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mrooneyanyone know of a way to pass in the "Michael Rooney <mrooney@ubuntu.com>" aspect to dch?02:50
mrooneycurrently it pulls stuff from the local machine and gets it wrong02:50
maxbmrooney: DEBEMAIL, DEBFULLNAME02:51
mrooneymaxb: ah okay, just export those first?02:51
maxbSee also 'man dch' :-)02:51
mrooneymaxb: yeah I noticed it when you said it, I read every argument figuring it was there02:52
mrooneymaxb: I am not an expert basher, what does that look like? DEBFULLNAME="Mike Rooney"; export DEBFULLNAME ?02:53
mrooneyahh I think I see02:57
maxbthat'll work. Alternatively, export DEBFULLNAME="Mike Rooney" for a slightly shorter way of writing it02:58
Pollywogcan someone help me with bzr whoami?  It will not accept my email address, I think it is possibly a bug in Jaunty03:31
PollywogI am running Jaunty in virtualbox03:32
dtchenwhich version?03:33
SnovaWhat error do you get? (Also, you might get more help in #bzr)03:33
dtchenbzr 1.13.1-1 works here03:33
Pollywogoh thanks I did not know there was a #bzr03:34
Pollywogthe error is no such file or directory03:35
dtchenah, you're probably missing ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf03:36
PollywogI thought bzr whoami would make that file03:36
PollywogI will try #bzr03:36
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savvascalc: ping :)04:28
savvasyou wouldn't happen to know why openoffice.org-math menu item is hidden, would you?04:29
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wgrantsavvas: I believe it's because Math isn't used very often on its own.04:59
savvashm.. true, it can be run through File > New > Formula from the word processor heh05:02
mok0ScottK: wow that was quick :-) Thanks10:30
directhexarseweasels. monodevelop may need to be 0ubuntu1'd10:33
directhexwhen's the next freeze?10:33
LaneyFinalFreeze on Thursday10:38
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mok0Laney: that's 12 o'clock UTC, right?10:39
Laneynot sure10:40
directhexi think 0ubuntu1 is the right thing to do then10:40
Laneyget it done son10:41
directhexit's ready in pkg-cli-apps10:41
directhexbarring the git-based addons10:41
mok0hmm, the wiki seems to be dead10:41
jpdsYep, known problem.10:42
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vadi2Hi. I'm trying to make dpkg-buildpackage accept a password for signing non-interactively, and I see that there is a bunch of options available. Where can I read up on how exactly each works? I'm also not so familiar with the signing process15:20
jpdsYou coyld run gpg-agent to do it.15:21
* hyperair uses seahorse-agent15:21
vadi2I think seahorse is installed by default so would like to go with that15:22
vadi2hyperair: what would be the syntax for it? -pseahorse-agent didn't work: "Unknown signing interface seahorse-agent; please specify -spgp or -sgpg"15:24
bencrisfordGuys, say in terminal i'm editing ".examplerc" how do i save and exit it when im done, im a little embarrassed I don't know :P15:25
hyperairvadi2: well, if i'm not mistaken, seahorse is run upon startup15:25
vadi2it is15:26
vadi2how can I make debuild use it?15:26
vadi2and not ask for the password15:26
hyperairyou need to register your key in seahorse15:26
hyperairis it?15:26
vadi2yeah I think it is15:26
hyperairand make sure GPG_AGENT_INFO is set15:26
LaneyI imported the whole Debian keyring into seahorse and now it's incredibly slow15:26
Laneywhat a terrible idea that was15:27
bencrisfordGuys, say in terminal i'm editing ".examplerc" how do i save and exit it when im done, im a little embarrassed I don't know :P15:27
vadi2bencrisford: ctrl+o15:27
bencrisfordcheers ;)15:27
Laneydepends what you're editing with15:27
jpdsbencrisford: With which editor?15:27
bencrisfordvim, inside terminal15:27
vadi2hyperair: yes, that is set to some seahorse15:27
bencrisfordi thought it were that15:28
bencrisfordbut it didnt work15:28
hyperairvadi2: then it should work =\15:28
Laneyyou need to press escape first15:28
Laneyif you're in insert mode15:28
vadi2hyperair: but I'm not totally sure that seahorse has the right key. how can I make sure?15:28
bencrisfordthanks loads ;)15:28
vadi2hyperair: although I remember making it on seahorse to begin with15:28
hyperairvadi2: then it should be the correct key15:28
hyperairvadi2: check the ID15:28
vadi2yes, it is the correct ID15:29
vadi2but, debuild is still lazy. :(15:29
hyperairvadi2: more like gpg15:29
vadi2well gpg15:29
hyperairvadi2: check your gpg config file..15:29
vadi2where can I find it?15:29
hyperairvadi2: ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf15:30
hyperairvadi2: make sure there's an uncommented line "use-agent"15:30
vadi2it is empty!15:30
vadi2vadi@ubuntu:~/.gnupg$ cat gpg.conf15:30
ScottKThat bug is fortunately fixed, but it bit a bunch of people.15:30
hyperairScottK: what bug?15:31
hyperairvadi2: echo use-agent >> ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf15:31
ScottKseahorse-agent making an empty gpg.conf.15:31
ScottKhyperair: There's a better solution.  Just a sec15:31
* Laney eyes seahorse15:32
ScottKvadi2 and hyperair cp /usr/share/gnupg2/gpg-conf.skel ~/.gnupg/15:32
LaneyI think I broke it15:32
bencrisfordLaney: How can I get back into edit mode now, I am editing a different file15:32
Laneybencrisford: Press i or a15:32
bencrisfordcheeers ;)15:32
Laneyinsert or append15:32
vadi2ok, now seahorse is the one asking15:32
vadi2much better at least15:32
vadi2I'll do the cp15:32
Laneyyou should go through vimtutor really15:32
hyperairvadi2: yeah, after that it should remember ;)15:32
bencrisfordill check it out15:33
vadi2ScottK: I don't have such a file15:33
vadi2hyperair: no it actually didn't :x but that is not my worry for now.15:33
hyperairvadi2: it didn't?15:34
vadi2hyperair: good enough that it asks via gui and not terminal15:34
hyperairvadi2: ah that can be configured.15:34
jpdsvadi2: /usr/share/gnupg/options.skel15:34
ScottKYeah.  That one.15:34
hyperairvadi2: system->preferences->encryption and keyrings15:34
ScottKjpds: Thanks.15:34
hyperairvadi2: ...->PGP Passphrases15:34
vadi2I see15:35
hyperairyou can set it to timeout15:35
hyperairor remember infinitely, depending on how secure you think your system is.15:35
ScottKYeah.  Don't do that.15:35
ScottKNobody's system is that secure.15:36
vadi2It's already set to 300 minutes15:36
vadi2I guess that's the default, i don't remember setting that15:36
hyperairScottK: if my system's in my house, i'd set it to infinite =)15:36
hyperairScottK: nobody's going to break into my house just to grab my GPG key15:36
* ScottK wouldn't and doesn't.15:36
vadi2So now about the buggy people. I can detect them by checking of use-agent is present in gpg.conf, yes?15:36
ScottKOTOH, my gpg key lets you do stuff too.15:36
hyperairScottK: either way my key's on my notebook, so i have it wait 10 minutes and then forget15:36
hyperairvadi2: egrep ^use-agent $HOME/.gnupg/gpg.conf15:37
vadi2and would fixing their gpg.conf by adding the line in for them would be OK or a huge no-no?15:37
vadi2hyperair: yes15:38
hyperairno-no imo.15:38
hyperairvadi2: not everyone wants to use an agent15:38
vadi2what would be the recommended method then?15:38
ScottKhyperair: OTOH, it is the Ubuntu default.15:38
hyperairumm i don't know15:38
vadi2I need to run debuild from a script15:38
vadi2well, program really15:38
ScottKI'd look for the "CREATED BY SEAHORSE" string (or whatever it was)15:39
hyperairScottK: yes, but i don't want any postinst script or anything automatically setting use-agent on my gpg.conf if i personally disable it.15:39
vadi2ScottK: ah, yes, you have a point. thanks15:39
ScottKThere was a bad gnupg bug in Feisty were no gpg.conf got installed at all.  When we fixed it in Gutsy we decided not to try and backfit the fix because we couldn't come up with a really sane way to do it for all users.15:40
vadi2so if created by seahose and no use-agent, because of a bug, I can fix it15:40
hyperairactually i think you should check that the file only contains that line15:40
ScottKYes.  That line and only that line.15:40
vadi2if not made by seahorse then... eh, my program would freeze not knowing debuild is requesting a password. but that's another topic :)15:40
vadi2ScottK: yep. thanks a bunch!15:40
hyperairvadi2: [ `cat ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf` = "# FILE CREATED BY SEAHORSE" ]15:41
hyperairoh wait it doesn't work15:42
vadi2(that's ok, I'll be doing this from C anyway)15:43
hyperairi see15:43
hyperairthat's fine then15:43
hyperairwhat are you working on anyway15:43
vadi2I'll let you know in due time15:45
* hyperair dies from suspense15:46
vadi2haha :)15:46
bencrisfordhaha, how you do that?  is it a "/me" or something?15:49
hyperairbencrisford: sure iti s15:51
hyperairbencrisford: try it15:51
* bencrisford is happy15:52
* bencrisford is gonna be really annoying and wont stop using this if he is not careful...15:52
bencrisfordhehe, cheers15:53
wintellectHi all15:59
wintellectgoing through the packaging tutorial for "hello" - when using pbuilder with its fake environment - I presume it errors in an obvious way if it fails for some reason?16:00
bencrisfordwintellect: which tutorial?16:03
jpdswintellect: Yes, it'll complain and fail.16:05
hyperairand barf.16:06
wintellectbencrisford: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete16:07
bencrisfordah, I think I have seen that yes, thank you anyway ;)16:08
wintellectIf I make changes to files (eg. the Makefile) to resolve lintian issues - I presume I go back and run debuild then pbuilder?16:12
hyperairwintellect: debuild -S16:13
hyperairwintellect: or pdebuild16:13
wintellectahhh, k. Thanks16:13
wintellectThink I'm finally beginning to understand the process :)16:13
hyperairwintellect: =)16:14
wintellectI'm appreciating all the help BTW :)16:14
wintellectI'm confusedf16:21
wintellectthe wiki guide says:16:21
wintellect"There is one other file, compat which just contains a version number for the debhelper scripts. Occationally new versions of debhelper are released, the current version is 6 so you should set compat to 6"16:21
wintellectso I set it to 616:22
wintellectlintian seems to complain:16:22
wintellectI: hello source: package-lacks-versioned-build-depends-on-debhelper 616:22
wintellectN:   If a package sets debhelper's compatibility version to >= 5, either16:22
wintellectN:   via DH_COMPAT, or via debian/compat, or via dh_testversion (which is16:22
wintellectN:   deprecated), it should declare a versioned Build-Depends on the needed16:22
wintellectN:   version of debhelper.16:22
wintellectIs this safe to ignore?16:23
jpdswintellect: Make sure you have debhelper (>= 6.0) in debian/control Build-Deps.16:23
ivoksBuild-Depends: debhelper (>=6)16:24
ScottKActually the current version is 716:24
ScottKBut unless you are using dh 6 or 7 features, compat can be set to 5 and the build-dep unversioned.16:24
wintellectHow will I know if I need v6/7 features?16:25
hyperairwintellect: man debhelper16:26
hyperairwintellect: see your debian/compat level. that usually says it16:27
wintellectthe default debian/compat was set to 516:29
wintellectbut i'll check the manpage at somepoint soon16:29
wintellectYou guys are ace!16:29
* hyperair feels flattered16:30
wintellectWell, it's nice not to get flamed down - as I'm genuinely trying to learn16:30
hyperairhahaha that's what happens when you ask in the correct channel =p16:30
wintellectI'm going through the docs and trying to understandf it all16:30
hyperairgood for you =)16:31
wintellectYAY - all built and lintian happy :D16:35
hyperaircongratulations, wintellect16:35
wintellectthanks. I feel like I'm a step closer to being part of the community16:35
hyperairyou already are =)16:36
wintellectjust to confirm - the files that would be uploaded would be *.diff.gz *.dsc *.orig.tar.gz - just the 3, correct?16:37
wintellectAnd from those the "official" deb package would be made by the server, right?16:37
hyperairone more thing.. you need a *_source.changes file in order to upload16:38
wintellectyep, I have one of those16:38
hyperairalso, did you run lintian on your debs?16:38
wintellectI did the "lintian -Ivi *.dsc"16:39
hyperairyou should do the same on the .debs16:39
wintellectseems to complain:16:41
wintellectN: Setting up lab in /tmp/ZkcuXpudVf ...16:41
wintellecterror: cannot find binary, udeb or source package *.deb in dist or lab (skipping)16:41
wintellectwintellect@backup:~/debian_pkg/hello/hello-2.1.1/debian$ N: No packages selected.16:41
wintellectN: Removing /tmp/ZkcuXpudVf ...16:41
wintellectignore me16:43
wintellectmy bad16:43
wintellectin wrong directory :P16:43
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ScottKSomeone with a wiimote and some free time might want to look at seeing if gtkwhiteboard can be made to work with libbluetooth3.16:55
ivoksScottK: wiimote is a bluetooth device?16:55
ScottKivoks: I have no idea.16:57
ScottKI just looked at the package and it build-dep on the no longer existing libbluetooth2 and uses a wiimote16:57
bencrisfordim'a give that tutorial wintellect did a go17:02
bencrisfordu guys'll help me yeah?17:02
hyperairbencrisford: just ask your questions, and whoever's around will answer17:05
* bencrisford is happy to be on this IRC channel17:06
hyperairyou should be ;)17:06
bencrisfordi'm doing the packaging from scratch hello tutorial here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete17:14
bencrisfordit told me to get the source of hello-debhelp so i do what it said (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete)17:14
bencrisford(apt-get source hello-debhelper) thats what it told me to get17:15
bencrisfordand i got this error:17:15
bencrisfordE: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/download.tuxfamily.org_syzygy42_dists_feisty_avant-window-navigator_source_Sources - open (2 No such file or directory)17:15
hyperairsudo apt-get update17:16
bencrisfordW: Failed to fetch http://download.tuxfamily.org/syzygy42/dists/feisty/avant-window-navigator/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found17:17
bencrisfordW: Failed to fetch http://download.tuxfamily.org/syzygy42/dists/feisty/avant-window-navigator/source/Sources.gz  404 Not Found17:17
bencrisfordE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.17:17
bencrisfordhat explains it17:17
bencrisford:'(, how can i make it work then?17:18
hyperairfix your sources.list17:19
jpdsFeisty isn't supported anymore.17:19
bencrisfordhow? :P17:20
hyperairyou should drop something that says deb-src http://download.tuxfamily.org/syzygy42 feisty avant-window-navigator17:20
bencrisfordi've got something important and personal to do now, so ill come back to it later17:28
bencrisfordthanks for all your help :)17:28
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atrejutmhm, I have a question: after dholbachs packaging training I patched and packaged my first real package yesterday, and it was accepted today... but now I got mail from rosetta saying that it could not import pt_BR and oc translations because I did not update the time stamp - but I never touched these files. so what am I supposed to do about this?17:54
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jpdsatrejut: I think, you can ignore it.17:54
atrejutjpds: ok, thanks17:54
nhandlerHey RainCT20:23
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* hyperair wonders what RainCT's laughing about.21:12
RainCTnixternal: great april fool joke :)21:12
nhandlerRainCT: You just saw the emails?21:13
RainCTnhandler: yes, I've just arrived back from Italy a few hours ago :).  Still have over 150 e-mails in the inbox :/21:14
nhandlerSnova: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/motu-council/2009-April/002080.html21:14
nhandlerMythbuntu also had a nice April Fools joke21:15
sebnerRainCT: strg + a and then press entf .... guarantees less work and stress :P21:16
hyperair"Hey I want back in!"21:17
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smitty__.join #dpkg23:31
smitty__Hey guys.  I'm trying to build my first package but I'm running into problems.  I'm following the tutorial here: http://women.debian.org/wiki/English/PackagingTutorial but when I go to actually build the package with debuild I get the following error: dpkg-source: cannot represent change to wmforkplop-0.9.3.tar.gz: binary file contents changed.  Can somebody help me out?23:35
dtchensmitty__: sure, what changes did you make?23:37
smitty__dtchen, changes to the source or to files in the debian/ folder?23:38
dtchensmitty__: both.23:38
smitty__dtchen, nothing to the source.  I edited the control, copyright, docs, init.d, and manpage.1 files in the debian/ folder23:39
dtchensmitty__: ok, i'll run through the above url23:40
dtchensmitty__: what will also help is if you pastebin the entire debuild output23:42
smitty__dtchen, Here's the output: http://pastebin.com/m358894be23:45
dtchensmitty__: what's the output from find /home/smitty/debian/wmforkplop-0.9.323:47
smitty__dtchen,  http://pastebin.com/m28729bbc23:49
dtchensmitty__: can walk you through it in #ubuntu-classroom23:54
dtchensmitty__: if you don't mind starting afresh, that is. i presume you're doing this on a current jaunty system?23:54
smitty__dtchen, okay.  I'm still running hardy actually23:56

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