DebuggedHey i am running 9.04 beta and just did a large auto update when it rebooted my login username / pw box is stuck in like hebrew and changing the local from the options selection in bottom left does not help any ideas?00:00
aboSamoor:-D I was trying to fix my mic for more than 2 weeks, it was not working :(. A friend suggested to remove pulseaudio. I made that even I was not convinced. The surprise that the mic was working out of the box !!!. Now I am with the campaign to remove pulseaudio from ubuntu00:02
bruce89aboSamoor: not again00:03
SeViLLadoes anyone else00:05
bruce89SeViLLa: read minds?00:06
SeViLLadoes anyone else get the output development brach from lsb_release00:06
SeViLLabruce89: how about you00:07
bruce89SeViLLa: however, that is not a bug00:07
aboSamoorbruce89: what do you mean ? I still have my laptop with a mic problem, it is supposed that the alsa driver has a bug 278648. However, I will try to remove pulseaudio to see what happens00:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 278648 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "[regression]snd-hda-intel sound input does not work at all with Conexant CX20549 (Venice) chips " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27864800:07
SeViLLabruce89: does your gui work00:07
bruce89SeViLLa: currently, it is00:08
SeViLLabruce89: did driver support for the older ati rv250 cards get droped00:09
Raylzhi, i have to execute an autostart script with root rights, where to put it?00:09
bruce89SeViLLa: I haven't a clue00:09
SeViLLabruce89: my gui is not working00:09
Raylzis there some init script like local where i can put my own code?00:09
* DanaG happens to LIKE pulseaudio. =þ00:14
bruce89as do I00:14
aboSamoorDanaG: I really what is the advantage of such system ?00:17
* maco likes pulseaudio too00:17
macoaboSamoor: of pulse?00:17
DanaGI can switch audio between two devices on the fly, as well as over the network -- though the network feature is broken in
aboSamoormaco: yes00:17
macoper-application volume levels, can have some applications going through headset (say, for VOIP) while music is comng through speakers, can move a stream from one device to another without the application playing it even noticing00:18
dtchenaboSamoor: pulseaudio has nothing to do with that - we've debugged that far already, remember?00:18
dtchenaboSamoor: it's a clear regression in jack sense00:18
macodtchen: DanaG?00:18
DanaGI'm using the 0.9.15 PPA.00:19
DanaGIt gives "protocol error, kicking client", and such.00:19
macodtchen: are you talking to DanaG or aboSamoor?00:19
aboSamoordtchen: the problem that I want to try anything that I can do. Two months ago it was not important to me, nowadays I am outside my country and i want to talk to family.00:20
kadytrying to figure out an X issue00:20
kadyI moved my hard drive to a new machine with an ATI card and when I try to login to KDE KDM simply restarts00:20
kadyOn the machine I took it from (a SiS video card) X dies but KDM doesn't restart00:21
macohow new's the ATI card?00:21
aboSamoordtchen: I have desktop in the work, and the problem was not solved till I removed pulseaudio00:21
macoand are ATI drivers installed yet?00:21
kady9600 Po00:21
kadymaco: if by ATI drivers you mean the fglrx then no00:22
bruce89removing stuff just means it will never work00:22
kadythis was installed on the SiS machine and the hard drive simply removed and placed in the other machine to see how X/KDM would respond00:22
macoi dont know model numbers. looking for answers like "5 years" "2 months" etc00:22
kadymaco: 3 years00:23
macook so old enough that drivers exist00:23
kadyfrom before AMD bought ATI00:23
kadyYes easily00:23
Debuggedi will ask again in case everyone missed my question00:23
DebuggedHi everyone i am running 9.04 beta and just did a large auto update to all the latest pkgs, when it rebooted my login user & pass box is stuck in a hebrew like language and changing the locale setting from the options selection in bottom left does not affect the input box language, anyone have any ideas?00:23
macokady: try installing fglrx stuff from command line?00:23
kadyDebugged: learn Hebrew00:24
kadymaco: Not a solution the hard drive is meant for the SiS machine00:24
macokady: why's that not a solution?  you can have unused drivers installed00:24
kadyregardless X relying on closed source drivers to allow things running a bash script seems a little out of the way00:24
macothen when you login, X will  just use whichever one it needs at the time00:24
macoyou could go with "safe graphics mode" and tell it to use vesa00:25
macowhat do you mean "things like running a bash script"?00:25
kadymaco: 10 to 2 it won't work00:25
macoif youre logging in at KDM, you're logging into X00:25
Debuggedamusing but not helpful :P00:25
macoyou can run bash scripts in the console..00:25
kadymaco: X is dying because it sees the desktop environment as logged out since the scripts seem to terminate00:25
macooh. i thought you meant X was disliking your video card00:26
kadymaco: Yes but loggin in runs startx which runs xinit which srunns startkde etc00:26
kadymaco: No this worked grand until an update mid last week00:26
kadyin the midst of the intel fiasco I think00:26
kadyhowever this is a SiS card00:27
macointel fiasco?00:27
Mulderi cant seem to get manual feed working on jaunty beta with my network printer00:27
macowait...all my computers use intel graphics00:27
macowhat intel fiasco?00:27
kadyand apparently something of the same seems to happen on ATI however it has the good sense to know that X died so it restarts KDM00:27
macoand all my computers ahve jaunty on them00:27
kadymaco: Brave man :)00:27
macowoman :P00:27
kadyapologies :)00:27
Mulderkady, sadly the ati open source driver is having a lot of headaches right now00:28
macoive been running jaunty since alpha 2. just dog-fooding, that's all00:28
kadyI was typing assuming that maco is a man actually :)00:28
kadyMulder: That's wonderful but the problem is with SiS00:28
macokady: jaunty's actually much more stable than hardy on this laptop, so i'm not seeing much bravery involved :P00:28
kadyor I thought it was till I put the hard drive in another machine and had the same thing happen00:28
bruce89is the intel fiasco the thing that makes 3D very slow on Intel00:29
kadymaco: Hardy has a statement behind it that it will work and not bite the hand that feeds it. Jaunty has no such claim00:29
macoOH is that the "kwin wont do compositing" thing last month?00:29
kadybruce89: Yes00:29
macokady: hardy kernel panics daily. jaunty kernel panics weekly. which is more stable?00:29
macofor *this* particular hardware, jaunty is superior00:30
kadymaco: ha ha :) hooray for pregression of technology :)00:30
Muldermaco, weekly panic is better than daily panic00:30
kadymaco: What specs on the machine out of interest ?00:30
macoit's the intel 4965 AGN wireless that does it00:30
Debuggedhow can i get to a terminal from the welcome screen?00:30
macomy brother's got the same laptop, except for that wireless card. he's had 3 panics in 6 months.00:30
bruce89it makes gnome-shell almost useless then00:31
macoDebugged: ctrl +alt +f100:31
kadyDebugged: alt+Ctrl+F100:31
kadyDebugged: if you type your normal username and password you can't get in ?00:31
kadybruce89: You can install Gnome shell now?00:31
bruce89kady: it's not difficult to do manually00:31
kadybruce89: How about zeitgeist ?00:32
macoim sorry let me rephrase "kwin can't composite, but compiz can" was what was going on for me last month...thats the biggest graphical "fiasco" i found...00:32
Debuggedit shows in hebrew00:32
Debuggedand says wrong user / pass becuse of that i think00:32
macothe keymap is wrong?00:32
bruce89kady: can't be bothered with it too, but I'm sure it would work00:32
Debuggedif i can get to /etc/default/console-setup00:32
kadyDebugged: ok try alt+ctrl+F1 and login there00:32
Debuggedi can fix it00:32
kadybruce89: How is the GNOME Shell?00:33
bruce89kady: rather interesting00:33
kadyMIght as well play with it since I'm on Jaunty00:33
kadybruce89: So the current setup will be remved and Gnome shell will be the interface come 2.30 ?00:33
Debuggedsame issue00:34
bruce89kady: technically GNOME 3.000:34
kadybruce89: same thing :)00:34
Debuggedwon't let me login because user pass is stored in english but input is in hebrew00:34
macokady: > 1/2 the time ive been running ubuntu, it's been in the form of development releases.  this is the first time i even have a secondary computer. or a semi-recent backup, for that matter.00:34
kadyDebugged: Pass a option to the kernel I suppose00:34
kadymaco: Myself as well but it's still brave00:35
kadyor foolhardy depending on how you look at it00:35
dtchenbecause you know on april 23, all the bugs magically disappear.00:35
macowell i made sure i could survive in a CLI-only context before i started that00:35
macodtchen:  ;)00:35
kadymaco: I can as well which is why it doesn't bother me00:35
macokady: its the people that dont know how to use the CLI (well) and use unstable that confuse me00:36
kadyExcept for managing images I think I can do everything I need from CLI00:36
macoyeah, gimp's about the low point00:36
macommm viewing pdf's too i guess....i need to turn on framebuffer00:37
kadymaco: You think that's bad when canonical was considering Compiz everyone jumped on Ubuntu then upgraded to +1 just to get a very buggy cube00:37
kadyAh fun days00:37
macoit was less buggy by then than it was on edgy, at least00:37
kadyHmm new xorgserver package00:37
kadyI'll probably reboot and see what this does00:37
bruce89_kady: oops00:38
macohell, i think edgy's Xorg having built-in support for AIGLX so i could use beryl was the *only* reason i upgraded to edgy00:38
kadyhighly likely you will see me back though00:38
kadybruce89_: What did you do?00:38
bruce89_kady: X went to Firhill without me00:38
* kady makes a very bad funny00:38
bruce89_kady: froze in other words00:38
kadyYeah X does that to me like once a day on my other machine00:39
kadysince the very first day I upgraded to Guts00:39
kadyGutsy. I miss Feisty immensely00:40
kadygranted Jaunty so far looks like my New feisty :)00:40
bruce89_kady: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/bruce889/VarStuff?authkey=Gv1sRgCI3uxu744fGLFA&feat=directlink#532098510249396056200:40
kadyaside from my rational hatred of X00:40
=== bruce89_ is now known as bruce89
kadyI haven't figured out how to get image support in w3m yet00:40
macokady: i didnt know it could do it, but links2 with framebuffer enabled can00:41
kadygranted I have not looked :)00:41
kadyHmm lets try something interesting00:41
Exilantis it possible to use the new network-manager-plasmoid for vpn? it has the setup options, yet nothing seems to happen00:41
macoone of my school mates was really excited when i told him that and he tried it and went to gentoo.com and could see the logo00:41
macoExilant: yes, it can00:42
macoive used it for that before00:42
macoi notice that that plasmoid royally *sucks* at agreeing with you on where your cursor is relative to its clickable parst00:42
macoyou put the mouse a half inch away from what you want to click, and then it'll work00:42
Exilantah, that might be00:42
Debuggedwhile i am orking on fixing this language issue is there a known way to fix infinite starting file manager loop when trying to install vmware tools with vmware 6.5 and ubuntu 9.0400:43
kady_bruce89: Ok X is up now whats the URL ?00:43
bruce89kady_: gnome-shell00:44
kady_picaaweb I think it was?00:44
Debuggedmnged to use the terminal from the dvd resuce mode to fix the language issue00:46
bruce89kady: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/bruce889/VarStuff?authkey=Gv1sRgCI3uxu744fGLFA&feat=directlink#532098510249396056200:46
DebuggedXKBLAYOUT="af" (/etc/default/console-setup)00:46
kady_Debugged: Live CDs ftw :)00:46
Debuggedchanged to us00:46
Debuggednow just gotta figure out the issue with vmware tools00:47
Debuggedcausing this infinite loop of starting file manager windows00:47
kady_bruce89: ok yeah looks nice.. brown but nice00:47
bruce89kady_: ignore the desktop background, that's Ubuntu's00:47
kady_bruce89: picked that up you installed from Source I'll assume00:48
bruce89kady_: indeed, there's a guide on the gnome-shell wiki page00:49
kady_reading it now00:49
kadyok reboot plus shower00:50
DanaGhah, gparted says 9.69 gigs of 9.66 copied -- 00:00:0-2 remaining.01:05
bruce89bug time01:05
DanaGwell, it seems to work anyway, despite the cosmetic issue.01:05
[MindVirus]How's the Intel graphics issue?01:06
[MindVirus]Any better?01:06
Debuggedany ideas on the vmare tools infinite loop boo boo01:07
[MindVirus]DanaG, please file a bug.01:07
bruce89[MindVirus]: no01:07
sasnakis there a way for me to upgrade the file system in place from EXT3 to EXT4 without having to reinstall?01:10
bruce89where's the intel 3D bug?01:10
bruce89sasnak: yes01:10
bruce89sasnak: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Ext401:10
IenorandDebugged: Disconnect iso01:11
IenorandDebugged: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/32914601:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 329146 in nautilus "nautilus unable to start on login" [Low,Invalid]01:12
sasnakbruce89: thanks looking forward to testing it out.01:12
=== Laruft is now known as Laruft|AFK
bruce89Debugged: Dumbarton01:19
DebuggedIenorand : i don't have any iso's mounted01:22
Debuggedhen i try and install vmware tools01:22
Debuggedit starts spamming starting file manager windows01:22
Debuggeduntil i shutdon restart and shutdown again twice then it goes away01:22
IenorandDebugged: Hmm, it seems might be a different bug then...01:26
Squarki've downloaded the latest daily build isos..01:35
Squarkbut can't find ext4 support when installing Jaunty.01:35
SquarkI chose to patition disk manually....01:36
Squarkbut there's simply no ext4 to choose from.01:36
jhal2965    01:42
bruce89jhal2965: yes01:42
Squarkanyone with any suggestions?01:43
Squarkthere should be ext4 when manually partitioning the disk, right?01:43
kadySquark: Yes01:44
Squarkhow come I don't have it ? :)01:45
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
kadySquark: Waht do you have?01:49
DebuggedIenorand : i removed all cd drives entirely so there where not any cd drives available in /dev01:51
meoblast001does jaunty have a nice bluetooth stack?01:52
meoblast001i'm going crazy01:52
Debuggedand then the menu for install tools mounted the device properly01:52
meoblast001i even went to the point of installing windows and then getting angry and deleting it01:52
SquarkI can chose ext3, ext2, reiserfs, jfs, xfs, fat16, fat32, swap area and do not use the partition.01:52
DanaGAnyone here know how to create a new VHD (virtual hard drive) file?01:53
kady_meoblast001: reportedly01:54
kady_nice being relative01:54
meoblast001i don't know if i should install it01:54
meoblast001i'm confused01:54
kadymeoblast001: Use the live CD and test?01:54
kadySquark: you can install with ext3 and upgrade to EXt4 :)01:54
meoblast001eh.... 2 hour download01:55
meoblast001i don't know if i want to go through with that now01:55
meoblast001i just want my cellphone to connect01:55
kadymeoblast001: what are you on now?01:55
meoblast001and is a .VDI file a Virtualbox harddisk? i want to make sure i have Windows off my system completely01:55
meoblast001kady: 8.1001:55
kadymeoblast001: Live Cd available ?01:55
meoblast001live cd of what01:55
Squarkkady_: er...that's not really the user friendly way of installing an OS. :)01:56
meoblast001yes i have the live cd01:56
kadySquark: It was there when I was installing. Grab a beta Cd01:56
kadymeoblast001: install that in a Virtual machine and scrap anything except ubuntu-minimal then uprade to Jackalope and install buletooth and connect01:57
Squarkalready downloading it. anyway, thanks for info.01:57
meoblast001i'm so confused01:57
kadymeoblast001: :)01:57
meoblast001i think i want to format my harddrive01:57
meoblast001nothing will start01:57
kadymeoblast001: for some definition of nothing01:57
meoblast001is my CPU infected with TC now that i've ran XP?01:58
kadymeoblast001: no it's infected with that from when it's made01:58
kadyonly Apple makes any ral use of it01:58
meoblast001kady: but can't Windows activate the TC and keep itself running nasty stuff even when i remove windows?01:59
meoblast001kady: i thought TC allowed Windows to copy code into the CPU to run01:59
kadymeoblast001: no01:59
mnhow is 9.04 comming along?02:00
kadymeoblast001: In theory yes but a) it's not been done and b) a bios upgrade would wipe it02:00
thiebaudemn, its getting better02:00
kadymn: In leaps and bounds02:00
mngood to hear :)02:00
meoblast001kady: with virtualbox, if i delete the VDI file named Windows XP.vdi, whould XP be whiped off my disk?02:00
kadymeoblast001: yes that's the Virtual Disk image02:01
kadymeoblast001: delete it from inside Virtal box02:01
kady saves you a step02:01
meoblast001kady: i deleted it manually02:01
meoblast001kady: do you think Fedora can work with my bluetooth better? i might partition my disk to install fedora02:02
kadymeoblast001: possibly it has a new er kernel and a newer stack02:03
kadyOne version better but that may make the difference .... or it may not02:04
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup02:04
kadymeoblast001: Did you read that? ^^^02:04
meoblast001kady: oh sorry... ic02:06
meoblast001kady: what should i do to reproduce that in Intrepid?02:06
meoblast001Fedora is usually good with hardware02:06
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
teethdoodhi guys. How do I open up the Fire Edit View menus in firefox (some sites hide it)02:54
eichenwalderis there a configure tool for notify-osd in the new beta03:02
teethdoodbah apparently you have to install the "Unhide Menus" extension for something so basic03:02
PCTeacher012So i cant update from 8.1 to 9.04?03:02
bruce89eichenwalder: gnome-straccitella-session03:02
teethdoodPCTeacher012: some people with intel graphics are experiencing probs03:03
PCTeacher012teethdood: I have nVidia03:03
Mulderonly intel?03:03
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: you might as well just wait untill 9.04 final for various reasons03:03
PCTeacher012seb: I want to help with beta lol03:05
bruce89sebsebseb: hola03:05
bjsniderPCTeacher012, what other hardware do you have?03:05
teethdoodeichenwalder: I was told that as of right now you cannot customize that OSD (I had wanted to change the black background to another color)03:06
sebsebsebbruce89: Guten Tag03:06
billybigriggercan't seem to find much except that jaunty itself boots fast03:06
dmbkiwiJust upgraded to Jaunty beta (kubuntu), and kwin is eating about 8-9% cpu at all times.  On intrepid, when nothing was happening, my cpu usage sat at between 0-1%.  Running nvidia proprietary drivers here.  Is this normal - any way to get back to a no kwin overhead situation?03:07
teethdoodbruce89: does that app allow you to change the background? if so, nice! going to try it out now03:07
PCTeacher012bjsnlder: What Hardware do you need? Everything?03:08
bruce89teethdood: no, there is no way to do that without changing the oce03:08
teethdoodbruce89: yes that's what I thought :(03:09
bruce89teethdood: why they made it hardcoded I'll never know03:09
bruce89remove features to make the concept useless I suppose03:10
PCTeacher012Addign Hardwaer specs soon03:10
eichenwalderteethdood: what apps are you able to use with the osd notification system, very many?03:11
bruce89eichenwalder: all the same ones, except some will be screwed up03:12
teethdoodeichenwalder: pidgin, volume control03:12
eichenwalderI see03:12
eichenwalderits working for pidgin03:12
dmbkiwiJust upgraded to Jaunty beta (kubuntu), and kwin is eating about 8-9% cpu at all times.  On intrepid, when nothing was happening, my cpu usage sat at between 0-1%.  Running nvidia proprietary drivers here.  Is this normal - any way to get back to a no kwin overhead situation?03:26
bytor4232Wish I would have visited this chatroom before I jumped into the Jaunty pool.03:40
bytor4232Oh well, xubuntu is working well for me, other than some sort of CPU race when I change the LCD brightness03:40
[MindVirus]Anyone know what's up with the Intel graphics drivers?03:49
bruce89they're useless03:49
Mulder[MindVirus], what are you epxeriencing03:50
[MindVirus]Mulder, no direct rendering.03:51
[MindVirus]LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT set.03:52
[MindVirus]When I unset it, it says yes, but running without GEM.03:52
[MindVirus]And in both cases, Compiz is shit slow.03:52
[MindVirus]While it used to look great.03:52
Mulderat least your driver isnt crashing your computer03:56
eichenwalderamarok breaks my audio03:59
[MindVirus]Mulder, praise Jesus?04:01
rfmonkanyone having any problems with tracker-indexer?04:10
rfmonki noticed a bug report about it crashing randomly04:11
rfmonkmine doesnt crash it just dos's the system04:12
bruce89that hasn't been installed by default for ages04:12
rfmonkgreat news, I wonder what program it is related to04:13
rfmonki googled tracker indexer and it showed a bug report for 9.04 on the 2nd04:13
rfmonk1st hit04:13
rfmonkactually the 3rd,04:14
bruce89!info tracker04:14
ubottutracker (source: tracker): metadata database, indexer and search tool. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.92-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 590 kB, installed size 3140 kB04:14
bruce89!info tracker-search-tool04:14
ubottutracker-search-tool (source: tracker): metadata database, indexer and search tool - GNOME frontend. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.92-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 81 kB, installed size 596 kB04:14
rfmonkso.. apt-get remove tracker-indexer affects nothing?04:15
rfmonkcould it be part of postgresql?04:15
bruce89ain't a package name04:15
bruce89I don't see what postgresql would have to do with it04:16
rfmonkyea, when I do an apt-cache search it returns nothing04:18
rfmonkhow to disable this thing04:18
bruce89remove the two packages mentioned above04:18
rfmonkoh, doh! thanks04:19
rfmonkive got another issue I solved related to iwl3945 card but in the process raised a few questions04:24
kadydmbkiwi: tried turning off composite?04:24
rfmonki used to modprobe -r iwl394504:24
rfmonkthen modprobe ipwraw04:24
rfmonkthere is a better way to turn on monitor mode now04:24
kadybruce89: cause they wanted it in Jackalope?04:25
rfmonkbut the last time I did a modprobe -r iwl3945 it totally foobars the system04:25
bruce89kady: hmm?04:25
kadybruce89: hard coding the background04:26
kadynot essential to having the system work and making it configurable has more code paths that need debugging04:26
bruce89kady: perhaps, but I think it's a design concept to have no features at all04:26
kadybruce89: Oh. oh dear. Well that will change04:27
kadyViva la Open source04:27
kadywait the code for this new notification is open right?04:27
bruce89yes, it's called notification-daemon, but I've been over this a lot04:27
kadybruce89: :) K04:27
* kady tries to figure out why KDE thinks that logging out is what all the cool kids are doing04:28
rfmonkby the way, thank you bruce8904:30
bruce89rfmonk: np, night04:30
dmbkiwikady: I can turn off composite, and I get 0-1% cpu usage, but where's the fun in that?  It worked fine in intrepid.  Just wondering whether this is a common problem, and whether I should file a bug.04:34
m0u5e there a gui config utility for the new osd-notify?04:37
m0u5elike... "length of time to show notification" ... or "opacity" or... etc?04:37
kadym0u5e: No04:38
DRweaselubuntu is the most piece unstable piece of shit i have ever used including linux04:43
m0u5e... your in ubuntu+104:43
m0u5eof course its unstable04:43
DRweaselthats including all ubuntu releases04:43
DRweaselWindows 7 is more stable than all the ubuntu version.04:43
m0u5eyeah and windows 7 also has had a lot longer of a development cycle04:43
kadyWell use WIndows 7 then04:44
m0u5eand your new mspaint04:44
Mulderand your msn 904:44
DRweaselI use the best tools to get the job done for me04:44
m0u5ewell we have that too mulder04:44
amon__even the calculator got an update04:44
=== Andre_Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim-afk
Mulderm0u5e, we dont.04:45
m0u5emulder we have pidgin04:45
Mulderwe have pidgin. but we dont have msn 904:45
kadyDRweasel: we have no arguement with using the best tools04:45
m0u5eMulder: unless you need video pidgin gets the job done04:45
kadyDRweasel: however are you here to give a bug report ?04:45
Mulderm0u5e, pidgin misses more features than just video.04:46
m0u5eMulder: shh... basic chat works :(04:46
Mulderbasic chat support is good.04:46
m0u5eMulder: video is the only thing I've noticed missing04:46
DRweaseli believe in paying money for quality support know that my purcahse will help microsoft make better products, i also believe in closed source app as only microsoft can control the code which makes it even more secure04:46
m0u5eMulder: there's custom smiley's now :D i'm happy04:46
kadym0u5e: I'm fairly certain more is missing04:46
DRweaselI belive in NTFS04:47
m0u5eDRweasel: your not paying anything to linux, so shouldn't you expect nothing then?04:47
Muldervoice, video, handwritten messages, whiteboard, direct file transfer, msnp18 (or whatever msn9 runs)04:47
Mulderare what i can think of off top of my head04:47
* m0u5e slaps his forehead.04:47
kadyDRweasel: are you here to give a bug report?04:47
DRweaselHA i predict microsoft will succed in collecting its Licensing for its fat32 patent.04:47
kadyDRweasel: #ubuntu-offtopic please04:47
Muldervoice should be merging with pidgin trunk this year though :)04:48
m0u5eMulder: we have file transfer? o_O;04:48
Mulderat least, for xmpp/jingle04:48
m0u5eMulder: yeah i heard that too04:48
Mulderm0u5e, yes. but slow via a proxy04:48
DRweaselAll linux programs are shitty poor reverse enginnered software of there closed source equlivants04:48
m0u5eMulder: hrmmm i don't do file transfers enough to notice the drop in speed04:48
m0u5elike bittorrent04:48
m0u5eor firefox04:48
kadyDRweasel: #ubuntu-offtopic please04:48
amon__DRweasel you are my hero, i just came home from work and its 6 in the morning, i needed a cheap troll like you for some even cheaper entertainment04:48
DRweaselDude the linux kernel is just getting a comparable filesystem to NTFS04:49
kadyDRweasel: #ubuntu-offtopic please04:50
m0u5eanyone here have op priv?04:50
DRweaselim pretty sure there is at least 100,000 ubuntu irc ops04:50
DRweasel Linux pretty much started out life as a hacker's hobby. It grew as it attracted more hobbyist hackers. It was quite some time before anybody but a geek stood a chance of getting a useable Linux installation working easily. Linux started out "By geeks, for geeks." And even today, the majority of established Linux users are self-confessed geeks.04:51
m0u5eanyone here uses a 3-g dongle?04:51
DRweaselso if you use linux you are a geek04:51
kady !op04:51
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:51
m0u5eone that's easily compatible with linux?04:51
m0u5eor one thats whiteisted with jaunty?04:52
DRweaselLinux has gone from Command-Line- to Graphics-based interfaces, a clear attempt to copy Windows04:52
m0u5ethank god04:53
DanaGfrankly, as long as I use radeon and not fglrx, my ubuntu is far more reliable than my win7 was.  I started having issues where resume from suspend would result in a non-working wifi card, in win7.  Got so bad, I nuked that partition.04:53
naliothbuh-bye, mr serial troll04:53
kerncoI installed Kubuntu Jaunty on this computer when it was alpha 4 or 5, and GTK applications look ugly.  I recently installed Kubuntu Jaunty Beta on a different computer, and GTK applications look great, but they still look bad on this computer even though I've updated all the packages.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  I've checked to make sure I have the gtk-qt-engine installed.04:53
* DanaG wants qgtkstyle.04:53
m0u5ekernco: are you also running jaunty on this computer in which the gtk apps look bad?04:54
kerncoSomething got missed through apt-get upgrades that is there when you do a clean install04:56
m0u5ekernco: maybe try reinstalling jaunty?04:56
m0u5eand clear the config files associated with those programs?04:56
kerncoI'm sure reinstalling will fix it, but I'm trying to avoid that hassle04:56
m0u5emaybe theres an app that the computer that has nice looking gtk apps has, that your current computer doesn't o_O;04:57
kadyLet me try something04:58
kerncoNope, the only GTK apps I use on either of them are firefox and eclipse.  They both look good on one and ugly on another04:58
m0u5ehuh... weird04:58
m0u5ekernco: dunno if this will help but here try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85631504:59
m0u5etheres a lot of different reasons why it could look crappy on kde05:00
m0u5egtk themes not installed, configuration files are weird05:00
ultratekis anyone familiar with --iscurrentdistro?05:02
kerncom0u5e: I think that thread has the answer, this computer doesn't have a .gtkrc-2.0, but the other one does05:03
m0u5ethere you go then :D05:03
m0u5etry it05:03
m0u5edid it work?05:03
m0u5ejaunty might have nicer themes installed by default, but if you upgraded up to jaunty your old config might be there05:04
kerncoI have to restart kde to see if it worked.  Thanks for your help!05:04
kady_ok this is kinda silly now :(05:05
kadySo KDE simply logs out when you start05:07
tim_sharittDoes anyone know what the state of the ATI fglrx proprietary driver is in Jaunty now?05:12
Muldersupports xserver 1.605:13
SmegzorWhats wrong with the current beta cd?  Twice now I have tried to install it and twice it has failed to create grub.05:13
tim_sharittI had to use the open source drive when I first installed Jaunty, just wondering if the roprietary driver was worth testing yet.05:13
Muldertim_sharitt, what chipset do you have05:15
tim_sharittMulder: ati mobility radeon x140005:15
Mulderis that R600 , R700 or one of R300 to R500?05:15
tim_sharittMulder: Good question, I'll check :)05:16
=== jorjao is now known as Ursinha
Muldersadly for you,  you can only use the open source driver in jaunty05:18
tim_sharittThat's actually not too bad. It has gotten much better since the first time I tried to use it.05:20
Mulderyes it has05:20
Mulderexcept for the crashing the system bit, ati driver has come a long way05:20
tim_sharittI actually can't really tell much of a difference between the open source driver in Jaunty and fglrx in Intrepid05:20
tim_sharittFor my use anyway05:20
tim_sharittI couldn't even use X in 7.04 without the proprietary driver05:22
Mulderxserver-xorg-driver-radeon improved heaps even in 8.1005:22
kadyGreat now audio doesn't work05:25
tim_sharittWhile I'm here... My volume keys (keyboard and front of the laptop) still don't change the volume, but I do see the notification. Is this still being worked on or a problem on my end?05:26
chu_Hey guys05:30
Muldertim_sharitt, that problem is likely to be specific to your laptop05:32
Muldermy laptop volume keys work fine (thinkpad)05:32
tim_sharittMulder: Thanks, didn't want to go mucking about trying to find the problem just to find out something wasn't even finished yet :)05:34
Muldermy thinkpad keys have worked automagically since 8.0405:35
Muldereven firefox magically recognises my forward/backward keys05:35
Mulderi used to have to create a custom keymap for those05:35
chu_I was hoping 9.04 would finally read my battery :(05:38
tim_sharittI didn't have any of my shortcut keys for a while, but got everything except volume working when I reinstalled a fresh copy when the beta came out05:38
SJrXMy nvidia is gone :'(05:39
SJrXI just rebooted05:39
SJrXand now I'm getting that the kernel module is not loaded05:39
kadycan someone look at http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m48c8de1d ?05:40
kadyTell me if I'm reading that correctly05:40
ubuntuNOOB hi i come from debian, i'm try to install Kubuntu 8.10 i386 on Pentium D, I try to burn 1 CD and 3 DVD with low speed burn, when try to install Kubuntu it get my much errore, "pnpbios=off", bad I/O read and so on, do I take bad iso of Kubuntu and should I try AMD64?05:42
digitalexpl0itanyone know how to configure middle click on a mouse?05:43
kadyubuntuNOOB: #kubuntu05:43
digitalexpl0itrunning ubuntu 9.04 beta05:44
digitalexpl0itdo I need to edit xorg.conf? if so there isnt much there. I have a logitech mx5500 keyboard mouse bluetooth, they work fine just not the middle click on the scroller05:45
digitalexpl0itits on button505:46
tim_sharittdigitalexpl0it: you may need remap it in your .xmodmap file05:48
tim_sharittbut that may not be correct, let me see if I still have the wiki page bookmarked05:48
digitalexpl0itI was reading that and also wmwheel or something05:49
digitalexpl0itI wasnt sure if I need to add the input device in xorg.conf05:50
digitalexpl0itkinda strange05:50
digitalexpl0itlove 9.04, very fast05:50
chu_SJrX you need to tell grub to boot from 6.2.28-11-generic05:52
chu_It'll be using 6.2.27-11-generic05:52
tim_sharittdigitalexpl0it: try to create a the file ~/.Xmodmap containing something like: pointer = 1 5 3 4 2 6 7 8 905:53
tim_sharittWell, I'm not sure that's correct05:54
grodiuscould anyone tell me the term command to find gfx chipset ifo05:55
SJrXcrap I just switched back to 17305:55
error404notfound"Upgrades from Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid are currently suspended due to a Python issue." but I just did an upgrade from intrepid.05:55
bjsnidergrodius, lspci05:55
grodiusbjsnider: thx05:55
chu_SJrX - check /boot/ to make sure it is 2.6.28 though I think so (it was in my case), edit the file /boot/grub/menu.lst and check down to where it lists the bootable kernels, add a new entry (my previous ones were all 8.10, so I created a new one called 9.04 and directed it to the new kernel, keep the old UUID)05:56
digitalexpl0ittim_sharlett I have a .Xmodmap_logitech05:56
digitalexpl0itshould I copy that or should I make a new one05:56
ultratekcan some one please help me with..05:57
tim_sharittdigitalexpl0it: I do believe xmodmap is what you'll need, I'm just not entirely sure how to go about it05:57
digitalexpl0itok well do05:57
tim_sharittdigitalexpl0it: .if you already have .Xmodmap_logitech, you can probably just modify it05:58
tim_sharittsince it is likely already being used05:58
digitalexpl0itderrick@derrick-desktop:~$ cat .Xmodmap05:58
digitalexpl0itpointer = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 905:58
digitalexpl0itlets do this05:58
kadyHow can I reconfigure Xserver so that I can choose the card and monitor?05:58
digitalexpl0itit was a file I was creating05:58
digitalexpl0itdo this from scratch05:58
kadyI think that's what is making KDM crash05:58
chu_sorry ultratek nvidia here...05:59
error404notfoundis there a log maintained when I run update-manager -d, so that if I get into problems I check the update log for any hints?06:00
grodiusHi, I'm running jaunty with an intel gfx chipset and I can't seem to get compiz working. In "appearance" it says "desktop effects could not be enabled". Could anyone please help me out?06:00
kadyerror404notfound: dpkg log06:00
error404notfoundkady: thanks06:00
ultratekgrodius did you enable proprietary drivers?06:00
digitalexpl0ittim_sharitt: running imwheel -c I found the button is button506:01
grodiusultratek: no i did not.06:01
grodiusultratek: should i need to for an intel integrated card?06:01
digitalexpl0itwheel down = button5, wheelup = button4, FYI06:01
ultrateksystem-adminstration-hardwared drivers06:02
ultrateki am a newb but i would think so...06:02
tim_sharittdigitalexpl0it: does the wheel click like a button when pressed, if so I would have thought that it would be mapped to another button06:03
ultratekgrodius does it work?06:04
grodiusultratek: no there arent any06:04
tim_sharittnot just the up and down for scrolling06:04
digitalexpl0ittim_sharitt: its a button down/up and side by side plus a wheel06:04
ultratekgrodius: what integraded card are you using?06:04
grodiusIntel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)06:05
DanaGhandy thing: xev06:05
digitalexpl0ittim_sharitt: the mouse wheel does 4 things06:06
grodiusi fixed this issue before, and i found someone with the same card as me and used their xorg and it worked, but im an idiot and i didnt back it up06:06
digitalexpl0ittim_sharitt: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/keyboards/keyboard_mice_combos/devices/3481&cl=US,EN06:06
* tim_sharitt looks06:07
grodiusultratek: ahhh thanks so much06:08
ultratekgrodius: hope it helps06:08
digitalexpl0ittim_sharitt: the actual mouse http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/mice_pointers/mice/devices/130&cl=us,en06:08
SJrXchu_ no such kernel exists I just have 2.6.2706:08
chu_interesting, I had the same problem, and to fix was just update grub to boot from the new kernel...06:09
ultratekanyone with ati?06:09
SJrXmaybe it's just grub06:10
Mulderultratek, me.06:10
MulderSJrX, hai frand06:10
SJrXno way06:10
SJrXit's YOU!06:10
ultratekcan you help me here:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111650006:10
SJrXHmmmm what's your problem Mulder06:10
MulderSJrX, my problem is beyond my control.06:10
Mulderxserver problems06:11
digitalexpl0itguess I need to use btnx06:11
SJrXHow can I check what kernel I have in grub, chu_06:11
Mulderpeople have alreaady lodged bug reports. i am just sitting tight until patches are rolled out06:11
SJrXMulder oh you have an nvidia card that just stopped working06:11
chu_SJrX - check /boot/ to make sure it is 2.6.28 though I think so (it was in my case), edit the file /boot/grub/menu.lst and check down to where it lists the bootable kernels, add a new entry (my previous ones were all 8.10, so I created a new one called 9.04 and directed it to the new kernel, keep the old UUID)06:11
tim_sharittdigitalexpl0it: I'm really not sure what to tell you now, but you may want to look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=107779806:11
DanaGAnyone know how to rip an mp4 stream?06:11
chu_We'll work out what's the new kernel...06:11
digitalexpl0ittim_sharitt: I think I need to use btnx to configure the mouse06:11
ultratekmulder:yea that is what i was thinking06:11
Mulderultratek, jaunty uses a prerelease of 9.4, not 9.3.06:11
tim_sharittdigitalexpl0it: especiall the last post06:11
Mulderultratek, also if you're R3xx to R5xx, fglrx no longer works06:12
Mulderso you're stuck with open source drive06:12
ultratek9.4 ati drivers?...noway...06:12
Mulderyes way06:12
chu_SJrX, when you ls from inside /boot/ how many entries starting with vmlinuz do you have? There's 3 on my machine for instance06:12
Mulder9.3 doesnt support xserver 1.6 if you havent  noticed06:12
digitalexpl0ittim_sharitt: haha thanks, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2727025 samething06:12
tim_sharittdigitalexpl0it: haha, good luck :)06:13
ultratekyou 4000series?06:13
digitalexpl0itthanks If I get this working I may make a wiki :)06:13
chu_We want to boot that kernel06:13
ultratekmulder: how do i check the driver version...iwas wanting to see for myself...06:14
Mulderultratek, apt-cache show fglrx06:14
chu_So now go into menu.lst SJrX ..06:14
chu_Then you'll come across "## End Default Options ##"06:15
SJrXAh just copy it06:15
Mulderultratek: better yet, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=fglrx06:15
ultratekmulder: idid the apt-cache and i got unable to find package...06:16
Mulderultratek, package name is xorg-driver-fglrx not fglrx06:16
chu_You all good SJrX?06:17
SJrXYeah I'm about to reboot06:17
ultratekmulder: ty06:18
ultratekmulder: how do i access the ccc i do not see it?06:21
ultratekcatalyst control center06:21
Mulderwhy dont you open synaptic and search for 'fglrx06:21
ultrateki have06:21
Mulderbunch fo packages06:21
ultratekeverything is installed06:21
ultratekfor fglrx06:22
chu_the easiest solution; just buy nvidia :p06:22
Mulderthen you didnt pay attention to the part where i said fglrx has dropped support for everything before R60006:22
ultratekwell you did say it is a prerealease06:22
ultrateki have a hd485006:23
Mulderand fglrx-amdccle is installed?06:23
ultratekit is06:23
Mulderdid you look in the applications menu?06:23
Mulderusually under accessories06:23
Mulderat least, it was under previous ubuntu releases06:23
Greeneryi got grub error 15 after installing kubuntu jaunty beta, how do i fix this?06:25
* error404notfound is loving jaunty... 06:56
error404notfoundubuntu just keeps amazing me..06:57
kadyWith it's fashion sense?06:57
TychoQuadFullscreen applications flicker whenever something transparent appears on top of them. is there any way to fix this?06:58
crdlbTychoQuad: yes, do you have ccsm?07:00
crdlbGeneral Options > Unredirect fullscreen windows07:01
TychoQuaduncheck it?07:01
TychoQuadthat fixed it, thanks07:02
TychoQuadhmmm, on my ibex install that box is checked and it has no problem... what's causing that?07:03
crdlbI believe ubuntu enables it because it's faster07:03
crdlbhmm, not sure, but one of the compiz maintainers told me that it's expected07:04
TychoQuadoh well. I'll keep an eye on it. thanks for your help07:06
TychoQuadwhat do you guys think of GNOME's new plan?07:10
=== RonaldH is now known as Ronald
DreadKnightheya; i have intel gma 950 video card.. and with latest upgrades... blender is displaying very ugly..07:17
foxbuntuDreadKnight, explain "blender is ugly"07:18
DreadKnightvideo glitches all over.. when move around in viewport frames sort of overlap..07:19
DreadKnightand i don't get to see buttons and such..07:19
DreadKnightand i have compiz disabled (because don't works well with blender anyways)07:20
foxbuntuDreadKnight, you sure your actually utilizing the intel driver for x?07:20
DreadKnighthow to make sure? :P07:20
DreadKnighti recall i have it installed07:21
foxbuntuDreadKnight, check the logs to look for errors: /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:21
DreadKnightpackage is installed.. ok..07:21
DreadKnightseems ... faily ok to me...07:23
DreadKnightis it 'safe' to show you the log?07:23
DreadKnighti could even try to grab a screeny of blender07:24
foxbuntuDreadKnight, yeah...nothing specific in the logs07:24
DreadKnightif 9.04 final is released like this.. i'll better spend the time and downgrade07:24
foxbuntuDreadKnight, go ahead and pastebin it07:24
foxbuntuDreadKnight, intel stuff usually works pretty well...we just need to figure out what is going on :)07:25
error404notfoundWhat is "System Testing", seems to crash everything I start it..07:25
foxbuntuDreadKnight, I personally am using Intel hardware with video on 9.0407:25
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: http://paste2.org/p/17790507:25
DreadKnighterror404notfound: it's for testing your system for some stuff and reporting back to launchpad or whatever07:26
DreadKnightlike internet connection, sound etc07:26
error404notfoundbtw, I can't seem to change the placement of pop notification07:26
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: screenie http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/11977/screenshot_001_7Lvzh4.png07:27
o0Chris0oerror404notfound→ you wouldn't find it anyways, there isn't an option yet07:27
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: as you see.. complete garbage .. can't do any work like that ... it's daunting enough that compositing doesn't plays well with blender... T_T07:28
ghindoIs anybody else having trouble with Gnome-Do?07:28
TychoQuadI wouldn't mind finding out if you can move the popup too07:28
error404notfoundghindo: nope..07:28
foxbuntuDreadKnight, hmm ok...looks like the intel driver is actually loading like it should07:28
o0Chris0oTychoQuad→ you can't right now, there is a wishlist over at launchpad you can sign07:29
DreadKnightghindo: what kind of trouble? :P07:29
error404notfoundDreadKnight: what was that screenshot? Windows 3.11? :P07:29
ghindoDreadKnight: When I summon Gnome-Do, it appears behind all active windows07:29
TychoQuado0Chris0o, thanks.07:29
DreadKnighterror404notfound: blender 3d, best creation suite ever... in full screen... ; next version is due in a few moths.. and it will look eye candy to say so07:30
TychoQuadghindo, i get that for the first summon. i unsummon it and then resummon it, and it appears on top07:30
o0Chris0oTychoQuad→ np07:30
DreadKnightghindo: happened to me once eh07:30
error404notfoundhmmm, never really worked in OpenSource 3D-stuff.. had a crush on 3dmax in darkages when I used windows...07:30
foxbuntuDreadKnight, http://blog.nixternal.com/2007.12.30/intel-945-video-hint/07:31
DreadKnightim looking forward to be able to search for specific banshee or whatever music player tracks and play them using gnome-do.. atm it crashes when i try that07:31
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: never tried that.. was happy enough... guess i should give it a go07:31
ghindoIt happens every time with me :(07:32
foxbuntuDreadKnight, dont change the identifier07:33
foxbuntuDreadKnight, just the other options07:33
jack|asswhere does md store it's configuration info about which drive goes with which array?  For some reason it keeps trying to treat a single drive as a raid rather than the constituent drives.07:34
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: mhm07:34
RAOFghindo: There don't appear to be any bugs open against gnome-do in Ubuntu with that description... (hint, hint) :)07:35
RaspberryI can't seem to install Ubuntu 9.04 on my system that has an nVidia 9600GT07:37
RaspberryI've tried 8.04, 8.10 and now the Beta 9.04 -- the Beta 9.04 seems the most promising as the display just goes blank but hitting the Reset button will get the system to "shutdown" and eject the CD at which point I can press ENTER and the system will reboot (normal Ubuntu Install abort / complete behavior)07:38
error404notfoundafter the upgrade I see that my splash screen is disappeared instead I see all text printed on a console, even though "splash" is in there in menu.lst, is it typical?07:38
RaspberryI'm going to try the install with F4 then "Safe Graphics Mode"07:38
ghindoRAOF: I'm still trying to determine if it's a bug or me just doing something stupid07:38
Raspberryand see if that works07:38
Raspberryerror404notfound: depends on your video card07:39
Raspberryerror404notfound: what video card and have you modified the default grub config?07:39
error404notfoundI am on HP Compaq 6720s, "VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c), Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)" (from lspci) with no modification to menu.lst07:40
Raspberryhey!  I thin k"Safe Graphics Mode" will actually work as of the BETA 9.0407:40
RaspberryI've been waiting to install Ubuntu on my new system since August07:40
albechawesome job on the 9.04 beta.. was a breeze to install and run on my Sony Vaio. Everything detected out of the box07:42
Raspberrywow the partition mgr (step 4) is pretty slow detecting all the drives when you've got 6 heavily partition drives ranging from 1TB down to 72GB /ea07:44
foxbuntuRaspberry, uh...duh?07:44
error404notfoundI personally didn't expect jaunty to be this good while it was beta, now I am amazed. I think with a community as big as ubuntu's even beta is quality software...07:45
foxbuntuerror404notfound, well Beta is not release, but its not far from it07:46
albechfoxbuntu, depends on who is releasing the software ;)07:47
error404notfoundfoxbuntu: but this much good beta, its quite unusual :D07:47
Mulderif it was EA games they would've released it at alpha 307:47
albechMulder, and called it final07:47
error404notfoundI love to try out new things even in alpha, and I haven't found a beta as good as this one...07:47
Mulderalbech, indeed heh07:47
RaspberryJaunty is SOOOOO much better than 8.10 on my ThinkPad x61t07:48
albechim very impressed myself.. just got it up and running 10 min ago.. no sweat at all07:48
foxbuntuDreadKnight, any luck?07:48
RaspberryI was waiting to upgrade because of Intel video driver issues / OpenGL problems, but they seem to be must less prominent ...  I also saw there's a Xorg.conf change I can make to improve performance even more07:49
Mulderyou may be praising too soon if you're on intel or radeon though07:49
albechgoing to be testing the power save functions and resume functions over the next few days.. those are not too good for my VAIO in 8.1007:49
error404notfoundThis might be the best release after 6.06 (I never liked any release as much as dapper)...07:49
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: will try in a bit, curently at this tablet pc and don't want to restart session xD07:49
error404notfoundMulder: I am on intel :P07:49
RaspberryI'm on intel too07:49
foxbuntuDreadKnight, slacker :P07:49
error404notfoundWhen I got running with jaunty, the first thing I thought was like "this is what an operating system is supposed to be like" :P :D07:50
foxbuntuerror404notfound, well then obviously you need to go get Mythbuntu :)07:50
albechthe new login screen looks fabulous..07:51
error404notfoundfoxbuntu: have heard that name many times, never tried, might try today... what is it? if you have couple of minutes :D07:51
RaspberryIt's just nice to see an OS "upgrade" that doesn't make things more annoying ... *cough* Vista *cough* ... even Windows 7 is good, but not great07:51
error404notfoundalbech: just the login screen? I love system janitor, the enw volume controller, notifications :D07:51
Raspberryerror404notfound: are you thinking of Slackware?07:51
Raspberrynotifications are really nice07:51
albechno, but it is quite limited what i have had time to look at with only 15 min running07:52
error404notfoundRaspberry: nope, what made me look like that?07:52
foxbuntuerror404notfound, its MythTV + Ubuntu with optimizations and software to manage MythTV07:52
Raspberryerror404notfound: no idea07:52
* error404notfound is living in a cave, doesn't even know what mythubuntu is :D07:52
Raspberryerror404notfound: oh, you're talking about Mythbuntu07:52
* error404notfound is tooooo happy today...07:52
error404notfoundthis smooth upgrade, its too good to be true, thanks cannonical, thanks ubuntu community... love ya all...07:53
* foxbuntu is a core dev for Mythbuntu :)07:53
Raspberryerror404notfound: yeah, use the Mythbuntu distro ... not MythTV on the standard Ubuntu install -- the Mythbuntu install (which can be installed on Ubuntu with a bit of work) is really nice and straight forward for setup.   I've got a system that's been running non-stop in my living room for the last 2 years.07:53
* error404notfound feels he and foxbuntu might get along if he is core dev :D07:53
Frijolieisn't there an installation image for Jaunty but for a USB drive desktop.i386?07:53
RaspberryThe biggest problem I've had with Mythbuntu is that I need to upgrade my processor since 0.21... I haven't done that and I get lag when mutliple HD shows are recording and I'm playing a recorded show back07:54
foxbuntuRaspberry, glad to meet users always07:54
foxbuntuRaspberry, what proc is it?07:54
* error404notfound is googling on why should he use mythubuntu... 07:55
Frijolieguess not07:55
Raspberryfoxbuntu: I'd have to check for sure, but I believe it's an AMD Athlon64x2 3800+ with 2GB of RAM07:55
Raspberrymy CPU usage is routinely 3.5 to 5.00 :)07:55
Raspberrymythcommflag really grinds it :)07:55
foxbuntuRaspberry, yeah...it will need an upgrade, with plans of MythTV .22 being in by 9.10, you need to upgrade it before then if you plan to keep moving up with Ubuntu07:56
foxbuntuRaspberry, yeah...I actually have another machine that has the backend on it and just does commflagging07:56
foxbuntuRaspberry, commflagging is very very cpu intensive07:57
Raspberryfoxbuntu: this was my prototype box -- it's running front and backend on the same system.  I think I'll buy a new IBM/Lenovo T100 Server and put the PC-HDTV cards in that and just leave the 3800 in the livingroom as the front-end07:57
foxbuntuRaspberry, what video card is in that machine?07:57
foxbuntuthe current one07:58
Raspberrynvidia FX something or other... some cheap card with 256mb07:58
foxbuntuRaspberry, hmm too bad...07:58
Raspberrysorry MX07:58
Raspberryfoxbuntu: are we going to start being able to offload commflag to the GPU?07:58
foxbuntuRaspberry, you might still be boardline with HD content come MythTV .2207:58
foxbuntuRaspberry, no, but I was thinking about nvidia VDPAU07:59
Raspberryfoxbuntu: I don't even need HD (I have an old TV) ... it's juts that everything is broadcasting HD07:59
foxbuntuRaspberry, that doesnt do anything for hardware requirements07:59
foxbuntuyour still processing HD08:00
Raspberryyeah I know08:00
Raspberryfox -- I don't know if we want to continue this conv / question here... but I've got two shows that are stuck in my Recorded programs, but they're size "0" and they were never really recorded... It was a test on a different tuner (that failed horribly) -- so when I delete them... they disappear for about 5 seconds and then show back up.  Is there a clean way to remove them from the system?08:00
foxbuntuRaspberry, lets move it over to our support channel #ubuntu-mythtv08:01
TychoQuadwhen I have pidgin set to use alsa for sound, sometimes the sound card buzzes when pidgin makes sound. anyone know how to fix this other than to set pidgin to use esound?08:07
kaytortugaAnyone know how to get jaunty to recognize two graphics cards?08:19
crdlbkaytortuga: to do what?08:20
TychoQuadone would assume to display stuff from both08:20
kaytortugaI have two cards, an intel integrated card, and an ati pci card, I'd like to use both monitors at the same time.08:21
kaytortugaeither with a twin view, or dual head setup.08:21
crdlbkaytortuga: ATI what?08:21
kaytortugabut the issue is that the proprietary ati driver doesn't support my card.08:21
crdlbthat's not an issue at all08:21
kaytortuga01:04.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]08:21
kaytortuga00:02.0 Display controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)08:22
crdlbvery cutting-edge :)08:22
kaytortugacrdlb, ubuntu automatically detects the integrated card, when it's the only one08:22
kaytortugaand when I plugin the pci card, it is the one that is used,08:22
kaytortugabut I can't seem to get them both to be 'used'08:22
crdlbthere shouldn't be anything preventing ubuntu from using both in separate Screens08:22
crdlb(which can be merged with xinerama)08:23
black9iceI would say bios setting/issue08:23
crdlbkaytortuga: you just define two device, monitor, and screen sections08:23
kaytortugaboth cards are detected, but ubuntu only displays on the one...08:23
crdlbyes, it's not automatic08:23
kaytortugacrdlb, is there a way to detect the proper settings?08:23
kaytortugaor to generate the conf?08:24
crdlbthe only multihead that can be automatic is XRandR, but that doesn't support multiple GPUs yet08:24
crdlbnot that I know of08:24
nanomadwhat package for flashplayer should I use? flashplugin-nonfree or adobe-flashplayer?08:24
crdlbusing Xinerama or separate screens is mostly on its way out08:24
cwillukaytortuga, I don't think x1.6 has restored full support for multiple gpu configuration yet08:24
cwillukaytortuga, certainly xrandr isn't quite there yet08:24
crdlbbut there are some niches for it08:24
kaytortugacwillu, what about 8.10?08:25
kaytortugaI could down grade...08:25
crdlbeh? plain ol' Xinerama should still work, shouldn't it?08:25
cwillukaytortuga, you'd be downgrading to 7.0408:25
kaytortugano thanks...08:25
cwilluyou should be able to configure it via xorg, but xrandr itself isn't going to be much help I don't think08:25
crdlbwhat would feisty offer over current X?08:25
cwilluin addition, multiple cards across vendors is fraught with instability08:25
crdlbeven when they're both mesa drivers?08:26
cwillumesa isn't really related to this08:26
cwillucrdlb, feisty was the last version before multi-gpu support was removed temporarily with the introduction of xrandr 1.208:26
crdlbyou know what I mean08:26
cwillucrdlb, not completely removed, but configuring it became quite a bit trickier08:26
crdlbin what way is it trickier?08:27
cwillucrdlb, it's whether the cards will coexist08:27
kaytortugathey could be two different windows, that is fine08:27
cwillucrdlb, buggy.  I used to have 6 monitor display setup via radeon, with the introduction of xrandr1.2, the mouse could only move to the the screen to the right (you couldn't move it back after you cross to the right)08:27
cwilluthat included xinerama and normal independant screens08:28
cwillusupport has been coming back, but I don't know how well it works yet08:28
kaytortugacwillu, could I try atleast?08:28
kaytortugais there a tutorial that documents the process?08:28
cwilluI'm just saying it's going to be an xorg.conf configuration mess, and there aren't any tutorials for it yet :p08:28
TychoQuadwhen I have pidgin set to use alsa for sound, sometimes the sound card buzzes when pidgin makes sound. anyone know how to fix this other than to set pidgin to use esound?08:29
kaytortugaok, then I'll deal with xorg.conf08:29
cwilluI think you'll have more luck using vesa for at least one of the cards rather than the normal driver08:29
kaytortugaI don't see a reason not to use vesa for both...08:29
cwilluif you can get X to fire up monitors on both cards at all, you're probably 90% of the way there08:29
kaytortugaif I can use both monitors...08:29
kaytortugaI can do one or the other right now, and it will default to the pci card if it is there...08:30
cwillukaytortuga, let me know your progress, I might be able to help out with specific issues (although I'm dead tired right now, so explore it for 12 hours or so before you ping me about it :)08:31
nanomadTychoQuad: this happens to me too if I have the volume all the way up. Is this your case?08:31
kaytortugacan you point me in the right direction?08:31
cwillufwiw, even windows reverted to generic vesa drivers when going across gpu brands08:31
TychoQuadwhich volume? I have the system volume all the way up, but pidgins is not08:31
nanomadTychoQuad: system one (the slider is called PCM here)08:32
cwillukaytortuga, look for one of the old multi-head guides (pre xrandr 1.2), that should get you started as far as what the xorg.conf will probably look like08:32
cwillukaytortuga, "Xorg -configure" may give you something sensible as well08:32
kaytortugahow do I stop X?08:32
nanomadkaytortuga: /etc/init.d/gdm stop08:33
kaytortuga/etc/init.d/gdm stop?08:33
cwillukaytortuga, if -configure doesn't actually create displays for both devices, unplugging the ati, running it, replugging the ati, running it again, and mixing the two versions should get you the rough pieces you need08:33
kaytortugaok, thanks.08:33
TychoQuadi reduced pcm to 80% and it still buzzes, although quieter (and much louder than pidgins actual alert sound)08:34
nanomadTychoQuad: does this happen if you choose "automatic" in pidgin?08:37
TychoQuadit uses alsa08:37
TychoQuadso yes08:37
nanomadso, try lowering all the sliders to about 80% (not only PCM)08:37
TychoQuadi lowered the master volume and while it doesn't buz for the entire duration of the sound now, it does make the speakers click at the start of playback occasionally still08:38
nanomadTychoQuad: how about an hardware problem (faulty/bad shielded cable)?08:39
nanomadTychoQuad: also, are you using a laptop?08:39
TychoQuadonly pidgin does it, and no this is on my desktop08:40
nanomadTychoQuad: ok08:40
nanomadTychoQuad: every pidgin sound?08:40
TychoQuadevery sound pidgin makes yes, but only about half the time. any other application i've tried that makes sound has no problem08:41
TychoQuadknow where pidin stores it's default sounds? I'll try playing them through totem08:42
nanomadmhh, let me search them08:43
nanomadTychoQuad: /usr/share/sounds/purple08:44
nanomadTychoQuad: try this: leave totem open (with nothing playing) and see if pidgin sounds are "wrong"08:45
TychoQuadokay, it looks like it's the sounds themselves. it still happens when playing through totem08:46
nanomadTychoQuad: wow08:46
nanomadTychoQuad: please do an md5sum of the sounds so that i can compare them with mine08:46
frybyeany tips on getting full apci support with the nbremix 9.04 on a 1000h netbook??08:47
TychoQuadhow do i do that?08:47
frybyescipts I found on the net do not seem to be for/tested for the nbr...?08:47
nanomadfrom console, type md5sum /usr/share/sounds/purple/*08:47
nanomadand paste the output to the pastebin08:48
nanomad!paste | TychoQuad08:48
ubottuTychoQuad: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:48
nanomadfrybye: well, if they are for Ubuntu 9.04 they should work08:49
nanomadTychoQuad: see, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+bug/34754408:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 347544 in pidgin "pidgin 2.5.5 sound problem" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:49
frybyenanomad: that is interesting - but on the other hand so far what I find is for intrepid...or - up too inkrepid.. e e e e intrepid...08:50
nanomadTychoQuad: the sounds are the same as mine08:50
nanomadfrybye: care to post the link to the tutorial?08:50
frybyeI have to go look again... I found some stuff yesterday.. be back soon as I find...08:51
TychoQuadso known bug. thanks nanomad08:51
nanomadTychoQuad: well, post the result of your test in the bugreport (sounds crackling also when played in totem)08:51
TychoQuaddone. for now i've replaced pidgins sounds with a few kde oggs08:58
TychoQuadthat seems to solve my immediate problem08:58
TychoQuadthanks for your help08:58
black9iceany help with a wierd issue that using wine gpanel doesnt go away, so they are overlaid onto the apps I am using full screen....grrr08:59
frybyelooks line I have found smthing now  - I will go try out.. brb09:00
RaspberryI have a nasty issue with 9.04 -- it doesn't recognize my BIOS' Mirrored drives09:01
black9iceguess I will have to disable desktop effects?  or is there a way to exclude wine from using it when launched?09:01
RaspberryRAID1 Mirrors... on my Intel Chipset -- do I need to install some other packages so that Linux doesn't accidently break my mirrors?09:01
nanomadRaspberry: which chipset?09:03
Raspberrynanomad: it looks like the 82801 SATA RAID Controller09:05
nanomadRaspberry: intel ich5?09:05
Raspberrylooks like ICH1009:06
frybyenanomad: when I try to mark acpi-scripts synaptic says that "Hängt ab: acpi-support-base but it is not instable" (Hängt ab: meanst sort of - casts off - let's drop etc..)09:07
nanomadfrybye: acpi-support-base isnt in ubuntu 9.0409:08
frybyenanomad: acpi-support is to be found.. so what now?09:08
nanomadfrybye: you should fill a bug against eeepc-acpi-scripts09:09
nanomadin the meantime you can download the package and install it via sudo dpkg --force-all -i *deb_file_goes_here*09:09
nanomadfrybye: make sure you install all the dependencies first, since that method will skip dependecy check09:10
frybyeat http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/eeepc-acpi-scripts there is in the area - related packages a note that acpi-support-base is not available"" ? - so does that mean it does not ..eh09:10
empathyhey i had to disable AHCI to get ubuntu to install properly, i was wondering if its possible to re-enable it?09:10
frybyenanomad: how do you mean exactly - if this acpi-support-base is not available - how do i install it...?09:11
fcan anyone help solve a kernel panic?09:11
nanomadRaspberry: you should use dmraid, but i cannot  help you09:11
nanomadfrybye: you simply dont install it09:11
frybyebut the other dependancies you mean...?09:11
nanomadfrybye: manually install all the other depends09:12
ghindof:  Do you have more details about these kernel panics...?09:12
frybyenanomad: excuse my relative ignorance - but how should i go about doing that...?09:12
ziehelo there09:12
f"not syncing VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)" ghindo, sorry i was typing it09:12
nanomadRaspberry: look in the forums for a guide on dmraid09:12
Raspberryk thanks nanomad09:12
frybyenanomad: part of my problem is that I have a war damaged memory.. sorry - makes things difficult I k now..09:12
nanomadfrybye: open synaptic and manually select all the package marked as depends09:12
frybyenanomad: ok i try it.. thanks..09:13
nanomadfrybye: so, acpid, pm-utils and acpi-support09:13
nanomadempathy: what mainboard do you have?09:13
RandomCakeHi, I just insalled 9.04 on a P4 system, and after logging in I've just got a blank screen and a mouse cursor, how can I go about figuring out what's wrong? :S09:13
nanomadf: filesystem type?09:13
fnanomad: ext409:13
empathynanomad: i have an ASUS M50VM laptop with an intel ICH9M southbridge, unknown NB chipset09:14
nanomadf, root device?09:14
frybyenanomad: the first thing listed that it needs is acpi-support-base ... hmmm09:14
fnanomad: local hard drive09:14
Raspberryhmm dmraid isn't even installed09:14
frybyeso i just leave that one out nevertheless - right?09:14
nanomadempathy: if it is a laptop you should fill a bug (maybe a bugged DSDT table)09:14
ziei was succesfully fresh installation mysql. mysqld has running. getting someerror can't connect to localhost.  i can't setup new password ?09:14
zieany solve ?09:15
falso got error message, "acpi: aborted because bad gzip magic numbers"09:15
empathyhm. yeah no versions of ubuntu would install without AHCI disabled. so there is no way i can re-enable it for now?09:15
nanomadfrybye: go on and dont install it09:15
frybyeit also says is "in conflikt with   acpi-support09:15
frybyeso I ignore that also.. right...?09:15
fthat error message happens just before the kernel panic09:15
fdon't know if it's related09:15
nanomadempathy: if you enable it, ubuntu wont boot09:15
nanomadf: dont think so09:16
fnanomad: any suggestions?09:16
fI've never had a kernel panic before...=-O09:16
nanomadf: so whats the device/partition of ubuntu? /dev/sd??09:16
empathynanomad: will it cause problems having it disabled with my existing Vista/7 installs?09:17
nanomadempathy: well did you disable it via bios? or at grub?09:17
fnanomad: i'm not sure which one. the only hard drive on there was partitioned manually. one for /swap, one for '/', and another for /home09:17
fin that order09:17
empathyvia bios09:17
nanomadf, no other partitions?09:17
fnanomad: nope09:17
empathydidnt know i could disable it at grub09:17
nanomadempathy: you could try keeping it disabled.09:18
fnanomad: it was working after the first reboot--after a fresh install. I ran updates (a kernel update was among them) and this is what's happening. I think it was that last kernel update that fried it09:19
nanomadf: thats strange since i have an ext4 root09:19
fnanomad: yeah both partitions "/" and "/home" are ext409:19
nanomadf: can you post your /boot/grub/menu.list?09:19
nanomadf: its menu.lst of course ;909:20
fnanomad: how do you do that? the computer won't even boot09:20
fnanomad: it barley gets past POST09:20
empathynanomad: where do i file a report for the lack of AHCI support on my asus laptop?09:20
nanomadempathy: bugs.launchpad.net09:21
fnanomad: it probably happens within the first 10seconds of boot--as soon as the messages appear on the screen09:21
nanomadempathy: but search it first09:21
empathyokay, thank you09:21
fand beyond BIOS09:21
nanomadf: that looks like a wrong menu.lst or a missing kernel module (maybe the controller one?)09:21
fnanomad: I don't know, what can I do?09:22
nanomadf: the only way to debug this is: 1) check menu.lst 2) install an older kernel and see if it boots09:22
fnanomad: how can I get past the kernel panic?09:23
nanomadf: you cant09:23
nanomadf: since its a *kernel* error09:23
fnanomad: d'oh! ah, yeah I can't get to a terminal or anything09:23
nanomadyou should chroot into the system from a alternate cd09:23
nanomadand install an older kernel09:24
fnanomad: ok, can you walk me through that? I've never done such thing09:24
fnanomad: i've got a LiveCD09:24
mpoz2Is there a main/meta bug report about the upgrade-suspended-due-to-python2.6 issue in LP? Where I can see when it is fixed?09:25
nanomadf: try booting with that and see if it gives you the option to "rescue a broken system" or such09:26
fnanomad: oh wait, it was an install CD. I don't think it's "Live". I'll try09:26
fnanomad: thanks for trying to help09:26
frybyenanomad: I have used synaptic to find and install e v e r y t h i n g listed as depend. and suggested (ttfs etc..) for the eeepc-acpi-scripts - but when trying to mark it for installation still get faut report that it "Hängt ab: acpi-support-base but it is not installable09:27
frybyeI got the word wrong last time  - i read not *instable* but it in facts says not *installable*09:28
nanomadfrybye: ok, you have to install it manually09:28
nanomadfrybye: downlad the package from packages.ubuntu.com09:28
frybyeso I download it from the website I lested.. ok thanks...09:28
nanomadand then install it via sudo dpkg --force-all -i *file_name_goes_here*09:29
fnanomad: nope, there's "check disc for errors" and "boot options", I'm booting to the LiveCD09:30
empathynanomad: is there any way i can make grub soft-disable ahci for ubuntu and enable it if i go to the vista loader?09:30
marlunIf I've got a test server which is running 8.10 and I want to upgrade it to 9.04 what do I have to enter in the terminal? aptitude dist-upgrade does not work. (I asked this a couple of days ago but I lost the answer)09:30
empathy(this is if i have ahci enabled in bios)09:30
nanomadf, then download the alternate one09:30
nanomadmarlun: currently you cant upgrade to 9.04, there is a python issue blocking the upgrade09:30
nanomadempathy: let me check09:31
empathyokay thanks09:31
nanomadmarlun: for future reference, you can upgrade to 9.04 using sudo update-manager -c -d09:31
nanomadmarlun: or by sudo do-release-upgrade -d -p09:32
marlunnanomad: ok :) Thanks! How do I know when it is possible to upgrade? :)09:32
nanomadmarlun: check the topic of the irc channel09:33
nanomadempathy: you can edit the grub kernel line and append noapic nolapic acpi=off09:34
nanomadempathy: you can do that by selecting the kernel in grub and typing e for edit09:34
frybyenanomad: when double-clicking the eeepc-acpi-scripts*.deb it produces the fault report (yup you guessed right-) acpi-support-base cannot be resolved or similar.. (German)09:34
nanomadfrybye:  install it via sudo dpkg --force-all -i *file_name_goes_here*09:34
empathyok, thanks again nanomad09:34
frybyenanomad: and that has a fair chance of working ok or.. is it quite risky somehow.?09:35
nanomadfrybye: there chanches it will work, but nothing is certain ;)09:35
frybyeok pal..09:36
error404notfoundis the issue of "python-wxgtk2.8" due to which intrepid upgrades are suspended?09:42
frybyenanomad: as i force-installed the eeepc-acpi-scripts a red halt sign/icon showed up telling me I should start a system update - this is in the process of de-installeing the package but also apparently installing some related stuff...09:44
nanomadfrybye: dunno, try ignoring that sign09:45
nanomadfrybye: it happens 'couse the package *is broken*09:45
nanomadthe best way would be not installing that eeepc thing and fill a bug09:46
crdlberror404notfound: no, it affected python-minimal, iirc. I don't think they're still suspeneded though09:46
nanomadcrdlb: topic says so09:46
nanomadfrybye: also, you could send a mail to the developer09:46
crdlbnanomad: the topic is not infallable :)09:46
crdlbthe problem is definitely fixed, at least09:47
frybyewell - that update is running its course.. I had better take a look what actually happend with that before I flame sbdy.. ;=) - perhaps - just perhaps the acpi is working now.. :=)09:47
nanomadfrybye: well eeepc*  IS broken, so a bug must be filled09:48
nanomadthey should either update or remove it09:48
frybyeok - I will see if there already is one..09:49
error404notfoundso no one has http://pastebin.com/m198875f9 issue?09:53
nanomaderror404notfound: well, that means that upgrade issues are not fixed ;)09:55
error404notfoundseems like the only issue I faced though :p09:56
nanomaderror404notfound: try looking into launchpad for alreay filled bug reports09:56
error404notfoundits there...09:56
nanomadok, status?09:56
error404notfoundbeing fixed afaik09:56
nanomadso, you will have to wait (as topic says, indeed)09:56
crdlbthat happens here too09:57
crdlbso it's not an upgrade issue :)09:57
crdlbjust a broken pkg09:57
error404notfoundhmmm, any improvements for intel as of yet?09:57
error404notfoundeven though its running great already, but I wanna see the best :D09:58
error404notfoundcrdlb: try sudo apt-get install python-wxaddons, should fix it :D09:59
crdlbI don't actually need it :>09:59
frybyenanomad: I read that a patch for the above problem has been inluded in the next kernal release - will I get that automatically see: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/232170/comments/5409:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 232170 in mandriva "EeePC Volume and Wireless Hotkeys Do Not Function Out-Of-The-Box with Ubuntu (8.04 Hardy LTS, Intrepid Alpha 1)" [Unknown,Fix released]10:00
error404notfoundstrange, everybody says that it fixed the issue, on my system it doesn't...10:00
nanomaderror404notfound: same here10:00
error404notfoundnanomad: and great thing: now two broken packages :D10:00
nanomaderror404notfound: which?10:00
marlunIs sound enabled on a ubuntu server by default or do I have to configure it?10:01
error404notfoundanyways, its not something that will really effect my work, don't think its will have any effect on django...10:01
error404notfoundpython-wxgtk2.8, python-wxaddons10:01
nanomaderror404notfound: which is the bug #?10:01
nanomaderror404notfound: open synaptic (or aptitude) and mark those 2 pkgs for removal (or reinstall the older version)10:02
error404notfoundI am not really sure, but https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wxwidgets2.8/+bug/203526 seems to be the one..10:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203526 in wxwidgets2.8 "python-wxgtk2.8 uninstallable due to post-installation script error" [Medium,Fix released]10:02
nanomaderror404notfound: thanks10:02
error404notfoundnanomad: no problemo ..10:03
* error404notfound stills hates when adobe air corrupts add/remove...10:03
nanomaderror404notfound: seems like a different bug than #20352610:04
error404notfoundnanomad: ? didn't had a clean look, was in hurry... my bad...10:04
FrugalTestI would like to know what parts of Ubuntu 9.04 are still under development ?10:06
FrugalTestI would like to install it and use it for everyday, even if it's not recommended10:06
FrugalTestIf there is no critical parts under development, I think I can use it everyday without that much problems :)10:06
FrugalTest( and I would probably report some bugs, that would be fine :) )10:07
fnanomad: alright, I've downloaded and burnt the alternative install CD10:07
fnanomad: i'm at the part where it wants me to select my root partition and I don't know what to choose10:07
fdev/sd1, /dev/sd2, or /dev/sd310:08
nanomad f: try every partition (should be 210:08
nanomaderror404notfound: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wxwidgets2.8/+bug/35544710:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355447 in wxwidgets2.8 "0ubuntu5 failpackage python-wxgtk2.8 to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso post-installation script ha restituito un codice di errore 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:08
error404notfoundthat I intentionally left, couldn't even decipher bug title10:08
error404notfoundthough ubottu says that its undecided, so fixes would be a little slow...10:09
fnomad: i tried every partition, none work10:10
fnonomad: each gives me a bright red screen10:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355447 in wxwidgets2.8 "0ubuntu5 failpackage python-wxgtk2.8 to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso post-installation script ha restituito un codice di errore 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:11
nanomaddoes this look a bit better?10:11
nanomadlol, ok, ubottu is a bit slow.10:11
nanomadi've updated the bug title/description and confirmed it10:11
f"an error occurred while tyring to mount the device"10:11
nanomadf: ok, thats strange10:12
f..as suggested how do you "check syslog"?10:12
nanomadless /var/log/messages10:12
nanomadfrom console10:12
fbut I don't even have a terminal10:12
nanomadf: try mouning sda1 or 3 too10:12
nanomaderror404notfound: please subscribe to that bug report and say you have the same issue10:14
error404notfoundthe last link?10:15
fnanomad: "couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features" ... "invalid argument" /sda210:15
nanomadyes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wxwidgets2.8/+bug/35544710:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355447 in wxwidgets2.8 "0ubuntu5 failpackage python-wxgtk2.8 to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso post-installation script ha restituito un codice di errore 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:15
nanomadf: i suppose it is trying to mount it as ext3, not ext410:16
nanomadf: are you using a jaunty alternate cd?10:16
error404notfoundnanomad: sure...10:16
fno, I downloaded a Intrepid alternate CD10:16
nanomadf: you should use the jaunty one ;)10:17
fhehe, alright back to the drawing board10:17
fdid I make the fatal mistake of trying to use ext4?10:18
=== f is now known as Frijolie
quellochetiparehi all10:23
quellochetipareis there anyone who's following the development of ATI drivers for ubuntu 9.04? I'm beta-testing it and they has been great for a day, a couple of days ago, and then it returned not so well, having problems with the video buffer and 3d applications...10:23
SiDiIs there a way to install Jaunty on, lets say, /dev/sda3, from another linux distro ? I don't have any CDs under hand10:32
rwwSiDi: Try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux, maybe. I haven't done it myself, so I wouldn't be able to help much with it, though.10:33
SiDiThanks :)10:34
SwedeMikeSiDi: you can also install it from an usb memory stick if that is available.10:38
SiDiah yeh, good idea10:38
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:38
quellochetiparesince no one answered on my question, is there any dedicate channel for the ATI freedrivers for ubuntu where i can ask, or a bugreport?10:39
Turmsquellochetipare: i prefer nvidia, i have an ati card though which i'm not able to use in the last 6 months or so10:43
rwwquellochetipare: There's an unofficial Linux ATI channel at #ati. Bugs should be reported to launchpad.10:44
rww!bugs > quellochetipare10:44
ubottuquellochetipare, please see my private message10:44
Dusteh2Hi there! I'm on Jaunty, and I need to replace Metacity with Xfwm4, but --replace is temporary and changing other variables doesn't seem to work. Any ideas? :D10:44
Frijolienanomad: alright just burnt the Jaunty alt CD and am going to try it...10:44
Turmsquellochetipare: anyway, i've found a page which explains a workaround since the ati driver works on corg 7.1 only and we all are using the 7.3 one10:45
TurmsDusteh2: try on #debian-xfce , they'll give you the solution10:46
quellochetiparethanks you all. Turms: do you think that will be fixed until the release?10:47
Turmsquellochetipare: read this page http://bitclash.wordpress.com/2007/10/13/xorg-73-e-driver-ati-fglrx/10:48
quellochetipareok thx bye10:48
Frijolieok, that worked..now it wants to know if I want to execute a shell in /sdb2 or the installer environment or install grub-bootloader...10:48
Frijolieanyone, anyone, bueler? bueler?10:49
TurmsFrijolie: did you choose ext4? in this case install the grub-bootloader, i wasn't able to start jaunty by grub of another distro10:50
Frijolieyeah, I formatted as ext410:50
Frijoliealright I'll install grub again see if that fixes my kernel panic10:50
TurmsFrijolie: in my case i chose to clone the jaunty partition on another formatted as ext3 :-D10:51
TurmsFrijolie: i do not think ext4 is ready yet10:51
sal_hi all10:52
sal_this morning jaunty no longer starts10:52
sal_it says "low graphic mode"10:52
sal_already reconfigured xorg10:52
sal_but it's the same10:52
rwwJvA: 2.6.29 came out too late in the Jaunty development cycle for it to be tested properly, so regardless of speed improvements, it isn't going to be in Jaunty.10:52
sal_any idea?10:52
JvArww: Ok, I understand :)10:53
rwwJvA: It's the same reasoning that keeps intrepid on 2.6.27, for example :)10:54
Frijolienope, same result--kernel panic10:54
Frijolieafter reinstalling ext410:54
Frijolieshould I not format my "/"partition to ext4 and revert back to ext3?10:55
Frijolieis that what's causing my panic>10:55
FrijolieI don't know what to do from here10:55
JvAHow "stable" is ext4 for everyday usage?10:55
FrijolieJvA: well I can say that I'm not having very good luck so far10:56
JvAFrijolie: ok10:56
FrijolieJvA: if that's the "root cause" (no pun intended) of my issue10:56
FrijolieI was supposed to install grub to my / partition right?10:57
Frijolieer (hd0,2)10:57
SwedeMikeit's in /boot, so whereever you have that...10:58
FrijolieI didn't partition /boot, I only have 3 (/swap, /, and /home)10:59
Frijoliein that order10:59
Frijolieon the hard drive10:59
SwedeMikesounds like hd(0,2) then11:00
SwedeMikeerr.. (hd0,1) if it's sda211:01
ktebitwHY can't i configure a HP netbook online with ubuntu???11:06
TABASCO1I tried to test the Jaunty Beta Netbook Remix.11:30
TABASCO1I followed the instructions as given in the wiki. I tried it with ImageWriter and I tried it with dd. I tried two different USB sticks. And I tried two different computers. But all I get is "Boot Error"11:31
TABASCO1How can I fix this?11:32
aeternHI, after i have installed kubuntu 9.04, i can't connect to any wifi network. I think, knetworkmanager is broken. What i'm supposted to do11:41
aeternalso, today i've runned "apt-get upgrade" and my nvidia drivers stopped working (reboot+recovery_mode xfix command fixed that, but i can't install any nvidia drivers).11:43
aeternthere is my syslog of knetworkmanager http://www.paste.lt/paste/6165b7a7f968c48f0d2867da21266cd711:48
=== TABASCO1 is now known as TABASCO
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: are you sure about that stuff related to http://blog.nixternal.com/2007.12.30/intel-945-video-hint/ changes?11:57
foxbuntuDreadKnight, seems related to your issue11:58
DreadKnightwell composition works for me11:58
foxbuntuDreadKnight, give it a try...its easily reverseable if it makes things worse/doesnt help11:58
DreadKnightso what do i need to change?11:59
DreadKnighthave intel gma 95011:59
DreadKnightin that code i mean11:59
foxbuntuhold on one sec12:00
foxbuntusudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:00
foxbuntuin the device section:12:00
DreadKnightill use gedit lol12:00
foxbuntu Option          "AccelMethod"   "xaa"12:00
foxbuntuDriver          "i810"12:01
foxbuntusave and close that12:01
foxbuntugedit ~/.bashrc12:01
foxbuntuand at the bottom add this line:12:01
foxbuntuexport INTEL_BATCH=112:01
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: my indentifier atm is: Identifier"Configured Video Device"12:02
foxbuntuDreadKnight, thats fine12:02
foxbuntuleave it alone12:02
sevenhaving some audio isues with the beta, when 2 programs try to play sounds at the same time, I'm hearing a crackling sound; like when you have a bad wiring12:04
foxbuntuseven, http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Sound_Troubleshooting12:05
foxbuntuwhoops wrong link12:05
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: ok, now im gonna restart x and hopefully stuff still work xD12:05
foxbuntuDreadKnight, ok12:05
foxbuntuseven, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting12:06
seventy for that link12:06
AuslegungIs there a way to get the benefits of lpia and the functionality off UNR, rolled into one?12:20
AuslegungAnd, is it possible to have UNR but with a normal Ubuntu interface?12:21
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: well... that didn't go out too well12:24
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: xserver had issues from the beginning with it... and when i managed to log in maximum resolution was 800x600... while i usually use 1400x...  i'm using a tablet pc... and the stylus wasn't working as well (have special settings for that in xorg.conf)12:25
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: but at least when i managed to log in, blender wasn't fucked up at all...  i also wasn't able to enable desktop effects12:26
Unggnuhi all12:27
UnggnuDoes usplash crashing for someone too?12:27
albechthe new overlay stuff for volume, brightness etc looks really sweet12:29
Raylzis that save to install? python2.5 python2.5-minimal12:30
Raylzcame in via update12:30
DreadKnightum just install it :P12:30
albechin general i must say the upgrade gives a huge boost to the look and feel of the system..12:30
DreadKnighttoo bad it fucks up with  more important things12:31
rww!ohmy > DreadKnight12:31
ubottuDreadKnight, please see my private message12:31
albechDreadKnight, i havent seen anything yet12:31
albechDreadKnight, and im even running on a system where the hardware vendor doesnt provide any information to the linux community12:31
AuslegungIs it possible to have the Netbook Remix but with a normal Ubuntu interface?12:32
DreadKnightAuslegung: just install ubuntu?12:32
albechthe only thing that i have found not working on a clean install is screen dimming12:32
albechbut that didnt work on any other version on ubuntu either12:32
DreadKnightalbech: works fine here if you mean lowering brightness and such12:33
AuslegungDreadKnight I've got an eeePC and want the UNR functionality, but I hate the interface12:33
DreadKnighteither hotkeys or the applet12:33
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: any suggestions or i should prepare for a downgrade? :D12:34
albechDreadKnight, yes thats what i mean12:34
albechDreadKnight, it never worked on VAIO's by default12:34
TABASCOI tried to test the Jaunty Beta Netbook Remix via USB stick. I followed the instructions as given in the wiki. I tried it with ImageWriter and I tried it with dd. I tried two different USB sticks. And I tried two different computers. But all I get is "Boot Error"12:34
DreadKnightwell, i can't get bluetoot headset working as well :P12:34
DreadKnightbut heh12:34
albechmy BT mouse was detected right away and running perfectly12:35
albechimprovement from 8.10 that required some conf file hacking12:35
albechi dont have the $$ to buy a BT headset ;)12:35
DreadKnighti have it on the shelf... useles... don't have a bt phone atm heh12:36
DreadKnightalways something about linux/ubuntu to annoy me *sigh*12:36
DreadKnightperhaps i'm too much of a bleeding edge somewhat12:37
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:39
albechfor years there has always been one thing that i could never get working, but since 7.10 i have had everything working12:41
DreadKnightwell, different people , different systems and needs12:42
riohi, will the jaunty kernel support usbip?12:47
Auslegungtabasco you may need to download the file again12:50
TABASCOAuslegung: Was the download broken or is there a new version available?12:51
ante_so, I'm running the Jaunty beta and I'm experiencing the system freezing a couple of times a day, and the only thing I can do is to reboot it12:51
ante_is this a common problem?12:51
ante_and most importantly, is there a solution?12:51
Auslegungtabasco, well, when I downloaded it it took me a couple of tries12:52
Auslegungtabasco the first two times I downloaded it it was instantaneous, it didn't send any data with the file just the name basically12:52
Auslegungtabasco, how far do you get when you get boot error?12:53
TABASCOAuslegung: But the file is complete12:53
TABASCOAuslegung: Well okay, I'll try it12:53
TABASCOThank you!12:53
Auslegungtabasco, what version of jaunty are you trying?12:54
Auslegungtabasco, nm, UNR12:54
TABASCOAuslegung: NBR12:55
Auslegungtabasco are you downloading from ubuntu's website?12:55
BluesKajante,  check your graphics card driver list in adept , it may not have chosen the correct driver update during your install12:56
TABASCOAuslegung: Sure12:56
TABASCOAuslegung: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.04/beta/12:56
Auslegungtabasco when booting, how far do you get when you get a boot error12:56
ante_BluesKaj: I'll try that12:58
Auslegungtabasco do you see the four options, one is try Ubuntu w/out changing your machine, one is install, one is memory test, etc?12:58
ante_Found a way to install some updates first, I'll try your way later12:58
TABASCOAuslegung: Well, in BIOS I change it to the USB stick12:58
TABASCOAuslegung: And then I only get the "Boot error"12:59
TABASCOAnd when I press Enter it comes again12:59
Auslegungoh, well, try downloading again and see what happens12:59
AuslegungI was hoping you got far enough to do a memory check12:59
sevenah, new compiz updates in the update manager13:12
sevenlet's see what gives :)13:12
Hiubuntuhi all13:20
Hiubuntuwhy my xorg takes about 60% memery13:20
konrad1207hello all13:21
Hiubuntuwhy my xorg takes about 60% memery13:21
Mulderyou only have 100mb of ram?13:21
Muldermy xorg is taking up 55mb of ram13:22
konrad1207Does anybody know what packages to install to read ext4 filesystem?13:22
Mulderwhat top figure are you looking at13:22
Mulderbecause maybe you are misinterpretting those numbers13:22
Hiubuntuin the terminal13:23
Hiubuntu2951 root      20   0 1505m 1.1g  17m S    9 64.5  40:11.13 Xorg13:24
Mulderthat doesnt look normal13:25
Muldereither you're doing something intensive with your xserver or you have a memory leak13:26
Mulderor rather, xserver has a memory leak13:26
Hiubuntudoes the driver effect13:26
HiubuntuATI driver13:26
BUGabundoguud afternoon everyone13:28
hyper_chhmmm, Kubuntu Jaunty has sound issues.... no sounde in firefox... no sound in VLC... but sound in KDE apps works13:36
krzdhi, i just installed lxde, but now i can't start gnome anymore. what can i do?13:40
wilhartthere only beta ,not rc4 ?13:41
krzdwilhart, beta, then one rc, then final13:41
BUGabundowilhart: check cdimage13:42
BUGabundo !cdimage13:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cdimage13:42
wilhartBUGabundo: ?13:44
BUGabundowilhart: we won't have 4 release candidates13:44
BUGabundo !releases13:44
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases13:44
wilhartBUGabundo: yea just rc3 i need not beta13:45
BUGabundowilhart: I always get Dailies13:45
BUGabundo !daily13:45
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/13:45
wilhartBUGabundo: current or live ?13:47
wilhartiwant graphical installlation13:47
wilhartso i can ircsimultamiously13:47
BUGabundowilhart: you can have the LiveCD Destkop13:48
BUGabundoits daily-live13:48
wilhart jaunty-desktop-i386.iso       03-Apr-2009 13:12  699M13:48
wilhartthis is it?13:48
BUGabundolet me check13:49
BUGabundocheck the md5 after you download it13:50
BUGabundoalso use rsync if you already have a recent iso (like beta)13:50
wilhartBUGabundo: should i put ext4 ?13:53
BUGabundodo you need it?13:53
wilhartdunno it's faster right?13:53
BUGabundoppl say so13:55
wilhartis that ext4 buggy +???14:04
admin0hi all .. if I install ubuntu 9 beta now, will it automatically update itself to stable when its released ?14:10
marlunIf I want to know why vim is compiled without the clipboard function in jaunty what should I do? :)14:15
hiladmin0: it will14:18
BUGabundoadmin0: ues14:19
Vorbotemarlun: the version of vim included in the base install is as close to the real vi as it can be. If you want more extra functionality you can install a more featureful version afterwards (or install emacs :-)). Hint: Make yourself familiar with the alternatives system.14:20
BUGabundomarlun: install the full vim suite! ubuntu comes with vim minimal14:20
wilderigelinstall vim is the first wath i do under ubuntu :)14:24
d3xter_hey guys14:44
nandemonaiAre upgrades from 8.10 still blocked?14:44
d3xter_does a standard usb-image exist?14:44
nandemonaiYo d3xter_, not too sure on that myself.14:45
d3xter_i've found an remix usb-image or and a mid-image, but not a standard one :-S14:45
nandemonaiMmm all I'm seeing is mid.14:45
Leon_Nardellad3xter_: Do you know unetbootin?14:46
d3xter_Leon_Nardella: never worked with it14:46
Leon_Nardellad3xter_: It does the job pretty well.14:46
d3xter_ok, i'll try it14:46
Jenova_skillHi guys.... Using Kubuntu 9.04.... theres no icon for package manager is there ne way i can start that .14:55
PolitikerNEUJenova_skill: hmm ... true, but you can start synaptic if you have installed it14:55
BUGabundonandemonai: no, its fixed now14:56
BUGabundod3xter_: no, not for Desktop. just use usb-creator to make one, based on the iso14:56
BUGabundoLeon_Nardella: lots of users have complained about unetbootin with jaunty... it did not fixed the boot devices14:57
BUGabundojonathaN: type synaptic ?14:57
nandemonaiAh thanks BUGabundo ;)14:59
nandemonaiI'm considering giving the upgrade a go.14:59
BUGabundonandemonai: please read the release notes, and backup your important files, before you do15:00
joshjtlanyone know of a simple sound recorder app for kde?15:00
nandemonaiOh yeah obviously.15:00
nandemonaiWorst case I'll be looking at a fresh install, just curious how well an upgrade will go.15:00
nandemonaiI'm on a pretty fresh 8.10 install.15:00
nandemonaiJust don't really want to have to redo all the confs yet again ;)15:01
nandemonaiActually one question.. I have my isp mirror setup for updates, I'm assuming a update-manager -d will continue to use this mirror?15:06
BUGabundonandemonai: UM now tends to seek more mirrors15:12
BUGabundoI'm not sure what it uses15:12
joshjtlhow do i find out where my mic is? i need to set it up with kwave15:15
wirechiefjoshjtl: have you tried alsaconf ?15:23
joshjtlwirechief: no... just "alsaconf" without anything else15:24
wirechiefalsamixer should do the trick15:25
wirechiefjoshjtl: for more info just check out the manual use : man alsaconf15:27
joshjtlwirechief: alsaconf isnt installed15:29
nandemonaiBUGabundo: Any idea then if the old, replace sources.list then apt-get dist-upgrade still works then?15:29
wirechiefjoshjtl: i forgot, its no longer used. but you can use the alsamixer for setting things up15:29
BUGabundonandemonai: it does. BUT don't do it!15:29
BUGabundoits a bad idea for upgrades15:29
BUGabundoUM does much more then that15:29
nandemonaiAh okies, I'd heard chatter about that.15:30
joshjtlwirechief: yeah i tried setting all capture devices to high level but kwave still isnt recording any sound15:30
nandemonaiMaybe I'll just bite the bullet and do a clean install. I don't want UM to chew up my bandwidth (isp mirror is unmetered).15:30
nandemonaiThat's a job for tomorrow then. Night all.15:31
wirechiefjoshjtl: have you tried getting help for sound in #alsa ?15:32
joshjtlwirechief: no15:32
wirechiefjoshjtl: i can meet you over there, they have lots of tools for sound issues15:32
joshjtlk will try15:32
kane77anyone else has intel graphics card and having very low performace on jaunty?15:39
Leon_Nardellakane77: How are you measuring performance?15:39
kane77Leon_Nardella, well, glxgears and feel from xmoto.. :)15:39
thiebaudekane77: i have the 81815 card15:40
Leon_Nardellakane77: Well.. I have a 915GM and it's always been terrible on Ubuntu (Used to play a few games well on the lowest settings on Windows XP)15:41
kane77for me the glxgears gives me about 200FPS, and xmoto (or any other game) is unplayable15:41
Leon_Nardellakane77: And I'm sure people will tell you glxgears is anything but a reliable benchmark. :)15:41
kane77Leon_Nardella, yeah, but xmoto only gives 2FPS (and that is very simple 2d game)15:42
Leon_Nardellakane77: Hmm.. Yeah, you probably has some serious problem there.. 2D is generally pretty good and I average 800fps with glxgears on this laptop ( 400fps on the Acer netbook )15:43
Leon_Nardellakane77: Have you been messing around with xorg.conf?15:43
kane77nope, it is clean install15:43
Leon_Nardellakane77: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/beta#Known%20issues Take a look at it.15:44
LaruftLeon 800fps is that maximised window? what res?15:45
Larufti'm getting 612fps 1900x1200 window maximised15:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:52
screamignore that15:52
thechefIs there a step by step howto to get KMS to work? I installed a 2.6.29-kernel with KMS support for the intel driver, but all I get now at startup is a black screen. Is it necessary to update more than just the kernel?16:06
vishalraoHello, I would like to make changes to http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/applets/tasks/abstracttaskitem.cpp16:07
vishalraoAny links to how to go about it? What source packages to download and how to rebuild and reinstall oafter changing?16:07
vishalraoFor kubuntu amd6416:07
vishalraoI have "sources" selected in KPackageKit repos list16:07
doleybvishalrao: apt-get source kdebase16:08
vishalraodoleyb: okay, trying it now...16:09
sevenhi guys, i'm using jaunty, Have 4 gigs or ram but only 3 are being reported, I don't have any memory issues at all, but I think it would be nice to get access to the other 1 gig right?16:13
BUGabundoseven: 32bits!16:14
BUGabundoto use the all 4GiBs you need either 64 bits or PAE support in the kernel, that AFAIK only comes on the server kernel16:14
sevensigh :( always thought linux could use 4 gig in 32 bit mode too16:14
vishalraodoleyb: ouch, im downloading kdebase-workspace first (50mb) will take 20 min on my net connection :)16:14
doleybvishalrao: You might like to practice first with a smaller package, if you don't know how to recompile source debs yet.16:15
sevenBUGabundo, looking at my current system monitor : 642MB used of 2.91GB16:15
sevenI suppose i shouldn't bother then to upgrade to 64 pretty soon ?16:15
vishalraogood idea16:15
BUGabundoseven: you can't "upgrade" archs16:16
vishalraodoleyb: any example of a small package (kde)16:16
BUGabundoyou need to reinstall16:16
sevenBUGabundo, yeah I know, but I was talking about starting clean again from 64 bit, since this install is only 2 days old16:16
tpfennighi all16:25
tpfennigremoving xorg.conf helped solving my xorg crash problems16:25
BUGabundotpfennig: nice16:26
joshjtlhey folks, how can i find fastest kubuntu iso download mirror? torrent is being way slow16:26
tpfennigjoshjtl: have you set up your router?16:27
tpfennigfor torrents16:27
joshjtltpfennig: yeah16:27
BUGabundojoshjtl: for what iso? daily?16:29
BUGabundoonly main has dailis16:29
joshjtlBUGabundo: no going back to intrepid16:35
BUGabundojoshjtl: no16:35
joshjtlBUGabundo: no? :)16:35
BUGabundoor was that "no, going back...... " ?16:36
BUGabundodid you left out a comma ?16:36
joshjtlyes i left out the comma16:36
BUGabundojust find a mirror close to you16:36
BUGabundowhere are you from?16:36
joshjtlI'm in DC16:36
joshjtlthanks BUGabundo how did you find it?16:38
BUGabundoon ubuntu.com ?16:39
joshjtlno i mean how did you find out that it was close to me16:39
BUGabundoyou can see if you have another one closer to you16:39
BUGabundoI didn't16:40
BUGabundoI just picked one in US16:40
BUGabundofrom http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download16:40
Unggnuhi all16:43
BUGabundohey Unggnu16:43
UnggnuCould anybody check if Vino works for him atm?16:43
Unggnuhi BUGabundo16:43
BUGabundoUnggnu: sure16:45
UnggnuBUGabundo: no, local :)16:46
UnggnuI can't connect from my own pc and the lan16:47
UnggnuIt seems that vino isn't running16:47
dtchenjoshjtl: us.archive should work fine for you; what's wrong?16:47
dtchenjoshjtl: i'm in DC, and it tends to work just fine16:47
BUGabundoUnggnu: $ sudo netstat -tuplan16:47
UnggnuBUGabundo: It should be 5900 afaik but it isn't there16:49
BUGabundodid you go to Vino and enabled it there?16:50
BUGabundo$ vino-preferences16:50
Unggnuit is enabled16:51
swearengenI have three partitions -- windows, ubuntu1, and ubuntu2.  Both  Ubuntus were made by the installer at the time of the install. Ubuntu1 is intrepid upgraded to jaunty, broken.. ubuntu2 is a clean install of jaunty. How do I safely delete ubuntu1?16:51
joshjtldtchen: just trying to find a faster iso download site16:51
dtchenjoshjtl: choose any of the local universities16:53
dtchenvt, umd, jhu should all be fast16:53
BUGabundoswearengen: depends where your grub is16:53
swearengengrub is on the first one i suppose16:54
joshjtlthanks dtchen, btw do you use those local repos for everything? updates etc?16:54
swearengeni realize im too noob to go around upgrading to jaunty but the resolution is so much better on my laptop, lol16:54
BUGabundoswearengen: then you may need to install grub on ubuntu2 too16:54
swearengenBUGabundo: Thank you for your help. How can I tell if grub is on ubuntu2? (Or where is it?)16:55
chris0111good morning16:56
swearengenI realize I can google. =P There's just a lot of outdated forum posts and whatnot16:56
UnggnuCould someone please check if Vino doesn't work for him too?16:56
BUGabundoUnggnu: who is him?16:57
BUGabundo"mine" works16:57
bjsnideranybody here using the nvidia 180 driver?16:57
BUGabundoat least I can see it listening16:57
BUGabundobjsnider: me16:57
bjsniderBUGabundo, do you feel like trying an updated mplayer/smplayer with it?16:58
UnggnuBUGabundo: him is the tester :)16:58
BUGabundotcp6       0      0 :::XXXX                 :::*                    LISTEN      3701/vino-server16:58
UnggnuBUGabundo: 3701?16:58
BUGabundobjsnider: I'm using medibuntu repo for that16:58
BUGabundoUnggnu: that's the PID... I removed the Port. its under XXXX16:58
UnggnuBUGabundo: I have no vino running17:00
Unggnumaybe I need a login. Do you know how to run it manually?17:00
dtchenjoshjtl: no, i use us.archive17:00
BUGabundoI use to mirrors17:01
BUGabundomain and a local one (darkstar)17:01
|Dreams|anyone else having problems with jauntys download speeds mine speed is quarter than what it should be onb both laptop and pc17:01
dtcheni have a local apt-cacher-ng, but that's mostly for testing (piuparts, generating isos)17:02
bjsniderBUGabundo, mine is built to use vdpau for nvidia cards that support it. the medibuntu package isn't17:03
BUGabundobjsnider: what is that (vdpau) ?17:03
bjsniderBUGabundo, hardware accelerated playback of mpeg2/wmv3/vc1/h.26417:04
BUGabundosend it my way17:04
bjsnideryou probably don't play movies much on that rig, so i wouldn't worry about it17:04
BluesKaj|Dreams|, you might want to change your default server in adept to "main" , your UK server may be the bottleneck17:04
BUGabundoI do play a lot h.26417:05
BUGabundofrom naruto17:05
|Dreams|its not just that its my usenet download speeds i am more bothered about lol17:05
|Dreams|inormally max out all the time but since i switched to jaunty i dont get anywhere near that17:05
|Dreams|doing my head in17:05
swearengen|Dreams|:  It is beta17:05
swearengenthe website probably didnt do these devs any service by encouraging us all to upgrade lol17:06
|Dreams|yeah but i cant see it changing as none else is having these problems17:06
swearengenusenet download speeds?17:06
bjsniderBUGabundo, https://launchpad.net/~brandonsnider/+archive/ppa17:07
|Dreams|and torrents17:07
* BUGabundo ppa is slow...17:08
|Dreams|i just seem to be getting 40% of my normal speed i do with windows and intrepid thats all17:08
|Dreams|not to worry i willmake do for now maybe someone else with have these problems when the official version is released and not beta17:08
BUGabundobjsnider: can I trust you with my system?17:10
bjsniderBUGabundo, no17:10
BUGabundoahhh I though so17:11
|Dreams|do i have to do something in particualr to enable vdpau?17:12
|Dreams|or is it already enabled17:12
bjsnider|Dreams|, are you using the nvidia-180 driver?17:13
BUGabundoboby: what's up?17:13
BUGabundo !help17:13
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:13
BUGabundo !question17:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:13
|Dreams|the ubuntu one17:13
bjsnider|Dreams|, it's available17:13
boby3-rd time: I have HP 6735b laptop and kubuntu 8.10 upgraded to 9.04 and problem is skype. Mic doesn't work but it works in audacity17:14
|Dreams|i installed the nvidia .run file on my last system that worked pretty well17:14
bjsnider|Dreams|, you do have to alter some things in mplayer and smplayer to make it use vdpau instead of xv17:14
|Dreams|altho couldnt get the resolution i wanted it was giving me 1600 all the time and i have had any experience editing the xorg files so i just reinstalled and used ubuntus 18017:15
|Dreams|oh right17:15
|Dreams|just in the options?17:15
bjsnidermake it use vdpau instead of xv, blank out the screenshot directory17:15
YixilTesiphonI'm having problems with a wireless card that supposedly works on previous versions17:16
YixilTesiphonwith some work17:16
bjsniderin advanced>options for mplayer add -vc ffmpeg12vdpau,ffh264vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau,ffvc1vdpau,17:16
YixilTesiphonan Atheros 242x17:16
YixilTesiphonbut I can't use previous versions as they hate my graphics card17:16
YixilTesiphonany suggestions?17:16
archmanWill 9.04 Final come with xfce 4.6 available in reps?17:16
bjsniderYixilTesiphon, installed the linux-backports-modules package17:17
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules?17:17
bjsniderYili don't know the exact name of the package17:17
TABASCOUnfortunately Auslegung is gone now and I was away, so I give my question again:17:17
TABASCOI tried to test the Jaunty Beta Netbook Remix. I followed the instructions as given in the wiki. I tried it with ImageWriter and I tried it with dd. I tried two different USB sticks. And I tried two different computers. But all I get is "Boot Error"17:18
mgedminhmm... so that python issue that breaks upgrades from intrepid is still not fixed?17:18
mgedminor is the /topic out of date?17:18
BUGabundomgedmin: it is17:18
BUGabundoout dated17:19
YixilTesiphonbjsnider: do I need to be connected to the internet to get that package?17:19
bobyhello anyone?17:19
YixilTesiphonI don't have any hard connection available here, irc-ing from a windows machine17:19
bjsniderYixilTesiphon, yes17:19
BUGabundoboby: hi17:19
bobycan you halp17:19
|Dreams|think i am going to install the latest mplayer17:19
|Dreams|this isnt even giving me the option of advanced options17:19
BUGabundoboby: stop asking for help, and let us know what YOU need17:20
hilboby: at the mom noone is able to answer your question it seems. try again a bit later again17:20
bobyI asked already17:21
bobyabout my mic17:21
|Dreams|can you tell me what options to choose in vlc? if you know please17:21
TABASCOSo in short: I can not boot Jaunty Netbook Remix from USB stick17:21
BUGabundoboby: the audio prob? lets see if dtchen can help17:21
bobythis is 3-rt time on this chat a have asked that17:21
BUGabundodtchen: ping17:21
BUGabundodtchen: RT boby:  I have HP 6735b laptop and kubuntu 8.10 upgraded to 9.04 and problem is skype. Mic doesn't work but it works in audacity17:22
BUGabundobjsnider: do I need to upgrade memcoder too?17:23
bjsniderBUGabundo, no17:23
bobysee you later17:25
joshjtlanyone know where kubuntu 8.10 cd md5sums are?17:27
BluesKajjoshjtl , should be on the download site17:28
joshjtlBluesKaj: yeah cant find them17:29
joshjtlthanks chris010117:29
chris0101no prob. thx google ;)17:29
Lenin_Catis 3d supported on R600 ATI cards yet?17:29
Lenin_Catisi t?17:31
TABASCOOkay, I checked the md5 sum and it is different - I try to download it again17:31
HappynessI have a question, why does KpackageKit block some updates and some not in jaunty develope release 9.04? I was told in kubuntu channel to ask here.17:32
BUGabundoLenin_Cat: not sure!17:33
urthmoverHow do I upgrade to Jaunty entirely from the command line?17:33
BUGabundoit is using the -ati driver?17:33
BUGabundoTABASCO: where did  you get it?17:33
urthmoversudo upgrade-manager -d  (obviously spawns the GUI upgrade)  How do I do it via SSH?17:33
TABASCOBUGabundo: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.04/beta/17:33
BUGabundourthmover: update-release-upgrade -d17:33
urthmoverperfectum  thanks BUGabundo17:34
BUGabundoTABASCO: did you get jauty or ibex?17:34
* urthmover scampers off to try it17:34
BUGabundoTABASCO: and was it kubuntu or ubutu?17:34
TABASCOBUGabundo: Jaunty17:34
TABASCOBUGabundo: Netbook Remix Interface17:34
BUGabundoah ok17:34
BUGabundobetter use rsync TABASCO17:34
BUGabundoit will complete just what you are missing17:34
TABASCOBUGabundo: Oh, I never used it17:35
Lenin_Catwell according to the 9.04 tech page17:35
Lenin_CatThe -ati driver has received numerous fixes and performance improvements. It now uses the EXA acceleration method by default. 2D acceleration support for the newest R6xx/R7xx family of cards is also available. 3D support is available up to R5xx cards for -ati. An updated -fglrx proprietary driver is available for R6xx/R7xx users who need 3D support.17:35
TABASCOBUGabundo: How can I do that with an image from the net?17:35
Lenin_Catdose that mean fglrx supports it?17:35
Happynesswhy does KpackageKit block some updates and some not in jaunty Jackalope release 9.04?17:35
urthmoverhmm update-release-upgrade: command not found17:36
crdlbLenin_Cat: it does17:36
urthmoverthought BUGabundo  ?17:36
Happynessthanks for nothing17:36
Lenin_Catcrdlb, so its safe for me to upgrade17:36
TABASCOBUGabundo: The strange thing is that if I put it on the stick with ImageWriter or dd I have working files on the stick. So the image does not seem to be broken17:36
deanynice to see dust is available in jaunty on installation :)17:36
PhilippePurthmover:  try update-manager -d17:36
TABASCOAnd the image file I have is larger than it is described on the page I gave you.. that is really strange..17:36
BUGabundoTABASCO: rsync -zhhP --stats rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/NETBOCK.iso /PATH/TO/ISO17:36
thiebaudedeany: i love dust:sand17:37
urthmoverok but I think that spawns the gui update PhilippeP17:37
deanycant wait to install jaunty, gonna wait till final tho..17:37
crdlbLenin_Cat: note that the released version of fglrx won't work, only the beta version in the repos17:37
PhilippePurthmover: right17:37
Lenin_Catbut its in the repos crdlb?17:37
urthmoverPhilippeP: I would like to do this over SSH17:37
deanylovin the indicator app too.. nice idea17:37
BUGabundoPhilippeP: urthmover wants to do from cli17:37
PhilippePurthmover: ok I did miss that part :)17:38
BUGabundourthmover: did you use -d ?17:38
urthmoverright BUGabundo   :-)   so  the first command is not found  I'm sure I got the syntax incorrect  but I'm not finding much about it in google.17:38
crdlbLenin_Cat: yes, as xorg-driver-fglrx17:38
BUGabundourthmover: over ssh? do you have access to the remote machine? just in case it hangs?17:38
urthmoversudo: update-release-upgrade: command not found17:38
BUGabundo$ do-release-upgrade -d17:38
urthmoveryeah I do have access to the remote machine BUGabundo17:38
BUGabundodid I spell it wrong the 1st time?17:38
thiebaudeupdate-manager -d17:38
BUGabundothiebaude: NO... cli version17:39
thiebaudetype that in a terminal17:39
Lenin_Catcrdlb, so how do I upgrade to 9.0417:39
BUGabundoTABASCO: did it work??17:39
swearengenjust wait until it comes out17:39
urthmoverah success  thanks BUGabundo17:39
deanyive installed the beta in a vbox with ext4 as the fs.  is it using extents by default?17:40
urthmoverits running now  YAY!!!17:40
TABASCOBUGabundo: No, not really17:40
TABASCOI tried it in differen versions17:40
BUGabundourthmover: did you read the release notes? did you made a backup?17:40
TABASCOWait, I send a paste link17:40
BUGabundoTABASCO: what didn't work? my tip?17:40
urthmoverno worries  its ok if I wipe this machine anyways  :-)17:40
crdlbLenin_Cat: see what thiebaude said :)17:40
Lenin_Catnvm I figured it out17:41
BUGabundoany one having trouble re-codind x264 to x263 on avidemux? bjsnider any idea?17:41
calcdeany: most likely, you can see what options it was made with tune2fs17:41
urthmovermaaan  I LOVE my dark desktop in ubuntu  and gnome with some gnome-do  and docky   switching back and forth from my mac has never been so great17:41
TABASCOBUGabundo: http://pastebin.com/d69f3584517:41
BUGabundomy final video gets too speeded up17:41
TABASCOBUGabundo: rsync does not do what it should17:41
BUGabundodon't use beta17:42
bjsniderBUGabundo, no. i wouldn't recode it though.17:42
urthmoverI'm close to dumping OSX altogether and just put ubuntu on that macbook17:42
BUGabundoget a daily17:42
calcdeany: tune2fs -l /dev/sdX# for whatever partition you want to look at17:42
deanyisnt it an fstab option ?17:42
BUGabundobjsnider: it worked fine up until 3 weeks17:42
deanywith noatime17:42
BUGabundoTABASCO: Wrong URL17:42
BUGabundothat's why it fails17:42
BUGabundoTABASCO: you forgot /cdimage/ for rsync to work17:43
calcdeany: extents isn't afaik17:43
BUGabundothat's just the HTTP Url17:43
calcdeany: for example my ext4 shows this:17:43
calcFilesystem features:      has_journal ext_attr resize_inode dir_index filetype needs_recovery extent flex_bg sparse_super large_file huge_file uninit_bg dir_nlink extra_isize17:43
urthmovercompiz and the new 180.44 nvidia driver  .....  greatness17:43
TABASCOBUGabundo: Well, the URL for the Image is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.04/beta/ubuntu-9.04-beta-netbook-remix-i386.img17:43
* calc gone back to work17:44
BUGabundoTABASCO: use the daily!! and you need /cdimage/ in there to work17:44
deanycool ok17:44
TABASCOSo I have to use rsync -zhhP --stats rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.04/beta/ubuntu-9.04-beta-netbook-remix-i386.img17:44
BUGabundolet me get the correct url for you TABASCO17:44
TABASCOBUGabundo: That would be great. I found this link in the article where they reported about needed testers for netbooks.17:45
BUGabundourthmover: you may need to enable the Fix Workarounds to not have QT and OpenOffice artifacts17:45
urthmoverok BUGabundo have any docs on doing that?17:45
BUGabundoTABASCO: //cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/ubuntu-netbook-remix/daily-live/current/jaunty-netbook-remix-i386.img17:45
BUGabundourthmover: its in the bug17:46
gaelfxhow's beta going for everyone?17:46
BUGabundobug 269904 urthmover17:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269904 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "Screen refresh problems with nvidia on intrepid" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26990417:46
thiebaudegaelfx: pretty good17:46
TABASCOBUGabundo: But I downloaded the beta, so I assume I have to load the full image again, right?17:46
BUGabundoyou can rsync it to daily17:47
BUGabundothat's what I do to all my images17:47
BUGabundocd, dvds, etc17:47
thiebaudei can only use 2.6.24-24-generic kernel17:47
urthmoverBUGabundo: I'm a little new here which URL is "the bug" stuff you are referring to and I'll just search for Fix Workarounds there to clean out the qt and openoffice stuff17:48
TABASCOBUGabundo: THAT is REALLY cool...17:48
BUGabundobjsnider: http://paste.ubuntu.com/145017/17:49
BUGabundobjsnider: once I enabled it, gmplayer failed with that17:49
BUGabundo64bits system17:49
BUGabundowith preaviuos medibuntu installed17:49
bjsniderBUGabundo, once you enabled what?17:50
BUGabundourthmover: on ccsm -> Utilities -> Fix something17:50
BUGabundoits one of the last comments of the bug17:50
BUGabundobjsnider: once I selected pavud17:50
BUGabundobbl... lanche! back in 1017:51
gaelfxI'm having a rather strange problem with my internet connection on 9.04, I can't connect to Skype and I constantly get connection interrupted errors when trying to view any webpages that are not on my local network. I'm using a wireless connection, but I tested with a wired connection as well and had the same problems. Loading pages like uTorrent WebUI and the VLC Web interface work perfectly fine, so I don't think there is an issue with the drivers fo17:53
tgpraveenhi pl was just checking otu the screenshots and screencasts of gnome shell. i didnt like it17:54
tgpraveenit seems to be a step backward. apllications are not grouped by category anymore. and17:55
tgpraveenas someone who doesnt use workspaces too much right now. i think the shell basically is a big annoyance17:55
tgpraveenwhat do u ppl think?17:55
gaelfxtgpraveen: are you talking about bash? I didn't notice terminal looking any different than always...17:57
DreadKnightfoxbuntu: around?17:58
tgpraveengaelfx: no. the new gnome-shell which they are planning for gnome 317:58
DreadKnightnew stuff in the works for gnome seems so much awesome than kde4 to me..17:59
gaelfxtgpraveen: does Jaunty use that?17:59
tgpraveengaelfx: no.17:59
tgpraveenbut i wnated to discuss in this grp as i hang out here.17:59
tgpraveenand anyways #ubuntu is wrong for it.17:59
tgpraveenkarmic+1 will use this mostly]18:00
gaelfxwhich version of VLC is currently in the repos?18:05
tgpraveen.9.9 i think18:05
xbisonthi, after selecting Jaunty at the grub list, it gave me an Error 15: File not found, does any one now how to fix this?18:08
* mgedmin is bravely trying to upgrade to jaunty while watching a screencast and reading a blog post at the same time18:09
xbisontBTW is a fresh install of Jauty18:09
grodiusHello there friends. I am running juanty on a macbook. it has an intel integrated graphics card and I cant get compiz working, but I've had it working before on Jaunty(im on a new install). I think i just need to change something in my xorg(thats what i did before), but I'm not sure what.18:09
BUGabundogrodius: what intel model is it?18:10
BUGabundosome adding DRI FALSE option works18:11
BUGabundoothers it doesn't18:11
thiebaudegrodius: which intel model18:11
BUGabundoxbisont: did you use unetbooy to install it?18:11
grodius Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)18:12
BUGabundogrodius: check LP for that card18:12
BUGabundois should have more instrutions18:12
grodiussorry, i'm a noob18:13
BUGabundo !launchpad18:14
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/18:14
BUGabundo !bugs18:14
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots18:14
xbisontBUGabundo: I don't know, just booted with Jaunty Desktop CD and selected install18:14
BUGabundoxbisont: ok18:14
BUGabundothen it wasnt18:14
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
xbisontBUGabundo: should I use unetboot?18:18
TABASCOBUGabundo: It seems as if rsync loads the whole image new18:19
TABASCOBUGabundo: there are 12h download time left18:19
BUGabundoxbisont: no18:21
BUGabundoTABASCO: maybe you really add the wrong image?18:21
BUGabundoor it's the file name.... oh that's it18:21
BUGabundoits another file, and some how its failing to reuse it18:21
TABASCOWell, the name is different of course18:22
TABASCOjaunty-netbook-remix-i386.img is the new image and ubuntu-9.04-beta-netbook-remix-i386.img is the existing one18:22
Lenin_Cathow do I compile my kernel to be custom for my computer18:22
TABASCOBUGabundo: So what do I do?18:28
BUGabundojust let it finish now18:30
BUGabundonot much you can do18:31
TABASCOOkay :)18:31
BUGabundoother then stop and wget the daily18:31
TABASCOIt's a little slow now18:31
TABASCOThat's what I thought about before..18:31
bluefoxicyis anyone else having issues with ubuntu hanging sometimes?18:33
cwillubluefoxicy, ext4?18:34
bluefoxicylike, windows stop updating, stuff stops  running18:34
bluefoxicycwillu:  it was worse with ext3, so I switched to ext418:34
bluefoxicyactually the system was cranking the disk CONSTANTLY and nothing was working with ext3 o.o18:34
cwilluyou mean temporary hangs or actually locking up?18:34
bluefoxicytemporary hangs18:34
bluefoxicylike every window freezes, then 5 minutes later comes back18:34
bluefoxicydown to maybe you switch desktops and the thing freezes for 2-3 seconds18:35
bluefoxicybut, disk activity stops too18:35
bluefoxicyIt's weird18:35
bluefoxicybecause if I push numlock, the system wakes the fuck up and starts working again.18:35
BUGabundobluefoxicy: memory leak from one app?18:35
bluefoxicyI have yet to figure out why18:35
bluefoxicyBUGabundo:  no, not a memory leak from any app18:36
bluefoxicyeverything goes into D state,waiting on kernel18:36
xbisontwell, let's see if when it finished downloading & installing updates, the "Error 15" is gone. I'll tell you later if it worked or not.18:40
willmoreOkay, third try.  Hello, all.18:45
willmoreI've got a system that I just upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04.  On the first reboot, it halts with "Bug: Int 14"18:45
willmoreAnd then a register dump.18:45
willmoreIs this a known issue?18:45
thompaI can't burn audio disks in both k3b and brasero. Could this be cause music files on other partition?18:45
willmoreOr did I just get *lucky*.18:45
thompathat would tell me permissions or fstab18:46
willmoreI guess there's a lot of issues with jaunty, the.  Maybe I should just rollback to 8.10.18:46
thompawillmore: did upgrade?18:47
aciculawillmore: willmore https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/312554 ?18:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312554 in linux "Regression: bug: int 14 cr2... booting 2.6.28 in jaunty fails on ASUS P5q and maybe others" [Undecided,Fix released]18:48
willmorethompa, yes, I had an 8.10 system and I did an upgrade to 9.04.18:48
willmoreThat may be it.  Let me go check.18:48
thompamy sony vaio works great on new install18:48
thompabut intel graphics are broke for i94518:49
thompai have switch for nvidia but fan is a little too high for some reason18:49
willmoreYeah, that looks lime me.18:49
thompaon AMD box i did upgrade and have some permisson and mounting issues18:49
thompawillmore: try new creating a new user18:50
thompahelped here anyway18:50
willmorethompa, you're responding to the wrong person. :)  I can't even get the kernel to start. :)18:50
thompawillmore: sorry, so whats the error18:51
=== defcon is now known as Guest1812
willmoreacicula hit it on the head.18:51
willmoreIt's a halt on first boot of the new kernel.18:51
aciculawillmore: actually google did, but ok ;)18:51
willmoreBug: int 14 cr2 bla bla.18:51
willmoreacicula, funny that searching *at launchpad* didn't find it.18:52
willmoreHmm, odd, in that bug report, they show that a fix was committed over a month ago.18:53
thompawell anyway can anyone burn audio disks from mp3s?18:54
willmoreacicula, Well, the suggested workaround in the bug report works for me.  I would have sweared I tried that last night, but it was late, so maybe I didn't....18:56
aciculawillmore: your welcome18:57
DarthFrogcwillu: I can't email you those kernel packages I compiled.  GMail barfs if the attachment is over 3 MB and the kernel deb is 6 MB.19:02
BUGabundoDarthFrog: LOL... time to use DCC or dropbox?19:03
coz_hey guys.. just noticed that with screensaver disabled and power settings set to none the monitor still sleeps after about 15 minutes .. any workaround?19:04
BUGabundoDarthFrog: AFAIK gmail limit is 20MiBs19:04
coz_dropbox really isnt avaiable for jaunty yet19:04
DarthFrogBUGabundo: Then perhaps the limitation is on his end.19:04
coz_all the work arounds for dropbox dont work well for everyone19:04
DarthFrog!help dropbox19:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help dropbox19:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dropbox19:05
cwilluDarthFrog, heh, np19:05
BUGabundoDarthFrog: see PVT19:05
BUGabundoits Offtopic19:05
DarthFrogcwillu: Do you still want them?  I could set up ftp.19:05
cwillunot a huge deal19:06
iAreBaboonhi, is Jacky Jackalope an LTS ?19:15
BUGabundoiAreBaboon: no19:15
crdlbno, and neither is Jaunty :)19:15
BUGabundothe next one will be 10.1019:15
crdlb? I thought it was 10.0419:15
iAreBaboonI thought each 4 years a x.04 version comes out that's LTS ?19:15
BUGabundocrdlb: is it?19:15
ubottuJaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.19:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 10.0419:16
BUGabundoiAreBaboon: last one was Hardy 8.0419:16
iAreBaboonBUGabundo: yes I'm using that, what's the next19:16
kadyiAreBaboon: Each 2 years19:16
crdlbBUGabundo: they've definitely said that, but it may have been changed ...19:16
iAreBaboonthanks all19:16
kadyIt's only been one year since hardy19:16
kadySo Lucious Lemmas will be LTS19:17
iAreBaboonone more question please, can 8.04 be upgraded to 9.04 ?19:17
iAreBaboonor are they too far off19:17
crdlbnot without going through 8.1019:17
iAreBaboonI mean once 9.04 is released19:17
kadyiAreBaboon: yes but you must make a stop at Ibex Farms first19:17
iAreBaboonkady: where's that19:17
kadyiAreBaboon: 8.119:17
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81019:18
iAreBaboonare you kidding me ?  8.10 is called Ibex Farms ?   what happened to the animal names19:18
coz_iAreBaboon, next April is the LTS release19:18
IenorandiAreBaboon: I e you must first go to ibex, then to jaunty19:18
coz_iAreBaboon,  no its calle intrepid Ibex19:18
coz_iAreBaboon,  you can look at Shuttleworth's blog about releases here  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/14619:19
mgedminLP is short for launchpad.net, the website where Ubuntu bug reports are collected (among other things)19:20
* mgedmin blinks19:20
mgedminoops, was looking into the middle of the scrollback buffer19:20
mgedminand got the impression nobody was answering the question19:21
iAreBabooncoz_: thanks I'm looking at it now, it's not that detailed though, any idea when Janty will be released ?  ie the Beta is finished19:21
xbisontmmm I guess when at boot time it says Error 15: File not found, it really means there's no file, even dist-upgrade couldn't install updates in the chrooted partition19:21
coz_iAreBaboon,  if you scroll down you will see the release cycle planned19:22
coz_iAreBaboon,  the releases are number , for example  8.10 meaning 200(8) in October19:22
coz_iAreBaboon,  9.04 = 200(9) in April19:22
iAreBabooncoz_: oh I didn't know that.  nice :)19:23
xbisontI'll better wait and see if when it is released, it works in my PC ...usually I must wait 2 months after each release to get it work in my PC19:23
kadyiAreBaboon: pretty much always released on the third Thursday19:24
Tumiei can't get some updates,, he can't find the packages..19:28
Tumieit is the first time i updated, since i installed jaunty 2 days ago..19:29
BUGabundo1Tumie: bug 33294519:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 332945 in update-notifier "[Jaunty] Update Notifier icon would provide useful status information" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33294519:30
andresmhsince switching to jaunty my Gnome-Do is coming behind the current open windows and a lot of times it doesn't even catch the key shortcut. Any ideas why?19:30
TumieBUGabundo1: ty19:31
=== Laruft is now known as Laruft|AFK
picklesworthanyone else bumping into issues with the gnome keyring lately?19:48
picklesworth(hm, gnome-keyring-daemon isn't even running!)19:48
BUGabundo1picklesworth: yep19:49
picklesworthgood, good :)19:50
marshallI installed ndisgtk and uninstalled it, now ubuntu doesnt load my wireless drivers. I have to reenable Atheros drivers in the restricted driver manager every time i boot, and even then it doesnt recognicze any wireless networks20:10
* mgedmin just got a new-style irc notification bubble from xchat20:12
mgedminslickest upgrade yet20:13
* mgedmin wonders if he now jinxed it, with 2 minutes of estimated work still remaining20:13
FrijolieI cannot run mmex, it won't launch20:25
Frijoliei've checked all dependencies and they're all met20:25
coz_Frijolie,  when you run this from a terminal . what is the readout?20:25
Frijolieit was working on Intrepid but since the upgrade it won't launch20:25
Frijoliecoz_, hang on, I'll post it20:25
Frijoliecoz_, http://pastebin.com/m76bd228b20:26
Frijoliewait, I just thought of something else to try20:27
coz_Frijolie,  let me install this  hold on20:27
FrijolieI haven't tried loading it without compiz running20:27
Frijoliesame result, :(20:28
coz_Frijolie,  did you use the deb package20:28
coz_to install this?20:28
Frijolieyes, the more up-to-date version v4.0.220:29
melikcoz_, can someone do sudo vi /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume20:29
melikand tell me what they see20:29
coz_Frijolie,  you mean
khuntmy other ubuntu install is booting into maintenance shell and asking for root password but it is not accepting my root password20:30
Frijoliecoz_, yea, sorry20:32
Frijoliecoz_, I was doing it from memory20:32
j5098i just upgraded to jaunty and now all my desktop effects are really slow20:32
BUGabundo1melik: I see my swap UUID20:32
deanyj5098, fglrx driver is broken or something i believe20:33
Frijoliecoz_, is it working for you?20:33
deanyj5098, or doesnt get upgraded.. read the ubuntu site20:33
deanytells you known issues20:33
coz_Frijolie,  I installed it and it is working yes  even with compiz running20:33
meliki have the same20:33
melikbut when i used to boot up20:34
meliki got some weird kinit error20:34
khuntdoes anyone know why maintenance shell wont accept my root password20:34
j5098deany: just search for fglrx?20:34
Frijoliecoz_, ok, so then it's something I've done or am missing20:34
melikso i added a # in front of it20:34
melikand i dont get it anymore20:34
melikdo you get a kinit error at bootup20:34
coz_Frijolie,  looking for a conf file hold on20:34
coz_Frijolie,  i am not finding a conf file ,. maybe if you reinstall from the deb20:35
Frijoliecoz_, well when i originally installed it from deb it complained about not having that wxwidgets and then said that I had broken dependencies20:36
FrijolieI purged everything20:36
Frijolieinstalled wxwidgets and reinstalled via .deb20:36
Frijoliehmm, I guess I'll try again20:36
funkyHatAnyone else with more than one soundcard noticed that gnome sound settings forgets which device you want the volume buttons to control?20:37
BUGabundo1khunt: by default root on recovery has no password20:37
Frijoliewhoa! that worked..it's running but it's in another language!20:38
khuntif i press enter it just asks again20:38
deanyj5098,  http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/jaunty/beta#Known%20issues20:38
Frijoliehow do you check your default locale in Jaunty?20:38
BUGabundo1dtchen & maco: is there any way I can redirect one app sound to speakers and all other to ear phones?20:38
macoBUGabundo1: pavucontrol20:38
Ienorandthe manual page for "echo" speaks of --help as a valid argument, but when i try it it just echoes it... is there something I'm missing here or is this manaul wrong?20:39
BUGabundo1maco I have it. but I think my speakers get turned off once I plug ear phones20:39
macoBUGabundo1: the little down arrow to the right of the stream lets you choose which output it comesout of20:39
deanyj5098, dont know of thats anything to do with your problem..20:39
BUGabundo1maco let me try20:39
macooh hrm...might only work for usb headphones...20:39
BUGabundo1maco: nop! still comes to headphones20:40
BUGabundo1ahh usb is another sound card!20:40
BUGabundo1I guess that would work for any one with 2 cards! but I just have one! the laptop one! hearphones replace speakers!20:40
BUGabundo1thanks maco20:41
Frijolieare there any reports of ext4 not working in Jaunty? I had a kernel panic when using it and as soon as I reverted back to ext3 it was fine20:41
macoBUGabundo1: right, usb headphones count as a separate device...20:42
BUGabundo1Frijolie: talk to cwillu! he is our resident expert on that eheh20:42
j5098deany: cool, thanks i found another site with same info. i'll give it a try20:42
FrijolieBUGabundo1, he's had similar problems?20:42
macodtchen *may* know a way to trick it into treating the headphones and speakers separately on one card, but i dont think 2 streams treated separately is usually something the hardware can do20:43
BUGabundo1no... he is debuging those prob20:43
deanyFrijolie, worked in my vbox20:43
BUGabundo1thanks maco. if you talk to them, and remember to ask, I appreciate20:43
mgedminweirdness: after first boot my first login failed -- I was kicked out back to gdm20:44
cwilluFrijolie, don't know of anything that should cause a kernel panic.  Did you just switch to ext4 and it immediately broke?20:44
mgedminsecond login worked fine20:44
HalowBUGabundo1: What're you trying to do with the USB headphones, exactly?20:44
Frijolieit worked after the first reboot (after installation), however soon as I updated the kernel and rebooted again "ALERT ALERT"20:44
cwilluFrijolie, which kernel version?20:44
BUGabundo1Halow: not usb20:45
FrijolieI didn't pay much attention20:45
Frijoliethe latest20:45
BUGabundo1Halow: just regular jack hear phones20:45
cwilluFrijolie, latest as of when?20:45
BUGabundo1Frijolie: $ uname -a20:45
BUGabundo1cwillu: ehehe20:45
cwilluBUGabundo1, not enough info from uname :p20:45
macoBUGabundo1: its not supported in pulseaudio20:45
BUGabundo1maco: thanks!20:45
HalowBUGabundo1: Oh... gotcha. :)20:45
Frijolieive got kernel 2.6.28-1120:45
Frijolielatest as of about 6 hours ago20:45
dtchenBUGabundo1: clarification: it's not *currently* supported in PA20:45
macoBUGabundo1: i think he's typing a longer explanation. he wasnt looking at his irc screen20:46
BUGabundo1Frijolie: for your mirror!20:46
cwilluFrijolie, dpkg-query -s linux-image20:46
dtchenBUGabundo1: you can do it using raw ALSA-lib conffiles20:46
BUGabundo1dtchen: so it was in the past, not now, maybe some day?20:46
dtchenBUGabundo1: you would set up separate virtual devices with ttables20:46
BUGabundo1dtchen: how would I do that?20:46
dtchenBUGabundo1: there are examples in gnubien's asoundconf archive20:46
Frijoliecwillu, Package `linux-image' is not installed and no info is available.20:46
BUGabundo1dtchen: link/path ?20:46
dtchenBUGabundo1: i believe it's on the radar for 0.9.15+20:47
BUGabundo1ok nice20:47
dtchenBUGabundo1: use google; the url changed20:47
cwilluFrijolie, dpkg-query -s linux-image-2.6.28-11-generic, actually20:47
BUGabundo1ehheh will do20:47
Frijolie"latest for your mirror", well then it wouldn't be a "mirror" if it weren't mirroring, right?20:47
dtchenBUGabundo1: i've given you the important query terms20:47
macoFrijolie: sometimes it takes a while to propogate to all mirrors20:47
BUGabundo1Frijolie: some mirrors just rsync every 24h20:47
s0u][ighthi guys20:48
FrijoliePackage `linux-image-' is not installed and no info is available20:48
macoaren't there a few mirrors in asia that are more like every 3 days?20:48
dtchenFrijolie: note the typo20:48
FrijolieI didn't know that about the mirrors...I have chosen a custom mirror (one that's really really close to my house)20:48
dtchenFrijolie: linux-image- != linux-image-2.6.28-11-generic20:48
cwilluFrijolie, which kernel flavour are you running?20:48
BUGabundo1maco some don't even work until manual intervention20:48
s0u][ighthow come sometimes alt+f2 gives another window than normally?20:48
cwilluoh, heh20:48
Frijolieah...thanks dtchen20:48
macos0u][ight: what do you mean?20:48
Frijoliethe little things20:48
* cwillu huggles dtchen 20:48
s0u][ightmaco, the normal window that opens when hitting alt+f2 you know?20:49
dtchenhonestly, the best way is to `cat /proc/version_signature'20:49
s0u][ightsometimes i get another one-quiet similar- but different20:49
* BUGabundo1 wonders if cwillu has big nails! he keeps poking and guggling users20:49
cwilluaha, didn't know that, thanks20:49
macos0u][ight: in gnome or kde?20:49
Frijoliecwillu, http://pastebin.com/m99f76d820:49
BUGabundo1maco is there and alt+f2 for KDE?20:49
cwillu /version, rather :p20:49
macoBUGabundo1: of course :P krunner20:50
macoBUGabundo1: gnome's is part of gnome-panel for reasons i still havent figured out20:50
s0u][ightyou want to see a screenshot?20:50
cwilluFrijolie, fresh ext4 partition?20:50
macos0u][ight: yeah20:50
FrijolieI did a "recovery mode" on the '/' partition and reinstalled grub on it thinking that would fix it20:50
Frijoliecwillu, yes20:51
Frijoliei reformatted and "upgraded" to ext420:51
khuntanyone? maintenance shell not accepting root password?20:51
Frijolieerasing all previous partitions20:51
denndaHi, http://paste.pocoo.org/show/111205/ <-- Any idea why that is? Fresh intrepid install with all updates. Tried update-manager -d to get to jaunty20:51
* cwillu ignores the ignorant and pointless scare quotes around upgraded, as this is why we do pre-releases20:52
s0u][ightmaco, http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/2936/screenshotf.png20:52
cwilluFrijolie, and it's a panic, not a freeze, right?20:52
macokhamael: the recovery mode? it shouldnt need a password20:52
cwilluFrijolie, any chance you can copy out the contents of the panic message?20:52
macokhamael: unless you unlocked the root account20:52
FrijolieI got two errors upon "loading grub"20:52
FrijolieACPI: aborted because bad gzip magic numbers20:53
macos0u][ight: i dont see anything different, aside from your theme...20:53
Halowdennda: Python was broken, last I knew, so upgrading isn't working presently.20:53
Frijolieand Kernel Panic - Not Syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)20:53
denndaOk switching to the main servers helped20:53
Cpudan80Whats the release date for 9.04 ?20:53
macoer wait...it should have an icon on the left, huh?20:53
denndaHalow: see my last message20:53
BUGabundo1 !release20:53
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases20:53
BUGabundo1Cpudan80: ^^^^^^^20:53
Frijoliei wrote them down to hit this channel last night when I got it20:53
BUGabundo123 of april20:53
cwilluapril 28th I believe20:53
s0u][ightmaco, that isn't the normal one i see i know for sure20:53
maco(i have no alt+f2 at all since i'm using xmonad, so i'm going by memory)20:54
cwillunvm :p20:54
Halowdennda: Ah. Gotcha. Some of the mirrors are a little behind. Sorry!20:54
macos0u][ight: what's it usually look like?20:54
BUGabundo1cwillu: 2320:54
eseven73Cpudan80, 23rd20:54
Cpudan80yeah I got it thanks20:54
macos0u][ight: normally, it looks like this? http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/flashmanual07.png20:54
dennda#play 02520:55
s0u][ightmaco, yeah20:55
denndaerr, sorry, wrong channel20:55
cwilluFrijolie, well, file a bug I guess.  I'm a little suspicious that you might be running into a hardware issue (i.e., I've been running ext4 for months relatively issue free, certainly no boot-time kernel panics)20:55
macothough i dont recall "show list of known applications"....20:55
yofelkhunt: like BUGabundo already told you root has no passwd and can't be used, or do you have a problem with sudo?20:55
s0u][ightyou see, its a bit different, and this one i get is annoying20:55
macoit's possible khunt unlocked root....20:55
BUGabundo1khunt: the only reason to have a pass there, is because you or someone with access to the pc, entered one20:56
BUGabundo1khunt: if you want, we can tell you how to remove it, with a livecd/usb20:56
khuntyofel, i am not logged in I have disk errors it is asking for root password20:56
macoFrijolie: are you trying to use a /boot thats on ext4?20:56
Frijolieyeah, I dunno. After many frustrating hours of troubleshooting it, I reinstalled with the same settings but changed back to ext3 and here I am20:56
macokhunt: did you unlock root at some point?20:56
macokhunt: it should not be asking for a password20:56
* BUGabundo1 remebers everyone that passwords are not secure! fisical access to the HW always beats passwords20:56
Frijolieno, I only had three partitions /swap, /, and /home20:56
coz_s0u][ight,  the run dialog is a smaller window with no menus  so the theme  is working  if you look closely20:56
Frijolieboth / and /home were ext420:57
Frijolieand they were in that order on the HDD20:57
khuntit fails to boot with disk errors then falls back to a maintenance shell and asks for root password to perform maintenance20:57
BUGabundo1khunt: did you try YOUR password?20:57
macoFrijolie: and boot is part of / and AFAIK grub doesnt do ext4 yet, does it?20:57
s0u][ightcoz_, but i don't get this one all the time, while having this theme all the time ;)20:57
khuntinvalid login20:57
macokhunt: try manually choosing recovery mode?20:57
BUGabundo1khunt: boot from live cd, and run fsck ?20:57
coz_s0u][ight,  oh?  do you have an example of when it looks different and with which dialogs?20:57
khuntits a netbook20:58
macocoz_: yeah he linked above20:58
coz_let me scroll back20:58
khunti dont have a live usb and my cd drive is at work :-(20:58
BUGabundo1khunt: liveUSB then?20:58
khunti will try the manual recovery though20:58
Frijoliemaco, I'm not sure. I was just gonna give ext4 a try20:58
BUGabundo1ok khunt20:58
macocoz_: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/flashmanual07.png20:58
macocoz_: wrong link20:58
macocoz_: http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/2936/screenshotf.png20:58
macothat one20:58
s0u][ightcoz_, i only linked one, the one i'm having now, but at another time i get what maco links20:58
maco2 paste buffers = confusion20:59
khuntbooted into recovery running fsck20:59
topylimaco: my grub boots file from ext420:59
topylifine even20:59
coz_s0u][ight,  yeah I am seeing your one link  there but there is no problem on that screenshot20:59
macotopyli: oh ok then. i didnt know theyd added support for it already. figured itd be one of those grub2 things21:00
khuntunattached unode 517221 connect to /lost+found?21:00
kadyOk lets try reboot into Gnome21:00
s0u][ightcoz_, there is, this window behaves differently to the input i give, for instance autocompleting isn't there21:00
macocoz_: look at the two links i gave. pyschocats is how it should look. imageshack is how it does21:00
coz_maco,  the psychocats link is a metacity theme from the link above ?21:01
khuntThanks guys recovery mode worked!21:01
macocoz_: note the lack of an icon on the left?21:01
macocoz_: and the "show known applications" dropdown?21:02
s0u][ightnow you guys get what i mean21:02
coz_maco,  s0u][ight  this could be theme related .. have you tested othere themes with this?  I assume you are using emerald as well21:02
linuxnewbeHi I've a security question about apache ubuntu justy and the service norton safe web21:03
linuxnewbesomeone can help?21:03
s0u][ightcoz_, i don't think it is theme related actually because the theme is working great and this is happening after i upgraded to jaunty21:03
coz_s0u][ight,  mm  ok   I will test all of my themes both emerald and metacity to see if this pops up21:04
s0u][ightwould be lovely :D21:04
s0u][ightcoz_, from compiz-fusion and stuff right?21:04
linuxnewbeI've a site redirect by dyndns21:04
coz_s0u][ight,  yes... do you have a link for the emerald theme you are using in the screenshot?21:04
linuxnewbethis site is based on apache 2... it's some time norton safe web tell me this site is unsecure21:05
mgedminouch, rotated external screen is horribly horribly horribly slow in jaunty (intel 965gm)21:05
macos0u][ight: did it only start happening when you changed themes?21:05
s0u][ighti thought it was from compiz-themes "slickness"21:05
linuxnewbeI need to understand if this is true and how can I solve the problem21:05
coz_s0u][ight,  ok let me search that21:05
s0u][ightmaco, i was using this theme before upgrading and worked like a charm21:05
macos0u][ight, coz_: this doesnt look like something a theme would cause. about 5 widgets are just plain *missing*21:05
coz_maco,  well let me check this first to be sure :)21:06
macolinuxnewbe: its a site *you* host?21:06
ActionParsnipyo yo yo21:06
linuxnewbeIt's a test site (somethink like test environement that clients can se)21:07
BUGabundo1calc: ping21:07
BUGabundo1calc: any reason why you are reopening bug 347209 ?21:07
macolinuxnewbe: but its your site, not a site you're trying to visit?21:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 347209 in openoffice.org "OOo should use %F instead of %U for desktop files." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34720921:07
macolinuxnewbe: are you sure its not firefox or google redirecting you to the StopBadware report saying that your site was jacked and is spreading malware at someone else's behest?21:08
coz_s0u][ight,  is this the one   http://compiz-themes.org/content/show.php/SlicknesS+Emerald?content=7397221:08
linuxnewbeit's my site,,, when I try to access it nortod block it21:08
coz_s0u][ight,  if so it is not causing an issue here on jaunty21:08
s0u][ightcoz_, yeah it is that theme21:08
macolinuxnewbe: oh right norton...so norton says you're hosting malware. fun. i suggest asking Norton what they found on your site that makes them believe you are a perveyor of malware21:08
mgedminhey, what happened to all the keybindings?  alt+f2 doesn't open the run dialog, alt+f1 doesn't open the menu21:09
linuxnewbeI want to know how can I remove my entry21:09
s0u][ight:D i'm not the only one :D21:09
macomgedmin: sytem -> preferences -> keyboard shortcuts...were they wiped out?21:09
linuxnewbeor clean the situation21:09
mgedminchecking now...21:09
macos0u][ight: he's saying they dont do anything at all21:09
linuxnewbesomeone know?21:09
macolinuxnewbe: CALL NORTON21:09
macolinuxnewbe: only they can tell you why they block your site21:09
crdlbmgedmin: if you're using compiz, the gnomecompat plugin probably didn't get enabled21:09
mgedminnope, gnome-keybinding-preferences show they're set21:10
mgedminyep, compiz, checking that now21:10
coz_s0u][ight,  right I am saying that that particular theme as well as the other themes are NOT creating the issue you seem to be having21:10
linuxnewbeI heard about the possibility that apache spam malware and so on21:10
linuxnewbeis this true?21:10
linuxnewbecan I have and infected apache21:10
macolinuxnewbe: apache's not a mailserver, so i dont think it can spam21:10
aadityahey peeps, i'm unable to set a systemwide wireless network config using NetworkManager. It says: "21:10
aaditya"Adding connection failed: PolicyKit authorization could not be created."21:10
linuxnewbespam is not the right term... I use spam for deliver... what is the right term?21:11
mgedmincrdlb: thanks, that fixed it!21:11
macolinuxnewbe: but if you dont update your software (OS, apache, your wordpress install if you've got one, etc) of course someone can jack your server21:11
s0u][ightcoz_, i just wanted to share what i'm getting, going to install something else tomorrow anyway :D21:11
calcBUGabundo1: its still a bug, i'm pretty sure i explained that to you already at least once21:11
linuxnewbeI've seen my apache is not the last21:11
BUGabundo1calc: I don't remember!21:11
linuxnewbebut usint apt-get I don't receive any update request21:11
coz_s0u][ight,  ok   sorry about this issue  I have not been able to recreat it here21:11
BUGabundo1maybe set a recommends on fuse?21:11
calcBUGabundo1: ok well it is a real bug21:11
macolinuxnewbe: so you would want to dig throught the whole thing and remove everything the cracker put on there, clean up all the bad stuff they added that's doing driveby downloads or whatever, and update all the software21:12
aadityaAnybody observed a difference in PolicyKit / NetworkManager in Jaunty?21:12
s0u][ightcoz_, no appologize is needed :D21:12
calcBUGabundo1: but you just saw part of the issue by not having gvfs-fuse installed21:12
BUGabundo1calc: actually a recommends on gvfs-fusa21:12
ActionParsnipaaditya: i havent, i dont use it21:12
linuxnewbewhere I found the bad staff?21:12
calcBUGabundo1: since OOo has %U instead of %F in desktop files it showed up21:13
aadityaActionParsnip: is there a better networking alternate for machines connecting to only one wifi? I ain't quite impressed with NetworkManager..21:13
BUGabundo1got it now21:13
calcBUGabundo1: if it had %F it would not have attempted to open the file at all without fuse being installed21:13
ActionParsnipaaditya: wifi-radar maybe. I always just edit the interfaces file personally so am not the best person to ask21:15
macothere's also wicd...heard good things about that21:17
crdlbhe's gone, but I've found NM to be quite robust recently21:18
BUGabundo1crdlb: I think the same! I just a miss a one-button easy way to share networks, like anyone does in Windows21:19
BUGabundo1even Firestart won't work in my case... because NM prefers wired over any other network21:19
bjsnidersharing is what a router is for21:20
Ienorandcrdlb: NO, only way for me to get networking in either Jaunty or intrepid is to disable the *mubleswearword* thing..21:20
BUGabundo1bjsnider: not when you have a 3G dongle and want to share the network via wired or wifi21:20
IenorandI do not like N-M at the moment21:21
crdlbIenorand: probably crappy wifi drivers21:21
=== dR0g is now known as dROg
BUGabundo1Ienorand: on KDE? 'cause gnome's one is pretty good21:21
crdlbBUGabundo1: they make routers that take evdo cards21:21
IenorandBUGabundo1: gnome21:21
BUGabundo1or like crdlb said21:21
BUGabundo1crdlb: why get extra hw if I should be able to do it with my laptop?21:22
BUGabundo1actually according to dtchen, if I poke aroung iptables it should work... but that's not a one click solution21:22
crdlblaptops shouldn't be relied on for networking to other computers :)21:23
coz_networking  ---one click solutions?21:23
crdlbkind of defeats the purpose21:23
ActionParsnipcrdlb: they are ok if you want a small pc to slot out of the way21:24
BUGabundo1crdlb: don't the OMPLC do mesh?21:24
crdlbthe OLPC is hardly a model of a successful idea ;P21:25
crdlbbut that's a very different environment anyway21:25
denndaHalow: so /win 2921:26
ubuntunewkidi am using 9.04 on msft virtual pc21:31
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: what is your issue?21:32
ubuntunewkidsound...no sound21:32
ubuntunewkidmy sound card is on-board21:32
ubuntunewkidi dont know if that helps you21:32
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: have you installed the guest additions?21:32
BUGabundo1ubuntunewkid: did you do what I asked you ?21:32
BUGabundo1to report it on LP, and add the logs devs need?21:33
ActionParsnipif the virtual pc has such  feature21:33
ubuntunewkidshould i install guest additions?21:33
ubuntunewkidbecause i can21:33
ubuntunewkidi am going to do that right now21:33
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: did you check the iso you downloaded to install ubuntu?21:34
ubuntunewkidyes, i downloaded from the ubuntu home page21:34
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: did the md5sum match?21:35
ubuntunewkidi am not sure21:35
ubuntunewkidi just clicked on install virtual machine additions21:35
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: then you need to make sure dont you, if what you have downloaded isnt right then your install will be bad21:36
ubuntunewkidis there anything else i am supposed to do?21:36
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: you can also run the cd chacker on the first cd boot screen21:36
ubuntunewkidmy download is clean.21:36
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: once the cd and iso check out 100% then I'd look into this but yo MUST check the md5sum to make sure the file you have downloaded hasn't become garbaged in transmission21:37
ubuntunewkidi have seen that website before...didn't do much for me21:37
ubuntunewkidis there something in the reg that i need to edit21:38
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: ubuntu doesnt have a registry like the windows OS21:38
night-phoenixHi :)21:38
ubuntunewkidthe text editor is the way they edit reg21:38
bardyrActionParsnip, gconf?21:39
ubuntunewkidi had to edit the reg in ubuntu to install it21:39
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: you could try some bootoptions to see if that helps21:39
ubottuFor a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions21:39
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: do you get the login screen ok?21:40
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: does this error happen to all users?21:41
ubuntunewkidi am logged onto 9.04 right now...just no sound21:41
RichardWolfVI"Upgrades from Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid are currently suspended due to a Python issue."21:41
ActionParsnipsorry, mixing myself up21:41
RichardWolfVISo I shouldn't?21:41
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: does lspci   give any clues?21:41
ubuntunewkidsome users get no sound in ubuntu...but im not sure they are in beta 9.0421:42
ActionParsnipRichardWolfVI: i'd say no21:42
BUGabundo1ActionParsnip: don't loose that much time! prob kernel can't use the MSFT virtual PC emulated sound card21:42
RichardWolfVIafter I upgrade to Jaunty beta, I'll get the stable release automatically?21:42
BUGabundo1getting and lshall and alsa.sh would collect enough data to debug this21:42
ActionParsnipRichardWolfVI: yes as you will have jaunty repos already added21:43
BUGabundo1RichardWolfVI: its fixed now!21:43
BUGabundo1no one updated Topic21:43
RichardWolfVIhehe, thanks21:43
ubuntunewkidcan anyone lead me to a support forum on the no sound in ubuntu on msft vpc prob?21:43
BUGabundo1ubuntunewkid: I already told you 3 times......21:44
ActionParsnipubuntunewkid: does lspci display a sound device?21:44
bardyrubuntunewkid, try virtualbox instead of ms vpc21:44
BUGabundo1open a bug on launchpad using ubuntu-bug pulseaudio21:44
ubuntunewkidi tried that, it wouldnt install on my pc21:44
=== dtchen changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (beta) discussion channel | Jaunty is NOT RELEASED and NOT SUPPORTED. | Upgrades from Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid are supported again. | Jaunty may break your system. Beta CDs are at http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.04/ | Kubuntu: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/9.04-beta | Join #ubuntu for non-9.04 support
ubuntunewkidthe installation stopped prematurely...said my system wasnt modifies21:44
ubuntunewkidmodified, excuse me21:44
ubuntunewkidi cant get virtual box to work21:45
BUGabundo1thanks dtchen21:45
ubuntunewkidso i stick with vpc21:45
BUGabundo1I guess he didn't even tried to enable PAE on VBox! that makes it work!21:46
ActionParsniphis loss21:46
RichardWolfVIMy, who's desperate enough to use VirtualPC21:47
RichardWolfVIwell thanks for the response21:48
YixilTesiphonhi, I have gotten my atheros 242x card working to some extent but it is not recognizing any wireless networks21:50
ActionParsnipYixilTesiphon: does   sudo iwlist scan     show APs/21:51
YixilTesiphon"no scan results"21:51
YixilTesiphonI'm in an apartment building in a college town, so there should be 10 or 20 networks showing up21:52
ActionParsnipYixilTesiphon: is the killswitch set on so the device is active?21:52
YixilTesiphonActionParsnip: how would I check that?21:52
YixilTesiphonwlan0 shows a device, yes21:54
YixilTesiphonwith iwconfig21:54
ActionParsnipYixilTesiphon: its the switch on the pysical laptop to turn the wifi off and on21:54
LiMaOhey everyone, how do i make it so that the 'documents' folder do not get recreated all the time?21:54
YixilTesiphonActionParsnip: ah21:54
macoLiMaO: take the XDG User Dirs stuff out of autostart21:55
YixilTesiphonit is highlighted red but does not respond when I press it21:55
lamalexanyone here using the indicator applet with pidgin, and working suspend resume?21:55
macolamalex: yeah21:55
LiMaOmaco: thanks a lot, let me have a look at it21:55
lamalexmaco: does it die when you resume?21:55
macolamalex: no21:56
lamalexif i have pidgin running, suspend, resume, the indicator looks like it has no data providersrunning21:56
YixilTesiphonoh, it can now see networks21:56
BUGabundo1LiMaO: unselect it from startup21:56
YixilTesiphonweird, but awesome21:56
YixilTesiphonthanks all21:56
BUGabundo1lamalex: I got it crashing a few times21:56
lamalexBUGabundo1: same, but I can reporude it every time with suspend21:57
BUGabundo1not me21:57
LiMaOmaco and BUGabundo1, i can't find it neither in autostart, service manager or session manager.. btw, using kde21:57
BUGabundo1LiMaO: ahh my tip was for gnome21:58
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
LiMaOBUGabundo: btw, are you brazilian?21:58
BUGabundoLiMaO: PT21:59
grodiushey can anyone help me out? im using an  Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03) chip and im trying to get compiz to work.21:59
LiMaOBUGabundo: oh ok, i knew your nick was related to 'vagabundo' heh22:00
BUGabundogrodius: you prob can't!22:00
BUGabundogrodius: did you look in LP for your bug?22:00
macoLiMaO: i dont know hwere kde puts the xdg stuff...22:01
macoBUGabundo: why "you prob cant"? that chip has worked for compiz since edgy22:02
grodiusBUGabundo: yea, people have had it but no one has answered22:02
macoer wait...no that might be the newer one from gutsy22:02
grodiusBUGabundo: but it isnt a bug really, I've fixed it before in my xorg.22:02
macoanyway, im going to do homework now. nobody ping me.22:02
grodiusBUGabundo: you have to just add a couple of lines. i just need to find someone with the same chipset as me that has it working22:02
BUGabundomaco grodius https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/304871/comments/12022:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 304871 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i845G] Fatal server error: Couldn't bind memory for BO front buffer (Jaunty)" [High,Fix released]22:03
macoBUGabundo: reading fail22:03
LiMaOhey, just for reference: anyone looking to disable the xdg user dirs under kde, just edit /etc/xdg/user-dirs.conf and set the 'enabled' variable to 'false'22:04
LiMaOanother issue, anyone having problems installing sun-java* ?22:06
thiebaudeLiMaO: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras?22:07
LiMaOthiebaude: kubuntu-restricted-extras (the one which applies to me, under kde) is broken in jaunty22:07
LiMaOthiebaude: the meta package doesn't install anything at all22:08
LiMaOthiebaude: i was installing everything manually, but the sun-java packages are giving some problems.. the license cannot be shown and accepted, thus giving some errors22:08
thiebaudeLiMaO: sun java didn't show the ok button to press to accept the license22:10
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EvilAIMHey, any of you guys seen this mirror testing script?22:12
EvilAIMit downloads a file from all the mirrors to tell you which is the fastest.22:12
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
EvilAIMthe one it told me is the fastest is topping out my 15mbit...22:12
EvilAIMI'm getting 2.5 MB/s bursts.22:12
EagleScreenhello i use Kubuntu 9.0422:15
EagleScreenit hangs very often, it may be cuased by Xorg or by ext422:15
EagleScreenhow could I check if ext4 is the problem?22:16
LiMaOis there a way of downgrading from amarok 2 to 1.x?22:16
EvilAIMHave you checked your system logs yet?22:16
EvilAIMlimao: get the source files and manually compile it, but remove amarok 2 first via apt-get remove22:17
EvilAIMthen auto clean22:17
LiMaOdoh, isn't it available in the repos? compiling something by hand isn't that recommended nowadays on such a system22:18
EvilAIMtry: apt-cache search amarok22:18
seiflotfy3hi guys! Wil the new nvidia drivers be inserted into Jaunty22:18
EvilAIMsee if they still have the old one.22:18
seiflotfy3sine the current ones in the repository heat up the GU22:18
thiebaudeLiMaO: no amarok 2 is in synaptic22:18
BUGabundoguud night everyone! cu tommorow22:19
LiMaOseiflotfy3: i have no problems with the drivers in the repo.. tested on both a 8800gts alpha dog and a 6200le22:19
thiebaudegood nite BUGabundo22:19
EvilAIMya, I'm about to install this 9.04 64 bit with ext422:19
EvilAIMI have the nvidia, so we'll see how this works out for me:)22:20
thiebaudehow do i install ext4?22:20
EvilAIMthiebaude: it's an option in the installer22:20
EvilAIMI wouldn't recommend installing it dirty.22:20
EvilAIMclean install is the best way22:20
thiebaudeEvilAIM: i upgraded from 8.1022:20
SwedeMikeI tried 9.04 on a machine with 9300 onboard, and manually installed nvidia 180.44 and used it on a 1080p display. as soon as I tried running 1080p h264 material with for instance mplayer, xorg went to 100% cpu and I had to kill -KILL Xorg because basically everything stopped working in X22:21
Extremssaeufer30island monkeys and tommys22:21
Extremssaeufer30are stupid22:21
EvilAIMYa, I'm going to try it all out.22:22
EvilAIMshould be interesting:)22:22
EvilAIMThis new Mirror testing script is amazing.22:23
EvilAIMit downloads a small file from every mirror and tells me which is the fastest.  The one it showed me is topping out my 15mbit.22:23
Extremssaeufer30You've been kicked out of #opensolaris by e^ipi (e^ipi)22:24
EvilAIMIf anyone wants to check which mirror is fastest, I have a test script to assist.22:28
EvilAIMit has instructions and is very very low resource.22:29
sdf2does pulseaudio installed into ubuntu 9.04?22:31
EvilAIMI'm pretty sure it will22:31
EvilAIMwish me luck, I'm installing the os now22:32
sdf2good luck22:32
sdf2lets hope we will never see pulseaudio again...22:32
sdf2let people choose, if they want or not :p22:33
Twigathymost of the time pulse is fine, but sometimes it does Really Weird Stuff :(22:33
sdf2i can't make teamspeak work good with pulse :(22:33
EvilAIMWell, it isn't really a '22:34
EvilAIMnot really a choice thing.  you use what works.22:34
philsfsdf2: PA will most likely stay, and people can choose22:34
sdf2its hard to get rid of pa....22:34
philsfsdf2: sudo aptitude remove pulseaudio <- not hard22:35
EvilAIMok, lets see how this works.22:35
EvilAIMbbs (hopefully)22:35
=== jorjao is now known as Ursinha
sdf2i will definitely try it...22:35
LiMaOan issue i was having on the alphas is that it was impossible to get 5.1 sound working correctly... still have to test it on the beta22:39
j5098so i'm trying to get my frame rate for desktop effects to not suck in jaunty22:42
j5098i have an intel chipset, anyone have luck with this?22:42
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
mnemoj5098: EXA currently has gigantic perf regression22:45
mnemoj5098: switching to UXA mode will make it go fast again like intrepid or better but UXA is unstable on some chipsets22:45
mnemoj5098: what chipset do you have?22:45
j5098mnemo, 945g? i think22:47
j5098mnemo, i tried adding the uxa thing in my device section of xorg, but then i couldn't even get to the login window22:48
mnemoah, then you're stuck between a rock and a hard place22:48
mnemobut for 945 there actually another perf regression which is being fixed22:48
mnemoif you have an error in xorg.log that says "tiling" isnt being activated22:48
mnemothat error will likely get fixed before release22:49
mnemobut the status is still unknown for the general EXA perf problem22:49
bjsnidermaybe he just screwed up the syntax and that's why uxa didn't take22:49
mnemoyea or that22:49
mnemoj5098: if your xorg.log contains:22:51
mnemo(EE) intel(0): Failed to set tiling on front buffer: No such file or directory22:51
mnemothen you might be hitting this one --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/34999222:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 349992 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[945 tiling] Low performance due to no A17 workaround" [Unknown,In progress]22:51
mnemohowever, as I said... my EXA perf on G45 is still so bad the machine is unusable in EXA and I dont have the tiling problem...22:53
j5098mnemo, hmmm, i'm not in ubuntu right now22:55
j5098i'll have to check later22:55
j5098thx tho22:55
urthmoverHow do I clean up qt and openoffice after I do an upgrade from intrepid to jaunty?  something about Fix Workarounds?22:59
Joker_-_Hi, any help on setting up bluetooth headphones as "normal" headphones would be appreciated...23:00
Joker_-_My headset is paired, but can't get any sound out of em23:00
EagleSnplease could you tell me if do you think this Xorg.log.0.old has any issue?23:03
danbhfive_jauntyanyone know about the suspend resume script testing thing?  Specifically, why haven't the timer controls been switched, as suggested upstream?23:03
the7thmagus_hey, I am using Kubuntu Jaunty and my file delete and empty trash operations do not work. its just stalled and stays there forever. KIOslave delete process takes up massive CPU time23:06
bytor4232Well, I will say one thing about Jaunty, my battery life is improved!  I went from an hour and 10 to an hour and a half plus!23:07
bytor4232I don't know if switching to Xubuntu had anything to do with it.23:08
EagleSnI think yes, I heared one time that XFCE save battery23:09
bytor4232Maybe it accesses the hdd less or something.23:09
rconanwell the whole thing is smaller, uses less processor, less memory23:10
rconanof course it saves power23:10
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=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
danbhfive_jauntywhat does the kernaloops thing do?  I sent one off, but it just disappeared...23:16
mnemoapt-get source kerneloops23:17
mnemoI think it submits data to www.kerneloops.org so mainline kernel devs get it23:17
mnemoyou can look up your submitted crashes there23:17
danbhfive_jauntyhuh, that's pretty cool23:18
danbhfive_jauntyits like a useful garbage can  :)23:19
mnemodanbhfive_jaunty: you can get statistics on what kind of crashes on the most common, and then fix those first etc23:19
ondiskkerneloops is indeed really cool23:20
mnemohello Richard Wolf the 6th23:22
mnemowhat is your mind?23:22
RichardWolfVIWhat's the issue with python-uniconvertor?23:22
RichardWolfVIhey mnemo23:22
mnemoehm, what error are you seeing?23:23
RichardWolfVIit seems I can't install said package23:23
mnemohmm, there has been a lot problems with python package today23:23
RichardWolfVIit's installed, though23:23
mnemosome update that was buggy I think23:23
mnemonot sure exactly23:23
RichardWolfVIbetter keep waithing23:24
mnemoyeah it will probably go away in like 2-3 days at most23:26
the7thmagus_hey, I am using Kubuntu Jaunty and my file delete and empty trash operations do not work. its just stalled and stays there forever. KIOslave delete process takes up massive CPU time23:31
|ns|nR8i duel boot 8.10 with 9.04 running ext4...grub info is stored on the ext4 partition...if 8.10 updates kernel will it be able to update the grub info on the 9.04 partition..i was just wondering since 8.10 cant normall access ext423:36
J-_Anyone else having problems with alarm-clock hard locking the desktop?23:38
kklimondawhy doesn't update-notifier show icon in tray when new updates are available?23:41
RichardWolfVIJ-_: Yes, it's hanging for me23:42
LiMaOhow do i configure pulseaudio for 5.1 sound output? running kubuntu jaunty23:51
StevenXHello. How do I add a multiverse repo to jaunty? I want to install the latest vlc (0.9.9) and the repos only have (0.9.8).23:59

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