slick666Hello Marketing Channel04:22
slick666I'm working with the Loco Team for NY04:22
slick666I'm trying to get/make some Jaunty CDs for an upcoming release party04:23
slick666I would like to have Nice professional looking CDs to hand out04:23
slick666but I can't find official CD labels04:23
slick666is there a place where I can find that?04:23
Flannelslick666: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing04:24
Flannelslick666: Mind you, 9.04 isn't up there yet.04:24
slick666I know04:24
slick666We have a release party planned for the 25th04:24
slick666so to have CDs ready to go I would need to Label and burn a whole bunch of CDs in just a day or two04:25

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