Turlhi leftyfb-04:47
leftyfb-does anyone here run the official ubuntu website/domains?04:48
Turlleftyfb-: yep. newz2000 is in charge of ubuntu.com and the wikis iirc04:49
* newz2000 also blogs about pizza sometimes too04:49
leftyfb-hi there newz200004:50
Turlnewz2000: what kind of pizza? you made me feel hungry :P04:50
newz2000Well, tonight I was actually blogging about cutting pizza04:50
leftyfb-Was wondering if you guys had any future plans for spreadubuntu beyond just forwarding it to the main page?04:50
newz2000http://is.gd/qEjA Turl04:51
newz2000leftyfb-: I don't have any plans for it04:51
newz2000this is kind of a community effort04:51
leftyfb-Have you considered pointing it to the rapidly growing and popular "spread ubuntu" effort going on over at http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org04:52
Turlnewz2000: good pizzalistic ideas :)04:53
newz2000it's making me hungry too04:53
newz2000leftyfb-: is there more than one spread ubuntu effort?04:54
Turlleftyfb-: didn't know that site, seems a good one - and it's even in my native language! :)04:54
leftyfb-newz2000: not that i know of04:54
newz2000leftyfb-: last I heard the spread ubuntu efforts were being run by the #ubuntu-marketing team04:55
newz2000I think that's probably a good place for it04:55
leftyfb-it'd make things a lot easier to find that one if we could just use spreadubuntu.com/org04:55
newz2000If help is needed with the web specific aspects those topics could be discussed through this group... we have numerous drupal experts04:55
newz2000I see what you're asking now04:56
leftyfb-well, i dont run the site. Just saw the need to make it easier to find and raise awareness04:56
newz2000I didn't even know that domain was registered04:56
leftyfb-all point to the main site04:57
leftyfb-kinda pointless04:57
newz2000leftyfb-: are you part of the ubuntu-marketing team?04:57
leftyfb-nope ... just help run the MA LoCo and the site was brought up at a couple of our meetings04:57
Turlnewz2000: they are registered by James Troup, maybe he can contact him?04:58
newz2000yes, I can contact him04:58
leftyfb-oh, those aren't owned by Canonical?04:58
Turlleftyfb-: James Troup works at canonical04:58
newz2000leftyfb-: are you part of the group that does spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org?04:58
leftyfb-like i said04:59
leftyfb-nope ... just help run the MA LoCo and the site was brought up at a couple of our meetings. i felt the need to come ask if we could get the spreadubuntu domain(s) pointed to a more appropriate site05:00
newz2000I would consider doing it. I think I'd want to talk to the team handling it first.05:01
newz2000I'll put it on my todo list for next week05:01
leftyfb-by team, you mean the team handling the http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org site right?05:02
Turlnewz2000: how's the geo ip download system going?05:04
newz2000the drupal 6 upgrade took too long05:04
newz2000but it's still high on my todo list, I hope to work on it this summer05:04
TurlI'll have to wait until karmic then05:04
newz2000I have an idea...05:05
newz2000create a url such as www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download/latest-32bit.iso05:05
leftyfb-geo ip download?05:05
newz2000it would really be a php/drupal page that downloads the iso05:05
newz2000then people wouldn't need forms05:06
Turlleftyfb-: automatic mirror selection05:06
newz2000just links to the proper ISO file05:06
leftyfb-closer doesn't always mean faster05:06
newz2000that's true, automatic detection is very tricky05:06
leftyfb-i give out the MIT mirror all the time and people find it one of the fastest from anywhere in the world05:07
Turlleftyfb-: where are you in?05:07
leftyfb-MA :)05:07
newz2000south america says that europe is faster than north america05:07
Turland where's that? :p05:07
newz2000Boston is in MA05:08
Turloh, I see05:08
leftyfb-or TN05:08
leftyfb-but mainly known for MA05:08
Turlhere in south america you usually get high speeds on 1)mirrors in your country 2) Mirrors in very near countries 3) Mirrors in europe/usa05:09
newz2000Turl: where are you again?05:09
Turlnewz2000: Argentina. The last country from top to bottom05:09
leftyfb-newz2000: what about using the same mechanism that the automatic/fastest mirror selection in the software sources tool uses?05:09
Turlleftyfb-: that would require users to run an app that does that.05:10
newz2000leftyfb-: I'll look into it but I don't think it's anything special05:10
Turlit pings all the servers and downloads from the less-latency ones05:10
Turland checks speeds05:10
newz2000oh, I thought it was just country based with some dns tricks for countries without a mirror05:11
leftyfb-it checks05:11
leftyfb-Turl is right05:11
leftyfb-didnt think about people not using ubuntu to download the iso05:11
Turlnewz2000: ar.archive.ubuntu.com is in USA iirc. not even near argentina05:11
newz2000yeah, that's common05:11
newz2000Turl: are you in Beunos Aries?05:11
Turlleftyfb-: windows people download the ISO commonly05:11
* newz2000 thinks we may have had this conversation before05:11
Turlnewz2000: nope, on Rosario. But I used to leave near buenos aires (70km from there)05:12
newz2000I think I may be in Beunos Aries in a month or two05:12
Turlnewz2000: it's "Buenos" :)05:13
Turlnewz2000: do you speak some spanish?05:13
newz2000about 8 words05:13
newz2000:-) He leaves.05:13
newz2000I know about 8 - 10 words of Spanish05:14
Turlsorry, pidgin crashed and this new indicator-applet is crap, I can't see if pidgin is running at a glance05:15
Turlsee, I live in "Rosario"05:15
Turland I used to live in "Campana"05:15
Turlthe little dot under the road # 1205:15
newz2000I didn't realize Buenos Airies was so close to the water05:16
Turlit's just between Rosario and Buenos Aires05:16
Turlnewz2000: Buenos Aires has docks and all that ;)05:16
Turlthere are a lot of boats stopping there and whatelse05:16
Turlit's a very big place, has lots of containers near the river :P05:17
Turlnewz2000: http://www.lsis.org/imsm07/gallery/images/Puerto%20Madero%201_jpg.jpg05:18
Turlhttp://www.mvl.gov.ar/sec_privada/img_lugares/puerto de Olivos.jpg05:18
newz2000I see05:18
newz2000Turl: do you have a day job?05:19
Turlnewz2000: if you come, buy some "alfajores" and try "dulce de leche". You won't regret :)05:19
Turlnewz2000: I'm 16, I'm doing 4th year of secondary school :)05:19
Turlhere the last one is 5th, so it's still 2 years to go (+ university)05:20
newz2000Turl: if it makes you feel better I think my panel just crashed05:21
Turlmy pidgin crashed *again* :p05:21
Turlnewz2000: on jaunty?05:21
leftyfb-use a real irc client05:21
Turlleftyfb-: real irc clients don't have jabber+msn support05:22
Turlnewz2000: did you install kerneloops ?05:22
leftyfb-i use carrier for IM's and xchat for IRC05:22
newz2000Turl: no05:22
newz2000leftyfb-: I stick to default ubuntu apps as much as possible05:23
newz2000dogfood and etc05:23
Turlnewz2000: install it then. help kerneloops.org identify the most common kernel oops :)05:23
newz2000I don't think I've had a kernel oops in a long time05:23
Turlnewz2000: I have one which appears every time I reboot :p it's related with my intel wifi05:23
newz2000definitely not since I switched to jaunty05:23
leftyfb-i would too if the pidgin devs weren't systematically destroying their project and alienating their users05:24
Turlleftyfb-: it's true, pidgin quality is decreasing05:24
newz2000leftyfb-: yeah, there was discussion to switch the default client to empathy, don't know where that went though05:24
Turla friend uses this telepathy thing, I might switch too05:24
newz2000the interesting thing about pidgin is that since the split it into a separate UI and library package more IM packages are coming out using the libpurple05:25
Turlnewz2000: https://launchpad.net/cloudsession05:25
leftyfb-i like the idea of telepathy, but it's tough to switch from polished and feature rich applications to barebones and limitatiions05:25
Turlnewz2000: the problem is, libpurple crashes sometimes :P05:25
newz2000I run bip so that I'm always connected05:26
newz2000that's an interesting looking package (cloudsession)05:26
leftyfb-i run a BNC for that05:26
Turlbip? what's what?05:26
newz2000Turl: it's an IRC proxy05:27
leftyfb-loco wiki is broken05:27
newz2000it runs on a server and stays connected to IRC and then you connect to it as if it were your own private irc server05:27
Turlnewz2000: that's a software I'm doing with a friend05:27
newz2000Turl: how far along are you?05:27
Turlnewz2000: what do you mean with that?05:28
leftyfb-the trouble with remote management is NATing05:28
newz2000How much have you got done?05:28
leftyfb-only way to do it easy is with an online subscription service05:28
leftyfb-eg: gotomypc05:29
Turlnewz2000: it can ping, screenshot on the 3 main OSes and shutdown on the 3 main OSes (shutting down is not still on the control UI, but should be easy to add)05:29
leftyfb-most people dont want to or know how to forward ports on a firewall05:29
newz2000Turl: when you get ready to release something let me know, I know some people who'd like to see it I think05:30
Turlnewz2000: ok :)05:31
Turlthe protocol itself is ready, the functionality is just missing (ie code to reboot, suspend, whatever)05:31
leftyfb-Turl: do you have any solutions/ideas for getting around NAT's transparently?05:31
Turlleftyfb-: this is a setup once-works forever thing. it's not suppoused to work around nat :P05:32
leftyfb-not sure i follow05:32
Turlbut you can always use good old ssh to do that, if needed05:32
Turlleftyfb-: this is a software for, let's say, manage the 30 pcs on an IT lab, on an office, or why not, at home05:33
Turlbut it's not something you would send a friend to fix him a problem05:34
newz2000landscape doesn't do screen sharing05:34
leftyfb-how would cloudsession do screen sharing through NAT?05:35
leftyfb-how would cloudsession do screen sharing through NAT?05:35
newz2000ah, my panel came back05:35
leftyfb-you need to open ports or ssh a reverse ssh tunnel05:35
Turlleftyfb-: you open a port on your router and that's it :P05:35
newz2000wow, it's 1:35am in Argentina05:35
leftyfb-ok, so this isn't for the average user05:35
Turlleftyfb-: nope, as I said if for special needs05:36
newz2000there is some way that clients can open ports on routers, I've seen games do it.05:36
newz2000Maybe using UPnP05:36
Turlor for the home user who has 2+ pcs05:36
Turlnewz2000: that's true too05:36
leftyfb-most routers dont enable it by default05:36
TurlI might implement it in the future05:36
Turlleftyfb-: I don't even know if my crappy one supports that :p05:37
leftyfb-canonical needs to open up landscape to the average user and make a centralized service for remote desktop management05:37
leftyfb-so many people ask for something like remote desktop/gotomypc on ubuntui05:38
Turlleftyfb-: that exists and it's called vinagre/vino05:38
Turlleftyfb-: combine that with hamachi and it's done :)05:38
leftyfb-without opening ports05:38
Turlwell, I have to leave05:38
leftyfb-it wouldn't be that hard to implement....05:39
leftyfb-use a combination of reverse ssh with their centralized server and x11vnc on the target desktop05:40
newz2000see you later Turl05:40
Turlleftyfb-: hamachi does best ;)05:40
leftyfb-they could even make pgp keys easy by making them little ID cards with avatars05:40
Turlsee you!05:40
leftyfb-hamachi is not user friendly05:42
leftyfb-welp, bedtime...05:44
leftyfb-thanks for considering the use of the domain name newz200005:44
newz2000;-) catch you later leftyfb-05:44
leftyfb-i hope it gets worked out... it'd raise the awareness of the site and give loCo's a centralized place to share marketing material05:45

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