CIA-28wubi: Agostino Russo * r110 trunk/ (4 files in 3 dirs):02:20
CIA-28wubi: * Avoid removing the bcd boot menu multiple times (LP: #354882)02:20
CIA-28wubi: * Remove wubildr files from each drive02:20
CIA-28wubi: * Check that file extraction from ISO is successful before trying to02:20
CIA-28wubi:  parse the file (LP: #351966)02:20
CIA-28wubi: Agostino Russo * r111 trunk/ (3 files in 3 dirs):03:03
CIA-28wubi: The path of the original executable is now quoted, but the quotes03:03
CIA-28wubi: have to be stripped out within python (LP: #341605)03:03
CIA-28wubi: Agostino Russo * r112 trunk/ (77 files in 2 dirs): Updated translations from rosetta03:16
goodlinuxuserhow i can chage language ubiquity or add new entry20:41
cjwatsongoodlinuxuser: are you the same person I've been corresponding with by e-mail? (Persian?)21:09
cjwatsonyes, apparently so21:10
cjwatsongoodlinuxuser: the things you are trying will not help much. You will get a partially-translated installer and that's all (basically, the strings that are implemented in the ubiquity frontend rather than in the backend code - so for example half the partitioner will be untranslated)21:11
cjwatsongoodlinuxuser: and your work will not be available to anyone else21:12
cjwatson(well, not the bulk of Ubuntu users anyway)21:12
cjwatsongoodlinuxuser: is there a reason you're resisting the suggestion I have made, which is the *only* way to get the installer translated in such a way that the translations are available to Ubuntu users?21:13
cjwatsongoodlinuxuser: it's very frustrating for me that I've explained what you need to do but you seem not to want to listen21:14
goodlinuxuseryes i am21:19
goodlinuxuserare u there?21:23
goodlinuxuserhello again21:23
goodlinuxuseri am very sorry21:23
goodlinuxuseri was checked my mail and study your cammand21:24
cjwatsonThere are two reasons I'm recommending getting the Persian translations updated upstream. Firstly, it's probably actually the easiest approach for you. Applying a new translation locally yourself is actually really difficult and there's no help available for it because it isn't the usual process. Secondly, we'd love to have enough Persian translations that we can reactivate Persian for everyone!21:25
goodlinuxuserwe decided created new distro basis on ubuntu21:25
cjwatsonIn theory it's possible to do it locally with msgmerge applied to various files, but if you aren't already an *expert* in the use of the gettext tools, this will be a total waste of your time21:27
goodlinuxuserbut I love can translation will use in ubuntu21:27
cjwatsonand even if you are, we'd like to get the translations integrated anyway21:27
cjwatsonand the process for that is to contribute them upstream21:27
goodlinuxuserok you say correct21:28
cjwatsonI don't accept major installer translation work in Ubuntu (only the strings that are specific to Ubuntu), because the result of that is that I end up mediating between two different translation teams in sixty languages I don't speak :-)21:28
cjwatsonwhich ... doesn't tend to work very well, to put it mildly21:28
goodlinuxuserI just a simple linux  user that dont use windows about 2years21:28
cjwatsoncreating a new distribution is one of the hardest things you can do ...21:29
goodlinuxuseriI have download ubiquity source file21:29
cjwatsondownloading ubiquity's source is *not* the place to start21:29
cjwatsonubiquity is a frontend over the Debian installer, and so it's necessary to start with the Debian installer21:31
goodlinuxuserother my freinds could remaster ubuntu8.04 and add openoffice3,0,1, . . .21:31
goodlinuxuserand just need some change to final release21:32
goodlinuxuserI can'nt creat a new distro alone . I khow21:33
cjwatsonadding a single application that's already packaged is easier than adding translations to the installer21:34
goodlinuxuseri am only update foss.ir and sometime help them21:34
cjwatsonhttp://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/ is the place you should start; I'm sorry, I don't know any other way to say this21:34
goodlinuxuserI understand your mean21:35
cjwatsonthe thing is that the translation available in Launchpad is hideously incomplete21:36
cjwatsonI don't think anyone's actually ever touched it in Launchpad - it's just imported from Debian21:36
goodlinuxuserbut as i heard persian coridor not per mit this an their permit need to confirm21:37
cjwatsonso just dropping in the translation from Launchpad, even if you could do this, will get you an installer that's only about 40% translated into Persian, and the rest in English21:37
cjwatsonwhich almost certainly isn't particularly useful - it usually needs to be a lot better than that21:37
cjwatsonthere's no way around the fact that a translator needs to go in and actually update the translations21:38
cjwatsonperhaps you can find somebody outside Iran who speaks Persian?21:38
cjwatsonif there's some political problem with translating it from within Iran21:38
goodlinuxuserI also spoken persian21:39
cjwatsonmaybe you're the one to update the translation from its current very out-of-date state, then21:40
goodlinuxuserI can add persian in lanuagelist of 1"st step of installation and sea فارسی21:40
cjwatsonwork with d-i upstream, please!21:41
cjwatsonif you hack it up just for yourself, all that work will be wasted21:41
goodlinuxuserupstream means source?21:41
cjwatson"upstream" means the place where the original authors of the installer work21:41
goodlinuxuseri dont wanna to use it for me or limited persian21:42
goodlinuxuseri love this translation use for all persen that want or need21:42
cjwatsonright, then the way to do that is to contribute this translation to the Debian installer project, from which it will flow into Ubuntu21:43
cjwatsonafter you've done that, it will be worth translating the messages that are specific to Ubuntu21:43
cjwatsonwhich you'll be able to do in Launchpad21:43
cjwatsonbut it only makes sense to do it that way round - if you do it the other way round, a lot of work will be wasted21:44
goodlinuxuserhelp me more21:45
cjwatsonthe d-i translation coordinator is very friendly and can help you out21:45
goodlinuxuseri dont low my work will be wasted21:45
cjwatsonplease do read the documentation I pointed you at; it has lots of detail and is mostly aimed at translators who are trying to do the same thing as you for other languages21:46
goodlinuxuseryes as I say Persian coordinator (Farsiweb Inc) not freindly!!21:47
goodlinuxuseri shold study this doc completely?21:50
cjwatsonyes, please do21:50
goodlinuxuserhere Time:1:20AM21:50
cjwatsonI don't know about farsiweb, but they don't seem to have been involved in debian-installer translation for years21:51
cjwatsonso I don't think they have much claim21:51
goodlinuxuserfarsiweb as i know is gimp,openoffice vlc and . . . translator to persian21:52
goodlinuxuserand as i heard persian coordinator translator for persian on launchpad21:53
goodlinuxuseri should be go to university at morning21:54
goodlinuxuserthanks a lot but if you dont be angry i ask agian:21:55
goodlinuxuseri can add فارسی to languagelist in 8.1021:56
goodlinuxuseri uncomment line include #X Persian in 8.0421:56
goodlinuxuserbut not see complete translation21:57
goodlinuxuseris any way to use fa.po file that found in debian folder that include tranlation of lable of glades21:58
goodlinuxuserreadin this doc is better but i have not enough time22:00
goodlinuxuserbut atlast read it22:00
cjwatsonthere is no (sensible) way to use the fa.po you have22:22
cjwatsonfirstly, it's really difficult to merge into all the right places; secondly, the one you got from Launchpad, or whatever ones you might find in existing packages, are so incomplete as to be unusable anyway22:25
goodlinuxuser1.4.4.  Updating/Adding translations22:34
goodlinuxuserAppendix B, Some basic notions about SVN22:35
goodlinuxuseri can nt use why?22:35
goodlinuxuserAfter doing so, the public part of that keypair must be put in your account on alioth.debian.org. For this, you need to output the contents of .ssh/id_dsa.pub and paste it in the relevant field of the account management page on alioth.debian.org (https://alioth.debian.org/account), in the section named Shell account informations, by clicking on Edit keys.22:36
goodlinuxuserthere is no section named Shell account informations22:36
cjwatsongoodlinuxuser: see sections 3.9, 3.10, and B.122:40
cjwatsongoodlinuxuser: for further help with this, the people listed in Appendix H would be better contacts than I22:41
cjwatsonI'm a d-i developer but not a translation coordinator22:41
cjwatsonI've mentioned to Christian Perrier that you're likely to be in contact22:45

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