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dholbachgood morning06:26
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sommeryo to all :)15:56
* mathiaz waves16:00
mathiazLet's get the Ubuntu Server team started16:00
MootBotMeeting started at 10:00. The chair is mathiaz.16:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:00
mathiazToday's agenda:https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting16:00
mathiazLast week agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/2009032416:01
mathiaz[TOPIC] KVM backport in hardy16:01
MootBotNew Topic:  KVM backport in hardy16:01
mathiazkirkland: ^^ how is this going?16:02
mathiazallright - kirkland doesn't seem to be around - let's postpone this topic16:04
mathiaz[TOPIC] Server Guide16:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Server Guide16:04
mathiazsommer: how is this coming along?16:04
sommermathiaz: should be good to go for jaunty16:04
mathiazsommer: did you get any feedback on the new and updated sections?16:05
sommerreceived some great feed back from translators and some upstream projects16:05
sommermathiaz: yep, the eucalyptus team were great with feedback :)16:05
mathiazsommer: awesome.16:07
sommermathiaz: not sure there's much more news, some of the new sections were reviewed, but some weren't... but they can always be updated in the next release16:07
mathiazanything else to report on the documentation front?16:07
sommermathiaz: don't think so16:08
mathiazsommer: thanks for keeping on a eye on the Server Guide !16:08
sommermathiaz: welcome :-)16:08
mathiazThat's all I had from last week minutes.16:08
mathiaz[TOPIC] NUMA support for 64bit -server kernel16:09
MootBotNew Topic:  NUMA support for 64bit -server kernel16:09
mathiazcooloney: ^^?16:09
cooloneyyeah, mathiaz16:09
cooloneyi am bryan from kernel team16:09
cooloneywe got a request from mdz for such numa things16:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 331308 in linux "NUMA support not enabled in amd64/config.server " [Medium,In progress]16:09
cooloneyhow do you guys think16:09
ivoksany known sideffects?16:10
cooloneyfor kernel, it will change the abi16:11
zuli dont have a problem with it16:11
cooloneyand enable some options for NUMA config16:11
ivokscooloney: just for amd64 or i386 too?16:11
mathiazAccording to the bug report: Even if it has some overhead on non-NUMA machines,16:11
cooloneyis that ok for jaunty?16:11
cooloneyivoks, i think only for amd6416:12
cooloneynot i38616:12
mathiazHas this been measured?16:12
mathiazcooloney: I'm not sure if we can still enable this in jaunty16:12
cooloneymathiaz, oh, no, i have no idea about the overhead16:12
mathiazcooloney: It seems that it's a new feature in the kernel16:13
cooloneymathiaz, i understand, so we plan to discuss this things in our kernel sprint meeting this week16:13
cooloneymathiaz, right, so it should be for karmic16:13
mathiazcooloney: ok - I don't have an issue with enable NUMA per se.16:14
cooloneyok, guys, i guess you guys are agree to enable it for karmic16:14
mathiazcooloney: It's just that it seems a bit late in the release cycle to enable such a new thing.16:14
mathiazcooloney: for karmic, yes.16:14
cooloneythanks, i will talk to our kernel members about this and try to enable it.16:14
mathiazcooloney: now it's up to you discuss it for jaunty.16:14
mathiazcooloney: IMO it's too late.16:15
cooloneymathiaz, yeah, i agreee16:15
ivoksi found a PDF with some overhead charts16:15
ivoksbut it's from 2001 :/16:15
cooloneyivoks, do you have the URL of the PDF?16:16
ivokscooloney: http://jp.fujitsu.com/group/labs/downloads/techinfo/technote/linux/optimizing-numa.pdf16:16
ivokscooloney: but i woulnd't take it into account16:16
ivoksit's really old16:16
cooloneymathiaz, so i agree we are not going to enable NUMA for Jaunty but for karmic16:16
cooloneyivoks, thx, got it16:17
mathiazcooloney: thanks for bringing up this topic.16:17
mathiazcooloney: anything else to add?16:17
cooloneymathiaz, one more thing16:17
cooloneyhow do you guys think to enable PAE for i386 flavour16:18
cooloneymaybe it is not very interesting for server folks, -:))16:18
zulsuse already does that but it still might be late for jaunty16:18
ivoksweren't there some ideas in mountain view about merging server and generic?16:18
cooloneywe plan to introduce i386-pae flavour for karmic16:19
ivoks(iirc, most of the server related stuff can be done with sysctl)16:19
mathiazright - IIRC PAE for i386 was discussed during last UDS with the kernel team16:19
cooloneymathiaz, ok, no problem.16:20
cooloneyplease go on the meeting.16:20
mathiazgreat. Thanks16:20
cooloneywe can discuss that in our team sprint,16:20
mathiazlet's move on16:20
mathiaz[TOPIC] Ubuntu on EC216:20
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu on EC216:20
mathiazzul: ^^16:20
mathiazzul: how is the state of the intrepid images?16:21
zulthey are going well no major problems being reported16:21
zulec2-api-tools were renelty packaved for jaunty and are available now16:21
mathiazis there another beta planned?16:21
zulthere is16:21
zulim not sure when though, it should be announced soon16:22
zulby that time we should have some hardy images available for public use16:22
zuljaunty is still being worked on16:22
mathiazzul: great. So the next set of images will be beta images for hardy?16:22
zulhardy and intrepid16:23
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mathiazzul: great. And later on there will be images based on jaunty too.16:23
mathiazzul: ?16:23
zulthats the plan there is more of a demand from our users for hardy before jaunty16:23
mathiazzul: agreed.16:24
mathiazzul: what will be the kernel base for hardy?16:24
zul2.6.28 for jaunty16:24
zuli think thats it from me16:25
mathiazzul: great.16:25
mathiazzul: where all the new beta images will be announced?16:25
mathiazzul: on the ec2-beta mailing list/16:25
mathiazzul: ?16:25
mathiazzul: great. Thanks for giving an update.16:26
mathiaz[TOPIC] Bugs from beta16:26
MootBotNew Topic:  Bugs from beta16:26
mathiazso as you may have noticed we've released a beta version of Jaunty last Thursday16:27
mathiazand we've seen an increase in the number of bugs filed16:27
mathiazso any help in triagging them is welcomed16:27
mathiazso that we can have a good view on what's going wrong in Jaunty16:28
mathiazand help make a rock-solid release by the end of April.16:28
jdbrowneHow can we help triage the bugs ?16:30
ivoksreproducing them would be a good step16:31
MootBotLINK received:  http://ubuntuservernewbugs.notlong.com/16:31
mathiaz^^ here is a link to the list of NEW bugs related to the ubuntu-server team16:32
jdbrowneif I reproduce them, I put a new comment or can I change the status to 'confirmed' ?16:33
mathiazjdbrowne: if you can reproduce them, you can move them to the confirmed state16:34
jdbrowneok, feel free to bump to the right doc16:34
jdbrowneto bump me16:34
mathiazjdbrowne: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/KnowledgeBase#Bug%20Triager%20resources16:34
mathiazjdbrowne: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GettingInvolved#Triage%20bugs%20and%20become%20a%20Triager16:35
mathiazAny help in triagging the influx of bug for beta is welcome!16:36
mathiazlet's move on.16:36
mathiaz[TOPIC] Open Discussion16:36
MootBotNew Topic:  Open Discussion16:36
mathiazAnyone wants to add anything?16:36
mathiazivoks: what's on your mind?16:36
mathiazExtend: sure16:37
Extendit's not about the meeting's topic16:37
ivoksmathiaz: check out bacula and rhcs16:37
Extendi want to talk control of my loco team cause they are lazy16:37
ivokssee if there are bugs and triage them16:37
Extendand i've done great things in my country16:37
mathiazExtend: this is not the right moment to ask about that - and not the right people16:38
ivoksExtend: wrong meeting16:38
Extendi know16:38
Extendit is a wrong meeting16:38
Extendno upcoming scheduled meeting for this topic16:38
ivokswho is in favour of droping rhcs for next ubuntu releases and going with linuxHA instead?16:38
Extendbut i want someone to tell me what to do16:38
zulivoks: mememememememememe!!!16:39
* zul raises his hand16:39
* zul raises his hand16:39
ivokszul: me too :)16:39
nealmcbExtend: join #ubuntu-locoteams16:39
mathiazExtend: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoFAQ?highlight=%28CategoryLoCoTeams%29#The%20LoCo%20team%20in%20my%20area%20is%20not%20very%20good,%20can%20I%20replace%20it?16:40
Extendnealmcb, thanks a lot16:40
mathiazExtend: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoFAQ16:40
Extendmathiaz, thanks :d i don't know what to say really16:40
jdbrownewhat is wrong with rhcs?16:40
mathiazExtend: ^^ that page should give you pointers to move forward16:40
mathiazivoks: what's the issue with bacula?16:41
mathiazivoks: it needs more testing/fixing in jaunty?16:41
Extendthanks all16:41
ivoksmathiaz: i guess not, but i have to check if there are bugs for jaunty16:41
mathiazivoks: same question for rhcs16:41
ivoksmathiaz: i was thinking at loud16:41
ivoksthere's nothing more we could do for jaunty, except bugs triaging16:42
mathiazivoks: ok. So more testing and bug handling is required for bacula16:42
ivoksmathiaz: well, the usual care and testing16:42
mathiazivoks: ok.16:43
mathiazivoks: what about rhcs?16:43
ivoksmathiaz: well, i would like to see jaunty being last version that supports rhcs16:44
mathiazivoks: IIRC rhcs and linux-ha are not totally feature compatible16:44
ivoksmathiaz: fabionne was maintainer of rhcs in ubuntu and now we have quite old rhcs16:44
ivoksmathiaz: no one else wants to take it and not that many people use it16:44
mathiazivoks: is there an equivalent to gvfs in linux-ha?16:44
mathiazivoks: fabionne gave up rhcs in ubuntu?16:45
mathiazivoks: IIUC he was still maintaining it16:45
mathiazivoks: I've seen a couple of upload to jaunty16:45
Agafonovmathiaz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda points here as todays LoCo meeting. Is it mistake?16:45
ivoksmathiaz: there was his post on ubuntu-devel about rhcs16:46
ivoksmathiaz: let me find it16:46
mathiazAgafonov: sure - at 20:00 UTC16:46
ivoksmathiaz: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2009-February/027583.html16:47
mathiazivoks: right.16:47
mathiazivoks: we should probably discuss that during the next UDS16:48
ivoksof course...16:48
mathiazivoks: and see what we should do about it.16:48
mathiazivoks: I thought there was some demand for rhcs16:48
ivoksi don't know if anyone is that familliar with it as fabio16:48
mathiazivoks: ok - from a maintainance point of view.16:49
mathiazivoks: and so the proposal would be to replace it with linux-ha?16:49
ivoksmathiaz: i use it on couple of projects... does anyone else here uses it?16:49
ivoksit would be great if canonical would give some info about their customer requests for rhcs16:49
* sommer has been considering it, but hasn't really gone in depth16:50
mathiazivoks: I don't know. I can ask the Canonical support guys about it.16:50
ivoksmathiaz: please do16:50
ivoksthat's for karmic, of course...16:50
mathiazivoks: sure :)16:50
ivoksin jaunty, i'll make sure everything is working as it should16:50
mathiazanything else to discuss?16:51
ivoksi didn't test it, so it might be ok already :)16:51
mathiazivoks: thanks for giving some love to bacula and rhcs16:51
mathiazanything else to discuss?16:51
jdbrowneis it the right time and people to discuss glitches in the kvm/libvirt jaunty setup, or should I file the bugs first?16:51
mathiazjdbrowne: filing bugs is the best way to proceed16:52
nealmcbjdbrowne: and then you can also see #ubuntu-virt16:52
jdbrownenealmcb: done, i will file the bugs with all the steps to reproduce16:53
mathiazjdbrowne: great thanks.16:54
nealmcbjdbrowne: good!16:54
mathiazlet's move on16:54
jdbrowneno pb. This is my own intrest :) will Nijaba be in solutions linux tomorrow also?16:54
mathiaztime to wrap up16:54
mathiazjdbrowne: yes - he already is there16:54
mathiaz[TOPIC] Agree on next meeting date and time16:54
MootBotNew Topic:  Agree on next meeting date and time16:54
mathiazsame place, same time, next week?16:54
ivoksbye :)16:56
mathiazgreat - so see you all next week, same place, same time16:56
mathiazand don't forget to testdrive Jaunty Beta!16:56
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:57.16:57
sommerthanks mathiaz, later on all16:57
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Garfeildhi all17:51
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Villainи тишина...18:48
VillainВ черном-черном городе, на черной-черной улице, в черном-черном доме, в черно-черной квартире сидит черный-черный мужик и говорит:18:54
Villain- Никогда больше не буду сам заправлять картриджи!18:54
GarfeildVillain: please, stop18:55
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paalny92I have verry low sound volume. Where iis the advanced volum controller in ubuntu? :P19:32
aim1159paalny92: it's not a support channel. please ask on #ubuntu19:32
iantopaalny92: The correct channel for that is #ubuntu however right click the speak in the top right corner19:32
iantoAnd work it out or ask in #ubuntu19:32
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Garfeildi'm late)))20:53
ApOgEE--greetings all20:53
juliuxthe lococouncil is online but busy with an other issue21:00
juliuxwe will be here in a few minutes21:00
* cprofitt waves21:02
cprofittNY State is here21:02
iantoGood to hear ;)21:03
iantocprofitt: The council will take a few minutes, there was just an announcement21:03
cprofittthanks ianto - one team dropped so perhaps we will make it to us21:03
juliuxrussian team also here?21:03
* kwah o/21:04
Garfeildjuliux: it's me, aim1159, Greene, kwah, Agafonov21:04
nbliangMalaysianTeam is here21:04
Garfeildalso ubuntar1, Villain21:04
Garfeildand skyrider )21:04
kwahGarfeild, and skyrider :D21:04
iantoUbuntu Cymru (WelshTeam) from me21:04
nbliangbut the main contact will be here soon (on the way back)21:04
Garfeildjuliux: and Malamut21:05
aim1159juliux: and Malamut21:05
Garfeildand Alsvartr...21:06
kwahyep, half of the list almost.21:06
boredandblogginglets get started21:07
boredandbloggingRussian LoCo?21:07
juliuxprivet ;)21:07
kwahjuliux, cool :D21:08
juliuxsome russian knowledge from school is left;)21:08
juliuxcan you introduce your team short?21:09
kwahRussian Team is the number of enthusiasts21:09
kwahworking mostly on the support of Russian speaking users21:10
kwahand managing relevant resources aimed to provide this support21:10
kwahWe see our team as not really Local Team21:10
kwahbut a meta Team of Russian speaking people21:11
kwahcoordinating work related to Ubuntu and spreading knowledge about it21:11
kwahCurrently we are in a period of reorganization21:12
kwahand in the process of clearly stating our goals in the areas mentioned in our approval application21:12
kwahCurrently, the core of the team consists of about 20-30 active individuals passionate about what they are doing21:13
kwahWhat else would you like to know?21:13
juliuxkwah: thanks21:14
boredandbloggingbefore the reorganization, how was the LoCo set up?21:14
kwahMostly there were people managing activities on the support forum, irc-channel21:15
juliuxdo you had some real life events?21:15
juliuxand what do you think about ubuntu-eu and is there an involement from your team21:15
kwahplus big effort was put into the translation of the distribution21:15
kwahreal life events: outings and parties coordinated mopstly via forum21:16
kwahubuntu-eu: we have a contact with the team via our administrator21:16
boredandbloggingthe forums seem very active21:16
JanCdo you do anything like installparties ?21:17
kwahyes it is very active, indeed21:17
kwahI am aware of such activities in the St-Petersburg LUG21:17
kwahrepresentative of which is also here21:18
aim1159JanC: some of the memebers of our team do some install and release party activities in their local cities21:19
aim1159for example aceler do such parties in nizhniy novgorod21:19
aim1159i do such install and release parties on, nearly every release in saint petersburg21:19
JanCyeah, I can imagine you need local organisations / groups for that, Russia is rather big...21:20
aim1159but there is no such events wich is lables as 'russian loco team event' since there were no real loco in russia untill now21:20
kwahJanC, indeed21:20
kwahaim1159, +121:20
aim1159so the next step, after formal russian loco organisatin is creating a sub-teams on each city wich have active members of ubuntu community21:20
JanCyou can keep working together with the local LUGs I guess...21:21
kwahJanC, yes we will do that21:21
kwahOne of the most active parts of our forum, in fact, is where people look for each other for meetings and exchange of disks21:23
boredandblogginglooks like you guys have done great work online, but I'm wondering about real life21:24
kwahSpreading Ubuntu install disks etc21:24
kwahboredandblogging, yep, we need more work on that, especially to make it more visible21:25
kwahfrom Internet21:25
JanCare there shops in Russia that sell PCs with Ubuntu?21:26
Garfeildyes, several21:26
Garfeildbut i didn't see them)21:27
kwahJanC, In fact currently FOSS getting some momentum in Russia21:28
kwahSince the rules are becoming tighter and21:28
kwahbug#1 operating system becomes not really free (as in beer)21:28
JanCyou mean copyright law is enforced now?  ;-)21:29
kwahbut not only copyright law21:29
kwahconsumer rights as well21:29
kwahrecently, FAS (anti-monopoly regulators) also stepped in with some questions to current practices21:31
kwahabout selling OS bundled to hardware21:31
JanCah, interresting21:32
kwahand, of course, number of projects currently going on with FOSS in schools and government institutions21:33
kwahalthough, Ubuntu is not represented  there, AFAIK21:33
JanCkwah: did you try to get schools involved?21:33
JanCyou = the locoteam21:34
kwahyep, there are some efforts21:34
kwahbut it is very difficult... since computer and Win is a kinda the same thing for teachers21:35
kwahThats why I think our documentation and translation efforts are very important21:35
kwahof course, awareness about the existence of the Ubuntu is another vector of our attention21:36
aim1159JanC: most of the work with schools are faced with bureaucracy barrier21:37
boredandblogginglets vote21:37
* kwah kinda scared21:37
boredandblogging+1 please do some real life events in the future, specifically for 9.0421:37
kwahwe will21:38
JanC+1 but do some more live events, or document them better (they aren't in the approval-page at all now)21:38
juliux+1 but focus on some reallife activites;)21:39
juliuxif you need help ask at the loco-contact list21:39
kwahof course21:39
JanCI think some of them already have experience, they can help others21:39
boredandbloggingcongrats Russian Team21:40
johnc4510w00t for the Russian Team21:40
cprofittcongrats Russia21:40
kwahThanks all21:40
* aim1159 goes to LOR ;-)21:40
GunbladeIVcongratez Russian Team21:40
nbliangcongratulations to Russian Team21:40
Mean-Machinecongrats Ubuntu-ru !21:40
e-jatcongrate russian team21:40
kwahaim1159, wrong, go to ubuntu.ru :D21:40
nblianghi, we r the MalaysianTeam21:41
nbliangour members currently online: e-jat, GunbladeIV & ApOgEE--21:41
ubuntar1Thank you!21:41
e-jathi all ..21:41
* cprofitt three cheers for ApOgEE-- 21:41
GunbladeIVhello juliux , boredandblogging , popey , and JanC21:41
* nbliang it's now 4+ in the early morning21:42
* ApOgEE-- thanks cprofitt 21:42
nbliangcan we proceed?21:42
juliuxyes pls;)21:42
JanCyes, tell a bit about your team  ;)21:42
nbliangstarted in july 200521:43
nbliangwe provide free community support to users of any of the official Ubuntu flavours (ie. Kubuntu, Xubuntu) as well as advocating the use of Ubuntu to individuals and organisations a like21:43
nbliangto spread the Ubuntu's spirit to anybody atht is staying in Malaysia21:43
nbliangbe the central point for all Ubuntu users to discuss, get together and meet up21:43
nbliangto give the local support, provide supplies and information to users in Malaysia21:43
nbliangto organise events and to represent Ubuntu in local conferences / activities in Malaysia21:43
nbliangto involve in Ubuntu projects such as packaging, localisation and documentation21:43
nbliangstrengthen Ubuntu brand in Malaysia in businesses, educations and government21:43
nbliangteam wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MalaysianTeam21:44
nbliang164 members registered21:44
nblianganything else needed?21:45
nblianglocoteam also involve with the adoption of FOSS in government agencies21:45
nbliangsome of the goverment agencies r using ubuntu21:45
nbliangsuch as ministry of education (MOE), matriculations, government schools, etc21:45
nbliangother main contribution is translation21:46
nbliangthrough launchpad21:46
nbliangwe have active members in irc #ubuntu-my @ irc.freenode.net21:46
nbliangactive forums at http://forums.ubuntu.com.my21:46
nbliangnow starting to build local language wiki at http://wiki.ubuntu.com.my21:47
nbliangrecently, we have meetup in march21:47
nbliangand organized some "lepaking" (Malay words, means gathering) for members21:48
nbliangupcoming events will be in end of April @ 1st week of May21:48
nbliangwhich is to participate in MSC-OSCON 2009 under OSDC.MY21:48
boredandbloggingwhat events have you had since the July 2008 grand meet up?21:49
nbliangwe have meet ups mostly21:49
nbliangsince no big event is coming in21:49
e-jatboredandblogging: we participate in foss.my21:49
nbliangoh ya, forget about that21:50
nbliangthanks e-jat21:50
e-jatubuntu-my having room for both ..21:50
e-jaton foss.my .. explaining what is ubuntu .. and what can we do with it to delegate who attend the foss.my21:51
=== Igorot is now known as Knightlust
nbliangwe also do conversino for various companies and agencies, as stated in our approval application21:51
popeyImpressive stuff!21:52
nbliangbtw, canonical did come visit MOE n terengganu state .. planning for the thin client solution with ubuntu21:52
nbliangMOE = ministry of education21:52
popeyLets vote on this..21:52
nbliangthanks guys !!21:52
e-jatthanks boredandblogging , JanC21:53
nbliangthanks popey21:54
johnc4510congrats Malaysian team21:54
cprofittCongrats Malaysia - go ApOgEE--21:54
popeyno, thank _you_!21:54
ApOgEE--thanks popey21:54
e-jatthanks council ..21:54
GunbladeIVw0ot Malaysian Team21:54
ApOgEE--thanks cprofitt21:54
Mean-Machinecongrats to Malaysian LoCo21:54
nbliangquestion: we have to re-apply every year rite?21:54
GunbladeIVthanks to council21:54
boredandbloggingI don't think we can do NY in a few minutes21:54
popeynbliang: no21:54
e-jatpopey: ic ..21:54
nbliangoh, ok21:54
nbliangthanks popey21:54
ApOgEE--thanks Mean-Machine21:54
popeywe review various teams periodically though21:54
e-jatthanks all ..21:54
juliuxsee you next year;)21:55
popeyso we may come back to you and ask you to tell us how you got on since you became official21:55
ApOgEE--thanks all21:55
nbliangthanks for the info21:55
cprofittboredandblogging, so not enough time... I have it all ready to cut-n-paste so it can go faster21:55
juliuxthere is something missing at the NY Approval page;)21:55
JanCboredandblogging: you have to go?21:55
e-jatthanks .. so we do need to submit annual report for our activity to loco contact list /21:55
boredandbloggingactually no21:56
cprofittwhat is missing juliux ?21:56
boredandbloggingwe can do NY if we have quorum21:56
popeyactually, I am sure dholbach would like a team report off you monthly :)21:56
* nbliang NY Team, go go go21:56
juliuxcprofitt: ubucon 2007;)21:56
e-jatowh .. ok ..21:56
nbliangpopey: lol21:56
juliuxcprofitt: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TheUbucon/NYC2007 ;)21:56
cprofittHello I am from the NY team21:56
* ApOgEE-- go go cprofitt 21:56
e-jati already email to dholbach recently21:56
cprofitthal14450, ausimage and marnold are here21:56
cprofittas well from NY21:56
cprofittThe New York State Team is active in supporting FOSS and Ubuntu across all of NY State. We work with existing LUGS and SIGS to support Ubuntu and Linux users. We are active in trying to get IT consulting firms to consider adding FOSS and Linux products to the items they offer to support.21:57
cprofitt I am personally an advocate for Ubuntu and FOSS in K-12 Schools across the state. The team was formed a while ago, but it was not until last last year that we started to be more active in giving presentations and adovcating for Ubuntu and FOSS.21:57
cprofittWe are in the midst of planning participation in some events that will happen this summer and fall. We are also active in trying to get our local members more active on the international on-line level21:57
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cprofittThat is what I had prepared... I can answer questions now21:57
juliuxdo you some more information what you have done in the paste?21:59
cprofittthat goes back to April of 200721:59
cprofittI joined the team last year around October so I can not speak to their past events on a personal basis22:00
cprofittI do know that the team founders had real life pull them away after the team started...22:00
cprofittand we have been rejuvenated since October22:00
* johnc4510 notes that the NY team has taken off of late way to go NY22:01
* cprofitt smiles at johnc4510 22:02
boredandbloggingoh wait22:02
boredandbloggingpleia2 left some comments22:02
boredandblogging20:08:37]       pleia2 | cool, they've been a vaguely active team these past few years, having meetings22:02
boredandblogging[20:09:01]       pleia2 | but over these past several months cprofitt has really taken control of things and started planning all kinds of events, conferences, more meetings,22:02
boredandblogging                          working with LUGs22:02
boredandblogging20:09:11]       pleia2 | they're doing some amazing work :) and have a pile of events lined up22:02
boredandblogging[20:09:35]       pleia2 | I've sorta been their Mentor through the US Teams (they don't need me anymore!), so it's exciting22:02
boredandbloggingthats its22:03
boredandbloggingthats it22:03
cprofittto be honest I really feel like this is just the tip of the ice berg for us...22:03
popeyThat's good to hear from pleia222:03
cprofittwe no have comments in Ithaca (thanks to the conference we did - booth and presentation), Syracuse has woken up, and other areas of the state are starting to be more active...22:04
boredandblogginglots of things coming up22:04
cprofittI have not posted the fall stuff I have finished and we have several things in the works22:05
cprofittWe should be presenting at NYSCATE - which is a state wide K-12 conference22:05
cprofittand we have presentation by several vendors coming in the fall22:05
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* cprofitt deejoe is a NY State person who just made it in time22:06
cprofittthanks for coming deejoe-us-ny22:07
deejoe-us-nyhave to head for home soon, but if there are any questions anyone has for me before I go I'd be happy to try to address them.22:08
cprofittmarnold, just told me in our channel we may be able to start up a local group at his college Morrisville22:08
cprofitthe has gotten some people there interested... go marnold22:08
marnoldand in open source more generally22:09
cprofittdeejoe-us-ny, thanks for coming and showing NY State is strong in the power of FOSS22:09
popeyOk, time to vot?22:11
* cprofitt relaxes22:11
cprofittI thought I got disconnected there for a minute22:11
boredandbloggingthink NY has some good events coming up...22:12
juliuxi think the NY team is on a good way22:13
juliuxbut i would like to see some more documentation about the work;)22:13
cprofittjuliux, did you click on the links from the list I gave you?22:14
juliux cprofitt yes22:14
juliuxi see there a lot of meetings22:14
juliuxbut no results22:14
juliuxno minutes22:14
juliuxpopey: boredandblogging JanC ?22:15
JanCjuliux: depends on which links you follow, I guess22:15
deejoe-us-nyI'm pretty sure there are pictures of events22:15
cprofittThey are events -- our meetings are online22:15
cprofittthose are our on-line meetings for official business22:15
juliuxah found the right link22:16
cprofittand here22:16
deejoe-us-nyjuliux: consider for instance https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/Events/2009020522:16
deejoe-us-nywhich is a link straight off of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/ApprovalApplication22:16
cprofittno problem juliux22:17
cprofittI could have done a better job at the layout22:17
cprofittthis is the event I am most proud of -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/Events/2009032622:18
cprofittwe worked with the Ithaca Free Software Association22:18
cprofittand was in the Vendor pool with Microsoft and Apple...22:18
* deejoe-us-ny wasn't able to go--it was a weekday workday22:18
boredandbloggingNY, I think you can guys should come back in 3 months22:18
cprofittour booth was packed... and my presentation had around 80-90 people init22:18
boredandbloggingonce you do all those events, it will be awesome!22:18
deejoe-us-nyboredandblogging: do you have some constructive comment for cprofitt?22:18
cprofittboredandblogging, I would really like to know what is lacking...22:19
boredandbloggingthere are a lot of meetups, its hard to tell if they were more than simply socializing22:19
deejoe-us-nyI'm not a huge fan of this hoop jumping process, I think our local community can do fine without the support of Ubuntu.  I'm just wondering whether the LoCo wants to be a part of our local FOSS community or not.22:20
deejoe-us-nyIf so, I think some support for ausimage and cprofitt's efforts would be in order.22:20
deejoe-us-nyIf not, meh.22:20
cprofittare those the events you are looking for boredandblogging22:20
cprofittor is it something more?22:21
JanCI think you've done a lot of good things already this year22:21
boredandbloggingcprofitt: yeah, thats the kind of stuff I"m looking for22:21
cprofittthanks JanC22:21
deejoe-us-nyanyway, I've got to go home to my family.  I'll continue to idle and hope to see when I come back that the LoCo council has decided to back ausimage's persistence and cprofitt's energy.22:21
cprofittboredandblogging, so how much more of that do we need to do before we are considered to have done enough for approval?22:22
cprofittthanks deejoe-us-ny have a good night22:22
boredandbloggingyou guys have done a good job this year22:23
JanCcprofitt: are there any older events that you are proud of?  (I mean as a team)22:23
cprofittJanC, to be honest... not that were well documented...22:23
boredandbloggingjust keep doing it for a bit longer22:23
cprofittI was not active in the team before late October22:23
JanCcprofitt: that's why boredandblogging wants you to come back in some months22:24
JanCsome locoteams are very active for a short time, and then slow down again22:25
marnoldi know thats not us though22:25
cprofittwe will take your advice under consideration...22:25
popeyis it time to vote?22:26
JanCthat's what we hope (and I think pleia2 wouldn't have said what she said is she thought you would)22:26
cprofittit should be simple as there is no issue with what we are doing, but a lack of trust that we will continue to do so.22:26
cprofittI know some will be disappointed that we did not make it... but I will do what I can to keep morale high22:28
boredandbloggingcprofitt: its not a lack of trust22:28
boredandbloggingyou are doing good work22:28
boredandbloggingsimply keep doing it22:28
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boredandbloggingpopey is right, lets vote22:28
marnoldboredandblogging, if i may ask one thing first22:29
cprofittmarnold, we just need to keep working... no need to ask the question22:29
JanCmarnold: you can22:29
marnoldif we are doing good work what is the issue with making us offical so we have more tools at our disposal to continue doing it22:30
JanCmarnold: what tools do you lack?22:30
cprofittJanC, marnold the only thing I know we get from approval is a different conference pack22:31
cprofittwhich equates to little more than hats...22:31
JanCBTW: I'm pretty sure the team will get approved +4 some months from now if you keep on working like you do now...22:31
JanCcprofitt: there might be an early pack of CDs too (if Canonical will do it again for this release)22:32
marnoldwell hats are cool but i've worked with some people who are a bit skitish about coming to a meeting put on by in org thats not officially endorsed yet22:33
nhandlerJanC: I don't think the pack of CDs came early. It was just a big box of different types of CDs for the LoCos to distribute22:33
marnoldI've had that question via e-mail at least twice22:34
JanCnhandler: they are the first CDs sent (so they arrive first too ;-) )22:34
boredandblogginglets vote22:34
JanCmarnold: look at the Malaysian team, they have been doing great stuff since 2005 and got officially approved today22:35
JanCmarnold: what exactly were they skitish about?22:37
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cprofittmarnold, or take a look at the Russian team too...22:38
cprofittthey got approved today as well...22:38
boredandbloggingjuliux: ?22:38
boredandbloggingpopey: ?22:38
boredandbloggingJanC: ?22:38
cprofittwe can look at what they have done and move forward22:38
marnoldi fine with working harder22:38
boredandbloggingcprofitt: seriously, you are doing good this year22:38
boredandbloggingdon't get discouraged22:38
cprofittglad I survived the power surge I just had...22:38
cprofittwould have been bad to drop...22:38
* cprofitt smiles22:38
JanCmarnold: not working harder per sé, just keep working22:39
cprofittI understand boredandblogging I just have to keep the morale high22:39
johnc4510cprofitt: haang in there you guys are doing great22:39
marnoldand JanC i'm dealing with acidemics and city people here22:39
boredandbloggingif you get any heat, just blame us :-)22:39
cprofittgood night guys...22:39
cprofittI have to go make nice with the wife as all heck broke out with the kids during this...22:40
boredandbloggingcprofitt: come back in a couple of months22:40
cprofittwe may wait until next January...22:40
cprofittjust to make sure boredandblogging22:40
JanCmarnold: if there are any real problems, maybe we or jono or so can help reassure them...22:40
cprofittI do not want NYS to have a third set back22:40
iantoAlright, is it time to discuss the mailing list proposals? :)22:40
* cprofitt waves to all22:40
cprofittgood night guys22:40
* ianto waves to cprofitt 22:40
ApOgEE--cprofitt, keep it up!22:40
iantoGood night22:40
e-jatbtw ..22:41
e-jatwho can the council recommend us to invite personel from canonical for our coming event ?22:42
popeyianto: you're after a mailing list for a new loco team right?22:42
iantopopey: That is correct22:42
ApOgEE--we have upcoming FOSS event in Malaysia... inviting everyone here22:43
JanCe-jat: I think you can ask Jono for help with that, or Canonical directly22:43
popeyianto: given the history of this and the fact that we discussed this at length in #ubuntu-cym, I'm uncomfortable approving this, because you didn't go through the process that we agreed22:43
e-jatJanC , ive email jono , mdz n dholbach ..22:43
popeyianto: I would like to abstain and defer this to Jono - I spoke to him earlier but unfortunately he was busy..22:44
e-jatthey r not available on the that we propose ..22:44
popeyianto: I'd like to get approval first of all for there being an Ubuntu-CYM LoCo at all, before we approve the mailing list22:44
iantopopey: By defer, you mean to remove it from the council's agenda and give to Jono or just your own vote to Jono?22:44
e-jatwe want to get someone from canonical the be a crowd puller .. its for asia regional22:44
popeyianto: I feel that you have gone round getting all the resources (website, irc channel [and now mailing list]) without ever having the approval for the team at all in the first place22:44
nhandlerianto: In the meantime, you can create a mailing list through LP22:44
iantonhandler: I've tried through LP22:45
popeynhandler: no, thats not ideal22:45
iantonhandler: They said no because it is Ubuntu project to get at lists.ubuntu.com22:45
boredandbloggingmain loco lists are not supposed to be on LP22:45
ApOgEE--gtg now... thanks guys22:45
iantopopey: I've spoken to Jono and he said theat he won't deny the team but doesn't want to see a wasted effort22:45
nhandlerboredandblogging: I was under the impression that LP was ok until the team was approved22:45
iantoand in my eyes and the eyes of the memebrs it isn't a wasted one as of yet22:45
popeythats the point22:46
e-jatboredandblogging: how about u? are u available / free after UDS ?22:46
popey6 months of wasted effort later...?22:46
boredandblogginge-jat: I don't work for canonical22:46
popeyI have not seen anything from jono that says yes to an ubuntu-cym loco team22:46
JanCianto: why can't you work inside ubuntu-uk for now?22:46
iantoI'm not one to give up on things and I have a good support base  so far22:46
popeyianto: we agreed you'd do this through -uk22:47
popeyyet you changed your mind without discussing it22:47
e-jatboredandblogging: u can be representative :)22:47
popeye-jat: we're having a meeting at the moment22:47
e-jatpopey: owh sorry ..22:47
iantopopey: I have tried increasing more Welsh emails on -uk, it isn't going so well so far on there. There are just too many people on the list and a small minority being Welsh22:47
iantoIt is an impersonal list22:47
popeyits not a case of increasing more welsh mails22:48
popeyit's a case of organising events, doing stuff22:48
popeynot sending mails and counting how many replies there are22:48
popeywhich is what you've been doing so far22:48
iantoI've organised meetings to organise the party :-/22:48
iantoIsn't that what you said Ia m not doing?22:48
popeythats precisely what I said you should do..22:49
iantoThrough the -uk list although most people came from lp ^22:49
JanCthat's a start...22:49
popey..but.. you're still going ahead with -cym in the background22:49
popeywhich is entirely _not_ what we agreed22:49
popeyeven though we agreed it should go through -uk22:49
dariusHi thought we agreed to go ahead with -cym, using the -uk resources (mailing list etc)22:50
popeyso why request a cym list then?22:50
iantoTo make the process easier for the Welsh team I'd have thought22:50
popeythats my point22:51
popeythe welsh team consists of two guys at the moment22:51
popeyyou two22:51
iantoNot to me22:51
popeywho turned up to the meeting you had last saturday?22:51
popeyyou two22:51
iantopopey: However the channel was full 30mins later22:51
iantoPeople who had apologised for losing track of time22:52
popeyby full you mean two more people22:52
popeyanyway, my original point still stands22:52
Ahmuckhow many people are required for a loco ?22:52
popeyI'd like to see confirmation from Jono and/or the cc that ubuntu-cym team should exist22:52
popeyAhmuck: there is already a loco22:52
Ahmuckdifferent country22:53
popeylets not get into the geopolitics22:53
popeyfact is that UK covers Wales22:53
Ahmucki'm usa.  my questions is out of context22:53
dariusHi think the team still needs to develop, and that a mailing list isn't necessary yet.22:53
iantoI thikn that communicaiton is key to development22:54
popeyI'd recommend that we pass this up to jono. I'm not happy approving a list for a team that I personally believe right now has been formed in bad faith.22:54
popeyWell, Jono or the CC, it's your choice.22:54
juliuxpopey: i think we better pass it to the cc, i think it is a general thing22:54
popeyIf they say "Go go Ubuntu-Cym" then I'll be happy to stand by that.22:54
juliuxpopey: and if it goes to the cc it will cover more people22:54
juliuxpopey: will you send a mail to the cc?22:55
iantoCan you cc the CC mail to myself?22:55
JanCI'd prefer if ianto & his friend would just start organising things (and make a Welsh site for Ubuntu) and then come back22:55
iantoJanC: In the process of acquiring ubuntu-cym.org22:56
iantoAnd the wiki is written22:56
popeyWe did ask for a welsh translation of ubuntu-uk.org22:56
JanCianto: you can't "aquire" it22:56
dariusHJanC: we are organising a release party, and i would like to organise group events such as presentations once we build the group and people will turn up.22:57
iantoJanC: To have the DNS key then22:57
popeyok, so ianto are you happy for me to mail the Community Council, and cc the loco council, and you on this matter?22:57
iantopopey: Yes if you see it fit22:57
popeyboredandblogging / juliux / JanC / keffie_jayx ?22:58
iantoWe have already done stuff such as emailing the SW Police  about the benefits of Ubuntu when the French police turned  to it and saved 50M22:58
juliuxpopey: agreed22:58
JanCianto: you can use the ubuntu wiki for now, you know22:59
popeyand the uk mailing list22:59
keffie_jayxpopey, I agree as well.22:59
iantoJanC: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WelshTeam ;)22:59
boredandbloggingpopey: yup22:59
boredandbloggingok, thats its for today23:03
boredandbloggingthank you everyone!23:03
aim1159boredandblogging: thank you!23:03
kwahgood job23:04
kwahthanks all23:04
hal14450boredandblogging, thanks for the words of encouragement about the NY team we'll keep plugging away at things here ;-)23:34
Ahmuckwhat is the minimum requirement for a loco as in people?23:44
hal144502 is a community at the very least right?23:45
Ahmucki ask because we have a lug of 9 who are all using ubuntu and we cover a 9 county area23:45
cprofittAhmuck, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamKnowledgeBase23:45
cprofittthat is there wiki on it...23:46
cprofittwhat country?23:46
pleia2Ahmuck: county? is this in the US?23:46
Ahmuckyes, in the US.  were a regional LUG and i promote ubuntu throughout my business and through the LUG23:46
pleia2Ahmuck: what state?23:47
pleia2in the US, teams are organized on the state level, so there might already be a team you can be part of :)23:47
nhandlerCould you please move this conversation to #ubuntu-locoteams? The LoCo meeting is over.23:48
Ahmuckthere is. but as far as i know it's inactive23:49
Ahmucknhandler: yes23:49
pleia2Ahmuck: move this to #ubuntu-us or #ubuntu-locoteams?23:49

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