wizardslovak_i got .rar how can i open it?00:02
draik_wizardslovak_: You can use unrar-free00:04
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free00:04
BluesKajTo extract the content of the file in current directory type command: ' unrar e file.rar '00:04
compilerwriterDoes there exist software for Kubuntu that has the same functions as gotomeeting?00:05
wizardslovak_command not found00:06
Raylzhi, i have to execute an autostart script with root rights00:06
Raylzwhere to put it?00:06
BluesKajwizardslovak_ , sudo aptitude install rar00:07
Raylzor is it possible to manage that in system settings?00:07
squid0I'm happy to see the new plasma widgets, but I get an error when I try to add them :(00:07
squid0"Could not create a python ScriptEngine for the Mixeroid widget"00:07
squid0what's that about?00:07
* dennister is away: Gone away for now.00:08
wizardslovak_same thing "command not found"00:08
draik_wizardslovak_: sudo apt-get install unrar-free00:12
compilerwriterDo any of you folks twitter?00:24
compilerwriteror is it tweet?00:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tweet00:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about twitter00:24
jr_how do i install KDE 4.2?00:25
JontheEchidnajr_: http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2.200:30
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OceanwatcherHi all01:27
OceanwatcherThis is my first time testing Quassel01:28
OceanwatcherDoes anyone else have problems connecting to kubuntuforums.net?01:28
OceanwatcherAnd can anyone see what I am writing here...?01:29
MementoMoriOceanwatcher: icu01:29
OceanwatcherSo at least I am getting through01:30
OceanwatcherWhen I try to connect to kubuntuforums.net I am just getting Service unavailable. It has been like this for the last two days. What is happening?01:32
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DragnslcrOceanwatcher- same here01:36
OceanwatcherDragnslcr - So at least I am not alone. I am connecting from Brazil. Where do you connect from?01:38
DragnslcrUnited States01:38
OceanwatcherDragnslcr - So it should be like this for the whole world... Strange that I have not seen any news about it yet? I am going to do a blogsearch on Google. I really need that forum. Testing 9.04 beta.01:42
Raylzis this python update 2.5 minimal safe to install?01:43
OceanwatcherSeems Kubuntuforums.net was hosted on a MS Win server!!!! Maybe suffering from the conficker flu...01:48
pkingis there anyway to have netflix intant on linux?01:48
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m_tadeu_hi all02:06
m_tadeu_can anyone tell how to act when X freezes?02:06
Elonectrl alt backspace ?~02:09
m_tadeu_Elone: with X frozen, I don't have a keyboard....so no ctrl+alt+bkspace....neither ctrl+alt+f102:12
wirechiefElone you could also do a  skinny elephant operation  RSEIUB  check with google ;)02:16
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ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications02:50
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:51
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dmbkiwiJust upgraded to Jaunty beta, and kwin is eating about 8-9% cpu at all times.  On intrepid, when nothing was happening, my cpu usage sat at between 0-1%.  Running nvidia proprietary drivers here.  Is this normal - any way to get back to a no kwin overhead situation?03:02
bazhang!jaunty | dmbkiwi03:03
ubottudmbkiwi: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.03:03
dmbkiwibazhang: I know it's beta - was asking 1. to see if anyone had a fix; 2. if abnormal, whether I should file a bug report.03:04
bazhangdmbkiwi, the channel is #ubuntu+1 not here03:05
dmbkiwibazhang: quite right - misread the channel topic03:06
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HappynessI have a huge problem I Think, because I do not found any solutions on google for it. My sound does not work correct at all. Sometimes it work and sometimes not. I am using KDE 4.2. I have an ICH9 Intel HDA Audio with AD1988 driver03:07
bazhang!hdaintel | Happyness03:07
ubottuHappyness: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto03:07
Happynessbazhang: Already tried, does not help at all03:08
HappynessMy sound works sometimes in Amarok2 for isntance and sometimes not at all. It varieres depending which backend I use in Phonon ... Xine works with some apps and some not, Gstreamer are the same. Pulseaudio does not work at all etc etc.03:09
HappynessIf I use Gstreamer, in amarok2 some mp3-files were not playing at all. But with xine everything works fine. But now I discovered that sound in Flash does not work at all.03:11
HappynessPhonon anyone?03:32
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xp-killerim looking for a way to convert videos easy on kubuntu03:36
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jared_i have an ati card using the ati drivers ... can anyone help with getting transparency effects?03:41
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HappynessDoes anyone has particulary good skills in audio in here?03:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about boxee04:11
draikI'm trying to use boxee and it doesn't seem to work. It blinks for a sec and then I have nothing. I don't even have an error message. I cannot run it in konsole either04:12
DRweaselif your ready for wreslemania 25 tomorrow than give me a HELL YEAH04:28
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Xeronhey guys when i play supertux it runs realy realy slowly04:29
Xeroncan someone tell me how to fix this?04:29
DRweaselXeron, its because you are using linux04:29
DRweaselLinux is cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches04:30
DRweaselthe bottom line is linux sucks and thats the bottom line04:30
Xeronlol your a frustrated noob arnt cha ;)04:30
Xeronyeah i used to bitch about linux when i first started04:30
DRweaselno i am happy running windows04:30
Xerononce u get used to it its way better than windows04:31
DRweaseluhh not really04:31
Xeroncan someone tell me why my framerate blows with supertux?04:31
Gondon't feed the troll04:31
DRweaselcuz your running linux04:31
nullpointerXeron, what hardware you running?04:32
DRweaselhardware that linux sucks on running04:32
yeelenhello everyone04:33
GonDRweasel: what  do you want on a linux channel?04:33
DRweaselGon, ?04:33
nullpointerDarl, is that you?04:34
DragnslcrGon- just a troll. Ignore it04:34
DRweaselif i were a troll i would live under a bridge04:34
GonQuassel hasn't ignore feature04:34
Xeronoh i play first person shooters fine04:35
Xeronbut i cant play a little 2d sidescroller lol04:35
Xeronit runs realy realy slow04:35
DRweaselHAHA linux sucks04:35
DRweaselWindows server 2008 runs better than linux on my netbook and i am running the trial version of server 200804:35
nullpointerHmm..  Never tried it.  I will check it out.04:35
Xeronthats because windows has 3000 people working on it night and day04:35
Xeronwere linux has a selct fiew dedicated workers04:36
GonXeron: vga?04:36
DRweaseland that is why windows is better04:36
Xeronyou can do anything with linux thats why i like it04:36
DRweaselmore supported04:36
Xeronwindows is all closed and perminant04:36
p_quarlesDRweasel: stay on topic04:36
Xeronnot sure04:36
DRweaselp_quarles, you cant see me04:36
Xeronthe framerate is horable04:36
DRweaselLinux is horiable you are proably on some shitty open source driver. Closed Source  Rules thats why i use windows. More secure04:37
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!04:37
DragnslcrDarn, beat me to it04:37
nullpointerWent to Synaptic, supertux says it is a development snapshot - use supertux-stable instead.  Which version you running?04:37
Xeronlscpi dont work04:38
DRweaseloh no you called the ops i am so scared04:38
Xeronthe new one04:38
Xeronwhat do i type to get the stable one?04:38
DRweaselgo to supertux.com and get supertux for windows04:39
DRweaselSo much easier04:39
DRweaseloh wait you dont run windows04:39
Xerondude seriousley you need to shut the fuck up04:39
nullpointerapt-get install supertux-stable, or just use Synaptic to install.04:39
Xeronnoone here cares about windows04:39
Xeronits boreing04:39
GonDRweasel: get a mac04:39
Xeronand challangeless for dumbasses04:39
Xeronlike yrself04:39
Xeronif yr a dumbass use windows :)04:39
Xeronjust shutup04:39
DRweaseloh i plan to get a mac for college04:39
p_quarlesXeron: don't feed the trolls, and watch your language here04:39
DRweaselyeah watch your language04:39
Xeronsry i just hate people that dont shut up about their opinions its fine if you hate linux04:40
Xeronjust stop announcing it every 5 minuts04:40
p_quarlesXeron: /ignore04:40
DRweaselthey are not opinions they are facts04:40
Xeronanyway i was wondering..04:40
Xeronwhats the stable releace called?04:40
Xeroni think its just cuz im using the dev game cuz all my other games work fine04:40
Xeronjust this one is crappy04:40
Xeronanyone know the filename for the stable supertux?04:42
EruaranI rebuilt my PC into a new case, everything is fine except now I have no audio at all04:57
Eruarananyone got any ideas ?04:57
dennisterchecked the card & all cables?04:58
EruaranThe sound is onboard04:58
nullpointerCHecked that it was unmuted and volume turned up?04:58
EruaranHardware is detected exactly the same as before so it should all be fine04:58
nullpointerSometimes it will be turned down, or the driver will be pointing to another audio device04:59
EruaranEverything is turned all the way up04:59
EruaranMotherboard is Asus A7V8X-LA, onboard sound is showing in System Settings as VIA 8237 with ALC658D (VIA 8237), which is the same as before when it was working fine.05:01
nullpointerOnly thing that changed was the case?05:02
EruaranI don't even have front audio plugged in (speakers plugged in the back)05:03
nullpointerThey plugged into the correct port?  I think it is the green one05:03
EruaranThe only things that have changed is I don't have firewire plugged in anymore (new case doesn't have it and I never used it anyway)05:03
EruaranAnd I don't have the front audio plugged in (which doesn't matter)05:03
EruaranAnd I don't have analogue plugged into the CD/DVD05:03
nullpointerDid you use the front audio in the old case?05:04
EruaranJust have speakers plugged into the back05:04
Eruarandirectly into the mobo05:04
Eruaranso, its actually simpler than it was before05:04
EruaranI cant see any reason why I should suddenly have no sound05:04
nullpointerAny noise at all with speakers at full, like static?05:05
nullpointerYou are using Kubuntu Jaunty beta, right?05:06
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xandarSorry a bit new to this.05:07
xandarWould you be willing to help w/ something?05:07
nullpointerAnything muted in KMix?  Do you show any other devices in KMix besides the VIA?05:07
Eruarannothing muted05:08
Eruaranplugged headphones in just in case it was the speakers... no sound05:09
nullpointerTHe front audio from the old case, was it attached to a pin header on the motherboard?05:11
EruaranBut thats just front audio05:12
EruaranShould still get audio from the back weather that is plugged in or not05:13
nullpointerYou would thing so, but in this case you are not.  Is it possible to remove the front audio piece from the old case?05:13
nullpointerPerhaps this motherboard is expecting it to be there for some reason05:14
nullpointerOr,it is expectin a jumper to be shorted if it is absent05:14
Eruaranthat would make it a really wonky motherboard05:14
ramondoes anybody know how do i connect to torrentleech chat server from here?05:14
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EruaranI'll try plugging front audio in05:15
eric_For some reason, compiz is launching as soon as I log in and replacing kwin. Where should I start troubleshooting this?05:15
nullpointerDid a lookup.  This is an older board, mostly used in Compaqs.05:15
Eruaranyes its from a HP05:16
Eruaranthe OS appears to be detecting the hardware exactly the same as before though05:16
Eruaranso there shouldn't be anything wrong05:16
EruaranI've done little more than take it apart, give it a dust off and put everything back into a new case (the old HP case sucked and had no airflow)05:17
nullpointerIf the front audio peice does not work, all I can think of at the moment is something from the new case is shorting out the motherboard05:17
Eruaranbut if it was shorting would the OS detect things properly ?05:17
nullpointerYes.  If the audio port is shorting.05:18
Eruaranhmm ok05:18
nullpointerThe 1/8 inch phon jack part05:18
EruaranI'm using a different power supply is all05:18
nullpointerShould not affect it05:18
Eruaran(the old oen was dying)05:18
EruaranI will connect the front audio bbs05:19
nullpointerAnyone had the screen go black on them on the middle of working?05:25
xandarAnyone willing to help troubleshoot a problem w/ sound?05:26
nullpointerWhats the problem?05:26
xandarIm using Amarok.  Just got the mp3 codec.  Though, I seem to have no sound, but I do hear the log off sound when i restart.05:27
nullpointerYou tried installing kubuntu-restricted-extras?05:28
xandarHmm... I dont think I have.  Just the one codec when you start amarok.05:28
nullpointerTry it.  That is what got it going for me.05:29
nullpointerTHe shutdown sound is a wav file.  No mp3 codec needed for that05:29
xandarAwesome.  Any tips on how to learn Kubuntu? lol05:29
nullpointerUse it.  That is all I did.  Oh, and find a user group05:30
xandarAlright.  Anything i should definately learn how to use?05:30
nullpointerDepends on what you want to do with it, really.  So many choices.05:30
nullpointerCommand line is very helpful05:31
nullpointerSynaptic is good, too05:31
ryan__has any one got puppy linux to boot directly from the HD05:31
xandarNo kidding. lol My other operating system is Vista, so i consider this an upgrade.  Oh!  I seem to have lost my task bar.  Got everything else.05:31
nullpointerI had it running on an old laptop about a year ago.  Very easy to install on the HD05:31
nullpointerIt now runs XUbuntu05:32
ryan__i have...but I still need a live boot from a 1 g flash pen or floppy or cd05:32
nullpointerTask bar is tricky, especially if you use twinview05:32
nullpointerTo reset your KDE (including task bar) open a Konsole session, and these commands in order:05:33
eric_When I'm using KDE, all of my GTK+ programs die on startup with the BadDrawable X error.05:33
eric_Any suggestions?05:33
nullpointerkquitapp plasma05:33
nullpointerrm !/.kde/share/config/plasma*05:34
nullpointerthat should have been a tilda, net an !05:34
nullpointerthen rerun plama by typing 'plasma'05:34
xandarGreat! Its all back.  You are my hero.05:35
nullpointerFoudn that one in the KUbuntu forums.  It is a great resource05:35
nullpointerGoogle is your friend, too05:35
ryan__google chrome is working on a Linux as well05:36
nullpointerBTW, XUbuntu is better than puppy, in my opinion05:36
ryan__Is there a browzer of choice for the KDE ?05:37
nullpointerKonqueror is good, but Firefox is still my choice05:37
ryan__yea...Puppy is just small05:37
ryan__I have been using Opera05:37
nullpointerAgreed.  I even had DSL on that laptop.  It is nice, too.05:37
ryan__not too bad for KDE05:37
nullpointerI am used to Firefox, and make heavy use of plugins05:38
ryan__Hahaha...yea...sounds like my M$ XP05:39
ryan__I just started playing with Linux 2 days ago05:39
ryan__Quite fun05:39
nullpointerCool.  I have been using it since 2000, but I come from a long line of other stuff.05:39
nullpointerDos/Windows, Amiga, TRS-80, etc05:40
nullpointerOld school stuff05:40
ryan__I can't say I hate M$...if one knows how to configure...05:40
ryan__I have never ran with a virus scanner05:40
ryan__never needed it05:41
nullpointerI am certified in MS stuff.  I run it all in VMWare in Linux now05:41
ryan__but still there are more to this world than M$05:41
ryan__is Ubuntu beter or Kubuntu?05:42
nullpointerIf you like the GNome interface.05:42
nullpointerHow familiar are you with Linux?05:42
p_quarlesryan__: it's all a matter of preference; only way to find out is to try both05:43
ryan__other than taking an older Dell lap05:43
ryan__and tryingg things05:43
ryan__2-3 days ago05:43
nullpointerYou must be pretty computer literate, though, running Jaunty beta and chatting in IRC05:43
ubuntuNOOB hi i come from debian, i'm try to install Kubuntu 8.10 i386 on Pentium D, I try to burn 1 CD and 3 DVD with low speed burn, when try to install Kubuntu it get my much errore, "pnpbios=off", bad I/O read and so on, do I take bad iso of Kubuntu and should I try AMD64?05:43
nullpointerGNome desktop is nice, but is not very configurable.  KDE is nice, and overly configurable05:44
ryan__yea...not great with computer language...but sort of a nautral in os systems05:44
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nullpointerNot me.  I am a network engineer.  I live and breath this stuff.  Have for over 20 years.05:45
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nullpointerBut, I am good with people.05:45
ryan__hahaha...I wish I did...picked up computers 6 years ago05:45
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ryan__was a nerd back when vic 20 was our05:46
nullpointerWell, welcome aboard, squirt05:46
nullpointerI remember vic 2005:46
nullpointerI still have my Amiga.  Still works05:46
ryan__i used to hack then and Apples at school05:46
ryan__then I left the comp world...05:46
ryan__just started finding my way back05:47
nullpointerWe are probably about the same age.  I never left.  I was big into computers and electronics.  Linux is the latest and greatest of it all so far05:47
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ryan__But agreed...only way to learn free BSD or any OS is to find one u don''t mind breaking and reinstalling...have at her05:48
ubuntuNOOB hi i come from debian, i'm try to install Kubuntu 8.10 i386 on Pentium D, I try to burn 1 CD and 3 DVD with low speed burn, when try to install Kubuntu it get my much errore, "pnpbios=off", bad I/O read and so on, do I take bad iso of Kubuntu and should I try AMD64?05:48
nullpointerI believe the Pentium D is 64 bit capable, but the i386 should work on it as well.  Sounds like a bad burn or a bad ISO.  Did you check the checksums?05:50
ubuntuNOOBhow to?05:50
nullpointerYou burning from Windows or Linux?05:50
ubuntuNOOBwindows easy creator05:51
ubuntuNOOBby verbatim05:51
ubuntuNOOBand sony cd05:51
ubuntuNOOBi close the session too05:51
ryan__I know I had an error till I reburned with a image capibal burn program from M$05:51
ubuntuNOOBi don't understand sry05:52
nullpointerYou will need a program that will check the checksum of an ISO image.  Here is one: http://www.nullriver.com/products/winmd5sum05:53
ryan__Well...when I coppied it straight on to a cd...the ISO print didn't fully transfer...05:53
nullpointerWhen you downloaded the ISO, there should have been an MD5 file.  THis is a text file with a number.  If the checksum matches this number, then the ISO image is good05:54
ryan__then I used a burn program that burns ISO as well...worked like a charm05:54
ubuntuNOOBoh it sound simple05:54
nullpointerYou must burn it as an ISO image.  Did it try to boot?05:54
ubuntuNOOByes i burn the iso image but didn't try MD5 file check05:55
nullpointerCheck the ISO, just in case it is bad.05:55
nullpointerIf it is, you will have to download again05:56
ubuntuNOOBi hope this is the case05:56
nullpointerYou could try the 64 bit as well.  That is what I run05:56
ubuntuNOOBreally? no any problem?05:56
nullpointerThis site has step-by-step instructions: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/iso05:57
ubuntuNOOBi would setup a vmware too05:57
nullpointerI have the latest VMWare workstation on 64bit Jaunty beta KUbuntu05:57
ubuntuNOOBi would put it for some software M$05:57
ubuntuNOOBwine don't support Metatrader 405:58
nullpointerVMWare is not great for games05:59
nullpointerMaybe try Crossover05:59
ubuntuNOOBisnt' game :-) just a trading platform05:59
nullpointerIf you are installing VMWare in Jaunty, you must read and follow this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104879805:59
ubuntuNOOBi don't know what jaty is06:00
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nullpointerAh, sorry.  Metatrader should work fine in VMWare06:00
nullpointerIt is the Ubuntu beta release code name06:00
nullpointerfor 9.0406:00
ubuntuNOOBwith xfce i suppose, i would try kde406:01
ryan__I have to admit...KDE 9.04beta...All drivers were in it...my wirless worked, my LAN worked..it is fat, but it is easy...as faa as just getting started06:01
nullpointerHey guys, it just rang midnight here.  I must turn in.06:01
ryan__night dude06:02
ubuntuNOOBthanks !06:02
ubuntuNOOBsee you thanks again Guys06:03
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kadyHow can I tell X what video card I'm using ?06:06
=== ekravets is now known as Abwehr
dmbkiwikady: X doesn't care what video card you have - you need to tell it what driver to use - edit the "Device" section on /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:08
kadydmbkiwi: ok great how do I know what to put there?06:10
kadydmbkiwi: I was trying to do a dpkg-reconfigure to xserver where it would ask me which card06:10
kadyI can't seem to get that working it just keeps asking about my keyboard06:11
dmbkiwikady: what video chipset have you got?06:11
kady 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter06:12
kadyI get http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m48c8de1d from KDM06:12
dmbkiwikady: hmm - what does the "Device" section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf have in it?06:15
kadyIdentifier"Configured Video Device"06:16
kadyboth before and after a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:16
kadya phigh and plow give the same results06:17
kadydmbkiwi: Time to delve into the darkages of X ?06:18
dmbkiwikady: one of my friends has an sis card on an ancient laptop, which seems to work fine - although not tested on jaunty06:19
dmbkiwikady: do you have the package xserver-xorg-driver-sis installed?06:20
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore06:20
kadydmbkiwi: This worked fine until some update killed it. I'm willing to say that if this is indeed the problem as to why KDE wont start from KDM then I'll reinstall06:20
kadydmbkiwi: I'll assume you mean xserver-xorg-video-sis and yes it's installed06:21
dmbkiwikady: I doubt kdm has anything to do with it.  The X server isn't starting - without that kdm can't start06:22
kadydmbkiwi: Oh no it starts fine06:22
kadythis is the current situation06:22
dmbkiwikady:  huh? what starts fine?06:23
kadyStart up the Computer and I get a normal login. When I try to login it throws me to the console06:23
kadyX is dead but KDM is still running06:23
kadyif I take this hard drive out and put it on the machine with the ATI card then when I try to login X dies and KDM restarts06:24
kadyhowever if I run X xinit starkde etc without KDM then it works fine06:24
kadyX works, KDE (mostly) works, GUI apps work06:25
kadyjust not if I login from KDM06:25
dmbkiwikady: that's weird.  why don't you do a dpkg-reconfigure of kdm?06:26
kadydmbkiwi: I did it remade the same file06:26
kadyI tried a -phigh and -plow to see if I could get to a part where I tell it which card I'm using06:27
kadyapparently I can only specify which keyboard I'm using06:27
kadydmbkiwi: I did. It remade the same file06:28
kady^^ done for clarity06:28
dmbkiwikady: are you talking about doing dpkg-rconfigure of the X server?  If kdm is broken, then do a reconfig of kdm06:28
kadydmbkiwi: Ah! never thought of that06:29
dmbkiwikady: sounds like X is working fine to me06:30
ryan__I have the beta KDE...fun, great, but very choppy  in the vid and sound!...I have it on an old 2001 Dell lap...06:30
ryan__maybe my memory is too small?06:30
kadyKDE isn't in Beta yet06:30
ryan__it is 9.0406:30
kadyThat's Ubuntu beta06:31
ryan__just got it yesterday06:31
kady KDE in that is two releases old06:31
kadyryan__: But 9.04 does look sweet :)06:31
p_quarleskady: what? KDE in 9.04 is fully up-to-date right now06:31
kadyp_quarles: but it's not in Beta06:32
p_quarleskady: KDE's not; Kubuntu 9.04 is06:32
kadyp_quarles: I meant that it's in the 2nd release of the bug fix series06:32
kadyso very much not in beta06:33
p_quarleskady: right, but ryan__ pretty obviously confused Kubuntu with KDE itself, as many people do; because the versioning is complicated06:33
ryan__lol...everybody called it that06:34
ryan__sorry about the mis06:34
p_quarlesryan__: yeah, Kubuntu 9.04 comes out April 23; KDE 4.2.2 came out several days ago; it's confusing, but the numbers aren't related at all06:35
ryan__more than anything...I was just wondering if it was just my small memory, or is it just the way it is right now?06:35
p_quarlesryan__: well, how much memory do you have?06:35
ryan__i just started linux 2 days ago06:36
dmbkiwiryan__: sound's working fine on my 9.04 install06:36
dmbkiwiryan__: how much memory have you got?06:36
ryan__yea..my cd's are good06:36
ryan__but say...u tube, and other browser media based06:36
ryan__it gets choppy06:37
kadyryan__: flash is very proc intensive06:37
ryan__I tell u though...no drivers needed for this one...my wireless and all other LAN connections were there already06:38
kadylike ridiculously so06:38
ryan__so whats KDE like?06:40
ryan__anything near Kubutnu?06:40
p_quarlesryan__: Kubuntu is just the name for the Ubuntu distribution that uses KDE as the graphical environment06:40
ryan__Ahh...thats where i get my confusion...I knew it looked similar06:41
kadydmbkiwi: nope nothing06:42
ryan__as well...my appoligies for my dummyness...I'm great with OS systems...Just not very knoledgable in the programming sector06:43
dmbkiwikady: bugger.06:44
ryan__is there anyy simple way to get full Puppy Linux on to a HD with out neeing a live bootable?06:44
dmbkiwikady: Add the following to your /etc/X11/xorg.conf:06:45
dmbkiwiSection "Device"06:45
dmbkiwi        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"06:45
dmbkiwi        Driver  "sis"06:45
ryan__Kind of06:49
ryan__almost midnight06:49
aga8am here :)06:49
p_quarlesso aga's in eastern Europe or Africa, and ryan__'s in the US mountain states06:50
kadydmbkiwi: can I use xrandr or something and query what driver it is using now?06:50
agap_quarles: don't really matter which part of europe... it's all one timezone til lituania06:52
kadydmbkiwi: xvinfo says that I'm using a SiS 315 series ?06:53
dmbkiwikady: I'm not sure, but I would suspect that there's only one module that covers all sis cards - could be wrong tho.06:54
kadydmbkiwi: yeah that's what I'm thinking too06:54
=== jonnyd is now known as jonny^d
kadyIts a 700 series card though06:55
dmbkiwikady: by the time you've figured it out, you could have reinstalled twice.  Even tho I hate saying that - having used linux for over 10 years, there are times where discretion is the better part of valour.07:03
kadydmbkiwi: Oh yeah I'm going to reinstall in 10 minutes I just wanted to find out what was causing this07:03
dmbkiwikady: the only other suggestion I would have is to use a different display manager - like gdm.  See if that helps.07:04
kadyhrrm lets try07:05
kadyWow that's a lot of stuff to install07:05
dmbkiwikady: i'm sure it'll want to install all of gnome as well.  Maybe try xdm?07:06
dmbkiwikady: ugly as hell, but very few dependencies ;-)07:06
dmbkiwikady: at least that'll isolate it to kdm07:07
ryan__When installing for Kubuntu...there is nothing...but there is Ubuntu...07:09
kady_dmbkiwi: works07:09
ryan__tupid question is Ubuntu stuff is same for Kubuntu?07:09
ryan__for down loads?07:10
agaryan__: you mean like applications or...?07:10
dmbkiwikady_: so kdm is bung.  File a bug?07:10
ryan__and browsers07:10
agaubuntu and kubuntu use different applications... which doest mean you cannot install gnome applications in a kde environment and the other way around07:11
ryan__so..play with with it...if it works great, if it don't keep playing?07:12
ryan__I like that answer07:12
agahehe but you are using kubuntu or ubuntu now?07:12
ryan__Kubuntu beta07:14
agai see07:14
ryan__Im a great M$ Os system operator07:14
ryan__decided it is time to move and explore07:14
ryan__started 2 days ago07:14
agaoh so probably you're having the fun of your life at the moment :p07:15
ryan__lol...almost better than rpg games07:15
ryan__and at my age I shouldn't play games07:15
ryan__i may be an enimey here when I say...if one knows M4...there is no need to hate it...but same time...there is way more out there than that07:16
ryan__and I fid Kubuntu very interesting...07:17
agahmm i don't think it's about enemies... but i am not a fanatic, i think everybody uses whatever suits him'/her better :D07:17
ryan__choppy, but I'm using an old 2001 Dell base lap...not the best for a system as larg as Kubuntu07:18
ryan__yea...just a lot of ppl I talk to in the free bsd world has a hate on for M$07:19
agammmm not really07:19
agai don't hate anything i just use what i like :d07:19
ryan__me too07:19
agai don't believe on any kind of extremes hehe07:19
ryan__I agre...07:20
ryan__everyone is hot or cold07:20
ryan__black or white...07:20
=== thebe is now known as voracious
ryan__me grey07:20
voraciousError:Could not write to transfer socket: ECONNRESET - Connection reset by peer07:20
ryan__luk warm07:20
voraciousResponse:451 Failure writing to local file.07:20
voraciousStatus:Disconnected from server07:20
voraciouscould you help me??07:20
voraciousI got this error messaage while uploading file to FTP server07:21
agais it your own voracious/07:21
voraciousI am trying in myself to configure07:21
voraciousbeginning of linux world07:22
agahmmm i am not any good with ftps but i can make a quick google...looks like some error in the setup07:22
voraciousI suppose it is due to file security but not sure07:22
agaapparently is the router, for what i am reading07:23
dennisterhey guys, never seen this problem before: new install, and vlc is playing a commercial dvd too fast...even forget what the multimedia term is for what I have to slow down...anyone know?07:24
agai am not sure voracious sorry,...07:25
voraciousokay, anyway thanks for your response07:25
ryan__I have never seen that prob on a VLC07:25
dennisteri've never seen it on any of the common movie apps...07:26
agaif you google a bit you will see that it may be caused by the router, or the antivirus or firewall software07:26
ryan__can u set it back to defaults?07:26
agaanyway, voracious which client are you trying to use???07:26
voraciousI have filezilla in kubuntu os07:26
dennisterryan_ it is at defaults...like i said, new install, and i'm simply trying to troubleshoot some issues I haven't seen a lot of07:27
ryan__hmm...mind U I have VLC on my M$ so I can't say much on the Linux side...07:27
ryan__I'll try a down load and see07:28
dennisterwait, no, not quite at defaults: i use a movie with subtitles for testing new install, so I enabled the subtitles...subtitles' performance was what confirmed for me that *everything* was played back too fast07:28
dennistermplayer won't play it at all (seek error), kaffeine gives me the encrypted disk error, so doesn't play it at all, totem gives me a mounting error right after a reboot, after which I simply try again and the playback is flawless...07:30
ryan__I know even on my M$ os system...just clicking play doesn't work...it needs some playing with thats 4 sure07:31
renderohow long will kde3 have support ?07:32
dennisterwell i've built dozens of systems now, many, many with hardy, and this is the first time I've ever seen this kind of wierd behaviour from movie apps, especially all of the atandard ones07:33
p_quarlesrendero: in Kubuntu, it should end when support for Kubuntu 8.04 does, in October 200907:33
ryan__I'm new to the Linux...does one have to redown load an absoltue new OS when support is done?07:35
agano ryan__ you can update the distro07:35
p_quarlesryan__: no; in Ubuntu, you can upgrade to the next version; other Linux distros are "rolling" meaning that it just updates continuously over time07:35
jonny^ddoes anyone have a quick fix for my touchpad or link to simple instructions?07:36
p_quarlesjonny^d: what's wrong with it?07:36
ryan__what are u looking 4?07:36
dennisterhey, hardy was only released in spring of 2008, and it's supposed to be 3 years LTS!07:37
dennisterthat means it should still be supported till spring of 201107:37
p_quarlesdennister: KDE/Kubuntu was explicitly excluded from the LTS promise07:37
jonny^dI like to turn off "tapping and scrolling" features, couldn't find any system settings for this so I installed gsynaptics but I have to run after each reboot07:38
ryan__many times u just need to use the right country for your set up!...07:38
ryan__in my case Canada is like France for set up...so Touch pads and keyboards needed to ne set as us not Canada07:38
p_quarlesjonny^d: does it write a config file to somewhere in your home directory? that you can find?07:39
dennisteri have never been able to successfully upgrade from one version to the next yet...always borks my many systems and I've wasted my time...always end up doing a clean install07:39
jonny^dI haven't looked but I would think not since the settings don't persist on reboot07:40
ryan__which os r u running?07:40
dennisterand quite frankly, I've been a huge fan of ubuntu for a long time, but I heard one criticism recently I have to agree with: Canonical should stop with their continuous 6-month upgrade cycles and start focusing more on fixing the many bugs that exist07:40
jonny^dryan__: me? kubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.207:41
dennisterdon't go forward until the floor is solid07:41
p_quarlesjonny^d: well, that doesn't mean that; if you can find a config file generated by gsynaptics that will likely make things easier07:41
dennisterat this rate I may start introducing my Linux newbies via a different distro :(07:42
jonny^dthanks p_quarles I'll look now and get back07:42
EruaranGot my sound working07:42
dennisterbrb...going for a cancer stick I'm so frustrated, lol07:43
EruaranTurns out its just that my motherboard sucks a bit :P07:43
EruaranIf you don't plug in the front audio you don't get audio at all from the rear07:43
EruaranThank you very much Asus you asshats07:44
=== ramon is now known as rgarcia
ryan__Does Puppy Linux have access top this chat community?07:47
shock_day13anyone here using kde 4.2.2?07:52
ryan__I'm usind Kubuntu that uses KDE07:53
ryan__Doubt I can help, but what is the Problem?07:54
shock_day13well i tried to upgrade my kde 4.1 to 4.2.2 today07:54
shock_day13by adding the mentioned repository on the site07:54
shock_day13and when everything ws installed and i logged back in all i got was text interface07:55
shock_day13no gui07:55
EruaranI'm using Kubuntu 9.04 so I already got KDE 4.2.2 in normal updates :D07:55
ryan__Ahh...Yeah...some people were talkig about it earlier that it should work...07:55
ryan__but thay have been having problems07:55
shock_day13a guy named <aga> tolde me that it worked for him07:56
ryan__yeah...I was chatting with him...07:56
shock_day13is it necessary to provide password for mysql server07:56
shock_day13i mean.........it was not mandatory07:56
ryan__I have never been in the situation of aOS total upgrade yet07:56
shock_day13so i skipped it07:56
shock_day13i had to install kubuntu 8.10 again07:57
shock_day13and lost all my kubuntu data07:57
ryan__yeah...the Kubuntu is pretty much a KDE with Ubuntu OS...07:57
ryan__I have the Beta 9.0407:58
shock_day13how is it?07:58
peabodyHow do I enable xdmcp?07:58
ryan__great...all drivers so far have been there for me07:58
shock_day13it was mentioned on the site that it is only for developers and programmers cos it has lots of bugs and all07:58
peabodyI can't find a suitable answer in the ubuntu forums07:59
peabodyit's all for gdm07:59
ryan__little choppy, but I have an old Dell Lap...not the best for Kubuntu as it is a little larger that mose07:59
* devilsadvocate is usuing kubunut on dell as well07:59
ryan__what year?08:00
ryan__of dell?08:00
shock_day13well anyways the official release has only 18 days to go08:00
devilsadvocatevery recent08:00
devilsadvocatei also use it on a 2001 sony vaio08:00
devilsadvocateshock_day13, i heard the release got postponed .. unless it was an april fools joke08:00
ryan__yeah...some friendssay grat...some say so so...08:00
shock_day13oh man08:01
shock_day13i hope it was an april fools joke08:01
ryan__But one thing I found sort of weird is the second time I installed it it was less choppy08:01
shock_day13but the release date hasnt been changed on the site08:01
devilsadvocateprobably a joke08:02
ryan__no jokes by M$08:02
ryan__just junk08:02
peabodyIn kde3 there is an option to enable xdmcp but this option dissappears in kde4.... did kde4 end support for xdmcp?08:02
ryan__lAlthough M$ has now true compitition...08:03
ryan__maybe some hope for them after all08:03
shock_day13M$ is almost extinct now08:03
ryan__Some called Mac compitition08:03
p-fCheckboxes appear as clipped until I check/uncheck them in many applications (firefox, gedit, etc.). How do I go about fixing this?08:03
shock_day13we have been promoting linux distros all over the city through our peers08:03
ryan__but to be that...Mac would have to run a OS under PC as well08:04
shock_day13and majority of them have converted to linux08:04
ryan__now Dell and HP have decided to run a version of Linux as a choice of OS systems08:04
shock_day13finally the monopoly is being crushed08:05
ryan__I will only say this...08:05
ryan__never discount the sleeping Giant08:06
ryan__M$ has the resorces to be a great OS system if pushed08:06
shock_day13but it does not have as much support as linux08:06
ryan__just depends on if they will sleep like GM did in the Auto world, or wake up and Jion the fight08:07
shock_day13i hope that they die08:07
p-fshock_day13: why?08:07
shock_day13instead of sleeping08:07
ryan__lol...I wish...but that probably won't happen08:07
p-fshock_day13: you're hoping for thousands of people to lose their job, that's nice08:07
shock_day13<p-f> chill it was just a joke08:08
ryan__M$ is very usably if done correctly...remember most people have problems waking up inthe morning let alone use an OS system right08:09
p-fryan__: at least hibernation works properly on their latest OS08:09
* p-f shrugs08:09
p-f</snarky mode>08:09
ryan__so that said...it they have problem waking up in the morn08:09
ryan__then how will they know how to use M$ right08:10
ryan__I use M$ very much like a Mac...only in limited mode...never needed nor had a virus, nor virus scanner08:11
shock_day13i use it only for games08:12
ryan__I still use both08:12
shock_day13damn their software support08:12
ryan__luv them both for ttheir own reasons08:12
p-fI use it when I need hibernation to work, a properly working msn client, a decent spreadsheet program, etc.08:13
shock_day13mac is elite08:13
ryan__open office works great08:13
ryan__Mac is just another M$08:13
ryan__screwing the ppl08:13
p-fmac is a model line, microsoft is a company08:14
ryan__thats why Mac isn't compitition to M$08:14
shock_day13<p-f> he is talking about the os08:14
ryan__only compitition to PC's08:14
p-fshock_day13: then he should use the name of the OS08:14
* p-f shrugs and goes back to work08:14
rgarciadoes anybody knows if i can change my theme like mac os?08:19
ryan__for what OS?08:19
rgarciajust to appear at mac os.08:20
p_quarlesryan__: usually people come to this channel for help with the OS of the same name08:20
rgarciathe icons08:20
rgarciayes but i'm using kubuntu08:20
rgarciai just want to know if it's possible to change the theme08:21
ryan__I know there are a few ways to change themes08:21
p_quarlesrgarcia: it's possible to change the theme, but I'm not aware of an OS X theme for KDE4 so far08:21
ryan__using the KDE sign at th bottom right08:21
rgarciai read about emerald08:21
rgarciaunderstood p_quarles08:22
ryan__it has many Optoins...I had to play around in there for a while08:22
p_quarlesrgarcia: with the deKorator theme engine, it's not too tough to do something like that, though08:23
rgarciahum...it's ok..08:23
rgarciai'll keep it as it comes08:24
rgarciathanx a lot08:24
dennisterok, i finally got all the movie apps working...hardy always did end up generating different mismatching of dual optical drives e.g. dvd-rom is master, but no dvd or dvd0 device, only dvd1, and then dvd is matched to scd1 instead of scd0...<argh>08:24
dennisterand vlc is playing at right speed since reboot...didn't have to tweak it at all08:25
ryan__less strressed now?08:25
rgarciaryan_: do you know if kubuntu's repository has wma to mp3 converter?08:26
dennisteryes, but...am still concerned for my newbies...08:26
dennisteri mean I know how to fix this crap, but they're not likely to in the event of an upgrade or something like that08:27
ryan__but it does have a few different player burner designs08:27
ryan__So I assume it will...08:27
p_quarlesdennister, ryan__:  this is really a support channel, and a lot of off-topic chatter actually prevents that08:28
ryan__Unix is trying in a way to build that bridge to make it all duo user friendly08:28
dennisterryan__: u talking to me or rgarcia when u're talking 'few different player burner designs'?08:29
dennisterok, thanks08:29
ryan__I'm just getting into it so I am unable to give spacifics...08:30
ryan__but i have seen different configurations08:30
dennisteri'm just getting more frustrated with each system i build :( and the reminder that kubuntu with kde 3-5 isn't going to be supported after next fall is NOT a welcome reminder08:31
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!08:31
ryan__Sorry p_quarles...new to this08:31
dennisteranyway, this system is done; time to put it away and start finishing another box08:34
dennisterthat's why i've been using it as a starter for about a year now...given away about a dozen systems to linux newbs with kubuntu08:35
dennisterbut I've tried to stick with hardy because it still has kde 3.5.x,,,for a newb, they're going to feel more reassured with the k button=start button08:36
dennisterintrepid only has kde 408:37
ryan__Yea...Kubuntu uses the KDE with a Ubuntu OS system08:38
ryan__it is really good08:38
ryan__My suggestion is to start with a new Beta Kubuntu08:38
nephiluscan some one help me with kbfx? i can't find it in the add widgets section08:39
nephilusis it lancelot?08:39
dmbkiwinephilus: nope - don't think it works in kde 4.x.08:41
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xp-killerhello i need help here09:13
xp-killeranyone here?09:13
ryan__lol...with what?09:13
xp-killeri know it's 4 in the mornign09:13
xp-killeroh ,with converting video09:14
xp-killeri want to convert flv videos09:14
ryan__2 here09:14
ryan__what OS?09:14
xp-killeroh ok09:14
dmbkiwixp-killer: handbrake09:15
ryan__sorry man ...new to me too09:16
dmbkiwixp-killer: it's a video converter09:16
ryan__what application?09:16
xp-killeri try mencoder but the video comes out 0kb09:17
Mamarokdmbkiwi: but not in the repos, wh< not suggestiong an existing app?09:17
marie_blubbhey guys, I've got a problem with my cronjob. I'd like to run the programme rsnapshot and I entered in the cron these lines. SHELL=/bin/bash PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/bin/X11 */50 * * * * /usr/bin/rsnapshotp  ther must be something wrong as the cron is not running09:17
xp-killerdmbkiwi: i dont see handbrake in the rep09:18
dmbkiwixp-killer: go to http://www.getdeb.net/search.php?keywords=handbrake09:18
xp-killerdistro ID not find09:19
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=== spezi is now known as Spezl
frinuxI just updated my Kubuntu, and saw lot's of changes in KDE. I rebooted my computer and now KDE doesn't load, I'm just in tty109:53
squid0hello. When I try to add the new Plasma widgets, such as the Mixeroid, this error message appears in the widget's frame/box: "This object could not be created for the followin reason: Could not create a python ScriptEngine for the Mixeriod widget." Why is that? How do I fix this?09:56
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=== alba_ is now known as aga
xp-killerdmbkiwi: i install handbrake i can find  how to run it09:57
dmbkiwixp-killer: press alt+f2, then type in ghb09:59
xp-killerit said could not run10:00
xp-killerdmbkiwi: oh wait sorry i download it but didnt instal it10:00
xp-killerdmbkiwi: how to install it?cause i didnt see it nowhere on my pc10:01
agai have just had an issue with the kapian database (something like that)10:01
agait is not searching for programs, nor adept and nor apt... any ideas on how to fix it?10:01
dmbkiwixp-killer: where did you download it to?10:01
xp-killerdmbkiwi: i have no idea i just click download and it didnt ask me where to save it like my rest files10:02
xp-killerdmbkiwi: i choose the 1st download that open like a text10:03
xp-killerim just download the second one that save on my desktop10:04
xp-killerdmbkiwi: but the deb file that save on my desktop is for amd pc not mines10:05
dmbkiwixp-killer: download this:10:05
dmbkiwixp-killer: I mean this:10:07
k0ppi've got an issue:  i'm trying to get my second monitor to work.. my main card is an onboard card using the intel driver, the second is a Matrox Millennium PCI.  when i boot my machine, my box freezes up right when KDM is about to start up, it completely freezes. this doesnt happen with any other distro, only kubuntu and ubuntu, any ideas?10:08
xp-killerit tells me like eror "dependency is not satifiable:libgtk2.0-010:09
dmbkiwixp-killer: open a terminal and type "sudo aptitude install libgtk2.0-0"10:10
squid0hey. how do I install python script engine?10:11
dmbkiwisquid0: it is more than likely already installed.  open a terminal and type "python" if you get a prompt that looks like >>> then it's installed10:11
xp-killerdmbkiwi: ok i did then try to reinstall it still give me same eror10:11
dmbkiwixp-killer: what happened when you typed the above?10:12
xp-killereverything done10:12
xp-killerdmbkiwi: success10:12
squid0dmbkiwi: oh, python script engine == python ? hmm. well, I'm having issues with some of the new plasmoids, that complain that they couldn't create a python ScriptEngine10:12
dmbkiwixp-killer: there you go.10:13
dmbkiwisquid0: you probably need the kdebindings package.  type "sudo aptitude install kdebindings-kde4" in a terminal10:14
xp-killerdmbkiwi: ??but nothing hapen it just i tink install the libgtk2.0-0.but i still can install the converter u give me10:15
squid0dmbkiwi: ok, I'm trying that now10:15
xp-killerdmbkiwi: it give me the same error10:15
dmbkiwixp-killer: what are you doing to install the package?10:17
xp-killerdmbkiwi: i clic on the link u giv me and then a window open under it has a option to install10:21
xp-killerbut i cant clic on it cause of the error10:21
squid0dmbkiwi: ok, I tried that, restarted X, but still got the problem where it says it can't create a python ScriptEngine10:22
dmbkiwisquid0: make sure you've got the python-plasma package installed10:23
dmbkiwixp-killer: open a terminal10:23
dmbkiwixp-killer: then type "wget http://rsync.labby.co.uk/getdeb/ubuntu/intrepid/ha/handbrake-gtk_0.9.3-0~getdeb1_i386.deb"10:24
peabodyIn kde3 there is an option to enable xdmcp but this option dissappears in kde4.... did kde4 end support for xdmcp?10:25
xp-killerdmbkiwi: ok i did it save a file.but i dont no where10:26
dmbkiwixp-killer: once wget has downloaded the package, type "sudo dpkg -i handbrake-gtk_0.9.3-0~getdeb1_i386.deb"10:26
xp-killerdmbkiwi: at the end it give me10:28
xp-killerErrors were encountered while processing:10:28
xp-killer handbrake-gtk10:28
dmbkiwixp-killer: above that it should say that a package is not installed - what is the package?10:28
xp-killerdmbkiwi: a lot of stuff10:29
Mamarokarghs, gtk programs for KDE?10:29
dmbkiwixp-killer: you need to install those missing packages using "sudo aptitude install <packagename>10:30
xp-killerdmbkiwi: http://pastebin.com/m6410763710:31
dmbkiwixp-killer: what version of kubuntu are you running?10:33
squid0that helped, dmbkiwi. thanks10:33
dmbkiwisquid0: np10:33
peabodyHow do I configure a server to allow xdmcp remote logins?10:33
xpsque hay de nuevo viejo??10:36
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Mamarok!es | xps10:36
ubottuxps: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.10:36
xp-killerdmbkiwi: how to install more than 1 thing?10:36
zoraelIf I have a bug likely related to packaging in the kubuntu-experimentals ppa, I shouldn't post a launchpad bug report, right?10:36
xpsgracias por el dato10:37
Mamarokde nada10:37
dmbkiwixp-killer: what version of kubuntu10:37
xp-killeri tink10:37
peabodythis is the only page of documentation in the entire set of documentation of KDE and it is the single worst written page in history of technical mannuals10:38
peabodyhow in the bloody hell do I connect from my laptop to my desktop using xdmcp10:38
peabodywhen I am at the login screen and I hit ALT+R to open remote login window, I type in the hostname of my desktop and click ADD and everything under hostname - status remains blank10:39
peabodyWhat's the bloody point of a status if it won't even allow you to add servers in the status of "offline" though the documentation says this bloody service is enabled by default10:40
peabodyone bloody checkbox is all it takes to enable this feature on windows terminal server10:41
dmbkiwixp-killer: you might need to do an upgrade.  type "sudo aptitude update" then "sudo aptitude upgrade"10:41
gecko_quiero hacer una consulta10:41
xp-killerdmbkiwi: done10:43
dmbkiwixp-killer: did it install anything new?10:43
xp-killerdmbkiwi: no but it said something about handbrak dependency the stuff it needs...10:45
dmbkiwixp-killer: hmmm.  Add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list:10:48
dmbkiwixp-killer: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/handbrake-ubuntu/ppa/ubuntu intrepid main10:48
xp-killerdmbkiwi: noway im not messing wit the source lst.forget it im gona convert my videos on xp10:49
xp-killerdmbkiwi: tanks for your time10:49
dmbkiwixp-killer: huh?10:49
dmbkiwixp-killer: just add a new repo - it's not a biggy10:49
k0ppis it just me, or is kde-look.org down?10:50
xp-killeryea last time i did that i mess eveything up10:50
dmbkiwik0pp: is for me10:50
dmbkiwik0pp: yep10:50
k0ppthought comcast was being a dick again.10:51
dmbkiwixp-killer: up to you.10:51
zoraelIs Quassel calling syncing the logfile to disk inbetween each log entry? It's very IO intensive.10:55
zoraelNote timestamps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14478310:56
zorael10 seconds just to show the MOTD, admittedly exaggerated with a file being copied in the background10:57
=== tackat_bakery is now known as tackat
=== ubuntu_ is now known as aga
agahi :D is there any way of rescuing the system from a kernel panic?11:08
agai can reinstall everything i was just coming from formatting... but maybe there is a simple way to do it11:08
agasimple or not so simple... as long as it's not very complicated11:09
dwidmannaga: well, what's the cause of your kernel panic? if you need to get into the system to rescue, you can do it from a live CD, after which you can chroot in to your install and run commands like "apt-get" normally11:10
agahmm dwidmann i am not really sure what happened, i was updating everything after formatting when all froze11:11
agathen after half an hour frozen i just turned out the pc, and when i came back it said kernel panic, unable to mount root... i am now on the live cd d11:11
agabut i do not know how to proceed from now on11:12
dwidmannaga: well, first mount the root partiton of your install11:12
agaok hold on11:12
dwidmannaga: then run "sudo chroot /mountpoint" where mountpoint is the mountpoint11:12
agaeverything takes a while to open when im on the live cd11:13
dwidmannaga: then, perhaps, apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade11:13
agai can give that a shot just a sec11:13
dwidmannaga: such is the bane of live CDs .... but at least they're always there, and we can't screw 'em up (well, save for scratching them to death)11:13
agaheheh true11:14
zoraelRecommend live USBs, much less painful11:17
agagreat konsole won't start... i think i need to log in and out11:17
dwidmannzorael: how much extra effort goes into making them live though?11:17
zoraeldwidmann: simple as downloading the .iso, running unetbootin, then rebooting. .311:17
zoraeldwidmann: as for *persistently* live, then yeah, effort involved11:18
dwidmannI generally use DVDs ... somewhat faster than CDs but still slow11:18
zoraelAnyone else running jaunty with the kubuntu-experimentals ppa enabled?11:20
dwidmann(not me)11:21
agaook dwidmann i am having an issue to mount root11:28
dwidmannaga: oh?11:28
agawhen i enter sudo mount /dev/sda6 (where my root partition is) it days it cannot find it on fstab or mtab11:28
dwidmannaga: you need to specify the mount point for it too11:29
dwidmannaga: and if necessary, make the mount point first too11:29
agaahaa so i would need to edit the fstab on the live cd?11:29
dwidmannaga: ie: sudo mkdir /media/sda6; sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/sda611:29
agaok ill give a try to that hold on11:30
agaok now is mounted11:30
aganow i guess the chroot is to user ubuntu11:31
dwidmannaga: need what I punched in above or are you good to go?11:31
agai need a bit more of help.. never chrooted anything11:31
dwidmannaga: then run "sudo chroot /mountpoint" where mountpoint is the mountpoint11:31
dwidmannaga: then, perhaps, apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade11:32
agaok sec11:32
dwidmann(hurray for the 'up' key!!)11:32
agai think it's fixing it... it says dpkg was interrupted... so dpkg --configure -a11:33
agaheheh i know the key, but i had to restrt the whole thing so i lost the log :D11:33
dwidmannaga: I figured as much, that's why I offered11:33
agait says /proc filesystems /proc modules... no such file or directory11:33
agabut it is updating a while bunch of things11:34
dwidmannforgot that that might happen11:34
dwidmanntype in 'exit'11:34
agait is still updating11:34
dwidmannsudo mount --bind /proc /media/sda6/proc11:34
dwidmannprobably this too:11:35
dwidmannsudo mount --bind /sys /media/sda6/sys11:35
agaok so i will let it finish11:35
dwidmannaga: make it stop, it could be trouble11:35
agaexit didnt quite worked11:36
wirechiefdo ctrl c11:36
dwidmannaga: it doens't have access to things that it needs ...11:36
agajeeez i got nervous and closed the console :S11:36
agait's starting to be too hot here :s11:36
dwidmannaga: that's okay, but pick up with11:37
dwidmannsudo mount --bind /proc /media/sda6/proc11:37
dwidmannsudo mount --bind /sys /media/sda6/sys11:37
dwidmannaga: then chroot in again11:37
agaok there i go11:37
dwidmannaga: then "dpkg --configure -a" again, and hopefully it will succeed where it failed before11:37
aeternhi, after i installed kubuntu 9.04 beta, my knetwork manager stopped working and i can't connect to my wifi spot...11:38
aeternwhat i should do?11:38
aeternexcept killing my self :)11:38
agaok there it goes... crossing fingers11:39
dwidmannaetern: probably visit #ubuntu+1, file a bug, and cross your fingers that things are fixed before 9.04 is actually 9.0411:39
aeternOKEY, i will try that :)11:40
agacannot determine grub device, assuming it's /dev/sda111:40
agathat sounds bad11:40
dwidmannaga: is /boot on a separate partition?11:40
agahmmm not that i know11:40
agai have never had a /boot partition11:40
dwidmannaga: hmmm11:41
agaand /dev/sda1 is just a data partition11:41
aga(if i lose the data there i can kill myself, so it's delicate)11:41
dwidmannaga: well, after this is all done with, you might have to reinstall grub11:41
dwidmannaga: umm, lets hope it doesn't come to that then11:41
agacould you help me too? neverdone it11:41
aga*i've never done it11:42
dwidmannaga: s'pose so11:42
agaok now it's finished11:42
dwidmanngrub-install /dev/sda11:43
dwidmannthen, type "grub" to get into the grub shell11:43
agahmm /dev/sda not found or not a block device11:43
dwidmannaga: try sda6 then11:44
dwidmannokay, is "sda" the first drive according to your bios, aga?11:44
agayeap should be... there's only one drive11:45
agaand it's always been /dev/sda11:45
agafrom there are going all the partitions11:45
dwidmanntry (hd0,5) then11:45
dwidmannincluding the parentheses11:45
agabash: syntax error near unexpected token `hd0,5'11:46
dwidmannhmm, try putting backslashes in front of each of the parentheses11:46
agasame, /dev/sda6 not found or not a block device11:47
=== husaini is now known as Guest71917
dwidmannaga: okay, lets give up on grub-install and do it the other way altogether then, and hope it works11:47
agaok...please the safest for my sda1 :D11:48
dwidmannaga: type in 'grub' to get into the grub shell11:48
agak inside11:48
dwidmannaga: setup (hd0,5)11:48
agaerror 12, invalid device requested11:49
dwidmannhmm, weird11:49
dwidmannmaybe hd0,5 isn't equalling sda6 .... as it should -_-11:49
agahmm i think it is, when you asked me to put the backslashes11:49
dwidmannah, this is true11:50
agawith hd0,5 i got the answer about sda11:50
dwidmannMaybe it isn't liking something syntax-wise11:50
dwidmann(it tends to be very picky)11:51
agai see11:51
=== gabriele is now known as Guest38101
agai can just reinstall the whole thing... i am just thinking that it may be easier11:51
dwidmannaga: root (hd0,5) <---try me, try me!!11:52
agaok sec11:52
aganow it's error 21 selected disk does not exist11:52
agaits (hd0.5) no spaces right?11:53
agaok so error 21 :D11:53
wirechiefgeometry (hd0)11:53
agathat's what i need to write?11:54
* wirechief might give some information on whats going on11:54
agatrying to get back to my system from a kernel panic... while making apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade it said unable to determine root device, taking /dev/sda1 (or something like that) which is NOT the root device just a data partition... trying to fix it, since we cannot reinstall grub11:55
dwidmannwait, aga, are you still in the chroot or no?11:55
agai think that's the short11:55
agayes i was11:55
=== gabriele is now known as Guest53065
dwidmannaga: and you ran grub while chrooted, or no?11:55
dwidmannhmm, well, try that geometry command and hope that it gives some clues, I guess11:56
agaselected disk does not exist11:56
dwidmannI can think of one reason for that happening other than when the disk really doesn't exist.11:57
agahmmm i dunno11:57
dwidmannCome to think of it, this should have hit me sooner11:57
* wirechief yep, its borked11:57
agaso reinstall??11:57
dwidmannI forget, we need to exit the chroot11:57
agahow to exist this grub thing?11:58
dwidmannthen we need to "sudo mount --bind /dev /media/sda6/dev11:58
dwidmannthen chroot in again11:58
dwidmannI feel silly11:58
agai don't feel you silly dwidmann... right now you're my personal hero... if that helps11:58
dwidmannI have a good excuse though really, I've been up a long time and will have to go to bed shortly ... hehehe11:59
dwidmannNot before this reaches some sort of resolution though11:59
agathank you thank you :D11:59
aganow just closing the terminal window/11:59
* wirechief pass's cup of coffe to dwidmann and aga11:59
dwidmannProbably faster to just type exit :)11:59
agaunrecognized command12:00
aga(already tried) :p12:00
dwidmannaga: in grub that would be unrecognized, to exit the grub shell you need to type quit, then to exit the chrooted bash, you type exit :)12:00
dwidmann(guess I shoulda mentioned that)12:01
dwidmann(oh well, it's in the past)12:01
agaaaa well i just closed and reopened hihi12:01
aganow chroot again12:01
dwidmannyes, after doing the mount --bind /dev/ /media/sda6/dev12:01
agaok... now i have that last thing mounted and i have chrooted...12:01
dwidmannaga: try: grub-install /dev/sda612:02
pugelarougehi - my kde seems to be using gtk for window decoration - i figure it goes back to one of teh old compiz configs - where do i change it back??12:02
agaok installation finished no errors reported dwidmann12:02
dwidmannaga: , now to make darned sure, lets go in the grub shell and give a couple things a whirl12:03
agaoki doki12:03
dwidmannaga: first: setup (hd0)12:03
dwidmannaga: second: setup (hd0,5)12:03
againvalid device requested12:03
dwidmannFor both :O12:04
dwidmannaga: wow, that's *awfully* mean of grub :(12:04
agadwidmann: grub is awful ;p12:04
agawhat about setup no arguments?12:05
dwidmannaga: hopefully grub 2.0 will be better, if it ever matures and gets relelased12:05
dwidmannaga: that'll probably throw a different error12:05
dwidmannaga: how about: geometry (hd0)12:05
agaoh i have it  now12:05
agacan i paste in pm?12:06
agadont want to open anything else in case it freezes12:06
dwidmannhmm, ext2, ext3, not really much difference, just the journaling mostly12:07
agaall my partitions are ext3 that i am sure12:08
zoraelAnyone running jaunty with the kubuntu-experimentals ppa enabled?12:08
dwidmann(not me, sounds like a recipe for trouble)12:09
zoraelmeh :>12:09
zoraelworks fine, but think I found a bug with the app launcher and wanted someone to confirm12:09
agamaybe the shortest is to try and install again everything12:09
agabecause it seems it's slightly freaked out12:10
dwidmannaga: reboot and see if it boots first12:10
agabe right back12:10
dwidmannaga: actually, before that, lets see if its fixed12:10
dwidmannaga: do you still have that grub shell opened?12:10
agai just closed it but i can open it again12:10
dwidmannaga: kay, lets do that, open that, then chroot in12:10
agaok, done12:11
aganow grub shell?12:11
dwidmannaga: yep12:11
agaok done as well12:11
dwidmannnow, type "configfile /grub/menu.lst"12:11
dwidmannor maybe "configfile /boot/grub/menu.lst"12:11
agawithout quotes i assume?12:11
dwidmannone of those12:11
againvalid device requested12:12
dwidmannoh, wait, forgot, we need to set the root first :\12:12
dwidmannmaybe "root (hd0,5)" will work, I hope12:12
agano error thrown12:13
agait did it without complaints12:13
dwidmannaga: cool, now try the two lines above12:13
agaok now i have 'something'12:14
agalike a list of places12:14
dwidmannthe "configfile" commands should bring up the grub menu you see on startup, if it's working properly12:14
agathat's the one12:14
dwidmanngive it a whirl :)12:14
agajust enter?12:14
againvalid device requested12:15
agaon the 4 options :(12:15
dwidmannpick one of them and press 'e'12:16
agaok done12:16
dwidmannwhat doe it have?12:16
agakernel /boot/vmlinuxsomenumbersgeneric root=uuid=lots of lettrs and numbers12:17
againitrd /boot/initrd.img.numbers-generic12:17
agabut i think that's /dev/sda112:17
dwidmannaga: hmm, try quitting the grub shell and type "update-grub"12:18
rglI really like the desktop of kde, but I would prefer for it to not show all the widget in the desktop, but instead, show them like os x (ie. after I press some key combination). is that possible?12:18
dwidmannaga: hopefully that will re-write that file and things will want to work12:18
agaok i did now grub and arrow up hold on a sec12:19
Greeneryrgl: maybe you could set another activity, one activity with no widget the other with widgets12:19
HappynessHello, I have a problem with my sound. I wondering is there any chance in the world to reset EVERY SINGLE SETTING which I have configured for my sound. I think there is some conflict inside Phonon because I have isntalled and changes a lot of sound settings in gstreamer, pulseaudio, alsa, oss, xine etc.12:20
aganow invalid device requested12:20
agawith both commands12:20
dwidmannaga: which commands?12:20
agathe ones starting by configfile12:21
HappynessAnd I do not want to reinstall a clean copy of Kubuntu 9.04 again.12:21
tangtangi have a wireless card, D-link DWA 120 and i want to crack wifi, but i use driver ndiswrapper and it don't support to crack . What driver should i do ?12:21
agaany of them is working now12:21
dwidmannaga: did you run "root (hd0,5) first?12:21
agano, i just noticed and i was just running it12:21
againvalid device requested all along dwidmann12:22
dwidmannaga: don't be sorry, at least you picked up on it by yourself, give yourself some credit :)12:22
agahey no sad faces. we tried12:22
dwidmannso ..... root (hd0,5) .... = invalid device requested?12:23
agait didnt want to work... so i will just reinstall :) sometimes is like that12:23
agayep dwidmann12:23
tangtangHelp me please12:23
agathe problemis that i do not see any of my partitions in the query i put you12:23
dwidmanngrub is such a miserable pain. aga, do you have anything you want backed up? (like, maybe the installed packages list or whatnot)12:23
tangtangi read some book but i usefull for PCI not usb12:23
agahmmm i have all my stuff in that /dev/sda1 partition imentioned before12:24
agamy system only contains files and applications... no data whatsoever12:24
agaif it's in / it's not important... only /dev/sda1 can't be lost... tons of pictures and so on12:24
rglGreenery, thx.  I look at that (don't know yet what is an activity ;)12:24
dwidmannaga: but have you installed any packages since install, that you would like to have installed without effort later, is what I was asking ...12:24
agahmmm not really dwidmann i had to reinstall everything this morning... i had one of my brightest ideas ever... trying to install gentoo without any guide hehehehe12:25
Greeneryrgl: if you click on the top right hand corner, you can zoom out and then add activity there12:25
dwidmannaga:, if so, this is what would do it  -- dpkg --list | grep ^ii.* | cut -d ' ' f 3 | tr '\n' ' ' > backup_list12:25
dwidmanneverything this morning? Ouch12:25
agayeah i just had a shot of inspiration12:26
agaand then wheni was updating kubuntu, all froze and i got that kernel panic ;d12:26
agaone of those perfect days ;))12:26
agaso today i will spend my day fine tuning the lappy again... which teaches me a very valuable lesson12:27
dwidmannaga: before you do the reinstall, back up your logs and take a look at them, maybe you can find out why it froze and report a bug or two ... hehehe12:27
=== tackat is now known as b
=== b is now known as tackat
agawhere are they?12:27
dwidmannaga: /var/log12:27
agamount blabla?/12:27
dwidmannaga: definitely want dmesg ... maybe syslog, might as well throw in kern.log too12:28
dwidmannaga: well, wait, I guess for now they would be in /media/sda6/var/log ...12:28
agajeeez i just opened dolphin12:29
agamy root is there, mounted12:29
agasame for my /dev/sda12:29
agaand this is just great dwidmann12:31
agai copied the logs into the /dev/sda1 partition without issues12:31
agathe whole log folder -.-12:31
dwidmannaga: and that's a problem?12:32
agano its great12:32
agajust surprising12:32
=== pugelarouge is now known as DennisBagley
agaand nice to see that all is there still ;d12:33
agaok going for that reinstallation... thanks for your effort dwidmann :)12:33
agavery much appreciated12:33
dwidmannaga: good luck, and good night :)12:34
DennisBagleyanyone : can anyone tell me where i can set kde's window manager back to kwin?12:35
HappynessI have a question, why does KpackageKit block some updates and some not?12:35
dwidmannDennisBagley: does "kwin --replace" do anything? for the short time, if that works, you could jut put that in a script and have it run on login12:36
DennisBagleydwidmann : thats done the job - will add it to startup for now12:38
alba_stll here?12:39
=== alba_ is now known as aga
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:39
agamaybe you won't believe it... but it booted just fine12:40
aga:D thanks a bunch!!!12:40
DennisBagleythanks - any idea where kde will be picking the wm setting from - i thnk it is user specific12:40
wirechiefaga  it worked ?12:42
agadon't ask me why or how or when... i just booted just in case and booted into the system just fine12:42
wirechiefso you have two copies of the install now?12:43
agahmmm i dont think so12:43
agaall looks normal, like always12:43
agai need to reboot12:43
agabe right back12:43
agaoh not yet12:44
weudesola turma bom dia12:47
weudesestou querendo colocar no ubuntu o kde 4.1 fica bom?12:48
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.12:48
weudesestou testando o kubuntu aqui e estou gostando12:48
=== alba_ is now known as aga
ante_so, I'm running the Jaunty beta and I'm experiencing the system freezing a couple of times a day, and the only thing I can do is to reboot it12:50
ante_is this a common problem?12:50
ante_and most importantly, is there a solution?12:50
agaante_:  for jaunty issues try #ubuntu+112:51
agathey are more on the top of bugs and so on12:51
dwidmannaga: that's great news!12:51
ante_aga: ok, thanks12:51
dwidmannaga: you're welcome12:51
agaoh yeah dwidmann thought you were gone to sleep already,.. but wanted to tell you anyway thanks a bunch again :)12:52
dwidmannaga: and away to bed for me, I've put it off for too long already12:52
dwidmann(too long = 52 minutes)12:52
agayeah i think im gonna dress up and go to the swimmng pool12:52
agai dunno what to do but...12:52
mnd999Hi, anyone else seeing wine corrupting the kde4 font cache?12:52
wirechiefso was that a reinstall from the net ? that you performed aga ?12:52
agai think i will rather stay today12:52
agahmmm no wirechief i did not reinstall finally12:52
agai just booted and all worked fine12:53
agayou know just try before formatting once agai12:53
wirechiefok so you just reinstalled grub12:53
agawell kind of12:53
dwidmannwirechief: rather than resintalling, chrooting in & fixing, then making very sure that grub was in good working order before letting things go12:53
agadwidmann:  said it better hehe12:54
BluesKajante_ , your question can be answered in #ubuntu+1, it's the jaunty room12:54
ante_BluesKaj: yeah, I'm aware of that now thank you :)12:54
agadwidmann:  if after sleeping you feel like looking for the logs let me know12:54
agai dunno what should i look for there12:54
dwidmannaga: will look for "trouble" :) What trouble will look like is hard to say, if it's present .... but oftentimes things like that can be blaringly obvious so it's worth trying to look.12:55
agaok which were the files again? dmesg and?/12:56
dwidmannaga: I'd look at syslog first12:56
agaoki doki i will take a look at it12:57
dwidmannand if you want timestamps of when to look, maybe messages, because that will give you a decent idea of when the system went down and came back up12:57
agait looks like they are all empty :S12:59
agaill check it later12:59
dwidmannaga: might be worth looking at the *.0.log versions, or older maybe12:59
agaaha i see13:00
dwidmannaga: (after they get ever so big, it archives the old stuff)13:00
agamakes sense :D i need to check them slowly... after my lunch i think today i deserve it :p13:01
dwidmannkay, good luck, talk to you later13:01
mnd999hi, anyone else see wine messing up the font cache on kde4?13:02
agayeah sleep well.. and thanks again, really13:02
mnd999just me then? or is this the wrong forum this tpe of question?13:06
habishHas anyone been able to access the Kubuntu forums?13:11
konrad1207hello all13:13
konrad1207I have a problem with ext4 file system13:14
konrad1207does anybody know, which packages I need13:14
plastikmansorry, not use it13:14
konrad1207so many people, maybe somebody will know13:15
mnd999is ext4 recommended? from what i read there are still data  loss issues13:15
mnd999linus was also not very compliamentry about the design13:15
konrad1207from phoronix I read13:15
=== alba_ is now known as aga
konrad1207it speeds up whole system13:15
konrad1207a lot13:16
mnd999but if you lose data thats irrelevant13:16
konrad1207data loss13:16
konrad1207was about13:16
konrad1207time window13:16
konrad1207before it actually writes data to disk13:16
mnd999yeah something like that13:16
konrad1207in ext3 it was 5 sekonds13:17
konrad1207in ext4 it may be up to 1 minute13:17
HappynessWHY does KPackage block some updates like gwenview+13:17
mnd9991 min is a hell of a lot of data on modern systems13:17
Raylzwhen i change from folderview to desktop, my plasmoids get moved and cant be moved to the original place, when i then change from desktop to folderview, the icons are too big; do you experience the same behavior in jaunty like me?13:17
plastikmanmake upgrade system using aptitude13:21
plastikmanor dist-upgrade13:21
plastikmani had similar problem13:22
offendercan someone of you be my urinating friend13:35
offendercan someone of you be my urinating friend13:35
joopajoono, we can't13:35
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=== fontknocker is now known as fontknocker|zzz
jussi01!away > fontknocker|zzz13:44
ubottufontknocker|zzz, please see my private message13:44
joopajooquiet channel...13:47
jussi01joopajoo: sunday...13:48
wizkoderhy everybody13:49
wizkoderI would like to have an area an my kicker with small icons for some applications I use most often. had that in kde 3.5. Already possible with 4.2?13:50
jussi01wizkoder: yep, its a plasmoid, just add it as normal13:50
jussi01wizkoder: its called "quicklaunch"13:51
wizkoderokay thanx. added quicklaunch. now its on the complete right side of my kicker. I do not understand how to move it yet...13:54
wizkoderfound it :-)13:54
wizkoderworks totally different now13:55
wizkoderwhat about desktop search? read nepomuk will be in jaunty. but not in the standard install?14:03
joopajoonepomuk is already in intrepid. it just doesn't have a proper user interface.14:06
alxjui want to use a printer on my kubuntu but it doesnt work (no linux driver available) (dell j740). other ways are possible to do it works?14:11
agahow to change the computer name? i know it is possible without formatting, but i don't remember the command14:20
=== bibiana is now known as Anonimo
jussi01!hostname | aga14:22
ubottuaga: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab14:22
jussi01hrm, not really...14:22
agahmmm no not one14:22
aganot that one :p14:22
agai know i have read about it here i just cannot remember the command...14:23
agajeez where are my brains14:23
=== alexander_ is now known as Anony-Dk
skarnwhere should I go if I need help with a package that does not build in my PPA?14:27
elvis1Hola puedes ayudarme tengo problemas con ubunto cuando duro mucho rato fuera que vuervo a entrar se me inabilita la pantalla y no hace nada\14:28
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.14:29
hhlpanyone knows if ktorrent use Bittorrent protocol or what protocols use ?14:36
agahmmm should use bittorrent protocol... unless there's more than one protocol to download torrents14:39
agathen i dunno14:39
DragnslcrYes, it uses the BitTorrent protocol14:41
agais there any other for downloading torrents?14:41
hhlpthx Dragnslcr :)14:42
EruaranHas anyone here recorded their desktop with kwin effects on ?14:45
=== cedrick is now known as cedrick_
=== cedrick_ is now known as cedrick79
joshjtlanyone know of a simple sound recorder app?14:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audacity15:00
LjL!info audacity15:01
ubottuaudacity (source: audacity): A fast, cross-platform audio editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.5-2 (intrepid), package size 3155 kB, installed size 9188 kB15:01
joshjtlyeah audacity i guess i was hoping for a qt/kde app15:01
cuzntthats mono15:01
joshjtlcuznt: that sounds fine except its not in the repos15:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about krec15:04
* cuznt stares @ the bot15:04
LjL!info krec15:04
ubottuPackage krec does not exist in intrepid15:04
JampiterI'm having an issue playing DVDs. I have libdvdcss installed and I have run "ln -sf /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd". In Xine, I can get to the language select menu (first menu) of this DVD then it says it cannot be read. I've had a message in the terminal that says this: "libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable". How can I remedy this?15:04
cuznt!info krecord15:04
ubottuPackage krecord does not exist in intrepid15:04
joshjtlyeah sucks15:04
LjLkrec is probably kde 3.5 only15:05
joshjtli know lame15:05
LjL!find krec15:05
ubottuFound: krecipes, krecipes-data, krecipes-doc, krecordmydesktop15:05
cuzntit went way back15:05
LjLcuznt: i'm running Hardy, so i have it15:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about psag15:05
agaanyone knows of a decent program to download and manage podcasts? amarok does not let me advance if needed...15:05
cuznt!info podcasts15:06
ubottuPackage podcasts does not exist in intrepid15:06
agathe best one i know is rythmbox but i was wondering if there is any kde one15:06
cuzntgnome has one15:06
cuzntbut i forget15:06
agayeah that's the one i know15:06
agarythmbox i think15:06
cuzntsomeone stole my ipod in october,,,15:06
agai think i will keep on using it15:06
agai haven't managed to make my ipod sync yet15:07
agabut there's a radio program i like to listen... only problem is that it's too late for me:d15:07
cuzntgtkpod ?15:08
joshjtli guess im stuck installing audacity15:09
agahmmm nope won't sync my ipod...and i never managed to use it as a player of the podcasts15:09
agaso i will stick to rythmbox15:09
aganeither c15:09
agai think i've tried them all cuznt... unless something has changed in the last month or so...15:10
cuznti only had 1 that syncd15:10
cuzntand i forget15:10
agait's no problem i have plenty of music already... and i don't use it that much15:11
agai will go with it at some point but at the moment... it's okay15:11
JampiterI'm having an issue playing DVDs. I have libdvdcss installed and I have run "ln -sf /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd". In Xine, I can get to the language select menu (first menu) of this DVD then it says it cannot be read. I've had a message in the terminal that says this: "libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable". How can I remedy this?15:11
joshjtlhrmm cant get audacity to record from my laptop mic15:12
agai just lost firefox15:13
joshjtlhow do i find out where my mic is? i need to set it up with kwave15:15
aganow... this is interesting, i do not have audio at all15:16
=== steven is now known as ArchDemon
dwu2aga: have you tried banshee for syncing your ipod? works fine for me...15:17
agatried a few things a while ago... got too fed up and right now is in my todo list15:17
Cyclist2Hello, there! I run Intrepid and I wonder if anyone has the same difficulty in finding the Handbook/Help Files for Kaffeine and Amarok [to name a few]. Thanks in advance15:21
JampiterI'm having an issue playing DVDs. I have libdvdcss installed and I have run "ln -sf /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd". In Xine, I can get to the language select menu (first menu) of this DVD then it says it cannot be read. I've had a message in the terminal that says this: "libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable". How can I remedy this?15:21
=== ibm is now known as Guest23628
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications15:23
ubottukqemu is a kernel module (now free under the GPL license) for speeding up the !QEMU virtual machine. Installation instructions can be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/KQEmu15:23
devilsadvocatedemmon, virtualbox is great for small applications and such15:25
JampiterI'm having an issue playing DVDs. I have libdvdcss installed and I have run "ln -sf /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd". In Xine, I can get to the language select menu (first menu) of this DVD then it says it cannot be read. I've had a message in the terminal that says this: "libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable". How can I remedy this?15:28
demmondevilsadvocate:  yah i know i am searching for one client15:30
doleybJampiter: do other players work? (not xine)15:31
Jampiterdoleyb: Thank you! No, Totem and Dragon do not work either..15:32
cuzntmaybe it is the dvd itself jampiter15:33
Jampitercuznt: None of my DVDs will work :(15:33
cuznttwas a thought15:34
JampiterIt's ok15:34
doleybJampiter: But you can see the menu from the dvd??  did you try mplayer?15:34
Jampiterdoleyb: Only one before it crashed.. I'll try Mplayer15:35
doleybJampiter: (You installed these via medibuntu right!?)15:35
JampiterUh.. no15:36
Jampiterdoleyb: No, I didn't. Just plain Ubuntu with Kubuntu packages#15:36
devilsadvocateJampiter, encrypted dvd support not available .. probably need some non-free stuff to run it. google might help. also, there may be a drm issu?e15:37
doleybJampiter: So where did get libdvdcss?15:37
=== ahmed is now known as Guest94183
marco__anybody is having both vista and kubuny on his pc??????15:37
doleybmarco__: I have it, but i never use vista..!15:38
Guest94183i hve windows xp on vmwarer server i want to share files betwenn xp the guest os and kubutu 8.10 the hosr os how i do this i need documintationor how to15:38
marco__I am going to install intrepid on my friend's pc15:38
Jampiterdoleyb: I think Ubuntu shipped with it, although I may have got it from the repositories a while back15:38
marco__I want to be sure there will be no problem15:38
etricmarco__ i have vista and kubuntu on my thinkpad too15:39
marco__so no problem at all??15:39
etricthere is no problem at all15:39
JampiterNo problem15:39
marco__no mbr errors, gurb errors or stuff?15:39
doleybJampiter: I doubt that, why don't you try medibuntu15:39
etricnope can select vista from the grub menu just fine15:39
=== julio is now known as BugsBunnyBR
Jampiterdoleyb: How large is medibuntu?15:39
marco__great guys15:40
marco__love ya all15:40
marco__I appreciate it15:40
doleybJampiter: as large as it needs to be.15:40
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:40
psycoanyone have a guide for setting up a OS X VM?15:40
psycoim using virtual box15:40
doleybJampiter: just read that and follow that, i'll do everything fix you.15:40
Jampiterdoleyb: Thank you :)15:41
=== ricky_ is now known as Guest14671
Guest94183 i hve windows xp on vmwarer server i want to share files betwenn xp the guest os and kubutu 8.10 the host os how i do this i need documintation or how to15:42
vishalraoHello, I would like to make changes to http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/applets/tasks/abstracttaskitem.cpp15:54
vishalraoAny links to how to go about it? What source packages to download and how to rebuild and reinstall oafter changing?15:54
vishalraoFor kubuntu amd6415:54
vishalraoI have "sources" selected in KPackageKit repos list15:55
vishalraorunning jaunty amd64 btw15:55
joopajooSysinfo for 'tietokone': Linux 2.6.27-11-generic running KDE 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2), CPU: Intel(R) Core 2 Quad CPU    Q9550  @ 2.83GHz at 2003 MHz (5666 bogomips), HD: 605/683GB, RAM: 3885/3959MB, 194 proc's, 2.21d up15:55
joopajoowhy it says "Q9550  @ 2.83GHz at 2003 MHz" ???15:55
joopajoo2003 MHz?15:56
vishalraojoopajoo: intel speedstep ?15:56
vishalraodisable EIST in BIOS , perhaps a power setting in KDE (set to performance) should fix it...15:56
joopajoobut is this normal with this processor?15:56
vishalraosure it is normal :)15:56
vishalraoif you run heavy task it should go back up to full speed15:57
=== ghost is now known as Guest14883
joopajooso it powers up automatically, and there is nothing to worry about?15:57
vishalraowhy dont you try it now... run some CPU intensive task...15:58
vishalraoplay back video, encode etc...15:58
vishalraorun some filter in GIMP15:58
joopajooSysinfo for 'tietokone': Linux 2.6.27-11-generic running KDE 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2), CPU: Intel(R) Core 2 Quad CPU    Q9550  @ 2.83GHz at 2003 MHz (5666 bogomips), HD: 605/683GB, RAM: 3932/3959MB, 194 proc's, 2.21d up16:00
joopajooand now it is encoding x26416:00
vishalraoreopen the sysinfo tool/window now?16:01
joopajoo2003.000 MHz16:01
vishalraomaybe its a KDE power management bug then...16:02
doleybvishalrao: do you have guidance-power-manage icon?16:04
mariadoes anyone know how to get the screensaver to stop asking for a password?16:05
joopajoothere are some settings in "system settings" for CPU frequence scaling16:05
vishalraodoleyb: no, im running jaunty :)16:05
mariain the screensaver settings I disabled Require password to stop, but it still asks for the password16:05
vishalraomaria: try logout and log back in, then?16:06
doleybvishalrao: So maybe you should go the jaunty channel, #ubuntu+116:06
vishalraoperhaps the screensaver has a bug where it doesnt check that setting...16:06
vishalraodoleyb: right, let me try there :)16:06
mariai will see if there is anything about a bug in the forums16:07
mariathanks for your help16:07
=== Guest14883 is now known as ghost
billyKubuntu 9.04 is getting better and better!  Wow16:10
gkffcksIs there a way to install amarok 3.5 on kubuntu jaunty?16:14
billygood luck, I am on amarok 2.0.2 on Kubuntu 9.0416:17
=== billy is now known as billy__
billy__loving Kubuntu 9.04, it's getting better and better with updates16:20
=== fry_ is now known as coffee|_|D
coffee|_|Dyo morning peeps :) rise and shine!!!!16:22
billy__hey coffee !  Good morning16:22
coffee|_|Dhey billy :D16:22
agadoes anyone know if kdeparted is in the live dvd? need to resize my root partition and i just can think on doing it that way16:22
agaand morning coffee|_|D16:23
coffee|_|Dwow it's sunday morning here and i've got mah coffee mug full woohoo16:23
coffee|_|Dhey aga :D16:23
agalol sunday is almost over here ;)16:23
agabe right back... need to restart my sunday experiments :D16:23
billy__I'm on my Kubuntu 9.04 Toughbook and it's soooo cool16:23
doleybbilly__: whats cool with it?16:25
joshjtlhey folks, how can i find fastest kubuntu iso download mirror? torrent is being way slow16:25
=== gabriele is now known as Guest10223
billy__I stayed out of Kubuntu 8.10 just a little too edgy, but 9.04 with KDE 4.2.2 in much improved..16:25
joshjtlbilly__: have you tried 8.10 with kde 4 ?16:26
billy__I tried 8.10 w KDE 4 but I like the 9.04 code better, running on the Dell Mini 9 also16:27
joshjtlbilly__: im actually going back to 8.10 from 9.04 ... not ready yet too many things not working on my dell laptop16:28
coffee|_|Doh cool!16:28
coffee|_|Di have an acer netbook i'm thinking of installing linux on16:28
joshjtlgo for it16:28
joshjtlkde rocks16:28
joshjtlreally really rocks16:28
billy__I load from http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu16:29
etricalways worth a try :) thats what dual boot is fo r ;)16:29
joshjtlkicks all other guis way out of the water in my opinion16:29
coffee|_|Donly one thing i don't have a ext. cdrom drive :( i could use the 4gig sdcard i have though16:29
billy__Kubuntu 9.04 is runnning great on my Dell Mini 9.16:29
joshjtlbilly mic and all hardware runningcorrectly?16:29
joshjtlsorry meant billy__16:30
billy__get a high cap USB stick16:30
billy__yes my mic and camera are running great with several updates16:30
coffee|_|Di have a usb adapter, is 4 gigs enough?16:30
jankaAnybody know how to put tabulator how to do this in pascal please: writeln(a,' * ', b ,' ???TAB??? = ' a*b);16:30
billy__4 GB of USB should be enough, standard Kubuntu is only ~700mb ?16:31
coffee|_|Daah cool :)16:31
billy__got 2 roll, check with all later. have a good day!16:33
agais there any partition tool in the live cd of kubuntu 8.10?16:36
aganeed to make some changes to my root partition16:36
gkffcksqtparted, I think, but it's not that good or intuitive...16:36
agai just have qt4 settings...16:37
=== gabriele is now known as Guest65065
joshjtlas far kde 4 goes, whats the status in intrepid?16:52
agawhere is grub installed in kubuntu by default? in MBR?16:54
Laeborghow can i mount /dev/media/data to /media/bigdrive at startup (fstab) ?16:56
agathanks chris011116:56
chris0111no prob aga ;)16:56
agaLaeborg:  you will need fstab yep16:57
Laeborgye i know, I have been looking in /etc/fstab, but how do this works ?16:58
=== gabriele is now known as Guest1981
agais the drive an external one?/16:59
Laeborgbut its setup with lvm17:00
agathen you need to know which is it's name.. /dev/sda'what'17:01
agafor example i have a partition mounted like that, the first entry is /dev/sda1 /home/alba/stuff...17:01
Laeborgext3 fs17:01
agahmm /media/data is a mount point17:01
Laeborgno /dev/media/data is mounted to /media/bigdrive17:02
agadunno, that's really not the way i fill in fstab17:03
agabut i aint no expert17:03
agasince /media is a folder in / i would say that's not the right 'device' just a mount point17:04
agacheck it with fdisk -l17:04
norenhi all17:05
agahello noren... do you have any idea of how to resize a partition from the live dvd?17:05
chris0111aga why did you want resize a partition?17:06
aganeed to install something and i want to do it in /dev/sda617:06
norenaga: try running gparted from there17:06
agabut since my root system is there, i need to do it from the live dvd17:06
agait'snot here noren17:06
agareally odd...nothing like gparted, kparted or even evmsn17:06
chris0111you can chance the partition-table (own risk)17:07
chris0111like you install a new os and then the cs "resize" current os's17:07
agano nono17:07
agai dont want to manually change the partition table ;)17:07
norentry installing it sudo apt-get install gparted <<< it will get u that for this session17:07
chris0111you don't need make it "manually" use a ubuntu install cd17:08
chris0111in the point of partionation17:08
chris0111you go to manually17:08
tattersin the clock it displays timezone by capitol cities where would I change the file so it displays a city nme I choose?17:08
chris0111and change the kbytes17:08
agathen i would need to cut the installation in the middle chris011117:09
chris0111tatters -> system settings17:09
agaand i would risk kubuntu not to work?17:09
chris0111do you have free space on your os?17:09
norentry installing gparted in  while running live cd17:10
agayeap chris0111 more than enough17:10
agabut i do not want to touch the big partition17:10
agayeah it's installing noren ;d17:10
norenrem it will only last for this seesion if u reboot it wont be there17:10
agawell if i can do the changes to the partition... i am happy17:11
agaproblemis that i need to resize my root partition so it needs ot be unmounted17:11
tatterschris0111: where is the setting I cannot find it , only thing I can find is to choose city by the capitol17:11
jliendoalguien vive ?17:12
norenjliendo: english only here17:13
jliendoexcuse me, please i nedd help with my kubuntu17:13
chris0111tatters: wait a sec17:14
tatterschris0111: np17:15
norenjliendo: what is the prob ??17:15
norenaga: remember to back  up anything important before doing anything17:15
=== gabriele is now known as Guest46390
agayeah noren... just my whole kubuntu system can be affected :p all the important data is in the partition i dont want to touch hihi17:16
tattersI presume I need to edit the file which holds the names of the capitol cities and change the entry for London to one of my own choosing17:17
chris0111system settings -> general -> regional & language maybe?17:17
tattersbeen there chris but cant seem to find anythng usefull17:18
=== gabriele is now known as Guest3851
=== gabriele is now known as Guest49904
joshjtlanyone know where kubuntu 8.10 cd md5sums are?17:27
=== gabriele is now known as Guest38400
HappynessI have a question, why does KpackageKit block some updates and some not in jaunty develope release 9.04?17:29
norenjoshjtl: http://ubuntu-releases.optus.net/8.10/17:30
norenHappyness: that cud be answered better in #ubuntu+117:31
Happynessnoren: Why not here if i may ask?17:31
noren!jaunty | Happyness17:32
ubottuHappyness: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.17:32
Happynessnoren: Alright, thank you :)17:32
=== alba_ is now known as aga
bielefubenAnyone know the status of kubuntuforums.net?17:36
Happynessnoren: Just for your notice, nobody is willing to answer that question in ubuntu+1, whys that?17:37
norenppl will only answer if they know the answer :)17:38
Happynessnoren: Alright, which means nobody can answer my question? :P Sorry for my language and attitude for the moment, but that just sucks ashole.17:39
=== administrator_ is now known as Lokke
=== Lokke is now known as Lokke-LE
PollywogI prefer KDE 3.5.10 over KDE 4.  Is it possible to upgrade to Intrepid or Jaunty and keep KDE 3?17:43
UnksiPollywog: there is an unofficial repo with kde3 packages somewhere17:43
PollywogUnksi: ty17:44
Unksino idea how well it works, havent tested it17:44
Pollywogit just seems that if I upgrade to KDE4, I will lose features17:44
norenkde4.2 is far better than kde4.017:45
Pollywognoren: I will give 4.2 a try then thanks17:46
norenanyone where cn i check the list of the daemons started at the boot time, i mean the file containing the list of it17:49
DragnslcrThink they're all in /etc/init.d/17:51
w-heatthere's a vile bug in KDE 4.2.2 where the search box doesn't get focus on the kicker/application starter. Makes it useless - I'd stick with 4.2.1 until it's fixed18:01
=== luiz is now known as luizl
=== ben is now known as Guest14265
=== gabriele is now known as Guest82650
agaok...nice issue.. i just fixed my partitions table which was all messed up18:27
aganice and easy...18:27
agai fixed fstab, but now i guess i should fix also something in grub18:27
agai just don't know what or how... any suggestions?18:27
=== gabriele is now known as Guest24464
=== gabriele is now known as Guest2814
=== administrator_ is now known as lokke
=== lokke is now known as lokke-le
lokke-lejoin +kubuntu-de18:38
jonahhey guys, just wondering how i get kde 4.2.2 for kubuntu intrepid? i added the repo on the news page but i can't see any updates??18:45
p_quarlesjonah: have you checked your version since running apt-get upgrade ?18:46
jonahp_quarles: that's just it, there's nothing to upgrade... i don't think the packages are there?? has anyone else got 4.2.2 yet on intrepid??18:48
=== administrator_ is now known as lokke-le
cesar_aqui se habla español???18:52
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest7617
=== Guest7617 is now known as cesar__
cesar__alguien habla español?18:53
vitoroi para todos18:53
vitoralguem de petropolis18:53
jonahhello anyone know how to get 4.2.2 kde on intrepid?18:53
cesar__que es petropolis?18:55
=== gabriele is now known as Guest93798
p_quarles!es | cesar__18:56
ubottucesar__: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:56
jonahi don't get it, added the repo as on kde news page but no updates are showing, has anyone else got this to work?18:57
p_quarlesjonah: what repo are you referring to?18:57
jonahp_quarles: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ppa/ubuntu intrepid main18:58
ubuntu_help guys i cant log in on my kubuntu log directly to xp18:58
ubuntu_how i change it18:58
p_quarlesjonah: okay, that's the one that has the latest version for Intrepid; you still never answered my question about doublechecking your version18:59
=== gabriele is now known as Guest49167
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ubuntu_disapeared grub any iidea how i bring it back19:03
ubuntu_goes to windows19:04
jayhunold!grub | ubuntu_19:04
ubottuubuntu_: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto19:04
ubuntu_yes i have lost after install windows19:05
Cyclist2I run Intrepid; has anyone experienced difficulty in obtaining the Handbook for Kaffeine or Amarok after installing them on Gnome?19:11
=== ramon is now known as rggarcia
joshjtlhey folks, anyone get plasma widget stasks to run on Intrepid?19:17
=== aga is now known as Blondynka
rggarciadoes anybody know what is wrong architecture 'i386' problem?19:18
=== Blondynka is now known as aga
agawhich processor do you have rggarcia?19:20
=== john is now known as Guest98130
rggarciacore 2 duo 2.6619:21
Pollywogrggarcia: and also, are you installing Ubuntu on virtualbox?19:21
rggarciai'm using kubuntu 64nits19:21
Pollywogrggarcia: that might be a problem if you are installing with virtualbox19:21
agawhere do you get that error rggarcia?19:21
agaor when or doing what?19:22
rggarciawhen i open a deb package...19:22
rggarcialike adept manager19:22
agahmm you might be using the wrong one19:22
linukahi met malem19:23
agaif you are using 64 bits you need packages for 64 bits arch and not for 3219:23
linukamana ya yang indo19:23
rggarciaright..but if theres no 32b pack?19:23
agahmm i guess you will need to compile... it cannot be mixed that's why you're getting that error i think19:23
rggarciahum..i read about ia32-libs - ia32 shared libraries for use on amd64 and ia64 systems19:24
rggarciathere is repos19:24
agai really dunno rggarcia my understanding is that 32 and 64 bits cannot be mixed... (do you have those libraries installed?)19:24
agai have always used 32 bits so i may very well be wrong19:25
agabut the error sounds like that19:25
rggarciayes i do...but do i have to restart  x server?19:25
agahmmm you get the error while trying to install right?19:25
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
rggarciai had the error..after i read about and install the pack...but didn't restart the server19:26
rggarciado i have to?19:26
agahmm i am not really sure what you were trying to do, depending on what you have installed you may need to reboot the computer, restart x or do nothing19:27
rggarciaright..let me reboot it...19:27
agaand also, depending on what you have installed it may also be a problem to reboot19:27
agawhat did you install if i can ask?19:27
rggarciaproblem to reboot?19:27
rggarciayes ofc19:27
agasometimes rebooting the system may make matters worse19:28
rggarciasudo apt-get install ia32-libs ia32-sun-java6-bin19:28
rggarciaonly this two19:28
agawell it doesnt look like it will be a big issue... but have your livecd near you in case19:29
agai dunno really19:29
shock_day13guess what19:29
agaas i said my understanding is that they should not be mixed19:29
rggarciayes i have the live cd..19:29
agabut my understanding may be wrong19:29
agawhat's up shock_day13?19:29
rggarcialet me show you something19:30
agai mean i am not an authority i have screwed my system 4 times today already19:30
shock_day13i tried to upgrade today throught hat repository but after everything was downloaded and installed when i restarted my pc i just got text no gui19:30
agathese inspired days... oh joy19:30
shock_day13the adventures19:30
agabut you're using gnome or kde shock_day13?19:30
shock_day13kde 4.119:30
agayou know what to do on a sunny spring day.. mess with partition tables and grub19:30
agaperfect sunday ;)19:31
rggarciaThis is the mean reason for this forum, and also why you need to be very specific in what piece of software you are trying to install... I can't look into my crystal ball and give you more help.19:31
rggarciaHere are some pointers:19:31
rggarcia1: Go to synaptic package manager > type the name in search for the software that you want to install > if it's there install the software. To make this work optimally, enable all repositories. If this is still a black box for you, read, read, read all information about how to install software under linux.19:31
rggarcia2: If 64 bits software packages are not available see the first two stickied posts on this forum.19:31
rggarcia3: Install the 32 bit libraries for software : IA32 libs plus dependencies (again more forum and other reading).19:31
rggarcia4: If there is no way out: download the source code of the software, install the build essential package, compile the software yourself. (that requires more linux knowledge).19:31
rggarciaI am sorry but there is no other way.19:31
rggarciaaga: take a look on this19:31
shock_day13hey aga how many times have you installed linux distros till now19:31
agait depends shock_day13... in winter the number of installations raises ;)19:32
shock_day13my count till today is19:32
shock_day13ubuntu 8.04 = 23 times19:32
shock_day13fedora 9 = 17 times19:32
shock_day13kubuntu 8.04 = 319:32
shock_day13opensuse 11.0 = 619:33
shock_day13ubuntu 8.10 = 919:33
shock_day13kubuntu 8.10 = 1419:33
agai think rggarcia that rebooting wont harm but i would remove both packages purging all very well19:33
shock_day13fedora 10 = 119:33
agaand find some other workaround19:33
shock_day13sabayon = 419:33
agaok ok shock_day13... you win ;)19:33
agacompiling the software or something...19:34
rggarciaaga, did you read?19:34
shock_day13thank you thank you19:34
agayeah rggarcia19:34
rggarciawhat did you understand...nothing to do?19:34
agacompiling to do :p19:34
=== Laruft is now known as Laruft|AFK
aga2: If 64 bits software packages are not available see the first two stickied posts on this forum. <--- unless there, there is someother solution19:34
rggarciayes but i didn't find it lol19:35
rggarcialet me see it again19:35
rggarciawhich linux are you using?19:36
agaand shock_day13 sometimes is nice to try to fix the problems before formatting hihihihi19:36
agayou mean distro or architecture?19:37
shock_day13well formatting is a solution19:37
shock_day13my hdd is going to kill me one day19:37
agahmm shock_day13 you can't imagine the fun of fixing it ;)19:37
shock_day13only if i would've know how to19:38
agawell... you get the live cd, come here and ask :D19:38
agahappened to me earlier this morning... kernel panic19:38
agawe fixed it ;)19:38
agathen i tried to put in order my partitions table and grub error 17 then i got fed up and installed debian :D19:39
shock_day13are you a programmer or a developer?19:39
rggarciasorry...my bad..yyou use kubuntu right?19:39
agai am just a pain who asks ;)19:39
agaright now i am on the kubuntu live cd to install it back but i also have debian installed at the moment19:39
shock_day13which one is better?19:39
agaand i am about to try gentoo, probably in this week i just need the time19:40
agahmm shock_day13 that depends on what you like but they are quite similar IMO19:40
shock_day13yeah kubuntu is based on debian right?19:40
agayeah sort of19:40
agait has many different things but yeah many similarities19:40
shock_day13aga whts your real name?19:41
rggarciahum...but as i told, i'm nwe on linux...which linux do you think is the best, and easy to use?19:41
agaaga ;p19:41
shock_day13nice name19:41
agarggarcia:  my first distro was ubuntu... ubuntu / kubuntu are just fine... a lot of stuff to learn, but affordable, and with a great community support19:42
shock_day13hey garcia if you are new to linux then go for ubuntu 8.1019:42
agaand 32 bits rggarcia19:42
agawill make matters easier ;p19:42
shock_day13yeah the i386 structure19:42
shock_day13hey aga after adding that repository for kde 4.2 and downloading the updates what happened with you?19:43
agahmm nothing??log in, log out and all normal19:43
shock_day13did you get kde 4.2 properly or did you face any problems?19:43
shock_day13lucky guy19:44
agasee... as long as i don't get inspired and start doing "new stuff" normally i have no problems ;p19:44
shock_day13when i logged back in it showed me th text login19:44
agatoday my computer froze updating something and i got a kernel  panic but i had been digging on it prior to that19:44
agaso i dont blame it19:44
shock_day13i guess i'll wait for jaunty19:45
agaall the installation went well shock_day13?19:45
agawhen such thing happens just enter the live cd, connect here and ask19:45
agai mean, did you get any errors while installing?19:46
shock_day13it asked me for mysql password19:46
shock_day13but i just kept pressing enter19:46
agathat's the problem19:47
Unksishock_day13: that should not make any problems, it just puts an empty password19:47
agayou cut the installation19:47
Unksias long as you press ok instead of cancelling it in any way19:47
agaif you just enter whichever password it will configure everything... that's probably why you got the text loging19:47
shock_day13well not exactly19:47
agaand yeah19:47
aganot cancel it in any way as Unksi said19:47
rggarciaso aga i  installed the kubuntu 8.04 64b...but if i download the other one, am i going to  install everything again, or is there any way to keep it?19:47
shock_day13i'll try it again19:48
agammm rggarcia you dont need to download a cd again19:48
agajust sudo apt-get dist-upgrade should do19:48
agathen you'll have the newer one19:48
agabut 64 bits that is19:48
rggarciasorry, but let me see if i got...i just need to sudo apt-get??? and than, how do i change it to 32b?19:49
agathat you cannot do19:49
Unksirggarcia: if you want to change to 32bit, you have to reinstall from a 32bit disc19:50
agayou can get a newer version with dist-upgrade19:50
agabut to change to 32 bits you need to reinstall19:50
agaand yes, you will have to reinstall all the apps19:50
Unksirggarcia: are you trying to update to 8.10?19:50
agaUnksi:  he's new to linux and he's using a 64 bits arch19:50
rggarciaa friend of mine told me to install the 64b arch19:51
Unksiyea i noticed that, am having a bit hard time on trying to understand what he is saying :)19:51
agahe's having issues to find some packages and asked me which distro was easier, i said ubuntu and kubuntu are ok, but 32 bits would make it easier19:51
agait comes from a lot of lines up Unksi ;)19:51
Unksirggarcia: that is fine unless you have some 3rd party software in 32bits only19:51
Unksiaga: ok19:51
shock_day13but then how to upgrade without loosing the apps and all in 32 bits?19:51
agayou cannot change the arch in an upgrade shock_day1319:52
rggarciais there any way to do that?19:52
Unksishock_day13: you want to upgrade to 8.10?19:52
rggarciathere's no way to do this19:52
shock_day13so if jaunty launches and i have to upgrade i'll be loosing all the data?19:52
rggarciaaga: does the newer version is ok for me to use?19:52
agano, because you will use apt-get dist-upgrade19:52
Unksishock_day13: only if you want it to be 32bit19:52
agarggarcia:  if by newer you mean intrepid yes19:53
agado NOT take jaunty yet19:53
aga8.10 that's the one you need :)19:53
agano beta versions please ;)19:53
Unksirggarcia: jaunty = 9.0419:53
shock_day13kubuntu 9.04 JAUNTY JACKLOPE19:53
Unksistill in beta, not recommended for normal users at the moment19:54
agawe're all normal Unksi :p19:54
Unksiaga: yea but i mean, users that are not comfortable having their systems totally crash any second and that dont know how to fix that ;)19:54
joshjtlhey folks, anyone get plasma widget stasks to run on Intrepid?19:54
agai know i know Unksi just joking :D19:55
agajoshjtl:  is that a widget from kde 4.1??19:55
rggarciaright so i do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?19:55
agabecause those, won't work on kde 4,219:55
aganooo rggarcia19:55
joshjtlaga: no, i used to use it in Jaunty19:55
agasee rggarcia19:55
agaright now you're using 64 bits, 8.04 64 bits19:56
agaif you use apt-get dist-upgrade, you will be using 8.10 but still 64 bits19:56
joshjtlaga: theres a package made in ppa but it wont install for me...19:56
rggarciayes understood..19:56
agaif you want to change to 32 bits, you need to download the 8,10 live cd, and install it, but you will lose everything19:56
rggarciaso you think that i should install the 32-b version?19:57
agawe'll help you to set everything up if you need it19:57
Unksiaga: you can't upgrade between releases with apt-get dist-upgrade, you have to use the separate system update tool for that19:57
agarggarcia:  i think it would be less complicated at some points19:57
agahmmm Unksi???19:57
shock_day13hey aga should i mention mysql password this time?19:57
aganever tried in kubuntu but i upgraded to lenny like that19:57
agai think19:57
agai did shock_day13 just enter whatever19:58
joshjtlintrepid doesnt seem to use kde looks for gtk apps (in particular firefox)19:58
Unksiaga: like instructed here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading19:58
agahmmm now i don't know underdog719:58
rggarciaaga and u think that ubuntu is the best one for me now?19:58
Unksiaga: ubuntu is a bit different on upgrading than lenny :)19:58
agarggarcia:  i do not think ;p i know ubuntu and kubuntu are great for starters19:58
agayeah i've noticed Unksi sorry19:58
underdog7aga: ?19:59
Unksiif i remember right, ubuntu should not be upgraded to a newer release like that since hoary/breezy19:59
agai have never upgraded... when it's time to upgrade i change distro :p you know exploring different worlds19:59
agai go and come hihi19:59
Unksii usually just do a fresh install20:00
agarggarcia:  just start by ubuntu or kubuntu the one you like better... once you feel confi you can decide if you want to stay or try some other things20:00
shock_day13but i guess i had seen upgrade option in suse20:00
agayeah that's my point Unksi... for a fresh install i go for really fresh stuf :P20:00
Unksithen again, i usually switch between stable kubuntu, development kubuntu and debian unstable every 1-2 months :p20:00
agamy next switch is gonna be gentoo we will see how it goes , bet we'll see us here again in a week20:01
Unksidepending on how i feel on what i want to use :p20:01
=== a_ is now known as chatman
Unksiatm i have debian unstable on eeepc and intrepid with 4.2 on my laptop20:01
agayou see... on me depends on how much adventure i feel like having20:01
rggarciaunderstood..,,,i'll download it from kubuntu.org20:01
beer_I plan to switch when kde 4 hits debian testing20:02
Unksiits coming to unstable in next few days/week or so20:03
agauuu got a bunch of things to do here and too little time20:03
agasee you around guys have a nice one20:04
Unksisee you20:04
rggarciaUnksi, should i try kubuntu 8.04 ou 8.10?20:05
Unksirggarcia: do you have any problems with 64bit?20:05
rggarciayes with some packs..20:06
Unksiwhich ones?20:06
rggarciai can't install because the arch20:06
beer_rggarci; do you like kde 4.1 or kde 3.520:06
rggarciafor example, somes kubuntu the,es...the most of them is 32-b20:06
Unksirggarcia: then the quick & easy solution is to install 32bit version20:07
rggarciasorry beer, but i'm new here..i don't know the dif between them...i''m using kubuntu 8.0420:07
rggarciarigh Unksi..but Kubuntu 8.04 or 8.10?20:08
OutoLumorggarcia, is it blueish or blacksh?-)20:08
beer_rggarcia: are you happy wiht kubuntu 8.04?20:08
Unksirggarcia: i'd say, use 8.04 for now, maybe try 9.04 when it comes out if you feel adventurous :)20:08
rggarciaok..i'll try it..but in 32b arch20:08
Unksishock_day13: either kubuntu or sidux/debian unstable with kde, wouldnt recommend that to new users though20:09
rggarciayes..i'm happy, but if there any newer  things, i'd prefer20:09
shock_day13mine would be KUBUNTU 8.1020:09
beer_why does new pople always think that new=bether ;)20:09
shock_day13but im dying to use kde 4.2.220:09
rggarciawhat is the dif betw 8.04 and 8.10?20:09
rggarciano..i didt say that..20:10
Unksirggarcia: main difference is kde 3.5 -> kde 4.120:10
beer_personligt I would stay with kde 3.5 (in this case kubuntu 8.04) to at least kde 4.3 (kubuntu 9.04)20:10
=== usuario_ is now known as Angelo
shock_day139.04 will be having kde 4.3???????????????????20:11
Unksishock_day13: 9.10 will20:11
Unksihe made a typo and corrected it^20:11
Unksi9.04 will have 4.2.220:12
shock_day13thts good too20:12
beer_in kde 4.2 there is stil some problem with 2 x session on 2 different screens20:12
beer_so there are at least one bug that prevent me from upgradeing20:13
shock_day13then upgrade to kde4.2.1 or kde 4.2.220:13
OutoLumoshock_day13, kde 4.3 will be out in... August?20:13
shock_day13i dunno20:14
beer_that would not help since I am missing a featur and kde 4.2.2 is only bugfixing to kde 4.220:14
beer_and kde 4.3 will be out on July 28th  http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.3_Release_Schedule20:15
shock_day13hey unski is it that i'll have to upgrade to kde 4.2 from 4.1 before going to 4.2.2?20:15
OutoLumoI'm sticking with KDE 3.5 until Kubuntu 9.4; I need some updates in my system, so I need to install 9.04 and KDE 4.2 comes with it. I've heard it's tolerable, though I'm waiting for 4.3 myself.20:16
ubuntuNOOBi have problem installing kubuntu 8.10DVD AMD64, it seems that iso is corrupted, can i try to install by internet whitout cd or dvd?!20:23
UnksiubuntuNOOB: you need to have a cd to install, if the iso is corrupted, try downloading it again20:24
ubuntuNOOBi have downloaded it 5 times, no problem with debian etch lol #?%$"&20:25
ubuntuNOOBi fiund this tip, do u know someting about it? http://www.howtoforge.com/unetbootin_windows_ubuntu_fedora20:26
Unksihow does it show up as corrupted?20:26
ubuntuNOOBsimple when i try install, it don't start20:27
Unksiat which point?20:28
ubuntuNOOBthis with last torrent download, and with other dvd i burned times ago it return me error pnpbios20:28
ubuntuNOOBjust next i go for install ubuntu menu20:28
Unksihave you been able to install ubuntu on that machine before?20:29
CartoonCathello all20:30
ubuntuNOOBi come from debian20:30
ubuntuNOOBmy machine is pentium dD20:30
ubuntuNOOBit's 3 years old20:30
Unksihi CartoonCat20:31
CartoonCatIs there a recomended way to install over a existing system while keeping the /home directory? (existing gentoo, going to kubuntu 8.10 or maybe 9.04)20:31
UnksiCartoonCat: only if you have /home in a separate partition20:32
ubuntuNOOBi think i have old debian parttion20:32
Unksii do that and i can reinstall while retaining all my settings and data :)20:32
CartoonCatUnksi: I was afraid of that20:33
=== jhendron is now known as soberano
UnksiCartoonCat: you could try using a live cd to remove everything except your /home from there and shrinking the partition to create a second one, but i would take backups before trying that20:34
Unksiand if you have those backups, its just easier to delete it and create new partitions, and then just restore your /home :)20:34
CartoonCatUnksi: and at that point, might as well blow everything away and come in clean =)20:34
UnksiCartoonCat: yep :)20:35
Unksihi AndySpain20:35
AndySpainhow can i listen to online radio stations like htt://www.surmusic.com20:35
CartoonCatguess ill go to the office and shot everything over to the backup20:35
CartoonCatmight as well pickup 9.04 while im at it20:35
AndySpainthey need integrated windows media player or realplayer and I tried with konqueror and firefox but none works20:36
UnksiAndySpain: not sure but you could try with some kind of vlc or mplayer plugin20:37
AndySpainUnksi. firefox says it needs a plugin and i klick on search and it tells me no adecuate plugin is found20:38
UnksiAndySpain: yep, you need a plugin.. vlc or mplayer might have one, not sure if they have one for wmv though20:38
AndySpainwhere to get them?20:40
AndySpainfirefox searches itself, but doesn't find nothing20:40
Unksifrom your package manager, adept20:41
=== dave_ is now known as mr_frostee
Unksimozilla-plugin-vlc or mozilla-mplayer20:41
AndySpainah, ok20:42
AndySpainmozilla-mplayer seems to buffer at leas.20:52
thebe150 Ok to send data.20:56
thebe451 Failure writing to local file.20:56
thebethis is the error message during uploading of file in fTp server20:56
thebecould any of you help me??20:56
thebefile is created but with 0 byte size!20:58
AndySpainmozilla-plugin-vlc does not ecxist, and mozilla-mplayer "plays" the radio stations however withouth sound20:58
ActionParsnipyo yo yo21:06
thebe150 Ok to send data.21:17
thebe451 Failure writing to local file.21:17
thebewhat should this error message treated in FTP upload??21:18
AndySpainok, gotta go again21:19
ActionParsnipwhat does ftp error 451 mean21:19
andres_Hi, I'm very new to linux, I've used PDT (http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/) in windows w/out problems but I'm not able to install it in kubuntu21:20
ActionParsnip!info eclipse21:21
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2-5ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 126 kB, installed size 416 kB21:21
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
ActionParsnipandres_: http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/downloads/   get the linux version21:21
andres_yeah I did21:22
andres_I downloaded a tar file21:22
andres_with an executable (I think) but it doesn't run21:22
andres_I also installed JRM and JDK with synaptic21:22
jussi01taris an archive...21:23
ActionParsnipandres_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EclipsePDT21:24
andres_thx ActionParsnip, I'll try it21:25
ubuntuNOOBHi again, i try to run kubuntu 8.10 AMD64 on my sistenr's pc, and work great! but when i try to run it on my pc don't start after kubuntu boot menu, we have both sata HD, she have amd and i have Pentium, my motherboard is asus p5b and pentium D as processor...any suggestion? i runned debian etch great on my pc time ago21:26
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: if you can ssh into the faulty system you will be able to read dmesg and other logs to diagnose21:28
thebeI got this error message while uploading my file to ftp server21:28
thebeis it for me??21:28
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | ubuntuNOOB21:28
ubottuubuntuNOOB: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions21:28
ActionParsnipthebe: 451           Requested action aborted, local error in processing.21:28
ubuntuNOOBActionParsnip: yes i got the prompt, what i should see for?21:29
ActionParsnipany errors or warnings21:29
thebeI tried to read /var/log/messages too21:29
thebebut no idea21:29
ubuntuNOOBi read could be jmicron that isn't supported from kernel < 2.1821:29
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: did you md5 check the ISO you used to install the system with as well as verify the burned CD was consistant on te first cd boot screen?21:29
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: its the hardware thats supported, not the manufacturer21:30
ubuntuNOOBthe DVD run 'couse i try it on other pc and works great21:30
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: doesnt matter, md5 check the iso to make sure its correct. bad cd == bad install21:30
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: also boot to the cd and run the verifier21:31
thebevsftpd: error attempting to parse .ecryptfsrc file; rc = [-5]21:31
thebethis is what i see in var/log/message output21:31
=== qwerty is now known as Guest62958
thebeUnable to read salt value from user's .ecryptfsrc file;  using defaault21:32
thebethis is other message21:32
ubuntuNOOBActionParsnip i downloaded the iso from torrent and i have a list of MD5checksum, very long list, so i do check try'n to run on other pc and goo21:33
Guest62958Is there a support room like this for Ubuntu 8.04?21:33
ActionParsnipGuest62958: #ubuntu21:34
Guest62958Thank you21:35
ubuntuNOOBok i'll come later just few minutes21:36
Sir-Gonwhat app has been replaced kooka for scan?21:49
ubottuScanning software: XSane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR21:50
ActionParsnip!info kooka21:50
ubottuPackage kooka does not exist in intrepid21:50
Sir-Gondoes not exists in jaunty too21:51
Sir-Gonkubuntu without kooka == epic fail :(22:00
demmonhow can i see whats in my usb22:00
demmonit was smt like lubs22:00
demmonthanks Sir-Gon22:00
demmonSir-Gon:  another one so i can see whats the name of my cam22:01
Sir-Gonlsusb -v22:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uvc22:05
demmonhow can i install uvc22:05
Mamarokdemmon: what is uvc?22:07
demmondrivers for my web cam22:07
demmon8.10 have problems with my web cam22:08
Mamarokoh, you mean the USB videao grabber?22:08
demmoni dont think so22:08
norenhi all22:08
Mamarokthere are two packages, luvcview and uvccapture22:08
Mamarokdemmon: try to install those22:09
demmoni dont know how22:10
Mamarokdemmon: with the package manager, those packages are in the universe repositorie22:10
demmonlemme see22:10
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
LiMaOhey, just for reference: anyone looking to disable the xdg user dirs under kde, just edit /etc/xdg/user-dirs.conf and set the 'enabled' variable to 'false'22:12
demmonyeap they are there Mamarok thanks22:12
Mamarokdemmon: if you are looking for a package, you can try the following command in the command line:22:12
Mamarokapt-cache search packagename22:13
Mamarokif you get a result, it's in the repos22:13
EagleScreenhi people22:13
LiMaOanyone else in here having problems installing kubuntu-restricted-extras? the meta package doesn't install anything at all.. installing everything manually will present problems when installing java.. sun-java* packages are having problems showing the license22:13
EagleScreenMy computer hangs very often, and I would like some help to determine if it is caused by Xorg/graphic driver problem or by ext422:14
Mamarokok, off to bed, good night everyone22:14
LiMaOis there a way of downgrading from amarok 2 to 1.x?22:16
ActionParsniphey all, is there a way to generate a pseudo mouse button if both left mouse button and right mouse button are depressed22:22
noren_!hi | ActionParsnip22:22
ubottuActionParsnip: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!22:22
ubuntuNOOBi have found a list of checksum for kubuntu-8.10-dvd-amd64.iso but i can't find now, someone can help?22:23
noren_ubuntulog: help in what22:26
ubuntuNOOBi cant' check my checksum 'couse i don't find it on internet22:28
noren_which cheksum do u want22:28
ryan-canyone have any idea why all of the sudden kmail is sending a different helo?22:28
ubuntuNOOBno, for kubuntu22:32
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: b1c19abb80f60194264c471861d815ef *kubuntu-8.10-dvd-amd64.iso22:32
ubuntuNOOBlol thanks22:32
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/22:33
ubuntuNOOBok the checksum is OK22:33
noren_oh ubuntuNOOB :: http://ubuntu-releases.optus.net/kubuntu/8.10/22:33
ubuntuNOOBand i try again to install from testual mode and it doesen't find my cd reader22:33
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: did you check the cd on the first boot screen?22:35
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: if that passes, check this link22:35
ubottuFor a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions22:35
ubuntuNOOBno i don't22:37
ActionParsnipubuntuNOOB: then run the check, also did yuo burn the cd at the slowest speed22:39
ubuntuNOOByes i did, the DVD run on my sister's pc, have checksum correct22:41
ubuntuNOOBand we have the same dvd/cd reader22:41
ActionParsnipko then use bootoptions to disable acpi and dma22:43
ubuntuNOOBi try to disable acpi but not dma22:43
ActionParsnipdisable as much as you can22:44
ActionParsnipyou could even go into bios to disable hardware thats unneeded like soundcards and network adapters22:44
ActionParsnipjust til you get installed22:44
ubuntuNOOBuhm well i'll try22:45
ubuntuNOOBwhy all this problem?22:45
sourcemakerwhich finance tool is besser? kmymoney or gnucash?22:46
AbwehrHello folks!  I'm having some trouble using cmake.  Does anyone know enough to help me?  I'm trying to install a plasmoid right now.22:53
AbwehrIt's giving me a compiler not found error... I'm trying to run cmake about half-way through the installation process.22:54
AbwehrI downloaded KDevelop but that didn't seem to help.22:54
AbwehrIt's this step in particular that isn't working out...22:56
Abwehrcmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`22:56
KyokamuiI need an nfs expert to help me out here22:56
Kyokamuimount.nfs: mount to NFS server 'rpcbind' failed: RPC Error: Program not registered22:57
Kyokamuinever seen that before22:57
the7thmagus_hey, I am using Kubuntu Jaunty and my file delete and empty trash operations do not work23:01
the7thmagus_its just stalled and stays there forever. KIOslave delete process takes up massive CPU time23:02
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.23:04
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.23:04
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cmake23:06
b23hi, I want to install the newest version of KDE (4.2) over my ubuntu 8.10 install, how can I do that?23:08
ActionParsnipb23: KDE 4.2.2 out http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2.223:09
b23ActionParsnip: ok thanks the link helps23:10
b23is it better to wait for jaunty?23:11
ActionParsnipb23: your call. ive got jaunty running fine but thats me23:12
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b23b23: ok ic23:13
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tomb_hi - jaunty refused to update kdebase-runtime telling me that it needs kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 in version 4:4.2.1-0ubuntu2 but 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu1 is installed23:23
* Nielsen does the jaunty23:24
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vistakillerwhat happen to kubuntuforum.net?23:31
sourcemakerKMymoney: how can I sync my account via homepaging?23:32
EagleScreenBug #123:32
jahbulonlinux sucks23:41
jahbuloni installed eclipse23:41
jahbulonand it screwed up my java such that i can't even run frostwire23:41
jahbulonwhat ever happened to seperation of concerns ?23:42
jahbulonwhat do i have to type to make it work?23:45
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herrowHello? How can I get some help?23:46
jahbulonby asking your question.23:46
herrowSo, I23:46
herrowi tried changing the admin, and deleted the initial user..but not i dont have an admin and therefore cant create one..is there somethign i can do?23:47
Dragnslcrherrow- if you deleted the only user in the admin group and you haven't set a password for root, there probably isn't much you can do23:51
derekHello all... I a using kde4 and a trying to revert back to the traditional desktop/icon arrangement from the current "folder view" widget thing23:51
derekI just want things to flow with my desktop...  Can anyone give me some advice?23:51
DragnslcrAt least short of finding some local exploit you can use23:51
EagleScreenyes derek there is a bug with that23:52
derekEagleScreen: are there details anywhere? or maybe a fix?23:52
Dragnslcrderek- well, putting a folder view pointing to ~/Desktop on your desktop does the same thing23:52
DragnslcrThough I think 4.2 has a setting to make it look like the old style23:53
EagleScreenI supuse you are changing to Desktop view and a few seconds later it go bak to folder view is it?23:53
derekDragnsclr:  I don't like widgits and prefer it to flow w/ the desktop as it used to not as a module.  If I wanted to view a folder I would open a couple windows and then be able to navigate tehm using the taskbar23:53
EagleScreenderek tell me if your problem is as I described23:55
joshjtlis there anything i can install that wont install all gnome libs to config gtk themes?23:55
herrownot much i can do? theres no way to basically restart my whole computer?23:55
Dragnslcrherrow- sure, you can always reinstall the operating system23:56
EagleScreenjoshjtl: sudo aptitude -R install gtk-qt-engine23:56
herrowwould I need a CD for that?23:56
Dragnslcrderek- have you seen the folder view on a desktop? It works exactly the same as the old style23:56
joshjtlEagleScreen: that doesnt allow me to configure the gtk themes just apply them23:57
Dragnslcrherrow- most likely23:57
EagleScreenherrow do you need root password?23:57
herrowyeah, i do..23:58
herrowis there a sort of universal root password?23:58
DragnslcrBy default, there is no root password. Everything goes through sudo and uses your normal user password23:59
EagleScreenherrow if you have GRUB woth no password you can change root password now23:59
DragnslcrThat's new23:59
EagleScreenor if you can uso sudo run 'sudo passwd'23:59
joshjtlEagleScreen: is there anything i can install that will let me actually configure the gtk theme?23:59

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