Theriexfloh: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/Windows-XP00:00
Theriexfloh: /media/Windows-XP must already exist00:00
flohTheriex: Ok, sure /media/Windows-XP must exist if you mount by hand.00:00
twisted_gsound like it doesn't exist00:00
twisted_gtry cat /proc/partitions00:00
flohTheriex: So it seems autodetect works.00:00
|PaperTiger|Is there any way I can get the OLD KDE 4.1 taskbar looks back? I prefer the KDE 4.1 version to the KDE 4.2 version00:01
Theriexfloh: ya autodetect seems to work fine00:02
flohTheriex: Hm... I don't understand why you don't have this partition in "Places". Which Ubuntu do you use?00:02
Theriexfloh: but in your case with the other drive it isn't00:02
Theriexfloh: the partition is in Places00:02
flohTheriex: Yes, this is why I believe its because I cannot mount sda1 without '-t ntfs'.00:03
Theriexfloh: and it mounted it for me when i clicked on it00:03
flohTheriex: So it works fine for you. :)00:03
Theriexfloh: ya it would seem so00:03
flohTheriex: So why did you ask about automount? :)00:03
=== neeeee is now known as mefisto__
Theriexfloh: thats not the automount i need help with00:04
flohTheriex: Ok, I think you want to have a "full-automated-mount".00:04
Theriexfloh: when i insert removable media, like an SD card, it is automounting it as readonly... i want to change it to automount as read/write00:04
flohTheriex: so it mounts as soon as you enter the mountpoint. Right?00:04
flohTheriex: Oh??? If I insert SD, I already can write datas on it.00:05
twisted_gTheriex: /dev/sdb1 /mnt/mp3player auto user,atime,auto,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 000:05
Theriexfloh: not me, it shows up in mtab with the option ro instead of rw00:05
twisted_gTheriex: (from my /etc/fstab)00:05
flohTheriex: Hm... if we know why it behaves different on your and my machines. Maybe you should take a look in dmesg.00:06
Theriextwisted: thats automounting a device at boot00:06
twisted_gthats my usb devlice00:06
Theriextwisted: ftsab is boot mount00:06
twisted_gi don't have problems mounting my usb devices though00:06
twisted_gyou mean, you want it autmounted on insert?00:07
Theriexas read/write00:07
twisted_gyou're on mouse click from having it mounted geez :)00:07
Theriextwisted: it does mount when i insert it00:08
twisted_gi have the device notifier widget on my task bar00:08
twisted_gbut ro?00:08
Theriextwisted: yes eactly00:08
Theriextwisted: i wanted rw00:08
Theriexfloh: have you looked at your device under a partition manager?00:08
twisted_gi click once on the device in my device notifier and thats it00:08
twisted_gwhy does it need to automount?00:08
flohTheriex: How?00:09
Theriextwisted: you don't seem to understand... when i click on the device in device notifier, it mounts the device and opens the folder... but the device is set as read only not read write... i have no problem having the device mounted, its the way it is mounted00:09
Theriexfloh: using gparted or some other partition manager00:10
flohDo you have a symbol, which look like a PC with Monitor (and a small white "arrow" on black square) in Kicker?00:10
Theriexfloh: just curious if it shows the device and what info it gives you00:10
Theriexfloh: yes thats the device notifier00:10
twisted_ghm i don't have that problem Theriex ... it mounts my devices under the mount point i gave earlier, instead of under /media/XXXX00:10
twisted_gtry adding the device to your fstab00:10
twisted_gwith a mount point00:10
flohTheriex: Yes, this mounts sd-cards usb-devices for me.00:10
twisted_gand a rw spec00:10
twisted_gand see if it then will mount it rw using the device notifier00:11
Theriextwisted: i can't mount it in fstab as it could have a different device name00:11
twisted_gi think i had that problem before00:11
robisonplease, i'm brazilian , speak portuguese!!00:11
twisted_gdepends on where your hdd 's a mounted not so? i mean, if your hdd is sda, and your dvd/cdrom is sdc, then it would be sdb or sdd not so?00:12
twisted_gmainly thats my configuration Theriex and it works consistently for me00:12
Theriextwisted: i'm not talking about a hdd00:12
joshjtlthis is sooo bizzare there are no sound recorders for kde available in any repo anymore00:12
twisted_gi'm not either00:12
twisted_gfor me, sda is my hdd, sdc is my dvd00:12
twisted_gsdb is where my usb gets mounted00:12
Theriextwisted: its a usb flash card reader00:12
twisted_geach with its own mount point00:12
twisted_gand its working great00:12
twisted_gtry it00:12
Theriexi'm like floh, i don't want it in my fstab00:13
twisted_gwhy not?00:13
ActionParsniprobison: try  /j #debian00:13
twisted_ghehehe :)00:13
flohTheriex: :)00:14
Theriextwisted: because then it is automounted regardless00:14
ActionParsnip!pt > robison00:15
ubotturobison, please see my private message00:15
Theriextwisted: all i want to do is configure the automount options for kde... there must be a way to do it00:15
twisted_gi'm not sure i understand what it is that you want Theriex .. sorry, but thats my suggestion00:15
twisted_gi don't boot my pc with my usb devices attached00:16
yoritomoActionParsnip http://pastebin.com/d5764bea200:16
mefisto__Theriex: does everything automount readonly?00:16
yoritomo i merged all the logs in the same post00:16
Theriexmefisto: everything else is in my fstab00:16
Theriexmefisto: because i want that mounted on boot00:16
flohTheriex: The question is, why does your "automounter" mount devices readonly.00:17
flohTheriex: did you look into dmesg?00:17
vladihi! please send me name of italian ubuntu channel...00:17
yoritomoActionParsnip, sorry in french00:17
flohTheriex: Did you try with usb-stick, does it behave the same?00:17
mefisto__Theriex: I mean removeable media (sd cards, usb flash drives) do they all mount readonly, or just this one sd card?00:17
Theriexfloh: usb stick wouldn't be the same00:17
ActionParsnipyoritomo: i can make it out00:18
Theriexmefisto: they all mount ro00:18
twisted_gTheriex: try this... open a konsole00:18
ActionParsnipyoritomo: does: sudo apt-get -f install   help any?00:18
twisted_grun the following command00:18
Theriexfloh: dmesg shows it saying Write-Protect00:18
twisted_gtail -f /var/log/messages00:18
twisted_gplug your devices in and out and watch the output for clues00:18
vladisomebody know the link uf the italian ubuntu help chat, please?00:18
mefisto__Theriex: just wondering if there is a filesystem error on the sd card00:18
flohTheriex: Hm... no idea. But just a shoot... maybe somewhat with your rights?00:18
yoritomoi tryed suo apt-get install -f but nothing change00:18
flohmefisto__: Good idea, this could cause mounting readonly.00:19
Theriextwisted: it tells me what i already know: write protect is on00:19
ActionParsnipyoritomo: you need to get the stuff installed at the bottom of your pastebin00:19
yoritomoActionParsnip internet access ok this time00:19
Theriexmefisto: the filesystem is fine00:19
Theriexmefisto: i am able to transfer using other devices00:19
twisted_gTheriex: with any usb device? irrespective of the type? confirm you don't have an fstab entry overriding the "automounter"00:20
Theriexmefisto: ie: i stick the sd card in my camera, plug my camera into usb, and can transfer00:20
ActionParsnipyoritomo: sudo apt-get install kdelibs5 libstreamanalyzer0 libstreams0 kdebase-runtime-bin-kde400:20
ActionParsnipyoritomo: awesome :D00:20
brmassaguys, why Jaunty's Konqueror doestn consider middle mouse button as previous versions?00:20
Theriextwisted: the only fstab entries i have are for hdd's00:20
yoritomoyou meaAction parsnip, all in one line or i separate ?00:20
ActionParsnipyoritomo: yep, all 11 line00:21
ActionParsnip1 line00:21
Theriexnobody has given me an answer to my original question... which was how do i configure the dettings the automounter sets when it automounts a device...00:21
ActionParsnipTheriex: i use manual mounts personally. i dislike automount00:22
TheriexActionParsnip: manually mounting an SD card everytime i stick it in would be a major PiTA00:23
ActionParsnipTheriex: its habitual to me00:23
TheriexActionParsnip: well its preference i guess really00:23
TheriexAP: i prefer just being able to plug it in and go00:24
ActionParsnipTheriex: there wasnt always automount. ive used linux a while now00:24
ActionParsnipTheriex: so to me its weird00:24
TheriexAP: i've only used it for the last year or so...00:24
ActionParsnipmakes sense00:25
flohTheriex: Sorry I don't have idea for your problem. :(00:25
yoritomoActionParsnip i come back soon00:25
ActionParsnipTheriex: you can tab complete my name rather than write AP ;)00:25
Theriexfloh: np... i just assume there would be a something somewhere in the system where i can configure automount options... like under system settings...  from a google search apparently there is something for Ubuntu, like System Settings -> Admin -> Disk and File Management or something00:26
TheriexActionParsnip: lol sorry don't use this prog too much00:26
ActionParsnipTheriex: every day is a school day00:27
TheriexActionParsnip: tnx for the tip tho :)00:27
flohTheriex: Sure I can understand you. Same with my problem I searched settings for adding/managing partitions in "Places" of Dolphin.00:27
flohTheriex: I have to go out, since its late here. I wish good luck with your problem.00:28
Theriexfloh: thanks, take care00:30
TheriexActionParsnip: is there a mount.conf file or something similar on the system?00:30
flohTheriex: Thanx, same with you.00:30
flohGoodbye! :)00:30
ActionParsnipTheriex: fstab can mount stuff if you use blkid's00:34
DaddyLonglegsI want to specify a pattern like "username:password@server" for accessing a network printer, and my password contains an at-sign (@) in it. So the server fails to distinguish which at-sign is for specifying the server name, and gives me an error. Any idea?!00:35
ActionParsnipTheriex: the uids will make sure it uses the same mount point00:35
ActionParsnipyoritomo: give me good news....00:35
yoritomonot so good i paste the log00:35
mefisto__Theriex: can you try running  tail -f /var/log/messages   then plug in the sd card and maybe pastebin the output00:36
Theriexmefisto: its only two lines that show up but hold on00:36
yoritomoActionParsnip http://pastebin.com/m2bfb0c7300:38
jasballzhey all; i know that a lot of people have wondered this and I think that this should be publicly known / post somewhere: TO ACCESS WIFI IN KDE RUN IN TERMINAL NM-APPLET IF YOU HAVE WIFI IN GNOME AND NOT KDE namaste and gassho jasballz00:38
Theriexmefisto__: ok pasted...00:38
jasballzFor those who were wondering about wifi in KDE and find that KCMwifi doesn't work, see my above msg00:39
Theriexmefisto__: sorry did you want me to use pastbin instead of past.ubuntu.com?00:39
mefisto__Theriex: whatever you like. just give us the url00:40
jasballzhey some1 post that nm-applet runs in KDE terminal wifi00:40
Theriexmefisto__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/143762/00:40
jasballz*4 wifi*00:40
Theriexmefisto__: keep in mind i do not want to put an entry in fstab or manually mount the device00:41
ActionParsnipyoritomo: try: sudo dpkg --force-all -i /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb00:41
jasballzhey, anyone know how to get desktop cube running in KDE with plasma instead of compiz? i have scale and desktop wall but no cube or sphere or cylinder. I have intel gm965 chipset00:42
joshjtlit's beyond me that theres no kde sound recorder in any repos00:42
ActionParsnipyoritomo: that will force install the debs you have downloaded regardless of deps and fix stuff00:43
joshjtljasballz: are you running jaunty per chance?00:43
ActionParsnipyoritomo: once you run that run: sudo apt-get -f install00:43
jasballzjoshjtl: yah00:44
joshjtljasballz: and no issues with lockups?00:44
joshjtlor with the intel drivers?00:44
yoritomoActionParsnip is it allfor now?00:45
yoritomoi will try it then00:45
yoritomoi come back00:46
mefisto__Theriex: if you unmount then mount manually, is it still readonly, with the "write protect on" message?00:46
Theriexmefisto__: lemme check00:47
mefisto__Theriex: I'm wondering whether the card reader is faulty, since you said using it in your camera connected to pc with usb cable you were able to write to it. is that correct?00:48
jasballzjoshjtl: only lockups when I do compiz cover switch sometimes. But how to use Plasma cube?00:48
TheriexTheriex: brand new card reader, bought it today00:48
Theriexlol talking to myself :)00:48
joshjtlare there any KDE svg editors?00:48
Theriexmefisto__: it won't let me mount it manually00:49
Theriexmefisto__: because ther is not entry in fstab00:49
Theriexmefisto__: brb, i'm gonna reboot into windows and see if i have the same problem00:50
mefisto__joshjtl: scribus ?00:51
mefisto__joshjtl: don't know of any that are specifically KDE apps00:51
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ActionParsnip!find svg00:56
ubottuFound: librsvg2-2, librsvg2-bin, librsvg2-common, librsvg2-dev, bochs-svga (and 32 others)00:56
jasballzhow to get plasma desktop cube working for intel gfx card?00:57
Theriexmefisto__: apparently, its not a linux problem00:58
Theriexmefisto__: its r/o in windows too00:58
jasballzmy ip is someone help me troubleshoot proftp00:59
ActionParsnipjasballz: you havent forwarded port 21 on your router01:00
ActionParsnipjasballz: 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection01:01
jasballzActionParsnip: let me get on that01:01
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mefisto__Theriex: does the card reader manufacturer have a website? maybe look for a support forum, or just google and see if anyone else is having the same problem with that reader01:01
Theriexmefisto__: its made by vantec01:02
Theriexmefisto__: going to try formatting a card and then see if i can write to it01:02
jasballzActionParsnip: I forget how to connect to my router "homepage" how do you do that agaain?01:05
ActionParsnipjasballz: its your default gateway's ip01:06
ActionParsnipjasballz: in nyour favourite web browser01:06
ActionParsnipjasballz: run: route | grep default01:07
jasballzActionParsnip: that'll get me my gateway ip, rite? thx01:08
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yep01:09
ActionParsnip!find yep01:10
ubottuFound: purifyeps, python-pyepl, python-pyepl-common01:10
yoritomoActionParsnip it worked a lot, but still not able to install adept and konsole, and no graphic mode01:12
yoritomoi will go to sleep and tomorrow i think i will reinstall completely01:13
yoritomothanks a lot for your help01:13
ActionParsnipyoritomo: you are in package hell and is the downfall of package based systems01:13
ActionParsnipyoritomo: unfortunately they will flat refuse to install anything without force, until all deps are met01:14
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yoritomoi hope one day ubuntu will inlude a recovery  system a bit like on XP :)01:14
yoritomothat is maybe the only nice thing windows could invent01:14
ActionParsnipyoritomo: you will probably be using force quite a bit until you get righted01:14
Guest76578yea i know01:14
Guest76578hea windows is pretty good01:15
ActionParsnipyoritomo: you could try rebooting, loading the recovery mode and selecting fix packages01:15
Guest76578just has a few, a lot of flaws01:15
yoritomoi did again but no success01:15
ActionParsnipyoritomo: press esc when grub shows up01:15
jasballzyoritomoto: i agree, theres already a package like that tho, remastersys01:15
=== Guest76578 is now known as garrett_
garrett_hea ljl01:16
yoritomocan you tell me more about it ?01:16
jasballzyorimoto: try remastersys, but know that it will restore your system as backupped compelely so if youre having errors, wait to backup after a clean install01:16
ActionParsnipyoritomo: you basicallly need to get your ackages squared up as you are missing some deps for some packages01:16
ActionParsnipyoritomo: if it gets to be a long job i would do a fresh install to get a result01:17
jasballzGuest76578: windows is _pretty_ good, I like 7 beta but Im a mac or linux boi01:17
ActionParsnipwindows has great hardware support01:19
yoritomoremastersys save automaticaly ? or need to make a manual snapshot ?01:19
yoritomook sorry see you tomorrow01:21
yoritomo2:21 am here :)01:21
yoritomothanks so much for your help01:21
yoritomowithout help i am lost :)01:21
unitypunkwhere do i get more repositorys at?01:22
unitypunkplaaces are telling me to aptget things that arent in existance.01:22
bernhardwhat is the prefered way to do a dist upgrade nowadays?01:29
Theriexmefisto__: well i tried everything, its supposed to read/write, can't find any info through google... i've emailed the company, hopefully they can give me an answer... thanks for your help tho01:29
bernhardid change in sources intrepid to jaunty and do an update01:29
mefisto__Theriex: good luck with it. it's really annoying when this happens with something new, but it's not that uncommon01:30
Theriexmefisto__: oh well it does the most important thing i want it to do which is read01:31
ActionParsnipbernhard: sudo update-manager -d01:33
bernhardActionParsnip: hm i read there are python issues and it breaks your system01:33
bernhardill stick to the kde 4.2 packages i guess01:33
CoJaBo-DellAny suggestions for getting wifi to work?01:34
ActionParsnipbernhard: its what i used but its a case of !worksforme01:34
ActionParsnipCoJaBo-Dell: is it usb or internal?01:34
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CoJaBo-DellBroadcom BCM431101:35
ActionParsnipCoJaBo-Dell: lspci will show all internal hardware. one line will identify the device, put ONLY that line in here01:35
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:35
ActionParsnipi hate broadcom01:35
CoJaBo-DellActionParsnip: Driver is installed.01:37
ActionParsnipCoJaBo-Dell: ok can you pastebin the output of: lspci; sudo lshw -C network01:38
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)01:39
CoJaBo-DellActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/143781/01:41
Larufthow do i restart plasma? i've lost my widgets01:42
bernhard"Old Plasma packages are not compatible with KDE 4.2, you should uninstall any plasmoids."01:42
bernhardive done a fresh install01:42
Laruftmind u the start bar plasma thing is ok..01:42
bernhardwhich packages are affected?01:42
LaruftI think my plasma just crashed along with kvirc.    i've lost folder view and notepad thingy01:43
ActionParsnipCoJaBo-Dell: ok, looks good. if you run: sudo iwlist scan    do you find APs?01:43
jasballzhey how to get plasma to work desktop cube on intel vga? it wont work for me :(01:44
jasballzcompiz does tho01:44
CoJaBo-DellActionParsnip: Yes, it even finds mine.01:44
ActionParsnipCoJaBo-Dell: awesome, hard bit done01:44
ActionParsnipCoJaBo-Dell: then use network manager to configure your connection01:45
=== ubuntu is now known as Drecoy
ActionParsnipLaruft: try: killall plasma01:45
ActionParsnipLaruft: then press alt+f2 and type plasma and press enter01:45
CoJaBo-DellActionParsnip: When I click my network from the list, I get this message: "NetworkManager is now disconnected."01:46
bernhardoh god, i hate those graphical update and package managers -.-01:46
LaruftActionParsnip, that removed/restored start bar.. but no yellow sticky or folderview on desktop01:47
LaruftI need the content of the yellow sticky too01:47
CoJaBo-DellActionParsnip: The network is WPA-PSK, and the key is correctly entered.01:48
ActionParsnipLaruft: add the widget again01:49
ActionParsnip!wpa |  CoJaBo-Dell01:50
ubottuCoJaBo-Dell: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:50
Laruftwont that overwrite the note?01:50
Laruftthere is a red - by it, it's already added... just i can't see it01:51
ActionParsnipCoJaBo-Dell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo#WPA%20Supplicant01:51
ActionParsnipLaruft: i dont use the note thing so couldnt comment myself01:51
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CoJaBo-Dell_ActionParsnip: Looks like it worked o_O Any way to get that to run automatically on startup?02:00
ActionParsnipCoJaBo-Dell_: it should work from now on, try a reboot to test02:01
ActionParsnipCoJaBo-Dell_: i dont use wpa so am unsure of how rebooting will affect stuff02:04
[mors]hi folks02:08
[mors]I have a big gripe02:08
[mors]the inkspace packages depend on toooooo many gnome packages, like keyring and vfs02:09
[mors]why ??????? why can't I just install inkscape without installing a second DE on my computer ?02:09
[mors]inkscape shouldn't need any of those packages.02:09
frogonwheels[mors]:  possibly iti s pickking up 'recommended' or 'suggested' packages.02:10
frogonwheels[mors]: .. and lay off the 'gripe' language.  not gonna make people want to help02:10
frogonwheels[mors]: use aptitude to select the package.02:10
frogonwheels[mors]:  and then b4 you install -look at the 'recommended' etc sections of the package and deselect the ones that you don't want.02:11
frogonwheels[mors]: could also be a second-level suggested dependency.02:12
frogonwheels[mors]: so possibly go to  aptitude ctrl+T  options preferences .. and find the bit about automatically install recommendations and deselect that.02:13
[mors]unfortunatelly, those packages are not listed as suggestions but as dependencies02:15
unitypunki gots a question02:15
unitypunkwhen wubi installs, what does it do to the boot file?02:16
coreymanSo I'm having recording troubles I have to eat my mic to talk, anyone know what I can do... in windows i just hit 20db boost and im good.02:17
jasballzunitypunk: are you installing in xp, vista, or from livecd?02:17
unitypunkwubi is already installed.02:17
=== fontknocker|shop is now known as fontknocker
coreymanI'm using Kmix, If i hit mic boost there my speakers start buzzing02:17
unitypunk" inside" vista02:17
unitypunkbut im about to install xp on a real partition02:17
unitypunkwill that show up right below kubuntu at the boot select screeen??02:18
[mors]I'm going to dl the package, unpack it and run the binaries02:19
jasballzunitypink: since your boot is bcd I recommend downloading bcdedit gui02:19
jasballzunitypink: you should install grub via the livecd, and not from vista, linux installs (ubuntu) don't boot if you installed "inside" vista02:19
unitypunkjas, you understand im not installing ubuntu right now right?02:20
coreymanCan anyone help with sound issues.02:20
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
jasballzcoreyman: what sound issues?02:24
coreymanjasballz i have to eat my   mic to talk02:26
jasballzcoreyman: is it tasty? that sux. what binary or gui are you using to record?02:27
jasballzhow to get plasma desktop cube working for intel chipset?02:27
coreymanjasballz using ventrilo over wine02:27
jasballzcoreyman: that could be the problem, using wine02:33
jasballzcoreyman: maybe try to find a debian sound recorder02:33
coreyman... not a choice02:34
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p_quarlesdoes kmail not support socks proxies at all, or is there some secret way to do it? :)02:44
jasballzhey i got desktop cube working but not cylendor or sphere mod02:46
bernhardi just did an upgrade to the 4.2.2 sources and i have broken packages02:49
bernhardwhat should i do?02:49
bernhardno gui here :)02:49
bernhardpart of them are kdelibs-bin02:50
=== Laruft is now known as Laruft|AFK
bernhardhm, i try a release upgrade02:56
bernhardcant break any more02:57
bernhardthats what i hate about ubuntu, always breaks at dist-upgrades02:57
Lego-KubuntuI was wondering if someone could help me fix compiz02:58
Lego-Kubuntuit doesn't matter how many desktops i set when when i turn compiz on.. my cube only shows a front and back not a cube02:58
Lego-Kubuntuand it won't let me change the desktops number in ccsm02:58
CoJaBo-Dell_Lego-Kubuntu: I think theres an option in compiz itself that changes it...03:03
bernhardLego-Kubuntu: open your eyes :)03:04
Lego-Kubuntuyes General -> Desktop size -> Number of Desktops but its highlighted blue and set to one, it won't let me change it.03:04
Lego-Kubuntumy eyes are open bernhard.... thanks for the help though...03:05
bernhardLego-Kubuntu: maybe you have only 1 virtual destop set in gnome03:05
Lego-Kubuntuim using kde03:05
bernhardthen kde03:05
Lego-Kubuntui have 4 set in the Configure - KDE control module03:06
hwildehello could someone please help me get kasteroids back on my computer03:06
bernhardLego-Kubuntu: increase them in your desktop settings03:06
hwildei upgraded to 8.10 and it disappeared03:06
hwildenow it's missing obsolete or blah blah03:06
hwildeand the kde-games src does not include kasteroids03:06
bernhardhm ok03:06
bernhardwhat about using kwin?03:06
hwildei am going to freak out if i can't drive my spaceship around and shoot some asteroids03:07
Lego-Kubuntubernhard, there is only 2 places to change it ccsm, and control module.03:07
Lego-Kubuntuccsm won't let me change it from 1 and its set to 4 in the control module.. how much higher do i have to set it to get 4 desktops03:08
Lego-Kubuntui just tried setting it to 8 and as soon as i turn compiz back on.. it changes the kicker to 4 but i still only have a flat face (not a cube), a front and back thats it03:10
hwildekasteroids please.03:11
jasballzso i forwarded port 20-21 tcp on my router for proftpd so it should work03:12
jasballzwho will try to connect to my ip so I can debug?03:12
Lego-Kubuntui will if you can help me :P03:12
Lego-Kubuntuwhats the ip , username and pass you want me to try?03:13
jasballzok, user2 and developers at it should work03:14
jasballzlego-kubuntu: many thx03:14
oobeif i upgrade to the juanty beta when it becomes official will i have to change my sources.list or will it just install updates as if i already am using jaunty03:14
hwildeso nobody knows how to get kasteroids back?  I am going to downgrade to 8.04 then03:15
jasballzoobe: it will automatically change the sources list i no cuz im running alpha dev jaunty03:15
Lego-Kubuntucannot connect03:15
bernhardhwilde: compile from source?03:15
hwildebernhard, where can i get the src03:15
jasballzlego-kubuntu: what did it say?03:15
bernhardhwilde: google :)03:16
Lego-Kubuntucould not connect to server03:16
Lego-Kubuntudid you forward it to the right ip?03:16
oobejasballz, ok thanks and when it is released i wont need to modify sources.list cause it will already have the jaunty sources configured03:16
oobethat was my question really i gues i didnt phrase it right03:16
=== mickey is now known as nivik
hwildebernhard, i dont think it's possible :/03:17
jasballzlego-kubuntu: do you know anything about setting up proftpd?03:18
jasballzlego-kubuntu: let me try some mods03:18
jasballzlego-Kubuntu: let me see if its running03:18
bernhardhwilde: why?03:18
Lego-Kubuntuyes a bit03:18
hwildebernhard, try it man it's not easy03:19
hwildeyou think i would be asking here if it is clean cut03:19
bernhardhwilde: i cant help you that much, no gui here :)03:19
bernhardoh man, im doin a dist-upgrade atm, but if that doesnt work, i use arch03:20
bernhardpretty sources that break everything :)03:20
=== CoJaBo-Dell_ is now known as CoJaBo-Dell
hwildebernhard, kasteroids demands libkdegames1 but i have v503:23
bernhardhwilde: hm, maybe try askin in #kde, this channel seems dead03:24
hwilde kasteroids depends on libkdegames1 (>= 4:3.5.7); however:03:25
hwilde  Package libkdegames1 is not installed.03:25
hwildebut I have libkdegames5 :/03:25
bernhardhwilde: hm did you download a deb package?03:26
bernhardhwilde: build it from source03:26
hwildefrom WHERE03:26
bernhardhwilde: packages.ubuntu.com provide binary and source packages IIRC03:27
gundam_rx78nt1what is the difference with firefox branding and non branding?  I am confused about these 2 packages.03:27
claydohkasteroids is kde3, if you have kde4, you will have a tough time :/03:27
hwildewell wth03:28
hwildeI wouldn't have upgraded if I knew I was going to lose kasteroids03:28
claydohtheres always xasteroids ;)03:29
hwildethat's not even funny03:30
hwildei think that game was designed based on cpu cycles much slower than mine03:30
hwildebc it's unplayable03:30
hwildeit's like warp speed03:30
hwildenot to mention the "graphics"03:30
hwildecan someone atleast point me to the src03:30
hwildei mean i can't even find it03:30
hwildekdegames doesn't include it anymore03:31
devilsadvocategundam_rx78nt1, probably firefox vs icedove03:31
devilsadvocategundam_rx78nt1, s/icedove/iceweasel03:32
claydohhwilde: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy-backports/kasteroids03:32
hwildewhat is that03:32
hwildea) that is not the src03:33
hwildeb) every single mirror link is broken03:33
claydohthe package page for ubuntu's kasteroids, including a link to the src03:33
hwildelike i said man03:34
hwildekdegames does not include kasteroids03:34
claydohyou asked for link to src, there you are03:36
hwildeah wait03:36
hwildethat one does03:36
hwildei had v4.2 which doesn't03:36
hwildeQt (>= Qt 3.3 and < 4.0)  :(*03:37
* hwilde off to install 8.04 in a vm03:38
hwildeyes, laugh at my despair03:38
claydohprob the best way, unfortunately03:38
hwildegd upgraes03:38
hwildei'm never upgrading again03:38
jasballzok think i fixed it. not positive still looking for connectors to help debug03:39
claydohhwilde: there may be a way, lemme look for the link...03:39
bernhardhwilde: upgrading broke everything for me too :)03:40
bernhardi try to upgrade further now03:40
bernhardup to jaunty03:41
bernhardif you like new packages and fine updates03:41
bernhardtake arch linux03:41
claydohhwilde: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kde3-maintainers/+archive/ppa03:41
bernhardincredible how ubuntu breaks all the time03:41
claydohyou can usre this ppa repo to add kde3 back, or at least install kasteroids and deps03:42
* claydoh has had no probs upgrading hardy-intrepid-jaunty, first time ever03:42
jasballzi need help with proftpd03:43
* claydoh has had bad experiences upggrading going back to hoary03:43
gundam_rx78nt1only feature I like with 9.04 is the network manager widget.03:44
jasballzLego-Kubuntu: my pc crashed need help03:44
hwildeclaydoh, i doubt that03:44
gundam_rx78nt1Now, the rtl8187 drivers still doesn't work that good.03:44
hwildeit's just a longer string of impossible dependencies03:44
gundam_rx78nt1I don't know if it is because of my intel3945ABG wireless card.03:44
claydohhwilde: how? it installs kde3 alongsside kde403:44
gundam_rx78nt1Like in 8.1003:44
hwildeclaydoh, ok well you try it and then tell me how bc i don't think it works03:45
hwildeclaydoh, specifically   Package kdelibs4c2a-kde3 is not installed.03:45
hwilde  Package libarts1c2a-kde3 is not installed.03:45
bernhardhwilde: did you use kde 3 back then?03:45
gundam_rx78nt1oops, posted my comments on the wrong channel/side.03:47
jasballzanyone know anything about proftpd?03:47
KDeskhow can I delete the history of the channel in Quassel?03:48
bernhardKDesk: dunno, maybe /clear or /reset03:48
KDeskbernhard: thanks, let's see...03:49
hwildeKDesk, its probably in a txt file in your ~/ directory03:49
hwildexchat is ~/.xchat2/scrollback/servername/channelname03:50
KDeskbernhard: nop.. I don't understant this client.03:50
hwildeclaydoh, wait I think something is happening03:50
bernhardhm, is quassel a kde 4.2 program?03:50
bernhardwhich replaces konversation?03:50
claydohbernhard: yes, and yes, at least until konvi gets a stable kde4 port03:50
KDeskhwilde: the old log yes, but I dont want to see them all the time. I think I have to disable this log system.. :\03:51
KDeskbernhard: yes, it is the default for intrepid03:51
KDeskI mean Jaunty03:51
jasballzwhat command for netstat shows port ownership?03:51
jasballzbernhard: what's quassel? i have xchat running in kde right now03:51
bernhardKDesk: ye, i just see it being pulled into03:51
claydohbernhard: actally quassel is a qt app actually03:51
bernhardi hope kopete gets irc support soon03:52
claydohbernhard: would be nice, not sure if anyone is working on it tho03:52
gundam_rx78nt1well I am out of here.03:53
claydohhwilde: unfort. the ppa does not have any jaunty packages yet03:53
gundam_rx78nt1Almost bed time.03:53
claydohso I cannot test it for you03:53
KDeskHmm, I don't find a option to disable the logs in Quassel... And wtf are Buffers?03:54
KDeskodd program...03:54
claydohhwilde: but if you add the ppa, and upate, then try installing kasteroids it should pull all the nneded bits in03:54
bernhardclaydoh: they are working on it but no date03:54
hwildeomg I am playing kasteroids03:54
claydohI know the guy doing the kde3-for-intrepid packages is putting a lot of time and effort into those packages03:54
claydohsweet! good for you! awesome03:55
bernhardhaha bitches!03:55
bernhardgot it wokring03:55
bernhardhwilde: success at the same time :)03:55
claydoh bernhardgoo for you, too03:55
hwildeok now my question03:56
hwildewhen I told it sudo apt-get install kasteroids03:56
hwildewhy didn't it just do all this for me03:56
hwildeif i type sudo twice maybe then it will do what i say03:56
claydohthey are not in the normal repos03:56
hwildeand ?03:56
claydohdid you add the new repo in/03:56
hwildeI want it to do that03:56
hwildeI want it to do what I say03:56
hwildenot make me google and search and ask on irc03:57
hwildeand find pgp keys03:57
hwildeand update sources.list03:57
hwildeand apt-get -f03:57
hwildejust freaking do it03:57
claydohI seldom have to do any of that03:57
hwildeit was totally possible03:57
hwildebut I got about 30 error messages first03:57
claydohhow were you trying to install it to begin with?03:57
hwildeand for extra fun it didn't install to anything in my path lol03:57
hwildeso I had to go locate the binary03:58
hwildeoriginally I told it to apt-get install kasteroids03:58
hwildethen I told it to apt-get source kasteroids03:58
claydohthats the only safe way to have kde3-kde4 co-exist03:58
hwildethen I told it to apt-get source kde-games03:58
bernhardbrb as Raylz03:58
hwildebut that was v4.2 with no kasteroids03:58
hwildethen I downloaded the .deb package but it demanded kdegameslib103:58
claydohhwilde: thats because the needed bits are n o longer available in Intrepid03:59
claydohthays why there are repos,, and the ppa repo I gave has all the needed bits03:59
claydohbut it is a non-official, personally created repo04:00
jasballzman it froze04:02
hwildeclaydoh, I understand what you're saying on a package management basis04:02
hwildebut if linux is going to work04:03
hwildeit needs to do what I say04:03
hwildefor real04:03
hwildeespecially if you make me type sudo04:03
hwildethat's like saying if at all possible make it happen NOW04:03
claydohno, not really, esp if you are asking it to do something impossible ;)04:05
hwildeah but it wasn't impossible04:05
claydohexactly how did    you get it installed then ?04:05
* claydoh didn't see what you did to get it installed04:06
jasballzi need help w/ proftpd04:06
hwildeclaydoh, i edited sources.list with the deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kde3-maintainers/ppa/ubuntu intrepid main04:12
hwildedeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/kde3-maintainers/ppa/ubuntu intrepid main04:12
hwildethen I added the pgp key to my sources04:12
hwildethen i apt-get install -f04:12
hwildehtat fixed the dependencies04:12
claydohyes, and that is what made it possible to install04:12
hwildethen i had to find the binary in /opt/kde3/games/04:12
hwildeand ln -s it in my path04:12
hwildeand voila04:12
claydohbecause they werent there before then04:12
hwildeI still want the src tho04:13
hwildeso I cna make it > 800x600 res04:13
hwildewhat is this 1984 in here04:13
hwildei have dual 22" widescreens04:13
hwildethe asteroids are like 2 pixels big04:13
claydohmy wife misses ksirtet from kde304:13
claydohthe tetris clone is too pretty for her04:13
claydohin kde404:14
=== pete_ is now known as Guest81257
Guest81257any kubuntu web page ppl here?   I want to comment on the web page but can't find contact section04:24
Guest81257kubuntu forum is down?   is it for maintenance?04:26
=== diego is now known as Guest20487
brian_found my car keys04:29
LOGANhi guys, just checked out the new beta. its looking good (live mode) except for no open gl support (?) and about kubuntu could not start and i miss things like pidgin, firefox and thunderbird. Hopefully VLC and my other fav apps will be preinstalled else I really need to find out how to make my own custom live cd04:40
TechwolfThe wiki and forums are not responding to me. I just need a URL for instructions on creating a bootable kubntu usb flash drive.04:40
* LOGAN shrugs04:43
LOGANnobody awake apparently04:43
* LOGAN runs back to his trusted apps instead of all these unknown apps, bye04:45
kubuntu_algem saberia me diser se tem como ativar led do notebook conexão wireles04:46
kubuntu_ele reconhece placa mas não ativa led indicar que ta conectado04:46
Lego-KubuntuHi, im getting a bit confused, I want to setup a proxy server so when im at work I can still surf the net, becuase they block almost everything.  And I've been reading about squid, but it seems like thats for home use what do i want to use? is squid the right program?05:03
etfbSomeone refresh my memory.  How do I burn an .iso to a DVD-R?05:06
Lego-Kubuntuis imgburn available for nix?05:06
Lego-Kubuntuthat will do it05:06
etfbI'm think of a command-line program, not a GUI.  I have k3b, but of course that's useless.05:07
oobeetfb, cdrecord -v /path/to/*.iso05:08
=== yamato__ is now known as Yamato_Potter_Br
oobethat should work05:08
oobethere are other options  but cdrecord doesnt need them anymore its mostly pre configured to use right device etc.05:08
etfboobe: Ah, that was the one.  Thanks.05:09
Yamato_Potter_Br??? alguem ake do Brasil ?05:09
Lego-Kubuntucould someone answer my question?05:09
Lego-Kubuntuor point me in the right direction05:10
etfb!pt | Yamato_Potter_Br05:10
ubottuYamato_Potter_Br: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:10
etfbLego-Kubuntu: Can you restate your question?  Also tell us (if you haven't already) what you've done so far to investigate.05:10
Lego-KubuntuI've been reading about squid, and it seems its for redirecting all traffic through another port, but what I would like to do is be able to surf sites my work has blocked, a proxy server is what I though i wanted05:12
Lego-Kubuntuso from work computer go to my server proxy.blurr-ink.com and be able to view sites i wasn't05:12
Lego-Kubuntuand im just getting confused i think reading the install/configure guides for squid.05:14
Lego-Kubuntui just finished installing squid and haven't done anything else yet05:14
Lego-Kubuntui have apache installed and setup with dns and everything so thats not part of the problem05:15
oobeLego-Kubuntu, thats an awfully big thing to walk someone thru on irc try looking in google for a step by step guide and if you get stuck ask for help on irc05:15
etfbLego-Kubuntu: Rather than installing your own proxy server, have you tried TOR or one of the other proxy services?05:16
oobeetfb, thats not a bad idea if he just wants to access restricted sites05:16
Lego-Kubuntuyes, thats what i've been doing, but is squid what i want? see work blocks proxies as fast as people find them.. but they haven't blocked my server yet, and if i make it named dumb like goto.blurr-ink.com it won't get caught.05:17
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks05:17
Lego-Kubuntubut any site even refering to proxy gets blocked fast05:18
etfbLego-Kubuntu: Depends on your system administrators.  If I were working there and were enough of a nazi, I'd notice the use of a proxy, hunt down the owner via whois, and then sack you for breach of employment contract...05:18
Lego-Kubuntuwell they aren't nazi's but they just bock stuff fast...05:19
Lego-Kubuntuand how can they fire me for using a proxy server.. it doesn't matter who owns the server05:20
Lego-Kubuntutheres tons of them out there05:20
Lego-Kubuntueveryone uses them until they get blocked then everyone trys to find another one.. but like i said if i keep mine to myself and rather hidden i'm fine05:20
etfbLego-Kubuntu: Security through obscurity then?  Might work.  You still have the ethical issues (ie why are you doing personal stuff at work) but I'm inclined to think you're more in the right than they are.  Some companies are just stupid about that sort of thing, and yet can't figure out why their staff keep leaving...05:22
Lego-Kubuntuwell its not that i dont' work but when the calls aren't coming in and your infront of a computer and can't leave your phone unattended you gotta do something05:23
etfbBut as oobe said, your best bet is to find a tutorial and follow it, and ask here or in the technology-related forums for help on individual points.05:23
Lego-Kubuntuthats fine, and i have no issues following tutorials but i need to know exactly what im looking for is squid what i need? i dont' see anyone mention anything about a browser page were they can input the address to open05:24
oobesquid is a proxy cache05:25
Lego-Kubuntuso does that mean yes or no?05:25
=== lance_ is now known as Guest52552
oobeis saves web content then redirects clients to use locally hosted web site instead of using bw to dload new pages05:25
oobeyou dont need it05:26
oobeit will work05:26
oobeit may not be as fast as just setting up a direct proxy05:26
Lego-Kubuntuyes what would you recommend software wise05:26
Lego-Kubuntufor a direct proxy05:26
Guest81257why can't you use k3b to burn iso to DVD-R?05:28
Guest81257anyway, now that some ppl are 'talking' now... can i ask a question about the kubuntu web site?05:28
Guest81257anyone know why kubuntu doesn't have any info on their website ANYWHERE differentiating an alternate install and desktop?05:29
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/8.04/kubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso.torrent05:30
bazhangGuest81257, just ask here05:30
oobeLego-Kubuntu, tell me how you plan to use the proxy i.e homepc is proxy workpc is client wan is internet so "workpc >> wan >> homepc >> wan/internet" is this what you intend05:31
Guest81257ubottu, I think the web page should describe it then as you just have....05:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:32
Guest81257which one should I use?  they are both livecds?   I just want to check out 9.0405:32
bazhangGuest81257, jaunty discussion in #ubuntu+105:33
Lego-Kubuntumy home computers will work just the same. i want to be able to go to work, type in the browser myproxy.blurr-ink.com  it opens a webpage with a textbox that i type mail.yahoo.ca in and it opens.. because it is blocked if i don't use a proxy05:33
bazhangGuest81257, only the desktop is a livecd btw05:33
Guest81257oh right... the alternate one is install only, right?   I guess that applies with any alternate install cd?   they are used when the desktop livecd won't run for whatever reason on your system?05:34
oobeLego-Kubuntu, i just thought of somthing try this http://www.openzend.com/05:34
bazhangGuest81257, yes, and the alternate can be used as an upgrade cd as well.05:34
Lego-Kubuntuyes that is exactly what i want05:34
Lego-Kubuntubut as i said almost every single proxy server gets blocked as the work server admins find them05:35
Guest81257bazhang, is it preferable to use the alternate to upgrade or to upgrade through the repository?05:35
oobeLego-Kubuntu, btw you just told me somthing that we both already knew i was asking for to clarify your topology which u did not do05:35
cprgmswr2Does anyone else have an issue when shutdown down on 9.04 where you get random crap on the screen?05:35
Lego-Kubuntu? what do you mean05:35
oobeLego-Kubuntu, tell me how you plan to use the proxy i.e homepc is proxy workpc is client wan is internet so "workpc >> wan >> homepc >> wan/internet" is this what you intend05:36
oobei said that05:36
Guest81257I don't know if I will want to upgrade Intrepid... or install on top of?  does the upgrade work well?05:36
agamorning ;D05:36
bazhangGuest81257, depends on what you are comfortable with really; some do fresh installs, some via package manager or command line, yet others via the upgrade cd method05:36
agahas kde 4.2.2 been released in the repos?05:36
oobethen you said somthing unrelated and well already established05:36
oobeis "workpc >> wan >> homepc >> wan/internet" an accurate description of your plan05:37
bazhangGuest81257, a good rule of thumb with new releases is wait a bit for the worst bugs to be ironed out :)05:37
Guest81257bazhang, usually, I do fresh installs... but, I upgraded the KDE via the instructions05:37
Guest81257bazhang, true, TRUE ;-)05:37
Lego-Kubuntuwell i guess, im a tad confused, all of it will go over the internt so workpc > internet > mypc > internet > workpc05:37
oobeok thats the right answer05:39
Lego-Kubuntuthat openzend site, is exactly what is the goal. so how ever it works which at this point should be mypc > internet > zendserver > internet > mypc right?05:39
oobethis guide looks easy to follow05:39
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
oobeand squid will work05:40
oobefor what you want05:40
Lego-Kubuntuok cool05:40
oobemake sure you home pc has the ports open05:40
oobemost people only use squid inside a local network05:40
Lego-Kubuntuwill i have to construct the actual proxy page ? like with the address bar (yea always check the ports before testing05:40
oobeno squid should run in the background05:41
Lego-Kubuntu? so how will it work then?05:41
oobeonce its configured and running you will put your home ip address in your browser's proxy settings05:41
Lego-Kubuntuif im at work and want to open mail.yahoo.ca how would i do it?05:41
oobedo you use firefox or shite exploer at work05:42
Lego-Kubuntuie .. but so there isn't any software packages that fuction like openzend? where it brower based?05:42
Lego-Kubuntuinstead of messing with the proxy settings cuz that will probably conflict with the software i run in the browser for work :S05:43
oobemaybe but im not aware of them05:44
oobeyou probably just need to find some sample php code and install it on your system with apache and php05:44
oobethats beyond the scope of what i can help you with05:44
Lego-Kubuntuah i never even though of that could it be that easy?05:44
=== teja is now known as yaksha
Lego-Kubuntuwell im gunna look into that :) thanks for the help05:45
oobeno worries05:46
oobewhat you want to do is pheasable your on the right track05:46
oobebut it requires some reading05:46
sithlord48is there something wrong w/ the fourm?05:46
Lego-Kubuntuyup, but i'll get it figured out :)05:46
sithlord48also updated to kde 4.2.2. (intrepid) and the get new stuff buttons don't work ne longer....05:47
Lego-Kubuntuoobe, http://www.best-php-scripts.com/details352.htm05:49
Lego-Kubuntuthey are everywhere :P05:49
oobeLego, sweet05:58
agai just upgraded to kde 4.2.2 where can i check what's new?05:59
p_quarlesaga: http://kde.org/announcements/announce-4.2.2.php06:00
p_quarlesaga: it's also right there in the channel topic06:00
oobeyeah but besides those 2 things06:00
agai've checked thatp p_quarles looking for something more specific06:01
p_quarlesaga: did you not see the link to the changelog? doesn't get more specific than that06:02
agayeah i was checking it now06:03
Castawayzdoes kubuntu have the usb startup maker utiliy thing06:03
agabut still that's not exactly what i am looking for06:03
=== teja is now known as yaksha
glickexcuse me do i have to download anything extra to get dvd playback in kubuntu?06:07
agaglick:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu i think that should do06:09
agaonce you install the repo, you need to install the library for dvd's or whatever you want to install06:10
glickok thanks06:11
glickwhat do i add to my repository?06:11
agait is all there, step by step, you need to add the repository in the sources and the key, once you have it you can download the packages you need06:11
glickadd it via the command line?06:12
agai do it via command line... but you can also do it with adept06:12
agayou can also add the repository with adept06:13
nephilushow do i install jave runtime environment?06:13
=== tweak is now known as tweakedeh
nephilusis it in repos? I couldnt find it06:13
p_quarlesor sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh06:13
p_quarles^ glick06:14
=== yaksha is now known as isotot
tweakedehWhere is a good place to crack a password hash?06:14
nephilusjohn the ripper06:15
tweakedehnephilus: their any websites with rainbow tables?06:15
nephilusI don't know. I just use ripper06:15
tweakedehnephilus: i got john running, I'm just impashent06:16
glicki installed libdvdcss2 and vlc still cant play it06:18
nephilusThere are some results on google try that06:18
tweakedehglick: what are you trying to play?06:19
glicka dvd06:19
tweakedehYour sure you have a dvd reader?06:19
glickuhhh yeha tweakedeh im sure06:20
stealth-I get a error about not being able to create the python script engine when starting some plasmoids, and i read up that the issue seems to be kubuntu only. Anyone know of a fix?06:20
tweakedehglick: Hum, well dvd's allways worked for me in vlc...06:20
nephilusis solaris free?06:23
tweakedehugh john has been going for 38 min and so far all I got was the last 2 letters06:24
glickdoes anyone know what im missing to play dvds06:24
nephilusbetter than nothin :)06:24
tweakedehnephilus: guess thats true, I hope this isn't a over night thing.06:24
nephilusuhm yes i had the same problem just type how to play dvd in google and you have to install an app06:24
nephilusthat would suck tweakedeh06:25
glicknephilus: well i installed libdvdcss206:25
glickwhat else do i need06:25
nephilusI am not sure. I only had this problem in ubuntu. h/o i'll google06:25
nephilussudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:26
nephilusThat should do it06:26
=== fry_ is now known as coffee|_|D
nephilus*it is "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras"06:27
nephilusi forgot the k06:27
nephilusthen it should work06:27
coffee|_|Dhi :)06:27
tweakedehpretty sure some of the files there are illegal some where ;)06:27
nephiluswhat files restricted extras?06:28
nephilushaha i got it from help.ubuntu.com06:28
nephilusi would hope not\06:28
tweakedehYea I was reading up on how to 'back up' my dvd's and it said some thing about them06:28
nephilusha Nice "back up" thats a good one06:28
nephilusWhat are you secretly aXXo in diguise?06:29
tweakedehlol I wish that guys got some awesome movie out06:29
nephilusdisguise* yes he does06:29
agaspeaking of which...06:29
nephilustorrentfreak got an interview with him06:29
tweakedehthe monsters vs aliens isn't even on disk yet and he has it =]06:29
nephilusyou might want to read it06:29
tweakedehWhere would it be?06:29
nephilush/o=hold on06:30
sithlord48aga, does your get new stuff work ?06:30
tweakedehhow do i do a dictionary attack with john...06:31
coffee|_|Dman, i had my last fight with virista06:31
coffee|_|Dvirus + vista = vi-ri-sta06:32
nephilusthats a good one. Luckily here at linux we make the viruses so when you switch to us you are on the winning team06:33
coffee|_|Dthat last one did it for me.. i'm not even going to dual boot anymore06:34
tweakedehi think coffee is a good name for you.06:34
nephilusits true and luckily microcr*p can't fight back because linux is practically immune! woot06:34
aganot sithlord4806:35
coffee|_|Dty tweakedeh :)06:35
agait stopped working after upgrading i get an error...06:35
agasorry i was trying to find what might be wrong06:35
sithlord48aga, at least you get an errror i don't get ne thing06:35
nephilusi like this chat it isn't as strict as #ubuntu06:35
agagimme a sec and i'll tell you something like 'unable to get new stuff'06:35
aganephilus:  i guess it's just a less busy channel06:36
nephilusno there are about 300 ppl in it06:36
nephilusactually 120006:36
nephilusi just checked06:36
sithlord48aga, ok yea took a min to get it06:36
agai meant this one ;)06:36
nephilusoh yeah just a bit06:36
sithlord48aga, error loading data providers06:36
agathere was an error loading data providers sithlord48?06:36
nephilusi got banned for a week for saying, "is linus still alive?06:37
coffee|_|Doh man06:37
nephilusand he reccomends kde06:37
sithlord48who cares is linux not all about choice ne way?06:38
nephilusi ahve ubuntu and kubuntu06:38
nephilusi can't pick06:38
nephilusk is prettier but gnome is faster; crashes less06:38
sithlord48depends on what i am using the machine for really06:38
* coffee|_|D was playing hl2 today06:39
aganephilus:  the new kde4 releases are not so crashy i still remember the first kde 4  release... plasma crashing everyday 3 times hihi06:39
nephilusyour right...now its down to 2 crashes :) lol06:40
sithlord48kde 4.0  was bad..06:40
sithlord48but since 4.2 plasma has not crashed for me ...06:40
tweakedehnephilus: 56 min..... and counting.06:40
coffee|_|Di use gnome and base kde packages right now. cause i really like konversation, to mention one cool kde app06:40
agasaying it was bad is being really generous sithlord48 :p06:40
agasame here sithlord48 long time i don't have a plasma crash06:41
sithlord48but jaunty does not like my video card and plasma crashes quick06:41
nephilustweakedeh: how is john coming along?06:41
nephilushow many letters?06:42
sithlord48i have to say 4.2 has been good so far.. i miss some of the old features but i like it06:42
tweakedehNeed to find out how to do a dictionary attack and not brute06:42
tweakedehstill 2...06:42
nephilus:) google is your friend06:42
tweakedehim trying06:42
nephilusstill... wow06:42
tweakedehno dice thogh06:42
agai haven't tried jaunty yet06:43
agai don't like adventures :p06:43
sithlord48i installed it on a partition on this machine ..06:43
coffee|_|Di should try EVE online on this install, i miss that game. :(06:43
sithlord48the one i had xp on lol06:43
agaok guys... i have an issue here... my cpu is running under 20% and the temperature of the processor is 50 degrees...06:43
agacan someone tell me why the fan is making that annoyng noise?06:44
husayn_how to play .flv files in Kubuntu06:44
aga(apart of "it may be dirty")?06:45
coffee|_|Dhmmm wow i used to get that all the time from vista06:45
nephiluswhos pw are you trying to crack?06:45
=== nicholas is now known as Guest74616
nephilus..what are you cracking rather06:46
coffee|_|Dgeez you'd think i'd have learned after me....06:46
agai learnt after xp06:46
sithlord48husayn, you talking about installing the flash plugin06:46
=== Guest74616 is now known as tacosarecool
agamorning tacosarecool06:47
tacosarecoolshould I beta test 9.04 yet?06:47
tacosarecoolit's night where I am06:47
sithlord48its almost 2 am here...06:47
agahmmm almost 8am here :D06:48
agaanyway tacosarecool whether if you should try or not 9.04 is entirely up to you06:48
sithlord48husayn, try the package "flashplugin-nonfree" in the muliverse repo06:48
agait is still on development so you can expect errors and things not working now and again06:48
sithlord48do you have an ati v. card ?06:48
tacosarecool9.04 will be faster though right it was optimized for notebooks06:49
agaso i heard06:49
nephiluscan you upgrade to jaunty through the repos?06:50
agayou can ask in #ubuntu+1 i really do not know if it is working smooth or they are having lots of errors06:50
sithlord48i did like it from what i seen of it , just things went downhill when i tried to get my video drivers installed...06:50
agaright now no nephilus06:50
nephilus'instead of having to install it...i mean its beta...nm thank you aga06:50
agai don't think it's possible at this point06:50
sithlord48i think i seen something about that in the news on kubuntu.org06:50
agait would be really unsafe to have it in the repos.. maybe you can add a specific repo, to upgrade06:50
sithlord48you can upgrade from 8.10 or 8.0406:51
sithlord48http://www.kubuntu.org/news/9.04-beta <- info here06:51
agai dunno, there's no rush to upgrade06:51
sithlord48i would not upgrade w/o out at least trying the live disk06:52
nephilusthats how i get pass my schools computer :) no blocked sites :)06:52
nephilusi use a live disk and i can play all i want06:52
agai always wait to the official release, and then make a clean installation06:52
sithlord48in my school we had all mac's w/ mac admin i had an install disk it was also auto admin login disk06:53
tacosarecooloh yeah my kubuntu has a race issue I have to log into gnome first enter the password in the password ring to get the wifi then login to kubuntu if I login to kubuntu first then I wont get wifi06:53
nephilusyuk mac....better than virista thought06:53
agathat is really odd tacosarecool... why you won't get wifi?06:54
devilsadvocatetacosarecool, wep keys?06:54
sithlord48this was in the mid 90's06:54
tacosarecoolno devils the keyring password06:54
nephilusi kind of like mac though. i like the cairo dockish thing06:54
devilsadvocatetacosarecool, which keyring? :/06:54
tacosarecoolyes I'm using wep though06:54
nephilusyeah... you don't have to put one in06:54
sithlord48yea these didn't have ne of that ..06:54
tacosarecoolHow do I undo the keyring06:55
sithlord48mac os 8 or 9 on those06:55
agathis fan is gonna kill me06:55
sithlord48well if you just clean it once in a while :)06:56
nephilusI hate .bins... I always have to change the permissions to execute them06:56
agait's a lappy sithlord48.... i used to hoover my old pc... but i dunno how to clean this06:56
nephilusyou know on my laptop kde is still faster than virista06:57
agaprobably eats 1/3 or resources compared to virista nephilus...06:57
sithlord48aga, i clean my tizzy by taking it apart caned air is use full too06:57
nephilusyeah :))))06:57
sithlord48that reminds me i shoud upgrade my tizzy to 4.2.206:58
agahmmm canned air06:58
agadidnt think about that06:58
sithlord48yea my laptop06:58
nephiluswhats tizzy?06:58
agabut works for the fan as well? i don't want to open it06:58
glickwhat the hell why doesnt the crap work kaffiene says i have to run some css install script to watch the dvd, then i install it, and when i try again, it has the same popup06:59
sithlord48the fan on mine it alright it comes on a lot too06:59
glickwhat the hell?06:59
nephilusswiftfox or swifweasel?06:59
glickcan i not watch dvds in kubuntu?06:59
baaldoes openoffice have a grep/string search  function ?06:59
sithlord48sure can06:59
sithlord48check out vlc06:59
tacosarecoolHi glick the easiest way to play dvd's in kubuntu is to pay for the codecs from the ubuntu store06:59
agajust like a find baal?07:00
tacosarecoolvlc will work too lol07:00
hwildeclaydoh, are you still around07:00
nephilusw32 and w64 codecs?07:00
hwildeclaydoh, that toally broke my kdevelop installation07:00
baalerr openoffice writer07:00
sithlord48you just need vlc07:00
tacosarecoolbut vlc won't play them by default try the restricted package07:00
hwildeclaydoh, i reverted sources.list and reinstalled stuff and it won'ts start and says      export KDEDIRS=/path/to/kdevelop:$KDEDIRS && kbuildsycoca07:01
glicksithlord48: i have vlc07:01
sithlord48yea also restriced-extras07:01
nephilusYOU can get rid of both panels in kde !!!Freaking awesome!!07:01
glickdo i have to restarted07:01
=== carlos is now known as Guest13009
bazhang!ultamatix > nephilus07:01
ubottunephilus, please see my private message07:01
glicksithlord48: i installed restricted extraws07:01
glickdo i have to restart?07:01
=== Guest13009 is now known as carlinux18
hwildeclaydoh, then it tells me    The program 'kbuildsycoca' is currently not installed, sudo apt-get install kdelibs4c2a07:01
hwildeclaydoh, then that says     kdelibs4c2a is already the newest version.07:02
sithlord48glick, no  you should just have to open vlc and go to play,disk....07:02
nephilushey guys cairo-dock doesn't show up in my application launcher. how do i add it? because i am tired of starting it in terminal07:02
glickthats what im doing07:02
agamind sending me that bazhang? i'm curious what it says07:02
glickthe drive disk starts to spin up but then it doesnt play07:02
nephilusThen i have to constantly open 207:02
* sithlord48 is away: Gone away for now07:02
bazhangaga /msg ubottu07:02
* sithlord48 is back.07:02
nephilusI need help installing java. frostwire says i don't have it07:04
coffee|_|Dnite peeps :)07:04
tacosarecoolglick try the restricted package07:04
agathanks bazhang07:04
glicki installed restricte07:04
tacosarecoolwait how do I bypass the keyring07:04
nephilusnm i found it in repos07:05
glickperhapse i nee a restart07:05
bazhang!medibuntu | glick07:05
ubottuglick: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:05
bazhangglick get the two packages there (no need for repos)07:05
nephilushmm illegal sounding to me07:06
bazhang!ot > nephilus07:06
ubottunephilus, please see my private message07:06
nephilusthanx guys07:06
nephilussorry but is Ult really that bad?07:07
ubottuUltamatix is not recommended, supported, or needed by Ubuntu.  Use of this software may cause damage to your Ubuntu install.  Do not suggest its use in this channel. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/99905.html and !automatix for more info.07:07
bazhangnephilus, dont mention it again07:07
nephilusdoes it really mess up your install?07:08
bazhangnephilus, stop07:08
nephiluscan i pm you?07:08
nephilusokay i'll google then07:08
sithlord48gpg errors from the ppa repo :(07:09
nephiluscan someone help me with cairo dock07:09
bazhang!ppagpg | sithlord4807:10
ubottusithlord48: Getting an error about a PPA's GPG key? see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Adding%20a%20PPA%27s%20keys%20to%20your%20system07:10
nephilusi don't know how to install i tried from the repos but it doesn't work right07:10
nephilusit doesn't show in applaunch and when started in terminal it doesn't have all of the features  it should07:10
sithlord48there were working...07:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keyring07:12
tacosarecoolhow do I undo the gnome keyring07:12
agaare you sure that's what it's causing you the problem???07:13
nephilusuhm i think there is something called k wallet not sure and it has it in there and you could cahnge it07:13
agai've had gnome and kde and my wireless was working just fine07:13
sithlord48on my laptop i use wicd for my network manager. had issues w/ the stock one07:14
agathe gnome keyring should not give you any problems when you are running kde i think07:14
agashould not even be running from kde IMO07:14
nephilusi am going to sleep gnight good luck lol'07:14
sithlord48i have gnome-keyring installed...07:14
agai dunno sithlord48 just does not make a lot of sense to me that the wireless won't work because of the gnome keyring07:15
agaon kde07:15
sithlord48i don't have wifi on this computer07:15
p_quarlestacosarecool: it's ot, but you can reset the gnome keyring by deleting ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring07:16
sithlord48and on the laptop i don't have gnome-keyring07:16
agahmm i have never had major issues with my wifi07:16
sithlord48i did when i first installed 8.10 would only connect sometimes to unlocked networks...07:17
agai have my network filtered by mac adress07:17
sithlord48and very rarely to my wep network @ work07:17
p_quarlesthe reason that gnome-keyring would relate to wifi is that it locks nm-applet, which some people prefer07:17
sithlord48so i changed the wifi @ work to mac filter and it still was no better, installed wicd and it has worked ever since07:18
agai really have no idea, it looks to me that all the big problems people has, i don't and all the things which work for people do not for me :D07:19
sithlord48for somethings i could say the same07:19
sithlord48i am still amazed that my laptop runs kde 4 w/ compiz and everything works right using the nvidia 96 driver.07:21
devilsadvocatekde4 with compiz?07:21
devilsadvocatewhy? :P07:22
sithlord48kwin's effects don't compare07:22
agai am really not fond of desktop effects07:23
agaa bit is okay... but just a bit07:23
sithlord48i use a few to be more productive..07:23
sithlord48and some for fun  (snowing tux's)07:24
agasnowing tux??07:24
agawhere is that? i just see the snow :d07:24
agaahaa no compiz here07:25
sithlord48the snow plugin allows you to set you own texture set or png files07:25
agaaha i see07:25
agaas i said i barely use them, so i don't take too much time finding out about desktop effects07:26
sithlord48the snow plugin is not installed by default for compiz07:26
sithlord48you have to install the unsupported plugins to get it w/ a few others.07:26
agaaha i see... now i am having an issue compiling (is my first attempt...)07:27
agaso if it sounds silly....07:27
sithlord48i do like exploding windows on close and burning menus., thats about all for "effects" the rest are like group windows and desktop cube07:27
astrobearhow do you verify keys of an apt repo?07:27
agawhen you untar something, then ./configure07:27
agawhat do you ./configure07:28
sithlord48its a script07:28
agai mean... ./configure what? i have all that tar file out07:28
devilsadvocate kwin has snow07:28
devilsadvocatedont knwo if it allows user defined images07:28
sithlord48no just binding settings07:29
astrobear./ means to execute a script aga07:29
astrobearconfigure is the name of the script you are executing07:29
astrobearnot exactly07:29
astrobearbut it's a configure script07:29
* sithlord48 is away: Gone away for now07:29
* sithlord48 is back.07:29
agai dont understand what i have to do now07:30
sithlord48cd to the dir you untared it to .07:30
agayeah i am there i think07:30
agaok i wasn't hehehe07:31
aganow make?07:31
sithlord48then ./configure  , it should do stuff and if all goes well then you can make07:31
agabash: ./configure: No such file or directory07:31
agai can live without digikam... i just thought it would be nice to learn how to compile07:32
agaany stepbystep guide??07:32
sithlord48there is no ./configure in the archive ?07:33
agathat's what it says...  but its odd is digikam 0.1007:33
agathis is the part where i am thinking on rm...07:34
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore07:35
sithlord48night all07:38
=== antric is now known as jelloo
ShtlHello all, one of the code contains "net-snmp/net-snmp-includes.h" and "#include <net-snmp/net-snmp-config.h>" include files, i want to compile it on kubuntu machine which package i have to install for these file to be available07:50
ScorpKingShtl: #kde-devel07:52
husayn_how to install calculator in Kubuntu08:22
tacosarecoolWhat is my problem then?08:27
guldorCould someone help me out, hopefully briefly with some troubles I'm having with Ubuntu?08:28
agatacosarecool:  i am not denying that your problem is the keyring08:31
tacosarecooloh ok08:31
agajust not so sure about it08:31
tacosarecoolI'll try resetting the keyring08:31
agait might be a bunch of reasons08:31
tacosarecoolwait nm-applett08:32
tacosarecoolwould cause it?08:32
p_quarlestacosarecool: doesn't *cause* it but nm-applet uses gnome-keyring; otherwise, it would never come up in Kubuntu08:32
tacosarecoolcan I uninstall nm-applet?08:33
agatacosarecool:  what's exactly the problem you cannot connect to the network or you just don't see any network?08:34
tacosarecoolaga when I start the computer I can't login to kde to get wifi I have to go in gnome first08:35
agayes but when you log into kde08:36
agawithout logging into gnome first08:36
tacosarecooli don't get wifi08:37
agawhat is exactly going on with your wifi... no network manager around, able to see the networks but not able to connect, not able to see any network...08:37
tacosarecoolnot able to connect08:37
agadid you configure the network manager with the password and so on?08:38
tacosarecoolIs that the problem?08:38
agai dunno, as i said it might very well be the keyring, but i rather prefer to discard simple things before thinking about some others08:38
agapersonally i do not use wep encription, but mac filters on my router08:39
tacosarecoolI'm going to try delete the keyring thanks brb08:39
tacosarecooloh wait08:39
tacosarecoolDoes the keyring hold my wep08:39
kannankdm_greet Cannot open default user face...i see this error in syslog..how to fix it08:40
agahmmm i think yes i haven't used a lot of gnome, but my wifi autoconnected08:40
p_quarlestacosarecool: yes, that's why it's there; but you can reset it and it will prompt you for a new master password08:40
tacosarecoolIf it's blank it won't pop up right?08:40
p_quarlestacosarecool: i.e., next time you start nm-applet and try to connect; you'll be asked to set a password08:41
tacosarecoolbut I'm trying to figure out a way so I don't have to login to gnome first to get wifi08:41
p_quarlestacosarecool: well, you could have mentioned that; just run knetworkmanager from the menu/krunner08:42
tacosarecooloh ok I'll try that08:43
p_quarlestacosarecool: or you can load nm-applet in kde; doesn't really matter what you use; you don't need to be in Gnome08:43
nicholaswhat you said didn't work ..(09:07
=== nicholas is now known as tacosarecool
tacosarecoolI still have to login to gnome first to get wifi09:08
agahi :)09:10
tacosarecoolI still have to login to gnome first to get wifi09:10
agadid you remove the wep password from the gnome keyring?09:11
agajust the wep key09:13
agai would try that also...09:14
tacosarecoolumm but do I have to make it a system setting?09:14
tacosarecoolI'll copy my wep key09:14
agai will ask in #kde maybe they know09:14
tacosarecoolI'll go to kde09:15
tacosarecoollook at this lol #kde-offtopic09:19
agayeah crowdy crowdy ;)09:19
=== max is now known as Guest65463
agagotta go anyway... all this saturday morning tidying is waiting for me09:19
=== Guest65463 is now known as max_
agaand then i will try to go for a walk somewhere.. finally weather is nice :D09:20
tacosarecoolgood morning I'm going to bed09:20
agasleep well then :)))09:20
stranierobuongiorno a tutti09:23
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=== Guest64546 is now known as ricky_1966
demmonhow can i search for wireless networks?09:43
yaa_hi. how can i remove all bluetooth pakages from my ubuntu09:44
demmonyaa_: this is a kubuntu chanel but i will tell you09:45
demmongo to add/remove and remove them09:45
yaa_i have ubuntu but use kdm09:45
yaa_i have unstalled ubuntu then kubuntu desktop09:47
demmonok ok09:47
demmonremove the bluetooth program09:47
yaa_but i do use gnome with kdm09:47
demmonyou are using kde09:47
yaa_i dont know why)09:47
demmonyou cant use kde and ubuntu in the same time09:47
maelwrythOpen a terminal and use "sudo apt-get remove bluetooth" ?09:48
yaa_i did09:48
yaa_but there are some more packages09:48
demmonlemme see your desktop09:49
yaa_demmon- ordinary gnome09:50
yaa_but /etc/init.b/gdm status shows gdm doesnot run  //kdm does09:51
Simeon_Hexactly which packages will I need to get to install ndiswrapper on hardy?10:01
Simeon_HI broke the ethernet port on this computer so there is no other way of connecting10:02
agatried apt-cache search ndiswrapper?10:03
agaanyway you might be able to connect without ndswrapper Simeon_H10:05
Simeon_HI already searched the internet for the compatibility with my wireless card10:10
yoritomohello all10:10
=== Laruft|AFK is now known as Laruft
jim_bobhelp anyone?10:20
jim_bobhelp anyone?10:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:21
jim_bobi am new to linux10:22
etricthen welcome10:22
jim_boband i'm trying to install my nvidia driver. I need to close "X Server"10:22
jim_boband i keep getting conflicts... basically im having problems anyway i go about it10:23
fosco__jim_bob, yo do not really need that10:23
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:23
jim_bobi'm sorry.. I don't need X server?10:24
Tinasonhello. i am running jaunty b1. today i upgraded using adept, and a new kernal version was install (ending in .14 i think), and upgraded to kde 4.2.2. I now get errors loading my x config (cant load modules; 'type1' and 'freetype'), when using the xorg.conf that nvidia-xconfig generates. when i delete my xord.conf (and not use the nvidia config) , i can load kde (as i am now). i wanted to load my previous (recent) kernal versions (say,10:25
Tinason .12 or .13), but grub tells me 'file not found'. how can i reinstall a previous (recent) kernal version (so that i can fix my video issue) ?10:25
bazhang!jaunty | Tinason10:25
ubottuTinason: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.10:25
GNU\colossushi all10:26
GNU\colossusanyone on Jaunty tried to add an LDAP-Server with SSL as a source for addresses for Kontact yet?10:27
GNU\colossusI can't get it to work...10:27
TidusI have a Motorola RAZR v3a cell phone, trying to use it under either moto4lin or bitpim under kubuntu 8.10. However, it seems the usb dsl modem driver (the modem part of the phone uses this driver) is not getting loaded and i'm trying to remember what module that was.10:27
Tidusalmost any cell phone hooked up through USB uses this driver10:30
jim_bobmight as well get a satelite connection10:34
agamorning... my card reader is not working on 8.10... i am not sure if it was working on 8.04 or any of the previous releases, never tried (i don't use it, i just hate to know it does not work)10:35
agaany ideas on how to make it work?10:35
jim_bobhow do you know it doesn't work if you never tried it?10:37
agai just entered a card10:37
agai know now it is not working, i do not know if it previously worked because i never thought oh let's try :D i normally plug the camera thru usb10:37
agaand someone would think, why to fix something you never use... you might as well keep on not using it :D10:38
Tinasonwhat is the general method used to install a recent (previous) kernal version?10:41
yoritomoi need to engrave my kubuntu now, time to reinstall , what are your hint for a clean reinstall of 8.10 on same previous version keeping my /home  directories in the new installation ?10:41
devilsadvocatehi, how do i get my webcam to work with flash?10:44
Tidusso any idea what module that would have been?10:50
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=== mboukhari is now known as limotux
limotuxhello every body10:51
palyanchohello people, i need some help10:52
limotuxwhat kind of help ?10:52
yaa_ подымается  из10:52
yaa_Русской земли свой царь, и не будет в мире силы, которая  бы  не  покорилась10:52
palyanchoone of my work mates computer had pardus installed, and he executed a partition programme10:52
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:53
palyanchonow it gives error 22 and 17 at start up10:53
palyanchowe tried ubuntu live cd but we can't see the harddisk10:53
giugihello.  can anyone have a look at http://pastebin.com/m752b8357 ?  This problem happens when attemping a wifi connection using wicd on a freshly installed kubuntu 8.0410:57
palyanchoguys i need help about a harddisk problem, any can help?10:57
rachael_hi! anyone have experience of kubunut on a samsung nc10 netbook?10:57
rachael_whats the harddisk prob?10:58
palyanchoafter executing a partition programme, grub gives error 17 and 2210:58
palyanchoand i tried ubuntu live cd and i can't see the harddisk10:59
rachael_which partition prog?11:00
palyanchowell actually it was my friends computer here at work, and he doesn't remember the name11:01
palyanchoyeah lol11:02
palyanchoand now he is looking at me to work this out11:02
rachael_probably best to use the gparted live cd and work things out from that11:02
bazhangdid you update grub?11:02
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto11:02
palyanchohmm i'll try that live cd11:03
rachael_mebbe he didnt format it properly? or it not lited in /boot/gryb/menu.lst?11:03
palyanchoi can't see the harddisk so i cannot see or mount the harddisk11:03
rachael_listed in /boot/grub/menu.lst even11:03
rachael_try gparted11:04
bazhangfollow the grub how to above11:04
palyanchook thanks guys11:04
rachael_ok... brightnes control buttons on a samsung nc10 without recompiling the kernel????11:05
rachael_hey-ho n/m then peeps.... sure i'll figure it out :(11:07
bazhangrachael_, that is a webcam?11:07
rachael_no... its a netbook11:07
rachael_kubuntu 8.10 works great... but the funciton buttons for brihtness control dont11:08
rachael_bit tragne cos the volume buttons do work11:08
rachael_the only solution ive found online involves recompiling the kernel11:08
bazhangthe nc10 se?11:10
bazhangthe one that just came out?11:10
Malici made a upgrade yesterday. Now plasma is running 80 % of my cpu capacity. Does anybody of you have the same problem?11:11
rachael_yup that one11:11
rachael_with the built in huspa 3g modem11:11
bazhangrachael_, I would be a little bit patient, when the eeepc first came out tons did not work, but within a few weeks there was a pre-compiled kernel and remix for it.11:12
rachael_its just irritating that everything else works perfectly!11:12
rachael_with a little bit of fiddling around anyway :)11:12
bazhangrachael_, just googling it is too new for that to have happened already, but there will be a wiki no doubt quite soon to fixi it up ala eeeuser.com wiki11:13
bazhangerr fix11:13
rachael_its exactly the same as the old model - the only difference i the built in 3g modem11:13
=== harry is now known as Guest41676
rachael_anyway if i figure out a no-kernel-recompile solution i'll post it on the forums11:14
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots11:14
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1013895 rachael11:15
bazhangMalic, what version of kubuntu11:22
Malickde 4.2 intrepid11:22
bazhangMalic, and what does top show (in konsole)11:23
Malicbazhang: that plasma is running 90 % of my cpu capacity11:23
vince_salve a tutti11:33
bazhang!it | vince_11:33
ubottuvince_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:33
thori need help11:36
thori've installed updates and now my kubuntu is starting in text mode11:37
thorand i'm not able to start x server11:37
Mamarokthor: what updates to which version?11:37
thoran err message occurs11:37
thorupdates on 8.10 intrepid11:37
Mamarokand what packages have you updated? KDE 4.2.2 I guess...11:38
thori guess so11:39
Mamarokhm, you don't have the error message at hand?11:39
thori have11:39
thorit's telling me this11:39
thorunable to start x session---no "/xxx/.xsession"file, no "/xxx/.Xsession" file, no session managers, no window managers and no terminal emulators found; aborting11:41
thorthats the message11:42
markus_hy everybody11:42
rikkibobbihi there :)11:43
thorwhat can i do to fix this situation ?11:43
thorany idea mamarok?11:47
=== thor is now known as zzz
zzzso is there someone who can help me ?>11:51
Mamarokoops, sry, was afk11:52
zzzmamarok: how can i reinstall kde4 to previous version?11:54
Mamarokzzz: theoretically, yes, the easiest would be to reinstall, works kine if you have a separate /home partition11:55
m477what is channel about wine ?11:57
Tinasonwhats the best way to install an older kernal version?11:57
zzzmamarok: well, i don't have a separate /home partition12:00
zzzi guess i will format the drive and reinstall intrepid12:01
Mamarokzzz: then I don't know how to downgrade, it might me very tricky and in command line only12:01
Mamarokzzz: make sure to make a separate /home partition then, so you don't have to reformat everything12:02
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome12:02
Mamarokand backup your /home before12:02
rikkibobbiIs there any easy way to install flash player with my x86_64 version of kubntu ?12:04
zzzhow i mount an ipod ?12:04
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod12:05
m477how can i upgarde wine ? apt-get upgrade wine ?12:05
bazhangm477, you want the very latest wine? add the wine repos then12:05
appuplzz suggeest a good compression utility for kde other tan ark12:06
m477bazhang: from where i get source link ?12:06
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine m47712:08
m477bazhang:  ok i found12:08
bazhangappu, please dont pm12:09
appuanyone plz, plzz suggeest a good compression utility  that supports .ace extension for kde other tan ark12:12
appusuggeest a good compression utility  that supports .ace extension for kde other tan ark12:15
guillemot_I'm new user12:16
=== roberto is now known as Guest6840
=== ahmed is now known as Guest59428
Guest59428im trying to install VMware-server-2.0.0-122956.i386.tar.gz and i got this message while installing what i have to do from here i dont find this message in manual "12:29
Guest59428None of the pre-built vmci modules for VMware Server is suitable for your12:29
Guest59428running kernel.  Do you want this program to try to buildthe vmci module for12:29
Guest59428your system (you need to have a C compiler installed on your system)? [yes]12:29
Guest59428someone tell me what to do?? or what iis the problem12:35
m477how to mount .img ?12:37
m477i got mount: you must specify the filesystem type after sudo mount -o loop ...12:38
MamarokGuest59428: you need a kernel running vmware support, so if you answer Yes to the above question, it will build the vcmi mosule for you12:46
Mamarokyou will ahve to restart to make it work12:46
Mamarokmodule* even12:46
Mamaroks/ahve/have, sry12:47
Mamarokm477: where is .img located?12:48
Mamarokthis sounds like a hidden folder,nothing one has to mount12:48
m477Mamarok: no12:49
m477Mamarok: it is same folder as console12:49
Mamarokoh, wait, now I understand, you want to mount an image of your system?12:49
Mamarokwhat for?12:49
m477Mamarok: no system it is game :P12:49
m477Mamarok: i cant mount it12:50
Mamarokm477: mount a game?12:51
Mamaroksry, not a clue, you sure this is doable?12:52
Mamaroksounds very strange12:52
m477Mamarok: it is .ccd and .img file12:52
Mamarokm477: as I said, not a clue, didn't even know that one has to mount a game...12:53
m477Mamarok: it is image file so it must be doable12:54
Mamarokdid you read man mount and man losetup?12:54
Mamarokare you sure it is not something you have to install?12:54
m477after mount yes12:55
Mamarokwell, aren't there instructions in some Readme file for that?12:55
Mamarokwell, you will have to have a look at losetup, there is a man page for it12:56
m477Mamarok:  so in your opinion file .img isnt image ?12:57
Mamarokm477: I don't know, where did you get it from, and why aren't there any install instructions?12:58
Mamarokseems weird to me12:58
Mamarokman mount gives the following *generic* instructions to mount an image:12:58
Mamarokmount /tmp/fdimage /mnt -t msdos -o loop=/dev/loop3,blocksize=102412:58
Mamarokyou will have to read man mount12:59
m477what is it12:59
Mamarokm477: what is what?13:00
m477Mamarok: your path13:01
m477which you pasted13:01
Mamarokm477: what I gave above is the *generic* instruction form the mount manual on how to mount an image13:02
m477ok thx13:02
Mamarokand you will have to either read the manpage or ak somebody else, ideally the people where you got that .img file from13:02
m477should i paste it ?13:03
Mamarokm477: no use for me, ask where you got that game from, there must be instructions somehow13:04
TFrogdoes anyone know of a good video explaining the use/configuration of the plasma desktop?  reason i'm asking is i've seen little or no documentation on it as of yet.13:06
m477Mamarok: it is form DC++13:06
MamarokTFrog: check out the videos and screencast made by ASeigo, should be on his blog13:07
TFrogis there a url i can go to?13:07
Mamarokmoment, I'll get it for you13:07
Mamarokm477: I don't know what DC++ is13:07
MamarokTFrog: here it is: http://aseigo.blogspot.com/13:08
marie_blubbhey I try to save a file rsnapshot.conf  over  mcedit but there is always a problem with saving13:08
MamarokTFrog: also, ich you check for KDE plasma videos on google you should get some13:09
TFrogty.  been looking for video eplanation or documentation before i get too involved in KDE 4.  done the googling thing and YouTube as well.  sometimes it's difficult to wade through all the new info13:09
m477Mamarok: it is direct connect13:10
m477Mamarok: and im on 99% sure that it should works13:10
Mamarokm477: yes, but that is for Windows, are you sure it is a Linux game?13:10
LaruftI was looking at the power management settings in kubuntu jaunty.  I have laptop, usually always plugged in,  profile i'm using is default 'performance'  but i notice cpu setting for that profile is dynamic (on demand) - should i change this to performance.   Help didn't explain the differences.13:10
Mamarokm477: again, you will have to ask at the game site, or look for instructions by googling it13:11
domkerI have problem with Bluetooth (Kubuntu 8.10). I added the device (Sony-Ericsson W580i) and brought PIN. Then i changed mode -> discovered. From PC to phone i can transfer files, but from phone to my PC bluetooth connect at moment and disconnect. (device have trusted status), someone can help me?13:11
Mamarokm477: this is beyond the scope of this channel I'm afraid13:11
* TFrog might bbl13:12
LaruftTfrog, theres a few videos on youtube which explain plasma desktop13:13
MamarokLaruft: guess what I told im :)13:14
domkersome idea to resolve my problem with bluetooth?13:14
MamarokLaruft: you can change the powersettings in System Settings -> Advanced Tab13:14
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Mamarokdomker: there is some bug with bluetooth AFAIK, for some people it only works one way13:15
=== pcs1_ is now known as pcs1
Mamarokdomker: no idea how to resolve that13:17
LaruftMamarok, i was just wondering why default performance profile was not using cpu performance setting13:17
m477Mamarok: it isnt linux game , but it sould be mountable isnt it ?13:17
domkerMamarok: thanks - I have to just wait for the update fix it :/13:18
Mamarokm477: you can't play a Windows game dircetly in Linux, eventually with Wine, but again, this is beyond the scope of this channel IMHO13:19
m477Mamarok: so i want mount it to play it in WINE13:20
domkerthis bug is added to bugs.kde.org?13:20
MamarokLaruft: same thing here, it is always Dynamic, even if plugged in, but that works well for me13:20
Larufti'm trying cpu performance setting ... lol,  cos i can13:21
Raylz_any idea why amarok 2 isnt affect when changing volume with kmix?13:21
Raylz_j #amarok13:23
MamarokRaylz_: which version of Amarok? It works fine here with 2.1-SVN, so likely to be fixed in the next release13:23
Raylz_Mamarok: 2.0.2, the current ja8nty package13:23
Mamaroknever heard that TBH, are you sure you change it in the correct channel?13:24
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Larufthow do i see the disk space free via dolphin file manager?   command line would be cool too13:35
kosmofieldhi all, is there a good ftp program (gui) i kubuntu that allows connect and upload of files to a webserver?13:41
SSJ_GZLaruft: df -h for command line13:41
jeltschkosmofield: Just use Konqueror.13:41
jeltschOr maybe also Dolphin.13:41
jeltschKDE supports network transparency from its first version on.13:42
Laruftta ssj13:42
jeltschFilesystems on FTP servers, webservers, etc. can be handled like the local filesystem.13:42
kosmofieldI use kde 3, is there ftp support in konqueror there also13:42
jeltschYou can also open files on FTP servers via file open dialogs in any KDE application.13:43
jeltschkosmofield: Yes, as I said: KDE has network transparency from version 1 on.13:43
kosmofieldok, thanks, I will look at it :)13:43
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Raylz_will amarok 2.1 be shipped with jaunty?13:53
MamarokRaylz_: no, they ship 2.0.213:54
Raylz_Mamarok: hm, so i guess its better to obtain the svn version13:54
Mamarokbut it's likely that 2.1 ends in the backports or some PPA after it's release13:54
Raylz_Mamarok: how stable is it?13:55
MamarokRaylz_: very stable, as there is a beta planned any day now13:55
Raylz_Mamarok: nice :)13:55
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Raylz_cause that kmix issue is a nogo13:55
Raylz_Mamarok: this is the current tree? http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/2.0_Development_HowTo13:58
MamarokRaylz_: yes, but I strongly suggest you do a local install, let me get you the link to the instructions13:59
Raylz_Mamarok: ty13:59
MamarokRaylz_: http://amarok.kde.org/blog/archives/989-Building-Amarok-SVN-in-HOME-An-Update.html14:00
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Mamarokbe aware that you install a SVN version, so it's bleeding edge, but at least you don't break your system as it will install locally only14:00
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Raylz_Mamarok: hm, most of the stuff is for ibex14:04
Raylz_Mamarok: i get the deps for compiling and try to build it from svn14:04
KomiaPoikausing kde3 packages from launchpad on intrepid. i cant resolve this apt-get problem: http://www.pastebin.ca/138176014:05
Raylz_Mamarok: i dont think the have hard deps on mysql 5.114:05
KomiaPoikaanyone care to look at it pls?14:05
KomiaPoikaapt-get -f install doesnt fix it14:06
MamarokRaylz_: you should ask in #amarok anyway, this belongs there14:07
Raylz_Mamarok: aye14:08
MamarokKomiaPoika: are you sure you need these packages and not the kde4 ones?14:09
KomiaPoikaMamarok: yes i want kde3 in kubuntu 8.1014:09
KomiaPoikai setup launchpad packages for it14:09
KomiaPoikai dont know how to force install the missing packages14:10
MamarokKomiaPoika: you have no kde4?14:10
KomiaPoikaMamarok: i dont want it14:10
KomiaPoikaits still installed tho14:10
Mamarokbecause this might get you in trouble with KDE4 packages if you overwrite those14:10
KomiaPoikaso, how do i deleted all kde4 packages except kdm4?14:11
Mamarokand you can't have both on the same system AFAIK14:11
mweichertI'm trying out Kubuntu for the first time. I haven't used KDE since 2.0. It's changed quite a bit. I'm trying to figure out how to set key bindings, specifically to switch between desktops (workspaces)14:12
MamarokKomiaPoika: well, this is not supported in Intrepid anymore, so you might have a look at Google to find some workaround14:12
MamarokKomiaPoika: did you search the forum?14:12
KomiaPoikathe forum only explains how to install kde314:12
MamarokKomiaPoika: so you only want to know how to overwrite packages, right?14:13
KomiaPoikayes i wanna fix my kde3 and i dont care if kde4 is messed up14:14
MamarokKomiaPoika: sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/thepackageyouwanttoinstall*.deb14:14
MamarokKomiaPoika: just take the lines in the pastebin you made14:15
KomiaPoikaok i just did dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/python-kde3-kde3_3.16.0-0ubuntu4_amd64.deb14:15
Mamarokmweichert: does Ctrl+Fn not work?14:15
KomiaPoikaand i got http://www.pastebin.ca/138176814:16
Mamarokn being the number of your desktop14:16
mweichertMamarok: yes, that works. Where is this configured? How do I go to 'next desktop' ?14:16
MamarokKomiaPoika: try to run sudo dpkg --configure -a before14:17
Mamarokmweichert: check the System Settings14:17
KomiaPoikaMamarok: good, now i could force install14:18
mweichertMamarok: yes, I'm there. I'm in Keyboard -> Global Keyboard Shortcuts14:19
Mamarokmweichert: in Keyboard ¬ Mouse14:19
Mamarokmweichert: if you have Desktop Effects activated, there are other shortcuts14:20
mweichertyes, sorry - "Keyboard & Mouse"14:20
mweichertI have desktop effects enables... but cannot find shortcuts for switching between workspaces14:20
KomiaPoikaMamarok: now i get: http://www.pastebin.ca/138177214:20
Mamarokmweichert: you can change the settings in the Tab "All Effects", go to the button with the tool on it14:21
MamarokKomiaPoika: same as before14:21
Mamarokok, folks, I have to go, bbl14:21
KomiaPoikaok now it worked out14:23
juliohello, someone knows a program to see 12 bits images on linux?14:25
psycoanyone here decent with cairo dock?14:25
psyconvm fixed it XD14:26
henry_BRIf I have a fold not permited to I read,execute or write: "---" But inside the fold there are files with permition: -rx  for me.. Can I read this file??? how could I do it? if I'm not permited to read the fold where the file is14:27
BluesKaj'Morning folks14:32
andrew_Hi there! Please help me with the problem: sound disappeared after auto-updates14:37
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andrew__Hello. Please help me with sound: It stops working from some moment14:43
yoritomohello all14:47
balandongivhelo guys14:47
balandongivjus try this14:47
yoritomoi just reinstalled kubuntu , too many damage to be restored14:47
yoritomoi did sudo ./lexmark-inkjet-08-driver-1.0-1.i386.deb.sh --target /lexmark to extract but i get a command not found how comes ? before to reinstall it worked fine14:49
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wizkoderwhat do I use for kitchensync? can't find it in the repo anymore15:01
robinWhy is it so hard to get flash to work on 64bit platform? ;c15:08
wizkodergot bluetooth connection with opensync to my phone. but it seems it only supports evolution2?15:23
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genjixhey guys15:34
genjixim trying to guide a friend to install linux15:34
genjixhe has locked ntfs partitions15:35
genjixhow can they be viewed?15:35
genjixobv i dont want him to install linux then not be able to view the files on the other partition cos its encrypted15:35
genjixdoes he need to backup his data first?15:35
genjixthen we change to ext3?15:36
=== root is now known as Yamato_PoOter
moniquecan anyone there help me out?15:41
jussi01!ask | monique15:42
ubottumonique: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:42
moniquei just install kubuntu 9.04 in my powerpc15:42
moniquebut it's got lots of problems15:42
jussi01genjix: if they are locked he just needs to shutdown windows correctly...15:42
jussi01monique: #ubuntu+1 for jaunty support15:43
genjixjussi01: its some hal related error15:43
genjixso could it be missing ntfs support?15:43
genjixon the livecd i mean15:43
jussi01genjix: intrepid or jaunty?15:44
jussi01genjix: can you give the exact error?15:44
genjixwell its jumbled cos im viewing it through kdes remote desktop viewer15:44
genjixi think im gonna start a ssh session and explore15:44
moniquei cant actualizar15:45
genjixis there anyway to get a passwordless login? if i install openssh-server15:45
genjixand start it15:45
genjixhow can i log in without an account?15:45
jussi01monique: do you need support in a different language?15:45
dthackergenjix: you can use ssh keys to eliminate the password prompt.  Is this for a command line login?15:46
* dthacker rummages around15:48
genjixthanks a lot :)15:48
dthackergenjix: Have a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-30709.html15:49
genjixthank you15:50
dthackernp, pass it on...15:50
sevillaalguien me puede decir como agregar servidores en el konversation????15:51
dthacker!es | sevilla15:52
ubottusevilla: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.15:52
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mkargarHow to install digikam-kde4 in kubuntu interpid?15:57
mkargarHow to install digikam-kde4 in kubuntu interpid?16:00
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|PaperTiger|Is there a way to install windows in a virtual PC?16:03
|PaperTiger|So I can use Windows programs16:03
=== a is now known as chatman
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications16:03
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help16:04
|PaperTiger|What would you suggest?16:04
jeiworth|PaperTiger|: yes, just install virtualbox16:04
bazhang|PaperTiger|, check those two options16:04
|PaperTiger|WINE doesn't work too well.16:04
bazhangwhich app16:04
|PaperTiger|It's a Microcontroller program16:05
bazhangthen virtualbox-ose16:05
|PaperTiger|Virtual box will run Windows within Linux, then I can run any windows program, right?16:06
bazhangnot so much 3D apps no.16:06
|PaperTiger|Is that because it uses the Linux graphics stuff?16:07
jeiworthanyone here already using quassel? i am having problems connecting to my bnc since it requires login when connected in the type of: /quote pass blablabla but it doesn't seem to send the command when i configure it in the network settings and quassel keeps the input-field greyed out...16:07
bazhangnot really, though they have advanced it doesnt work well with 3D16:07
|PaperTiger|Fair enough. Adept for Virtual Box?16:08
jeiworthyes, viruealbox is in the repos16:08
bazhangsudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose16:08
|PaperTiger|k, thanks16:09
|PaperTiger|E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)16:10
|PaperTiger|E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:10
tanjir|PaperTiger|: close all the stuffs you opened to install... u can run only one instance of installer of any kind16:10
bazhangare you running another instance of apt?16:11
|PaperTiger|Makes sense... lol16:11
|PaperTiger|Virtual Hard disk. What does it mean by hard disk image?16:15
|PaperTiger|I need to use my Windows install disk, don't I?16:17
jeiworth<|PaperTiger|> I need to use my Windows install disk, don't I? <-- you can also use an iso-image to speed things up16:20
BluesKaj|PaperTiger|,  Remove pkg manager lockup 'sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock ' #then remove broken dependencies 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'16:21
Raylz_is there a #kubuntu+1 or all in #ubuntu+1?16:24
UnksiRaylz_: all in there16:24
|PaperTiger|jeiworth, don't have an ISO image16:24
jeiworth|PaperTiger|: well, then disk is it, or you make an iso ;)16:25
Raylz_did you do an update today already?16:25
|PaperTiger|jeiworth, disk. It's easier.16:25
Raylz_i heard in #ubuntu+1 about borken python packages16:25
Raylz_today python updates came in16:25
Raylz_so im not knowing wether to update16:25
jeiworthRaylz_: dunno but it did upgrade some python packages today16:26
=== ahmed is now known as Guest30763
|PaperTiger|While I'm waiting for Winblows to set up, is there a way to NOT group task bar items?16:26
Raylz_runs so well, im pretty aware of updates :)16:26
jeiworthRaylz_: well, since i already have them installed you want me to test something?16:27
Mamarok|PaperTiger|: right click on the task bar, you will see...16:30
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|PaperTiger|Mamarok, found it. I looked in the wrong place.16:34
=== `-` is now known as nathan7
moniqueis fedora good for powerpc?16:36
toborHi, I'm on Kubuntu 6.06 LTS, and I just changed monitors. Everytime I set the size and refresh rate using the system setting menu, it resets each time i log out.  What do i have to do to make the change permanent?16:44
ubottuRemember that every time you hit refresh, Canonical is wasting money, bandwidth, and CPU time serving your request instead of doing useful things like uploading the image or paying for ShipIt disks.  Please do so sparingly.16:45
toborWhut? :)16:46
genjixhey :)16:49
|PaperTiger|Oh, how I hate Windows... It's installed.16:53
|PaperTiger|I think that's the quickest ever Windows install XD16:53
anassHi , i had a 3G connexion and i successefely configure it with wvdial but now i want to automate it with a knetworkManager can i do it?16:54
mkargari want change my audio system to ALSA!how to?(I use kubuntu 8.10!)17:00
mkargarplease help me!17:02
Guest30763i have 1 partition ntfs and other fat32 i use ntfs3g and ntfs-config for  ntfs i cannt read any the name of files or folder written in arabic on fat32 partition and cannt copy or move it but i can in ntfs partition and tried to edit fat32 paramaters for fat32 but i didnt find it in fstab17:06
TheGentlemanHello. Can Anyone have a look at this ? http://pastebin.com/m752b835717:15
TheGentlemanit is the output i get when attempting to connect to a wifi network using wicd17:16
TheGentlemanthe same wicd works fine connected to a cable LAN17:16
TheGentlemano.s. is kubuntu 8.0417:16
TheGentlemanit seems there is something wrong with D-bus or something Python... but I'm no expert at all about those17:17
TheGentlemanI do not think it is really a wicd problem, for i tried it after realizing i was unable to make knetworkmanager work17:18
Mr_Grieves|Does anyone know when qt 4.5.0 will be available for 8.10?17:23
=== k4v is now known as m4v
andrius_I've tried to update kde in intrepid but I'm sure I did something wrong, my plasma workspace is blank, I cannot add any plasmoid etc.. any idea?17:27
andrius_even Xine died17:28
BluesKajandsrius , how did you upgrade ?17:34
BluesKajerr andrius_17:35
andrius_I tried with apt-get17:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cURL17:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libcurl17:38
mkargari want change my audio system to ALSA!how to?(I use kubuntu 8.10!)17:39
Legohey guys i installed glype proxy, and it says it requires cURL/libcurl. so i installed curl with apt-get install curl and it installed fine, but when i refresh the web page it still says it requires cURL/libcurl did i install the wrong thing?17:39
andrius_I've tried apt-getting kdebase-workspace, kubuntu-desktop and some other package17:39
Legoit finds the php version fine17:40
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mkargari want change my audio system to ALSA!how to?(I use kubuntu 8.10!)17:41
AndriusBluesKaj, what packages shall I install to restore plasma?17:42
BluesKajAndrius,  have you checked out : http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2.2  ?17:43
mkargarplease help me17:44
AndriusBluesKaj, I'm going to check it...17:46
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.17:46
=== markus_ is now known as group5_MD
Mr_Grieves|Is there a place to search for ppa's?17:48
Mr_Grieves|Surely one of them has qt-4.5.0 in them...17:48
Andriusmkargar, have you tried sudo apt-get install alsa?17:48
mkargarAndrius:it installed!how to change it from systemsettings?17:50
Andriusisn't it available in systemsettings?17:50
mkargarAndrius:which section?17:51
mkargarAndrius:in the which section/17:51
mkargarAndrius:i checked!it installed!17:52
AndriusComputer Administration | Multimedia -> backend tab17:53
BluesKajmkargar,  in the terminal type ' alsamixer ', make sure the Master, PCM, Line & CD are all unmuted ,by using the "M" key17:53
AndriusBluesKaj, update-notifier-kde -d has no effect17:57
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mkargarBluesKaj:all unmuted!17:57
XPS_M1330did KDE 4.2.2 just come out in the repos?17:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glype18:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glypeproxyt18:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glypeproxy18:02
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".18:02
nflavaanyone know why sometimes my taskbar disappears until i take my pointer over it?18:05
AndriusBluesKaj, I'm trying an apt-get upgrade18:05
nflavathis is a new install from just the other day18:05
etricits the autohide feature nflava18:05
nflavawell it doesnt totally disappera18:06
nflavajust parts18:06
nflavaits odd cause i have a fairly decent pc too18:08
nflavaOS: WinXP Professional 5.1 SP2 (Build #2600) CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3700+, 2.20 GHz, 1024KB Video: Direct3D HAL (1680x1050x32bpp 109hz) Sound: dmix:0 Memory: Used: 625/1002MB Uptime: 13h 2m 48s HD: Free: 51.92 GB/62.69 GB Connection: eth0 @ 0 bps (Rec: 293.87MB Sent: 2165.88MB)18:08
nflavai bet its my video driver18:09
nflavai had to use some dirrerent one that kubuntu suggested18:09
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ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!18:26
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nephilushow do you open the sources list in kubuntu?18:33
XPS_M1330do you guys have that bug with the task manager that won't  split windows in 2 rows (when max rows = 2) unless you use the "force max rows" option?18:36
nephilushow do you add a panel?18:41
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vigneshHi All18:57
vigneshI use kubuntu 8.10, I have installed the deb package from adobe site, but still cant play flash file in konqueror18:57
vigneshdo I need to do anything else18:57
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shock_day13hey fellows19:05
shock_day13does anyone know how to upgrade from kde 4.1 to kde 4.2.219:06
shock_day13hey xavier19:08
shock_day13do you know how to upgrade from kde 4.1 to kde 4.2.219:08
xaviershock_day13:  ola19:08
xaviershock_day13 no se ingles19:09
=== natschil_ is now known as natschil
w-heatshock_day13: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2.219:14
snakedoghi, how can i setup an account that has practically no priveliges, i only want to use it for ssh tunneling19:14
CPrgmSwR2I cannot believe how well linux is working on my labtop19:14
CPrgmSwR2With the exception of sleep/hibranate, everything else seems to be working19:15
=== hfsdo_ is now known as hfsdo
cybernet-servidoajuda sobre jogos alguem pode me informa19:17
=== khaled_ is now known as Shesma
Shesmahi there19:34
ShesmaI have a question19:34
ShesmaI have installed KDE 4.1 on ubuntu and i have some errors and crazy things are going19:34
Shesmai need to reinstall it to the latest version 4.2.219:35
Shesmacan you refer me to documentation or help me please19:35
w-heatShesma: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2.219:47
w-heatoh, you've gone19:47
w-heatnice patience19:47
ubuntuim running the kubuntu 9.04 beta live, i was trying to install nvidia drivers... but there came up an empty error window19:51
ubuntuwhy? and will it work when kubuntu 9.04 is releases?19:51
ubuntuanyone here?19:52
shock_day13does anyone know how to upgrade from kde 4.1 to kde 4.2.219:54
agashock_day13: i think you need to add a repository, then you will have the packages19:55
agai may try to find it in more detail19:56
shock_day13which repository?19:57
agai think the one i added was ppa.launchpad...19:57
agajust let me try to find the guide to do it19:57
agai am so bad to reproduce what i have done before19:58
agai do things, then i forget how i did it ;)19:58
louis_can someone explain to me how i can enter the gay channel20:00
shock_day13thnx a lot20:01
agano problem shock_day13 :)20:01
shock_day13i'll give it a try20:01
agait's easy... i managed :))))20:01
agaif you need anything just come and ask20:01
agalouis_:  you know the name already? should be enough with /join #channelname20:02
shock_day13so u r using kde 4.2.2 currently?20:02
agayeap shock_day13 from today morning20:02
agait is already in the repos20:02
shock_day13k cool20:02
agaat least appeared for me today morning, dunno when they added it20:03
shock_day13im using kubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.120:04
shock_day13and i wanted to upgrade to 4.220:04
=== DarthFrog_ is now known as DarthFrog
shock_day13today morning i got the news that 4.2.2 is released20:04
draik_Good day everyone!20:04
agayep... follow the steps on that link... it will upgrade20:04
shock_day13so i couldnt stop myself20:04
agaonce you finish, you will probably have it20:05
agahi albi and hi draik_20:05
draik_Hello aga20:05
albii have a problem: i'm trying to upgrad intrepid to jaunty but i get the following error:20:06
shock_day13hey draik, hey albi20:06
albi"trying to install blacklisted version python2.6_2.6.1..."20:07
draik_Hello shock_day1320:07
albithe window will close and nothing has been changed20:07
shock_day13hey albi are you a programmer or a developer?20:08
albi..i think i am a user20:08
shock_day13then dont upgrade to jaunty yet20:09
shock_day13its a beta release20:09
shock_day13which has many bugs20:09
albii know20:09
albiits just a try20:09
albiits not on my main machine20:09
agaalbi:  for jaunty issues the best place is #ubuntu+120:09
DarthFrogalbi: Upgrades from Intrepid to Jaunty are shut off right now, until the Python issue is resolved.20:10
albioh ok20:10
ross_can anyone tell me what I should be using for my nick server?20:11
albithat must be the actual problem20:11
shock_day13and anyways you'll have to wait for only 18 more days b4 the official relese20:11
albiyes i know ^^20:12
agahmm your nick server ross_??20:12
albibut a project will start at my school in two weeks20:12
ross_I had a nick registered with a nick server, and whenever I logged in here, it automatically used my nick, but I had to rebuild my system and I've lost those settings...20:13
albiand i have to decide which ubuntu version to use20:13
shock_day13well kubuntu is the best20:14
shock_day13ubuntu is very simple to use though20:14
albii mean intrepid or jaunty? but i'm sure that it's going to be kde20:15
shock_day13oh ok20:15
shock_day13hey aga did upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2 deleted your previous applications and all?20:16
agai always use the last release which is not too old or just released... after the official release i give it a month or so, and then i upgrade20:16
agahmm not that i have noticed shock_day13... everything is there, but you won't be able to use any previous widget20:16
agafrom  kde 4.120:16
agaseems they are not compatible or something20:16
shock_day13but there will be new ones right?20:16
agayeap but not exactly the same new ones...20:17
ross_I don't remember what20:17
agaaha ross_ then maybe you ccan go to #freenode and ask the staff to make a sendpass... i guess they should be able20:17
shock_day13the widgets tht i use are analog clock, dictionary, calculator, luna and garfield comic strip20:17
agato send a password to your registration email20:18
agahmmm i don't use any of those shock_day13 it may happen they won't work20:18
agai can give a try if you want to20:18
shock_day13well it's worth taking that risk20:18
agai can tell you, kde 4.2.2 is really nice20:18
agai miss my picture frame but well... more was lost in the war i guess20:19
shock_day13yup it is20:19
shock_day13i have used it with opensuse 11.120:19
shock_day13hey aga what are plasmoids?20:20
agaplasmoids = widgets20:20
shock_day13oh ok20:20
Mr_Grieves|Hrm, I just updated to KDE 4.2.2, and now the keyboard doesn't work in KDE20:21
Mr_Grieves|It works in ratpoison and in the VT's20:21
Mr_Grieves|Any ideas of what could be missing from kde that would do this?20:21
agahi alin20:23
shock_day13hey alin20:23
illmortalDoes anyone know why after installing Kubuntu, grub doesn't work? After installing Kubuntu or even Ubuntu none of them won't show up on a OS list, instead Windows just loads directly20:23
alinsomebody tell me why i can't browse t the internet with konqueror20:24
agawindows... xp or vista?20:24
agahi francisco20:24
alinit looks like it founds the sites but no display20:24
shock_day13your grub must've been not configured properly during installation20:25
agai have no idea alin never used konqueror20:25
illmortalshock_day13, was I not supposed to create a "/boot" partition and also a "/" partition?20:25
agahappens with every website? (i.e)20:25
alinonly /20:25
agahmm no illmortal you dont create the /boot partition20:25
shock_day13well usually i create a / partition only20:26
agagoogle included alin?20:26
shock_day13try doing that20:26
alinit founds them but doesn't display20:26
illmortalHm... well I tried / partition and /boot partition and both failed :(20:26
agaillmortal:  i create a / and i think i do not set the flag bootable on it20:26
alinfirst use worked fine20:26
agabut it has been really long time since i had dual boot last time20:26
alinbut after20:27
illmortalaga, should windows be on a separate HDD?... no right? No difference20:27
agaalin:  just a little tip...is easier for the people around if you just try to explane your problem at the same time in a line (no matter how long)20:27
shock_day13it wont make any difference20:27
agahmmmm in a separate partition, yes20:27
agabut not in a separate hdd20:27
agai think the problem is on how you're setting it up from the partitioner... i think i never give the flag bootable to /20:28
agaand i am really sure i never created /boot20:28
shock_day13alin try creating only / and swap partitions20:29
agaillmortal:  mind showing your fstab?20:29
alini have / and swap only20:29
agayou can put it in pastebin20:29
agahttp://pastebin.org i think20:29
alinmaybe i sould install mozilla to see how it works20:30
shock_day13then wht abt /boot?20:30
shock_day13oh sorry alin20:30
shock_day13that message was for illmortal20:30
draik_I'm not sure what is happening, but I keep losing the connection to my Internet (wired) on my desktop.20:31
draik_Only resolution is restarting the computer20:31
draik_Is there a way around this?20:31
shock_day13i had the same problem with suse20:32
shock_day13so i switched to kubuntu20:32
yoritomohello all20:33
alinrepo for mozilla?anybody20:33
draik_shock_day13: No solution found?20:33
draik_Hello yoritomo20:33
draik_!info mozilla20:33
agaalin:  in a terminal apt-cache search mozilla20:33
ubottumozilla (source: seamonkey): dummy upgrade package for the SeaMonkey Internet Suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.15+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.10.2 (intrepid), package size 10 kB, installed size 84 kB20:33
agayou will find all packages related20:33
agaid rather do apt-cache search firefox20:34
agathat will narrow a bit the results i think20:34
agatime to sleep :)20:34
shock_day13adios aga20:34
agahasta lueguito ;)20:34
yoritomoi reinstalled kubuntu and after installation of nvidia driver big roblem on reboot, logon screen sreen off, after ctrl-alt-+ coming back, but when kde launching kwin error with this message:20:34
yoritomosomebody can help me  ?20:35
illmortalaga, unfortunately because I cannot log into Kubuntu, I cannot gain access to that.20:35
=== mario_ is now known as mario__
illmortalnight aga.20:36
mario__I am new using Kubuntu20:37
shock_day13welcome to the club mario20:37
yoritomosomebody checked my log ? it is short20:38
illmortalCan anyone assist me on getting grub to work so that I can get a list of OS to choose from? I can't access Kubuntu nor the partition it's on.20:41
yoritomosee the link above to pastebin20:43
shock_day13illmortal try installing kubuntu again20:43
shock_day13and this time create only / and swap partitions20:43
illmortalI've installed Ubuntu on / partition and it still doesn't load =\ so I tried /boot + / partition and still no go, shock_day1320:44
shock_day13and dont do any changes to bootloader20:44
illmortalWait... I need to create a swap partition?... I have 16gb of ram20:44
illmortalyeah.. that's why I don't make a swap partition... unless it's manditory?20:45
OutoLumoIt's not mandatory.20:45
mkargarhello!how to change Audio system to alsa from way ''systemsettings''?i using Kubuntu 8.10 by kde 4.1!20:46
alini can't install firefox via apt-get20:46
draik_alin: Did you use sudo?20:46
draik_What the error message?20:46
illmortalI use the manual not guided, I choose the slave HDD (primary HDD is my storage HDD) and try to install it on the 3rd partition of the slave HDD20:46
OutoLumoCan't be, as ubuntu is installeable on an USB-stick, where the swap is defined to be /tmpfs, i.e. RAM20:46
OutoLumoor something, I don't recall the details offhand20:47
illmortaleh... I'm gonna attempt to install Kubuntu again =\20:48
alintells me it's already latest version but no mozilla in my computer20:48
glickhow can i create an archive in kubuntU?20:48
glickim trying to zip up a filder20:48
glickyou would think that right clicking on it would have an option to zip it20:49
mkargarhello!how to change Audio system to alsa from way ''systemsettings''?i using Kubuntu 8.10 by kde 4.1!20:50
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP320:50
glickanyone know how i can creat a zip file out of a folder?20:53
glickseems i cant use ark cause it doesnt support folders20:53
mkargarubottu:''Enable the sound system''???!20:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:54
mkargarhello!how to change Audio system to alsa from way ''systemsettings''?i using Kubuntu 8.10 by kde 4.1!20:59
alinhi again21:04
alin i solved my problem with konqueror21:07
alini desabled cache21:07
LeeJunFanI'm looking for a simple GUI tool that can record webcam and audio to avi (etc), I've tried cheese and camstream, neither works.21:13
wizardslovakhello people21:28
wizardslovaki m bored as hell today , wonder what i can do on kubuntu lolz21:29
=== coreymon_ is now known as coreymon77
yoritomosomebody uses a nvidia fx5200 under ubuntu using the driver 173 ?21:31
wizardslovaki used to use it but i dont remember what driver i had21:32
wizardslovakit worked fine21:32
yoritomome i have a big bug on kwin with this driver :( on generic it is ok21:33
yoritomodo you still have a copy of your xorg.conf ? could help21:33
wizardslovaknah man i wish i can help you, as i said i had i loong time ago21:34
yoritomoho ok thanks anyway21:34
wizardslovaki remember i was getting driver with apt-get21:34
=== yaa__ is now known as yaa_
yoritomobut here it was provided by the proprietary driver utility21:36
wizardslovak!info nvidia21:37
ubottuPackage nvidia does not exist in intrepid21:37
wizardslovak!info fx520021:37
ubottuPackage fx5200 does not exist in intrepid21:37
yoritomoin fact it is driver nvidia 17321:38
draik_!info envy21:38
ubottuPackage envy does not exist in intrepid21:38
ubottuEnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia drivers, which can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" or "envyng-qt". It is NOT a supported method to install them; please only use it at your own risks if standard methods fail - See !nVidia21:38
yoritomoit is my xorg.conf http://pastebin.com/d72aa516a21:40
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:45
=== Laruft|AFK is now known as Laruft
psycohey, how do i get my ntfs partition to auto mount on boot?21:48
yoritomothanks wizardslovak21:51
Raylzwhen can we expect kde 4.2.3 packages to arrive?21:57
rachael_prolly when theyve stopped messing around with kde windoze21:58
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=== XenaLinuxPrinces is now known as XenaLinuxPrincss
haakonnam i the only one for whom the kde panel freezes 5-6 times a day in kde 4.2.2 (and older)? i've tried removing stuff from the panel to isolate the problem, but nothing helps. it's really annoying because the clock also freezes so in my head i'm often "losing" several hours before i notice it has frozen. to restart it, i right-click it to trigger a crash+restart. #kde people have never seen this and suggest it's a packaging issue. help?22:05
XenaLinuxPrincssnope - sorry. the only freezes ive had have been due to other issues22:06
haakonnthe freezes seem to happen randomly and not being triggered by anything obvious22:06
XenaLinuxPrincssits only happened to me during/after a failed update22:08
haakonni see22:08
XenaLinuxPrincssif that helps22:08
haakonnprobably not related22:09
XenaLinuxPrincssprobably not22:11
yoritomoIchigo` c'est un driver capricieux22:11
agahaakonn:  i had the same after the update, try disabling all plasmoids and using only kde 4.2.2 ones22:11
agacheck if that helps22:11
agayou can leave the panel and the folderview... those work for sure.22:12
agaif it's not that. you may want to try killing and restarting plasma...22:12
haakonnwould i have plasmoids that are not 4.2.2?22:14
agawell haakonn i really do not know if it's the same issue.. but any plasmoid prior to 4.2.2 causes my panel to freeze and i need to restart x to get it back22:14
haakonnah, sounds different. i can just pkill plasma or even just right-click the panel22:15
agai can do all that, just the panel is frozen22:15
haakonnwhich makes it actually crash so it restarts itself22:15
agarestart x is faster for me when i got fed up :p22:15
haakonnthat's too annoying :)22:16
agawell just log in log out ... sort of22:16
agai can still change windows with alt+tab and so on... just the panel is dead22:16
haakonnthat's not "just". i have all my windows and work open, takes time to reconstruct that :)22:16
agai would give a shot to use only 4.2.2 plasmoids and check if it improves22:17
agaapart of restart or not restart x ;)22:17
haakonnwell i don't think i have any non-4.2.2 plasmoids22:17
agaare you using any plasmoid you were using before the update?22:17
agabecause i can see all the old ones in add widgets22:18
Mr_Grieves|Hrm I added a bad repo by mistake and installed some packages that screwed up my system.22:18
haakonnyes, but after the update i restarted X22:18
Mr_Grieves|Nothing too bad, I've been able to roll back most of the packages.22:18
agadoesn't matter haakonn, plasmoids from 4.2.1 are not compatible with 4.2.222:18
Mr_Grieves|But there are still a few packages left that are causing problems, and I can't find them.22:19
haakonnaga:  but i would think my 4.2.1 plasmoids got updated to 4.2.2, no? they are just standard plasmoids, nothing third-party or anything22:19
Mr_Grieves|I've removed the repo, and the packages from it show "now" where the repo's name would be.22:19
agahmm they should haakonn but for some reason, they don't22:19
Mr_Grieves|Is there a way to search for all the packages with the "now" tag?22:19
agathat's why the guys in #kde suggest a bad package issue22:19
haakonnaga:  interesting, thanks22:20
agawhich i am not sure if its true or not, but that's what leads them to that conclusion... i just know what that link says22:20
aga no problem haakonn22:20
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agai do not even know if everybody's having issues either22:21
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Mr_Grieves|Any ideas?22:25
Mr_Grieves|Since this happened my keyboard has stopped working in kde22:26
myselftion_someone can help me?22:26
Mr_Grieves|still works in x (e.g. ratpoison22:26
agamyselftion_:  just state your question... whoever knows will answer22:26
Mr_Grieves|just not inside kde :(22:26
agaMr_Grieves|:  maybe try to move the kde folder... and see what happens?22:26
Mr_Grieves|aga -- will try.22:26
agai do not know if it's gonna help but it's not gonna harm for sure22:26
myselftion_wanna download some elinks from firefox but when i click on them, they ask me the sooftware i wanna use, but i dont' know where transmission is :S22:27
agamyselftion_:  you cannot use elinks with transmission...22:27
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agayou can check where something is just writing whereis 'whatever' in a terminal (changing 'whatever' for what you're looking for)22:29
myselftion_wanna download some elinks from firefox but when i click on them, they ask me the sooftware i wanna use, but i dont' know where transmission is :S22:29
yoritomoIchigo` ha après quelques lecture je pense a une chose, ma carte a deux port, un vga et un "hdmi c'est ca?"  est ce que l'image ne se mettrait pas sur le deuxième connecteur ? par une option ou l'autre?22:30
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr22:30
yoritomosorry i mistaked chan22:30
aganp :)22:30
myselftion_yorito qu'est-ce que tu veux savoir?22:31
myselftion_aga! i'm victorª!22:31
myselftion_aga! i'm victor! ^^22:31
agahi :)22:31
yoritomoi have a nvidia graphic adapter, fx5200 if i install the 173 driver i get a black screen on restart22:32
myselftion_c mieu si tu parles franC22:32
yoritomomaybe an option switch the display to the numeric plug?22:32
agawe don't really speak french here myselftion_...22:32
agatry to keep the english as much as possible or join #ubuntu-fr22:33
agano idea yoritomo never had to fight with nvidia sorry22:33
myselftion_aga ii've finnally taken gnome ;) i find the way to make it nice and beautiful ^^22:33
agait's all about taste i guess22:33
thebe200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.22:37
thebe150 Ok to send data.22:37
thebenetout: Connection reset by peer22:37
thebe451 Failure writing to local file.22:37
thebewhat is the cause of this problem??22:37
thebecould you help me??22:37
Mr_Grieves|aga: that fixed it -- the .kde/share/config folder in particular.22:38
agawell Mr_Grieves| glad it did... it was kind of a blind shot ;)22:39
Mr_Grieves|I'm going to start randomly moving files from that folder until I find the one that's causing the problem.22:39
Mr_Grieves|Any ideas which one it may be? ;)22:39
agahahahah Mr_Grieves| no more ideas sorry :p22:39
Mr_Grieves|This is going to be a loooong day...22:39
agaheheh night on my place :p22:40
agai'll be gone to sleep within 10 minutes... it's already been a loooong day for me22:40
fyni upgraded and it killed my sound, it was weeks ago and i haven't bothered dealing with it so now it's harder to determine which but i think it was going to 4.2.0, maybe phonon did something there?  what happens is that mplayer smokes off kde's access to sound in some awesome way where even restarting alsa doesn't fix it.  how do i make other sound systems die and everything just use dmix so it's simple and works?  i could turn off arts, can i turn off pho22:42
Mr_Grieves|Well, it's something that starts with ka*. That narrows it down quite a bit...22:42
agacurious how you got to know that Mr_Grieves|22:42
KomiaPoikahow do i turn off powerdevil22:44
Mr_Grieves|aga -- cd ~/.kde/share/config; mkdir tmp; mv ka* tmp; sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart22:44
Mr_Grieves|Figured I'd just kill off a bunch of files at once...22:44
Mr_Grieves|it was kaccessrc, fwiw :)22:44
agahehehe Mr_Grieves| i didn't follow but i'm glad you can type ;)22:45
fynanyone have a bunch of sound issues due to upgrades these past few weeks?22:46
Mr_Grieves|basically moved everything that started with ka in kde's config directory to a new folder and started kde to see if it'd work.22:46
agayes but why ka?22:46
agai just suggested to move the whole kde dir, so i am curious how did you got to find out it was something starting by ka*22:47
agahowever, it's time to sleep22:48
Mr_Grieves|Well, first I moved .kde, then I put it back and only moved .kde/config.22:48
agaso you have narrowed little by little :)22:48
Mr_Grieves|When that fixed the problem, I knew the problem was with some file in .kde/config, and rather than move the hundreds of files one by one, I did it the lazy way :)22:48
Mr_Grieves|in chuncks, alphabetically :)22:49
agawell thanks god it was not starting by kz :P22:49
Mr_Grieves|g'night aga -- thanks for the tip :)22:49
agano problem glad to be helpful :)22:49
aganight night22:49
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kbittinhi i got a question how do i check what Kubuntu version iam on in an easy way?23:00
thebe200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.23:03
thebe553 Could not create file.23:03
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thebethis is the error message during ftp upload, what should be the cause??23:04
thebeplease let me know23:04
x_linkIs there any command I can use to find out which version of Kubuntu I'm using?23:10
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XenaLinuxPrincssit lists it in grub at boot if you go into the menu23:11
x_linkBut shouldn't it be a command I can use?23:11
kbittini fixed it :)23:12
wizardslovakso 've decided ill learn mysql23:16
wizardslovaki want to edit my conf file "gedit /etc/mysql/mt/cnf" i am getting error --->gtk-warning cannot open display23:16
wizardslovakany ideas??23:16
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code23:17
wizardslovakjoin ubuntuserver23:20
wizardslovakjoin #ubuntu-server23:21
thebe200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.23:27
thebe553 Could not create file.23:27
thebehow 2 solve?23:27
austin2I acually use Ubuntu23:28
BenPAhi everyone ... I have an Kubuntu issue23:30
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Guest3046help I am a big noob23:36
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draik_My Internet connection keeps dropping on the desktop. What would be the cause of this?23:41
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draik_I'm noticing that it occurs mostly during constant downloads like updates from the repos and even a constant download of a file (XP SP2 and 3 for someone's desktop).23:46
tweakedehWhere could I go to get a password hash cracked? I've had john running all night and got nothing23:51
BenPAhi everyone ... I have an Kubuntu issue  ... this was a joke folks the issue is that I have no issues at the moment23:51
floreshi, i've just installed kubuntu and updating it now, what should i do after that?23:55

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