joshjtlthis is sooo bizzare there are no sound recorders for kde available in any repo anymore00:12
dtchenjjesse: hi. what's the issue with your inaudible sound?01:27
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jjessedtchen: no clue what's the issue with my sound01:45
jjessedtchen: sorry irc is lagging real bad for me right now01:45
jjessedtchen: i'm too lagged to troubleshoot right now, sorry that i am not available01:46
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dtchenjjesse-dell9: ok, let me know if you'd like to troubleshoot further02:45
dtchenjjesse: ^^02:45
jjesse-dell9dtchen: thanks will do i moved on to working with my dell mini 9 as it is respondiing btter02:55
dtchenjjesse-dell9: ok02:55
dtchenjjesse-dell9: can you be more specific than "no sound"?02:55
jjesse-dell9dtchen: thanks for your offer of help02:56
jjesse-dell9dtchen: i have the volume turned up all the way and get no sound playing music/videos/start up sounds etc02:56
dtchenjjesse-dell9: please download http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh , save it to your Desktop, and run the following command in a Konsole: bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh02:57
jjesse-dell9dtchen: will do when i get a chance02:59
freeflyingRiddell: http://imagebin.ca/view/xtDtynzR.html kimpanel with scim as backend04:41
larsivi_hola - tried to upgrade to jaunty from intrepid, but the upgrade-notifier-kde -d thingy told me there was none09:39
larsivi_so I did it the old way using apt-get dist-upgrade09:39
QuintasanThere is a conflict between kde-l10n-pl and gwenview-l18n, kde-l10n-pl tries to overwrite  /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/pl/gwenview/index.cache.bz211:00
larsivifirst impressions of jaunty : Quassel isn't of much use; it does not adapt to the KDE colour scheme automatically, and it is impossible (or at least very difficult, I can't find it) to set up default channels for a network11:32
MamarokSput: ^^11:36
larsivithe colour scheme issue means that most of the text isn't readable with a dark kde scheme11:36
Mamarokbrilliant, I have a user in #kubuntu-de who has the same problem than I have, Pulseaudio showing up in Phonon but is not installed, he uses Intepid with 4.1.4...12:09
jussi01larsivi: first bit is a bug, sput is currently working on it afaik. second, default channels are channels you have joined. if you are in them when you quit, it will rejoin them on start.12:19
jussi01larsivi: I have a dark colour schem, so Imfamiliar with that ;)12:19
larsivican kde system settings somehow be used to control touchpad scrolling settings? since upgrading changed them, I mean ...12:36
larsivimeh, it is only a konqueror issue12:43
LureRiddell: any reason we still have koffice 1.6 in repo?12:48
* Lure would though that it would be better to just switch to 2.0 rc12:48
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QuintasanMamarok: PA shows here too. Along with mine sound card14:32
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ScottKDcop no longer works, right?15:09
ScottKe.g. I think we should just drop python-dcop from kde3bindings.15:09
larsividid anyone else see fairly heavy graphical glitches in jaunty?15:13
larsivithe toolbar in konqueror is mostly unviewable, and there is also issues in kmail/kontact15:15
ScottKlarsivi: Intel video?15:16
larsiviok, I see I get some graphical packages in updates15:16
larsiviScottK: yes15:16
ScottKIntel is known problematic.15:17
ScottKlarsivi: You can also try their uxa driver.  I find it works much better but falls over once or twice a day.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/UxaTesting15:17
larsiviheh, not sure that is better ;)15:18
larsiviseems that kde4 apps are affected much more than kde3 (konversation) apps15:18
ScottKI'm not sure yet either.15:19
ScottKPeople's experience with it varies widely depending on their exact hardware, so it's worth a try.15:19
larsiviScottK: ok, trying15:31
larsiviScottK: first impressions of UXA, much better :)15:39
ScottKIt's stunningly better except the crashing here.15:40
larsivino glitches so far, and very usable desktop effects15:41
jefferaiRiddell: Nightrose suggested my audio problem may be PulseAudio related15:43
jefferaido you know how to get rid of it without removing half of KDE?15:43
dtchenhuh, why is pulseaudio installed on kubuntu?15:45
smarterit isn't.15:45
larsiviI think it was in intrepid15:46
smarterthe pulseaudio lib(libpulse0) is installed, so that phonon supports pulseaudio if it's installed, but that's all15:47
larsiviIs quassel not adapting itself to dark kde themes a reportable bug? that together with difficulties setting up the channels per network makes quassel a major regression compared to konversation IMO15:48
Riddelljefferai: sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio15:49
Riddelllarsivi: yes that would be a bug15:49
jefferaipulseaudio not installed15:50
jefferaialthough phonon shows a backend for it15:50
jefferaiah, I do have libpulse0 though15:50
dtchenah. pulseaudio is on the DVD and alternate but not on daily-live15:50
smarterjust don't use it15:50
* jefferai didn't use either of those15:50
jefferaiit's not like I wanted to!15:51
dtchensmarter: it's a little more complicated than that15:51
dtchenwe autospawn in per-user sessions15:51
jefferairemoving libpulse0 wants to remove a *ton* of stuff15:51
dtchenthe proper way to disable pulseaudio is to edit /etc/pulse/client.conf and change "autospawn = yes" to "autospawn = no"15:52
dtchenor you can comment out (use leading semicolon) "autospawn = yes"15:52
dtchenthen, killall pulseaudio15:52
Riddellkdebase links to libpulse15:52
jefferaiyeah, boo15:52
jefferaiRiddell: my problem is that phonon works totally fine15:52
Riddellthat doesn't seem like a problem :)15:53
dtchenat that point, you should be able to run `sudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/*' and not see pulseaudio15:53
jefferaibut anything not Phonon is now making ugly zap/static noises out of my PC speaker (not the good kind of speaker)15:53
jefferaithis includes both gnome programs, and things like going to VTY1 and my system beep15:53
jefferai*going to VTY1 and triggering my system beep15:54
Lurecan anybody with packagekit knowledge comment on bug 35414015:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354140 in digikam "Installation problem with installation of digikam under Kubuntu Jaunty Beta" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35414015:54
dtchenjefferai: this seems more aligned with general audio issues. have you run http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh and dumped the output somewhere? beware, it's a bash script.15:54
jefferaidtchen: no, but it worked fine in intrepid15:54
jefferaionly stopped working after upgrade to jaunty15:54
dtchenjefferai: i realise that; you've already stated it :-)15:54
dtchenjefferai: i'm concerned with the *current* state, since i care for general audio stuff15:55
jefferaierm...no I didn't15:55
jefferaibut I'll run the alsa-info script15:55
ScottKLure: I think Tonio_ is who you want.15:56
LureScottK: thanks, will ping him when around15:56
jefferaidtchen: http://rafb.net/p/0fMpgF20.html15:58
RiddellLure: we keep koffice 1.6 because upstream still recommends it over koffice 2.0.  2.0 is more of a platform release than something most users will want15:58
LureRiddell: ok15:58
* Lure thought that 2.0 would need some testers, as it improved in rc15:59
dtchenjefferai: yeah, just as i thought15:59
dtchenjefferai: you need to mute 'PC Beep'15:59
jefferaiwhen did that get turned on  :-P16:00
dtchenjefferai: it didn't16:00
jefferaiOK, when did it's behavior change?16:00
dtchenmost bioses tell HDA codecs to initialise it to unmuted state16:00
dtchenthis is bug 33158916:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 331589 in alsa-utils "system beep in jaunty is the most annoying sound known to man" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33158916:00
jefferaiI totally agree with it16:00
dtchenyeah, well, there's no good way to fix it for upgrades16:01
dtchennew installs are easy- we clobber the element and unmute it forcefully16:01
jefferaiah, ok, so it's added in newer alsa16:01
dtchenno, it's hardware-based16:02
jefferaiok, access to it is added in newer alsa16:02
jefferaiwhich also happens to unmute it when installed16:02
dtchenno, alsa doesn't do anything with it16:02
jefferaiI didn't update my bios16:02
jefferaior change any settings in it16:02
dtchenalsa accepts what the bios programs the HDA codec to have16:02
jefferaiand the change happened when upgrading to jaunty16:02
jefferaiok, so now alsa accepts something it didn't before?16:03
dtchenalsa has always accepted what the bios tells it16:03
dtchenthere are ways to fudge around broken bioses- that's known as the quirk mechanism16:03
jefferaiyes, I know about quirks16:03
dtchenhowever, we haven't seen a proliferation of HDA codecs exposing 'PC Beep' until recently16:03
jefferaiso this could be due to the new version of the kernel module, perhaps?16:04
dtchenin a way, you're correct that -kernel now exposes it16:04
dtchenhowever, the kernel has always exposed that same register- it's just now visible to userspace tools instead of having to use hwdep foolery16:04
dtchenthe sanest option would be to forcibly mute it for everyone regardless of setting16:05
dtchenbarring that, we could simply unbind the element in the codec drivers16:06
dtcheneach has unintended consquences16:06
dtchenanyhow, not really Kubuntu-related, so i'll stop spewing :-)16:07
dtchen(and you have the resolution of your issue already described, which is to mute that element)16:07
* Lure is surprised how good HD video editing with kdenlive is16:20
seeleSput: ping16:31
Sputseele: pong16:31
seeleSput: yo16:31
seeleSput: so i've been thinking about the message indicator for quassel16:32
seelei'm not sure the pulsing effect is working16:32
Sputseele: it's not, but that's pinheiro's call16:32
Sputwe need to persuade him to create a more visible alert :)16:33
seelehmm.. ok. i will talk to him about it16:33
seeleyes.. it takes too much work to figure out if you have a ping or not16:33
Sputyeah, it is a quite shiny effect, but doesn't spring into the eye16:33
Sputreplacing the animation is no big deal once pinheiro gives me one :)16:34
Riddelldtchen: has Mamarok complained to you about her audio problems?16:45
Riddellshe was having problems but I don't really know where to start debugging16:45
ryanakcanixternal: I mixed up this week and next, it's next week that I'll be away, not this one, so I should be free pretty much all of this week to work on h.k.o16:47
dtchenRiddell: Mamarok? no16:49
ScottKRiddell: dcop is non-functional in Jaunty, so we should drop python-dcop, right?16:50
Mamarokdtchen: I commented on a few bugs in launchpad about that16:50
dtchenMamarok: specific references? my bug flow is upwards of several thousand daily.16:50
Mamarokdtchen: wiat, will get it for you16:51
Mamarokwait even...16:51
ryanakcaIf a package has kdebase-dev and kdelibs5-dev as Build-Depends, does it need necessarily need kdebase and kdelibs5 as Depends?16:52
Mamarokdtchen: 35489616:53
Gonmmmm, trying to share a folder with samba in dolphin, the wizard doesn't appear on click "Configure Shared..." button16:54
Mamarokdtchen: bug 35489616:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354896 in amarok "amarok hogs sound hardware" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35489616:54
ScottKryanakca: No.  Usually some binary provided by those though.16:54
Mamarokbug bug 33079716:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 330797 in pulseaudio "[Jaunty] Amarok 2.0.1 will not resume playback after paused" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33079716:54
ryanakcaScottK: great, thanks16:56
Mamaroketc, and bug 35257716:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 352577 in linux "no sound - hda intel" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35257716:57
Mamarokfunny is, those all seem to be pulseaudio related, although I have no pulseaudio installed (purged the package, removed phonondevicesrc)16:57
dtchenMamarok: 354896 lacks sufficient info. the DebuggingSoundProblems page has a reference to the http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh script that *must* be run.16:58
Mamarokand pulseaudio shows up in the card list in Phonon16:58
dtchenMamarok: so, for 354896, i would ask for output from that *bash* script16:58
Mamarokdtchen: that was a bad examle, sry, as this is Amarok related and doesn't happen with SVN, so likely to be fixed upstream anyway16:59
dtchenMamarok: i've asked for additional info in 330797. i'll clarify that this evening after i can get a kubuntu vm running, since i don't have the dialogs memorised.16:59
dtchenMamarok: same as 354896 for 35257717:00
Mamarokok, will run the script now17:00
LureScottK, Riddell: do I need to ask for FFe for minor bug-fix release that I would like to get synced into Jaunty/universe?17:01
dtcheni could revert the autospawn, but it will break a number of other things17:01
ScottKLure: Bug fix only, no FFe needed.17:01
LureScottK: thanks, will verify a bit more about changes, so that I feel safe with it17:02
ryanakcaScottK: Also, if its a PyKDE4 app that depends on kdelibs5-dev and kdebase-dev, would it still have an Architecture: all ?17:04
ScottKProbably not.17:04
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RiddellLure: you could just run it by me17:26
LureRiddell: will do, but I need to clarify if I can drop armel patches17:27
Riddellkubuntu forums down?17:33
RiddellScottK: yes I think drop python-dcop17:34
ScottKRiddell: Thanks.17:34
claydohRiddell: kfn is down, can't get hold of the owner :(17:36
claydohRiddell: thats what you get for running it on microsoft servers :/17:36
Riddellhe was?17:36
claydohhe did plan to move it, don't believe he ever did17:38
ScottKRiddell: Drop all the dcop bindings while I'm at it?17:38
* ScottK goes ahead.17:42
ryanakcaScottK: thanks18:05
claydohis it a policykit, er packagekit new feature where we can install debs without authorization?18:35
Riddellyou've probably ticked "remember authorisation" at some point18:36
claydohahh, don't remember doing that. Ny way to undo it? logout/18:37
* ScottK attempts to update krusader ....18:54
larsiviScottK: hmm, is high cpu usage in xorg one of the uxa symptoms?20:09
ScottKlarsivi: I'd look through the wiki page I pointed to and see what people have reported.20:09
ScottKI haven't had it.20:09
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jjesse-mini9 hrmm this is intersting, my dell mini 9 is now running jaunty on a fresh install and no sound, had sound in intrepid on it21:50
jjesse-mini9from the ubuntumini.com blog it seems that sound works out of the box for jaunty for him, wonder if there is something different between ubuntu and kubuntu that is messing it up?21:51
Quintasanjjesse-mini9: It21:53
jjesse-mini9hrmm ok i think i figured it out, in kmix there is another channel called speaker that was turned down all the wya21:54
jjesse-mini9which didnt show default21:55
jjesse-mini9so now in kmix i have master, pcm, headphones, and speaker21:55
jjesse-mini9i bet thats the same problem with my other dell21:57
jjesse-mini9bummer that it isnt selected by default21:57
* Quintasan thinks it's time to translate something22:02
ryanakcaWho runs the Kubuntu Forums? I'm guessing they're aware that their forums are down?22:17
ScottKryanakca: claydoh was mentioning it earlier.  He was having trouble getting a hold of them.22:21
claydohryanakca: a dude named Open Source (Zack)22:21
claydohhaven't gotten hold of him, and I don't have any comntact info on the other guy with access to the server22:22
claydohhe may be on national guard duty, doing his one weekend thing22:22
JontheEchidnaOh snap, 4.3 rules: http://imagebin.ca/view/Kadc-TO.html22:23
ryanakcaclaydoh: *nod*, thanks22:24
claydohryanakca: prob the dang ms server its running on....22:25
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ryanakcaclaydoh: Would it be worth giving him a call?22:39
claydohyou have his number?22:39
ryanakcaclaydoh: *nod*22:40
claydohmight be22:40
ryanakcaclaydoh: You can get it by whois'ing the domain, or you can just look here, http://ryanak.ca/~ryan/kubuntuforums.net-whois ... At least, I'm guessing that's his phone number...22:41
Riddellwoo, inbox at ten!22:44
* ryanakca scratches his head22:46
* claydoh scratches his......22:46
claydohryanakca: that is a business number, probably his workplace22:46
claydohno one is home, and the comapny site is um, down too22:47
* ryanakca sighs22:49
jjesse-mini9Riddell: i figured out my sound problem, in kmix there is another channel called speaker that was turned all the way down22:50
Riddelljjesse-mini9: ah hah22:50
dtchenjjesse-mini9: is that just for the speaker, or is that also applicable to headphones?22:57
jjesse-mini9dtchen: never checked the headphones23:00
jjesse-mini9silly me23:00
dtchenjjesse-mini9: interesting. On a fresh install? We definitely unmute 'Speaker'.23:02
dtchenjjesse-mini9: can you run http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh ?23:02
jjesse-mini9dtchen: yes on a fresh install of jaunty, both on my dell mini 9 and my dell e series23:02
dtchen        switch_control "Speaker" on23:02
jjesse-mini9dtchen: speaker was not even listed in kmix, i had to add another channel to be able to control it23:03
dtchenthe only thing i can think of is that there's an amp associated with it23:03
dtchenif so, simply unmuting it won't suffice; we'll need to set it to 80% or so, too23:03
jjesse-mini9 http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=f3696c72ef18105d61470524edfe14d4eb9ff15123:04
jjesse-mini9dtchen: i thinki i mispoke, it wasnt muted it was turned down all the way23:04
dtchenthought so23:04
dtchenyeah, confirmed in your output23:05
dtchen  Front Left: Playback 64 [100%] [0.00dB] [on]23:05
dtchen  Front Right: Playback 64 [100%] [0.00dB] [on]23:05
jjesse-mini9i turned it up all the way to 100% after i added the channel in kmix23:05
dtchenjjesse-mini9: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~crimsun/alsa-utils/ubuntu.new/revision/1923:11
jjesse-mini9what do i do w/ that?23:11
dtchenjjesse-mini9: it's a commit log. thanks for helping fix the bug!23:12
jjesse-mini9oh cool, you are welcome23:12
jjesse-mini9time to head afk to give son bath, then eat dinner23:12
dtchenit's precisely as i mentioned nine minutes ago ;)23:12
dtchensimply unmuting is insufficient- also needed to set the level23:12
jjesse-mini9well glad i could help, be back later23:13

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