owhSalutations. I've just completed a do-release-upgrade from gutsy to hardy. This server will only boot if acpi=off. I've manually edited menu.lst and added that back in, but I have two questions. 1) How do I make it automagically add it? 2) Do I have to run something to make it "stick", like with lilo?00:42
owhHmm, I also recall that this is running an array. In the past I had to manually copy the boot block across with dd, do I still have to do that?00:44
owhFinally, what checks do you recommend before I reboot this remote machine into its new OS?00:44
jmedinaowh: nothing00:49
owhjmedina: Nothing?00:50
jmedinagrub reads menu.lst each time, boot info is not stored in MBR or boot partition00:50
owhCool, so that takes care of q's 2 and 3. 1 is for later, what about 4?00:50
infinityowh: Find the line starting with "# kopt" in /boot/grub/menu.lst00:50
infinityowh: Mine looks like "# kopt=root=UUID=b42d1082-e4b3-4eb0-98ce-f1ac84027c7e ro"00:51
owhinfinity: Yup00:51
infinityowh: If you add "acpi=off" to the end of that, then subsequent runs of "update-grub" (which is what kernel installs do) will auto-append it to all your kernel lines.00:51
owhRight below that is kopt_2_6, does that have any bearing?00:52
owhIt's showing my boot device.00:52
owh# kopt_2_6=root=/dev/md2 ro00:52
infinityowh: You shouldn't need _2_6 or similar, unless you are trying to have specific options for specific versions.00:52
owhI've never tweaked it, but the fact that it's showing my array seems significant.00:53
infinityowh: I can't think of anything that would automatically create versioned kopt stuff, except maybe some sketchy third-party configs.00:53
infinityowh: But if the regular kopt isn't configured correctly, then either fix that, or use _2_6...00:54
owhThis was a virgin install gutsy and I don't install third party stuff - makes my job way too hard.00:54
infinityowh: The more specific version will "win" when creating the boot stanzas.00:54
infinityowh: (So _2_6_24 beats _2_6 beats _2 beats kopt...)00:54
owhSeeing that it's running the current kernel, I'm thinking stick with kopts_2_600:54
infinityowh: Yeah.  The only issue with _2_6 is that it'll explode amazingly on upgrade to 3.0.x... But that's probably not around the corner anyway. :)00:55
infinityowh: Anyhow, it's not like any of it's irreversible.00:56
* owh is guessing that there will be other challenges than a kopt_2_6 stanza :)00:56
owhFinal question. I recall in a previous kernel upgrade the machine chose the wrong network interface and I had to actually travel to the console to fix it. Anything I should check?00:57
infinityowh: Modify kopt* how you like, then run update-grub, and diff /boot/grub/menu.lst{~,}00:57
infinityowh: If it did what you wanted, yay.00:57
owhinfinity: Whoot!00:58
infinityowh: NICs should ideally be statically mapped via udev rules... See /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules00:58
owhOne problem down.00:58
owhinfinity: Well, the udev rule seems to map the correct MAC address to the correct device name.01:00
owhSo I'm guessing it won't swap eth0 and eth1 on me this time.01:00
infinityowh: Then it should be just fine from here on.01:00
owhWell, let me do the reboot thing and see if I come back cursing :-)01:01
owhIt's the time between "Connection closed by remote host." and the login prompt that kills yah!01:03
infinityTakes my sparc buildds about 5 minutes to POST, I feel your pain.01:04
owhAt the moment I'm getting "Connection refused" :-)01:04
owhI've got to invest into a KVM over IP.01:04
* owh is hoping that it's doing an fsck because this seems to be taking a long time.01:05
infinityWell, "connection refused" tends to mean it's half booted, but no sshd running yet.01:07
infinitySince not being online at all will usually warrant a "no route to host" or similar.01:07
owhYeah, that's what's keeping me from shouting :)01:07
* owh is going to step away from the keyboard and come back after a nice soothing cup of tea to see what gives. Thanks infinity for your help.01:09
* owh releases a sigh of relief.01:23
owhCups of tea can solve server problems :)01:23
infinityowh: Good to hear.01:32
owhHmm, just  tried an ssh tunnel for RDP and it tells me that it "Could not request local forwarding." - is that my end or the server end?01:33
infinityX11Forwarding disabled in /etc/ssh/sshd_config ?01:34
infinity(Assuming it's an X11 client you're trying to forward)01:34
owhNah, it turns out to be on this end. The ssh process didn't close properly when the server went away.01:35
owhWell, that's a win for remote admin. XP SP3 install complete across RDP, followed by a gutsy-hardy upgrade over ssh.01:36
Kamping_Kaiserowh, tried ssh -vv ?01:36
owhKamping_Kaiser: No, it was a local ssh process that was holding open the local end of the tunnel.01:37
owhNothing like a non-responding server to get your heart going :001:40
owhBeats all the extreme sports I can think of :)01:41
twbInline skateboarding while hanging off the back of a tram is pretty fun.01:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #354430 in ubuntu (main) "samba mount does not work at boot time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35443002:44
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mat1211Hi, how would I reformat my external harddrive with the hfs filesystem?06:07
mat1211without reformatting the original harddrive that is in the server.06:08
twbmat1211: HFS or HFS+?06:11
mat1211does it matter?06:11
twbThey are quite different filesystems.06:12
mat1211what are the differences, I just need something that works well with ubuntu and can support users and stuff.06:13
twbI don't recall offhand.  I expect user-visible changes regarding case folding, at the very least.06:13
twbFor OS X, you should definitely use HFS+, not HFS.06:13
twbHFS ought to be used only if you are dealing with MacOS 7 or earlier, I think.06:14
twbNeither should be used unless you're dealing with OS X.06:14
twbEven then NTFS (with ntfs-3g) might be a better interchange format...06:14
twbI know from personal experience that if an HFS or HFS+ filesystem becomes corrupt, you can't repair it (i.e. fsck) from Linux.06:15
mat1211With hfs+, can I change the owner of a directory? because I cannot do this with the fat32 fs I have now, also would the hfs+ work with windows?06:15
twbNeither HFS nor HFS+ work with Windows.06:15
mat1211do drivers exist that I can download for windows? anyway, can I change the owner of dirs? and what is actual code to reformat.06:17
twbHFS (not HFS+) has a 2GiB file size limit, limits file names to 31 characters, and does not support Unicode in filenames.06:17
twbIf you are dealing with Windows I strongly encourage you to use ntfs3g over hfs+, as the former should be more mature and robust, and (I believe) works on both OS X and Windows out of the box.06:18
mat1211I will probably use hfs+ then06:18
twb"On Windows, a fairly complete filesystem driver for HFS+ exists as a commercial software package called MacDrive. This package allows Windows users to read and write HFS+ formatted drives, and read Mac format optical disks. ^[10]"06:19
mat1211ah, well then that changes things.06:19
twbIt seems that HFS+'s journalling support is not implemented on Linux, either.06:19
mat1211ntfs3g you say?06:19
twbYes, ntfs-3g.06:20
twbThe kernel-based ntfs drive is essentially read-only.06:20
mat1211How would I set my hd up with this fs, and does ubuntu come with drivers.06:20
twbapt-get install ntfs3g or ntfs-3g, I forget which.06:20
mat1211and I can write to ntfs3g, right? read only would be bad, im trying to set up a web server so...06:20
twbYeah, ntfs3g has write support.06:21
twbIf this disk is going to live in the Ubuntu server, it would be much better to use ext3 and provide write access to OS X and Windows desktops using Samba.06:21
mat1211ah, and how would I put this on my usb harddrive? is there a reformat command :P06:21
twbThere are several commands to manipulate a disk's partition table, including gparted, cfdisk, parted and sfdisk.06:22
twbOnce the disk is partitioned, you would determine the partition's name (e.g. /dev/sde1) and use the mkfs(8) command to create a filesystem on it.06:22
mat1211I just have a disk with one big partition, which I just want to change the filesystem of.06:22
twbNote that changing the filesystem will destroy any data currently on that partition.06:23
mat1211yeah, im backing it up atm.06:23
mat1211What is the syntax for mk-fs?06:24
twbCheck the manpage.06:24
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mat1211manpage doesn't work, the ssh client im using for windows doesn't support it, im googling it atm.06:29
twbEr, you're using putty?06:29
mat1211unfortunately, I use a screen reader and its the only one I can find that even vaguely works06:31
twbputty's great IMO06:32
twbMaybe man doesn't work because you're using less as the pager?06:32
twbTry PAGER=more man mkfs06:32
twbYou know if you have a braille reader you could probably hook that up to the server itself with good results.06:33
mat1211no, I am blind and my windows screen reader isn't working properly with the page.06:33
mat1211tried that, doesn't work also06:33
twbOK, there might be a trick to it that I don't know about; you'd have to ask the brltty group.06:34
twbYou can do /msg specbot man foo, to get the OS X manpage for foo.06:35
twbUnfortunately specbot doesn't know about Linux manpages.06:35
mat1211How would I just format this with ext3 fs?06:40
mat1211or is that a bad idea.06:40
twbmkfs -t ext3 /dev/sde106:41
twbext3 is the best choice for use by Ubuntu06:41
twbBut it is not supported well by OS X or Windows, except via a network fs such as CIFS (Samba).06:41
mat1211btw isn't it sdb not sde? when I mount its usually mount -t /dev/sdb106:43
twbIt depends06:43
twbI used a high number so you didn't accidentally run it and destroy one of your internal disks06:43
twbA high letter, rather06:44
NaOHcan i bounce a postfix+sasl question off someone?06:47
twbNaOH: #postfix?  I mean, you can ask here too :-)06:47
mat1211Ah, what does the letter have to do? I didn't know it mattered.06:48
NaOHcool, well i got my clients authenticating on a workaround, i have to do a ln -s /var/spool/postfix/var/run/saslauthd /var/run06:48
NaOHfor it to work properly06:48
NaOHi see whats happening, and i'm assuming i have to point a config in the right direction to get this working kosher?06:49
twbmat1211: letters are assigned to disks in the order in which they are found, starting at a.06:50
twbmat1211: sda1 means SCSI disk a (first disk), partition 1 (first partition).06:50
twbmat1211: just about everything is treated as a SCSI disk nowadays, but they used to also have hda1 for PATA disks.06:51
MaelaianI just did a dist-upgrade, how do I get rid of the old kernels?08:07
p_quarlesMaelaian: apt-get remove08:07
MaelaianHmm, how do I tell if I am using the -virtual or -server kernel? uname -a?08:21
p_quarlesMaelaian: uname -r will tell you that08:22
MaelaianIt says server, I'm using the x64 server disk, and I did the F4 to the virtual minimal install. I did a dist-upgrade and it appears I'm using the -server now, when I want to be using -virtual.08:22
Maelaianyea it server.08:22
p_quarlesso, is the server a virtual machine?08:23
MaelaianIt is.08:23
p_quarlesnot familiar with that type of virtualization08:24
p_quarlesvmware doesn't need a special kernel08:24
MaelaianVmware recommends using the -virtual kernel as its tuned to run better as a guest.08:25
MaelaianWhich I do believe the virtual minimal install uses, but i believe it went to -server when I dist-upgraded, is there a way to let it know I always want -virtual and to switch over to that now?08:26
sbeattieMaelaian: the -virtual kernel is the same as the -server kernel with a smaller set of modules (and thus self-identifies via uname|/proc/version as -server); "dpkg -l linux-image-*" will show you what you have installed.08:27
sbeattiethey were separate kernels with independent configs in hardy, but that changed in intrepid and jaunty.08:29
MaelaianAlright. From this dpkg -l list, what shows the entry as being the one im using ?08:30
sbeattiethe version that correlates to the contents of /proc/version_signature08:32
MaelaianOk, yea looks right, just got confused by the uname output.08:33
sbeattieyeah, I'd rather it was identified itself as -virtual, to prevent exactly this kind of confusion.08:34
MaelaianAll I know is that this time I didn't have to take out wireless-tools and wpa_supplicant ;)08:35
MaelaianMy old kernel is listed in dpkg --get-selections with deinstall next to it. How do I get it out?08:53
twbvmware needs a special kernel *module*, however.09:10
Maelaianyea the vmware tools?09:14
Maelaianlike the vmxnet driver etc.09:15
twbMaelaian: I meant for the host OS09:17
twbSorry, I didn't read the scrollback too carefully.  Maybe I misunderstood.09:18
MaelaianOh. Sorry, yea, I'm using ESX server.09:22
ragsanyone know of any log analysis package that has a web interface?09:26
ropetinWhat kind of logs?09:27
ragsI know of logshow and logcheck, but they just mail you the logs09:27
ragsgenreral logs...09:27
ragssyslog...just want  a better interface, rather then a text file...09:27
ragswith some searching and analysis thrown in...09:28
ragsI know of splunk...but tht is an overkill..I want something light.09:28
ropetinI just found something called phpLogCon, not sure if it's any good or not though09:29
ragsI remember some package called phplog analyser or something..but can't get it's name...09:29
ropetinThe one I use is even more over kill than splunk!09:29
ragsaha..I think tht's the one..wht do you use btw?09:30
ropetinOne of those will surely do it09:30
ropetinIt's an in-house developed web-app (event analysis is what I do for a living, at least sometimes)09:30
ragsphpLogCon seems to be the perfect tool...09:37
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matttdang wiki is down11:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #354243 in samba (main) "Nautilus fails to browse any share on network to which Iomega Home Network Hard Drive (MDHD500-N, firmware K108.W15) is attached." [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35424312:53
Deepstrying to remount / as ext2 (is ext3), `mount -t ext2 -o remount /dev/sda1 /` doesn't appear to be working, any ideas?13:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #355151 in kerberos-configs (universe) "suarez" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35515115:20
NobleHi, I'm looking for a why to get all the computers home (7 or so) to log into a server and get their permissions and storage from there. Is this a samba domain thing? How should I go about it?15:29
jpdsAnyone know why etckeepers keeps wanting to write to my users's ~/.bzr.log instead of roots?16:11
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jmarsdenjpds: Perhaps you are running etckeeper from sudo or su and it respects the $HOME variable which is still set to point to your user's home directory?18:34
jpdsjmarsden: Yeah, that's what I thought, but it's not happening on another system I have it.18:34
jmarsdenjpds: Try su -   and then run etckeeper from there and see if if then does what you want?18:35
jpdsjmarsden: It does with sudo -i.18:36
jmarsdenThen that has to be it... sudo -s leaves the $HOME alone, sudo -i changes it...18:36
jpdsYep, but it works fine when I install a new package on the other computer with sudo apt-get ...18:37
jpdsivoks: No, I'm having problems with etckeeper+bzr and it wanting my ~/.bzr.log file.18:39
jmarsdenWell, as a test you can try something like   sudo HOME=/root whatever-command-you-test   # ... does that work?18:39
ivoksah... :)18:39
jpdsThat works.18:42
jmarsdenTherefore, $HOME is the culprit.  Why it is Ok on the other machine ... I have no idea :)18:42
mib_d75wrq0uhi guys.  I am trying to get a command workign so i can use it in php. "sudo -u sap useradd -p test1 test1" returns an error about the account being locked18:48
mib_d75wrq0uuseradd: unable to lock password file  ---------- to be exact18:49
mib_d75wrq0uyet if i do not do the -u it works fine...18:49
ivokswhat do you want to achive?18:51
ivoksadd a user?18:51
mib_d75wrq0uyes, to the server18:52
mib_d75wrq0ubut it will be done through php18:52
ivokssudo -u sap = do next command as sap user18:52
mib_d75wrq0umy thought is that this can be don using the sudo -u... but im having extremely inconsistant results18:52
ivokscan sap user create new users (i guess not)18:52
mib_d75wrq0uyes they can18:52
mib_d75wrq0uthats whats weird18:52
mib_d75wrq0ui can do it as the user with no -u in the comman18:53
jpdsjmarsden: Deleted the bzr files for bzr in /root and my own and now: http://paste.ubuntu.com/144334/18:53
ivoksmib_d75wrq0u: if you run it as 'sudo whatever' you'll run whatever as root18:54
ivoksmib_d75wrq0u: 'sudo -u sap whatever' will run as sap user18:54
mib_d75wrq0uits not workign though18:54
mib_d75wrq0ubut when i sudo su into the user sap, and try it18:54
mib_d75wrq0uit does18:54
ivoks'sudo su' will make you a root, not sap18:55
mib_d75wrq0usportman1280@illidan:~$ sudo -u sap useradd -p test5 test5 useradd: unable to lock password file18:55
jmarsdenjpds: Yes, but if you prefix with HOME=/root then it works, right?  So this is just the same thing... it uses $HOME ?18:55
mib_d75wrq0usudo su sap*18:55
jpdsjmarsden: Yep. Which is odd.18:55
jmarsdenWell, it's a fairly common thing for a shell script to do, use $HOME to find the home dir...18:56
ivoksmib_d75wrq0u: have you configured sudoers?18:56
ivoksso, 'sudo -u sap ls' doesn't work?18:56
jmarsdenjpds: What is odd to me is the *other* one that works for you without setting $HOME !18:57
mib_d75wrq0usudo -u sap ls does18:57
mib_d75wrq0uuseradd does not :(18:57
ivoksmib_d75wrq0u: are you sure 'sap' user can create new users?18:57
jmarsdenmib_d75wrq0u: sap does not have the privs to run useradd -- should it have them?18:57
mib_d75wrq0uhere is visudo:    sap ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL18:57
ivoksmib_d75wrq0u: (i doubt it can)18:58
mib_d75wrq0usportman1280@illidan:~$ sudo -u sportman1280 useradd -p test5 test5 useradd: unable to lock password file18:59
ivoksthis only means that sap user can do whatever it wants without prompting password18:59
mib_d75wrq0ui cant do it myself either18:59
ivoksthat's imporper use of sudo18:59
ivokssudo - make ma root18:59
mib_d75wrq0uwell yea... but it was test18:59
ivoksso sudo -u sportman1280 - make me a sportman128018:59
ivoksof course you can't create a user19:00
ivoksonly root can do that19:00
ivoksso, sap user needs to run 'sudo useradd bla bla bla'19:00
mib_d75wrq0uhmmm ok so i think i see where your going19:00
ScottKivoks: Did you get a chance to try out clamav 0.95 yet?19:00
ivoksScottK: haven't someone ack that it works?19:00
mib_d75wrq0uwell i cant do that with php19:01
ScottKivoks: Yes.  And I uploaded it.  I'm curious how it does for you.19:01
mib_d75wrq0uthats wehre this is stemming from... i need to run it during php19:01
ivoksmib_d75wrq0u: php cli apps are runing as www-data user19:01
ivoksunless you changed something19:01
ivoksScottK: eh... ok, i'll test tomorrow19:01
mib_d75wrq0uivoks: hence me trying to run sudo as sap.  or thats what i was thinking at least19:01
ivokswhy would you run it as sap?19:02
ivoksyou need sudo to delegate root privileges, not sap19:02
mib_d75wrq0uivoks so the entire server isnt running with the ability to sudo things without passwords?19:02
ivoksyou should stop with everything you are doing now19:03
ivoksand *read* about sudo19:03
ivokscause you are on a way to do something very bad to your server19:03
mib_d75wrq0uwell i think i might have been getting desprate and went off the right path then19:03
mib_d75wrq0uwhat would you recommend for running a sudo command in php then?19:05
mib_d75wrq0uor where should i look? i cant really find good directions on the process either...19:05
ivoks_20:04 < ivoks> if you need to create users from web application19:05
ivoks_20:04 < ivoks> you shouldn't use shadow for authentication19:05
ivoks_but sql or ldap19:05
mib_d75wrq0uits to administer the server19:06
mib_d75wrq0uthis is just one part of the commands we will be adding19:06
ivoks_you are doing a very bad thing19:06
ivoks_onw way to solve it is to create apache+fastcgi instead of apache-mpm-prefork19:06
andolmib_d75wrq0u: ldap is perfectly fine för system accounts.19:07
ivoks_even better than shadow19:07
mib_d75wrq0uthe project is to create something like cpanel ultimately. so we will be working with mysql and other tools too19:08
ivoks_anyway, bye19:08
mib_d75wrq0uok thanks19:08
andolmib_d75wrq0u: You know, you really should listen to ivoks_.19:08
ivoks_if you are creating cpanel-clone19:08
ivoks_take a look at ispconfig19:08
ivoks_it populates sql19:08
mib_d75wrq0uok thanks :)19:08
ivoks_and then with cron pulls from it19:08
ivoks_that's also cr@p19:09
ivoks_mib_d75wrq0u: do it with ldap and everybody would love you19:09
ivoks_since ldap is more flexibile than shadow19:09
ivoks_under ldap account you can define everything you need, not just username and password19:09
mib_d75wrq0uivoks_ i have nothing against ldap, we use it at work. i was just also thinking outside of the username and password realm into the other sytem command19:10
mib_d75wrq0uivoks_ im downloading the ispconfig now :)19:10
ivoks_mib_d75wrq0u: web application that can execute root commands without password is best way to disater19:11
ivoks_even more if it's PHP based19:11
ivoks_time for real life :D19:11
ivoks_take care19:11
* ScottK wonders what is this 'real life' that ivoks mentions.19:16
socialistare there any stock server kernels that don't require PAE?  I need to do some xen stuff and I've got some old machines without PAE, but all the xen support appears to be in the server kernels21:00
Deepssocialist: the -virtual kernels dont work with xen?22:10
socialistthose are server kernels w/ PAE22:12
socialistI'm just building a custom with PAE turned off, no biggie22:12
mat1211Hi, what is syntax to reformat a disk in /dev/sdb1 with ext3 fs?22:25
Deepsmkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb122:26
giovaniprobably requires a prepended sudo, no?22:27
PhotoJimmat1211: to help you remember that command, think of mkfs as meaning "MaKe FileSystem"... that's how I remember it22:30
mat1211this will probably take a long time lol, also while I am here, what is the command to extract a .rar file to a certain dir?22:31
giovaniunrar e filename.rar22:31
giovaniit requires the unrar utility of course22:32
PhotoJimmat1211: there is probably syntax to force it to a directory, but I just cd /path/to/directory  and then unrar e filename.rar22:32
giovanithere is ... append the path22:33
giovaniunrar e filename.rar /path/to/extract/to/22:33
mat1211What if the rar file is in a different dir than I want to extract it in?22:33
giovanimat1211: read the manpage22:33
giovaniit's clearly spelled out there22:33
PhotoJimunrar e /path/to/rarfile.rar22:33
mat1211I usually would read the manpage, but my screen reader and putty don't work well together. :P22:34
PhotoJimtry: export TERM=screen  ... and then see if man works better.22:34
giovaniprobably misconfigured putty then22:34
Deepsand try using a different pager, i find most displays the colours in manpages properly22:35
giovanisecurecrt > *22:35
mat1211The one for windows? nah its just one file.22:35
giovanimat1211: putty has dozens of session options22:35
giovanibut, ok22:35
mat1211maybe I downloaded the smaller version by mistake.22:35
giovaninope, same version ... it still has options22:36
Deepschances are he's using the default options then, which is usually fine22:38
mat1211meh, I'm getting an apple comp soon, which works far better using voiceover and stuff.22:39
mat1211so I won't need to ask as many questions on here :P22:39
wizardslovaki want to edit my conf file "gedit /etc/mysql/mt/cnf" i am getting error --->gtk-warning cannot open display23:21
wizardslovaki want to learn mysql and ubuntu server well but i cant open config file23:22
wizardslovakany ideas?23:22
Deeps2 problems, 1- gedit is a graphical editor, it needs a GUI, ubuntu server doesn't use a GUI, so you need a different tool, like nano, pico, vim, or emacs (console text editors)23:23
Deeps2- /etc/mysql/mt/cnf is probably not the correct path nor file, and you probably want /etc/mysql/my.cnf23:23
wizardslovaki made mistake my.cnf23:23
beechboneI've got a postfix/courier mail server setup. It now requires sasl authentication to send emails to other domains. But I can still send messages from smtp within the server. Any way to stop this?23:24
wizardslovakso which texxt sditor you prefer?23:24
Deepswizardslovak: i prefer vim, but it has a steep learning curve. you're probably best suited to nano or pico23:24
wizardslovakok so i will use nano23:24
wizardslovakcan i ask more questions?23:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:25
wizardslovaki am new to ubuntu server and i never couldnt understood how to set up server which is behing router23:26
Deepsthere are pages on the wiki that describe how to setup an ubuntu server as a network router23:26
wizardslovakcan you redirect me there?23:26
jpdswizardslovak: Do you mean behind a router?23:27
jmarsdenDeeps: I think the issue may be more of the server being "behind" a router i.e. NAT port forwarding in a SOHO router ?23:27
Deepsthe man says "as a", i'll take the english interpretation of that23:27
wizardslovakyes , i mean i got couple PCs and i want to use one as server (for studies)23:27
wizardslovaki have reouter with dd-wrt23:27
wizardslovakso far i am using ubuntu server on my laptop on virtualbox23:28
wizardslovaki cannot find nothing about server and router23:29
jpdswizardslovak: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_forwarding23:31
jmarsdenwizardslovak: Sounds like you will: (1) set the the Ubuntu server to run whatever service you want to offer; (2) make sure you have the virtualbox stuff set up so that other PCs on your LAN can get to that service; (3) Set up a port forward in your dd-wrt router so that a port on the Public Intenet interface of it is routed through to the port on the Ubuntu server for your desired service.23:31
wizardslovakright now i dont want anyone outside to see my servers, but my LAN23:32
jmarsdenThen ignore part (3) for right now.23:33
wizardslovaksorry i know i might be pain in the a** but i am interested in servers and books are not enough23:33
wizardslovakbetter to get support from people which actually use it23:33
jmarsdenIn a sense, virtualbox is making this harder for you than it would be if you had Ubuntu Server on its own real hardware PC... because you have to get its networking stuff right too.  Do you have a spare real PC you can install Ubuntu Server on?23:34
wizardslovakyes i do23:34
jmarsdenThen that might be a good way to go to get started.23:34
wizardslovakits old one with 2.4 celeron but it should be enough23:34
jmarsdenRAM may be more important than CPU for this sort of learning stuff... do you have 512MB or more on the celeron PC?23:35
wizardslovaki though ill get used to server on Vbox and then23:35
jmarsdenYou can do the Virtualbox thing, but it is one more set of configuration things to get right... 512 should be good.  I'd try that.  See if you can get Apache working on the Celeron PC running Ubuntu Sevrer as a first step, maybe?23:36
wizardslovakgood idea23:38
wizardslovakalthough i wont do it today23:38
wizardslovakfor web server, i have to forward 80 or can i forvard different port?23:38
wizardslovakif i will forward 80 will i be able to browse internet?23:39
jmarsdenif you forward TCP port 80 to the server other people from the Internet will be able to browse to your server, yes.23:41
jmarsdenIf you set up the server on your LAn you will be able to browse to it using its LAN address from your laptop without doing any port forwarding at all.23:42
wizardslovakwill my computers be able to browse internet(not my server)23:43
jmarsdenYes, you don't need to do any port forwarding for that, normally, your router will do NAT for you and it will "just work".23:44
dug_Do you have to have multiple ips if you want to run multiple servers on different virtual machines?  Or can you forward based on virtual hosts or port numbers23:45
wizardslovak_ok i am back23:46
jmarsdendug_: You can forward different port numbers to different LAN Ip addresses, so you only need one public IP.23:46
jmarsdenwizardslovak_: I said: Yes, you don't need to do any port forwarding for that, normally, your router will do NAT for you and it will "just work".23:46
wizardslovak_so lets say i want to connect to my server from different location, ill type my ip adress and then my server LAN ip ,correct?23:47
jmarsdenwizardslovak_: No, for that you will forward a port on your router to a a port on the LAn IP of your server.  Then from outrside you will just connect to that port of your public IP address.23:49
wizardslovak_and i couldnt figure out how to do that23:49
jmarsdenBut earlier you said you didn't want access from the outside... are you changing your mind?23:49
wizardslovak_nah not now23:49
wizardslovak_i am curious23:49
jmarsdenOne step at a time is easier... get it working on the LAN first.23:49
wizardslovak_first install , and get use to it23:50
wizardslovak_so i figure out you work with ubuntu server23:51
wizardslovak_how long did it take for you to learn it23:51
jmarsdenWell, I've worked with Linux since late 1992... :)23:51
wizardslovak_i was trying to find some linux server course but no luck23:52
wizardslovak_so i've decided to learn by myself23:52
jmarsdenThey do exist... do you run Ubuntu on your desktop/laptop?  That can be a good way to learn Linux in general...23:53
wizardslovak_i used to run suse linux for year+ , and then switched for  kubuntu23:53
wizardslovak_i have dual boot , windows for games and kubuntu as main OS23:53
jmarsdenOK.  One place offering Ubuntu Server training stuff is http://beginlinux.com/server_training but I have no idea how good or bad it is...23:54
jmarsdenUbuntu Server is really just a server-oriented set of Ubuntu packages, and a kernel configured for server type workloads.  If you are comfortable with KUbuntu and at a shell prompt, you really don't have much new to learn for Ubuntu Server at all.23:55
wizardslovak_well i am getting to know shell yet23:56
dug_thanks jmarsden23:56
wizardslovak_i love apt-get better then yast in suse23:56
jmarsdendug_: No problem.23:56
jmarsdenwizardslovak_: Sounds good.  When I started there was no X on Linux, so I *had* to learn the shell :)23:58
wizardslovak_i was fascinated by shell loong time ago23:58

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