FlannelSeeker`: Only in Europe.  Now that works over, us Americans without a social life will work.00:10
Seeker`was just frustrating sitting there not being able to do anything00:12
FlannelI know the feeling00:14
Seeker`where are you an op?00:16
Flanneljust #u, apparently putting ops in other places takes forever to go through whatever bureaucracy there is.  Since its been at least a few months since other places were discussed, etc.00:20
Seeker`fair enough00:21
* Amaranth is glad he got in before the bureaucracy00:21
Seeker`what bureaucracy is there?00:21
FlannelI should probably poke around and see what's up with that.  Since... yeah, its rediculous/.00:21
FlannelSeeker`: No idea.  But apparently there's tons if it takes multiple months for approval of an operator for additional channels.00:22
PriceyFlannel: did you submit the form gpg signed to the council address along with 3 cheers?00:23
Seeker`Flannel: I'm not even an op in #u, so I wouldn't know about additional channels :P00:23
FlannelPricey: No.  The person who I was talking to was just going to take care of whatever magical process had to be gone through.  Didn't say anything about that.00:26
Seeker`do you have to have a form signed by 3 mythical beings, including the yeti and the loch ness monster to be an op?00:27
FlannelSeeker`: I'm still working on Nessy, the others aren't an issue.00:28
PriceyFlannel: ah ok, we'll wait for that person then.00:29
* Seeker` has the tooth fairy and nessy00:30
Seeker`the yeti doesn't like me :(00:31
bazhang'yet' ....i00:57
bazhangdoesnt like you yet.....i00:58
Seeker`that "joke" should be taken out and shot00:58
bazhangah thefeds to greet me in the a.m.01:01
bazhanghe has more than enough warning to stop trolling.01:19
FlannelHowdy wgrant, How can we help you today?01:20
wgrantFlannel: I was going to ask somebody about a bot, but I found the information I needed elsewhere.01:21
wgrantI suppose I should leave.01:22
elkymaaan, this lag is killing me01:35
evilGarylag sucks01:35
elkythis is somewhere between me and linode or linode and freenode01:35
elkyi'm connected to kubrick -- does it have issues the past few weeks or something?01:36
Nafalloor both01:36
elkyNafallo, both maintain a 178-182ms ping time for the connections.01:37
elkyeven in the middle of the multi-minute lag sessions01:37
elkythat for ping time between australia and the US is *good*01:39
evilGaryit's a lot of ocean the inters have to web01:39
elkywhere is kubrick? the US? i might have to reconfig bip to use a better link01:40
FlannelI think so...01:40
Flannelyeah, LA01:41
Flannelthat is, LA in CA01:41
elkyanyway, i have to go shoe and chair shopping. if thefeds says anything else stupid, add a +b to the /remove01:43
LjLyou seriously require a gpg signed form and cheers from people to add an op to more channels...?01:48
bazhangthree mythical creatures not people01:48
LjLgood thing i haven't read the past irc council meetings logs01:48
LjLit'd have probably hurt my stomach01:48
FlannelLjL: No01:49
PriceyLjL: it was my form of sarcasm as to why we hadn't approved anything.02:22
PriceyIt is most likely my bad memory as to why it has been forgotten.02:23
bazhangthere should be more ops in -ot and +102:23
LjLPricey: and thanks god.02:23
bazhangperhaps stating it now will mean by 10.04 it will happen.02:24
Priceybazhang: sarcasm ftw!02:24
Priceybazhang: or were yo ubeing serious...?02:24
bazhangPricey, actually not being sarcastic in the slightest02:24
bazhangPricey, this has been an issue for a very long time.02:24
bazhangtelling someone to stop is not persecution. and __mikem needs to stop PM'ing when called on bad behaviour.02:27
bazhangie suggesting violence towards others etc02:27
LjLi see02:33
PriceyHe doesn't normally quit does he/02:34
LjLPricey: well no he does sometimes02:35
LjLnot particularly often02:36
=== evilGary is now known as Gary
ubottuHuufarted called the ops in #ubuntu (UbbyCD)04:07
mneptoktritium: evenin'04:20
tritiumHi mneptok!04:20
* bazhang huggles mneptok 04:20
mneptoktritium: how's the oven bun?04:20
bazhangmneptok, !!!04:20
mneptokbazhang: ???!!! :)04:21
tritiummneptok: getting very close to done04:21
mneptoktritium: we're listening for the *ding*04:21
Flannelbazhang: tritium is a baker by trade, didn't you know that?04:21
tritiummneptok: I'll keep you posted :)04:22
mneptoktritium: tell her she's doing a great job carrying that 10lbs in the uterus and 170lbs in the passenger seat ;)04:22
tritiumI'll tell her you said that ;)04:22
* mneptok guess tritium weighs ~17004:22
tritiumEh, 150 or so.04:23
tritiumFlannel: :)04:23
mneptoktritium: OK, adjust comment to match, please :)04:23
tritiumWill do.  When do you or woowoo arrive?04:23
mneptoktritium: we're hoping for splashdown pre-May 104:23
tritiumNo airfare yet?  Or are you driving a moving truck?04:24
mneptoktritium: so we *should* be able to back you guys up. grocery runs, etc.04:24
mneptokgetting qoutes from movers and then deciding04:24
tritiummneptok: thanks!04:24
mneptokmost likely we'll just hire company, one of us will fly, and the other will drive the car down04:25
tritiumAh, ok.04:25
tritiumYou'll be here in time to work on a presentation for NM LinuxFest.04:25
tritiumFlannel: you should come and present too.04:26
mneptoktritium: dates?04:26
tritiummneptok: it's looking like November04:26
mneptokOK, i'll try to get it booked soon so Monty doesn't throw me somewhere else04:27
tritiumAwesome, thanks, mneptok.04:27
tritiumFlannel: http://nmlinuxfest.ning.com/04:27
tritiumIt would be nice to try and get LaserJock down here for it too.04:28
tritiumexcuse me for a bit...04:34
Flannel30 minutes for WTFsure-- 04:36
FlannelAww, bazhang is a ninja04:41
bazhangthat was pure serendipity Flannel ; I tabbed to that channel just as he spoke.04:41
bazhangmore like didnt want to see non-sense in -ot04:42
Flannelcytoplasm =?= thefeds04:42
pleia2elky: you about?04:44
Flannelpleia2: She's shopping for chairs and shoes.04:44
pleia2darn :)04:45
pleia2borderline troll in #ubuntu-women, but he hasn't done anything ban-worthy yet04:45
pleia2and it's bedtime for me!04:45
bazhangthought half or more of you had ops there :)04:47
pleia2half or more of us are in the US and EU04:47
pleia2sleepytime :)04:47
* pleia2 found an active op though04:47
FlannelUS?  It's only 9!04:47
pleia2eastern us, it's almost midnight!04:47
pleia2and I'm ooold04:48
bazhangstill learning = young04:48
pleia2well then, I need my beauty sleep ;)04:48
bazhanggood point!04:48
Flannelbazhang: Wrong... way to agree to that.04:49
bazhanguh sowwy04:49
bazhang* [firiansbabymomma] (n=chris@cpe-024-074-052-096.carolina.res.rr.com): purple  ubbycd , entered as musikgoat | second05:40
bazhangthought impersonating other users was frowned upon (ie musikgoat |main/musikgoat)05:41
bazhangor this only for ops05:45
bazhangie ikoniaz ljlop etc trolls of recent vintage05:45
FlannelNo, no, where/when was this?05:45
bazhangin #ubuntu 05:45
bazhangubbycd (formerly) entered as musikgoat|second, then morphed to firiansbabymomma05:46
FlannelThere we go.05:46
FlannelYeah, he's just trying to be annoying about it now.05:47
bazhangwow that is really annoying; whoever he is helping (ie rvns) newnicks to rnvshomie etc05:47
jussi01if anyone sees ikonia this morning, please tell him to check his pm's from me :)06:49
bazhang<nephilus> ultimatix07:01
bazhangpsywiped has been warned many many times about telling folks to google it and random offtopic comments. next time is a ban07:49
bazhango0Chris0o, how may we help you07:50
o0Chris0ois "themolester"  considered a proper nick name?07:50
o0Chris0oa guy in #ubuntu is using it, just thought I would ask07:52
bazhango0Chris0o, thanks for bringing it to our attention.07:52
Flannelikonia: Much better answer than mine.08:20
Flannelikonia: Also, check your queries from jussi-0108:20
ikoniaoh right, not seen anything from him, ta08:21
* jussi01 waves in ikonia's direction09:21
* jussi01 is feeling old09:24
topylijussi01: i just deleted a couple of feeds from your google reader :(09:55
topylijussi01: you were logged in on my eeepc and was starting to go through my feeds, thought "this is all screwed up"09:56
jussi01topyli: meh...09:57
topylithen realized i'm you and logged out09:57
topylii didn't buy anything as you :)09:58
Garyshould have :p09:58
jussi01topyli: not yet :D09:59
topyliyou should have logged into amazon :)09:59
Garyand bought "interesting" videos10:00
Garyjust for the lawls10:00
topylii wonder how often this happens in libraries and such10:01
GaryI once rented a "alternative lifestyle" film from blockbusters on a mates card, and was purposefully late on returning it, so he'd get told off10:02
topyliwhich surprised him more? that he had rented it, or that he had eventually returned it?10:05
jussi01Gary: you are a nasty person...10:06
Garyhe argued the case in the middle of the shop floor, until the memeber of staff, loudly, said what movie it was, then shut up in shame10:07
GaryI got so much stick for it, but it was worth every bruise :p10:07
ubottuKimi called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:16
Garybazhang: lol10:18
Garyright after I said that too10:18
bazhangGary, sorry too much idiocy today10:18
ubottua_n_d_r_e_w called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:19
GaryI ought to turn the highlight off, even grawity (who is being helpful) is highlighting me10:19
jpdsGary: Same here.10:20
bazhanggrawity, how may we help you10:20
hASDhaQI need help in #ubuntu-es please10:21
hASDhaQhe is TORtuga|O_O| flooding10:21
jussi01hASDhaQ: #ubuntu-irc ;)10:21
hASDhaQok, thx10:21
jussi01jpds: ^10:22
bazhanghe was kb/d from #ubuntu10:22
bazhangand here as well at one point10:22
jussi01hASDhaQ: anything else you need from us?10:22
jussi01!idle | hASDhaQ10:22
ubottuhASDhaQ: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.10:22
hASDhaQok, he is banned, thx:)10:24
ubottuIn ubottu, grawity said: upgradeproblem =~ s/is/<reply>/10:38
ubottuIn ubottu, grawity said: upgradeproblem =~ s/is/<reply>/10:38
elkyok, who is grawity?10:38
* grawity raises hand.10:38
grawitySo that's how ubottu works.10:38
bazhangpart time helper  much time user of /me in #ubuntu10:39
bazhangbeen asked several times not to10:39
elkyhow did he know the bot that well though?10:40
bazhangstrangely quiet on the stalker front; only yamata seems to be accounted for10:40
* jussi01 is really digging this mpd+icecast setup...10:42
jussi01elky: maybe he just knows supybot? or read the manual on the wiki?10:45
elkybazhang, he popped up again?10:45
bazhangelky, briefly in -ot yesterday, he hangs mostly in #freenode10:46
bazhang<psywiped> (well one more ot thing) goodnight all brain is flashing the capslock at me so i need to reset it for 8hrs and reindex parts of it have fun.10:47
bazhanghe was almost nothing but offtopic; telling people to google it, then complaining when called on it10:47
elkyno seriously, what the hell does that *mean*?10:47
bazhangand randomly weirdly offtopic; 'but I helped for an hour!'10:47
bazhanghe claims that he gets the linux bsod that is flashing capslock10:48
bazhangicebuntu is now umakant (in #k yesterday briefly) and groovyorange is app1e, only in ##english afaict10:49
elkyand what did mr umakant have to say in #k?10:50
bazhangnot much; just /me yawns and goes back to sleep or somesuch10:52
* elky greps some logs10:53
bazhang<yourfather> whats the channel if i want to spam? 10:54
bazhangme resists temptation..10:55
elkywhere was that?10:56
bazhangmain channel he left10:56
bazhanga polite spammer. a rarity these days :)10:57
elkyor, a troll10:57
elkyor a little from column a, a little from column b10:58
bazhangwell he went to #politics in all likelihood10:58
bazhang<whazilla> okey try colinux anki1  or qemu :  icebuntu?11:20
thefedsDo I need to have the samba service running to share a printer?14:40
jussi01thefeds: you do realise where you are?14:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:45
Seeker`thefeds: are you there?14:46
elkyoh, so he kept on going after my warnings, eh?14:47
ikoniafyi: I forwarded thefeds here as there is more going on that seems14:52
* jussi01 waves at ikonia14:53
ikoniahe is trolling channels as thefeds - then changing nicks to cytoplasm which is a registered and cloaked nick 14:53
ikoniajussi01: hello14:53
ikoniajussi01: happy birthday weekend14:53
jussi01ikonia: I assume you will not make it here...14:53
jussi01ikonia: thansks :)14:53
ikoniaI'm at my parents, I bounced you an email last night14:53
jussi01you did?14:54
jussi01I havent seen the email... which address?14:54
ikoniayeah, when I got to my parents14:54
ikoniayour jussi.com 14:54
ikoniainfact - I've just realised I sent it to jussi.com not jussi01.com 14:54
jussi01I dont have a jussi01.com email address....14:54
ikoniasorry 14:54
ikoniaahh that may explain it then14:54
jussi01justt gmail one that is jussi01@14:54
ikonianope, my fault then14:55
ikoniait was late14:55
ikoniasorry, was on autopilot14:55
jussi01hows your dad?14:55
ikoniajussi01 = jussi01.com 14:55
* jussi01 should set that up...14:55
ikoniaerrrr "ok" seems much better, although tests are non-clonclusive at this time, so there are more tests going on at the moment14:55
ikoniawaiting for results, which are again late14:56
jussi01good to hear he getting there, though frustrating that you dont know14:57
ikoniajussi01: how goes the birthday weekend plans so far ?14:57
Seeker`ikonia: what happened?14:57
ikoniajussi01: he "seem" better, but that doesn't count for much until test results back it14:57
ikoniaSeeker`: dads got a superbug14:57
ikoniajust waiting now...15:00
Seeker`how did he manage that?15:02
ikoniahe had an operating on his leg a few weeks ago, it is suspected he caught it then and it's taken a week or two to wake up enough to be detected15:03
ikonianothing confirmed though15:03
Seeker`I hope he recovers quickly15:03
ikoniathank you15:03
ikoniawe've been warned it could take a while due to his age/health and how adaptive the bug is15:04
LjLugh, will green-dragon be yesterday's troll who was haunting me15:05
ikoniaLjL: what's going on ?15:06
ikoniaahh I see15:06
LjLikonia: just a little flood, but the nickname rings that bell, not sure15:06
ikoniayeah, he joined here yesterday then parted15:06
ikoniaoh, wait, that was green ranger15:06
ikoniahe wanted megazoid power15:06
LjLgreenranger was definitely that troll15:07
LjLmight just be a coincidence15:07
LjLprobably is15:07
LjLor not.15:07
ikoniathere we go - bang on que15:07
LjL<Green-Dragon> Please help!  Is someone seeing everything I do on my computer? <LjL> Green-Dragon: stop flooding <LjL> !paste > Green-Dragon    (Green-Dragon, see the private message from ubottu) <Green-Dragon> Sorry.  I have a Bluetooth mouse but no Bluetooth keyboard. <Green-Dragon> But it says a bluetooth keyboard is connecting.... <Green-Dragon> and my mouse is not connecting but it says another mouse is connecting. <LjL> Green-Dragon: people are not 15:12
LjLseeing what you type now. <Green-Dragon> AHH! <LjL> Green-Dragon: can you assure me that you won't flood the channel like that again, and use the pastebin instead? <Green-Dragon> How do I do that? <LjL> !pastebin | Green-Dragon <Green-Dragon> !pastebin |Green-Dragon test <LjL> Green-Dragon: no, not like that. <LjL> Green-Dragon: READ the message you just got.15:12
jpdsikonia: What's your opinion on the scrollback in #u-uk?15:42
ikonialet me have a look15:42
ikoniajpds: I assume you mean sebsebseb ?15:42
jpdsikonia: All of them.15:43
jpdsWell, most, they're getting quite silly.15:43
ikoniajpds: I think it sucks to be honest15:44
ikonia(just scimmed through the last 15 minutes)15:44
ikoniaelky: have a scroll back though -uk it's kiddie central 15:45
* elky hunts for the logs15:45
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/15:45
jpdselky: http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2009/04/04/%23ubuntu-uk.html15:46
ikoniajpds is well prepped15:46
jpdsAs always.15:46
ikoniatime for a break 15:47
elkyi've found the aussie chicks convo, and them telling hippychick girls dont exist on the intarwebs15:49
Seeker`that bot is in ubuntu16:25
Seeker`or whatever it(?) is16:26
LjLnot a bot afaik16:26
LjLjust a fancy ident i suppose16:26
ikoniahe was interactive the other day16:28
bazhanggive me access there LjL I will do it.17:09
LjLyou mean op - i don't have the access to give you access17:09
bazhangthat convo is getting a bit o4o imo17:10
LjLyeah i think it's turning away from that now though17:10
LjLor not, thanks to netytroll17:11
bazhangwindows vs linux is much better17:11
mneptok12:31 [Freenode] CTCP VERSION reply from Tcl: xchat 2.8.6 Ubuntu17:31
ikoniaI'll give him a nudge17:33
ubottubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (spiel_mit_feuer)17:36
ikoniaI now need a tissue to mop up the drink I've just dribbled laughing, thank you ljl17:37
ikoniait was worth it17:38
ikoniagood chuckle17:38
bazhangI am happy to stay that way for a bit, kind of like +m17:38
bazhangok topyli is back17:56
bazhang-ChanServ- You are not authorized to perform this operation.17:57
bazhanghmm /cycle did it17:59
LjL /mode #channel -o nickname17:59
LjLor often simply17:59
LjL /deop nickname17:59
topylibazhang: what is it?17:59
bazhangnope did not work17:59
LjLbazhang: cannot "not work"17:59
topylii'm back, and i'm the cleanest man on the channel!17:59
LjLif you're opped, you can deop yourself17:59
bazhangtopyli, just wanted to be de-opped18:00
bazhangand so I did18:00
topylibazhang: huh? are you retiring or what?18:00
LjLtopyli, your sauna has confused you, shush.18:00
bazhangin -ot18:01
bazhangseems that chanserv.py looks for access18:01
topyliLjL: that's what it's *for*18:01
LjLof course if you aren't in the access list you can't ask chanserv to deop you18:01
LjLbut you can still just deop you!18:01
topylipray with me: please make a goal now kärpät18:02
LjLtopyli: i couldn't care less18:02
topylifor me!18:02
LjLas i said18:03
ubottuDear $DEITY, Give me strength to understand and work with users who question my logic, the rules, netiquette and common sense. Give me resilience to teach them the basics of Linux, Ubuntu, Community Guidelines and IRC. Allow me not to stray to nitpicking, argument, foul language, or leisurely op abuse. Deliver me my daily xkcd, User Friendly, LWN, /. and Planet Ubuntu, and guard over my encrypted drives. Let it be so.18:03
topyliwe need to add something there. like "please let kärpät win their hockey games"18:04
bazhangheh myrrti would throw a fit18:04
topyli"(more often than not)"18:04
topylibazhang: oh yeah, i forgot the other finns :)18:04
LjLi'd also like to add "please let people who have an obsession for games involving goals and people chasing a ball find peace"18:05
topyliLjL: that's too much to ask im afraid :(18:06
bazhang* ikonia_test (n=Mr_Darcy@alesi.projecthugo.co.uk) has joined #ubuntu  :018:06
ikoniait's me18:06
ikoniait's fine18:06
ikoniayes, I'm about to attack with me 2 users18:06
bazhangstill waiting for those 64 years worth of PM's from dingding18:07
topylihow can it be so difficult to score? i should go there myself18:07
ikoniahe's long gone18:07
ikonianah, just couldn't get past the ban so not bothered18:08
ikonia(frmo what I've seen)18:08
bazhangfreenode policy of only opping when needed is wise18:11
ikoniadidn't think that was freeenode18:11
ikoniajust ubuntu 18:12
LjLit is freenode18:12
ikoniadidn't know that18:12
Seeker`bazhang: oh?18:12
bazhangfelt odd like that in -ot18:12
Seeker`only because you are'nt used to it :P18:12
bazhangfunny how fast netyire quit though18:12
topylione minute to go. we're losing :(18:13
topylii'm not sure if you are all very interested though :)18:16
topylifinland sucks at football, so we sort of have to be proud of sports we're good in, like hockey, ski jumping and rally. you know, sports that almost nobody else does18:19
topyliwife carrying used to be strong here, but the estonians have sort of taken over18:20
Nafalloleave that thought Nafallo. srsly.18:22
topyligreatest wife carriers in the world currently!18:23
ikoniano response from tcl 18:34
ikoniagave him a few pm prods18:34
ikoniachaps whats the deal with tcl - it is acting "bot like" again even though it was human earlier, it's ctcp'd my test account when I signed in and mneptok earlier18:47
ikoniaI've tried to contact tcl in a pm but not had a response, and he's ideling in two channels that are known to have problem users ubuntu-ro and ubuntu-il although thats obviously not a crime18:47
mneptokikonia: it did not CTCP me. i CTCP'ed it.18:49
ikoniaooh, it hit my test account eazrlier18:49
ikoniait did appear to be a human earlier though, eg: talked 18:50
ikoniakeep an eye on it ?18:50
ikoniaryanakca: what's up ?18:51
ryanakcaikonia: irssi is segfaulting. I disabled autojoin while I'm sorting it out18:54
ikoniasounds fun18:54
ryanakcanot really ;)18:54
ryanakcaikonia: Hmmm... restored my ~/.irssi/config to an older backup, doesn't seem to be segfaulting every few times I change channel windows, hopefully it's fixed :)19:06
ikoniagood good19:06
Seeker`nalioth: can we get an update on mootbots logs please21:01
* nalioth gets his pencil out21:49
LjLnalioth: need a laser pointer?21:50
LjLmine is just a bit modded, the light power is probably not really lethal21:51
ryanakcaNot sure if necessary (the floodbot kicked him), but should blkgmrgrl666 get +b so that he doesn't return (Was link spamming in #ubuntu)?22:11
LjLryanakca: he was using mibbit22:11
LjLso he already got an automatic ban22:11
Likebueno bienvenido soy creo23:02
Likeebo hablar en ingles o en español23:02
Likebn sin dar nombres sobre la organizacion23:03
Likedevo colabroaER con el projecto23:04
Likebn 23:04
Likebienvenidos a la charla23:04
Likeestamos mas +30 en deustche belle23:04
jpdsLike: Que quieres exactamente?23:05
Likejpds,  bn yuou quiero teclear unas palabras para el aporte de la casa GNU UNIX:)23:05
jpdsOK; en este canal se hable ingles.23:06
LjLare you one of those clones i banned the other days?23:06
Likedjam un tabaco ¬¬23:06
LjLah, no23:06
Likebn estoy hablando de la libertad de escritores23:07
Likey colaboradores de nuestras librerias23:07
Likepùes bn23:07
Likeque significa compilar ej descargar librerias hacer make i make install23:08
Likebn esto es *** un debate *** mas treinta de lo que podemos llegar a escribir en nuestros teclados via vim23:08
LjLlike mira23:08
LjLestoy demasiado mal para hablar ingles, imaginate para hablar español23:09
LjLno se verdadement que estas dicendo23:09
Likepara viper tengo mi ekipo mas treinta ranger rci 297023:09
LjLpero... porque estas en este canal?23:09
Likeestoy aki en el canal para informarte sobre el indice linux23:10
Likey lo que es el plan ceibal en uruguay23:10
LjLpero este canal es para operadores23:10
LjLno para discusion general23:10
Likepues yo eh sido escogido entre una malloria23:10
Likebn en discusion generqal ps23:10
Likemas treinta con audio ?23:11
LjLlike, tienes preguntas para los operadores de #ubuntu? (no #ubuntu-es o otros canales locales)23:11
Likepss espera que atienda la llamada23:11
Likecomo operadores que somos que nos planteamos /***23:12
Likede la situaqcion23:12
Likepss bn23:12
Likeestamos mas treinta aki en un debate23:13
Likesobre el indice Linux23:13
LikeLjL, 23:13
jpdsHear hear.23:14
Seeker`the last 15 mins were total rubbish23:16
LjLbesides, i've just told you i cannot really speak spanish well23:17
LjLyou don't keep talking in abbreviations and slang23:17
LjLthat's just rude.23:17
naliothanyone familiar with rbot?23:31

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