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BUGabundohey some one help here00:34
BUGabundo$ bzr push lp:~bugabundo/network-manager/mobile-broadband-provider-info/mobile-broadband-provider-info00:34
BUGabundobzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/~bugabundo/network-manager/mobile-broadband-provider-info/mobile-broadband-provider-info": : Cannot create branch at '/~bugabundo/network-manager/mobile-broadband-provider-info/mobile-broadband-provider-info'00:34
BUGabundowhat am I doing wrong?00:34
jkakarBUGabundo: Take out the last "/mobile-broadband-provider-info".00:35
jkakarBUGabundo: The format is lp:~<username>/<project>/<branch name>00:35
BUGabundothanks jkakar00:36
jkakarBUGabundo: My pleasure.00:36
BUGabundonow I need to request a merge to the correct place00:36
BUGabundoI tried it earlier, but asac said I used the wrong place00:37
BUGabundoit seems, that following LP suggestion it try to merge it to NM and not MBPI00:37
BUGabundoand searching for it, only returns my branch00:38
wgrantBUGabundo: I think your branch is in the wrong project...00:39
wgrantYou probably want mobile-broadband-provider-info, not network-manager.00:39
BUGabundoI branched mbpi00:40
wgrantAnd put it in network-manager..?00:40
BUGabundoat least I think I did00:40
BUGabundoI don't know00:40
BUGabundo1st time here...00:40
wgrantYou branched from the right place.00:40
wgrantBut you pushed to the wrong URL.00:40
wgrantHit the edit button on your branch.00:40
BUGabundoI pushed it to the address asac and jkakar gave me00:40
wgrantAnd reassign it to the right project.00:40
wgrantNo you didn't.00:41
wgrantYou pushed it to an address that they wouldn't have given to you, because it didn't work.00:41
BUGabundook fixed https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bugabundo/network-manager/mobile-broadband-provider-info/+edit00:41
BUGabundonow the proj says mbpi00:41
wgrantNow try merging.00:42
BUGabundoit seems to work00:43
BUGabundohow is reviewer?00:43
BUGabundodo I leave networkmanager?00:43
wgrantThat I can't tell you.00:43
wgrantIt depends on the project.00:43
BUGabundothis is what I pushed $ bzr push lp:~bugabundo/network-manager/mobile-broadband-provider-info00:43
BUGabundohope its okay now00:44
wgrantI would have named the branch differently, but that's not bad.00:44
BUGabundo(12:27:04 AM) asac: it should have been: ~network-manager/mobile-broadband-provider-info/...00:44
wgrantHe means ~bugabundo, not ~network-manager.00:45
wgrantYou can't write to ~network-manager.00:45
BUGabundoguess that's what I got confused00:45
BUGabundothanks for the help00:45
BUGabundook now to give it a better name00:46
wgrantSomething indicative of the changes it contains.00:46
wgrantbug-XXXXXX, for example.00:46
wgrantOr bug-XXXXXX-foo-the-bar00:47
BUGabundoname : fix312376-353957-28049000:47
BUGabundothanks once again00:47
BUGabundoif it goes ok, it will be my first code contribution00:48
mrooneyI created a release from a milestone, but now I seem stuck with the milestone description shoved BEFORE my release description, and unformatted even! Is there a way to...fix this?00:53
beunomrooney, filing a bug00:55
beunoI will chase it down on monday00:55
wgrantI don't particularly like the way the milestone<->release merging was landed half-baked, with a pretty confusing UI remaining.00:56
mrooneyit seems very neat in theory, though it took me a solid 5 minutes to find the release button in the milestone01:02
mrooneyI kept looking in the series01:02
mrooneybeuno: just file it against launchpad?01:03
mrooneywgrant: yeah, now I have to modify my milestone to merge correctly with the release since I need to release before monday01:03
mrooneyand then save that somewhere to put back as the milestone description once it is fixed01:04
wgrantAm I the only one to be finding LP *really* *really* slow today?01:07
wgrantMy routing to there is utterly broken today (via US, then Germany, then London), but 350ms latency shouldn't make it as slow as it is now.01:08
wgrantmrooney: bug #340934 is about the difficulty of registering a release.01:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 340934 in launchpad-registry "Can't register a release" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34093401:09
mrooneywgrant: ah thanks!01:09
mrooneybeuno: okay, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/354863 , thanks for any help on it!01:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354863 in launchpad "milestone description is injected into release description with no choice (and without formatting)" [Undecided,New]01:18
luke-jrare projects required to have development focus?02:19
beunoluke-jr, no, but it's convenient02:20
beunonow, it's also convenient that I stop working02:21
* beuno -> off02:21
luke-jrok, so how can I tell LP i don't have one? ☺02:36
rockstarluke-jr, what would be your use case for having no focus of development?02:40
luke-jrrockstar: everyone has their own private codebase02:40
rockstarluke-jr, please tell me someone actually releases the software.02:41
luke-jryes, a few branches do ☺02:41
luke-jrbut they're in competition, so preference cannot be given02:42
rockstarluke-jr, so you have a few different serieses then.02:42
rockstarSo don't set a development focus, but create a few different serieses.02:42
luke-jrI did02:42
luke-jrbut the Code page is bugging me about it02:42
luke-jrA development focus branch hasn't been specified, set it now.02:42
nhandlerWhat date format do the polls on Launchpad use?04:51
vagrantcgreetings folks. i used to go to: es, 138 normal]04:51
vagrantc20:38 -!- Home page for #launchpad: https://launchpad.net04:51
vagrantcgreetings folks. i used to go to: https://code.launchpad.net/~vagrantc/ to find all the bzr branches i was interested in, and it would show me them all. now it only shows me owned branches. i can click on registered, or subscribed, ... but i really miss having them all in one view ... how do you get that?04:52
wgrantnhandler: Probably YYYY-MM-DD04:54
wgrantI thought it said.04:54
wgrantApparently not.04:54
wgrantnhandler: Bug #17694304:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 176943 in launchpad-foundations "polls dont have an example for date format" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17694304:56
wgrantBut the format described there is wrong.04:56
wgrantActually, it accepts MM-DD-YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD04:57
nhandlerwgrant: It says Date and Time05:02
wgrantnhandler: HH:MM:SS.SSSS..., I supose05:10
wgrantTry it on staging.05:10
nhandlerThanks wgrant. It looks like it worked.05:17
wgrantcprov: I see there's no longer a way to look at all of the versions of a DSP05:29
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c_kornhello, get the additional PPAs I create also GPG signed?11:31
c_kornah, yes11:37
magciusIs there a way to close a Launchpad bug through bzr from the commit message?13:31
kikomagcius, not sure, let me check13:34
LarstiQmagcius: from the bzr side, use commit --fixes, don't know what Launchpad does to handle that.13:48
magciusLarstiQ, I'm using DVC for emacs, and I don't think it has capabilities to support that.13:48
wgrantThat will link the bug and branch, but won't actually close the bug (it's a difficult thing to work out in which circumstances it should be closed, but I hear it's being worked on)13:50
foolanohi guys, one quick question. Is there any way to take a look to the stats of downloaded packages from a PPA? It'd be great for those who use them as "official" repostirories for our projects to see what packages are more popular and so on13:51
magciuswgrant, oh whoops, I meant set as resolved.13:52
wgrantmagcius: resolved == closed13:52
magciuswgrant, I thought Fix Committed was a resolution.13:52
wgrantIt's not a final state.13:53
wgrantBut it is the right state for this, you're right.13:53
wgrant(Fix Committed once it's in trunk, Fix Released once it's in a release)13:53
LarstiQor Fix Committed when it is in a public branch, Fix Released when it's in trunk13:54
magciusI was wondering about a commit message because DVC only has mechanisms for a commit message.13:54
wgrantThat doesn't make sense, I don't think.13:54
wgrantmagcius: Hm? What about the commit message?13:55
magciuswgrant, is there a way to set status from a commit message?13:55
wgrantmagcius: No, overloading commit messages with metadata is a bad idea.13:55
wgrantmagcius: bzr supports a special revision property which specified bugs closed.13:55
LarstiQwgrant: it does, in the absence of Fix Merged13:56
wgrantLarstiQ: But the fix is not committed in that project just because Joe Random's branch has the fix.13:56
wgrantThe correct solution was to link a branch with the status set to Fix Availab.e13:58
wgrantBut that was removed - presumably it was replaced with merge proposals.13:58
LarstiQwgrant: Bazaar's bug workflow predates all that. When there is a revision available that fixes the bug, it's Fix Committed to us.14:00
wgrantLarstiQ: Interesting... but bzr uses Bundle Buggy, doesn't it?14:00
LarstiQwgrant: for keeping track of what still needs to be reviewed/sent to pqm, yes14:01
wgrantLarstiQ: I mean, it's not fully doing things the Launchpad Way®.14:01
LarstiQwgrant: true.14:01
magciusWait, is PQM deployed on Launchpad?14:02
LarstiQmagcius: nope.14:03
LarstiQmagcius: you can combine tarmac with launchpad though.14:03
magciusSo where is PQM used?14:03
wgrantMost of Canonical's projects seem to use it.14:04
LarstiQas well as some none-Canonical projects.14:04
magciusMind explaining what a few of these things are?14:05
magciusThey seem to overlap a bit.14:05
LarstiQmagcius: that's right14:05
LarstiQmagcius: the Bazaar project has been using Bundle Buggy (http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/) and PQM long before similar features in Launchpad became available.14:06
LarstiQmagcius: PQM acts as an auomated gatekeeper, http://bazaar-vcs.org/Workflows14:07
LarstiQmagcius: do you have specific questions?14:10
* LarstiQ isn't entirely awake yet14:10
magciusYou mentioned Tarmac... that looks like PQM + Bundle Buggy14:10
LarstiQmagcius: that's the gist of it. A pro is that it integrates more with Launchpad. A con is that it integrates more with Launchpad :)14:13
LarstiQand well, PQM is a bit hard to set up14:13
wgrantJust a bit.14:13
magciusIs bzr still using BB + PQM or have they moved over to LP.14:14
LarstiQmagcius: still using BB + PQM14:14
LarstiQuse LP for bugs and code hosting14:14
mdkecan anyone tell me the best way to resolve this error with bzr/lp - http://paste.ubuntu.com/144195/15:13
mdkedo I need to upgrade my local repository?15:14
* mdke tries that anyway15:14
mdkeok, that broke15:15
* LarstiQ looks15:19
LarstiQmdke: is the lp one rich-root, or the local one?15:20
mdkeLarstiQ: I thought they both were15:21
mdkeapparently not15:22
mdkeI think the lp one is not15:22
mdkeanyway, I broke my local repository so I've deleted it and checked it out again15:22
mdkethat has fixed it15:22
LarstiQ    repository: Packs containing knits without subtree support15:23
LarstiQis what `bzr info lp:~mdke/ubuntu-doc/help.ubuntu.com/ -v` told me15:23
j1mchello, i made a mistake in registering a new series.  can someone assist me?15:43
j1mcthe mistake should be clear if you go here: https://code.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs15:43
j1mcboth karmic and jaunty are linked to the same branch15:44
j1mcnm, i figured it out. :)15:56
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speakmanWhy is the "registered bugtrackers" a dropdown list instead of a text field for urls?18:18
jpdsBecause the bugtracker at the URL may not be supported?18:22
speakmanoh, it integrates in some way?18:25
speakmanIt's not a bad idea to make an optional text-field for an url which then gets linked to on the "Bugs"-button in LP :)18:26
kwahhi all18:38
kwahis this a place to ask questions about PPA?18:38
kwahdon't mind, found an answer, RTFM and Google rule! :D18:45
kwahstill need help18:57
kwahits about PPA for binary only distribution18:57
LarstiQkwah: what is your question?18:57
kwahthere is GIS software18:57
kwahit is Free like in beer18:58
kwahbut should be distributed without any modifocations18:58
kwahI want through https://help.launchpad.net/PPATermsofUse18:58
kwahand it seems that it is like "restricted" component of ubuntu18:59
kwahbut it restricts use of SW were one can get benefit19:00
kwahSo, I made a conclusion that there is no chance to get it into PPA19:01
kwaham I right?19:01
LarstiQkwah: you'll have to ask Canonical to be sure19:03
kwahI am already pretty sure... There is "Thus we will not distribute software that is licensed "freely for non-commercial use"." clause which is true for this SW19:04
kwahDoor is closed.19:05
magciusHmm... for some reason bzr commit --fixes lp:BUGID isn't working.21:17
james_wmagcius: causing a bzr crash, or not linking the branch to the bug?21:19
magciusIt's the main branch on the project (trunk)... does it still have to be linked?21:19
SnovaIs it possible to delete a project?21:20
james_wSnova: file a question at http://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad to request it21:21
james_wmagcius: yeah, it should still be linked I think21:21
Snovajames_w: I take it you can't, then? Oh well.21:21
Snova*without asking21:21
james_wwell, I don't have the power anyway21:22
james_wdoing it in response to someone asking on IRC isn't very safe21:22
james_wand letting someone just delete a project might not be a good idea, because not everyone in the project might agree21:23
SnovaNo, I was just considering creating a project for a little thing of mine... but I figure it won't last too long, so...21:23
nhandlerSnova: The LP admins are usually pretty good about responding to deletion requests on LP answers21:24
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IenorandSo lp is down?22:17
AnMaster_ipv6is lp down?22:36
rconananyone else having problems with launchpad?22:36
AnMaster_ipv6I just asked same22:36
AnMaster_ipv6pushing works22:37
rconannot just me then22:37
IenorandSeems so22:37
AgafonovLP is defenetely out of order and said me to let you know22:37
Agafonovbeuno: ?22:38
AnMaster_ipv6anyone know how how long this will take? or why it happened22:39
bencrisfordanyone know why i cant connect to the site?22:46
bencrisfordor is it just me?22:46
cavedonhi, all22:46
cavedonpage https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wengophone/+question/66496 is not loading22:46
cavedonand keeps asking me to tell you on ICR :)22:46
Ienorandlp is down yes, and no no one currently here seems to know why (no "officials" around I guess )22:47
cavedonIenorand: ic, thanks22:47
bencrisfordI guess that answers me also ;)22:48
gmbIenorand: I'm an "official." Escalating this now.22:48
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IenorandHallelujah, our prayers have been heard...22:49
gmbIenorand: If I'm the answer to your prayers, you'd better rexamine your religion ;)22:50
IenorandI'm an atheist, anyone helping me out is my lord :)22:50
gmbIenorand: Thee and me both. Anyway, trying to find a sysadmin now...22:51
slangasekbugs.lp.net is down?22:52
Ienorandslangasek: Yes, being examined.22:52
slangasekok, good :)22:54
gmbQuick update on the LP being down situation: I'm in the process of getting hold of a sysadmin.23:11
hypnose-kroeteI get a faulire massage at "https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/50651/+viewstatus", therefore i should tell it to you on this irc channel23:12
jpdshypnose-kroete: It's known, see /topic23:12
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The connect operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/50651/+text)23:12
gmbYes, thanks ubottu. You're as unhelpful as ever.23:12
hypnose-kroeteoh, ko23:13
testceesTry reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.23:14
jpdstestcees: Please see /topic23:15
hypnose-kroeteok, ciao all23:19
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kikoI hate saturdays23:27
Ienorandkiko: sundays are worse23:28
* jpds hugs kiko - not the end of the world.23:28
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rryanLaunchpad is down?23:39
rUoK5yes, it's in the topic23:39
Mr_Grieves|rryan -- see topic23:39
* pcardune looks at topic :)23:39
rryan:) sorry23:39
Mr_Grieves|While waiting for launchpad to come back up, is there a way to tell apt to install a specific version of a package, ignoring dependencies?23:41
Mr_Grieves|I know about dpkg --force-downgrade, but is there a way to tell it to fetch, too?23:41
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SnovaI think the syntax is "apt-get install package=version", but I don't know what format "version" is supposed to be.23:42
SnovaAlso, dpkg can't download.23:42
Mr_Grieves|Snova: I've tried that, but then it wants to uninstall everything before it downgrades23:43
Mr_Grieves|This is libc6 I want to downgrades so everything depends on it :)23:43
SnovaOh dear... why?23:44
UGeI guess to ignore dependencies you need to use dpkg with some force option23:44
Mr_Grieves|Because I'm an idiot :) I added a bad repo and it upgraded libc6 (along with a few hundred other packages...) to faulty versions.23:44
SnovaOh dear... I don't think downgrading anything is generally easy.23:45
UGedoes not sound like you should do that if you have to ask here :) (nothing personal, just general experience, I wouldn't do it either)23:46
Mr_Grieves|UGe: the --force-downgrade option works, but I don't have the package.23:46
UGewhich package?23:47
Mr_Grieves|UGe -- I understand :) I've been doing this all morning by grabbing the packages from launchpad, but now its broken23:47
joey>> LP is back23:47
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dtchenjoey: thanks23:48
AmpelbeinMr_Grieves|: you could always use ftp://uk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/23:48
joeydtchen, I didn't do it but on behalf of the sysadmin team.. you're welcome and sorry for the interruption23:48
Ampelbein(or a mirror thats nearer to you)23:48
hyperairis there something wrong with launchpad?23:49
hyperairPlease try again23:49
hyperairSorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.23:49
hyperairTry reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.23:49
gmbhyperair: See /topic23:49
dtchenhyperair: try again, seems to work now23:49
gmbYeah, should be coming back up now.23:49
hyperairhmm yeah it does23:49
hyperairgmb: i don't see anything of interest in /topic by the way23:50
gmbDamn, Ursinha beat me to it.23:50
gmbhyperair: It *did* say "Launchpad is down, we're working on it.23:50
Ursinhahe did23:50
UrsinhaI just ripped that off23:51
Ursinhabecause LP is up again23:51
hyperairhahaha =p23:52
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BobbyMcGee10Hello, I'm wondering if Launchpad is down for anyone else q GA23:53
BobbyMcGee10Oops, sorry, just saw that. Will try again. Thx GA23:53
BobbyMcGee10launchpad is still down for me GA23:55
arcfiBobbyMcGee10, i've had problems 10 min ago, now it's looks ok23:57
BobbyMcGee10*refreshes* finally! it comes up. :) SKSK23:58

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