* asac off00:20
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rzrasac: hi, samstag = nicht arbeit ?11:09
rzri stay around12:19
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asachmm ... after looking whole day at tiny mini screen, i cannot recognize anything on my normal monitor ;)23:19
dtcheni can't handle mini screens currently, but i'm sure i could adjust ;-)23:21
ftaasac, dtchen: i used my nc10 for a few days, now, my 15" laptop seems really huge23:28
dtchen"huge" screen -> much better for coding23:31
dtchen(just IMO)23:31
ftai still prefer my desktops for coding23:33
rzr80 cols 25 line and i am happy23:34
rzrscreen do the rest23:35
asacfta: 15" was always huge ;)23:36
rzrasac: sorry to disturb w/ that , but will current FB branch merged before freeze ?23:39
asacrzr: yes, if its all ok ;) ... today i took off deliberately23:40
rzri'll stay around if needed23:41
asacgreat thanks23:44
asacfta: you have a "normal" huawei with option driver, right? (or is it hso?)23:44

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