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carmelo42hello everybody17:40
carmelo42I have a question17:40
carmelo42I have an Aigo MID but it's an SFR version french mobile operator17:40
carmelo42the device can boot on every CD via an usb cd reader17:40
carmelo42but it can't boot on usb key ...17:41
carmelo42it's an SFR operator limitation17:41
carmelo42so .. I want to burn the ubuntu mid .img file on a cd ... but I don't know how ...17:41
carmelo42have you any idea ?17:41
ian_brasilin virtual box it is possible to set a shared folder between guest and host ..is this possible with kvm?19:11
loolcarmelo42: Hey19:24
loolcarmelo42: I had the same issue19:24
carmelo42have you found something ?19:24
loolcarmelo42: I think the BIOS checks for a particular magic19:24
loolcarmelo42: What you can do is use the recovery USB key as a base, and then replace the files on that image19:25
loolcarmelo42: Start by making a copy of the USB key (with dd for instance)19:25
carmelo42i have done this19:25
loolWrite it to a new key19:25
loolThen replace syslinux.cfg, vmlinuz and the like with what's in the ubuntu .img19:26
loolDon't touch ldlinux.sys19:26
loolThat should hopefully work19:26
carmelo42ok thanks you i will try that19:26
loolI've personally successfully changed syslinux.cfg, so I think it's possible to do this19:26
carmelo42you have the same MID ?19:26
loolYes, I bought it a couple of weeks ago, but didn't have time to finish the reverse engineering of the BIOS checks19:26
loolI think it's in ldlinux.sys, but it could be in the vfat19:27
loolI already checked whether it was just the syslinux version, but it's not19:27
carmelo42are you french ?19:27
loolI am19:27
carmelo42moi aussi :)19:27
carmelo42├ža sera plus simple :)19:27
loolBut we're on an English chan ;)19:27
carmelo42ok sorry ;)19:27
loolI actually had an English version of the Aigo MID, but it was stolen19:28
loolcarmelo42: Happy to hear if the suggestions work for you, either here or on the mailing list19:28
ian_brasilmaybe kvm cannot do shared folders and you need to set up a bridge and use scp to move files onto the guest19:43
loolian_brasil: I think so20:39
ian_brasilVirtual Box has shared folders and it is cool20:41
ian_brasiland it raises the bar a lot for new developers to ubuntu mobile in that you need to set up a bridge in order to develop20:56
ian_brasili will explain Virtual Box, KVM and setting up from scratch in the book20:59
rzrqemu/kvm has -smb option21:15
ian_brasiljust tried to install mid in a virtual machine and i got an language error code 141..is this known about? 21:41
ian_brasilthis is on the beta lpia mid21:47
ian_brasilrzr: this is windows only though right..or you need samba21:52
rzror any plateform that support smb protocol21:52
ian_brasilit is easier to just use scp i think22:10

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