McPeterspecial french joke : http://omploader.org/vMWg2Yw00:10
McPeter(hi all)00:10
McPeterlook on bottom right00:10
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jpdsHello bazhang.07:55
bazhangjpds, hi07:56
elkyjpds? i think there's an issue in -es10:22
jpdsI'm there.10:22
hASDhaQhello? I need help in #ubuntu-es10:22
jpdshASDhaQ: Estoy ahi.10:22
jpdsHe's gone.10:23
jpdsAnd ban forwarded him here.10:26
hASDhaQyes, I saw :P10:26
NafalloMyrtti: time to run you IPoSN router :-)12:17
Nafalloelky: IPv6 over Facebook :-)14:38
Nafallowell. IPv6 over Social Networks ;-)14:39
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nhandlerHello. I came in here a while ago requesting an ubuntu cloak for my bot (VoteBot). I was wondering what the status of this was.19:12
nhandlerI also have a few other things that I think need to be looked at. 1) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Cloaks#Mantainance produces output. 2) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/IrcCouncil/MeetingAgenda has not been updated in a long time. 3) There does not appear to be a seenserv as mentioned on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:40
jpdsSeenServ went away with the new services package ages ago.20:44
LjLnhandler: fixed the seenserv thing20:44
nhandlerThanks LjL. I would have fixed it, but it says to talk to the IRC council first20:45
LjLnhandler: yeah, well i am a former irc council member and i'm pretty sure nobody will be upset at that edit since it simply reflects a change in the network20:46
LjLnhandler: as for the cloaks script, i haven't run it, but keep in mind that i believe some space is allowed for former ubuntu members in case they forgot to renew the membership20:47
nhandlerLjL: I figured that was the case. Personally, I think that if they are still active and wish to use the cloak, they should re-apply for membership. However, in the end, the irc council has the final say20:50

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