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davmor2Guys in Jaunty Netbook remix I have a few questions and suggestions and some graphical bugs I'll add later.  Questions why are there so many dupes in apps? You have 2 dictionaries and 2 email clients.  Why are there a whole bunch of touch screen stufff when I don't know of a touch screen netbook (there may be one, just never heard of it)? Why is it not LPIA and i386 instead?  Suggestions Put the installer in favouri08:50
davmor2Wrong channel sorry08:51
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Mean-Machineeveninkz all19:27
Mean-MachineDougieRichardson, hiya19:48
DougieRichardsonwasn't sure I was logged in there - hope you're well19:49
Mean-Machinenot too bad now, how are you?19:49
DougieRichardsonNot bad at all19:49
Joeb454hello forumsmatthew :)19:50
Bodsdahi forumsmatthew19:57
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forumsmatthewOkay, it's about that time. I'm looking for board members: who is here so far?20:03
phanaticforumsmatthew: hey20:04
forumsmatthewping Pricey popey Seveas markvandenborre and stgraber20:05
forumsmatthewyay! that's three of us20:06
highvoltageforumsmatthew: how many makes a quorum? 3?20:06
forumsmatthewwe've always waited for at least 420:06
forumsmatthewthere are 7 of us total20:07
PriceyI'm here20:07
forumsmatthewanyone heard from mark, alan or stephane?20:08
forumsmatthewhmm. okay. we can start with the four of us20:09
Seveasforumsmatthew, are you chairing today?20:10
forumsmatthewI don't see butterflyoffire here...20:10
forumsmatthewno, I would prefer that you do it...I like it when you chair. i'm just feeling impatient today20:10
forumsmatthewit's me, not you20:10
forumsmatthewtoo much caffeine20:10
forumsmatthewI will if you want me to, though20:11
SeveasI'll chair20:11
SeveasLirazSiri, you're the first one for today, please introduce yourself to us in a few lines20:11
Seveasother candidates for today, please prepare a 3-line intro in a text editor, which you can paste in here when it is your turn20:12
LirazSiriHi everyone20:12
LirazSiriI'm from Israel, a software developer by trade, user of Ubuntu by hobby20:12
LirazSiriI've also one of the founders of the TurnKey Linux project that packages Ubuntu into software appliances optimized for ease of use (www.turnkeylinux.org)20:13
LirazSiriand a member of the Ubuntu News Team... currently in charge of all sorts of stats20:13
LirazSiri(for UWN)20:13
LirazSirifor those who want even more information my personal homepage is at liraz.org...20:14
LirazSiriwill that suffice for now?20:14
SeveasI've read your wikipage and a launchpad profile, karma 3814, but pretty much all of it is spec tracking for turnkey. That makes UWN the only contribution to ubuntu we can take into account20:14
SeveasIs there anyone here from the UWN team to cheer for you?20:14
LirazSiriunfortunately no20:14
PriceyWhat kind of "all sorts of stats"?20:15
LirazSiriBTW, we sort of view TurnKey Linux as an extension of the Ubuntu community... It's not an official project but at the end of the day you get a pretty standard Ubuntu server with whatever application you want running. It's neat.20:15
Seveashttp://liraz.org/obfus.html --> I thought perl was obfuscated enough already? :)20:15
LirazSiriSeveas: yeah, I have eclectic hobbies20:16
LirazSiriI'm in charge of all the statistics you see in UWN20:16
LirazSiriabout 6-7 sections usually20:16
LirazSiripackages and updates, USN, bugstats, translation stats..20:17
LirazSiridaniel's 5-a-day20:17
LirazSiriit's not glamorous but somebody has to do it... :)20:17
Seveastrue that20:17
SeveasI'm just not sure whether I'm willing to consider that a significant contribution. That would much depend on what other UWN editors have to say I think20:18
LirazSiriwell I wish they were here20:18
forumsmatthewI like what you are doing, but it would be much easier to evaluate with a testimonial from the UWN folks, even a note on your wiki page20:19
SeveasLirazSiri, a short blurb on your wikipage from them will work as well20:19
SeveasI'm going for +0: You seem to be doing good work, but I'd like to see that confirmed by other UWN people before I can give a +120:19
LirazSiriI guess that's my punishment for not socializing enough with my fellow team members on IRC :)20:20
forumsmatthewI'm hesitant because there is no independent confirmation. For now, I am +0. That isn't a negative, but I can't give an approval without some testimonial.20:20
forumsmatthewit's not fair that Seveas types faster than me20:20
SeveasLirazSiri, in a way you are right, the more you mingle within the team or the community, the better :)20:21
Seveasforumsmatthew, sorry mate :)20:21
Seveasphanatic, Pricey ?20:21
PriceySee now I typed out a paragraph saying that, but Seveas beat me.20:21
LirazSiriSeveas: I know, but IRC is such a huge time sink... bah, haven't gotten around to it20:21
phanaticjust wanted to say the same as well20:21
PriceyI'm afraid I agree LirazSiri, and I would like to see testimonials from the uwn folks at the least when you come back to us soon! :)20:22
SeveasLirazSiri, so to summarize, please keep up the good work, get some of the other editors to cheer for you and next time you're in :)20:22
LirazSirialright guys, thank you for your consideration20:22
forumsmatthewLirazSiri, you don't have to hang out in IRC. You could have the UWN guys post a quick note on your wiki page20:22
Seveaslarslj, you're up next20:22
forumsmatthewsend them a note saying you are applying for membership and ask if they can help20:22
larsljHi everyone20:23
larsljMy name is Lars Ljung and I'm a server administrator for the Swedish LoCo web server. I'm also an very active member of the forum where I'm trying to help both beginners and more experienced users.20:23
LirazSiriforumsmatthew: got it. thanks guys20:23
Seveaslarslj, your wikipage is really short, can you give some more details about your work, or maybe a link to a forum profile?20:24
forumsmatthewI see you have a testimonial from yeager. Is yeager an Ubuntu member? Do you have a link to his wiki/launchpad page?20:25
larsljMy contributions are mostly in Swedish, the forum profile is at http://ubuntu-se.org/phpBB3/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=219520:25
SeveasI remember when yeager was approved :)20:26
forumsmatthewI probably should...20:26
Seveasdrat. That forum wants me to log in before I can see the profile.20:26
phanatiche's a pretty awesome translator20:26
larsljSeveas: aha, too bad, 4661 post since Jan-07 if you take my word for it20:27
SeveasI managed to grasp enough swedish to register :)20:28
andolI'm a fellow server administratior and member of the Swedish LoCo. If it helps I can testimate to Lars forum contributions.20:28
larsljthanks andol :)20:28
NafalloSeveas: hehe. nice e-mail address ;-)20:28
Seveasey Nafallo20:29
Seveasare you here to cheer as well? :)20:29
PriceyHey Nafallo, do you have anything to say?20:29
NafalloSeveas, Pricey: hmm. haven't really been involved in looking at the server more than the hosting I'm afraid.20:30
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forumsmatthewI am pretty familiar with forum work. The administration of the loco server is a good contribution, too. The testimonies of yeager, and now andol, are useful to me. If the post count is accurate, I'm +120:30
SeveasI'm going for +1 anyway, cheer from yaeger and from a co-admin, good post count (though I can't understand a word of it)20:30
Seveasforumsmatthew, it is accurate :)20:30
Seveas    14 Jan 2007, 18:3120:31
SeveasLast visited:20:31
Seveas    Today, 21:1020:31
SeveasTotal posts:20:31
Seveas    466120:31
larsljI also do a bit of bug triaging when I got the time, but I guess you can see that on my karma20:31
forumsmatthewthanks for checking. I'm a definite +1 then20:31
Seveaslarslj, feel free to delete my account on the forums again (user 'seveas', just registered ;))20:31
forumsmatthewI'll trust the testimonials re: the content20:31
Seveasyeah, me too20:31
larsljSeveas: ok, I'll do that20:31
Seveasforumsmatthew, the profile also shows he's an admin and posts mostly in the server forum. Hard to fill almost 5000 posts with gibberish I'd say :)20:32
SeveasPricey, phanatic?20:32
PriceyI think I'm happy to give my +1 too from the testimonials and history on the forum.20:32
SeveasExcellent, welcome larslj!20:33
phanaticlarslj: how many registered users do you have?20:33
larsljThank you, I'm honored :)20:33
larsljphanatic: about 11000 I think20:33
Seveasforestpixie, you're next in line20:34
phanaticlarslj: very nice, congratulations and welcome :)20:34
forestpixieHi, I'm 46 acting like a 20 year old, I have no formal IT training and all I know has been self learnt. I've been using Ubuntu since May 07 - I am a member of the forum Beginner Team and the Unanswered Post team. Also I am in a few of the UFBT focus groups - Education and IRC help. I have been involved in lessons on IRC in #ubuntu-classroom - I ran a fdisk/fstab/chmod/chown session a short while ago - the hope is to run it every 6 mon20:34
forestpixieths to coincide with Ubuntu releases. I have started to migrate my session to a wiki based groups of lessons which will be obviously be available more frequently. I have recently joined the wiki focus group and hope to get involved with that more shortly. I don't program or anything like that - all of my contributions have been in helping other users.20:34
Seveas"I had a near miss causing all my previous contributions to the forum to be mislaid - good job Matthew was there to pick up the pieces"20:34
Seveasjust curious, what happened?20:35
forumsmatthewI posted a testimonial on his wiki page at the bottom with details20:35
forestpixiesomeone died - I found the thread - reported it and then I got dealt with accidentally20:35
forestpixiegreat fun lol20:35
forumsmatthewI stand by my recommendation and will +1 while you all are reading20:36
Seveasforumsmatthew, damn, that's some testimonial you give20:36
drubinforumsmatthew: can we step in how and voice our +1 for forestpixie20:36
Seveasdrubin, cheers are always welcome20:36
forestpixiethey all humbled me tbh Seveas20:36
PriceyWow lots of testimonials20:36
forumsmatthewdrubin, yes20:36
drubino/ for forestpixie20:37
SeveasPricey, yeah, hard not to say +120:37
SeveasSo yeah, +1, no doubt.20:37
SeveasWe need more people like forestpixie20:37
* cprofitt raises hand in support of forestpixie20:38
Joeb454I believe I already gave a testimonial for forestpixie20:38
Joeb454I'll +1 him again here anyways :)20:38
lukjad007o/ for forestpixie20:38
SeveasI like this, you brought a whole cheering section :)20:39
cprofittAnd from far away lands20:39
PriceyHalf the forums mod team on there... :)20:39
forumsmatthewnote to all: this is the way to apply for membership20:39
forestpixieha ha - I can never keep them quiet20:39
cprofittI am at work and made a point of taking a break just to support forestpixie20:39
phanaticimpressive work, impressive testimonials, +1 from me20:39
Seveascprofitt, tsk, why do you need a break for IRC? :)20:40
cprofittSeveas, ask my boss...20:40
cprofitton second thought - don't20:40
* cprofitt smiles20:40
SeveasPricey, your vote please20:40
PriceySorry, +1! :)20:40
SeveasLaunchpad says: "forestpixie (the-piskie) has been added as a member of this team."20:41
Seveaswelcome aboard!20:41
forestpixiety all very much - /me feels more humble :D20:41
drubinforestpixie: well done~!!20:41
* cprofitt congratulates forestpixie 20:41
lukjad007Yay for forestpixie!20:41
forestpixiety all who shouted too :)20:41
ScorpKingcongrats forestpixie :)20:41
walterlcongrats forestpixie20:41
Seveasforestpixie, keep up the good work, I really mean it when I say we need more people like you.20:42
forestpixie:) nice to be recognised20:42
SeveasDougieRichardson, you're next in line, please introduce yourself20:42
DougieRichardsonHi, I'm Dougie -  I've been contributing to the Documentation and Desktop Training Teams since mid 200720:42
DougieRichardsonand assisting with training/mentoring new students. I've also been assisting in the unanswered20:42
DougieRichardsonposts team on the forums for about the same amount of time.20:42
Seveasomg... he knows COBOL...20:43
* Seveas runs in fear :)20:43
DougieRichardsonlol - it rots the mind20:43
DougieRichardsonand shows my age20:43
highvoltageSeveas: never mind that, he used slackware for 11 years :)20:43
Seveashighvoltage, :)20:43
Seveasany docteam members around as cheering section?20:44
Seveasor forum members from the unanswered posts part?20:44
Seveaswb forumsmatthew20:44
forestpixieno but I know him from the UA team20:44
forumsmatthewthanks. my xserver crashed20:44
DougieRichardsoni dont't think there are, which is a shame after forest pixie!20:45
phanaticyou have quite impressive testimonials on your wiki page, too20:45
SeveasDougieRichardson, well, you have testimonials on your page from Belinda and Billy, that's equally impressive20:45
Seveas"Billy Cina: Always one of the first to volunteer to help and the quality is top notch. Very dependable member of the team. We need more Dougies, can somebody pursue cloning on behalf of Ubuntu Training!! "20:45
SeveasI'm afraid we cannot endorse cloning though :)20:45
forumsmatthewI am catching up. The testimonials look great!20:45
Seveas+1, mainly due to the excellent recommendations from Belinda and Billy, confirming the good work explained on the wikipage20:46
* cprofitt ponders cloning20:46
phanatic+1, keep up the good work, documentation is essential on the route towards fixing bug 120:46
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)20:47
forumsmatthewwhat's your forum username?20:47
DougieRichardson(its a mistype of drichardson lol)20:47
forumsmatthewwow, great stats and help! (thank you)20:48
PriceyI feel like I shouldn't be asking, but would I know Billy Cina by another name?20:48
forumsmatthewhow have you escaped my notice?20:48
SeveasPricey, not many people in the community know billy. She focuses mostly on training partnerships. I know her (and Belinda) because I was one of the people 'testdriving' the first version of the ubuntu certified proessional training20:49
PriceyAh right, thanks Seveas.20:50
PriceyWell yep, +1 from me then too!20:51
Seveaslaunchpad now says you're a member, welcome aboard!20:52
DougieRichardsonExcellent! Thanks very much!20:52
highvoltagecongrats DougieRichardson20:52
DougieRichardsonthanks all20:52
Seveasdrubin, you're up next20:52
highvoltage\o\ drubin /o/20:52
* Bodsda cheers20:52
drubinHi my name is David Rubin, I am a 22 year old Mobile Developer and Open source enthusiast. I started using linux because work dictated our servers were Centos to gain a better understanding I installed ubuntu as my primary desktop OS. This was just over 2 years ago.20:52
drubinI struggled alot as a beginner and understand how hard it can be to change over hence my reasoning for helping out new comers the way I do. Even though I am a Developer my main contributions are to the home user rather then bug patching as I find this to be more rewarding personally.20:52
lukjad007o/ for drubin20:53
drubinI also try and blog about ubuntu when I find topics that haven't been written about countless times :).20:53
superfly\o/ drubin!20:53
nelydajoo/ for drubin20:53
SeveasAre you related to Pici (Benjamin Rubin) perhaps? :)20:53
drubinSeveas: I don't think so.20:53
* cprofitt Raises had for Drubin20:53
lukjad007Rah! Rah! for drubin!20:53
drubinbut there aren't that many rubin's will look into it after Seveas20:53
walterlyay for drubin!20:53
hibanathis guy keeps us on our toes in #ubuntu-za and gets a definite +1 from me20:53
* Bodsda throws flowers at drubin's feet20:53
forumsmatthewnow that's a cheering squad!20:54
* forestpixie is here for drubin too 20:54
* ScorpKing hangs flowers around drubin's neck.. ;)20:54
cprofittI have to admit to the group that I did not know that Drubin was up and did not add a testimonial. I have no excuse and do not wish that to be an issue. Drubin has my full support for Ubuntu Membership.20:54
drubincprofitt: thanks. No worries I only added it on thursday20:54
Priceya rather large testimonial from forestpixie :)20:54
* walterl bows before drubin 20:55
drubinPricey: I was shocked when I first read it. but is really nice of him20:55
Seveascheering squad good, testimonials good, even scored one from highvoltage20:55
drubinthe reasoning for me adding my name so late. was an event that happened last week end.20:56
forestpixieit took some thought Pricey20:56
drubinSeveas: even?20:56
drubinSeveas: Doesn't he give it out willingly, maybe the payment was infact large enough :)20:56
Seveasdrubin, :)20:56
cprofittI need to depart - good luck drubin20:56
SeveasI meant that highvoltage is a long time contributor and well known member, opinions from such people tend to carry more weight :)20:57
drubinSeveas: :)20:57
highvoltageI should never have told Seveas that I'm susseptable to flattery :)20:57
drubinhighvoltage: glad you did20:57
Seveashighvoltage, you mean bribery apparently :P20:57
phanatic+1, great cheering team :)20:58
Joeb454+1 for drubin over here too :)20:58
Seveas+1 here as well20:58
BodsdaGo drubin!!!!!20:58
* Joeb454 is a little busy, luckily noticed20:58
lukjad007YAY drubin!!!20:58
highvoltage\o\ \o/ /o/20:58
hibanacongrats drubin20:58
* drubin thanks Joeb45420:58
Seveashibana, not yet :)20:58
superfly\o\ \o/ /o/ drubin!20:58
* drubin waits for Pricey20:58
walterlgimme a D! ...20:59
walterlok, i won't go on :P20:59
PriceyI'm 'almost' lost with the amount of people with good things to say and am confident with my +1!20:59
Bodsda\0/    \0/    \0/        Go drubin        \0/    \0/    \0/20:59
superflyawwww, I was gonna join you on that one walterl20:59
hibanadrubin: you're the local hero20:59
superflywoohoo!! drubin!!20:59
walterlCONGRATS, drubin !!!!!!20:59
nelydajoWay to go drubin!!20:59
Bodsda!yay | drubin21:00
ubottudrubin: Glad you made it! :-)21:00
forestpixieo/ drubin :D21:00
lukjad007WHOOHOO drubin!!!21:00
Seveascongrats drubin. Now can you please calm down your cheering section? :)21:00
Bodsdadrubin drubin drubin21:00
drubinSeveas: Not sure I can do that :)21:00
walterldrubin drubin drubin !!!21:00
drubinThanks guys!!21:00
drubinmuch much appriciated! really21:00
highvoltageok guys let's move the party to #ubuntu-za, people are trying to work here21:00
SeveasMean-Machine, you're the next (and last) on the list for today21:00
* Bodsda shuts up21:00
Mean-MachineHello! My name is Maciej Danielski and I am the LoCo Team Point of Contact for the Irish Ubuntu Community since the end of January 2008.21:00
Mean-MachineI first came into contact with ubuntu-ie while still living in Germany, in early summer 2007, through both IRC and the forums. I moved over to Dublin in November 2007 and started getting more and more involved with the LoCo, chairing and scheduling regular ubuntu-ie IRC meetings, throwing ideas at people like organizing ubuntu events etc.21:00
drubinparty in #ubuntu-za and #ubuntuforums-beginners21:00
walterlgood luck to the rest of you21:00
Mean-MachineMy aim is to encourage the LoCo members with new projects and ideas in order to     establish a stable, active and outgoing community.21:01
Priceyompaul lives! haven't spoken with him in a while.21:02
czajkowskiPricey: he does indeed and says he totally supports Mean-Machine tonight but he's at class this evening21:02
Mean-MachinePricey, indeed ompaul is alive and well21:02
forumsmatthewThe testimonials are good21:02
forumsmatthewHis participation in SFD was critical to it's success in Dublin21:03
czajkowski+1 for Mean-Machine for me, he's a great loco team point of contact here in dublin.21:03
* Pricey looks at pictures21:04
SeveasHow many people are active in the irish loco?21:05
Mean-MachineSeveas, we have around 10 active members.21:05
Seveashttp://www.flickr.com/photos/mean-machine/2874667227/ -- he is alive!21:05
SeveasI'm going for +1 after reading wiki, lp and things linked from them21:07
Mean-Machine73 people are members in total in Launchpad21:07
Mean-Machine89 subscribed to mailing list21:07
forumsmatthewI'm going to have to agree +121:08
Mean-Machinetheose people still need to be encouraged tho21:08
czajkowskiSeveas: http://pix.ie/czajkowski/688107/in/album/327350  ompaul giving a talk here for the Ubuntu-ie SFD event21:08
Seveashttp://pix.ie/czajkowski/688105/in/album/327350 - looks like he's thinking "I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer"21:09
czajkowskiSeveas: very possibly :)21:09
Mean-Machinea bit of a roadmap for the near future21:10
Mean-MachineI will keep trying to motivate existing members and to draw the attention of potential ones   by organizing Ubuntu related events and targeting existing user groups (ILUG etc.). The   next event this year will be the release party of Jaunty(+install fest?). Also, in May I'd like   to run another bug jam. In early August I'm planning to organize a LoCo key signing party.   Furthermore, we hope to at least repeat the success o21:10
Mean-Machinef last year's SoftwareFreedomDay in   September '09, where I will be using existing press contacts to promote the event, and this   will be followed by Ubuntu 9.10 release party in October.21:10
Mean-MachineAnother aim for this year is to resurrect the Ubuntu Irish Translation Team. Will email all   members of this team and will also ask on our mailing list if people are interested in     translating Ubuntu into Irish.21:11
Mean-MachineAt the moment I'm working on proper structuring of the Irish Team, by asking for         volunteers to take over specific tasks and duties. In the near future I would like to see a   number of tasks (i.e. Monthly LoCo Reports, Hosting IRC Meetings, Mailing List     Moderation, Wiki Maintenance etc.) delegated to either individuals or groups, so we can   work as an efficient and well organized team.21:11
PriceyIts great to see photos of successful events like that and you've got some good testimonials too so I'm happy to +1.21:13
Seveasphanatic, ?21:13
phanatic+1, will the drop in centre be open this saturday? i might drop by ;)21:13
* popey arrives unfashionably late21:13
czajkowskipopey: evening21:13
forumsmatthewhey popey21:14
Seveaspopey, exactly at the point where the last vote is cast even :)21:14
SeveasMean-Machine, welcome aboard!21:14
forumsmatthewwe are just finishing up21:14
forumsmatthewcongratulations, Mean-Machine21:14
Mean-Machinethank you all!21:14
DougieRichardsonMean-Machine: Congratulations21:14
czajkowskiMean-Machine: kudos :)21:14
forestpixieMean-Machine: congrats21:14
Mean-MachineI'm delighted :)21:14
Mean-Machineczajkowski, cheers!21:15
Mean-MachineCongratulations to all who have been approved tonight!21:16
forumsmatthewthanks, everyone!21:16
forumsmatthewI have to get going now21:16
DougieRichardsonThanks again - see you all around21:16
drubinthanks forumsmatthew, and the rest of the team21:16
forestpixiethank you !21:16
Seveasthanks all, see you next time21:16
Mean-Machinethanks a mill!21:16
Seveasoh and can somebody else please do the doodle dance, I have shown I'm incapable of actually scheduling the meeting, even when the doodle was filled in :)21:17
czajkowskiSeveas: :)21:18
czajkowskiSeveas: it's monday! it has that effect21:18
Seveasczajkowski, it wasn't monday when I forgot the meeting. phanatic fortunately picked up the pieces and did the doodle dance for this one21:19
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