jjessedtchen: this is from my dell e6500: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=931d7717ddf02556b2498ec070be3a65552bd26000:40
jjessestill no sound on that one :(00:40
jjessedtchen: not even headphones00:40
jjessesorry about misleading you00:40
dtchenjjesse: i'll ping/dent you a test kernel later this weekend00:43
jjessedtchen: thansk sorry for misleadeading you about it being fixed on my other dell, i thought it was00:43
dtchenjjesse: that's ok, comments are easily modified00:44
kadyAnyone can take a look at KDE auto logging out on Jackalope ?01:04
kadyI've tried this in two machines and KDE seems to think that logout is called when initializing KDE01:05
ScottKWorking fine here.  Odd.01:05
kadyYeah I don't think this is usual01:06
kadygranted I have heard people complain in #kubuntu that as soon as they login they get the login screen again01:06
kadyWhich I get if I put this hard drive in the computer with the ATI card01:06
kadyif I keep it in the one with the SiS card it kicks me to the console01:07
kadyX dies and KDM is not propmpted to restart so the process stays up but does nothing01:07
kadyNo errors01:07
ScottKWhat video do you have?01:07
kadywell lots of errors but none seem germane to the problem01:07
kadyScottK: What do you mean?01:07
ScottKIntel video drivers are really bad this cycle, so I'm wondering if you get a kdm crash or something due to bad X problems.01:08
kadyKDM doesn't crash. It seems to be running fine01:09
* ScottK is just speculating01:09
kady(too fine)01:09
kadyX dies but doesn't seem to die for any particualr reason01:09
kadyWhich kinda leads me to think that When KDE logs in it instantly logs out01:10
kadysince X has no long lived process to keep xinit alive it does01:10
ScottKX crashing might do it01:10
kadyX never throws an error though01:11
kadyKDE throws lots of errors but none that seem fatal01:12
kadyI'm going to take a shower now but I can pastebin /var/log/messages and Xorg.0.log and ~/.xsession-errors if anyone wants to try help track this down01:13
kadyScottK: Oh if I start X and KDE manually it works fine01:13
ScottKProbably better wait for someone that knows more than me about such stuff.01:16
kadyOk I'll pastebin anyway01:17
kady /var/log/messages: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m7be7a3e001:17
kady /var/log/Xorg.0.log: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m26e75ecd01:18
kady~/.xsession-errors: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m625bcd1601:18
kady off to shower and I'll be back01:18
kadyScottK: If you take a look at the last thing for each session it seems that KDE simply does a valid logout in xsession-errors I may be reading it wrong but that's what I see happening01:20
kadyHmm have to go out for a little after a phone call but I'll be back soon :)01:50
kadyok back04:21
kadyhi jjesse04:21
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rgldoes 9.04 use qt 4.5?12:10
freeflyingrgl: yes12:13
rgloh it does.  I've missed that part on the https://wiki.kubuntu.org/JauntyJackalope/Alpha6/Kubuntu#Qt 4.5 *G*12:13
neversfeldehi  mcas13:23
mcascan anyone tell me if the translations of kubuntu-docs have the language-pack-deadline or non-language-pack?13:23
blizzzis there a package with docs (class reference) for kde (esp. plasma)?13:38
blizzzsmarter: for offline access :)13:38
smarterno idea then13:38
smarterjust download the sources, the doc is in the .h files :)13:39
blizzz i think i'd rather download the website then, seems more usable for reading than browsing header files13:40
neversfeldeany images, that need to be tested atm?13:51
smarterblizzz: you can recreate the website from the sources14:05
smarterblizzz: look for doxygen or apidocs on http://techbase.kde.org, there is instruction for that14:06
blizzzsmarter: i simply used wget14:10
cortex_skhi guys i think there is a typo in https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/kubuntu-docs/+pots/files-and-docs/sk/16/+translate14:28
cortex_sk..Dolphin</application> sports(supports) the use of tabs ..14:28
milianthere seems to be a packaging error in the KDE 4.2.2 packages for intrepid, /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindKdepimLibs.cmake in package kdelib5-dev is still looking in /usr/lib/KdepimLibs-4.2.014:59
milianwhich is of course wrong, it should be /usr/lib/KdepimLibs-4.2.214:59
milianI'm not sure where exactle that error is14:59
joshjtlanyone know of a simple sound recorder app for kde?15:10
freinhardmilian: my kdepuimlibs are lying in /usr/lib/ no subdir and all of them got 4.2.0 in their name.15:10
milianfreinhard: strange... I got a KdepimLibs-4.2.2 folder - are you running on KDE 4.2.2 ?15:11
freinhardright, but on jaunty. maybe that's the difference15:11
milianhmm still if you are running 4.2.2 and the libs got 4.2.0 in their name it does feel kinda strange - no?15:12
freinhardnope, if the libs didn't get any updates, why rename them?15:13
milianhm true15:13
freinhardbut maybe that's just a bug. i dunno ;)15:14
milianfreinhard: ah - actually it's not the libs in that folder, it's only some cmake makros15:14
miliani.e. /usr/lib/libkdepim* <-- find some15:14
milianbut: /usr/lib/KdepimLibs-4.2.2/cmake/ <-- some *.cmake files15:14
joshjtlhow do i find out where my mic is? i need to set it up with kwave15:15
milianand _those_ I did not find (was trying to build konversation for kde4)15:15
freinhardjoshjtl: got so much possibilities where you can plug in your microphone?15:19
joshjtlfreinhard: its a built in (laptop)15:21
freinhardso you should have only one option (except you got a modem or somehting built in)15:22
freinhardbtw kwave is still built for 4.2.115:22
joshjtlfreinhard: how do i find out what kubuntu set my mic up as, or how i should set it up15:23
joshjtlfreinhard: same thing in audacity...15:23
freinhardjoshjtl: i don't undestand which information you are missing.15:24
joshjtlfreinhard: i want to know what device (if any) kubuntu set my mic up as15:24
freinhardjoshjtl: so you got multiple choices in kwave? plugin your mike, babble intoit and watch the bar at the bottom of the configuration dialog.15:27
joshjtlfreinhard: nothing :(15:28
mcascan anyone tell me if the translations of kubuntu-docs have the language-pack-deadline or non-language-pack?15:41
joshjtlas far kde 4 goes, whats the status in intrepid?16:52
ScottKmcas: Translations get updated post release, so it's still worth doing regardless of which deadline applies.16:55
ScottKjoshjtl: For Intrepid we released with 4.1.2, have 4.1.4 in intrepid-updates, also backported 4.2.0 in intrepid-backports, and 4.2.2 is in the kubuntu-experimental PPA.16:56
joshjtlScottK: how is 4.2.2 running on intrepid? I'm running back to intrepid because there are too many things that dont work on my machine16:59
ScottKDunno.  The 4.2.0 backport is the last KDE I ran on Intrepid.16:59
joshjtlwell i guess ill find out17:00
mcasScottK: thx17:01
ScottKa|wen: Hi18:22
ScottKa|wen: You're just the person I was looking for.18:22
* a|wen waves to ScottK18:22
ScottKa|wen: If you look at Debian Bug #522599 you'll see a dvi inverse search fix that's in kile's svn.18:23
ubottuDebian bug 522599 in kile "[kile] Inverse dvi search causes status bar corruption" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/52259918:23
ScottKIf we can get inverse dvi search working in kile, then we can remove kdvi.18:23
ScottKa|wen: Any chance you could look into that?18:24
a|wenScottK: that revision is already cherry-picked from upstream svn18:25
ScottKa|wen: So we have working inverse dvi search?18:25
a|weni haven't tested it... but i can try18:25
ScottKa|wen: Please do.  I rescued kdvi from KDE3 kdegraphics because of that one feature.  It'd be cool if wew can kill it.18:26
a|wenScottK: is it together with okular that it is supposed to work?18:28
ScottKa|wen: I don't know.  I didn't know it was supposed to do that until I read the bug.18:32
kadyScottK: Hello18:34
ScottKkady: Hello.18:34
kadyScottK: It was KDM stopping me from logging in18:34
ScottKDid you figure out why?18:34
kadyIt didn't like the video card18:35
a|wenScottK: inverse dvi search (the --line thing) works in kile now ... but i'm not sure which programs support that search feature18:36
ScottKkady: Looks like you need to report a X bug.  I think somewhere in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X is tells you what to provied.18:37
kadyScottK: That's a nice page18:37
kadyScottK: Is it still an X issue if X works?18:40
a|wenScottK: according to that okular documentation it is supported there18:40
ScottKNott sure.18:40
ScottKa|wen: I'd try that then.18:40
ScottKIt wasn't (I don't think) in 4.1.18:40
a|wenno, i think you're right18:41
a|wenat least i heard some "missing feature compared to 3.5/kdvi" in regards with that18:43
ScottKSo if it's in 4.2, that's a good time to drop kdvi18:46
a|wenScottK: the manual says so; and the options are in the okular option dialog18:53
ScottKIncluding inverse?18:54
a|wenit has the option to choose which program to use for the inverse search18:56
ScottKAnd you can use kile for that then?18:59
ScottKIf so, would you please file a removal bug for kdvi?18:59
a|wenthe tricky part is if kile does the right "marking" of the dvi files, hmm19:02
kadyQuestion :) When downloading Konqueror/the http:kio knows the type of file. Am I wrong on that?19:03
a|wenScottK: it works in okular with dvi files :)19:16
* a|wen goes removal request filing19:16
ScottKa|wen: Great.19:16
joshjtlhey folks, anyone get plasma widget stasks to run on Intrepid?19:18
a|wenScottK: bug 35578119:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355781 in kdvi "[Source+binary removal] kdvi" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35578119:24
ScottKa|wen: Since it's in Universe you can confirm it and subscribe the archive admins.19:25
a|wenScottK: of course :) just wanted to check if you had anything to add19:26
ScottKa|wen: Looks good to me.19:26
ScottKa|wen: I'd give it a 9.04 milestone19:26
ScottKGreat.  Thanks.19:27
kadyQuestion :) When downloading Konqueror/the http:/kio knows the type of file. Am I wrong on that?19:40
a|wenkady: the server tells the http-kio slave which filetype it is (or it should tell it)19:42
kadya|wen: Would it be possible since we have XDG directories to redirect the directory based on the file type?19:43
a|wenkady: i'm not quite sure what you mean?19:44
kadya|wen: Konqueror already has in the filetypes a grouping for certain flie types19:44
kady Like all audio files or all image files19:45
kadyIf we are getting something from a server and we are prompted to save as or to open an app it chooses and appropriate application19:45
kadyIf we choose save as can we get it to choose an appropriate directory ?19:45
kadyInstead of always going to Documents?19:46
a|wenkady: to be honest, i don't think that is implemented in konqueror as it is now19:47
kadyOk I'll go find out :)19:48
joshjtlhey folks, anyone get plasma widget stasks to run on Intrepid?19:55
Quintasanjoshjtl: you can try my package19:58
joshjtlQuintasan: ok whats the url?19:58
joshjtldoes anyone know why firefox isnt using kde look in intrepid?19:58
Quintasanjoshjtl: use QtCurve to make firefox look like rest of KDE19:59
* Quintasan is off for a bit19:59
a|wenQuintasan: thanks for the basket packaging ... works well :)20:00
joshjtlQuintasan: yeah even with yours i get dep problems20:00
joshjtlQuintasan: to use qtcurve with firefox do I need to install gtk2-engines-qtcurve?20:02
a|wenjoshjtl: if i remember correctly, then that should be the one20:06
a|wenjoshjtl: and you need to restart your session afterwards20:06
joshjtla|wen: firefox session, or kde session?20:07
joshjtlk thx20:07
Quintasana|wen: good to hear :D20:14
Quintasanjoshjtl: what dep problems?20:14
joshjtlQuintasan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/145086/20:15
Quintasanjoshjtl: hmm qt version :/20:16
joshjtlQuintasan: qtcurve doesnt look like oxygen at all20:20
Quintasanjoshjtl: You dont do it like this20:21
Quintasanin Appearance20:21
joshjtlyeah, then gtk styles and fonts right?20:21
Quintasango to GTK Styles and Fonts -> Use Another Style: QtCurve20:21
joshjtlyeah i did20:21
joshjtlQuintasan: was i supposed to have installed gtk2-engines-qtcurve ?20:22
Quintasaninstall qtcurve package20:22
joshjtlQuintasan: i did but i also installed gtk2-engines-qtcurve... was that right?20:23
QuintasanIt works for me20:23
joshjtli mean it works... but it doesnt look like oxygen20:23
QuintasanI have oxygen as mine theme for kde and QtCurve for gtk apps20:24
joshjtli mean it looks better than nothing but...20:24
joshjtlnot at all like oxygen :(20:24
joshjtlQuintasan: youre running jaunty or intrepid20:26
joshjtloh im running intrepid20:26
Quintasanbut that shouldnt be a problem20:29
Quintasanyou can always try qtcurve from jaunty :P20:29
valgaavsince jaunty update to 4.2.2 when clicking on kickoff the text cursor is no longer focused on the search bar20:38
valgaavis it a known issue ?20:38
kadyvalgaav: you noticed as well?20:38
valgaavyes I use the search  quite a lot :) so it's known then I guess ... is it upstream ?20:39
kadyI guess. I switched out to lancelot a long time ago I just happened to see that it didn't focus anymore20:43
* kady eggs valgaav on to try lancelot :)20:43
Quintasanvalgaav: or try raptor :P20:43
valgaavI like kickoff though :)20:43
Quintasanvalgaav: it's upstream20:45
ubottuKDE bug 188655 in general "kickoff menu doesn't get keyboard focus when opened (4 2 2 regression)" [Normal,New]20:45
a|wenvalgaav: very annoying issue ... bug 354059 and upstream already20:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 354059 in kdebase-workspace "[jaunty] kickoff focus issue (4.2.2 regression)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35405920:45
Quintasanwell, I'm off guys, good night20:48
a|wennn Quintasan20:50
blizzzhow well does the network manager applet work with mobile broadband connections? on a ride share today, there was a guy with such device. he offered me to test it, however it did not quite work. though he gave me all needed information, the applet did not (or showed) no connection. curiously, a blinking led of that device said "hey, i got umts-connection". but neither i could ping google nor ifconfig (or anything else) gave an active20:56
blizzzconnection. on his xp and gnome it worked without any problem.20:56
a|wenproposed patch for bug 224461 improved... please everybody test the kdebase-workspace package in kubuntu-experimental20:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224461 in kdebase-workspace "Date, Time, Currency ... not in locale format" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22446120:57
neversfeldeah, my debian/changelog is a symlink :) "libbilbokblog-dev: debian-changelog-file-is-a-symlink". Can someone explain to me, what that means, how could it be and what to do?21:12
neversfeldeI am not sure about that lintian message21:12
ScottKMultiple binary CDBS package?21:13
neversfeldeScottK: mhh, I think so21:13
neversfeldeI tried to split a lib from the main package21:14
ScottKIf so, don't worry.  Ubuntu has a CDBS change that does that to save CD space.  As long as the package with the symlink depends on the one with the actual file you can ignore it.21:14
a|wenScottK: is it a pure cdbs feature to create those symlinks?21:15
neversfeldeoh, yes it does, the lib is without that message, only main package and lib-dev21:15
neversfeldeScottK: thanks21:15
ScottKa|wen: Yes.  And an Ubuntu unique one at that.21:15
* a|wen shuffles bug 321404 over to cdbs21:16
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/321404/+text)21:17
neversfeldeif the lib is a fork of another lib, do I have to mention the authors and copyrighzt of original lib in debian/copyright. Or is it enough it upstream does this?21:17
ScottKneversfelde: You need to mention everything upstream does.21:17
ScottKIt's ~ OK to skip minor copyright holders.21:17
ScottKAll licenses MUST be in debian/copyright.21:18
neversfeldeok, than I will have to do a lot^^ Thanks ScottK21:18
claydohneversfelde: bilbo blogger is nice, thanks for the packages ;)21:48
claydohtoo bad blogger.com doesn't support image uploading, etc21:48
neversfeldeclaydoh: new ones are currently building and they seem to be at least lintian clean21:48
claydohI compiled it myself before noticing the repo :)21:49
* neversfelde learned to much packaging and to little law today :)21:49
* claydoh thinks maybe he should change his blog platform21:49
neversfeldeclaydoh: I switched to wordpress, it is awesome. s9y was too, but you can't use bilbo and co with it21:50
joshjtlQuintasan: what packages do I need to be able to build stasks from source?22:29
joshjtlQuintasan: are you there?22:35
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