cjwatsonslangasek: if it's deferred, it's fine by me to unseed it00:09
cjwatsonslangasek: I think I seeded it when there was still some question00:10
slangasekunseeding then, thanks00:11
slangaseksuperm1: ok, I've traced through hotkey-setup now, and I think the video/DOS stuff is the only thing left that does anything useful... I just got a bug report about why the remaining thinkpad key mask stuff is doing the /wrong/ thing... :)00:41
dtchenjames_w: how often is package-import.u.c refreshed?01:03
james_wdtchen: regularly, but it's down at the moment I'm afraid01:04
james_wthere won't be anything newer than around 3 days currently, sorry01:04
* dtchen just sends upstream the git changesets instead01:04
james_wSomething has changed about the network and I haven't looked for someone to fix it for me yet01:04
james_wwhen it comes back up it will be based on launchpadlib though, which will give a latency of ~5 minutes on average I think01:05
james_wthat's accepted -> available for "bzr branch"01:05
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RAOFAnyone here a PPC fan?  I have no idea why ld is trying, and failing, to access crtsavres.o in this log http://tinyurl.com/dj8f9h02:01
* ScottK suggests TheMuso when he's around.02:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 234055 in tkdesk "Hardy tkdesk crashes on startup" [Undecided,New]04:06
rvnnobody has addressed this since hardy04:06
rvncan someone please look at that04:06
rvnit's still affecting the package in 8.1004:07
rvnthe app needs to be updated to find newer versions of the packages it depends on that are shipped with the OS04:11
rvnnot a hard fix i imagine04:11
twbCan someone with a firefox installed please tell me what its x-www-browser alternative priority is set to?04:21
twbThe file is /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/x-www-browser04:21
geofftOn my Intrepid ubuntu-standard system, 4004:25
geofft(it's being overriden by xlinks2 at priority 69)04:26
twbOn Debian it's 7004:26
twbAny idea why that's different?04:27
ebroderWe were talking about this elsewhere early. My theory is that x-www-browser wants to be something that launches quickly - i.e. you get an HTML attachment, you want to open it, see the file, close the window04:27
ebroderFirefox is too bulky for that kind of usage04:27
ebroderBut that's just a theory - I don't know the real reasoning04:28
geofftI think Jaunty has firefox at a higher priority04:28
twbThe current ordering on Debian is ridiculous04:28
twbgaleon and netsurf are up the top04:28
twbHave I got this right?06:49
twb"My understanding of Ubuntu numbering is that it is -0ubuntu1 only if it is actually modifying an imported Debian package of version -0.  If it's a native Ubuntu package that has no relation to any Debian package, then it would just be -1."06:49
twbEr, and by "native Ubuntu" I really mean "not based on a Debian package".06:49
infinitytwb: There are very few "native Ubuntu" packages in that sense, though.06:59
twbinfinity: upstart and such06:59
twbinfinity: but I've understood correctly, right?06:59
laserjockI don't think it'd be a -1, that would mean it was a Debian package06:59
infinitytwb: Mostly, we view "packaged for Ubuntu first" packages as being "stuff that Debian hasn't gotten around to yet", and stick with the 1.2.3-0ubuntu1 versioning, so we get the merge hint if/when Debian picks it up.06:59
twbinfinity: OK, I wasn't aware.07:00
twbinfinity: is this new since, say, 2006?07:00
laserjockif it's really a native package you'd just do <version>07:00
twblaserjock: yeah, I misused the word "native"07:00
infinitytwb: upstart's versioned without the -XubuntuX mostly because Keybuk chose to do it that way, IMO.  Not due to any particularly strict policy on who upstream is.07:00
infinitytwb: And no, none of the versioning policy is particularly new.  We've been informally doing things pretty much the same way since warty.07:01
twbFair enough.07:01
infinitytwb: But the "only packaged in Ubuntu, and nowhere else" case is fuzzy, and sometimes it goes the way of ustrart, sometimes it goes the -0ubuntu1 route, generally depending on how likely the packager thinks it is that Debian will ever pick it up.07:02
twbinfinity: may I quote you on the debian-haskell list?07:02
infinitytwb: (And using versions without "ubuntu" means the archive admins have to add a manual blacklist to the sync process (we have one for upstart), "just in case" Debian ever ships a version)07:02
twbinfinity: well, Debian does ship upstart, but only in experimental07:03
infinitytwb: Right.  And when that moves to unstable, we'd accidentally sync it if we didn't have the blacklist.  Hence the issue.07:03
twbHuh.  I thought syncs were manual unless there were no differences.07:03
infinitytwb: The fact that Keybuk happens to have been intimately familiar with the sync process, and blacklisting therein, may have influenced his versioning. :)07:04
twbOh, I guess "no differences" is determined by the presence of ubuntuN07:04
infinitytwb: Right.  Syncs versus merges are entirely based on version numbers.07:04
twbOK, thanks.  May I quote your comments above?07:04
infinitytwb: When we autosync, anything that's not XubuntuX is auto-synced if Debian has a higher version number (unless we blacklist it).07:04
infinitytwb: Quote away.07:04
DreadKnightblender shows up very crappy ... guess bad video drivers07:11
DreadKnighti have ATI intel GMA 95007:11
foxbuntuDreadKnight, I think you might be asking for help in the wrong channel try #ubuntu07:15
DreadKnightwell, i have jaunty :P07:16
DreadKnightbah im such and bleeding edge freak..07:16
twbDreadKnight: #ubuntu+1, then, I think07:16
DreadKnightoh ok07:16
twbBut I thought 9.04 was already released?07:17
foxbuntutwb, not yet07:17
twbOh, 23rd07:17
twbSomeone confused me!07:17
DreadKnightbeta released.. channel topic07:18
gene2I hate asking this here, but I've searched and searched, asked on #ubuntu and got nowhere. I'm looking to find the source for linux-image-2.6.24-23-rt, when I get it using apt-get source linux-image-2.6.24-23-rt, I get the regular source with the Ubuntu patch but the preempt stuff is missing, because when I tr to load the config I have running it complains about a bunch of preempt variables not existing08:13
gene2I'd like to rebuild this package but I just cannot locate the ubuntu patch for, the original one does not apply clean08:14
twbgene2: look in debian/patches/ ?08:14
gene2yes sir08:15
twbThere might be an #ubuntu-kernel or something.08:15
gene2there is no patches director in the debian directory08:15
gene2thanks, I'll give it a try08:15
twbUnfortunately I don't know how Ubuntu does its kernel packaging, so I can't help further.08:18
twbTheroretically kernel-package was once used, but AIUI that was long ago08:18
gene2got ya08:20
cjwatsongene2: by definition the only source that can possibly be used for our -rt kernel is contained in 'apt-get source <package name>' and in the build-dependencies listed in debian/control08:29
cjwatsongene2: the build system simply won't use anything else - so if you're not seeing something, either you're missing it or it's not there :-)08:30
gene2cjwatson: I was under the same impression but I'm telling you parts of the preempt-rt patch are missing08:30
cjwatson*shrug* the builds don't happen by magic08:31
cjwatsonI don't know anything about the -rt kernel, I'm just giving you immutable rules for how our build system works08:31
gene2I agree, I'm going file by file looking how this patch might get applied but the way I see it now, the patch is not there08:31
cjwatsonperhaps the patch you're looking for is not in fact applied then?08:32
gene2perhaps so, it is very likely, but I cannot find where the patch lies then, when I grab the patch from the original maintainer, I can see it applies like 75%, so obviously it is not applied, the problem is I cannot find how it is applied using the rules anywhere08:33
cjwatsonin the version you're looking at, patches are in debian/binary-custom.d/rt/08:34
gene2omg, thank you so much! I see it now, I really appreciate your help08:36
cjwatsonI think 'debian/rules custom-prepare-rt' will give you buildable source ... somewhere08:37
gene2yes, looks like it, except i was not aware of the -prepare, this will help a lot instead of applying those by hand08:38
gene2thank you so much for your help, its 3:40am here, I can go to sleep now and figure out the remaining tomorrow08:39
cjwatsondebian/build/custom-source-rt/ by the looks of things08:40
cjwatsonis where custom-prepare-rt puts it, with the expectation that it be built with something like 'make -C debian/build/custom-source-rt O=debian/build/custom-build-rt' - see debian/rules.d/6-binary-custom.mk08:41
gene2I ran fakeroot debian/rules custom-prepare-rt it applied all the patches and crapped out in the end, trying to execute something, I'm getting tooo sleepy to figure out what08:42
cjwatsongene2: for reference, the build system starts from a clean extracted source package (from dpkg-source -x) with 'debian/rules build'08:43
cjwatsonof course that will build all sorts of other stuff first08:44
cjwatsonbut that's where to start if you want to trace this through08:44
cjwatson(it'll later run 'fakeroot debian/rules binary' or a close equivalent)08:44
cjwatsonin general 'debuild -b' will rebuild a package from source with no changes; you can apply changes on top of that by first editing the working tree and probably also editing debian/changelog to give it a different version number08:45
siretart_I've merged lintian 2.2.9 for personal use, now I wonder if it was acceptable to upload it to jaunty at this point.08:46
gene2I see08:46
cjwatsonyou can pick apart the build system by hand to rebuild just the -rt bit, which will use less machine time, but it might use less human time to just rebuild the lot ...08:46
cjwatsonsiretart_: I'd rather not, it moves to a newer version of policy than is in Ubuntu08:46
cjwatsonsiretart_: is there some particular fix you want?08:47
siretart_its in my ppa anyway..08:47
siretart_cjwatson: I'm working on debian packages for unstable, so I'd like to check against policy 3.8.108:47
cjwatsonISTR I was reasonably deliberate in merging only up to 2.2.5 recently08:47
cjwatsonif you're working on Debian packages, why not use a Debian chroot with Debian's lintian package installed?08:47
cjwatsonthat's what I do08:48
cjwatsonsince Debian requires binary uploads you need a chroot anyway08:48
siretart_hm..  the main reason is that I use emacs-client to connect to my 'main' emacs session08:48
cjwatsonisn't that just a matter of some bind-mounts?08:49
siretart_perhaps I can make the debian chrooted emacsclient connect to the outside emacs? - /me goes investigating..08:49
cjwatsonI have a bunch of hacky scripts which set up a chroot with all sorts of bind-mounts and shims for this kind of thing08:49
cjwatson(they're pretty specific to me but also not hard to reinvent)08:49
Mithrandiryou generally just want $HOME and /tmp, don't you?08:50
Mithrandirschroot can do that for you easily enough08:50
siretart_and perhaps /srv/scratch/packages...08:50
cjwatsonand /proc /sys /dev /dev/pts, and I actually mount bits of $HOME and /tmp separately rather than the whole thing. Also I transfer xauth and iceauth data into the chroot08:51
cjwatsonand /etc/resolv.conf08:51
cjwatsonI might look into schroot/dchroot one day08:52
siretart_skip dchroot, schroot replaces it08:52
slangasekschroot is very nice08:55
slangasekproc and /dev/pts are handled by default; as are /home and /tmp, but your mounts are just a config file anyway08:57
Mithrandirslangasek: resolv.conf should arguably be done by default too.08:57
slangasekmaybe it is08:57
slangasekI'm not sure I've looked :)08:57
slangasekit is08:57
slangasek$ cat /etc/schroot/copyfiles-defaults08:57
* hyperair thinks that was more than 3 lines of a paste. =p08:58
slangasekyou are correct08:58
siretart_indeed. emacsclient "just works"...08:58
* cjwatson installs schroot and puts it on the "when I get round to it" list, then08:59
slangasekschroot+lvm snapshotting == win08:59
cjwatsonmm, unfortunately attempting to convert laptop in-place to lvm == loss, probably09:00
slangasekah, yeah09:00
A4TechHi, Please Give, I collect deb package but it will be the program of the scripts.09:08
A4Techie make and install the files I have no. What should I do?09:08
* hyperair tries very hard to understand and fails.09:09
A4Techhyperair what you do not understand? :)09:11
hyperairyour two sentences.09:11
A4TechI need to collect the deb package, which will be only 2 Script and a pair of directories09:11
A4Techand that he has set this in ~/.gnome2/...09:12
Mithrandirare you asking for help on how to build a deb package?09:12
A4TechMithrandir yes)09:12
A4Techwritten everywhere how to build packages from source09:14
A4Techbut I have some bash scripts09:14
cjwatsonthen you take the standard advice for building packages from source, but just leave out the bits about compiling things09:16
A4Techhmm, and where to edit the path, which will set the contents of the package?09:17
cjwatsonman debhelper (and then read the various other manual pages linked from that; dh_install in particular may be relevant)09:17
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RAOFPoot!  When did compiz start preventing gnome-do from presenting properly?09:45
* RAOF looks learily at the recent focus_on_map patch.09:46
RAOFOh, dear.  It seems that compiz is no longer putting splash windows on the top of the z-order, where nature intended.09:50
* hyperair hates splash windows anyway09:57
RAOFhyperair: One _tiny_ problem: gnome-do takes out a keyboard & pointer grab, and is a splash window...09:58
hyperairwhat? seriously?09:59
hyperairi thought it was a dock.09:59
hyperairoh whoops sorry i was thinking of docky =p09:59
RAOFThat would be the 'docky' interface, added quite recently.  Which is a dock, and hence doesn't suffer from the problem.09:59
RAOFAll the other interfaces _are_ splash windows, take out grabs, and then aren't positioned above other windows.  This makes the computer appear to behave quite strangely!10:00
RAOFCompiz has an awesome dependency graph.  It includes such wonders as libxine-dev.10:05
crdlbwhat pulls that in? O_o10:05
RAOFSome kde4 stuff, which depends on phonon, which depends on libxine.10:06
hyperairlol nice10:06
crdlbah, wait isn't that the point of phonon? :P10:06
hyperairwhy does compiz depend upon kde4 again?10:06
crdlbto build kde4-window-decorator et al.10:06
Mithrandirbuild dependency graph != dependency graph, though10:07
RicardoPerezandersk: Hi. Can I chat with you about the bug #269904 ? I've a refresh problem with the clock applet11:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269904 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "Screen refresh problems with nvidia on intrepid" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26990411:27
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directhexis it still not possible to connected to encrypted wifi when auto-logging-in? i don't remember the specifics14:04
infinitydirecthex: There was a pretty long discussion on ubuntu-devel (search for "keyring" on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2009-March/thread.html) about auto login and keyring passwords, but AFAIR, nothing was actually changed in that regard for jaunty.14:06
infinitydirecthex: So, since there's nothing unlocking your keyring, and it's encrypted-by-default, you can't both auto-login and auto-connect to secure wireless.14:07
jpdsUnless you don't have a password on the keyring.14:09
* hyperair doesn't14:17
Companybut it does work if i select "available to all users" when editing connections14:17
Companydoes it not use the keyring then or am i misremembering?14:18
ion_nautilus: - Update fallback icon to not look like gnome 1.x15:01
superm1slangasek, great! I think the next step will be to find out if it really is doing anything "useful" for desktop installs, or if the X driver is doing similar behaviors on it's own when it initializes xrandr.  I'm not sure i've got any older laptops with svideo still, so i'll have to look around15:29
beginner9can someone help me with this?17:06
beginner9no one?17:07
ebroderIf I'm merging package a into package b, then the new package b should provide, conflicts, and replace a, right?18:06
directhexwho killed pciehp?19:05
directhexit used to be at least possible to get hotplug working on an aspire one's memory card readers, or at least on one of them. jaunty seems to have no pciehp.ko, and correspondingly zero hotpluggability19:12
johanbrdirecthex: CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_PCIE=y19:25
johanbrit's built-in19:25
directhexoh bugger, that means kernel parameters to alter behaviour doesn't it19:29
directhexwish i knew what made these card readers so difficult to have JustWork(tm)19:33
dtchenkirkland: i'll file a wishlist about this, but it would be awesome if screen-profiles also prepended exit status to PS121:10
dtchenkirkland: "exit status" -> non-zero exit status21:11
jefferaiasac: hey there, Riddell said I should ping you21:12
jefferaihaving a networking issue21:12
philsfis this the right place to ask for the removal of a package?21:46
philsfBug #6459421:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 64594 in hubackup "hurestore will always crash on startup (unfinished tool)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6459421:46
philsfbug has been  around since 2006, and upstream shows no activity towards a solution in a long time, please remove hubackup before jaunty21:48
cjwatsonphilsf: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/PackageArchive#Removing%20Packages21:49
cjwatsonphilsf: in short: if you aren't an Ubuntu developer, get an Ubuntu developer to sponsor your request (and in this case, preferably get this Martin Bergner guy to agree, since he seems to be involved; "hostile removals" tend to create aggravation and confusion); if you are, subscribe the ubuntu-archive team to the bug21:50
jefferaiasac: basically the issue is, I had a default openvz install of 8.04 server which I upgraded to 8.10, no problems in either...but when I upgrade it to 9.04 (tried several times) the networking doesn't work.  The main issue seems to be that /var/run/network isn't being created, so ifstate can't be found/stored there, but if I add that directory it gets wiped out on the next reboot21:51
jefferai(of the container)21:51
philsfcjwatson: I see, thanks for the info21:52
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philsfcjwatson: it appears it was already removed, with consent from developers: Bug #32079722:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320797 in hubackup "Remove hubackup from repositories (no GUI restore!)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32079722:07
philsfshould I close the original bug as invalid? I can't set as wontfix22:08
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Cronosis it here to ask for help on ubuntu 9.04 ?22:15
Mithrandirask in #ubuntu+122:15
cjwatsonphilsf: fix released is probably closest22:22
cjwatsonphilsf: just include an explanation pointing to the other bug22:22
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