bogus-hate it as a music player ;)00:03
pfeinbogus-: better suggestion?00:13
pfein(this is on an old laptop)00:13
HappyHateris there a way to specify aspect ratio with mythtranscode?00:46
HappyHaterit keeps spitting everything out at 16/9, the original is 4/300:47
gumpert345hi I have a sru960 remote Id like to use with my mythbuntu box, what IR receiver should I buy for the PC? Does someone know a howto for setting up lirc?01:25
jeff__hi guys. I'm trying to set up mythbuntu (well, I'm in the install now). I have sound, video acceleration, but I'm having trouble with my tv tuner. I know it's supposed, it sort of half worked with mythdora.01:26
=== jeff__ is now known as Kraln-
Kralnmy bad. so, I've just installed the firmware for my hvr-1600, we'll see how that goes.01:33
Kralner, hvr-180002:12
KralnI have video now, but it's pink/green02:18
croppamy  mythtv box has been working perfectly up till tonight03:09
croppanow it will not record anything03:10
croppaI am at a loss to know where to start looking03:10
croppaI cannot schedual (?) a recording either03:10
croppahowever all the old recordings are there to watch03:10
croppaAlso if i press R during live tv it will record03:10
yellowkingI was looking through the 8.10 installation guide, and on pg 13 it says the Hauppauge HVR-1600 does not work (no driver).  Is that out of date?  Based on general mythtv info, I was looking at an HVR-1600 1183...03:47
tgm4883!logs | croppa04:22
Zinncroppa: MythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.04:22
tgm4883yellowking, that info is at least 6 months old04:22
croppaThanks tgm4883 and Zinn , mysqlcheck --auto-repair -A -u mythtv -pmysqlpass (Where mysqlpass is the database password) fixed the problem04:27
croppaReading the logs also helped :-)04:28
rhpot1991yellowking: I think the issue is that it doesn't work out of the box04:43
rhpot1991there are also a few different versions of it, which causes some confusion.04:43
rhpot1991with a little time an effort it should be usable, double check with google that specific version04:43
yellowkingCool, thanks guys.04:45
Zanthushi everybody04:56
ZanthusI've got a question about mythbuntu04:56
ZanthusI'm using mythbuntu 8.10 and the main partition which has the OS, the GUI and the programs installed on it somehow has no free space left04:57
Zanthusthe other partitions for swap and recordings both have lots of space free04:57
Zanthusis there any maintenance procedures that I should be doing to ensure that the main partition (the one with the OS and the apps) doesn't fill up?04:58
Kralnseems my hvr-1800 is not supported =.07:33
Kralnback to windows xp mce for me07:35
foxbuntuKraln, enjoy windows, perhaps their paid support and crashing software is best for you08:01
AquahallicMornin' folks14:42
Aquahallictrash can keeps filling up when deleting movies... is there a way to bypass the trashcan?14:42

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