Kangaroooim working in 4th biggest website in latvia as advertising manager and i want to fix laucpad problem #101:29
TakyojiI'm actually fairly new to the channel myself as well, and am also willing to contribute (when I finally get the time available to)01:30
Kangaroooi think money goverment spends on computers and OS windows could be 2x more computers 4 free 4 every citizen01:31
Kangaroooright now in latvia is one big goverment e-goverment made but windows is involved i would like to make it totaly with ubuntu01:31
Kangaroooalso windows computers are in biblioteks so they also should be changed01:32
Kangaroooi would need some guide from this channel01:32
TakyojiDo you have anyone in your area that would also be pursuing the task? Because it sounds rather extensive.01:33
Kangaroooou and do you know some Ubuntu friendly pc company witch is looking for reseller in latvia?01:33
Kangarooopolitically i can use people from People Party in witch i am01:34
TakyojiI believe there's some directories that may list such retailers/manufacturers. But I'd have to search around first01:34
Kangaroooalso in latvian university there is linux centre01:34
TakyojiAdditionally, have you heard of Ubuntu LoCo?01:34
TakyojiIt's a concept where Ubuntu enthusiasts start groups in their local area for providing support and awareness to the community.01:35
Kangarooohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList looking01:35
TakyojiThere might be one is your area01:35
Takyojiin your area*01:35
Kangarooook so thats me- im joning now01:35
Kangaroooou yes i found- ok so there is someone already01:36
TakyojiBecause they may also be willing to assist you01:36
Kangarooohah i know all of them :)01:36
Kangarooofrom latvian team01:36
TakyojiHeh, interesting01:36
Kangarooowow i dont believe they are someking team but ok01:37
TakyojiOtherwise the only solely-Ubuntu retailer that I'm aware of it System 76 currently ( http://system76.com/ )01:39
TakyojiAdditionally, Dell does provide some netbooks/laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled as an option. However I'm just not aware of how their support is for the operating system.01:40
TakyojiI'll try to find some resources that may be useful for you in terms of spreading advocacy.01:41
TakyojiHere are some of the resources created by the marketing team, Kangarooo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Resources01:42
Kangaroooouh thx01:50
TakyojiOtherwise I looked around for retailers in Latvia01:50
TakyojiAnd came across one. However their website isn't functional (I'd be willing to help them fix it)01:50
TakyojiIt seems only like disc retailer though01:51
Kangarooohmm maybe it doesnt exist couse its in Ligatne and its very far from capital city Riga01:53
KangaroooLigatne is a place in the middle of forest so yeah with linux maybe there was something but totaly nothing about computers or resellers01:54
TakyojiI suppose I'd have to bug a few friends in the Europe area in terms of Ubuntu desktop/laptop retail in the general area01:58
TakyojiI have a friend in Sweden01:58
Takyojiwhom may know, but I'm not sure and they aren't available at this time.01:58
Kangarooook i just found that guy from Ligatne who registered xplinux.biz in one social site tomorow ill have answer whats with site..02:02
TakyojiAgain, I'm a web developer and am very familiar with PHP and would be willing to help with the website if it's worth doing.02:03
Kangaroooouh ok so yes ill tell him that too02:06
Kangarooowhat contacts should i send or invite him to this channel?02:06
TakyojiWhat contact information to reach me by, or?02:07
Kangaroooif he wont come to channel then how to contact you?02:07
TakyojiAquaEden.com is one of the websites I manage, but I intend to make it a lot better than what it currently is (I intend to redo it a little as well to make it more convenient)02:08
TakyojiI'm trying to assist with other websites as well, so I'll simply say that I can't just remake a whole website quickly, I do have work (and schooling).02:10
TakyojiI'll return in an hour, or so, or less.02:28
Kangaroooill go to sleep so possible that only tomorow ill be back :)02:31
bencrisfordHello everyone19:06
bencrisfordHow can I get involved with the marketing?19:28
TakyojiI'm actually fairly new myself19:43
Takyoji(to this channel)19:44
Takyojibencrisford: Some of the these resources may be of use to you: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Resources19:47
Takyojialong with this as well https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ActivismGuide19:48
bencrisfordtakyoj: thank you :)19:51
TakyojiYou're very welcome19:51
bencrisfordis the next meeting on the second of may guys?19:59
TakyojiAccording to the wiki, yes20:00
bencrisfordlol, i just edited the wiki and put it there but i thought id better check with you20:01
bencrisfordthe 2nd is the first saturday of may20:01
bencrisfordbut im just checking ;)20:02
TakyojiI don't really have an personal objections against it.20:02
TakyojiI wonder if there even is a primary leader to this group at all20:03
TakyojiWell, I suppose the primary leader is DPic, so he may have to verify that first.20:03
bencrisfordok, i put it in the wiki without thinking, the last entry was from july after all, so it might've changed for all i kew20:05
* Takyoji wonders how many in this channel are alive20:56
linuxcrypt<-- is alive21:09
TakyojiSo otherwise it's typically slow-paced in here?21:12
linuxcryptAs long as I have ever been in and out of this channel21:12
linuxcryptit seems pretty inactive21:12
linuxcryptmaybe we can change that?21:12
linuxcryptthe "marketing" has been a bit on the weak side lately21:13
linuxcryptalso, channels tend to be a little more quiet before upcoming releases21:15
linuxcryptusually stuff picks up again within a week of a release and several weeks afterwads21:15
TakyojiMy intentions on popping in here is that I may eventually make materials that are useful for describing what the difference between closed-source and open-source with simple spiffy diagrams and so forth. And just anything I could do21:15
TakyojiThat's just an example, I'm not going to solely do just as I described21:15
TakyojiI'm paid to develop in PHP, I have good familiarity with 3d modeling in 3ds Max 7, but intend to move entirely to Blender, I'm also a photographer and have my own DSLR21:16
TakyojiI manage a couple websites, and the webservers21:17
TakyojiSo hopefully I may be of use on some ends21:17
TakyojiSome basic work I've done: http://takyoji.deviantart.com/gallery/21:19
TakyojiI haven't added anything for a year, and would like to see if I can do something better than work I've done previously.21:19
TakyojiSome of the 3d imagery is rather bleh. If I ever had an actual project instead of just poking around with 3d modeling in general, I think I could definitely do better work.21:20
johnc4510The newest edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available:21:37
bencrisfordabyone here know when the next meeting is?23:18
bencrisford2nd may?23:18
TakyojiI believe you stated earlier that you edited it to that23:18
bencrisfordyeah, i was just wondering whether any other user on the channel was aware whether I was correct or not23:19
TakyojiOtherwise to my observations it seems that nobody has posted an IRC log since July 200823:22
TakyojiI think we just need to gather others friends together to join this channel and hopefully make it more active23:22
bencrisfordyeah, who can i speak to about the meeting?  because if there isn't one, it is probably worth arranging one23:24
TakyojiOthers seem to simply be ghosting the channel23:24
bencrisfordfrom what i gathered from the wiki this group has been quite inactiv23:24
TakyojiYes, it's definitely worth arranging one23:25
bencrisfordyeah, who is the leader?23:25
TakyojiI believe DPic23:25
TakyojiWhom is within this channel at this moment, but I'm not aware if they're busy in life or anything23:25
TakyojiI'm actually rather busy myself, but would definitely be willing contribute to efforts like these23:25
bencrisfordok, and if we can't arrange an official meeting on #ubuntu-meeting we could just have one23:26
bencrisfordand change the topic so people know whats going on23:26
TakyojiThat's actually an interesting thing about this channel. Apparently nobody has operator status at this time23:26
TakyojiOr at least of how my client portrays it23:26
bencrisfordodd :S23:28
TakyojiUnless if any channel operators haven't authenticated with Nickserv yet23:28
bencrisfordthis group does seem a little un-organised if its not too bold to say23:28
TakyojiIt has great potential23:28
Takyojibut yes, just appears to be inactive23:28
bencrisfordhopefully we can organise a meeting, get everything sorted out23:28
TakyojiAnd I'm definitely an enthusiast for improvement23:28
bencrisfordubuntu has alot of market share, and this group has the potential to improve that drastically if we put our minds to it :D23:29
bencrisfordanyway, i must go, it is getting rather late in UK23:29
bencrisfordspeak tommorrow perhaps23:29

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