22:21
gamerchick02upgrade isn't really "forced"22:21
nikolamBut problem is that user mostly is locked inside application versions distributed within distribution version it use.22:22
nikolamso only thing I can think off is that I must learn how to port newer programs to ubuntu22:24
nikolamand to make backports for those apps and use them22:24
nikolamI am doing that for some time now for myself with extensive installations of newer libraries22:24
nikolamAnother problem is testing.22:25
nikolamHow to test newest Xubuntu if I don`t actually use it? :)22:25
nikolamand applications.22:25
pqbGood evening.22:25
nikolamAnd i can`t use it because it is dangerous when it is unstable22:25
gamerchick02well, you could try a virtual machine22:25
nikolampqb hello22:25
gamerchick02good evening pqb22:26
nikolamgamerchick02, I have virtualbox And dual boot22:26
nikolambut. how to test newer programs effectively if I am on Hardy all the time? :)22:26
pqbI'm running Ubuntu in VirtualBox on Mac OS X and would like to access my host via network connection. Could someone tell me where to configure this?22:27
nikolamAnswer could be that maybe people should use newer packages on stable versions and test thenm in that way. with everday use22:27
nikolampqb, safe bet is on #vbox channel22:27
gamerchick02that's a good idea nikolam. have you brought this idea to the devs?22:27
nikolamAlso I think virtualbox have extensive support in help22:28
pqbnikolam thanks22:28
nikolamgamerchick02, I don`t know. I think that ansqer would be: go for it, make backports :) Do it yourself :)22:28
gamerchick02if you can do it, do it yourself.22:29
nikolampqb, also maybe you wander where to set networking Inside xubuntu? :)22:29
gamerchick02i'm not a programmer... i'm a user/promoter so i don't think i could do that22:29
pqbnikolam yes, I do...22:30
nikolamI am not also. But making packages from already existing sources for ubuntu is trivial. (see debian-reference package)22:30
gamerchick02:) thanks22:30
nikolamgamerchick02, but what is non-trivial is make those .dsc and diff file to port package to ubuntu or newer one.22:31
nikolamPer instance I use Seamonkey and I need 1.1.14 packages but only 1.1.13 is in jaunty repo22:31
nikolamso, I need to do something about that (bug exists)22:32
pqbI started with Ubuntu and then added the X desktop. That doesn't make any difference, from installing Xubuntu at first does it?22:32
nikolampqb, in xubuntu , go to System> Network > Unlock and set it.22:32
nikolampqb, I think it should use dhcp by default22:33
nikolamthats xubuntu side. You check virtualbox docs for other part22:33
nikolampqb, mostly not. Some apps are not installed with xubuntu and are with ubuntu and vice versa22:34
nikolamBut you can always have allpackages :)22:34
pqbnikolam, thanks very much for all the info.22:34
nikolampqb :)22:35
nikolamgamerchick02, I think I will buy 4GB, added to current 2Gig, to run multiple virtualboxes or KVM/QEMU :)22:36
gamerchick02off for something to eat... back in a bit :)22:37
nikolamcu :)22:38
dkkongIs it possible to change desktop icons in XFCE?23:22
chris_xfceTheme-Question: hi, there, i downloaded this "theme": http://browse.deviantart.com/customization/skins/linuxutil/xfce/  unzipped it and moved it to  /usr/share/themes .  The name of the theme, Mire v2 grime doesnt appear in the list of themes in the user interface preferences. but it appears in the list of available styles in the window manager. so my question: are those themes at deviantart actually just window decorations or what? when23:37
chris_xfcei inspect the zip file, there's p.ex. the wallpaper missing, etc.23:37
chris_xfcei just don't seem to understand how to use those themes from deviantart... btw. just moved from kde to xfce, so bear with me please23:38
chris_xfceanswer: http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/install_new_themes23:45
sjefen6How do i brows harddrives using the live cd?23:54
dark_abyss0can anyone help me with XFCE?23:57
sjefen6How do I unblock a harddrive?23:58

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