cjwatsonslangasek,sbeattie: BTW, I fixed bug 301430 just now in ubiquity, partly because otherwise d-i and ubiquity are out of sync, but I have a nagging worry that this may expose some late ipv6/localhost problems00:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 301430 in ubiquity "ipv6 /etc/hosts missing localhost hostname" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30143000:01
cjwatsonif you spot anything that looks like it might be that, let me know ...00:01
cjwatsonI'm also conscious that there may not be time to fix netbase for upgrades00:01
kirklandmvo: hiya, are you actually around?  :-)00:47
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ezyangHello all; I noticed that xvm-3.3 has three bugs complaining about missing docs. Anything I can do to help fix this?02:37
maxbIs it automatically a bug to clobber configuration files in /etc/, or are there any exceptions?02:47
dtchenTheMuso: / pgraner: what do you think of muting "PC Beep" unconditionally?02:49
maxbkees: That shadow upload.... the arguments to grep are the wrong way around in the the preinst :-)02:59
ezyangWhere is the source code repository for xen-3.3?03:07
dtchenezyang: meaning Ubuntu or upstream?03:08
ezyangI'm on the launchpad page but there's no code tab.03:09
maxbAre there Vcs-* keys in the control file?03:10
dtchenezyang: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/x/xen-3.3/jaunty/files03:10
ezyangThanks! How would I find that page in the future?03:11
dtchenezyang: it's organised alphabetically by source package03:12
ezyangdtchen: Would you happen to know why xen-utils-3.3 doesn't have docs anymore?03:17
dtchenezyang: have you installed xen-docs-3.3?03:18
ezyangxen-docs-3.3 is an empty package03:18
ezyangxen-utils-3.2 used to be the package with the docs03:19
dtchenezyang: hmm, probably not being built at all. i don't see doxygen in the build-dependencies at least. you'll probably want to ask zul; he's likely far more familiar with the source package than i am.03:25
ezyangI suspect what happened is that the docs where removed from xen-utils-3.2 to be placed in xen-docs, but then that never happened.03:27
ezyangWhy do the bzr branches seem not to be connected to each other?03:38
ezyangAs in, I can't actually tell when the change was introduced without laboriously stepping through each branch03:40
dtchenezyang: perhaps you'll find https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen-3.3 more efficient03:45
ezyangI'm used to being able to point at a file, and see all of its history03:55
ezyangThis is very different03:56
ezyangSo, if I understand correctly, package-import doesn't actually have development done on it?04:00
* calc is prepping new OOo upload and it appears the server hosting the upstream OOo translations is dead :\04:24
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slangasekcjwatson: hmm. :/ ok, will keep a watch out05:35
bryce_wiki.ubuntu.com seems DOA05:46
keesmaxb: yeah, fix building now.  that's what I get for a friday night upload.06:38
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Hobbseehrm.  usb sticks really don't mount in jaunty anymore.07:27
sbeattieHobbsee: hrm, really? works here.07:37
sbeattie... though my usb fs with a space in the label gets it mapped to _ on the mount; that might be new behavior.07:39
slangasektjaalton: how did you reach the conclusion that bugs 351756 and 352581 are dupes of 354688?  The backtraces are entirely different.08:05
ubottuBug 351756 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/351756 is private08:05
slangasekfor that matter, 351756 and 352581 both refer to UXA, which I'm *not* using...08:05
tjaaltonslangasek: same error message08:05
tjaaltonwell, they were duped together08:06
slangasekwhich error message is the same?08:06
slangasekbut that's not the cause of the crash08:07
slangasekI only noticed DRI wasn't active after I started investigating the crash...08:07
tjaaltonhrm ok08:08
slangasekshall I undupe?08:08
mdkeslangasek: got a sec?09:15
mdkeslangasek: never mind, sorted I think09:45
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c0p3rn1cwho is responsible for packaging mplayer ?12:13
c0p3rn1cKmos: thx, yeah I figured that out by myself after asking the question :-)12:26
mnemoc0p3rn1c: ubuntu doesnt have specific persons responsible for each package... but there might be someone who usually ends up packing it.... see "aptitude changelog mplayer"12:35
c0p3rn1cmnemo: I've send the whole MOTU media team a message about it12:38
mnemoyeah that's probably the best way12:38
c0p3rn1cmnemo: thx anyways, maybe I'll use that command in the future, still kinda new to all of this(bin using ubuntu for about 6 months)12:40
c0p3rn1cI'm slowly trying to help ubuntu to improve more and more, currently I'm only reporting bugs and trying to get new technology to the main stream, btw where would best I start to learn programming in the linux environment, 10 years ago I have bin coding visual c++ but since then I only have bin programming java/perl/vb.net12:44
mnemoim sort of in the same position.. but I've been using ubuntu since 200712:45
mnemoone thing I learned is that its good for focus on a few things and do them really well12:46
mnemoi filed a lot of random bugs in the beginning and didnt follow up much on them12:46
mnemobut its better to learn deeply and some programs so you can file really good bug reports for those packages12:47
c0p3rn1cyeah, I don't have that much time anyways, I would love to be an open source programmer though but I don't know if there are any well payed jobs for it12:47
c0p3rn1cin the US yes, but not in the EU12:48
mnemowell nokia does a lot of gnome stuff for maemo, qt software in oslo, fluendo in spain, and google will let you work on open source as a 20% project12:49
mnemoopenisimus in germany, codethink and collabora in the UK12:49
c0p3rn1cmnemo: yeah but I'm scared to work for google lol12:49
mnemoheh yea12:50
mnemoor go work for canonical ofc ;) seems like a great company12:51
c0p3rn1cI'm even scared to ask for an internship, I'm petty gifted for programming but I've not exactly bin an A student12:52
mnemoyeah its probably harder right now with the bad economy etc12:52
mnemobut maybe start learning more deeply about linux12:53
mnemotry to come a MOTU etc12:53
* c0p3rn1c is googling MOTU12:54
c0p3rn1cMasters Of The Universe lol12:54
c0p3rn1cnice :-)12:54
mnemo=) thats the team that brings you most of the software in ubuntu12:54
htrejhdid something change in jaunty, i am a gfire dev (pidgin plugin for xfire) and now it crashes, seems to ba MALLOC_CHECK or something like that14:22
htrejhdid something change in the system vars or in gcc?14:22
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dreamcoderis anyone else having issues with greatly reduced download speeds in jaunty? via wireless15:26
dreamcoderi am downloading at less than 700 when it should be 240015:27
sitsis the first user not being added to the audio group etc. a known and fixed bug?15:32
the_dark_warrioWhen watching a movie in fullscreen, the new message system makes the screen blink. Is this a known bug?16:08
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directhexoh, the notification thing causes that?16:17
jpdsYeah, I have that too.16:18
hyperairi don't have that16:21
hyperairin the first place, the notification shouldn't happen when watching a movie in fullscreen16:21
hyperairunless you're watching videos from veoh, which has the stupidest web player you can ever find.16:22
james_wit won't if the movie player inhibits the screensaver16:22
the_dark_warrioits vlc16:32
hyperairah vlc16:33
hyperairwhat gpu?16:33
the_dark_warrioI'm using nvidea16:33
hyperairah nvidia16:34
hyperairbut that's strange, i thought nvidia was better than intel in this aspect =\16:34
hyperairi'm using intel, but if there's one thing that really works well, it's compositing on top of videos16:35
cjwatsonhtrejh: many things have changed, including new upstream versions of the toolchain - but chances are it's a bug in your program that this just happened to expose. Try using valgrind16:45
htrejhok thanks16:47
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Afifihow to change the default user settings ?18:05
ScottKAfifi: Ask in #ubuntu (or #ubuntu+1 if you are running Jaunty)18:11
Afifiok thank you18:12
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slangasekcjwatson: bug #327819 seems to indicate the kerneloops MIR is deferred until karmic; should I unseed this from desktop?23:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 327819 in kerneloops "Main Inclusion Report/Request" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32781923:55
slangasekcjwatson: or is there something I'm overlooking in that bug, that's a reason to keep it in the seed?23:57

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