vadi2Hi. I put a backported package into my ppa, and made the build-depends and depends field depend on the version >= in the ppa. But launchpad, when building, is not linking to my package in ppa but ubuntus. how can I rectify this?01:45
savvasvadi2: try #launchpad :)01:49
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savvasah, both fronts, hehe01:49
savvaswhen did you build the backport?01:49
savvasmaybe it's not in the repository yet?01:50
vadi2I built it in my ppa01:50
vadi2when installing the upgraded mudlet package, it -did- properly pull in the updated qscintilla01:51
savvashm, no idea then01:51
vadi2however mudlet is linked against qscintilla 2.so.3, which is ubuntus version. my updated qscintilla is 2.so.501:53
vadi2savvas: this one is annoying too. qscintilla in hardy is unusable, it crashes on newlines (qscintilla being an editor widget)02:01
savvasvadi2: if no-one replies ask it as a question at http://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad :)02:07
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szabgab_I have been asking for a long time and finally the Debian team has included Padre, the Perl IDE in Debian Sid10:47
szabgab_would it be possible to pull it over to Ubuntu at this late time of the release process?10:47
Kamping_Kaiserfor the next release? doubt it10:47
Kamping_Kaiser(read its to late)10:48
szabgab_yeah I thought so but someone told me to come here and beg you ppl10:48
hyperairfile an FFe, and see if it gets accepted =p10:48
szabgab_I have this ticket https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/32635310:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 326353 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] padre-perl" [Wishlist,Confirmed]10:49
szabgab_what is an FF ?10:50
hyperairFeature Freeze.10:50
hyperairthat's a package request.10:50
hyperaira needs-packaging bug10:50
hyperairfor this you'll need a sync-request + FFe request10:50
hyperairbut for FFe you need a good reason10:50
szabgab_I don't think I have, besides that it is already in Fedora and Mandriva too :-)10:51
Kamping_Kaiserszabgab_, wait 2 months and it'll be in Ubuntu too ;)10:52
szabgab_yeah I think that will be the action plan :-(10:52
hyperairwell blame the bad timing =p10:53
hyperairi've got a few packages waiting out the freeze10:53
szabgab_yeah but at least it is now in Debian so I hope thing will be smooth next time10:53
szabgab_and the IDE will be much more mature too10:54
hyperairshould be10:54
hyperairauto-sync will pull it =)10:54
szabgab_so do you mean I don't even need to ask for a sync ?10:54
hyperairprobably not10:55
szabgab_FWIW it runs find on 8.10 (and is being developed mostly on it)10:55
hyperairno i mean it'll autosync when karmic opens10:55
hyperairwhich is ubuntu 9.1010:55
szabgab_that's ok10:56
szabgab_At least that means I can point people there if they ask what about Ubuntu packaging10:56
hyperairwell if you're impatient you can set up a PPA for it10:57
szabgab_I think we are better off with a plain binary executable distribution for the impatient10:59
szabgab_thanks for your pointers anyway10:59
maxbDoes anyone know of a script to merge debian/changelog files? Intelligently combining entries in version number order?11:57
bencrisfordno, sorry :|11:57
maxbmaybe I should write one :-)11:57
Laneyhold up11:58
geseras MoM does it for the proposed merges, perhaps you can re-use that code12:00
Laneymaxb: http://orangesquash.org.uk/~laney/merge_changelog12:00
maxbyay! Thanks - and it's written in Python, even better :-)12:01
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soccan someone help me?12:19
soc~/Entwicklung/Quelltexte/m/merkaartor-0.13.1$ debuild -S -sa12:20
socThis package has a Debian revision number but there does not seem to be an appropriate original tar file or .orig directory in the parent directory; (expected merkaartor_0.13.orig.tar.gz or merkaartor-0.13.1.orig)12:20
socmy downloaded archive is named merkaartor_0.13.1.orig.tar.gz, my dir merkaartor-0.13.112:20
socsomehow debuild thinks there is a debian revision somewhere ...12:20
socwhat should i do?12:21
azeemsoc: probably you have 0.13 in debian/changelog, as opposed to 0.13.112:21
sladenA package I uplaoded has just gone 1.0 (with most of the delta in Ubuntu commited upstream)12:31
sladenis it worth doing the UVF?12:31
Laneywhat's new in it?12:31
sladenLaney: bug fixes rather than new features12:34
Laneythen yes12:35
Laneyno exception needed12:35
sladenLaney: ta for the confirmation12:42
socazeem: thanks!12:57
skarnI have a package that does not build, it seems the compiler exits with a segfault14:51
skarnhere's the log from one of the compilers14:52
skarnI have a package in my PPA that does not build, it seems the compiler exits with a segfault15:31
skarnhowever it builds under intrepid15:31
skarner.. lupdater-qt4 segfaults15:33
ScottKmok0: libglw1-mesa-dev: Depends: mesa-common-dev (= 7.4) but 7.4-0ubuntu1 is to be installed17:25
ScottKmok0: Do you want to take care of it or should I?17:26
* andol is rather new to working with deb packages, and is rather confused by the ntop package.17:45
andolI can see that the ntop packages has a debian/patches, with a bunch of diffs, but I can't find any references to patching inside debian/rules.17:45
nhandlerandersk: If you have ubuntu-dev-tools installed, type 'what-patch' to see what patch system is being used17:46
nhandlerandol: ^^^17:46
nhandlerandol: Then follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems to learn how to add/modify a patch using that patch system17:47
andolnhandler: Seems like the famous "unknown patch system" :)17:48
* nhandler goes to look17:48
nhandlerandol: What exactly are you trying to do with that package? After looking at it, that package is a huge mess17:55
nhandlerIt also hasn't been touched by the DM in nearly a year (even though the BTS has plenty of bugs and patches)17:55
andolnhandler: Figured I'd take a crack at bug #325393 and implement the simple patch applied by Fedora.17:57
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/325393/+text)17:57
andolnhandler: Later on I'd also like to do something about bug #355127, and see if I can make debconf ask for that password during the installation.17:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355127 in ntop "ntop admin user not created during install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35512717:59
andolnhandler: But if the package is a mess, perhaps it should get "cleaned up" in Debian first, before we start doing any major things with it?18:01
nhandlerandol: What I would suggest doing is contacting the Debian Maintainer to see if they are still interested in the package. If so, try and work with them to clean it up as well as incorporate some of these patches (as well as the ones on the BTS) into the package. Then, we can sync this package in Karmic18:02
andolnhandler: Did I mention that I'm rather new to working with packages? :) But hey, I guess it can be a learning experience...18:05
nhandlerandol: A lot of the clean-up stuff is relatively simple. However, they are the types of changes that we like to avoid making for packages that are also in Debian. That is why I recommended contacting the DM18:05
andolnhandler: makes sense.18:06
bluefoxicyaww, the geramik engine no longer exists18:06
bluefoxicywhy does evolution take like 10minutes to start up?18:11
MTecknologybluefoxicy: because it's bloated18:25
bluefoxicyMTecknology:  switching to evo was probably a mistake, also they deleted the "unmatched" search folder which has made it practically useless18:25
MTecknologyHey, if there's a good reason for 2.6.0 to be included in Ubuntu once it's released, how hard is the to get pushed?18:25
bluefoxicyevolution's strange sorting method only works because of the "unmatched" folder18:26
MTecknologybluefoxicy: I used it a few times and hated every on eof those experiences. I have no trace of anything e-d-s on my system18:26
MTecknologyhrm - that's not my problem... If I make a patch to change the SSL back end of pidgin, how hard is that to get pushed through?18:28
bluefoxicyhey that's cool18:28
bluefoxicywhen Jaunty locks up I can push numlock and the kernel wakes up18:28
bluefoxicyJaunty has a habit of halting all disk access18:28
bluefoxicyand then everything freezes for 5 minutes18:28
andolnhandler: Hey, the debian maintainer for ntop just happens to have been a member of the same academic computer soceity which I have connections to :) That should makes things a bit easier...18:29
MTecknologyThere's an issue with the timing in gnutls inpidgin, so I want to make a patch to making it use something different, but of course - that'll be a massive pita.18:30
nhandlerandol: That is always nice. You might make a new friend out of this ;)18:30
goshawkwhat does dfgs means in a package name?18:37
ScottKdfsg stands for Debian Free Software Guidelines.  It means some non-free bits had to be removed from the tarball and the tarball repacked.18:38
LaneyDoes the MonoDevelop 2 FFe still stand?18:44
Laneyactually, it might even be bugfix18:45
mok0ScottK: Thanks for message, I didn't notice. I'll take care of it18:57
ScottKmok0: OK.  Thanks.  I've got a depwait I'm trying to clear that I need that for ....18:58
mok0ScottK: I can use 7.4~ right?19:01
ScottKmok0: The problem is th =19:02
ScottK7.4 != 7.4-0ubuntu119:02
mok0ScottK: yes... but I'd like it to ignore the release19:02
mok0ScottK: there's no wildcard afaik19:03
ScottKI'd just do >= 7.4, =< 7.5 (or whatever number is approprate)19:03
james_w>= 7.4~ , < 7.5~19:03
* ScottK high fives james_w.19:03
mok0ScottK, james_w: thx19:04
ScottKNot =<, <19:04
Laneyisn't it <<?19:04
mok0Using  mesa-common-dev (>= 7.4~)19:06
ScottKIsn't mesa-common-dev (>= 7.4~), mesa-common-dev (< 7.5) what you want?19:07
mok0ScottK: oh19:15
maxbIsn't < a deprecated alias for <= ?20:51
hyperairmaxb: where did you get that from?20:53
maxbGood question :-)20:53
maxbThe deprecated forms < and > were used to mean earlier/later or equal, rather than strictly earlier/later, so they should not appear in new packages (though dpkg still supports them).20:56
maxbsez policy20:56
ScottKSo I guess it should have been <<20:59
wintellectI have an app that I wrote a while back that I am trying to pkg-ise. It supports both MySQL and PgSQL, but only needs one DB to work. Do I build it with support for one DB only? Both DBs? write it as two seperate pkgs that are mutually exclusive?21:19
james_wwintellect: hey, checkout dbconfig-common21:19
wintellectjames_w: ok... but I'm new to this, do I download the source with "apt-get source" to check it out?21:21
james_wof course :-)21:22
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wintellectjames_w: k, thanks21:22
maxbwintellect: and use "apt-cache rdepends dbconfig-common" to show a list of packages using it, that you might look at to see examples of its usage21:26
wintellectmaxb: thanks21:38
wintellectHow do I get dbconfig-common to add "--enable-mysql" to the "./configure" command?22:02
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neversfeldeHello, I'm trying to package bilbo, a KDE blogging app. It uses a modified version of KBlog, which is included in the source, I splitted it into a package called libbilbokblog0, but no I ran into a problem with dh_shlibdeps. Error is like that: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/145175/23:27
neversfeldeI guess I have to write a shlib.local , but I cannot figure out, what to put in there. Can somebody help me?23:27
neversfeldemhh, I may be wrong, only a debian/shlib?23:34
RAOFIf you're making a library from the same source, you'll need do be calling dh_makeshlibs first, I think.23:36
neversfeldeRAOF: cdbs should call it, or?23:39
neversfeldeit is23:40
RAOFOh, cdbs? :(23:40
neversfeldemhh, this is really complex :)23:41
RAOFYeah; library packaging _is_ complex.23:41
neversfeldemhh, should sleep, will try tomorrow again23:42
neversfeldeRAOF: thank you23:42
pochuneversfelde: do you really want to make the modified kblog library public?23:56
pochuI doubt it23:56
neversfeldepochu: lintian complained. Should it stay in the main package?23:57
pochuand don't install any .la, .a, .so, or .h for it23:59
neversfeldemhh, ok. Than my first package was the best :). But I learned a bit^^23:59
pochujust the .so.X.Y.Z and .so.X, I guess23:59
neversfeldepochu: thank you, I will look into it again.23:59
pochusince you don't want to make a public library...23:59
pochuthe public library would be the real kblog :)23:59
pochuneversfelde: np23:59

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