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Rocket2DMnHey guys, what did we decide about CategoryDocumentation?18:16
nhandlermdke: Since you agreed that we should have a karmic branch for gnome-user-docs, could you possibly create lp:~ubuntu-core-doc/gnome-user-docs/ubuntu-karmic and take care of setting that as trunk?19:11
mdkenhandler: I can create the branch but won't set it as trunk, because it isn't :)19:19
mdkeRocket2DMn: to get rid of it on the help wiki, over time19:20
nhandlermdke: So what is the difference between the lp:gnome-user-docs branch and the lp:~ubuntu-core-doc/gnome-user-docs/ubuntu-karmic branch?19:21
mdkenhandler: lp:gnome-user-docs is an import of upstream svn19:21
mdkenhandler: ubuntu-karmic and the other ubuntu branches have Ubuntu customisations19:21
mdke(and the packaging)19:28
nhandlermdke: Oh, ok. And is the lp:gnome-user-docs always in sync with upstream? Or do we manually update it?19:30
mdkenhandler: it's automatically synched. But I don't know if that will need to be changed for the move to git19:31
nhandlermdke: I thought they had tools (or were making tools) that allowed us to keep bzr branches in sync with svn/cvs/git branches for when archive reorganization comes19:31
mdkenhandler: there are lots of bzr plugins around19:33
mdkei think cvs and svn are the only ones supported by LP at the moment, but I may be wrong19:35
Rocket2DMnalright thanks mdke , so if we are editing pages that have it, just remove it?19:54
Rocket2DMnI thought we had reached that conclusion, but I wanted to check19:54
mdkeRocket2DMn: yep20:05
mdkenhandler: ubuntu-karmic pushed up20:05
Rocket2DMncool, i'm starting to get some solid organization for our summer of documentation.  we will be tracking progress on this page again - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Development20:06
Rocket2DMnThe plan in my head right now is to officially start in May since Jaunty will be out by then20:07
Rocket2DMnand Gutsy will be EOL20:07
Rocket2DMnmdke, did we decide that DocuMENTORS was dead?20:13
Rocket2DMne.g. the ubuntu-doc-students team?20:13
Rocket2DMnalso have this old team lying around - https://launchpad.net/~wikiforumteam20:19
missaugustinaRocket2DMn: I just saw your mention of the DocuMENTORS team.  I joined that on Launchpad.  Is there a different team I should join?20:36
Rocket2DMnmissaugustina, i'm not sure how it's going down exactly, there was discussion a few months ago about it20:36
Rocket2DMnpeople weren't really getting mentors i guess, but I don't think that team will disappear20:37
Rocket2DMnthat wikiforimteam probably should though, that is old and unused20:37
missaugustinak, I didn't get the impression from DocuMENTORS that it was a one-on-one mentoring deal.20:39
missaugustinaMore like you are "in training" and folks on the list just point you in the right direction.20:39
Rocket2DMnyeah i think that is how it is in reality, but i think the original intent was to be assigned a mentor20:40
missaugustinayeah, that sounds like a pretty tall order :)20:40
mdkeRocket2DMn: I don't think that it should disappear myself, I just think it needs simplifying20:42
mdkeRocket2DMn: the way it was implemented was too formal20:42
Rocket2DMnwhat about that wikiforumteam though?20:43
mdkeRocket2DMn: I'll scrap the wikiforum team though, you're right20:43
Rocket2DMnok cool20:43
Rocket2DMnOne of the hardest things I've found about getting involved with the doc team is that there is stuff everywhere20:43
Rocket2DMnwe've done a good job of organizing it over the last year, but its not perfect yet20:43
missaugustinaThere doesn't seem to be a consistent list of items and who's working on it.20:44
mdkemissaugustina: the task list?20:44
missaugustinaMaybe I was looking at the wrong thing?  For instance, Rhythmbox was listed as a to-do but there was someone already working on it.20:45
Rocket2DMnwhere we you lookng missaugustina ?  I'm not sure there really is a good way to mark pages as being worked on, its a community wiki, any page is fair game20:46
missaugustinaUnder the Kubuntu section there is a table with more details of task status and who is working on it.20:47
Rocket2DMnah ok, you're talking about system documentation (duh, my bad)20:47
missaugustinaSorry for the confusion ;)20:48
Rocket2DMnI'm not entirely sure how they coordinate working on system docs exactly.20:48
mdkeit's very difficult to run a table like that because it quickly gets out of date20:50
missaugustinaIt's no biggie, I was just agreeing that as a newbie, it can be challenging because things are a little spread out :)20:50
missaugustinaYeah I totally understand.20:50
mdkeand the rhythmbox one is still an active task because it hasn't been completed20:50
mdkebut yeah, we can always work on keeping things better up to date20:52
Rocket2DMnThe sheer number of community doc pages is overwhelming, it is difficult to decide how to proceed with much of this20:53
missaugustinaMaybe folks working on those tasks could just put their name next to it so people coming to the page know who to contact?20:53
mdkeyes, maybe. Although the mailing list should always be the first point of contact20:53
missaugustinaMakes sense to me :)  Thanks!20:55
mdkeone good way to organise it would be to have a bug for every task, then you can check the bug for the status and current assignee20:55
Rocket2DMnmdke, if you want to take the bug route, maybe you want to add a bug link to each community doc page like we did with manpages?20:57
mdkeRocket2DMn: hmm?20:58
mdkeRocket2DMn: I was just talking about having a bug for the tasks on our task pages20:59
Rocket2DMnah, that can be done, too20:59
mdkewhat were you suggesting?20:59
Rocket2DMntake for example: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/en/man1/yelp.1.html20:59
Rocket2DMnsee that bug link at the top?20:59
Rocket2DMnyou could do something like that official and community doc pages and have it default to filing against the ubuntu-docs package21:00
mdkewe have that in the footer of the theme21:00
Rocket2DMnah i see it on the official docs, though it goes to ubuntu-doc project, not ubuntu-docs package21:02
Rocket2DMnno such link on the community docs afaict21:02
mdkeoh yeah. I'd rather encourage people to fix problems in the community docs themselves than collect bugs for those pages21:03
mdkebut the WikiGuide page contains a link21:03
Rocket2DMndoes the theme need to be updated to link to ubuntu-docs package instead of ubuntu-doc based on our new bug policy?21:04
Rocket2DMndo we need to open a bug task for that, or will you just go ahead and do that sometime?21:06
mdkeRocket2DMn: I thought it had already been done, but for some reason the change isn't working21:09
mdkeRocket2DMn: I'm digging into it now21:09
Rocket2DMnhmm, i see its ok on https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/newtoubuntu/C/index.html21:09
Rocket2DMnseems to just be the homepages21:10
mdkeah, DOH21:12
mdkethanks Rocket2DMn21:13
Rocket2DMnmdke, question about a bug i'm working on - bug 35231321:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 352313 in ubuntu-docs "Grammar error" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35231321:24
Rocket2DMnThe bug appears in two places - virutalization.xml and jeos.xml in serverguide21:24
Rocket2DMnthe text is exactly the same in those sections of the documents - how/why?21:25
mdkeshouldn't it be?21:25
Rocket2DMnWell, I'm not entirely sure why documentation is being maintained in two places there21:26
mdkeoh, it's a substantial section?21:26
Rocket2DMndo I need to update both documents?  Or should they be Including?21:26
mdkeI thought you just meant that the same sentence appeared twice21:26
Rocket2DMnyeah its a large part of the document21:26
Rocket2DMnor rather, is that virtualization document not correct, b/c looking at the build it is simply a table of contents type page21:27
mdkeRocket2DMn: ok, jeos.xml isn't used anymore as far as I can see, it's not included in serverguide.xml21:27
mdkesommer: jeos.xml can be removed I guess to avoid confusion21:28
mdkegood spot Rocket2DMn21:28
Rocket2DMni dont see a serverguide.html21:28
Rocket2DMnlet me rebuild21:28
mdkeno, don't bother21:29
Rocket2DMntoo late21:29
Rocket2DMnmdke, should I delete the jeos.xml file as part of my patch/diff?21:32
mdkeRocket2DMn: we can let sommer do it separately21:33
Rocket2DMnOk, how do we go about that? Email? bug and assign to him?21:33
mdkeRocket2DMn: he'll take care of it, he's good at irc hilights21:34
Rocket2DMnhaha ok, i'll make a quick mention on the current bug report when i attach the patch as well21:35
Rocket2DMnthis leads me to another question then - where is the xml->html filename correlation defined?21:35
Rocket2DMnits doesnt appear to be one-to-one or even simple includes21:36
mdkethere isn't any correlation21:36
mdkethe xsl stylesheets define what html files are build during the build21:36
Rocket2DMnah, so where are those?21:37
mdkewell, we use standard ones installed by docbook-xsl, with some minor customisations in libs/21:38
mdkethe names of the html files come from the section id's in the xml21:39
mdkeso if you have "<sect1 id="video">", then that becomes video.html when we build the html21:39
Rocket2DMnok, so all sect1 definitions become html files then?21:40
mdkepossibly also sect2, I'm not 100% sure21:41
Rocket2DMnthe one i checked wasnt a html21:41
mdkeit depends on to what level of detail you "chunk" the html, i.e. split it into separate html files21:42
Rocket2DMnok, thanks for clearing that up, that helps my understanding quite a bit21:42
Rocket2DMnill have that patch in just a moment, only needed to remove one word :)21:42
mdkedon't forget to use scripts/validate.sh before you send the patch, that is your best friend21:43
Rocket2DMndoin that now21:43
mdkeso $ scripts/validate.sh serverguide/C/serverguide.xml21:43
Rocket2DMnsome of the older versions didnt have a document/C/document naming convention, like for Hardy i think21:44
Rocket2DMnmaybe im confusing myself21:45
mdkewe've always used that structure21:47
Rocket2DMnyeah i just went back and checked21:48
Rocket2DMnim running circles around myself, dont mind me21:48
Rocket2DMnalright, the patch is uploaded to the bug report21:50
Rocket2DMngoin afk, thanks for the help matthew21:55

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