crdlbIenorand: err, you're saying a+p+k is a userspace X shortcut? not just magic sysrq?00:00
joshjtlthere has got to be a simple sound recorder for KDE 4... !00:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nozap00:01
BUGabundo !dontzap00:01
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable »00:01
rwwthere we go00:01
Ienorandcrdlb: Yes, from what I've understood it's separate from the SysRq combinations...00:01
crdlbIenorand: hmm, well it _is_ a magic sysrq combination (kill whatever is on the current VT)00:04
crdlbI guess it could be in both for cases where magic sysrq isn't available though00:04
themiddlemanwell, it's not there again00:05
IenorandHeh, tried that without pressing the final K, not the best idea: http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshoty.png00:07
eseven73BUGabundo, ok I think I got it its atop -w filename -a [seconds] [intervals]     (Then in the /var/log do atop -r filename -b [time you want shown like 16:45]  :D00:09
BUGabundowhat do you guys think of bug 354844 ?00:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354844 in gnome-app-install "gnome-app-install should offer tasksell " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35484400:10
eseven73BUGabundo, read up one :D00:10
themiddlemanwhat package is the gui installer?00:11
themiddleman(for filing a bug on launchpad)00:12
rwwthemiddleman: ubiquity, I think00:13
crdlbthat's hard word to type (mechanically)00:14
gundam_rx78nt1Does anybody know which is a dependable mirror to use?00:14
gundam_rx78nt1US or otherwise?00:14
BUGabundogundam_rx78nt1: eheh still having trouble?00:15
gundam_rx78nt1BUGabundo: yep. seems like my middle name is really catching up to me.00:15
BUGabundogundam_rx78nt1: that's really strange00:16
BUGabundoshouldn't be happening will servers00:17
BUGabundohave you tried main?00:17
gundam_rx78nt1I got 3 ror Not Found errors so far from the ftp.utexas.edu00:17
gundam_rx78nt1I was on main when you told me to switch :D00:17
gundam_rx78nt1or was I????00:17
BUGabundoyou were on an us mirror00:18
gundam_rx78nt1I just looked at it.00:18
gundam_rx78nt1Let me change.00:18
gundam_rx78nt1:( by the time I am done with this... I should become an expert on mirrors.00:18
gundam_rx78nt1Look ma' no reflections.00:18
quietasAnyone know when Python is to be fully fixed? I have an issue with TorrentFlux, Python-crypto, and downloading Piratebay .torrent files00:19
BUGabundoquietas: I guess it fell amoung the cracks00:23
BUGabundofile a bug please00:23
quietasBUGAbundo: There's a bit on the launchpad.net site, but no info if it has been integrated yet. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-crypto/+bug/33707300:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 337073 in python-crypto "python-crypto uses sha module that's deprecated in python2.6 (dup-of: 269429)" [Medium,Fix released]00:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269429 in pycrypto "pycrypto-2.0.1 uses md5 & sha1 modules which will be deprecated in 2.6/3.0" [Undecided,Fix committed]00:25
BUGabundoI mean against those apps that are failing00:25
quietascan do00:25
maxbIf someone has a spare moment and is using compiz, could you see this bug happens to you too: Turn the Water Effect plugin on, and see if the default Ctrl+Super keybinding does anything00:28
* crdlb can't use water :<00:28
BUGabundocrdlb: some card don't!00:29
* MenZa is on intel; wouldn't risk it.00:29
crdlbBUGabundo: I know this firsthand :)00:29
maxbIt works on my netbook00:29
BUGabundomaxb: that's with mvo00:29
crdlbthis is a 32MB radeon 7500 M00:30
maxbBUGabundo: What do you mean?00:30
crdlbit doesn't take much, but I'm nowhere close :)00:30
BUGabundothe dev that mantains it00:30
IenorandHmm, i think I'll have to take back what I said earlier on APK and CAB, on closer examination they seem dissimilar, judgin by the kernel messages given... And APK does indeed have something to do with SysRq... gives the "SAK" message(?)00:38
joshjtlit's beyond me that theres no kde sound recorder in any repos00:43
DanaG synaptics was reset on resume, see synaptics_resume_reset if you have trouble on resume00:44
DanaGman synaptics_resume_reset00:44
DanaGNo manual entry for synaptics_resume_reset00:44
BUGabundoI always get that00:48
BUGabundodoes it affect you ?00:48
DanaGHmm, I'm just curious what they mean by "see synaptics_resume_reset".... it seems it's not a man page as one would think.00:50
MenZaDanaG→ Maybe they just want you to look at the string.00:51
DanaGI wish I could figure out where the damned l...................00:53
DanaG..............ag is coming from.00:53
DanaGYes, that's a sort of a joke.00:53
bjsniderDanaG, what lag is this?00:53
DanaGlemme' link you.00:54
DanaGhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1105717    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111273500:54
bjsniderDanaG, you can't possibly be using the nvidia blob00:55
DanaGI'm using fglrx, and it affects both metacity-with-composite and compiz.00:56
bjsnideri thought they fixed the composite problems with that old piece of garbage driver00:57
DanaGIt was fine with fglrx just last week (or so).00:57
DanaGIt just broke for me very recently.00:57
bjsniderhow anyone tolerates linux without an nvidia system is totally beyond me. all of you have intestinal fortitude well beyond human comprehension.00:58
DanaGI had my fair share of issues with my previous nvidia-based laptop, too.00:58
DanaGOh, and try using an nvidia-legacy card.... it just segfaults xorg.00:58
=== crus0r is now known as crus
bjsnidertry using my card and you'll have no issues at all00:59
DanaGI remember literally 6 months of *BLINK* ............. *BLINK*................ *twitch* ..............00:59
DanaGfrom nvidia, until they finally fixed it.00:59
Ienorandnvidia is almost as bad... and there is less howtos....01:00
bjsniderin 16 months of owning this card, i have not had one showstopper and i've run ubuntu the whole time01:00
DanaGAnd nvidia doesn't do xrandr 1.2.01:00
bjsniderright, they can't rotate01:01
DanaGAnd nvidia doesn't give specs... so if you have a desupported card... you're stuck up a creek without a paddle.01:01
DanaGThey also can't use the gnome screen-resolution thing.01:01
bjsniderthey ahve their own control panel app that works very well01:01
bjsniderwhat's a desupported card?01:02
bjsniderold junk?01:02
DanaGYeah.  If it's old junk, then GIVE OUT THE DAMNED SPECS...01:02
crdlbimagine, if you will, having nvidia-settings, ati-settings, intel-settings, sis-settings, mga-settings, via-settings, etc.01:02
crdlbdo you see why it's bad to have each vendor have their own crapware?01:03
bjsnidercrdlb, does nvidia's driver work with no showstoppers or doesn't it?01:03
crdlbthey're drive developers, not desktop developers01:03
crdlbit doesn't work on my gf201:04
bjsnideri'm not here complaining about all of the numerous problems with the intel driver. i'm not here talking about some bizarre thing when i try to minimize windows. compiz works as well as it could possibly work01:04
DanaGOh yeah, and the radeon (not fglrx!) driver itself has given me one thing I've never gotten even from nvidia: damn near PERFECTLY reliable suspend.01:05
crdlbbecause your card is ridiculously powerful01:05
bjsnidercrdlb, horsepower has nothing to do with it01:05
crdlbit has everything to do with it01:05
DanaGI don't expect a "hey, let's lie and call this geforce2 a geforce4!"-MX card to do much... but I do expect the damned thing not to make the X server SEGFAULT.01:05
bjsniderno it does not01:05
bjsnidermy card is 3 generations out of date01:05
DanaGIt's always in nvidia.01:06
crdlbyes intel has screwed up this cycle, but hopefully it'll be salvaged before release :)01:06
crdlbbjsnider: and still 100x more than compiz needs01:06
DanaGI am waiting for just one big thing on radeon: POWER MANAGEMENT.01:06
crdlbmy radeon doesn't use any power :D01:06
* DanaG has RV635.01:07
bjsniderthe suspend issues on nvidia hardware were fixed01:07
bjsnideryou buy a laptop with an 8200m, the only problem you'll have is trying to find the time to play all of the hi-def movies that are played right off the gpu01:08
ryanakcaIs it normal that I receive messages like ``[ 2105.931183] Out of memory: kill process 10065 (zsh) score 1218884 or a child'' on the command prompt01:08
DanaGOh, and HDR+AA in Oblivion (in Windows) is cool, too.01:10
crdlbryanakca: only if you're extremely out of memory :)01:11
ryanakcacrdlb: Well, I have 512MB ram... and all I have running is mutt, GNU screen, zsh and kdm... shouldn't be taking up that much01:12
crdlbryanakca: apparently something is01:12
ryanakcacrdlb: And, any way to find out what is?01:13
crdlbdid you attempt to read the zshall manpage? I could see how that might exhaust your memory :P01:13
DanaGugh, friggin' gnome mouse settings don't work.01:13
crdlbthat message seems to be suggesting that it was a child of zsh that was gobbling memory01:13
ryanakcacrdlb: Ok. Since I use zsh as my shell, wouldn't every process be a child of it?01:14
crdlbanything your ran in an interactive terminal, yes01:14
* DanaG restarts xorg with an older core.01:14
crdlbpresumably dash is still your /bin/sh01:15
ryanakcacrdlb: Hmmm... OK, thanks, I'll try my programs one by one. And yes, unless some package changed it01:15
savvasin case anyone comes in wondering why update manager doesn't show 9.04 in the distribution upgrade, this is the reason: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/35422801:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354228 in python2.6 "package python2.6-minimal 2.6.1-1ubuntu8 failed to install/upgrade: " [High,Fix released]01:28
BUGabundosavvas: actually I was just reading my email, and mvo stated it was fixed01:29
BUGabundoso it's a question of propagating to mirrors now01:29
Hammer89is it possible to get the 9.04 notification icon style in 8.10?01:32
bernhardhm, how are the kde 4.2 packages doing?01:32
bernhardlooks like i should wait for an upgrade01:32
bernhardand take the experimental repos instead01:32
thompaI am still having issue with FIrefox and toolbox bookmark not going away in gmail. Anybody else?01:33
BUGabundoHammer89: no01:33
BUGabundobernhard: we are on 4.2.201:33
thiebaudethompa: google toolbar?01:33
BUGabundothompa: do you have a bug id for it?01:33
thompanot its just a book mark i dragged to toolbar.01:33
bernhardBUGabundo: nice :)01:34
thiebaudehi BUGabundo01:34
bernhardBUGabundo: still deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main ?01:34
thompafor gmail its always the message part of it there which i deleted ages ago01:34
Hammer89BUGabundo: Alrighty, thanks!01:35
=== maco_ is now known as maco
thompaGmail-fwd ..."subject of email"01:35
BUGabundoyou guys all replying at the same time got me confused01:35
BUGabundoits 2am so take it easy on me01:35
thompaI don't know if its firefox or what01:35
thiebaudeits only 8:35pm here01:35
thompawell it must be anyway01:36
BUGabundothompa: can you create a new profile and test?01:36
thompafirefox 3.0.801:36
BUGabundobah to old for me01:37
BUGabundoI use 3.401:37
BUGabundo3.5 and 3.601:37
thiebaudeBUGabundo: you got a link f01:37
thompagood idea, but then i have to open an email first01:37
thiebaudefor 3.501:37
thompaI guess then I would know if its ubuntu or forefox01:37
BUGabundothiebaude: its in the archive, universe01:37
BUGabundoyou get BOTH installed01:37
BUGabundo3.0 and 3.501:38
thiebaudeoff to synaptic01:38
thompagmail and firefox01:38
BUGabundoto start it, type firefox-3.501:38
BUGabundothompa: you mean ubufox ?01:38
thompaif it will put deleted emails there its not good01:38
thompamaybe i haven't deleted it in gmail01:39
thompabut i cab remove other bookmarks there01:39
thompa*can, gmail comes back01:39
thompaIll test it but I am not going to use it for a while01:40
gundam_rx78nt1_ok, what is the difference of firefox branding and non branding?01:40
BUGabundoI don't understand what you are saying01:40
thompaBUGabundo: redular new install updated01:40
thompa*blah to dark here!01:41
* BUGabundo to sleepy in here01:42
comradekinguThe installer has lists Oslo in the wrong timezone (+2GMT) when it should be +101:42
thompaBUGabundo: no i can't remove any tool bar bookmarks on this box01:42
BUGabundocomradekingu: please file a bug01:42
BUGabundothere are a bunch of them wrong01:42
BUGabundothompa: please try to disable ubufox addon01:42
thompaBUGabundo: is than on by default or in restricte?01:43
comradekinguA seperate bug, or is there already a wrong timezone report i could add this to?01:43
thompaI don't have any01:43
BUGabundothompa: ah??01:43
thompaI need to reboot and test new user . thanks01:43
BUGabundocomradekingu: if you don't find one for your timezone, then new01:44
thompaim going to check the intel laptop also01:44
savvasBUGabundo: it is fixed, but I don't know if mvo enabled it back again :P01:44
BUGabundosavvas: his email said he did01:46
BUGabundobut tommorow we will know better01:46
BUGabundotime for bed01:46
savvasah cool01:46
savvasgnight :)01:46
thompaI am just going to start with new user, anybody else having trouble removing firefox toolbar bookmarks?01:49
comradekinguIm running the beta build, not daily. There are too many wrong to file a seperate bugreport for each and every one. Most crosses arent even in the highlighted area01:49
Ienorandthompa: no, worked fine.01:50
thompaI think this was an upgrade from Ibex. thanks01:50
picklesworthgrrrr... a string of notifications from liferea just completely suppressed a notification from gnome power manager telling me why it wouldn't open the shutdown dialog!01:51
thompabut creating new user fiixes it01:51
Ienorandthompa: Could always try disablinng/enabling extensions01:52
picklesworthhigh urgency notifications should really be treated the same way as confirmations; appearing alongside the existing notifications if necessary, and appearing on cue01:52
thompait was all the bookmarks, they delete but come back when i reopen01:52
thompaI can add bookmarks though, oh well01:53
IenorandI don't seem to have any "on battery" settings in my power manager prefs, might this be because I've installed without the battery plugged in? How can I get it back?02:05
=== XenoP is now known as XenoPhoenix
Ienorandisn't acpi supposed to be installed in Ubu, I can't invoke it from terminal...02:11
=== XenoPhoenix is now known as XenoP
=== XenoP is now known as XenoPhoenix
mangroovieAnyone have missing .gvfs due Jaunty udates?02:30
=== Laruft is now known as Laruft|AFK
Leon_NardellaAnyone else experiencing freezes with ext4 under heavy IO? I'm using a a certain kernel that seems bug-free and would like other people to try it.02:58
matrixblue I was trying to do a full install to my USB drive and got the error message message saying, "GRUB failed to install-- this is a fatal error!"03:08
matrixblueanyone here?03:10
gundam_rx78nt1yes, finally. The updates are downloading correctly!03:15
gundam_rx78nt1after 3 hours of trying.03:15
madmanhello i have a question, i am currently using ubuntu 9.04 with encrypted lvm, i encrypted home also, now i am using vmware and there is disk activity in the machine, it automatically spikes my cpu to 100% all the time resulting in slow performance.03:18
acce2451Think I might have an issue/bug with 9.04b?  I use volume control to unmute the capture, but when I close it, it reverts to muted.03:22
themiddlemanlong journey to get here acce2451?03:23
acce2451Not really, no.03:23
acce2451Just went to #ubuntu, and someone said to try here.03:23
madmansame thing here.03:23
themiddleman#ubuntu-testing then #ubuntu, then here :D03:23
acce2451So, can anyone actually help me?03:25
madmani also need help if anyone is generous with their time.03:26
acce2451Or I can try another channel, doesn't matter to me...03:26
madmanwell, i tried the default ubuntu and they asked me to come here.03:27
acce2451Same here.03:27
madmanlooks like this place is dead unfortunately03:27
acce2451Somehow this reminds me of KOL chat....03:27
acce2451oh well.03:27
picklesworthdon't leave!03:29
picklesworthjust takes a while. Lots of these IRC channels work like email, almost :P03:29
gundam_rx78nt1anybody knows the difference of firefox branding and non branding?03:29
themiddlemangundam_rx78nt1, like what?03:30
picklesworthand sorry. madman, I couldn't guess what your issue is. Have you tried searching Launchpad bug reports?03:30
gundam_rx78nt1I am trying to install firefox and I have those two options for install.03:31
madmanwell the issue is when i do some file transfers, cpu spikes up at 100%03:31
gundam_rx78nt1I really don't know why there is 2 different ones available on the repositories03:31
madmanis it because it's encrypted.03:31
Amaranthgundam_rx78nt1: One has the logo, one doesn't (I guess)03:32
comradekinguI could be wrong, but isnt the branding the firefox part of it? Without it you would just get iceweasel or similar03:32
Amaranthgundam_rx78nt1: The one without the logo is actually Free, the one without is about as non-Free as an "open source" project can get without completely taking away the code03:32
Amarantherr, the second one should be the one with it03:33
gundam_rx78nt1Ok. thank you for the explanation.03:33
gundam_rx78nt1off to break my box again.03:33
weternalhey I'm having a problem with boxee in jaunty03:49
raVenhello comradeking04:03
raVenwhy did you bring me here04:03
comradekinguraVen: --> Welcome to the Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (beta) discussion channel04:05
raVenthank you..so jaunty jackalope is ubuntu 9.04?04:05
raVenim curious about linux names..why is it so weird?04:06
crdlbit's just a codename04:06
raVenyeah i know but the names are weird ^_^04:07
jscinozanyone know what happened to the xen domU kernels that used to be in linux-image-xen?04:07
badpenguin86Anyone try the Ubuntu portable yet?04:08
raVenguys...are these 283 updates for ubuntu 8.10 safe?04:08
jscinozraVen: probably04:10
bjsnidermplayer can stop the gnome-screensaver with that heartbeat command, but it can't stop the fade out effect04:16
bjsniderso i see the fade, but not the screensaver04:20
comradekinguSo i was going to send in a bugreport, then firefox closed unexpectedly, so I tried to send that in, then firefox crashed a second time, and then the chash reporter crashed ;)04:22
etzerdHello all04:43
etzerdAnyone here tested the beta version version 9.04 yet?04:43
cwillunot a soul :p04:44
yow|x2hey cwillu04:46
* cwillu pokes yow|x2 with a stick05:02
yow|x2cwillu - just thought id let you know i got a freeze today on the mainline kernel. im using the default one right now, we'll see if it happens again. im almost sure its due to all of the video driver updates lately05:05
cwilluyow|x2, looks like, good to know05:06
cwilluyow|x2, keep me posted :)05:13
yow|x2will do cwillu05:13
grodiusHi, I'm running a macbook with Jaunty and my compiz is not working. Does anyone in here have a macbook with integrated intel gfx?05:14
DanaGI've been getting compositing lagfreezes.05:16
DanaGor rather, unminimize laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.05:16
bjsnidergrodius, the intel graphics driver in jaunty is super-mega broken05:16
cwillugrodius, release notes, and every bug on launchpad :p05:17
bjsnidergrodius, it's broken at least as much as the titanic05:17
themiddlemanmeh. compiz05:17
bjsniderit should be better than the mac driver in 6 months though, once it has gallium and everything05:18
grodiusI found someone in this channel with the same chipset as me before and they pasted me their xorg and it worked05:19
grodiusbut i lost my install05:19
bjsnideryou lost it? where did you put it last?05:19
cwillugrodius, and then updates happened, and stuff that wasn't working started working, and other stuff that was working broke, and so forth :p05:19
cwillugrodius, AccelMethod "UXA" may have been the relevant option though05:19
bjsniderthat's what i was thinking. i don't see what else could have been different in the xorg.conf file05:20
grodiuscwillu: i will try05:20
cwilluoldaccel, noaccel, vesa :p05:20
cwilluhe didn't say compiz was working well before :p05:21
teethdoodkudos to the ubuntu team for beating Fedora 11beta in benchmarks05:21
bjsniderteethdood, which benchmarks are these now?05:21
teethdoodbjsnider: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_fedora_q209&num=105:22
bjsnideri guess you missed this part: However, the development builds of Fedora 11 do have various debugging options enabled, which may partially explain these figures. Fedora 11 is also tracking GCC 4.4 instead of GCC 4.305:23
bjsniderand ubuntu is a month closer to release than fedora. it's really not a fair competition05:23
cwillubjsnider, but they showed fedora with a blue sky background!05:24
bjsnidergood point05:24
bjsnideri stand corrected05:24
* cwillu hates phoronix for their gratuitous page splitting and how they never link to anything but their own articles05:25
cwilluquick, find the ubuntu link on that page :)05:25
bjsnideri'll bet fedora's intel driver and sound stack work much better than jaunty's by the end of their release cycle05:25
cwillutrick question!  it's not there!05:25
teethdoodso you're suggesting to use fedora 11 then?05:28
bjsnidergod no05:28
teethdoodjust checking :P05:28
bjsniderhave you seen their package manager? horror show05:28
daskreechJaunty is still broken pretty bad?05:28
cwilludaskreech, define bad05:29
cwillumy desktop is working fine with nvidia05:29
cwillumany people are now working fine with intel05:29
daskreechX was broken last Week05:29
daskreechstill broken?05:29
cwillufor some05:29
cwillufor some05:29
bjsniderred hat should replace yum with apt. texstar proved apt can work with rpms05:29
daskreechcwillu: Hmm guess I'll try update again. If it's still broken can I submit something that would help ?05:30
DanaGI tried Fedora.... god damn, that package manager makes me say.... "yuck"05:31
DanaGBlatant pun.05:31
DanaGYou can end up with TWO different version of a package installed at the same time.05:31
ubottuUh, don't you mean !apt ?05:32
cwilludaskreech, search launchpad for your chipset, there's probably already a bug posted about the exact problem you're having.  Make sure you read everything you can though before posting, and that you're on the right bug, there's already a huge amount of noise on most of the intel bugs05:32
daskreechcwillu: It's not Intel it's SIS05:32
cwillumy bad :p05:32
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!05:32
cwillu(see the importance of checking first?) :)05:32
cwillubut again, there's probably a bug already on it, check launchpad05:33
cwilluI've found that going through the motions of reporting a bug is one of the better ways of searching launchpad05:33
bjsniderlaunchpad has one of the least efficient search engines i've seen05:39
daskreechI"M finding that out now05:41
frybyebjsnider: perhaps cos it is 1 of the few that google dosent kontrol..?05:42
bjsniderfrybye, i guess you're saying that if google did "control" launchpad's search engine, it would be a lot better05:49
frybyebjsnider: not at all!05:49
bjsnideractually that is what you said05:49
frybyejust that they seem to have a corner on much of the smart search-tech...05:50
bjsnideri said launchpad's search engine isn't efficient, and you said that's because google doesn't control it. meaning it would be efficient if google did control it05:50
frybyeno - my poinnt was that a bit lamer search engine is a small price to pay when it means that the are indipendent of the dark empire...05:51
frybyeor something like that! ;=)05:52
bjsnidergoogle employs linus torvalds's right hand man andrew morton05:52
frybyejust means they know where the brains are to be found in todays society..05:53
bjsnideryou're paying them another compliment then05:54
bjsnideryou seem to respect this "dark empire"05:54
rww!ot | frybye, bjsnider05:55
ubottufrybye, bjsnider: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:55
frybyerww: Jaunty is NOT RELEASED and NOT SUPPORTED05:58
frybyeand yes #ubuntu - is a support channel- we are not on #ubuntu..or??05:59
bazhangfrybye, lose the caps05:59
rwwfrybye: That factoid should probably have an #ubuntu+1-specific variant. Nevertheless, non-Jaunty discussion belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.05:59
bazhangfrybye, and stay on topic here.06:00
frybyebaz - copied from #-theme..06:00
daskreechDoes anyone else have the Notification indicator disappear randomly ?06:07
ubuntu'Partman with exit code 141'. someone pls tell me what it means? I am trying to install kubuntu from linux without cd...06:10
ubuntuyup without cd06:11
daskreechinstallting from the ISO image?06:11
ubuntui followed the procedure from ubuntuhelp06:12
[GuS]Hi Guys!!... i am having a problem sin today updates in jaunty... gimp does not launch... i am using Kubuntu... The process start since i can see it with ps... but does the window does not show...06:13
ubuntudaskreech? any idea? could it be an error in my setup?06:14
daskreech[GuS]: run it from the command line?06:14
[GuS]i did it too06:14
[GuS]the same happens06:14
daskreechWhere aer you getting that error?06:14
[GuS]there is some warnings, but the app since that starts.. just does not show a thing06:14
[GuS]let me paste in a site..06:14
[GuS]daskreech: http://pastebin.com/m79339f6c06:15
[GuS]i've deleted the settings too.. and nothing..06:15
[GuS]was working till recently updates...06:16
daskreechubuntu: that question was for you :)06:16
ubuntudaskreech:during the installation... i am actually booting from the iso right now, but i can't get past the 'scanning disk'...06:16
daskreechubuntu: I'm not suer that you can partition a drive while on the drive06:17
teethdoodguys, what's the gui to use to encrypt /home?06:17
ubuntudaskreech: oops.. it could be the reason.. il check the how-to again...06:18
Castawayzdoh can no longer update06:32
Castawayzsame with fresh install06:33
[GuS]i did a report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gimp/+bug/35496206:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354962 in gimp "Gimp does not start since last Jauty updates" [Undecided,New]06:37
DanaGargh, why has my mouse suddenly become so quite very sluggish?07:31
DanaGThe mouse acceleration preferences in gnome... DO NOTHING.07:31
lufis1Anyone else having cut off tops and bottoms of their screens in jaunty?07:33
DanaGargh, every damned time my raw-disk VM stops... SOMETHING changes its ownership.07:36
DanaG... so I can't start the VM again.07:36
DanaG"it" == rawdisk.07:36
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spaceBARbarianwhats the best media player for ubuntu ? sad that rythmbox doesnt even have an equalizer08:42
o0Chris0o!hi | nanomad08:43
ubottunanomad: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!08:43
nanomadi'm having completely random lockups on my system, anyone can help08:43
o0Chris0onanomad→ can you be more descriptive08:43
nanomadok, well while i'm doing something (doesn't matter what, compiling or updating the package cache), sometimes the computer locks up (no keyboard or mouse response, only sysreq keys works)08:44
nanomadi've had this already 3 times today (one while compiling and two while using apt)08:45
o0Chris0oanyone else want to jump in?08:45
nanomadit is certainly not a RAM or disk problem, i've tested both ;)08:46
o0Chris0oall I can say is jaunty is still in testing mode, sorry I can't be of much help at this time08:46
nanomado0Chris0o: i know08:46
sagredohi. can anyone help me with getting this file installed? error while loading shared libraries: libgnome-desktop-2.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:51
crdlbsagredo: you need to rebuild it08:52
sagredoI reinstalled libgnome-desktop-2-1108:52
crdlblibgnome-desktop is not part of the gnome platform, so it's allowed to have an unstable ABI08:52
sagredowhat else08:52
crdlbno, you need to rebuild the app08:52
sagredocrdlb: oh, okay08:52
crdlbnote that we're up to -11, when your app was built against -208:53
crdlbintrepid had -708:53
crdlbthat really is a lot of abi breaks though :>08:53
sagredowhat are abi breaks?08:54
crdlbchanging the binary interface, so that anything using it needs to be recompiled08:55
sagredosrc/main.c:23:35: error: libgnomevfs/gnome-vfs.h: No such file or directory08:57
sagredosrc/main.c: In function ‘main’:08:57
sagredosrc/main.c:98: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘gnome_vfs_init’08:57
sagredomake: *** [src/main.o] Error 108:57
sagredowhat gives crdlb08:57
crdlbyou're missing libgnomevfs-dev or whatever it's called08:58
crdlbthe buildsystem should have caught that on ./configure though08:58
crdlbdebian package names are so fun08:59
sagredocrdlb: why do you say?08:59
crdlboh nothing :)09:01
sagredohey  crdlb09:04
sagredowhere can I find libgnome-desktop-2 :/09:04
crdlbthe binary package is libgnome-desktop-2-11, but you'll want libgnome-desktop-dev09:06
sagredocrdlb: my system says I have that09:07
crdlbok, so what's the problem?09:07
sagredoI cannot make the source file for the circular-menu-application09:08
crdlbwith the gnome-vfs error?09:08
sagredocrdlb: yeah09:09
crdlbdid you install libgnomevfs2-dev09:09
crdlband re-./configure ?09:09
sagredo./configure the source?09:09
sagredobash: ./configure: No such file or directory09:11
crdlbok, where did you get this?09:12
sagredofrom the circular-application-menu directory09:13
crdlbright, but where did you get _that_?09:13
crdlbI guess you got it with something like svn or git?09:13
sagredosvn checkout http://circular-application-menu.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ circular-application-menu09:13
crdlbhmm, that's a good buildsystem ...09:14
sagredoyeah dude what gives09:14
crdlbI don't understand how somebody could make such an app without grasping pkg-config09:19
eagles0513875hey guys i have a question what od i need to get tablet pc functionality working in jaunty09:21
demmonhow is 9.04 working on dell laptops10:15
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Tinasonhello. i am running jaunty b1. today i upgraded using adept, and a new kernal version was install (ending in .14 i think), and upgraded to kde 4.2.2. I now get errors loading my x config (cant load modules; 'type1' and 'freetype'), when using the xorg.conf that nvidia-xconfig generates. when i delete my xord.conf (and not use the nvidia config) , i can load kde (as i am now). i wanted to load my previous (recent) kernal versions (10:26
Tinasonsay, .12 or .13), but grub tells me 'file not found'. how can i reinstall a previous (recent) kernal version (so that i can fix my video issue) ?10:26
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ubuntusoemone pls check this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com:80/144026/  . I insatalling/booting kubuntu iso from hard disk but I can't get past 'scanning disks' because of this error 'Partamn failed with exit code 141 blah3x'. please...10:57
rollyhello my question is i'm using a laptop jaunty works fine but when i put my wireless card in it frezzes11:01
barlasHmm.. I should have read this topic before upgrading :)11:05
rollyCan you help me?11:11
rconan_!ask | rolly11:12
ubotturolly: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:12
rconan_rolly: oh... you did ask11:13
rconan_my bad11:13
=== rconan_ is now known as rconan
rollyI wondered I can make it work11:13
rconanrolly: what wireless card is it?11:13
rollyd-link airplusg+ dwl-g650+11:14
rollyfor laptop'11:14
rconanis it PCMCIA?11:15
rollywhats that?11:15
rollyIt Is PCMCIA11:15
rconanand when you plug it in the whole laptop freezes?11:15
Tinasonhello. i am running jaunty b1. today i upgraded kde to 4.2.2  and a new kernal version was installed (ending in .14 i think), I now get errors loading my x config (cant load modules; 'type1' and 'freetype'), when using the xorg.conf that nvidia-xconfig generates. when i delete my xord.conf (and not use the nvidia config) , i can load kde (as i am now). i wanted to load my previous (recent) kernal versions (say, .12 or .13), but grub11:15
Tinasontells me 'file not found'. how can i reinstall a previous (recent) kernal version (so that i can fix my video issue) ?11:15
rconanhave you tried having it plugged in at boot time?11:16
rconanwhat happened then?11:16
rollyIt does not even start properly when i do that a cursor just shows on top of a black screen11:17
rconanTinason: tried re-enabling nvidia drivers with the drivers manager?11:17
rconanrolly: strange... never seen anything like that before11:18
Tinasonno, ill try that now11:18
rconanTinason: I don't know if old kernel versions will remain in the repository11:18
rollyrconan: What think?11:18
rconanrolly: I'm thinking... I've only just got up :p11:19
rconanare you on that laptop now?11:20
rconanok... so you can try things and talk on IRC at the same time11:22
rconandid you have any previous versions of ubuntu installed on it?11:23
rollyno i'm using live cd11:23
rconanah, ok11:23
rollyand jaunty11:23
rconanso it's not installed11:23
rconanhmm... I don't know a great deal about the livecd11:24
rconanis it the beta or a daily?11:24
rollyi think11:25
rconanthere have been a lot of updates to everything since then... if you'11:25
rconanre intending to install it I'd say do that and ignore the wireless not working until you get all the updates11:25
rconanif you just want a livecd you might want to try a daily11:25
rollywhere do i get that11:26
clancyis jaunty freezed?11:27
aciculaclancy: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2009-March/000555.html11:28
rollynot at the moment it does not havewirelessin it11:29
rconanclancy: not that I am aware of...11:30
rollyi do have a daily release11:30
rconanrolly: when from?11:30
clancybecause emesene 1.4.8 came out, it supports now webcam, the jaunty version doesn't for the moment11:30
clancyand i think it is much better than amsn11:30
rconanclancy: what version is in jaunty? if it's a small upgrade which is unlikely to break anything stick a bug on the tracker11:31
rconanclancy: major package updates post-beta are quite rare though11:31
clancy1.0.1 in jaunty, the newest is 1.4.811:32
Rieshon kubuntu jaunty rssnow widget on the desktop can not lose the "drop feed here" part ... anyone else has the same issue ? ...11:32
rconanclancy: latest I can find is 1.0.1 anyway...11:33
clancysorry, i clicked the woring link11:33
rconanclancy: do they not announce releases on their main website anymore?11:35
Tinasonheh yeah, nexuiz 2.5 came out11:35
clancyrconan, i do not know how they manage it11:36
clancyrconan, it seems that they renamed it in emensene-crazy (?)11:36
rconanclancy: so I see... you might want to make a suggestion that "emesene-crazy" get added to the repo11:37
rollyhow do ido a version check11:37
Rieshmmm ... games11:37
clancybut i am right when i say it is the sucessor of emesene?11:37
* Riesh comes back later when there is discussion about jaunty again 11:38
clancyrconan, how should i proceed?11:38
rconanclancy: I'm not sure, I can't tell if emesene is still under development11:39
rconanclancy: stick a bug on the bug tracker requesting the addition of emesene-crazy to the repo11:39
rconanpossibly also stick one up saying the emesene appears to no longer be under development (if this is the case)11:39
clancyi think i'll do the same for tuxguitar btw11:39
rollyhow do i do a version check11:41
rconanrolly: version of what?11:41
rollyof ubuntu11:42
rconanlsb_release -rd11:42
rollymy version is 9.04 is that up to date11:47
rollyrconan: Is that up to date?11:50
clancyrolly, you use a beta version of ubuntu11:52
clancyrolly, the actual STABLE is 8.1011:52
rconanrolly: all dailys are 9.0411:52
clancyrolly, just upgrade every day your ubuntu and it will always be up to date11:53
holdenssis ubuntu wiki down?11:54
rconani couldn't get to it earlier11:54
rconanso it would seem so11:54
benstehow can I set up eth0 to be active if a vbox guest uses eth0 for internal bridging? I installed A Webserver on the Vbox and now I can't access it from host11:55
aciculabenste:  think you can have vbox sort it for you these days by setting it to host or internal networking11:59
aciculaat least from 2.111:59
bensteaciclua internal networking is only between some VMs12:01
bensteand host should work but my ubuntu host don't set up eth0 cause there is nothing plugged in12:01
aciculaah like so12:02
aciculaif you want to setup a bridge and an virtual network device for the vm to use you better consult google i've seen a few tutorials on that12:02
wompyhi, my friend is using ubuntu netbook remix 9.04, he is able to ping www.google.com ,but not able to browse with firefox to www.google.com12:06
wompyeven pidgin does not get a connection12:06
aciculawhats the ping message he gets?12:07
wompysend 4 packages,received 4 packages,0 lost12:08
wompyhe is able to browse to his router-website12:08
holdenssis he using wireless or ethernet ?12:09
aciculai mean does he get the ping response from google or for example from another source saying it's not reachable12:09
aciculalike your router12:09
wompyok,i'll proof it12:09
wompytarget-adress: www.google.de ( reply from bytes=32 time =41ms ping stats for packets: sent =4 Received =4 Lost =0 (% loss)12:14
bercikMy Synaptic doesnt show me any packages except that, which are already installed. I.e. i cant see audacious. Its fresh install of 9.04b. That is going on?12:14
aciculai guess your connection  works properly then12:14
bercikme? yes12:14
aciculabut browsing or pidgin do not work?12:14
aciculabercik: no12:15
holdensshow are you on irc then?12:15
aciculabercik: is it set to show installed packages only perhaps?12:15
wompyacicula: no,browsing exlusive the router-website and pidgin does not work12:16
wompyholdenss: do you ask me?12:17
holdensswompy, yes12:17
wompyit's the pc of my friend, i am just transmitting ;)12:17
bercikHmm, and where to find source.list compatible to 9.04?12:18
aciculaok so the router works properly then too12:18
wompythink so12:18
aciculawait, your friend can access the router page but nothing beyond it?12:18
wompybut ping works12:18
aciculadifferent protocol12:18
wompyi've read sth about disabling ipv6 in firefox,but i don't think thats the best solution12:19
aciculabercik: its installed if you upgraded to 9.0412:19
aciculawompy: dont think that's the problem12:20
aciculatcp/ip works or you wouldnt be connecting to your router12:20
bercikacicula: and additional, nonofficial?12:20
aciculabercik: there are other repositorys yes12:20
bercikacicula: could i add nonofficial repos, that work with 8.10?12:21
aciculabercik: dunno, i'd guess apt-get will ignore them12:22
bercikacicula: ah, thank You12:22
aciculaand just uses repors labelled jaunty12:22
wompyand what about name-server problems? well he tried just to get to (google) but even that does not work12:22
aciculawompy: name server works12:23
aciculawompy: otherwise your ping wouldnt have either12:23
aciculawell unless your router caches the lookup12:23
wompythat means?12:23
aciculawhen did it stop working?12:23
wompyit never worked12:24
wompyhe had a wired connection12:24
wompyand now i helped him to install his wireless-card12:24
Alexia_DeathKde has audio issues. PA as default starts at 0 volume and that does not mean silence, it means some odd cracling. uping the volume to 4% make it inaudible. Also, mutte button does not wok. ot shows the audio display widget but no actual change12:25
aciculaany fancy setups in the router? did you unplug ethernet? does just using ethernet now work?12:25
Oli``glxinfo is saying that direct rendering is off. Has a recent update broken nvidia?12:28
aciculaOli``: tried checking the driver in Hardware Drivers?12:29
wompyacicula: wired lan->firefox works12:30
Oli``acicula: good catch12:31
aciculawompy: do you have wireless?12:31
aciculawompy: can you check the router settings and see if forwarding/nat is enabled for the wireless network?12:32
wompyyeah,but if you want me to enter his wlan im not able to get there12:32
wompyok, ill try to check it12:32
aciculawompy: well if your wireless also does not work, then you know it's a router setting 212:33
wompynoe, i mean, iam not in his town, sry for my bad english12:34
wompyacicula: he does not find any of those settings12:47
wompythere was a udp for wired and wireless devices-setting but with enabled or disabled,it does not work12:47
wompyits for communication between pc's in that network12:48
wompyalso wget www.heise.de/index.html does not work13:00
mnemowhy cant I install (or even "check the checkbox" for certain items in update-manager) ??13:07
mnemolike right now I cant install "ekiga"13:07
Muldercant install? or update is held back13:08
wompyacicula: well thanks for your help, ill try  it later again13:08
mnemomulder: yeah maybe its "held back" but why?13:10
aciculawompy: good luck13:10
mnemoi cant even check the checkbox so I cant even try to install it13:10
Muldermnemo, might be a substantive update13:10
Muldermnemo, try sudo apt-get install ekiga13:10
mnemomulder: that worked...13:11
mnemowhy are certain updates like that?13:11
topylithe ekiga update wants to remove packages and install others in place13:11
mnemohmm ok13:11
topylithat's why apt refuses to do that by default13:11
Muldersubstantive break13:11
topyli(removing packages that is)13:11
mnemobut usually I get a "partial update" thing in update-manager and update-manager just shows a list of what to remove?13:11
benstehow can I make networkmanager to link an static IP to eth0 if no cable is plugged in?13:12
topylibenste: strange request :)13:12
topyliwhy would you want that?13:12
mnemoKDE probably has a checkbox for that *heh* j/k13:13
benstetopyli: no it isn't cause I wanna connect to a vbox guest from my host computer13:13
benstetopyli and vbox should use eth0 host interface for network to do so13:13
topylibenste: ah. i don't think that interface should be eth0 then13:13
benstewhat else?13:13
topyliok. sorry, i'm no virtualization expert but i think the interface should be something else13:14
topylithe guest system may think it's eth0 from its point of view but the host calls it something else13:14
benstetopyli? which interface should i use than13:14
topylino idea :(13:15
benstethnxs a lot :-)13:15
topylinot eth-something13:15
benstebut a bridge13:15
yacoobwell, what do you know, read the topic and you have your answers... :)13:15
benstebut I don't know how to set up one and whether it will work13:15
Mulderand my machine has only crashed once today *laugh*. success! heh13:15
benstetopyli do you know how to setup a bridge for that case?13:16
topylibenste: like VPN creates devices like "tp0"13:16
bensteand HOW does it do that?13:16
topylibenste: i can't really help by a positive suggestion, but i can tell you the ethX approach is not the one :)13:17
bensteok tx13:17
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IenorandWhat kind of method does ubuntu use for mounting other partitions currently (as in nautilus mount-on-click)? Since there's nothing in fstab what method is used?13:52
ikoniaIenorand: userspace - basiclly fstab held in memory for that user13:53
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Ienorandikonia: You have any idea how I would go about automating mount on login using that method?13:57
ikoniaIenorand: script13:58
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Do``could someone help me fix a few sound problems?14:02
=== register is now known as help
Do``i was updating from interpid14:02
Do``and now firefox has no sound on flash stuff14:02
=== help is now known as Virk
Do``and rhythmbox/vlc has noisy playback on all kinds of files14:02
Do``in sound preferences i have alsa set for sound events and music and movies14:03
Alexia_DeathDo``: try pulseaudio14:03
Do``ye, tried it, same thing14:03
Alexia_DeathDo``: then do pulseaudio -k and try again14:04
Alexia_Deaththat kills off pa14:04
Alexia_Deathas to firefox/flash... theres a package that needs to be installed14:04
Alexia_Deathbut I dont remember what its called14:05
Do``and it's not installed by default?14:05
Alexia_Deathnot after upgrade14:05
Alexia_DeathI dont know about clean intalls14:05
Alexia_Deathit has flash in its name iirc14:06
Alexia_Deathno... I think it reffered to audio14:07
Do``anyway, setting sound to pulseaudio didnt change a thing14:10
Do``music is still noisy14:10
apadoxi can't get proprietary ati drover on jaunty .. my card is radeon 9600 se . . is this common problem?14:11
aaimeHi all... anyone has any suggestion on how to configure Jaunty + Radeon X1550 + radeon-xorg open source driver to support a dual head setup with different resolution? I can get it to work in clone mode but no luck with extended desktop mode. It also seem the older monitor resolution is not detected properly14:13
apadoxthis is message i get when i try to run latest driver from ati webpage "Error: ./default_policy.sh does not support version14:14
apadoxdefault:v2:i686:lib::none:2.6.28-11-generic; make sure that the version is being14:14
apadoxcorrectly set by --iscurrentdistro14:14
aaime(in my case the fglrx driver simply causes X to freeze, I have to ssh in from another machine to regain control of the PC)14:15
aaime(but then again, X1550 is a R500 so not suported by the latest catalyst)14:15
aaimeprobably better to just throw away my ATI cart and get an nVidia instead?14:16
* wirechief klunk14:22
* wirechief throws X1300 away14:22
BluesKaj'Morning folks14:32
Ienorandikonia: Regarding the automount thing, could you give me some pointers, I'm not really sure where to start... Where does Ubuntu keep the scripts used now? What commands are used? Is FUSE involved?14:33
clancyi use jaunty on ext3 and everything works fine14:48
clancywill, when jaunty is final, ext4 be stable enough to use every day14:49
clancyi heard some people lost data14:49
clancywith ext4 partitions14:50
Ienorandclancy: I have not had any problems so far, but I haven't really mucked about with it that much, I only run it off a usb stick formatted as ext4.14:51
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daftykinsclancy EXT4 is included in jaunty as a sort of test pilot to let people test it, before a more official inclusion in 9.10 koala, so it's really just for experimentation14:59
barlasI have atheros AR5007, it was working fine with intrepid (by using self-compiled mad-wifi modules), now with jaunty, it connects fine, but connection drops after a while. Disabling and enabling the wireless automatically reconnects15:07
barlasOh and I am using Kubuntu, manually updated from intrepid15:07
Padzmani have been reading like crazy on line but cant find out how to get my usb head set to play youtube audio15:12
Padzmanany help15:12
ikoniaPadzman: on 9.04 ?15:13
Padzmanyep just dl it yesterday15:13
ikoniaPadzman: did your headset work on 8.10 ?15:13
ikoniaor 8.04 ?15:13
Padzmani am a to this just left windows15:14
ikoniathen I don't advise using a beta version15:14
ikoniaPadzman: I suggest using 8.04 or 8.10 which is fully supported15:14
Padzmanhumm guess its time to reinstall then15:15
Padzmansorry for tacking up your time15:15
ikonianot at all15:15
ikoniano apology needed15:15
Padzmanlater and thanks15:15
tpfennighi all15:18
tpfennigmy jaunty crashes on videoplaying. is that a known issue?15:19
BluesKajtpfennig, which player15:22
tpfennigBluesKaj: all players15:24
tpfennigmplayer, vlc, totem15:24
tpfennigxorg crashes then15:24
tpfennigwith vlc sometimes only vlc crashes15:25
virtualdis there a gnomeish pop/imap biff-like app that integrates with evolution?15:28
virtualdxbiff like*15:30
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dreamcoderanyone else having issues with download speeds via wireless in jaunty15:34
tianshiz1Hi, has anyone gotten a2dp bluetooth audio to work on jaunty? I could pair fine at first, but never connect, even though pavucontrol displayed the bluetooth headset. Now however, I can't even pair at all!15:36
wompyhi, i've got a friend, who's able to ping www.google.com but not able to browse with firefox to google.com . iwconfig says, he's not associated any suggestions whats the problem? -> i asked ealier this day15:41
Exilantport 80 blocked?15:42
Exilantif he's not associated, it's reall weird that ping works though15:43
moniquei just installed kubuntu 9.04 into my powerpc15:43
dreamcoderanyone else having problem with download speeds in jaunty?15:43
moniquenow it's got lots of problems15:44
moniquei dont know mucho about computers15:44
tianshiz1everything downloads fine for me15:44
bjsnidermonique, today's newbies are tomorrow's experts15:44
dreamcoderi should be getting 2400 and i am getting 700 and below15:45
aciculausing what link15:45
tianshiz1yep monique, I'm fairly noobie too, but after playing around with ubuntu for a few month I got used to it pretty much.15:45
moniquebut does anyone know anything about powerpc15:45
dreamcoderfrom usenet, and i have checked on my pc with 8.04 and the speed is at 2400 on there15:45
aciculathere's a channel for it15:46
bjsnidermonique, powerpc is not a build that ubuntu does well. fedora is better at it.15:46
moniquedebian is better?15:47
aciculaprobably not monique15:47
bjsniderin fact i think they abandoned the powerpc build awhile back15:47
moniquei used to have kubuntu 8.0415:47
moniqueit was working fine although i couldnt install some applications and i dont have flash15:47
moniquenow i upgraded it to kubuntu 9.04 and it's worse15:48
dreamcoderflash is easy to install15:48
dreamcoderis that using x6?15:48
dreamcodersorry x64?15:48
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ15:48
moniquei dont know if the problem was becasue of the upgrade or if it's becasue it doesnt work well for power pc15:48
aciculahmm no channel, maybe #ubuntu-ppc /15:49
thiebaudemonique: did you upgrade from 8.1015:49
moniqueyup frm that15:49
BluesKajtpfennig, try the recovery kernel in the grub menu . A boot dialog will open and choose "fix broken packages" . I think this is preferable to editing the xorg.conf file since it relies so heavily on HAL , that it breaks/crashes with smallest changes.15:49
tianshiz1what's this python issue that's breaking Jaunty? I just refreshed my updates, should i install the python updates?15:50
BluesKajtpfennig err - that X breaks/crashes with smallest changes15:50
aciculathought that was days ago15:50
thiebaudetianshiz1: there was a python update this morning15:50
dreamcoderi have had 64 updates today so far lol15:52
thiebaudei've had 10mb worth15:52
dreamcoderdoes anyone install proposed updates as well?15:53
bjsnidermonique, this is probably the better option: http://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora-ppc15:55
BluesKajanother kernel upgrade today15:56
thiebaudedreamcoder,i install all updates15:56
=== scream is now known as JonCharge
lanoxx-can point me to some info about inetd and xinetd, and tell me why its not there on ubuntu? is it not needed?16:08
lanoxx-i just installed swat and i noticed it uses openbsd-inetd, quite confusing16:08
lanoxx-whats the difference between all these "superservers" ???16:09
the_dark_warrioWhen watching a movie in fullscreen, the new message system makes the screen blink. Is this a known bug?16:10
JorgeJorgessondoes the 64 bit 9.04 version work well with everything?  Like flash....compiz and such?16:10
bjsniderJorgeJorgesson, i guess your question is meant to compare the x64 with the 32 bit?16:11
JorgeJorgessonbjsnider: yes, sorry.16:11
bjsniderx64 works great here16:11
JorgeJorgessonbjsnider: with ATI?16:11
bjsniderah, no16:11
JorgeJorgessonbjsnider: ah, I see16:12
lanoxx-Jordan_U, i have been using ubuntu as 64bit version since 8.04 and it has been getting better ever since16:13
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, i mean16:13
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: Ok, I will give it a shot.....I'm installing on a play laptop anyways. Not a production machine.16:14
lanoxx-32bit is not a good choice anyway since we are going to hit the 4gig border this year16:14
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: I do have a desktop with 4 GB on it that acts like a server.  I'd love to try it there.16:14
lanoxx-most highend users have been using 4gigs for some time anyway but i believe that this year it will most likely hit the consumer market16:15
lanoxx-well if you use it productively be away ther 9.04 is still a beta16:15
lanoxx-i have jaunty running in a virtualbox and there it works fine16:16
JorgeJorgessonI've noticed even commercial vendors are offering Vista 64 bit now as a regular item.16:16
JorgeJorgessonA sign16:16
lanoxx-well vista....16:16
JonChargeHow do I open the file manager with root permissions?16:16
JonChargeThe default file manager16:16
charlie-tcaA sign that microsoft finally fixed It?16:16
lanoxx-but yeah, they have to, since its the only way to sell more than 4 gigs16:16
JonChargeBut I don't know the command for the file manager.16:16
JorgeJorgessonJonCharge: I use sudo nautilus16:17
JonChargeno... what is the file manager process called? :)16:17
lanoxx-or dolphin if you are under kde16:17
lanoxx-charlie-tca, well its not so much microsoft as its the drivers by the 3rd party vendors16:18
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: yup, I got that.  Can you use more than 4 GB with 32 bit Ubuntu?16:18
lanoxx-charlie-tca, if you have legacy hardware there will most likely be no drivers available for it16:18
charlie-tcaThat is why I don't use Microsoft, I guess. I am still using p2 processors16:19
lufisanyone else experiencing cut off tops and bottoms of the screen in jaunty?16:19
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, no, actually you can only use 3.5gigs with 32bit since the rest is reserved for pci adressing16:19
lanoxx-and the graphic card16:19
JorgeJorgessonI keep seeing some kind of message upon bootup.  something about greater than 4 GB aperture.16:19
aciculawell there is pae but i'm guessing that only has a niche use16:20
aciculaJorgeJorgesson: you can look it up with dmesg16:20
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, not sure what that it16:20
aciculaor erm logs16:20
aciculaah yeh System log16:20
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, PAE is some kind of adress translation but its not wildely used16:21
aciculakern.log or syslog probably has what you want16:21
carl0s-Regarding bug #338982 , the chappie at the end says he's uploading a fix tonight (yesterday) to universe .. does that mean I just do an apt-get update/upgrade to get it, i.e. it'll be in the main repository?16:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 338982 in evolution-mapi "evolution crashed with SIGSEGV during MAPI authentication" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33898216:21
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: that is what I was thinking about.16:21
JorgeJorgessonI'll give 64 bit a try here on the laptop first.  See how it goes16:21
JorgeJorgessonThen on to the server16:22
lanoxx-since you have 4gigs i recommend you just use 64bit16:22
JorgeJorgessonIt is a dansguardian server for the house16:22
lanoxx-adobe has also a beta for flash 11 that is available natively on linux16:22
JorgeJorgessonIt also serves movies and music16:22
lanoxx-i forgot the link but you can google for it16:22
coz_hey guys.. when opening Open dialog in an application it still takes a long time to populate16:22
BluesKajcoz_, must be a large file16:23
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, the best you are off when using intel graphics, but there also has been some good progress with ati graphics, although my 4850 runs not so well yet16:24
lufisXorg is messed up big time on my intel 945g chipset in jaunty. It won't go into a correct screen resolution, the one i used in the last version has cut off tops and bottoms of the screen, so there is no taskbar anymore16:24
coz_BluesKaj,  well what I mean is that at any time you run the Open form a app menu when the open dialog opens it takes quite a while to populate  not as bad as on intrepid though:)16:24
aciculalanoxx-: not if you have something recent16:24
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: yeah, both my laptop and server have the Xpress200 integrated card.16:24
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: default works well, but not with opengl16:25
BluesKajJorgeJorgesson , the X200 card is restricted to 2D even with the latest fglrx driver16:25
lanoxx-acicula, yeah thats true, the 7xx series are still not so supported, but i have an intel chip in my X61 so i cant really say much about graphics drivers16:25
JorgeJorgessonBluesKaj: works well with compiz.....16:26
acicula4500 gma here too, doesnt work so well still tbh16:26
lanoxx-on my desktop i have a 4850 and opengl does not work though16:26
acicula3d anyway16:26
recon69just wondering what kernel 9.04 is running?16:26
lanoxx-no 2816:27
BluesKajI have the same onboard graphics x200 , but disabled ... switched to an nvidia pcix card due to the grief with ati16:27
JorgeJorgessonrecon69: uname -a16:27
JorgeJorgessonBluesKaj: My x200 works well with the open source drivers for compiz.  No issues at all.  Just Opengl16:28
lanoxx-is anyone here familiar with inetd and xinetd16:29
lufisFML, is there no one here who can help?16:30
recon69hmm, think thats the one with the Ralink RT61 drivers included in the kernel, will look forward to release and hope it stops my kernel panics on 8.04.16:30
JorgeJorgessonMy biggest issue is alway wireless.  Always a pita16:31
BluesKajlufis, there was alarge update this morning  , your issue might reolve itself if you haven't updated yet16:32
charlie-tcalufis: the beta release notes state there are major problems with intel 9x5 video16:32
recon69same here, any heavy use of wireless on 8.04 cause a kernel panic for me :( . really annoying when I try play online games. but that OT.16:33
lanoxx-charlie-tca, can you point me to the note16:34
lanoxx-recon69, what chip do you have?16:34
lufisSigh. The sad thing is I just completely lost this window and had no way of bringing it up again because they changed the key to move windows too16:34
lufisit showed like 10 pixels of the bottom of it at the top of my screen16:35
lufisI ran apt-get update, there are no video related updates16:36
charlie-tcaLaney: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/beta#Known%20issues16:37
charlie-tcalanoxx-: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/beta#Known%20issues16:37
lanoxx-charlie-tca, thank you16:37
BluesKajlufis, I posted this advice earlier and this seems like round about fix, but try the recovery kernel in the grub menu . A boot dialog will open and choose "fix broken packages" . I think this is preferable to editing the xorg.conf file since it relies so heavily on HAL , that it breaks/crashes with smallest changes.16:39
recon69lanoxx- : it's a EDIMAX card with a RT2561st chip16:39
lukeqseequick question, using xubuntu 9.04 when I plug my ipod in nothing happens, it shows in lsusb, but doesn't mount or show up in banshee16:39
recon69lanoxx- : but as far as i know there are a couple of RT61 drivers, with the one added to the kernel in .27 being the stable one.16:40
lanoxx-recon69, hm never heard of it, but if .27 has a stable version i dont understand why you get kernel panics16:41
recon69I'm still on 8.04 with kernel .24 , so I still get panics16:42
Raylzi just modprobed iwl394516:43
Raylznever seen such a nice crash :)16:43
hilwhat did it do? crashed with an 3d-rendered explosion? ;)16:45
lanoxx-recon69, oh, i c, for a LTS its quite buggy i feel16:46
JorgeJorgessonSo, can I dual boot 64 bit 9.04 with a current 32 bit installation? Can I format the new installation with the new ext4 filesystem?16:46
lukeqseewhat is the iPod nano 1g driver?16:46
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, yes dual but is not bound to 64bit or 3216:46
lanoxx-the can work side by side16:47
lanoxx-if you choose manual partitioning you should be able to choose ext416:47
Raylzhil: amazing kernil panic :)16:47
Raylzonly saw that at bootup16:47
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: So, I can partition with the new format and all will be well?16:47
htrejhvlc in jaunty opens movies in an extern window, is that a bug? i hate that16:48
hil Raylz: they should really make crashes more entertaining, hehe. Like loosing a level in an arcade game or so. That would make testing way more funny.16:49
Castawayzso uhh i know we dont get support yet for jaunty but i can no longer update on my laptop bunch of errors16:49
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, there is something about setting the writeoncommit i belive not sure how you set that though16:49
Raylzhil: or like the guru :)16:50
Raylzor a message like karam-=116:50
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, there has been a discussion about ext4 losing data if the systems crashes. there have been a couple of workarounds provided but im not sure how to activate them or if they are included in jaunty yet16:50
hilRaylz: yah, more of ,harhar ;)16:51
lanoxx-htrejh, maybe you can change that in the settings?16:51
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: I'm not worried about losing data.  This will be an independent install.  for testing only.16:51
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, in that case go ahead16:52
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: should be fun16:52
lanoxx-yeah, definitely16:52
JorgeJorgessonIs there any perfomance boost with 64bit?16:52
hilRaylz: like -> ˙pǝɥsɐɹɔ puɐ uʍop-ǝpısdn pǝʇooq 'ʎɹɹos  ;)16:52
htrejhlanoxx-: yeah you can but doesn't change16:52
htrejhit falls back to glx output16:52
lanoxx-only for apps that do alot of calculation, like mysql16:53
lanoxx-or scientific programs16:53
Raylzhil: woot xD16:53
lanoxx-since these apps can do calculations with long datatypes in one step16:53
PhotoJimJorgeJorgesson: there can actually be a performance hit in some situations, but overall, not a lot of difference with most stuff.16:53
Raylzlanoxx-: the key is to reduce the write times to 5 secs16:54
JorgeJorgessonPhotoJim: so, it is mostly for the memory management?16:54
lanoxx-htrejh, then you might file a bug against it16:54
lanoxx-Raylz, is that already std in jaunty?16:54
htrejhbut can someone test out too ? maybe a local problem due to config :p16:54
Raylzlanoxx-: puh, dunno16:54
lanoxx-Raylz, it used to be 120sec i believe16:54
PhotoJimJorgeJorgesson: yep, and as lanoxx mentioned, some calculation can be quicker.16:54
Raylzlanoxx-: something around 60secs16:55
Raylzdunno :)16:55
lanoxx-well nvm16:55
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, exactly, as long as you dont run high performance tasks you wont notice much, one more thing is that you will be able to use the 64bit instructions set of you cpu but thats just a minor boost16:57
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: well, lets see what happens!  I'll give it a shot.16:58
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, yeah, good luck :)16:59
* Raylz actually wanted to use amd64 jaunty but took the wrong iso :/16:59
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: I just wish wireless support was better\16:59
lanoxx-JorgeJorgesson, yeah, its a pitty that many companies dont provide linux drivers, but i thing with the ever growing market share of linux this will change soon17:00
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: let's hope17:01
lanoxx-Hope is a good thing :)17:02
lanoxx-htrejh, i just installed vlc and tried it, for me its x11 too17:08
lanoxx-htrejh, it might be related to the fact that im running inside virtual box though17:08
htrejhsame problem here, will report it :)17:09
lanoxx-htrejh, ok, thx17:10
lanoxx-htrejh, please post the link when you have reported it17:10
* lupine_85 dist-upgrades a weeks worth of jaunty17:12
PhotoJimI'm doing the same.  153 MB.17:12
lanoxx-does anyone know what happend to the skype developement for linux? they havent released an updated for years it seems17:12
htrejhlanoxx-: will do it later...17:12
lanoxx-ok, nvm then17:13
lanoxx-a few days ago i booted into windows to fetch a few things and btw did an update to skype 4, thats so different now17:13
jeiworthlanoxx-: hmm might run under wine...17:16
crowfaxwhat's the launchpad page for the Python upgrade issue?17:16
lanoxx-jeiworth, i dont think so, but i will give it a try17:16
jeiworthlanoxx-: juust make sure you have the latest wine isntalled ;)17:17
lanoxx-jeiworth, did you try it? i have 1.1.1817:17
lanoxx-but the appdb suggests its garbage17:18
wompyExilant: sry,my internet-connection broke down. how do i check if port 80 is blocked?17:19
jeiworthlanoxx-: nope, i haven't tried it yet but i am playing with the idea too ;) let me know if it works17:20
jpdswompy: sudo apt-get install nmap; nmap -A -v -p 80 localhost17:21
lanoxx-just downloading it17:21
lupine_85time to reboot and see what happens I guess17:23
=== k4v is now known as m4v
lanoxx-jeiworth, http://pastebin.com/f6c7eb7ea, the installer failed for me, here is the log17:27
jeiworthlanoxx-: ok, seems to point at missing vbruntime7 installation, you have .net installed?17:29
lanoxx-jeiworth, nope, can i do that with winetricks?17:30
jeiworthi think .net 2 is supported by winetricks17:30
lanoxx-ok, btw. where do i get the latest version17:31
lanoxx-of winetricks17:31
jeiworthon winehq.org, just use the site search and the first result is it ;)17:31
JorgeJorgessonIs there any pinball game without opengl?17:33
lanoxx-i didnt know that dotnet requires a windows licence17:34
JorgeJorgessonlanoxx-: there must be an open source alternative17:35
lupine_85Mono ?17:36
lanoxx-yeah there is mono ofcourse but im not sure if you can install mono into wine17:36
lanoxx-that would be funny though17:37
lanoxx-mono is however only protected by ms agreements with novel17:37
lanoxx-thats is very weak since noboddy knows for sure whats in side the agreement17:37
lupine_85oh, Ubuntu doesn't seem to support my laptop's turn-the-trackpad-off button...17:37
lupine_85can has fix plz?17:37
lanoxx-what laptop do you have?17:38
* lupine_85 doesn't live in a region that believes in software patents, so the MS-Novell arrangement isn't much of an issue to him17:38
lupine_85HP G6017:38
* lupine_85 peeks to see if the button has an X event associated17:38
lupine_85it does appear in dmesg though - it seems to be handled as part of the keyboard driver17:40
lupine_85#[  909.015667] atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e058 <keycode>' to make it known.17:40
lupine_85anyone know which X event it should be bound to? (or if there is an X event for it?)17:40
Ryukendencwillu: pink17:41
Ryukendencwillu: ping17:41
lanoxx-jeiworth, installed .NET2, same error17:41
lanoxx-thats good17:42
lanoxx-lupine_85, thats good, software patents are so bad17:42
lanoxx-jeiworth, any other suggestion17:42
jeiworthlanoxx-: hmm17:42
jeiworthis it an exe or msi?17:44
lanoxx-jeiworth, actually a little different http://pastebin.com/f60503c5617:44
lupine_85grrrr, no suitable key in X17:46
lupine_85which suggests that I need to bind it to F13 -> F24 somewhere and write a custom handler.. or something17:47
sagredocrdlb: hi :)17:48
crdlbsagredo: ok, you need to edit that Makefile17:48
jeiworthlanoxx-: ok, seems to be a common problem with newer win-software, as e.g. office 2007...17:49
lanoxx-did you search for these errors?17:49
crdlbsagredo: make both pkg-config lines contain 'gnome-vfs-2.0 libgnome-menu' after last library17:49
jeiworth{24E669E1-E90F-4595-A012-B0FD3CCC5C5A} Causality Manager for VS7 debugger17:49
crdlbsagredo: and remove that -lgnome-menu, pkg-config will provide it17:49
sagredocrdlb: thanks a lot my friend, I'll give it a shot17:50
lanoxx-jeiworth, hmm17:51
=== fargiola` is now known as fargiolas
biberaoi tried to do update manager -d but it says failed to authenticate or other problem found it says17:51
biberaoany idea?17:52
sagredocrdlb: what syntax is the pkg-config17:52
CastawayzWhen I try to update I get this error: http://pastebin.com/m7ea1281217:52
crdlbsagredo: that stuff goes after gnome-desktop-2.0 and before the `17:52
sagredocrdlb: cheers17:53
smoddyIf I install a Jaunty beta, will I be able to move to the final release without a full reinstall?17:53
sagredosmoddy: good question17:53
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Jaunty. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.17:53
biberaoi did update-manager -d and it says problems authenticating17:54
BluesKajsmoddy, yes17:54
biberaoor other problems with network or server17:54
Castawayzyeah i have the same prob bib17:54
Castawayzi dont have that problem on another machine where i did a clean install17:54
biberaoatleast not me only17:54
Castawayzand not an update17:54
biberaoi think17:55
smoddyBluesKaj: using aptitude as you would for, say 8.04->8.10?17:55
Castawayzhttp://pastebin.com/m7ea12812 my error17:55
sagredocrdlb: some compilation errors, src/main.c:188: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘gtk_main’17:56
sagredosrc/main.c:190: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘gmenu_tree_item_unref17:56
biberaothe problem must be gpg?17:56
crdlbsagredo: ok, I just tried it here and it works (with my changes)17:58
biberaocrdlb, any advise?17:58
Castawayzbiberao, basically with jaunty youre on your own, it's not supported17:58
* crdlb has no idea17:58
sagredocrdlb: this is what I edited the file to17:59
biberaooh ok17:59
bjsniderbiberao, be more specific than that17:59
biberaobjsnider,  about what?17:59
bjsnider"it says problems authenticating"17:59
sagredoLIBS = `pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0 gnome-desktop-2.0 gnome-vfs-2.0 libgnome-menu`18:00
biberaoi cant be more specific18:00
sagredosyntax looks correct to me :/18:00
biberaoif its what it says18:00
crdlbsagredo: did you change CFLAGS too?18:00
sagredocrdlb: yes. :/18:00
crdlbdid you get an error from pkg-config?18:01
crdlb"No package "whatever" found"18:01
Afifihow to change the default user settings ?18:02
sagredo-lgnome-menu: unknown option18:02
biberaobjsnider, :|18:02
biberaoit says18:03
Afifiany one can help me plz18:03
sagredocrdlb: I got it :)18:03
biberaocant authenticate18:03
biberaoor something18:03
wompyjpds: nmap says: Interesting ports on localhost (
wompy80/tcp closed http18:04
bjsniderbiberao, well, that's helpful18:04
biberaothere could be a problem18:04
bjsnidertry googling the exact error message18:04
biberaowith the server or network18:04
biberaobjsnider, so how can i provide you more info if its what it says??18:04
wompyhow do i open the port?18:04
funkyHatwompy: run a web server?18:04
sagredowompy: likely your router's configuration18:05
wompyfunkyHat: no,firefox does not browse to www.google.com18:05
wompybut the ping is ok18:05
wompysagredo: so which setting should do the job,so i am able to browse on every machine in the network18:06
sagredowompy: for my router I adjust virtual servers to unblock ports18:09
wompyis that difficult?18:10
sagredowompy: takes a few seconds normally18:10
antoranzHI, guys!18:10
sagredowompy: navigate to or
antoranzwhy was DRI disabled from 82865 chipsets? :'(18:10
wompyyeah,the router-page18:10
wompyand than?18:10
sagredoantoranz: I wish I knew18:10
sagredowompy: look for 'port forwarding' or 'virtual servers'18:11
wompythen portforwarding for port 80?18:12
funkyHatwompy: why do you need to open port 80 to browse the web?18:12
wompysomeone in this channel said i should proof if block 80 is blocked18:13
funkyHatwompy: perhaps they misunderstood your problem. opening port 80 on your router is opening the incoming port 80, you would do that if you had a web server running locally18:14
funkyHatwompy: outgoing connections should be allowed by default anyway, assuming you're using a standard hardware router. Sounds more likely that you have a DNS problem18:14
homyWill ext4 be ok for productive environments once jaunty goes final?18:15
wompyi thought about a dns problem, but someone said, then ping www.google.de would not work18:15
td123homy: ext4 is not as time tested as ext3 so... it's your call (ext3 would be if you can't afford to have any bugs)18:16
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/304871/+text)18:16
Laruftwhy is knotes still part of the kubuntu distro.. I'd have thought the plasma widget notepad would replace it18:16
antoranzis that the final resolution? DRI will be off with jaunty for my chipset?18:16
funkyHatwompy: are you using a linux router like ipcop or something?18:16
cwilluantoranz, one sec18:16
td123homy: and ext4 still isn't fully implemented (as in some parts aren't finished, but they have most of it working)18:16
homyoh, I thought it would be finished? Wasn't it renamed from ext4dev to ext4 in 2.6.28, which jaunty will ship with?18:17
cwillutd123, well, it really is, the existence of stuff to do in the future doesn't mean it's not fully implemented18:17
cwilluantoranz, I suggest reading the remainder of the comments :p18:17
wompyi dont know what router it is..its a router from a internet-company called arcor18:17
antoranzthat's what I', doing18:18
antoranzkeep your shirt on. :-)18:18
cwilluantoranz, i.e, "dri is working fine now" is the final resolution18:18
antoranznot in my case, man18:18
antoranzlet me show you what I see in xorg's log:18:18
td123cwillu: ok, some of the features aren't implemented yet18:19
kklimondahomy: it is considered stable by devs but there still might be some bug they have missed. ext3 has been in use for years so it's safer for critical systems.18:19
antoranzDRI is disabled because it fails to run on 845G and 865G chips18:19
cwilluantoranz, paste me the line you get from lspci|grep -i vga18:19
antoranzok, hold on18:19
BluesKajwompy, it wouldn't hurt to know the name and model of the router18:19
antoranz00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)18:19
cwilluantoranz, that bug is unrelated to 86518:19
cwillugive me a sec to find you the right one18:20
antoranztwell.. that's what the log is telling me to look at (LP 304871)18:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 304871 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i845G] Fatal server error: Couldn't bind memory for BO front buffer (Jaunty)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30487118:20
antoranzthe full line says:18:20
antoranz(**) intel(0): DRI is disabled because it fails to run on 845G and 865G chips. (See LP 304871)18:20
antoranzthat's why I headed myself to that bug18:21
cwilluantoranz, and that bug says that 865 is a different issue :p18:21
centaur5Could anybody tell me where I can get information on how to join a client to a LDAP server in Jaunty? net join -U user doesn't work anymore so I try net ads join -U user and get errors.18:21
antoranzok.... let me get to the end.18:21
cwillu"""This bug is ONLY for the issue on i845 graphics. While the same symptom can be seen with 855 and 865, the workaround and solution is different."""18:21
antoranzI'm not even halfway18:21
cwilluis the second sentence of the bug report18:21
wompyBluesKaj: sry,but i've to ask my friend evertime,takes some time. the router is called:  easy box a300 wlan18:21
=== Laruft is now known as Laruft|AFK
cwilluagain, give me a second to find the report that's related to the 86518:22
sagredocrdlb: thanks again dude, peace!18:22
cwilluantoranz, that's funny actually, I just closed that bug as fix released like half an hour ago because the reporter says it's working fine now with a stock xorg.conf18:23
cwilluantoranz, can you move your xorg.conf aside and restart x and confirm whether it is actually fixed or not?18:23
antoranzoh, well... I'm Edmundo actually18:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 343690 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[Jaunty] 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller fails to load X" [Medium,Fix released]18:23
antoranzI guess ur carey18:24
cwillu"It's OK. I just rebooted and it's working normally. I'll come back to18:24
cwilluit if I see the bug is back."18:24
cwilluyou lied to me! :)18:24
antoranzno, actually... i didn't lie to u18:24
antoranzI just hadn't noticed I had no acceleration18:24
cwilluah, k18:24
Turlhi, what an odd thing18:25
antoranzotherwise, it's perfect18:25
FoxBlitzzKubuntu Jaunty Beta, system completely locks up when attempting to drag Flexible Space to Firefox toolbars18:25
Turljaunty broke my wifi today18:25
cwilluanyways, that bug is the one you should be on18:25
antoranzso I headed into the log and found that line I told you about18:25
antoranzthe driver (apparently) is turning DRI for my chipset18:25
antoranzso... do I add what I found in the log and complain? :-D18:26
cwilluhang on18:26
FoxBlitzzI'm assuming this channel is also for Kubuntu since #kubuntu+1 redirects to here?18:26
cwilluyou're running an empty xorg.conf right, right?18:26
cwilluFoxBlitzz, yes18:26
cwilluantoranz, pastebin me your current /var/log/xorg.0.log18:26
wompyBluesKaj: what information do you need about the box,so i can do a research18:26
bobbleHow come I don't see the update-manager update notifications after upgrade to jaunty?18:27
Turlbobble: check if they are enabled on the "applications on start"18:27
antoranzcwillu: http://www.pastebin.ca/138193018:28
bobbleTurl: Where is that?18:28
Turlsystem->preferences->applications on start18:28
antoranzline 25518:28
bobbleTurl: It's there18:28
BluesKajwompy , are you trying to authorize applications to run on your LAN ?18:29
cwilluantoranz, give me glxinfo18:29
bobbleTurl: And I know there are updates waiting.18:29
Turlbobble: then system->administration->update manager->preferences and check checking is enabled18:30
wompyBluesKaj: no, my friend got a fresh new install of ubuntu 9.04 netbook remix and is able to ping www.google.com but not able to browse with firefox18:31
wompyBluesKaj: he is also able to go to the router-website and its a wireless connection18:31
antoranzcwillu: http://www.pastebin.ca/138193618:31
bobbleTurl: It is enabled18:31
wompythe wired connection works18:31
antoranzit says I have direct rendering18:32
WiclaHello. I created /etc/modprobe.d/options and changed some usb module options. But it warns me that it won't be used in future releases. Now to my question: What number sequence and name should usb-configuration files have?18:32
cwilluantoranz, yes, but using the software rasterizer18:32
Turlbobble: then wait. it might take time to check for the updates :)18:33
antoranzOk, saw it18:33
Wiclaor doesn't it matter what name the configuration file has, it just need to exist?18:33
cwilluantoranz, how bad is performance?18:33
BluesKajwompy , it's not Firefox then , it's your wifi setup that needs to be configured18:34
bobbleTurl: I did aptitude update18:34
cwilluantoranz, I don't recall that the 865 ever ran compiz particularily well, for instance,18:34
Turlbobble: but the update manager didn't18:34
FoxBlitzzAlso, is anyone else noticing really weird glitches with image resizing in Firefox/Konqueror?18:34
antoranzwell.... I use kwin's 3D effects... and noticed they weren't there18:34
antoranznot that I use them heavily... I'm no gamer18:34
antoranzyet I liked hitting ctrl-F10 and choose the application I wanted to work on18:35
FoxBlitzzLike, graphics on YouTube are garbled18:35
FoxBlitzzVideo itself seems to display fine (even runs better than Windows!)18:35
wompyBluesKaj: but which setting could be wrong? Its bizarre,that he is able to ping websites, to go to the routers website but not able to use firefox or pidgin18:35
cwilluantoranz, can you try the settings listed at http://pastebin.com/d79acc29718:36
cwilluantoranz, except use exa instead of uxa18:36
antoranzok... give me some minutes so I can try18:37
mnemowhen is todays daily build due? im look here --> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/18:37
BluesKajwompy, what about konqueror ?18:37
antoranzhold on18:37
wompydoesnt work,also tried w3m18:37
FoxBlitzzHow are images rendered in Qt4 anyway? Are they routed to the video card in any manner?18:37
BluesKajwompy, usually the router hosts it's own page18:37
FoxBlitzzLike, browser images18:38
fserveanyone with sound regression using Realtek HDA DSP ?18:38
mnemoFoxBlitzz: http://doc.trolltech.com/4.0/qt4-arthur.html18:38
Turlwompy: DNS down?18:38
wompyBluesKaj: yes,thats clear, its just a proof that the connection works18:38
Turlwompy: try OpenDNS dnses -> and
antoranzwith exaNoComposite true?18:39
FoxBlitzzSo I'm assuming part of it is OpenGL?18:39
FoxBlitzzGuess I might drop down to the generic vesa drivers and see what happens.18:39
FoxBlitzzIn the meantime, is it possible to install the fglrx drivers? I'd like to see what kinds of improvements/regressions they have. I tried it once and X-server froze on a corrupt black screen.18:40
FoxBlitzzCurrently on radeonhd18:40
funkyHatwompy: what does `host google.com' tell you?18:40
cwilluantoranz, yes.  Starting conservative :)18:40
antoranzlet me give it some tries18:41
wompyTurl: how do i proof it. someone said earlier this day, ping www.google.de wouldn't work then18:41
Turlwompy: then you might be having a bad gateway18:42
Turltry "dig A turleando.com.ar"18:42
Turland see if that works18:42
wompyTurl: is that a command?18:43
Turlwompy: yep18:43
wompyfunkyHat: the host-command does nothing18:52
wompyTurl: the dig command does also nothing18:52
Turlwompy: then you have DNS down.18:53
Turlwompy: try OpenDNS -> and
wompyTurl: so i type in "OpenDNS -> and" ?18:54
Turlwompy: nope18:54
Turlin network manager right click and click edit connections18:55
cwilluantoranz, and?18:55
antoranzcwillu, u there?18:55
Turllook for the connection you use and click edit wompy18:55
* cwillu hides18:55
antoranzwith the options you told me to try, It started... no acceleration though18:55
Turlwompy: then go to the 'ipv418:55
Turl'i4pv settings' tab* wompy18:55
cwilluantoranz, are you still running under that config?18:55
antoranzI tried just with uxa and it went into a repetitive cicles of X restarts (I guess it was because of having started kdm instead of X directly)18:56
wompyTurl: yes18:56
antoranzah..... I think I'm only using DRI true and exa18:56
Turlwompy: select "only automatic addresses (dhcp)" and on "dns servers type "," without the quotes18:56
antoranzthe others are disabled18:56
Turlwompy: save and apply all, and then reconnect18:56
cwilluantoranz, the aim is to get exa working as well as we can.  There's basically no chance of us switching to uxa for jaunty afaik18:57
Turland it should work now18:57
ikoniajack|ass: alternative or server cd works for you18:57
antoranzso, what's next for me?18:57
* BluesKaj wonders what happened to knetwork manager in jaunty. Had to install it ...strange :P18:58
jack|assikonia: ok.  I'll download alternative then. :)18:58
antoranzit is saying DRI is disabled in the log18:58
cwilluantoranz, can I get you to file a bug "DRI disabled with i865", with the basic details + lspci -vvnn + (stock) xorg.conf + xorg.0.log?18:59
cwilluantoranz, and then send me the link to it18:59
antoranzsure.... you don't want me to go on with our old bug?19:00
cwillubug 343690 is fixed for all intents and purposes (x is starting now), and we're trying to keep the bug reports nice and focussed on the topic at hand :)19:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 343690 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[Jaunty] 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller fails to load X" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34369019:00
Turlwompy: did it work?19:00
imachineany issues with ext419:01
imachineI have some situations where it just *hangs*19:01
cwilluimachine, yep :)19:01
imachineworks okay but during lots of disk actitivity19:01
imachineit just fails.19:01
imachinecwillu, any solutions ?19:01
imachineI have it mounted with relatime19:01
antoranzdo I point to intel's driver?19:01
imachinethat's it19:01
wompyTurl: sry, takes some time, ive to write it to my friend whos netbook doesnt work, he is now reconnecting,wait a sec19:01
cwilluimachine, we're getting it nailed down, it's one of three patches that caused it (or rather, makes it show up far more often than in mainline)19:01
imachinecwillu, rest was done according to kernelnewbies, moved from ext319:01
cwilluimachine, there are mainline kernel builds available in a ppa now, and those don't show the problem19:02
cwilluimachine, it's deletes that trigger it19:02
imachinebut it's only gnome deltes, methink.19:02
imachinewhen I delete using rm or so, I don't have problems... or didn't, at least.19:02
cwilluno, it's any delete, but it's not _every_ delete19:02
imachinealso, my swap doesn't get mounted on boot.19:02
imachineany clues?19:02
cwillutook me 3 days to pin it down because of how it likes to hide :)19:03
imachineI think I found a bug as well, where by selecting something in gnome, you get elevated to root level.19:03
cwilluimachine, no idea offhand, aside from checking that fstab is showing the right uuid/device, etc19:03
imachinenot good!19:03
imachinecwillu, it is19:03
cwilluwhat does swapon -s say?19:03
imachineany way to rebuild fstab?19:03
cwillusudo swapon -a, rather19:03
imachineswapon: cannot stat /dev/disk/by-uuid/fa13ab2a-465d-4a44-9f7a-916f4863beaf: No such file or directory19:04
imachineokay, problem solved19:04
cwilluokay, so the uuid is wrong :p19:04
imachineyeah it seems that way19:04
imachineI'll fix it chers19:04
imachinethat root thing is nasty tho19:04
imachinetry for yourself. go into system administration software properties, try adding a new key, you'll be browsing the system as root.19:05
cwilluimachine, you have to enter a password to get into system administration software properties though19:06
cwilluthat's why it's running as root, because you authorized it19:06
wompyTurl: he says firefox does not work, ping works19:06
antoranzcwillu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/35525819:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355258 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Jaunty: DRI disabled with i865" [Undecided,New]19:06
Turlwompy: and dig?19:07
cwilluantoranz, thanks19:07
antoranzsure... anytime.. specially if you'll give me acceleration back. :-)19:07
imachinecwillu, yes. but it still browses starting in /root19:07
cwilluantoranz, ugh, attach files rather than including them inline next time :p19:07
imachinecwillu, which shouldn't work that way19:07
antoranzthat's what I'll do for the next submits (xorgs and logs)19:08
cwilluimachine, it's not a security vulnerability though19:08
cwilluyou're browsing as root, that's the point19:08
imachinecwillu, yea, figures.19:08
antoranzbut by the page, only one attachment is possible, right?19:08
Linuxrevolutioncant see update notify on panel!19:08
imachinecwillu, but you should browse as yourself.19:08
cwilluantoranz, add yourself as a subscriber, and then you can send emails with multiple attachments which do the sensible thing.  There's just no launchpad ui for it yet19:09
imachinecwillu, not as the user you elevate yourself too, ideally, the whole process should not be ran as root and it's subprocesses, but only parts of the process.19:09
antoranzthat's what I'll do, man. No offenses, ok? :-P19:09
cwilluimachine, you elevate yourself to root when you run it though19:09
imachinecwillu, so the entire app is probably requiring a bit of a rewrite. I'd think. not sure how it's done ;]19:09
imachinecwillu, not exactly I suppose. is it running as root?19:10
imachineor does it just get a knob that hey I'm root whenever I need to be19:10
cwilluimachine, any time you run a command with sudo, you're running that command as root19:10
imachineI thought it's not ran with sudo19:10
imachineI thought it's more like policykit19:10
cwillusame thing19:10
imachinewhere you get only a particular part of an application19:10
imachineand that particular part of it runs as root19:10
Linuxrevolutionthere are too many files for downloading but I cant see notify on panel19:10
cwilluno, we're not moved over to that completely19:10
imachinenot the entire process19:10
imachineokay np19:10
imachinejust something to think about then since it looks eeky ;P19:11
imachineokaygot food here19:11
imachinetalk to you later :)19:11
imachinethanks for the info regarding ext419:11
wompyTurl: ; <<>> DiG 9.5.1-P2 <<>> A turleando.com.ar19:11
wompy;; global options:  printcmd19:11
wompy;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached19:11
Turlwompy: then internet OR dns do not work19:11
TurlI'd go his internet connection is offline19:11
wompybut he is able to use the wired lan19:12
wompyover the same router19:12
cwilluantoranz, attach the xorg.0.log from an empty xorg.conf file19:13
cwilluantoranz, rather than the Xorg -configure19:13
cwillu(don't bother with the Xorg -configure)19:13
antoranzwell.... I'll come back19:14
Turlwompy: yeah, lan works fine, but internet access doesn't19:14
Turltell him to call his ISP19:14
antoranzlet me restart the whole thing without xorg.conf19:14
wompyTurl: but he is able to use Firefox over wired lan,so his ISP is okay or not?19:15
Turlwompy: nope19:15
Turlwompy: his lan is OK, his isp is not working19:16
StevenXHello all. Is it generally easy to update from 9.04 beta to the full release? I want to try out 9.04, but not sure if I should wait for the full release. I don't want to have to re-install from scratch after trying the beta for a couple of weeks.19:18
cwilluStevenX, yes, any jaunty install is the same as any other once they're updated, for the most part19:19
=== Linuxrevolution is now known as LRevoZzz
cwilluStevenX, however, if this is a machine you can't live without, you really shouldn't upgrade until it's been released19:19
sebsebsebStevenX: probably  best to wait untill final then put it on properly with Ext4 :)19:19
cwilluMake sure you read the release notes at a minimum19:19
wompyTurl: sry,i dont understand. how does the ISP not work, if he is able to browse with firefox to google.com over wired lan? Behind the router the connection is the same, if he uses wlan or wired lan or not?19:19
StevenXAre people not using ext4 already?19:20
sebsebsebStevenX: that is,  /  in  Ext4,    small  home in Ext3, because of  an issue with Gnome and KDE data files being saved onto Ext4,  and a data partition in Ext4, as well as your swap19:20
cwilluStevenX, we're not using ext4 by default in jaunty19:20
Turlwompy: LAN works, he can access for example. WLAN doesn't work, he can't access turleando.com.ar or google.com19:20
StevenXwill it be supported cwillu, even if not default?19:20
cwillusebsebseb, the dataloss issue was fixed afaik gnome and kde are concerned more than a month ago though19:20
sebsebsebcwillu: isn't it still best to have home in Ext3?19:21
cwilluStevenX, I believe so, although there are a couple of latent issues there that should be fixed by the time release comes around19:21
sebsebsebcwillu: and do the rest in Ext4?19:21
cwillusebsebseb, no, not really19:21
cwillusebsebseb, you're losing most of the benefit of extents, for instance, and all of the benefit of fsync being quick19:21
sebsebsebcwillu: I was told that the home partition is where the issue is, because of how Gnome and KDE save the files.19:21
sebsebsebcwillu: what I mean is to use only home for the .folders as Ext3, everything else Ext419:22
cwillusebsebseb, and I'm telling you know that that issue has been resolved :p19:22
wompyTurl: LAN works also with Internet, he is able to go to google.com19:22
cwilluas of 2.6.28-11 I believe19:22
wompyTurl: so i think its not the problem of the isp or?19:22
Turlwompy: tell him to restart his router and modem19:22
sebsebsebcwillu: so your saying Gnome and KDE can now, save their  files properly onto Ext4?19:22
cwillusebsebseb, and have for some time19:23
sebsebsebcwillu: ok19:23
cwillusebsebseb, basically, any process that renames a file overtop of the existing file (which is how kde and gnome do it) have a special case in ext4 to force an fsync19:23
sebsebsebcwillu: so no issues with Ext4 anymore???19:23
cwillusebsebseb, pidgin had some braindamage due to a well-intentioned-but-ill-conceived windows workaround, but beyond that19:24
cwillusebsebseb, well, and deleting files can currently cause the machine to hard lock :p19:24
sebsebsebcwillu: well my upgrade install here. from 8.10 to alpha6, to beta, hasn't quite gone right.  so maybe I should clean install the beta and do Ext4, instead of waiting for final.   Pidgin has issues still???19:24
cwillubut that's due to one of our patches, not upstream19:24
cwillusebsebseb, I don't use pidgin day to day, so I haven't been following the bug19:25
sebsebsebcwillu: well I use it daily19:25
cwilluI wouldn't be surprised if it's been patched in jaunty already though19:25
cwillusebsebseb, you're running a pre-release os, you really should have good backups anyway19:25
sebsebsebcwillu: well I got a seperate home19:25
sebsebsebcwillu: partition19:25
cwilluno, that's not a good answer :p19:25
cwilluyour 'seperate home' is still mounted19:26
sebsebsebcwillu: and no important data as such on here19:26
cwilluand so any major bug can still kill it19:26
sebsebsebcwillu: true, but I doubt there would be one19:26
sebsebsebcwillu: that would result in partitions being wiped19:27
sebsebsebcwillu: and espeasilly not know when it's beta19:27
sebsebsebcwillu: maybe in alpha1 or 2, but  beta I doubt it19:28
cwillusebsebseb, um, things still happen19:28
cwilluseperate home doesn't buy you anything except an easy reinstall19:28
lupine_85hummm, I'm getting the thing with the nvidia proprietary driver where it doesn't do redraws properly19:28
sebsebsebcwillu: well maybe I should back up a few things into Vista :D  that I don't want to lose or onto a usb stick19:29
lupine_85cwillu, I generally use a separate $HOME in LVM19:29
cwilluthere's no protection whatsoever from (say) a broken patch in the fs layer that clobbers something :p19:29
sebsebsebcwillu: only small files anyway19:29
cwillulupine_85, yay, so you've got one more major system that if broken would cause data loss :)19:29
lupine_85LVM is the win19:29
sebsebsebcwillu: well I am doing 9.04 on Ext3,  and Ext3 is rather stable. so I guess ther won't be a fs bug19:29
td123sebsebseb: just create a backup partition and mount it only to create backups on it... that would remove the need for an externel drive19:29
* cwillu uses lvm, but he also does a nightly backup to a different machine19:29
* lupine_85 is using ext4 now, but sans lvm19:29
antoranzcwillu: got i?19:30
lupine_85one particular machine is mdraid (level 1) -> lvm -> ext319:30
cwilluantoranz, sorry?19:30
lupine_85I can't be bothered migrating it to ext419:30
antoranzthe logs and hacked xorg.conf19:30
antoranzthey are already filed in the bug19:30
lupine_85but that $HOME is shared between several different linux distros, and needs resizing from time to time, whereas the various roots are all fairly statically-sized19:30
td123lupine_85: ya, reconfiguring a system sucks :D19:30
sebsebsebtd123: well  hard disks can fail, and so important data should be backed up else where as well,  people shoudn't just use  the hard disk, as the major storage device, with no back ups19:30
lupine_85yep, and raid is not a backup19:31
sebsebsebtd123: putting stuff into another partition on the same hard disk, is not really a backup19:31
lupine_85which is a shame19:31
cwilluantoranz, thanks19:31
* lupine_85 hasn't backed up for a while, actually - should do something about that19:31
antoranznou problemo :-)19:31
cwilluantoranz, ugh, they got sent as 'application/octet-stream', which doesn't open in the browser :(19:31
antoranzdownload then (I guess)19:32
td123sebsebseb: you said that you had a /home partition as a 'backup' so how could you say that?19:32
* sebsebseb is thinking about running 9.04 in a vm inside this setup, because the upgrades have borked. it seems I don't have a proper fully working 9.04 install. for example no log in sound, a KDE4 that is still buggered up, etc19:32
sebsebsebthen in the vm I can at least see, what I meant to have :d19:32
sebsebsebtd123: no  I have no backups19:33
lupine_85sebsebseb, 9.04 upgrades worked fine here19:33
* Jordan_U thinks that a VM doesn't give you a "full" experience19:33
lupine_85mind you, I'm not kubuntuing19:33
sebsebsebtd123: ,but I could make a sort of backup, by moving stuff into Vista,  but  that woudn't count as proper backup, since that's the same hard disk19:33
sebsebsebJordan_U: indeed, but  9.04 vm, inside this 9.04 set up, which hasn't quite gone properly19:34
sebsebsebJordan_U: so it would only be to see what  I meant to have, that I don't think I have19:34
sebsebsebfor example is there even a log in sound in 9.04?  ,because I sure as hell don't have one19:34
sebsebsebor do I have to set up the log in sound?  in Ubuntu19:35
htrejhlanoxx-: seemed to be a bug in vlc: https://bugs.launchpad.net/vlc/+bug/31403819:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314038 in vlc "Integrated video interface is broken in Jaunty" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:46
htrejhlanoxx-: will proably not be fixed, but theres a ppa with a newer version...19:46
clearscreenhtrejh: I didnt read it yet, but why wont it be fixed?19:47
clearscreenI noticed this myself when upgrading to jaunty19:48
htrejhwell it was a bug in vlc itself19:48
htrejhso they have 2 options: use svn version or downgrade19:48
clearscreenwell it doesnt bother me too much, but they seem reluctant to tempfix it with what is viewed upon as an incorrect patch.. again; didnt really investigate19:49
htrejhit sucks to have the movie in another window xD19:50
clearscreenActually I believe I encountered this buy a long time ago19:51
coz_ hey guys, let me state this differenlty..   I am running ubuntu 9.04 and like 8.10 when opening a file from the File menu of any application , for example Firefox..File/Open File.. the open dialog takes a long time to populate .. however  of course when I run it as for example sudo Firefox and File/Open File the open dialog is populated even before the open dialog opens.. any way to speed this up?19:51
clearscreenin debian, had something to do with the different skinning methods19:51
DarthFrog_Has anyone experienced a problem with mouse clicks not being accepted in Jaunty when using the Nvidia drivers?19:51
coz_DarthFrog_, no I have nvidia here with no mouse cursor issues sorry19:52
DarthFrog_coz_: Are you using an AMD 64 system perchance?19:52
coz_DarthFrog_,  no 32 bit19:52
DarthFrog_Tnx.  I wonder if it's an AMD64 issue?19:52
coz_by the way that open dialog populatins has nothing to to with themes I have already tried that19:53
coz_DarthFrog_,  I dont think it's the video if the mouse cursor is not responding correctly19:53
DarthFrog_coz_: It's definitely the Nvidia drivers.  If I use the nv driver, no problems.  If I use the Nvidia 3D driver, lotsa problems.  Not video corruption, just that the system is refractory to left mouse clicks about 1/2 the time.19:55
coz_DarthFrog_, mm  are you running compiz with this?19:55
DarthFrog_It was working with the older drivers with the kernel the other day.  A new kernel came out yesterday (or the day before) and it stopped working.19:56
coz_DarthFrog_,  ok that makes sense sounds like a bug to me19:57
DarthFrog_No compiz, no desktop effects.  I want to run Goodle Sketchup under Wine (and CIv IV as well) so I shut off desktop effects.  I'm running Kubuntu BTW.19:57
DarthFrog_coz_: Well, I'd call it a regression. :-)19:57
imachineI have one more problem with ubuntu 9.04, it seems my passwords aren't remember too well? the ssh key ones and the ones for vpn in networkmanager19:57
coz_DarthFrog_, then I am puzzled.. I also never use kde so if this is tied into kde I would have no solution at all19:58
DarthFrog_I even tried the latest & greatest driver from Nvidia with the same issue.19:58
imachinealso, inside pidgin, whenever I go online, I get a notification after notification19:58
imachineregarding each contact19:58
imachine* is online19:58
imachine** is online19:58
DarthFrog_I doubt it's a KDE issue.  But I do have GNOME installed so I should try that to make sure.19:58
DarthFrog_Hmm, it seems that I don't have GNOME installed.  A rather massive download is underway. :-)20:00
coz_DarthFrog_, that sounds reasonable20:00
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DarthFrog"apt-get install gnome" installs 300 packages!  Methinks that there needs to be a gnome-minimal package.20:06
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crdlb!info gnome-core | DarthFrog20:10
ubottuDarthFrog: gnome-core (source: meta-gnome2): The GNOME Desktop Environment -- essential components. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.22.2~4ubuntu6 (jaunty), package size 14 kB, installed size 44 kB20:10
DarthFrogcrdlb: Tnx!  I should have known that. :-)20:11
albiwhich amarok version will be included in jaunty?20:11
crdlbDarthFrog: even here on gnome, sudo apt-get install gnome wants to install 92 packages20:11
DarthFrogAMarok 220:11
=== teethdood_ is now known as teethdood
DarthFrogcrdlb: I killed the gnome download and switched to gnome-core.  It was 57 packages, most of which had already been downloaded.20:13
DarthFrogalbi: Amarok 2.02 is what is on my system now.20:13
albiok will newer version be put in the repository? amarok 2.1 for example20:14
DarthFrogDon't know.  My system is fully up to date with Kubuntu Jaunty.  So I rather doubt it.20:15
albii think amarok 2 is still unusuable20:16
DarthFrogOK, gnome-core is installed.  Time to go testing.  Chat at'cha laters.20:16
albii hope this will change with 2.120:16
clearscreenWhat's the general way of permanently installing a driver? I have build-essential and kernel headers... What do I do after compiling the drivers?20:29
DarthFrogCurious.  GNOME doesn't run on my system!  I did a full install but get thrown back to the KDM login screen each time.20:30
clearscreenIn continuation: is there generally an 'install' section for driver makefiles? if there isn't what's the manual way of doing it20:31
HalowDarthFrog: But can you choose (in Session, I think the mneu is called) which desktop to boot to?20:31
DarthFrogHalow: Yep.  I selected GNOME.  Entered my password.  It blinks, then puts me back at the login screen.  KDE works fine. :-)20:32
HalowHuh. I don't think I merely installed the desktop environment when I tried the other flavors.20:32
HalowDarthFrog: What I did when I wanted to try K/Xubuntu was install kubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop.20:33
HalowThen, I got to choose which when I got to GDM.20:33
DarthFrogHalow: I run Kubuntu.  I just did an "apt-get install gnome"  from a maintenance mode boot.20:35
HeimarkJaunty will most certainly break your system... I like that20:35
DarthFrogThat installs the full GNOME.  But it don' wanna run on my system. :-)20:35
HalowVery strange. I wonder if you'd need to install ubuntu-desktop to get it, not just GNOME.20:36
HalowI'm no expert. I'm just a tinkerer. :)20:36
DarthFrogI mean, it's no big deal to me.  I *much* prefer KDE over GNOME.  But I wanted to run GNOME to do some testing before reporting a bug.20:36
HeimarkI'm having issues with my bluetooth mouse on restarts and after suspended on my netbook. Any suggestions on how to get it to play nicely?20:37
DarthFrogHalow: Hey, that's a *good* suggestion! :-)  I'm doing it now.20:37
DarthFrogHalow:  Officer thinking, lieutenant! :-)20:37
HalowDarthFrog: I hope it helps!20:37
clearscreenI just came back from KDE to GNOME, it's just too bloaty for me.. But I'll shut up now, offtopic :<20:37
Halowclearscreen: Heh, I'm always coming back to GNOME, but I do love trying everything else out.20:38
DarthFrogclearscreen: To me, it's a tool, not a toy.  I use what works for me and let others do the same.  Religous wars over OS/software choices are ...juvenile.20:38
clearscreenDarthFrog: hence my use of the words 'for me' ;)20:39
HalowOh yeah. It's all opinion, really.20:39
DarthFrogAnd opinions are like assholes,  We've all got one. :-)20:40
DarthFrogOK, I'm off to try GNOME again after Halow's most excellent suggestion.20:40
Heimarktrying to do the same thing myself... but going to try KDE though20:41
eseven73I was under the impression ubuntu-desktop installed the full Gnome environment20:42
bjsniderif it doesn't, it gets close20:43
eseven73yeah close enough for me anyways, I did that over my Xubuntu install, and have really no probs20:44
DarthFrogHalow: Your suggestion was brilliant.  I'm now in GNOME.  I owe you a beer. :-)20:44
HalowLOL Wonderful!20:45
DarthFrogMind you, jockey still doesn't find the nvidia drivers so I'm installing them by hand. :-)20:48
DarthFrogOK, now to restart X and see if I have proper mouse behaviour.  BRB, I hope. :-)20:50
bjsniderDarthFrog, all you have to do is install the nvidia-glx-180 package, and jockey will pick up your card20:50
bjsniderit pulls in the modaliases package which is what jockey is using20:51
HalowJockey was a little frustrating with me too. My first time messing with proprietary drivers was only about a week ago.20:51
clearscreenjockey = 'Hardware Drivers' things that pops up into notification area after a new install? works great for me20:53
HalowIt saw my nvidia card and what it needed to install... but it kinda stayed at 0% installed for about 20 mins. When I killed it, opened it back up it said it was already installed. =/20:54
sebsebseb a nice fresh  clean install of Ubuntu 9.04 with Ext4 is good to go?  espesailly if  gong to save important data to an external hard disk anyway20:55
sebsebsebthen just upgrade that partition, untill Ext5 (assuming there will be one), or the computer dies, without any problems?20:55
DarthFrogWhee!  Things are working once more. :-)20:57
DarthFrogDon't know what I did but the mouse seems to be behaving itself again, with the nvidia drivers enabled. :-)20:58
DarthFrogWorks in both GNOME & KDE.  As it should.20:59
HalowThat's good!20:59
bjsniderDarthFrog, that's because the nvidia devs are steely-eyed missile men21:00
DarthFrogbjsnider: Uh OK, whatever you say, bud. :-)21:00
StupendoussteveSo they work at Nasa?21:02
cwillubjsnider, nvidia doesn't read the edid information of one of my two identical lcd's21:09
cwillubjsnider, you talk to your missile men and get them to glare it into submission :p21:10
DarthFrogGoogle Sketchup is working fine, to boot.21:11
bjsnidercwillu, perhaps that monitor is broken21:11
cwillubjsnider, no, I can swap the two around and it still works21:11
DarthFrogGeez, no more problems to solve.  Now I'm bored. :-)21:11
cwilluand the card didn't break itself coincidently with the 180 update that came through exactly when it broke :)21:11
HalowDarthFrog: :) You sound like me.21:11
bjsniderDarthFrog, nvidia users rarely have problems on linux21:12
cwilluI'm just forcing nvidia to use the edid information from the one monitor for both outputs, works 'fine'21:12
DarthFrogHalow: Sometimes I think I'm more interested in tinkering with the system than using it. :-)21:12
cwilluDarthFrog, go compile a kernel with full preempt enabled :)21:12
DarthFrogcwillu: It's been a very long time since I've compiled a kernel.  It took hours with the 1.0 kernel. :-)  But the kernels put out by distros these days are plenty good enough.   No more Gentoo for me. :-)21:14
cwilluDarthFrog, git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-jaunty.git; fakeroot make-kpkg --append-to-version "darth1" --initrd kernel-image kernel-headers will give you a fresh image and headers deb to install :)21:16
DarthFrogI remember compiling a 1.x kernel that I started in the evening, let run overnight and it still wasn't finished by morning!21:16
cwilluDarthFrog, takes about 4 hours on my single-core 1.5ghz laptop, and about 40 minutes on my quad-core vps21:16
cwillunvidia's stuff automatically compiles with dkms when you install it, quite nice actually21:17
cwilluand then you can help be troubleshoot ext4 crashing! \o/21:17
bjsniderext4 is fine on this rig21:18
cwillubjsnider, 64bit, or dual core?21:18
DarthFrogI'm trying that git compile command.  Just for shits & giggles. :-)21:18
cwilluDarthFrog, you'll probably have to apt-get install a couple things, but not a whole lot21:18
bjsnidercwillu, are those mutually exlusive?21:18
cwillubjsnider, either or21:18
bjsnider64 bit quad core21:19
cwilluyou may not even notice it unless you're on a singlecore 32bit machine21:19
DarthFrogcwillu: sudo apt-get install git-core  is all so far.21:19
cwillunope, you'll never see it :p21:19
DarthFrogcwillu: Is ext4 unstable on a dual-core AMD 64 CPU?21:20
cwillubjsnider, I think the worst you'd see is one core locking up for a couple minutes, but I don't think anyone's even seen that much on a 64bit processor21:20
bjsniderwho isn't on a 64-bit system these days?21:20
cwilluDarthFrog, no, but on the other hand, you could compile kernels for me too test :)21:20
DarthFrogcwillu: Well, I'm doing the kernel compile you suggested above.  Do you want those deb files when I'm done?21:21
cwilluDarthFrog, you'll need fakeroot and kernel-package21:21
cwilluDarthFrog, sure :)21:21
DarthFrogno problem.21:21
DarthFrogHow shall I get them to you?21:22
* cwillu checks how big the attachment limit is to gmail :p21:22
yeasonI think apt(among other things) is broken on my system and I'm not sure how to start fixing this. The first error is 'Failed to open connection to "system" message bus:'21:28
yeasonit also says Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: no such file or directory21:29
Exilanthm, bluetooth pairing requires one to tpe really really fast into some box?21:32
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benstejaunty's xserver fails after installing vbox guest addotions, I tried to add the vboxgrafic card and so on to xorg manually but that din't help, now I restored the failsafe to have a GUI, but what else can I do to access seemless mode and so on?21:46
jeiworthwoohooo got my sound working on my hp-dv5 again!21:49
DanaGI'm getting this horrid freezy-lag any time a new window opens; freeze time is directly proportional to size of window.21:50
DanaGThis includes menus, too.21:50
=== rconan_ is now known as rconan
raziusi'm having a bit of a problem with jaunty , i'm getting very ecesive disk i/o and can't seem to know what the problem is21:59
=== mne|afk is now known as mnemo
hhlpwhen i login to my ubuntu i see a windows saying 'warning ....' something but i can't see the complete error because the windows disappears very quickly anyone knowks what log file i have to see to find that error ? is not too much information but it is only i can see i doo dmesg but nothing22:07
Raylzhhlp: got the same problem :)22:11
hhlpyes the windows desapeers quickly and i can't see nothing only that it is a warning :)22:12
benstesomeone tried proftp ? I can't start the server via gui22:22
Mulderproftpd you mean?22:23
Mulderand you're not meant to start it viagui22:23
Mulderunless you have some gui configurator tool for it22:23
bensteMulder, I installed gproftpd with it, which creates a menu entry called, gadmin-proftpd and this tool shows offline all the time, can you help me?22:25
bensteMulder starting it via CLI says: system startup links for /init.d/proftpd already exists22:27
Mulderi dont use proftpd or gproftpd sorry22:28
Mulderhow are you starting it via cli?22:28
Mulderand how do you know it's not already started?22:28
Mulderi'm going to preempt your question and say check it's running by typing 'ps aux | grep proftpd' and if it's not running try '/etc/init.d/proftpd start'22:32
bensteit's running with this aux command22:35
benstebut I can't access it from another amchine which can access the same machine using HTTP22:35
benstemulder :-)22:35
bensteusing a termianl to connect to it it proclaims: "421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection"22:36
bazookatoothjaunty WILL MOST CERTAINLY BREAK UR FACE22:42
* rww considers submitting an edit request for !jaunty22:43
DanaGargh, anyone else have issues with fglrx freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing on creation (including unminimize) of any window?22:44
mogul218_getting an error message in jaunty was someone could help?  it happens when i try to install a package22:45
mogul218_dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 394 package fado0':22:45
mogul218_ field name 'V' must be followed by colo22:45
mogul218_i started getting this error after trying to compile flash player for x6422:49
mogul218_dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 394 package fado0':22:49
mogul218_ field name 'V' must be followed by colon22:49
mogul218_now whenever i try to install a package this same error message pops up22:49
rwwmogul218_: clear the file with echo "" | sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/available . It'll be regenerated next time you do "sudo apt-get update".22:52
mogul218_@rww thank you kindly i'm running sudo apt-get update now22:54
rconanomfg launchpad is down... whatever will we do? don't panic everyone!22:55
* rww thinks it's a sign that he should stop doing 5-a-day :P22:55
jpdsIt's been looked into.22:56
rconanI know22:56
mogul218_@rww that worked thank you very much!22:58
rwwmogul218_: you're welcome. Glad I could help :)23:00
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bjsniderNewbee, are you a newbie?23:19
DanaGargh, damned compositing lag.23:19
Newbeedoes anyone here know how to install  the powerdevil plasmoid in jaunty? I cannot find the package and the krunner command does not work.23:19
DanaGIs it just me, or are other people getting that, too?23:19
StupendoussteveDanaG: Where you drag the window and it moves a little later?23:20
Newbeebjsnider: I use kubuntu since 6.06. But I am not a geek or a linux guru23:20
bjsnidera geek bites the heads of chickens in a circus23:21
bjsniderDanaG, is this yet another intel issue?23:21
DanaGNo, where I try to unminimize a window... and it does NOTHING................ for about 1 to 3 seconds, before then playing the animation smoothly.23:21
dtchenNewbee: should be included in kubuntu 9.04 by default23:21
DanaGI'm on fglrx, actually.23:21
StupendoussteveNo haven't had that (intel)23:21
DanaGThe delay is directly proportional to window area.23:21
Newbeedtchen: I cannot find it in the plasmoid menu. Can you post the name, please?23:22
dtchenNewbee: the battery monitor?23:22
bjsniderNewbee, you've used linux for 3 years without know much about how it works? i thought the anti-linux types say that's impossible?23:22
EvilAIMhey champs.23:23
EvilAIMSo, quick question.  I'm going to be install 9.04 and want to use the ext4.  I haven't been able to really read anything that tells me if it is default, or an option.  Do I need to use the alternative install in order to install ext4?23:23
Mulderext4 is an option in gui isntaller23:24
Mulderjust know what you're getting yourself into though23:24
EvilAIMYea, I understand the implications of my actions.  Thanks for the warning tho.23:24
Mulderif your system crashes before a sync, there's the possibility that the file just gets truncated to 0 bytes23:24
EvilAIMAre there still a lot of issues?23:25
Newbeebjsnider: I am writing an rdiff-backup skript at the moment with as a easy bash skript. I have an linux server (samba and cups) runnig, but I am not able to make my system do what I want it to. And so I feel often new and helples - because of to less knowledge I think.23:25
Mulderthat's a feature, not a bug23:25
StupendoussteveEvilAIM: You don't need alternative23:25
EvilAIMAre the developers still pushing for a 23rd release date?23:25
StupendoussteveMulder, I hope you're joking ;)23:25
MulderStupendoussteve, nope.23:25
Newbeedtchen: it just shows the batterie status, but doesn't let me change the profile etc.23:25
StupendoussteveThe ext3 behavior is a better "feature"23:25
StupendoussteveMaking it blank vs having the old content is preferable23:26
StupendoussteveSwitch that23:26
MulderStupendoussteve, yes. and those who value user data integrity should probably stick to ext3 for now23:26
dtchenEvilAIM: yes23:26
StupendoussteveSo this feature is likely to be removed later23:26
StupendoussteveYeah, doesn't sound anything like a bug23:26
Mulderremoving this behaviour will give you a slight performance hit23:27
Mulderbut who knows, i dont develop the kernel. so you'll have to convince either the kernel team for ubuntu or the ext4 guys in linux vanilla to do something about it23:27
EvilAIMLol, you guys are amusing.23:27
EvilAIMWeak, my external can only transfer data at 20 MB/s...23:28
EvilAIMlooks for a SATA3 externa23:32
Mulderand how will that help?23:33
EvilAIM*shrugs* I'm just bored.23:33
Mulderyou could get a 10krpm hdd that's sata3, but if it's pllugged into usb, you're still going to be lagged by the usb23:34
EvilAIMYa, I guess.23:34
DanaGBetter idea: eSATA.23:34
DanaGThe only bummer with eSATA is that not many of the cables are any good -- check newegg reviews.23:35
Mulderswell, first crash o the day heh23:39
EvilAIMCouldn't I get a 10000rpm sata, and link it via firewire?23:41
bjsniderare the ext4 problems only apparent on old, weak machines?23:41
EvilAIMor even setup a gigE network and have it network linked?23:41
Mulderproblems? what problems?23:41
bjsnideri don't know. i've heard that there are problems but i won't see them apparently because i havea powerful rig23:42
Mulderno problems. only features.23:43
DanaGEvilAIM: FW400 is still a bottleneck... you'd need FW800.23:44
DanaGGigE would be faster than FW400, most likely.23:44
DanaGIf you need raw-disk IO, you can use iSCSI instead of a file-sharing protocol.23:44
EvilAIMif I do, update-manager -d would it allow me to upgrade to ext4 or do I have to do a clean install?23:45
Mulderyou should do a proper clean install23:45
Mulderor boot to a live cd, and use a tool to convert23:46
EvilAIMyea, but I have about a TB of data on here.23:46
clearscreen!ot > clearscreen23:46
ubottuclearscreen, please see my private message23:46
EvilAIMAwe well.  I guess I'm going to have to do it the right way.  Screw it.23:46
EvilAIMOk, I'm going to a hockey game.23:47
EvilAIMSee ya'll later23:47

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