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mnemoguys, it seems that the server https://wiki.ubuntu.com/  is hosed???12:44
mnemoI get a reply from yangmei.canonical.com but all it says is that "Unable to forward this request at this time"12:44
salty-horseI noticed that the default window icon (white rectangle with blue strip on top) appears differently in the window decoration (and alt-tab switcher) as black glossy paper. is this a known problem?13:02
mnemoi think black glossy paper means like "missing icon file" or something13:02
mnemohow do you repro this bug?13:03
mnemohow can I create such a window?13:03
salty-horsemnemo, open an app with no icon set.. like "gitk" or anything from sgt-puzzles13:03
salty-horseor glxgears13:04
salty-horseor xev13:04
salty-horseneed more? :)13:04
mnemoI see the normal white with blue top icon for all of those13:05
mnemoso maybe its a config issue on your machine13:05
mnemotry with the live CD to be sure13:05
mnemoyea with latest updates13:06
salty-horseI've copied my configuration from a intrepid install to a fresh jaunty one. that might have been the cause :)13:06
mnemoah yea maybe13:06
* Laney just discovered a restart notification by accident while alt-tabbing14:12
hyperairLaney: lol14:33
hyperairLaney: don't you just hate the new behaviour? =p14:34
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tjaaltonsigh.. is there a way to use the old method of mounting cameras and not the gphoto gvfs stuff?14:52
* maxb wonders whether to include something in his company's customization package to fiddle the auto_launch gconf setting :-/14:53
tjaaltonmaxb: so you know the answer?14:56
maxbtjaalton: sorry, no - that was in response to the conversation before your question16:20
tjaaltonmaxb: ah, ok :)17:29
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