superm1thank cjwatson.  sorry that we've got to be so difficult. if recovery partitions end up being supported at the distro level at some point, at least the infrastructure will be ready to handle it :P00:05
superm1i know there was a (brief) discussion at UDS in MTV about it00:05
cjwatsonsuperm1: I think doing it properly would probably involve support in partman for locking all partitions up to a certain point on the disk (now that I understand the kernel logic better)12:50
cjwatsonor maybe we should make the kernel more flexible ...12:50
CIA-28wubi: Agostino Russo * r109 trunk/ (8 files in 3 dirs):20:19
CIA-28wubi: * Added a separate python launcher process, pyrun, in order to support20:19
CIA-28wubi:  XP windows theming, which was a regression from previous commit20:19
CIA-28wubi:  (LP: #341065)20:19
CIA-28wubi: * Make sure that arguments are properly quoted (thanks Colin Watson!)20:19
CIA-28wubi: * Before deleting the temp directory, make sure to move out of there20:19
CIA-28wubi:  (LP: #341607)20:19

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