rconanhmm... seems to be back up00:02
rconanoh... just saw topic00:03
hyperairemail thing's still down00:08
hyperairAn error occurred while processing a mail you sent to Launchpad's email00:08
joeyhmm let me look at it hyperair00:09
hyperairjoey: alright, thanks00:10
joeyhyperair, it looks like the process is up and running again. You might retry it and let me know00:13
joeyhyperair, actually00:14
joeyhyperair, your email errored00:14
joeySignature couldn%27t be verified: (7, 9, %27No public key%27)00:14
joeyhyperair, see https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface  for a refresher00:15
hyperairjoey: no public key? all my mails are signed.00:17
hyperairjoey: and i only have one pair of keys.00:17
joeyError message=Invalid signature for Chow Loong Jin %3Chyperair@gmail.com%3E:%0A    Signature couldn%27t be verified: (7, 9, %27No public key%27)00:17
hyperairwhat's that supposed to mean?00:18
hyperairit can't find my public key?00:18
hyperairi've been using the email interface for ages00:18
joeylooks that way00:18
hyperairit started failing now.00:18
hyperairhttps://launchpad.net/~hyperair <-- look at that. the ID.00:19
joeyyou could retry it again to see if you just got caught in between server restarts00:19
hyperairhmm okay00:19
joeyhmm yeah, that looks good00:19
hyperairhmm it worked this tiem then?00:20
* hyperair still doesn't see a reply on the bug =\00:21
joeylet me know if you get an error or it doesn't update00:21
hyperairjoey: also you might like to fix the email it sends back upon failure.. it gives me a blank error message.00:21
joeyhmmm... could you bug that for me against "launchpad"00:21
joeyWe were all out and about when this happened (we don't work on the weekends).  I was in a sporting goods store here in Colorado with the family00:22
joeyThe gang will triage that on Monday morning and get it to the right team to fix00:23
joeyWe had a nice break in the blizzard here so I thought I'd get out while I could00:23
hyperairjoey: okay awesome. it's working now, thanks =)00:28
joeyhyperair, great! I suspect it was because we had some other components come back online after the main LP site was restored. Probably was affected by that00:28
hyperairjoey: ah i see. that sounds likely.00:29
hyperairjoey: but the blank message on the other hand, probably wasn't caused by that ;)00:29
hyperairanyway it's daybreak and i should head to bed now00:29
joeyer no, I don't think so00:29
joeythe msg that is00:29
joeyGo to sleep you vampire!00:29
CarlFKis there a way to report a bug against a line of code00:55
CarlFK"#  Don't need dabo for deployment / server" is incorrect.00:56
vadi2Hi. I put a backported package into my ppa, and made the build-depends and depends field depend on the version >= in the ppa. But launchpad, when building, is not linking to my package in ppa but ubuntus. how can I rectify this?01:49
ausimageI have a question about openId service...01:56
ausimagemy plugin is asking for additional information and yet launchpad is not returning it01:56
ausimageany ideas why not?01:57
savvasausimage: it worked for me02:01
savvasthe link for openid in my case is http://launchpad.net/~medigeek02:02
ausimagewell yeah... but I want the full name back02:02
savvasoh :)02:02
ausimageyeah... I got the thing to authorize... but I can't get anything but my url02:02
ausimageopenid.sreg.required=fullname <== that is supposed to return fullname ????02:03
ausimageor did the spec change?02:04
ausimageor who is the openId architect ?02:05
savvasno idea :\02:05
savvasI'm just a simple user :)02:06
savvasI found this bug though: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/12153302:06
ausimagelike me :)02:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 121533 in launchpad-foundations "Allow OpenID users to select which information to send to the Relaying Party" [Medium,Triaged]02:06
ausimageso it is borked?02:06
savvasfrom the looks of that bug and some of the comments for fullname, your site must be whitelisted (?)02:06
ausimageoooh... how does whitelisting work then?02:07
wgrantausimage: savvas is correct - you have to get the RP URL whitelisted.02:07
ausimage*.newyork-ubuntu.com is the New York State Ubuntu Community... so I think it should be02:08
wgrantausimage: Ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion02:08
ausimagethanks question asked...02:12
savvaswgrant: would you happen to know about vadi2 's problem?02:15
savvasI mean.. is one allowed to depend on packages from their own ppa?02:19
Snovahttps://staging.launchpad.net/ seems to still be down...02:21
wgrantvadi2: The package will only be available after the next */20 after it is built.02:35
wgrantAfter that you can build-depend on it.02:35
vadi2Ah. So if I rebuild, it should work?02:35
wgrantCan you point me at the log, though?02:37
wgrantDid it depwait, or actually fail?02:38
vadi2it built against ubuntus version02:38
vadi2and fails to run on the users machine, because apt properly pulled in my updated library02:38
wgrantDo you still have a link to the old build log? (probably in an email)02:39
vadi2https://launchpad.net/~mudlet-makers/+archive/ppa is the ppa in question - I've just sent it for rebuilding02:39
vadi2ok moment02:39
vadi2What should I search by? I can only find accepted and failed builds02:41
wgrantWhat was the status of it? Dependency wait?02:42
wgrantYou won't have got an email, as it succeeded.02:42
vadi2No it built the package fine02:42
vadi2It just linked against the libqscintilla that is in ubuntu intrepid02:42
wgrantSo it's not easy to find the build log.02:42
vadi2and which is horribly broken and unusable (a widget editor that crashes on a newline). So I backported it in my ppa for intrepid02:42
wgrantCan you point me at the URL to the build?02:43
vadi2https://launchpad.net/~mudlet-makers/+archive/ppa/+build/923914/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-amd64.mudlet_0.2~beta8~ppa3_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz ?02:44
wgrantI presumed you actually retried the build, which would have destroyed the log. However, since it failed, you can't have actually retried it.02:44
vadi2Well the logs are here: https://launchpad.net/~mudlet-makers/+archive/ppa/+builds?build_text=&build_state=built02:44
wgrantI don't see a versioned build-dependency there.02:44
vadi2I put it in control though02:45
vadi2maybe i got the syntax wrong, hm02:45
* wgrant looks.02:45
vadi2Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7),02:46
vadi2 libqscintilla2-dev (>= 2.3.2), lua5.1,02:46
vadi2 liblua5.1-0-dev, qt4-dev-tools,02:46
vadi2 libqt4-dev, cmake, libpcre3-dev02:46
vadi2Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, libqscintilla2-3 (>= 2.3.2)02:46
wgrant~ppa4 didn't have the versioned build-depend.02:47
vadi2no that is ages old02:48
vadi2I'm on like ppa9 now02:48
wgrant~ppa8 from your PPA, then?02:48
wgrant(you pointed me at the log for ~ppa3...)02:48
vadi2oh. sorry02:48
vadi2yes ppa8 works too02:49
vadi2because I then copied it to mudlet ppa. now ppa9 is just a rebuild, no changed02:49
wgrant~ppa8 built with the new one.02:49
wgrantWhich one didn't?02:49
vadi2Are you sure? It tries to load 2.so.302:50
vadi2qscintilla in my ppa is 2.so.502:50
wgrantUnpacking libqscintilla2-3 (from .../libqscintilla2-3_2.3.2-0ubuntu2~mudlet-ppa2_i386.deb) ...02:50
vadi2Would you mind installing and giving a try? I'm positive I installed from my ppa and it didn't work.02:51
wgrantThe builds for all three archs of ~ppa8 used libqscintilla2-3 from the PPA.02:51
wgrantI've no intrepid machines around now, sorry.02:52
vadi2Looks like new binary is built, I'll try again when the .debs are made02:53
wgrantYou can get them now if you try hard, or in 6 minutes the normal way.02:54
vadi2hm. don't know how02:56
vadi2just got a bunch of 404's ;)02:56
vadi2alright, installed ppa903:03
vadi2Same issue. $ mudlet03:03
vadi2mudlet: error while loading shared libraries: libqscintilla2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:03
vadi2here is the build log for ppa9: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/24822729/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-amd64.mudlet_0.2~beta8~ppa9_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz03:07
vadi2it properly uses the ppa version too: Get:1 http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid/main libqscintilla2-3 2.3.2-0ubuntu2~mudlet-ppa2 [663kB]03:07
vadi2So, consider my awfully confused :(03:07
wgrantI think your qscintilla is broken.03:08
khopeshso the code-hosting (sourceforge-like) portion of launchpad is slated to remain closed-source?03:12
wgrantkhopesh: Unfortunately so :(. It's only the parts that actually store the branches and manage imports from CVS and SVN, AFAICT.03:13
khopesheh?  I'm probalby missing something - how does that differ from the whole shebang?03:14
wgrantkhopesh: You said 'sourceforge-like'. I'm not sure what you mean by that.03:14
khopeshwhat kind of bazaar interactivity does launchpad/codehosting permit?03:14
wgrantUploading/downloading/browsing branches, and mirroring from other VCSes.03:15
SnovaThe first three I think are important, but I would be fine without mirroring, myself...03:15
vadi2wgrant: how can it be?03:15
khopeshi'm looking to implement a software-forge for my company's internal projects.  most important among the demands on such a thing are integrated wiki, bugs, and code repo, all with proper user separation to restrict access03:16
wgrantvadi2: Your package is somehow causing it to like against .so.3. I don't know how.03:16
khopeshwe work almost exclusively in svn, and i don't imagine we'd change to bazaar03:16
wgrantvadi2: but it's not a PPA problem.03:16
wgrantkhopesh: Launchpad doesn't have a wiki yet, and the code stuff doesn't support Subversion natively, even if it were to be released.03:17
khopeshright, but it supports "continuous import of subversion and cvs repositories directly into a bazaar branch" which might be close enough03:18
wgrantThose imports are not writable - they are one way.03:18
khopeshyeah, i know.  i suspect we'll be using fisheye too03:19
khopeshhmm, maybe i should re-visit the trac-wrapper systems then03:20
khopeshit's just that i got a resounding 'boo' from my developers regarding trac03:20
vadi2khopesh: I second them!03:20
wgrantTrac seems to do everything, but badly.03:21
khopeshbut it appears far better than gforge or savane, and launchpad is likely a no-go, too03:21
wgrantLaunchpad you would certainly have to do some work on to make it fit.03:21
khopeshwgrant and vadi2:  i agree03:21
khopeshi /really/ don't want to home-brew this...03:22
vadi2*cough* get the commercial license? it is available. (but, not a canonical employee, just a happy user)03:22
vadi2*for usage of lp03:22
khopeshoh, didn't know they were making that available03:23
wgrantkhopesh: I'm sure you would find many supporters (and scare the heck out of Canonical) if you started a project to add native support for more VCSes. Lots of people want things like git support.03:23
wgrantYou can get a commercial license to use launchpad.net for proprietary projects, but that won't do writable svn.03:23
khopeshyeah, the problem is that my CEO won't give me developers to lead on such a project.  this is a stealth project because he doesn't understand putting non-hardware resources in IT03:23
wgrantAh. Unfortunate.03:24
khopeshah, no.  we need to host it ourselves or else the government contractor customers of ours will throw fits03:24
vadi2ok, one other thing that you haven't listed03:25
khopeshso if i were to home-brew it, it would be me plus some interns03:25
vadi2is this github service they use. let me see if you can host that on your own03:25
khopesh"they" == canonnical?03:25
MTecknologyHow can I have a bug that I only made a comment in (not subscribed to) not show up under lp.net/~me/+bugs?03:25
wgrantMTecknology: File a bug against Launchpad to remove commented-on bugs from that list.03:26
vadi2khopesh: no sorry, doesnt look like thats open source either. http://lighthouseapp.com/03:26
wgrantMTecknology: Serious bug-related people give up on +bugs quickly. I have hundreds upon hundreds of bugs there.03:27
MTecknologywgrant: oh, ok - I just try to skim it once in a while for things that are jsut sitting out there.03:27
vadi2khopesh: there was however a government person here a while back, looking to host a public government software on launchpad. maybe they'll understand. but that's a slim chance I know03:28
wgrantMTecknology: Although I have filed nearly 1000 bugs in Launchpad, so 600 on that list probably isn't too bad.03:28
CarlFKkhopesh: you are looking for an open source bug tracking system?03:31
CarlFKkhopesh: you are looking for a bug tracking system that is open source that you can host on your own system?03:31
khopeshCarlFK: foss or no, doesn't really matter.  i prefer foss.  must have at least integrated bugs + code + wiki03:31
khopeshyes, i have to be able to host it03:32
CarlFKhow about svn+trac03:32
CarlFKalso I think http://alioth.debian.org would qualify03:32
khopeshCarlFK: my developers dislike trac, but it's where i'm leaning.  alioth runs gforge, which i'm considering03:32
CarlFKkhopesh: my gf works at orbitz.com, very happy with http://www.jira.com03:36
khopeshah, jira.  that rings a bell.03:37
CarlFKhttp://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/ "Because you've got issues!"  that's awesome03:37
khopeshthose are the fisheye people, iirc03:38
khopeshtwo issues:  first, no wiki.  second, no code admin.  i need to be able to enable a manager to create a new project, which creates the software repository, wiki, and bug tracker03:39
khopeshjira can't do that because it is not a software forge.  it's a supplemental tool for existing svn projects.  we actually already plan to use some of atlassian's products (fisheye)03:40
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* hyperair yawns05:05
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JanCbugs in the apport retracing service, should those be filed agains launchpad or against apport or ...?07:06
wgrantJanC: The retracer is part of apport.07:35
JanCwell, I sent a mail to ubuntu-devel-discuss, people will see it there I hope07:36
JanCit's like 8:30am here and about time to sleep  ;)07:36
wgrantJanC: File against apport, if you're not asleep yet.07:37
JanCI'll try before i fall asleep on my keyboard...   :P07:38
JanCwgrant: would that be apport-in-ubuntu or apport "upstream" ?07:39
wgrantJanC: That's one of life's big unanswered questions.07:40
wgrantJanC: I guess see where the majority of bugs are now.07:40
JanCwgrant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/355481  hope that sounds sensible when written while half asleep ;)07:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355481 in apport "Apport retrace service invalidates valid crasher bugs" [Undecided,New]07:52
Unggnuhi all11:50
UnggnuIs it possible to copy/link an Ubuntu bug to another launchpad bug system?11:51
UnggnuWithout creating a new report?11:51
hyperairhow about "also affects distribution"11:53
hyperairor "also affects project"11:53
UnggnuOk, I have made a bug report against hplip package in Ubuntu. Hplip also uses launchpad so maybe I don't need to create a new report to make it upstream.11:53
hyperairyeah you can do that11:53
UnggnuHow? :)11:54
hyperairclick "also affects project"11:54
Unggnuseems to work, thank you11:56
UnggnuMore people should use Launchpad, makes upstream reporting much more easier :-D11:56
SMWEBSorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.11:59
hyperairheh only for ubuntu =p11:59
SMWEBHi everybody. Could someone check out what's going wrong with this branch?12:00
SMWEBalso, none of my other branches are working12:00
hyperairprobably an issue with launchapd12:03
hyperairthe bug tracker including email interface crapped up this morning[12:03
LarstiQSMWEB: the web interface might not work, but `bzr info lp:~illyes-managers/illyes/main` works fine12:07
SMWEBthanks for the info, i'll try again later then.12:08
vadi2wgrant: I figured out the problem/14:06
vadi2wgrant: turns out that since I had the program previously installed with "sudo make install", the .deb did not overwrite my binary when installing. Hence the previous old one was still there, and this issue was only local to me. In case you get someone else as stupid as me asking you about this ;)14:07
skarnI have a package that does not build14:39
hyperairmy my, it doesn't build! the end of the world is near!14:39
skarnok, you're right, just I do not understand why14:39
skarnseems the building process exits with segfault14:40
skarnthis one  is the correct url14:43
hyperairalright, i should be more clear in what i say. this isn't the right channel. you should ask in #ubuntu-motu14:49
hyperairalso... a compiler segfaulting... is something really uncommon.14:49
skarneven being such a noob I thought it was something strange14:50
skarnand thank for addressing me to the right channel, I will immediately stop bothering you14:51
aruettenhy, since a half hour I can't get https://staging.launchpad.net/. Known problem?15:43
joeyaruetten, interesting. We didn't check this yesterday when the site went down. At least I didn't check it16:02
joeyaruetten, since it's not the production I won't page anyone out but I did let them know on our backchannel16:03
=== joey changed the topic of #launchpad to: Staging is down. Will be fixed on Monday. | https://launchpad.net/ | Help contact: - | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
aruettenjoey: thanks16:21
CarlFKin lp, how do I add a feature request?17:05
weatherkidhow do i delete my project. i am weatherkid2005 and the project is OpenOS Project17:21
weatherkidhow do i delete my project. i am weatherkid2005 and the project is OpenOS Project17:24
LarstiQweatherkid: you ask for removal: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion17:30
weatherkidThanks! Didn't think of that!17:30
LarstiQnp :)17:31
smitty__Hey everybody.  I just created a new package and I'd like to upload it to my ppa.  When I try to use dput to upload it I get this error: no signature on /home/smitty/packages/my-package/mypackage_0.1-0ubuntu1.dsc.18:20
gesersmitty__: did you sign it with a key attached to your LP account?18:24
smitty__geser, I tried to.. there is a .asc file in the dir18:25
geseruse debsign on the .changes files to properly sign it18:26
smitty__alright I'll try that18:27
smitty__That solved it.  Thanks for your help18:28
smitty__I've uploaded the files now with dput but I can't see anything new in my ppa.  Is there something else that I need to do or does it just take some time for the package to be displayed?18:32
geserit takes a few minutes before they appear on your ppa18:33
GoundySorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.20:23
Goundyis launchpad having issues ?20:23
LarstiQGoundy: it works for me, you'll have to be a bit more specific on what goes wrong.20:26
GoundyLarstiQ well am trying to visit my sources there: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~auresdev/aures/mainline/files20:26
Goundyand get this error with Try reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.20:26
LarstiQGoundy: aha, I see.20:27
GoundyLarstiQ :)20:27
LarstiQgmb: what would be the procedure for an outsider like me in this case? It looks like loggerhead has fallen over.20:28
LarstiQGoundy: so the web interface to your files isn't working at the moment.20:28
LarstiQGoundy: you can still look at them in your local branch of course, and the code hosting part of launchpad is still working.20:29
GoundyLarstiQ well it's not a big problem you know I mean I don't absolutly need to access my sources as I already have a picture of them at home20:29
GoundyLarstiQ yea of course ;)20:29
GoundyJust reporting the problem so you know about it20:29
LarstiQGoundy: thank you :)20:29
Goundyno problem ;)20:30
LarstiQunfortunately I can't personally do anything20:30
* LarstiQ goes back to figuring out why his xlwt.Formula isn't showing up in Excel while he waits for a Launchpad person to speak up20:31
GoundyLarstiQ excel sucks btw :°)20:32
LarstiQGoundy: there isn't really an alternative I see for what I'm doing now20:33
GoundyLarstiQ bc :D20:33
GoundyOr script your formula in python XD20:33
LarstiQGoundy: eh, no :P20:33
LarstiQGoundy: I was doing that, but that is way more work20:33
LarstiQGoundy: xlwt, btw, is a python library to write Excel files20:34
Goundydidn't know about it :)20:34
LarstiQGoundy: the thing is, I have a lot of data, I don't know what the final processing will be like, HR is supposed to figure that out20:35
GoundyAh I see...20:36
GoundyLarstiQ I work at a damn bank... and know a bit about that :/20:36
LarstiQGoundy: I could write a Qt app to load the data and write functions so you can experiment etc, or just output an .xls file :)20:36
LarstiQGoundy: ah20:36
LarstiQGoundy: do you perhaps know ddaa?20:36
Goundysorry but I need to move :/20:37
goodlinuxuserhow i can chage language ubiquity or add new entry20:51
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lovebug356Hello, I'm trying to upload a new version to launchpad ppa, it builds corrently on ppa but the builded pacakges does not show-up in the browser or pool. What can go wrong here?23:08
maxblovebug356: it can take up to 20 minutes for files to be published to the pool23:09
lovebug356maxb: ok, thanks. I will just wait then :-)23:09
rryanHi -- quick question (sorry if this is not the place for Launchpad questions) -- When I mention a bug on Launchpad (e.g. "Bug #XXXXXX"), it linkifies it to point to the bug. How can I do the same for branch revisions? Is there a syntax like lp:project/branch:rXXXX that will linkify it to point to the changeset in that branch? I've checked the online documentation but did not find whether this is possible.23:37
thumperrryan: there isn't one just yet23:38
thumperrryan: lp:project will link to the trunk branch though23:38
rryanthumper: I see -- thanks anyway. Launchpad is great btw, thanks!23:38
thumperrryan: if you really want it, file a bug :)23:38
rryanthumper : it's not terribly important :)23:39

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