mdkewe really need to sort out the ridiculous build time of ubuntu-docs09:52
mdke2 hours is beyond a joke09:52
mdkeexcellent, found a way to do that10:55
nhandlerHi, I'm trying to fix Bug #285173, but I am having a hard time finding that section of the documentation. grep'ing the documentation as well as searching using yelp and the web interface turned up nothing. Did this section get modified/deleted, or am I doing something wrong?14:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 285173 in gnome-user-docs "Wrong Information in "Taking Screenshots" help" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28517314:29
nhandlerOh wait, I missed the part about gnome-user-docs ;)14:29
* nhandler thought he had LP only displaying ubuntu-doc bugs14:30
mdkenhandler: ideal way to fix that one is to do a patch which can go upstream too14:30
mdkenhandler: if you grab lp:gnome-user-docs, that is a bzr import of upstream svn so you can do a patch on that if you like and send it upstream14:31
Rocket2DMnhey mdke , i did some work on the RootSudo page last night following discussion a few weeks ago14:40
mdkehiya Rocket2DMn14:40
Rocket2DMnreorg-ed some stuff and made some of the existing warnings bold and oclored14:40
Rocket2DMnI plan on going back later to add more details on actually configuring sudo, like for fine-grained control14:41
Rocket2DMnIs there anything specific you would like to see done to the page mdke ?14:42
mdkeRocket2DMn: in the "enabling root account" bit, it says "Use at your own risk" but doesn't explain what those risks are14:44
mdkeRocket2DMn: maybe that could be clearer14:44
Rocket2DMnOk, I'll see what I can pull together.  Maybe we need section in there just called Downsides of using root, like we have for sudo above14:45
mdkeRocket2DMn: possibly14:46
Rocket2DMnI think the document does still need some reorganizing, I may make a subpage entirely geared toward configuring sudoers, and leaving this base page to primarily explain differences in root and sudo, etc14:47
Rocket2DMnDo you agree?14:47
mdkeRocket2DMn: that sounds sensible14:47
j1mchi all14:48
Rocket2DMnok mdke , i'll start on that within the next few weeks, possibly even this weekend14:48
mdkehi j1mc14:48
Rocket2DMnI'm also looking for more feedback on the MythTV email I sent out last night, there are SO many pages14:49
Rocket2DMnMaybe there is a contact who organizes them that we could talk to14:49
Rocket2DMnhi j1mc14:49
mdkeprobably the mythbuntu team could help14:50
j1mci know mario limonciello, who i think is still pretty involved with mythbuntu.14:50
j1mci can talk with him about this14:50
mdkeyes he is14:50
Rocket2DMnthat would be great j1mc14:50
Rocket2DMnI tend to think that just flat out deleting them is a good option, but I know that doesn't fly too well with most people :)14:51
mdkesome attempt should probably be made to consolidate material14:52
Rocket2DMnyeah, I agree, unfortuntaly I don't see pages specific to Hardy and Intrepid really14:52
mdkeunless there is no useful stuff there of course14:52
Rocket2DMnif those existed alongside the outdated ones, then I wouldn't feel so bad14:53
j1mcmdke: i think omf files are you used by yelp, correct?  they can be safely removed from xubuntu-docs?14:59
mdkej1mc: correct, provided that xubuntu-docs doesn't use yelp :)15:06
j1mcthat is the joke that is not funny, but we laugh anyway. :)  no, xubuntu docs do not use yelp.15:09
nhandlermdke: Where should I send the gnome-user-docs patch? The upstream bug tracker? Or do they have a VCS that I should use?15:10
mdkenhandler: bug tracker is the best option so it doesn't get lost15:12
mdkej1mc: ok, then you can remove them15:12
Rocket2DMnOk, I'm gonna try my hand at fixing a bug - bug 243797 for hardy15:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 243797 in ubuntu-docs "Networking troubleshooting docs refer to non-existent menu entry" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24379715:25
Rocket2DMnhey, when you refer to a program under System->Administration and you use something like (&device-manager;) to refer to it, where is the list of those items stored?15:44
Rocket2DMnnvm i think i found it15:47
Rocket2DMnI'm a little confused though - why are there more html files in the build than xml files?15:55
Rocket2DMnthe xml i am trying to edit is hardy/ubuntu/internet/C/wireless.xml but the page in the build where i see the problem is troubleshooting.html15:56
Rocket2DMnHow do I get my local copy from the repository up to date?  For example, in my Intrepid copy I'm stuck at revision 138 while 141 is the latest.18:34
Rocket2DMnupdate and merge don't seem to do the trick18:35
Rocket2DMnand my ubunt-doc is still pointing at jaunty rather than karmic18:35
j1mcRocket2DMn: have you bound your branch to the bzr repo?18:38
Rocket2DMni followed the directions on the wiki when is et it up18:38
Rocket2DMni re-downaloded the ubuntu-doc branch so it should be good now, but intrepid is still outdated i guess18:38
Rocket2DMnconnor@compy686:~/ubuntu_bzr/intrepid$ bzr update18:38
Rocket2DMnTree is up to date at revision 138.18:38
j1mcRocket2DMn: maybe go to the root of your intrepid branch, and enter "bzr bind lp:ubuntu-doc/intrepid"18:39
j1mcthen bzr update18:40
Rocket2DMnok, i'll give that a go18:40
Rocket2DMnah cool, that seems to have worked, do i need to merge as well?18:40
j1mcno, bzr update will always merge in changes from the branch18:41
Rocket2DMnok, so if i have changes that i have made, they will be overwritten?18:42
j1mcRocket2DMn: i recommend that you use "bzr bind" on all of your doc branches18:42
Rocket2DMnyeah, doing that right now j1mc , that isnt a command i saw on the wiki, perhaps it should be added18:43
j1mcRocket2DMn: you can use "bzr status" to check on all of your changes.  if you try to update, but you have uncommitted changes, it will let you know.18:43
Rocket2DMndo you have to do that every time the development docs move to the next release?18:43
j1mcRocket2DMn: if you want to use the same folder when you switch from jaunty to karmic, you would need to do "bzr unbind"18:46
j1mci think... ?18:46
j1mcnot sure :)18:46
Rocket2DMnhmm well for bug 243797 i made a local revision to wireless.xml in hardy18:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 243797 in ubuntu-docs "Networking troubleshooting docs refer to non-existent menu entry" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24379718:48
superm1hi guys. j1mc pointed me at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2009-April/012593.html .i'll repost what i just said in another channel:18:48
Rocket2DMni update the branch and even did merge, but its not getting the old version of the file18:48
j1mcRocket2DMn: superm1 just joined - you can talk to him about the mythbuntu docs18:48
Rocket2DMnhi superm1 , that was me18:48
superm1<superm1> j1mc, hmm.  forgot about all those old pages.  i suspect people still do link around every so often, so i think the best thing to do is to centralize around the latest version, but don't hardcode it in the URL18:48
superm1<superm1> that way it can be updated regularly18:48
superm1although it would be especially nice if there was a hit counter on pages so we could affirm that18:49
Rocket2DMnsuperm1, in the past we have deleted pages that were specific to unsupported version, but there are just so many of these...18:49
superm1Rocket2DMn, so how about adding a header to the tops of them that they will be deleted soon as a warning18:50
superm1and then wait a few weeks and delete them18:50
Rocket2DMnwell, we have a Tag that marks pages as Candidates for Deletion18:50
Rocket2DMni tagged a couple of pages as Unsupported Version18:51
Rocket2DMnuntil i realized how many there are18:51
Rocket2DMnsuperm1, do you still maintain MythTV pages on the community docs?  I don't see many pages specific to supported versions like Hardy or Intrepid18:53
superm1yeah we stopped actively maintaining them ourselves personally in favor of a PDF that gets released with different mythbuntu versions18:53
superm1it's been easier to keep updated18:53
superm1I'm not sure what other community folk have done with the pages tho18:54
Rocket2DMnthere all sorts of pages there, not just version specific (at least in title)18:54
Rocket2DMnSince Gutsy is reaching EOL, I was going to suggest just dealing with all the Edgy, Feisty, and Gutsy pages at once18:55
superm1yeah that seems fine to me18:55
superm1if someone came in #ubuntu-mythtv asking about an old release, we wouldnt help them anyhow and instead point them at a newer release or the forums18:55
Rocket2DMnwe don't support old releases on the forums either18:56
Rocket2DMnOk superm1 , so you don't have a problem with removing the pages from the community docs then?18:57
superm1yeah that should be fine as long as the releases are EOL18:58
Rocket2DMnOk, it's almost a shame, some of those pages are beautiful, but they arent supported anymore18:58
nhandlermdke: Shouldn't we have a lp:~ubuntu-core-doc/gnome-user-docs/ubuntu-karmic branch now?18:58
Rocket2DMnj1mc, are you still here?19:00
superm1Rocket2DMn, could you maybe make new pages with the old content and add a header that they need to be updated/19:10
superm1like new pages that don't specify the version in them19:10
Rocket2DMnsuperm1, I'm not sure exactly how you have them organized, there are honestly like 100 pages19:11
Rocket2DMnlots of stuff under MythTV/Install19:11
Rocket2DMnwith /Server and /Live as subpages of those19:12
Rocket2DMnand a whole host of child pages there, see - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TitleIndex19:12
Rocket2DMnHow much info do you plan on keeping on the wiki?19:14
superm1i think the thing is a lot of pages include other pages19:24
Rocket2DMnagreed superm1 , i had noticed that19:31
Rocket2DMnWhen pages get deleted, we remove all links to them first19:32
Rocket2DMnI'm sure some of those pages are not your official pages, but if you know which ones are/were, we can start with those19:32
Rocket2DMnPerhaps you could get your volunteers to spend time on the pages, since I don't really know anything about MythTV.  If the community can decide which pages are absolutely no longer needed, they can delete the contents and tag them for Deletion19:33
superm1well i think the best thing to do would be post in the mythbuntu forum looking for help to clean up19:38
Rocket2DMni see you have lots of stickies in there already :)19:40
Rocket2DMnsuperm1, would you like time to discuss with your team how best do proceed with coordinating your documentation efforts?19:41
Rocket2DMnOnce you decide how you're going to approach the task, I'd be happy to help you with removing pages19:42
Rocket2DMnI think it is best if you pull all the info you desire from existing pages, and then mark the pages for Deletion using the Candidate for Deletion tag19:42
Rocket2DMnPages that are to be deleted can't be Included by other pages, and wiki links to that page should be removed19:43
mdkenhandler: yes20:19
Rocket2DMnmdke, when you get a few minutes, i uploaded patches to a few bugs20:26
Rocket2DMnwould you mind reviewing them and checking that I did them correctly?20:26
mdkeRocket2DMn: yes, I'm having a look20:26
Rocket2DMncool, thanks20:26
mdkethey look fine20:27
mdkeRocket2DMn: i guess you checked the photo program against the actual software?20:27
Rocket2DMni downloaded the program in jaunty and looked20:29
Rocket2DMnI don't know if any of those other bugs want to have SRUs20:31
Rocket2DMnwell i guess one already is20:31
mdkethe musicvideophotos patch doesn't work20:32
mdkehow did you make it?20:33
Rocket2DMnhm maybe my local branch was outdated, hold up20:33
Rocket2DMni was having issues earlier20:33
mdkewere you using the karmic branch?20:34
Rocket2DMnsince i made tha tpatch i redownloaded the development branch20:35
Rocket2DMni think it may hav ebeen stuck on jaunty20:35
Rocket2DMnill redo it20:35
mdkeI think you may have done it on the hardy branch20:36
mdkebecause musicvideophotos.xml in jaunty and karmic doesn't have the relevant section, it's in photos.xml now20:36
Rocket2DMnyeah i see stuff got re-orged20:36
Rocket2DMnif it's even still applicable...20:38
mdkeshould be, the bug was reported on the basis of jaunty I think20:38
Rocket2DMnyeah i quick grep for one of those phrases didnt find it though20:38
Rocket2DMnah there is is20:39
Rocket2DMnis the patch i uploaded applicable to the existing jaunty docs?20:40
Rocket2DMnhm weird20:40
mdkeyou've edited musicvideophotos.xml, but in Jaunty that file is empty20:40
mdkeit only includes other files20:40
mdkethat's why I say you must have been working on hardy20:41
Rocket2DMnis that better?20:43
mdkelooks like it will work20:45
Rocket2DMnthat is for karmic20:45
Rocket2DMndoes it work for jaunty, too? i havent checked20:45
mdkethat works on karmic20:46
Rocket2DMnafter i make changes, how do i overwrite them with what is in the repository?  When I merge it says nothing to do, but status shows 2 files that i've worke don20:46
Rocket2DMnif i merge --force, will it overwrite my changes?20:46
Rocket2DMnapparently not20:48
mdkeyou can revert changes made by you with "bzr revert"20:48
Rocket2DMnah, sweet, thanks20:49
Rocket2DMnlol mdke , my last name is Imes, not Ines :)21:10
Rocket2DMnno worries21:10
Rocket2DMnnice catch nhandler , i never wouldve noticed21:11
mdkeRocket2DMn: whoops21:24

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