Cl0p1nLint01: Permission denied. :(00:00
Cl0p1nLint01: OH wait, sudo00:00
david_hi when I try to watch a movie using totem the sound does not work what can I do?00:01
ActionParsnipkhc: it'll need gksudo00:01
glaksmono_Jordan_U, thanks a lot! :)00:01
khcActionParsnip: that's not the issue I am having00:01
acidicbaseanyone know why sometimes in ubuntu sound stop working after awhile?00:01
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acidicbaseI would leave my comp on 24/7 usually00:01
gartralhow do i use two monitors hooked up to seperate video cards?00:02
acidicbasebut sometimes sound stop working the next day when I use the computer00:02
acidicbasea reboot fixes it00:02
Jordan_Uglaksmono_, np00:02
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dav_idhas anyone read 'Ubuntu Kung Fu'? just wondering whast people thought - is it a worthwhile read?00:02
Cl0p1nLint01: I tried using sudo, but it tells me it's Read-Only file system. Any suggestions?00:03
khcActionParsnip: hmm, or maybe it was, nevermind00:03
ActionParsnipkhc: ;)00:03
Jordan_Uacidicbase, Probably some program that doesn't play well with pulseaudio. You can try forcing everything to use pulseaudio or disable pulseaudio entirely00:03
Lint01Cl0p1n: copy installer.exe to oyur home dir and run it from there00:04
khcit should at least tell me why00:04
grkblood13any1 have any experience with esd?00:04
ActionParsnipyou're welcome.....00:04
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gartralJordan_U: how do you configure what can use pulse and not? i know wine doesnt like pulse at all00:04
cory8092does nyone know how to get a itouch to work on ubuntu00:06
Piethi. on 8.10, what do i need to do to make memtest selectable on boot?00:06
Jordan_Ugartral, There are some ( very few now ) that simply cannot use pulseaudio, I think that wine can but I am not sure how buggy it is ( as I understand it though any bugs would effect only wine, and not the rest of the apps using pulse ) but needs to be configured to use pulseaudio00:06
Pietor, put differently, hw do i start memtest86+ at all?00:07
crdlbPiet: use the livecd00:07
oCean_!ipod | cory809200:07
ubottucory8092: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:07
gartralJordan_U: right, but in any case, how do i do that configuration?00:07
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bru1987hey, i've got really annoying problem with codecs, I just can't play any videos, black screens only, errors like configuration item decoder.external.real_codecs_path points to a non-existent location00:07
Pieton debian, when i install the package, a grub boot stanza is added automatically, and i just need to reboot and select it form the grubmenu00:07
Pietapparently that doesn't work on ubuntu?00:07
gartralcory8092: if its an older IPod.. use Rockbox! :P00:08
ActionParsnipPiet: reboot, press esc to view grub menu, its there00:08
Pietcrdlb: is this the only usable way?00:08
PietActionParsnip: thanks00:08
cerrdor_ok new developments on the postfix mail deal anyone actually use this mutt client that can help?00:08
bru1987and if I locate "codecs" directory where a lot of players points to, there is no one like this00:08
crdlbPiet: I guess not :)00:08
bru1987any ideas please ?00:09
bru1987I've installed as many codecs as possible00:09
tadslo all is there a nxclient channel?00:09
bru1987and it is a fresh installation00:09
nassodoes anyone know how i can check the temperature of my intel dual core e5200 processor in ubuntu?00:09
nassoi have tried lm-sensors but it gives me a false value00:09
grkblood13audio forwarding any1?00:10
ActionParsnipnasso: http://www.bradtrupp.com/ubuntu-cpu-temperature.html00:10
alexmhsoif i want to tag music with grip do i use id3 or id3v2 for like ipod playback?00:10
paradoxfox93I need to downgrade package cryptsetup, on an encrypted computer, i was just going to remove it via synaptic and then compile the version i need from source...while also 'make distclean'...is there a better way to do it?00:10
Jordan_Ugartral, I am not sure which is the best way for wine. You can try running "asoundconf set-pulseaudio". That should prevent wine from grabbing the sound card from pulse but it may not work, if it doesn't you can try setting wine to use OSS in winecfg and start wine with padsp, or try just setting wine to use esd which is compatible with pulse00:11
nassoActionParsnip, sensors gives me a bad value00:11
JorgeJorgessonI'm trying to install Rise of Nations under Wine and it says that it has a problem starting pidgen.dll. Is there a workaround or is this a common problem?00:11
nassoActionParsnip, it tells me that the temp is about 54 degrees. a reboot and check in bios tells me 40 degrees00:11
Jordan_Ugartral, By may not work with the asoundconf set-pulseaudio I mean that wine may not be able to play sound, it almost certainly will prevent wine from grabbing the sound card00:11
gartralJordan_U: part of it, is that i have two cardsd, and the intergrated one really doesnt work, but everything wants to use that00:12
ActionParsnipnasso: thats all i got00:12
nassoActionParsnip, okay. thanks anyway00:13
oCean_JorgeJorgesson: try channel #winehq00:13
Jordan_Ugartral, You might just need to set the correct sound card as default with "asoundconf list" ( to find the names of the cards ) and "asoundconf set-default-card <name>"00:14
tadshi all i ahve a problem with nxclient... i am runing ubuntu 8.10 and i have installed the .deb nxclient and in trying to connect to my ubuntu 8.10 server desktop but when the server starts to load the screen closes and it disconects but this works fine if i run it from my xp machine?00:14
tadsit dose the same if i try to connect from remote desktop viewer from ubuntu00:15
jabbaJOEhi. i spilled a liquid on my new eee pc. any hopes a technician can fix it?00:16
jtajijabbaJOE: probably, try asking in #hardware  or #eeepc00:18
gartralJordan_U: ive blacklisted the internal, and it still insists, on being the main card, even though it isnt really loaded00:19
Jordan_Ugartral, Have you tried asoundconf set-default-card ?00:19
jabbaJOEok thanks00:20
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lighttitanhow do I set my network name on Ubuntu?00:20
gartralJordan_U: the top displayed one is the defaul with asoundconf, right?00:21
gartralJordan_U: if yes, then the right one is supposedly selected as default00:21
Jordan_Ugartral, I don't think that the order has any relation to which is currently the default00:22
SvenZanyone familiar with Soundblaster Audigy 2 sc's?00:23
SvenZi need assistance00:23
SvenZpor favor00:23
gartral!french \ SvenZ00:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about french \ SvenZ00:23
gartral!french | SvenZ00:23
ubottuSvenZ: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:23
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:24
SvenZi dont know french gartal00:24
lighttitanhow do I set the name of my home network?00:24
gartralSvenZ: you got me with "Por favor"00:24
SvenZthats spanish00:24
henkyhey guys00:24
gartralJordan_U: ok, the asound set worked, now i gotta restart the sound daemon?00:25
SvenZim a spanish-american-scandinavian-ubuntu-noob00:25
arfmarfNexuiz 2.5 Is out! :D Get it now! http://alientrap.org/nexuiz/ http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/482167700:25
alexmhsohey i have trouble running flac on my ubuntu system. I have installed banshee, grip, and ripperx to see which one i like best, but on each i can not rip/encode because the programs cannot find the executable path?00:25
cory8092Hi, i just installed ubuntu, but now windows gives me Starting up... how can i fix this00:25
Jordan_Ugartral, I don't know00:25
Ropechoborracorinth, You have to edit the grub config ( /boot/menu/grub.conf )00:26
Ropechoborra(use root privilegies with sudo )00:26
Ropechoborra!grub | cory809200:26
ubottucory8092: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:26
alexmhsocan someone help me in ripping with flac on any program? as of now none are allowing me to rip since it cant find the executable, and i cant find the executable path.00:27
cory8092Ropechoborra: i didnt loose grub, windows just gives me Startinh up...00:27
Ropechoborracory8092, Anyway, it might be a bad config of the menu.lst00:27
cory8092Ropechoborra: cant i just edit menu.lst withte h proper windows starting point?00:28
Ropechoborracory8092, yes, you can edit the boot parameters pressing the E letter when you foucus on "Windows" in the grub00:29
henkyI just had a small question, I've been searching and it's really important, I've got a Sigmatel 9200 soundcard I cannot record sound, could someone please helP?00:29
gartralJordan_U: no help, all apps are STILL trying to use the stupid internal card00:31
scott_can anyone tell me how I can count the number of results returned by `ps` ?00:32
Jordan_Ugartral, Odd, can you pastebin your ~/.asoundrc and ~/.asoundrc.asoundconf ?00:32
SvenZanyone familiar with Soundblaster Audigy 2 sc's?00:32
jasballzfor those wondering how to access wifi in KDE run in terminal nm-applet00:32
jasballzFOR THOSE WHO WERE WONDERING ABOUT ACCESSING WIFI IN KDE run in terminal NM-APPLET; i think this information should be posted as from what I've seen a lot of people have asked about this.00:33
gartralJordan_U: ok, where are those?00:33
gartraljasballz: go post that in #kubuntu00:33
Jordan_Ugartral, They are in your home folder ( ~/ is a shortcut for your users home directory )00:33
Ropechoborrajasballz, You are free to do a Howto :)00:34
gartralJordan_U: ahh yes, i didnt see the Tilda symbols00:34
AthenonHow would one type "Horse" in baby talk?00:34
Jordan_Ujasballz, A lot of people may ask it in #kubuntu but I don't see it often here, and nm-applet should be running by default00:35
gartral!ot | Athenon00:35
ubottuAthenon: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:35
Jordan_Ujasballz, Or the KDE equivelent applet00:35
NomexousI recently tried to ssh into my server, but it hung. Doing 'ssh user@<server ip> uptime' revealed that the load average was in the teens. I never found out which process was eating up the CPU. Is there a package I can install to monitor/prevent this?00:37
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ArchoniamHey guys00:38
jasballzNomexous: I've had trouble doing ftping want to try to connect to me?00:38
jasballzI need to troubleshoot my proftpd host. will someone try to connect? Im at a new isp.00:39
gartralJordan_U: ~/asoundrc is... empty00:39
Nomexousjasballz: My issue isn't with remote connections.00:39
michal_when filling package name on bug report, what do I fill when I have problem with "NVIDIA graphics driver version 180"? just "NVIDIA graphics driver 180"? thanks00:39
gartralJordan_U: well, not quite, theres three comments and a link to the other file00:39
Nomexousjasballz: It's with processes mysteriously taking over my cpu.00:39
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JorgeJorgessonoCean_: Thanks, that did the trick!00:39
Jordan_Ugartral, That is normal , the other file should be the .asoundrc.asoundconf00:40
Ienorandmichal_: package for that would be nvidia-glx-180, what kind of problem?00:40
jasballzNomexous: thats weird. would u mind trying to "ftp _myipaddress_" to hlp me debug?00:40
Enigmais there a way to have dreamscenes on ubuntu, kind of like vista?00:40
ArchoniamI think I'm having an ACPI problem. When I start up my Ubuntu 8.10, it refuses to work and hangs at the blinking cursor until I see "Not responding" and possible PC restart unless I choose the 'ACPI workaround' option, as well during that I get an I\O errorspam, all i remember of it was "DRIVER_OK, SUGGEST_OK" on it. And then it just hangs. And after a few minutes, the screen goes completely black and cannot be recovered. Any ide00:40
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* Archoniam patiently waits00:42
gartralJordan_U:  http://gar.pastebin.com/d1629ef5400:42
jasballzHey anyone know how to get plasma to do desktop cube in KDE im having trouble with that in plasma vs compiz00:42
jasballzi have intel gm965 chipset00:42
jasballzArchoniam: weird. ACPI, why do you think its ACPI, because it says so?00:43
jasballzEnigma: hmm, I've been wondering that myself, like mach_dekstop for mac, except for ubuntu. I know at Compiz Forums they're thinking about doing something like that. I don't think so00:43
jasballzWould someone try to connect to my ftp?00:44
Enigmai think it'd be pretty cool, it'd give ubuntu a little more flare00:44
michal_Ienorand: firefox freezes for 30 seconds to 1 minute at different times, then continues running. When I put full screen on you tube video, the effect for opening window freezes in the midst of it and after while finishes-the same when closing full screen. And other issues00:44
Enigmafor the end user00:44
Archoniamjasballs: It can't work unless I choose the 'ACPI workaround' option, then it gives me an I\O error which I'm sure is because of the ACPI devices.00:44
Archoniamjasballz: It can't work unless I choose the 'ACPI workaround' option, then it gives me an I\O error which I'm sure is because of the ACPI devices.00:45
Enigmaback to House, be back in an hour00:45
jamieleshawHello, my question is is there a media player compattible with windows media player metadata album art etc.?00:46
dn4any word on what the conflicker worm is oding?00:46
mrwesdn4, who cares00:46
Jordan_Ugartral, I assume that CS46xx is the card you want to be default?00:47
theboreddoes anybody know how to make xchat2 stop opening this channel everytime i join the server? i tried removing it from the favorites but as soon as the program is restarted it is in the favorites again. i'm on updated intrepid.00:47
gartralJordan_U: yes00:47
dn4I want to download the worm00:47
dn4and watch it00:47
oCean_!ot | dn400:47
ubottudn4: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:47
gartralJordan_U: would a lshw or lspci output help you at all?00:47
mrwesdn4, so you came to the Ubuntu support channel to ask that? sigh....00:47
mrwesget'em oCean_00:48
jamieleshawHello, my question is is there a media player compattible with windows media player metadata album art etc.?00:48
* Archoniam patiently waits again00:48
dn4ok in ubuntu how do I view the public network I am connected to? Or how do I view my ISP and where they are?00:48
jasballzjamieleshaw: you want VLC.00:48
jasballzjamieleshaw: apt-get install VLC && apt-get install restricted-formats00:49
mrwesdn4: Places | Network00:49
Jordan_Ugartral, No, and I am pretty much out of ideas at the moment00:49
glaksmonohey, how do you compile and run C++ in ubuntu?00:49
theboreddn4: http://nmap.org/ is a helpful command line tool00:49
BrixSatHi guys, anyone here with dalouradius or freeradius knowledge?00:49
michal_Ienorand: firefox freezes for 30 seconds to 1 minute at different times, then continues running. When I put full screen on you tube video, the effect for opening window freezes in the midst of it and after a while unfreezes and continues running-the same when closing full screen. And other issues00:49
mrwesdn4: or traceroute :)00:49
Jordan_Udn4, ifconfig will tell you the local network and you can use tracepath to find the ISP00:49
glaksmonoguys, i try this but doens't work00:50
jamieleshawDoes It organise media00:50
gartralJordan_U: i dont even know why the internal card keeps coming up, ive blacklisted it, and the sub node its on... its like a mutant that wont die00:50
Ienorandmichal_: Sorry, I don't know what could be the issue...00:50
jasballzjamielshaw: naw, but you have the option of right clicking folders and opening with it00:50
jamieleshawIS there one that does?00:51
glaksmonohow do you compile and run the C++?00:52
Nomexousglaksmono: ./hello00:52
glaksmonototally forgot lol00:52
mrwesglaksmono, install esstential-build00:52
glaksmonothanks Nomexous00:52
Iceman_B^Ltopwhat other uses does Samba have besides linking Windows and Linux files together via a network ?00:52
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Iceman_B^Ltopconfiguring a share that integrates seamlessly into Windows XP is becoming a bit tiring :/00:53
Iceman_B^Ltopyet there are countless books out there about Samba....00:53
redhatthello, how can i install adob photoshop CS4 in ubuntu using my msi installer00:53
mrwesIceman_B^Ltop, hrmm....should be pretty straight forward00:53
cjaeanyone know of a good irc channel to talk about search engines? eg. google, yahoo ...00:53
Hasanibrahimhello, i am connecting to internet with a wire, but i want to connect with my wireless. But when  i clik00:53
Hasanibrahimright button, wireless is inaktive00:54
Hasanibrahimhow can i aktive this ?00:54
Iceman_B^Ltopmrwes: well I can get a share to work, but thats also evberything it does00:54
mrwesIceman_B^Ltop, what else do you need or want to do?00:54
Iceman_B^Ltopthere is no user seperation, no file locking that I know of00:54
NomexousI recently tried to ssh into my server, but it hung. Doing 'ssh user@<server ip> uptime' revealed that the load average was in the teens. I never found out which process was eating up the CPU. Is there a package I can install to monitor/prevent this?00:55
Iceman_B^Ltopfor instance, I just downloaded a zip file. I wanted to a file directly onto the share, I got an error00:55
mrwesIceman_B^Ltop, that tells me nothing :)00:55
BrixSatHi guys, anyone here with dalouradius or freeradius knowledge?00:55
Iceman_B^Ltophmm, well I'll come back with details later00:55
oCean_Iceman_B^Ltop: Samba's main purpose is file and printservices, but can also integrate with a windows server domain, as PDC or domain member.00:55
Hasanibrahimwhen i click connection with right button, enable wireless is inaktive :(00:56
mrwesIceman_B^Ltop, I'm not trying to be rude, but I don't know how to help you with what your provides00:56
mrwesprovided *00:56
Iceman_B^Ltopmrwes: no thats cool, dont worry :)00:56
some1normalhelp xorg probleme00:56
Iceman_B^LtopI'll have to think this out a bit more, I'll get back on this00:57
twolaneHasanibrahim: I do not think wireless can activate when wired is in use.00:57
mrwesIceman_B^Ltop, maybe you don't have the proper permissions to write to the samba share00:57
jasballzhey can ssh work behind closed ports?00:57
mosiacHi I moved to a new ISP the other day and now my netbook seems to be having a lot of trouble with using the internet yet my windows computer works fine what are the starter steps in checking out the issue?00:58
mattiasI have problem getting my A-data flash drive to work on Ubuntu 8.10.00:58
some1normalxorg.conf empty00:58
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mattiasTha company information about the a-data usb flash drive says it will work with Linux, but it doesn't, not on my laptop or my desktop.00:59
jasballzsomeone help me troubleshoot proftpd my ip is plz try conneect user2 developers pusername and pwrod00:59
jasballzmattias: what is an A-data flash drive?01:00
thefedsI want delete a partition but it has a key next to it01:00
mattiasIt works without problem on three different Windows XP computers and the memory is formated in FAT32.01:00
thefedsin GParted01:00
mattiasjasballz: Wait a minute...01:00
xeroroot@xero-desktop:/usr/src/Alsa-1.0.19/alsa-tools-1.0.19# make -j4 && make install -j900101:00
thefedsHow do I remove a partition with a key next to it?01:00
jasballzmosiac: hmm...obviously its your ISP and maybe obtaining and IP address or something like that? what are you running?01:00
thefedsin GParted01:00
ugliefrogi need help badly...last two days ive been trying to get my usb to be bootable but it still says that it isnt01:01
thefedsHow do I remove a partition with a key next to it in GParted?01:01
mosiacIm running ubuntu eee basically ubuntu with a different look01:01
mattiasjasballz: http://www.adata-group.com/EN/product_show.php?ProductNo=AP14ZZZSV01:01
mosiacif it wasnt for all other devices on my network working flawlessly i would assume its the isp01:01
thefedsHow do I remove a partition with a key next to it in GParted?01:01
mattiasjasballz: I meant this flash drive.01:01
mrwesthefeds, umount the drive01:01
mrwesthefeds, that is the /dev ?01:02
jasballzugliefrog: "what" says it isnt? did you configure your bios?01:02
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thefeds/dev/sda2 abd /dev/sda6 have a key next to them01:02
mrwesthefeds, in gparted, what is the name of the device, as in /dev/sdb1 ,etc01:03
oCean_thefeds: in gparted, right click and choose unmount01:03
=== Sourcy is now known as Swede
thefedscan't unmount01:03
ugliefrogjasballz:When i boot off it, it says device is not bootable01:03
oCean_thefeds: then that's probably because it is currently busy01:03
jasballzmattias: but what's the difference between an "a-data" and normal one?01:03
oCean_thefeds: as in, there are processes running on that filesystem01:03
mrwesthefeds, then in a terminal type sudo umount /dev/sda2 or /dev/sda6 -- are these currently in use?01:03
jasballzugliefrog: ok, what os are you trying to boot?01:04
mrwesoCean_, exactly :)01:04
SwedeWell, anyone have a clue what's wrong when I don't get an icon nor a folder in /media when I connect my A-data 8GB USB memory?01:04
BoSsalguem ai fala portugues?01:04
oCean_!pt | BoSs01:04
ubottuBoSs: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:04
thefedsumount: /dev/sda2: not mounted01:04
ugliefrogjasballz:An iso so i can install it on my daughters eee pc01:04
grkblood13any1 have any experience with audio forwarding?01:05
oCean_thefeds: then there is no lock on that partition, I assume01:05
Swedejasballz: a-data is only the name of it. I don't think it's a difference, it's just a name of the memory.01:05
jasballzSwede: and what are you trying to do?01:05
mrwesgrkblood13, as in forwarding over a network?01:05
jasballzugliefrog: did you expand the iso to the usb drive or did you just move it to the usb drive? what is the iso of?01:05
Swedejasballz: Well, I'm trying to use it. But when I connect it to my desktop computer or laptop, nothing happens.01:06
MikeHEvening all.01:06
ugliefrogjasballz:I expanded it. I used Unetbootin to do it01:06
nerudaapologies in advance for the unoriginal question but,01:06
Swedejasballz: I use Ubuntu 8.10 on both my computers.01:06
MikeHDoes anyone know of a repo for e17 under Intrepid?01:06
nerudawhat's easier adding server apps to the desktop edition or vice versa?01:06
mrwesgrkblood13, look into mt-daapd --- it's a music sharing network, and I currently run that on my network01:06
grkblood13mrwes, ive been tryin esd but it wont work01:06
jasballzswede: what os are you running?01:06
Swedejasballz: Ubuntu 8.1001:07
thefedsHow do I manually partition my drive01:07
grkblood13mrwes, i really interested in forward all audio for X11 purposes if possible01:07
thefedsHow do I manually partition my drive for ubuntu01:07
`brandon`how do i get gnome and KDE01:07
jasballzugliefrog: idky but I guess its important to have boot instructions laid out there, or a boot manager, maybe "boot" or "chain0" or something like that, is there a file like that or "bootcfg"?01:07
`brandon`could i do it like this01:07
mrwesgrkblood13, this is for mp3's only01:07
jasballzSwede: have you tried it on a windows pc or a mac?01:07
mrwesas in music01:07
Dreamgliderthefeds, i'd do it with gparted01:07
`brandon`sudo apt-get insall desktop-gnome01:07
ugliefrogjasballz:ill look01:08
Swedejasballz: Yes, on three different Windows XP computer, it works without any problems on all of them.01:08
thefedsWhat's a primary and logical partition?01:08
thefedswhat's the difference?01:08
`brandon`windows | brandon01:08
`brandon`!windows | brandon01:08
ubottubrandon: For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents01:08
jasballzswede: i thot it might. hmmm...what filesystem is it? and does your ubuntu computer recognize other usb devices?01:08
thefedsWhat's a primary and logical partition01:08
thefedswhat should I make it?01:08
nerudai can't decide which version to download just for a test drive01:09
nerudai'm a jr sysad but i enjoy a nice windowing system etc01:09
nerudaany thoughts01:09
thefedsWhich is faster?01:09
mrwesneruda, try 8.04, it's long term support01:09
Swedejasballz: It is FAT32. Yes, the computers recognize all other usb-devices, maybe not a modem correctly, but I think that depends on a driver issue.01:09
nassoi currently have a multiple screens setup with one x-session in each screen. does anyone know if it is possible to have one window list in each screen that shows only the windows in that screen?01:09
nerudamrwes: basically everythings stable on it?01:09
Swedejasballz: So, all usb devices work.01:10
Sagacihow do i access and download updates in kubuntu01:10
mrwesneruda, very..that's why it is long term support01:10
jasballzswede: so you get most usb devices recognizes, yah i think you're right. Jauny has an expanded driver package database. Ok, so all but this work. so its specific to the usb drive?01:10
nerudamrwes: any complaints about 64-bit problems/compatibility issues?01:10
jasballzsagaci: I do "sudo update-manager -d" in terminal01:10
mrwesneruda, hrmm...64 bit seems pretty stable now, dunno what gains you'll get from it unless you have like 4gb of RAM01:11
Swedejasballz: Yes, I absolutely think it is specific to this drive.01:11
jasballzSagaci: make sure you have KDE installed first "sudo apt-get install kde"01:11
Sagaciok, and how do i get applications on my taskbar so i can switch betwen them01:11
grkblood13mrwes, so ur not really sure on anything else? my main goal is to kick off vlc remotely via ssh and then forward the audio with it01:11
phocusanyone install mandriva on the acer aspire one aoa150 ? about to go and buy one, want to make sure it works01:11
nerudamrwes: even though i'm testing it at home it might make its way onto a production system later that'll be maxed out as far as ram is concerned01:12
nerudamrwes: that's why i ask about 64-bit01:12
jasballzphocus: im running ubuntu linux on acer aspire 4720z, i don't know about mandriva01:12
phocusor any distro, lol01:12
jasballzSwede: well, maybe google your drive make and ubuntu and see what comes up01:12
jasballzSagaci: did you lose your lower GNOME panel or something?01:12
jasballzSagaci: theres a number of dock packages. I use cairo01:13
mrwesgrkblood13, you can stream with VLC, but mt-daapd will do the same...sorta01:13
Swedejasballz: One strange thing is that when I put the memory in one slot then lsusb give me a name of something that wasn't there before. But when I put the memory in another usb-port, then lsusb doesn't show the info.01:13
raVen1guys!who are familiar with wumi01:13
raVen1because i have a question01:13
ShirowHey, does anyone know of an application that will let me (from the command line, not a GUI) take an MP3 file and export a copy of it that is only 20 seconds from a specific starting point? E.g. from 60 seconds to 80 seconds, export clipped.mp301:13
mrwesneruda, how much ram do you have?01:13
nerudamrwes: so you recommend 8.04 (64bit) server edition to get an accurate picture?01:13
l7hi, i just inserted a command using crontab -e, can anyone tell me where this command is stored?01:13
l7it's not in /etc/crontab as i expected01:13
phocusshingouz: i think mplayer will do it01:13
mrwesneruda, are you planning on running a server? headless per se01:13
nerudamrwes: 4 on home, 16 at work01:13
nerudamrwes: sr admin wants to move to ubuntu eventually01:14
mrwesneruda, 64 bit then01:14
raVen1any help me please? who used wumi to install ubuntu here?01:14
oCean_l7: in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/YourUserName01:14
Swedejasballz: Another strange thing is that it sometimes used to work the first 10 times I connected it, but then suddenly it stopped showing up. The drive worked sometimes, sometimes not, but now it never works.01:14
oCean_l7: however, the preferred way to "see" it is "crontab -l"01:14
chxhi. can anyone tell me why my SATA disk (ok, 2.5" but still?) has about 2.5mbyte/s read speed max? hdparm -I http://pastebin.com/m26c60fce  here. This is an AMD SB700 SATA controller running Ubuntu Hardy, 2.6.24-23-generic kernal, x864_64.01:15
mrwesneruda, I run the 32 bit on my home server01:15
RopechoborraHow can i see wich internet DNSs i got?01:15
lstarnesRopechoborra: cat /etc/resolv.conf.auto01:15
mrwesneruda, you want a good how to?01:15
lstarnesRopechoborra: er, /etc/resolv.conf01:15
RopechoborraLSD200, Thanks :)01:15
l7oCean_: aha, i see it now, thanks :)01:15
nerudamrwes: you probably don't utilize the server aspect as much though right?01:16
mrwesneruda, yah correct, mainly file and print server01:16
mrwesneruda, http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu8.04-lts01:16
ugliefrogUSB flash disk to make it bootable does it need to be vfat16 or 3201:16
thefedsI don't feel safe using ubuntu01:17
bazhangthefeds, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic01:17
scunizithefeds: you're just sturing the bot01:17
jasballzswebe: that's goofy. It sounds like maybe Ubuntu is listing or recognizing all your ports. Whats your window manager? Kde, gnome...?01:17
nerudamrwes: thanks, that looks great01:17
thefedsbecause of the SSL keys exploit01:17
mrwesneruda, sure. np01:17
bazhangthefeds, fixed long ago01:17
thefedswho's to say it won't happen again01:18
bazhangthefeds, stop it.01:18
jasballzraVen1: what's wumi?01:18
ugliefrogAmyone-------------> USB flash disk to make it bootable does it need to be fat16 or 3201:18
mrwesneruda, BTW...it's rock solid :)01:18
scuniziugliefrog: I don't think it makes a difference01:18
coreymanI'm trying to use gcc, and it says unrecognized option when i Copy paste from a file written from someone else...01:18
coreymangcc -O2 -o ventriloctrl ventriloctrl.c -lX1101:18
jasballzShirow: so you're looking for a sound clipper? thats neat. IDK, did you try google? tell me what you find.01:18
jasballzl7: what do you mean "where the command is stored"?01:18
Shirowjasballz, yes, that's what I'm looking for. Used google, everything I found is gui based. Guess maybe I am looking wrong. Thanks for the tip though.01:19
jasballzraVen1: what's wumi?01:19
ugliefrogscunizi: Well dangit...this simple task isnt working out for me01:19
coreymannvm just figured out from pasting that the -lX11 was done wrong01:19
jasballzSwede: when did it first work? and what has changed since it has stopped (like what have you installed or modded?) if youre really desperate it sounds like a clean install will fix01:19
l7jasballz: i wanted to see which text file my new cron job was written to.  it turns out it was in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/01:19
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
jasballzchx: hmmm, I have SATA and I don't have a problem. IDK if 2.5 mbytes is fast but I'm pretty sure that I can ge tup to 1001:20
jasballzthefeds: y not?01:20
nerudamrwes: i'm coming from a gentoo background where pkg mgmt is derived from FreeBSD's "ports", how well does ubuntu resolve package dependencies etc when upgrading to newer versions of programs?01:21
jasballzShirow: why does it have to be from terminal? just wondering.01:21
jasballzl7: nice01:21
Flannelneruda: very well.01:21
Shirowjasballz, because I need to script it to parse 45 gigs worth of MP3s01:21
glaksmonohey guys01:21
glaksmonowhy this doesn't work01:21
glaksmonoglaksmono@glaksmono-laptop:~$ deb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free01:21
glaksmonobash: deb: command not found01:21
nerudaflannel: experiences?01:21
FloodBot2glaksmono: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:21
glaksmonook FloodBot201:21
lstarnesglaksmono: that isn't a command.  You're supposed to add it to /etc/apt/sources.list01:21
jasballzneruda: pretty sure that if you run update-manager it takes care of itself, but if you download from repositories you have to find depencies and download those too01:21
jasballzShirow: what for?01:22
Shirowjasballz, creating short clips of files for my website.01:22
jasballzgalksmono: bad source? did you try wget?01:22
Flannelneruda: We don't do ports though.  Just use the repos and you won't have any issues.  Ubuntu isn't a rolling release type thing.  Each version of Ubuntu has a set version of each package, which only gets fixes, not upgrades.01:22
mrwesneruda, well if your using the apt-get package manager all dependencies will be met01:22
jasballzglaksmono: sounds like theres nothing there there's another thing, ekiga if you're looking for voip01:22
nerudajasbaltz: gentoo portage system would automatically find and download and compile those dependencies (which is sometime not the best thing) does pkg mgmt in ubuntu compare?01:22
nerudaflannel: i see01:23
Flannelneruda: When you try and install something, it automatically installs the depends, yes.01:23
nerudaflannel: good01:23
Swedejasballz: Well, it worked sometimes from the very first beginning. Just after I bought it. Then I formatted it but after a while it stopped. It didn't work well from start. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't. Now it doesn't work at all.01:23
jasballzShirow: ahh. Thats nice, i might do that for something...thats why you want terminal, right, to automate it?01:23
Shirowjasballz, right, I want to run a script that parses through directories, finds all the mp3s, creates a 20 second 64k clip and outputs it to my web server01:23
mrwesthat's what I said :)01:24
SwedeAnothe rquestion. Is it possible to use a portable mp3-player that Ubuntu recognize as a mp3-player as a USB drive to boot from?01:24
neruda8.04 server download is a LiveCD right?01:24
Jolinatumhi, i have Gateway tablet CX200X with ubuntu 8.04 but the stylus does not work01:24
jasballzneruda: hmmm, I don't think theres a pkg mgmt binary, but I do know that using apt-get or software sources or update manager takes care of them, but not if you download from http depositories thru firefox01:24
Jolinatumwhere can i find the driver?01:24
mrwesneruda, don't think it's a LIVE CD, no01:24
=== vij_ is now known as v-p
jasballzSwede: so, did you format in win or ubuntu? other than formatting it did you do anything to your distro? like install new packages? is it run consistently on other computers?01:25
Swedejasballz: I formated it in both Ubuntu and then Windows.01:25
jasballzshirow: thats pretty neat. Are you hosting mp3s clips? neato. hmmm, well there are ways...let me think01:25
glaksmonohow do you uninstall program?01:26
glaksmonousing command line?01:26
nerudamrwes, jas: gentoo has what's called a "portage tree" which is just a list of currently installed packages and their interconnectedness, so a sysad can look before leaping and also get a concise picture of what's on the system, any counterpart in ubuntu?01:26
jasballzswede: yeah, Ive had ubuntu recognize mp3 players as harddrives. But idk if you could boot from it. Probably01:26
Ienorandglaksmono: sudo apt-get remove01:26
Shirowjasballz, I run an Internet radio station, looking for a way to add low quality 20 second clips to my request system01:26
coreymanmy cat /proc/bus/input/devices show two of the same mice and two of the same keyboard i only have one of each hooked up ... how to fix?01:26
nerudamrwes: shit i wanted a LiveCD01:26
Swedejasballz: I installed updates and maybe some other software, can't remeber, but something got installed. It didn't stop working right after an install though.01:26
jasballzJolinatum: neato. IDK if ubuntu has tablet capabilities. Prolly? Maybe google tablet, packages, and ubuntu or touch screen and tell me what you find.01:26
Ienorandglaksmono: or ... purge to remove settings as well01:26
Swedejasballz: It runs good on Windows XP, no problem at all.01:27
jasballzSwede: obviously your problem started after formatting it in windows. Can you back up the data and reformat in ubuntu on next good read?01:27
jasballzswede: not the best solution, but I suggest maybe booting from a livecd and seeing if it recognizes it01:27
scuniziJolinatum: it does support tablets.. depends on the tablet as to how easy or difficult it will be01:27
oCean_neruda: it is, virtually all linux (installation) cd's are "live" cd's01:27
jasballzglaksmono: there's add/remove in applications01:27
Hammer89is it possible to get the new 9.04 notification icon style in 8.10?01:27
coreyman my cat /proc/bus/input/devices show two of the same mice and two of the same keyboard i only have one of each hooked up ... how to fix?01:28
glaksmonokk thanks jasballz01:28
glaksmonothanks Ienorand01:28
nerudaocean: thanks i was trying to think what it was if not a LiveCD (thinking back to Slackware 1.1 install many years ago)01:28
Swedejasballz: About boot from mp3-player. I want to reinstall Linpus on my netbook. The mp3 player have 512MB of memory but the Linpus guide says Linpus needs 1GB. Do you think it will work?01:28
=== chris__ is now known as Can0CCAC
jasballzneruda: that's a nice feature. I may want to port that or have something for my ubuntu distro buddhabuntu at buddhabuntu.8m.net ... hmmm, idk there's synaptec package manager but its not a tree thing. Anyone else know? Ask around, and plz google and let me know what you find. I dont thinks01:28
mrwesneruda, yah I don't think the server editions come as a LIVE CD01:29
ugliefroggparted wont make a usb bootable right?...is it a terminal command then01:29
Jolinatumscunizi: thanks.  i checked gateway website but there is no linux driver for the pen01:29
nerudaocean: how does a sys ad or power user get a complete list of currently installed programs/libraries etc01:29
Shirowjasballz, I think mencoder might do it actually01:29
nerudamrwes: then what is it?01:29
chxjasballz: [17:21] <jasballz> chx: hmmm, I have SATA and I don't have a problem. IDK if 2.5 mbytes is fast but I'm pretty sure that I can ge tup to 10 <= i would say 2.5 mbytes is unbearable slow?01:30
jasballzshirow: I like it. Do you have any Macs? If you could write it to a CDRW or DVD RW and pop it in a mac, you could write a quick 'macro' with automator. Automator's ok, sometimes itworks, its alittle goofy. IDK if theres an analogue in ubuntu...let me check01:30
nerudamrwes; im downloading an iso01:30
thefedsdoes anyone still use windows here?01:30
oCean_neruda: commandline: "dpkg -l" to list all your packages. "dpkg -L packagename" to list content of a package01:30
bernhardwhat is the preferred way to do a dist upgrade to jaunty nowadays?01:30
mrwesneruda, goog luck!01:30
nerudamrwes: i assume its got to boot\01:30
Hammer89thefeds: unfortunately, yes01:30
Shirowjasballz, nah, I need to be able to run it frequently anyway so don't wanna have to move the files.. I am trying with mencoder right now, it outputs a file but its 0bytes, not sure why01:30
Swedejasballz: The mp3-player use FAT16.01:30
Ienorandthefeds: I'm only running Ubu off a usb stick so yes, core is still win01:30
jasballzSwede: I knew that much. Its pretty obvious to me that you modded something on accident that makes it no longer work. Can you google ubuntu drivers for it and tell me what you find?01:31
Swedejasballz: Maybe the USB memory have to be formatted in FAT16, not FAT32?01:31
Jordan_Ubernhard, #ubuntu+1 for jaunty and see the topic when you join01:31
mrwesneruda, yah it's bootable :P01:31
arfmarfNexuiz 2.5 Is out! :D Get it now! http://alientrap.org/nexuiz/ http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/482167701:31
bernhardJordan_U: ty01:31
* neruda is relieved01:31
Jordan_Ubernhard, np01:31
jasballzShirow: that'd be nice...google mp3 parser ubuntu , maybe include package and tell me what you find01:32
Swedejasballz: Well, I don't think so. The usb memory started to fail on three different computers, two Ubuntu 8.10 and one Ubuntu 8.04, so then it had to be something that comes with automatic updates?01:32
nerudaocean: thanks for the command btw01:32
glaksmonodamn, this has always been a problem for me01:32
glaksmonoi couldn't setup Skype correctly01:32
glaksmonoi could hear but i can't record my voice01:33
Swedejasballz: I can use another usb memory without any problems on two of the computers (one 8.10 and one 8.04)01:33
jasballzSwede: hmmm, obviously not. I recommend peanut linux, or the smallest linux you can find, I know one will fit... there are other things...01:33
jasballzShirow: ok, tell me how it goes!01:33
Swedejasballz: Well, I tought that Linpus say 1GB but 512Mb maybe willl work too?01:34
jasballzchx: hmm, IDK about unbearably slow...I mean, it depends on your expectations, I know that for me 2.5 mybts can transfer 8 g in about 30 min to an hour, thats pretty fast...01:34
glaksmonocould anybody help me?01:34
PoetOfShadows!ask | glaksmono01:34
jasballzthefeds: I virtualize windows and am going to install it temporarily to try spherexp01:34
ubottuglaksmono: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:34
bazhang!skype | glaksmono01:35
ubottuglaksmono: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga01:35
jasballzneruda: there's automatix, but IDK...what's the package you ran in your other linux? maybe you could easily port to ubuntu? idk01:35
jasballzbernhard: I do in terminal "sudo update-manager -d"01:35
glaksmonobazhang, i'm reading that already01:35
Taijiquani need help ;_;01:35
bazhangneruda, automatix?01:35
glitsj16Shirow: have you seen http://www.wains.be/index.php/2007/11/23/cut-mp3-under-linux-ubuntu/ yet ? it mentions a command mp3cut inside package poc-streamer ...01:35
PoetOfShadows!ask | Taijiquan01:35
ubottuTaijiquan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:35
nerudajas: ebuild01:35
PoetOfShadowswhat's your problem Taijiquan?01:35
mrwesI'm out!01:36
Swedejasballz: I have to use Linpus on my 512MB or get my usb to work, because I have to use the distro on my netbook.01:36
nerudajas: emerge, eix01:36
IndyGunFreakjasballz, i don't think automatix exists for ubuntu anymore01:36
Flanneljasballz: No, there isn't automatix. Don't ever suggest that.01:36
bazhangSwede, how does linpus relate to ubuntu?01:36
chxjasballz: well, the problem is , i cant watch an 1080p film with that01:36
Taijiquanwhile doing ./configure for Warzone 2100 source I get this error: configure: error: Package requirements (openal >= 0.0.8) were not met:01:36
nerudajas: all tools that compromised "portage" in gentoo01:36
Swedejasballz: well, i will make a try with my mp3-player, but I still want the usb flash drive to work on my Ubuntu computers.01:36
PoetOfShadowsTaijiquan: did you try installing those dependencies?01:36
Taijiquanthey're already installed01:36
nerudaalthough my original sentence might be considered a freudian slip to gentoo haters01:37
IenorandKålrot...ehm Swede: Linpus Lite seems to require only 512mb: http://www.linpus.com/products_1.php?pid=4&gid=101:37
PoetOfShadowsTaijiquan: have you checked if Warzone 2100 is available in a .deb anywhere?01:37
Taijiquanno i will now01:38
Roland-hey, anobody knows bash/sed here? I need some help...01:38
=== justin_ is now known as badpenguin86
PoetOfShadowsTaijiquan: that is usually a good idea to do first01:38
Taijiquanhow do I figure out what version of Ubuntu I'm running?01:39
Taijiquani think it's the latest01:39
IenorandRoland-: Bits and pieces, what are you after?01:39
PoetOfShadowsis it 8.10??01:39
Roland-I need some help I need to create a script that should extrat ip adresses from a file with this format: http://pastebin.com/m6e79b73301:39
icerootTaijiquan: lsb_release -a01:39
comradekinguIn the jaunty installer Oslo is in the wrong timezone (GMT+2), should be +1, has this been fixed?01:39
Roland-basicaly is a simple thing to do but I don't know anything about scripting.01:39
nerudathanks mrwes, jas, ocean, flannel01:40
comradekingurunning beta01:40
=== bjames is now known as Guest55096
icerootcomradekingu: #ubuntu+101:40
Taijiquanmy version is 8.0401:40
Swedebazhang: That's a long story, but I use Ubuntu 8.10 rightnow and I can't get my usb flsh drive to work so that I can reinstall linpus.01:40
Shirowglitsj16, thanks for the link, I will check it out01:40
Guest55096Does anyone know why I would have files that I can see in Nautilus and not in BASH?01:40
icerootGuest55096: starts with "."?01:40
Guest55096ls -al01:40
comradekinguiceroot: thanks01:41
icerootGuest55096: ls -all01:41
jasballzsorry i got disconnected01:41
glitsj16Shirow: very welcome, goodluck with the project01:41
SwedeIenorand: I have the install guide in front of me and it says that I need a usb drive with at least 1GB of memory.01:41
Guest55096iceroot: That gives the same output as ls -al01:41
jasballzSwede: its your usb drive01:42
jasballzswede: idk, try linpus. I don't think that it will work01:42
some1normal please help xorg.conf wot change always01:42
jasballzswede: dvd-rs are only 5$ for 1001:42
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
linux_hi is there anyone on here who is like a ubuntu god01:42
linux_need help badly01:43
Flannel!anyone | linux_01:43
some1normalsorry but please help xorg.conf wot change always empty01:43
ubottulinux_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:43
glaksmonobazhang: what i meant is really that i my voice doesn't come out on the "test call"01:43
icerootlinux_: just ask your real question01:43
linny1hi guys ive rented an ovh server with a static kernel could someone direct me to some info on how to recompile to the vanilla ubuntu modular kernel ?01:43
icerootGuest55096: give an example which file is not shown in bash01:43
wafflesome1normal, xorg.conf is used for hardly anything, atleast that I know of, in 8.1001:43
erUSULRoland-: it is allways the second "word" ? « awk '{print $2}' file »01:43
linux_ok i have ubuntu 8.10 installed and i cannot get it to boot, it wont boot using hd or using live cd01:43
linux_anyone have any ideas what to do01:44
Shirowglitsj16, that worked perfectly, thanks a ton! now I just have to find something to fade in the audio at the beginning and end :)01:44
jasballzlinux_: ha ha, what do you need help with?01:44
Flannel!kernel | linny101:44
ubottulinny1: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages01:44
jasballzlinux_: thats weird. how did you install it?01:44
Guest55096The file is called Atomix, Nautilus was opened from the command line with "nautilus . &" and the directory was listed with "ls -al"01:44
erUSUL!kernel | linny101:44
Guest55096I've just built the file01:44
jasballzlinux_: did you check the md5 checksums? maybe you got a bad iso?01:44
linux_i installed it using live cd01:44
linux_i cant boot into any of the kernels, yeah i checked the md01:45
jasballzlinux_: but if you have vista download bcdedit and add an entry for neolinux and see if that works01:45
Number7linux_, do you get any error msgs ?01:45
linux_no boycott it just hangs01:45
jasballzlinux_: So the livecd booted? or did you use xp to install? you cant boot into linux if you installed in vista or higher.01:45
wafflelinux_, does it get past trying to boot into it, does it hang while its loading?01:46
linux_shows the boot from hdd 0,0 then hangs from there01:46
=== v-p is now known as codelearner
EGLN|R|SpunkyAlright I need somebody to PM me if they know how to use and setup proftpd and I really would preffer it to be PM than public so if anyone knows please PM me.01:46
Swedejasballz: I don't have a CD/DVD drive on my netbook. That's why I have to use usb flash drive too boot from.01:46
linux_cant even boot ubuntu using live cd, im currently usin different distros live cd just to try and c if anyone can help01:47
wafflelinux_, are you booting any other OS's?01:47
Guest55096iceroot: Interestingly enough, when I do "touch Atomix" I get another file called Atomix (two as seen by Nautilus).01:47
erUSULRoland-: ooops i forgot about port numbers.... this time with cut « cut -d' ' -f2  test.txt | cut -d: -f1 »01:47
linux_no waffle, just ubuntu01:47
Swedejasballz: And I also want to use my completely new flash drive on my Ubuntu computers, not only on Windows.01:47
linny1the ubuntu method of kernel update/recompiling documented in the wiki will that work even tho i dont have a standard ubuntu kernel atm ?01:47
erUSULRoland-: test.txt is the file in question01:47
SwedeAnybody have some experience of a-data usb flash drive on Ubuntu 8.10?01:48
wafflelinux_, did you format your hard drive? if its hanging right after the boot, then it could be a problem with the boot sector.01:48
wafflelinux_, did you say you can't boot off the livecd anymore?01:48
Flannellinux_: If you can't boot the liveCD, have you tried the "check CD for defects' or "verify integrity of the cd" options on the CD boot menu?01:48
linux_yeah waffle and yeah flannel01:48
Flannellinux_: And what happened?01:48
Number7the liveCD should start unless it's damaged01:48
linny1linux_: i would use the base install to get a terminal the use apt to install the desktop01:48
linux_i find it strange how i cant even boot from live cd01:49
linny1linux_: did you check your bios to make sure booting from cd is enabled01:49
Number7linux_, do you have any other liveCDs to try to boot from ?01:49
wafflelinux_, when you say you can't even boot from the livecd, do you mean you can't even get to the menu, or you can't get to the live ubuntu from the CD?01:49
linux_sorry waffle got confused, i havent formatted, trying to see if there is a way of fixing first01:49
linux_yeah number7, i currently using opensuse now just to get online01:49
Number7so this CD works01:50
Flannellinux_: it's entirely likely that the Ubuntu CD you have isn't a good CD.  Try reburning, verify the md5, etc.01:50
linny1linux_:sounds like bad media01:50
Number7then I guess you have a bad image01:50
linux_yup opensuse works01:50
Number7yh, or just a bad disc01:50
linny1:) we all agree01:50
linux_:( lol there is nothing else you guys can think of trying at the boot screen or editing on the boot parameters01:51
vampirefroghi all. how do I make sure I have the latest possible packages? i want zend-framework 1.7.8, but apt-cache search gives me 1.5.3....01:51
glitsj16Shirow: SoX does fade in/out, besides a ton of other stuff .. http://www.linux.com/feature/57897 mentions some fade in/out commands using sox01:51
linux_sorry this is the 3rd time ubuntu has crashed on me lol but love it too much01:51
Shirowglitsj16, you are awesome, thanks again for the link01:51
jasballzswede: well Im thinking i hope you have the receipt and you should see if you can return it01:52
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions linux_01:52
jasballzSwede: if you need to you should be able to do network install or boot01:52
Number7linux_, how can you fix it if you can't even get it to boot01:52
linny1vampirefrog: youll need to install it manually if you want a version later than in the repos01:52
jasballzlinux_:having the same problems myself01:52
lighttitanMy wife is currently running Ubuntu live from the cd, I am wanting to transfer files from her computer to mine, but they can not see each other on the network. However I can ping her IP. How do I get them to share documents?01:52
Swedejasballz: I tried, but they checked it at the store and they said it wasn't something wrong with it.01:52
vampirefrogokay thanks01:52
wafflevampirefrog, have you done aptitude update to make sure youre getting the most recent01:52
vampirefrogwaffle, i did01:52
vampirefrogI'll install it manually01:52
Shirowglitsj16, sox looks like exactly what I need and will do both, thanks a ton for your help01:53
linux_jasballz i feel for ya, i'm in a pickle lol01:53
kpuljekhow can I prevent dhclient from renewing the lease once it expires?01:53
linny1vampirefrog: also you could check if the software site has its own repo01:53
linux_just feel lucky ppl are cool enough to help in the ubuntu community, i'm really grateful guys01:53
vampirefroglinny1, good idea but nah :D01:54
Swedejasballz: Mhm, maybe, but does it work on all laptops?01:54
glitsj16Shirow: very welcome, sox really is a gem indeed01:54
Swedejasballz: network boot, I mean?01:54
unopkpuljek, you could terminate the dhclient process.01:54
Number7linux_, check the iso image again, if it's good then burn it and reinstall01:54
kpuljekunop: when i terminate it, my net goes down O.o01:54
kpuljekunop: it used to work like that in ubunu 8.10, but in 9.04 it kills my net01:55
unopkpuljek, that's strange01:55
lighttitanI have ubuntu running on my PC, my wife has Ubuntu live running on hers right now but we can't see each other on the network to transfer files between our computers? Anyone know a quick fix?01:55
linny1kpuljek: i think #ubuntu+1 is for 90401:55
Jordan_Ulighttitan, scp is the easiest to setup01:55
glaksmonoguys, i'm using embedded microphone on the webcam on my laptop, would that be a problem for Skype in Ubuntu?01:56
lighttitanscp? look for it in Synaptic?01:56
linux_ok guys, will reburn and give that another try01:56
glaksmonomy laptop is Sony VGN-FZ400001:56
linux_thank u guys for all your help01:56
kpuljekunop: i'm on a dorm network, our admin is an idiot, and we have very specific instructions on how to connect. after i do what he says, i can get online, but once my lease expires dhclient starts to request like crazy, repeating the request 20, 30 times per second. and the admin warned me that if that happens, he'll disconnect me as i'm dos-ing the network lol01:56
nigtvhello, i am having problems with drag and drop, as well as a sudo mv command, even when root, and moving from ubuntu to xp partition, it only seems to be moving about half the files01:56
glaksmonowell, there is a problem that i cannot hear back my own voice on the test call..01:56
glaksmonoi'm wondering if anybody could help me?01:56
lighttitanJordan_U: scp? How do I install it, I don't see it in Synaptic? Do I need to DL it and install manually?01:57
nigtvim moving files unzipped from a 7z, ive tried unzipping onto the xp part as well, and still missing alot of files01:57
linny1nigtv: do you get any errors retuened in the terminal01:57
nigtvno, said everything is okay01:57
Harry``I cant seem to boot my ubuntu off live cd.. when it does that thing where the orange box bounces back and forth before booting, then it actually loads, it stops right before the 3rd group and the disk stops spinning :<01:57
linny1nigtv: try mv or cp then unzip01:57
Harry``the disk is fine, as it worked before01:57
nigtvtried both of those01:57
nigtvcp and mv, as root and as normal01:57
nigtvhold on you know what01:58
Jordan_Ulighttitan, No, install openssh-server on the computer you want to get files from and then run: "scp /path/to/file remote_username@remote_ip:/path/to/destination"01:58
unopkpuljek, i'm not sure this behaviour your experiencing is normal .. can you request your admin extend the DHCP lease for your machine? or use a static assignment?01:58
PerryArmstronghey i upgraded my ubuntu to 8.10 and reatarted...after i login i get this error http://pastebin.com/m1c5fc8f8...i restarted the system more than once now but still i get this error...can anyone help me01:58
nigtvaha i think i just figured it out whats the syntax for recursive move again01:58
linny1nigtv: so are you losing files in the cp or mv or on the unzip ?01:58
nigtvmv -t dest source01:58
nigtvwell i dont think im doing recursive mv01:58
nigtvthat would explain it01:58
Jordan_Ulighttitan, I think you can also setup samba graphically and that might be easier for you but I don't personally have much experience with it01:58
kpuljekunop: i can't request anything from him :S ... i just need to make sure that, once my lease expires, dhclient doesn't swarm my syslog with requests, so that he doesn't disconnect me01:58
nigtvso mv -R dest source01:58
linny1i think so01:59
linny1man mv01:59
nigtvrighteo ;)01:59
lighttitanJordan_U ok I will try, thanks for your help01:59
Jordan_Ulighttitan, np01:59
kpuljekunop: i had the same issue with ubuntu 7.10, 8.04, 8.10 and now 9.0401:59
kpuljekunop: but previous ubuntu's did it since the first connection, and this one does it after the lease expires02:00
Harry``I cant seem to boot my ubuntu off live cd.. when it does that thing where the orange box bounces back and forth before booting, then it actually loads, it stops right before the 3rd group and the disk stops spinning :<02:00
Harry``the disk is fine, as it worked before02:00
kpuljekHarry``: maybe it's not fine anymore?02:00
Harry``kpuljek, what could have happened? I didnt touch it02:00
linny1Harry`` yea hes right in 99% of these cases its bad disk02:01
lexvegasHarry``, i have discs die for no reason al the time02:01
Shirowglitsj16, just got exactly what I needed with sox+lame, i really appreciate your help, it's working perfectly and very easy to implement :)02:01
kpuljekHarry``: i don't know, just guessing02:01
PerryArmstronghey i upgraded my ubuntu to 8.10 and reatarted...after i login i get this error http://pastebin.com/m1c5fc8f8...i restarted the system more than once now but still i get this error...can anyone help me02:01
Harry``well I didnt even move it02:01
Harry``it was in02:01
Harry``working fine02:01
FloodBot2Harry``: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:01
lexvegasHarry``, try checking the disc from the boot options02:01
linny1PerryArmstrong: 404 on pasebin02:01
absHi.. In Gparted, I want to format my flash drive.. When i run it using sudo, I find that the flash drive is locked. How do I unlock it?02:02
lexvegasabs, unmount it02:02
abswill try laxvegas02:02
absone sec02:02
glitsj16Shirow: glad it works :) ... if you have a url for your mp3 site feel free to drop it in pm, always nice to check out new music02:03
magaiodist-upgrade to jaunty is not working ... is that something to do with my 64-bitness?02:03
magaiorather, it's just not happening, no response02:03
absthanks laxvegas02:03
absworks great02:03
PerryArmstronglinny1;you see 404 on that page...thats strange because i just pasted it and copied the link...anyways i pasted it at otherplace http://paste.ubuntu.com/143792/02:03
lexvegasabs, np02:03
unopkpuljek, look at the dhclient.conf manpage - there seem to be quite a few options you can use in your dhclient.conf file to control dhclient.02:04
nigtvokay, there is no -R option02:04
nigtvi guess there is no way to recursively mv, but uhm02:04
nigtvmaybe if i find -exec mv02:04
nigtvbut im thinking that would put them all into one big directory02:04
unopnigtv, why would you want to recursively mv something .. if you move the parent dir, you move all children anyway02:04
nigtvwell no, not exactly02:04
nigtvive unzipped this 7z, its about 8.6gb, otherwise i would love to try things out02:05
nigtvbut it takes about an hour whether it works or not02:05
nigtvand im moving it from the ubuntu part to the xp part02:05
nigtveven as sudo, mv only moves with depth 102:05
unopnigtv, so, wait, you want to move all files in subdirectories into a single destination?02:05
nigtvmv and preserve path02:06
tekteennigtv, mv folder NewLocation02:06
nigtvand if i find -exec mv /media/disk/blahblah02:06
nigtvno, tried that02:06
nigtvdoesnt work02:06
PerryArmstronghey i upgraded my ubuntu to 8.10 and reatarted...after i login i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/143792/...i restarted the system more than once now but still i get this error...can anyone help me02:06
nigtvnot like you think it would02:06
linny1PerryArmstrong: hmm i found a thread on forums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57794602:06
tekteennigtv,  mv is recursive02:06
nigtvwell, then why isnt it moving recursively on my machine, argusususus02:07
tekteennigtv, but it moves the whole folder, with all file paths02:07
unopnigtv,   find -depth path/to/somedir | cpio -pdumv path/to/another_dir02:07
PerryArmstronglinny1; thanks..i am checking that thred02:07
linny1nigtvit could be the way the win drive is mounted is it the first ime you mounted it ? is it ntfs etc02:08
nigtvlemme check that out02:08
nigtvyea, its mounted the same time every time02:08
nigtvby me by hand02:08
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nigtvunop: i might need a little more specific example, as i cant really just try it, you know? because its 9~gb, maybe in pm, i could give you more specific information02:09
SwedeThis is insane. When I connect my mp3-player the keyboard stops working. If I boot from the CDROM, then I can't connect the mp3-player and install a LiveCD on it because the keyboard stops working!02:09
unopnigtv, perhaps ..02:10
coreymanhow come the mic settings suck so bad.... im using KMIX and I have to eat my mic to talk into it...02:10
magaioCan someone help me out: I cannot upgrade to Jaunty!02:10
coreymanon windows I hit 20DB boost and its good02:10
linny1nigtv: so let me get this str8 you mentioned unziping ate you losing files moving them or unziping did you check the integrity of the files in windows ?02:10
coreymanon this i cant find that.02:10
tekteencoreyman, open a terminal and type: alsamixer [enter]02:10
coreymanok tekteen02:11
coreymanim there02:11
=== XenoPhoenix is now known as XenoP
=== XenoP is now known as XenoPhoenix
tekteencoreyman, use the arrow keys to scroll over to the bar labeled mic02:11
tekteencoreyman, is it at 100?02:12
coreymanits already at 10002:12
coreymanwhen i hit boost my speakers start buzing02:12
lighttitanJordan_U: Samba did the trick for me. Thanks :)02:12
tekteencoreyman, then I do not know, I tend to find that works02:12
Jordan_Ulighttitan, np02:12
coreymantekteen :(02:12
tekteen!sound > coreyman02:13
ubottucoreyman, please see my private message02:13
tekteenthis stuff may help02:13
coreymantekteen it says double click volume control, i double click kmix and it does nothing02:15
tekteencoreyman, I do not know, you may want to ask on #kubuntu for kmix02:15
coreymanwell i want to make kmix not my default sound thing.02:16
jasballzSwede: network boot works on all laptops, u just have to figure out the configuration02:17
Swedejasballz: Ok, I have never done that. But first I will try to boot fron Linux Mint and see if the usb flash drive works on Mint. If not then I'm trying to get a new one at store (from another company).02:19
coreymanCan anyone help with sound issues.02:20
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
tekteenthe floodbots are competing with each other? lol02:22
durtcoreyman, what's the prob?02:23
PerryArmstronglinny1; there??02:24
SwedeI have forgotten the samba password. How do I get it on the "server" conmputer? I can't connect because I can't rember my password, but I have both the computers in the LAN here.02:24
SwedeI have to connect two computers, but I have lost the samba password and username. Is there any way to recall it?02:25
PerryArmstronghey i upgraded my ubuntu to 8.10 and reatarted...after i login i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/143792/...i restarted the system more than once now but still i get this error...can anyone help me02:25
coreymandurt i have to eat my mic to talk02:26
jasballzhow to get plasma cube working for intel?02:27
durtcoreyman, it's not being amped for some reason. trouble shoot it, right jack?, mic input selected?02:27
coreymanmic input selected, right jack02:28
durtcoreyman, mic input vol up?02:28
coreymanwhen i hit boost, my speakers start buzzing and i sound worse02:28
EGLN|R|SpunkyI need some help with proftpd, my server can upload around 1MB/s but proftpd is only uploading to me around 400KB/s and that's pretty much it, you think it could be a problem with proftpd or the network the server is on?02:28
durtcoreyman, analog selected not digital?02:29
ShirowEGLN|R|Spunky, yes =p02:29
EGLN|R|SpunkyShirow, yes to what part of the question?02:29
Shirowcan your server upload to you at 1MBps using some other protocol directly when proftpd can only upload at 400KBps?02:30
spaceBARbariani am trying to lower my mouse sensitivity but when i do so under System > Preferences > Mouse , only the acceleration slider has affect, and my mouse is still way too fast02:30
EGLN|R|SpunkyYeah ktorrent will use 1MB/s just fine, just proftpd doesn't like to02:30
Shirowbut you have tried it within seconds of each other right?02:30
Shirowe.g. you know it's not an issue of you can do 1MBps at 9am but not at 4pm or whatever02:30
EGLN|R|Spunkyyes i have02:31
gartralspaceBARbarian: yea... thats been a problem since 6.0402:31
coreymandurt im not sure.02:31
spaceBARbariangartral: any fix for it lol ?02:31
Shirowthen I would say it appears to be an issue with FTP, whether it's proftpd or not, I don't know.. I use vsftpd personally02:31
coreymani thought it was an analog jack02:31
durtcoreyman, what card?02:31
gartralspaceBARbarian: buy a mouse with hardware acceleration controll02:31
coreymanonboard realtek alc88802:31
spaceBARbariangartral: i have one but i cant find any way to control the hardware settings in ubuntu02:32
durtcoreyman, does it have IEC958 capabilities?02:32
TimReichhartwould anybody direct me to the correct chat room for help setting up VPN client02:32
coreymandurt how do i find that out02:33
durtTimReichhart, maybe ##network02:33
gartralspaceBARbarian: if your mouse has built in controll, there should be a screw by the eye, thats HARDWARE, ubuntu's controlls are software02:33
durtcoreyman, open up a mixer application02:33
spaceBARbariank nvm i thought you meant drivers that let me control the mouse02:33
TimReichhartdurt that chat room dont work02:33
jasballzI want to run desktop cube from plasma instead of compiz, how to?02:34
gartralhow can i blacklist a folder from rythmboxes scan without hiding it, i have a folder of MIDI sounds, and the pue massivness of it causes rythmbox to freeze and crash on every scan02:34
durtTimReichhart, sry ##networking02:34
coreymandurt yes.02:35
durtcoreyman, disable it.02:35
coreymanalready disabled02:35
durtcoreyman, playback works ok?02:35
coreymanbut like i said.. add boost speakers buzz and i sound like shasta02:36
gartralas a side question, what does IEC958 standfor/do?02:36
AnonHello all.02:37
durtgartral, I don't know but it's digital not analog02:37
=== evilGary is now known as Gary
AnonAnyone here that can help me with my graphics issue?02:38
the10nitroHow can I use sed or awk to remove the beginning of a string through the first -02:38
Anonthe10nitro: 's/this/that' will substitute this with that02:39
Anontest it first though02:39
cappicardthis is very annoying... evolution refuses to download my email, even though when i log into the isp's website, i got 150+ emails sitting there02:39
Anonecho this | sed 's/this/that'02:39
the10nitroAnon: the string may contain multiple dashes.  I need to get everything after the first dash.02:40
TunnlRat=\ my sound card works with ubuntu but i can only hear sound when i plug in headphones, the laptop speakers work fine in window xp, any ideas??02:41
durtcoreyman, have you tried raising the vol on line in?02:41
Anonthe10nitro: that command I gave you was basically everything I know about sed. Sorry.02:41
cappicardTunnlRat, enable jack sense on your sound card02:41
gartralohh, IEC958 is S/PDiF control02:42
Anonglxgears doesn't run for me. Could someone help?02:42
coreymandurt yes :(02:42
durtgartral, ah so...02:42
the10nitroAnon: that about the limit of my knowledge too.02:42
durtcoreyman, put everything to 80% see if that works....02:43
SoldierOfTheCrosis there a way to check what memory type i have un ubuntu 8.10?02:43
jasballzok so i have a good plasma desktop cube but no warping cylender or sphere02:44
AnonCould someone help me with my glxgears issues?02:45
durtAnon, just ask...02:45
TunnlRatcappicard, how do i do that, i am brand new to linux, only been using it two days now02:45
AnonThis is what glxgears throws at me: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".02:45
AnonError: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual02:45
durtAnon, what card/02:46
Anondurt: I have an intel chip (laptop)02:46
crdlbAnon: pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:46
durtAnon, hrmm, though 3d was supported automatically02:46
crdlbit should be :)02:47
abshi.. I want to create an ubuntu persistant install on a usb disk. the flash drive i have is fat32 formatted. but the usb installer doesnt detect it. How should i fix this02:47
coreymandurt i fixed it, no clue what i did02:47
Anoncrdlb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/143813/02:48
dcamp25_is there a wireless survey replacement for netstumbler ?02:48
durtcoreyman, take the vols down one by one, should give you a clue.02:48
coreymandurt just messed with a few volumes02:48
crdlbAnon: you have the nvidia driver installed02:48
durtcoreyman, output master might be 'analog front' not 'master'.02:48
Anoncrdlb: So I should remove it? What should I install?02:48
crdlbAnon: specifically, nvidia-glx-17702:48
isaac_Howdy, basic newbie here:  How do you check how much ram and what speed it is in Ubuntu 8.10?02:48
coreymandurt goodday02:48
crdlbAnon: there's nothing to install, 3d acceleration works out of the box02:49
crdlbAnon: but the nvidia driver breaks it :)02:49
Anoncrdlb: removed.02:49
AnonI'll try now...02:49
crdlbnow log out02:49
AnonAh, ok.02:49
absisaac : system -> administration -> system monitor02:49
AnonSee you all in a second.02:50
absisaac_,  : system -> administration -> system monitor02:50
isaac_How do I check speed of ram?02:51
SoldierOfTheCrosabs that only tells you the amount, not the type/speed of ram02:51
AnonHello all.02:51
=== shameless is now known as rasu
AnonIt works02:51
glitsj16SoldierOfTheCros: sudo lshw -c memory might have the info you need02:51
Anonthank you crdlb, I must have spent half an hour here Wednesday night to no avail.02:52
Jolinatumhi,  how can i installed flash into firefox?02:52
crdlbAnon: np02:52
isaac_Jolinatum easily.02:53
abshi.. I want to create an ubuntu persistant install on a usb disk. the flash drive i have is fat32 formatted. but the usb installer doesnt detect it. How should i fix this02:53
absthx SoldierOfTheCros02:53
dcamp25_anyone know how to scan for wireless network channels02:53
AnonJolinatum: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76668302:53
Jolinatumhere what it says: We have checked your operating system: It does not meet our minimum requirements02:53
JolinatumIf you are having difficulties, please upgrade or switch your operating system.02:53
absisaac_,  sudo lshw -c memory02:53
isaac_Go to system>admin>synaptic and.........02:53
isaac_Or just follow what Anon said02:53
AnonYes. I swear by that guide.02:53
thefedsHow do I share a printer with samba?02:54
akureidcamp25_: via?02:54
coreymanhow can I eleminate the buzz on my recording?02:54
TunnlRatCan anyone tell how to or direct me to a guide that will show me how to enable jack sensing for my sound card?02:54
wafflecrdlb, are you saying 3d acceleration runs better without nvidia drivers?02:54
thefedsI have a printer connected and I want to share it with samba02:54
dcamp25_broadcom wireless adapter02:54
Anonwaffle: I didn't have an nvidia card.02:54
AnonSo they sort of hindered me.02:54
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waffleAnon, oh, yeah thats understandable.02:54
dcamp25_something like netstumbler02:55
thefedsHow do I share a printer with samba?02:55
thefedsHow do I share a printer with samba?02:55
thefedsHow do I share a printer with samba?02:55
twolanethefeds: what :)02:56
psywipedstop spaming the channel02:56
spaceBARbarianwhere is the xorg mouse config >02:56
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Anonthefeds: google?02:56
psywipedthefeds: going linux podcast02:56
psywipedthey tell you how thefeds02:57
dcamp25_any cisco people out there ?02:57
ldiamondI can't seem to make my SSH server work for public/private keys, can anyone help?02:57
psywipedldiamond: yes what have you tried?02:58
dcamp25_anyone try to use a meetingplace plugin ?02:58
mib_cefy8awill someone please help me write the ISO file to a CD?02:58
MikazeHello.  Can anyone tell me which version of edbrowse Ubuntu currently supports?02:58
ldiamondpsywiped, I generated a pair of key, uploaded id_rsa.pub to the server and put it in authorized_keys02:58
Anonmib_cefy8a: apt-get install brasero02:58
psywipedldiamond: copy it to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in one line02:59
akureimib_cefy8a: i will02:59
mib_cefy8awill someone please help me write the ISO file to a CD? the thing is i downloaded ISO recorder (i use windows) but when I clik Copy Image to Disk it doesn't give me an option for ISO recorder in the recorder options02:59
dcamp25_when I play mp3 via totem  it crashes any ideas02:59
Anonmib_cefy8a: This is a ubuntu support channel.02:59
glitsj16spaceBARbarian: since ubuntu 8.10 input devices are configured through HAL rather than in xorg.conf ... more info @ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Input02:59
psywipedldiamond: and thats the file on the server not your computer i made that mastack at first03:00
Anonmib_cefy8a: If you used ubuntu or linux, you could use brasero.03:00
coreymanwhy is it when i press both left and right mouse button it counts as mouse button 3... "middle wheel press down"03:00
mib_cefy8awil someone please help me?03:00
psywipedno mib03:00
jduI have a wireless PCIMIA card.  If I plug it in, ubuntu may eventually find it, and it will start working.  Is there a command that will cause ubuntu to reload PCI cards and wireless drivers so I don't have to wait.03:00
Anonmib_cefy8a: I just told you what to do.03:00
ldiamondpsywiped, what do you mean by "in one line"?03:00
mib_cefy8aBut i don't have ubuntu yet!03:01
psywipedldiamond: no word wrap its the key as one line dont break it up03:01
Anonmib_cefy8a: Well, then, this place is not for you.03:01
jduIt is loaded automatically on boot, so maybe there is hardware detection in rc?03:01
mib_cefy8awhere do i go then?03:01
mib_cefy8ai wish I knew how to whisper!03:01
MikazeThis is the "whites-only" Ubuntu channel.03:01
Anonmib_cefy8a: google.03:02
PerryArmstrongcan anyone tell me how i can access my windows directories...when i try accessing those directories..i am prompted for my password, but still i didnt get to access it03:02
akureimib_cefy8a: following03:02
musikgoat|mainMikaze: thats not funny03:02
akurei<akurei> what do you want?03:02
akurei<akurei> burn an iso to a cd?03:02
akurei<akurei> you open the terminal via: ALT+F203:02
akurei<akurei> then entering gnome-terminal03:02
akurei<akurei> pressing RETURN03:02
FloodBot2akurei: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:02
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jduPerryArmstrong, windows directories on ntfs partition?03:02
=== maximo is now known as Nasra
shane_Hi all, I need to get a video driver installed for my laptop, it has a GM965 integrated video.  Anyone know where I can get a Linux driver?  Or failing that how to get the regular driver for it to work?03:02
MikazeSo isn't the "You don't belong here" statements.03:02
ldiamondpsywiped, it is 1 line already03:02
hwildehello can someone please help me get kasteroids back on my computer??03:02
PerryArmstrongjdu; exactly..i have the ntfs configuration tools installed03:03
hwildehello can someone please help me get kasteroids back on my computer??03:03
matrixbluehey all03:03
jduPerryArmstrong, all you need to access the partition is ntfs-3g which is already there03:03
matrixblueI was trying to do a full install to my USB drive and got the error message message saying, "GRUB failed to install-- this is a fatal error!"03:03
Saturn2888anyone here know about PXE?03:03
jduPerryArmstrong, so what is the error more exactly?03:03
psywipedldiamond: so you copied the key from the .pub file to your server?03:03
Saturn2888I just need a PXE boot file03:03
ldiamondpsywiped, yes03:04
PerryArmstrongjdu; no error is displayed..when i go to places--> windows directory..i am asked to enter my password...though i enter the password and wait a long time...i dont get anything...03:04
jduPerryArmstrong, hmm03:04
gigabites2PerryArmstrong: Can you momunt manually?03:04
hwildehello can someone please help me get kasteroids back on my computer??03:04
PerryArmstrongjdu; how do ido that??03:04
hwildewhen I upgraded to 8.10 it disappeared03:05
MikazeSo, does anyone know which version of "edbrowse" Ubuntu supports?03:05
hwildenow it's all deprecated03:05
hwildeand the kde-games src package does NOT include kasteroids03:05
psywipedldiamond: have you tried loging in again?03:05
ldiamondpsywiped, yes03:05
hwildei am gonna lose it if i cannot drive my spaceship around soon03:05
gigabites2PerryArmstrong: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/<driveparition> /path/to/mount/point03:05
jduPerryArmstrong, I am unfamiliar with "Windows Directory" in places. Did you set it up?03:05
psywipedldiamond: whats it doing?03:05
musikgoat|mainhwilde: you can try asking in #kubuntu03:05
ldiamondPermission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic).03:05
durthwilde, 'sudo apt-get install kasteroids' in a terminal03:05
hwildeI don't have kubuntu03:05
psywipedldiamond: what are you loging in with what program?03:06
hwildedurt, I suggest you try your own suggestion.03:06
musikgoat|mainhwilde: well, people in that channel may have answers03:06
SantiGwhat system requirements do i need for an 64 bits ubuntu?03:06
matrixblueCan anyone help me?03:06
durthwilde, that not do it?03:06
AnonSantiG: 64 bit processor03:06
jduPerryArmstrong, try "mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mount/point"  where /dev/sda1 is the windows partition and /moun/point is the mount point03:06
hwildedurt, try it yourself :/03:06
hwildedurt, you think i am asking here for something that easy ?03:07
SantiGis core 2 quad an 64 bit processor?03:07
durthwilde, what? lot's of deps?03:07
tekteen!help | matrixblue03:07
ubottumatrixblue: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:07
* hwilde stares at durt03:07
psywipedno santiG its 12803:07
tekteen!ask | matrixblue03:07
ubottumatrixblue: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:07
PerryArmstrongjdu; should i enter the point point as it is??03:07
SantiGoh thanks03:07
matrixblue I was trying to do a full install to my USB drive and got the error message message saying, "GRUB failed to install-- this is a fatal error!"03:07
psywipedor is it 25603:07
jduPerryArmstrong, no you should create a directory that is empty and give the "path" to it03:07
Huufartednetworking question.  I have a gigabit NIC.  ethtool sees it's capable of 1000 mbit.  It's only negotiating to 100 mbit.  Cat6 cable and gigabit switch on the other end.  Any ideas?  You can see this thread for further details.  http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/gig-nic-only-connection-100-mbit.-connecting-to-gig-switch.-716341/03:07
gigabites2SantiG: Yes, it should support amd64. Intel specifies that on their product pages. Look up your model. Any recent processor (2004 onward?) should support it. Don't listen to the 128 bit thing....03:07
psywipedanyways the core2 quad can run 64bit stuff03:08
jduPerryArmstrong, eg /home/yourusername/windowsharddrive03:08
SantiGhehe well thank you very much03:08
durthwilde, then explain what you're trying to do.03:08
SantiGi'm changin my widnows for linux ubuntu03:08
dcamp25_When I play a mp3 totem crashes03:08
hwildei want to play kasteroids.03:08
psywipedit tends to be called amd64 because the were first03:08
hwildeI think I explained my position pretty clearly03:08
durthwilde, from what? a tarball, a .deb?03:08
Huufartedpsywiped: actually it's because the 64-bit code is owned and licensed by AMD.03:08
jduPerryArmstrong, sorry I can be back in at most ten minutes.03:09
musikgoat|mainhwilde: it was sporatic, try limiting it to one line03:09
SantiGdo u think it is a good idea changing from windows vista to linux ubuntu 8.1003:09
musikgoat|mainfor others to help you03:09
hwildedurt is not helping03:09
psywipedhuuf so they were first?03:09
licensedi don't ownz anybody03:09
HuufartedSantiG, changing from Vista to anything is a good thing.03:09
jeeezhey guys, am not able to start ubuntu in gnome, can someone help me fix it?03:09
hwildehe just says apt-get install kasteroids like that works03:09
PerryArmstrongjdu; i got it,,..thank you very much03:09
thefedsHow do I share a printer with samba]03:09
=== Nasra is now known as maximo
Huufartedpsywiped: correct.  AMD owns the 64-bit architecture, just like Intel owns the x86 architecture03:09
musikgoat|mainhwilde: but he's not the only one reading your statements03:09
PerryArmstrongjdu; i never got this problem till i upgraded my system to 8.1003:09
Huufartedpsywiped: right now, they need each other.03:09
thefedsHow do I share a printer with samba?03:09
spaceBARbariancan someone help me figure out how to lower my mouse sensitivity, the settings in system-preferences-mouse do nothing03:10
hwildemusikgoat|main, do you know how to get kasteroids or what03:10
thefedsHow do I share a printer with samba?03:10
jduPerryArmstrong, i'm back.  ok good!03:10
PerryArmstrongjdu; and here's my blog http://ossarchives.blogspot.com03:10
HuufartedspaceBARbarian: have you tried restarting X after the change?03:10
musikgoat|mainhwilde: if i did, i'd have told you03:10
=== maximo is now known as Nasra
jeeezhttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-780179.html my problem is similar to this, i need a  way to fix it!03:10
psywipedfthefeds carfuly03:10
SantiGis it hard to start learning to use ubuntu?03:10
jduPerryArmstrong, ok03:10
spaceBARbarianHuufarted: how do i do that ?03:10
Huufartedjeeez: explain your situation.03:10
thefedsHow do I share a printer with samba?03:10
HuufartedspaceBARbarian: try Ctrl-Alt-Backspace03:10
HuufartedspaceBARbarian: IT WILL LOG YOU OUT, save your work first.03:11
spaceBARbariandidnt work03:11
dcamp25_thefeds did you install samba03:11
jasballzokay so i forwarded port 21, is it tcp or ucp for proftpd?03:11
durt!repeat > thefeds03:11
ubottuthefeds, please see my private message03:11
musikgoat|mainjasballz: tcp03:11
gigabites2spaceBARbarian: system->preferences->mouse03:11
spaceBARbarianspaceBARbarian: yeah that doesnt change anything03:11
thefedsI don't know03:11
thefedsI just installed ubuntu03:11
HuufartedspaceBARbarian: or what gigabites2 said.  :)03:11
spaceBARbariangigabites2: that doesnt change anything03:11
thefedsdoes it come with samba?03:11
psywipedthefeds listen to this podcast http://goinglinux.com/shownotes.html#glp05503:11
Huufartedthefeds, I'd recommend reading up on Samba on the web.  Look for setups in help.ubuntu.com03:12
gigabites2spaceBARbarian: Define nothing.03:12
musikgoat|mainthefeds: not samba server, not by default03:12
durt!samba > thefeds03:12
ubottuthefeds, please see my private message03:12
arvind_khadrithefeds, no you need to install it03:12
thefedshow do I install it03:12
arvind_khadri!samba > thefeds03:12
dcamp25_apt-get install samba03:12
jeeezHuufarted: i ran into a HDD problem due to loose connections in the power cord, some data corrupted03:12
Huufartedthefeds: these are all questions you can find by a simple google search, bud.  "samba install ubuntu" and "samba setup ubuntu"03:12
spaceBARbariangigabites2: when i moved both acceleration and sensitivity bars to 0 and my mouse is still ridiculously fast03:12
psywipedthefeds listen to this podcast http://goinglinux.com/shownotes.html#glp05503:12
jeeezHuufarted: once i fixed it, its been working fine but i ran fsck on a mounted partition once [might be a problem?]03:12
dcamp25_when I play mp3 via totem  it crashes any ideas03:13
psywipedthefeds it explains it all for you03:13
Huufartedjeeez, are you still seeing issues?  Or is the issue that you can't load Gnome?03:13
jeeezHuufarted: no issues now03:13
gigabites2spaceBARbarian: Maybe there's a setting somewhere in x? I'm not sure since they stopped using xorg.conf.03:13
jeeezHuufarted: it was just a loose power cord, i stuck it to place now, i dont get HDD errors anymore03:13
musikgoat|maindcamp25_: you can try running it in a terminal03:13
Huufartedjeeez: so I guess my question is, what problem(s) are you having right now?  Or questions?03:13
psywipedldiamond: get it working?03:14
SuspectZerohey guys, i have a couple of distros set up on my harddrive and now i want to install xp again (already exists on a partition). but when i boot up the cd it says "setup is inspecting your hardware configuration. i looked this up and apperently linux is causing that. is that possible?03:14
jeeezHuufarted: gnome doesn't start!03:14
Huufartedjeeez: any error messages?03:14
spaceBARbarianHuufarted: how else can i restart X ?03:14
jeeezHuufarted: i tried KDE too, that doesn't either, but e16 and fluxbox work03:14
psywipedjeeez: sudo apt-get install ubuntu03:14
jasballzi forwarded ports for proftpd, thats all i should do right?03:14
jduI have a wireless PCIMIA card.  If I plug it in, ubuntu may eventually find it, and it will start working.  Is there a command that will cause ubuntu to reload PCI cards and wireless drivers so I don't have to wait.03:14
HuufartedspaceBARbarian: the easiest way is to just do this from a terminal (because I'm lazy with describing GUI solutions):  sudo reboot  (will reboot your computer entirely)03:15
hwildeso nobody knows how to get kasteroids back?  I am going to downgrade to 8.04 then03:15
jeeezpsywiped: wont that make me lose everything i already got?03:15
oobeif i upgrade to the juanty beta when it becomes official will i have to change my sources.list or will it just install updates as if i already am using jaunty03:15
ldiamondpsywiped, not yet, I'm trying to log from Cygwin, but I cant remove the .ssh folder because I dont have permissions03:15
jduspaceBARbarian, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart03:15
Huufartedjeeez: Try booting into recovery mode in grub and try to repair packages.03:15
psywipedjeeez: no it just installs the gnome desktop03:15
jeeezHuufarted:  An error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for firefox. Some of your configuration settings may not work properly. <-- replace firefox with most gnome app names03:15
jduspaceBARbarian, this will restart gnome display manager03:15
jasballzso just opening ports 20-21 should allow proftpd right?03:15
=== Richard is now known as Guest42241
musikgoat|mainjasballz: forwarded ports in what, are you trying to allow ftp access to ubuntu from the internet?03:16
jeeezHuufarted: i tried that, dint work!03:16
psywipedjeeez: i now have gnome kde and xfc or somthing like that on my system03:16
Huufartedjeeez: I'm not an expert, but it still sounds like you have some filesystem issues.  And like psywiped said, his command won't hurt anything.  You can try:  sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop03:16
psywipedhehe that works to ^03:16
jeeezHuufarted: did that already, no effect!03:17
KruyKazewhen i watch a movie using smb and burn a disc on my ubuntu box it just kills smb how do i fix that?03:17
Huufartedjeeez, you did:  sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop ??03:17
jeeezyeah, i tried that a while back03:17
madmanhello i have a question, i am currently using ubuntu 9.04 with encrypted lvm, i encrypted home also, now i am using vmware and there is disk activity in the machine, it automatically spikes my cpu to 100% all the time resulting in slow performance.03:17
Huufartedjeeez: as psywiped said, try:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu03:17
Nirkushi! how can i keep my ubuntu from doing ipv6 auto configuration and/or accept configurations from router advertisements?03:17
heardcameronhey i am in need of some assistance... How do i install Geektool in Ubuntu 8.10??03:18
psywipedsudo apt-get install geektool03:18
jdumadman, you might try #ubuntu+103:18
spaceBARbariangigabites2, Huufarted: restart didnt doo anything, mouse still crazily ssensitive :(03:18
madmanthanks jdu03:18
richard_Hi I have a problem with ubuntu, it hasn't crashed yet!03:18
Huufartedheardcameron: try this also:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52672803:19
acce2451Question regarding volume control and default setting03:19
usserrichard_, you're doing something wrong03:19
gigabites2spaceBARbarian: It's configured that way somewhere. If not in gnome, then in HAL.03:19
HuufartedspaceBARbarian: have you tried the 'Mouse' settings in your Preferences menu?03:19
musikgoat|main!yey | richard03:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yey03:19
psywipedrichard to simulate a crash hit ctrl+alt+bakspace03:19
mdmkolbeWhat is the best way to collect *all* of the meta-data about a file (e.g. if you wanted to restore it later from a backup)?03:19
richard_I could always make my desktop background a blue screen.03:19
Huufartedmdmkolbe: restore it from where?03:20
spaceBARbarianHuufarted: yeah thats the first thing i said, that setting doesnt have any reflection on the device for some reason03:20
acce2451I think I have a bug from 9.04b, I unmute my capture from the volume control box, but when I close it, it reverts back to being muted.03:20
HuufartedspaceBARbarian: sorry, I'm out of suggestions then.  I apologize03:20
musikgoat|mainacce2451: #ubuntu+103:20
jeeezHuufarted: sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop. . . E: Couldn't find package ubuntu03:20
acce2451musikgoat ok03:20
Huufartedacce2451: the 'b' in that version means beta.  :)  Them's the brakes when playing with betas!03:20
hwildeneed kasteroids please03:20
thefedsHow do I share my printer connected to ubuntu to a windows computer03:20
ULFfuntuhi anyone here use gxmms2? thx03:20
hwildethefeds, cups03:21
psywipedjeeez: sudo apt-get install ubuntu03:21
hwilde!cups > thefeds03:21
ubottuthefeds, please see my private message03:21
=== CoJaBo-Dell_ is now known as CoJaBo-Dell
* Mikaze wonders if Ubuntu has edbrowse v3.41 yet.03:21
thefedsWindows doesn't use CUPS03:21
thefedsit uses SAMBA03:21
mdmkolbeHuufarted: a file containing the meta-data and the actual file data.  that is to say that the meta-data must berecorded inside the backup file as bytes and not as meta-data on the backup file03:21
jeeezpsywiped: same error!03:21
Huufartedthefeds: windows does not use samba.  it uses File and Print Sharing.  Linux uses Samba.03:21
hwildecups is the answer03:21
psywipedthefeds have you listend to the podcast yet?03:21
psywipedjeeez are you connected to the net?03:22
jduthefeds,  you can share a printer from ubuntu to windows by enabling printer sharing on ubuntu and then adding the printer on windows03:22
jeeezpsywiped: er how else would i be on IRC? :(03:22
Huufartedmdmkolbe: a tar.bz2 file is probably your best bet.  /shrug...  try looking into rsync as well03:22
Huufartedjeeez: if the problem was on another PC.  We're only trying to help you.03:22
psywipedjeeez another computer like i do03:22
Mikazersync rocks.03:22
HuufartedMikaze: Oh so true.  :)03:22
jduthefeds, when you add the printer, you'll have to enter the ip address like or something like that03:23
psywipedjeeez try apt-get install gpg03:23
Huufartedjeeez, reinstall Ubuntu over your current installation.03:23
jeeezpsywiped, Huufarted: no, i've got only one pc!03:23
MikazeAnyone know where to download pgp v2.6.2?03:23
Huufartedjeeez: with data corruption like you've got, I think your only safe alternative is to get an Ubuntu live CD and reinstall over top of the currently existing one.03:23
psywipedjeeez i have a clasic ibm laptop i can send you whats your address03:23
Huufartedpsywiped: lol03:24
jribMikaze: why don't you use gpg from the repositories?03:24
HuufartedMikaze: gpg is the open source version of pgp03:24
mdmkolbeHuufarted: heh, I've been wrangling tar file formats all night.  Every different implementation seems to support only some subset of the meta-data (e.g. acls) so I was coming here in hopes I might find an easier to just do it myself03:24
psywipedjust wire 45.95 for shiping and handling03:24
MikazeBecause I want the one the govt is hiding from the public.03:24
gigabites2psywiped: Uhh.. no.03:24
Huufartedmdmkolbe: help a noob out.  What's 'acls'?03:24
gigabites2Mikaze: Probably out there on sourceforge03:25
HuufartedMikaze: you watch too much X-Files03:25
spaceBARbariancan someone help me convert a xorg.conf file to the HAL/fdi format ?03:25
musikgoat|mainmdmkolbe: the metadata of linux files? there are flags in tar to keep the permissions and ownerships intact03:25
KruyKazehey guys can you tell me how to burn a disc without interrupting samba everytime?03:25
jribspaceBARbarian: that doesn't really make sense03:25
mdmkolbeHuufarted: acls = access control lists03:25
glitsj16thefeds: cups has a nice browser-based admin interface at http://localhost:631/ to set things up according to your liking03:25
musikgoat|mainmdmkolbe: *files on a linux filesystem03:25
MikazeYeah, and WinXP didn't have their firewalls turned off when browsing microsoft.com.03:26
Huufartedmdmkolbe, gotcha.  tar will preserve all permissions and ownerships on files.03:26
spaceBARbarianjrib: i mean the contents, i am trying to confgire my mouse but all i can find from googling is xorg.conf settings, which no longer apply03:26
jribMikaze: do you have a question about ubuntu support?03:26
jribspaceBARbarian: what exactly do you want to configure?03:26
pjwafflehi im here to help im an intermediate user03:26
Huufartedmdmkolbe: example:  tar cvjf ~/backup.tar.bz2 /etc     (this will back up your entire /etc directory, including perms and ownership, into the compressed tarball)03:26
mdmkolbeHuufarted: I don't think the version of tar that comes with ubuntu will do acls (/me double checks)03:27
Goreoniuscan anyone help me with this:  http://i40.tinypic.com/2f054s2.png03:27
jeeezHuufarted, psywiped: thanks for the help guys, need to leave! adios03:27
spaceBARbarianjrib: my razer mouse, it is way to sensitivity and so i am trying to lower the DPI (resolution) using the xorg.conf settings03:27
cappicarddamn it... evolution keeps giving me a core dump when i try starting it03:27
MikazeYes.  Which version of 'edbrowse' is supported.  I'm blind and can't use Firefox via gnome-orca, since it's crap.03:27
spaceBARbarianjrib: mouse settings in preferences or "xset m" command dont bring the sensitivity down low enough03:27
psywipedcappicard guess thats better than kernel panics03:27
Goreoniuscan someone help me with this whine problem:   http://i40.tinypic.com/2f054s2.png03:27
cappicardi can't get it to start... it's my primary email client03:27
jribspaceBARbarian: logitech?03:27
Huufartedmdmkolbe: I'm not sure, but as far as I know, the only metadata you need are the permissions, owner, and group.  What else is there?  This is an honest question.03:28
spaceBARbarianjrib: no its a Razer Diamondback03:28
musikgoat|mainmdmkolbe: acl's?  as in AD acl's?  isn't that stored in the ntfs filesystem?03:28
spaceBARbarianjrib: trying to utilize information from this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53918003:28
mdmkolbeHuufarted: umm, ACLs and xattrs03:28
jrib!X | spaceBARbarian03:28
ubottuspaceBARbarian: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:28
jribspaceBARbarian: erm, you want: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X03:29
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:29
psywipedhehe you broke english03:29
mdmkolbemusikgoat|main: most modern Linux have ACLs and extended attributes03:29
jribspaceBARbarian: note evdev is probably being used by default now03:29
spaceBARbarianjrib: whats evdev ?03:30
MikazeJust wanna know if the latest version of edbrowse is being supported by Ubuntu, because I'm ditching Debian...the last distro to support the handicapped.03:30
mdmkolbeHuufarted: ACLs are not part of the standard permissions.  So unless your tar was specifically compiled to support acls, they will not be preserved.  (Ubuntu's version doesn't appear to be.)03:30
jribspaceBARbarian: an input driver different than "mouse"03:30
acce2451Ubuntu+1 is dead, we are back.03:30
mdmkolbeHuufarted: also if you are on SELinux, you need to store the security context for the files that are stored in the extended file attributes.  These won't be saved by a naive tar either.03:30
musikgoat|mainacce2451: ubuntu+1 is where you can get jaunty support03:31
spaceBARbarianjrib: yeah id rather go out and buy a different crappy mouse than go through a 500 page ubuntu manual for something so elementry03:31
NickUKHello, I am currently having a few problems with my graphics card *Laptop onboard intel* not running correctly, If somebody could /msg me would be great03:31
Huufartedmdmkolbe: understood.  I guess it's fairly obvious I don't have a solution for you, then.  :)03:31
tritiumMikaze: version 3.3.4 is in jaunty03:31
acce2451musik: right now, we can't get any support.03:31
MikazeTrying to decide to go with you guys now, or GRML.03:31
jribspaceBARbarian: not sure how one page is the same 500 but ok03:31
hwildeMikaze, you could've had the livecd running by now man03:32
psywipedrember to salt hashes with the username03:32
musikgoat|mainacce2451: i'm simply stating that this channel doesn't support beta releases, it can take a little time to get responses, but you can also try google03:32
MikazeGRML it is.  Thanks, guys.03:32
spaceBARbarianjrib: the link you sent me is for xorg.conf files, soemone here told me they have no effect anymore03:32
acce2451Let's take a wider approach.03:32
jribspaceBARbarian: the link I gave you is not for xorg.conf files...03:33
psywipedwhat wider than his mom?03:33
Huufartedacce2451: musikgoat|main is right.  Most people in here (not all) don't use the betas.03:33
Grueliusive got a list of repairs made by e2fsck, how do i find out which files were affected, all i see is inodes03:33
spaceBARbarianjrib: the resolution link ? or the wiki..X link ?03:33
thefeds_laptopwhat's my hostname?03:33
thefeds_laptophow do I find my hostname?03:33
musikgoat|mainthefeds_laptop: type "hostname"03:33
Huufartedthefeds_laptop: type 'hostname'03:33
psywipedthefeds its your ipaddress03:33
jribspaceBARbarian: the one following "erm, you want:"03:33
spaceBARbarianjrib: yeah i am not sure where to go from that wiki page about X03:35
jribspaceBARbarian: k, well it tells you how to use fdi files.  I thought that was what you wanted, wasn't it?03:36
psywipedif anyone wants to see what im doing right now go to justin.tv/psywiped03:36
Huufarted!ot | psywiped03:36
ubottupsywiped: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:36
jrib!ot | psywiped03:36
Huufartedjrib, beat you to it.  :)03:36
spaceBARbarianjrib: yeah i already read like two pages about fdi files and how to covert xorg.conf, but its not exactly a trivial task so i was asking for help :P03:36
jribspaceBARbarian: it is a trivial task.  Did you see the examples on the wiki?03:37
badpenguin86Anybody know a good place to find Ubuntu video tutorials03:37
gigabites2spaceBARbarian: If you want a general xorg.conf, dpkg-reconfigure xorg-xserver03:37
Huufartednetworking question:  Have a gigabit ethernet card that's only negotiating to 100 mbit.  Any suggestions?03:37
jasballzok, sorry got disconnected fixed ports i think03:37
jrib!screencasts | badpenguin8603:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about screencasts03:37
jrib!screencast | badpenguin8603:37
ubottubadpenguin86: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.03:37
psywipedhuuf its your network make sure that all other devices are gigabit03:37
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: have you tried forcing the negotiation?03:37
Huufartedpsywiped: cat6 cables and a gigabit switch.03:38
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Huufartedmusikgoat|main: I've tried using:  sudo ethtool -s eth1 speed 1000 duplex full03:38
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: and the link goes dead 5-10 seconds, then comes back as 100 mbit again03:38
ojacobsonIs there documentation for the fields pam-auth-update expects in its config files (under /usr/share/pam-configs)?03:38
=== zigggggy is now known as meanburrito029_
psywipedwhats the diffrence between cat 6 and cat 5e03:38
=== meanburrito029_ is now known as meanburrito920_
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: if I try and additionally set autoneg off, it stays dead03:39
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: and you have other devices that connect to this switch at 1000/full?03:39
psywipedits a switch that doesnt effect it03:39
comradekinguCat 6 is 250MHz, cat 6a is 500MHz03:39
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: yes.  Correction, only one other PC is currently gigabit and it connects just fine.03:39
jasballzuser2 / developers03:39
jasballzplease connect so i can debug proftpd03:39
FloodBot1jasballz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:39
musikgoat|mainpsywiped: yes it does03:40
jribspaceBARbarian: is there anything in particular that you aren't sure about?03:40
raVenhello guys..i need help here..or what i mean..a question...03:40
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: only the switch needs to negotiate with the NIC03:40
Huufarted!ask | raven03:40
ubotturaven: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:40
spaceBARbarianjrib: is this what i should be looking at ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Input03:40
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: i understand that03:40
jribspaceBARbarian: yes03:40
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: either way, this NIC used to connect at gigabit just fine03:40
raVenhehehehe...ok ubottu...guys..if i installed ubuntu 8.10 using wubi, can i update ubuntu to 9.04?03:40
psywipedyes raven03:41
psywipedraven when its out sudo apt-get distro-upgrade03:41
comradekingu"update-manager -d"03:41
HuufartedraVen: ubottu is just a bot that tells people things that get asked very frequently.  Please don't think it's intelligent.03:41
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: i would start to guess drivers, but I wouldn't know what to suggest, take a look into what module is controlling your nic, and make sure its best03:41
raVenplease take note psywiped, i installed it using wubi...it wont affect my old windows xp os?..camradekingu: is that for me? huufarted..sorry..coz im new to ubuntu and irc chatting03:42
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: where can I find information on modules?  I don't know what a module is in Ubuntu03:42
syntachey, i use urxvt and for some reason it autostarts in a directory in my home dir.  what is the deal? it used to start in ~ and now it is this other dir.  I haven't touched any config files03:42
psywipedhow do i make a cron job?03:42
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: its just a supplicant to the kernel03:42
HuufartedraVen: just trying to keep you from looking funny, that's all.  :)03:42
psywipedraven it cant touch your xp install only you can03:42
jrib!cron | psywiped03:42
ubottupsywiped: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm03:42
comradekinguHuufarted: Then you should probably wait till the final release comes out (in about two weeks time)03:43
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: how would I determine which module is associated with it?03:43
NickUKHello, I am currently having a few problems with my graphics card *Laptop onboard intel* not running correctly, however works pefect in root but could do with some help using it in wine games If somebody could /msg me would be great03:43
Huufartedcomradekingu: what are you talking about?  I don't use beta.03:43
jasballzFloodBot1: thx03:43
jasballzWould someone mind trying to connect so I can debug proftpd?03:43
gigabites2Huufarted: lsmod03:43
psywipedaw i was hoping the bot would tell me03:43
AnonNickUK: No one will pm you. This is a public channel.03:43
Grueliusjasballz pm03:43
AnonHowever, you may get regular help.03:43
NickUKAnon - Well could somebody lend me a hand03:43
comradekinguHuufarted: But updating now would mean getting the beta03:43
jribpsywiped: he did tell you03:43
gigabites2comradekingu: You can't dist-upgrade to a beta, can you?03:44
AnonNickUK: try running glxgears as regular user.03:44
psywipeddoesnt count if someone invokes it03:44
raVenhuufarted: thank you so much from saving me from embarrassment..lol...psywiped: ok..thank you so much.because im worried that i installed wubi 8.10 for ubuntu 8.10..i thought that having wubi 8.10 and updating ubuntu to 9.04 would cause some problems03:44
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: you can look at lspci to see what nic card is being used03:44
Huufartedcomradekingu: you lost me.  My issue is with networking, has nothing to do with that.03:44
EGLN|R|SpunkyI have an issue with autodownload on Doom 3, when I try and download files from my server i get an error saying "cannot cd to home" the server OS is ubuntu and I am using pro ftpd with the filepath /home/FTP-doom3/annihilationx if anyone could help that'd be great03:44
jribpsywiped: that's the only way ubottu speaks03:44
NickUKYes Anon - That works03:44
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: which nic manufacturer?03:44
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: checking those now03:44
AnonOh, wine games. Sorry.03:45
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: Realtek RTL816903:45
raVenhuufarted: thank you so much from saving me from embarrassment..lol...psywiped: ok..thank you so much.because im worried that i installed wubi 8.10 for ubuntu 8.10..i thought that having wubi 8.10 and updating ubuntu to 9.04 would cause some problems.03:45
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: actually the mfgr is Netgear03:45
psywipedraven all wubi does is make a vrutural partition on you computer and put ubuntu onto it03:45
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: then type, lsmod | grep rt03:45
AnonNickUK: the fact is, lag in wine is commonplace. It's rare for a game to play without lag in wine.03:45
NickUKAnon - This had a problem with linux native games03:45
NickUKopenarena would not work unless i ran it under root03:45
heardcameroni am in need of some help agian... i am running Ubuntu 8.10...how do i get 4 desktops and compiz?03:46
raVenpsywiped: oh ok..so..except that it is a virtual partition, what else are the restrictions or disadvantages of using wubi?and a comparison to the real installation and repartition...03:46
AnonNickUK: perhaps post the terminal output?03:46
gigabites2raVen: Slow.03:46
GrueliusnickUK check if the regular user is missing any groups03:46
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: sorry, the nic chip is different than the manufacturer, i used the wrong name03:46
raVengigabites2: may i beg your pardon?03:46
NickUKHow would i do that?03:46
Grueliusis there a group for gfx access?03:46
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: none of them relating to that.  :(  http://paste.ubuntu.com/143834/03:46
psywipedits slower and if windows breaks it can to and if you dont exit windows corectly you have to boot into it first03:46
musikgoat|mainthe realtek is what you want03:46
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: I know.03:47
AnonGruelius: he runs glxgears fine as regular user.03:47
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: whats the output of lsmod03:47
gigabites2raVen: Wubi is slow. You take a performance hit by having to run off a file in an ntfs partition?03:47
Grueliusah k03:47
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: stand by (and thanks a ton for the help.  :)03:47
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: sure03:47
spaceBARbarianjrib: how bad will it be if i configure the fdi badly and try to run it ?03:47
psywipedand if windows crashs before you can go into ubuntu you have to boot and shutdown windows again03:48
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: http://paste.ubuntu.com/143835/03:48
psywipedhappens on my laptop alot03:48
raVenpsywiped: oh ok...so..the chance of messing is up is low,right?03:48
raVengigabites2: yeah...but i havent noticed any slowing down or performance problems (for now)...03:48
psywipedand you cant make ubuntu autoboot03:48
QwertyManiacHello, my Firefox on Ubuntu simply crashes (no warnings, etc, nothing on stderr either) when I try to install ANY Firefox Add-on. What could be causing this problem? I have tried clearing my ~/.mozilla folder but to no avail.03:48
jribspaceBARbarian: X might not start? (I don't see how that could happen though)  Worst case scenario, you drop to a shell and delete your custom fdi...03:48
gigabites2raVen: Fair enough.03:48
heardcameronok so how do i get 4 desktops on my Ubuntu 8.10 OS?03:48
psywipedyea windows can break the ubuntu install but ubuntu cant break windows03:49
QwertyManiacI use Ubuntu with KDE4.1.2 and Firefox is 3.0.803:49
QwertyManiacIntrepid Ibex03:49
Huufartedheardcameron: in the lower-right corner of the default desktop and panel setup, you have 2 rectangles.  right-click, choose properties, and choose 4 columns instead of 2.03:49
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: r8169 is the driver03:49
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: understood.  So what do I do with that info now?03:50
jasballzheardcameron: install compiz and goto compiz-settings / general and increase desktop size03:50
jasballzqwertymaniac: weird. IDK, what version of ubuntu are you running?03:50
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: so i would suggest looking for ways to either update that, or recompile03:50
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: understood.03:50
QwertyManiacjasballz: Intrepid Ibex, 8.1003:50
psywipeddid we just get gentoo spill over?03:50
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: another piece to the puzzle that MIGHT have bearing... http://paste.ubuntu.com/143837/03:50
raVenpsywiped: oh...thank you so much for your help..to summarize it..i can update/install or do anything to this ubuntu OS just like a real installation?03:50
raVengigabites2: it took me hours to know how to install ubuntu without repartitioning my drives. trial and errors. someone told me about wubi....so finally...03:50
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: what kernel do you have (uname -r)03:50
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: I have a second NIC also RTL.  Getting uname -r for you now03:51
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: 2.6.27-11-generic03:51
psywipedyep raven thats why you have to reboot to get into it03:51
jasballzqwertymaniac: did you always have this problem?03:51
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: do you have the negotiation problem on the other NIC?03:51
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: yup...  :(03:51
psywipedjust like pinico its a real os03:52
heyuxianghi, it;s very serious now . i installed some ubuntu lcd patches which is said can improve font renderring, but now it just fucked my fonts renderring  ... even if i uninstall all of them , things don't change ... how to i go back to my font config ?03:52
QwertyManiacjasballz: no, been facing it since yesterday03:52
raVenpsywiped: well...im new to all of this stuff..so i dont know much...03:52
psywipedonly windows makes it ride on the short buss03:52
jasballzwhats gentoo?03:52
jasballzhow do i find port ownership with netstat?03:52
heardcameronok thx for that jazzballz... but how do i get them in a cube??03:52
QwertyManiacjasballz: Updating the kernel was my last apt action.03:52
raVenwho uses a lexmark printer here?how did you install the driver for it?03:53
heyuxiangany buddy could help ?03:53
psywipedjasballz an install that takes a year from your life in exchange03:53
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: booting up my other laptop as well so I can start screwing with the NICs in this PC and not have to worry about losing IRC03:53
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: comradekingu suggests this link, have you seen it?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57931203:53
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spaceBARbarianjrib: is this output from "cat /proc...devices" in hex ? "I: Bus=0003 Vendor=1532 Product=0002 Version=0110" or do i have to convert it ?03:53
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: no, I have not but I'm reading it now.03:54
jribspaceBARbarian: you shouldn't need any of that really03:54
QwertyManiaciamjustin: try clearing ~/.fontconfig folder and go back to the font options of your DE and set it to the desired ones?03:54
spaceBARbarianjrib: well im just doing what it said in the example03:54
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: it could be a bug with realtek drivers, but its odd that you say that it worked in the past03:55
musikgoat|mainmaybe it worked before a kernel update?03:55
iamjustinQwertyManiac: ok,i'll try03:55
jribspaceBARbarian: I don't remember needing to convert anything, but I'm not sure03:55
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: that's kinda what I'm thinking, but I'm not sure exactly when I upgraded the kernel.03:55
=== heardcameron is now known as heardcameron|BRB
=== Huufarted is now known as Huufarted_
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: do you keep old kernels?  catch the grub prompt and test the old kernel03:56
comradekingumusikgoat|main: The nic was also reportedly running at non gigabit speeds in the past03:57
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: good call.03:57
musikgoat|mainhmm, i thought Huufarted said it worked at gig speeds in the past,  is this not the case?03:57
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: kernel version?03:57
gasullHi.  I run out of free HD space in my main partition.  This is weird.  /tmp and /home use other partitions.  How can I find why I run out of space?03:58
the10nitroIf I have several lines of text, each with a number, how can I use a shell script to find the biggest number?03:58
=== heardcameron|BRB is now known as heardcameron
Pollywogis there a way to reconfigure my keyboard settings in Jaunty?  I think something went wrong during keyboard detection03:58
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: it did work in the past.  That's why I miss my 50-60 MB/sec transfer speeds.  :(03:58
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: what was a good call?03:58
heardcameroni need some help how do i get my Ubuntu 8.10 desktop into the cube03:58
comradekingumusikgoat|main: Huufarted: The posters in the thread reported 10Mbit and 100Mbit speeds03:58
musikgoat|maincomradekingu: unfortunately there is no resolution in that thread03:59
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: good call about bumping back to an older kernel.  My PC is also making me out to be a liar.  lol the on-board NIC is linking up at gigabit...  *sigh*03:59
psywipedweell that was a big deadzone03:59
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: interesting03:59
iamjustinit doesn;t help removing ~/.fontconfig03:59
comradekingumusikgoat|main: As a last resort you could try ndiswrapper if all else fails.04:00
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: so I could have been wrong about that NIC connecting at 100 mbit.  I'm not 100%04:00
iamjustinany body know where does ubuntu lcd patches changes the whole system ?04:00
Huufartedcomradekingu: an ndiswrapper seems like a cop-out solution.  :(  It doesn't seem proper to me04:00
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: well, its something to keep an eye on,  expansion cards can sometimes be a problem, if IRQ assignments are not properly used04:00
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: gotcha04:01
gasullHi.  I run out of free HD space in my main partition.  This is weird.  /tmp and /home use other partitions.  How can I find why I run out of space?04:01
psywipediamjustin hua?04:01
jasballzman froze04:01
Huufartedgasull:  du -h04:01
psywipediamjustin please run an expanson function on your question04:01
musikgoat|maingasull: graphically applications -> accessories -> disk space analyzer04:01
raVenanyone tried updating to 9.04? are there any bugs?04:02
musikgoat|main*disk usage analyzer04:02
psywipedgasull its probly /var04:02
Huufartedgasull: musikgoat|main has a solution better than mine.  :)04:02
gasullmusikgoat|main: thanks.  I can't run X04:02
iamjustinpsywiped: libxft-ubuntu or something fucked up my fonts04:03
SwilkyHI ALL! im trying to install server 8.10 from a usb drive, I can boot into the setup as per usual then it tells me it cant find a cd drive, so i made a syslink to /dev/sdb (usb drive) called /dev/cdrom/cdrom0 but it still wont work.... anyone got any idears... i thought it mite be becasue the file system is fat32 but so is the install cd.04:03
comradekinguraVen: join #ubuntu+104:03
* gasull is running du -h04:03
raVenok comradeking04:03
Don_MiguelraVen, you might ask over in #ubuntu+104:03
musikgoat|maingasull: sorry, then i would suggest du -h --max-depth=104:03
psywipediamjustin sudo apt-get uninstall libxft-ubuntu04:03
the10nitroheardcameron: install "Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (ccsm)" from the Add/Remove... menu.  I can't identify the package name for apt-get.04:03
musikgoat|maingasull: then you can traverse down the folders that are the culprits04:04
raVenthanks guys04:04
WTFsure--./quit linux04:04
psywipedthe10 just install it from there04:04
musikgoat|maingasull: you may want to do it as root though04:04
psywipedmusi it asks you for your sudo password04:05
musikgoat|mainpsywiped: you aren't on the same page as me04:05
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: he's on page 42.  Which page are you on?04:05
UbbyCDoh god.. this made my day04:05
* gasull is running sudo du / -h --max-depth=104:05
psywipedthats how i did compiz and the icon04:05
musikgoat|mainAppendix B04:05
UbbyCDyou guys have to see this04:05
=== vita is now known as santi
t3rracomo instalo et  on linux04:06
UbbyCDjust make sure your on ubuntu lol its some kind of windows tom foolery it made me lol    http://scanner.av1-best-click.info/scan.php?campaign=mmb_934922303&landid=404:06
UbbyCDoh noooeeezzzz im infectd04:06
Huufarted!ot | UbbyCD04:06
ubottuUbbyCD: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:06
Huufarted!ops | UbbyCD04:07
ubottuUbbyCD: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:07
HuufartedCan an op take care of that tool.  He's trying to spread nasty links....  My NoScript and Adblock went nuts with that link04:08
WTFsure--how do i install enemy territory in opensuse 1104:08
tritiumUbbyCD: watch it04:08
UbbyCDits not nasty04:08
UbbyCDits a joke04:08
jasballzneed gelp w proftpd04:08
HuufartedWTFsure--: you're in the Ubuntu channel, bud.04:08
badpenguin86Anyone try ubuntu portable yet?04:08
UbbyCDreally is that not funny as heck to see on UBUNTU04:08
WTFsure--jeesz yeh04:08
WTFsure--sorry :S04:08
UbbyCDi was browsing and that popped up and i about died laughing04:08
musikgoat|mainjasballz: explain the problem04:08
HuufartedWTFsure--: no worries.  :)  It's all good04:08
tritiumUbbyCD: it's offtopic.  Please stop.04:09
raVenguys...are these 283 updates for ubuntu 8.10 safe?04:09
spaceBARbarianjrib: this hal stuff doesnt work :P tried a whole bunch of different settings but mouse is still sensitivity as hell04:09
musikgoat|mainraVen: yes04:09
HuufartedraVen: as long as you're not using third party repositories, you should be good to go04:09
raVenit is recommended to install it right now?this is not ubuntu 9.04 right?04:09
musikgoat|mainraVen: if you haven't touched your repositories, then you are only getting updates from ubuntu04:09
raVenwhat do you mean by 3rd party repositories?04:09
HuufartedraVen: if you have 8.10 installed, it will not bump you to 9.0404:09
jribspaceBARbarian: check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log .  You restarted hal and X?04:09
HuufartedraVen: if you don't know what a third party repository is, then you're in the clear.  :)04:10
raVenwahahahaha...lol..just for the sake of being ignorant...what is it04:10
musikgoat|main!repo | raVen04:10
ubotturaVen: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:10
WTFsure--hmm hello , is it possible to install ventrilo  in ubuntu 8.10 32 bits yet?04:10
MK-ubuntuWTFsure--, use wine..04:11
musikgoat|mainraVen: 3rd party, of course, means not ubuntu04:11
raVenoh my...there are a lot of things to learn about linux T_T04:11
raVenhow about wubi?is it one?04:11
musikgoat|mainraVen: wubi is just a method of installing04:11
WTFsure--i managed to install with wine , but it wont open, its just shows me the ventrilo main window and wont run04:11
HuufartedraVen: the best explanation is, it's a server you pull programs from.  In Windows, you find a company's website, download a package, hope it installs.  In Linux, you run one command and it's installed.  It downloads it from these repositories.04:11
UbbyCDdang heck of a time for the battery to go dead04:11
raVenoooooooooohhh....ok i get it..thanks guys..hope you are not mad..04:12
HuufartedraVen: mad for what?  Every single person in here had limited knowledge in here at one point.  Asking is the best way to find that info.04:12
UbbyCDdid anyone else get a kick out of that link?04:13
musikgoat|mainexcept jrib :-)04:13
UbbyCDmy pc died04:13
raVentherefore, i should accept these 283 updates...04:13
raVenHuufarted: thank you..because im a newbie..its my very first time to touch linux, specifically ubuntu...04:13
HuufartedUbbyCD: no.  You're attempting to link malware infested links and that's not tolerated.04:13
FlannelUbbyCD: Again, it's offtopic for this channel.04:13
HuufartedraVen: I would recommend installing those updates.  I doubt it will hurt anything.04:13
gasullmusikgoat|main psywiped Huufarted: 5.7G /var, 7.6G /usr .  Should I empty /var?  How?04:14
UbbyCDlighten up were on ubuntu .. it was poling fun at windowz04:14
raVenok then..^_^ thank you again huufarted and musikgoat04:14
HuufartedraVen: any package that makes it into the official repositories (where the updates come from) are deemed stable.04:14
jribUbbyCD: please stay on-topic here04:14
musikgoat|maingasull: your apt cache could be taking up alot of space04:15
raVenoh..so the update manager releases ONLY stable updates and stuff..04:15
HuufartedraVen: correct...  UNLESS you've added third party repositories, which you have not done and therefore don't need to worry about that quite yet.  :)04:15
musikgoat|maingasull: you can run sudo apt-get clean04:16
musikgoat|maingasull: then check the size of /var04:16
raVenalas! now i get it ^_^ is it true that every installation in ubuntu doesnt require any reboots...04:16
UbbyCDseriously though im skeered i have viruses now04:16
Ashfire908What version of nautilus does Ubuntu use?04:16
gasullmusikgoat|main: OK.  Thanks04:16
* gasull running sudo apt-get clean04:16
musikgoat|mainraVen: no thats incorrect... any kernel update requires a reboot04:16
UbbyCDalso is there some kind of exploit in firefox now?04:16
FlannelAshfire908: Which version of Ubuntu?04:16
HuufartedraVen: no.  If you upgrade the kernel, it will require a reboot04:16
bazhangUbbyCD, stop that04:16
HuufartedraVen: but kernel updates are very rare.04:17
Ashfire908Flannel, 8.1004:17
raVenuhm..and what is a kernel now ^_^04:17
UbbyCDlike it was kinna hijacking my firefox a bit04:17
musikgoat|main!kernel | raVen04:17
ubotturaVen: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages04:17
UbbyCDasked if i wanted to download a bunch of stuff without me even clicking on things04:17
gasullmusikgoat|main: It changed from 5.7G to 5.6G04:17
FlannelAshfire908: 2.2404:17
HuufartedraVen: the kernel is just the very core of Linux.  It's something that's transparent to most users.  They don't know it's there.04:17
UbbyCDi felt violated is there a patch for firefox to fix that04:17
tritiumUbbyCD: stay on topic.  #ubuntu-offtopic for chat04:17
UbbyCDim on topic04:18
raVenso kernel is like the system32 of windows?04:18
HuufartedUbbyCD: /join #firefox04:18
tritiumUbbyCD: no, you are not04:18
musikgoat|maingasull: hmm then something else is it up,  change your du command to /var  instead of /04:18
Ashfire908raVen, no.04:18
psywipedhehe one more user for my ignore list04:18
FlannelAshfire908: er, 2.24.104:18
musikgoat|maingasull: and work your way down to determine what sub directory is the culprit04:18
HuufartedraVen: it's way lower level than that, but you've got the idea.  :)04:18
WTFsure--I got a question, everytime I download wubi  to install ubuntu, it downloads ubuntu 8.10 -64 bits, and gives me no chance to choose another one, I want a wubi-like program to download and install ubuntu 8.04 -32bits?? from windows xp,  thanks for help.04:19
ndshackerhello there, my ubuntu installation seems to be broken ;( I cna boot into single mode, but not regular04:19
HuufartedraVen: when you install these updates you're doing now, it will require a reboot because one of those updates will be the kernel, being the first time you've updated since installation04:19
quantumkennyUbutntu 9.04 beta: compiz: missing transparency effeccts on all windows.  everything else in compiz works great.  any ideas?04:19
quantumkennyintel graphics04:19
HuufartedWTFsure--: you need to download the 32-bit .iso, not the 64-bit04:19
raVenaw..ok then...coz i hate reboots..hehehe...well..no choice...thank you so much04:19
musikgoat|mainquantumkenny: #ubuntu+104:19
raVenashfire,huufarted and musikgoat..thanks04:19
Huufartedquantumkenny: just FYI, you won't find much help on betas in this channel.04:19
quantumkennyi see04:20
WTFsure--huufarted, yeh but i didnt downloaded it by .iso  just download the program wubi04:20
gasullmusikgoat|main: I see the problem now: /var/backup and /var/backups.  I was using sbackup for trying to back up my system, unsuccessfully04:20
ariqsin synaptic package manager, when I click reload, I get this: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY FC66403D8670A03504:20
musikgoat|maingasull: ahh, then delete what you need to :-)04:20
gasullmusikgoat|main: I will just delete those directories04:20
ndshackerhello there, my ubuntu installation seems to be broken ;( I cna boot into single mode, but not regular04:20
gasullmusikgoat|main: Thanks a lot :-)04:20
gasullWhat do you guys use for backups?04:20
HuufartedraVen: our pleasure.  :)  Linux is a great operating system, especially once you start learning it more.  This is really nerdy...  but I daresay it's fun.04:20
Huufartedgasull: I use rsync04:20
ndshackerIts two against one :p04:21
WTFsure--isnt there a direct download for wubi-8.04-32bits?04:21
t3rraguy waht is the best boock to learn linux04:21
Huufartedndshacker: would you tar up 360 GB of music?  :)04:21
raVenyeah..that is why this got my attention because it requires a lot of things before understanding it Huufarted..04:21
ndshackerUbuntu Kung Fu04:21
ariqsin synaptic package manager, when I click reload, I get this: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY FC66403D8670A035 <-- why?04:21
psywipedo man i just had a picture in my minde of raven trying to install gentoo04:21
ndshackerhuufarted: id add a exclude04:21
raVenpsywiped...now..what is gentoo04:22
WTFsure--isnt there a direct download for wubi-8.04-32bits?04:22
Huufartedndshacker, why an exclude?  The music is what I'm backing up.  :)04:22
musikgoat|mainraVen: that is offtopic,  its another version of linux04:22
psywipedraven its a do it yourself linux distro04:22
bazhang!ppagpg > ariqs04:22
ubottuariqs, please see my private message04:22
ndshackerhuufarted: then id use tar04:22
HuufartedraVen: You're correct.  Linux requires a lot of knowledge to really master (far more than I've got) but requires virtually none to be an end-user of.04:23
WTFsure--isnt there a direct download for wubi-8.04-32bits?04:23
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: rsync is great for making mirrors, but most people aren't looking to back that up, they want to backup the OS04:23
ndshackeryes thereis04:23
ndshackercheck the sourceforge page04:23
psywipedwtf no you chose it inside of wubi04:23
Huufartedmusikgoat|main: will tar backup all of the files on the mounted primary partition?04:23
UbbyCDthat wasnt very nice.. I rly had serious question04:23
WTFsure--nah it gives no option to choose04:23
musikgoat|mainHuufarted: yes04:23
raVenso musikgoat...coz psywiped mentioned it...psywiped: oh...well..if i have time..il check on it..il get to know ubuntu 1st....Huufarted: yeah..i first heard of linux at my school. coz  our school made its own version of linux..its called Lorma Linux04:23
psywipedwtf just make a 30gig partiton on your hdd and install it there04:24
raVenoops..that's "sorry musikgoat"04:24
gasullLast questions guys: I still use Ubuntu 8.04.  Is it worth the headache to upgrade to the latest one?  It wouldn't be the first time I screw up my system in the upgrade the the latest Ubuntu, and I end up doing a clean install :-)04:24
musikgoat|mainno worries04:24
WTFsure--hp bruto mas obio no pues weon04:24
psywipedgasull that upgrade has no issues just do it04:25
musikgoat|maingasull: upgrades can be troublesome sometimes, but mostly, 8.04 -> 8.10 is painless04:25
ndshackergasull: stick with 8.0404:25
ndshackerits an LTS04:25
Huufartedndshacker: doesn't 8.10 become LTS when 9.04 hits?04:25
WTFsure--ofc it does04:25
FlannelHuufarted: No.04:25
UbbyCDI tried to lighten the atmosphere with a something I saw as being funny but who cares I didnt realize this room was so uptight.. I seriously want to know if all those popups that happened without me asking was some kind of exploit in Firefox and if it is fixable04:25
gasullndshacker: Yeah, that's why I'm still w/ 8.404:25
psywipedthats only a good thing in a corprate viro04:25
HuufartedFlannel: what determines if a version is LTS or not/04:25
gasull(I meant 8.04)04:25
ndshackerhuufarted: no04:25
WTFsure--ofc it does04:25
raVenpsywiped: oh...well..if i have time..il check on it..il get to know ubuntu 1st....Huufarted: yeah..i first heard of linux at my school. coz  our school made its own version of linux..its called Lorma Linux04:25
FlannelHuufarted: Theyre decided beforehand.  6.06 is LTS, 8.04 is LTS, 10.04 will be the next one.04:26
musikgoat|maincanonical decides,  usually every 3rd release04:26
Flannelmusikgoat|main: fourth04:26
musikgoat|mainor 4th?04:26
ndshackerevery fourth i think04:26
HuufartedFlannel: understood.  Why are some LTS?04:26
WTFsure--3v3 et med+ server on04:26
UbbyCDbecause it would be a waste of resources to make them all that way04:26
psywipedhuuf for corprate viros04:26
Huufartedpsywiped: viros?04:27
FlannelHuufarted: Because some people don't want to upgrade every few months.  LTS allows you to upgrade once every few years.04:27
RopechoborraUbbyCD,  and why are so many non LTS instead of a few LTS ?04:27
HuufartedFlannel: gotcha04:27
psywipedcubicals make me sick so viro04:27
WTFsure--wow,  t3rra  its 3v3 et med+ serv on04:27
UbbyCDbecause some people like cutting edge04:27
Castawayzi have a busted dvd/cd drive how can is it possible to install ubuntu04:27
UbbyCDits cutting edge vs stability04:27
FlannelWTFsure--: Please stop that.04:27
psywipedcast use a usb loader04:28
WTFsure--was a private question anyways04:28
psywipedcast do a search for install ubuntu from usb drive04:28
WTFsure--ofc it does04:28
gartralum, is there a way too look at active memory, and get a live map of the alignments?04:28
UbbyCDnon lts versions are basically so they can give you the cutting edge without wholly commiting to it04:28
musikgoat|mainWTFsure--: if it was private, why announce it in a channel, open a pm04:28
psywipedor yahoo if your into that sort of thing04:28
FlannelGuys, can we take the LTS discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic?  Thanks.04:29
glitsj16UbbyCD: didn't follow all your messages, but i take it you have your firefox preferences set to block popup windows ?04:29
gartralCastawayz: you might be able to install from a USB drive04:29
psywipedubbycd was a troll04:29
UbbyCDsomeone is in a pissy mode04:29
BlackCoffee!gnome icons04:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome icons04:29
raVenis it bad to always reboot and switch from one OS to another OS?04:29
UbbyCDim trying to help and i get flamed04:29
BlackCoffee!installing icons04:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:29
psywipedno raven04:30
musikgoat|mainraVen: no04:30
psywipedjust timeconsuming04:30
BlackCoffeehow do i install icons on gnome?04:30
UbbyCDlol im a troll...04:30
PollywogI must have misconfigured my keyboard when I installed Jaunty and some keys do not work.  Is there a way to fix it without a reinstall?04:30
UbbyCDyou send me dirty pictures psywiped04:30
psywipedblack have your tried google?04:30
HuufartedFlannel: it's on-topic, IMO.  If there's a valid enough reason for 8.04 over 8.10, it may be beneficial to downgrade04:30
tritiumUbbyCD: stop04:30
PollywogI am running Ubuntu in virtualbox04:30
musikgoat|mainraVen: since they are on separate partitions or disks, it is fine04:30
racecar56Pollywog i'm runnning ubuntu on host :)04:30
BlackCoffeepsywiped:if i'm here it's perhaps i'm not able to goole for some reason04:31
racecar56blackcoffee just put it in /usr/share/pixmaps04:31
PollywogI run Hardy on the host04:31
raVenoh...thanks psywiped and musik...well..one is a virtual partition....ok then ^_^ and one more question guys...what causes RAM to be malfunctioning...(hardware)04:31
racecar56what should /var/www be owned by?04:31
racecar56pollywog k04:31
BlackCoffeeracecar:thanks man04:31
musikgoat|mainraVen: just life of the ram04:31
racecar56blackcoffee no problem :)04:31
HuufartedraVen: if it's defective hardware is the first guess.  You can boot to a LiveCD and use memtest04:31
PollywogI must have made a mistake during kb detection04:31
WTFsure--for any additional help type in: sudo google.com04:31
racecar56what should /var/www be owned by? it's owned by root currently04:31
raVenwoot..i can learn a lot in here ^_^ thank you again guys04:32
Huufartedracecar56, that's normal.04:32
psywipedno i think its sudo apt-get install google.com04:32
racecar56Huufarted, lol, k04:32
Huufartedracecar56: just make sure it's got 755 permissions04:32
Flannelpsywiped: please don't do that.04:32
savvasracecar56: if you don't like it, make a new user wwwuser and appoint it to that user: sudo chown -R wwwuser:wwwuser04:32
psywipeddo what?04:32
WTFsure--damn that was suposed to be a private msg sorryz04:33
Flannelpsywiped: google type things.04:33
mountainma1installed system updates, system restart required. now cannot boot computer--setup and boot menu's stall--cannot access command prompt, any ideas?04:33
psywipedok then sudo apt-get install yahoo.com04:33
Huufartedfor reals, though...  sudo apt-get install w3m04:33
Huufartedthen:  w3m http://www.google.com04:33
FlannelHuufarted: It's already installed, actually.04:33
psywipedi like the links more04:34
savvasmountainma1: are you using ubuntu 9.04?04:34
HuufartedFlannel: I dont' know why...  but I love that program.  it makes Ubuntu that much more useful.  And 'irssi'04:34
raVenhuufarted...may i know what program is that04:34
FlannelHuufarted, psywiped: Please take offtopic things elsewhere.  This channel is for Ubuntu support.  "Go google it" (or whatever search engine you prefer) is not proper support.04:34
mountainma1savvas - no, hardy heron i think...unless it was updating to 9.0404:35
UbbyCDthey have been helping people too04:35
HuufartedraVen: w3m is a command line interface (otherwise known as CLI) web browser.  'irssi' is an IRC client, kinda like you're probably using XChat right now.04:35
psywipedraven w3m is a text web browser for command line and irssi is a irc program04:35
savvasmountainma1: well it doesn't by default, did you click to upgrade to a new release?04:35
Heimarkanyone have suggestions for games I can install for my 7 year old sister on Kubuntu?04:35
mountainma1savvas: no, just upgrades.  i usually do new distro's from scratch04:36
WTFsure--gonorrea sacame otra vez y te mando a zicario04:36
psywipedmust resist bad idea04:36
raVengotcha huufarted and psywiped..hmm...correct me if im wrong..everytime a message is for me, (with my nick) the color of your names become brown?04:36
HuufartedHeimark: I only use more advanced games, but just do a google search for "Top 25 linux games" and see which ones are more appropriate for a younger audience.  :(04:36
Pollywogwell I guess it will be a reinstall :(04:36
musikgoat|mainraVen: its called highlight04:37
savvasmountainma1: when you boot you are prompted with several kernel options, did you try "recovery console" ?04:37
psywipedraven thats because i type your name at the start of the the message04:37
HuufartedraVen: you've got it.  Here's another tip in Ubuntu Command line and IRC.  Start typing a name and press Tab and it will auto-complete it04:37
HeimarkHuufarted: thank you04:37
HuufartedraVen: tab at the command line will auto-complete filenames and directories.  Comes in VERY handy04:37
psywipedHuufarted thanks i didnt know that04:37
raVenHuufarted: WTF! i was manually typing your name guys T_T now i know....04:37
Huufartedpsywiped: one single button that makes so many lives that much easier.  ;P04:37
psywipedctrl+v was my friend tll now04:38
mountainma1savvas: no i get the DELL screen, and it shows progress bar and stalls at last little bit.  If I use F2, F12 for Setup or Boot Menu--it stalls further04:38
raVenthanks psywiped...^_^04:38
raVenwahahahahahaha.....lol psywiped04:38
redfishhi all, downloaded and trying simdock but when i try to add an icon say for firefox launcher I get an "no handler found for image type" and the image type is png (firefox icon)04:38
Huufartedmany programs in Ubuntu are TAB key friendly04:38
HeimarkHuufarted: into the first hour of Kubuntu, and only a month or so into Ubuntu on my own computers. Get to have fun on the young ones a little before I install it on my netbook when 9.04 comes out.04:38
UbbyCDuhh whoops04:38
glitsj16Heimark: there's a package called edubuntu-addon-young with educational software and games for children that might have some ..04:39
BigMikeis there an iso recorder for ubuntu?04:39
savvasmountainma1: reboot it, and press "Esc" every second or so04:39
UbbyCDwhat is that doing04:39
redfishand "error could not load image"...this on ubuntu studio 8.1004:39
UbbyCDhu5h_huff3r huxtxu Huufarted04:39
UbbyCDwhat the heck is that04:39
HuufartedHeimark: I honestly don't know of games for younger audiences, though.  :(  I apologize04:39
mountainma1savvas: ok, at boot:04:39
savvasmountainma1: it will show up the boot options, where you can choose the recovery option, at least to debug what went wrong :)04:39
musikgoat|mainUbbyCD: its showing you all the nicks starting with hu04:39
psywipedredfish where areyou trying to do that?04:39
UbbyCDthats sick i didnt know that04:40
kholerabbianyone know how to enable the gnome splash for ubuntu?04:40
HuufartedUbbyCD: Now you do.  :)  And knowing's half the battle!04:40
UbbyCDi always thought you were typing in the name when you did that04:40
musikgoat|mainno way, laziness ftw04:40
UbbyCDHuufarted: that will help04:40
Heimarkyeah, I had some on my netbook. She only gets to play those when I'm around though, using Ubuntu on here though.04:40
etzerdHello all04:40
thefedsAre you people religious?04:40
UbbyCDetzerd: hey04:40
etzerdAnyone here already tested the version 9.04?04:40
thefedsCan I get a poll?04:40
psywipednetbooks ftw04:40
BlackCoffeehow do i get root privileges if i'm not logged on as root.can't copy files to a folder,it says that i'm not the owner :\04:41
musikgoat|main!ot | thefeds04:41
ubottuthefeds: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:41
Huufartedthefeds, I worship Tux.04:41
tuxFanI am04:41
etzerdUbbyCD: what's up?04:41
psywipedBlackCoffee sudo04:41
Flanneletzerd: #ubuntu+1 for Jaunty questions, thanks.04:41
mountainma1savvas - it takes me to "The default installation issuitable for....and a boot:  "04:41
redfishpsywiped, i right click and type edit launcher, then I click on the current icon (a question mark) and it opens and lets me browse for icon I want...firefox.png.  Then when I select it, for a minute it works in the icon window but ones I close...I get the error messages04:41
BlackCoffeejust sudo?04:41
UbbyCDetzerd: chillin chililin04:41
etzerdThanks Flannel04:42
psywipedBlackCoffee open your file navagater from the command line with sudo04:42
savvasmountainma1: is this hardy heron downloaded from ubuntu.com or is it a dell pre-installed image?04:42
TheFunkbombDoes anyone use Mail Notification?  Mine just stopped working04:42
etzerdjoin /ubuntu+104:42
musikgoat|mainetzerd: /join #ubuntu+104:42
t3rraguys is this real?and configuring Gentoo can take days or weeks.04:42
UbbyCDjoin /ubuntu+104:43
mountainma1savvas: I assume the dell pre-installed image that came with the Windows before I started using linux on it??04:43
psywipedt3rra who what hua?04:43
musikgoat|main!ot | t3rra, Yes04:43
ubottut3rra, Yes: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:43
benchewhow to encode chinese in rhythmbox music player04:43
xi_is there a way to make it so you can choose either gnome,xfce,kde when loading ubuntu?04:43
musikgoat|maint3rra: you can ask in #gentoo04:43
Huufarted!cn | benchew04:43
ubottubenchew: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:43
Flannelxi_: Yep.  Just install kubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-desktop, and xubuntu-desktop04:43
UbbyCDyou do that in the login screen somewhere04:43
Flannelxi_: and then you choose at the login screen under "sessions"04:44
Erasmushey guys i'm trying to get my 3d acceleration working on 8.10 and i have a 8800gt when i enable the propietary drivers i then reboot in terminal04:44
t3rrano im jist asking look this http://polishlinux.org/choose/comparison/?distro1=Gentoo&distro2=Ubuntu04:44
xi_Flannel: thanks04:44
benchewubottu, noted04:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about noted04:44
psywipedt3rra is in gentoo she missed her window04:44
Huufartedbenchew: I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just letting you know there are channels dedicated to other languages where you may find better help04:44
xi_one more thing04:44
kodekill /server irc.efnet.net04:44
xi_which wifi program would you suggest?04:44
benchewHuufarted, i understand. i am still new. thanks anyway04:44
savvasmountainma1: ok, that's fine :) I'm out of ideas though, try filing a bug report at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug04:44
redfishpsywiped did you see my reply?04:44
Huufartedbenchew: no worries.  :)04:44
t3rrano guys i realy want use but scareme about that page said04:45
=== Dopppp is now known as Doppp
savvasmountainma1: sorry, http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug04:45
mountainma1savvas: so you don't know how i can boot from the "boot:  " command line?04:45
Flannelt3rra: Ask the people in #gentoo about gentoo.  Thanks.04:45
Huufartedt3rra: my suggestion is to run the LiveCD without installing it and see how it goes04:45
psywipedt3rra is in #gentoo shes good04:45
grkblood13is there an easy way to convert mp3s to wavs?04:45
musikgoat|maingrkblood13: for what reason?04:46
Huufartedgrkblood13: that is off topic, but I will suggest Audacity04:46
psywipedgrkblood13 whatever for?04:46
t3rraok i will some boddy add me hoe friend if i need some help04:46
musikgoat|maingrkblood13: you are converting a lossy format into a lossless format, you will not gain any quality, just empty size04:46
grkblood13yes, i know04:46
occydoes anyone know how to hook up your blackberry to your linux box, and utilize the keyboard to do stuff on the BB?  or is that not possible?04:47
Erasmuscan anyone help me with my 8800gt issue?04:47
grkblood13but aplay and arecord only accept wav format04:47
Flannelt3rra: Just ask your Ubuntu questions, you don't need to find someone to ask first.04:47
savvasmountainma1: nope, I don't know  your version of linux kernel nor where it is installed :\04:47
grkblood13im trying to figure out how to audio forward04:47
musikgoat|mainErasmus: ask away, if someone knows, they might answer04:47
grkblood13and some suggested this04:47
psywipedhehe t3rra keeps geting lost in windows04:48
grkblood13gnubien> vlc: no sound: sudo alsaconf04:48
grkblood13<gnubien> vlc: DISPLAY=:0vlc--alsadev 'hw:0,0' /path/to/video.file.avi04:48
grkblood13<gnubien> play to another box using ssh tunnel: arecord -t wav -f cd | ssh host 'cat | aplay'04:48
grkblood13<gnubien> netcat arecord to aplay on another box: ssh host 'nc -u -l -p portnum | aplay' && arecord -t wav -f cd | nc -u host portnum04:48
grkblood13<gnubien> grkblood13: from my notes ^^^^04:48
FloodBot3grkblood13: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:48
mountainma1Linux updates have left me unable to load system --help anyone?04:48
cytoplasmWhere do I put libflashplayer.so?04:48
savvasmountainma1: if you are prompted with an option and it allows you to edit it, remove "ro quiet splash" and replace it with "ro single"04:48
cytoplasmthe 64 bit one04:48
cytoplasmfrom adobe04:48
psywipedmountainma1 use a live cd04:48
Erasmusok i just installed ubuntu 8.10 and i have a nvidia 8800gt boots up fine and all but then i wanna activate my 3d accel but when i do in the hardware drivers i reboot in text mode04:48
=== _Purple_ is now known as _Purple_away
coolmadmaxcan anyone to tell me after i establish LAN connection how to share files between systems04:48
cytoplasmWhere do I put the libflashplayer.so?04:48
musikgoat|mainErasmus: you can install the 177 drivers from synaptic04:49
mountainma1saavas - no options presented, only "boot: "04:49
Huufartedcoolmadmax: all Ubuntu machines or Windows with it?04:49
judget_anyone here comp[ile the gspca module04:49
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
durt!samba > coolmadmax04:49
ubottucoolmadmax, please see my private message04:49
coolmadmaxubuntu and fedora 1004:49
mountainma1psywiped: I put a live CD in, but it won't load04:49
grkblood13any1 here have experience with audio forwarding?04:49
Huufartedcoolmadmax: You can use Samba, Rsync, NFS, FTP, or SFTP (ssh).  use SFTP if it's over the public internet instead of FTP.  FTP is ok if it's on a LAN.04:50
Hieda_no_AkyuI'm running Ubuntu from the disk trying to see how it works.04:50
Erasmusmusikgoat|main: yeah when i choose to activate it, it downloads and installs the 177 drivers04:50
musikgoat|maincoolmadmax: the easiest method is scp,  it is likely built into both distros04:50
savvascytoplasm: in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ ?04:50
redfishi keep getting error :  no handler for image type     when trying to change an icon for simdock launcher04:50
Perry__hey i upgraded my system to 8.10 and after i restarted my system i no longer get back my GUI...can anyone help04:50
redfishthe image type is png04:50
Hieda_no_Akyu"Loading Firefox" *waits 5 mineuts* nothing is happening.04:50
Erasmusis there a way to revert back to i can boot back in xwindows?04:51
HeimarkUbuntu from the Live CD is kinda crappy. Really slow.04:51
Erasmusim at the command prompt04:51
musikgoat|mainErasmus: you can install the nvidia drivers manually04:51
Perry__hey i upgraded my system to 8.10 and after i restarted my system i no longer get back my GUI...can anyone help..right now i am using my live cd04:51
musikgoat|mainErasmus: try sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start04:51
durtHeimark, due to running of off CD, HD install is much faster.04:51
coolmadmaxwhen i try to establish ftp asking for server what to put in?04:51
Em3raldMcSquizzyhey guys, I'm looking for a how-to on packaging icon sets ... anyone point me in the right direction please?04:52
Huufartedcoolmadmax: the IP address of the other PCs04:52
HuufartedEm3raldMcSquizzy: http://www.gnome-look.org04:52
Erasmusmusikgoat|main: command not found04:52
Hieda_no_Akyu"Loading Firefox" *dissappears on task bar* *5-10 mineuts* *nothing*04:52
Perry__musikgoat|main; hi long time04:52
Erasmusah nvm hold on04:53
grkblood13nobody has ever remotely stream audio from one desktop to another?04:53
musikgoat|mainPerry__: hello04:53
Huufartedgrkblood13: what are you trying to do?  Listen to music with the music stored on another PC?04:53
Perry__musikgoat|main; i need a solution to my problem04:53
musikgoat|mainPerry__: ask away, if i don't know, someone else may04:53
Erasmusmusikgoat|main: just says GNOME Display manager [OK]04:53
grkblood13im trying to remotely access vlc which i can do via ssh -X and bring the audio with it04:53
Perry__musikgoat|main  i upgraded my system to 8.10 and after i restarted my system i no longer get back my GUI...right now i am using my live cd04:53
mountainma1Linux failed to boot after updates, no boot options, only "boot:   "04:53
HuufartedErasmus, try this:  Ctrl-Alt-F704:54
TALit possible to play windows media files in ubuntu04:54
Em3raldMcSquizzyHuufarted: hehe, yeah, but I can't find a how-to on that page.  I know it should be there somewhere, but I can't find the appropriate link.  Any help would be great ... I mean, I co0uld be blind ... it's gotta be there somewhere.04:54
redfishfixed it myself, copy icon info from gnome panel04:54
tritiumTAL: yes.04:54
tritium!medibuntu | TAL04:54
ubottuTAL: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:54
HuufartedEm3raldMcSquizzy: that is off topic, so I won't go into details, but I ahven't found that info there, either.04:54
TALcan i still use it?04:54
ErasmusHuufarted: blinking cursor now04:54
Em3raldMcSquizzyHuufarted: hmm, thanx.  I'll keep looking.04:54
musikgoat|mainPerry__: you could try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:55
HuufartedErasmus: Sorry.  I won't be much help to you.  :(  I apologize.04:55
Erasmusk how hard is it to manualy install the drivers04:55
Erasmusjust gonna reinstall will take 4 minutes or so04:55
musikgoat|mainErasmus: go back to ctrl+alt+f104:55
Perry__musikgoat|main  musikgoat|main; will that surely resolve the problem04:55
grkblood13Huufarted, any ideas?04:55
musikgoat|mainPerry__: no04:55
musikgoat|mainbut its a start04:55
Huufartedgrkblood13: you didn't answer me.  Are you trying to listen to music that's hosted on another PC?04:55
musikgoat|mainErasmus: just a sec, someone had instructions typed up, let me go back in my history04:56
Perry__musikgoat|main  then i have to restart my system and do that??04:56
grkblood13grkblood13> im trying to remotely access vlc which i can do via ssh -X and bring the audio with it04:56
grkblood13so not just music04:56
grkblood13but mainly that04:56
Erasmusmusikgoat|main: im just gonna reinstall will a few moments wanna know how to install drivers manualy like you said04:56
grkblood13so yes kinda04:56
Huufartedgrkblood13:sorry I can't help you there, but I do have an offtopic discussion I will pm you with04:57
UbbyCDwhy is turbolister so slow in virtualbox04:57
musikgoat|mainErasmus: i'm looking for the instructions to manually install the nvidia provided driver04:57
dewmanbecause turbolister is for windows...04:57
UbbyCDalso when i look at the task thing in the windows guest of virtualbox it shows only swap and not ram04:58
Dreamgliderwhat is turbolister ?04:58
UbbyCDnot sure if thats normal..04:58
Perry__musikgoat|main  then i have to restart my system and do that??04:58
dewmanebay tool04:58
UbbyCDdewman:  lol04:58
Erasmusso do all video cards have a problem like this to get 3d accel working?04:58
dewmanfor listing 100000 items at once. =P04:58
musikgoat|mainPerry__: no, just run the command, logout and log back in04:58
UbbyCDthat would take a 10 lifetimes on my setup04:58
Perry__musikgoat|main; i suppose i have failed in making you understand clearly04:59
UbbyCDit takes hours to list 25 items.. not very turbo04:59
musikgoat|mainsorry Perry__ your in livecd, what happens when you attempt to boot?04:59
musikgoat|mainwithout live04:59
UbbyCDis it normal to see only swap as ram in the guest os on virtualbox xp04:59
Perry__musikgoat|main; right now i am on my live cd....and with the live cd session i have no GUI probelm......the problem is with the ubuntu installed on my disk....04:59
psywipednope got my 9600's working just fine05:00
Perry__musikgoat|main; okk...when i boot from disk....it takes me to the command prompt...no GUI05:00
Erasmusshould i use 8.04 instead i know i didn't have any problems with that one05:00
musikgoat|mainErasmus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual05:00
mM94Erasmus, no. I did have trouble myself when I first tried ubuntu. Problem was my monitor used DVI instead of VGA05:00
musikgoat|mainPerry__: then to answer your earlier question, you will have to run that command after you login05:01
HuufartedAnybody here that uses irssi that can tell me how to close an un-needed chat window in the background?05:01
HuufartedUbbyCD: yes?05:01
Perry__musikgoat|main; and any other commands to run???05:01
Erasmusmusikgoat|main: thanks i will try that05:01
=== madmax is now known as Guest9761
tonyyarussoHuufarted: /wc05:02
Huufartedtonyyarusso: thanks.  :)05:02
* psywiped is now HungRy05:02
musikgoat|mainPerry__:  you should try reading through your hd's logs to see why it couldn't load the gui05:02
Huufartedtonyyarusso: that rocks, thanks a ton05:02
tonyyarussoHuufarted: np :)  (also, in the future if you don't get an answer here, there's also an #irssi)05:03
Perry__musikgoat|main; okk.. so now i am gonna restart the system05:03
musikgoat|mainPerry__: when you are in there...05:03
psywipedPerry__ sudo restart05:03
Huufartedtonyyarusso: oh snap!  Thanks again05:03
Perry__musikgoat|main; ??05:03
musikgoat|mainPerry__: "less /var/log/messages"  and read through it for errors to give you more information05:04
Perry__musikgoat|main; is there no way that i cn read it from here??05:04
musikgoat|mainPerry__: yes, if you mount the hard drive (unless it automounted)05:05
Perry__musikgoat|main; i am able to access the files...05:05
=== UbbyCD is now known as ifarted
psywipedPerry__ can you ssh into it?05:05
Perry__musikgoat|main; but the only problem would be surpassing the permissions05:05
musikgoat|mainPerry__: sudo05:05
Perry__psywiped; how to ssh??05:06
musikgoat|mainpsywiped: wrong page again05:06
psywipedPerry__ you have read permissions just not right05:06
psywipedno im on the the write one05:06
Perry__psywiped; i tried to copy the files from ubuntu to windows and i got a message that some files cannot be copied due to permissions05:07
musikgoat|mainPerry__: you don't need to ssh05:07
psywipedthis is #skanks right?05:07
Perry__musikgoat|main; okk.. now should i run as sudo gedit /var/log/messages  ??05:07
musikgoat|maingksudo gedit ...05:07
Perry__musikgoat|main; but i think it'll show the messges from the live cd session05:08
musikgoat|mainPerry__: yes, sorry.   check in /media for your hard drives mount name05:08
ifartedpsywiped:  no this is ubuntu support for ubuntu support only if you dont have ubuntu support or need ubuntu support then why are you on ubuntu support this is for support of ubuntu and supporting others05:08
musikgoat|mainPerry__: then gksudo gedit /mount/thatname/var/log/messages05:08
Perry__musikgoat|main; ya its just disk05:09
tacoma949everytime i boot i have to select my wireless network, how to i make it auto connect upon boot?05:09
musikgoat|mainifarted: stop trolling05:09
psywipedtacoma949 right click on the icon and hit prefrencres05:09
psywipedenglish is my first languge but i still suck at it05:10
grkblood13any1 have any experience using ssh as a proxy?05:10
tacoma949psywiped, ty got it05:11
Perry__musikgoat|main; its empty...and i doubt that it existed..because when i tried to close it i got the message.. want to save??05:11
ifartedmusikgoat|main: a little late?05:11
=== ifarted is now known as musikgoat|second
tacoma949how can i install kde? can i do it threw apt-get?05:12
BlackCoffee!file managers05:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about file managers05:12
musikgoat|mainPerry__: you should have a /media/disk/var/log/messages  use the file manager to check whats in the var/log direcory05:13
=== John is now known as Guest34639
Guest34639hello my question is i have installed ubuntu and now want to get rid of it snd put vista on there?05:16
jribGuest34639: just install vista over it then05:16
pinionWhat's a good app for ripping to flac?  I heard abcde is good but I'm not sure how to get it going05:17
Guest34639jrib: I try and it gives me this message is setup was unable partition or locate and existing system partition05:17
almark1Hello, where can I get buzztard for ubuntu hardy? Is this package not in the repos?05:17
jribGuest34639: ##windows for windows help05:18
lstarnesGuest34639: ask in ##windows.  this channel is solely for ubuntu05:18
Erasmusmusikgoat|main: and again this doesn't work05:18
Erasmusmusikgoat|main: followed the manual install step by step and the same problem05:18
Perry__musikgoat|main; http://paste.ubuntu.com/143861/05:18
rvni want to make my x session boot up into a commandline that will stay in the background, i.e., desktop-level, while still allowing windows to exist and be used on top of it05:20
Perry__musikgoat|main; i coulldn't amke out anything from it05:21
Erasmusshould i use envy?05:21
almark1Is buzztard pre made for ubuntu?05:22
him89anyone tell me to install b4 driver?05:22
almark1I have googled and can't find a ubuntu package of Buzztard.05:22
Erasmusdo all linux distros have problems with nvidia drivers?05:25
psychici have xubuntu and my system is 512 mb ram and 1.8ghz processor and am trying to watch streaming vids through firefox on netflix but it says its only mac or win compatible i also have WINE installed anyone got any advise05:26
starsunflowertry mono05:26
NasraI have not heard any been successful at setting up logitech webcam...05:26
Nasrahas any1 ?05:27
psychicmono ?05:27
starsunfloweri heard that netflix is using silverlight as of recent05:27
psychicwas tyea05:27
grkblood13im trying to ssh tunnel to a blocked site, i blocked a site to a local box through my router and ran ssh -D 8080 -Nf from that box that has the block site and i got this: channel_setup_fwd_listener: cannot listen to port 808005:27
psychicany advise?05:27
grkblood13any1 know y?05:27
starsunflowerI don't know a whole lot about it...05:28
psychicis that for me?05:28
Erasmusanyone used envy for installing drivers?05:28
starsunflowerthere's something compatible that reads silverlight05:28
starsunfloweri have no idea why netflix is adopting silverlight....NO ONE uses silverlight05:29
psychicbut its on mono?05:29
starsunfloweroh it's called moonlight05:30
psychicmoonlight is the interface i need?05:30
starsunfloweri wonder if there is a way to petition netflix to ditch the silverlight05:30
starsunfloweri've never run it, but worth a try05:31
=== mattias is now known as Swede
Erasmusanyone know how to remove the bootloader so i can keep my vista05:31
verkinhi, i'm using intrepid but I would like to install a package from jaunty (since it is more up to date and has fixes i need). how can i do this?05:32
=== Nasra is now known as maximo
SwedeIs it possible to connect to Internet using a Sony Ericson k610i mobile phone? I want to connect using the phone because I can't get the icon 225 modem to work?05:32
SwedeThe k610i is a 3G phone, but is it possible to use Internet through the phon in Ubuntu 8.10?05:33
psywipedtry it with usb05:33
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=== Zaraphrax|Laptop is now known as Zaraphrax|Deskto
=== Zaraphrax|Deskto is now known as Zaraphrax|Laptop
mM94Erasmus, did you get that driver working?05:35
him89Hi please help me install b43 drivers05:35
musikgoat|secondis there texas holdem for ubuntu05:35
firiancan someone help me with firefox format problem05:35
=== maximo is now known as Nasra
musikgoat|secondwhere you can play actual people05:35
=== musikgoat|second is now known as firians
ErasmusmM94: no :P05:36
=== firians is now known as firiansbabymomma
mM94Erasmus, what happens when you boot?05:37
Erasmusbrings me to command prompt05:37
firianthought this was a place to get help not to be made fun of05:37
Erasmusdoesn't load the desktop at all05:37
firiansbabymommai can help05:37
Erasmusi even tried the manual install05:37
Erasmusfollowed every steps05:37
hteti uncheck the wireless connection box and now i don't know how to reenable it05:37
Erasmusi wonder if i try 8.0405:38
firiansbabymommafirian: whats your problem with firefox05:38
Erasmuslast time i tried that one i didnt have any problems05:38
firiansbabymommasorry for the double post05:38
Erasmuswas easy as a cake05:38
firiansome pages are formatted badly05:38
psychichow do i check if i need 32 or 64 bit?05:39
firianmy messages are under advertisements and stuff like that05:39
firiansbabymommawhat is the page style set to05:39
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
firianhow do i check?05:40
firiansbabymommayou should take a screenshot of something that has no personal data in it05:40
him89psychic how much ram do you have?05:40
firiansbabymommaand upload it to imageshack.us and post the url05:40
psychici have a 512 meg card but it only detect 47005:40
firiansbabymommajust hit the print screen button05:41
psychici guess its got somthing to do with on board hardware or somthing05:41
Erasmusinstalling 8.04 well see what happens with that one05:41
him89you got an onboard graphics?05:41
stealth-anyone know a good video converter? Im trying to get all sorts of different formats into my psp and phone. Im maily looking for the basic formats and flv and mp4. Its driving me nuts, ive tried so many different ones its not even funny :(05:41
him89so the graphics uses that ram05:42
him89its normal05:42
jebdmHi--I'm having difficulty mounting some new partitions I created.  I'm working on installing Arch Linux, and I created several new partitions for it.  I ran the Arch live CD and installed, and everything seemed to go fine.  Now I'm trying to mount my new partitions under Ubuntu.  I haven't added them to my fstab.  The problem is that running "sudo mount /mount/arch /dev/sda7" results in "mount: /mount/arch is not a block device".  "sudo fsck /dev/sda7" says that 05:42
psychicnch has one05:42
him89stealth try handbrake05:42
mM94Erasmus, okay. I'm new to linux myself. I was trying to find the command to reset the xorg file so you could at least get the display back05:42
firiansbabymommafirian: it would be under view page style05:42
stealth-psychic , him89: thanks ill check those out05:42
bazhangjebdm, how does this relate to ubuntu05:42
firiansbabymomma/view   / page style05:42
jebdm@bazhang: I'm trying to mount the partition in Ubuntu05:43
puremichaelhi... i've got problems running blender with ati drivers (desktopeffects are disabled) - blender starts, but the whole desktop is messed up with black areas, does anyone have any ideas?05:43
bazhangjebdm, why not use gparted live cd05:43
psychicyea the graphics use that but it is detecting on netflix even after moonlight install its not compatible05:43
ErasmusmM94: lol im just reinstalling everytime05:43
jebdm@bazhang I did, to create the partitions, and it worked fine.  Arch accesses them fine as well.  I want to access the partition from Ubuntu, though, and that doesn't work.05:44
firianits on basic page style05:44
firiani tried to upload a file and its not in a supported format. its a png file how to change05:44
phanterhola me podrian ayudar a hacer una aplicacion sencilla en mono pero usando un formulario05:45
mM94Erasmus, wow sorry to hear that. It took me 3 days to find out why my nvidia driver didn't show up05:45
firiansbabymommaIm not sure.. gimp can probably do it05:45
him89jebdm: does it not show up in places?05:45
firiansbabymommaif you open it in gimp and save it as jpg05:45
phantersolo necesito saber como capturar datos de una caja d texto05:45
rvnhow do ya use a .fon file in ubuntu?05:45
=== firiansbabymomma is now known as rvns
phanterabout mono05:46
=== rvns is now known as rvnshomie
lstarnes!es | phanter05:46
ubottuphanter: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:46
Flannel!nickspam > rvnshomie05:46
ubotturvnshomie, please see my private message05:46
mM94Erasmus, my monitor was DVI instead of VGA. that's what my problem was05:46
naccohola gente :D05:46
naccotengo un problema con el emesene no me deja hacer nada ni agregar contactos y sale este cartel05:46
jebdm@him89 I don't use Gnome, so I don't know, but I'm going to assume it doesn't.  Is there any way to check without restarting my session?05:46
nacco"Federated query failure http://pvt-applications.edge.messenger.live.com/FederatedUserQueryService/V1".05:46
ErasmusmM94: k so what did you do?05:46
naccotengo un problema con el emesene no me deja hacer nada ni agregar contactos y sale este cartel: "Federated query failure http://pvt-applications.edge.messenger.live.com/FederatedUserQueryService/V1". como lo soluciono05:47
Erasmusmy monitor is DVI as well05:47
him89type in mounts05:47
lstarnes!es | nacco05:47
ubottunacco: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:47
mM94Erasmus, oh really?05:47
him89jebdm and does it display the mounted dirs?05:47
jebdmnope, doesn't show up05:47
mM94Erasmus, you have to add a line to your xorg file05:47
him89type in sudo mount /dev/sdxy /media/sdxy05:48
jebdm@him89 it's not listed under mount, but mount does list everything i would expect05:48
him89x is the hard disk number and y is partition number05:48
him89and the /media/sdxy should exist05:48
jebdm@him89 nope, it doesn't work, that was my problem05:49
PsitticusHI!  I'm having a very hard time booting Ubuntu from the Live CD.05:49
tazhi.... How do they design Ubuntu penguin icons or image05:49
mM94Erasmus, yes in the "Screen" section you have to add....Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP"05:49
him89what it says?05:49
jebdm@him89 I did try to mount it under a different directory, though (/mount/arch/, which does exist).  Should that make a difference?05:49
him89you need to have a dir name /media/arch05:49
him89or it wont work05:49
him89type in mkdir /media/arch05:50
him89and then the mount05:50
jebdm@him89 I did, but for some reason mounting it under media seems to work05:50
him89do a chmod 0777 /mount as root05:50
NithrinWhat do I type in the command line to see what the code names for my programs are?05:50
him89and then mkdir /mount/arch05:50
jebdm@him89 oh, yeah, shit, that was the problem, thanks05:50
him89works now?05:51
jebdm@him89 i just forgot to give /mount the right permissions05:51
jebdm@him89 yeah, great, thanks05:51
firianok i got it uploaded http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/9716/badfomat.jpg05:51
artscienceHow do I know if GRUB is installed on my MBR or on my boot sector?05:52
Erasmuswhats the reason im trying to get this ubuntu running? and not using windows?05:52
omzigcan anyone help me about game..?05:52
artscienceis there anyway for me to check?05:52
MajishnHi, everyone.05:52
him89artscience MBR and Boot Sector is the same thing05:52
omzigi want to paste the problem at pastebin..?05:53
omziganyone can help..i forget the website..05:53
rww!pastebin > omzig05:53
ubottuomzig, please see my private message05:53
him89omzig: pastebin.com05:53
lstarnesomzig: it's in the topic message of this channel (http://paste.ubuntu.com)05:53
artsciencehim89 oh? that's not my understanding.05:53
omzigmaybe ubuntu dont support for gamers?05:54
artscienceThis command will install the GRUB boot loader on the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the first drive. If you want to put GRUB into the boot sector of a partition instead of putting it in the MBR, specify the partition into which you want to install GRUB:05:54
artscienceI mean the boot sector of the partition Ubuntu is on05:54
him89oh yeah05:54
him89artscience are you trying to install it now?05:55
omzigcan anyone check this for me -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/143878/05:55
artscienceactually I'm considering installing a boot manager called PLoP05:55
firiancan anyone help with firefox format issue05:55
MajishnI'm having trouble getting Ubuntu to recognize a new data partition I created. Can anyone help me in my ignorance?05:55
durtomzig, ask a question first05:55
him89firian whats wrong?05:55
artsciencebut it gives me this warning05:55
artscienceWarning Linux users: Install LILO or GRUB to the boot sector of your Linux instead of the Master Boot Record (MBR). The PLoP Boot Manager is not a Linux loader and cannot start Linux without LILO, GRUB, Syslinux and similar!05:56
firianlook up this pic http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/9716/badfomat.jpg05:56
omzigi d/l gunboud game...after i download ..i install and the report come out..05:56
omzigso can you check for me the problem -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/143878/05:56
PsitticusI've written iso to four disks of three different brands, tried both 64 bit and 32 bit isos on two machines (one running Vista 64 and the other Win XP.) Burnt isos with two different software packages.  I get to the Ubuntu menu, but cannot get the cd to boot after that no matter what I try.  I'm out of ideas.  Can anyone help, please?05:56
Erasmushmm ok05:56
him89artscience you just reinstall grub on a partition boot sector05:56
Erasmusis there a way to test if 3d accel works good?05:56
him89and then continue with the PLoP setup05:56
him89Erasmus run glxgears and if the FPS > 1000 3d accel is good05:57
TheFunkbombCould someone please help set up Alltray so that it loads at startup and forces Thunderbird into the tray?05:57
dcamp25how do I hide my computer name from windows networks ?05:57
firianpsitticus i had similar issue try using boot option pnpbios=off05:57
lstarnesomzig: what command are you running?05:57
durtomzig, it's an .exe, d/l a linux version.05:57
PsitticusI'll try firian.  Thanks.  brb05:58
Erasmus13370 fps good? LOL05:58
him89its pretty good05:58
him89what card you got?05:58
almark1I am trying to install a program Buzztard, and I have the dependencies for it, yet when i compile in Hardy, I get this error No package 'gstreamer-base-0.10' found I have this package installed, what can I do to get this program to see it when i run ./configure?05:58
Erasmusi have 2 8800gt in sli05:58
Erasmusnot sure if they work in sli in linux tho05:58
him89thats pretty good :)05:58
artsciencehim89 how do I do that? and is GRUB installed onto the MBR by default?05:58
Erasmusfor some reason i couldn't get that card running in 8.1005:59
him89Erasmus they will work if you got the right drivers05:59
Erasmusinstalled 8.04 and boom they work05:59
him89yes GRUB installed on MBR by default05:59
artsciencehim89 you are quite the multi-tasker, bravo05:59
lstarnesalmark1: what about libgstreamer0.10-dev ?05:59
him89Erasmus what problem on 8.10?06:00
Erasmusi have 169 i think06:00
lstarnesomzig: if it is a .exe, you need to use wine to run it in linux06:00
him89get 17706:00
him89do a sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17706:00
dcamp25how do I hide my computer name from windows networks ?06:00
almark1lstarnes: I think I have that installed too.06:00
Erasmusk i hope it doesnt screw me again like in 8.1006:00
MajishnAnybody? I assume I need to mount the new partition (ext3 formatted), but can't figure out how.06:00
him89what happened in 8.1006:00
him89Majishn PM me06:00
almark1lstarnes: ah, its not installed06:01
Erasmusi was installing them and couldn't start the desktop interface06:01
him89any error?06:01
him89and dont install it manually06:01
Erasmusnot really06:01
him89use the ubuntu repos06:01
Erasmusi tried manualy06:01
Erasmusand i tried from the restricted drivers thing06:01
him89dont its not recommended with ubuntu06:01
him89dont do that way either06:01
almark1lstarnes: Because Ubuntu's naming of deps are not obvious, I don't know what to install when it calls for it.06:01
Erasmuslol k06:01
Erasmusso i just do that command?06:02
him89type in a sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-7706:02
TheFunkbombCould someone please help me set up Alltray so that it loads up and docks Thunderbird once I login?06:02
him89and restart06:02
him89it should work06:02
lstarnesalmark1: generally, just search for a -dev package with a similar name06:02
Erasmusdo i get out from xwindows?06:02
MajishnOK, him89, I just need to figure out how....06:02
almark1lstarnes: And install till it works then ;)?06:02
=== airwalk is now known as Airwalk
him89Majishn paste the output of sudo fdisk -l06:02
dcamp25how do I hide my computer name from windows networks ?06:02
PsitticusAt menu I hit F6, added pnpbios=off to boot options, and it's just hanging.06:03
lstarnesdcamp25: are you using samba?06:03
him89Erasmus key in ctrl+alt+F1 at one06:03
almark1lstarnes: so its usually just dev packages?06:03
him89and type in /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:03
Nephiluswhat does ctrlaltf1 do"?06:03
him89take to console no 106:03
Nephilusis it like altf206:03
him89i.e. tty006:03
dcamp25lstarnes yes06:03
lstarnesNephilus: it switches from the active terminal or desktop to the terminal06:03
Erasmushim89: can't find package06:03
him89sudo apt-get update06:03
dcamp25can I shut down samba after startup ?06:04
lstarnesdcamp25: you could try not running samba.  There may be another way to stop broadcasting your hostname when using samba but I'm not sure if there is one or if it is recommended06:04
lstarnesdcamp25: sudo invoke-rc.d samba stop06:04
almark1lstarnes: I have another one its called gstreamer-controller, is that in apt-get?06:04
him89Erasmus : sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-177 this worked for me06:04
Nephilushow do you get out of ctrl+alt+f1? ctl+alt+f7?06:05
dcamp25lstarnes will that command will it restart when I do ?06:05
lstarnesNephilus: yes06:05
Nephilusthank you.06:05
lstarnesdcamp25: could you please rephrase that?06:05
lstarnesalmark1: I'm not sure06:05
dcamp25lstarnes so if I run that command it will stop samba,  when I restart will samba start again06:05
lstarnesdcamp25: yes and yes06:06
Erasmushim89: cant find package06:06
lstarnesdcamp25: also, sudo update-rc.d -f samba remove06:06
Erasmusim using 8.04 btw06:06
Erasmusdoes it matther06:06
Majishnhim89, I'm actually not running Ubuntu right now. I couldn't get a network connection, so had to do this from Windows. I'll have to come back. Besides pasting the "sudo fdisk -l", anything else?06:06
him89it should not06:06
almark1lstarnes: When I compile this program, I would like it to be made into a deb, is this possible?06:06
cytoplasmAren't Linux users satanists? Why else would they call services daemons?06:06
dcamp25lstarnes got it06:06
cytoplasmwhy can't they call it services...06:06
him89Majishn type in sudo mount /dev/sdxy /media/disk-406:06
Nephilusmy kde applauncher used to be a kde symbol but now its just an arrow pointing to the left with a line (|<--06:06
him89x is the hard disk number and y is partition number06:07
Nephilussrry *   |<----06:07
Nephilushow do i change taht?06:07
him89and check if the disk-4 exists06:07
tritiumcytoplasm: please stay on topic06:07
artsciencedoes anyone have experience installing windows xp after linux? I've found a tutorial from apcmag that requires you to reinstall GRUB to the MBR after the windows installation. Is there an easier way?06:07
Nephilusnm i'll figure it out06:07
saucedoes anyone know where i can get a broadcom driver?06:07
rwwcytoplasm: It's a reference to Maxwell's demon.06:08
tritium!broadcom | sauce06:08
ubottusauce: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:08
him89artscience no other easier way06:08
MajishnOK, I'll be back--thanks!06:08
artsciencelol ok thanks him8906:08
psychicnot sure about moonlight doesnt do anything06:08
Erasmushim89: that command doesn't work anything i should do before i did the sudo apt-get update before\06:08
artscienceyour on top of it dude, props06:08
=== _Purple_away is now known as _Purple_
him89Erasmus i dont get you06:09
lstarnesdcamp25: this may or may not result in you being unable to access windows shares06:09
him89artscience you can use the Ubuntu live disk to restore the MBR06:09
excess^So, I've got a question concerning a new installation my laptop06:10
him89excess^ just ask06:10
dcamp25lstarnes  understand  at i switch to ubuntu 8.10 so the constantly scan my machine by name06:10
=== Nephilus is now known as stick1
excess^Well, I installed Ubuntu without a problem, something I did notice though, is that when I change the screen brightness using the function keys on the keyboard, the LCD flickers06:11
dcamp25lstarnes I only use shares at home06:11
=== stick1 is now known as stickhead5^
excess^And the small GUI that represent the screen brightness in bars is all screwed up.06:11
stickhead5^are you allowed to have spaces in your nick?06:11
=== stickhead5^ is now known as stick1
him89what laptop are you using excess^?06:11
excess^Gateway NX500XL06:11
=== stick1 is now known as nephilus
lstarnesdcamp25: do you use a router?06:12
excess^old thing, just installed linux to extend its life some.06:12
him89it might not have proper ACPI support(to control brightness)06:12
dcamp25lstarnes yep network engineer06:12
excess^I can change the brightness, but it's not very smooth.06:12
lstarnesdcamp25: in that case the hostname broadcasting should only be visible within your home network06:12
saucetritium: i cant get anything to work this is so frustrating06:13
him89thats what i am telling too excess^ if its not very proper it wont work good06:13
excess^Ah, got it. Thanks him89.06:13
tritiumdcamp25: engineers have engineering degrees, and can pursue a P.E. license06:13
tritiumsauce: which chipset, specifically?06:13
him89np excess^06:13
dcamp25lstarnes true but go to alot of customer sites,  they can see the name06:13
saucetritium: bc4318 airforce 54g06:13
him89sauce i have had the same thing and it works06:14
dcamp25tritium got a P.E dont use it anymore06:14
lstarnesdcamp25: which hostname?  Your hostname in your local network or the hostname given by your ISP?06:14
him89sauce do a sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter06:14
saucehim89: i had it working before, but i reinstalled xubuntu now it doesnt work06:14
saucehim89: i have fwcutter06:14
dcamp25lstarnes local networks06:14
saucehim89: it cant see my wireless network06:14
him89yes you need the firmware06:15
him89did you install the firmware right?06:15
tritiumpsychic: lose the caps, please06:15
sauceno i cant find it anywhere06:15
artsciencehim89 I don't know if your familiar with ubuntustudio but I'm actually running the 8.10 of that. Should using a vanilla ubuntu live cd work just as well for restoring the MBR?06:15
lstarnespsychic: you could just use sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop06:15
him89psychic do a sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:15
psychicfrom the cd rom that is.. and sorry bout the caps06:15
him89yes atscience any live cd will work06:15
saucehim89: where do i get the bcm firmware?06:15
artsciencethanks a bunch06:15
him89sauce do a sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter06:16
dcamp25lstarnes problem comes into play when at certin customer sites,  the see my system on there network and try to push software to my system06:16
him89it will auto download the firmware06:16
saucehim89: i have fwcutter ,it still doesnt work06:16
lstarnesdcamp25: like which sites?06:16
QriusAnyone have any ideas why some of my downloads/installs lock up?  Ubuntu 8.10.  Just installed a couple of days ago and things were OK but now they're freezing on me.06:17
tritiumsauce: you can also install b43-firmware from http://ubuntu.cafuego.net/06:17
dcamp25lstarnes internal customer networks mostly banks06:17
psychicdo i have to restart or somthing after06:18
dcamp25lstarnes is there a native firewall in 8.10 ?06:18
lstarnesdcamp25: iptables/netfilter and ufw06:18
him89psychic yes you need to log out06:18
him89and log back in06:18
dcamp25lstarnes  apt-get ufw ?06:18
lstarnesdcamp25: iptables/netfilter and ufw installed by default06:19
dcamp25lstarnes how do I get to them ?06:19
lstarnesdcamp25: man iptables and man ufw06:19
lstarnesdcamp25: they are administered from the terminal06:19
dcamp25lstarnes got it06:19
lstarnesdcamp25: there are graphical frontends like firestarter though06:19
PerryArmstrongmusikgoat|main; there??06:20
rwwdcamp25: gufw is a graphical frontend for ufw that's pretty cool too06:20
lstarnesdcamp25: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo has instructions for iptables06:20
dcamp25lstarnes thanks I will check it out06:20
glickhey does anyone know why i cant play dvds with vlc i installed libdvdcss2 from medibuntu06:21
glickbut when i play it it still doesnt play the disc06:21
glickdo i have to restart or something?06:21
psychicso i tried the command logged out and in and everything still the same06:22
dcamp25ever seen totem die on playing mp3 when you press viz06:24
PerryArmstrongcan anyone tell me how to get my screen fit automatically...i upgraded my system and now my screen is not fitting in autoatically...can any help??06:24
zirodayPerryArmstrong: fit?06:24
glickdoes anyone know how i can get dvds to play?06:25
ziroday!dvd | glick06:25
ubottuglick: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:25
PerryArmstrongziroday; i mean its not according to my screen resolution....the screen appears smaller than my monitor size06:25
zirodayPerryArmstrong: what card, what driver, what resolution are you at currently, what resolution should it be at, where did you upgrade from and where did you upgrade to06:26
Ademananyone know what gnome-settings-daemon-helper is? I know gnome-settings-daemon, but not this -helper... what does it do and if I can safely disable it? (it doesn't appear to have a man page)06:26
zirodayPerryArmstrong: oh, and I also need your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:26
PerryArmstrongziroday; before: 8.04...   after: 8.1006:26
pawelwitam Panowie i Panie06:27
pawelmam mały problem06:27
almark1How do I install gnome-vfs-2.0 it not in synaptic?06:27
durt!pl | pawel06:27
ubottupawel: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl06:27
gerber need help to config evolution email06:27
gerberHost lookup failed: yahoo: Name or service not known06:28
gerberHost lookup failed: yahoo: Name or service not known06:28
Ademanalmark1: why do you need it?06:28
PerryArmstrongziroday; http://paste.ubuntu.com/143894/06:28
QriusWhat would cause the latest update to freeze?  I have to log out to close the window.06:28
zirodayalmark1: what wrappers do you need?06:28
lstarnesgerber: you nee to use the full domain name (e.g. yahoo.com), not part of it (e.g. yahoo)06:28
Ademanalmark1: gnome vfs has been deprecated in favor of gvfs btw06:28
Simeon_Hwhat are the packages I will need to use ndiswrapper in hardy06:29
PerryArmstrongziroday; http://paste.ubuntu.com/143896/06:29
=== Zaraphrax_ is now known as Zaraphrax
Simeon_HI want to downoad them onto my windows partition06:29
Simeon_Hso I can install them06:29
Simeon_HI have no way of using wired ethernet on this computer06:29
almark1I have to have it for compile of Buzztard06:29
zirodayPerryArmstrong: okay, what card, and what resolution is at currently, and what should it be at06:29
Simeon_HI busted the port06:29
PerryArmstrongziroday; card in the sense...graphic card??06:30
zirodayPerryArmstrong: the output of lspci | grep VGA06:30
PerryArmstrongziroday; 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)06:30
almark1Is it not around, do I need to compile it too?06:30
PerryArmstrongziroday; is Integrated Graphics controller the card you were asking for??06:31
zirodayPerryArmstrong: is there any other outputs?06:31
almark1ziroday: I need these deps http://buzztard.org/index.php/Building06:31
PerryArmstrongziroday; no06:31
zirodayPerryArmstrong: then thats the card I am after06:31
zirodayPerryArmstrong: now if you give me a sec06:31
PerryArmstrongziroday; ok06:31
=== Milos_ is now known as Milos
zirodayalmark1: try the libgnome-vfs-2.0-cil package06:32
PerryArmstrongziroday; and i dont remember the resolution...its 1240x____ dont remember exactly...and i dont know the resolution it is right now06:32
almark1ziroday: thanks. I wish I knew what these pkgs where called so I wouldn't have to ask silly questions06:33
zirodayPerryArmstrong: okay, can you go to System > Preferences > Screen Resolution and try change it from there06:33
arnasnick cow06:33
FloodBot3arnas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:33
zirodayalmark1: I just did apt-cache search gnome-vfs to see what might be related06:33
almark1ziroday: thats how I do that, with apt-cache, thanks :)06:34
lstarnesalmark1: or with aptitude06:34
zirodaylstarnes: I find aptitude search's not as comprehensive for some reason06:34
zirodaylstarnes: they turn up less then apt-cache search, and sometimes ommit what I'm looking for06:35
KillarnyI have not been able to find info about this online, but I need to change my default audio device to plughw:0,3 (which is my hdmi) instead of hw:0,0 - how do I do this globally for gnome/everything?06:35
marshall007hey, ive got a small issue. just purchased an acer aspire one, loaded ubuntu, works great, but the screen is small, so often times windows end up outside the viewable area, is there a fix to prevent this from happening?06:35
almark1libgnome-vfs2.0-cil is already the newest version.06:35
almark1 :(06:35
him89_marshall007 have you got the right desktop resolution06:36
zirodayalmark1: libgnome-vfsmm-2.6* ?06:36
PerryArmstrongziroday; i selected the 640x480..but icons appear very big..and when i set upthe resolution...i get logged off automatically06:36
marshall007him89_: yes06:36
NoobGuestIs there a wine channel on here?06:36
zirodayNoobGuest: #winehq06:36
lstarnesNoobGuest: try #winehq06:36
zirodayPerryArmstrong: logged of automatically?06:36
PerryArmstrongNoobGuest; no just join here #wine06:36
almark1ziroday: nope06:36
NoobGuestThanks all06:37
Castawayzdoh jaunty broke06:37
him89_what is the native resolution?06:37
psychicthsi is what  i get when i try to update to ubuntu   Failed to fetch cdrom:[Xubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release i386 (200806:37
almark1ziroday: these are the pkgs i'm missing No package 'gnome-vfs-2.0' found06:37
almark1No package 'gnome-vfs-module-2.0' found06:37
majishnhim89, I'm back. Paste URL is http://paste.ubuntu.com/143897/06:37
PerryArmstrongziroday; ya i got logged off when i saved the resolution settings06:37
Castawayzyeah there's a python problemo06:37
zirodayPerryArmstrong: sounds odd, do you 915resolution installed?06:37
lstarnespsychic: edit /etc/apt/sources.list and comment out the "deb cdrom" line06:37
him89_hi majishn i ll just check up and let you know06:37
psychicwell actualy that was only some of the message06:37
him89_majishn which partition are you trying to mount?06:38
zirodayalmark1: yea, I think its been phased out for gvfs06:38
marshall007him89_: native resolution is 1024x60006:38
psychicdo i type that inb the terminal06:38
PerryArmstrongziroday; it isn't in my repos06:38
him89_keep in this lines :06:38
him89_mkdir /media/sda1106:38
him89_sudo mount /dev/sda11 /media/sda1106:39
slack_baphometwhats a good sega emulator for the amd64 systems06:39
him89_and it should work06:39
almark1ziroday: how can I remedy this?06:39
zirodayPerryArmstrong: hmm, okay. one sec06:39
him89_marshall007, it should be fine, Ubuntu will auto check the resolution and windows according to it06:39
him89_which side is going out?06:39
him89_majishn, did you get the 2 commands?06:39
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
zirodayalmark1: I don't think you can. Best bet is to ask the buzztard developers how to fix it06:40
psychicsorry how do i get to that edit thing?06:40
marshall007him89_: windows start in the correct positions, however often times the default (and non resizable windows) end up either being cut off on the top or bottom06:40
almark1ziroday: is this an issue on other distros too.06:40
lstarnespsychic: try gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list06:41
him89_marshall007, what windows are they usually06:41
zirodayalmark1: I would presume so, unless the distro's still use older version of gnome with gnome-vfs06:41
almark1ziroday: this program is really hard to compile, a real pain06:41
him89_that are cut off?06:41
the10nitrohow can I turn a relative address into a absolute address in the shell?06:41
slack_baphometanyone know of what sega emulators there are for amd64 ?06:41
zirodayPerryArmstrong: hmm, I have no idea. sorry06:41
zirodayalmark1: unfortunately I don't know enough about gvfs and gnome-vfs to help you more06:41
PerryArmstrongziroday; will a new install solve this problem;06:41
marshall007him89_: a couple examples that i have noticed would be the compiz preferances and evolution mail setup06:41
him89_the10nitro, what address?06:41
almark1ziroday: I noticed that they buzztard has pre compiled pkgs for open-suse and RPM's as well, but that isn't a deb file.06:42
zirodayPerryArmstrong: if it works on a livecd then yes06:42
him89_well you cannot change them, since they are un-resizable06:42
almark1ziroday: though I'm not a developer just a compiler, I don't know what I need, I just know when i need it.06:42
him89_marshall007, there is no such workaround i know of to get this done06:42
the10nitrohim89_: like ./some_file -> /home/the10nitro/some_file06:42
the10nitrofilename, rather06:43
him89_the10nitro, you want it auto change or something?06:43
marshall007him89_: alright, thanks i was hoping there might be a way to force windows to not be over a specific length and instead use scrollbars but i guess not06:43
PerryArmstrongziroday; it didnt work on the live cd...and the surprising fact is i installed with the same live cd on my friends lappy and it installed perfectly with no resolution problems06:43
the10nitroI have a script that will not work with relative addresses06:43
psychici got my source list but its blank06:43
him89_you will have to change the script and define the relative functions in it06:44
PerryArmstrongziroday; didnt work on the live cd in the sense..the same screen resolution appeared on this system06:44
him89_relative address functions06:44
zirodayPerryArmstrong: I don't know sorry06:44
PerryArmstrongziroday..okk now i want to downgrade...do you know how??06:45
zirodayPerryArmstrong: you can't06:45
the10nitroI need something like "_ab <relative address>", that  outputs the absolute address06:45
=== nicholas is now known as Guest74616
JustKempi've had enough of ubuntu06:46
PerryArmstrongziroday; do you know why it doesn't get my resolution??06:46
JustKempim gonna return to windows06:46
him89_the10nitro, you will need to write the script06:46
the10nitroJustKemp: what happened?06:46
him89_yes JustKemp what happ?06:47
=== Guest74616 is now known as tacosarecool
JustKempnothing will work with it.06:48
=== him89_ is now known as him89
the10nitroJustKemp: do you mean hardware or software?06:48
JustKemphardware is fine06:48
the10nitroWhat program do you want?06:48
him89JustKemp, what software?06:48
JustKempfucking hundreds that i used to have i cant use, plus i download hundreds of freeware apps06:49
PerryArmstronghim10nitro; can you help me get my right screen resolution to come up...i upgraded and i can't get the right resolution06:49
him89PerryArmstrong, PM me06:50
FlannelJustKemp: Please mind your language.06:50
the10nitroJustKemp: run this, then install WINE, it will make most Windows programs run:06:51
the10nitrowget -q http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/387EE263.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -06:51
the10nitrosudo wget http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release -cs).list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list06:51
the10nitrosudo apt-get -qq update06:51
FloodBot3the10nitro: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:51
majishnhim89:  That did the job; thank you! So I guess I had a partition but no directory in the partition that could be mounted?06:51
him89yes majishn that was it06:51
majishnNow...can you tell me how to give it a more meaningful name? "data" would describe it much better than "sda11"!06:52
him89make a few change in the commands change sda11 to data06:52
him89majishn, it should read like mount /dev/sda11 /media/data06:52
majishnDo I have to unmount it before I can mount it again?06:53
psychicok one more time on the command to get the ubuntu desktop06:53
him89majishn, key in umount /dev/sda1106:53
majishnI tried a "umount /dev/sda11" earlier, and it told me it was busy. I don't have anything open that I can think of that could be accessing the volume.06:54
him89are you on ubuntu right now or windows?06:55
artsciencedoes ubuntu 8.10 not recognize floppy drives by default?\06:55
majishnI'm in Ubuntu now. I was able to get my network connection working.06:55
him89thats great06:55
him89try the sudo umount /dev/sda11 now06:56
lstarnesartscience: by default no, but try running "sudo modprobe floppy" and adding "floppy" to /etc/modules06:56
majishnI just did--it still tells me it's in use.06:56
spaceBARbarianwhere can i go to find these "theme packages" ubuntu mentions in the appearance tab ?06:56
majishnIf I reboot, will it be automatically remounted now?06:56
him89you will need to edit fstab06:57
artsciencewhen I run modprobe floppy as root I get this: root@art-soundstudio:~# modprobe floppy06:57
artscienceFATAL: Error inserting floppy (/lib/modules/2.6.27-11-generic/kernel/drivers/block/floppy.ko): No such device06:57
lstarnesartscience: that likely means you have no internal floppy drive06:57
artscienceI haven't tried adding it to /etc/modules yet06:58
artsciencehm I suppose it could be a hardware issue06:58
him89artscience, are you sure you got a floppy drive in?06:58
artsciencewell yes there physical is a floppy drive right in front of me...does it work? that's up for question06:58
spaceBARbarianwhere can i go to find these "theme packages" ubuntu mentions in the appearance tab ?06:58
psychicwhats the terminal command to upgrade to ubuntu from xubuntu06:58
majishnHow would I do that, him89? Add the entry manually? I could copy the entry for sda9 or sda10, but don't know what to put in for UUID.06:59
lstarnespsychic: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop.  That will install xubuntu's packages along with the ones used by ubuntu06:59
artscienceI bought this server second hand and I haven't run anything natively except ubuntu06:59
him89majishn, enter this line in :07:00
him89/dev/sda11 /media/data ext3 defaults 0 007:00
lstarnespsychic: ubuntu and xubuntu are the same OS when installed.  The only difference is in what is installed by default.  They all use the same repositories07:00
=== mike is now known as Guest13500
Guest135009.04 beta will upgrades work when 9.04 is released07:00
lstarnesGuest13500: try asking in #ubuntu+107:01
majishnThat's all? OK, I'm leaving to do that....07:01
him89yes thats it majishn07:01
psychicok im just trying to get ubuntu because moonlight only works with that i guess and not xubuntu07:02
him89psychic, you need to run sudo apt-get instal ubuntu-desktop07:05
lstarnespsychic: xubuntu is essentially ubuntu07:06
joopis there a way to remotely connect to my desktop ubuntu from windows vista?07:09
ghindo!rdp | joop07:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rdp07:09
him89joop, use VNC07:10
ghindo!vinagre | joob07:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vinagre07:10
him89VNC will work07:10
joopthank you..i'll try VNC07:10
Shinusomeone say07:11
je_I think I hit a bug with the wireless driver ath5k... lspci reports AR242x chip, but dmesg says AR5414... I can't even scan networks07:12
ghindojoop: Also be sure to check out Vinagre, which comes preinstalled on Ubuntu07:12
ghindojoop: It's installed under Applications -> Internet -> Remote Desktop Viewer07:12
je_Am I right when I assume that lspci and dmesg should report the same?07:12
Shinunvm got it07:13
him89ghindo, he wants a server on Ubuntu not viewer07:14
ghindohim89: Oh, right.  My mistake.07:14
debiajoop, you can enable your ubuntu desktop for remote access at System->Preferences->Remote Desktop07:18
xiaobaihello ubuntu07:19
him89hello xiaobai07:19
GSF1200Sanyone tried playing a bluray in a windows vm yet?07:21
=== john is now known as Guest93352
linuxuz3reclipse rocks07:23
linuxuz3rui is a bit off though07:23
Guest93352Hello all07:23
Guest93352Why can't I acces my NTFS partition with windows on it?07:23
Guest93352It gives me an T/O error or something07:23
Guest93352Pretty quiet for ~1200 users :O07:24
ghindoGuest93352:  What version of Ubuntu are you using, and what is the exact error message you are receiving?07:25
KillGutzaWhy can't I acces my NTFS partition with windows on it?07:27
KillGutzaCan somebody read what I am saying? :O07:27
ghindoKillGutza:   What version of Ubuntu are you using, and what is the exact error message you are receiving?07:27
KillGutzaghindo: 8.1007:27
vkabneed help with setting up my vps; x-server on my windows machine and vps as a client - any help?07:27
spaceBARbarianhow do i use a GTK theme ?07:28
KillGutzaSomething like "I can't mount volume"07:28
KillGutzaI have it in another language07:28
KillGutzaDBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.07:28
KillGutzaI also get that one with a lot of CDs07:29
KillGutzaI am forced to use an wine'd windows app :(07:29
vkabKillGutza, maybe you can help me07:29
KillGutzavkab, with what? lol07:30
ghindoKillGutza: Some CDs or all CDs?07:30
mashmanKillGutza do you have anti-virus install in your windows ?07:30
vkabneed help with setting up my vps; x-server on my windows machine and vps as a client07:30
vkabi don't know if i should install it on my vps07:30
KillGutzaghindo, most of them; mashman, I don't think it would matter since I am not running that app07:30
debiavkab, can you tell me what is vps ?07:30
vkabvirtual private server07:30
magnetronvkab→ you need to ask your VPS provider about that.07:31
vkabwhat's so wow about it?07:31
Libra1021http://www.pluswedding.co.kr/  07:31
Libra1021oh.. sorry..07:31
vkabmagnetron, the point is: do I have to install x-server on one machine to be clinet on another one?07:32
psywipedi wish my lawn was emo so it would cut its self07:32
bazhang!ot > psywiped07:32
ubottupsywiped, please see my private message07:32
mashmanKillGutza i got the same situation to you when i install ubuntu inside windows my existing window is crash down and reformat it and i install ubuntu successfully07:32
bazhangBilokShem, stop that07:33
ghindo!language | BilokShem07:33
ubottuBilokShem: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:33
Tech-Miketo whoever told me to disable grub timeout by setting to 0 ... you actually just comment it out07:34
BilokShemI have tourettes07:34
psywipedblinking capslock because a big blue screen was aready taken07:34
AuslegungI've gone to the Ubuntu site and downloaded the Jaunty beta netbook remix, but it's just a .img file...what do I do with it?07:34
AuslegungI know this is a stupid question, btw07:34
psywipedAuslegung burn it to a cd07:34
ghindoAuslegung: I think .img files go on USB drives07:35
spaceBARbarianhow do i install a GTK theme /07:35
AuslegungI don't have a CD drive, I've got an eeePC100007:35
mashmanAuslegung burn it i think :)07:35
psywipedAuslegung get an external one07:35
Auslegungghindo do I just put it on the USB, or do I need to run Unetbootin?07:35
KillGutzamashman: I doubt that would work...07:35
debiaKillGutza, your access problem can happen due to access rights (are you having  admin group ?)07:35
HawkLionCan anyone help a newbie set up Ubuntu to connect to the Internet?07:36
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo07:36
debia!users | KillGutza07:36
ubottuKillGutza: please see above07:36
KillGutzaUgh, how can I make the file manager always SUDO?07:37
ghindoAuslegung: There are instructions here, but it looks like the site might be temporarily down: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Mobile/HowTo/ImageWriting07:37
debiaif u want nautilus to open in sudo mode, edit menu entry for that to have "gksudo" prefix (this is how I would do it)07:37
Auslegungok, thanks07:37
HawkLionI just installed Ubuntu but for some reason it's not detecting my Internet.  Any thoughts?07:38
magnetronHawkLion→ more details, please.07:38
psywipedHawkLion cables unpluged?07:38
HawkLionCables are plugged -seems like Ubuntu detects my ethernet card, but it seems like I'm missing something here...07:39
psywipedHawkLion dhcp?07:40
HawkLionpsywiped don't know?07:40
ghindoHawkLion: Are you using a router?  Do other machines work on this network?07:40
HawkLionyes, I do have a wireless router hooked up.  I'm running my laptop off it right now.07:41
psywipeddam this road is bumpy07:41
Akumahello, any good mount manager that would allow me to mount nfs shares?07:41
Akumaor permanently adding them to fstab?07:42
HawkLionghindo:  do you think my disconnect has to do with my Linksys router?07:42
psywipedgona have to ask google akuma07:42
ghindoHawkLion: If your other machine is working fine, then probably not.  I was just asking to get more details.07:42
HawkLionNo sweat...what other details might be helpful in troubleshooting?07:43
ghindoHawkLion: Try opening up a terminal on the machine that doesn't work and write ping "google.com" and let me know what you get back07:43
Akumapsywiped: yea, didn't give me any good answers, people tend to be more reliable than machines as far as knowledge goes07:43
psywipedrun ipconfig07:43
HawkLionghindo:  OK, just a sec...07:44
bazhangpsywiped, please stop that07:44
bazhangpsywiped, you were asked not to tell people to google earlier.07:44
Akumalol, ipconfig to mount nfs shares, that's a good one07:44
bazhangpsywiped, and ipconfig is not a correct command.07:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ifconfig07:45
psywipedbazhang OK whats the right one then?07:45
HawkLionghindo:  ping: unknown host google.com07:45
bazhangpsywiped, dont recommend google.07:45
psywipedbazhang and why is that?07:45
bazhangpsywiped, people know about google already. stop it.07:46
psywipedcuil.com them07:46
ghindoHawkLion: Hrm.  What makes you think that Ubuntu detects your ethernet card?07:47
=== anonymous1112 is now known as luqman
HawkLionghindo:  went to System>Administration>Hardware Drivers07:48
ruben231how do i setup my intrepid ubuntu to join my windows workgroup..?07:48
psywipedwell anyhow is it a fts drive or ntfs?07:48
Mezmorning all07:48
luqmanhi Mez07:49
o0Chris0o!hi | Mez07:49
ubottuMez: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!07:49
ghindoHawkLion: What happens when you click on NetworkManager?07:49
suergiomake it07:49
=== mafsi is now known as mafsi_
psywipedHawkLion type in the command line ipaddr07:50
spaceBARbariancan someone please explain how i can install emerald themes ?07:50
HawkLionghindo:  it says no networks available07:50
psywipedyea i rembered the command07:50
bazhangpsywiped, what is that command going to do?07:50
ghindoHawkLion: What happens when you type "ifconfig" into the terminal?07:51
luqmanmake sure you install samba first HawkLion07:51
psywipedtell if he has a ip address07:51
luqmanHawkLion type: sudo apt-get install samba07:51
ghindoHawkLion: Post the output into past.ubuntu.com07:51
psywipedghindo i think the same thing ipconfig does in windows07:51
ghindoluqman: That's not really his problem.  He doesn't have internet access07:51
HawkLionpsywiped:  bash:  ipaddr:  command not found07:52
luqmanoh sorry... so his network drivers arent working?07:52
psywipedluqman were not sure07:53
ghindoluqman: I'm not sure at this point.07:53
HawkLionghindo:  lo  Link encap:  Local Loopback07:53
HawkLioninet addr:  Mask:
HawkLioninet6 adddr:  ::1/128  Scope:Host07:53
ghindo!paste | HawkLion07:54
ubottuHawkLion: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:54
HawkLionoops!  Sorry.07:54
ghindoHawkLion: No problem.07:54
luqmanghindo, maybe he should download the samba package onto his desktop and then transfer it to a USB drive07:54
luqmanand then on to the machine that has no internet07:55
PerryArmstronghim89; there??07:55
psywipedluqman why whould that help if he doesnt have a ip address?07:55
him89PerryArmstrong, yes i am here07:55
ghindoluqman: He isn't really asking about Samba07:55
PerryArmstronghim 89; i restarted but to no effect..wait my system is asking me restart again...i'll do that and then get back to you07:56
HawkLionwhat is Samba?07:56
ghindo!samba | HawkLion07:56
ubottuHawkLion: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:56
luqmanmaybe we have language miscommunication. because you say he has no internet but he is on internet. it is strange that he is trying to get onto a 'microsoft' network if he is unable to get a local ip address.07:56
him89PerryArmstrong, sure np07:56
luqmanbecause first priority is getting a ip address for local computer...07:56
psywipedluqman OR HE HAS 2 COMPUTERS07:56
ghindoluqman: He's using another laptop to chat with us now07:56
HawkLionAh...my desktop has Ubuntu completely installed on it.07:57
eternalcan't be on internet with no ip07:57
HawkLionI have a Motorola modem to a Linksys Wireless router...thus, my internet connection on my laptop right now.07:57
luqmanoh ok, my bad, i was thinking something different. i assume because he was on here that he had internets on that computer and wanted samba....07:57
psywipedHawkLion what do you get back for ifconfig -a ?07:58
luqmanso your linksys router doesnt give an IP address to your computer, is it hard wired or wireless?07:58
ghindoHawkLion: Also, if we are unable to help you here today, try your luck on the Ubuntu forums07:58
psywipedluqman were not even sure right now if ubuntu is seeing his nic07:58
HawkLionghindo:  thank you.  Everyone has been so very helpful to this newbie.07:59
bluerHey, guys. I am installing ubuntu 8.10. After I configuring the keyboard layout, I press "forward". A window pop out saying "partman failed with exit code 10" and a lot of stuff. What am I gonna do?07:59
HawkLionI will pastebin my ifconfig -a results....just a minute....07:59
ghindoHawkLion: Hey, no problem.07:59
QriusAny suggestions why my package installer would hang?07:59
psywipedQrius its compiling?08:00
luqmanWhat type of computer is it??? maybe the ethernet driver wasnt bundled.08:00
Qriuspsywiped, Not sure.  How would I tell?08:01
debiaQrius, what were you trying to do when it started hanging ?08:01
psywipedQrius whats your proc doing?08:01
psywipedQrius if its at 100 then its doing processing08:01
bluerAny idea about my problem? I googled but got nothing.08:02
luqmanbluer maybe try doing a complete format before you start the process08:02
stevendchey all gnome-do is realy nice, just to bad it dousnt run fluently :(08:02
psywipedbluer whats the question?08:02
QriusProcess bar is frozen right now.  Trying to install a Brother printer that I Dl'd.  CPU is at 17%.08:02
eternalbluer: i would suggest using 8.0.4 as 8.0.10 isn't stable08:02
PerryArmstronghim89; still no improvement08:03
bluerpsywiped:  I am installing ubuntu 8.10. After I configuring the keyboard layout, I press "forward". A window pop out saying "partman failed with exit code 10" and a lot of stuff. What am I gonna do?08:03
magnetroneternal→ they are called 8.04 and 8.10 , and they are infact both stable and supported08:03
stevendceternal: you mean 8.10 not stable? so better the lts 8.04 ?08:03
mafsi_bluer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76595808:03
QriusRunning a 2 day old 8.10 if that helps.08:03
magnetronstevendc→ 8.10 IS stable.08:03
stevendci'm a starter so i can take any tips08:03
luqmani've been running 8.10 for months08:03
him89PerryArmstrong, you will need to force the resolution08:03
luqman9.04 is out in a couple of weeks08:04
o0Chris0oeternal→ 8.10 is stable08:04
psywipedbluer can you format the whole drive?08:04
PerryArmstronghim89; how??08:04
stevendcyeah tried 9.04 but i installed 8.10 again deu to some errors i didnt know the solution for08:04
eternalmagnetron: ha i was told different 2 days ago on here sorry. i am still only 3 days old to ubuntu08:04
stevendcso i will wait till the realese off the full version08:04
bluerpsywiped: I am installing via wubi08:05
him89you will need to edit xorg.conf it should be in /etc/X11/xorg.conf paste the file on paste.ubuntu.com and give me links08:05
debiaQrius, if you are able to launch a terminal (press Alt+F2, type gnome-terminal in the dialog), you can use top command to see cpu usage08:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about conky08:05
Alex_need help!!! Cnat isntall UBUNTU!08:05
luqmanHawkLion:  are all the lights on your router for the machine you are trying to connect lit up.08:05
psywipedo0Chris0o i dont know 8.10 is the first time ive goten the linux bsod the blinking caps lock08:05
him89Alex_, whats the problmem?08:05
HawkLionluqman:  yes08:05
eternalHawkLion: Are you using wireless?08:06
o0Chris0opsychosmose_→ have you tried another keyboard?08:06
psywipedbluer what os are you doing it inside of?08:06
ghindoHawkLion: Hrm.  I'm really stumped.  I would definitely recommend the Ubuntu Forums.08:06
o0Chris0opsychosmose_→ sorry08:06
o0Chris0opsywiped→ have you tried another keyboard08:06
luqmanHawkLion: is there a "network" connection status icon on your gui anywhere08:06
HawkLioneternal:  for my laptop right now yes -but my desktop is wired to the router08:06
bluerpsywiped: Now I am under ubuntu.08:06
Alex_downlaoded iso, burned to cd, boots up ok. when i choose install, i see the loading screen, then when the bar fills up the screen goes black, i hear the intro music then it stays black08:06
bluerpsywiped: ubuntu is inside of windows xp08:06
debiaHawkLion: From your pastebin looks like ur ethernet device is not recognized.08:07
psywipedo0Chris0o a blinking capslock indicats a kernel panic08:07
Alex_i can see and move the white mouse but that is all08:07
PerryArmstronghim89; http://paste.ubuntu.com/143938/08:07
him89Alex_, is the md5 sum alrgiht?08:07
debiaHawkLion: can u paste lspci o/p for me ?08:07
HawkLionluqman:  yes, and it says 'No network devices available' greyed out then VPN Connections08:07
Qriusdebia: here's what I got: usage:top -hv | -bcisSH -d delay -n iterations [-u user | -U user] -p pid [,pid ...]08:07
eternalHawkLion: i am on a wireless connection to router  and it took me about a day just to get a stable connection, I was told some routers don't like linux but yer08:07
Alex_i have also tried choosing to run ubuntu directly of cd , same result08:07
luqmanHawkLion: then you need to figure out what type of card you have in your machine and then manually install the drivers. you'll need to see if you can find a debian package for the device and get that package on to the system somehow (usb)08:08
HawkLiondebia:  sure, just a minute...08:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about top08:08
him89PerryArmstrong, is this all the xorg.conf file is?08:08
debiaQrius, just type the one word "top" (without quote), at the prompt08:08
PerryArmstronghim89; ya why??08:08
Alex_just after the loading screen, it loads the background(orange) and its shows me a little black X in the center of the screen, then it goes black08:08
him89its pretty incomplete08:08
psywipedHawkLion try seting up the connecion manuly it may be dhcp issue on the router08:09
him89nothing defining it right08:09
luqmanAlex_: usually it takes a while to load. if you are running it off a CD08:09
Alex_left it for 1 hour at  a time. on both options08:09
him89Alex_, what Graphics card have you got?08:09
Qriusdebia:  I'm at around 31%08:09
PerryArmstronghim89; dont know much about that..i upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 by using the terminal08:09
Alex_also i have a brand new clean unpartitioned HDD in there08:09
Alex_well i am trying to get ubuntu on a Compaq nx9010 laptop08:10
him89PerryArmstrong, wait i ll find you a good config file08:10
debiaQrius, is your package manager still hanging08:10
him89give me the to the bug report again08:10
Alex_i think that may be the problem, it runs WIndows XP just fine on the other HDD08:10
him89that you uploaded on the ubuntu site08:10
HawkLiondebia:  There's nothing specific in 'lspci o/p', just command options?...08:10
Qriusdebia: yep08:10
him89Alex_, that cannot be a prolem08:10
psywipedbluer try runing wubi again08:10
PerryArmstronghim89; ya but make sure you send me soon because i am going to have a power cut....and in case if you dont manage to...just mail me to jose_roshan@yahoo.com08:11
debiaHawkLion, sorry my mistake: just type lspci08:11
natrixnatrix89Hi guys. Does anyone know how to create a network boot? because my old laptop crashed and wont boot from cd or hard disk08:11
HawkLionluqman:  from what I remember, the ethernet card was just a generic one from Circuit City way back when...I don't even have the disk for it anymore.08:11
him89PerryArmstrong, are you indian?08:11
Alex_just after the loading screne, at the top of the screen i just showed me a scramble of green red and other coloured pixels with about the bottom 80% of the screen still black08:11
psywipedwaht is with all the road work08:11
bluerpsywiped: OK, thanks.08:11
Qriusdebia: I see 2 zombie tasks what are those?08:11
debiaQrius, can u give me the names of the tasks08:11
Alex_*this just happened after i set it to install the 2nd time08:11
HawkLionpsywiped:  how do I set up the connection manually?08:11
sophiaproblem in my firefox plugin code. Problem--> No video display(just a blank screen) , i need to create yuv image buffer in shared memory using X11 library. and display it08:12
Alex_*currently waiting on the black screen again08:12
sophiaI have pasted my code here--> http://paste.ubuntu.com/143932/08:12
natrixnatrix89 Hi guys. Does anyone know how to create a network boot? because my old laptop crashed and wont boot from cd or hard disk..08:12
HawkLiondebia:  ah...I'll try to paste the details from 'lspci'08:12
sophiaCan anyone go thru my code ? and help me to resolve08:13
Alex_should i perhaps try to download and install the alternative version instead of Desktop Ubuntu??08:13
PerryArmstronghim89; this is the bug error https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/29900708:13
PerryArmstrongand dont forget my email id: jose_roshan@yahoo.com08:13
him89Yeah i have it08:14
him89just to ask are you Indian?08:14
PerryArmstronghim89; because i am not sure when the power cut will be...08:14
PerryArmstronghim89; ya..how do you know that??08:14
him89roshan is an indian name08:14
=== charles is now known as thebackwash
him89i am an indian too :)08:14
PerryArmstronghim89; ohh..whats your name??08:15
him89Hiemanshu Sharma :)08:15
Alex_I can also try and make a new partition on my desktop pc not the laptop, which is only 1 year old and is more likely to be able to handle it?08:15
Qriusdebia: I've got over 100 sleeping.  1 or 2 running.  Should I be looking for a particular task?08:15
PerryArmstronghim89; you must be from the north...UP??08:15
debiaQrius, you said u had 2 zombie tasks. can u give me the name of these tasks ?08:16
him89i am from delhi staying in B'lore u?08:16
debiaQrius, btw what is a "Brother printer"08:16
PerryArmstronghim89; my native is Kerala...but i am in hyderabad08:16
debiaHawkLion: if it is too big, you can run a shorter version : lspci -C network08:17
him89thats nice :)08:17
psywipedok you 2 back on topic08:17
PerryArmstronghim89; and i have been facing this problem since long08:17
PerryArmstronghim89; yup08:17
HawkLiondebia:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/143944/08:17
him89i ll check it up :)08:17
PerryArmstronghim89; :)thanq08:17
ikoniaPerryArmstrong: yes?08:18
NatilousHi all..how can I get Ubuntu repositories with rsync ?? I want to get only ubuntu hardy and Intrepid repositories.08:18
HawkLionluqman:  what did you mean by debian package for the card?08:18
PerryArmstrongikonia; see my pm08:18
ikoniaNatilous: have a look at apt-mirror08:18
Qriusdebia:  Not sure how I'd identify the two zombie tasks.  Everything in System Monitor is sleeping.  Brother is the brand name of the inkjet printer I'm trying to install.08:18
Qriusdebia: The only task that continuously uses CPU is compis.real08:19
mib_oygbxjhow comei went to #ubuntu--proxy--users08:19
Natilousikonia: I use it but apt-mirror can't delete unuseful files ! the partition of mirror is limit.08:20
ikoniamib_oygbxj: you're using a proxy ?08:20
Flannelmib_oygbxj: Because you're on mibbit.08:20
ikoniaNatilous: rats, ok then use rsync with the --exclude option08:20
Qriusdebia: ...besides Pidgin and System Monitor, that is.08:20
mib_oygbxjis it ok to mibbit?08:20
debiaQrius, package manager is synpatic right ? running ubuntu or kubuntu ?08:21
KillGutzaAnybody know how I can run VirtualBox after I installed it from an official .deb?08:21
Natilousikonia: debian repositories haven't distinctive folders.08:22
psywipedHawkLion have you tried restarting?08:22
debiaQrius, in any case I dont see any option but to force quit it08:22
ikoniaNatilous: the dirctory layout is standard08:22
=== mafsi_ is now known as mafsi
Natilousikonia: sorry for bad english . what do mean ?08:23
HawkLionpsywiped:  I did earlier, but I can do it again.08:23
ikoniaNatilous: why can't you use the --exclude option ?08:23
mib_oygbxjor mibbit is notok?08:23
Natilousikonia: would you please give an example?08:23
=== sukke_ is now known as sukke
psywipedHawkLion have you tried restarting?08:24
ikoniarsync rsync://location --exclude hardy $target08:24
HawkLionHow do I find out what ethernet card I have?08:24
HawkLionpsywiped:  restarting now08:24
ikoniaHawkLion: if you do an "lspci" you'll see the chipset08:24
Qriusdebia: I'm not sure if this is the synaptic package manager.  The recent security update took a bit of time, but it installed OK.  I force quit this several times but when I re-try, it asks if I want to re-install.  The latest flash player does the same hang.08:24
PerryArmstrongikonia; my synaptic says that my network is not configured correctly but still i get my internet.08:24
stevendcok ubuntu rocks realy great but why is the driver for a 3d card never good enough?08:25
ikoniastevendc: because that is nothing to do with linux - ask your hardware vendor08:25
stevendcthats the only one thing i need to search for08:25
Natilousikonia: because the packages are in Packages.list files and apt select any package from a folder !!08:25
ikoniaPerryArmstrong: check things like your sources.list are fine08:25
debiaikonia: Chipset is VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6105/VT6106S [Rhine-III] (rev 86)08:25
HawkLionah...so that's why debia wanted me to lspci...08:25
ikoniaNatilous: you can edit Packages.list once you've mirrored08:26
debiaHawkLion: One more paste for me pls, this time: lshw -C network08:26
HawkLionikonia:  but I don't get it...Ethernet controller:  VIA Technologies, Inc.  VT6105/VT6106S  [Rhine III] (rev 86)08:26
ikoniaHawkLion: what don't you get ?08:26
PerryArmstrongikonia; whats the command to check it08:27
HawkLiondebia:  sure...just a minute...still rebooting08:27
ikoniaPerryArmstrong: open it with a text editor and make sure the URL's are vaid/active08:27
Natilousikonia: see this link http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/liba/libapache-mod-auth-kerb/   this link content for ubuntu (i386,amd64) for ubuntu hardy and gutsy and ...08:27
HawkLionikonia:  is that my Ethernet card?08:27
ikoniaHawkLion: yup08:27
Natilousikonia: I have'nt enough space to get all packages.08:27
ikoniaNatilous: ok, I see what your saying now08:27
kosnickhallo. i need some live cd with diagnostics cause i am about to buy a used pc. anyone knows any?08:27
PerryArmstrongikonia; sure i do know that...but its located /etc/... somewhere..i dont know the exact location??08:28
ikoniaNatilous: let me grab apt-mirror as I have done this with apt-mirror08:28
alzearHello. Simple question. How do I know if my Ubuntu server supports UTF8?08:28
HawkLionah...so I can track to the manufacturer to get driver?08:28
ikoniaPerryArmstrong: /etc/apt/sources.list08:28
Natilousikonia: thank you !08:28
mib_oygbxjwhat kind of chicken in my server?08:28
ikoniamib_oygbxj: don't mess around08:28
PerryArmstrongikonia; there's a mention of intrepid backports...except thati dont find anything unusual08:29
ikoniaPerryArmstrong: are the urls valid and alive ?08:29
debiaHawkLion: do you have an additional card, or are you trying to bring up the "on-board ethernet" ?08:29
ghindoHow do I run .php files on my Ubuntu machine?08:30
eternalok after upgrading to 8.04 apache2 has been acting stupid a thread is already open about this but nothing there fixed it http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24832408:30
ikoniaNatilous: first question have you looked at /etc/apt/mirror.list08:30
ikoniaghindo: I suggest using a php5 enabled webserver08:30
=== mafsi is now known as mafsi_
Natilousikonia: yes . I look at it .08:31
PerryArmstronghim89; hit upon something??08:31
kosnickis there any live distro with diagnostic tools. i am about to buy a used pc and i would like to have a check on it before i buy it08:31
ikoniaNatilous: ok - so you can just select the repos you actually want to mirror from that08:31
HawkLiondebia:  My desktop didn't have an "on-board ethernet", so (years ago) I picked up one from Circuit City.08:31
ikoniakosnick: try in ##linux08:31
him89PerryArmstrong,  Nothing much yet08:31
Natilousikonia: aha..Clean script remove old packages ???08:32
ikoniathat is one option08:32
PerryArmstronghim89; i dont know..this problem comes only to my monitor..i installed it in my friends system this week and never got any such problem08:32
ikoniaNatilous: but if you just selct the repo's you want you shouldn't have to08:32
him89PerryArmstrong, the xorg.conf is wrong08:33
PerryArmstrongi suppose maybe ikonia can also help upon this screen resolution issue..08:33
guldorNewb seeking assistance.08:33
HawkLiondebia:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/143950/08:34
StR|Sangrealhow can i call out the view with all active windows in tiles?08:35
Natilousikonia: ok,but some testing repos maybe update per week like debian sid or testing !!!08:35
ikoniaNatilous: so ?08:36
ikoniaNatilous: mirror them on a regular basis08:36
debiaHawkLion: if you type the command "cat /etc/network/interfaces" do you see any line with eth0 on it ?08:36
PerryArmstrongikonia; i upgraded my system from 8.04 to 8.10 and its not getting the right screen resolution...for my windows i use 1024x768...any idea....here's a bug i reported..and here's my xorg.conf   http://paste.ubuntu.com/143938/08:36
ikoniaPerryArmstrong: what video card do you have?08:36
PerryArmstrongikonia; 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)08:37
HawkLiondebia:  bash:  cat/etc/network/interfaces:  No such file or directory08:37
Natilousikonia: thank you a lot for your help and suggestion,Have nice times.08:37
CrIpwhat the sudo-apt get command for PUTTY ?08:37
ikoniaPerryArmstrong: add the line  Driver "intel" to the section device configured video device08:37
debiaHawkLion: please give an empty space after the word "cat"08:37
icerootHawkLion: cat /etc... not cat/etc....08:37
ikoniaCrIp: if you do apt-cache search putty you'll find the package name08:38
CrIpok i found it ikonia TY !08:38
Guest_herehi 2 all08:38
icerootCrIp: sudo apt-get install putty08:38
StR|Sangrealpls how can i call out the view with all active windows in tiles?08:38
CrIpcheeers iceroot !08:38
Guest_herehow to install Xubuntu on samsung nc10 with flash drive? have a link?08:38
HawkLiondebia:  auto lo  iface lo inet loopback08:38
him89PerryArmstrong, try this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6869183&postcount=1008:38
signorinimatteohi guys...i have pidgin with a lot of accounts ..... i have to format my pc and i would like to know if is there a way to save all the settings to set up pidgin rapidly in the new pc....thanku!!!!08:39
ikoniasignorinimatteo: look in your .pidgin folder in your home directory08:39
StR|Sangrealcopy /.pidgin08:39
PerryArmstronghim89; i am having a look at it08:39
debiaHawkLion: that is the all the text that came out of it ?08:39
HawkLiondebia:  yes08:39
signorinimatteoso i have to copy my pidgin folder and then paste it in the new pc????08:39
him89PerryArmstrong, let me know if it works08:39
guldorUhg wow, I must be tired. I spent 30 minutes trying to find the ` key. I kept trying to use ' :-( /wave08:40
debiaHawkLion: For some reason, the eth0 is not present in it, you need to edit the file as super-user and restart. that might make it work08:40
signorinimatteowow....so easy.....thank you!!!! :D08:40
spaceBARbarianwhats the best media player for ubuntu ? sad that rythmbox doesnt even have an equalizer :(08:40
StR|Sangrealbtw, is it normal that now my pidgin consumes 60MB + ??08:40
StR|Sangreal(of RAM)08:40
HawkLiondebia:  ok...restart I got, but how do I edit the file as super-user?08:40
debiaHawkLion: press Alt+F2 and type "gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces" (without quotes)08:40
debiaHawkLion: this will open text editor08:41
PerryArmstrongikonia; will it llok like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/143953/08:41
debiaHawkLion: u will see a the lines of text you saw with "cat /etc/..."08:41
spaceBARbarianwhats the best media player for ubuntu ? sad that rythmbox doesnt even have an equalizer08:42
error404notfoundcan I remote desktop to my mac leopard from my ubuntu 8.10?08:42
HawkLionok...I think I'm there08:42
him89spaceBARbarian, get VLC08:42
debiaHawkLion: go to the end of the file press enter key once to get to a blank line and add the below 2 lines of text08:42
him89error404notfound, yes you can using VNC08:42
debiaHawkLion: auto eth008:42
spaceBARbarianhim89: sorry phrased that badly, i meant best audio player08:42
debiaHawkLion: iface eth0 inet dhcp08:42
him89yes you can use VLC08:43
luqmanspaceBARbarian, sudo apt-get install vlc08:43
error404notfoundhim89: and for that do I need any special setup on ubuntu or mac?08:43
him89error404notfound, you need to install VNC server on MAC only08:43
debiaHawkLion: a blank line more at the end would do no harm. save the file and restart.08:43
PerryArmstronghim89; should i restart??08:43
SebMcK_im trying to fix my windows system with ubuntu but accessing it but my system is encrypted ive attempted to mount it in truecrypt but it wants me to force to mount it  because it hasnt been shutdown correctly yet when i try it it says only root can perform this and when i put sudo in the front it says that it found no such hard disk08:43
him89PerryArmstrong, yes restart08:43
HawkLiondebia:  auto eth0  bash:  auto:  command not found08:43
spaceBARbarianhim89: well im a total audiophile so i need good media player like itunes08:43
error404notfoundhim89: and this doesn't need mac to be on a live/static ip?08:43
spaceBARbarianisnt vlc concentrated for video ?08:43
PerryArmstronghim; ok i m restarting08:43
luqmanspace, you said video...08:44
him89spaceBARbarian, VLC can play both audio and video pretty good08:44
him89spaceBARbarian, you using GNome only right?08:44
him89error404notfound, yes it has to be static ip08:44
spaceBARbarianhim89: yeah08:44
him89it is over laptop?08:44
debiaHawkLion: you are to type those lines in the "Text Editor". do you have a "text editor" window open ?08:44
SebMcK_might i add im running a live cd of 8.1008:45
luqmanspaceBARbarian: try songbird08:45
JohnAliUsing Gparted , should I install ubuntu into a primary or logical partition08:45
error404notfoundhim89: hmmm, any other solution? coz I have that mac in my office...08:45
him89spaceBARbarian, if you can give amarok a try. its pretty good but use KDE libs08:45
HawkLiondebia:  Looking at it now...I don't think so...08:45
him89error404notfound, thats the best way08:45
him89error404notfound, what do you plan to do?08:45
spaceBARbarianhim89: yeah i saw the kde thing and decided not to go with that08:45
debiaHawkLion: ok, let's take a few steps back.08:45
luqmanspaceBARbarian: give songbird a go08:45
him89error404notfound, you will need a static ip no matter what08:45
spaceBARbarianluqman: i tried song bird, NO EQUALIZER! just like rythmbox, so weird08:46
HawkLiondebia:  ok08:46
debiaHawkLion: press Alt+F2 and type "gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces"08:46
error404notfoundhim89: I have to do some iphone development, I am on laptop at home, and mac is in office, so was thinking if I could just do a remote desktop and work..08:46
debiaHawkLion: u would be asked for password, pls provide your password08:46
HawkLiondebia:  is there a space between gedit/etc08:46
SebMcK_can anyone help me?08:47
him89error404notfound, you will need to have a proper live ip to connect no matter what method you use08:47
debiaHawkLion: yes. there are three parts separated by space: gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces08:47
HawkLiondebia:  do i want to Run in terminal?08:47
debiaHawkLion: no08:47
him89spaceBARbarian, try : http://www.exaile.org/trac08:47
sagredohi. can anyone help me with getting this file installed? error while loading shared libraries: libgnome-desktop-2.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:47
PerryArmstrongikonia, him89; no improvement after adding the intel08:48
HawkLiondebia:  ok...it brought up interfaces (/etc/network) - gedit08:48
him89PerryArmstrong, that is very odd to say08:48
crdlbsagredo: when running what?08:48
=== deniz is now known as Guest689
sagredocrdlb: circular-main-menu08:49
spaceBARbarianhim89: would it be a bad idea to just use itunes with wine ?08:49
=== anonymous1112 is now known as yourfather
him89spaceBARbarian, you can do that08:49
him89i had it running fine08:49
debiaHawkLion: good. now move to the end of file and press enter to get to a blank line.08:49
HawkLiondebia:  got it08:49
PerryArmstronghim89;i dont know what to do08:49
spaceBARbarianhim89: cool i think itunes has all the features i need so might as well do that08:49
=== bah_ is now known as bah
debiaHawkLion: type these 2 lines of text there: auto eth008:49
Guest689can ı ask a question08:49
him89spaceBARbarian, yes you can do that08:49
him89PerryArmstrong, wait lemme check hold on08:49
debiaiface eth0 inet dhcp08:49
debiaHawkLion: iface eth0 inet dhcp08:50
crdlbsagredo: what version of ubuntu are you using?08:50
Guest689ı want to do film08:50
HawkLiondebia:  got it08:50
sagredocrdlb: 9.0408:50
debiaHawkLion: ok, pls save the file and exit.08:50
Guest689but with a wihich prog. ı dont know08:50
debiabefore u restart, I'd like to check 1 more thing,08:50
HawkLiondebia:  done08:50
debiaHawklion: before u restart, I'd like to check 1 more thing,08:50
SebMcK_hard disk wont force mount :/08:50
HawkLiondebia:  sure08:50
crdlbsagredo: please go to #ubuntu+108:51
him89PerryArmstrong, open this link : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=677841 and add the section Device Monitor and Screen08:51
him89to your xorg.conf08:51
debiaHawkLion: do u get a network manager icon on top bar on the screen08:51
AuslegungI downloaded the .img file for Jaunty Netbook remix, but don't know what to do with it.  I've searched the web for a couple hours and the websites that will help are down.  Can someone give me a quick how-to?08:51
HawkLiondebia:  yes08:51
him89PerryArmstrong, and replace i810 with i91508:51
debiaHawkLion: ok, if you _right-click_ on it what options do you get ?08:52
HawkLiondebia:  Enable Networking  Edit Connection...  About08:52
debiaHawkLion: is enable networking ticked ? (I suppose it would be).08:52
bazin terminal, is it possible to skip down to the end of a block of text that is only being displayed line-by-line using the *enter* key?08:53
PerryArmstronghim89; you mean i have to copy that code and do the replacement08:53
HawkLiondebia:  there is a check mark in the box08:53
ghindoAuslegung: Gimmie a second and I might be able to help you out08:53
him89PerryArmstrong, yes that is correct08:53
Auslegungok, thanks again ghindo08:53
him89and then a reboot08:53
debiaHawkLion: check mark is what it should be. if you click on Edit connection... you would get a dialog08:53
PerryArmstronghim89; do i have to overwrite or just add those lines08:53
him89PerryArmstrong, add those lines08:54
HawkLiondebia:  yes08:54
debiaHawkLion: do you see a Tab called "Wired" in the dialog ? if you select that tab do you see any connection name listed ?08:54
ghindoAuslegung: I'm not sure if this will work, but the guide on the Arch Linux wiki may apply to Ubuntu08:54
ghindoAuslegung: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Beginners_Guide#USB_stick08:54
HawkLiondebia:  no08:54
PerryArmstronghim89; i mean do i have to erase the contents in the file and then place this code??08:54
ghindoAuslegung: If you don't care what happens to the data on your USB, then you may want to try that out08:55
debiaHawkLion:  there is no "Wired" Tab ? Or, it doesn't have anything listed below it ?08:55
ron2010help... having trouble with suspend and sleep on my laptop08:55
Auslegungghindo I have an empty USB, but I don't think those codes will work in the terminal, will they?08:55
HawkLiondebia:  sorry, there is nothing listed under the Wired tab08:55
PerryArmstronghim89; ??08:56
ron2010how do i see the error i receive when i try to suspend/sleep/hibernate my laptop08:56
debiaHawkLion: no worries, I am also not familiar with what happens so had to double-check. I think we are ready for a restart08:56
ghindoAuslegung: Well, the "archlinux....img" will be replaced with the location of your .img file, but it should be the same08:56
HawkLiondebia:  no sweat!08:57
him89PerryArmstrong, no just add the linex08:57
Auslegungghindo sorry, stupid statement, I saw the "if=" and thought they meant to type that, but I'm supposed to replace that with a string08:57
him89to the end of the file08:57
HawkLiondebia:  restarting....08:57
=== pete_ is now known as Guest91773
debiaHawkLion: goodluck08:57
SoS11how can I create a .patch file? (donno how to better express myself)08:57
HawkLiondebia:  yeah -cross your fingers!08:57
ghindoAuslegung: Give it a shot and let us know how it goes08:58
Auslegungghindo k, thanks08:58
PerryArmstronghim89; i added those lines from the forum to that file...anything else??08:58
Auslegungghindo ok, I found one problem, when I was downloading the .img it wasn't actually downloading anything for some reason...I thought something was odd08:59
him89replace i810 with i91508:59
PerryArmstronghim89; yes i did that also...08:59
Auslegungghindo I just clicked to download it again and it's telling me it's ~700mb, which before it was an instantaneous download08:59
him89then just cross you fingers and restart08:59
ghindoAuslegung: Weird.  Download it again and try the USB install09:00
Auslegungghindo yeah, I'm getting it now.  So I'm not as stupid as I thought, haha09:00
PerryArmstronghim89; okk i am restarting09:00
him89PerryArmstrong, yes let me know09:01
HawkLiondebia:  no dice.09:01
debiaHawkLion: If you right-click network manager icon and choose "Edit Connection..." is it any different now ?09:02
HawkLiondebia:  oh yeah..under the Wired tab there is something listed...09:03
HawkLiondebia:  ifupdown (eth0)    never09:03
alzearHello. I have problems with mounting cifs network share and make utf8 to work properly. What am I doing wrong with the iocharset option? I have tried utf8, iso88591-1 and cp850 but they don't work any of them09:04
PerryArmstronghim89; still no improvement09:04
kogianybody can help me?09:04
debiaHawkLion: ok, can u select and choose "Edit" to the right-side09:04
him89PerryArmstrong, did it work before?09:04
kogihow to connect j2me with mysql?09:04
HawkLiondebia:  ok09:04
him89It should have worked this way09:04
him89PerryArmstrong, can you download a 8.10-iso and check if that works fine?09:05
PerryArmstronghim89; before in the sense??09:05
him89PerryArmstrong, before the upgrade09:05
PerryArmstronghim89; ya it was excellent that time09:05
debiaHawkLion: connect automatically should be selected (ticked), under IPv4 Settings tab ...09:05
him89PerryArmstrong, can you download a 8.10-iso and check if that works fine?09:05
PerryArmstronghim89; i have 8.10 cd's and they are the same for mew09:06
HawkLiondebia:  Method:  Automatic (DHCP)09:06
debiaHawkLion: against "Method:" the choice should read "Automatic (DHCP)09:06
HawkLiondebia:  yep09:06
debiaok, just select ok09:06
him89PerryArmstrong, so it does not work with 8.10 Live CD too?09:06
avishekIs xubuntu support available here?09:06
debiaHawkLion: ok just select OK09:06
him89avishek, yes just ask09:07
PerryArmstronghim89; yup09:07
debiaHawkLion: now if you _left-click_ on netowrk manager icon do you see any network name ?09:07
him89then its some other problem09:07
HawkLiondebia:  Updating connection failed:  nm-ifupdown-connection.c.82 - connection update not supported (read-only)..09:07
him89not an xorg config09:07
PerryArmstronghim89; and look at this  roshan@roshan:~$ xrandr -s 1024x76809:07
PerryArmstrongSize 1024x768 not found in available modes09:07
=== nicholas is now known as tacosarecool
him89PerryArmstrong, but we added the modes09:07
him89if the Live CD did not work it ll be difficult to get it towkr09:08
avishekthank you him89. I'm experiencing what i think is a bug in the network manager. For the wired connection, the ip details must be manually set everytime on reboot09:08
him89to work09:08
PerryArmstronghim89; when did we add the modes and how??09:08
him89PerryArmstrong, its added in the xorg.conf file09:08
visfwhen I remove a file in command can i recover it back?09:08
avishekIt's happening on every machine that i've installed xubuntu09:08
him89avishek, thats not a bug thats how it works09:08
debiaHawkLion: nvm the "Updating connection failed" error since we didn't change any setting.09:09
HawkLiondebia:  left-click on network manager icon shows no network name...No network devices available is grayed out.09:09
him89if you dont have a DHCP you need to enter manually09:09
HawkLiondebia:  ok09:09
PerryArmstronghim89; ohh yes...but i am surprised why...is there no way now09:09
debiaHawkLion: the last thing I can think of doing now is to restart networking service09:09
him89it much be compatability with some software09:09
KillGutzaAre there other Virtual Machines instead of Virtual Box?09:09
avishekhim89, is there anyway to save the ip addresses once manually entered ?09:09
debiaHawkLion: pls open a terminal and type : sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart09:10
HawkLiondebia:  ok09:10
him89yes right click on the network manager and edit connections09:10
debiaHawkLion: do mind the spaces, there are 3 parts separated by space09:10
him89and edit the connection to make it static ip09:10
him89and it should work if configured properly09:10
avishekhim89, yes, i edit connections, enter ip, gateway, netmask, dns, and close. everything works fine, but when i reboot, all settings are cleared off09:11
PerryArmstronghim89; so no alternative09:11
debiaHawkLion: if you can paste the output I can see if there is more I can do09:11
ron2010anybody know how to get power management to work properly on laptop09:11
PerryArmstrongikonia; any help??09:12
him89avishek, did you save it right?09:12
avishekbut this problem doesn't happen with the wireless settings, only the wired connections09:12
alzearHello. I have problems with mounting cifs network share and make utf8 to work properly. What am I doing wrong with the iocharset option? I have tried utf8, iso88591-1 and cp850 but they don't work any of them. I man mount.cifs is claims that iocharset option is not used if the server doesn't support utf8. How can I check if the server supports utf8?09:12
avishekhim89, yes09:12
him89PerryArmstrong, nope nothing i can think of09:12
him89avishek, wireless have names so there is no problem09:12
HawkLiondebia:  ok just a minute...09:12
PerryArmstronghim89; thank you very much...for putting your effort to help me09:12
him89wired connections dont09:12
him89PerryArmstrong, NP09:12
him89you might wanna get back to 8.04 or wait for 9.04 :)09:12
avishekhim89, but on ubuntu and kubuntu, once saved, i don't have to set them again.09:13
him89hmmmm then looks like something is wrong09:13
avishekhim89, very sorry to trouble you, but i'm out of my league here.09:13
him89avishek, not a problem09:14
simula_is there any config file that i have to update now that i have swapped my dual core cpu for a quad core?09:14
avishekshould i report this as a bug? what's the procedure?09:14
him89go to lanuchpad09:14
him89and report a bug there09:14
PerryArmstrongcan anyone help me with my graphic displays...ubuntu 8.10 is not able to get the screen resolution set right...any idea??09:14
natschilPerryArmstron: What's your hardware?09:14
him89simula_, no you dont need to09:14
avishekthank you him89 for all your help; appreciate it very much. God bless!09:15
simula_thanks him8909:15
lvlefistoavishek: try configuring the interface in /etc/network/interfaces as static09:15
him89simula_, linux will automaticaly notice them09:15
him89simula_, are you on the comp right now?09:15
simula_virtualbox was acting funny though09:15
natschilPerryArmstrong: do you have an ati or nvidia card, or what's your hardware?09:15
him89simula_, paste the output of cat /proc/cpu here : paste.ubuntu.com and give me a link09:16
Auslegungghindo, when I type  dd if=/home/jason/Desktop/ubuntu-9.04-beta-netbook-remix-i386.img of=/media/KINGSTON/dev/sdx I get this: /media/KINGSTON/dev/sdx/': No such file or directory.09:16
him89natschil, he has a Intel 82945G09:16
him89Auslegung, you need to change of=/dev/sdx09:17
him89where x is the number of harddisk +109:17
avisheklvlefisto, the interfaces file says: "auto lo [newline] iface lo inet loopback" where should i place the static?09:17
him89its should be 2 if you have one hard disk and the USB is only other thing connected09:17
Auslegungghindo change it to what?09:18
ghindoAuslegung: It should just be something like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/143970/09:18
PerryArmstrongnatschil; 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)09:18
natschilhim89: PerryArmstrong: as far as I know, intel cards don't really have a lot of driver problems. I remember that installing a package (something like i915) from apt fixed a minor resolution problem once in hardy or so09:18
lvlefistoavishek: you should add the interface you are using e.g. eth0 or eth109:18
him89natschil, he has i915 running09:18
him89it was shown in lsmod09:19
HawkLiondebia:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/143972/09:19
avisheklvlefisto: i'm not familiar on this procedure; i'll google it up. many thanks for your help09:19
natschilhim89: PerryArmstrong: what is the resolution now?09:19
lonejackdoes somebody know if it is possible to install anjuta 2.26 on hardy(officially it install anjuta 2.4.1)?09:19
him89he is getting 640x48009:19
simula_here is the link him8909:20
Auslegungghindo, thanks that worked, be looking for more inquiries from me soon, but hopefully not.09:20
debiaHawkLion: saw the paste bin. pls try this in terminal: sudo ifup eth009:20
debiaHawkLion: for password, use your password09:21
him89simula_, link?09:21
lvlefistoavishek: i have it something like this, http://paste.ubuntu.com/143976/09:21
him89simula_, its shows up proper09:21
HiubuntuDose linuxbios suppurt Biostar 780G09:21
him89you got a AMD Phenon09:21
simula_thanks him8909:21
HawkLiondebia:  error...no such device09:21
him89simula_, shows up all 4 cours09:21
debiaHawkLion: ok, lets try a couple more things.. type in terminal: ls /dev/eth*09:23
grawitysophia: ??09:23
avisheklvlefisto: Thank you so much! How do I specify multiple dns ?09:23
Hiubuntu Dose linuxbios suppurt Biostar 780G09:23
avishekdo i use commas to separate?09:23
HawkLiondebia:  ls:  cannot access /dev/eth*:  No such file or directory09:24
lvlefistoavishek: wait09:24
avisheklvlefisto: will do09:25
ron2010help... trying to get my laptop power management to work09:25
ghindoAuslegung: Yeah, no problem.  Glad I could help!09:25
sophiagrawity: I have pasted my code here--> http://paste.ubuntu.com/143932/...   i am not getting proper output after changing the implementation from xv to X11 library.. No video display,09:25
anaHello... I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my laptop and I got a default resolution of 1600x1200 (my laptop supports only 1024x768 maximum)..... How can I install the video drivers?09:26
debiaHawkLion: checking a few things, pls hold on09:28
magnetronana→ go to the System menu and start the "hardware drivers" application09:28
HawkLiondebia:  no sweat...09:28
anahmm.. there's nothing... I have a VIA Unichrome Card...09:29
crdlbsophia: this doesn't really seem like the right channel for that. have you looked on mozilla's irc server?09:29
anamagnetron, I am also stuck with 1600x1200 at 0hz refresh rate.. if i change it, the screen destroys09:30
sophiacrdlb: ok09:30
magnetronana→ did you start the Hardware Drivers application or not?09:30
lvlefistoavishek: i guess you should add a line prefixed with nameserver keyword and then your nameserver address09:30
lvlefistothe same with gateway09:30
anamagnetron, yes, and it is empty09:30
avisheklvlefisto: ok, will do. I don't know how to thank you enough.09:31
lvlefistoavishek: check this: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-15057.html09:31
lvlefistoavishek: thank me only if it works09:32
debiaHawkLion: this is a bit of a long-shot, but can you try in a terminal: sudo ifup etha09:33
debiapaste the output in a private message to me or on pastebin09:33
spaceBARbarianhow can i change stuff to PATH in .bashrc ?09:33
HawkLiondebia:  Ignoring unknown interface etha=etha09:34
PerryArmstrongnatschil;sorry i had gone for lunch...didnt see your message...right now my resolution is 640x48009:36
bazwhats the elegant/proper way to mount an sshfs drive at system bootup09:37
PerryArmstrongnatschil; i have posted my problem at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7010757#post701075709:38
PerryArmstrongcan anyone help with my problem... i have posted the problem and certain outputs of commands at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7010757#post701075709:38
debiaHawkLion: ok can again edit the file /etc/network/interfaces ? this time instead of eth0 we will put etha in it09:38
debiapress Alt+F2 and enter the command: gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces09:39
debiaHawkLion: press Alt+F2 and enter the command: gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces09:40
HawkLiondebia:  I'm there09:40
HawkLiondebia:  auto etha09:41
debiaHawkLion: I find it unusual that "physical id: a" in the output from "lshw -C network" command - never seen it before09:41
debiaHawkLion: right, auto etha09:41
PerryArmstronganyone can help me get the screen resolution??09:41
psywipedomg my head! what ever you do dont import msg into python!09:42
HawkLiondebia:  don't know...you might as well be speaking French right now09:42
grawitypsywiped: from __future__ import braces09:42
HawkLiondebia:  but I'm slowly getting up to speed09:42
psywipedgrawity that would be a backport for me09:43
hybr1derhi what is the default root value supposed to be in proftpd to jail them in to their home folder?09:43
grawitypsywiped: What do you mean?09:43
debiaHawkLion: iface etha inet dhcp09:43
PerryArmstrongcan anyone help me get my screen resolution on 8.1009:43
debiaHawkLion: lol,09:43
hybr1deri thought it was supposed to be ~ but it doesnt work :(09:44
psywipeddebia why are you using gksudo?09:45
psywipedgrawity been there done that09:45
debiaHawkLion: gksudo is when you want to run GUI apps as super-user09:45
HawkLiondebia:  got it09:45
HawkLiondebia:  saved09:46
GnuSebhow can i change an mp3 to a wav copy09:46
BigMoopiesHello, I am having problems with my sound being low in *buntu .  As noted here , https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/217789 .  It seems others have the same issue with realtek ALC888 ?  is there any hope of that being fixed and the sound being that good as windows ?09:46
debiaHawkLion: ok, sorry to say, but desktop needs to be restarted09:46
psywipeddebia why doesnt sudo work?09:46
linky0negotta q about raid5, can i import a pre-existing ntfs raid 5 into ubuntu server?09:46
HawkLiondubia:  no sweat.09:46
psywipedGnuSeb whatever for?09:46
GnuSebHello i need to change an mp3 file to wav format how can i do it?09:46
HawkLiondebia:  restarting09:47
a_n_d_r_e_wGnuSeb: convert it09:47
GnuSebfor my phone to have a voice answer option the file i have as ringtone has to be wav or midi09:47
debiaHawkLion: sudo blocks until the called program is completed.09:47
GnuSeba_n_d_r_e_w, how?09:47
nullbytemagnetron, so? I am ana :p09:47
a_n_d_r_e_wavidemux or audacity09:47
psywipedaudiadicy or whatever its called09:47
debiaHawkLion: you could use sudo if you were launching the same command from terminal I guess.09:47
HawkLiondebia:  ok, thus the restart?09:47
nullbytewhat can i do?09:47
GnuSeba_n_d_r_e_w, how do you do it on audacity?09:48
a_n_d_r_e_wyes, audacity09:48
a_n_d_r_e_wGnuSeb: i don't have audacity09:48
psywipedGnuSeb look at the help files09:48
lyhana8hi, i'm looking for a SQL modeller ?09:48
GnuSeba_n_d_r_e_w, ok how do you do it with avidemux09:48
GnuSebi have that09:48
psywipedGnuSeb read the handbook09:49
a_n_d_r_e_wavidemux is not a sound converter09:49
GnuSebwhat is?09:49
GnuSebwhat program can i use to convert files09:49
a_n_d_r_e_wvideo converter09:50
a_n_d_r_e_wGnuSeb: audacity09:50
GnuSebfrom mp3 to wav09:50
FloodBot3a_n_d_r_e_w: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:50
debiaHawkLion: partly so. also the changed config file (/etc/network/interfaces in which you typed 2 additional lines)  is read at startup - I don't know how to make it take effect manually.09:50
debiaHawkLion: without restarting09:50
HawkLiondebia:  oh...09:51
HawkLiondebia:  speaking of restarting...done, no change.09:51
psywipedGnuSeb read this http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&url=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D196680&ei=cx_XSc69OqnslQeQqvzgDA&usg=AFQjCNGXIuC13e-_kREW_LKhSW6LXifmzg&sig2=aQkpXGIpECkqADsNCBiNHA09:51
lyhana8anyone for a SQL modeller ?09:52
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:52
debiaHawkLion: ok that was expected. but can you try in a terminal : sudo ifup etha09:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about vis09:52
PerryArmstrongcan anyone help me get ubuntu fix my resolution...i am not getting the right resolution09:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about via09:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unichrome09:52
ubottuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.09:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about openchrome09:53
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts09:53
perscitusWhat do I install for ATI cards? help ubuntu is down.09:53
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:53
HawkLiondebia:  etha:  ERROR09:53
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:53
nullbyteanyone can tell me how can i enable the via graphic card?09:53
natschilperscitus: start "Hardware Drivers", and it should do the rest for you.09:53
debiaHawkLion: were you asked for password ?09:53
HawkLiondebia:  yes09:53
linky0neany RAID5 gurus?09:53
perscitusnathan7-> Doesnt work. probably due to nvidia card. switching :P09:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about raid509:54
debiaHawkLion: in that case, I guess I am out of options.09:54
PerryArmstrongcan anyone help with my problem... i have posted the problem and certain outputs of commands at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7010757#post701075709:54
psywipedHawkLion did it work with the live cd?09:54
HawkLiondebia:  no worries mate!  Thank you so much!!09:54
debiaHawkLion: I can only recommend searching in forums or with the device manufacturer09:54
perscitusnatschil->  i probably have to use ATI website drivers. One in repo doesnt support card.09:55
debiaHawkLion: you are welcome09:55
HawkLionpsywiped:  never tried the live CD09:55
debiaHawkLion: goodluck09:55
linky0nepsywiped - i have an ntfs 4 drive raid in my 2k3 server and i would like to migrate to ubuntu server. possible?09:55
HawkLiondebia:  thank you09:55
PerryArmstrongdebia; can you help with my problem... i have posted the problem and certain outputs of commands at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7010757#post701075709:55
ruby_on_tailsis their a good todo application for ubuntu ?09:55
psywipedlinky0ne hardware or software09:55
GnuSebpura vida09:56
perscitusnatschil->  whats command to check x version?09:56
psywipedlinky0ne its because windows is doing the heavy lifting and its drivers doing it09:56
NiphyrHey, how can I configure IP tables to block all traffic bar to the port 123?09:57
perscituswhats command to check x version?09:57
natschilpercitus: X -version09:57
* Dvyjones_ waves to grawity 09:57
* grawity waves at Dvyjones_09:57
psywiped!languge | myth09:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about languge09:57
ruby_on_tailsanyone ?09:57
linky0negot it, i know i can import a foreign dynamic disk array into another 2k3 system, i was hoping i can do the same in *nix09:57
psywipedlinky0ne your better geting a card that has the raid5 on it09:58
perscitusnatschil->  X.Org version actually09:58
psywipedlinky0ne its more stable and faster pluss no chance of windows causing it to break09:59
linky0neok, i read somewhere that the *nix software raid was excellent and sometimes out performed hw raid509:59
PerryArmstrongnatschil; did you see my message09:59
natschilPerryArmstrong: which one?09:59
=== bruno is now known as Guest71666
Chrom_Hi all10:00
linky0ne"windows causing it to break" too late for that. i am re-synching as we speak! i guess ill find 2TB somewhere to back up all data and recreate raid in ubuntu10:00
Guest71666server film emule10:00
psywipedlinky0ne maby on a dedicated system but not on user systems10:00
debiaPerryArmstrong: I saw ur post. in the xorg.conf, there are 2 screen sections. 2 monitor sections, 2 device sections etc10:00
linky0neit will be a dedicated file server10:00
mythcan the virtualbox 2.14 edition and the ose 2.0 edition exits the same time ?10:00
linky0nei just purchased an intel server grade board for this system10:01
psywipedlinky0ne im a little supprised that it doesnt have onboard raid510:01
debiaPerryArmstrong: the 2nd Screen section has more info than first, so can u delete the first ? (from Section "Screen" until EndSection)10:01
mythcan the virtualbox 2.14 edition and the ose 2.0 edition exits the same time ?10:01
Chrom_Can someone give me a clue on uninstalling virtualbox properly? I removed it with apt-get uninstall virtualbox* --purge, but even if the software is gone, at startup I still have the kernel trying to load a module and failing to do so, and I still have users and groups generated by the vbox installer.10:01
debiaPerryArmstrong: the same for monitor and device10:02
riois there a way to use the macbooks multitouch guesteres like to fingers for scrolling etc. on ubuntu?10:02
psywipedmyth keep asking the same question and the answer will endup being no10:02
linky0newith HW raid controller failures is it possible to "see" raid on a replacement system?10:02
debiaPerryArmstrong: I mean Section "Device" and Section "Monitor"10:02
Auslegungghindo, quick question, after doing the dd there's nothing on my usb drive.  Why is that?10:02
myth can the virtualbox 2.14 edition and the ose 2.0 edition exits in a computer the same time ?10:02
riomyth: yes10:03
psywipedlinky0ne yes because it is set up as one drive before the os loads10:03
psywipedum wait10:04
psywipedlinky0ne you mean if the card breaks?10:04
mythrio,i get the ose editon from the apt-get,  and the 2.14 edition from the webdite10:04
ghindoAuslegung: Wait, I thought you said that you had got the image onto the USB drive?10:04
linky0nei know sw, you can re-import cause raid info is stored on all drives10:04
PerryArmstrongdebia; done i think even InputDevice is also repeated10:05
psywipedlinky0ne im not sure i guess it depends on how it tells the raid setup10:05
linky0nei am nervous that hw raid is proprietary10:05
debiaPerryArmstrong: InputDevice is repeated only for "wacom" a few times, the kbd and mouse should be there10:05
PerryArmstrongdebia; i actually copied the second part of code fromubuntuforums...which one of friends provided me10:05
Auslegungghindo well, I ran the code and didn't check in the USB, I assumed it worked10:05
PerryArmstrongdebia; ok..now whats to be done....10:05
psywipedlinky0ne yea cause the windows implamntation totaly isnt10:06
debiaPerryArmstrong: wait. InputDevice is not repeated10:06
ghindoAuslegung: I thought you had mentioned that the USB drive was empty to begin with?10:06
PerryArmstrongdebia; there are 2 input devices..but the identifiers are different10:06
Auslegungghindo yeah, it was, and it still is10:06
debiaPerryArmstrong: only the Screen, Monitor and Device has duplicate. pls backup ur xorg.conf first. then edit xorg.conf as root remove duplicate sections and save and exit10:07
linky0nepsywiped - ok, well thanks for clearing that up, now im off to find 2TB extra of storage! thanks again!10:07
ghindoAuslegung: Hm.  Have you tried viewing hidden files or booting from the USB drive?10:07
debiaPerryArmstrong: second set in the duplicates has more detail, so I suggest remove the first one for each10:07
PerryArmstrongdebia; i have done that as you said before10:08
Auslegungghindo, yeah, both, and there's nothing there.  When booting from it says cannot locate file Linux or something to that effect10:08
perscitusnathan7->  I installed ati driver from their site and Hardy works perfectly. Works better then nvidia actually10:08
PerryArmstrongdebia; now whats to be done?10:09
debiaPerryArmstrong: restart X-server10:09
PerryArmstrongdebia; it says command not found10:10
debiaPerryArmstrong: after closing all programs and saving all data etc, as a shortcut to login/logoff you can try Ctrl+Alt+Backspace10:10
juniechohi, how can i solve a font problem? not a big deal, but after installing word processor software some font settings are now changed and i don't like it, how do i perform some detailed font configuration with nice gui?10:10
ghindoAuslegung: I'm not sure.  I'll look around a bit, but I'm almost out of ideas10:10
PerryArmstrongdebia; so should i just logoff10:11
PerryArmstrongdebia; and then login back??10:11
debiaPerryArmstrong: for the new config to take effect, you have logout and login (shortcut as above)10:11
PerryArmstrongdebia; ok i'll do that then10:11
Chrom_Can someone give me a clue on uninstalling virtualbox properly? I removed it with apt-get uninstall virtualbox* --purge, but even if the software is gone, at startup I still have the kernel trying to load a module and failing to do so, and I still have users and groups generated by the vbox installer.10:12
=== AliTarihi_ is now known as AliTarihi
ghindoAuslegung: Yeah, I'm not sure what to tell you.  I think your best bet would to be to wait for wiki.ubuntu.com to go back up, and follow the instructions there.10:13
coolmadmaxHow to make samba work? I have network card all right working but when stat samba message tell me that unable to find any workgroup inlocal area network10:14
azizالسلام عليكم يا عرب ويا مسلمون10:14
bNICK vicky10:14
grawityb: Telnet?10:15
azizيا اخوان هل منكم من يتكلم عربي10:15
ghindo!arabic | aziz10:15
ubottuaziz: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية10:15
debiaHawkLion: you still there ?10:15
Auslegungghindo thanks for being patient and trying to help, I appreciate it10:16
Kimii need to know which is the alternate to "trackmania" game10:16
ubottuA comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot10:16
nicodarioushello everyone.  could anyone tell me if i zeroed out my superblock on my mdadm raid0 setup, would all data be lost?  i'm running xfs FS on it atm, but during re-install of OS, it's come up with bad SB when trying to mount it.10:16
ghindoAuslegung: Yeah, no problem.  Sorry I couldn't help you more.10:16
a_n_d_r_e_wحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية10:16
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!10:16
Kimi!ops > kimi10:17
ubottuKimi, please see my private message10:17
a_n_d_r_e_wمنكم من يتكلم10:17
ghindo!arabic | a_n_d_r_e_w10:17
ubottua_n_d_r_e_w: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية10:17
GaryKimi: please don't abuse ops10:17
coolmadmaxHow to make samba work? I have network card all right working but when stat samba message tell me that unable to find any workgroup in local area network10:17
jpdsKimi: Please don't do that.10:17
bazhangKimi, why did you do that10:17
Kimii want to know what will ops do10:17
Kimiis it not allowed ?? ! :O :O10:18
Garyit'll get you kicked out10:18
grawityKimi: !ops is allowed - but only when you REALLY NEED it.10:18
psywipedlinky0ne to be able to restor a harware raid5 you need the same controler10:18
KimiHi :'(10:18
psywipedlinky0ne so back up your data10:19
grawityKimi: !ops is allowed - but only when you REALLY NEED it.10:19
* grawity makes a note to unignore kicks on #ubuntu.10:19
Kimigrawity ok. i didnot really know that10:19
Tidusnicodarious, it's possible to rebuild superblocks without hosing the array10:19
Tidusi just don't remember how10:19
linky0neok, thats what i thought. as soon as this resync completes i will10:19
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!10:19
Kimigrawity.. i saw that ops in logs of this.... so tried it10:19
elkya_n_d_r_e_w, stop!10:19
a_n_d_r_e_wsorry :(10:20
Tidusthe ops trigger is reserved for spammers and such10:20
grawityKimi: /query ubottu, and you can test there.10:20
=== Laruft|AFK is now known as Laruft
psywipednooooo you broked the interwebs10:20
Kimi: /query ubottu10:21
grawityKimi: Without the :10:21
Kimigrawity ok.. i just did a copy - paste :P .. thanks for it10:21
Tidusi do have a question though. I have a Motorola RAZR v3a cell phone, trying to use it under either moto4lin or bitpim under ubuntu 8.10. However, it seems the usb dsl modem driver (the modem part of the phone uses this driver) is not getting loaded10:21
Tidusand i'm trying to figure out what module that was10:22
SquarcHi everyone, I have this weird problem.. when I boot (Kubuntu) I don't have any internet/network connection..10:24
Tidusalmost any cell phone hooked up through usb uses this same driver, which NetworkManager can pick up on, just trying to remember the module name10:24
jpdsgrawity: (with the /remove command, it's the same as /kick - but it isn't intrepreted by the client as one) </en>10:24
Squarchowever, KNetworkManager sais I have connection... and it also sais DHCP is configured10:24
Squarcwhen I do "sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop" in terminal.... everything works just fine...10:24
PerryArmstrongdebia; vow thanks....it worked10:25
drownerhello everyone: can someone help me help a noob on the ubuntuforums?10:25
nicodariousTidus: to rebuild superblocks, do all i have to do is zero them out or is there something more i must do?  i'm new to this part of recreation of md arays10:25
HengistMind if I ask a somewhat off-topic question? It'll just take a moment.10:25
Tidusnicodarious, zero them out, then hand-assemble the array *in the same order* as it was before10:26
Kimi want to know any alternate to "trackmania" game10:26
debiaPerryArmstrong: glad to hear that, world looks much better at hi-res10:26
drownerHe can't boot, grub does nothing - he booted a livecd and got a sudo fdisk -l output, which showed that the partitions don't end on cylinder boundary. Dualboot. His 2nd partition is the NTFS, and bootable one. 1st partition is ext3. Is it possible that there is some 'overlap' and the MBR has been inadvertently overwritten?10:26
PerryArmstrongdebia; but before the main screen came..it showed me that ubuntu is running in low graphics mode nd i saved the log file10:27
drownerThe first and 2nd partitions ended/started on same partition10:27
debiaPerryArmstrong: sorry not clear to me10:27
PerryArmstrongdebia; after logging in i got a message that ubuntu is running in low graphics mode10:30
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arfmarfNexuiz 2.5 Is out! :D Get it now! http://alientrap.org/nexuiz/ http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/482167710:31
bazhanghttp://newth.net/eirik/2008/04/29/howto-install-trackmania-nations-forever-on-ubuntu-804/ Kimi10:32
TheFlyingGlueGunI have a quick question. It's a tad off-topic.10:32
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic then TheFlyingGlueGun10:33
TheFlyingGlueGunYour wish is my command.10:33
knoppixHow can I set the language of gnome applications?10:33
mikebeechamhi guys...I wonder if you can help me.  When I want to download a new theme for Ubuntu, some of the themes tell me that I have to have the latest murrine, aurora and pixmap engines....how are these installed?10:34
noirbonjour, y a-t'il des gens parlant français ?10:34
psywipedi cant wait to get back to working on my gentoo install10:34
Shinu?? french | noir10:35
Shinu!french | noir10:35
ubottunoir: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr10:35
bazhangnoir, #ubuntu-fr pour francais10:35
bazhang!ot > psywiped10:35
ubottupsywiped, please see my private message10:35
Shinu!ot > psywiped10:35
Shinu!ot > shadearg10:36
ubottushadearg, please see my private message10:36
ShinuI'm sorry, I can't seem to tab well @ 2:36am10:36
Shinu!ot > Shinu10:36
ubottuShinu, please see my private message10:36
psywipedyou guys are harsh i do one ot message in an hour and you hit me with that10:37
Heimarkwtb bluetooth runthrought? deadmines?10:37
bazhangpsywiped, this is a busy channel; please take offtopic chat to #ubuntu-offtopic10:37
noirhéhé okey okey !10:38
Heimarkmy blue tooth need to be reset every time I restart... is there an easy way around this?10:39
psywipedgreat i post 1 line ot and get 7 lines back10:39
psywipedHeimark what do you mean by reset10:40
HeimarkI need to uninstall my mouse and reinstall it10:41
Heimarkhaving the same issue with my parents computer with Vista... but Vista vs Jaunty Alpha....10:42
matrixblue I was installing Xubuntu to my usb drive and grub gave me a fatal error. Is there a way to install grub manually?10:42
psywipedHeimark did you check the forums yet because thats not a common issue very few people use a bluetooth mouse10:42
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bazhangHeimark, this is for jaunty? #ubuntu+1 for that please10:43
HeimarkI'll check it out tomorrow.. GF isn't happy with Ubuntu chat. Just looking for a quick fix10:44
johnslaptopdoes any one have a good make file how to10:45
psywiped(well one more ot thing) goodnight all brain is flashing the capslock at me so i need to reset it for 8hrs and reindex parts of it have fun.10:46
johnslaptopor how to compile page10:46
mrwesjohnslaptop, google does10:46
whazillahow do i enable xdmcp without graphical mode being started yet ?10:47
whazillaoh hello ... how are u ... fine ... we should have klones10:47
elkypsywiped, trying to help is not an excuse for breaking the rules of the channel.10:49
shavinderi have installed an ubuntu desktop as a file server in my office. It is on LAN with static ip address. It connect to internet through a modem which connects directly to the network switch of the LAN. In this setup is it possible to access the file server from my home?10:50
whazillaanybody xdmcp enabling while being on a prompt bash ?10:50
yourfatherwhats the channel if i want to spam?10:50
whazillaand #politics10:50
Tidusso any idea what module that would be?10:51
whazillashavinder: yes if u forward 999999 ports10:51
grawitywhazilla: There are only 65565 ports -_-10:51
shavinderwhazilla: i am a lay user. could you please explain more?10:52
whazillashh thats top secret10:52
grawity65535 even.10:52
whazillashavinder: if ur net router thats connected to ur modem blocks the port then u need to forward the port numbers the service is running on10:52
whazillamake a dyndns.org and test till ur inside from the net10:53
whazillanetbreak instead of jailbreak10:53
whazillaanybody xdmcp enabling while being on a prompt bash ?10:54
enpiresHello people! i have a little stupid problem :D i can't found openoffice-formula, also if i have already installed it10:54
whazillaapt-get install openoffice-forpmula10:54
whazillaapt-cache search openoffice10:54
mrweswhazilla, are you using tightvnc?10:55
whazillaid like to10:55
whazillabut this is the situation10:55
whazillavista and colinux10:55
enpiresit tells me that is unable to found openoffice-formula10:55
whazillabeing ubuntu10:55
whazillaempires wher did u hear of that package ?10:56
enpireshowever i dont have to install it, i just have to found a way to open the program10:56
armornickenpires, what happens if you type openoffice-formula in a terminal?10:56
mrweswhazilla, you need to edit the runlevels rc.d http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-16953.html10:56
whazillamaybe it inst in mainstream10:56
enpiresit says command not found10:56
whazillaon ap^t-get ?10:56
whazillathanks mrwes10:56
armornickenpires, if it doesn't says anyting about apt-get, it probably isn't installable10:56
enpiresnono is installed10:57
whazillaapt-get says command not found ?10:57
enpiresi just saw if from the install/unistall section10:57
mrweswhazilla, yah...look towards the end of that thread for the solution10:57
armornickenpires, have you tried the gnome menu?10:57
enpireswhazilla no, apt-get says that is unable to find that program10:57
whazillanot mainstream then10:58
enpiresyeah sure i tried, i can find onle oo-word/xls and so on10:58
whazillaenpires apt-get install wordperfect5.110:58
armornickenpires, and have you only looked under office tools or have you tried the other menus too?10:58
enpires1 second :)10:59
Shinunew bot10:59
enpiresevery menu10:59
enpiressame... impossible to find wordperfect10:59
whazillatry synaptec as root10:59
whazillaor is it synaptic ?10:59
enpiresok just a second10:59
enpiresnono i did in a terminal10:59
blacklineHi guys.I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my EeePC. My question is how I change the background that flashes by during the login? I11:00
enpiresnow i try with synaptic11:00
whazillasyn press tab now11:00
enpiresno... ther's no wordperfect* packages on my synaptic11:00
redasalut tout le monde11:01
whazillao enable XDMCP:11:01
whazillaIt's fairly easy to set up. If you are using Gnome, you go to System->Administration-Login Window.11:01
whazillathis is not so simpel without X11:01
whazillamrwes: any clues ?11:01
Aperculumwhy is my vim not loading python mode automatically when I open a python file?11:01
enpireswhazilla,,, no solutions? :P11:02
ZeZuwhat provides tune2fs ?11:02
ZeZu(e2fsprogs doesn't have it?)11:02
whazillaenpires: wher u at ?11:02
whazillai mean how far are u progressed ?11:02
whazillai got no X server running due a lack of screen ... how do i enable xdmcp without x active ?11:04
whazillaxming doesnt wanne connect to colinux ... its blocked somehow on vista11:05
whazillaso i need an alternative to xming11:05
whazillawitch is an xservers backend screen on windows ==w xming11:05
blacklinewhazilla: I managed to change the ugly lime-green color that also flashes by during the login. Didnt find where to change that background picture though.11:05
whazillaor how to run x ?11:05
whazillablackline: seems to be easy enough to edit xdm gdm or kdm11:06
whazillaand grub for boot loadern images11:06
whazillablackline cant u allso change it on the login screen itself ;;; left lower corner11:07
armornickblackline, are you trying to change the login screen background or the booting background?11:07
blacklinearmornick:  its not the login screen, nor the boot background i think. if im correct its a backround image that flashes by while i enter my password.11:08
webographycan anyone help a newbie with getting a usb wifi stick to work please11:09
whazillaof a flash kit11:09
blacklineEeepc background to be exact, the same that was originally the desktop background after install.11:09
whazillawebography: witch stick ?11:09
whazilladildoweb tm11:09
webographyit is the zydas 1211b11:10
mrweswhazilla, maybe you need to try to start it from /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default11:10
whazillai dunno11:10
whazillaid like to reinstall from scratch11:10
whazillabut colinux dont like that11:10
whazillaas it dont let me mount a cd to boot11:10
whazillai need ~qemu for that unfortunatly that does not run well on mi vista11:11
whazillawebography: i hope it helps11:12
webographyi will take a look whazilla, but i have been reading everything i can get my hands on all morning to no avail11:12
whazillathis link to ?11:13
whazillait was the google lucky link11:13
webographythe stick is recognised, the driver is installed but no connection11:13
whazillaunplug ... rub it in vagina ... plug it in again ... succes11:13
SliderManwiki of ubuntu is down?11:14
whazillathats how software should work11:14
SliderManor its just my stupid isp?11:14
anki1hello everyone11:14
anki1i hav ubuntu 9.04 beta iso image11:14
whazillawebography: try to remove and reinstall if it doesnt recognise and try to follow that link i pasted11:14
whazillaits extaclty what u want11:15
SliderManhmm is there any ways to setup ubuntu if i dont have a cd-rom drive?11:15
anki1hw can i boot using that iso without a cd . I want to use hdd as cdrom11:15
majnoonTHAT a GOOD question11:15
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SliderManlol both with same question11:16
DasEi!install | SliderMan11:16
ubottuSliderMan: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate11:16
whazillawebography: try this11:16
whazilla# modprobe zd1211b11:16
whazilla# ifconfig wlan0 up11:16
whazilla# iwconfig wlan011:16
FloodBot3whazilla: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:16
DasEi!usb | SliderMan11:16
ubottuSliderMan: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:16
whazillagot it web ?11:16
anki1hey I want to use that iso just like the live cd11:17
whazillawhat iso .. what live cd ... just like what ?11:17
anki1i dont need to install coz that is still a beta11:17
webographyyeah but my stick is actually the ZyDas LA-54L WiFi and the modprobe comes back with not installed for zd121111:17
bazhanganki1, jaunty in #ubuntu+111:17
DasEi SliderMan : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu  is up11:18
SliderMangood job!11:18
whazillawebography: well that sounds abit more tricky11:19
anki1@whazilla--- i want to boot using the iso file as a live cd from my hard disk11:19
anki1now get it11:19
whazillawhat !11:19
whazillaokey try colinux anki1  or qemu :11:19
whazillalets u boot livecd while in system11:19
DasEianki1: eerm.. and then install another disk ??11:19
anki1i hav already tried qemu11:19
SliderManboth links you gave me dasei dosent load for me11:20
whazillathen dont try colinux ;)11:20
anki1maybe from grub11:20
DasEiSliderMan: something wrong with your connection ? ping google.com ?11:20
SliderMangoogle loads11:20
anki1is there any way of booting into a live cd from grub11:20
spacebearanybody tried installing ubuntu remix netbook ver,.  on an ascpjre witb xp delivered... `=''havning some troubless when booting it from usb key11:21
natrixnatrix89Hi. my old laptop crashed so i'm using ubuntu live cd to restore data, but it wont let me access the old HDD. does anyone know the command in terminal to fix its errors?11:21
DasEiSliderMan: try to tunnel , if you think it's a filter11:21
DasEiSliderMan: right to pm you ?11:21
SliderManyeah thanks11:21
norenhi all, i am wanting to play mp3 from command line how can i do it i have vlc installed11:22
natrixnatrix89Hi. my old laptop crashed so i'm using ubuntu live cd to restore data, but it wont let me access the old HDD. does anyone know the command in terminal to fix its errors?11:23
whazillathats for zydas121111:23
MusicGeniousim running ubuntu studio and i cant get my lappy to connect to the internet... theres no icon in the tray or anything11:23
geffennatrixnatrix89: sudo mkdir /media/hdd && sudo mount /dev/sdXY /media/hdd -t ntfs-3g (replaceX by the letter of your hdd ans Y bu the number of the partition)11:23
MusicGeniousand there seems to be no eth0 or ath0 or wifi0?  how do you list connections?11:23
geffenMusicGenious: ifconfig lists the network interfaces11:24
MusicGeniousyeah.... ifconfig just gives me lo11:24
geffenand iwconfig lists wireless devices11:24
natrixnatrix89geffem: thanks11:24
norenhi all, i am wanting to play mp3 from command line how can i do it i have vlc installed11:24
geffennoren: vlc song.mp3 ?11:25
MusicGeniousiwconfig gives me lo - no wireless extensions, eth0 no wireless extensions, pan0 no wireless extensions11:25
norengeffen: i am looking for a cli version not the gui version11:25
* majnoon thinks mpg123,mpg321,or mplayer be better choices 11:26
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:26
geffenMusicGenious: you can make wireless with ndiswrapper or madwifi, you will see tutorials for tose programs11:26
SliderMan!install sliderman11:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:26
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:26
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate11:27
geffennoren: I'm not sure that vlc can play in command line ... mplayer can11:27
norengeffen how can i use mplayer to do the same i want to play mp3 in cli only11:28
geffenapparently, you have to run cvlc song.mp311:28
MusicGeniousdoes ubuntu studio come with ndiswrapper or madwifi geffen?11:28
geffeni don't know MusicGenious ^^11:28
MusicGeniouswhere would i find binaries online for either of those?11:29
MusicGeniousand will the binaries include dependancies?11:29
guest_visitorI have a serious problem: much (not all) of the system text have been replaced by squares (black border, white inside). I have tried rebooting several times. It's not just my user, its the same thing for the label text when logging in.11:29
geffennoren: ok, cvlc is working :)11:29
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:29
norencvlc is working but it does not open the file i need to open11:30
geffenyou can go there to find out what to do exactly, i'm not a specialist of wireless connections11:30
geffenguest_visitor: Have you deleted something before it happens ?11:30
SliderMananyway to use a usb to boot up and download the setup files after reformating my hd?11:31
guest_visitorgeffen: No, it happend after a normal reboot11:31
geffennoren: euh ... i think ot's more a problem of your mp3 song ^^11:31
MusicGeniousthat doesnt display on my computer for some reason11:31
norengeffen: oh got it working >>> vlc -I ncurses ~/Music/*.mp311:31
geffenguest_visitor: Try to post on ubuntu forums ... maybe someone had the same problem before !11:31
japanfredany nautilus experts in? god a problem with what appear to be cached drive labels11:32
guest_visitorI've tried upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04 beta in the hope that it would fix it, but no11:32
geffeni'm not upgrading anymore to beta versions ... to much problems11:33
norenah now i need a good CLI browser11:33
Boohbahnoren: links11:33
geffennoren: you have w3m included in ubuntu :)11:33
geffenor links11:33
guest_visitorI thought it was worth a try...  :-)11:34
noreni tried using w3m but its confusiing browsing thru it any help file posted any where to howto browse through it11:34
reisiany ati -gfx card owners here, running latest intrepid?11:34
norenits hard to enter the test to search i n google search also11:34
geffennoren: i just move the cursor with arrox keys, and i press enter when i want to follow a link, and when i want to enter a text in a form11:35
norenfollowing with arroow and following links is easy but i cant figure out how to enter text as i type nothing happens11:36
geffenpress enter when your cursor is in the text field ... you will see the bottom line of your screen written with : TEXT :11:37
SliderMananyway to use a usb to boot up and download the setup files after reformating my hd?11:37
geffenand here you can type your search, when it's done, enter again11:37
geffeni dont understand your question SliderMan11:38
SliderManhmm i wanna boot from a usb but i only have 128mb one.11:38
SliderMananyway to download the setup files after booting?11:38
SliderManfrom the internet11:38
ubuntuhey it werks11:39
geffeni dont think so SliderMan11:39
norengeffen; thanks , can we open new tabs and is there a back feature in it11:39
SliderManhave to have enough space on my usb?11:39
geffeni've never tried it noren, but maybe11:39
bercikMy Synaptic doesnt see any packages expect that which i have already installed. Its fresh install of Ubuntu. Help me please11:39
geffenbercik, did you do an update ?11:40
bercikgeffen: yes11:40
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
geffenhum ... i don't know :/11:40
geffeni'm not using synaptics ..;11:40
SliderManis there a way to load ubuntu setup through LAN boot?11:41
geffenSliderMan: It's possible for debian with 2 floppys, so ... it must be possible with Ubuntu too11:42
blahblahhallah akbar brothers!11:42
blahblahhthanks allah he give us ubuntu!11:42
SliderMani dont have a floppy drive11:42
geffenSliderMan: if ot's possible with a floppy, that's possible with an usb drive ;) but you must go on the forums to find help11:42
SliderManno one really post in my threads there11:43
SliderMankinda annoying11:43
nlhhow can i install a skin for my desk?11:43
Boohbahblahblahh: Mark Shuttleworth is allah?11:43
nlhand do u know where can i download a skin wich is a cube11:43
japanfreddoes anyone know if nautilus caches drive labels? my storage appears as downloads and vice versa since i swapped them, Root shows them perfectly...11:44
SliderManbut google is our friend right ? ;)11:44
blahblahhSliderMan gave? yeah my inglish is bad11:44
geffennlh : You want a cube desktop ? You need to activate compiz11:44
norenSliderMan: u can get the minimum boot alternate cd i think its 80 mb only11:44
nlhhow can i make this geffen ?.11:44
SliderManmind if i PM you noren?11:44
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation SliderMan11:44
SliderManthe site dosent load for me11:45
Tiffer9000yay i finally got the new ubuntu lol11:45
SliderMancongraz =)11:45
Tiffer9000now time to work out how to use it all lol11:45
geffenSystem > Preferences (i think that's his name in english) and then appareance,11:45
nlhand where can i download it?11:45
Tiffer9000anyone know if you can get BF2 for ubuntu?11:45
geffenvisuals effects, and then you tick extra, if you have a powerfull graphic card11:45
SliderMannoren where can i get min alternate cd?11:46
geffenTiffer9000: See from the side on Wine (winehq.org)11:46
bazhang!minimal | SliderMan11:46
ubottuSliderMan: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:46
SliderMan!Alternate CD11:46
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal11:46
geffennlh, wompiz is already on your Ubuntu ;)11:47
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:47
geffeni gotta go11:47
geffenbye :)11:47
SliderManhave a great day11:47
Tiffer9000geffen #> Thanks11:47
Cyr4xmam wiele plików o tym samym rozszeżeniu11:48
Cyr4xjak zmienić im je na inne zbiorczo11:48
bazhang!pl | Cyr4x11:48
ubottuCyr4x: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl11:48
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap11:48
SliderMananyone knows why help.ubuntu.com dosent load?11:49
norenSliderMan: did u get the minimum cd11:49
MusicGenioushow do i open the network manager from terminal?11:49
SliderMannoren i dont know where to download it11:49
SliderMannoren currectly downloading the alternate cf from a torrent11:50
SliderMannoren its 700mb11:50
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD  SliderMan11:50
SliderManbazhang, help.ubuntu.com dosent load up for me.11:51
holdenssis ubuntu wiki down?11:51
SliderManill try googling for a mirror11:52
bazhangSliderMan, odd it loads here11:53
SliderManmind finding me a mirror?11:53
bazhangSliderMan, for the iso?11:53
lyhana8hi, how can I chroot to a kubuntu system from a gentoo ?11:53
SliderManfor the minimal one11:53
jpdsSliderMan: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors11:54
SliderMan<33 - i love you.11:54
Dewhi everybody.. i'm new in ubuntu and I love it, but sadly I hardly understant anything.. would you nice people may help me..?11:55
DasEi!ask | Dew11:55
ubottuDew: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:55
jpdsDew: Sure, that's what we're here for, what's the problem you're having?11:55
niravanaany ideas how to turn of screen on ubuntu-server (e.g. without xset) ?11:55
SliderManah wierd no minimal cd mirrors there.11:56
SliderMani found one, thank you verymuch guys <311:57
DasEiSliderMan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:58
Dewwell. I want to get rid of the awful Vista that came with my computer. I want to use only ubuntu with windows XP app with it, bacouse I need Adobe CS3 to work properly.. I need to know how to do all that....11:58
SliderMandasei it still dosent load for me.11:59
bazhang!dualboot | Dew11:59
ubottuDew: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot11:59
SliderManoh it does!11:59
bazhang!appdb | Dew check here11:59
ubottuDew check here: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:59
DasEiDew: that won't work, consider a dual-bott, if hd is big enough11:59
lyhana8i'm running a gentoo system right now but I want to do some work in parallel on my kubuntu I can i use the kubuntu terminal ?11:59
DasEi lyhana8: run a vm..12:00
SliderManDasEi how do i burn it to my usb ?12:00
lyhana8DasEi: I just need a terminal12:00
DewI've been told that it can work.. why should't it?12:01
DasEiSliderMan: differnet possibs; you said you don't a cd-drive ?? another pc, I assume, well usb-creator is one solution or google for syslinux12:02
wompyhi,my friend is using ubuntu netbook remix 9.04. he is able to ping www.google.com but is not able to browse with firefox to google.com12:02
rexwinhi all. i am trying to create a tunnel between two machines for testing purposes.it went well in opensuse (command openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/server.conf )but failed in debian system http://paste.ubuntu.com/144077/12:02
SliderManthanks dasei12:03
DasEilyhana8: gentoo has  a terminal, too, I don't get your intention ..12:03
bazhangwompy, #ubuntu+1 for jaunty12:03
wompybazhang thx12:04
niravanais there a tool that turns off monitor on ubuntu-server without Xorg?12:04
SliderManDasEi so this cd will only load the setup and download the files i need later?12:05
DasEiniravana: you could use bios for that12:05
DasEiSliderMan: yes12:05
lyhana8DasEi: yep they have one, but i want to update my kubuntu while i'm running into gentoo12:06
niravanaDasEi: bios has't such an option12:06
SliderManthanks thats what i need!12:06
rexwinhi all. i am trying to create a tunnel between two machines for testing purposes.it went well in opensuse (command openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/server.conf )but failed in debian system http://paste.ubuntu.com/144077/12:06
DasEilyhana8: you have dualboot ?12:06
bazhangrexwin, and ubuntu?12:06
Guest50046can i load my vista from ubuntu? i have installed both now...12:07
=== Guest50046 is now known as [CrashServ]
lyhana8can someone tell me where the `/etc/resolv.conf` go ?12:08
grawitylyhana8: ... in /etc I guess12:08
DasEilyhana8: /etc/network/... ?!12:08
jacob_95can anyone help me install cube 2?12:08
rakanHello, is there any SSH client in repository with an account manager feature? because when i use SSH using console i have to copy/paste the password and all that12:09
lyhana8grawity: DasEi it's a seem link, and mine point into `/etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf` that doesn't exist -.-12:09
SliderManany one knows of a free virtual machine software in a ubuntu package?12:09
rakanso i would like to have one with account manager that saves SSH password .. etc12:09
rakanSliderMan, virtualbox12:10
bazhangSliderMan, virtualbox-ose12:10
grawityrakan: How about using SSH public key authentication?12:10
magnetronSliderMan→ virtualbox-ose, qemu12:10
bachhey, wonder if someone can help I have tried to change the appearance of ubuntu and received the following error http://paste.ubuntu.com/144082/.12:10
grawityrakan: Saving SSH passwods would be very insecure, and I don' tthink there's any client that does it.12:10
rakangrawity unfortunatly, the server uses password auth12:10
lzefhi, ive a question about the ubuntu update-manager: how can i prevent it from pulling in all dependencies marked "recommended"?12:10
jribrakan: do you know about ssh keys?12:10
DasEilyhana8: (for ubuntu) /etc/resolv.conf or /etc/ppp/resolv.conf , do you dualboot ?12:11
jriberm, /me is late12:11
rakanjrib, not so much12:11
lyhana8DasEi: yep i've a dual boot12:11
rakanbut i know there is public/private key auth and password auth12:11
lyhana8here is waht I do into kubuntu to use my gentoo term : http://pastebin.com/d38c6c31412:11
jribrakan: you should try using ssh keys.  It's ussually enabled by default.  And I also don't see why an admin wouldn't want you to use them (so you can ask if it isn't)12:11
grawityrakan: You still can use public key auth as long as the server lets you... Two questions. 1) Do you get a shell (bash/sh/zsh/whatever) after connecting? 2) What type of server is it? (I guess OpenSSH)12:11
DasEilyhana8: so from your gentto you could chroot into ubuntu to do updates12:12
rakanyes OpenSSH12:12
rexwinbazhang, debian and opensuse12:12
* grawity PMs.12:12
bazhangrexwin, #debian for that12:12
jacob_95how do you change your rights in ubuntu? i can't copy files to certain folders... :(12:13
bazhanggrawity, please dont /me12:13
bercikMy Synaptic doesnt show me any packages except that, which are already installed. I.e. i cant see audacious. Its fresh install of 9.04b. That is going on?12:13
jribjacob_95: what files exactly to what folders?12:13
lyhana8DasEi: does a `chroot /mnt/kubuntu` is enough to use the kubuntu bash environnemt ?12:13
jribbercik: #ubuntu+1 for jaunty help12:13
erUSULlzef: add the line « APT::Install-Recommends "0"; » to the en do of file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/70debconf12:14
SliderManok i think it made it ima go try12:14
SliderManill be back!!12:14
jribjacob_95: please keep the conversation in the channel12:14
DasEilyhana8: yes, you change the root-dir to that then, and all cmd's will be executed there, like gnome-terminal12:14
jacob_95i want to paste /home/jacob/Skrivbord/sauerbraten into /12:15
lyhana8DasEi: ok12:15
A4TechEverybody who tells me how to build deb package that he would set up a couple of scripts in the users home directory?12:15
jribjacob_95: sauerbraten is in the repositories.  Why aren't you using APT to install it?12:15
bachanyone know the write settings for 22" monitor12:15
jacob_95jrib: and how do i do that?12:16
jrib!software | jacob_9512:16
ubottujacob_95: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed i