meowImAKittyQ: All of a sudden when I start my computer the background is gone, and no icons are shown on the desktop. I have to go Applications>Settings>Settings Manager>Desktop> and click "Allow Xfce to manage the desktop" after I click it another dialog pops up saying "To ensure that Xfce does not manager your desktop the next time you start Xfce, please be sure to save your session when logging out. If you are not using the Xfce Session M00:52
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meowImAKittycjae, r u from moose jaw?00:59
cjaeno but kind of close why meowImAKitty01:00
meowImAKittyI live in Moose Jaw01:00
meowImAKittyYeah lol01:00
meowImAKittyCool to see someone else around here uses linux too ;P01:01
meowImAKitty Q: All of a sudden when I start my computer the background is gone, and no icons are shown on the desktop. I have to go Applications>Settings>Settings Manager>Desktop> and click "Allow Xfce to manage the desktop" after I click it another dialog pops up saying "To ensure that Xfce does not manager your desktop the next time you start Xfce, please be sure to save your session when logging out. If you are not using the Xfce Sessi01:05
J_Litewskii didn't get all of that meowlmAkitty01:10
meowImAKittyWhat got cut off?01:13
J_Litewskihow do you restart the xfce4-panel?01:30
ballhello cjae04:28
BigMoopiesXFCE is taking longer to login than GNOME, is that common ?05:21
BigMoopiesIt still runs better , once logged in though.05:21
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rootsnatchdoes anyone know how to uncheck the save session for future logins checkbox by default?11:01
zoredacherootsnatch: adjust the file .config/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc11:09
zoredachemake it say SaveOnExit=false under [General]11:10
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Wh1teis it true that xfce is b0rked with new icon packages?15:43
RagamufinWh1te, i dont think so15:44
Wh1tek, thats good news15:44
charlie-tcano, it is not true15:45
Wh1tekool, i just had to make sure before i even thought about trying to use new icons15:45
Ragamufini dont use the stock icons though15:46
charlie-tcaIt might depend on the icon set. Not every set is complete and not every set works. They are written by separate people.15:46
anthony_How do i see other ubuntu computers on my network?16:07
charlie-tcaInstall pyneighborhood or samba, I think.16:10
charlie-tcaAre they windows computers?16:10
Slonkie"ubuntu computers"16:10
anthony_I tried both, but nthey aren't working exactly right.16:10
Slonkieno :(16:11
charlie-tcaI don't know what "exactly right" means. Can you explain that?16:11
anthony_Maby i'm just not using them right, but itthose 2 solutions can't connect to my ubuntu laptop16:12
s4ckhola sala17:14
Arteluscan someone help me fix my system's clock?18:09
ArtelusI somehow messed it up and I don't know how to get it back to normal18:09
Artelusright now the "date" keeps resetting itself one hour back every time i reboot, it's been like this since daylights saving time18:10
J_Litewskiis anyone else having problems with xfce4-panel loading correctly at sartup?18:13
SiDiis it a problem when it loads correctly ? :P18:14
SiDi(it does, here, just that sometimes it forgets my cpu governor plugin)18:14
J_Litewskiwell, i have to restart it almost every time because the Applications button doesn't show up18:15
SlonkieWhat is the command to start the calculator?18:16
ArtelusCan someone help me troubleshoot my system time?!?!18:27
Slonkiesomeone will respond if they know how to fix it Artelus.18:28
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Ruadhxbuntu 9.04 is impressive19:21
SlonkieIt's only beta right?19:21
Ruadhfor only a couple of wees19:24
Slonkiecan't wait for final :P19:25
RuadhSlonkie, update-manager -d19:25
Ruadhdo it in a term19:25
Ruadhd/l and install 9.0419:26
Slonkiewell is it stable?19:26
RuadhIt feels stable for me. However, if you'd prefer to hold back until 23 Apr. do so19:27
RuadhIt also comes with OOo 319:28
Slonkieis the interface changed?19:29
Ruadhnot much19:29
Ruadhlooks a bit brighter and a little sharper19:30
Slonkieall right19:30
Slonkiewell i'll try it, hope it works19:30
kasu use Xubuntu 9.04 beta.19:30
kasand i have problem with volume control.19:30
Ruadhkas, we were just talking about it19:31
kasi don't know why but keys for volume control don't work.19:31
kasdo you have any idea how i can fix this problem?19:32
RuadhI haven't yet had a look at the volume19:33
kason Xubuntu and Ubuntu 8.10 evrything was ok.19:34
kasI use HP Compaq 6730s.19:35
Ruadhkas have a look at -> multimedia -> mixer19:37
Slonkielets say my wlan driver doesn't work in 9.04 Ruadh, do you know how i change back to 8.10?19:37
RuadhI use a vired lan19:37
Slonkiewell is it possible to restore back to 8.10 if it doesn't work?19:38
kasI can change volume by mixer.19:38
RuadhSlonkie, if you think youd have probs don't install19:38
kasbut keys on keyboard don't work.19:39
SlonkieWell, i don't know if my madwifi driver will work or not19:39
kasFn + F11 & Fn + F1219:39
Ruadhkas,  then you should get sound19:39
kasI have sound.19:40
kasbut I can't change volume from keybord.19:40
kasI don't know why but I can't mute sound or change volume by using Fn + Fx keys.19:41
Ruadhkas, some of the guys in #ubuntu may help19:42
kasok, thanks.19:43
RuadhI using a laptop19:44
lukinforeanyone here have mousescroll in xfce4-terminal working when running console apps?19:44
lukinforesuch as man vim htop?19:45
lukinforeon jaunty btw19:45
Slorsomone please remind me - what's the command to get the UUID for a volume?19:48
lukinforevol_id --uuid, afair19:49
SlorThat's it - thanks!19:50
lukinforeso, noone has 9.04_installed&&mouse_with_wheel?19:51
Ruadhlukinfore, I have 9.04 installed and am able to use my mouse19:53
Slorwhat's the command to update the /dev/by-uuid entry?19:54
Ruadhwith wheel19:54
Slor - /dev/disk/by-uuid, that is19:54
Sloror do I just make the link manually..19:55
lukinforeRuadh, and you use xfce4-terminal?19:55
Ruadhno. but I can use my wheel mouse in other apps19:56
Ruadheg xchat19:56
lukinforethats great19:56
lukinforeim able too19:56
RuadhI have no need for vim19:57
lukinforebut won't you try to test is this a bug?19:57
lukinforenot necessary vim19:57
lukinforeman affected too for me19:57
lukinforeor you have no need of man?19:58
SiDii love GPU benches19:58
SiDithey always say "no dx 10.1" as a downside for nvidia cards19:58
SiDii wonder when they'll write "no physx, cuda, opengl" for ati cards19:58
Ruadhlukinfore, I am able to use my wheel mouse in Term20:01
lukinforewhen man running?20:02
lukinforeor htop?20:02
Ruadhdunno about that20:02
lukinforeits easily to find out20:02
lukinforejust run man man20:02
* lukinfore can't belive it takes so much time20:06
RuadhMines doesn't work20:07
Ruadhtry #ubuntu20:07
Slonkieeven tho im upgrading to 9.04 it will keep my documents, settings etc right?20:07
Slonkieemails etc?20:07
RuadhSlonkie, yes20:08
lukinforeRuadh, k, thanks20:08
RuadhMake sure you save you files first20:09
Ruadhlukinfore, ok, sorry20:09
rvn_how can i get desktop icons AND minimized app icons to show up on the desktop20:12
rvn_this is quite puzzling to me that they would separate the two options20:12
Slonkiewow 9.04 looks so good20:41
SiDibtw knome , i love the gtk theme :P20:44
vinnlDo we have a new GTK theme? :)20:44
SiDifirefox doesnt look fresh, but apart from that, the theme is quite beautiful, its a nice improvement20:44
vinnlAnd the Usplash? Still the same?20:44
SiDiI think it's still the same, yeh :(20:46
SiDibut there's a new gdm too :D20:46
vinnlYeah I know, I'm already using that on 8.10 ;-)20:46
SiDiIgnore the bugs on the panel20:48
SiDiits not been refreshed :P20:48
SlonkieIsen't that ubuntu?20:48
vinnlYeah I already have the GTK theme, I just didn't know it was already default :)20:48
vinnlOh, but I didn't see the new xfwm4 theme though20:49
vinnlWhich one is it?20:49
Slonkiewhere do i change theme, i can't find it? Lol20:49
vinnlAppearance in the Settings Manager20:49
SiDivinnl, its my own xfwm :P20:51
SiDisearch for "Dusty 2" in xfce-look.org20:51
vinnlAh :)20:52
SiDiits designed for Dust Burnt20:52
vinnlWell it fits the theme nicely :)20:52
RuadhSlonkie, There is GNOME ubuntu20:52
SiDiyeh xD20:52
Slonkiei know Ruadh.20:53
Slonkiecan i ask what theme your using, SiDi ?20:55
SiDiSlonkie, its the new Xubuntu theme ;P20:55
SiDii'm usually using miu/human reprise/dust/elegant brit/machiatto20:56
Slonkiesounds advanced lol20:56
SiDii made flexible xfwm versions for EB, dust and Miu20:56
SiDithey're ubuntu community themes for the 3 first, and the 2 latter are famous themes in gnome-look.org20:57
RuadhOpenoffice.org 3 looks good too21:03
SlonkieWhat's xfwm? :/21:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xfwm21:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xfwm421:04
vinnlHmm... Anyway, it's Xfce's window manager21:04
RuadhSlonkie, A small window manager21:04
vinnlOr: the thing that positions the windows on screen and draws the window borders and such21:04
SlonkieAll right21:04
Ruadhlight weight21:04
vinnlAnd which can also provide desktop effects :)21:04
SiDiand feature-full :)21:04
SiDixfwm is one of the main reasons why i use xfce instead of gnome21:05
Ragorwould anybody be able to help me with an xubuntu problem?21:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:09
RagorI'm stuck on step 4 of 7 of installation, I'm not sure where to go from there21:10
SiDiStep 4 = partitions ?21:10
Ragorit's for prepare partitions, and it just shows a blank box and the buttons aren't able to be clicked21:10
SiDiIt *sounds* like a bug :D21:11
SiDiWhat hard drive disk do you have ?21:11
vinnlYeah it does. Which version of Xubuntu are you using>21:11
Slonkiehmm anyone able of helping me install "dust" theme from xfce-look.org ?21:11
RagorIt's 8.10 version21:11
Ragorand I'm trying to use c:/21:11
SlonkieI don't know how to load the theme.21:11
SiDiSlonkie, take the folder in the .tar.gz and put it it .themes21:12
vinnlFirst extract it21:12
SiDiRagor, what do you mean when it says "it shows a blank box" ?21:12
Slonkiein ~/ ?21:12
SiDiand, are you using a very exotic disk ?21:12
vinnlSlonkie, yes21:12
RagorI can upload a picture of it to imageshack, hold on a second...21:12
Slonkiethere is no .themes in home21:12
SiDiSlonkie, yeh, put the folder that contains gtk-2.0 (it shall be named Dust) in ~/.themes/21:13
SiDiCreate it, Slonkie21:13
vinnlSlonkie, you can create it21:13
vinnlSlonkie, I wrote a guide on this: http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2008/02/10/design-your-own-desktop-with-xfce-44/21:13
SiDiand if you ever want to add icons, its ~/.icons :P21:13
vinnlScroll down to GTK theme21:13
SiDibtw, does anyone know if xfce4.6 has features for installing themes such as GNOME's ?21:13
SlonkieThanks, vinnl. :)21:13
Slonkieand SiDi!21:13
SiDiYou're welcome Slonkie :p and test my xfwm with Dust Burnt <321:14
vinnlSiDi, you mean Metacity themes?21:14
Slonkiewhere do i get your xfwm, sidi?21:14
SiDivinnl, i mean having an "install" button :P21:14
vinnlSiDi, ah :P21:14
SiDiSlonkie, sec, gonna get you the link21:14
vinnlIt might be, I believe the Appearance dialog was renewed (besides being renamed :P)21:14
Ruadhnite all21:15
SiDimy wallpaper really rockks with this theme21:15
SiDinight, Ruadh21:15
RagorThis is what it shows http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/2977/img3727y.jpg21:15
SiDiRagor, your hard drive disk is not recognised21:16
SiDii'm REALLY curious about knowing what it is21:16
SiDiWhat is in the HDD, right now ? A windows fresh install ?21:16
RagorIt's just an old desktop computer with just a c:\ drive21:16
RagorDo you mean you need to know hardware?21:16
SiDiany modern hdd, including exotic ones such as SSD cards, etc, are recognised by ubuntu21:17
SlonkieThere is no "Interface settings", vinnl ?21:17
SiDionly old exotic disks use to cause trouble21:17
RagorWould I be able to find that out from the computer info or do I have to take my computer apart to find out?21:17
vinnlSlonkie, you're using 8.10, right?21:17
SiDiRagor, could you please open a console and type "sudo fdisk -l", and also "sudo lshw" ?21:17
vinnlSlonkie, ah, then it's Appearance21:17
SiDiTell us if the first command returns anything at all, and about the second one, search for something that looks like an HDD name21:18
Slonkieso i add the folder called gtk-2.0 to .themes and rename it to dust21:18
Ragorum...how would I do that? Sorry I'm a noob21:18
Slonkieis that right? or the whole dust folder?21:18
SiDiRagor, lshw stands for "list hardware"21:18
vinnlSlonkie, the whole Dust folder21:18
SiDiRagor, Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal21:18
SiDiRagor, we cant say you're having a lucky start :)21:18
SiDiSlonkie, you add the folder containing gtk-2.0, actually21:19
SiDiSlonkie, i recommand you also download Dust Burnt, its much sexier with thunar21:19
Ragorfor sdo 1shw it says command not found21:19
SiDi"sudo lshw", its L S H W21:19
vinnlAnd sUdo :)21:20
SiDisudo fdisk -l  is also a L21:20
Ragorok it says...a lot umm what part should I rewrite here?21:20
SlonkieDust burnt.. is that at xfce-look.org too?21:20
SiDiAnything that looks like "seagate, maxtor", or whatever is the name of your hard drive disk's constructor21:20
Ragorfor fdisk -l it says cannot open /dev/sda21:21
SiDiif you don't know what hardware you have, give me the exact name of your pc (for instance acer v29483xfeE3) and i'll google it21:21
SiDiok, then this confirms your hard drive disk is not recognised21:21
Ragorso xubuntu is unable to work on my computer completely?21:21
SlonkieSiDi can you link me to dust burnt? i can't find it :(21:22
SiDiSlonkie, sec21:22
SiDiRagor, there may be ways to make your hardware be recognised21:23
RagoreMachines T1220 desktop is the computer I'm using21:23
SiDihttps://code.launchpad.net/dusttheme/0.3/0.3.3 Slonkie take extras21:23
SiDiOk Ragor , let me browse a little and see if someone found a way to make it work :)21:24
Ragorok thanks21:24
SiDi(and i *personnaly* recommand you to avoid acer/packard bell/hp/toshiba/asus in the future, samsung and dell pcs have much less exotic hardware)21:25
Ragorok, this is an old desktop, I'm just hoping the new os will make it faster21:25
Memfisdoes anyone else here run ltsp on Xubuntu?21:25
SiDiMemfis, not me ;)21:26
SiDiRagor, my Pentium 2 and my old Athlon XP 1500+ run linux quite well :D21:26
Slonkiehow do i know if i loaded your xwfm (i hope thats the right word) SiDi ? i really diden't see any change when i loaded it21:27
SiDiRagor, there are people running linux on your hardware, so its possible21:27
SiDiSlonkie, add it to Dust/ folder in .themes, and you can change it via the appearence menu ;)21:28
Ragorhow? =s21:28
SiDiRagor, you should try older liveCDs, such as 8.04 (or lets be crazy, 6.06 :D), they may have drivers for older hardware that have now been given up21:28
SiDii'm gonna keep googling a little21:29
SiDiyour disk is an IDE, right ?21:30
Slonkieallright. is it possible to change the colours in a theme? I don't like the brown colour in burnt21:30
SiDi(btw, it seems to have a lot of hardware trouble with windows, too, according to google :p)21:31
SiDiSlonkie, in GNOME it's uber easy, in XFCE it isnt :D21:31
SiDiSlonkie, open the gtkrc file in gtk-2.0, usually the colors are on the top of the file21:31
Slonkieall right :(21:31
RagorI dont know if its IDE21:31
SiDi(In GNOME, you have a color picker that enables modifying the colors on the fly ;p)21:32
Ragorwhere can I find old versions of xubuntu?21:32
SiDiSec, Ragor :)21:32
Slonkienvm SiDi, i think i'll get used to this theme21:32
SiDiWhich country, Ragor ?21:33
SiDihttp://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs-Xubuntu/8.04.1/release/ here for Xubuntu 8.0421:33
SiDiits a long term support version, so you'll have security updates for a few years, and major software updates every 6 months21:33
Ragorok that's good21:34
SiDihttp://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs-Xubuntu/6.06.1/release/ and this one, which is running out of support soon, though21:34
SiDiYou could also try KNOPPIX, its a linux distro with awesome hardware compatibility. i've often heard people recommanding it to check if hardware was recognised.21:35
Ragorok, thanks21:39
RagorI'll have to wait a few hours to get blank cds, then I'll try it out21:39
SiDii'll sleep in a few hours, btw ^^21:44
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SlonkieAnyone know how i add icons/shortcuts to where the firefox and "help" are in the tray?21:46
vinnlSlonkie, right click, Add to Panel, Launcher21:47
vinnlYou can then drag applications from Applications->Accessories->Appfinder to the white area on the left21:47
SlonkieThis doesn't add them where firefox is21:49
vinnlWhere does it? All the way to the right? You can right click it and select Move21:49
vinnl(And no, it's not ideal, the code to use drag 'n drop instead of this tiresome method already exists, I believe, for Xfce 4.8)21:49
Slonkiei think theres a bug, when i press it it removes both the upper and lower tray for like 1 sec and then it turns them back on without giving me possibilty of moving21:50
SlonkieWhat would you call it?21:51
vinnlOh, perhaps the "Add to panel" thingy is still open21:51
vinnlWell, I don't know what you're referring to, I'm guessing the panel :P21:51
Slonkieyep the panel21:52
Slonkiewell panels that would be21:52
vinnlWell, you might want to close the Add to Panel dialog :)21:52
Slonkieit was closed.21:52
vinnlSo when you minimise every window you see nothing?21:54
Slonkieseems that it's only with the launcher it's a problem21:54
Slonkiehmm let me just try agian21:54
SiDi(Sorry Slonkie but it looks like you had an epic failure ;p no offense)21:54
Slonkiewell there is nothing when i minimize everything.21:55
vinnlThen I'm puzzled, probably a bug I suppose21:56
SiDiAre the panels greyed out ?21:56
Slonkiei think so since i'm able to move all my other objects21:56
SiDiWhat if you reopen and close the "Add to panel" window ?21:56
Ragamufinanyone using Jaunty?21:57
Slonkieyep plenty21:57
* vinnl wishes he were21:57
Ragamufinany bad bugs or is it usable?21:58
Slonkiethat did it SiDi !21:58
Slonkiethat's great, thanks :P21:58
durtRagamufin, still under going lots of updates.21:58
durtRagamufin, but sure, it's usable.21:58
Ragamufindurt, i can deal with some breakage21:59
durtthen knock yourself out, and speak up on #ubuntu+1 if you find anything amiss.21:59
Slonkielol now the panels closed for real22:00
Slonkiehow do i "restart" them? :P22:00
vinnlSlonkie, Alt+F2, run "xfce4-panel"22:00
SiDiRagamufin, jaunty with GNOME is, but for me with XFCE it isnt22:02
SiDibut i suspect my install is broken22:02
SiDi(i installed during the alpha 3, not during the beta :p)22:03
Ragamufinok SiDi i will see what happens when i do the upgrade22:03
SiDiSlonkie, "xfce4-panel --restart &" (but i'm too late :o)22:03
SiDiRagamufin, wait for the stable before you upgrade :P22:03
SiDibut you can try the beta apart from there22:03
Slonkiei restarted my PC :P22:03
Slonkienow i were able to move them without any trouble22:04
SiDiWaiting for stable in order to move your actual install is a good idea because it wont break your current config. There are intrepid -> jaunty migration scripts that will be launched on dist-upgrade, apparently, and there might still be a few package conflicts, since we're on beta22:04
RagamufinSiDi, noted, thankfully if my system gets hosed i can reinstall intrepid pretty fast22:05
Ragamufinor Debian for that matter22:06
SiDimeeeh :(22:06
SiDijust dont break your system (and stick with xubuntu ;P)22:06
RagamufinSiDi, i like debian as well as xubuntu, prolly even more at times22:08
Ragamufinbut xubuntu atm is running well22:08
SiDiI don't really mind, actually :p Debian folks are some kind of cousins :P22:10
vinnlWell, I'm off again, 'night22:13
Slonkiegoodnight vinnl and thanks22:13
Slonkiebah too slow :P22:13
SlonkieAnyone using wine here and having the problem that wine doesn't shut down the apps when you close them? and maybe got a solution?22:14
SiDiIt does shut them down22:16
SiDibut some apps crash when you wanna stop them ^^22:16
SiDiif you run them in a virtual desktop, then closing the virtual desktop will always close the apps inside it22:16
Slonkieno it doesn't shut them down, when i check top in terminal i see wineserver + the exe name and in there i kill them22:18
Ragamufini have a minor issue to whoever might know the fix, i always get a window open on boot that says my battery is charged to 49% and is probably broken, however the battery is fine under the evil OS22:18
SiDiSlonkie, what about notepad ?22:24
SiDiRagamufin, cant help, never had that22:25
Slonkienotepad does get shut down22:26
SiDiIt's the app that crashes when you close it then ;P22:26
Slonkieseems like it's a problem with the application i'm using22:26
SlonkieThat sucks.22:27
SlonkieWish there were made Danish->English and English->Danish dictionaries for linux. would make it all alot easier :P22:27
knomei suppose there is some22:33
Slonkiei don't think so, knome. atleast i chouldn't find anything on google.22:35
SiDiWant me to be a dictionnary ?22:36
SiDiI know at least 5 danish words \o/22:36
SlonkieThere's online alternatives i know. but the internet at my school sucks so i need one on my computer :(22:37
SiDiping knome22:42
SiDiknome, i've got a problem with the new gtk and transmission. see : http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/3729/transmission.png22:43
knomeSiDi, i actually didn't know we changed the gtk theme22:44
Slonkiecan i ask how i made xchat invinsible, SiDi ?22:44
SiDiknome, isnt it you who packaged it ? :P22:44
knomeSiDi, nope.22:45
SiDidamn, something's gone wrong on my brain22:45
knomeSiDi, mr_pouit has done the artwork packaging22:45
SiDiits MurrinaXubuntu0.2 for jaunty22:45
SiDioh, i'm gonna mail xubuntu-devel then22:45
knomeis it really? it shouldn't be the default...22:45
SiDisorry knome , i thought you were the author22:45
SiDiwell, its the one i use xD22:46
knomei'm the author, but i haven't packaged it22:46
Slonkieit's not in my lol22:46
SiDiSlonkie, its transparency22:46
knomei know it has problems22:46
knomeSiDi, that's why we decided to stay with murrinastormcloud22:46
SiDiknome, i see, i thought it would have been shipped (i'd like it, because its sexier than intrepid's one)22:46
SiDii see22:46
SiDiwell, at least you know there's an issue with transmission now ^^22:46
knomewell, it *is* shipped :)22:47
knomebut not as default22:47
knomei try to push some fixes into it before jaunty, but do not rely on that22:47
SiDiOkey :)22:47
Slonkiewhen i make it transparent it's only the chat windows22:48
mr_pouitit isn't shipped...22:48
SiDiSlonkie, its the xfce composite transparency ;)22:48
Slonkieoh lol22:48
SiDimr_pouit, why isnt it ? it'd be good to have alternatives. The default themes shipped with xubuntu are almost all legacy themes22:49
knomemr_pouit, isn't it shipped with xubuntu-artwork?22:50
Memfisdoes xubuntu use udev to detect removable devices ?22:50
mr_pouitknome: no, there's no MurrinaXubuntu in it iirc22:50
SiDimr_pouit, is there still time to get it shipped ?22:51
SiDiMemfis, no idea (again :D)22:51
mr_pouitSiDi: ask cody... I didn't put it in xubuntu-artwork because there was no clear consensus/decision on that :]22:51
MemfisSiDi, thank you. I'll assume so.22:51
SiDiWell, knome, do you want it shipped or not ?22:52
SiDii suppose that'd mean you need to find and fix the remaining problems :P22:52
knomei'm not sure if it should be shipped.22:53
SiDiwell, if it's shipped we can fix it little by little, but if its not shipped it probably will be much less used because noone will know about it22:55
knomewe can ship a totally new gtk theme in karmic.22:56
SlonkieIs it possible to get visual "bar" (like when i turn the light up and down on the screen) when i turn the volume up/down? It's 9.0423:09
SiDiin gnome yeh23:12
SiDidunno if we have it too23:12
Slonkieall right23:13
Slonkieguess i'll just use the mixer then23:13
Kangarooohow to make xubuntu to connect to network neighborhood computers and the same computer is dual boot so to its own other partition?23:15
Kangaroooi have xubuntu 9.0423:15
Kangaroooim trying to find anything and found nothing about this issue23:16
Slonkieheh that was funny. just tried to upload a bug report, and the uploading of the bug report bugged :D23:19
knomeyeah, looks like launchpad is bugging23:24
SiDiKangarooo, check /etc/fstab on google for partitions23:25
SiDiand for neighboorhood, you can try pyneighboorhood, but i think another solution is coming in jaunty23:25
SiDibut i dont have the name in mind23:25
Slonkiehow does that work?23:26
knomeno idea.23:26
SiDiif i remember well, gigolo is a kind word for prostitute, in french23:33
Slonkiegigolo is english for "male prostitute" :P23:33
Slonkiei was told23:34
Slonkieand dictionary confirmed it23:36
SiDiOk, time to go bed23:40
SiDisee you people23:40
Slonkiegood night23:42
Kangarooohow to connect from windows to xubuntu remotly desktop?23:49
Kangaroooi put tight vnc but no success23:50

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