johnc4510i see i missed out on all the fun  Hee Hee01:10
tychejohnc4510: Shame on you.  You left it to boredandblogging and I to try to go up against newz2000 and joey.02:08
tycheJust remember, if you don't vote you have nothing to complain about.02:10
johnc4510i'll vote02:10
johnc4510i'll have to check the emails to the list02:10
johnc4510tyche: i like some parts of a couple of them02:11
johnc4510tyche: do you like the coloring of this site?02:12
johnc4510maybe not quite that dark on the backdrop02:12
johnc4510but it's soothing to the eyes i think02:13
tycheThat's a little dark.  If it were softened up a bit it would be all right.02:13
tycheTexture is not a BAD thing.  But the main function of a background is to remain . . . well . . . in the background.02:13
johnc4510lighter on it, but i like the use of it and the lighter blue in the header02:14
tycheYep.  That works.02:14
tycheDid you see what was done on http://www.marcus-fischer.com/?page_id=2 ?02:14
johnc4510the fridge in progress is good, but it needs a background02:15
tycheYep.  That was the gist of the idea in here, in the "meeting" you missed.02:15
johnc4510yeah and i liked that...maybe not the black header02:15
tycheThe idea, not the color.  I could see that in blue.02:16
johnc4510looked impromptu to me lol02:16
popeyjohnc4510: any chance of http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2009/04/01/s02e01-the-return/ getting a mention in UWN?18:24
johnc4510popey: hey. looking18:25
johnc4510hang on18:25
johnc4510popey: sure np18:26
johnc4510and happy birthday18:26
johnc4510:) podcast added18:31
johnc4510i only knew about your bday because it came up on skype18:32

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